Oct 18 [H] Reviction 7/7N Looking for Ranged DPS Reviction is currently recruiting quality players who want to raid Emerald Nightmare, and beyond. We have currently cleared 7/7 on Normal with both teams and need more to push Heroic in the near future. We currently are forming 2 groups, in order to cater to more people, with crazy schedules. One during the week, and one on the weekends. * The first group runs from 9pm to 1am server time on Wednesday nights. Maybe more if there is interest. Their current needs are as follows; 3 Ranged DPS The group will be lead by Hovuh, so you can message him or Tgrogue for more specific details. * The second group runs Friday, and Saturday nights (7-10 Server 8-11EST) Their current needs are as follows; - 3-4 Ranged DPS For this group you can message either Tang, or Beefylenz and we'll get you set up. *THERE IS NO GEAR ILVL REQUIREMENT* We want quality players. If a player is good, we will take the time to help gear them up, by doing Mythics and Heroics. The guild uses Discord for voice chat, and that of course is required. My battletag is Lenzypoo#2729 if you wish to contact me there as well. Thanks!Beefylenz6 Oct 18
Oct 18 [H]<vs the Universe>LFM for Mythic Raiding [H]<vs The Universe> (7/7H) is currently recruiting quality raiders for mythic progression. We are looking for a few more DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 Healer to round out our group. We simply ask that you have a good understanding of your class, show up to raids, be on time, and stay out of fire. Raids are Tuesday & Thursday nights, from 7:30pm-11:30pm server time (CST). If you're interested in mythic raiding while playing in a very fun/laid back environment, reply to this or message add me in game. Jwindhorn#1352 Currently Recruiting: 1 - Holy Pally 1 - Prot Pally Enhance / Hunter / Spriest / Mage / Warlock / BoomkinFreezé2 Oct 18
Oct 18 Mythic progression guild recruiting Rdps Tranquillity is recruiting experienced and dependable ranged dps for Mythic Progression Raiding. Raid times: Monday - Wednesday 9-12 server. We are currently 4/7 heroic and are trying to create a fun and enjoyable raiding experience. We want a tight knit group of 20 guys that are able to have some fun, but also be serious and dependable raiders.Zoragul3 Oct 18
Oct 17 2/7M EN 855 Mage LFG Looking to come back to the horde side. Available anytime after 9:30pm EST. PREGOOD MAGE. Only a bit restricted by gear, and M+ being absolutely jewish and holding back the goods - Realm First Death's Demise. Yeah I use to be a no life neckbeard back in the day. Thats not happening again. I just wanna down content at a reasonable pace with 19 other like minded nerds. With that said, your guild should be 7/7H or better. Would like a guild thats constantly got multiple grps running M+ together. Not about that puglife. No sharia law, no habla espanol, no hillary.Wabbitseasun0 Oct 17
Oct 17 Resto LF late night raiding guild. My work schedule is pretty late, looking for a guild that starts around 12:30am or 1am. Currently 815, but I would like to find a home before I'm fully geared. Fingers crossed!Phaeh0 Oct 17
Oct 17 <Elysian> PvE & PvP (Raids / RBG / Arena) <Elysian> was founded back in WoD with the intent as a PvP (RBG / Arena) guild. We stuck hardcore to RBG's and pushed rating up to 2000. We are getting into PvE but will still play a major role in the PvP environment. We've been around for about 1 year with about 20-40 members. Usually, you can find at least 5-20 people online at one time. We are seeking exceptional players and new players that will help the guild as a whole get a taste of the top bracket of PvP and pushing Mythic Raids! If you are looking to do 20 mans in Legion and also want to be in a highly active guild on a great server, we would be a great fit! We raid from 7:00pm - 10:00PM CST (7:00PM - 10:00PM Server Time). Currently, we are still seeing what days fit best for our guild. Currently, we are running on Tuesday and Saturday night. A few key things about us: We harbor an active and progressive raid group We have players playing the game at all times of the day We're located on a central server so the ping is good for everyone We're on the best horde server! (FOR THE HORDE) We harbor active PvPers and actively partake in every facet of the game aside from roleplaying, especially considering we are on a PvP server. Recruitment: - Tanks (Any Spec / Class) - DPS (Any Spec / Class) - Healers (Any Spec / Class) ~ Any exceptional applicant Loot System: We want you to have the loot. We don't waste time with silly payment systems. If it drops for you, it's yours. (PERSONAL LOOT) Outside of Raiding Activity: Seeing as we are a community of players, we do more than just raiding. We also farm old content for transmog gear, old legendaries, etc. We are also avid PvPers and RBGer's so if these are things that interest you, then we're the guild for you because there's rarely a dull moment in the guild! About Us: The original Elysian members were a part of the <Lucidity> RBG group. <Lucidity> fell apart when the two leaders love affair ended. After collectively getting together. We decided to form Elysian and focus on PvP. We did just this and pushed to the rating of 2000. Once legion came out we wanted to expand and also bring in the awesome aspect of PvE. Now we are a full PvE and PvP guild. About You: You should be a positive and dedicated player, striving to better yourself alongside the guild. We have veteran members who can give you suggestions on bettering your class role and possibly bring you into the highly competitive PvP side of the game. Elysian is consistently looking to better itself and thus pushes for achievements and heroic modes, with this in mind you should have a similar mindset, look to theory craft to better your class, etc. Jump in our curse server anytime. Just type the following URL into your browser and this will redirect you to curse. If you're interested in chatting about this feel free to contact myself or one of my officers in game or through realID: Gordax Lééroy Bad Rangle Whiteout BATTLE TAG: Ryeloc#1717 - GM / Recruitment Nattydaddy11430 - Sr. OfficerLééroy0 Oct 17
Oct 16 [H]Thunder Bluff Sushi Bar 5/7N 1 raid/week Thunder Bluff Sushi Bar is a guild made of a small group of friends who have been playing together for years. Don't worry, we're not a clique-y group. We're not fans of elitists or people looking to be carried. We just want some chill people who can keep their gear up to date and learn fights as we go. We're currently raiding on Saturday nights 9pm eastern, sometimes there might be a Friday or Sunday night raid too. We don't have any strict attendance requirements, though obviously if you're absent more than you attend, we need a body and might have to find people. But with flex raiding being a thing, it's not that big of a deal. We run Mythics and Mythic+ pretty regularly, though activity is definitely higher during the weekends since most of us work during the week. Disclaimer: We have a pretty tight zero tolerance policy on sexism/racism/homophobia/being a !@##!**! in general. You'll be warned a time or two, but if it keeps up you'll quickly be gone. Feel free to message me here or in game if you want to join or have any questions. BNet: NerdEsq#1750 In game: Gimmemyname Twitter: Oct 16
Oct 15 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Progression Guild Wanting to transfer back to Stormreaver. Currently 866 with 7/7 H and 1/7 M experience.Morningwoods1 Oct 15
Oct 15 [H] PHOENIX RISING Casual Raiding Phoenix Rising is a casual raiding /social guild looking to recruit more DPS and Heals for Emerald Nightmare and future raiding tiers. We are a small group of friends looking to complete Normal and Heroic raids, without the douchebags you commonly get in raids. All players are welcome to join for our Mythic dungeon runs, however Raid interested parties need to be 835+ I'll. All we ask is you be respectful of everyone's time and be willing to learn encounters with us without raging. Current Progression is 4/7 Normal. Raid nights are Friday and Saturday 8-11 p.m. server. You can contact me in game or this forum for more information. Enjoy Legion.Thanatos1 Oct 15
Oct 13 Holy Priest LF weekend guild I'm looking for a weekend raiding guild (Friday, Saturday and Sunday all work). Not specifically looking to push mythic just to clear content but would like a more progressed group (in heroic). Have 1/7 M experience. Feel free to leave some info here or add my battletag Proxy#12145Aenoir0 Oct 13
Oct 12 <Immortal> 7/7H DPS recruitment 7/7H Looking for shadow priest, arms warrior, ww monk, enhance shaman, feral druid, and a hunter. Background: We are a semi-casual group of mature adults that enjoys downing high-end content. The core group is made up of experienced players who returned to WoW late in patch 6.2. We took our time clearing Heroic HFC and observed that the group had potential to progress into Mythic raiding. We expect our members to be relatively laid-back and respectful to other guild members, while maintaining focus during raids, having good attendance, and the willingness to do their due diligence with respect to researching their class and fight strategies. Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00-9:00 pm CST (always) Sunday: 3:00-6:00 pm CST (occasionally) Recruitment: We are open to recruitment of all competent players of any class, but have a specific interest in the classes listed above. Whisper Emilia, Sevrin, or any officer for more information. Apply at Battlenet: Sevrin#11618Sevrin0 Oct 12
Oct 12 [H] <Fatties Lag IRL> recruiting! <Fatties Lag IRL> is looking to fill our ranks with new and interesting players. We hope to progress into heroics and mythics as quickly as possible. We are recruiting all DPS/Heal classes to fill out our core group. If you aren't raid ready we can help you get there! We raid Wednesday/Thursday nights at 7pm - 11pm PST and beyond if we are progressing.(possibility of raiding on other nights as well. will be determined by raider availability.) For more info you can contact Truntsrage on Bnet @ Aquino#1945Truntsrage0 Oct 12
Oct 12 (H) <Archaic> Late night Mythic Prog Hey guys, have been 7/7H for a few weeks as we fill out our final spots, mythic begins this week and are still recruiting the last couple core roles. Wed - 11PM-2AM ST Sun - 930PM-1230AM ST Currently recruiting ranged dps (pref mage/hunter/spries) & Discipline priest Other roles are welcome to apply, strong applicants will be considered. Contact me ingame or leave a comment down below Snailmael Awak3#6502Snailmael1 Oct 12
Oct 11 845 Havoc DH LF Guild Havoc demon hunter LF Guild. Mainly Heroic/ Mythic dungeons, with casual raiding.Miobo1 Oct 11
Oct 11 LF semi-casualish raiding group/guild Ex semi-hardcore raider looking to raid on a more casual basis. Work prevents me from devoting as much time/energy to raiding as I used to, but I'd still like to raid. I have several years experience (BC - present) raid leading/guild leading semi-hardcore/mid-level progression, including several realm first kills (H Lich King 25, H Ragnaros (Firelands), H Deathwing). Due to my current situation with work I cannot promise 100% attendance. If you have any questions, feel free to message. An in-game PM is the easiest way to contact me, but feel free to post a message on this thread as well. Deulon#1537Deullidan1 Oct 11
Oct 11 [H] 862 Holy Priest looking for Raiding Guild Howdy, i'm a Horde ilvl 862 holy priest with a 864 hunter and 855 warlock friend. We are looking for a guild that raids just 1 night a week, or only has one night of required raiding. We are not necessarily seeking mythic content, we all have 3/7 Heroic experience or more so far, so our expectations are somewhere around that level of progression. We are all solid players, we constantly read blogs, religiously review Warcraft Logs to find mistakes and opportunities, and always come ready for serious attempts. We are all very active players but its hard for us to commit to 2+ consistent nights per week, 1 is easy enough for all of us to fully commit to with near 100% reliability. We are also very interested in doing mythic +5-10 content. Names: Humility Dottcom PrimordiusHumility2 Oct 11
Oct 11 These forums use to be fill with trash talk good ol daysPéppérs9 Oct 11
Oct 10 [H] <Ironborne> 4/7H Recruiting Ranged DPS Ironborne is an established guild on Stormreaver now recruiting for Legion raids! We take our raids seriously but maintain a friendly atmosphere. Many loyal members have stuck with us from the beginning and we're currently looking for people with similar goals who can attend our raids consistently and meet the expectations of our core raid group. We are 4/7 in heroic with normal on farm, actively raiding, and looking for dedicated and reliable raiders to fill our core raid spots to progress through heroic Emerald Nightmare, with a goal to start pushing mythic content. We raid 3 nights a week and we're seeking members who can consistently make those times and are adequately prepared and knowledgeable. We are highly in need of a versatile hunter, boomkin, or exceptional ranged DPS (845+) for our core roster. All roles will still be considered. Our raid times are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays from 8:30PM CST through 11:30PM CST If you'd like to join a guild that has a family atmosphere, but expect excellence from its members, submit an application through our website! Oct 10
Oct 10 842 G Druid LFG for Raiding/Dungeons Forgot to put [H] in the title :( I'm currently 842 on my guardian druid, ive successfully tanked up to mythic +5 blackrook, havent tried anything higher. Havent done any EN raiding yet, but would like to. I also have a 850 blood DK who was my first tanking choice in Legion, but he's been put on the back burner for now since bears seem to be in a better spot. I also have a 110 Prot Warrior and Enhance Shaman I can play on if needed. I'm mostly looking for a guild that does things together other than just talks in g chat about nonsense and never actually groups up and runs mythic plus dungeons / raids together. I don't see the point in joining a long term guild if all you do is talk in g chat all day but never actually play together. If interested in having me, add me in game. I'm usually on a lot. Oh, and the "ù" in my name is alt+ 0249.Shirokùma1 Oct 10
Oct 10 SGN 3/7 Mythic EN LF HEALS US-Stormreaver PVP - HORDE <Serious Guild Name>, 13/13M and US-149, is openly recruiting all classes/specs for the Legion expansion. With leadership and core players having finished off the last several tiers Cutting Edge, the team is actively seeking a player base capable of helping us compete inside the top US-100. Emerald Nightmare 3/7 Mythic Our current raid schedule is Monday-Thursday 9-12ST (central); however, it should be noted we intend to add Sunday to our schedule early on during Legion progression to push as hard as we can on a 12 hour schedule. Concerning gear, we currently use an established and successful Loot Council system. Although we consider ourselves a very tight-knit group, we are constantly looking for like-minded, competent and dedicated players to join the crew and competitively progress through end-game content. The ideal candidate for a position in <Serious Guild Name> is competitive by nature, capable of CONSISTENT solid percentiles within your class/ilvl while handling the pace of mythic-level mechanics/encounters, experienced with end-game content of some form, patient, mature, follows directions well and ALWAYS maintains a level of respect for leadership and their teammates. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids, use of Mumble and a working microphone are ALL mandatory, no exceptions. Lastly, raid spots are offered to those that interview/perform well, interact with the group to get know our raiders and help contribute to our guild's overall success. We have zero interest in players looking only to log in for raids or focus solely on getting loot. Essentially, we strive to create long-term, committed players. Interested in finding out more or joining up with our ranks? Feel free to: 1. Post here with your contact information 2. Drop an application on our website, 3. Add an officer on btag to chat further: Cyberthug#1564 (GM) sincerely#1235(Officer) Thank you for your interest in <Serious Guild Name>, we look forward to speaking with qualified applicants!Cyberthug1 Oct 10
Oct 9 . .Brezell11 Oct 9
Oct 7 <FotM>Stormreaver-US Seeking Talented Raiders <Flavour of the Month> is a Horde, Mythic raiding guild, newly reformed on Stormreaver. As we fill out our roster and bench in the coming weeks we plan on being able to complete the tier before it ends, with a goal of pushing into the Top 100 US by the end of Legion. If you're seeking a friendly raid environment with a progression focus, please consider us. Even if our recruitment needs may not reflect it, we will always consider applications from exceptional applicants of any role. If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the B-Tag contacts below or contact us on our website. Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Wed, 630 - 10 server (CST) Loot: Loot Council Website: B-Tag Contacts: Phurr#1616, Endcurry#1154Phurrdition4 Oct 7
Oct 5 (H) Crit Happens- Weekly Heroic Raids I'm sure you've seen Crit Happens, that PvP monolith. Well here's some raids for ya! Starting Tuesday the 20th at 6:00pm ST until 8:30pm ST one of our groups will be running Heroic "Flex" Raids every Tuesday and Thursday! Times subject to change. It's a laid back group of raiders returning to fold after an extended hiatus from the game. Minimum ilvl req 845+(if you're a little lower dont fret everyone will get equal tryouts.). Will also prefer players who have some prior experience in progression. So long as you meet the minimum requirements. A laid back atmosphere focused around PvP, but you know transmogs are life some are just harder to get. Currently doing tryouts in Mythics for the following. Cloth DPS Resto Shaman Holy Priest other healers considered Contact me directly ingame @Drazy or via bnet@ Drazdon#1908 Or just post in the comments.Drazy2 Oct 5
Oct 5 <M> Elevated Recruiting RDPS, 1 Tank, Healers We finished Heroic being 10th on the realm. However, due to lack of players in the roster we have not been able to raid mythic. We are looking for people that have already completed 7/7 Heroic and have the ambition to clear mythic at a competitive pace. Contact GeeEss#1970 or Carlos#1180 for more information.Obamaneequa1 Oct 5
Oct 4 [H] 848 Prot Warrior LFG Hey Folks, Just made the switch to horde and I am looking for a guild in general for most PVE activities. (Mythic +, EN N, EN H, ETC....) Let me know if there is any interest, mostly available Tuesday and Wednesday - But can make changes to accommodate.Smashandbash0 Oct 4
Oct 4 [H] 848 Prot Warrior LFG Hey Folks, Just made the switch to horde and I am looking for a guild in general for most PVE activities. (Mythic +, EN N, EN H, ETC....)Smashandbash0 Oct 4
Oct 3 [H] Modern LF Mage & R Druid 7-11 CST T/W/Th I will keep it short and sweet. We're working on Mythics this week so keep that in mind. = ) Raid Times & Days: Tues, Wed, and Thurs (Tuesday only During Farm) 5-9 pm PDT 7-11 pm CST = (server time) 8-12 pm EST * It should be noted that there is a low chance Monday could be added if there is a boss that is nearly dead or a goal the group agrees they would like to reach before reset. This is NOT a mandatory raid day. Important Guild Links: Guild Website: Logs: Wow Progress: Guild Streams: Current Wants w/860+ ilvl: Resto Druid (high - we have 0) Mage (high) Always on the lookout for exceptional players of any class and spec! Things Needed: 1. Working Mic 2. Discord 3. Weak Auras and Big Wigs 4. Come prepared to prepot, flask & use food for encounters! Contact us in game to talk more or add one of our battle tags below! Gram - Grammaton#1594 Scorpiius - Scorpius#1405 Sieara – Sieara#1968 Current Tiers: T19 (EN) 7/7N 7/7H 0/7MSieara0 Oct 3
Oct 3 [H] SuperGroup One Shot [13/13 M-HFC] - T/Th ~~ Updated as of 7/31/2016 ~~ SUPERGROUP ONE SHOT - US-Stormreaver (PvP) - Horde Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic as of 2/23/2016 - US-Ranked #32 for 2 Night Raiding Guild Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific) // 8:00pm-12:00am (Central) // 9:00pm-1:00am (Eastern) Recruitment Needs: Restoration Shaman with DPS OS Restoration Druid with DPS OS (Boomkin) Warlock Competitive Off-Spec Heal or Tank is a huge plus! If your class is not listed but you *know* you can perform well, please apply! About SuperGroup One Shot: Supergroup One Shot was formed during the tail end of Throne of Thunder. The guild was created for a single purpose: to punch monsters and to have a good time. This common goal has proven to be successful, and we have been raiding together for multiple years. Our raiding environment is casual and lighthearted. You will find no supercilious attitudes among our members. Everyone is free to contribute any thoughts they may have, and all opinions are respected. A number of us have played other games together for years and have developed a friendly rapport. Our positive relationships both in and out of the game have resulted in Supergroup One Shot being a drama-free guild. Our Expectations: Attendance: The only way we can succeed and have fun is as a team, so we expect all raiders to make coming to raid and being on time a priority. If something comes up or you have other plans, you must notify an officer 48 hours before your anticipated absence if possible. Many of us are students or working professionals, and we all have obligations outside of raiding. We also understand that sometimes life events come up unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it's important that we're investing time and gear into people who are reliable, so we expect all raiders to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Performance: Mythic content is challenging, and we cannot afford to carry people through it. All raiders are expected to have mastery over their specialization and to pull competitive numbers capable of killing mythic bosses. If your class has multiple specializations for the same role, you should know each one and use the best one for each encounter. You should use the optimal glyphs and talents for each fight, and you should use your cooldowns, potions, and racial abilities intelligently. We don’t expect mistake-free performance, nor do we expect you to be a leading theorycrafter for your class. However, you should understand your specialization well enough to explain it to someone else in-depth, and you should execute your rotation to the best of your abilities. Of course, performance is hardly all about numbers. You must be able to handle mechanics at the same time. There will be a learning curve with each boss, and raiders are given a certain amount of grace. However, we expect you to learn from your mistakes quickly, and you should not make the same mistake multiple times. You should be comfortable taking initiative and handling individual responsibilities. You also must be able to follow instructions and to communicate with the team as needed. Finally, every raider should continuously seek ways to improve. We expect all of our raiders to be their own biggest critics. Whether you’re ranking on every fight or you’re struggling just to dodge the fire, we all have opportunities to fine-tune our performance. In short, you should take pride in your performance and should strive to play at the highest level you can. How To Apply: Fill out an application at: Once accepted, you will undergo a trial period where we will decide if you are a right fit for the guild, as well as for you to decide if we are right for you! Contacts: Guild Master: Joeseidon [B-Tag: Joeseidon#1780] Recruiter: Azulä (alt-132) [B-Tag: Taeyeon#1361]Azulä15 Oct 3
Oct 3 <ooWEE> Recruiting <ooWEE> Stormreaver is a laid back casual raiding guild that has been together over 10 years. Once a hard core guild, we decided to ease up this xpac and try a easy approach to this current content. We are still players who want to get the content done, but on a more laid back basis. We currently are recruiting all classes and specs. But our main raiding roles in real need are healers, ranged dps. (Holy Pally, Disc Priest, Monk) (Boomkin, Hunter, Shadow Priest etc) We offer 2 raid groups. We have a weekly group Tues-Thru-Mon 830-1130 Server and A new weekend group starting ASAP. This guild enjoys all aspects, leveling, raiding, PVP etc. We offer any help to any of our members to the best of our ability. Looking for those players who want to become apart of the ooWEE family. Theres a reason we been playing together for over 10 years. PST Domanated in game or add Dom#1796Domanated0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Late night weekend mythic raiding guild LFM Hello, Sodium Chloride is recruiting for mythic content! We raid 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM Friday and 9 PM to 1 AM Saturday, Sunday. Our guild is filled with a lot of really strong raiders with past mythic and heroic experience. We're a laid back group looking to have fun but still down content while it is current. We're currently in need of Ranged DPS primarily and 1 healer. We would prefer an Rdruid or Holy priest. For ranged we could use a Spriest, lock and Hunter. If you're class and spec aren't listed, we're always looking for great players so fill free to PST. If you're interested please add my Btag Jay#17615 or pst Rainingspunk or Jaysizzle in game for more information.Jaysizzle53 Oct 3
Oct 1 And I Know When That Hotline Bling that can only mean one thingÐiminish2 Oct 1
Oct 1 850 Blood DK LF Guild 850 Blood DK LF Guild - primarily for mythic dungeons and casual raiding. I also have an alt shaman.Gravelord0 Oct 1
Oct 1 853 Spriest LF Tues/Weds raiding guild Hey guys, I'm looking for a new mythic raiding guild. Unfortunately due to my work schedule the only days I can raid are Tuesday and Wednesdays. I recently started to get back into raiding after a short break(the end of WoD). During the last couple of months of WoD I was able to raid some mythic content(9/13m). I'm looking for a guild that I can call home and slay some dragons. If you have any questions leave me a comment.Fadëd5 Oct 1
Sep 30 (H) <No Guide Required> Recruiting Raiders <No Guide Required> is a new guild recruiting raiders. We are 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (N). We only ask that you be competent. We need 5 dps, Send me a message, leave a post here with your contact info, or contact me in-game, on Nephadin (Main), Nephronicus (Alt), or Nephshadow (Alt) for more information. Raid Time: Saturday & Sunday; 7:00pm - 9:30pm server time. Raid Needs: DPS: We are looking for 5, no class restrictions atm, to fill our 10-man raid. Healers: None Tanks: None Additional Info: Some of our core like PvP and are also looking to form a 10-man group for the 10v10 BG's.Nephadin0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Faction unbalanced I'm sure this has been posted several times but it is a major issue with this server that needs to be addressed. The horde to alliance ratio is absurd, sometimes doing WQ I'll run into 20 + horde and it's a free kill for them. You can't expect to do any WQ during prime time hours, or weekends, etc. Blizzard, what are you doing to help with this? And don't post pay to transfer to horde, or server transfer, that is not a solution to this, I've paid enough money to Blizzard over the years.Shawdown3 Sep 30
Sep 30 (A)<HS> Recruiting Mythic Raiders! At <Highly Successful> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Kel'thuzad (US-Alliance). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. Despite being a new guild our current raiding core is filled with veteran raiders from various top US guilds. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 1/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Website: GM: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Tye (Alphamale#1773) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Highly Successful>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore14 Sep 30
Sep 30 858 Havoc DH LF Guild Cleared N EN via pug and have done many mythics +7. PST for information. Can raid whenever. -SatSatisfyqq0 Sep 30
Sep 29 [H]Reviction LFM for Wednesday/Weekend Raids Reviction is currently recruiting quality players who want to raid Emerald Nightmare, and beyond. We have currently cleared 7/7 on Normal and should be pushing Heroic in the near future. We currently are forming 2 groups, in order to cater to more people, with crazy schedules. One during the week, and one on the weekends. * The first group will be running from 9pm to 1am server time on Wednesday nights. Maybe more if there is interest. Their current needs are as follows; 3-4 ranged DPS. The group will be lead by Hovuh, so you can message him or Tgrogue for more specific details. * The second group will run Friday, and Saturday nights (7-10 Server 8-11EST) Their current needs are as follows; - 3-4 Ranged DPS For this group you can message either Tang, or beefylenz and we'll get you set up. *THERE IS NO GEAR ILVL REQUIREMENT* We want quality players. If a player is good, we will take the time to help gear them up, by doing Mythics and Heroics. The guild uses Discord for voice chat, and that of course is required. My battletag is Lenzypoo#2729 if you wish to contact me there as well. Thanks!Lenzbian18 Sep 29
Sep 29 [H] <Deimos> Hardcore Weekend Raiding 7/7H Introduction Hello and thanks for checking out our thread. <Deimos> is a newly established raiding guild on the Stormreaver server. Our goal for the guild is to become the number 1 weekend raiding guild for Legion. Our officers and current members are 13/13M with a history of multiple world firsts in RIFT. We know what it takes to make a guild successful, and we plan on doing just that for Legion. Although our guild is new, we plan on diligently recruiting like-minded individuals to push hard into the new raids. We're primarily interested in players who share the same philosophy as we do. Please visit to read more about our guild philosophy and policies. What Does "Hardcore" Mean To Us? Being a hardcore player does not just mean spending a large amount of time in a raid. A hardcore player is someone who has the desire to not waste other people's time while also striving to be the best player they can possibly be. A limited raiding schedule does not hinder that. What You Can Expect During the first raid we may not be as competitive as we'd like to be, but by the time the second raid comes out we're going to push for those ranks. And by the time the final raid is released, we will achieve our goal of number 1 weekend raiding. In order to push for those ranks, we're going to continually seek serious raiders to add to our team. We will never stop or limit recruitment because we want to maintain a competitive raiding environment. Once the content is on farm, we're going to aim for speed kills and clears. To us that's fun, pushing our raiders to the limit by dropping healers and destroying meters. If this sounds like a good deal to you, we strongly urge you to apply. You will not be disappointed! Raid Days and Times Friday: 7pm - 11pm CST Saturday: 7pm - 11pm CST Sunday: 7pm - 10pm CST Current Guild Needs Druid - DPS (ranged) Mage Warlock *** TANK *** (Warrior, Druid, Paladin preferred) We accept all classes and roles. Contact Website: Btags: Ayona#1165 and Ahov#11461Ayona0 Sep 29
Sep 29 heard this relam is cool :)Péppérs2 Sep 29
Sep 29 (H) Middle Class Gaming Recruiting 5 7/7 Normal - Cleared 5/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare- Nythendra, Ursoc, Elerethe, Dragons, Il'gynoth Seeking: Hunter Enhance Shaman Unholy/Frost DK Happy Friday everybody! Wanted to reach out to the great horde player base of Stormreaver and offer five of open slots of Flex/Mythic raid runs starting up next Tuesday the 20th. Middle Class Gaming has been operating and raiding since BC, with many of the core members being close friends for over ten years+. Content has always been cleared at a steady rate, even drawing on some close 3rd and 4th server downs. This expansion we are going a bit more casual but still intend to complete raids before they make them easy peasy. Currently we are on the search for - DPS Must be at least 845 ilvl or close to it, we can true you up before weekly resets for sure. Willing to study for fights and listen to coaching, as well as participate in gathering for raid supplies when able. We are friendly and accepting but don't care for the lazy who are just looking for a carry through mythic level raids. If you have any interest feel free to reach out to bajwa#1348 Looking forward to working with you all! :DHugsforaheal14 Sep 29
Sep 29 [H] <Pariah> Looking For A few More Raiders Hello, We are looking for 1 tank, 1 solid Monk / Warlock / War / Ret Pally DPS would be amazing. We have killed 3/7 EN as a guild. after week one, with a few pugs. Raid times are Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm-10pm ST PST any member for an invite or add me Fyveonit#1890 Edit: updated the needsFyveonit4 Sep 29
Sep 29 [ooWEE] Recruiting (ooWEE) Stormreaver is now recruiting. We are a 10+ year old casual raiding guild composed of friends who continue to enjoy the game together. We are currently raiding with 1 weekly group that runs Tues/Thurs/Mon roughly 830-1130 server. We currently are 1 boss down in the new Emerald Nightmare. We will also have a weekend group starting to form in the next week or so. We are in need of healers and DPs. LF druid/pally/disc priest with shadow off spec in the healing section and DPs we could use boomkin, ret pally and others. Again we are a casual guild meaning we are serious about raiding but care more about doing it with everyone's best intentions in mind. We understand real life, jobs, kids, life etc. This is also why we are having 2 groups to accommodate all our guildies. We also enjoy pvp, leveling alts and more. We have vent, FB, website. Please in game Domanated or Dom#1796 or Aroz (co gm & gm) or any player on roster for invite.Domanated1 Sep 29
Sep 29 <ooWEE> Recruiting <ooWEE> Stormreaver. We are a casual raiding guild whos been together over 10 years now. Raiding hardcore for many years but has decided to take a easier approach this xpac. Right now we are currently raiding with Group 1: Tue-Thurs-Mon 830-1130 Server & a weekend group as well. We do our best to make it so all players can enjoy raiding. We also love leveling alts, PVP and just enjoy each other in the game. Our needs are healers (Disc/Shadow Holy/Ret) & DPS (Ret, Boomkin, Monk, Shammy DPS) but we do accept all classes and specs. We have Vent, FB & Website and are looking for players who dont chomp at the bit to hurry thru this current content, but have the drive to get it done. We are ready to help you get the gear needed to start raiding with us if you need. PLZ add Dom#1796 or in game Domanated (co-GM) I would love to talk to ya and answer any questions.Domanated1 Sep 29
Sep 28 [H]<Thud and Blunder> 7/7N LFM Heroic/Mythic Hello, <Thud and Blunder> is currently seeking some solid, consistent, and reliable DPS for our progression through Heroic and Mythic raid content. We are a fun bunch of long time friends who have been raiding since Vanilla and we are always willing to help out a guild-mate. We have quickly cleared Normal mode during the first week of raiding and we are now ready to move on to more challenging content, which will require filling out our core raid group a little bit better. Please send me a pm for further information if you fit the following: -Reliable -Aware of your surroundings in a boss fight -Willing to learn fight mechanics and preparing for encounters -Mature and not overly dramatic -Have teamspeak installed Our raid nights are Wednesday and Sunday at 7PM server time, flasks and potions are provided during progression and all we ask is that you prepare yourself for the mechanics so we can get things done smoothly. Once again, we are currently seeking out DPS for our core raid group for progression. Any other persons interested are most welcome as long as you fit the criteria posted above. Cheers!Dumile0 Sep 28
Sep 28 [H]Experienced 849 holy pal LF mythic+guild I used to be a pretty hardcore raider back in the BC/WotLK days but I don't have time that I can dedicate to raiding anymore so I am mostly looking to run mythic+ dungeons. I still play a lot, I just can't guarantee that I would be on for raid times or that I would be able to stay for the full duration. Raid experience peaked around Ulduar, where I achieved Realm first Yogg +0 and after that I took some time off and didn't return to really raid much after that. If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message. TheRabidDeer#1979Garnètt3 Sep 28
Sep 28 LF Wednesday Night Raiders Group of 5-6 players looking for more for Wednesday night raids. We typically raid 9pm - 1am. We would like to form a solid group for every Wednesday night so we can all progress and gear together. Looking for players that have a fun attitude but also are willing to put in the work to move onto Heroics and Mythics. We currently are 6/7 on Normal mode from week 1. Reply to this or pm ingame and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!Fryex0 Sep 28
Sep 27 848 Resto Druid and 848 Prot Warrior LF guild Looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week. One day needs to be wednesday and I prefer if the other day is also a weekday but could probably maybe a weekend day work. Any time after 4:30pm server works.Zimaki3 Sep 27
Sep 26 852 Protection Warrior Lf raiding guild *Looking to stay horde, not looking for a brand new guild* Hey, I am looking for a stable guild that is working on finishing up Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and is looking to jump into mythics shortly afterwards. Not looking for a brand new guild, looking for a team that has been together for a while. I am a 852 Protection warrior, with 23 artifact traits working on my 24th. I have 5 research notes, so the 25(my 3rd golden) should be here within the next week. I am revered with all reps, and exalted with the nightfallen. My experience: Cata: Dragon Soul: 6/8H (with 3rd plate wipes on Spine) MoP: Tier 14: 14/14 Normal 7/14 Heroic Tier 15: 12/12N Tier 16: 14/14 Normal 11/14 Heroic (a lot of 1% wipes on Siegecrafter) Pre 6.0 WoD: Highmaul: 4/7M (with a couple 1% wipes on Mythic Butcher) BRF: 8/10M (with xp on Mythic Blast Furnace) HFC: 7/13M (with 1% wipes on Mythic Fel Lord) No xp on Mythic Gorefiend. (I have also killed Mythic Xhul,Manny, and Archi but it was after the patch so they were nerfed.) Legion: Emerald Nightmare: 5/7N(didn't didn't do the first two on normal) and 2/7H with a few 14% wipes on Ursoc. -Times: Monday-Friday: 6pm to 11pm Central I am mainly looking for a guild that raids 3+ days a week. (The times/days aren't set in stone so feel free to post if your times are outside of those times.) Btag: Twiggy#11522 - please leave a comment below before you add me so I know you are from this forum. ThanksIseenuggets0 Sep 26
Sep 26 840 Havoc DH LF late LATE night raiding guild Work schedule is wonky and I would rather not have to switch servers, so hoping to get lucky here. Are there any guilds out there that raid from about 11pm-2am server time? I usually play 5 or 6 hours a day, a couple hours in the morning and then a good block at night. Saturday night is the only night that's no good. I can be on any VoIP, have a mic but sometimes may not be able to talk too loud (other people sleeping) but can definitely listen and respond. I started in Vanilla so I know how to stay out of fire. I'm at 840ilvl atm, have done a few mythic+ dungeons. Also NOT willing to switch to Alliance. Hopefully theres something out there! =DErossela0 Sep 26