Aug 24, 2015 703 Xfer LF Guild - Skilled Experience Hi I'm transferring to Stormrage in the coming weeks and am seeking a progression-minded raiding guild. I'm looking for something more laid back, with activity throughout the day in-game and on voice chat. Also seeking a community where achievement/mount/vanity farming is present. About me: I started in '05 and began raiding MC/BWL at current content, progressing through AQ20 and seeing some AQ40/Naxx. At the end of BC I started to enjoy raiding a lot more, progressing through BT and Sunwell as current content. I raided casually at the beginning of WotLK, but ramped up to more hardcore progression at the end, pushing realm first Heroic kills in ICC. In Cata I wanted even more, so I transferred to a guild on Shadowmoon, pushing realm 1st/us 50 kills in BoT/TofW/BWD. After this, I became burnt out and have been a filthy casual pretty much until the start of WoD. Also worth noting I've been fairly successful in the most competitive of PvP settings. Seeking a guild at least 12/13H and ready to push Mythic. I can do 3 nights week, the earlier the raid times the better. Anything past 11:30 is too late for me. Thanks Ataxus - if you're reading this, hello from an old friend. - BonquiquiStephen3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Seeking Guild.... Hello! My name is Jonah, I am a Live Streamer, Graphic Designer and Security Officer. Characters: 100 Enhance / Resto Shaman 100 Prot / Holy Paladin 100 Guard / Resto Druid 100 Disc / Shadow Priest I am seeking a SOCIALLY ACTIVE guild. By socially active I mean: Website or Facebook Voice I do not want to log in and be the only one in voice chat. I do not want to be only one posting on the website or facebook page. I work (mostly) from home / for myself. So I can work around a raid schedule. Please contact me in-game if interested.... Wtdou #1779Wtdoù9 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 Tank and Healer LF Guild Howdy! My friend and I are looking for an active guild, preferably which raids normal mode raids at a minimum. As stated in the title, I'm a tank, and he's a healer. Paladin and druid respectively. Experience We've both been raiding since vanilla. No world firsts or anything, but that's over 10 years of raiding experience. We've seen it all, at least to some degree. I'd say Cataclysm is the biggest "hole" in our resume, but even I saw the first tier of content. Scheduling Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun -- Those are the days that are going to work best for us. Tuesday and Thursday would have to be in the evening, after 7pm ST. Saturday and Sunday are a little more open to negotiations. That being said, we're honestly not looking for any kind of Mythic raiding guilds as we could not put that kind of time forward. Play Style You can expect us to bring our A+ game. We'll work to have the highest item level available to us outside of raids. We'll be flasked, enchanted, gem'd (if we're so lucky), and knowledgeable on the fights. Pending no IRL issues, we're always on time. We're looking to have fun, but we like to take progression seriously. You can shoot me in-game mail, respond here, or add me Volendrung#1230 and whisper me when I'm on! Note: We just hit max level on these toons and are still currently in the process of gearing out. So if you look at my armory and think, "Omg, only 660(ish)!".... don't worry. All in good time.Marcobrolo2 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Drawn Together> Casual raid. guild xfer Good day everyone. History: <Drawn Together > Originally from Senjin U.S. is a Long standing name that has been around since vanilla. DT was a very competitive guild at the forefront of progression up until the end of LK Current: A few real life friends that have played off and on through the expansions have moved this once high standing name over to stormrage with an Aim at casual play and still seeing the upcoming content. Current officers have extensive raid leading history, prior server first exp. and some with experience in WoD leading up to 12/13 N HFC 6/13 H HFC. Drawn Together is aimed towards Legion expansion Is Drawn Together for you: As we have gotten older , real lives kick in and priorities change. However our natural love for gaming continues. Drawn together takes a semi hardcore approach with a light raiding schedule. And plenty of off night activity. What you can expect A family minded environment with plenty of language. An organized but light raid schedule with the chance to see content coming out. The focus will be around Normal and Herioc content. If it happens that we excel to mythic within a current patch thats great. But there will not be a stress if we aren't clearing mythic. What we expect from you We want our raids to be successful with limited time . Know and continue to research your class as things change. Spend a little time prepping for boss fights via reading/videos. Keep a good attitude as the good times in WoW come and go. We would like you to have good attendance on the raid nights. We also understand that life happens. Just communicate your needs and all is well. Have a baseline understanding of you off spec. Raid times Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11:30 CST , or 9-12:30 server time. 7-8 hour raid week. Recruiting is currently open, will consider all roles. but here our the specific needs we have. Roles needed: Healers: Paladin or monk healer, preferably with a tank off spec DPS. Ranged DPS. Mage/Lock/Boomkin/spriest Currently have melee dps and tanks filled. but would love to talk to anyone interested. all casuals welcome any additional questions , reach out to the below to inquire to join< DT> #Xionfalling 1834 battletag. In game whisper. Xionfalling, taintstrike, Banadarad, Zionsfalling, Icyzion thanks and have a good dayXionfalling5 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 War Machine Myhic weekend Raiding Guild War Machine (7/7M HM,, 7/10M BRF, 1/13M HFC) is an Alliance Stormrage guild created in 2013 with the goal to progress hardcore through content. There is currently one exceptional raid team and a PVP team. We strive to provide an adult and friendly atmosphere while working hard to achieve our goals. We provide weekly tryouts for upper tier content as well as training and feedback for character improvement. Raid Time Sat and Sun 6:45pm - 11:00pm Recruitment Needs Ranged: Warlock, Boomkin, Mage, Hunter Melee: Monk, Rouge Healer: Holy Priest, Holy Paly, Resto Druid Please do feel free to apply even if your classes/role are not listed. We are always looking for exceptional players and those who prove themselves capable will have a chance at core spot. Note: attendance is the absolute #1 thing we look for in our recruits, so please make sure you can commit to our weekly raid schedule before applying!!! Loot System We use EPGP Addons Required Vent, DBM, EPGP Lootmaster, Angry Assignments, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weak Auras Logs How to Apply To apply, please fill out an application at: You can also speak with one of our officers directly, please see below for contact information. Please have up to date logs ready with your inquiries. Contact Info Guild Master: Patronas ( silentstorm#13693 ) Officers: Caluris, Vohlus, Amphithere Thank you.Amphithere7 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 <Obituary> mythic raiding Are you looking for a mythic raid team in warlords? Look no further! We are here to help! <Obituary> is a new to Stormrage guild looking to fill its roster with mythic progression raiders. Interested? Check out our site and apply! Have more questions, contact Ravenwulfe in game any time you see me on or send me in game mail. We can set up a meeting. :) http://obituary.guildlaunch.comRavenwulfe3 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 704 frost mage LF heroic HFC raiding guild:D know mechanics for fights wellIsdeath1 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 668 Arcane Mage LF Raiding Group Just moved over to WOW from FFXIV a couple weeks ago and looking to get into raiding. Really willing to start at any level and can learn fights extremely quick. If anyone has a spot or is looking to start up a new group let me know and I would be happy to join.Bsilz0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 [A] 692 Mage looking for Raiding Guild I just returned back to the game and I'm looking for a serious progression raiding guild. I've been playing WoW since early Burning Crusade, and have raided seriously since. In WoD, I've raided 5/7Mythic HIghmaul, 10/10H BRF. I've done about 7/13 HFC normal by pugging. I'm available to raid pretty much any day of the week from 5PM Server to 9PM Server. Or depending on the raid times on the weekend as well. If you are interested, please add me on Battletag Gizza#1822Gizzaa0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Rdruid LF heroic/mythic guild Returning player looking for a morning guild (central and pacific time zones) or an east coast raiding guild. I had to take a break several months ago to finish school and get my work schedule sorted out. Now that everything is stable, I'm looking to get back into the game. Currently 685 ilvl after being away 6 months. Current progression is lacking a bit due to my absence: 7/7 H Highmaul 3/7 M Highmaul 9/10 H BRF (This is where I had to quit) I have a solid raiding history of full clearing (or coming close) to full clearing end tier content that dates back to WotLK. I can raid any day, but I can only raid between the following times: Pacific time: 8am-8pm Central time: 9am-9pm Eastern time: 11am-11pm I have a pretty wide window available, but my time availability is not flexible, as I work third shift with an alternating schedule. *This doesn't mean I'm unreliable. I work different days every 2 weeks, but I'm always off at the same time. Leave your spam below, or get in touch directly. If necessary, I'll fill out your applications or whatever is required. I have both vent and mumble. Btag: Adorabull#1705Adoräbull0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Looking for a weekend raiding guild im looking for a weekend raiding guild on my lock pref fri- sun im not geared all that great right now but im still working on itDeathorbital1 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Tonylittle-ninja MLer Ninja'd all loot from a BoT run, power logging once we all agreed to call it.Wolke5 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 <Catalyst> 11/13N HFC [A] Recruiting Catalyst is recruiting for our S.W.A.T. raid team we run Wed./Thur. 9pm-12am EST. We are looking for dedicated (have the ability to attend both nites for 3 hours each) raiders to help us finish up HFC N and move into heroics, looking for a Rogue, Boomkin, Ret. Pally and a Resto. Shaman ilvl 670+. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to hit me up in-game Leetsauce#1190 or check us out at http://catalyst-stormrage.comBarrakade0 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 Looking for a serious raid Guild. I'm looking to get back into Hardcore raiding. I've been gone 7 months and my guild has since left this server. I've been hardcore on and off since BC. Achievements CM's and old raid mount runs are high priority for me other than raids. My gear is a little behind but as you can see I've gone from 660 to 698 in 2 weeks. I cannot raid on Wednesdays, or in the mornings. Best raid times are late night or weekends.Sobersteve4 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 705 Blood/Frost DK 5/13H 7/13N LF Raid team 705 Blood/Frost DK 5/13H 7/13N LF Raid team with an active guild. Available to raid between 6pm to 1am Monday through Sunday ESTBlightghast0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 [A]<Aggressive By Nature> 11/13N LFM Tu/W/Th Hello everyone. Aggressive By Nature is looking for solid and reliable players to round out our raid team and push into heroic. We are currently 11/13N. We're primarily looking for melee leather dps, but have a few other spots open as well. Here's what we're looking for: Melee DPS (High Demand): Windwalker Monk Enhancement Shaman Subtlety Rogue Ret Pally Healer (Medium Demand): Disc Priest Tank (Low Demand): Preferably a Prot Pally/Brewmaster Monk w/ dps offspec. This is mostly a backup spot What we require: Attendance This is big for us. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. EST. Anyone applying MUST be able to have strong attendance. We don't mind if you have to miss a raid every now and then, but please try to have at least 90% attendance. Knowledge of fight mechanics This is an obvious one. Please know what to expect from fights and be prepared for them. This leads into the next one... Know your class Please understand what your class and spec can do and how you can adjust for each fight. Having an off spec you can play isn't required but is definitely a plus. Vent Please have it. Mic optional. If you're interested in joining us or have any questions feel free to leave a comment or pm either our guild leader (ign: Moondis), myself (ign: Brechnar), or another of our officers(ign: Phaentom).Brechnar1 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 <Seppuku> Selling Mannoroth and Archimonde <Seppuku> will be selling Hellfire Citadel Runs. Seppuku is currently 5/13M. Mann/Arch runs take between 30-45 minutes. Full clears can take up to 2 hours. Heroic Mann/Arch Personal Loot - 120,000g Normal Mann/Arch Personal Loot - 60,000g Full clears and master loot runs are sold on a person to person basis During ML runs if a piece of warforged or socketed gear drops during the runs and one of our main raiders needs it, the piece will be unavailable. All other loot that drops will go right to you. Archimonde gear and class trinkets are also currently unavailable for full clears (PM in-game for details about purchasing said gear). If you would like to purchase single bosses, only tier bosses, or have any questions feel free to Contact myself, Vivir (Apoptosis#1677) Please fill out our signup sheet for a prompt response: Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Looking for heroic arch kill this weekend pay add josh#11146 and pm price and time, would prefer personal, but dont care about loot, mainly want achieve. 710 resto druid can pull my own weightFardelt0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Morning raid team need tanks Short bus team 12/13N 5/13h seeks tanks. Raid days Monday/Wednesday/Friday 915-Noonish EST Add shaz#1853Shazzäm0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Raider LFG Since I have been back after WoD launched, I have had a difficult time meeting good people to raid with consistently, currently I can do Friday and Saturday nights. I have yet to go past Gorfiend as most pugs barely continue past Kilrogg sadly, I have several classes raid viable as DPS and or Possibly tank. I don't mind if the raid is progression or not, I would just like a dedicated group that understands progression, sticking out till boss is dead and not leaving after a single wipe. I am currently 6/13 non LFR, and want to progress past the first 2 wings, I have seen the videos and I understand mechanics and not standing in stuff. All characters are on Stormrage, pst for any questions, also available during the day currently on thursday - saturday Steelshadow - Rogue Snorre - Hunter Egesa - DK Tuireann - enhance shamanSnorre11 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 <SKRG> LFM (11/13N) <SKRG> - Save a kodo Ride a Gnome is currently seeking viable, raid-aware DPS & Healers to finish filling out our 20-man team to continue progressing HFC Raid Group Info: We are currently 11 of 13 Normal and progressing each week. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00PM until 1:00AM server time, with sporadic old content and catch up or make up days thrown throughout the week at similar hours. ++UPDATE++ Raid times will be updating over the next few weeks. Going forward we will raid 9:00PM-12:00AM and T/W/Th starting in the next couple weeks. We will begin heroics shortly. We are Seeking: Viable DPS listed below: Druid: Balance or Feral Rogue Shadow Priest Retribution Paladin Wind Walker Monk Viable Healers listed below: Resto Shaman Resto Druid Item level isn't a concern, we're willing to help those who are behind. Please feel free to contact me in game on Soulcity, or by btag Aunix#1808. --- Those not looking for a raid group, but are interested in joining a mid to larger sized guild with a good community and active players are also welcomed to join. Feel free to contact me, or any officer on for an invite.Soulcity3 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Incandescent Sat/Sun 8-11est 6/13H 12/13N LFM Incandescent of Stormrage is looking for a couple more people to round out our raid group. We are actively raiding each week and have the bodies to produce progress on fights, but are looking for those few key roles that we think will help us feel complete as a team. We are a fun group of people and enjoy hanging out either in game or out! Punch and pie provided! Also, Home of the 'your mom' joke by none other than Jeneric! Awesome jokes and awesome people! We raid Sat/Sun 8PM to 11PM EST. We committed ourselves to downing Heroic Blackhand before 6.2 and succeeded. Our style of play is not for everyone. We believe that fun and success are synonymous words and while we do go slightly slower than others and put more emphasis on our relationships than our loot, we do not mess around when the boss timer starts to count down. Our team's content goal is AoTC in each tier prior to the release of the new tier. Once this goal is met, we usually begin to eye meta achievements. We believe that you can be successful on a sparser schedule if you commit to your performance. We do offer to help lower performing individuals before removing them from the team. We believe that with the right support, even mediocre players can become good players if they put forth the effort. We currently have high interest in: -Boomkin -Warlock -Shadow Priest -Resto druid -Mist Weaver Monk -Holy Pally Any and all exceptional applications will be considered and we are certainly looking for social members who think our guild would be a good fit for them. If you are interested in learning about us or our guild, you can visit our site or feel free to contact me personally. Our contact info: Website: My battletag: Reeyan#1620 Raid Leader Contacts: Shockcalypse, AzamiasShockcalypse2 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 <WARBOUND> Is recruiting RDPS for Heroic Prog Warbound is looking for competent and reliable players to complete our raid team. We are in need of exceptional players who have great raid awareness and know mechanics! We are a heroic level team hoping to really push for a Mythic caliber team. We are currently looking for RDPS (Warlock/Mage/Hunter). Focusing on Heroic progression. Our raid times are: Weds & Thurs, 7:45-10:45PM server (EST). Please pst: Catherynn or Bandaid for more information or an invite! Our Raid Leaders are Heroic./Mythic experienced. Know the fights, come prepared. We are a bunch of friends who like to raid seriously, but know how to have fun and be social outside of boss encounters. Casual and PVP players are welcome as well. There is always the opportunity to trial for the team if you decide to join as a casual player and end up wanting to raid with us. My btag for anyone interested: Catherynn#1696Catherynn2 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 <Chronocide> 12/13 Heroic Stormrage-Alliance <Chronocide> (13/13N | 12/13H) . Our main goal is to down bosses as fast as possible while still maintaining a positive atmosphere. We are a mature guild with experienced raiders and officers who have raided together for multiple years. We are interested in recruiting like minded individuals who want to be apart of a guild for long-term raiding. Raid Times (Server Time: EST) Tuesday: 11pm-2am Wednesday: 11pm-2am Thursday: 11pm-2am *Optional day: Monday 11pm-2am Tanks: Blood DK (Os dps spec would be nice)-High Heals: Disc Priest Needed Ranged: Hunter needed. Melee:-low ALL BACKUPS ARE NEEDED - Alt runs/optional days: Tanks, heals and dps are welcome. Updated: 7/20/15 Expectations: -Dedication - Trials must have 100% attendance for the first two weeks. Once you reach raider you may miss one week a month of raiding (or 3 days) if you need to with prior notice. -Attitude - We expect all of our trials and raiders to have a positive attitude when it comes to progression. You should be self-motivated and enthusiastic. We also expect that you have a passion for progression as we would like to kill 1+ new boss a week. It doesn't matter how good your are or how good you think you are, if you do not fit within the raid group or you have an atrocious attitude you will be removed or asked to sit out until you make adjustments. -Awareness - Constantly avoid avoidable mechanics. Do not disengage off boats. Competitive DPS/HPS Obviously survival is more important than dps/hps but we require trials and raiders to compete against one another and achieve their maximum amount of dps/hps for their gear and class. Apply here: Website: Message an officer: Sincosis#1133 (Recruitment Lead), Neon#1450 (Guild Master), Jinbo#1876 (Raid Leader) -Casuals are more then welcome to join for alt raids which are on the weekends at 11pm server or to just hang out in mumble/guild chat.Sinforce9 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 668 Arcane Mage LFG Just moved over to WOW from FFXIV a couple weeks ago and looking to get into raiding. Really willing to start at any level and can learn fights extremely quick. If anyone has a spot or is looking to start up a new group let me know and I would be happy to join.Silsb1 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 Nevermore is LFM active people! <3 Nevermore <3, (recently transferred) on Stormrage (Ally) is LFM active players! Only requirement is that you are not easily offended and that you are 18+!! We are a social PvP & PvE & Raiding Guild! We offer guild repairs, facebook group, vent and more! We are like a overly dorky, totally inappropriate, crude family. If you can't handle swearing or really random topics about random things that may include posts about things NSFW, then we are not the guild for you. However, if you are, like us, completely and utterly insane, then please feel free to join us! Contact: Ingame mail (double check the name, to make sure you have my funny a) B-tag: jayderayven#1156 (Please put a note in saying that you are looking to chat about the guild, so I do not dismiss as spam! Thanks!) Otherwise, contact an officer online and they know how to get a hold of me! I look forward to chatting! <3 We are also looking for Solid Officers for the following positions: PvP (RBGs, PvP Events etc (yes I know its a PvE server, but there are open world arenas like Gurubashi for a reason!) PvP Recruiter (helps the PR find competent and reliant PvPers) PvE (Events & Contests etc) Raid Lead Raid Recruiter (helps the RL find competent and reliant raiders) Social (Recruiting for Non PvP/Raid spots, perfect for someone who doesn't want a lot of responsibility but enjoys talking to people) We believe in working as a team, from the lowly members to the high ranking Council. Communication is KEY to success!Talaràh1 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 New PVP focused guild -Grand Marshals Army- Hey guys Grand Marshals Army is a pvp guild that wants to be 99.9% focused on pvp, with some wiggle room for a raid leader and the teams he/she might want to put together. What we want is players with 1500 cr minimum or 1800 xp in pvp (prove with linked achieve).. If you don't have the required xp or cr you can be accepted with a minimum pvp ilvl of 720 or higher. We are a fun social bunch but really want to strike out competitively in rbgs and arenas, pushimg ratings and collecting saddles. So if you love pvp or are interested in leading a raid team don't hesitate to message myself (gm) , côrrupted (co gm), or anyone you might see on the roster. I look forward to getting some replies! Neo#11255Gìlgamesh3 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 OpenRaid Recruitment Event Good morning, folks! <Hand of Fate> is hosting an OpenRaid event to aid in our recruitment efforts. We're looking to build a raid team and you have an opportunity to see how things are ran without the need of joining the guild first! Check out the event for details. Check out our website to see what we're building. Feel free to post here if you should have any questions. OpenRaid Event: Reputation: Community Website: BattleTag: Garzhvog#1306Sajakain1 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 Contraband Gaming, 13/13H, LFM Mythic <Contraband Gaming>, an Alliance guild on Stormrage, is currently recruiting! We are currently 13/13 HC HFC and are looking for a few more to fill our roster for Mythic progression! Our current raiding schedule is 8:00 to 11:00pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday, with optional normal alt runs on weekends. See recruitment needs below; an item level of 700 or greater and accessible logs are preferred. If you are interested in joining team Contraband, please add Kiniro#1631 or Lylitha87#1594 in-game or reply to this thread! Progression 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel 2/7 Mythic Highmaul 3/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry Recruitment Needs: Healers: Resto Shaman: High Resto Druid: High Mistweaver Monk: Medium Holy Paladin: Medium Ranged DPS: Warlock: High Mage: High Boomkin: High All exceptional applicants will be considered, even if they do not play the classes/specs above! In-Game Contact: Lylitha87#1594 Kiniro#1631Rejeena0 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 WTB Blackhand Mythic Mount As title states looking to buy backhand mount. Thanks in advanceAventhos3 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 ~||~ [A] 12/13 Heroic HC LF RANGE DPS ~||~ We're lookin' for more members to fill out our core roster, specifically ranged DPS, Elemental Shaman, Shadow priest, Mage1-2, Warlock 2-3. Currently 12/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel. Raid Days/Times: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 9pm-12am EST Current roster is: Tanks: Ninjabunnies Paladin Moogybear Monk Healers: Talgadin Paladin Tryx Priest Avalania Monk DPS: Dynrath Death Knight Moonlight Boomkin/Resto OS Panzerjaeger Hunter Galway Hunter Lädyhunter Hunter Lmsaron Mage Tijuanajoe Paladin Alamina Paladin/Tank OS Happiminiti Rogue Bigstiftotem Enhancement Shaman Plutocracy Warrior --available-- (Elemental Shaman, Shadow priest, Mage1-2, Warlock 2-3) --available-- --available-- --available-- --available-- For further question please feel free to contact Avalon#1552 -Recruiter Killsecurity#1924 -Recruiter Kryptica#1449 -Recruiter Bigs#1996 -GMBigstiftotem0 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 701 Frost Dk LF Guild Hello all, 701 Frost dk w/ 10/13 H exp looking for a a new home that raids anywhere from 7pm-10pm PST ( 10pm-1am ST) Mon-Fri. Battletag is Domittus#1665Dômittus1 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 Looking for a raiding guild (A) I have decided to return to stormrage to raid. I xfered off with friends, and everything has failed raiding wise. I know stormrage is a solid place to find a good home. I should have never xfered off to begin with. What am I looking for? I would like to find a guild that raids from 7-10pm or 8-11pm. Anything after 11pm is pushing it due to my job, and sleep is very important since I wake up at 5am. Looking to raid two or three nights a week. Nothing insanely serious nor really casual. Just a good solid guild that progresses. What do I bring? I have a massive amount of raiding experience. I've played this game since Vanilla, and during Wrath I was tanking in the main group of a world ranked guild. Over time I got burned out on tanking and I went back to DPSing on my hunter. I watch the fights myself, study up on my class, and always come repaired. If I'm late for a raid more then likely something is wrong if I didn't give a heads up. I don't like wasting people's time while raiding so I rather mine not be wasted either. I have a hunter which is my main, and my highest IL at 687 equip. I can go to 697 but I lose status that isn't as benefiting for MM. I also have a pally that I am comfortable tanking on. Granted I haven't tanked since the middle of Cata I'm sure I can quickly get back into the grove of things. For Prot my pally is only 660. I do enjoy Ret dps, but if I play a DPS role I would much rather play my Hunter. I would rather continue with my Hunter being my main as well. Feel free to add me to bigcfromrbc#1205Nikabehuntin1 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 [A] Looking for 2s Partner Greetings , I am an experienced Disc priest looking for a permanent 2s partner to weekly cap. I prefer using skype and am willing to work with several comps but I prefer one of the following: (Feral /Rogue/Frost Mage/Hunter). I am not elitist and I don't bite! Just want a consistent partner as consistency is important for synergy and smooth wins. If interested , please reply below and I look forward to playing alongside you :). Best, LitedLited0 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 oops oppsNikabehuntin0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 looking to buy H arch kill Looking for the kill pst with price and i can make from thursday-monday for times thankyouButterbaugh0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 [A] <Nox> 13/13H 1/14M HFC LF DPS and Healers Nox is a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on Stormrage-US, Alliance side. We are looking for a few good players to fill out our roster and jump into mythic content. Many of our players are veterans who have been playing since vanilla and have raided with top ten progression guilds. We welcome both old and new players with a desire to progress through content. We expect our players to know their class, come prepared with flasks and food, and maintain good raid attendance (~90%, notifying us of absence). Current raid experience is expected to be 10/13H Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 9PM-12AM EST. We completed 7/10 in Mythic BRF, 13/13 Heroic HFC and are currently 1/13M HFC. We use a loot council system to distribute loot--loot is awarded based on attendance, performance, attitude, and need. We realize just how important loot is to player and guild advancement, and so we take great care in awarding loot. We are currently looking for the following roles and classes: Healers: Priest, Monk, Druid (willingness to spec and play DPS as needed will be extremely helpful) DPS: Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Elemental/Enhancement Shaman, Deathknight If you are interested, please contact Draviene#1839, Laynd#1158 or myself dpoon#1234. We would love to raid with you!Reflekz12 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 691 Hunter LF Late Night Raid Team 691 hunter returning from a small break also on a new toon, I mained my DK toward the end of BRF and had to step away from my group due to obtaining a new job and having schedule conflicts, im 7/10M BRF and have not done too much in HFC, I have been playing wow since vanilla with only 2 real "breaks" from wow. I would consider myself a smart mythic mindset raider who is very tentative, punctual, and skilled mature with lots to offer to a raid environment. Looking for raid times starting at or after 2:30am EST. days dont matter as long as its not the weekend. if you are interested and need a solid range leave some feedback on here and we can get in contact later. Thanks, scizoScizophrénic0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Tank looking for Heroic guild Hi, i'm looking for a heroic progression guild, i am a 692 brew master monk, looking for times past 8 server time, any day of the week i raided brf heroic and have the AOTC achievement i am currently 5/13 with normal i know most fights, and learn fast add my btag if interested Edward#1145Lilspoon0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Fluffy's Monthly TCG Raffle [Aug 2015] Hosting a FREE TCG raffle over on the Achievement forums. The prize is a Feldrake this month. Please read and follow the rules: Raffle thread -- Official WoW TCG buy/sell thread -- Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 <Incandescent> 6/13H 12/13N LFM Weekend raid Incandescent is a semi-hardcore Alliance guild that raids two nights, Saturday + Sunday 8-11 est, a week on the US-Stormrage server. We believe that a guild can be successful with a sparse raiding schedule as long as the group is committed and focused during raids and we strive to meet that metric. Our goal is to clear Heroic AoTC achievements before the following tier or raid is released. While we are actively seeking the last few people to round out our team for completing heroic, we are not rushing into our raids with just anyone in order to throw ourselves at the content. We usually run a 2/4/9 combo in our raids, but can add up to 5 more players if the players are the right fit. As of AUGUST 2015 our current highest desire is for two to three RANGED DPS, and a HEALER of any class minus Shaman. We are looking to add a dedicated Warlock (Destro/Affliction), Shadow Priest, Balance Druid or Hunter to our team. We are also looking for a Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Pally, Disc/Holy Priest to help cover our raid cooldowns for our progression into heroic Hellfire. What kind of raiders will do well in Incandescent? 1. If you are currently or were formerly a hardcore raider (3+ days a week, 12+ hours a week) and either cannot commit or are no longer willing to commit to hardcore schedule for whatever reason, then we may be a good fit for you. 2. If you are currently in or were formerly in a guild that had a lot of toxic players, drama, self-centered leaders and members or the kind of people you would routinely see in a Sodapoppin stream and cannot stand it and are unable to grow as a player in this environment, then we may be a good fit for you. 3. If you are looking for a guild full of helpful, fun and skillful players who are constantly looking to better themselves and each other through discourse and activity, in which you can determine your own level of dedication, then we may be the right fit for you. If the above pertains to you, or just want some more information about us, feel free to visit our website at You can also contact our GM or Raid Leaders in game. Reeyan#1620 We accept social members looking for a good home as well, and all exceptional applications will be considered regardless of the rosters current needs.Shockcalypse4 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 █Taken- Alliance Legacy Reroll█ 7-10EST Taken (alliance) Server: Stormrage Raid times: W/TR 7-10 EST Site: <Taken> is a legacy reroll on the alliance dominated server Stormrage. While our end goal is raiding 100 content and beyond, we are taking the scenic route by level capping in each expansion and raiding for two weeks (4 raiding days) with one week in allowance for leveling. Current content: BC Why <Taken>? With the stigma of reroll guilds being as negative as they are, have confidence that we will make the cut. Our guild is formed by experienced raiders dating back from full Naxx clears to present day content, as well as leadership experience in what it takes to make a reroll guild successful. The purpose of Taken: To provide a serious early evening progression raiding environment on a light schedule. To provide players who enjoy PvP the chance to do RBG's/Arena's/ or just randoms with fellow guildies. To provide a thriving friendly social atmosphere for all players whether they are Raiders, PvP'ers, or casual players just looking for a place to call home. Restrictions: Only one restriction exists for raiders and PvPers, and that is to remain at the intended level cap until given the go ahead to move on. You may wear any gear, use any enchants, or use any stat increases you'd like. Herlooms allowed in both leveling and raiding. Our intention for this reroll is not to see how raids used to be (which is impossible as players have been buffed and instances nerfed). We view this as an excellent opportunity to get to know everyone before jumping into level 100 raiding content and beyond. So kick back, have a couple drinks, and slay some dragons with us! Current Class Needs: As always, we encourage people to play what they enjoy the most. With that said, we are satisfied with the number of tanks signed up. We have a very high need for caster dps of all flavors, as well as skilled healers. If <Taken> interests you, please review our rules page and submit a very short and painless application. Once accepted, ask anyone online for a ginvite and begin your journey! Thank you for reading!Rakkit5 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 New Healer/Returning to WoW LF Guild As title says. I've played WoW off and on since the Cataclysm expansion but I'm new to healing. I'm going as a Holy Priest, but would go DIsc. or DPS if needed. Looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild since I've never experienced hardcore raiding, so I want to learn the ropes. Please tell me in game. DeeKno#1882Deekno0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 SoulBinder Lvl 70 BC RaidingGuild Recruitment SoulBinder is a level 70 only TBC Raiding Guild who are Recruiting active and Mature Raiders for Karazhan to Sunwell raids. We're Currently looking for a few more people to join our Ranks. Raid Days are Fridays. 12am Eastern Time. Battle Tag! Meerkhat#1601 Main Rules: - On reaching level 70, you must to go to Stormwind Keep and find ‘Behsten’ the ‘Experience Eliminator’ and lock yourself at level 70. - You MUST follow level cap rules, as there will be no ‘carrying’ through raids to get armor. It will be a group effort. - No outside professions. You may SEND mats to your TBC alt, they have to make them! *important* - it is forbidden to buy your character 70 PvP equipment to use in-raid. Any item that has a PvP stat on it that does not come from one of the raids will be dismissed and you will be asked to replace it. We are, at the moment, PvE orientated and I do not want any ilvl boosting via PvP gear. You are of course, able to buy your character PvP armor/weapons at your discretion to use in non-raid related activities. But they will have no weight on your raid tier rank etc. -No Heirlooms -No ilevel items above current tier(115 to start) -No death knights or monks -No pandaren or worgen -No transmog -No Profession above Master. Raids & Gear Score Guide: (Raids must be completed by each raider in the order below to progress.) Tier 1: - Karazhan, 10man. Ilvl: 105-115 - Magtheridon's Lair, 25man. Ilvl: 115-120 - Gruul’s Lair, 25man. Ilvl: 120-125 Tier 2: - Tempest Keep, 25man. Ilvl: 125 -130 - Serpentshrine Cavern, 25man. Ilvl: 128 -130 Tier 3: -Battle for Mount Hyjal, 25man. Ilvl: 130 – 145 - Black Temple, 25man. Ilvl: 134 – 150 Tier 4: - Sunwell Plateau, 25man. Ilvl: 150+ Most of the raid is Comprised of Raiders Our main guild who want something to do while we wait for resets and who enjoy TBC content. If you have any questions please feel free to ask by posting, also you can catch me In game any day of the week. Just simply shoot me a Tell or add my Battle tag. Please Post What you would like to raid as! Class: ?? Spec: ??Ursã0 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 715 Mage 13/13H 4/13M LFG I also enjoy playing Warlock as well, but looking for a chill weekday raid Monday-Thursday generally around 8PM EST. Hit me up!Infe3 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 Criminal - 9/13 Mythic - Recruiting Progression: 9/13 Mythic 17/17 Mythic Criminal is in need of a skilled players to help improve our mythic raid team. We are looking for people experienced in hard mode raiding as well as very skilled at the class you are applying with in all specs. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8-11 p.m. EST (9 hours a week). Raiders are expected to keep above 90% attendance. Loot will be handed out via Loot Council. If you are interested in joining and have any questions please message Envoy (Envoy#1874) or Omitted (Omi#1147) in-game, otherwise go to our site posted below and follow the links to fill out a guild app. We will only be taking the very best of applicants so we can keep improving as the new tiers are released. Basically, if you are better than our current members for your class/spec, you will take their spot on the progression team, no questions asked. However, 'better' does not just mean better DPS numbers, we also look to see how well you follow mechanics, including dodging avoidable damage. Typical trial periods last 2 weeks minimum and up to 4 weeks maximum depending on performance. Loot is also only given to trials if no core member is in need of it. During progression, if you are a core raider, you will be in for majority of the encounters unless a specific encounter calls for an unorthodox comp, then you might sit out a few fights depending on what comp is best for that certain encounter. That will be completely determined by the raid leader. Recruitment Tanks Very Low Healers MW Monk - Low DPS Mage - Very High Warlock - Very High If your specific class and spec aren't listed, that doesn't mean we aren't interested. Feel free to apply, but keep in mind it may be harder for you to get your foot in the door if this is the case unless you supply us with some stellar logs, which you should have when applying, otherwise you may want to reconsider your application. Thanks and we look forward to reading your application. Guild Site WoW-Progress Raid Logs Aug 20, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 <Handle It> [A] - Recruiting Heals/DPS/tank < Handle It > -- US-Stormrage (PvE) Alliance. Core Experience: -- Hellfire Progression: 13/13H, 1/13M -- Blackrock Foundry: 10/10H, 5/10M -- Highmaul: 7/7H, 1/7M Current Progression: -- Hellfire Citadel: 12/13N, 6/13H ------------------------------------------------------------- Our Raid Schedule: Monday: 9:15PM - 12:30PM (Server Time / EST) Wednesday: 9:15PM - 12:30PM (Server Time / EST) Thursday: 9:15PM - 12:30PM (Server Time / EST) ------------------------------------------------------------- Our Current Recruitment Needs: We'll be accepting any exceptional applicants keep in mind, but the following are what we currently are interested in: Tank: - DK/Druid/warrior Healer: - Restoration Druid - Mistweaver Monk Ranged DPS: - Warlock - Balance Druid - Mage (Skilled) - Hunter - Elemental Shaman - Shadow Priest Melee DPS: - Warrior - Death Knight - Enhancement Shaman - Rogue While these are the classes & spec's we'd be focusing on, we'd be willing to look at any exceptional applicants if they're on-par to what we're looking for. Previous Progression: Wrath of the Lich King Progression: Icecrown: 11/12M - Top 800~ US ToCG: 5/5M - Top 800~ US Ulduar: 13/14M - Top 800~ US Cataclysm Progression: Firelands: 7/7M - Top 800~ US Mists of Pandaria Progression: Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14M ------------------------------------------------------------- Who's Handle It? Handle It, better known as "Suppression" is a solid, established Semi-Hardcore Progression guild that formed on the realm US-Stormrage as of; 4-4-2011. We've gotten to the top in our peak and our goal is too get back to where we were in those meaningful times. We pride ourselves in keeping a solid progression mindset whilst having a relaxed and laid back schedule. Many of us run Challenge Modes, RBGs, Mythic Dungeon Runs & much more! If you'd be interested and are thinking of applying please note that we require you to have a thick skin while you raid with us, while also being open to constructive criticism. We like keeping ourselves a tight-knit group although we do have goals and share our opinions, that being said we'd like our raiders to be constantly open minded and motivated in their classes/specs they play. We do have our times of jokes and laughs but raiding always comes first here. What We Expect From You: - We keep track of attendance and low attendance = low priority for raid spots. We expect that you make the majority of raids and inform us on the website and when you CAN NOT make one, or may be late. - You should be fully prepared with flasks, potions, and food. - You should be very knowledgeable about your class and spec, and current progression fights planned for the raiding week. - Your gear and experience are expected to be near the current level required for our progression. - Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism. Why Us? <Handle It> isn't just a simple "raiding guild". We're a community of people who love to not just raid with each other, but relax and have some fun with everyone who's here. There aren't people who are the "odd one out" here, meaning we take care of our own and I assure you, if your struggling with your class/spec we are your foundation and we'll show you the footsteps into becoming not just a better raider but a better player. We're very active on off-nights, we love to get our mind off our stressful lives and enjoy the game together. Don't be discouraged by our determined way of raiding, we do have fun and love working with people. We have weekly alt-runs and help everyone in our "family" get where they'd like to be. As long as you the player, are willing to work with us. We'd be more than happy bringing you along our journey into this great game and community. Contact Information: Feel free to contact one of our Officers, Raid Leaders or Recruiters for more information and guidance into joining our guild! If you'd like to contact one of us via battletag, please let us know you are looking into applying for us and send a request. Ryainz: Ryainz#1244 Our New Site: Http:// Wow Progress:ënuf0 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 708 Blood DK/Frost DK Hi, I am looking for a guild that is able to raid between 5-11 PM CST. somewhere between that time. Cant raid with my current guild starting next Monday August 24th because the times are much too late, any day of the week is ideal for me doesn't matter. Anyways.. I am 10/13 H with some arch pulls. 13/13 N. went 7/10 M in Brf. 4 Piece, Really close to Legendary ring, know class. Just looking for a guild i can raid with, ASW#1324 if you want to chat.~Bàdger3 Aug 19, 2015