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18m Tired Of Dragons 7/7 M Late Night Guild Tired of Dragons is recruiting for Nighthold (7/7 Mythic). (3/3 heroic )(7/10 Heroic) Looking for a few members that are ready to go into Nighthold and start pushing Mythic progression! We are looking for a few people to round out our roster Our Raid Times Are Friday and Saturday Midnight to 3 AM EST We provide all essentials needed for Raiding: Food Flasks Pots etc. We use discord as our VOIP of choice. We are currently Looking for 1 healer ( not class specific) When looking for people we look for some of the following traits 1) Be a good player 2) Know your class and know it well 3) Have a good attitude 4) Logs are preferred but not required 5) Be able to stick to a schedule 6) Be willing to listen But mostly we are looking for people that like to have a good time while pushing content at a good pace. If interested please add any of the following people Aalem#1905 geckocrusher#1646 Ehanoro#1654 I look forward to hearing from you. -AalemAallem16 18m
1h 880 Holy priest looking for raiding guild Hey there I just transferred and I’m looking for a guild that does not raid on Tuesdays Andoo#11992Andòo1 1h
1h resto shaman LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild. I'm 871 Resto looking for a home!Stattic6 1h
1h Scourge (6/10H 9-12 EST) LFM for Nighthold! Hey folks. <Scourge> (9/10 NH 3/3H ToV) is aiming to retake a top 20 server rank/top 300 US rank in this new tier. We're rebuilding from 7/7M 3/3H earlier in the expansion and want to be better than ever! Our main goal is to down bosses as fast as possible while still maintaining a positive and competitive atmosphere while having no carries in the raid and a strong leadership roster. We are a mature guild with experienced raiders and officers who have raided together for multiple years. We are interested in recruiting like minded individuals who want to be a part of our guild for long-term cutting edge raiding. About us: Scourge of Stormrage, formerly Blackrock, Horde-side, was formed halfway through Siege of Orgrimmar and has been raiding since, full clearing every tier we've encountered so far aside from BRF when our old server died. We are aspiring for the upper end of semi-hardcore as a guild, and want to play with players of similar high-caliber and mindset. More information is available on our website, as well as our application process if you can't contact an officer in-game for an interview. So please visit: Weekday Team (9/10 normal nighthold) : Raid times (EST server time) Tuesday: 9pm-12am Wednesday: 9pm-12am Thursday: 9pm-12am Always accepting exceptional raid apps! Mythic+ apps are welcome whenever for any reason. We do a hell of a lot of these and have a lot of keystone masters in guild. Tanks: Not right now, sorry friends! Heals: Resto Druid, holy paladin Ranged: Boomkin / Lock / Mage Melee: Ret paladin, enhance shaman DISCLAIMER: ALL our raid spots are based on performance. If you can think you can outperform a current raider, we'll for sure let you try! Always looking to boost the raid team with more experience and skill. Expectations: Dedication - Trials must have 100% attendance for the first two weeks. Once you reach raider you may miss one week a month of raiding (or 3 days) if you need to with prior notice. Attitude - We expect all of our trials and raiders to have a positive attitude when it comes to progression. You should be self-motivated and enthusiastic. We also expect that you have a passion for progression as we would like to kill 1+ new boss a week. It doesn't matter how good you are or how good you think you are, if you do not fit within the raid group or you have an atrocious attitude you will be removed or asked to sit out until you make adjustments. Awareness - Constantly avoid avoidable mechanics. Do not disengage off boats, dont run fire into group, etc. Competitive DPS/HPS Obviously survival is more important than dps/hps but we require trials and raiders to compete against one another and achieve their maximum amount of dps/hps for their gear and class. At the end of the day though, we wont be looking at meters for damage, but more for damage TAKEN. So enough of the boring stuff that every other guild posts on here. Lets get to the real question. WHY PICK US? 1. Strong leadership and raid leading. We're serious about making sure people are performing, and will sit people VERY quickly if they're slacking enough or not paying enough attention that it's wiping us or dragging us down. Our raid leader gets !@#$ done. 2. We are serious. We mean business. If you under perform, you get sit, even if your a "friend". This means less of your time is wasted, and more opportunities arise for those interested in joining! 3. WE ARE FUN. The amount of joking and horseplay that goes on between boss pulls, during trash, and pretty much all day long is ludicrous. People usually ask how old we are when they join, because we act like children. In reality we are all 21+ (including alot of grandpas) but hey, this is a video game, and they are meant to be a source of entertainment, not a second JOB. Bring a thick skin for non-PC trolling. 4. DRAMA FREE. I don't want to deal with it, and no one else does either. Those who cause drama get dealt with and removed if it has to happen. Any of this sound interesting to you? If so - go ahead and apply here on our webpage at: Still got some more questions? Or is the website being silly? Then message an officer: Raid Lead: Anubis#12653 Guild master: Coldbringer#1380 Recruiting officer/raid strategy: Benson#1239 Recruiting officer: Sosa#1353 ***Casuals are more then welcome to join for alt raids which are on the weekends during the evenings or to just hang out in mumble/guild chat. We do have ALOT of casuals so its always a great time!**** For the glory of the lich king - ColdColdbringer20 1h
2h Resto druid LF weekend guild Hello, I am currently looking for a mythic guild that raids on the weekends. I took a few months off after I started a new job to get used to my new schedule and am looking for a more relaxed group. Currently 10/10N NH experienced. Progression level doesn't matter to me but having a stable group to raid with and have run with is. About myself: I have 6+ years experience as a healer, I have cleared the majority of content while current. Former top 50 raider. Some highlights include Server First Sinestra, top 50 Heroic Ra'den, top 60 Heroic Lei Shen. Prefer Friday/Saturday nights. Please leave your information here or add me to btag Mocha#1119!Essá5 2h
2h LF Raiding guild Im 857 as of right now. Had to leave for work and coudn't play. I am 7/7 n and 3/3 n. Have not done Nighthold, but watched the videos.Xyise3 2h
3h [A] 7/7M, 2/3M 9/10H T/W/Th 10PM-1AM EST LFM <Friendly Banter> is an Alliance guild on Tichondrius. We are currently 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 9/10H NH and are looking to further progress in Mythic. We are currently looking for exceptional Healers to help us progress further and be part of our guild! Our goal is to build a strong guild roster and advance through raids. We are currently #5 on the server. Friendly Banter's Website: Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:00PM-1:00AM EST Faction: Alliance Guild Type: Raid Current Progression: (EN) 7/7 M (EN), 2/3M (ToV), 9/10H (NH) Links: Logs- WoW Progress- WoW Site- Contact Information: Guild Leader: EmailSupport#1938 (Racialist) Officer: Archproject#1457 (Lunorah) Currently Recruiting: ... To Apply: Please post an application on either our site: or you can respond back to us on this forum. We will review all applications and get back to anyone as soon as possible. Note: <Friendly Banter> reimburses all faction/server transfer fees after a two-week trial period. Please don't hesitate to reach out to either of us, we'll be happy to further explain and answer any questions you guys may have or even just to chat. We look forward to anyone joining Friendly Banter :)Lunorah24 3h
4h Ret LF 2 Night Raiding Guild What I'm looking for: A 'good' and established 2 night raiding guild. The days I can raid are Monday-Thursday with the times being a bit flexible. Not trying to be a snob and not gonna lie, but I'll be a little picky. Also: if your raid days are not in the time frame; I can't do it.. Don't waste my time or yours! Basically I want a guild that goes hard, but in shorter times. About me: 877 ilvl (currently) Ret.. I was Enhance Shaman(884 ilvl), but I rerolled Ret for 7.1.5. I'm a versatile player who can play almost anything well, but I really only want to play melee DPS. Experience this expansion: 4/7 M EN, 2/3H ToV, 5/10 N NH, 2/10 H NH. I parse really well for my item level and usually beat those higher item level. Had some guild issues.. The people who were left over decided to go to a 3 night raiding guild.. I have small children so I want 2 night. O and personal stuff: I'm 26 years old. Stay at home father. My enhance shammy armory (providing this so you can see i'm not bul!@#$ing.. BUT I do not want to play on him): My ret's logs in Nighthold: Heroic: Normal: As you can see I usually parse really high for my ilvl bracket. (Best fight: 2nd boss heroic.. #1 Ret for my ilvl and #3 for overall ilvl, all specs) Hit me up here or my btag: Lith#11509 (Also: I don't mind filling out an app if needed.. Server and/or faction switch isn't out of the question if it's the perfect spot for me)Lithuam0 4h
5h [A] <The Rebellions> 7/7M (9/10H) Late Night Server: Stormrage Guild name: The Rebellions The Rebellions formed in MoP, we are now in Legion trying to push as a semi-Hardcore guild, so far for us we have been pushing content very well, and are looking for some sub ins or 1 or 2 more core dps to continue this expansion. as for healers we will be needing one son in early march high need. Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 12:45am-4:00am EST. Because there's not a lot of time in those 3 days, we require our members to maintain ~90% attendance. We are looking to just find our remaining members so that we can progress in mythics, if everything works out during trial we will need you to transfer in order to progress as a team, as a guild. Current Progression: 7/7H 7/7M 9/10H Healer Recruitment: 1 of our core healers will be leaving us soon around early march i want to find the right replacement. one of these 3 healers below we will consider highly. Holy Priest MW Monk Discipline Priest DPS recruitment: Any exceptional DPS, we will be needing logs to see if your dps is performing at the item level that you are currently in. As of right now we will be trialing any DPS Shadow Priest - IN HIGH NEED. ~ Immediate Spot ~ For more information or wish to have a interview please leave a comment below, or contact myself: Starkk#1730 Another way would be to apply in the forums of this website 5h
5h [A] <Turkeyism> (7/7M) (1/3M) (9/10H) Introdution: <Turkeyism> is a (7/7M EN) (1/3M ToV) (9/10H NH) weekend raiding guild on Stormrage US. Our guild was originally formed in early 2013 as a 10man Heroic raid team with the goal to have fun and get as far as possible. After having defeated Heroic Garrosh in Siege of Ogrimmar and ending the Mists of Pandaria expansion ranked 19th on Stormrage, our team decided to push forward into Warlords of Draenor. With the introduction of Mythic in 6.0, our team set out to expand our roster, overcome new challenges, and defeat the final boss on Mythic, all while maintaining a fun atmosphere to raid in. We finished Warlords of Draenor ranking 14th on Stormrage and managed to get 27 of our raiders the Felsteel Annihilator mount from Mythic Archimonde. We are now currently raiding Nighthold and looking for additional players (870 ilvl+) who seek a challenge and want to have fun. Raid Times: Friday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST Saturday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST <Turkeyism> is a weekend raiding guild that raids two nights a week from 7:30 – 11:30pm EST on Friday and Saturdays. In Demand Classes: Hunters (Marksmen/Beastmaster) Priests (Shadow) Shaman (Resto) Warlocks (Affliction/Demonology) Monks (Mistweaver/Windwalker) (We prefer the classes listed above but all exceptional applicants will be considered.) Guild Expectations: So as a guild there are a few things we expect our raiders and recruits to do/know. First, we expect our raiders/recruits to know their class fairly well. They should also have a good grasp of the encounters by either having first-hand experience, or by watching tutorials and kill videos online. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Second, we expect players who wish to be part of the core raid team to understand that attendance and showing up on time to raid is important to the success of the guild. We understand when real life issues come up, however it isn’t fair to the other 19 players who showed up if you continuously miss raid because of “reasons”. This is why we want to make sure that our raiders/recruits understand that by joining our raid team, you are making a commitment to the rest of the group to show up every week. Ultimately, we are all individuals working together towards a common goal and our success or failure as a group depends upon people committing to the team. Third, we expect our raiders/recruits to be able to take criticism from others. If we notice that you could improve in any manner, we won’t hesitate to point it out. We won't ever attack others for making mistakes, but we will politely let them know of their blunders and how they could improve. Fourth, raiders/recruits should be willing to sit out for certain encounters. We know it isn’t the most fun thing to have to sit out on a boss fight, especially if there is loot or if you’ve worked hard getting to that encounter. However, not all fights are created equal and sometimes we have to ask players to sit out in order to have the best group composition to complete the encounter. Your willingness to sit out won’t be forgotten and we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to kill the boss and get loot. Fifth, all recruits are expected to present WarcraftLogs in their applications. This will give us an idea of how you handle mechanics and how well you performed. We understand that your time is valuable and so is ours. By looking at your WarcraftLogs we can get an idea if you can perform within the required range were looking for before bringing you in to raid with us. Finally, our guild is made up of players in their early 20’s/mid-30’s and our chat can sometimes get spicy and very adult oriented. We can sometimes talk about off the wall stuff, some of which can get very “Rated R” very fast. Contact List: Patakra: Braxxas#1433 Ravenhill: XHunter#1289 Tehproofter: Tehproofter#1990 Callmetheo: t455m#1373 Where to Apply: Our Warcraftlogs: Our Wowprogress: (All guild policies can be found in the website under the section: Forums>Guild Discussion>Turkey Recruits.) Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!Ravenhill80 5h
5h <Savage> FRI/SAT seeking TANK/HEALS <Savage> is a heroic raiding guild looking to progress as far as possible in the Nighthold. We are recruiting members for our core team. We are seeking fun, skilled players. We start at 9 PM PST/12 AM EST on fridays and saturdays, currently progressing through normal Nighthold. We are currently 6/10N as a guild. We are looking for 2 healers, a ranged dps, and an off-tank. If you're looking for a laid-back guild that also wants to clear Mythic content while it's still relevant, we're the bunch for you. Hit us up at superxnovax#1919 slothsquad#1394 Spymysterium#1330 APPLY AT 5h
5h Thanks for All the Fish needs Mythic raiders <Thanks for All the Fish> @ Stormrage We keep ourselves pretty simple, founded on three principles: Play video games Have fun Don't be terrible human beings We're in our second year as a guild and are extremely excited for Nighthold. We started the expansion with 140 raiders signed up across 5 raids. As with all expansions and raid tiers, folks fizzled out and we now have about 40 active raiders (and another 40-50 active non-raiders). As a result, we're changing the format of our raiding slightly to accommodate our active players. Currently, we are 3/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, and 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor. ------------------------------------------------ Raid Nights, Recruitment Needs, Lootsies Tuesday Nights Come-one-come-all, attendance optional Normal, Heroic, Achievements, Alts Beginning January 3rd: 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST Led by Hayword (BTag: Hayword#1907, also the Guild Master) If more than 30 folks show up, we split into two raids. Personal Loot Anyone is welcome to join. Wednesday Nights Invite only Heroic and Mythic Attendance is optional-ish. We just ask you to let us know if you're going to miss so we can plan accordingly. Beginning January 4th: 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST Led by Doublay & Hayword (BTags: dmitrii#1741 & Hayword#1907) Recruiting all high caliber players, especially shadow priests and warlocks. If you don't have logs, or are swapping classes and don't have logs, hop in with us on Tuesday nights to show your stuff. We use RCLootCouncil to determine who is best served on an item. If it's not clear, then we /roll and let RNGesus decide for us. We prioritize biggest upgrade to our regular attendees. Sunday Nights Invite only Heroic Clean-up, Mythic progression Will only run this night if we feel like we should after Wednesday night's raid. Beginning January 22nd, 7 - 11 PM EST. Final hour is as needed. Led by Doublay & Hayword (BTags: dmitrii#1741 & Hayword#1907) Same recruitment and loot as Wednesday nights. ------------------------------------------------ We're Socialish Be sure to check out our website. (thx4allthefish [dot] com) Join our Discord. (discord [dot] thx4allthefish [dot] com) Sign up for our forums. (forum [dot] thx4allthefish [dot] com) Tweet gifs at us. ([at]thx4fishguild and [at]haywordhunter) ------------------------------------------------ Mergers and Groups If you're a guild master or group of friends looking for a larger active community, then we take everyone and sort out the who's who and what's what. We also are more than happy to take in an entire raid and remove from your shoulders the woes of recruiting, maintaining a website and Discord server, and all other things that ruin your otherwise bubbly personality! If any of the following appeal to you and your group: Large, active community that plays a variety of games Regular recruitment posts Pantsless Sundays Non-bureaucratic mentality Maintained website and forums Long walks on the beach Maintained Discord server Active social media platform Then we're your Huckleberry!Hayword0 5h
6h [A] <Lincoln Wiped On Opera> Hello fellow prospect raiders and adventurers, we're currently recruiting! Guild history and information: The guild was formed (originally on Area52, then migrated to Stormrage) roughly 5 years ago, with a group of friends breaking off and looking to gain the glory of completing difficult raids and content on their own. The guild took off during Siege of Orgrimmar and thrived. However, over time, some went their separate ways, you know real life and such. But, we have gathered again for Legion. Refilling our ranks for completion of content, including Mythic, and that is where you come in! We are a Rated M for Mature guild. We are very thick skinned individuals and take pride in cracking jokes on one another. That being said, we're not monsters! We're an open minded guild and all are welcome, even if it's just for the company! We use Discord as a method of in-game communication (available upon in-game request). We are not afraid to call you out on your mistakes and at the same time we will make great strides to help guide you to better yourself as a player. I'd like to reiterate the fact that this is a general recruitment post. We are specifically looking for people to fill our Mythic Raid roster - but anyone is welcome to join. We do not discriminate! Members to contact if interested in joining (Character Name - Real ID): Plagüebeard - Th0r1369#1666 Grandwizard - Bigcuntry#1412 Psyco - Psyco#1810 Wulfkiller - wulfkiller#1378 Jwilkesbööth - Huntgodtko2#1724 Website: Currently under construction (if you build websites, let us know ;) ) Raid time: Tuesday and Wednesday, 8pm - 11pm EST Thursday (Optional), 8pm - 11pm EST Content cleared this expansion thus far: 7/7 N Emerald Nightmare 7/7 H Emerald Nightmare 4/7 M Emerald Nightmare 3/3 N Trials of Valor 2/3 H Trials of Valor 10/10 N Nighthold 3/10 H Nighthold What we are currently looking for with Mythic content in mind: Melee DPS: Enhancement Shaman Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest Healing: Mistweaver Monk, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin or Holy/Disc Priest Tank: Brewmaster Monk, Protection Paladin or Guardian Druid Please keep in mind that these are Specs/Classes we would like to recruit, but are not closed-minded of any willing and able player who would like to prove their skills, capability and dedication.Plagüebeard7 6h
6h [US-Stormrage][A] <Internet Kings> LF RANGED <Internet Kings> ▣ ▣ Stormrage Alliance (PvE-EST) ▣ 2 nights/week ▣ Thursday and Sunday ▣ 8:30pm to 11:30pm ▣ Recruiting Healers: ▣ Priest ▣ Shaman ▣ Monk Ranged DPS: ▣ Balance Druid ▣ Hunter ▣ Mage ▣ Shadow Priest ▣ Elemental Shaman ▣ Warlock Melee DPS: ▣ Monk ▣ Rogue ▣ Warrior Tanks: ▣ Deathknight ▣ Druid ▣ Paladin ▣ Warrior About us: <Internet Kings> 1/7M 2/3H is a newly formed Stormrage alliance-based raiding guild. We are a solid, tight knit team of like-minded players, who desire to raid efficiently and enjoyably. Almost the entire guild has raided top-end progression and are recently coming back to WoW for the coming expansion, Legion. We raid two nights a week, Thursday & Sunday, from 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. We are easygoing and laid-back, yet we want to get as much progress and boss kills in as we can in our 6 hours of progression raiding per week. We are all mature, veteran players (many from US top 20 guilds), with more than basic game knowledge, which will attribute to our progression in Legion. We are looking for players that can perform at an acceptable level through your damage/healing, raid awareness, and your ability to deal with fight mechanics. Must be able to be dependable, have a working microphone, downloaded and use discord. For more information, please contact via bnet: Recruitment Officers: Takeamaru Anarchist#1498 Favvi Favvi#1863 Slaygan Sumobaby#1684 Plaguefang Misery#1440Fernleaf33 6h
6h 873 Fury Warrior LF raiding guild My guild fell apart due to numerous people leaving for various reasons (most of them job related) I was incredibly disappointed with the gameplay and damage (though the damage part was mostly my fault) of WW monks over the long term and found the death of my guild a good time to reroll. I rerolled 2 weeks ago and I made it to 873 with 37, almost 38 traits on my weapon. I plan to go all in on fury before even starting Arms or Prot. I am 5/7M EN 2/3H on my monk. I am seeking a guild of like-minded players with who take the game as seriously as I do while still being able to have fun. I would prefer not to raid past 11:00 PM server time. I cannot raid past 11:30 PM server time. I am available for all days. Please don't be that guy that tries to recruit for another server when I posted on stormrage forums. I am not open for any server transfers due to a massive amount of capital and other perks of Stormrage that I am not willing to give up. Contact me at: Spearhawk#1458 or post on this thread, either is fine with me.Maril2 6h
6h <Digital Gangsters> [7/7M][2/3M][8/10H] <Digital Gangsters> is a progression minded guild, looking for exceptional players. The majority of the guild's core raiding roster transferred from a different server and we've come to US - Stormrage with high expectations! Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trials of Valor: 3/3H 2/3M Nighthold: 5/10H Current Recruitment Needs Ranged Dps Mage - High Warlock - High Priest - Medium Shaman - High Hunter - Medium Melee Dps Warrior - Medium Healer Priest - Medium Druid - Medium Monk - Medium *If we didn't mention your class still apply anyway, we are always looking for competent raiders Requirements: Attendance: 90% attendance rate mandatory for raiders, due to our laid back raiding schedule. If you are to miss a raid that player must be able to notify the GM minimum of 24-48 hours in advance (with emergencies being the exception). Awareness: This is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you every single aspect of the fight don't bother contacting us. Class Knowledge: This is huge. You are not going to have your hand held. You are expected to pull your weight in damage, healing, or whatever else your responsibility may be. Failure to do so will result of a really warm bench, all thanks to you. Our Philosophy: We are expecting to push through Mythic content fairly quickly while still maintaining a fun laid back environment that knows how to focus when necessary. We encourage a competitive raiding environment, this means that all raiders slots are eligible to be challenged. We expect and encourage players to optimize their characters in which ever way possible to provide a smoother raiding environment and experience. Raid Times: Monday: 10pm-1am EST Tuesday: 10pm-1am EST Wednesday: 10pm-1am EST Contact or Apply: In this Thread In Game: Bhcmoney#1320 or Cover25#1854 Discord: @Money88#4962 or @Pulse#5061 Website: 6h
6h <Friend Zone> 7/7M,10/10HC LF RDPS and HEALS About Us: <Friend Zone> is a US-Stormrage Mythic Progression raiding guild. We are a group of raiders that are constantly striving for improvement and progression. The guild was founded upon the idea that decisions would be made by a majority interest throughout progression. Our core values are to create a positive environment where we get to kill bosses and have fun while doing so. We look to provide an active community outside of raid through mythic keystones and a wide range of games outside of Warcraft. Raid Info: We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00PM-2:00AM EST We expect to be pulling the boss at 11PM Flasks, food, and potions are covered for the entire duration of raid time. Loot is distributed through a loot council that rewards gear based on performance, attendance, and effort throughout the raid. Contact: ChickenSoup#11720 Application: We are looking for any and all skilled players who have had prior raid experience Please Apply at friend-zone.enjin.comChïckensöup0 6h
6h [A]7/7M 1/3M LFM for NH! 2 nights a week! <Obsidian> US-Stormrage | Alliance Tuesday & Thursday 9:00PM - 1:00AM EST Who we are: Obsidian is a new guild with old roots. Our core members have been playing this game together for years stretching back to classic and the early days of TBC. After some time apart we decided to come back together and push into Legion. Our leadership spans from US200-25 rankings, and our members have all been vetted though tier after tier. What we're looking for: New players, who want to see if they have what it takes to push content. Old players who are tired of 4 day a week guilds and want to attack internet dragons on a better schedule but still with a solid pace. Those coming off burnout who want to rekindle their love for the game with a solid and fun community who knows when to put the steel to the whetstone. Recruitment Needs Tanks: Closed Melee DPS: Intrested in all classes and specs Ranged DPS: Intrested in all classes and specs Mages - VERY High Shadow Priests - High Balance Druid - VERY High Healers: MW Monk - Med Resto Shaman - High Disc Priest - Med Intrested in all classes and specs Krakenjack#1469 Amaterasu#1178 Krakenjack167 6h
6h 9/10M ☆ T/W 7-11 ☆ LF Exceptional DPS, Heals ... ... ... * Yes, apps are required from everyone as well as logs. * Server transfer will be required.Krazyrampage66 6h
7h <Consequence> 7/7M 1/3M 7/10H LF RDPS/Heals Greetings! <Consequence> is seeking competent players to join our progression team for Mythic Nighthold. We are a semi-hardcore guild that is currently 7/7M 1/3M 7/10H. Mythic Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00 pm - 12:00 am EST Current needs: Healers: Resto Druid, Holy/Disc Priest RDPS: Hunter, Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, Warlock We will also consider ANY exceptional raiders for our Mythic Team. Loot: All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. For more information, add the following Battle Tag: Chumpjohn#1580 (Kasera, GM) Luffie#1398 (Luffie, Officer) If our guild seems like a good fit for you, make an application on our Website: Hope to speak to you soon!Kaseras56 7h
9h <Singularíty>9/10H 9/10M 2 day LF DPS & Heals About Singularíty: Singularíty is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage. This guild was formed through multiple other long term guilds; all bringing past Top 100 US experience. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. Our main goal as a guild, is to enjoy the game that we play. We pride ourselves in not banging our heads against walls, forcing long hours, and pressuring raiders to play specs/classes they do not enjoy, all the while getting the most out of our raids. We are here to have fun and be sociable, and collect the shiny purples at the same time! We do not stifle our members, nor play to egos and e-peens. Our progression raids are to the point, and we do not raid long hours so we expect the hours we do spend to be as efficient as possible. Long story short, we love what we do, and hope to surround ourselves with others who enjoy it too, both in and out of raid. If this sounds like your kind of place then we'd love to hear from you. If you feel that you are exceptional at your role and your class/spec is not listed as needed, still feel free to apply. Current Requirements: (Keep in mind this changes ALL the time so please do not hesitate to app or contact us even if your class is not listed) Mage (High) Warlock (High) Prot Paladin(High) Resto Druid (Medium) Resto Shaman (Medium) Windwalker Monk (High) Warrior Arms/Fury (High) Retribution Paladin (Medium) If you are looking for a laid back raid atmosphere and a competitive guild who will get things done, then this might just be the new home for you. You can get all of that on a lighter & more relaxed schedule. What set us apart? We will have all of the progression without the feel of it being a 2nd job. We have a raid atmosphere that is a step above most you may have been part of. It is laid back and yet very focused. It is very much an open door policy here at Singularíty that goes for leadership and raid etiquette. You expect to be and will be heard here. Expectations: Ability to attend both raid days on a regular basis. Mumble/Discord and a working mic. Being able to actively participate in mumble to convey time sensitive information is of utmost importance. A good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have fun, our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively, and we expect you to be able to buckle down and focus when it is required. One should be able to take constructive criticism objectively and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. Important Info: Raid times: Friday & Saturday (08:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST) Voice communication: Discord/Mumble Loot: RC Loot council App Process: Submit an app on our website [] or if you are short of time you can always contact us on the below mentioned Btag's. Post that we will set up a Mumble discussion with you, and a decision will be made shortly after the discussion. Contact Information: Btags: Obskure#6264 (GM), Eosphorus#1108 (Co-GM), Morpheces#1170 (Co-GM) or Bluesyfluesy#1529 (Recruiting Officer).Majestyk265 9h
9h Simplicity Recruiting NH 3/10H 7/10N We are 3/10 Heroic mode and 7/10 Normal mode. we raid Fri-Sat 12:30 AM EST to 3 AM EST. NOTE we do not care about item level or skill level we were willing to work with people to get them where they need to be but you must be able to make 90% of raid if we are putting in the effort PST or Add Notics#1860 or message a member.Procles1 9h
10h [A] Ante Meridiem PM TEAM LF RDPS ANTE MERIDIEM IS RECRUITING 7/7 Mythic EN, 1/3 Mythic ToV, 6/10 Heroic NH - PM raid team. Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on ALLIANCE Stormrage, US (PVE) WEBSITE: PM Raid Team (Evenings) Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00pm - 11:00pm EST CURRENT NEEDS Healers High: All exceptional apps considered. Ranged DPS High: Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock Melee DPS High: All exceptional apps considered. Contact: Willow(Imladria#15924) or Mata (mata#11667) We are a dedicated raid team and we are recruiting players of exceptional level. The guild has 4 raid teams. As a result of that, we have about 30-50 players online at all times. The guild is a very friendly, welcoming environment, and we are very active outside of raid times. Please add Willow or Mata to your BattleTag and fill out our application on our website.Matawar2 10h
10h LF MOOSE! LF MOOSE! PSTMisawenim0 10h
10h [A] Tèam Rocket morning raid lf dps We are a newly formed guild of former raiders looking to start again after a few expansions off. We will be raiding on Saturday and Sunday Morning from 9AM to 12PM est. Our objective is to take a very casual approach towards raiding by taking our time and enjoying the journey as we move through the content. Currently after the first weekend we finished 7/7H EN, 2/3H Trial. and 5/10 Nighthold. There will be no raid attendance requirement or anything of the such. Most of us work full time jobs outside of this game I don't expect anyone to take this as a second job. We are here to have fun, enjoy each others company and to build memories together. Currently for our raids we are only looking for an Elemental Shaman, Frost DK and any Warlock spec. As well as a melee dps/tank who doesn't mind being a 3rd back up tank. Even if you don't wish to raid or you think you're only going to want to do it once in awhile feel free to apply. It's going to be that laid back. If this sounds like something you're interested in then feel free to contact me in game whether by mail or send me a battlenet request to Burntlettuce#1968. As always we are blasting off again.Caraè84 10h
10h <Storm> 7/7M 2/3M 9/10H Recruiting Storm is a Cutting Edge 2-Day Mythic Progression Guild founded in June-2016. While maintaining a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on killing the hardest content available. Our reduced schedule compared to other similarly progressed guilds allow us to spend time doing other things in game and out. Don’t let our reduced schedule fool you though, we take our raid time very seriously and we expect all of our raiders to do the same. If you’re a highly skilled player and share our goals, you probably won’t find a better guild out there. Current Progression 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor 9/10 Heroic Nighthold Raid Times Wednesday-Thursday (Mythic Only) 8:00 - 11:30PM EST Tuesday (Optional Heroic Clears) We raid an extra day with extended hours the week new Mythic content launches Our Goals Establish ourselves as the best US two nights/week Mythic Guild Progress as quickly and efficiently as possible through current content Legion Raid Tier One - Obtain a US 600+ Kill - COMPLETEDMythic Xavius US-306 (US-30th for 2-Day Guilds) Legion Raid Tier Two - Obtain a US 400+ Kill Legion Raid Tier Three - Obtain a US 200+ Kill These goals were set prior to Legion release Recruitment Needs The list below is only a general need of classes. If you play your class at an exceptionally well level, we highly encourage you to apply regardless of class. We recruit the player, not the class. Druid: Balance - Feral - Restoration Hunter Mage Monk: Mistweaver Paladin: Retribution Priest: Shadow Shaman: Elemental - Restoration Warlock Warrior: Arms - Fury Expectations of Raiders Previous Mythic raiding experience The desire to min/max your character(s) and stay on the forefront of theorycrafting The ability to play all roles for your class effectively Consistent TOP-TIER level of play. With a reduced schedule, we need intelligent and skilled players. Check guild website daily Ability to come to raid prepared, this includes, but not limited to, bringing enough consumables and having knowledge of fights we are working on. Understand the need for criticism. Learn and improve from mistakes. Active outside of raid times. Other Information 90% raid attendance required to remain on our raid roster Loot is handled via loot council. We feel this is the best way to improve the guild as a whole. We are mature adults and as such, respect is mandatory to all players internally and externally of Storm Members are preferred to be the age of 21 or older, but exceptions can be made under the right circumstances. We also sell various forms of carries via Raids/Dungeons/M+, visit our website for more information Guild website is located at Please feel free to contact us with any questions via in game or ID. Aalistor#1455 (Cojo) Nermel#1228 (Nermelz)Cojo26 10h
10h Dominion 7/7m 2/3m recruiting for NH <Dominion> is a semi-hardcore 3 day Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage-US. Started in 2005 on Altar of Storms, and transferring to Stormrage in 2012, Dominion has been a top contender in progression raiding since before Wrath of the Lich King. Our core has remained consistent and strong and we consider ourselves to be tight-knit. We're a progression focused guild that realizes real life happens. We're not seeking server firsts, but we do want to clear the top tier of content. Raid Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11pm EST Alt Run - Saturday 8-11pm EST Current Recruitment Needs We are actively recruiting a Ranged DPS, Amazing Melee and are open to all exceptional applicants. Preferred Classes: Melee DPS: Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Punch Monk, Warrior RDPS: Shadow Priest, Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, Warlock Exceptional applications for any class will be considered regardless of the above, we're recruiting raiders, not just their class! ____________________________________________________________________ If you want stability in a semi-hardcore raiding environment, we encourage you to apply. Our recruitment information can be viewed on our forums: If you have any questions feel free to message any Dominion officer: Shamzchief, Cyclone, Sarisia, Aureilie, BreazyBreazy14 10h
10h <A>Kings of Wanderlust 7/7H 2/3H 5/10N US-Stormrage/Alliance Kings of Wanderlust is a rather new guild. Created at the start of Legion with the intention of being a team of parents, professionals, etc, with limited raiding time, but a drive to see content downed. We started off the first week of raiding with a solid 5/7 downed in normal Emerald Nightmare with a team of raiders that had never worked together. Even with our limited time availability we still strive to be the best that each raider can be. We are however willing to help people learn to raid, and become better at their chosen class and spec. All of our leadership have experience dating back to Vanilla with many heroic, and mythic kills under our belts. Mythic progression is on our second night. However we ask that everyone understand Mythic progression can take time, and a fair amount of patience. Main Raid Times / Schedule Progression: 7 1/2 hours a week Current Progression: EN: 7/7H ToV: 2/3H Nighthold: 5/10N Wednesday/Thursday - 7:45 - 11:00 EST (server) Eventually there will also be a 100% optional alt run established. What we offer you: - very rambunctious, fun, constructive, and open social atmosphere - open minded raid leader/guild master/officer core - the chance to be a core member with solid input - a flexible guild that will work with you to make you the best player you can be - an overall fun/exciting/challenging/competitive environment What we are looking for in a raider: - a positive attitude - solid attendance - a willingness to accept outside criticism - if required - internally motived raiders, who strive to improve themselves - patience and a level of understanding for other raiders progression - a raider who can complement our social atmosphere - flasks/food/pre-pots - enchanted and gemmed How we handle loot: Loot Council is our primary method. If you are not familiar with this system it works on a number of factors to include the following. -attendance -performance (relative to your ilvl and class) -the attitude of raider -BiS/ level of upgrade for the raider What classes are we considering at the moment? We will consider all classes and specs depending on level of qualification and experience. However are placing emphasis on a few particular classes. They are as follows: Healers: Holy Paladin Holy Priest Discipline Priest Windwalker Monk (We are in need of a couple healers, so while these are preferred any healing class applicant will be considered!) Dps: Arms Warrior Rogue Death Knight Monk Warlock Hunter REQ: 860+ Current Recruiting Status: OPEN More bodies are always welcome! So, if your class is not on this list, or you do not meet the item level requirements, and you are still interested feel free to get in touch with one of our officers and we will discuss with you any options we may have. If you just want to come hang out and be a part of the guild that's great too! We currently have two options to join our guild! You can either apply on our website Or contact one of our officers through battletag! Vestherial - GM/Raid Lead - Ves#11968 Pvpismoidah - Officer - Auron#1908 Lieriah - Officer - Barthelo#1534 Airaln - Officer - Airaln#1816 Keep in mind that we are working professionals, if you cannot get ahold of us outside of raid hours, please send us an in-game mail or leave a post here. Worst case - /who Kings of Wanderlust on Stormrage and send a tell to any our members and they will point you in the right direction. Happy guild hunting!Vestherial20 10h
11h [A]<Seppuku>7/7M 2/3M 8/10H|2Day|LF Dps Seppuku Raid Times: Wednesday - 8pm to 12am (EST) Thursday- 8pm to 12am (EST) Emerald Nightmare- 7/7Mythic Trials Of Valor- 2/3Mythic NightHold-8/10Heroic Guild Info: Our only tenet is knowledge. An understanding of the fights we will be attempting and a continued drive to understand and excel at your class is vital. Our limited schedule forces us to use the small amount of time we have efficiently. This means we supply any extraneous raid related tools including food, potions, flasks, enchants and gems. Seppuku raids tend to be relaxed because many of our raiders have been together for over the years. Players have come and gone, the guild has changed names and servers, and leadership has shifted hands over the years, but one thing remains constant: Seppuku prides itself on being a premiere two night per week raiding guild. Seppuku aims to progress at a pace acceptable to raiders who have hardcore raiding mentalities while only being able to put in two nights per week. We aim to complete all of the raid content on mythic difficulty before the next tier or expansion is released. We strive for speed, but server firsts are not our aim. If the atmosphere and progression level of Seppuku sounds appealing to you, and you fit the criteria of one the class/spec needs listed (or you just think you're superb at your class/spec), feel free to whisper one of the names listed in game and apply on our guild website. Recruiting- Boomkin Mage Spriest Warlock Hunter Ele Shaman Rogue Ret Demon hunter Any other classes/roles not listed feel free to apply aswell Required Addons: RClootcouncil. Required Communication Type: Discord Inquiries should be directed to , Amylioo, Missfajit, Holymez, Broök or Miniflare Fler760#1114 or Apply at 11h
13h [A] <What The Fel> 4/7M 10/10N 3/10H About Us! Hello! <What The Fel> Is a raiding guild with the aim to clear all content on mythic while still having fun together as a group. We are led by a group of very strong raiders who have been raiding since Burning Crusade. Recruiting Tank Full! Healers Full! DPS -Open to all classes Raid Times -Tuesday 7-10 pm Eastern -Wednesday 7-10 pm Eastern -Thursday 7-10 pm Eastern Progression -Nighthold: 10/10N 3/10H -Trial of Valor: 2/3H -Emerald Nightmare: 4/7M Loot System -We currently use EPGP LootMaster mixed with a bit of loot council Contact Information (GM) Dan - Fayt#1904 (Officer) Mike - Mike#11828 (Officer) Brandon - Adept#1537Faÿt6 13h
13h 882 Resto/Guardian Druid LF Progression ABOUT ME My name is Jacob and I am a WoW player from Central Texas. I'm 25 years old I've been playing WoW since Wrath of the Lich King release where I raided with a 25man Heroic guild as a Frost DK. I proceeded to tank in Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, and Warlords of Draenor before quitting and rejoining the game for Legion in early November 2016. Since then, I've been focusing on my Druid and I am looking to tank for a guild that raids late night and has a group of like-minded, friendly individuals who share similar goals for raiding in this expansion. I am very passionate about the game and work very hard on my character, including gathering my own materials to supply myself with raid food, flasks, and potions. I am also very studious about my class and current raid content strategies. I frequent the Druid discord server to stay up to date with class-specific knowledge. WHAT I WANT IN A GUILD I am seeking a guild of like-minded players with who take the game as seriously as I do while still being able to have fun. I want to fill a spot in a team that is ready to go the week I join. I'm a very dedicated player and want people I can enjoy Legion with as much as possible. MY RAID TIMES I am currently seeking late night hours. Earliest START time: 10AM Latest END time: 4AM OTHER SPECS I have gear sets and lv 35 artifacts for healing and Balance DPS as well, though I am currently seeking a tank/heal spot. This may change depending on what I can find. MY EXPERIENCE The bulk of my endgame experience comes from Wrath of the Lich King ICC 25 Heroic where I achieved 11/12 before the release of the Cataclysm pre-patch. I raided less difficult content in the subsequent expansions but gave it as much effort as I did back in Wrath. My current experience: 1/7M Emerald Nightmare 1/3H Trial of Valor 3/10N Nighthold CONTACT Battletag: Xemnaught#1842Excellion1 13h
14h Ironclad Recruiting! <Ironclad> is a small friendly guild recruiting for mythic progression. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7-10pm est. We are 4/7m, 2/3h, 9/10n. We are currently recruiting a few good ranged dps, a dps war and a plate tank. Knowledge of your class/spec and 90% raid attendance is required. Any and all reliable players will be considered. We are also looking for more casuals for off-night shenanigans (alt raids, mythic+, pvp) If interested contact me in game or on bnet @ meastro#1263.Laelana2 14h
15h <Absolutely Not> 5/7M LF Heals/DPS <Absolutely Not> is a 5/7 M, 3/3 H raiding guild that is recruiting mythic raiders for Nighthold. LF: We are currently looking for all exceptional ranged DPS with all exceptional dps considered. When: We raid T/Th 7:30-10:30 server time with occasional alt raids on Saturday. Loot: We use EPGP for our loot system that favors attendance and being dedicated to improving. Voice: We have a guild Discord server for voice and is a requirement for raiding. Overall we offer a relaxed raiding group that is dedicated to pushing mythic at a reasonable pace. To apply please contact us at Eeeker#1617, Schlim#1368, or Flops 11882.Flôps9 15h
15h <Over Raided> [A] 7/10H NH, 8/10M EN/ToV LFM About Us: <Over Raided> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on US-Stormrage that was officially created in Mists of Pandaria. Our goal has always been to find the fine line between hardcore raiding and still having fun and enjoying each other’s company. We take our raids seriously and do not waste time, but that doesn’t stop us from joking around with one another during raid. We have a very friendly (note: we are not exactly family-friendly) atmosphere that has kept people around. One thing we are proud of as a guild is that we have a very low turnover rate and many loyal members who have stuck with us from the beginning. We are currently looking for people with similar goals who can attend raids consistently and who can meet the expectations required of mythic raiders. Expectations: Meet the attendance requirement Know your class - this means being able to play more than one spec at a mythic level Be able to communicate reliably and consistently when needed Have a stable internet connection Be willing to check forums once every few days Be prepared with raiding supplies - the guild bank supplies these but isn't meant to be relied upon Actually WANT to raid. If you're not having fun, don't bring other people down and just take a break Progression: 7/10H Nighthold, 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 1/3M Trial of Valor Raid Schedule – Eastern Time (EST) Tuesday 7:30-10:30PM Wednesday 7:30-10:30PM Thursday 7:30-10:30PM Attendance Policy: Raiders must maintain 90% attendance at all times. Consistency in the raid roster is one of most important things in a mythic raiding guild. If you cannot commit to this attendance requirement, we are not the guild for you. How to apply: Contact any of the officers listed below using or in game, or simply reply to this thread. Loot System: We use the EPGP Lootmaster addon to distribute loot. Voice: Mumble Currently recruiting: Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk Priest (all specs) Mage (all specs) Warlock (all specs) If your class isn't listed here but you're still interested, feel free to apply, or contact one of us. Contact Information: GM: Adorele (Squee#1987) Raid Leader: Rukoshi (Rukoshi#1218) Recruitment Officer: Waelish (InkedLex#1671) Officer: Unsafe (Jish#1863)Waelish2 15h
16h [A]<Nerv> 7/7H 3/3H 6/10N Recruiting all! Nerv is a newly formed semi-casual alliance guild made up of experienced raiders. We are looking for quality players to fill our roster in order to push towards mythic raiding and prepare for Nighthold. Seeking all types of DPS and healers. ... PST to Dagik#1527 Blur#11193 Rushmore#1696Dagik2 16h
16h <Guardians of Asgaard> LF raiders Hey guys! <Guardians of Asgaard> on STORMRAGE are in need of dedicated raiders to fill out our raid roster for our CORE team! We're looking to fill up for The Nighthold! Right now, we are in high demand of Ranged, 870+ ilvl. Here is a little information about the guild and what to expect: The raid leaders: We make sure everyone has learned fights, read up on mechanics and watched videos to ensure a smooth night, from time to time we will also do a touch up on what needs to be worked on and run logs. We pride our raiders with being on time and ready to get some progression down. Raiders are expected to be patient and understanding when it comes to progression bosses.. Bandages will be given out when our heads are constantly banging against walls :P. Additionally, we are also very strict on attendance, therefore leaving half way through raid or not showing up without notice will not be tolerated. However, we do understand that emergencies do happen, all we ask if that you communicate with us and let us know before or after. Raid times and expectations of raiders: We raid on Friday at 12:30am-3:30am and Saturday 12:30am-3:30am. EST. We require people to be on 15-20 minutes prior to get everyone grouped up and ready to go. Raiders should research fights prior to raid to have an idea if they do not understand some of the fights. They should also have flasks, runes, and pots ready before raid begins. The guild bank will always be fully stocked for raiders to use. The atmosphere to expect: We are a close bunch of friends who love a little bit of friendly competition, jokes and banter. We love for people to feel like they can be themselves and not feel out of the group. Our banter really has no limits, there has been everything and anything mentioned in guild chat and we prefer it that way. Additionally, we also run mythic instances, dailies and whatever else together to mess around out of raid time. Communication and loot system: We use vent as a voice, require you to have a mic, and be able to communicate with the rest of the guild. The loot system is EPGP DKP Reloaded, & EPGP Lootmaster. This ensures fair loot distribution to players who need the gear & to players who put forth effort into the team/guild. Thankyou very much for reading this! If you have any other questions/concerns please find myself or the GM ingame or reply on here. Our Btags are: BritCrumpet#1174 (Officer) CptSlipyFist#1497 (GM)Caraleena6 16h
16h 875 Holy Paladin LFR Guild Hello! Looking to put my Holy Paladin into a nice and friendly raiding guild. Specifically only wanting to go up to heroic at the moment. Times I can raid are Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday sometimes but that's if work isn't on that day. Currently 9/10 NightholdSarenraee0 16h
17h Sat/Sun Recruiting raiders! 2/7M 2/3H As the title says Storm Legion is recruiting skilled raiders to push into mythic raiding. We are mainly looking for players who are comfortable with there class and bring good raid mechanics. About us: Storm legion has been a raiding guild for about 5-6 years. We are made up of end game raiders that don't want to commit to a 6 day raiding schedule but rather too a 2 day one. We are a friendly guild that likes to joke around, but takes our raiding seriously. If you would like to know more add me! Heavycruise#1196 2/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trial of valor. We are looking for preferably range DPS, but exceptions can be made. Our raid Times are Sat 7:30-11:00 PM / Sun 8:30-11:00PM. Prefer Good minded raider with a sense of humor. Respond to post or mail me in-game. Hope to hear from you. Message Me! Add me on Real ID: Heavycruise#1196Heavycruise48 17h
17h 883 lock LF raiding guild LF raiding guild that doesn't raid T/Th. McAlison#1894Mcalison5 17h
18h [A-Stormrage] 7/7M LFM Exceptional Raiders Immortal Icons(Stormrage) 7/7M, 5/10H We are seeking like minded competent players who want to join our Mythic progression team. We are a semi-hardcore guild. We believe in a competitive raid environment, so if you believe you are an exceptional raider it is possible we can fit you in. Raid Times Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:00 pm - 1:00 am EST Current needs: Mage - Any Spec Hunter - MM / BM Druid - Resto/Balance/Feral Shaman - Resto/Enhance/Ele Rogue - Any Spec DK - Unholy/Frost Monk - Windwalker/Mistweaver Warrior - Fury/Arms We will also consider all exceptional raiders that would like to join! Loot All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. Contacts Jason#11986 Silvanis#1876 *Please contact us for any questions. We look forward to raiding with you soon.Boomvanis13 18h
18h 10/10M, 12+ Yr - Death Jesters LF Ranged DPS Recruitment Thread Post: 10/10M, 12+ Yr - Death Jesters LF Tank, RDPS <Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to progress through Warlords of Draenor and into Legion. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage and one of the oldest raiding guilds in the game! ************************************************************* Current Progression 10/10M Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor --- US #66 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Highmaul - 10/10M BRF - US#74th 14/14HM SoO - US #59th 13/13HM ToT ------ US #64 6/6 MSV HM, 6/6 HoF HM, 4/4 ToES HM ----- US #62 ************************************************************* Raid days: Mon-Weds (9:00pm-12:30am EST). Optional activities on Thursday. Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days. ------------- Currently Recruiting: Ranged DPS (Hunter, Boomkin, Warlock, Shadow Priest) Tank (Druid/Monk) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Healer with strong DPS offspec -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at About us: Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25 man and now 20 man Mythic guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. What we offer you: - A very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In nearly twelve years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We've always been the 'good guys' of the server. Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Branhista, Roshi (Roshi#1203) Midgettes, Sparty (Sparty#1780) or email We wish you the best in your guild search!Midgette10 18h
20h Trailer Park Gnomes DPS/Healers still needed 4/7M 2/3H Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-12am(server) looking for Healer and Dps to fill out our main group to push Nighthold. Our plan is to push Heroic content as fast as possible and gear our selves, for a step into MYTHIC down the road. Flasks, pots and food will be provided for raiders. We are an amazing tight group of men and woman with vast knowledge with years of experience. Many are Ex-MYTHIC raiders with kids or jobs now. We are all adults and adulting will always come first, but we do ask for excellent attendance. Looking for solid healer and dps with a good understanding of their class and works well with others. This is for a prime raid spot! With tier gear around the corner, come earn your spot and guarantee yourself some sweet loots. Add me on bnet Mcbreezy#1788 or leave a message here.Brozzy21 20h
20h Raiding/Social Guild LF All Hello, champion! About Us <Warrior Sanctum> is a helpful guild looking to recruit players of all interests, the only exception being RP! We pride ourselves in housing a helpful and nice, if not respectful, atmosphere designed for players who like to be immaturity, troll and drama free! Built around the emphasis of mutual respect, we ensure every player who is guilded under the Warrior Sanctum banner has a good attitude and is toxic-free! To make sure of this we have a zero-tolerance policy to give everyone of all experience levels the security to enjoy WoW free from unsympathetic players, harassment and bullying. Are you a raiding guild? Please know, while we love raiding, we're not a strictly raiding-only guild. Once we're back up to where we were on our former server Sentinels, we'd like to schedule events for PvP Arena and Battleground weekends, as well as old achievement runs for the completionists. We're also interested in doing some guild progress events where we boost our guild achievement points by doing old content, etc. There's also some other events that once we get large enough we can run, i.e. Transmog fashion shows, Hide & Seek games, as well as some Trivia nights to win mounts, pets, gold and other prizes. Our Raiders With the drop of Legion, we're completely revamping our Raid Team and our Raiding Guidelines. Everyone who trials and makes the team means they've earned their spot. And the work to keep your spot only means showing up timely, prepared and ready to have a kickass time! -- Currently our progression is 7/7 Normal EN, 7/7 Heroic EN, 3/3 Normal ToV. In Legion we are only looking for serious raiders who are understanding and easy to work with. While we're not a hardcore raiding team, we're not looking for casual players or those with flaky or toxic attitudes. Our Raid Days & Times -- Raid days: Friday & Saturday * We may implement a third day in the future as long as everyone's schedule allows for it! -- Raid times: 8:30-11:30 EST (Our Server Time) OR: 5:30-8:30 PST | 7:30-10:30 CST Our Raiding Philosophy The Warrior Sanctum raid team promotes a constructive-learning, "elitist"-free environment. This means we understand how frustrating progression can be and don't believe in yelling, belittling, or calling out people who make an honest mistake during raid. We work with raiders who have a bit more trouble with getting down mechanics, rotation, talents, stats, etc., to ensure that repeated mistakes are handled professionally and calmly. We occasionally recruit players of "less" experience, i.e. players who haven't been raiding since Vanilla or BC, and promote a learning environment. Players with "less" experience are only recruited based on a interview judging attitude, maturity and dedicated time for raiding. We see "newbie" raiders as people who have the passion to learn playing difficult PvE environments, and encourage our raiders to be understanding and respectful to those with less experience and to see them as invaluable investments. This is a critical foundation of who we are as a raid team and guild, so please know that this practice is not going to change, or go away. More specific information about our guidelines can be found here: If you have any questions, concerns, or require more information that our website didn't provide, please feel free to contact us at any time! We look forward to hearing from you, and potentially slaughtering the Legion with you, - Astríd-Sentinels Bnet: kittymunst3r#1728 Warrior Sanctum GM Recruiter & Raid LeadPerséphóne35 20h
20h LF LN Raid 878 rdrood 3/3HTOV 4/7M EN 3915 36 posts 3 hours ago Looking for late night semi hardcore/casual raiding guild 11pm CST or later went 4/7M EN and 3/3H ToV back in Nov./early Dec. and then had to take a short break from the game but I'm back and looking for a new guild to raid with Im currently 3/3H ToV and 4/7M EN ..haven't gone into NH yet due to just returning to the game yesterday Looking to most likely x-realm raid if possible in Normal and Heroic Nighthold and willing to xfer at a later date after a few weeks to see if guild good fit ect. as it says above it has to be late night guild 11pm cst or later looking for something around 11/12 cst -1am/2am cst would be perfect 2-3 nights a week I do have boomy off spec but it only 875 ilvl I believe and never really used it outside of questing so I'd have to learn how to play it but I'm open to it if interested feel free to leave me a comment on here I will check regularly or add me on bnet animehero05#1919Moonyte2 20h
20h 888 Mage LF Raiding Guild Hi, I would like to find an active and friendly semi hardcore raiding guild that raids evenings and/or weekends; available immediately (EST time). I am very active and typically spamming M+ when not in raid. My current progression is 7/7M, 3/3H and 9/10N. I have 4 legendary items (Bracers, Ring, Chest and Neck) and I am 45 clicks into Fire Weapon and 35 clicks into Arcane. Btag is philthy#1714. Logsìlthy7 20h
20h Ilvl 883 5/7 M EN Boomkin LF Guild Greetings Stormrage, I just recently transferred to this server and am looking to jump into raiding for Nighthold. I ended up 5/7 Mythic EN and 3/3 Heroic TOV with my last guild. I decided to make the change in servers due to my last guild raid group falling apart over the holidays. I live on the West Coast, so the raid times I am looking for are 9 PM to 1 AM Server time which is 6 PM to 10 PM my time. I can raid any day of the week with pretty much 100% attendance except where real life needs my attention, but notice will be given. I am looking for a Mythic focused guild that is not only active on raid nights but outside of raid times. I can be reached at my Battle tag Niocross#1411 for any questions. ThaallasThaallas14 20h
21h Warlock LF Raiding Guild Hello, I just recently moved to Stormrage. I'm looking for an active guild for Mythic + dungeons and raiding. My evenings are open every day, though a weekend raiding guild would be preferred. I'm a former Gladiator, so if your guild PvPs as well, that would be a nice bonus! Overall, just looking for a nice, new home and laid back group of people to enjoy my warlock with and maybe kill some Horde with. =) Thanks, FruitFruit11 21h
21h 883 Warlock Current Progression: -7/7M EN -3/3H ToV (with Odyn XP) Artifacts: Warlock- 35 in demo, 35 in destro, 34 in Affliction Raid Times: -Any Day and Time after 5pm pst Logs: Warlock: 21h
21h 876 mage looking for weekend raiding guild Just went through a guild breakup and need a new drama-free home. I can easily pull 350k+ sustained DPS and am 876 ilvl. I know normal and heroic EN and ToV mechanics pretty well.Raeyon13 21h