Oct 18, 2015 Looking for a late night raiding guild. Since coming back to WoW a few months ago I've found it difficult to get into Normal HFC. Finding a guild that is in Normal content and raids late is even more difficult. So here is the run down on me: I'm currently ilvl 691 Assassination Rogue, I've seen N HFC as far as Gorefiend and that's it. LFR I've called home for a little while. I'm looking for a late night raiding guild that raids Thursday-Saturday as that is the days i'm off work. The guild would also need to be patient and understanding so as to help gear this Rogue up so I can contribute to progression with them.Isarian0 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 . Sorry, nevermindKaemarie1 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 711 disco/shadow LF weekend Looking to join a reasonably competent weekend group. :) Alt raids are fine! Minimum 13/13H otherwise. My main spec (+ring upgrades) is currently disc but I can go shadow if necessary. My ilvl will be slightly lower if I have to switch. I'm available 2pm-3am ST, Fri - Mon. NOT looking to server transfer (hence post in Stormrage forum.) Hope to hear from you soon :DAdloquium4 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 any guild doing 13/13 Heroic carries any available spot this weekend? please add me chepin#1296Arcamage0 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 Looking for a raid spot I am coming back after taking about a month long break and want to get back into raiding. My current overall experience is 10/13H. I have been playing since BC and have raided in all content except for CATA. I primarily have played a tank, but have switched to dps off an on this expansion. I have cleared most content prior to the "end of the raid nerf," and have dabbled in mythic progression usually killing a portion of the bosses but never fully clearing mythic. What I am looking for is an established guild or at least established players that have similar progression. I am fine doing just heroic content, but have no issues with mythic. I would like to find a guild that has older players 25 plus. Also, I don't like to guild hop so i am looking for a long term home. I am able to raid 7 to 11 Eastern any day except Friday. I have some family obligations that would take me away from the game for about 5 to 10 minutes on a few nights. Btag exceptional#1740Nosilá2 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 Returning player LF PVE guild Returning to WoW. Looking to find a guild to play with. Would like to raid. I have several lvl 100s and even more 90-99. Im okay with playing any class/spec. My schedule can be adaptable if need be. I enjoy mount hunting and completing old achievements, legionaries and transmog sets. In the past I could easily put in 8 hour days on WoW like it was nothing. Now a job, wife and two kids slightly make it a challenge to do so anymore.Corbien1 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 [A] <Benevolence> 13/13H LF Healers! Hi everyone, Benevolence is looking for new friends to join our team and fill out our Heroic raid! We're a group of old friends who enjoy killing bosses and taking their stuff, and we want you to be a part of that. We raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-11 PM. We have completed the goal we set for ourselves in the beginning of this expansion by clearing every tier of content on Heroic mode. We currently have no plans for Mythic Hellfire raiding, but will continue our heroic raids into Legion and beyond. We are seeking Shaman, Monk, and Holy Priest healers, as well as ranged DPS. It is very important to us that new raiders be available for every raid night, barring unforseen circumstances. We have lots of folks who pop in every few weeks and contribute, but we are seeking consistent core raiders. We're looking for people who can come in and contribute right away, so we ask that your gear be at least item level 695 on average. That said, we're more concerned about attitude and consistency than your purples. If you enjoy spending weekday nights kicking back, having a few beers and ridding Draenor of Gul'Dan's cronies, consider joining us! Interested applicants may contact Zoraida or Raistman in game, or send a friend request to BattleTag Luca#1187. Thanks! Hope to see you soon!Zoraida0 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 Looking for an active guild For dungeons/raids/pvp/pve etc. I'm an active player!Tyrod0 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 <Maelström> LF Member <Maelström> recruiting for our N HFC group. RL 13/13N & 8/13H. Need all to fill out our roster. iLvl 675+ Pref. We raid Wed/Thurs 6:30-9:30 Server. Raid consumables and repairs are provided. Vent is mandatory for members. We're still fairly small so it's quiet on off-peak hours. We're growing as a group each week and are looking for more semi-casual players who will show up for raids each week. We call ourselves semi-casual because we don't want any drama or players who get mad over failed attempts. Send me a tell in game or add me on Bnet! - VegetazDonkar12 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 <Predominant> is recruiting for mythic! Predominant is currently 13/13H and raid T/W 9-12pm EST. We are progressing on Mythic Assault and have it down to 30% after just 4 pulls. We are formed of two server top 40 guilds that are merging into one. We have a core of around 17, but need two healers (holy pally, Resto druid, or Monk) and a few ranged DPS to round out the team. Legendary ring is a requirement and item level should be around 710 or higher, but if you can to 50-60k DPS on most fights we will take you. While we are good group of people, we are still getting to know each other. If you are interested in getting started with a mythic guild where there is still room to earn a core spot, or just try us out then add my battletag Matty#1900 or whisper me in game.Matty2 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 <Last Word> (A) Weekday raiding guild Last Word We are a solid established raid team here on Stormrage Currently we are 13/13 HC and 13/13 N. Last patch we were 7/10 M with a semi core raiding team. We need people that are dedicated and on time in order to make it to the top by the end of this tier. Currently recruiting: Ranged DPS- All classes except shamans/hunters Melee DPS –all classes (preference for warriors/rogues/druids) Healers – All classes except Tanks – All classes except warriors We are looking to round out our roster to progress through Our raid times are 8pm-11pm EST Tuesday/Wednesday. We use Ventrilo and ask that you come prepared with gems/chants/pots/food and such. Once trial is over these amenities will be provided for you If you are interested or have any further questions please feel free to add me at gabe#1853Proof29 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 714 DPS Warrior LF Heroic or Mythic Guild Hello, I recently transferred from Illidan to Stormrage and I am interested in joining a raiding guild that will hopefully continue raiding throughout Legion. I am currently 2/13 M and have the AOTC achievement for HFC. Thanks in advance. BTAG- Bolls#1597 Armory- Logs- Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 Mythic Hellfire Assault 10/17 On Saturday 10/17 at noon EST, <Hand of Fate> is hosting Mythic Hellfire Assault progression for anyone with Heroic experience hungry for a chance at Mythic. We are currently recruiting range DPS and Healers for the Mythic team we are building. ***Min. item level will be 710 equipped and armory will be screened to verify Heroic mode experience.*** Considering upcoming patch 6.2.3 enables Mythic cross realm raiding, <Hand of Fate> will consider a temporary merger with any guild that can provide the necessary range DPS and Healing we are missing. That said, even if you aren't interested in joining or merging with our guild, come out and raid with us on Saturday if you want a shot at Mythic Hellfire Assault. ***This event will be progression, so be prepared to wipe.*** If you are interested, reach me in-game while I'm on my paladin or add my battle tag: Alex#15461Alexannder1 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 5/13M Blood Dk Lf Weekday Raiding Guild Currently Standings: 5/13M Looking For: 6/13M+ Logs: Specs: Blood and unholy, STRONGLY LOOKING FOR A TANKING POSITION Times: Preferably Sun-Thurs Between 7pm-1am EST Looking for 3, 3 hour block or 2, 4 hour blocks Am available Friday and Saturday depending on time and progression level My story: Have raided Heroic(Mythic) during Cataclysm on a Hunter and took a break MoP. Came back towards the end of MoP and rerolled Prot Pally. Nordrassil had fallen to the fourth worst server so using OpenRaid I pugged through Heroic SoO Pre 6.0. Finishing 9/14H in a short amount of time before 6.0 hit. At the start of WoD I decided to play DK on an impulse. I discovered I had found my class and began to excel at it. I built my tanking ability around the idea that I shouldn't have to relay on externals and that they are a privilege to have. This allows me to know that my greatest weakness is try to push my self to far and not asking for externals. Though, all tanks I have ran have loved the experience I have created for them, finding I made it easier for them. I left Nordrassil around the start of September to go to Stormrage. Being a big fish in a small pond got old. I joined GK, a guild that was focused on progression but had a very laid back environment. I was part of their first Kilrogg kill and began the gorefiend grind with them. We made a lot of progress but then lost a lot of people. The guild has recently decided to fold. I would still say the transfer was worth and I greatly enjoyed my time there. Would definitely spend the money to raid with them again. I loved my tanking partner and am now looking for another one. I'm primarily looking for a progression guild that is laid back. No one is gonna lose their !@#$ when someone misses an interrupt on the first pull kinda thing. I feel this is enough information to present my case. I feel you should know what I am looking for and if I'll meet what you're looking for.I am only looking for serious offers to apply. ~Krazyfox KrazyFox#1430Krazyfox0 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 2 Tanks/Healer and 2 DPS - Looking for Home So my girlfriend and I are on the Baelgun Realm and we are looking to transfer. We ran SOO heroic then took a break from the game and recently came back and are looking for an end-game raiding guild/team (PVE). Toons: This is a combination of me, my girlfriend, her cousin and her boyfriend Tank - Pally (me) Tank - Monk (gf) Healer - Druid (gf) DPS - Hunter (cousin) Healer - can't remember (her bf) Tank - DK (her bf) Start Times: So basically, we are looking for 1 -2 nights a week start time around 7:00 PM EST. We are even available for a weekend run day/night start time 8-9 AM EST or 7:00 PM EST. Content: Anything to gear us up for higher level content and experience or anything to help others gear up or for experience. If you're interested in this package, leave a message here. Hopefully we can find a good home if/when we transfer P.S. If this works out, and we do transfer and the guild/team is looking for more people, we have 2 more real life friends that would be willing to transferLazagna5 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 16, 2015 Selling glorious leg plate Selling the glorious leg plate i just got know how much they are worth message me if anyone has any offers for them.Derek1 Oct 16, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 DVS GAMING 12/13N, 6/13H Recruiting DVS GAMING US-STORMRAGE-ALLIANCE We're a diverse 18+ community looking to fill spots for heroics. We focus on consistency and competency. Raiders are expected to show up on time, improve, work as a team, and of course, have fun! Raid awareness is a must! Item level is negotiable, but looking for 690+. We are currently recruiting: (all qualified raiders regardless of class will be considered) Warlock Boomkin Hunter Spriest Mage WW Monk Warrior *Any class with OFF SPEC of tank or heals! (Must be able to effectively use OS if needed) Raid Times: T/W/M 8-11:30pm EST (Invites start at 7:30pm EST) We also have alt runs on Fridays, and a casual weekend team forming. Not just a guild, but a community! EMBRACE YOUR DEVIANCE!! Interested? Contact Välgasm in game (alt 132). Bnet- valbot1982#1432 Twitter- @DVS_VAL We also accept members just looking to have a fun, social guild atmosphere! PST any member online for a guild invite!Valgäsm1 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 692 MW Monk I am currently looking for a new home. I use to be a hardcore raider and want to become one again. I am looking for a guild who can bring the best of personality and progression at the same time. I have been raiding since vanilla. I know my class extremely well and I can promise you 100% raid attendance. Currently 12/13N HFC, but have studied all of the Heroic fights. I am available: Monday thru Thursday anytime after 5pm. In closing, I'm looking for a guild focused on progression and is focused on heroic/mythic content. Looking for a core spot, not a "sub". Looking for a guild that has fun but buckle down when its time for bosses. Any questions, please feel free to add my battletag: Sproutzz#1785Vanthioz5 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 710 9/13M Hpally LF NEW HOME LF NEW HOME for my Holy Paladin ALT to raid on Wed/Thursdays/Friday 9/13M XP on main mistwaver (horde) Hashtag#1976Comp4 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 <A>720 Disc Priest 5/13M LF Mythic Team Hello All My guild has stopped raiding, so am in need of a solid Mythic raid team. I am an Experienced Disc Priest with available logs who is currently 13/13H 5/13M . TIMES AND DAYS: -Ideal time for me would be raids that don't go past 12PM server. I simply cannot go past midnight due to real life obligations. -Ideal number of raiding days would be 2-3 days.Weekdays are more preferable Please do take the time to show me you were paying attention, meaning please don't respond with"hey, I know you said 12, but can you do 1?" Thanks for your time! and I can be reached at Dralen#1104Dralenn0 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 LF Weekend Raiding Guild. 10/13H Prot Warrior 10/13H exp. I am a Prot Warrior looking for a new casual to semi-hardcore raiding guild to join. Item Level 700 I have Fury OS. Have Blackhand AOTC. I am not interested in Mythic raiding. Thanks.Vargotha0 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 Replica Gauntlets of Valor Anyone have a pair of "Replica Gauntlets of Valor" please ingame mail me or add me to your friends list so we can talk price plz.Pyrìél0 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 716 Mage LF Mythic Guild I know mechanics very well and im ready to start mythic gearing up. add Burnsie5511#1320 on battlenet if interestedMagebuff2 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 WoW Funny Moments! Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 Cheapest H HFC Carries Done over 60+ carries since release of HFC Prices are as followed: Heroic 12/13 Clear - 150K /Roll Heroic 13/13 Clear - 200K /Roll Heroic Archimonde ONLY - 100 /Roll 2 Weeks of 13/13 H Clear - 300K /Roll Complete Package Deal: 1 Run 13/13 H Where you /Roll what you need in a 30M raid 1 Run 13/13 H with all loot for your spec reserved in a 30M raid 2 Runs to ensure you get everything you need Price: 500KG All prices are negotiable. Gold only accepted on Sargeras & Stormrage. Run is done on Tuesday @ Noon EST (When raid IDs reset) Another run is done on Wednesday @ 3:30PM EST Why is our run special? We run with 30 people guaranteed, which means more loot for your buck. We get the maximum loot drops which ensures you will get the maximum chance to get all the loot you need. Instead of playing with 10 people and 4 buyers in our competitors run, you run with 29 people and you! Contact: Dysfunction#1930 *This run is done by indie teams and not associated with any guild.Gardenhead7 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 Mythic BRF Hi, I'm new in this server i was wondering if anyone would like to do Mythic BRF just for transmog purposes. Hit me up in game if interested :DArianagrande0 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 LF weekend Raid Guild 8-12 ish server ALT looking for a FrI-Sat raid group, have 13/13H exp on main, need to find an active guild that wont cancel weekly due to low turnouts. Enhance MS Resto OS.Ziinduul1 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 The Hand of Medivh - Weekend Raid Team *The Hand of Medivh* - Looking for dedicated members to fill our weekend heroic raid team! Currently 11/13 H - We raid 6pm-10pm Saturday and 5pm-9pm Sunday (server time). We're a fun, friendly, and close-knit guild that loves to help each other in all aspects of the game. We have a lot of fun together but very serious with raiding. We're currently refilling our roster for our weekend raid team. We are currently not looking for a Tankadin or Disc Priest. -We use Vent -Guild Repairs for Raids -Fun and stuctured raid setting -Achievement runs and other miscellaneous events often planned as well! Add me via Bnet! "Athidae#1546"Athidae0 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 Congrats Fast Forward on Server 2nd I would like to congrats our second server kill for achieving this goal. For those who have experienced mythic raiding you know that Mythic Archimonde is one of the more difficult boss we have seen. It is a great achievement to have killed him. Congrats Fast Forward.Krazyrampage2 Oct 14, 2015
Oct 14, 2015 [A] Resto Druid+WW Monk LF raiding guild Pair of experienced raiders looking for Mythic or near-Mythic raiding guild. We're returning from a post-BRF break. Highly prefer an established guild. We'd also prefer something that isn't in limbo due to roster size issues. These issues are what drove our previous guild to collapse and prompted us to take a break. Raid times: Weekdays: Between 7:30pm and 12am, EST Weekends: Between 3pm and 12am, EST Minhei - Windwalker Monk: Armory: Logs: (ATTN: Heroic BRF) Karøu - Restoration Druid: Armory: Logs: Oct 14, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 Nevermore is looking for 21+ players! <Nevermore> is looking for fun, active and chatty 21 or older players! We accept all styles of play; from the filthy casuals, to the lowly levelers, to even semi-hardcore raiders! We offer a fun, social atmosphere where dirty jokes and serious conversations run rampant! We just ask that you are over the age of 21 and are not easily offended. We are a LGBTQ friendly guild, and will not tolerate any hate speech of any kind. We offer vent, free guild repairs, fun weekly/monthly events, and more! If you are interested in raiding, we have select spots available. Purple Team (Tues/Thurs 8:45-11:30pm est) is recruiting for 3 ranged & 2 melee. The following classes are currently accepted at this time! -Melee - Rogue Enhance Warrior Death Knight -Ranged - Spriest Ele Sham Warlock Mage If you are interested, hit me up on btag (jayderayven#1156), otherwise, /who Nevermore and ask for Lily For more info, check out our website @ www.nevermore.enjin.comTygerlíly17 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 702ilvl Druid Tank LF Weekday Raiding Guild Pref times are tuesday,wednesday or thursday before 12pm, but other weekdays are possible for me. I have 7/13H experience and have any form of communication required. Btag: Chumpjohn#1580Kasera5 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 LF Healer for Mythic THIS WEEK ONLY We are looking for an experienced healer for our mythic raid this week only. We have one of our healers MIA this week due to personal issues. We would like either a Resto Druid or Holy Pally. The guild is actually recruiting a full time Holy Pally if interested in a long term commitment. We are a small 2 night a week raiding guild that is currently 5/13 Mythic. We had 2 nights of progression on Gorefiend and had him to 22%. We will continue this progression this week which the interested person would be part of. You must be able to raid both Tues and Wed 7-11 pm EST. We do invites at 6:45 pm. Flask, food, potions and runes are required. We will help provide any if needed. Must have logs and a good understanding of the first 6 encounters. Anyone not able to keep up will be replaced and this goes for guild members as well. This is a full guild run except for the one healing spot. Be prepared to kill the first 5 mythics on Tuesday and work progression on Gorefiend for Wednesday. Any questions please btag me at Krazy#1922 Logs will be reviewed and item level should be Mythic ready, Ideally 715+ but will not take anyone under 710.Krazyrampage1 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 WoW Funny Moments #28 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 [A] <Vis Vires> 7/7H.10/10H.13/13N.11/13H Vis Vires is a brand new casual leveling guild that has just formed, and we are looking for new members to fill the ranks! We are welcoming every type of player in the WoW Community. We are currently looking for individuals interested in raiding, leveling, questing, achievement hunting, old-content, pvp, and many more! Our Raiding style is Semi-Hardcore, but we get the job done without being rude about it. We're a great group of ladies and gentleman that enjoy playing our favorite game, and experiencing the content to the fullest! Our Goals - Create a fair, inviting, friendly, and respectable community! - Progress through the content as it comes out, and then revisit old content regularly! - Earn Guild Achievements (We have a VERY active calendar) - Help fellow guild members progress in their own endeavors - Enjoy the events, help innovate fun guild events/activities! Who We Want! - Individuals looking to raid! - Individuals looking for help leveling! - Individuals looking to experience old content! - Individuals looking for a fun, social, friendly guild environment! - Individuals who want to keep all their alts in one location! - Individuals who like doing events together, we have a VERY active calendar! Our Current Raid Progress Currently we have available positions on our raid teams. Our team is compromised of individuals have experienced every type of content from the easiest to the most difficult setting in every expansion. We are currently raiding Heroic Hellfire Citadel and progressing quickly through it. We currently have 1 team available and in need of positions. We ask that if you sign up on the calendar for a raiding event, you try to make it. If not, we understand, and hope to see you in the future. We are a casual raiding guild and as such, we progress while having a good time. We would love to have you in our guild contributing to our raiding endeavors. We are currently 7/7N, 7/7H, 10/10N, 10/10H, 13/13N, 11/13H! Previous Raid Progress We have raided all of the old content, and one of the best and most enjoyable things that we like to do within the guild, is to experience the old content for newcomers, transmog runs, achieve runs, mount drops, etc. If you're looking for a guild that has an active calendar, this is the guild for you! Our Current Heroic Hellfire Citadel Raiding Schedule Team 1 - Wednesday - Friday: 8 PM - 11 PM Server Time (recruiting DPS/Tank/Heals) - Contact Eightfold or Durendalz for recruiting info/questions. As we continue to grow and progress, we are open to adding additional days to raid with multiple teams. The other days are filled with different guild events and social activities! We are happy to have you, and hope that you find what you are looking for in Vis Vires! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread, or whisper Buccimage in-game. Thank you!Buccimage25 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 13, 2015 Phury Poaches, Nice Phury's Recruitment Officer: Druidtank - thekidfresh#1211 Logged on the server Aerie Peak and sent multiple in game mails to Raiders that have been apart of Insanity, some for 10 years. We did not appreciate your in game mails trying to poach our members. Please discontinue. Thanks a bunch! Stay Classy.Hellgoddess19 Oct 13, 2015
Oct 12, 2015 (A) 710 Warrior LF Active Raiding Guild I am considering switching realms and factions to come to this server as alliance. Would like to see what kind of guilds are out here who would be interested in recruiting someone like me.Deucë6 Oct 12, 2015
Oct 12, 2015 Disc Priest 712 ilvl LF late night mythic Good Afternoon, Disc Priest with Shadow Off Spec (new to shadow) 712ivl(disc) and 714ivl (shadow)i am looking for a guild that raids sometime around 9PM server or later. i am not looking to play as shadow, still learning. i have been raiding sense 2005, but took a 6 month break. i just came back about 2 months ago, currently 13/13 Heroic. Please add me in game to chat more. ray #11464Amazingheáls3 Oct 12, 2015
Oct 12, 2015 Mythic Weekend Group Myself and some other players in <vodka> are looking to make a group to run on either Friday or Saturday that will look to clear 8 or 9 mythic bosses that night. Raid Times : 8-12 EST Need: 1 tank 1-2 Healers 4-5 DPS Most of the people that are in this group right now are 13/13M so we expect you to come prepared to quickly kill the early bosses in this instance. We will most likely be skipping Gorefiend, and going upstairs and killing shadowlord/socrethar/fel lord. This run will take place EVERY week, and loot will be given out based on your attendance. If you have any questions shoot me a message: Dreamsx(Dreams#1467) Also, please fill out this form if you are interested in running with us: Oct 12, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 <Laid Back> H HFC GDKP Run! Sunday, Oct. 11 Hello Stormrage, <Laid Back> will be starting a Heroic Hellfire Citadel 30M GDKP run starting on Sunday October 11th, from 7pm-12am server time. Sign up here! Sign up here! There will be a 10k buy in to participate in the GDKP run. This 10k will be collected once the group forms and will be added to the pot and distributed along with the pot when the GDKP run concludes. There will be 31 shares, 30 will go to all the people in the raid, the other share will be split among the people we have on “standby” “Standby” means you are a backup incase someone does not show up. Keep in mind that people sometimes do not show up for whatever reason, and thus we normally have a few spots open that we bring people in from standby slot. So do not get discouraged if you are slotted as backup. We will be using the Raid Chat to handle looting. The master looter will link an item, and you will type your bid into the chat. Each item will have a 30s window for bidding. After 30s, the highest bidder will trade their gold for the item. ... ... If there are any questions that I do not answer here, join the chat channel “LBGDKP” and I will assist you. Or add me @ Ziquan#1606Noveliss13 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 712 Hunter LF Guild 1/13 M and 13/13 712 Hunter LF mythic raiding guild. I am looking to change guilds due to changes in my work schedule. My old guild was an early evening raiding team and now I need something later. I can currently raid any night of the week, but on Tuesday and Thursday I cannot raid until between 10 and 10:30 pm est. I am willing to xferr for the right fit; my btag is Dractwo#1699. I can provide logs if needed as well.Draconee0 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 <SNAPPED> is recruiting officers! SNAPPED is now recruiting officers! LF following roles - (Relations, Bank, Recruit, PVP and events). Mail or PST Kajarah in game if interested.Kajarah1 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 The Defiled Crusade--Ninjas Joined a lovely run by this crew of misfits. Run had Leather gear reserved, running it on a hunter, so that was all fine and dandy. Conveniently changed the loot rules to All AGI gear being reserved after the boss had died. Nice group of ninjas. When I spoke to the guild master, Twitcch, I was told to deal with it. Just a heads up folksClevrmonknam0 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 MYTHIC RECRUITMENT 13/13 HEROIC Last Word is a solid chill raiding guild that raids from 8:00-11:00 PM EST Tuesdays/Wednesdays. We currently just need a few more people and we are ready to start mythic progression. We are looking for any exceptional players of any class, mail me in game if this sounds up your alley or you can add me on battlenet at Burnsie5511#1320 or the guild leader Gabe#1853 and we can schedule a trial run :) MUST HAVE REQUIREMENT - ITEM LEVEL 705 OR ABOVE - LEGENDARY RING OR CLOSE TO IT Last Word... We have the final say!Isdeath3 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 LF DPS to grow to Mythic Hit It Like You Mean It is a casual but progression-oriented alliance raiding guild. We raid two nights per week: •Tuesday 9:00pm until 12:30am Eastern •Thursday 9:00pm until 12:30am Eastern We are currently looking for other like minded adults to build towards Mythic content without sacrificing our core beliefs. This means we may or may not kill Mythic bosses this tier but we will not just hit the first 20 people we get online and raid. If this sounds like a good fit for you regardless of your current gear/progress take a look at and apply today. Battletag Pawle#1122Hotpawkets2 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 698 Rogue, With Ring LF Late Night Raid. Title says it. I'm a 698 Item Level Rogue Main Spec sub but have the gear for combat atm. Me and my friend a 692 Feral druid looking to find a Heroic raiding guild wanting to progress into mythic. We're looking for a late night guild. Something that starts raids after 10pm EST. I've cleared 6/13H he's only done about 3/13H. We're both excellent raiders have played since vanilla. We both recently Xferd to this server. We both came from Zul'jin. Rogue: Druid: Feel free to contact us on here or battlenet. We're both looking to raid together. Maverick#11637 Chucknorris#1637 Thanks for your time.Fín2 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 10, 2015 WTB Discontinued/Unobtainable Items!! Im once again buying discontinued items and pretty much all discontinued items since im more or less starting from scratch (again). I haven't been able to compile a list yet but here is some items so you get the idea. Old Stratholme Gear (dreadmist/beaststalker/wildheart/devout/"of valor"/lightforge/magister) any of those boes Scarlet Chestpiece/gloves/boots Old scarlet monastery gear Eye of Shadow Recipe: Deviate Scale Belt Recipe: Discolored Healing potion Pattern: Robes of Arcana Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Faded Photograph Defias belt twilight medallion of the station Bottom/top/middle half of Advanced Armorsmithing I think you get the idea, reciples, patterns, gear, useless junk items, im willing to buy it all. The complete junk items I might pass on but i definitely want all items even if they are useless. If i have multiples ill still buy but for quite a bit less. Add JAC#1816 or realid: or Aunga on Stormrage alliance. Please help me to rebuild my collection and understand that i cant always pay insane amounts of gold for every little item just because it is discontinued because I am of course limited.Jah1 Oct 10, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 702 Disc priest; 13/13h and 3/13m XP lf guild Hey everyone. I am an experienced raider from past tiers, and I am looking for a group on Alliance-Stormrage to main raid with on my Disc Priest, Naamun-Stormrage. In this tier I have done 13/13h and 3/13m as a healer. I am looking for a raid that ends by 11pm server time during the week or later on weekends. Feel free to message me in game with questions!Kavena2 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 The Hand of Medivh - Weekend Raid Team *The Hand of Medivh* - Looking for dedicated members to fill our weekend heroic raid team! Currently 11/13 H - We raid 6pm-10pm Saturday and 5pm-9pm Sunday (server time). We're a fun, friendly, and close-knit guild that loves to help each other in all aspects of the game. We're have a ton of fun together but very serious with raiding. We're currently refilling our roster for our weekend raid team and are in search of all classes and specs! -We use Vent -Guild Repairs for Raids -Fun and stuctured raid setting -Achievement runs and other miscellaneous events often planned as well! PM Athidae-Stormrage in game or reply here! We'd love to hear from you!Athidae2 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 WTS 20 Wartorn Cloth Scraps Old drop from Naxx40 to get tier 3 gear, removed in patch 3.0 I believe? Just dusting this toon off, found them in the bank. Don't think you can redeem them these days, they're mostly a collectible. Buckeye#1513Priest0 Oct 9, 2015