2d <Zodiac> 4/9H 9/9N ToS recruiting DPS <Zodiac> Living in your moms basement? Quit school at 15, or got laid off? Can you survive solely on Hot Pockets and Monster drinks? Zodiac is looking for you!! Bring your inner nerd, but please keep your drama on Secondlife. 4/9H, 9/9N in ToS, we are seeking EXCEPTIONAL (B.D.) DPS to help us fill out our team. If you are interested, please contact any member of <Zodiac> in-game.Morbidângel51 2d
2d Holy/Shadow LF Normal/Heroic Raid Team. Hello. I've played since vanilla and legion since launch. I went pretty hard most of this expansion and burned out a few weeks into mythic nighthold. I think my mythic raiding interests are finally at an end. I decided to switch factions and kick it down a notch for enjoyment purposes. I am looking for a guild to raid at least normal difficulty with, maybe heroic. I have no desire to do mythic anymore, so nope there. I'll be raid ready with this toon in roughly a week. I can heal or dps or both, doesn't matter to me. I enjoy both holy and shadow. 2 nights a week is about what I can commit to raiding, and I'd like to get a raid team of decent people that won't rage if I miss the odd night here or there. I'm pushing 40 and married, I rarely miss a raid night but occasionally family comes first. I prefer weeknights over weekends for raiding if possible, and evenings Looking forward to meeting some new alliance friends.Corilanth4 2d
2d 900 Pally New to Server, looking for a home 900 ilvl Pally (play mostly ret now but have always raided as holy in the past and am 897 holy 52 traits on Ret 48 traits on Holy Only raid progression is through PUGs, I'm hoping to change that! Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday evening availability I was a former co-guild leader and healer raid leader back in BC, haven't done a lot of raiding since, but I have the itch again. I am looking for a close knit guild who raids, runs mythics, and has fun Adellyta#1218Adellyta2 2d
2d <Leviathan> 9/9H LF ranged for MYTHIC ToS <Leviathan> is a progression raiding guild looking for more to fill our ranks. We place high value on attitude and having fun while still progressing at a good rate, and continue to look for more skilled players that fit our cohesive team. We have lost a few raiders recently to real life stuff and continue to push forward in progression but we are stretched very thin. We are currently 9/9H and we are looking for a few strong ranged dps to fill our roster to push Tomb Progression ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We raid Wed/Thurs 7:15 to 10:30 EST or Server time. Current Progression: 9/9 Heroic, starting mythic push very soon Heals: (Need: Low) Open to Exceptional Players Ranged DPS:(Need: HIGH) *Shadow Priest (High) *Warlock(Medium) *Ele Shaman(Low) Open to Exceptional Players Melee DPS:(Need: Medium) *Warrior(Medium) *Rogue(Low) Open to Exceptional Players Tanks:(Need: Very Low) Open to Exceptional Players ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested or have any questions, please post below and I will reply as soon as possible - or contact me Jurugar#1124 Or contact any officer in guild Vaypray, Lowz, Azclar and AndyjchuJurugar7 2d
2d 916 DestroLock LF Semi Hardcore team Hey guys I'm really just looking for a team that wants to push the current content and is currently doing so. If yhou need a strong range DPS who cares about his spec and performance, I'm your guy. I've very familiar with pushing through content, although this xpac I've taken a little break here and there after EN (Which I was in a mythic progression guild getting 3 mythic kills 2 weeks). I'm honestly looking for something along these lines, or for a guild that's really close into getting into this. Days I'm available for raids are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 8pm - 1am EST time. As of right now, I'm not 9/9 Heroic, but I've been pugging back to back trying to get there. Would prefer to do this with an actual team. Currently 918 equip (***UPDATED***) with some bad RNG on my leggos, but I run stuff quite often to try and solve that. I have concord on 2 specs (Destro and Afflic) and know them both quite well, but I will be staying destro unless some fights are obviously better as Afflic. I do play other guys when not running dungeons like PUBG, Street Fighter V (Huge fighting game supporter), Hearthstone and a little bit of Overwatrch. If your guild seems right for me, let's chat. Thanks :) BNET - Timer#11370 Discord - Odacie#9857Odacie6 2d
2d Ironclad Tues/Thurs 8/9H LF DPS About US: We created this guild just before Nighthold's release consisting of a couple different groups of friends who have raided together for a long time. All wanting to make the most productive use of our time, due to having real life obligations. Current Progression: Tues/Thurs Raid 8/9H ToS 9/9N 4/10M NH 10/10H 10/10N 4/7M EN 2/3H ToV Raid Times: Tues/Thurs Main Raid Tuesday 7-10PM EST Thursday 7-10PM EST We do not go over our allotted 6 hours. We take a 10 minute break at the half way points in each raid. Current Recruitment Needs: Main Raid Warlock - High Mage - High Hunter - Medium We like to joke around and have fun. If you get offended easily this is not the place for you. We use discord as our voice program. Contacts: Sikcug/Nikcug - guckin#1795 Raid Officer Homestar - Homestar#1711 Raid Officer Freakclubber - Freak#1496 Raid Officer/Raid Leader Laelana - Meastro#1263 Raid Officer I am typically not around on weekends myself so please add any of the other raid officers if interested!Nikcug199 2d
2d [A] <Turkeyism> (4/9M ToS) Introdution: <Turkeyism> is a (4/9M ToS) weekend raiding guild on Stormrage US. Our guild was originally formed in early 2013 as a 10man Heroic raid team with the goal to have fun and get as far as possible. After having defeated Heroic Garrosh in Siege of Ogrimmar and ending the Mists of Pandaria expansion ranked 19th on Stormrage, our team decided to push forward into Warlords of Draenor. With the introduction of Mythic in 6.0, our team set out to expand our roster, overcome new challenges, and defeat the final boss on Mythic, all while maintaining a fun atmosphere to raid in. We finished Warlords of Draenor ranking 14th on Stormrage and managed to get 27 of our raiders the Felsteel Annihilator mount from Mythic Archimonde. We are now currently preparing for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and looking for additional players (890 ilvl+) who seek a challenge and want to have fun. Raid Times: Friday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST Saturday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST <Turkeyism> is a weekend raiding guild that raids two nights a week from 7:30 – 11:30pm EST on Friday and Saturdays. In Demand Classes: Hunters (Marksmanship/Beastmaster) Priests (Shadow) Warlocks (Demonology) Rogues (Subtlety) Druids (Feral/Balance) Mages (Frost/Arcane) (We prefer the classes listed above but all exceptional applicants will be considered.) Guild Expectations: So as a guild there are a few things we expect our raiders and recruits to do/know. First, we expect our raiders/recruits to know their class fairly well. They should also have a good grasp of the encounters by either having first-hand experience, or by watching tutorials and kill videos online. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Second, we expect players who wish to be part of the core raid team to understand that attendance and showing up on time to raid is important to the success of the guild. We understand when real life issues come up, however it isn’t fair to the other 19 players who showed up if you continuously miss raid because of “reasons”. This is why we want to make sure that our raiders/recruits understand that by joining our raid team, you are making a commitment to the rest of the group to show up every week. Ultimately, we are all individuals working together towards a common goal and our success or failure as a group depends upon people committing to the team. Third, we expect our raiders/recruits to be able to take criticism from others. If we notice that you could improve in any manner, we won’t hesitate to point it out. We won't ever attack others for making mistakes, but we will politely let them know of their blunders and how they could improve. Fourth, raiders/recruits should be willing to sit out for certain encounters. We know it isn’t the most fun thing to have to sit out on a boss fight, especially if there is loot or if you’ve worked hard getting to that encounter. However, not all fights are created equal and sometimes we have to ask players to sit out in order to have the best group composition to complete the encounter. Your willingness to sit out won’t be forgotten and we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to kill the boss and get loot. Fifth, all recruits are expected to present WarcraftLogs in their applications. This will give us an idea of how you handle mechanics and how well you performed. We understand that your time is valuable and so is ours. By looking at your WarcraftLogs we can get an idea if you can perform within the required range were looking for before bringing you in to raid with us. Finally, our guild is made up of players in their early 20’s/mid-30’s and our chat can sometimes get spicy and very adult oriented. We can sometimes talk about off the wall stuff, some of which can get very “Rated R” very fast. Contact List: Patakra: Braxxas#1433 Ravenhill: XHunter#1289 Tehproofter: Tehproofter#1990 Callmetheo: t455m#1373 Where to Apply: Our Warcraftlogs: Our Wowprogress: (All guild policies can be found in the website under the section: Forums>Guild Discussion>Turkey Recruits.) Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!Ravenhill182 2d
2d <Severed Ties> Mythic ToS Team Mon/Tu/Wed Severed Ties is recruiting for our mythic team. Our mythic team is 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M, all cutting edge, moving to clear 9/9M. Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00-12:00 EDT. Once a month we add an additional raid day on a Thursday, same times. We are currently recruiting all roles but have an immediate need for healers. Please provide logs for us to look over, references if you have them. To contact: *CraftyCaprid#1871 *ZeRo#1248 *Synthmonger#1574Amavêra1 2d
2d The Madness 9/9 H ToS LF DPS The Madness is currently looking for members to fill our Mythic raid group. Currently looking for dps but in need of: 1 Arms warrior 1 Boomkin 1 Warlock 1 Ele shammy About The Madness: We are a 9/9 H Tomb & 8/10 M NH guild looking for dps. We all are experienced mythic raiders with some of us being in previous top 10 guilds on Stormrage throughout our playing years. This guild has been together for about the past two months in M NH and we accomplished 8 Mythic kills in the process. We use RCLoot Council to distribute loot and we use Discord to communicate during and out of raid times. We have over a 20 player roster so if you get mad for sitting out boss fights this is not a place for you, however we are more than fair on who sits out and what betters the raid as a whole for our main goal in downing bosses. Raid Times & Days: The Madness raids Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00pm-Midnight ST (Est). If you have any questions or want to join our ranks add our btags: Kopper#1757 Hungryhowie#1988 Kurbs#1831 Subdaws#1564 Thechosen1#1867Howieowie57 2d
2d <ACORNS>[1/9M] LF Ranged DPS <ACORNS> is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking for a few ranged dps. Currently we are 1/9M and 9/9H. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00PM-12:00AM Repairs are provided by the guild bank. We are always looking for solid raiders. High priority on Warlocks, Boomkins, and a Healer that can also dps or vice versa. If you have any questions please feel free to contact. Wulfpacks#1722 WeaponX#1438 Dromio#1756Dethdekay123 2d
2d [A]<Organized Chaøs> Pantheon Team Recruiting <Organized Chaøs> Pantheon Team is recruiting for ToS progression! Our current progress is 5/9H We raid Tuesday and Thursday 7:00-10:15PM server time (EST). We are a group of like-minded individuals that enjoy playing WoW as well as playing together. Our goal as a raid team is to have fun while still progressing content and playing effectively. We look to clear Heroic ToS and get our AOTC and then step into Mythic and get as far as we can. We are by no means a hardcore progression guild but we do wanna give it our best try. We expect our members to treat each other with respect and offer a helping hand if someone needs it. We encourage our players to play the best that they can and put some additional time into improving their play. We also do Mythic+ as much as we can in addition to other fun content on the weekends. Loot System: We are currently using Personal Loot We use Discord to communicate during raids and provide other updates/information outside of raid time. Recruitment Needs: NOTE: Any exceptional players will be considered! We currently have a strong tank roster. Healers: Holy Paladin - HIGH DPS: Shadow Priest – High Rogue – High If interested please contact: Smae#1291 biglarry#1190 Ginkneebear#1522Jimmbob38 2d
2d LFM/Paying Fight, Kill, Salute! Looking for others who want to run the Highmaul Coliseum together at a scheduled time so we can get in together. (Will be more than happy to queue once a day even after winning to assist others in getting the Lady/Lord of War title) Requirements to run for those who do not know. You MUST be level 100. No higher or lower. Have a rank 3 glad sanctum in your garrison. (Completed the accountwide achievement for getting 4k bones in Draenor) Unsure if you can join as a trial character but if you can would someone tell me. If so that would make helping others win MUCH easier. You can only enter once a day. (100 bones required for more entrances.) Or once a week if you win. If not enough people want to join I'll be willing to pay up to 12 people 40,000g each to queue up and assist me in winning. (Payment after you get into a match with me and are on my friends list so I can know you helped me after I win.) Add me Orendil#1262 if you are interested in figuring out a time to queue. I have been level 100 for 23 days and still haven't had a game... I would appreciate any help and would be more than happy to help others the second I get what I want.Orendil0 2d
2d 892+ UH DK M+ Static Group I am interesting in pushing for the M+ Tourney. Feel free to PST me in-game. BT - lilzil#1386Iceeskull2 2d
2d Druid Tank LF Raiding Guild (was 926 Lock) Hi Folks, Druid Guardian Tank looking for a raiding guild. My main until a few days ago was a 926 Destro Lock with 9/9N and 5/9H but have since decided to make my Druid Tank my main from here on out. Paladin tank was my main before my Lock with some Mythic EN progression and completion of H-NH. Hit 110 just a few days ago and currently 898 as of this posting and looking to hopefully be at least 910+ by the weekend by farming M+ and pugging raids to try to score some upgrades. Availability: Mon-Sat 7.30-11.30 (Cannot raid on Sundays) Currently looking for... 1. A guild that uses Personal Loot. 2. A guild that is in Normal/Heroic ToS progression (with possible Mythic in the future) 3. A mature adult guild. 4. A guild that doesn't tolerate any racist or homophobic slurs/rants. 5. A guild that considers themselves a small close-knit community. If you'd like to reach out, please leave your Btag or in-game name in a reply below. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good hunting!Fleas0 2d
2d (A) <3/9M> 923 Windwalker Monk 1. Times available & time zone: I'm working 4AM - 1PM, unsure of days. EST Timezone. Should be able to adjust sleep schedule to make raids that go to 11 or midnight so times shouldn't be a worry. 2. Server preference: Stormrage 3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 3/9M ToS Cutting Edge NH 6. Recent logs (if available): Please look at my item level bracket and at all tiers. Mythic logs are not the best, by my standards. I don't have either of my BiS legendaries, which are my last two to go. Dead on the 1 Goroth kill I was in for unluckily. 7. Contact info: Ventus#12965 8. Anything Else - Uhh I'm still fairly new to raiding high tier, still not the best, but generally a top % player in any game I play and try my best at. I'm a perfectionist/elitist about my own performance and, when pushed in the right environment, excel. Thank you for reading this if you have. I will only respond to those who take the time to read this and add me to talk, not people who just copy paste their guild stuff in my post. So please contact me at my BNet :)Ventess0 2d
2d (A) Razi's Rangers recruiting for ToS Razi's Rangers are currently recruiting for Legion content. We're 1/10 Mythic with a 54% first attempt on Chromatic Anomaly with 10/10 Heroic on farm. Our raid times are Sunday and Monday from 7-10PM EST. Our needs consist of additional dps of any class and 1-2 extra healers. If you would like to join, post here and contact battle tag Razisgosu#1485.Razisgosu10 2d
2d Daytime Raiding Morning Mayhem LFM we have four raid teams Short Bus Weds/Thurs/Fri 915am-Noon ~ 9/9N 4/9H Shaz#1853 Outcasts Wed/Thurs 11am-1pm ~ 1/9H 9/9N BTag Mare#1853 Minions Weds/Thurs 2pm-4pm ~ 2/9H 9/9N BTag Corraxsmaxs#1624 Weekend Warriors Sat/Sun 3pm-5pm ~ 1/9H 9/9N BTag Birias#1825 We are a community that raids not a raiding community! We ARE active outside of raid days n times with M+'s, Meta Mondays guild runs, and AP zergSaveurazz17 2d
2d [A] <Anger> ♦ 5/9M 9/9H ♦ LF DPS WHO Founded in March 2010, Anger is an Alliance guild on US-Stormrage. The guild has a long history of end-game raiding spanning multiple games and raid groups. Our players are extremely experienced in end-game cutting edge content and have raided in every spectrum of progression including top world guilds. We are currently looking for exceptional players to build up our roster for Mythic raiding in Legion. Current Progression 5/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 Mythic Nighthold WHAT Balance Druid Rogue Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Warrior Please feel free to fill out an application even if your class is not listed. We maintain a competitive environment and will accept exceptional applications. WHEN Raid Times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 8:45pm-12:30pm EST (server time) HOW 1.) You must be an active player and able to maintain 100% raid attendance during progression. We raid to clear content, and sacrifice other leisure activities to do so. 2.) Your goals should include being among the best at your chosen class and role. 3.) You will need to be tolerant of the fact that raiding is highly dependent on class balance and as such involves potential bench time. This encompasses new recruits as well as long standing raiders. 4.) You must be able to pay for your account and your internet connection without issue. 5.) Your computer and internet connection must be very stable. 6.) You must have and be able to speak on Discord. We're not asking for you to be a chatterbox, but it is incredibly important that you can speak up during a fight when it's needed. 7.) Anger is an adult guild. If you are offended easily, this is not the right guild for you. 8.) You will be provided with repairs, flasks, and food for raid. You must farm your own potions and use them for progression encounters. 9.) We want people who are social and interested in participating in our guild's culture as a whole. 10.) You should be a friendly player with a positive attitude. We require all applicants, raiders, and officers be able to cooperate as a team and treat each other with mutual respect. WHY If you're looking for a new home, and are serious about raiding Mythic with a group of players who are equally motivated to see progression and enjoy the game as well then Anger is a great place to do so. If you fit the description above, you have the basics we're looking for in raiders, please visit our website and apply: Please feel free to contact any of Anger's officers in-game with more questions: Lifebind (Kyle#11426), Sharc (Warrann#1690), Narkotics (Kamranh#1874), or Profit (Lightz#1210). E-mail us at admin@angerguild.comLifebind140 2d
2d 885 hunter/886 Warrior looking for guild Looking for a casual normal heroic guild to raid on. Best days are Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. We both have previous mythic experience. Please contact matty#1800 for inquiries.Mahtty1 2d
2d [A] Warrior LF raiding guid. I'm looking to join a guild with a primary focus on heroic raiding and maybe some side PvP and mythic plus. That's not to say I'm completely turned off by mythic raiding, I just dont see it as particularly enjoyable if it's balls to the wall no life progression, especially with how poor of a job blizzard does from time to time. (Rekt) Anyway, I've been a lone wolf player for awhile and would like to get involved with people a little more to have some fun. As you can see, my ilvl is relatively trash. So I'll need a little help making myself more worthy. Let me know if you're interested Looking to make some friends in this game because the pug life is enough to make you uninstall after awhile. Rajinail#1741Rajinail1 2d
2d <Clan Wolf> Sat/Sun, 6-9 PM EST [7/9 H] Heyo everyone~ <Clan Wolf> has gone from a 5-man group of friends to a raid guild building in numbers and flourishing in community. We've grown so much in the months we've spent together. Our guild is built on a cohesive group of friendly, positive individuals who value a relaxed atmosphere while downing bosses. As our goal is to build a loyal group of friends, we are willing to teach and be patient with individuals interested in raiding. Outside of raids, we also run Mythic + dungeons, do transmog runs, and achievement hunt. We also play many games outside of WoW, which include: Diablo III, HoTs, Torchlight II, and Ark Survival Evolved (where we run our own server.) Raid schedule: Sat/sun, 6-9 PM EST. We are currently building gear and experience in ToS, both normal and heroic versions. We do intend to head into mythic-level raiding once our roster is complete (which requires a few more solid individuals). Raid spots: Everyone is welcome to join, even if a spot is currently filled. We urge people to play the class they enjoy most. We request that people looking to head straight into ToS have a minimum of 890 ilvl, 500k dps, and 50 artifact weapon points. Tanks: filled Healers: filled Damage: open - mage, priest, DK, rogue, hunter, warrior, paladin Experience: The guild is now 9/9 N, 7/9 H ToS. Our progression was stunted, unfortunately, but we're going to be pressing harder hereon in. We were also 7/7 H EN, 3/3 H ToV, and 3/10 M NH. A few of us have been together for the past couple of expansions, which yielded AOTC achievements throughout. Under the same RL, we were second to down M Garrosh during MoP on our old server. Feel free to contact Drilnock, Padonka, or myself with any questions: Ketchup#11543 (Dril), onenitestd#1355 (Padonks), Sarovok#1163 (me) Hope to chat soon~ <3Nogítsune85 2d
3d WTB ToS Normal carry for gold Hey all, looking for a guild/group to carry my shammy for some gear. :) I can provide battletag/discord if we can get something going :) Thanks!Elybera3 3d
3d 927 9/9H Bear Druid LF Fri/Sat Raiding guild Hello, I am looking for a Friday and Saturday raiding guild that is recruiting a 927 Guardian Druid tank. I would like for the guild to be at least 8/9H with plans to go into M NH. I am posting this on an alt for reasons I will explain if you show interest in me. Respond to the post with your b-tag and I will add you. Thanks for taking your time to check me out.Jihadijosh3 3d
3d WTB Heroic ToS Clear for Gold Looking for full Heroic ToS clear for gold. Jkempf#1298Taloor0 3d
3d Vis Vires LF RDPS/Heals 9/9N, 8/9H Vis Vires [A-Stormage-US] (7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10H, 9/9N, 8/9H) is currently looking for Ranged DPS, AND Heals 910+! Some info: We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild. In other words, we have a good time but get stuff done. Raiding Times: W-F 7:45-11 Server Time. Attendance is usually 12-16 people weekly. We clear Normal and then Heroic with each Tier, and that will be the plan moving forward. We expect a willingness to attend all three days and 3 hours each night of our raid schedule, with the use of Flask, Potions, Food, Vantus Runes, etc. Answer the questions below, AND contact: Barisaris, Duremon OR Buccishammy IN GAME (through mail or whispers on Stormrage-US) for more info and serious inquiries only! Current iLvl?: Why aren't you on a raid team now?: Class/Spec?: Raid Experience?: Current Progression Experience? (N/H/M, and ?/7, ?/3, ?/10, ?/9): Any questions, Contact Barisaris, Duremon or Buccimage in game through Whispers or In-Game Mail!Buccimage0 3d
3d [A] <Ante Meridiem> Morning and Evening Teams Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have multiple raid teams that raid at entirely different times throughout the week. WEBSITE: ------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: All times are Stormrage Server Time (EST) AM Raid Team (Mornings) 3/9M Thursday/Friday/Monday 9:00am - 1:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Ravan (Raven#13847) ------------------------------------------------------------------- PM Raid Team (Evenings) 3/9M Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524)Ravan33 3d
3d LF a Weekend RAID Guild (Hunter) Hey Guys :) I am looking for a weekend raid guild, anytime is fine ( early or late night ), this is for my alliance hunter , which is My main is a HORDE HUNTER and on HYJAL, on that character i am ilvl 925 and am 9/9Normal/9/9Heroic and 1/9 Mythic So know all fights to boss 3 in mythic ( my main is working on 2nd and 3rd bosses )..and i raid on that toon ( Mon/tuesday and weds 8pm-11pm ) so looking for a raid guild thats on weekends or after 11pm PST during the week I do have logs for my alliance hunter, but due to it not having tier yet, and missing couple other important items, his dps could be higher, but gives u an idea anyway ...did 3 bosses on heroic so far on it ( was in a pug , i know scary bear :P ) So ya if interested in my alliance hunter pls post here and ill get back to u ASAPBaervan2 3d
3d (Stacks in Fire) 7/9h (Stacks in Fire) is now in search of any competent dps for our core group. Looking for players who are ready for mythic or preparing for so. Current raid times/days are Tues-Wed-Fri 7-10pm central. Currently looking for players 910+ itemlevel and 51+ weapon traits(concordance). We are a friendly laid back guild with mythic progression in mind. We are a close knit group and want players that fit into our core and can pull competitive numbers and do mechanics correctly. Add my real ID: Thrashinthor#1830Dabout2 3d
3d [A]<Wanted Rejects>8/9 H ToS <Wanted Rejects> Currently 8/9 H ToS 9/9 N ToS 1/10 M NH 10/10 H NH, 3/3 H ToV 4/7 M EN. About Us: is looking to bolster its ranks to get back into mythic progression. We formed just a couple weeks before the launch of Legion; we are a guild of varying experienced players, creating a great atmosphere for any players who happen to join us along the way. Here at Wanted Rejects, we enjoy the most fundamental aspects of game play, primarily surrounding Mythic plus runs and progression raid content with dabbling into world PvP, arena, and Rated BG's. We strive to create an environment at which you can play to the very lengths of your class, while still having a blast along the way. We'll be honest, we don't shy away from brash humor and colorful jokes, but we are very open to all varieties of people from any walk of life. We are a tight-knit all-inclusive group of players with all levels of experience who simply enjoy each others' company and the WoW experience. The best way to describe our guild experience is a progression oriented guild with a relaxed "casual" feel. We are looking for unique players who can show up for raid on time every time, while still relaxing and making the game more rewarding for everyone. Raid Times: Tues: 8pm EST - 11pm EST Sun: 8pm EST - 11pm EST Mon: 8pm EST - 11 pm EST Dps: Priest- Shadow Warlock- Any Warrior- Fury/Arms Hunter- BM/MM What we offer you: - A stable guild with guild leaders who have years of raiding experience. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. - A fun raiding environment. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social and enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We encourage you to add us on battle net If you have any questions about anything. Guild leader: GodOfLulz#1833 Co Gm/Recruitment Officer: Nieko#1729Nìeko17 3d
3d <Beef Castle> 9/9N, 8/9H Recruiting 10-1 W/Th <Beef Castle> is currently recruiting players to join our raid team as well as any casuals / players looking to get into raiding. We are a newly formed guild on Stormrage-US Alliance. We're an active, laid back, Semi-Casual raiding guild with experienced leadership. We like to have fun, so please don't be easily offended. Current Progress: 9/9N and 8/9H We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday (Optional) 10PM - 1AM EST Currently Recruiting for Raids: - All Roles (905+, 52+ traits) If you have any questions or would like to join please post here or add us on! -Egoshk#1830 (GM) -Schwankz#1872 (Officer) -Brocoly#1950 (Officer)Nyloc0 3d
3d <Shattering>#1 WEEKEND GUILD ON STORMRAGE LFM Shattering is an Alliance guild located on US-Stormrage. Shattering formed our mythic raid team midway through WoD and have been pushing Mythic content ever since! We're currently recruiting for ToS progression and beyond. We are looking for progression minded players alike to add to our roster. We strive to create a friendly yet competitive raiding environment to ensure each player is performing to the best of their ability. What you can expect from <Shattering> : --> Strong Guild leadership focused on progression --> Fair loot council with progression in mind --> A very easy going and friendly atmosphere not commonly found in most progression guilds --> Dedicated and skilled core team --> A group that understands that WoW is a game, and is meant to be fun. What we expect from you : --> Consistency --> Raid awareness --> Accountable and responsible --> Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class/spec --> Desire to progress and push yourself every raid Schedule Our current raid schedule is as follows: Friday Night : 9:30PM-1:30AM PST Saturday Night: 9:30PM-1:30AM PST Progression We are currently 10/10M NH (Prior to ToS) and 9/9H 4/9M ToS!! Current Needs: We will be rotating raiders in for Mythic content. Tank: Closed DPS: -Shadow Priest (High Need) -Hunter (High Need) -DeathKnight (High Need) -Balance Druid (Medium Need) -Warlock(Medium Need) Healers: 1-2 of any of the following. -Priest (High Need) -Resto Druid (High Need) -Mistweaver Monk (Medium Need) -Holy Paladin (Medium Need) -Resto Shaman (Low Need) Any exceptional DPS/HEALS will be considered regardless of class/spec. Willing to trial raiders this weekend so they can get a feel for the group before they decide to transfer over to Stormrage and join the guild. Contact If you think you got what it takes to push mythic content in Legion and beyond all while taking a relaxed approach then please take the time to fill out an app at Message in game for any further details or questions or reply to this post: Lep#1468 or Lepz in game. Poozie#1323 or Poozey in game.Lepz47 3d
3d 1/9M Continuum Recruiting 10pm-1am EST ill try to keep it as simple as possible. <Continuum> Currently 1/9M and 9/9H ToS, looking for 1 or 2 players for our Mythic team. If you are a competent player that like killing bosses without going 16 hours a week into a raid, this might be the place for you. Raid times: Late night 10:30pm-1:00am(EST) Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (7.5 hours a week), optional run on monday for alts and legendaries. Recruitment Needs Top priority for us: Rogue Hunter Warrior Balance Druid Any competent players are welcome to apply, we will consider everyone. Trial There is a 2 week period of trial after you join the guild, mainly to avoid guild hopping, and to establish if we are a good fit, nothing out of the ordinary. We are active outside raids, dont expect 24/7 activity but we do our share of high mythic+ keys, before raid, after and during the weekends. i myself have done 20 keys in the last couple days between 15s and 16s as an example. If this has piqued your interest, please feel free to apply at Or contact me, Btag Pucho#1617 and ill answer any questions that you might have. Have a nice day.Ascardio6 3d
3d 924 Bear/Boomkin and 924 Hpriest lf guild We are both 924 with 54-55 traits in our weapon Current progression via pugs only is 9/9n 8/9H Currently looking for a guild around our progression Weekend raid team would be amazing but week days works as well 8pm est is the earliest we can make it home from work and such Malogrek#1297 for more info and what notMalobear18 3d
3d [A] <Internet Kings> 9/9 H ToS 7/10 M NH LFM <Internet Kings> ▣ 9/9 H ToS 7/10M NH ▣ Stormrage-US Alliance (PvE-EST) ▣ 2 nights/week ▣ Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm & Sunday 8 - 11 pm EST ▣ Optional 3rd night farm run/alt raid/future sales run Tuesday 8:30 -11:30pm ▣ 6 hour raid week! ▣ Recruiting ranged DPS & healers to complete our core roster for ToS ▣ We will considered any applicant that can show solid performance Healers: ▣ All healer classes are being recruited, shaman's must be exceptional. DPS: ▣ Recruiting for all DPS roles, minus hunters. Who we are: <Internet Kings> 9/9 H ToS 7/10 M NH is a Stormrage alliance-based raiding guild, initially formed from a group of veteran WoW players whom have returned to the game since retiring after raiding with US top 50 guilds. We have grown and continue to grow as we attract like-minded players, who wish to raid efficiently and enjoyably. Our main focus is to create a respectable, tolerant, easy-going yet capable raiding environment that welcomes any and all players. We have a range of players that are mature and are understanding of real life restrictions/limitations yet are capable of comprehending and demonstrating a level of commitment to the guild. We raid two nights a week, Thursday & Sunday. Thursday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST & Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST with an Optional 3rd night farm/alt raid Tuesday 8:30 -11:30pm EST. We are easygoing and laid-back, yet we want to get as much progress and boss kills in as we can in our 6 hours per week, in order to go through as much current content as possible. We are looking for players that can perform at an acceptable level through your damage/healing, raid awareness, and your ability to deal with fight mechanics. Must be able to be dependable, have a working microphone, downloaded and use discord. To apply: For more information, please contact via bnet: Recruitment Officer: Atrees - ImmortLRoach#1490 Tantric - Laconic#11195 Fluffyrune or Fluffytoo - Cofie#1613Knym4 3d
3d *Reckoning* recruiting for H-TOS Reckoning is a semi-hardcore adult raiding guild, we are a laid back guild but like to kill bosses and have fun doing it. We are an adult guild so please keep that mind(18+). We currently raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11 and do gearing runs on the weekend. Flasks and food provided. Our current progression in TOS is 9/9N and 4/9 heroic. 900+ item level preferred. We are looking for some dps to fill out our raid team. We are currently in need of mostly melee dps but will consider quality players regardless of spec. Our current needs are: Rogue Warrior Enhance Shaman Elemental Shaman Death Knight Demon Hunter Shadow Priest Hunter If we sound like a fit for you, feel free to add me on battletag-Bradwill14#1558 or reply to this post. Hope to hear from you!Rimer1 3d
3d 884 Affliction Warlock "884ilvl Affliction Warlock" Looking for a place to stay I don't mind progression guilds however, being that I just moved my times are all messed up right now. So I would like to find something of a morning raiding guild. My main course is a casual raiding guild working on N ToS or H ToS. I have raided in the past ICC, Cata, MoP, WoD, and the beginning of Legion. This is also a new account so I do not have the achievements that my old account has.Ignious0 3d
3d 5-7 Raiders LFG!! Group LF Guild 1x DK - Blood or UH, both capable 1x Paladin - Protection or Ret capable 2x Druid - Resto only 1x Mage 1x Warrior - DPS Only (can 3rd tank when needed) Possible: 1x H.Paladin - heal only 1x DH - Dps only Required Raid Times: Sun - No Mon - No Tues - No Wed - No Thurs - 12am - 4am Fri - Any Sat - Any Alliance Only, Stormrage Only Krakenjack#1469Lyoncourt5 3d
4d [A] Bada Bing - Casual Guild Lf Raiders! About Us We are a group of dedicated and experienced players that are starting up a guild for the first time in Legion. We are looking to explore into Heroic content this expac, and are looking for like minded individuals who wish to progress into this tier content. We have a 5/9M raider as our current RAID LEAD. Raid Times We will be raiding Friday,10-12PM and Sat. nights from 9-12 P.M. server time as our main progression group times, with alt-runs and clean up groups on weekends and other off days. Current Needs We are currently looking for anything! We want everyone to play what they want. No need for Tanks! How to apply and basic requirements To apply we please ask a few simple things 1) Have a mic and the Discord VOIP (Download here 2) Have a good grasp of your classes abilities and utilities in a raid setting. 3) Be 16+ If you meet these conditions you can apply either here on the post with your battletag, or you can message us in game. Gomumo#1123 bevd#1229 Aggressor#1386Mumoe2 4d
4d <A>Kings of Wanderlust 4/9H LFM! US-Stormrage/Alliance Kings of Wanderlust is a rather new guild. Created at the start of Legion with the intention of being a team of parents, professionals, etc, with limited raiding time, but a drive to see content downed. We started off the first week of raiding with a solid 5/7 downed in normal Emerald Nightmare with a team of raiders that had never worked together. Even with our limited time availability we still strive to be the best that each raider can be. We are however willing to help people learn to raid, and become better at their chosen class and spec. All of our leadership have experience dating back to Vanilla with many heroic, and mythic kills under our belts. Mythic progression is on our second night. However we ask that everyone understand Mythic progression can take time, and a fair amount of patience. Main Raid Times / Schedule Progression: 7 1/2 hours a week Past Tier Progression: EN: 2/7M ToV: 3/3H Nighthold: 3/10M Current Tier Progression: ToS 4/9H Wednesday/Thursday - 7:45 - 11:00 EST (server) Monday nights alternate between an Alt Run and Mythic EN. This night however is completely optional. What we offer you: - very rambunctious, fun, constructive, and open social atmosphere - open minded raid leader/guild master/officer core - the chance to be a core member with solid input - a flexible guild that will work with you to make you the best player you can be - an overall fun/exciting/challenging/competitive environment What we are looking for in a raider: - a positive attitude - solid attendance - a willingness to accept outside criticism - if required - internally motived raiders, who strive to improve themselves - patience and a level of understanding for other raiders progression - a raider who can complement our social atmosphere - flasks/food/pre-pots - enchanted and gemmed How we handle loot: Loot Council is our primary method. If you are not familiar with this system it works on a number of factors to include the following. -attendance -performance (relative to your ilvl and class) -the attitude of raider -BiS/ level of upgrade for the raider What classes are we considering at the moment? We will consider all classes and specs depending on level of qualification and experience. However are placing emphasis on a few particular classes. They are as follows: Healers: Need Backups or people willing to occasionally offspec Tanks: Need Backups or people willing to occasionally offspec Dps: Open REQ: 890+ Preferably close to or have concordance! Current Recruiting Status: OPEN We will always consider additional applicants! So, if your class is not on this list, or you do not meet the item level requirements, and you are still interested feel free to get in touch with one of our officers and we will discuss with you any options we may have. If you just want to come hang out and be a part of the guild that's great too! We currently have two options to join our guild! You can either apply on our website Or contact one of our officers through battletag! Vestherial - GM/Raid Lead - Ves#11968 Airaln - Officer - Airaln#1816 Telchines - Officer - Telchines#1874 Lieriah - Officer - Barthelo#1534 Caseville - Officer - Caseville#1282 Keep in mind that we are working professionals, if you cannot get ahold of us outside of raid hours, please send us an in-game mail or leave a post here. Worst case - /who Kings of Wanderlust on Stormrage and send a tell to any our members and they will point you in the right direction. Happy guild huntingVestherial73 4d
4d Banished Gaming 3/9H 9/9N Recruiting! Server: US-Stormrage Faction: Alliance Focus: Semi-Hardcore Mythic Raiding and Dungeons Heroic/Mythic/Mythic+ Raid Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM Eastern Raid Group Progress: 3/9H, 9/9N, 1/10M, 10/10 H NH, 10/10 N NH, 3/3 H TOV, 7/7 H EN Loot: Personal Recruitment Status: Melee: Havoc Demon Hunter/ Arms Warrior Ranged: Balance Druid/Warlock/ Mage/ Hunter Healer: Mistweaver Monk/Resto Druid/Holy pally Website: Discord: (Be sure to let someone know you're there!) Recruiting for ToS! Our recruitment is intended to support the numbers necessary for mythic raiding and welcome more people to our incredible group of gaming friends, even if they are not mythic focused. Mythic/Heroic Raiders: Our raiding goals are simple: striving to bring our best every raid night but staying true to who we are. Our raid environment is non-abrasive, fair, and positive. We’re looking for progression-minded players who have the willingness to work as a team, help their fellow members, and support the guild so that everyone can meet their own end-game goals. Attitude is everything and we want you to feel rewarded for your efforts. Our loot system is geared towards helping our mythic raid team progress while rewarding those who help that goal. If you’re interested in running Mythics, we want to hear from you! Who We Are BG offers a unique environment that fosters community in raid, guild--and across multiple games. We value teamwork, fairness, positive attitudes, and seeing our goals achieved. We value an environment that does not impede on our competitive members’ agendas, nor force unrealistic expectations on players who have a more carefree approach. Regardless of your focus, you’ll never be looked down upon by other members. Our focus is a progression-oriented atmosphere, while still putting an emphasis on community relations. Why Join Us? Because whether your enjoyment comes from mythic raiding, pet battles, PVP, or posting dank memes in our discord--we have the same values. Additionally, we offer: Team Progression Rewards Strong Teamwork Diverse, Positive Environment Open, approachable, engaged Leadership Community Events Active Discord 100% No Drama, No Toxicity Tolerance Normal/Casual/Social Members: It’s not always about raiding and we get that. We offer a non-mandatory raid on Wednesday nights for anyone who doesn’t want or cannot commit the time to our Tues/Thurs nights. Non-raid, and non-WoW events are also planned, ie. Cards Against Humanity nights! What are the members like? Mature – The kind of atmosphere a fun-loving adult can appreciate, without being exclusive of young adults. Laid Back - People who like to joke around and have fun with the game and each other. Even the more competitive ones aren’t elitist and like to have fun. Respectful – We’re nothing without it. Helpful – Willing to share the knowledge they have with newcomers. We do have a number of competitive players who value theorycrafting to give the most for themselves and the group. Raid-Competent – People who are committed to goals and each other, reliable but understanding that RL come first, raid aware, show up on time and prepared, able to receive criticism and use it to better their performance. [li]Social – We’re not all raiders and that’s okay. Good people who don’t raid have something to offer and gain from our guild. Would you like to know more? You have a few options: 1. Contact a leader in-game: GM: Valgasm (or Vallatio) Valgasm#1544 DM @Valgasm_ on Twitter Or Unstabûbble (Speakeazy#1840) 2. Connect with us on Discord (Be sure to let someone know you're there!) Message us on Discord! Val: VAL#8164Unstabûbble0 4d
4d [A]<Team Rocket> LF weekend morning raiders We are a guild founded by former raiders looking to build a strong community. We raid on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9AM to 12PM est. Our objective; casual raiding by taking our time and enjoying the journey as we move through the content. Currently we are 7/7H EN, 3/3H Trial, 10/10H, 1/10M Nighthold and 9/9N and 5/9H Tomb. We understand that most people already have a full time job and very busy lives, we aren't looking to make this a second job for anyone. We believe this is a game and should be treated as such. To help our players get what they want we have 2 ranks for our raiders depending on what you wish to take from the game. Core Raider and Casual Raider. Core Raiders are for those who wish to raid on a more consistent schedule and wish to try to push content (won't ever be a super hard push as a guild we like to take our time and enjoy the journey). Whereas Casual Raiders are those who aren't as committed and aren't really looking to move past Heroic raiding. Update for Core Raider: A Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk (must have dps offspec), a Sub Rogue, an Arms Warrior, a Frost Mage and a MM Hunter. All players of course will be considered. Casual Raiders we have no restrictions as to what we are looking for. Even if you don't wish to raid or you think you're only going to want to do it once in awhile feel free to apply. If this sounds like something you're interested in then feel free to contact me in game whether by mail or send me a battlenet request to Burntlettuce#1968 or TuckingFypo#1701 . Also you can contact any of the following officers: Opalane, Mâxwest, and Ðemoniix. As always we are blasting off again.Caraè22 4d
4d <Obsidian> (4/9 H) recruiting DPS! <Obsidian> is a newly transferred friendly casual guild for players who want to progress in a strongly constructive team-centered setting. We are made up of AotC raiders who are striving to push into mythic content. We are currently looking for 1 healer (holy priest preferred but don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested) and some dps to add to our roster. Our raid times are Sat/Sun 2-5 pm server. We are currently 9/9 N 4/9 H looking to quickly progress through heroic and move on into harder content. We offer guild bank amenities and supplies for our raiders should they need. Raiding not your thing? Our guildmates are equally fond of mythic+ dungeons and would love to have you aboard! Looking to round out some of those legacy raid achievements for your mounts or hunting for that elusive transmog piece? Come join the officers on our Transmog Tuesday Fun Squad! We have something for everyone here, so if any of this piques your interest don't hesitate to contact me (ToomuchTacoB#1681) or our other recruitment officer Adelila (Rosalie90210#1368) for more info.Synesstra1 4d
4d ilvl918 UH/Blood DK ilvl918 Blood/UH DK LF a cool group of players and place to call home. I plan to raid Heroic/Mythic level content and am free to do so between 8pm-12pm EST. I am 9/9H atm and I do have logs if you need them. I want consistency in a group and not just logging in for raids every week. Active Discord would be nice as well. Just get a hold of me if you think I will fit. Rez#1881 is my Btag.Necròpolis2 4d
4d 928 Holy Paladin LFG 3/9M Current Prog: ToS: 3/9M EN/TOV/NH Cutting Edge Hey all, my guild recently dissolved and I am not ready to quit yet. Not looking for top 300 guild or anything like that, but a guild that is going to get cutting edge content cleared while it is current. I have over 10 years experience of playing, but mostly on one class, paladin (which I have been healing for 75% of the time). I have been in casual guilds, I have been in hardcore guilds. I have seen both spectrums of the game. I am more in the middle now. I am not looking for a hardcore guild. I am not looking for a casual guild. I am looking for a laid-back raiding environment focused on achieving cutting edge whether it be the middle of the tier or last 5 weeks of the tier. Availability: ANY day as long as the raid times are between 6PM EST and 10PM EST (server time). Could also manage to make morning times as well if that is still a thing. These hours are not subject to flexibility. I work graveyard shift 5 nights a week. So I will not be responding to guilds raiding outside of those hours. I prefer a THREE-day raiding schedule, but I would do a 4th if I feel the burnout wouldn't impact my personal life. I would like a similarly progressed guild. Skyler#1666 Serious inquiries only - Please read my availability times before sending a btag request. Let's not waste each others time. Thanks and dogspeed.Kàtz6 4d
4d Heals/dps LF early morning raiding guild Hello, I have a holy/disc priest, MM/BM hunter, and sin rogue, all at 110 and ilvl over 905 with priest highest at 915. I also have a 110 MW monk, but ilvl needs a little work. I am looking for a guild that raids ToS between 3am to 6am EST weekdays and/or anytime between 3am to 9am EST weekends. I am 9/9 N ToS and 3/9 H ToS so far. I prefer a guild that does personal loot rather loot council, etc. Server and faction transfer is possible for me.Noc0 4d
4d [A] 7/9H ToS LF Exceptional Players!!! [A] <Sapphire Reborn> 7/9H ToS is recruiting! We are looking exceptional players for ToS progression. ilvl 910+ 52+ traits is optimal. Keystone Masters in guild as well M+15! We run plenty of alt raids, M+s as well. Comment here or find me in game if you have any questions etc. Raid Times **Only 6 hours per week** Tuesday 11pm-2am server Thursday 11pm-2am server We provide all food, flasks, and Vantus runes. Current classes being recruited - Mage - HIGH PRIORITY - Boomkin - Shadow Priest - HIGH PRIORITY - Windwalker Monk - Enhancement Shaman - Elemental Shaman What we expect: - 90% attendance - if you are going to miss, please let us know - Know your class inside and out. - Have fun - Know the fights, including rotation timing, watching videos, reading up on strats. - Be prepared - Discord with working micBallii9 4d
4d WTB Guild with Cloak and Heirloom Unlocks If you have a guild you would be willing to sell on Stormrage of course with epic cloak and all Heirloom unlocks. Leave a response here with your asking price (GOLD ONLY) and your btag. Thanks!Ragely1 4d
4d <Main Event> 9/9 H Recruiting for mythic MAIN EVENT Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday - 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST (Server Time) Current Progression: 9/9 N 9/9 H Realm: Stormrage Our Focus: Transfer guild from Garona previously called Rize Up. We have been playing together since the start of legion and are looking to add a few last players to continue Mythic NH. We all have AOTC from the previous tiers. We are looking for mature, dedicated players who want to progress but have fun at the same time. LF: RANGED DPS, HEALS Heals: (Need: Low) *Shaman *Druid Open to Exceptional Players Ranged DPS:(Need: HIGH) * Hunter * Druid Open to Exceptional Players Melee DPS:(Need: High) *DeathKnight *Warrior *Rogue Open to Exceptional Players Tanks:(Need: Low) Open to Exceptional Players If you are interested or have any questions, please post below and I will reply as soon as possible - or contact me at Fiddlingyak#1956 Also you can contact Sak#11443 (GM) We look forward in hearing from you.Izobela1 4d
4d Not looking anymore I'm a main spec Prot Paladin that's cleared 8/9H. I'm looking for guild that wants to progress into Mythic raiding with the goal of getting CE before the tier ends. I'm not interested in doing split runs and I'm not interested in a Mythic+ tank spot or back-up tank role. All I ask is for a chance to prove myself. What I bring to the table: 90-100% Attendance record. If i have miss a raid, you'll know as far in advance as possible but otherwise you can expect me at every raid. Experience tanking multiple tiers since Cata on multiple difficulties Good/Friendly attitude I'm my own worst critic. I'll know when I screw up before you tell me and I take responsibility for it. Warcraft Logs - I know how to read logs. See below for more info regarding my times/schedule/logs/etc. Feel free to add me on if you want to talk further. Battletag: Lincoln#1417 1. Times available & time zone: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday between 8pm EDT to 12:00am EDT (5 PDT - 9 PDT). 2. Server preference: Any. 3. Faction preference: Alliance. 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore! 5. Current progression/experience: 7/7H EN 3/3H ToV 4/10M NH, 10/10H NH 8/9H, 9/9N ToS (Past expansion progression info available upon request) 6. Recent logs (if available): (The name is different but its me.) 7. Contact info: Battletag: Lincoln#1417Reese1 4d
4d 889 R-druid LF casual weekend raiding guild 889 Resto druid LF semi casual Raiding guild for weekend raidingUshîo1 4d