Dec 12 You Need A Tank for +Mythics?! Taken offers on selling my self haha so listen up! 110 Alliance Prot Warrior rdy to go hardd in the dungeons. I literally just got laid off from work and will be on unemployment for the next 8 months! Any Pro squadd looking to take in a extremly reliable and active Prot Warrior Tank right now. I would be a hugeee ASSET to your team! I have experince up to +12s on my Main. But iv benched that toon to go full time PROT WARRIOR!! Add Salty604#1704 to If your squad looking for a up and coming extremly active and reliable Prot Warrior.Gaarastrike3 Dec 12
Dec 11 <Domestic Violence> 1 Night a Week Raiding Raid Times: Wednesday: 7-10 CST We are currently clearing 7/7H Emerald Nightmare in approximately an hour. We have been holding off on Heroic ToV until we fill a few more spots on our roster. Who we are: <Domestic Violence> is a small group of close friends who have been playing together for close to a decade. The raid leaders have been in top-tier guilds throughout each iteration of the game since The Burning Crusade. Legion will mark the beginning of a new chapter for us as we come together in an effort to create something of our own that is unique and worth being a part of. We will keep raids fun, while staying on task to clear heroic raids as efficiently as possible. Life isn't as simple as it was during the days of skipping classes and calling in sick to work to get ready for Black Temple raids; for this reason we are creating a high-functioning raid group that will test the limits of what a 3 hour schedule can provide. Who we are looking for: Raiders who can be on time and have near 100% attendance. We expect you to understand your class and be versatile with your spec. This means spending the gold to properly gem and enchant your gear as well as knowing how to spec for each encounter. We require that you come to the raid with knowledge of boss mechanics. Repeated simple mistakes can not be tolerated with our schedule. If any of the above needs explanation: you are not what we are looking for. We raid on Wednesday specifically to allow for experienced alts to join and raid with us. What you can expect from us: A fun and friendly atmosphere Being part of a tight-knit active community Nightly Mythic+ runs and carries Nightbane runs Off-night raids BGs and Arenas Repairs will be provided for all members. Current needs: Ranged DPS - emphasis on Hunter/Warlock Healers - 2 spots open. Pally/Monk/Rsham For more information please add Voelkl#1496Voelkl1 Dec 11
Dec 11 H-Youngcrew looking for dps we are haveing a try out for dps of all kinds atm we are also looking for one healer ether a holy pally or resto druid message me for more info raid times are tue- thu 10pm-1230 est mondays optional 7/7H EN 3/3 TOV N contact me at Gixer#1548Nessè0 Dec 11
Dec 11 869 Spriest and 2 869 Rogues LF Guild Hey all, Says it above, but we're three friends who are looking to raid together on a 2 night schedule. Preferably looking for a guild that is working on heroics and moving into mythics. Add my battletag (CRMVeli#1827) and we can try to get something working! Looking forward to finding a new home!Velithayda6 Dec 11
Dec 11 7/7H raiders LF Mythic team or Merger We are a transferred bunch that was unable to recruit the people we needed for a mythic team, we are LF a team in need of our players to Progress thru Mythic content. We have. Mistweaver monk 872 (1 legendary) Blood DK 878 (2 Legendary's) Frost mage 871 (2 Legendary's) Shadow Priest 879 (3 Legendary's) Fury Warrior 876 (2 Legendary's) Enhancement Shammy 874 (2 Legendary's) Some of our raiders other then these 6 do have plans to Xfer but we want to have a team preped and ready for mythic. Contact me at Holydiver#12445 to chat about times and how you want the raid to perform and the goals of the team!Mistyelliott2 Dec 11
Dec 11 [H] SG1S [7/7 M-EN] - T/Th 8hr - Tank & R-DPS ~~ Updated as of 12/06/2016 ~~ SUPERGROUP ONE SHOT - US-Stormreaver (PvP) - Horde Current & Previous Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic as of 2/23/2016 - US-Ranked #32 for 2 Night Raiding Guild Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific) // 8:00pm-12:00am (Central) // 9:00pm-1:00am (Eastern) Recruitment Needs: Paladin or Warrior Tank with decent DPS Off-Spec Warrior DPS with decent Tank Off-Spec Shadow Priest Mage Warlock Competitive Off-Spec Heal or Tank is a huge plus! If your class is not listed but you *know* you can perform well, please apply! About SuperGroup One Shot: Supergroup One Shot was formed during the tail end of Throne of Thunder. The guild was created for a single purpose: to punch monsters and to have a good time. This common goal has proven to be successful, and we have been raiding together for multiple years. Our raiding environment is casual and lighthearted. You will find no supercilious attitudes among our members. Everyone is free to contribute any thoughts they may have, and all opinions are respected. A number of us have played other games together for years and have developed a friendly rapport. Our positive relationships both in and out of the game have resulted in Supergroup One Shot being a drama-free guild. Our Expectations: Attendance: The only way we can succeed and have fun is as a team, so we expect all raiders to make coming to raid and being on time a priority. If something comes up or you have other plans, you must notify an officer 48 hours before your anticipated absence if possible. Many of us are students or working professionals, and we all have obligations outside of raiding. We also understand that sometimes life events come up unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it's important that we're investing time and gear into people who are reliable, so we expect all raiders to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Performance: Mythic content is challenging, and we cannot afford to carry people through it. All raiders are expected to have mastery over their specialization and to pull competitive numbers capable of killing mythic bosses. If your class has multiple specializations for the same role, you should know each one and use the best one for each encounter. You should use the optimal glyphs and talents for each fight, and you should use your cooldowns, potions, and racial abilities intelligently. We don’t expect mistake-free performance, nor do we expect you to be a leading theorycrafter for your class. However, you should understand your specialization well enough to explain it to someone else in-depth, and you should execute your rotation to the best of your abilities. Of course, performance is hardly all about numbers. You must be able to handle mechanics at the same time. There will be a learning curve with each boss, and raiders are given a certain amount of grace. However, we expect you to learn from your mistakes quickly, and you should not make the same mistake multiple times. You should be comfortable taking initiative and handling individual responsibilities. You also must be able to follow instructions and to communicate with the team as needed. Finally, every raider should continuously seek ways to improve. We expect all of our raiders to be their own biggest critics. Whether you’re ranking on every fight or you’re struggling just to dodge the fire, we all have opportunities to fine-tune our performance. In short, you should take pride in your performance and should strive to play at the highest level you can. How To Apply: Fill out an application at: Once accepted, you will undergo a trial period where we will decide if you are a right fit for the guild, as well as for you to decide if we are right for you! Contacts: Recruiter: Azulä (alt-132) [B-Tag: Taeyeon#1361]Azulä4 Dec 11
Dec 11 WTB: "The Last of Us" achievement. Trying to get the "Lord of War" title for my Demon Hunter as well but no one is queueing for the Coliseum. So gotta buy it I guess, Xpac is soon so please help asap thanks.... Will pay well!!Ved1 Dec 11
Dec 10 [H] 4 man package looking to infuse a guild Hey stormreaver, myself and three buddies have been leading heroic pugs week in and week out since some of these raids opened and we've had some pretty great success as far as pugs go. We got through 7/7 heroic EN quickly and 2/3 heroic ToV last week. However, we're just burned out on leading and organizing pug groups all the time, so we're looking for a more permanent home -- pretty much any guild around our level of progress (or beyond) that is looking to infuse/energize with the addition of 4 new players. I promise we're all really good players (raiding veterans for years that just got burned on every day progression raiding and decided to lead pugs through content the last couple of years). We've blasted through heroic EN and most of heroic ToV, leading new pug groups every week; we get our weekly m12 done in a timely fashion, and we've been doing Nightbane together every week since Kara released. To get to the point though, here's our group makeup: *Fury/Arms Warrior (880+) *Guardian/Feral Druid (880+) *Holy Paladin (880+) *Fire Mage (880+) We're looking for a 2 or 3 day heroic or mythic raiding guild (though we prefer 2 day). I know finding a guild willing to take 4 players is a little bit of a challenge, hence why I'm posting this, but if you're guild that needs a a fresh infusion of players to energize your heroic/mythic progress -- hit me up and I promise you that you won't be disappointing. We'll do our jobs and do them well week in and week out (hell the 4 of us have been carrying pubs through truly rough pub content for quite awhile now). My battle tag is Anbokr#1188, feel free to add me for any additional information or if interested in taking us on. edit: Hey guys, sorry for the late update but we've found a new home. Thanks for all the interest and the people that reached out, hope everyone finds the peeps they need!Anbhogo8 Dec 10
Dec 10 881 restro druid 2/3H Tov looking for raiding Looking to get into some mythic raiding was with another guild but everyone went there separate ways. Am able to make almost all raid times so far 2/3H TOV 7/7H EN but havent gotten into mythic EN yet message me in game or put a email in my mailbox exileddruid. Just let me know what time and days you guys raid at and i will let you know if it will work. Im not claiming to be the best but i should be able to keep up with whats going on and if doesnt work out then atleast i tried.Exileddruid3 Dec 10
Dec 10 Guild Merge? I am the current GM of Moment øf Zen. We are looking for a guild to merge with or absorb. We are looking for like-minded people who enjoy raiding and pvp. Our guild has been plagued by inactive and inconsistent players and we hope you can help us change that. For any more information contact me here or in game!Shinnakuma5 Dec 10
Dec 10 Looking for PvP Partners Looking for someone to do 2's and 3's with for rating and gear. Push rating hardcore once we learn how to fight together? For now just looking for some friends. I have achievements if you want to look. Got Challenger during Mists if that means anything. Let me know! Vad#1701. Thanks guys.Ferril0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Disregard DisregardPostworkout0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Disregard DisregardPostworkout0 Dec 10
Dec 10 <TRAP GOD> 4/7M Recruiting! TRAP GOD is a fun chill mythic progression guild looking to obtain a few more strong members for our core roster and bench to finish out Mythic Emerald Nightmare before The Nighthold is released to get our Dreamer titles! We are looking specifically for Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Balance Druids, Mages, Restoration Shamans, but we are open to anything so dont be shy to apply! Our guild website with the application is Raid Times Tuesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm cst Thursday 6:30pm - 9:30pm cst Sunday 6:30pm - 9:30pm cst Thanks for the interest in TRAP GOD Contacts Cutegrampy#1884 --- Guild Master Dreezy#11601 -------- Guild RecruiterDreezymane0 Dec 10
Dec 9 (H)-new guild looking for skilled players Young Crew -is a new guild made by 3 880 players who have many years of high lvl raid and pvp exp and are looking for skilled people to form a 20 mythic raid team for night hold plus mythic plus carry runs ext we can help good people gear up and will take cross server if your good and show up meassge me -Gixer#1548 needs atm one none pally tank resto shaman or druid or holly pally any range or meleeNessè0 Dec 9
Dec 9 886 Resto Shaman LFG Hello, 886 Resto Shaman LFG. The reason for leaving my current guild is there was no way I was going to take the raid leaders position (resto shaman, another incredible resto shaman i might add). I am looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore guild that is willing to push content as it releases. Willing to apply on websites just leave info! I can raid any weekday after 5:00 PM E.S.T. (I am a west coaster, can raid till 330 AM EST)I like the idea of guilds that are extra active during progression and have more raid days during this time then cool down to 1-3 after things are on farm. However, I can raid 7 days a week 365 days a year. (Use PC but have gaming laptop for holidays and access to 100+download internet) Mythic Dragons 1st Kill: Mythic Ursoc 1st Kill: Mythic Elerethe 1st Kill: Mythic Cenarius 1st Kill Odyn Heroic 1st Kill: Guarm Heroic 1st Kill: BTAG: Depti#11747 Willing to Tryout. Willing to Transfer and Faction Change.Depti6 Dec 9
Dec 8 WTB Heroic carry all loot. Add my Bnet Swagmanflex#1593Qtshot0 Dec 8
Dec 8 Go For Neck Ate 7/7 (H) 3/3(N) Go For Neck Ate is looking for dps and heals to push our guild into mythic. We are 7/7 (H) and 3/3 (N). Add me on bnet or visit our website at and fill out an app. we raid 11am-2pm server W+FSwórd0 Dec 8
Dec 8 looking for skilled players Young Crew -is a new guild made by 3 880 players who have many years of high lvl raid and pvp exp and are looking for skilled people to form a 20 mythic raid team for night hold plus mythic plus carry runs ext we can help good people gear up and will take cross server if your good and show up meassge me -Gixer#1548Nessè0 Dec 8
Dec 7 You guys win... I've played Horde since vanilla WoW. I didn't get the achievement for a max level character in both factions until WoD. I made this character to see the Alliance side of quests and whatnot. I initially made it on this server because my brother was here but I had to level this toon solo. You have made me lose my cool. I can't take it anymore. I've never been ganked so many times. I'm just trying to level up and be a good little Alliance citizen. Now before you guys give me the "HURR DURR PVP ON A PVP SERVER???" Is it really PvP? Yes, in a literal sense. No, in the sense of anywhere close to fair. You being 110 and me not being 110 is pretty !@#$ing far from fair. Ok, I rolled on a PvP server so I expect to get ganked a few times. But you guys are went to REI and got the whole camping setup. The tent for you and your friends, the lawn chairs, fishing poles, grills, and food for days. Is there a point when it goes from being a PvP server to a YBAD(You Being A Dick) server? Yes. Yes there is and you guys crossed it about 50 billion times since I've been leveling this week. There have been plenty of times where I've seen easy kills I could get because I was a few levels higher but I didn't do it for a few reasons. The first one being I didn't want you to call your guildmates to come camp me and the second one being I'M NOT A DICK. You have officially tilted me so hard I had to come to the forums to vent. So congrats on being so good at the game you had to ruin the experience for someone else. I'll be faction transferring to Horde here shortly because playing as Alliance on this server is literally cancer.Voyna6 Dec 7
Dec 7 looking for skilled players Young Crew -is a new guild made by 3 880 players who have many years of high lvl raid and pvp exp and are looking for skilled people to form a 20 mythic raid team for night hold plus mythic plus carry runs ext we can help good people gear up and will take cross server if your good and show up-Gixer#1548Nessè0 Dec 7
Dec 6 860 Pally LF Late-Late Night Raid Guild As the above mentions I'm lookin' for a late night raiding guild that starts around Midnight/12am ST or 10pm PST. I have some family and friends that play on this server but my work schedule doesn't allow me to Raid with them. I'm 7/7N, 3/7H, and 1/7M for EN. As for ToV have only done RF. I'd preferably dps right now, but seeing as I'd rather raid than not at all I can heal or tank if it came to it. Hardcore or Casual raiding isn't an issue, it's just finding a guild on Stormreaver that's late enough. You can message me on here or add my btag Backpack#11284 if you wanna ask me questions.Bizmatehl1 Dec 6
Dec 6 [H] <Desolate Souls> 7/7H 3/3N Recruiting <Desolate Souls> 7/7 H EN, 3/3 N ToV, is currently looking for performant DPS (ranged mainly) and Healers to fill out our core mythic roster. We've had Heroic on farm for many weeks now and are simply a little short on the 20 people requirement. If you enjoy a laid back, friendly environment while still wanting to efficiently downing bosses, we are the guild you need. Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Times: 8-12PM Server Recruiting: Priest(All Specs), Druid(Balance), Rogue, Paladin(Retribution/Holy), and Shaman(Restoration) All classes and specs considered. PM me in game or add me on Btag Obliviant#1200 or Arcticker#2734Balmoran1 Dec 6
Dec 5 876 H Priest LF Guild Current guild has lost too many core members to continue raiding so I'm looking for casual progression to semi-hardcore guild to join. Have cleared 7/7H EN and 3/3N ToV. Any further info you'd like to see can be obtained upon request. Also if you have a website to apply through feel free to leave a link to it. I can be free to raid for any days between 9AM and 2AM EST. I'm also able to switch to shadow if RDPS is needed more than healers. Happy to do a trial run (or multiple) and am willing to transfer for a guild that seems like a good fit. Btag: Kaislinn#1692Kitslinn4 Dec 5
Dec 5 877 2/7M Healing Priest LF Guild (Horde) Hi. I'm looking for a Mythic raiding guild with hours that don't go beyond 12AM EST. I've healed Heroics and Mythics as priest since MoP. I play both Holy and Disc at an exceptional level without a preference for either. I can't play Shadow. Logs: My Mythic Nythendra kill isn't logged, but you can check my armory to verify. I can bring up logs from previous tiers if you'd like as well. Please feel free to add me on Bnet, parlor#1485Kpp3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Holy Priest LFGuild I am a returning Cata player who has fallen back in love with WoW and has decided to main Holy Priest for this iteration. I am looking for a guild who might have use for me. I know my gear is still in its infancy but what I can promise is that I will work diligently to improve that in the coming days/weeks. I can also promise that when the time is appropriate I do my due diligence and learn every fight beforehand. Lastly, I am willing to adapt in any way the guild might need. Disc, Shadow or Holy are all on the table. What I am really looking for is a group of people to share my experiences with and work together to be the best players on Stormreaver!Psychopathy4 Dec 5
Dec 5 <Enemy> 7/7H 2/3N Recruiting All <Enemy> Was established during Legion pre-patch on Sargeras Alliance and recently transferred to grow a successful raid team. We are currently 7/7 Heroic 2/3 Normal ToV. We are achieved this as a semi-hardcore 13 man team and are now recruiting exceptional DPS and Healers to join us as we build a mythic team for upcoming tiers. We are also interested in merging with other small guilds! Recruitment: Assassination/Outlaw Rogue Balance Druid Death Knight Mage Shadow Priest Retribution Paladin Elemental Shaman Warlock Resto Druid Holy Priest Resto Shaman All exceptional DPS will be considered with a minimum of 860 Item Level. Raid Times: Monday: 8:30-11:00 PM EST Tuesday: 8:30-11:00 PM EST Thursday: 8:30-11:00 PM EST Loot System: We do run a loot council system using the addon RC loot council. Loot is distributed evenly among raiders by our raid leader/GM, Co-gm, and 3 random raiders who are chosen for that night to prevent biased gearing. Voice: Discord If interested please feel free to contact holydiver#12445 Baconcrunch#1585Rhyliinn0 Dec 5
Dec 4 (A)<Highly Successful> 7/7 Mythic Recruiting! At <Highly Successful> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Kel'thuzad (US-Alliance). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Medium Priority Healer: Low Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 7/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 Wowprogress: How to Apply!: Website: GM: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Lis (Nasonia#1313) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Highly Successful>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore5 Dec 4
Dec 4 NEED HEROIC/MYTHIC HEALERS <ooWEE>We are in search of RAID HEALERS. GOOD ONES. Im talking about ones who know how to heal and move forward in progression, every raid night WITHOUT issues. Central Time Zone (Server) Tues - 830-1130 Thurs - 830-1130 Mond - 830-1130 We are currently 4/7 Heroic EN and right at the point to get AOTC with the right raid make up. Could USE, R-DRUID, R-SHAMMY, MW-MONK, D-PRIEST esp those who have good OS. Also have a few DPS Spots open for Main Raiding for DPS-Warrior, Monk, S-Priest, Warlock. This is a 11 year old, long standing, once server first Raiding guild with a casual laid back raiding mindset this xpac. Even though our approach is laid back from previous years, we still want to get progression raids down. We also run Kara Groups, Mythic + ToV etc. Even Weekend Alt gear runs. These positions are open to the players who can make those raid times without a problem. Its not like we dont understand RLife, just need players with the mindset to be there, prepared and ready to raid. PST in game Domanated or Shepardd or Bnet Dom#1796Domanated0 Dec 4
Dec 2 (H) <Archaic> 4/7M Late Night LFM Hey guys, 6 hours a week and progressing pretty fast, still in the final stages of forming our core group. Wed 11:00-2:00ST Thur 11:00-2:00ST High Priority: High output range DPS: Mage, warlock, Spriest Pref Healer: Priest or Paladin pref Medium Priority: Solid casual members for subs, M+, flex raids. 870+ any questions shoot me a message in game Awak3#6502Mentalele1 Dec 2
Dec 2 876 MW/WW LF Mythic Progression Guild A steady work schedule is allowing me to once again play the game and raid. Former Top 50 US player in MOP (Restoration Druid.) Looking for a mythic progression guild on server where I can get back into raiding. Please feel free to contact me here on in game for any questions or to drop me a link to your site for an App! CheersNamethenlol2 Dec 2
Dec 1 Selling Nightbane Mount Hey everybody, Myself and a couple guildies will be selling another Nightbane mount for Dec. 5th around 6pm realm time. You will be guaranteed the mount and a chance at the 875 he drops (will be personal loot). The instance will be cleared and the boss will be summoned. Cost is 250k gold and will need to be paid upfront. For more questions or to reserve a spot please add me on Bnet Craig#1111. Thanks for your time.Amyon0 Dec 1
Nov 29 [H]<Nathrezim> (4/7M 2/3H) Recruiting Hello All, <Nathrezim> is currently looking for exceptional DPS to fill core raid spots. We are 4/7M and are looking for a few more exceptional players to help us delve deeper into Mythics, now and in the future. Our raid times, and the classes we need, are below. Tue/Wed/Mon - 9pm-midnight server time (CST) The following are DPS classes we need: -Mage -Death Knight -Boomkin -MM Hunter -Assassination Rogue We are also looking to recruit a Warrior or Druid for a Main Tank spot. Please add and message any of the battletags below for more information. -Drexl#1976 -Payote#11448 -Grim#1253 Thanks!Drexxl2 Nov 29
Nov 29 <Go For Neck Ate> 7/7 (H) 2/3 (N) <Go For Neck Ate> Looking for raiders Wed+Fri 11am-2pm (Central Time) , Progression - 7/7 (H) 2/3(N) Need 1 Heal 5 DPS Please visit www.gofornicate.comSwórd0 Nov 29
Nov 28 So people on Stormreaver are... Apparently, they're nicer to me than anyone on the Alliance has ever been. Kudos.Ubarroz13 Nov 28
Nov 27 Wipe Night is Recruiting (Horde) Greetings! Wipe Night is recruiting players to join our group going into the upcoming raid content. We are also recruiting pvp and casual players as well. We are a mature group of laid-back people that screw around and talk trash like anyone else. Our current group has experience dating back to Vanilla and we intend on mythic progression. We are filling all roles at the moment and hope to build multiple raid and pvp teams. If you are interested, simply message me in-game or on this thread and I'll answer any questions you have.Myrladin2 Nov 27
Nov 26 (H) 3/7m <Archaic> Late night Hey guys, <Archaic> is recruiting! Wed 23:00-0200 Thurs 23:00-0200 Server time Finally in the last stages of forming the core group, currently 3/7 but should see fast progression now the group is mostly formed. High Priority: Strong Hybrid Healer, preference is Shadow/Disc however other applications will be considered if you are solid :) Medium/Low Priority: Casual Members who are unable to meet raid times, but enjoy M+, Heroic content etc. We run almost all our keys inhouse, and it keeps everyone busy and is good for the downtime. *Casual Positions are just for people who are (no offense) somewhat capable, we are not in the carry business. Sometimes its just nice to have a decent group to play with if you are unable to meet raid times. Any questions or apps hit me up ingame Awak3#6502 :)Thebaus0 Nov 26
Nov 24 Super Serious Guild Name Recruiting Mythic Super Serious Guild Name is looking to fill our Mythic Raid team. Certainly 7/7 Heroic EN and 3/3 normal ToV. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-12pm CST. Looking to start mythic EN in the coming weeks but we need to fill raid spots. In high demand for healers and ranged dps. Others are welcome to hit me up as well. Battle tag Littlescuba#1820 feel free to add me for more information.Scubaturtle0 Nov 24
Nov 23 [H] Late-night guild LFM Pants off Dance off is casual raiding guild looking for some new members. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 PM PST. The rest of the week we generally do keystones or PvP. Currently we're recruiting all roles for raids but anyone who simply wants to hang out with some fun and interesting people are welcome as well. If you're interested feel free to add Ander#11901 or message Groalk or Timjam in-game.Groalk0 Nov 23
Nov 20 LF Dedicated Mythic 5man Group My brother and I (Ret Paladin and Feral Druid) are looking for a dedicated 5man group mythic group. 1 night a week that can be flexible to knock out a few mythic (and mythic +) dungeons. We are approaching it as a scaled down raid group in that the more we run them together the better the group will get. In game Battle tag: Graivy #1877Grayvy3 Nov 20
Nov 20 <Archaic> 3/7M Wed/Thur Late Hi Guys, <Archaic> is filling out last mythic core spots. We have a friendly, fun atmosphere but still have high expectations of our players. Raid Times: Wed 23:00-02:00 Thurs 23:00-02:00 Recruiting High output DPS, one ranged and one melee position. Shadow, Enhance, Retribution Preferred but all applicants will be considered. 1 Tank Warrior, Blood or Guardian, 1 Holy Paladin For more information or to organize a trial, contact me in-game Awak3#6502Thebaus2 Nov 20
Nov 19 [H] 4/7M EN 3/3N ToV Looking for Ranged PRîMAL is currently 4/7M EN & 3/3N ToV, and we are looking for 1-2 ranged dps(spriest/mm pref) to fill out our core. Exceptional applicants will be considered. We raid Tues/Thurs/Mon 8-11 cst. Tues & Thurs are mythic progression nights with Mondays being Heroic EN & Heroic ToV. We have a Council of Eight, 2 GM's and six officers, to distribute loot fairly via loot council. For more information, feel free to contact: MadnesS#1312 - Azgalore Havoc DH Co-GM Judgejester#1435 - Daskhan Prot War Co-GM M. Renferal Monday the 21st! See you in game and happy raiding!Daskhan0 Nov 19
Nov 19 <Go For Neck Ate> guild recruitment 7/7 (H) <Go For Neck Ate> we are recruiting for a mythic team we are 7/7 (H) we raid every wed. And Fri. At 11am server ending at 2pm we also do alt runs of normal and heroic on Tuesdays at the same time. We are looking for dps and healers but are willing to take everyone who applies. Pst in game to anyone in the guildSwórd0 Nov 19
Nov 18 [H] <Trix> T/W/T - 7/7H EN LF Healers & DPS <Trix> is a guild established on Stormreaver server with a core group of raiders from WOTLK days. We're looking for a healer and DPS to fill out our roster. We're 7/7 Heroic EN looking to start doing Mythic EN. We're not a super serious guild, we're pretty laid back and enjoy raiding for the fun of it, not to be world first or server first or anything like that. But we do expect a decent level of skill in our raiders. We raid Tues, Weds, Thurs from 9pm EST to 12pm EST. For Healer, we're looking for a Priest, Paladin. For DPS, we're open to anything at the moment. Discord is required! Please add Xergear#1151 or YuniYasha#1407 on and we can talk.Yinkett9 Nov 18
Nov 18 865 MW Looking for Late Night Raiding Guild I have recently undergone a schedule change in my career and have been unable to raid anything serious for the majority of the expansion, but I would like to change that. I am looking for a guild that starts raiding at 11 pm server or later. While experience in this expansion is not as extensive as normal, my previous experience is as follows: EN - 1/7 H 7/7 N HFC - 13/13M BRF - 8/10 M HM - 7/7 M SoO - 14/14 M US 144th (the rest of MoP content was cleared on heroic with the exception of Lei Shen, while current.) I raided as well in Wrath and BC but nothing really worth noting other than the content was cleared. I have logs to provide, should anyone feel the need to have them. Feel free to add me on battlenet if you wish to discuss anything further (CallMeKarma#1867)Flapjackz0 Nov 18
Nov 18 NEED HEALERS & DPS <ooWEE> is currently LF RAID HEALERS & STRONG DPS. ---Healer Needs--- R-Druid WW-Monk D-Priest ---DPS Needs--- Dps Warrior Ele or Enh Shammy DPS Monk These are main raid role positions that require min iLVL of 850 and raid Exp. This guild is 11 yr old guild who once was a Server First Hardcore guild, with a casual raiding schedule for the xpac. We currently are 3/7 H-EN with a raiding schedule of TUE-THURS-MON 830-1130 SERVER. We have alot of Mythic, Mythic + and Kara groups and Raid ToV on Mondays raid night. We are also setting up a WEEKEND Normal EN group to those that need gear to get ready for Progression Raids. So everyone is welcome to join us. PST Domnated in game or ADD Dom#1796Domanated0 Nov 18
Nov 18 [H] <Chill> 3/7M Recruiting I'm looking for anyone who is skilled (besides tanks) and will play during raid time and do mythic + outside of raid time. We only raid 6 hours a week Tues/Wed 8-11 Server. Msg me Ares #1134Aresj0 Nov 18
Nov 17 862 arms warrior lf mythic fill .Tohlee0 Nov 17
Nov 16 Myth EN tonight 10 server Forged Is looking for a few people to fill up our Raid roster for myth EN tonight at 10 pm central/server time. If you are interested in getting some progression in EN add me to RI Facesmasher#1251Velirin0 Nov 16
Nov 15 4/7M 3-DAY 7-10CST LFM <3 Hops this Time> is a 4/7M guild looking for a few more ranged DPS for our continued Mythic Progression! Join us as we cha cha slide through Emerald Nightmare! We're dedicated to having ex-hardcore raiders who bring that focus to their 9-hours a week of raiding(On boss pulls), but are casual the rest of the time. We've currently opened our recruiting for talented raiders of all DPS specs! Raid Schedule: Tuesday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Wednesday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Monday 7:00 CST -10:00 CST Invites start going out at 6:45 CST, and our stop time is always 10CST, we've all got jobs and the boss will be there tomorrow. Contact: Brashara#1324 – Guild Leader & Raid LeaderKaesura7 Nov 15