Sep 18 Reviction looking for more for Casual raids Reviction is currently in a rebuild mode, looking to add members for a more casual raiding scene. We currently need a few more active members of all specs, to fill out our roster, so we can begin working on raiding EN. Raid times and days are still undecided, but we for sure are planning to have at least a Saturday raid, most likely in the evening. It will depend on everyones input. We are going to attempt to accomodate everyone's schedules the best we can. At the very least we plan to clear through Heroic EN before the next tier hits. We use Discord for our primary guild activites, and we also own a Mumble server as well. Keep in mind, the guild is all adult, and more on the casual side. While we have times and days in mind, nothing can be set in stone, with a bunch of busy adults. So if this sounds like you, and you want to join us and kill some pixels, message me in game on my Druid BeefyLenz, or you can message my Co-GM Tang on his Rogue. My battletag is Lenzypoo#2729 in case you want to get ahold of me there. Looking forward to playing with you all.Beefylenz0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Hunter and Demon Hunter LF Raid/PVP Guild My brother and I are looking for a semi-hardcore raid guild with exceptional PVP talent. We've been playing this game off and on and are looking forward to the expansion. We're well-rounded and have experience in different classes. We take criticism and direction easy. DH 718 - Havoc (DPS) Hunter 715 - Marksman (DPS) We're comfortable on Discord but can use any other chat application. Evenings are best for us (CST). Somewhere around 6PM - 10 PM. Kuj#11138Ðemðn2 Sep 18
Sep 17 841 Holy/Prot Pally LF Guild Got into Legion a week late, but quickly made it up getting geared up and finally doing some Mythics this week. I have extensive raiding experience Vanilla-beg of MoP at top level content (everything cleared) as a Rogue, Mage, Healing Priest, and Prot Pally. I took a long break from WoW due to having to finish up school and starting a new job, but am looking to come back strong into Legion PvE content. I'm looking for a high level guild that's looking to tackle the upcoming Mythic Raid content. If any such guild is interested in a Holy or Prot Pally, hit me up @ Drexl#1976. Thanks!Drexxl0 Sep 17
Sep 17 13/13 851 BM/MM hunter looking Mythic guild Hey, The title says it all and obviously I will need to paid transfer to the server if I find the right guild. I am looking for a guild with good leadership and organisation. Guild webpage for communication would be nice. I am currently BM with almost 3 gold traits however I have 2 golden traits in my MM weapon so I can easily play that too. Class balancing will happen after the first week of raids and we will have a better idea. I have 9 level 100's and 5 of them mythic geared with max ring 740+ Currently leveling a demon hunter on the side but to be honest put most effort into hunter. I have many accomplishments already in legion like max professions(all quests completed), Revered with Nightfallen and beat the senario with 599 score and 46 minions, Artifact fishing pole, O forge to name a few. I am looking for a MYTHIC 13/13 in HFC guild that did it pre-legion patch. I am open on schedule times for CST as long as its not daytime during week or extreme late night. Anyway, please let me know on here and we can get in contact for a more formal meet and greet.Furyeon0 Sep 17
Sep 16 Calling you out Brucelovely I ran into this fool in a norm dungeon yesterday, he couldnt hold aggro and kept calling the healer a jiveturkey for the constant wipes. avoid grouping with this guy at all costs.Cdsc2 Sep 16
Sep 16 I'm out! I'm done! No more playing Alliance on this server! I've had it!! This place is crap for Alliance and I'm biting the bullet and transferring. Being ganked by multiple people over and over is not fun. I have no idea what the ratio is but there is a sea of red names just waiting for any poor sap to go try and experience any of the new outdoor content. RIP Stormreaver and shame on you Blizzard for not finding better ways of dealing with problems like these! Otherwise AMAZING expansion...from what I've been able to see.Wuku4 Sep 16
Sep 16 I cannot do anything To start off, I understand this is a PvP server, I get it. It's a low-pop server which is dominated by Horde unfortunately - probably a bad move on my part, but this wasn't really foreseeable on my end. I cannot do a damn thing when it comes to leveling, at all. People see me and I'm dead. Do I just wait until everyone else hits 100? Or do I suffer the 2 minute respawn every time I die and just "tough it out"? I'm honestly not sure what to do here since all of my characters are Alliance and I cannot afford to faction transfer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Hightannin12 Sep 16
Sep 15 [H] Inverse Logic Recruiting! Back-story We are a long time guild with past push into mythics. Our members took a break mid expansion in WoD and we are coming back! I won't sugar coat it though. We are coming back but we aren't our old selves. We all have lives outside the game now and that's okay! We are striving for a casual laid back guild to own some heroic content to see the end game. If we can also push some mythic thats alright too but won't be our main goal. We will be working on a fun, friendly atmosphere to relax with our friends(cause that's what we guildmates are first and foremost) Environment Inverse Logic hopes to attract the type of person that doesn't need to print and thumb tack a list of rules to their wall before ever raid. We as a community of gamers expect that the people we raid with are courteous and respectful in all manners of game play. There is no reason not to have fun. We have probably all been playing World of Warcraft long enough to understand the difference between having fun and being blatantly disruptive to the group. Joke, laugh, spin the boss around, pull an extra pack of trash, make bets on dps meters, but when it comes to holding up the group and wasting time... just don't do it. It's not as fun as you think it is. Plain and simple - Whether you raid for achievement points, mounts, bragging rights, or just the joy of the game we are all here to do the same thing: to complete encounters. Recruitment Needs: We will take anything we don't mind. Come in and have fun on what you enjoy! That said we will need certain roles to actually do some raids so we need 2-3 healers(anything besides a holy pally really) Dps(all come we don't mind but range would be nice!) Contact Us Rahvin#1518 Doctersauce#1397 or contact Mmkay or Genesisjiji in gameAetys3 Sep 15
Sep 14 [H]<Fatties Lag IRL> Raiding Guild LFM <Fatties Lag IRL> is a close group of friends that have been together for a few years and we are hoping to fill our ranks with new and interesting players. We hope to progress into heroics and mythics as quickly as possible. We are recruiting DPS/Heal classes to fill out our raid group. Specific Needs: Rogue Mage Hunter Holy/Disc Priest We raid Wednesday/Thursday nights at 8pm - 11pm CST and beyond if we are progressing.(possibility of raiding on other nights as well. will be determined by raider availability.) For more info you can contact Truntsrage on Bnet @ Aquino#1945Truntsrage1 Sep 14
Sep 13 Most toxic Player i've ever encountered Hey guys just a heads up if you ever plan on grouping with a Blood elf vengeance demon hunter by the name of Zonylols. I was doing an order hall campaign quest requiring me to finish the dungeon Halls of valor. we had not wiped but Zony was getting nuked pretty low through some parts of the instance. he then suggested i roll holy and that disc is fail just flamed the !@#$ out of me when i suggested that he may have just queued with still learning disc priests in the past and to relax. He knew that i was there for the quest as i jovially told people what's up at the start so had me kicked just before the last boss just thought I'd let the community know as this level of retard has the potential to decimate guilds PeaceLamprey4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Monk, Mage LF Raiding Guild alliance or horde A friend and I are looking for a guild to join (Alliance or Horde, we can pay for transfers if promised spots in raid) We have been playing together since BC Probably looking to play 2 times a week (weekdays work best), 8pm to 10pm Server time We have alts that we plan to level but we are looking to go as a duo, Mage and Monk (Tank, possibly willing to switch to heals) /w me in-game Treehuggin#1442Treehugginz0 Sep 13
Sep 12 2 Players PVP Looking for a guild for RBGS and arena teams. 2 Players 4 Chars so far. Mine MM/BM Hunter 842 Resto Shaman 810 Brothers Blood Death knight 840 Arms Warrior 107 Like I said looking for a solid guild that is willing to accept us in to their PVP team on Stormreaver.Catatonc1 Sep 12
Sep 10 Immortal mythic recruitment <Immortal> 8/13M LF spriest, hunter, feral to help push Legion mythic content. Raid times are Tu/Th 6:00-9:00 pm CST. Apply at Whisper Sevrin or Emilia for more information. Sevrin#11618Sevrin0 Sep 10
Sep 10 [H]852 Demo Warlock LF HC/Semi-HC Guild I have raided the end game content of every expansion since 2005 with the exception of Cataclysm. The first years were fairly casual since I was still in high school. However, I would consider myself to had made the change to a more semi-hardcore schedule during MoP and WoD. During WoD I left my former guild that I was with during the entirety of MoP; <FLIPSIDE KINGS> Eredar due to a shift in my schedule at work that would prevent me from ever making raids on time. From there I server transferred to Stormscale and began raiding with <Limitless>. We raided 7:00 - 11:30 PM (PST) Monday through Thursday. The guild ended up calling it quits as people were burned out and progression was destroyed when core members left for top 100 US guilds. After that guild disbanded I began raiding with <In Accounting>. Very good team, but also very casual; two nights a week a couple hours a night. I left that guild on good terms when they called it quits on raiding until legion after only being 8/13M. From there I again server transferred to Stormreaver and began raiding with <Death Penalty>, who I am currently with. They were 11/13M when I joined them and caught up quickly and made it to 12/13M with them. During the first few weeks of M-Archi progression I hit a snag IRL with some very unfortunate personal situations (I can explain, but in a more private forum). I left the game for a few months and came back and my spot was filled, understandably so. I recently talked to some of the officers of the guild and they do not currently have a spot on the core Mythic raid team for the launch of raiding in Legion. All the leadership knows I plan on leaving and we are on good terms. I understand that when things come up, you have to replace missing personnel and continue on. I am back and ready to make a strong push to begin Legion and see this one through. I am looking for a team that runs two to four nights a week preferably at least three days. Preferably Sunday through Thursday. I am more than willing to fill out any application required, I am just making this post to get the word out there. If there are any questions please feel free to ask either here or in game. BT: Thesixthman#1872Sixth0 Sep 10
Sep 9 LF Weekend Raiding Guild Coming back to the game after a hiatus finishing up school and looking to see if there are any progression minded weekend guilds recruiting. i have yet to level any character in this expansion as I am hoping to find a guild and bring up whichever character/role would be most beneficial (I have end-game experience on multiple characters) to the raid comp. Can grind to 110 in minimal time. I have plenty of experience in top ranked guilds and was one of the highest rated Disc Priests on the server prior to my guild taking a break and me stepping away for a while. If you have any questions for me, respond here or Battletag: Kinettik #1703Nyctophobic1 Sep 9
Sep 8 LFGuild (Alliance) Recently came back to WoW for this expansion after a few years off. Just hit 110 on the DH and am looking for a guild. Would prefer to do DH Dps, but would consider leveling a healer immediately if needed. Looking for raiding schedule Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings (between 7-12pm EST).Lightcârrier0 Sep 8
Sep 7 Resto/Boomkin LF Mythic Raiding Guild I took the entire WOD expansion off. But previously raided mythic (then heroic) SOO and was part of a 5 man team that had US top 10 Challenge mode times on my Warlock - who is now located on Stormreaver as "Photons". After coming back to the game, I'm mainly interested in playing a Druid as my main this expansion, although I am open to playing the warlock (who is also 110). I managed to get both toons to 110 launch week and my Druid went 3/8 healing mythics. This week I'll be starting the steady 8/8 grind until raids launch. For gear funneling purposes I'm prepared to move a priest over here so I can heal in alt runs. That's the only other healing class I could feasibly have at 110 and raid ready before raids launch. My main draw coming back are Mythic+ Dungeons after raid times. I really enjoyed challenge modes in MOP. Obviously pushing Mythic+ Dungeons will mean pushing Mythic raids for gear and progression purposes; I'm looking forward to all of it. I would be more than happy to put in an application to any guild on stormreaver that was 13/13 Mythic by the end of last tier. Battletag Cubegod#1738 if you'd like to get a hold of me in game.Owlcoholism0 Sep 7
Sep 6 [H] Moskau Recruiting Moskau is a new guild made from old friends that raid together back in BC. Coming back to raid in a chill environment and get bosses down in a few nights a week. Guild Info Website: Raid Times: 8-11 CST Raid Days: Tue and Wed (thur for progression) Loot: EPGP Recruitment Needs - 1 tank - 2-3 Heals - DPS Contact Luraz (GM/raid lead): Telys#1102Luraz0 Sep 6
Sep 6 <FotM>Stormreaver-US Seeking Talented Raiders <Flavour of the Month> is a Horde, Mythic raiding guild, newly reformed on Stormreaver. As we fill out our roster and bench in the coming weeks we plan on being able to complete the tier before it ends, with a goal of pushing into the Top 100 US by the end of Legion. If you're seeking a friendly raid environment with a progression focus, please consider us. We are currently in high demand of a tank for our mythic progression. Even if our recruitment needs may not reflect it, we will always consider applications from exceptional applicants of any role. If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the B-Tag contacts below or contact us on our website. Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Wed, 630 - 10 server (CST) Loot: Loot Council Website: B-Tag Contacts: Phurr#1616, Endcurry#1154Phurrdition1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Prot Pally LF serious raiding guild Hello, I've been away from WoW since the very beginning of MoP, but decided to return for Legion. I have extensive raiding experience from Vanilla - Cata as Rogue and Mage dps, Priest healing, and Pally tanking. I just hit 110 on my Pally and am looking for a serious raiding guild. My preferred play times are 6pm-midnight on weekdays and just about any time on weekends. At the moment I'm working to gear myself up so that I'm good to jump right into tanking raid content once it comes out. Add me @ Drexl#1976 if you have a need for a dedicated tank. Thanks!Drexxl0 Sep 6
Sep 5 [H]Yggdrasil Recruitment Board <Yggdrasil> is a raiding/social guild currently recruiting players of all playstyles. Founded for Legion by former mythic and old heroic raiders we are currently aiming to create a group that clears Normal and Heroic raid content, and Mythic+ dungeons. At this time Mythic Raid Content is not on the agenda, this however can change. Important Information Server: Stormreaver - US Server Location: Chicago, IL, US Server Time Zone: United States Central Time Zone UTC -06:00 Raiding Information Raid Times: To Be Determined, currently most likely Wednesday, Thursday nights from 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time VoIP: TeamSpeak3 Other Recruitment Details All classes and specs welcome. Experience is not necessary. We will assist you in any way we can. Contact Information Uxan - Guild Master Btag: TrickyHandz#1837 Eliminox - Head Officer - In Game only. If not online please send us an ingame mail and we will get back to you asap.Uxan0 Sep 5
Sep 4 Are there any Alliance guilds left? Are there any Alliance guilds left on this server at all? I know the game is like 90% Horde now, but I really need some pals to pvp with. I was day one on this server, is Nightmare Inc and Impervious still around? I should join one of those guilds, they were always the coolest pvp and pve'rs. I'm so lonely guysShamidget4 Sep 4
Aug 31 [H]Tank lf raiding guild Hello! Prot paladin looking for a rading guild. Interested in doing nythic content. I have recebtly come back to the game and have not been too active in the raiding scene since the last two expansions. However I am familiar with the competitive raiding scene, I was part of ravenholtds server first black temple and sunwell clears, as well as naxxramas server first (with the title to prove it). I am currently leveling a protection paladin but i have the other tank classes ready to go and will level them so i can be flexible if progression demands it. My times are 5-11est any day Other than tuesday. You can contact me here or in game. At bnet Soulgain#1185Soulgain0 Aug 31
Aug 28 Veteran Raider looking for guild for Legion. Raided in Vanilla/BC/WotLK, Vanilla I raided as Warrior Off tank/Dps as class leader for the guild Dark Matter on Zul'Jin (Alliance) and downed all content but Naxx, BC I changed mains to Shaman (heals/ele) as the guild Dark Matter wanted Shamans as they where new to alliance then became Shaman class leader and downed all content but sunwell (BWL was downed after 30% nerf). WotLK I changed servers to play with friends and joined the guild Abyss on Trollbane and played as Shaman (Ele) was one of the first guilds to down EoE 10/Naxx 25 played the first week of Ulduar and down the raid (none hard modes) 25. But moved from US to Canada after and did not play WoW again tell late Cata never did get into the game like i used to. When i got back everyone i knew changed factions to horde and Realm to Stormreaver so here i am. Never did get back into raiding but now i'm at a steady job/house and want to raid again but want to change mains to Demon Hunter for the x-pack.Zêûs0 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H] Holy/Disc Priest LF Legion Mythic Guild Quite simply looking for a mythic raiding guild for legion. Willing to fit my raiding schedule to any amount of days, and any days of the week. Ill leave out the flavor text here, if your looking for a healer for mythic content in legion leave a link to a place where I can look/apply to your guild or contact me via at Demonizer#1166Demonizer0 Aug 28
Aug 26 <Spicy Bois> PVP recruitment. Hello everyone, im currently seeking members for this new start up pvp guild in which I intend on making the best of stormreaver. Being that pvp is going to be changed completely by the prestige system I want to build a roster of individuals who enjoy doing bgs and arenas. A little about myself, ive been playing wow since vanilla I have played at the 2300-2400 MMR since season 10 and I have also led completely pug groups to 2100 in rbgs since wotlk. If you want to look my characters up my mains go by the name of 'Ankerz' 3 different realms. Feel free to contact me in game im usually on my DH 'tedcruz'. I welcome everyone who intends to do PVP in legion and will happily help people get higher rating. much thanks, AnkerzAnkerz0 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H] <Saturn> Core Raid Group Recruitment Hi there *winston voice* If you're looking to raid from 8pm-11pm server time Tuesdays and Thursdays you should consider joining Saturn's raid group. It's a new group, so it isn't complete(nor is it close to being complete :| ), so we're considering all applicants. A core mythic group is the dream, but since Legion will be our first expansion raiding as a guild we have to start small. Raid time: 8pm-11pm Tuesdays and Thursdays Why you should join us: Saturn is a newer guild that started as just a few friends who wanted to experience mythic content in a serious, friendly, motivational, and progressive environment during Legion. What is expected of all members of <Saturn>’s raid group? Attendance/Performance: We have to receive the best of each individual member if we are to reach our goal of mythic content. With our limited time to raid we can’t afford to waste time waiting for people who aren’t ready for the night. We expect every member to be on time and ready to go with flasks/pots/knowledge of the fights so that we don't have any interruptions on raid night. Friendliness: It’s pretty obvious, but if you want specifics, I don’t want people harassing other members of the raid group for mistakes. The only way we can grow and progress is if everyone in the group works well together, and the only way we’re going to accomplish that is if everyone is patient with each other. Maturity: As a member of <Saturn> you’re expected to represent us in a mature and respectable fashion. Positive Attitude: I won’t accept people who are going to whine about a wipe, or constantly wiping. We’re all going to fail at a mechanic eventually, some may fail more than others, and that’s okay. There may be nights where we don’t even down a certain boss, but that’s no reason to get discouraged, which is why we need positivity from each and every raider. If you've managed to read through all of this I assume you're still interested in joining our guild, so feel free to either apply below, shoot me a message (sherbert #1394), or fill out this form on our guild website Roles/Classes we're looking for Tanks: blood dk/prot paladin Healers: holy paladin, resto druid/balance offspec, shadow priest/healing offspec Melee DPS: warrior Ranged DPS: mage, 3x hunter, shadow priest Aug 26
Aug 25 Havoc Demon Hunter Looking for Guild Hello I am a havoc demon hunter, previously a prot warrior, trying to find a home for Legion. I have been playing since Vanilla and been able to raid in most expansions. Recently my work has allowed me to travel a lot less which means I can try to focus on raiding again! I am 30, and looking for a group of mature players interested in clearing Mythic raids and Mythic+ Dungeons. If you think your guild might be a good fit send me a message, driftwood#1276.Illuminati0 Aug 25
Aug 25 <ooWee> Recruiting <ooWee> 10+ year old guild recruiting all different players for new Legion content. Recruiting all classes and specs at this time. If you have raiding exp, raid leading exp or just learning the game you could fit right in. Our raid times will depend on the best schedule for our raiders. If you have a smaller guild and want to merge with us that is welcome. Keep your guild and bring toons to this one, whatever works best. We are easy to work with. We plan on running content smoothly and effectively. We will be in need of class officers, raid leaders etc. We PVP, level alts, have vent and honestly just enjoy the game with each other. Visit us on facebook, ooWee-Stormreaver, our website or in game. PST Domanated - Domamatrix (just /who our guild and any Dom name lol) or PST Aroz. You can also respond here for us to get back to you.Domanated4 Aug 25
Aug 25 Immortal 8/13M Recruitment <Immortal> 8/13M, LF all roles to help push Legion content. Raid times are Tu/Th 6:00-9:00 pm CST. Apply at Whisper Sevrin or Emilia for more information. Sevrin's battletag: Sevrin#11618 Aug 25
Aug 24 Veteran Raider Top 200 US Exp. LF Guild! Hi I am currently looking for a guild for Legion Raiding. I have been playing since BC and I have filled the roles of guild master, raid leader, officer, and raider. Most notable guild I was in was <Malice> US TOP 250 in MoP. Throughout the years I've ranked as a prot warrior, fury warrior, windwalker monk, brewmaster monk, and resto shaman. I'm open to all days and times (would prefer 2-3 day schedule) but HORDE ONLY. I'm looking to either heal, tank, or melee dps any class. My most geared currently is my resto shaman which is 730 with 9/13 M killed with many pulls on gorefiend and xhuul. I have a frost/unholy DK friend looking to join as well. Would be a plus if he could join with me. I would like to thank anyone who took the time out to consider me/us. If you have any questions feel free to ask away I'll try to respond as quickly as I can. Enjoy the remainder of summer everyone! Battletag is ChaddizBack#11223Throwmevodka1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Prot Pally or any tank LF guild I am returning after a long break and looking for a raiding guild to joinAgnostìc0 Aug 24
Aug 21 Weekend Raiding guilds? Any weekend raiding guilds out there? Me(rogue) and a friend(pally tank/dps) are looking for a guild for Legion. We have plenty of raiding experience from vanilla to siege of org heroic - only did a little of normal highmaul this expansion.Fesilia1 Aug 21
Aug 21 LF Jewelcrafting & Enchanting Kits Add Jakenov#1137Jakeschit2 Aug 21
Aug 20 Looking for a fun guild 1. Central Time zone and prefer guilds that are active in the evenings. 2. I’m open to moving servers but have been on Stormreaver for years. I’ll be posting this in the specific realm as well. 3. Horde 4. Casual. I’ve raided hardcore in the past but have family and RL comes first. Looking to do Mythic dungeons and occasionally step in for a raid group. 5. Haven’t raided much in WOD but did progression raiding back in Wrath and Cata. I have mained healers mostly but I’m also looking into tanking. Dps is fine but I like a little more challenge. I am also a 2k rated player in PvP. Mainly looking for PvE. 8. I have a family and work full time. I’m looking for a friendly guild that is also a bit on the side of competitive. I’d like the ability to, if I qualify, to step in and tackle a challenge. I like to run old content and dungeons. I’m Looking for a guild to do casual and a bit of progression content with. All of my RL friends have left the game aside from a few try hards that have let the "Mythic" raiding get to their heads. I just want to have fun. -SevfuriaKharne3 Aug 20
Aug 20 resto shaman lf home for legion 10/13 mythic resto shaman lf a home in legion resto shaman has been my main for 4 yearsZabryna2 Aug 20
Aug 20 Resto druid/Prot pally looking for guild Hello all, I'm looking for a pretty casual raiding guild for Legion. Preferably raiding 1 night per week but maybe 2, on normal/heroic difficulty. I have plenty of raiding experience, playing vanilla pretty hardcore through AQ40 as a holy paladin, and then more casually in TBC (10 mans), MoP (heroic) and early WoD (heroic HM). Due to growing up, and life in general I have limited time to allot to specifically raiding for several hours so I mostly grind mythics and PuG normal raids lately. I much prefer playing my resto druid and most of my more recent raiding experience is on that character. Hope to talk to you soon!Porith1 Aug 20
Aug 20 Returning and Looking for Guild I am returning to wow after taking a long break when HFC Dropped. I was burnt out from raiding every day. I am looking for a chill guild with like minded adults. I still want to progress but maybe not through Mythics as I don't have time. Later night raid times are what I am looking for 10:00 EST is ideal. A little about me: I'm 22 years old and have been playing wow since Vanilla. I've raided in every expansion in some form. Legion is looking very promising to me and I want to find people to play the game with.Bloodheld2 Aug 20
Aug 20 Prot/Ret LF new Home Prot/Ret Looking for Guild to Raid with coming back after breaking shortly after BRF Will consider switching classes if needed for a guild, hiit me up on battle net Poohed#1837Degyn1 Aug 20
Aug 20 Resto Druid LF doing Legion stuff. Resto Druid LF Guild for 10 man raiding in Legion. Resubbed for Legion, looking for some cool people to play with.Rishy1 Aug 20
Aug 20 Velox Mortis It's def a long shot since it was during BC but curious if anyone from VM or who knew ppl in VM is still around. =PGelflings12 Aug 20
Aug 20 Looking for a relaxed guild I've played off and on sparingly since Wrath, but I decided to come back for Legion. Not too experienced in raiding in general because I work third shift, so my schedule doesn't really line up well with most other people. I'm mostly just looking for a place to unwind after work and chat.Callidra1 Aug 20
Aug 19 6/13M - vs The Universe - LFM for Legion! [H]<vs The Universe> is currently recruiting quality raiders for semi-hardcore, Mythic Legion raiding. We are looking for any DPS, but would prefer ranged caster DPS. We simply ask that you have a good understanding of your class, show up to raids on time, and stay out of fire. Raids are Tuesday & Thursday nights, from 7:30pm-11:30pm server time (CST). If you're interested in pushing Mythics as soon as possible in Legion, while only raiding two nights a week, reply to this thread/message one of the following in game: Ashendol#11361 Jwindhorn#1352 Matthew#1307 Michael#18328Cållmej0 Aug 19
Aug 18 [H] Judgement Calls [2/13M] Legion Recruiting Hey everyone! Judgement Calls is a guild that I created with a friend with the goal of teaching people to raid and push mythic content. Since then we have recruited a raid roster big enough to start pushing mythic bosses. We've met many great friends and taught many players how to raid at a mythic level. Currently we are still looking to recruit a few more people for Legion. Our goal is and always has been to recruit people based on their willingness to learn and their motivation to raid at a mythic level. We believe those two things are more important than past experience and Item Level. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-11pm Server (Central Time). We also have an additional alt-raid day on Monday at the same time. At the start of Legion we plan to have Mondays be a 3rd optional raid day for people who are able to put in the extra time, and until people are ready to start up alt-raid again. If you have any questions or if you would like to join, feel free to add me, Justy#1580. If you can't get ahold of me feel free to contact one of my officers, Tunes#11607Justly0 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H] Chill [12/13 M] - T/W Im looking for some heals for legion. Anyone other than shaman heals are needed. Sick DPS also appreciated #makehordegreatagain. Raids are Tues/Wed 8-11 and prob Thursday for a while. If you think your legit msg me Ares #1134 and we'll get you in for a trial. Now 13/13MAresj1 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H] <Autonomous> looking for raiders We are a previous raid guild from Spinebreaker that moved here for Legion. We are looking to add players to the roster for Mythic Legion raiding. Raid times will be Tuesday/Thursday from 9:30-1230PM EST. Currently accepting all classes. PST in game or leave a post here.Diabolikal0 Aug 18
Aug 16 Revive Mythic HFC Giveaway Congrats to Kazgathar on his winning number 26! and thank you Stormreaver for being such a great realm to make our home on. We look forward to many more expansions and to making new friends! See you all next year for another giveaway!Isako25 Aug 16
Aug 15 740 lock Looking for raid group I am coming back to wow after a few months and I'm looking for a mythic raiding guild for legion. For raid times something after 7:00 pm pst.Pich1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Returning for Legion So I've been away from WoW for about a year. I just got back in to it a few days ago and looking to join a PvE guild. Usually I tank but can pull dps. I don't trust myself enough to heal. So if you're looking for a tank or dps let me know. I'm willing to play Horde or Alliance, but usually I'm playing on Horde (but it would be nice to change it up). If there's a certain class you need for your raid for tank or dps let me know. I'm pretty flexible and really just wanting to get to know people again. Let me know what you need so I can get leveling before Legion releases. ThanksBrontagar1 Aug 15