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30m 11/11M, 13+ Yr - Death Jesters LF Melee DPS <Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to progress through Legion into Battle for Azeroth. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage and one of the oldest raiding guilds in the game! ************************************************************* Current Progression 11/11M Antorus 9/9M Tomb of Sargeras -- US #69 10/10M Nighthold --- US #52 10/10M Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor --- US #66 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Highmaul - 10/10M BRF - US#74th 14/14HM SoO - US #59th 13/13HM ToT ------ US #64 6/6 MSV HM, 6/6 HoF HM, 4/4 ToES HM ----- US #62 ************************************************************* Raid days: Mon-Weds (9:00pm-12:30am EST). Optional activities on Thursday. Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days. ------------- Currently Recruiting: Tank: DK, Monk, Druid Melee: Monk, Warrior, Rogue Ranged: Hunter, Priest, Druid Healer: Monk, Priest, Druid -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at About us: Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25 man and now 20 man Mythic guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. What we offer you: - A very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In nearly twelve years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We've always been the 'good guys' of the server. Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer, Sparty (Sparty#1780) or email We wish you the best in your guild search!Midgette204 30m
1h <Stay Calm> LFM For BFA! <Stay Calm> is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage. We are recruiting to fill a core raid team for progressing in bfa. Our goal is to progress through content as quickly as possible on a light schedule by raiding as efficiently as possible. Our focus is at least AotC every tier. RAID SCHEDULE: Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 pm Server Time We do require a high attendance for raids, we understand that life happens but for the most part you should be close to 100% attendance. RECRUITING: All Exceptional Players! As of right now all roles are available, the main thing we are looking for is people with good attitudes and can take constructive criticism. We are a guild that focuses on quality not quantity, we aren't looking to be a 500 member guild where no one logs on. We want a tight knit group of players that will play together outside of raid nights as well whether it be keys or other games. About the leadership: The guild is ran by 2 people who met in a raiding guild on area 52 horde. We ran a guild that was successful in HFC attaining the goal of AotC for the tier. Once we hit Legion we had people who were just burnt out or not on the same page as what we wanted to get out of the guild. Since then we have been in multiple guilds but have been unable to find one with the atmosphere and progression pace we are looking for so we decided to make our own guild. Anyone who has more questions or wants to join add one of us! Segador#1790 Dani#1952Zyrika3 1h
2h Tilted Halos Recruiting for BFA! Greetings potential guild mates! I am the GM of Tilted Halos on Stormrage! We are a former US 150 that returned to the raiding scene this year! We are looking for stable, consistent team players to add to our raiding team! We are a guild who was established in WotLK- we have taken a break or 2 over the years (We took off NH+ this expac until the end of AtB). We are wanting to expand our team and work our way back to being a high US guild once more! Here is our spam! I look forward to chatting! ~Tilted Halos~ An alliance guild on Stormrage. WoD Progression: 7/7M HM 8/10M BRF 13/13M HFC Legion Progression: 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV 1/10M NH (we disbanded the week of mythic release) 0/9 ToS on every difficulty- we were on break 9/11M Antorus (Started as a guild April 5th in Mythic Difficulty) We believe in keeping a great raiding atmosphere while maintaining a respectful progression pace. Does this sound like something that interests you? We are open to returning players for BFA raiding- Don't be shy to message me for more details! We are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec! Cel#1893 - Guild Leader We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBTTQ community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp and even leveling alts! Don't forget the overwatch spam! It's quite common for people to be hanging in discord and socializing in game! Our raid days are Tuesday, Thursday and Monday from 8:00-11:00pm server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). We are a RC loot council guild; For more details on our loot system please inquire, they will be explained during the discord interview. ~~Personal Loot is the loot system Blizz has decided upon moving forward- that is out of our control~~ Our GM is me, Celeenia my battle tag is Cel#1893, add me in game for recruitment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Here is our discord to apply We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire ~Tilted Halos~ raid team, we thank you for your time and interest.Celeenia6 2h
2h [A] <Shields Up> Casual Adult Raiding (Tu/Th) About Us <Shields Up> is formed from a group of friends who met 9 years ago and people we have played with along the way. We like to keep it small to maintain that friendly atmosphere. Flex-Heroic raiding is our goal and being successful in a small window (2-day raid schedule) each week. Having fun is a priority and real life always comes first. Our approach We are a group of adults who have experienced the 'ups and downs' of raiding in WoW's history. We like to make good use of our time when we get to play, so a 2 day a week (3 hour window) raid schedule seems to balance life with our fantasy world. Is this the right guild for me? If you have a job, spouse, kids or all of the above and thought that raiding could no longer be an option...this may be perfect for you. We are very flexible and try to fit every member's schedule. At the same time, we expect full effort when tackling the content and pushing everything you can out of your character while doing so. Raid Times We raid two nights a week, three hours at a time. Tuesday and Thursday (Optional Sat Alt Normal Clears and Mon for clears, Mythic +, etc.) 8:30 - 11:00pm Server Time Current Progress: New Expansion! Recruitment Needs We are currently in need of ranged dps and heals, but recruitment is open to all! We are looking for good players who can help push the guild forward. Contact Us Feel free to contact anyone online in the guild or contact our GMs directly: Granderson (Unitas#1457) Zimbot (SolZimm#1699) Most reliable contact b/c he doesn't sleep ;) - Bv (BvM#11941)Hylinth110 2h
2h Small Group Looking for a Raiding Home We are a group of 7 that wants to find a new home for BFA. We have all been playing wow since 2004 and have massive experience. We are a group of raiders that have been Hardcore Raiders with server firsts and top 100 US kills. We however how no interest on pursuing that style of raiding anymore. We are looking for a raid group that wants to do 1-2 nights a week with goal of farming Heroic efficiently and eventually dropping it to 1 night a week till next tier. Things we are looking for from a guild 8-11pm Server Raid on 2 weekdays (11pm is latest... Jobs Suck) Core spots for 7 (we want to play together) Raid group that wants to get the job done quickly Raid Group that comes prepared to succeed We are casual but we still play to win, We all push to make are characters the best we can to better the group. We are hoping to find a group with same goals. We are still uncertain on our exact classes these are our planned roles for expansion. Projected Roles 2 Healers 1-2 Tanks 3-4 dps Projected classes Monk (healer) Druid (Healer) Monk (Tank) DK (Tank) Hunter(DPS) Unknown (DPS) Unknown(DPS) Please leave a reply if interested.Vesty2 2h
2h Returning from 3year Absence Returning Player LF BFA Raiding/Mythic Guild. I have all classes up to 100, 2 maybe 3 at 110 Any day, any time as I am disabled and I have no other responsibilities. Willing to work my !@# off to get to where I need to be.Kaneika2 2h
2h [A]<Past Tents> Casual Raiding LFM for BfA! Typical Trade Spam Past Tents is a newly formed casual raiding guild looking for more players to build our ranks for Battle for Azeroth. We provide a fun, chill, adult raid environment where the focus is on heroic progression. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9pm - 12am EST. About Us Past Tents is a brand new guild. Most of us have played together at one point or another over the past few years. Now we have come together to create something new and fresh. We are raid progression focused, but doing a full on mythic push isn't a major goal of the guilds. If/when we do mythic content, it will happen because everything else is done and there's nothing to do. We are all adult and most of us have families, jobs, and/or other responsibilities that prevent us from being able to commit to more than a few hours a night, a couple nights a week. We don't really care what you play, as long as you're not forcing someone else out of a role. We don't expect 100% attendance from everyone. We do expect everyone to be able to not take this game so serious and we do expect everyone pull their own weight. We are an adult guild and as such, guild chat and discord and voice chat are all very adult. While some obvious things will not be tolerated, some dark and inappropriate humor is always welcome. What We Need Right now we need everything except for a blood DK. Add me on bnet for more info or if you have any questions. Meoph#1305Meoph1 2h
2h LF Casual Raiding Guild Hi, I am looking for a casual raiding guild that raids on weekdays. At the moment my schedule is not set in stone so I might not be able to make each raid day. If there is a guild out there that is okay with that, or has casual alt raids that would work too. I'm hoping for my schedule to settle in the near future and able to attend 2 raid nights a week. I'm planning to main a mage for BFA but have this DK at 110 and plan to have a hunter and paladin at 110 for BFA's launch. Thank you for reading. You can message me here, on battlenet on GetGronked#1999, or on discord at Balakay.Hroaldr5 2h
2h LF Guild for BFA I am looking for a guild that does normal and heroic end game content. I have no interest in mythic as i dont have the time it takes to dedicate to it. I try to do my +15s a week as well as clear the raid through pugs etc. I have many toons across many servers, atm im enjoying my Warlock/Shaman over most other classes but also have a dk/warrior/monk/hunter, both horde and alliance i can play whatever is needed for a guild an will xfer if i find the right fit for me. Prefer to raid mornings anyday of the week 8/9am-12pm(Can extend on Sundays or Mondays), or Sunday/Monday Evenings(possibly), If you think you have what im looking for feel free to add me on bnet or in discord, Thank you in advance hope to chat with ya soon! BNET= Petergriffin#1739 Disc= Stewiiee#4527Stewiiee0 2h
4h StormR OFFICIAL Horde PVP Community Group Here is the original post for the Official Horde PVP Community Group. Please help support the community and our events by joining and sharing the links with your server, guild, and friends. PVP Forum (BG): PVP Forum (Arena): Community Group Forum: ...Vvarleader0 4h
4h <Zeroes to Heroes> Community, Raiding & More <Zeroes to Heroes> We are a community-focused guild located on the US-Stormrage server, since May 14, 2015. We have focused on a welcoming and friendly environment of like-minded people who play World of Warcraft. Our community has experienced massive growth over the past few years and we encourage you to come join in the fun! ZTH offers experiences for every level of player; pet collector to hardcore raider, we have just what you are looking for! We hold community events, guild contests, and field seven raid teams! We also offer two alt guilds and a Horde guild. A community this large always has something going on. We utilize guild chat, the guild calendar, and Discord to let everyone know what is going on. We encourage our members to engage with each other and play the game together. Raiding Several of our raid teams may sponsor an open raid during a specified night of the week. These runs are used to help our members see end-game content and foster a sense of community. It also helps get everyone AOTC and raid-specific mounts! These are open to all members with appropriate gear for the content. As always, these are first come, first serve. We have a total of seven raid teams within our community; we have a team raiding every single night of the week. Every level of progression is represented; whether you are looking for a group to do LFR with or Cutting Edge Mythic progression, we have a team. Our teams are always recruiting! Scroll down to the link below to view the raid teams and recruitment information. Even if your class or spec is not listed, feel free to reach out anyway! Mythic + Dungeons This highly popular content has been a big hit within our community. Come make some friends to run keys with, whether it’s getting your weekly 15’s done or pushing the boundaries of what is possible to complete! Recent Community Events Azeroth Awards: Act out your favorite movie scene in three shots for community vote and prizes! #Buddybirds: Raid teams helping others, who don’t have much time to play the game, get their Violet Spellwings from heroic Argus. Guild Survivor: Think you are the best of the best? Test yourself on a DJ vs ZtH competition using strategy, skill, and keeping yourself from being blown up by mines. Garment Games: Who has the best transmog sets from Death Jesters and Zeroes to Heroes! We will have multiple themes with prizes given for matching the theme. Come join us for the fun and may the transmogs be ever in your favor! 1st Place price 100k Gold and many other great prizes donated by the raid teams of both guilds. Upcoming Community Events ZtH 3-year Anniversary: Every year we celebrate the birth of our guild. The community sponsors several events and ends with a For the Alliance! achievement run. Glory of the Legion Raider: Weekly runs for people to achieve Glory of the Legion Raider and earn their mounts.Raid Teams and Guild Information How to Join We are always looking to add more players to our community and guild family. Contact one of our members in-game to join the community! Players ranked Veteran or higher can invite.Sparty155 4h
6h [A] Small social, adult guild LF more members Hello all! Little bit about us: Casual, laidback guild- RL comes first(jobs,kids,school,etc) Family friendly We're not an elitest guild, we are here for fun! Most members are 25+ yrs old No drama! Staring normal ABT and looking for more…. Looking to begin the adventure into Antorus and in need of a few roles. Casual group that seeks those with a growth mind-set and not fixated on meters, logs, ilvl, or prior experience. Schedule would be ONCE a week on Friday 2-3 hrs beginning at 7:30pm CST. (5:30pm PST, 6:30 MST, 8:30pm EST.) -Personal loot -Start 7:30pm CST -Have bonus roles, repaired and consumables (or equivalent) if cross server -Food, enchants, gems, repairs supplied (unless cross server due to existing limitations) Other Activity outside of raiding: Social events, mog runs, achieves, weekly in game events, and lots and lots of 5 mans (different levels, regular, mythic and M + (up to lvl 15) All players are welcome, but we do run dungeons, WQ and old content (rep/mount/pet/achieve) more frequently than other stuff (leveling, pvp) Discord -we use it alot! Please post for more info! Btags: Nova#12158, pawprint#11540Seddora33 6h
8h Recruiting for BFA! <Fatesworn> is recruiting both raiders and casual players for BFA.We are a relax guild with mature raiders and looking for mature raiders who know how to have fun! Important that you can be able to take a joke. We have fun but we know when its time to take care of business! .We raid tue and thur nights 8-11 server time. We are currently recruiting for all classes and specs as we are reloading for BFA and this is the time to change mains and give things a change of pace. We welcome groups of players looking for homes or just the single player looking for a new guild to call home. Feel free to add me to battle Barbarexis#1625 or pst me on discord Barbarexis#1087!Barbarexis4 8h
8h Elemental Shaman LF BFA raiding guild As the title says I am looking for a raiding guild for BFA. I am a elemental shaman and also have a shadow priest that I am willing to raid on depending on what your guild needs. I havent raided for a long time because of family health issues and now i am able to raid and have more free time on my hands now. I have raided on my Shadow Priest this expansion because Elemental was so trash at the beginning of the expansion. I have raided on my elemental shaman at a high level and cleared all heroic content or mythic content now before any huge nerfs were done to the raids. DAYS AND TIMES I NEED Looking for Thursday to Sunday and not past 10pm PST time please. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST IF YOUR DAYS AND TIMES DONT FIT WHAT I NEED. seetah#1299 looking forward talking to you.Sèètah5 8h
11h <Bad Intent> 11/11H is recruiting for BFA! <Bad Intent> is recruiting exceptional raiders for BFA. We plan to push progression as much as we can in BFA, and are looking for great players to fill out our roster. We had a great run in Legion, and are now getting ready to dominate those raid bosses in BFA. Raid Times: Saturday: 8:30AM-11:30AM Sunday: 8:30AM-11:30AM Officers: GM: Anatari/Xianglu Officers: Allinnon Nightz/Stormz Skan Feel free to reach out to me on Battle Net if you have any questions, if you wish to join, be sure to let me know and I'll direct you to one of our officers. Jordrend#1941Jordrend0 11h
12h [A] Justified Insanity Justified Insanity is a Semi-Hardcore guild that is looking to expand its raiding roster for BFA. While maintaining a laid back and stress free environment, we do focus on Efficiency and Discipline as our raid schedule is shorter compared to other guilds. Our reduced schedule allows for flexibility and a work\life balance while still being able to complete raid progression. Our goal is to clear Heroic content, earn the AOTC, and if there is time, to move into Mythic until next raid tier. We are looking for players that know how to play their class\spec, capable of holding their own on a short raid schedule, and would like to take a more methodical approach. We prefer to learn after each pull instead of throwing warm bodies until the light bulb turns on. Schedule: Wednesday/Thursday 8PM-11PM EST Invites are sent out at 7:45PM. Current recruiting needs: Tanks – Full Heals - Open MDPS - Open (Full - DK) RDPS – All All Exceptional raiders will be considered regardless of current recruitment needs. Recruitment Officers: Shivanii (Shivanii#1728) Vench (Leoncpa#1419)Shivanii18 12h
13h Warlock looking for mythic guild for BFA I am a Destruction Warlock looking for guild on Stormrage with hopes to run Mythic level raids in BFA. Warlock is currently my main but switched to warlock at the end of Legion. I have a lot of experience as a guardian druid as well having played Druid most of my time on WoW. I am a very devoted to the characters. I play currently do not have any mythic experience but I am more than happier to work extra hard to get the needed practice to be able to properly participate in raids.Bigcatcberry1 13h
13h Returning wow player LFG Any guilds out that recommended for someone who is coming back to wow after a while? I plan on probably doing Mythic +'s and Some occasional raiding.Katael4 13h
13h Sin/Outlaw Rogue Lf guild Newer player (legion) looking for guild to Raid normal and heroics. Mythic plus. Very motivated and willing to learn! Also would like to get into PvP. Thank you!Ghøstsøng1 13h
13h Looking for new server I've played WoW on and off over the years and have characters stacked up on a few servers. But with BfA coming up, and me getting back into WoW recently, I decided to boost this guy, my very first character from Vanilla. As that was the only way Id realistically find myself playing, idk.. I guess my first choice of toon was the right one haha. Anyway, my home server, Draenor (& Echo Isles) is quite dead, so I would like to reignite my WoW time with a populated world, and I see Stormrage is quite literally that. Anyone else make the move here? Was it worth it? :) BTW I am EST (NYC!), despite my original server being PSTJacelar3 13h
13h Rogue lf mythic guild lf mythic progress guild for BFA very dedicated and long time rogue player, can play all specs.Varmuffin3 13h
13h Convergent Recruiting Players For BFA <Convergent>Alliance Stormrage Server is recruiting all players for our Mythic progression team! Raid times are 1:00am to 3:30am on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Currently We are Recruiting for all classes and levels of experience for battle for azeroth Our goal for the next expansion is mythic progression Currently we have need of experienced progression players of all classes to fill out our core raiding group. Raid Times T/W/ 1:00AM - 3:30 am EST Mondays are alt runs or old content 1:00 am to 3:30 am EST About us -Looking to build on our core mythic raid team based on a foundation of trust and friendship! - We are a very laid back guild, with a progression mindset. - We are looking for raiders who share the same goals of endgame progression. - We provide food/cauldron and repairs for all raiders. - We are a very welcoming guild with very friendly players. - We are looking for members to be here for a long time, and to hopefully find a home for future content and/or expansions. - We understand real life happens But please give a officer prior notice if you know you wont be able to make it to raid. - We use Deadly Boss Mods Weak Auras And Any class appropriate Class Mods. If you are interested in a new home and want to contact a officer for more information . Please visit our website and fill out the application or shoot one of out officers a tell in game. We would love to hear from you so please hit up one of our officers Mostdeadly#1655 In Game jaucen Ebonbane #1309 In Game Runegazer taertu#1982 In Game Tâer Mostdeadly#1655 In Game jaucen dark#11218 In Game IdotyousJaucen8 13h
13h <Observe> 11/11 M Recruiting FOR BFA <Observe> (Alliance-stormrage) 11/11M is looking for talented 960+ ilvl to join our team for mythic progression! We are an awesome friendly guild. Our Goal: to make everyone feel at home and have as much fun to help them relax after a long day of work/stress/etc while keeping a progression oriented mindset. ***We are now 11/11 M and are thus recruiting exceptional players for BFA*** We raid on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9PM to 12AM EST. Qualities we are looking for: - Commited players for mythic progression during raid times mentioned above. This includes attendance, material contribution, knowledge of the mechanics - Open minded players willing to improve class mechanics to play at their best (this includes personal research, constructive criticism, etc) What we offer: - A warm environment for guildies to have fun. DRAMA FREE - Mythic plus carries (including selling keys for gold) mythic plus pushes, and mythic raiding - Awesome leaders and experts willing to offer advice and help one another improve - Stocked GB with flasks, food and pots Classes that we are looking for: Frost DK, WW monk or Enhance Shaman, Boomkin. Tank (DH or monk preferred) All exeptional players are taken into consideration! If you are intersted, please complete our application form and feel free to contact us via discord at Slis#0124 or Hedged#9210 13h
13h 243 DH LF Mythic guild. Main spec is havoc but i know vengance just as strongly. LF a guild currently on Mythic. My discord is Dr1pp0#2719 and battle net is Dr1pp0#1954.Dosia2 13h
13h Friends LF BFA Raid Team Thanks for reading. As the title states, we are a group of friends who are looking for a home for BFA to raid. We all come from a semi-hardcore to hardcore raiding atmospheres, and are able to handle tough and challenging situations. We've held many guild roles, from recruitment officer to guild master. We are raid focused and would enjoy a great team to raid with. What we are searching for: Raid times between 8pm to 11pm EST 2 day raiding schedule within the days of Tues-Thurs Heroic raid focus, with possible Mythic content Class Combinations we are/willing to play: Demon Hunter - Havoc/Vengenace ...or... Mage - Frost/Fire Druid - MS-Bear / OS-Resto Druid - MS-Resto Shaman - MS-Resto ...or... Monk MS-Brewmaster Paladin - MS-Ret / OS-Prot Warrior - Fury/Arms If you'd like to know more, I can be reached at Xylr#1992 or drop your guild ad or real id, and I'll reach out for more info.Rylx12 13h
13h LF Guild Tank/dps(DH, DK, SPreist) player and dps/healer(Warlock,Disc/Holy Priest) LF a guild pushing content and looking to progress through BFA raid content Alliance Please contact Tythen#1154Tythen9 13h
13h [A] Hurtful - LFM BFA [A][Stormrage] Hurtful Recruiting - 11/11M Leads We’re getting the team back together. Hurtful is a recently re-formed guild with leadership that has been leading raids through the highest level of content since Vanilla, including Cutting Edge in Legion for EN, TOS, and ABT. While the responsibilities of adulthood now mean that we can’t raid as often as we used to, our goal remains the same - clear all content while it is current. That is to say, our goal is and ever will be Cutting Edge for each raid tier. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs, 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST. We are currently recruiting all roles. Contacts: Btag: KrakenJack#1469 Amaterasu#1178 Bearlinban#1995Krakenj18 13h
13h LF skilled players Sat+Sun BFA mythic Tainted Legacy is a reforming guild from Illidan horde with players that have full heroic/mythic clears from wotlk to the end of mop or mythic raided until highmaul. We are looking for mains or alts with current or past mythic xp. To be clear we ARE accepting returning players who havent raided in legion as long as you have some kind of past mythic xp. Raid times Sat + Sunday 5-9 pm PST We are looking for players: Preferably (but not required) who can play multiple specs of the same class if youre a dps player and your class has more than one dps spec. Who are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Who take raiding seriously but still know how to have a good time. Classes high in demand: 1 Blood Death Knight 1 Prot paladin 1 Resto shaman (raid healing) 1 Holy priest (raid healing) 1 Holy paladin (tank healing) Demon hunter dps Outlaw rogue or Assassin Arms or fury warrior Fire or frost mage BM hunter Demonology or destruction lock Other classes with skilled players will still be considered. Classes we are not accepting: Demon hunter tank Arcane Mage Disc Priest Prot Warrior Why you should raid with us: I was the raid leader in the old Tainted Lagacy on illidan horde and officer helping the RL in our guild blackblades on silvermoon pre mop. I have a lot of mythic raiding xp and so do our returning players. Raiding 2 nights a week is actually better and more enjoyable than guilds that raid 3-4 nights a week. Thats because usually the first day is progression and the other 2-3 days are just straight wiping. We progress the same amount of bosses on average as guilds raiding 2-3 days a week because we have highly skilled players and the only thing we need to progress more if we cant kill a boss is item levels. This is the same as guilds raiding 3-4 days a week, usually at some point at the beginning of raiding you hit a brick wall because of item levels and wiping 100-200 more times isnt going to change anything. We are a semi hardcore guild we want to have fun and still progress as much as possible, a sense of humor is always welcome. Please note that we are not currently raiding in legion because we are reforming for BFA. if interested please fill out this short app on our website: or add Zaldar#1566 , you will be asked for the armory of the character you plan to raid on, logs if you have any, spec you wish to play, and if there are any off specs that you can play (asked in the app).Kummerspeck0 13h
13h LF skilled players Sat+Sun BFA mythic Tainted Legacy is a reforming guild from Illidan horde with players that have full heroic/mythic clears from wotlk to the end of mop or mythic raided until highmaul. We are looking for mains or alts with current or past mythic xp. To be clear we ARE accepting returning players who havent raided in legion as long as you have some kind of past mythic xp. Raid times Sat + Sunday 5-9 pm PST We are looking for players: Preferably (but not required) who can play multiple specs of the same class if youre a dps player and your class has more than one dps spec. Who are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Who take raiding seriously but still know how to have a good time. Classes high in demand: 1 Blood Death Knight 1 Prot paladin 1 Resto shaman (raid healing) 1 Holy priest (raid healing) 1 Holy paladin (tank healing) Demon hunter dps Outlaw rogue or Assassin Arms or fury warrior Fire or frost mage BM hunter Demonology or destruction lock Other classes with skilled players will still be considered. Classes we are not accepting: Demon hunter tank Arcane Mage Disc Priest Prot Warrior Why you should raid with us: I was the raid leader in the old Tainted Lagacy on illidan horde and officer helping the RL in our guild blackblades on silvermoon pre mop. I have a lot of mythic raiding xp and so do our returning players. Raiding 2 nights a week is actually better and more enjoyable than guilds that raid 3-4 nights a week. Thats because usually the first day is progression and the other 2-3 days are just straight wiping. We progress the same amount of bosses on average as guilds raiding 2-3 days a week because we have highly skilled players and the only thing we need to progress more if we cant kill a boss is item levels. This is the same as guilds raiding 3-4 days a week, usually at some point at the beginning of raiding you hit a brick wall because of item levels and wiping 100-200 more times isnt going to change anything. We are a semi hardcore guild we want to have fun and still progress as much as possible, a sense of humor is always welcome. Please note that we are not currently raiding in legion because we are reforming for BFA. if interested please fill out this short app on our website: or add Zaldar#1566 , you will be asked for the armory of the character you plan to raid on, logs if you have any, spec you wish to play, and if there are any off specs that you can play (asked in the app).Kummerspeck0 13h
14h There is still horde left on Stormrage! Hey everyone! Just wanted to put it out there that Stormrage does still have an active Horde guild. Primal Devolution has been around since Vanilla days with several of our original members still playing. Back in Vanilla days we were one of the top Horde raiding guilds. We didn't raid in Legion but will be starting it back in BfA. If anyone out there is looking for a good raiding guild for BfA, send one of our officers a message in game :)ßlyss4 14h
14h <Nerv> 9/11M LF Ranged DPS <Nerv> is a mythic progression guild on Alliance-Stormrage made of experienced raiders. We are looking for quality players to join our team and community. ... Add us on BNet! Contact - AWhiteLily#1497Minnaia22 14h
15h <There Was Talk of Pie> Recruiting for Bfa Our guild is currently 11/11H and we are recruiting for our core raid team as we finish up this expansion and look towards the next. We are looking for dedicated people to fill out our 20 man group for our push into Mythic progression. Our main goal is to build a core to push bfa raids hard. Raid Times: Tuesday 9pm est-12am est Wednesday 9pm est -12am est We Need: All Range Dps We are also seeking all capable players who are dedicated and eager to progress through Battle for Azeroth. So please still feel free to contact us even if what you play is not listed above. Expectations: -We expect all raiders to have voice chat and a working mic. We use Discord chat. -Show up for raid, have good attendance, and let an officer or the guild leader know if you will be late or can't attend. We can help get you gear and teach you fights. What we're really looking for is dedicated people who are capable of following directions. How to Contact Us: Belvora in game-Raid Leader Sego#1483 Skysapphyre in game - Guild Master Catfishmeplz in game -Officer Aessina in game - Officer Thellessa in game - Officer We look forward to seeing you on our raid team. Thank youBelvora21 15h
16h <Ardent> Looking for Mythic Raiders! Ardent is a newly formed raiding guild on Stormrage, with the intention of becoming a mythic raiding guild in BFA. Our raiding style is best described as semihardcore - we don't want to spend all our time raiding, but we want to make the most of the time that we spend. We maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere in raid, as well as within the guild. Our goal for raiding is to have fun while still progressing as a guild. Raid Information: Ardent's raid schedule is as follows: Tuesday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST Wednesday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST Recruitment Needs Currently, Ardent needs the following for our Mythic roster: 1 Holy Paladin 6 Ranged DPS (see open recruitment) 4 Melee DPS (see open recruitment) 1 Exceptional Tank (BrM/Druid preferred, must be minimum 11/11H experience). We also accept social members, and plan on building a casual weekend team once our Mythic roster has been filled. Expectations: Attend all 3 raid days. Be able to communicate with Discord, in both voice and text chat. Ability to focus and remain efficient when required. Maintain a positive attitude during raid. Contact for more information: (battletag) Rhennthyl#1187 (raid leader) or MikeBee33#1317 (GM) (discord) Rhennthyl#2278Hølysmøkes1 16h
16h [A]<TMoM> 11/11M Lead LF Resto Druid! <The Men of Mayhem> is back and looking for people to begin raiding and prepare for BFA! We are semi-hardcore level 25 raiding guild on the US-Stormrage (PvE) server. We are a 20 man mythic progression-focused guild that is looking for exceptional players (purple/orange parses) to fill it's ranks!. We are a group of players who have been playing together for multiple years now, however we took a break beginning at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria, and are now reforming to prepare for Mythic raiding in Battle For Azeroth. Raid Times Sunday: 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM EST Monday: 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM EST Tuesday: 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM EST Wednesday: Off Night Thursday: Off Night Friday: Off Night Saturday: Off Night Our Current High Priority Needs Deathknight, DPS, (Low) Druid, Boomkin (HIGH), Resto (HIGH), Feral (Low) Hunter (Low) Mage (Low) Monk, Mistweaver, Windwalker (Low) Paladin, Holy (Low), Ret, (Medium) Priest, Shadow (HIGH), Holy / Disc (Low) Rogue (Low) Shaman Elemental, Enhance, Resto (HIGH) Warlock (Medium) Warrior DPS, (Low) Feel free to contact myself or the Raid Leader if you have any questions or are looking into joining the guild! Or toss an app in at (Don't worry, it's short and sweet) Mancheese - Mancheese#1508(GM/Recruitment Officer) Fireholder - Beholder#1925 (Raid Leader) Voodoo - Infantryman#11176 (Recruitment Officer) If you believe you are a top tier player and are better then what we currently have, then please apply and you will be taken into consideration against our current roster players. What You Can Expect From Us We offer a progression-minded raid environment. We continually make sure that each of our raiders is performing at the top of their game and those who are found to be under performing are asked to step up their game immediately. As we only raid for 9 hours a week but still aim to clear all Mythic content, we don't have time to mess around or carry anyone. While we do like to have fun in between bosses, during trash pulls, on off nights and etc., we know when it's time to get down to business and be serious. On off nights, we offer things like Rated Battlegrounds, Heroic runs, alt runs, achievement runs through old content, as well as multiple guild Arena Teams, if there is the interest. What We Expect From You We expect first and foremost that you know how to play your class at a proficient level. Though the most important thing we are looking for is people who can take criticism and WANT to learn and play to the best of their ability. We want to make sure before you get here that you are a player that we will have fun spending at least 9 hours a week with. We also prefer that you are a player who is typically online for more than just to raid - it's no fun to raid with someone that logs in for the raid, logs out afterwards, and then is not seen until the next raid. We also expect you to remember that the fat old woman looked like a lusty wench. Raiding With Us 1. We are a tight-knit group of raiders. We have a set group that we plan on going in with every night, but EVERYONE who is raider status in our guild will get a chance to raid. We do not run one set of group, to be successful we must have many successful people so everyone will get a chance to be in almost every night of raid. 2. Only main characters are allowed in the raid. Depending on raid composition, however, the raid leader or role leader may request that you bring an alt in order to have a better group (e.g. we don't have enough healers for the night and you have a well-geared healer alt). 3. We use a Loot Council system to distribute loot in our main raids. Factors that we look at when determining winners are: size of upgrade, overall performance, dedication to guild, and rank 4. Discord is expected to be kept clear at all times during times of progression. We like to chatter in-between farm bosses, during trash, and etc, but our ultimate goal during our raid times is to down bosses. We have designated in-game chat channels, as well as raid chat and guild chat, for each of the roles represented in the raid (e.g. melee, ranged, healers, and tanks). Discussion not pertinent to the encounter at hand should be kept there. 5. DPS are expected to pre-pot as well as pot during the middle of encounters. Period. Wiping to Heroic Majordomo at 40k health left sucks. 6. If you are consistently under performing, you will be replaced. We genuinely like everyone we allow into the guild, however we are progression-minded and need the best possible group, every position is competitive (this helps all our raiders stay at the top of their game).Mancheese192 16h
18h [A] <Theoretical> Recruiting Heroic Raiders <Theoretical> is currently recruiting fabulous raiders to fill out our heroic raid team. We're a guild that prides ourseleves on having a relaxed but focused raid atmosphere. Our goal for Battle for Azeroth as it has been in past expansions is to clear current tier content at the heroic level. Dabbling in mythic raiding is a possibility if we have the roster and time to support it, but the majority of our members have family and job obligations that mean we have to take advantage of our two raid nights to the fullest extent possible. Our current raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-11:00 p.m. Eastern standard time. We run an optional alt raid on Saturday nights - we garner interest for these on a weekly basis after our main raid is completed. Our current recruitment needs are listed below: Shadow Priest Boomkin Warlock Ret Pally Windwalker Monk Resto Shaman or Resto Druid (with ability to play DPS if necessary) A player with a strong tank off-spec that would be willing to jump into a tanking role if called upon would also be welcome. If your class or spec isn't listed don't hesitate to reach out! We won't turn you down... if you're cute enough. We have used personal loot in the past as our loot system - and with the changes coming in BfA this is becoming a baseline staple for the raiding scene as it is. We expect members to communicate with one another if a piece drops that they no longer need to put our raid in the best position for progression. What you can expect from us is a team of players that come to raid prepared. Have the fights studied, be ready to go with consumables and other item upgrades, and have a comprehensive understanding of your class. We're here to build each other up and support one another so be able to take pointers and constructive criticism to improve performance. We can get pretty saucy at times so a good sense of humor is a major plus :) In our spare time you can find us running mythic + dungeons, achievement runs, casual battlegrounds, and a variety of other games. If you'd like to find out more or are interested in applying we'd be glad to speak to you in our guild Discord to make sure we sound like a mutually agreeable fit. Please contact Tristnal#11267, Goose#1825, or Viktorbarney#1495 to discuss any of the finer points of joining. Hope to hear from you!Vikterbarney19 18h
18h Provoke is recruiting mythic raiders for BfA <Provoke> [A] [US] (Stormrage). Currently Recruiting: - Tanks: Full - DPS: RDPS but all apps are welcome. MDPS w/ Tank Off Spec - Healer: all apps are welcome. Prefer shaman or priest heals. We welcome anything not listed above to apply as well. How To Apply - go to Please message an officer in game or on the forums for any specific questions you may have, or to talk with us before you apply. Schedule: - Tuesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST - Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST Raid and Dungeon expectations: - Raids: We expect all raiders to have knowledge on all encounters and mechanics in raids, our expectation is to push Mythic content very early, we expect all raiders to do their part and be ready for a hard charging attitude. - Dungeons: Mythic+ completion will be a recommended aide in getting gear, pushing or completing the M+ key will be encouraged every week. This will be done at anytime that does not conflict with the schedule raids. Utilize your guild members to put a 5 man group together and knock out regularly and quickly. What to Expect from Us: We provide a stable environment for our raiders to constantly improve as players and teammates. During progression we use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline. Our time is precious and we know yours is as well; efficiency is our ultimate goal. We actively endeavor to maintain a mature, drama-free environment. Requirements: - Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. - Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. You will be required to dedicate yourself to min/maxing your character - Criticism: You should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it's directed at you. - Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is the utterly most important thing when raiding. Therefore you will be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand English. Contacts: Recruit Lead: Garaan (Garaan#11903) Officers: Zeraven#1563, Zeerek#1116Garaen3 18h
19h ✨<Trojan Field Tester>✨LF DK+Hunter for BFA! Guild: <Trojan Field Tester> - Stormrage [US] Faction: Alliance Raid Days/Times: 10:00pm - 12:30am EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Cleared: 5/11M ABT In game recruitment Contact: Bloodpain or my Btag (Nysro#1640) Guild Website: We are looking for all class / spec options for our raid team for Normal and Heroic content. When it comes to Mythic Raid Content we will taper down to a 20 man Mythic Core. All others will be rotated in and out so that everyone who commits to raiding will get their kills and gear. So if our raid days and times work for you but you do not see your class/spec listed do not despair, we will and can accommodate everyone. Backup Raiders: We are also looking for Raiders that cant commit to every raid night that we can make as backups to bring in from time to time especially to get them their kills on farm bosses. People have real lives and do miss raids from time to time so the opportunities are there. From now till BFA: We will be doing different content during the week leading up to BFA, we will have raids starting promptly on the "Raid Release Window" for BFA as well as Mythic Plus groups formed prior to Raid Release to get everyone prepared.Bloodpain7 19h
20h (The Hammer of Ironforge) Recruiting Guild Name: The Hammer of Ironforge Server: US-Stormrage EST Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 9:00-12:00pm EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Atmosphere: Adult (18+) About Us: We are a mature progression-oriented raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our Leadership derives from players, who want a fun casual-hardcore raiding team to push Mythics in BFA. Our Goal is to push through raid teirs rather quickly and work on Mythics. If you’re looking to have fun, down bosses and push content in BFA, then this is the place for you! What we expect from our raiders: -Be online 15 minutes early or notify the guild in advance of planned absences/tardiness -Have exceptional awareness of mechanics and the raid in general -Understand when you screw up, and be able to own up to it, and take constructive criticism -Be prepared for being swapped in/out of fights when needed to maintain roster readiness -Have a positive attitude or be able to fake one! What we provide: -Flasks, Enchants, Gems, and other Raid Supplies -Chill atmosphere, 18+ -Cool people to do your mythic +'s with The Hammer of Ironforge IS SEARCHING FOR: - 1 Balance Druid - 1 Elemental/Restoration Shaman - 1 Warlock - 1 Shadow Priest - Possible Tank Opportunity (Details will be given upon contact) All applicants will be considered! We require use of Discord, Exorcus Raid Tools, DBM/BigWigs, and WeakAuras. Please contact me via B-tag if interested: Officer: Planetexpres#11600Farnz2 20h
23h <Disgruntled>[A] AOTC Casual Raiding <Disgruntled> is a casual raid guild with a strong focus on high fun, low drama, and downing bosses. We expect raiders to know their stuff, but we also all help each other improve. We're an adult only guild with a sense of humor to match. We're very active even outside of our raid days doing Mythic+ dungeons each week. We use Discord as our voice platforms. Even though that we took down Heroic Argus, we are still doing Heroic runs weekly and throwing in some other activities like ABT Achievement Runs. We do a full Normal clear each week for pantheon trinkets and alts/catch-up. Several members of a raid team took break once we downed Heroic Argus, so we building back up to get him down again. We are very much looking ahead to BFA. We are looking for members who will be with us for the long haul and be part of our core raid team next expansion. No experience necessary, just a sense of humor and a chill approach to killing bosses. ___________ Current Raid Schedule: Progression Raid - Tuesday and Wednesday from 9PM until 12AM server time (Eastern) Alt/Bonus Raid - Friday from 9PM until 12AM server time (Both progression and bonus raids use Master Loot to avoid wasting tier tokens. Loot is distributed on a straight /roll. No loot council, DKP, or other overhead.) ___________ We are currently primarily looking for as many amazing damage dealers as we can get, tank and healers who are happy flexing to dps as needed are welcome as well. We expect people to have a flexible attitude as we move into the next expansion. We figure out the raid roles and composition after everyone hits 120 and lets us know what role they want to play. Many of our members are working on leveling alts, so new players will be able to team up with more experienced players to learn the ropes. Based on initial conversations in the guild, we are looking very good for tanks and melee DPS. We definitely have space for Ranged DPS and a healer or two. Players who enjoy multiple roles and are willing and able to flex are highly desired. Would love more fun highly skilled raiders to join out Heroic team and we would be happy to work with up and coming characters for Normal. Social/Casual members are welcome, especially people who are interested in getting into raiding eventually. No experience necessary. ___________ If you are interested in hearing more feel free to message me at VodensEye (Voden#1335) or Discord (voden#0790). Note: We like for interested players to listen in or join one of our raids before coming into the guild. We want you to be sure you are a good fit for our community and enjoy raiding with us.Vodenseye81 23h
1d <Subtle> New Guild LFM for BFA <Subtle> (Stormrage Alliance) is a brand new guild seeking individuals who are interested in forming a semi-hardcore 10 man raid team and clearing raids for AOTC each tier, as well as completing mythic keystones at a high level. Casual players are also welcome to join. We're looking for players who are willing to improve themselves each day, learn something new and have a fun experience while doing so in a mature environment. We use Discord for voice communication, and expect everyone who is raiding to have a working mic. Raiders are expected to research boss fights, as well as their class to perform at their best. Flasks, food buffs, and potions are provided by the guild. Addons like BigWigs/DBM and Details are required during raids. If you aren't looking to raid, we also plan on completing high mythic plus dungeons every day and helping out members who are trying to gear up or level. - Q&A - Raid Times? - Friday/Saturday 6:30PM - 9PM EST What are you recruiting? - Ranged DPS (Warlocks, Druids, and Hunters preferred) - 1 Tank (Any except DH) - Healers (Any will do) Do you have an application form? - Contact info? - Quickdraw#11655Xirith2 1d
1d Resto Druid LF Heroic/Mythic Guild 247 iLvl Resto druid, 3/11 mythic experience in Antorus looking for a raiding spot for BFA. Also have cutting-edge in Emerald Nightmare. I'm available to raid any time/day. Looking for a friendly guild with a laid-back approach to raiding. Will consider transferring for the right guild, but prefer to stay on Stormrage. Btag: Bunny#13104Sayje1 1d
1d [A] Blood/Frost DK Looking For A Small Guild I'm an experienced tank that's been playing since vanilla and tanking since TBC. I raided progressively in TBC, Wrath, Cata, and MoP. I took a break during WoD. I came back for Legion and have been playing pretty casually. Going into BFA I'd like to have a guild for mythic+, island expeditions, and possibly normal and/or heroic raids. Ideally I'd like to find a small family style guild that has a small but consistent group of people online. Unfortunately I have to travel at least once a month on the weekends for work. I'm primarily online weeknights after 8PM EST and weekends (that I'm not working) after 1PM EST.Darkmoor2 1d
1d [A] Sharing is Caring LF Raiders M/W 8-11pm [A] Sharing is Caring About Us: Sharing is Caring is a new guild for BFA that has raided throughout Legion with another group and gotten AOTC for every tier. We are a Heroic raiding guild looking to get the most out of our raid week (2 days per week, 3 hours per day). Right now we are looking at Mondays/Wednesdays from 8-11 pm, but that may change depending on the group consensus. The guild will also be pushing 5-man content on off days and eventually setup a day for alt raiding. We are looking for active, mature and reliable members to build up our ranks. Sharing is Caring offers a mature and relaxed raiding environment. At the same time, we expect members to show up prepared and on time for raid nights. We will offer guild repairs for all raiders and do our best to provide consumables. As stated above, we are a new guild, so we are looking for all roles and classes at the moment. The core group has several characters we can fill in as, but are waiting to see how recruitment goes. As recruitment progresses I will update this post with out specific needs. If this interests you or if you have any questions feel free to message in in game on this character, Newheroclass or add me on bnet @ zSimplistic#1925Newheroclass3 1d
1d A Community About Sharing And Learning. Hey, I've always wanted to provide a place to help others looking for answers about anything World of Warcraft related that isn't Trade chat. With the advent of Communities, I wanted a place where both the knowledgeable wanted to share their knowledge and the curious are looking for answers. I welcome you to join my Horde and Alliance communities that focus on just that. Horde: Alliance: Thanks!Guds0 1d
1d <Trigger Discipline> Casual Adult Guild Trigger Discipline is recruiting players for all roles. We raid Friday and Saturday evenings, 9:30pm-11:30pm EST. We are a laid back group of adults that understand real life comes first. Our goal each xpac is to clear heroic so everyone can get their AOTC. If we push into Mythic, awesome but no pressure. We're also happy to welcome social only players. Want to just try us out? Our first, "back from break" event will be 14 Aug, 6pm EST. Contact us: vyoletkyss#1762 doktor#1683 KRGalcyon#1382 triggerdiscipline.xyzCynnabel1 1d
1d Rogue Community I have not found much of anything on communities being posted, so i just created one for rogues to talk about our shady dealings. Come join the Hall of Shadows, rogue channel and talk about all things rogue to prepare for BFA, get feedback and theory crafts some builds, Loot share, Lore, anything rogue related. Pockets will be checked upon joining Sorry horde brothersSkitnica0 1d
1d Quebec PvP Nouvelle communauté PvP francophone. Equipe RatedBG, Arena, War Mode et plus. Ayez une bonne connaissance de votre classe et un micro. Basé sur le respect. Ecrivez moi en priver pour plus d'informations. Maryjeane#21790 Gabtbk#1689Maryjeane0 1d
1d (A)<Reset> Recruiting! Need ALL! UPDATED: 7/19/18 Welcome to the Recruitment Thread for our Guild! <Reset> is a WEEKEND Guild Reforming to start BFA content! We are a Semi-Casual guild that was created Mid-Late Legion. We decided to take a break from raiding and other things and we are looking for people to fill the guild again and have some fun starting in BFA! Prior to our break we got 11/11H and 1/11M. Classes/Roles We Need: The Application Process is simple for us. Just have discord and a voice. We're starting a new Xpac, we don't require lotta content done, but its also a plus for the core and leadership. Just be willing to listen and learn. We've created some great Raiders from their first experience before with great adjustment and attitudes. Tanks: Need 1 OffTank Healers: Current Comp: D + H Priests, Paladin, RDruid -- Need DPS w/ Heal OffSpec for 5 heal fights etc. DPS: Full On: Plate, Mages, Warlocks. Our Policies: --All Guild Members should be age 18+. All/Most our current members are working adults, thus why our activeness and events are mostly during weekends. --With the 18+ comes darker humor, therefore, applicants should not be easily offended: Our only boundary being Politics. --We strive to be more of a community setting than being Hardcore. To enforce this, we will never have "Loot Drama" and we will not purge under-performers. We will help each other get better at the game together. --No calling out people, leave this to the officers. Whisper us only about it instead. We do all Drama, Punishments, Pointing out Under-performance, etc in whispers with the members that apply to these situations. It helps keep things smooth in raiding and keeps the fun going etc. Raid-Ready Requirements: Although we strive to provide Flasks and Food to the raid team, we do require everyone to be ready just in case! COME READY WITH: Flasks Food Gems/Enchants <---- MOST IMPORTANT NOT MUCH REQUIRED BUT APPRECIATED: Pre-Pots (DPS TRY to have these) + Mana Pots (Heals need this for progression generally.) RAID TIMES: Friday - Saturday 8PM-11PM Server (Required of Core Raiders applying.) PVP/Warfront TIMES: Sundays - (Any hours of the day. We just urge people to log on during this day when they wanna do some PvP content! Once we get a PvP team going, we will swap to required times of that team's choice, but it will be a Sunday for sure.) Currently in need of EVERY class/spec to make a comp for RBG's and other things PvP! WEEKDAYS: Mythic+ Runs (Optional) Conclusion/Contact Info: Feel free to reply to the Thread as we do check it often. Casuals/Socials/PvPers Welcome! We'll take anyone. We just have an emphasis on PvE content, but we are a cool buncha people and would like to grow socially as well! You can also reach us by adding: Asterlei#1613 <- Recruitment Officer / CO-GM Catlak#1888 <- GMKomie31 1d
1d [A] 9-12PM EST Tues/Wed recruiting ranged [A]<The Speakeasy Tavern> 2Day(Tues/Wed)-Semihardcore Raiding Guild! US - Stormrage/Alliance About TST: The Speakeasy Tavern is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are recruiting raiders interested in pushing mythic content during BFA and selling content during nonprogession times. We do a lot of content together from m+ farming and pushing key as high as we can, to achievement/mount/mog run. We have a very close knit community that we encourage everyone that joins to be active in. What you can expect from us as a guild: - Strong/approachable/attentive leadership - A sense of community and direction. - Communication What we expect from our raiders: - Effort to integrate yourself with the guild’s community.(This is the most important one) - Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge for raid. (we keep the guild bank stocked so it's your job to grab what you need prior to the raid.) - Some kind of contribution to the Gbank, Gold, meats and mats to help with the cost of riading. - The drive to improve personal play. What we're looking for: We are ALWAYS looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best. With that being said, we have a few classes in HIGH demand: To be determined 6hr/wk Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST How to apply: If you're interested in joining The Speakeasy Tavern, please leave an application on our discord recruitment channel : or add me in game. Any other questions, please contact me via BattleTag: Ethankey#1498 We appreciate your time and interest and look forward to playing with you in the future.Ethannkey10 1d