Sep 20 845 Protection Warrior LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am currently looking for a raiding guild. I reside in the Pacific Coast. This character will be my main for this expansion. I can raid any day of the week;but, I would prefer to raid later at night around 11pm up until 3 pm (server time). PC Specs: i7 4790k / GTX 970 / 8 GB RAM MyBTag: Zeno#11479Willfire1 Sep 20
Sep 20 TCG + LFG Guild delete postBeenjammin2 Sep 20
Sep 19 2 Lf weekend mythic guild As the title says 2 friends looking for a mythic weekend guild. 845 fire Mage 845 Dh Can add jake#11179 if interested and want to know are expJingì0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] <From Accounting> Recruiting! Greetings Stormrage, I'm Kaileenah <From Accounting>. We're currently prepping for Legion raids and are in need of a few more members! Our current tentative raid times (subject to change) are 6pm-9pm ST on Saturdays and Sundays. We will be using the personal loot system. While we're not what you would consider a "hardcore" raiding guild, we will expect certain things from each member. All members should have: gear fully enchanted/gem'd, flasks/potions, a basic understanding of each night's perspective raid bosses, and adequate gear. =============================================================== What we're looking for: - Hunter (BM or Marks) - Warlock* - Mage - Priest (Heals or DPS} - Druid (Boomkin) - Shaman (Ele or Resto) - Paladin (Holy*) *preferred class/spec ========================================================= We're looking for team players who can be punctual, prepared, and positive as we destroy our foes on the Broken Isles! Previous raiding experience is a plus, though not necessary. If you think you fit the bill, add Volendrung#1230 or Majin#1804 and let us know! Thanks so much for reading!Kaileenah1 Sep 19
Sep 19 <Ex Inferno> Weeknight Raid Group <Ex Inferno> is a three night raiding guild currently recruiting for our newly formed weeknight 20 man raiding group. We are beginning Emerald Nightmare on normal tomorrow and moving forward with the goal to be in mythic with a solid reliable raid group. The raid leaders have experience and are ready to progress. Raid times are: Tuesday-Thursday 9pm-12am server time This week ONLY, the raid times will be Tuesday-Thursday 11pm-2am. Currently, our Red raid team is looking for 835+: (3) Healers (Will consider all) (2) Melee DPS -Arms Warrior -WW Monk (8) Ranged DPS -Shadow Priest -Hunter -Warlock -Fire Mage -Elemental Shaman Please post here or whisper Vryx or Zynthos in game if interested!Vryx1 Sep 19
Sep 19 1/13M 13/13H <Tranquil> Recruiting for Legion <Tranquil> of Stormrage is an established raid team of a year that is preparing for Legion and Mythic raiding. We are currently looking for those with raid experience to join us for Mythic progression. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Raid Progression: 1/13M, 13/13H Hellfire Citadel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raid days: Tuesday - Thursday (9:00 - 12:00 EST) About us: Officially established on March 14th, 2016, our guild has endured much over the year before to bring us closer as a team. During our time, we have taught and encouraged many to take them to Mythic progression guilds before we reached progression ourselves. Moving forward, we will take the team that has grown and changed into Legion for Mythic raiding. What we offer: -Respect on the idividual level. We welcome feedback and strategies from everyone. -A raid team built on merit. We do not play favoritism when deciding who raids each night -A guild that helps each other. What we're looking for: -People who want to be more than just raiders in a guild. We want to build a strong social community to last. -Players with raiding experience looking to take their raiding to the next level. -People who want a team in it for the 'long haul' Our recruitment information can be found on our website: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message our GM or recruitment officers: Madaline (Madaline#1742), Quarztac (Quarztac#1448), Derfull (Derfel#1446), or email Best of luck in your searching!Quarztac14 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] Cross-Realm Raid Group Emerald Nightmare Hey everyone! With The Emerald Nightmare raid being released tomorrow, and everyone looking to tackle the new raid content... i'm looking for players who are interested in raiding with our Cross-Realm Raid Group. There are many skilled players with exceptional raid experience, who are looking to raid without leaving their current guilds or avoid transferring servers in order to participate in progression. This is a solution to those players. HOW IT WORKS: Faction: ALLIANCE Raid Group: Anywhere between 10-30 players as necessary (cross-realm is flex numbers) Loot: Personal loot for obvious reasons (cross-realm) Schedule: Mon-Thurs 7pm-10/11pm EST Voice: DISCORD (This is also how we will communicate between cross-realm) What i'm looking for: I'm currently looking for all roles. Tank/DPS/Healers. Many of us are flexible in what we can play, so recruitment is open till i can get a solid core group formed. If you also have past raid leadership experience, that's also welcomed! For the sake of the new content, you need atleast a minimum of 840 ilv and a history of performance. If you don't perform, you will be removed, simple. Players who consistently show up and perform will receive priority invites and this will flex up to 30 players. If you're interested, please add me on.. BTAG: ArexRang#1943 DISCORD: Looking forward to speaking with you all!Junglefury0 Sep 19
Sep 19 (A) Guardian Druid Alliance guardian druid looking for semi hardcore progression guild starting heroic EN 850 I level, 2 legendaries. Contra#11399Contrá0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] Making flasks free your mats Making flasks for free your mats also paying out 15k if i learn rank 3 msg me ingame or hereWhatsgoodd0 Sep 19
Sep 19 847 Prot Paladin LFG to raid with 847 Prot Paladin LFG to raid with. Prefer evening/nights. Feel free to add my battletag and we can talk from there Dubbz#1811Bigdubbz0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] <Horrors of Leng> looking for raiders <Horrors of Leng> is currently seeking members to join our guild here on US Stormrage. We are looking for active members and those who wish to raid in Legion, but we also accept social members . A little about us: We are progression raiders who moved to a new server for a new start. We are looking for raid members we can rely on for our main group. We have to rely on each other to get through the raids, we are only as strong as each other. Though we are seeking raiders, anyone is welcome to join. All we ask for is maturity and respect among our raiders and guildmates. No matter your level, class or gear, everyone is welcome to join us. We offer help for new and seasoned players alike. If you need anything, there will always be someone to help you. Just don’t be a beggar. That is one thing that is not tolerated in the guild. Main Raiding Team days: We have our raid days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9pm-11pm CST. We use discord for voice communication. We are currently looking for healers and DPS (ranged and melee.) We are accepting people who wouldn't mind being back up, with the chance of another raid group on the way. Non-raiders/Social members, PvPers and Mythic/Mythic+ dungeoneers welcome too! What we have to offer you as a member: - Bank accessibility - Raiding options (Possible second Group) - Helpful GM and Officers - Friendly, helpful members To join our guild, please fill out an application at If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Alayler or Euphorien (Raine#1780) on Stormrage. Thank youEuphorien0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Close-knit/Weekend Raid - LF Enhancement Sham Disciples of Wrynn Quick Facts Age Requirement: 21+ Raid Times: Sat/Sun 5:30pm - 9:30pm EST Currently Recruiting: Enhancement Shaman~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're a close-knit active guild that likes to get the most out of our social side and raiding side. We run guild events, group often, chat often in guild chat / TS! When it comes to raid we take it very seriously but still have fun! You won't experience someone screaming at you here but you are expected to min/max and push your class. The guild was created in late WoD and we pushed through 6/13M before we ran out of time. We're very dedicated and very excited to push hard in Legion! If you're interested in joining or would like to know more about our guild, please contact me via bnet athidae#1546Athidae1 Sep 19
Sep 19 LF Weekend night raid team I have a 830 rogue and 830 mage ready to go. I'm a experienced raider but got a new job so can't continue with my current team. Looking for a weekend (sat/sun)raid team or even a afternoon weekday time would work. Thank you!Sithrage2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Tank LF Early Morning/Midday Progression Currently ilevel 844 Protection Paladin, 2 Major Artifact traits purchased. I'm looking for basically anything in the 3am to noon EST range. Feel free to add me in-game, Valentari#1546Alyentari0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A]<Out Fer A Rip> Recruiting for Mythic Raid Is your crumby guild getting stale? Bready for something a little butter? Rye are you wasting your time when naan of these other guilds can meet your kneads? Quit loafing around and join <Out Fer A Rip>! Currently recruiting Ranged DPS and Healers (Hpally Priest) for our core raid team. If you are looking to kill Mythic content but also have fun and joke around while doing it, Out Fer A Rip is for you. drakunis#1630 or send me an in game mail. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-10pm PDT.Drakunís1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Aff Lock LF Serious Pvp Guild Just like the title says. Looking for a serious PVP focused guild to help push some higher ratings in 3's and RBG's. Haven't done serious arena in the past but feel confident with my class and am looking to learn all of the nuances. Very determined to take PVP to the next level and am looking for a guild with like minded players.Fourtress3 Sep 19
Sep 19 LF PvP/Mythic+ Dungeon Group/Guild Greetings! I am interested in finding a group or guild focusing on PvP and/or Mythic+ Dungeons for Legion. I have been a hardcore to semi-hardcore raider in the previous expansions since March 2005 but this expansion am looking to focus on other aspects of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed MoP and WoD's challenge modes and am looking forward to trying out the new rift-like dungeon mode. It would be great to have a set group of people to do these with, learn each other's playstyles and comps and really see how far we can go without having to deal with pug drama, inconsistency and be flexible with our schedules unlike raiding times. I also would like to devote more of my time to PvP. I have been very casual with it in the past but would like to make it my main focus alongside Mythics+. RBGs and/or Arenas with my shaman (my main) but I plan to level many alts to fit different comps. Thanks for reading! BTag is KattxBrat#1271 if anyone wants to hit me up in game. Sidenote: I'm comfortable playing any spec on my shaman. I have been elemental for years since Ulduar but have been playing Enhancement this expansion and am really enjoying it. I've done resto whenever needed for raids/arenas.Cocoabeast0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Resto- LFG Afternoon Raiding/Mythic Dungeon (Current ilvl 843) Looking for semi causal weekday raiding team / Mythic Dungeons ~12pm-4pm EST (server time)Hexatheen0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Returning player looking for a new home I'm looking between this server and Tichondrius for Alliance. The big draw for this server is that it's on the east coast (like me), but I am more of a PvP oriented player (BG's and Arena, not so much world pvp). Since I know this is the most popular PvE alliance server, would this still be a good place for someone that enjoys organized PvP? Thank you ahead of time for any responses.Bäz3 Sep 19
Sep 19 841 DK Tank LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hey guys, I am DK Tank looking for a semi-hardcore guild that plans to push through mythic content. I am confident in my abilities to be a main tank but I am perfectly fine if the team needs me as an off-tank. Whatever is best for the team. Availability: The days and times that I am available to raid are 7pm-11pm EST any day of the week. I may be able to make exceptions. Let me know when your guild raids. Goals: -Push through mythic raids -Continue gearing through mythic+ dungeons -Help guildies catch up in gear to help with raid content A little about myself: I have a lot of experience in tanking. Prior to this DK, I have been tanking on my paladin since TBC. My biggest accomplishment was being the main tank on a team that was #25 in the US during Cataclysm's first raids. I like to play to have fun but I also like to be competitive. I have the drive to push myself to be great for myself and for my team. Let me know if you are interested.Gilsbirt1 Sep 19
Sep 19 848 MM Hunter LF Progression Hi - I am looking for a night progression guild. 3-4 Raid nights a week. Anytime after 6pm EST. I am looking for a core spot in group.I was in one of the top 300 guilds in the US during WOTLK - maining prot pally. - I am non- toxic -I hate the new barrage -I know my class -I am currently working on losing my crit stats If you have any questions message me Iceiceice#11796Iceiceicee8 Sep 19
Sep 18 846 DPS Warrior LF mythic progression guild Returning raider with several years of experience trying to find a 2-3 days a week raid team. I'm available every day from 6:30-11:30 CST. Please post here or add me on bnet: Roltem#1404 if you wish to discuss in further detail.Rolymoly4 Sep 18
Sep 18 844 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild Currently looking for a raiding guild for the upcoming Emerald Nightmare release. Availability Tuesday-Thursday 10pm to 3am for late-night raiding. Mornings up to 10am. I've been a part of raid teams through vanilla to Cataclysm, pretty much skipped the past 2 expansions. Prot spec is at 843 ilvl. Arms spec is at 840. You can contact me here, in game or at Arkteren#1938Kozart1 Sep 18
Sep 18 845 Arms Warrior LF Semi-Hardcore Guild I am an 845 Arms Warrior that is looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is looking to try and at least push mythic and maybe pvp on the side. I am currently playing arms but am confident in all specs but would prefer not to tank. I am free week-nights after 6pm server time and various times on the weekend. Overall I am pretty flexible and a team player. Message me here or on Bnet. Flops#1440Flôps3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Rogue+hunter lf guild 9pm est onward Hey stormrage, As the title suggests we're looking for a new guild! (due to work times my current situation isn't going to cut it ;( We're both looking for a guild that raids approximately 2 nights a week (MAYBE 3 nights) My availability most nights during the week is 9pm est to about 12 or 1 am EST, and the same goes for my hunter friend. I've been playing wow since vanilla, and decided this is the expansion for rogue. (i've played warrior, and mage mostly for other expacs) Last expansion was a bit hit or miss with seeing how i HATED wod, but Legion has ignited a spark in me. I wanna "gank" as these new rogue kids would say. I'll provide links to both of our armories, and i'll also post my bnet account name so if anyone wishes to contact me they can! Armory: Armory (hunter) : Bnet rogue: Thanks and happy demon slaying!Zaerr3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Hunter LF Mythic Guild I am a serious progression raider from Star Wars: The Old Republic who is looking to get into Mythic WoW raiding. In case anyone is familiar with the game my SWTOR accomplishments include: -Have held the top dummy parses for both Operative DPS specs at various points -Pre 4.0 Revanchist (10/10) on Operative and Powertech DPS -Cleared all operations content in SWTOR on Operative DPS and most of it on Powertech I have also cleared all raiding content in Guild Wars 2, though that isn't much of an accomplishment. I am looking for a guild that doesn't mind someone still learning things about WoW. I consider myself dedicated to the games I pick up and I think I'm pretty good about learning my role/class and encounters. Ideally I would raid two or three nights a week, but I can be flexible with scheduling. That being said, Wednesdays and Mondays may be hard to fit in unless you begin later in the night. I am currently just 818 ilevel as I was late in hitting 110, but that should change in the next few days. Feel free to send me a request at Prikli#1394. Thanks for taking a look!Qwikli6 Sep 18
Sep 18 LF a Raiding Guild "to call home" I have raided as every class (except DH) and fulfilled every role (tank, m/r dps, raid/tank heal) over the 10 years I have played. In recent expansions my PC was simply not up to the task to be a "hardcore" raider. After reaching an all time low (8-12 fps on the 1 setting) during Legion I decided to invest in an affordably priced gaming PC. Now that I can actually play without fear of my PC just shutting off mid encounter, I would like to get back into raiding. I am really just looking for a guild that I can work to earn a place in as I don't have the gear currently to compete for a raid spot. I have no issue playing any class or role as needed since I understand patches and new content are always changing what has priority.Vulkon6 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] Resto Druid LF Mythic raiding guild Recent server transfer, left previous guild due to change in raid times. Began raiding in WOTLK, paused in pandaland, and came back for mythics in Draenor. I've always been in a top guild on my (albeit small) server. Previously led healers, but I'd rather not fall into that role again. Relaxed raider, not easy to anger. Looking for older (college and up) ages. Available weekdays 5-11pm. btag: butter#11187Buttër1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Boomy LF FRI/SAT late night raid guild Hello, after levelling a few toons on multiple servers i have decided to return home to stormrage. I am currenlty working on my boomkin and loving it so decided id make it my main. I am from new zealand and work 5 days a week on and off so fridays and saturdays (server time) are the only days id be able to raid. That being said i have raided as almost every class and spec since BC. I was a pally tank in WoTLK (skipped cata) was a lock/hunter/monk/warrior in MoP and raided as a hunter/ele shaman in HFC. I feel i have decent enough experience to be on a core team so if anybody would like to trial me or get in touch my btag is Akenaru#1898Kaminoikari1 Sep 18
Sep 18 P/H Pal & WW Monk LF Weekday Mythic Raid I'm currently an 849 Prot Paladin and I am bringing an 850 WW Monk friend of mine. Looking for a weekday raiding guild. Zosopage#1784 battletag. Add me :)Serawynn4 Sep 18
Sep 18 845 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Progression Guild Hello! I am seeking out a mature and experienced raid team to enjoy legion with. I have been raiding off and on since 2008 and am just as excited as ever to get into the raiding in this expansion. I'm looking for a raid team that is able to navigate the stress of progression in a mature fashion. I'm not into drama and screaming over pixels on the internet. Logistically, I'm looking for a team that raids during the week and starts a little later due to my work schedule. Ideally this would be any combination of Mon-Thurs between 9:30PM and 2AM est. I believe that it is very important to respect your fellow raider's leisure time by being on time and ready to roll when raid time starts and I hope you feel the same. Feel free to contact me in game or leave comments below and I will follow up with you. B-tag: MochaMadness#11532Kraxal2 Sep 18
Sep 18 841 Windwalker Monk LFG I'm a dedicated player and am looking for a new active guild that want's to progress after all my friends just quit before raid launch. I'm going to be actively looking out for guilds. I'm also west coast so preferably a later time but it can be discussed later.Manakick3 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A]<Incoming> Looking for a few more raiders We are a large meta guild located on Stormrage-US PVE and Zul'jin PVE realm. Our meta guild currently consists of the Alliance guilds Incoming, Incoming II and Incoming Three on Stormrage and the Horde guild Incoming on Zul'jin. Incoming is for our more progressed raid teams. Incoming II and Incoming Three supports our other raid teams as well as non raiding members, social, and leveling players. We have multiple raid teams with various raid times and raid styles focusing on end game content raiding. Considering all our raid schedules are very light, we expect our raid team members to maintain 100% attendance, be at the instance 15 minutes before raid and have studied boss encounters. We expect our members to be professional, get the job done, and be open to constructive criticism. We put skill, awareness and class understanding ahead of gear, however we do expect you to be gemmed and enchanted correctly. We are mainly made up of 25+ year old mature players who have been playing wow for a long time. We have a good mix of males and females in the guild. Our community of guilds require all members to be 18 and above due to the adult nature of our guild. Current raid teams and times: Night Life <Incoming> Raid Nights: Tues/Wed/Thurs Raid Times: 11pm-2am EST Recruiting: Healers (non pally) Melee - currently recruiting for bench Ranged DPS Oblivion <Incoming> Raid Nights: Tu-Th Raid Times: 8:30pm-10:30pm EST Recruiting: Frost/Unholy DK with Blood OS Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Hunter Warlock Mage Shadow Priest Frost/Unholy DK Havoc DK Ret Paladin Rogue Arms/Fury Warrior Balance Druid Ele/Resto SHaman Enh Shaman Meme Team <Incoming> Raid Nights: Tues & Wed Raid Times: 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Recruiting: 7 Ranged DPS - (Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Mage, Ele Shaman)) 1-2 Melee DPS - (Windwalker Monk, DK) 2 Healers - (Holy Priest, Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Mistweaver Monk) Wipe It <Incoming> Raid Nights: Tues & Wed Raid Times: 7:30pm-10:00pm EST Applications for Legion raiding are still welcome. Full on Tanks. Nightmare's Asylum <Incoming> Raid Nights: Sat & Sun Raid Times: Sat 8pm-12am Sun 8pm-11pm EST Currently Recruiting: Tanks - Paladin, Death Knight (both spots as bench tank) Healers - Monk, Paladin Melee - Monk Ranged - Shaman, Priest Lotion <Incoming> Raid Nights: Sat/Sun Raid Times: 7:00pm-10:00pm Recruiting for backup raiders at this time. visit for applications or msg: Sammun (wipe it) & GM Akyli (Lotion) Ghreeson, Luxvana, or Wesst (Night Life)Ghreeson3 Sep 18
Sep 18 (A)<Laissez Faire> LF Mythic Raiders < Laissez Faire> Currently looking for Mythic raiders for Legion. Semi hardcore raiding guild. Our raid times are Thurs/Sun 730-11pm server time. We have been a guild since 1/23/2016 with 400+ members. We have completed Heroic HFC and some Mythic before nerf. We use vent and require raiders to have a microphone. We are currently in need of : (Heals) Monk, H Priest, Shaman. (Dps) Ele Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Monk. All raiders must have prior raid experience and ilvl 835+. If interested please contact Ricosmalls, Bastina, or Astoria.Ricosmalls2 Sep 18
Sep 18 <Fast Forward> is hiring a Farmer! Hello Stormrage! <Fast Forward> currently has an opening for a farmer (Herbalist/Miner) to help supply and maintain raid consumables. What we have to offer; Mythic+ Dungeon runs weekly, up to +8/10 (Will increase in coming weeks) End-tier Mounts, Gear clears, as well as Achievement mounts for each tier An enjoyable, active environment References from previous farmers, with what they've received.If interested, or would like more information on our needs/what we can offer please contact; Sombria#1989 or Mainstream#1747Lilsomb2 Sep 18
Sep 18 <Artifact> [A] Artifact is a group of friendly, laid-back, and humorous players who aim to slay dragons in an efficient manner. Currently we are recruiting for our heroic core group which will be starting in normal. There are no mythic plans yet, but there will likely be people who wish to tackle that content. We may be having groups to do RBG's and Arenas, but those will be much less strict in terms of punctuality. We are currently in need of: HEALERS (Resto Shaman/Resto Druid preferred, but nobody will be ignored) & RANGED DPS (Shadow Priests/Balance Druids/Elemental Shamans, overall all will most likely be accepted) Our raid times are currently: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; from 7:00 P.M. to 11 P.M. (EST -5) They may be subject to change, according to most guildies availability. We have created a survey in order to discover more about you as a player and a person: Thanks, and we hope to kill Xavius' (and future bosses) annoying !@# with you! You may find and contact us on using these names and battletags: Enspirit - Stormrage US - Alliance - Weborg#1930 Pholos - Stormrage US - Alliance - Pholoz#1521Pholos0 Sep 18
Sep 17 847 Prot Warrior LF Progression Guild As the title states, currently ilvl 847 looking for a solid progression guild. I'm 24 years old and attending university full time. I'm returning from a long break (the last time I played the game seriously was wrath) looking to get back into progression raiding. I'm a mechanically good player who will take the time and effort to prepare/research all the necessary information before going into the raid. I plan on 100% raid attendance and being fully dedicated to clearing mythic content this expansion. It may or may not be worth noting I have a good (60+ FPS) computer with a reliable internet connection. I'm currently on Mannoroth, but will xfer given I find the right guild. Preferably looking for a weekday guild with Sunday being the exception. The only real time restraint I have is Tuesdays until 8:30pm EST as I have class up until then. Aside from that my schedule is open. btag - spitty#1142Spittylol0 Sep 17
Sep 17 851 Rogue Looking for Mythic Progression Available days are Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed, would prefer to finish no later than 12:30 AM. Contact me in-game or leave your website here and I can provide experience/logs/interviews.Subdivision0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Lag Anyone else experiencing high latency?Valdrenis1 Sep 17
Sep 17 <Wears a Vrykul Hat> is recruiting <Wears a Vrykul Hat> is a new, social guild that aims at creating a relaxing, supportive, drama free environment for our members. If you're just looking for a place to kick off your shoes after work and shoot the breeze with fellow gamers, we fit the bill. Just unwind and enjoy the beauty of the new expansion without any of the normal stress, responsibilities or expectations of the more "serious" guilds. We currently do not have any plans for organized events (such as mythic dungeon runs or raiding), but as we grow our membership this is subject to review and change. If interested, please add me at TanukiTales#1364Cindercakes6 Sep 17
Sep 17 [A]Weekend Morning Semi-Hardcore Raid Team [A] <Bad Intent> Weekend Raid Team is a semi-hardcore mature raiding team focused on steady progression while still having fun. Our raid times are Saturdays and Sundays 830am-1130am EST. We are currently recruiting the following: Marksman/survival hunter Elemental/enhancement shaman Others will be considered. We are always looking for new raiders to join us. Our goal for Legion is to full clear all raid content on mythic difficulty. If you are interested in raiding with Bad Intent's Weekend Raid Team please stop by our website and fill our a raid team application in the forums section. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to add me on Btag and message me in game. Btag: J4destar#1123 ~TuwaTuwa12 Sep 17
Sep 17 LF guild Ilevel 852 Prot / Holy / Ret paladin Looking for raid guild. Back from hiatus!Gideonjura7 Sep 17
Sep 17 842 Unholy/Blood LF after 3AM raiding I'm looking for a guild that's raiding after 3 AM or after 10 PM on the weekends.Apone0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Class theory crafting sites. I've always had issues finding reliable sites to research for min/maxing stuff.. Can you guys post links to sites that are updated with Legion stats? Looking for: Stat priorities Talent choices (Single vs AOE) Weapon Paths? Rotations Mainly looking for Hunter stuff right now but I have a million alts so I wouldn't mind getting all the other classses set up.Pedacow0 Sep 17
Sep 17 13/13M ☆ T/W 7-11 ☆ LF DPS ... ... Stop looking, because you have found it! We have finished in the top 20% of the World, the US and the top 10% of the server. We are aiming to be in the top 10% and move to even the top 5% and still maintain our 2 night schedule. We need dedicated people who understand the sacrifice of serious raiding in a short amount of time to help push us over the edge. ... We have been around for 8 years, same GM. Some faces may have changed over the years but we are still bonded by the same laws of the guild from day 1. ... ... * Yes, apps are required from everyone as well as logs. * Server transfer will be required. **Looking for Healers * Resto Druid * Holy Pally * Holy Priest **Looking for DPS * Warlocks Open to others for DPS but most spots are filling quickly. Schedule: Tues/Wed 7-11 pm EST; Invites 6:45 pm Progression 13/13 Mtyhic Server: Stormrage - Alliance Btag: Krazy#1922 Website: www.fbiguild.enjin.comKrazedin500 Sep 17
Sep 17 Raid Recruiting <Diligent> needing raiders for Legion. Currently need 1 tank and a dps with tank os. In desperate need for rdps. Full on melee and heals currenltly. For our raid team, it's all about having fun, killing bosses and listening to what's being called out. Please have previous experience. We like to have fun, if you die to something stupid, we will tbag you :-). Our raid times will be Tuesday and Thursday, 8-10:30 server. If people are able to, we will try to pick up a 3rd night. With that being said, we also have room for casual players. I don't make people raid if they don't want to. I like keeping my guild one big happy family. Look forward to hearing from you as we all get ready for Legion. My battle tag weasel#1146Nubrondan10 Sep 17
Sep 17 <Tavern> 2 Day Mythic LF H Pally/R Shaman TAVERN is a 2 day a week Mythic Guild. About us: The guild was formed during Highmaul back on the good old server of Darkspear. Since then the guild has grown a lot. Always getting AOTC and only looking to go further. We are taking things a little bit more seriously this time and are looking to push Mythic from the get go. Our current raid schedule is Wednesday/Thursday from 8 to 11pm eastern. Raid forms at 6:45pm and we pull boss at 7. We run a loot council system and if interested in a trial, you will be required to install RC Loot council (add-on). HFC progression: 12/13M What we expect from you: As a two day raiding guild, we don't have time to waste. We expect you to show up on time, properly geared/gemmed, and with knowledge of the fights. This means we expect mythic quality players. Current class needs: - 840+ Resto Shaman - 840+ Holy Pally If you have any more questions as to recruitment, please add me Via Real ID and ask what ever you would like. Real ID: gowrak#1356 crunch#11766 voketo#1366Gowrak6 Sep 17
Sep 17 Tue/Wed/Thurs LF Raiders Ex Inferno is looking for more people for a raiding team during the 10pm - 1am raid time. We are looking for all classes and specs at the moment so feel free to respond to this post, or me at FatkidXpress@1962 for more informationAlardandis0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Close-knit/Weekend Raid LF Mage/Boomkin Disciples of Wrynn Quick Facts Age Requirement: 21+ Raid Times: Sat/Sun 5:30pm - 9:30pm EST Currently Recruiting: Mage or Boomkin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're a close-knit active guild that likes to get the most out of our social side and raiding side. We run guild events, group often, chat often in guild chat / TS! When it comes to raid we take it very seriously but still have fun! You won't experience someone screaming at you here but you are expected to min/max and push your class. The guild was created in late WoD and we pushed through 6/13M before we ran out of time. We're very dedicated and very excited to push hard in Legion! If you're interested in joining or would like to know more about our guild, please contact me via bnet athidae#1546Athidae3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Outlaw LF laid back, ~midnight raiding guild. I've played WoW since November of 2004. I was hardcore raiding through Vanilla, BC, and Wrath like it was my job. I almost failed high school, lost a couple jobs, etc. I have achievements and titles for some of the hardest encounters and realm first heroic boss kills of that time period. I grew up, got a real job, etc. Plus I didn't quite like Cata, MoP, or WoD, so I didn't play but a couple weeks of those expansions. I'm enjoying Legion a lot and I have a stable work schedule and would love to get back into some raiding and rebuild that social aspect of this game by finding a group of laid back, semi-casual players like myself. I work until 11:30 PM EST, and have Monday and Tuesdays off. I can make any raids starting at, or after, midnight EST, and any time during my days off. I'm looking for a guild that wants to raid, but isn't super serious about it and just wants to have fun and shoot the !@#$. But also wants to kill bosses. Ya know. I've also leveled a Fire Mage. I'd prefer to raid on the Rogue, but realize melee is a bit over saturated at the moment and caster DPS might be more in demand.Iyo0 Sep 17