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27m [H] <Curse of Delusion> -- Community Guild <Curse of Delusion> is looking for people that are interested in building a community guild where every member feels like family. I know there are a lot of laid-back players in the WoW community that are struggling to find a guild that they fit into because so many guilds only focus on recruiting for their various raid, mythic +, or RBG teams. We are looking for people that want to invest in more than just raiding or pushing Mythic + keystones. We want those people too, but we want them to care about more than just the raiding progression or how high they can push keystones… we want people that care about the guild and their fellow guild members. Although our main focus is recruiting people that hat care about the guild and their fellow guild members, we also understand that people want to see end game content and experience raiding with a guild group instead of trying to pug through raids or only experiencing LFR. During Legion, we raided once a week ( on Sunday from 9pm-midnight EST) and were able to get everyone AoTC before the content became trivial. We plan to continue that schedule into BfA. One day a week may not sound like a lot, and that is intentional, but it is sufficient enough to down heroic and not make WoW feel like another job. We are looking for people that want to establish long-term roots in a guild that will be around for longer than a few months. If you are interested in our community, add my battletag Fallsmyer#1505 or discord Fallsmyer#1811.Fallsmyer105 27m
1h [H]<Raider for Hire> recruiting Who we are... 1) Our core has been playing WoW together since day 1, some of further back in beta. We've stayed friends for 13+ years have met up in RL more than a few times now. 2) We are old (by gamer standards), some of us even older than dirt (Gim). We are the "older crowd" and after Warcraft we tend to drive our Buicks to go play Bingo, eat Tapioca pudding, while fighting over which of us gets to wear the blue colored Depends™. So no one under legal age please. We don't need reminders of how much cooler things were before our metabolism and sex drive were distilled into the ink on our marriage certificates. Wife aggro has become a competitive sport to us, and we could use some more ideas in our "How to deal with Bipolarity in our significant others" think-tank. 3) We are family/working stiffs - RL > WoW, 'nuff said. 4) We tend to joke around ALOT on Discord at each others expense. Thick skin is a benefit though by no means required. :) 5) Experienced- Besides being here from Day 1 or Beta, some of us have been in top shelf guilds and have raided everything up untl now. Two of us have been in server first types of guilds, and in the past, we were the #2 Alliance guild on Fenris back in BC when Kara was new. While we have plenty of experience, we are NOT hardcore anymore. Mostly due to Father Time and the occasional abuse at our Senior Living Center (see #2 above). 6) Plug and Play. While we all have mains (somewhat), we are ok with playing whats needed to keep running. We love alts to the point of needing therapy. Who we aren't (a.k.a. the not so nice details)... 1) Anal jokes, trade spam, airing out your dirty laundry, ninja looting, etc. tends to make us ancient folk more crotchety than losing our blue pills on date night. We all pay to play but if any of the above get you through the day, then you probably won't be a good fit. 2) Cheap. We have always helped each other, we don't ever charge for guild mats, make stuff for free etc. Repairs are for guild dungeons/raids/pvp activities (Bank permitting), anyone is welcome to mats to level up skills etc. This is not a requirement though, we just never did it any other way. 3) Drama.... This is sometimes a gray area. Every guild has some drama from time to time, its unavoidable. We keep it to a minimum though, talk to us before going off the deep end (we might even share a Zoloft™ with you). In the end, a guild is a collection of alot of different personalities, and sometimes there are clashes. As long as we are still having fun, it's all good. 4) Hard Core and/or Elitist- a couple of us are from hardcore server first guilds through the years, those days are over. We just want to have fun with people we like (in some cases tolerate ;)). Our unlimited patience ends at elitists btw. We prefer the Clint Eastwood type of amazing but humble, badassery-exuding players who know they are the cats biznachos without needing to broadcast it. If you had to google Clint Eastwood, you are too young for us. Rules (our usual policy)... 1) Not much beyond "Honor thy guild tag." We've always cultivated relationships with other guilds on whatever server we wound up on, and we've always been respectful and respected. Every member represents the guild, this is non-negotiable, treat others with respect. No loot !@#$%s, Ninja looters, griefers, campers, chat spammers (beyond trying to legitimately sell stuff), etc. Yada yada, you long winded, soapbox Guildmasterguyperson, where do we go from here? Our main goal is obviously to build a fun guild doing everything possible. Dungeons/Raids/PvP or whatever suits the guildies fancy. We do plan on raiding as usual, twice a week is the norm for us. Guild size is up in the air... I like close knit and small but historically we always seem to build around two working raid squads. One for the usual raid types, and the other for the more casual raiders. If you are active enough, kind and helpful to your fellow guildies, there's probably an Officer spot or two available. Those come with corner offices, a parking spot, and a year's subscription to geriatric adult magazines. We've all given up on WoW from time to time (moreso during WoD for us), we wouldn't mind a return to the glory days of WoW with BfA. Contacts For now.... Me (Xan#1496), on any toon with Xan in it, a southern-fried lackey named "Tim" a.k.a. Gigglecookie, a shady guy named Fleshgrafter, old man "Gim", and any toon with "Jub" in it ... at least till I find out which of my old crew is returning. Full Disclosure- There's not much going on right now, maybe a handful of us at the most playing very little. We are still hammering out details and will more actively recruit closer to/during the release of BfA .Xantastica46 1h
2h [H] <Copacetic> Weekend Raiding Copacetic is looking for talented players to join our ranks! Horde, Thrall (US) PVE Progression: 11/11H 1/11M Raid Schedule: Saturday 9pm - 1am EST, Sunday 9pm -12 am EST. Copacetic is a guild created by a group of friends who raided together in Vanilla and BC. Together with our newer members we progressed through the Draenor and Legion raids fairly quickly, and endeavor to continue this trend in BFA. We encourage any interested players to send in an application or add us on battle net Zow#1652, or Deca#1527 (GM)! Right now we are actively looking for: Melee (Monk, Rogue) Ranged (Prefer Warlock, Boom, Shadow Priest, Hunter) Healer (Prefer Shaman, Monk, Priest) However, we always consider exceptional applicants of any class and spec. We expect our members to be mature adults who can commit to our raid schedule. Attendance is critical, especially when learning new content! Our members are expected to be fully prepared for raids; this includes: Thorough knowledge of your class and raid encounters Appropriate consumables Discord voice chat and DBM Ultimately, we are interested in dedicated, skilled players, regardless of gear or experience. Zow#1652, or Deca#1527 (GM), for further information, and visitów2 2h
3h (H) WW/BM LF H/M Raiding Guild Hello, ill keep it short and sweet im looking for a either semi hardcore guild or hardcore guild for this EXP. Main spec WW with BM as my off spec or vise versa which ever is needed. I learn fast and listen well, lets chat Kwis#1754Jaackiechun0 3h
4h [H] <Ode to Undercity> Recruiting for BFA <Ode to Undercity> is a friendly semi-casual Heroic raiding guild on Thrall. We are currently recruiting to fill up our roster with raiders and/or social players. We are a relatively new guild formed by experienced Heroic raiders looking to continue raiding through BFA. We enjoy M+, and Raiding, as well as other content including achievements and creative social events. What to expect from us: • A friendly, non-stressful raid environment • Flasks, Food, Repairs, Gems, and Enchants for Raiders • Good leadership, putting the teams needs first What we expect from you: • A good attitude • A good raid attendance • An effort to work on your character on non-raid nights, as you can expect from others. Raid Days, Times: Wednesday 9 - 11:30 EST Thursday 9 - 11:30 EST What we are currently looking for: Tanks: Full Healers: 1 Priest/Pally DPS: Ret Pally, DK, other (mainly melee) If you wish to join, or have any interest, feel free to add me on Claw#12942Veloen18 4h
6h <Rainbow Kitten Surprise> Recruiting for BFA! Rainbow Kitten Surprise is currently seeking more members for its casual base but more importantly to form a strong, secure, progression driven roster in Battle for Azeroth. We encourage a fun, energetic environment throughout raiding as well as our daily wow activities, if it's not fun, what's the point? We're currently getting people Aotc's. Our focus is on Battle for Azeroth. Requirements: RKS is ultimately a progression guild, we expect the best out of our players in terms of utilizing the kits given to their specific class. We push ourselves to be the best raiders we can be, so should you! High attendance: We require a 90% attendance rate to solidify a spot on our roster, though we recognize real life does come up we are a two day raiding guild, every hour counts. It is mandatory to notify leadership if attendance is subject to change and/or something comes up due to IRL constraints. Knowledge on Class: We require our raiders to have extensive knowledge on their main class as well as specialization they expect to raid on. We do allow main swapping in-between tiers and towards the end of tiers after progression is over. Gems, enchants, etc. are required at all times. Discord Req: We require every member of our raid roster to have stable internet as well as a full functioning Mic for raid purposes. We are not open to raiders without microphones. Discord Interview required upon trialing. Recruitment We're currently in need of the following classes: Rogue (All) Druid (Feral/Restoration/Balance) Monk (Mistweaver/Windwalker) Death knight (Frost/Unholy) Paladin (Holy/Retribution) Hunter (All) Shaman (All) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Warlock(All) Priest (All) Demonhunter (Havoc) Raid Times We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST, Open Tryouts on Tuesdays. Questions or interest: Add James#13479 or Kiana#1580 Apply @ 6h
9h Aff Lock + Healer LF Late Night Weekend Hello, We are coming back after a bit of a break at the end of Legion and are looking for a new guild that raids late nights Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. One of us Mains an Affliction Warlock and the other mains a healer of any class, preferably Disc/Holy Priest or Resto Druid. We both have experience with Heroic Raiding since WOD. We are looking for a fun laid back group for Heroic Progression. 1. Times available & time zone: Thursday/Friday/Saturday Night from 9 PM MST to 1 AM MST 2. Server preference: Thrall but willing to move to another server if needed. 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: Experience raiding all through WOD and the first half of Legion. 6. Contact info: Battle Tag: GrumpyGiant#11493Marischa1 9h
9h LF Late Night Raiding Guild Ret Paladin with prior mythic raiding experience looking for a late night raiding guild due to a work schedule change looking for a group that starts raids around 1-2am server time.Brodím2 9h
9h LF Raid Team / Guild Hello all, I’m currently looking for a raid team or a guild raid team looking to add raiders not in their guild (at least not at this time). Currently maining a Mage, but have every class 110+ and have extensive experience raiding as tank, healer, mdps and rdps dating back to BC at a hardcore and semi-hardcore level throughout most expansions. Currently looking for a team who is semi-hardcore and looking to push into mythic raiding content.Nomy1 9h
9h Iron Dragons is recuiting for Raid Team <Iron Dragons> is a new late night raiding guild LFM dps(rogue/dh/mage/holy pally) for tues/thurs 1:00 est-3am est(subject to change). We are looking to push heroic progresion in bfa once our team is established. Our current roster is sitting at 15. Contact me on btag at Fluffynater#11129 or discord Rhodessit#9468Rhodessit0 9h
9h LF Late night/weekend raiding. Elemental shaman looking for guild. I play every day and im really looking for a awesome guild to really be apart of. I'm very into raiding and PVP (elite pvp and heroic with the want to do mythic) preferably weekend raiding or late night raid since I go to school from 6-9pm est mon-thur. Shoot me a message ingame or bnet Lava#11943Lavä2 9h
10h 2 Day Cutting Edge Raid Guild LF DPS Welcome to [H - Thrall US] Tha Lounge! We are relaxed guild comprised of 11/11 M level raiders, who are seeking more players to fill out our roster. We are going to progress on a two day schedule , Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST. We currently have a NEED for: S Priest w/ Healing Off Spec Warlock Mage We could use more: Any DPS and Healing or Tank Off-Spec Exceptional Players What we plan to accomplish: Clear Mythic with Cutting Edge All current Raid Achievements Pushing Mythic + weekly with multiple groups PvP and Mount Runs What we have to offer: A relaxed atmosphere with meme’s included. Players willing to help each other learn and progress in there play and to seeking improvements with timely strategy. Welcoming of strategy recommendations. Officers have an open door policy if you have a concern with anything feel free to come to one of us. What we expect from you: Willingness to learn and progress in your class/role within the guild. Making sure you can be on time, if you can’t make raid times speak with an officer. Your friends and alts are all welcome here. Contact Us TGBM#1134 B.Net / Discord TGBM#1308 Taylored#1820 B.Net / Discord Taylored#3779 Discord Tondo#2835Tosan6 10h
10h 4 Raider's w/ Longboi LF Raid Guild! We've full cleared mythics this week and are all around 330 ilevel. We are: Prot Warrior Unholy Dk Affliction lock Resto Druid. Weekdays starting 9pm server would be optimal for us. If you're interested please send me a message or mail in-game, Thanks!Netheroc1 10h
16h Druid anyspec lfg heroic weekday raiding. Just looking for a stable, no drama guild that does weekday raiding. progression to heroic difficulty preferred anything after that is bonus. If I'm making a mistake with rotations or mechanics, point it out. I don't like making the same mistake twice. I'm loving the druid and all of its specks so I'm good for whatever is needed. Even if I'm the filler for whatever person didn't show that week, or if im switching to whatever roll we need for that encounter. The change of pace is always good. It would also be nice to have a group to do mythic dungeons with as well. P.s. I'll be around most weekends but I like to keep them open. If I am on, I'm up for whatever.Ruthrune2 16h
17h 4 Friends LF Raiding Guild Mage Holy Pally DH (tank pref, will DPS) Hunter LF 2 night weekday raid after 8pm, experienced and ready to kill thingsVilistrá7 17h
17h [H] 3 experienced raiders LF raid guild BFA Hello, I'm Hjorleif and I've played this game for a very long time (since Vanilla) and have raided consistently since Cata (I raided the entirety of BC but didn't play at all in Wrath). My girlfriend, best friend and I are looking for a raid team for BFA. We have a lot of experience in raiding and show up to every raid completely prepared. We are looking for a close-knit group that raids casual - but not too casual as we like progression. Ultimately, we want a Heroic progression guild, but we are open to dabbling in Mythic if need be or if we get to that point. We main the following for raiding: Balance Druid, Holy Paladin and Windwalker Monk. We definitely are looking for a particular group to call home, so below are a few "requirements" that we hold for a raid guild to join: - Discord is a must. - Prefer 18+ - We are west coast so starting raid around 8:00 PST (11:00 EST) is our goal. - We prefer a varied raid group (not a spam of same class/spec) - Prefer not already having a Holy Paladin. - Can't raid Wednesdays or Sundays, but any other day is fine. Prefer Tuesdays/Thursdays. - Prefer a smaller guild (not a 500+ member guild) so that it's more close-knit. Obviously it's difficult to have everything met so a few of the above are preferences. Thank you for your time, my battletag is: Hjorleif#11231 I look forward to talking to you.Hjorleif6 17h
17h Resto/Balance Druid + 4 others LF Guild Hello all ^_^ I recently transferred to Thrall and I am looking for a new guild to join. I left WoW during WoD and then again in Legion (Lost interest in WoD and then RL got in the way of Legion). Looking for a casual start up right now but will consider raiding with the right guild/people. I prefer healing above all else but will DPS. I will not be able to raid Tuesdays until after October unfortunately because of an RL thing going on that day. I'm mostly free the other weekday nights, weekends are hit or miss since I end up doing things in RL during those days. I also have a couple real life friends joining me as well. One has been playing for awhile and is looking for Mythic Raids eventually (he's new to that though but he loves raiding), one is completely brand new to the game(She's coming from FF14) and the others are more-so casual people. We enjoy good conversations about any nerd fandom, doing in-game things, and we are all 25+ years or older people that have jobs and a life outside the game. My battle tag is : Lynvala#11204 Feel free to add me there and talk more!Qetésh2 17h
17h [H] Experienced Rogue LF raiding guild Hello Thrall! I'll try to keep this short and sweet (it won't be, I always end up typing way too much). A little bit about me: I'm a 27 year old software developer that works in the game industry. I've been playing WoW since 2004, primarily on my rogue although I have always had all classes at cap to play a variety of roles. That said, I have raided extensively over the years. I won't go into detail about all of that here, but long story short, I've raided for a long time. I like to take things to a min/max level, going over my parses and other such things. In most recent history (legion), I raided Emerald Nightmare, ToV, and the Nighthold on Mythic, clearing each of them respectively (EN and ToV were done on my paladin for the needs of the guild I was in at that time). After completing Nighthold on Mythic, the guild pushed directly into ToS. We got about halfway through it with ease, but due to real life emergencies on my end, I had to abruptly quit the game. That said, that is where the end of my experience in Legion lies. I'm coming back to the game now for BFA after the dust has settled with my personal life stuff, fresh and ready to go. I'm looking to find a home back on Thrall (my original server, which I am now back on) that will hopefully last for the long haul. I've just hit 120 and am in the process of gearing up and all that jazz. My requirements: - Available Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8pm to 12pm EST, ideally raiding 3 nights but I can do 2 if need be. - Dedicated, guaranteed raid spot. Pretty straight forward. If I'm punctual, reliable, and in the guild, I expect a spot :) - Mature guild with working adults. Not interested in playing with children or dramatic "man-children". I want to have a good time, and I want those in my company to also have a good time. Simple as that. No over the top meme culture, no political junk, etc. - Players who are interested in progression, take it somewhat seriously, but also are in it for a good time. I don't really care if people aren't concerned about 99% parses, but I'd like fellow raiders to at least be competent and willing to learn more, as there is always room for growth, myself included! - A vision of clearing at least the raids on Heroic. Mythic isn't a must, though I've tried to always clear Mythic. That said, I'm happy to just clear normal/heroic this expansion if it is with a cool group of people! My preferences: - Discord. Plain and simple, I just really enjoy it. Vent or TS3 in 2018 makes me sad. - A strong community vibe within the guild. Too many guilds I've been in feel like a glorified PuG. I want real relationships with real people, not just random players who I see two/three times a week. - A more "RP" friendly guild name. Maybe I'm a bit too serious, but guilds with really corny, jokey names just really aren't my cup of tea. TLDR: (although I hope you read it) - Have played for 14 years - Raided extensively, primarily on Mythic (or what used to be heroic) - Available Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8PM EST to Midnight EST - Looking for a group of like minded adults who have goals and are willing to form real friendships Feel free to message me in-game or leave your reply here. I'll only be on my rogue, so you know where to find me. Thanks for reading, sorry if I made your eyes bleed.Nevorra7 17h
17h Ret LF Guilld Hey, I am looking to get into raiding for this xpan. Im looking to do Heroic at the minimum and willing try try out mythic as well. Only looking to raid about 2 nights a week from 7pm to 10pm if possible. I will be pvping as well, and was a 2k+ player in WOD in 3's.Doobié1 17h
18h [H] <Redacted> LFM for BFA Horde US - Thrall <Redacted> About Us: Redacted was created by people who have a history of Cutting Edge experience and are looking to get back into raiding in BFA. We are seeking more players who would like to push for Cutting Edge in BFA. Our GM has raid lead since Vanilla in a number of guilds and looks to continue in Redacted. We enjoy doing things outside of game and hope to add more members. Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday, 9pm - 1am EST We ask that you maintain a 90% attendance if at all possible Needs: Currently looking for a few Healers and Ranged DPS Application Link: Contact AcidTongue#1900 Darsa#11664 Naturalight#1420 If you have any questions or concernsDarâ38 18h
23h Returning 331 Sub Rogue lf M prog For the lazy ones: TL;DR - Looking for a guild who is looking to push BFA PVE content (raids, m+, m/h until raids) with raid times starting after 10EST (Have a little bit of flexibility before raid). Laid back atmosphere but a heavy focus on progression with like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. Ideally we would like a guild that can be relaxed when the situation allows for it but knows how to kick it into all business when that situation arises as well. A focused, organized unit which can plow through content at a decent pace. I'm looking for a home for BFA and beyond. Btag: Devy#1530 Armory: My History: MoP SoO: 8/14M (Heroic at the time) WoD Highmaul: 7/7H BRF: Hiatus HFC: 13/13m Legion (Mostly Casual) EN: 7/7H 2/7M ToV: 3/3H NH: 10/10H 2/10M ToS: Hiatus, cleared normal and some heroic through pugs AtBT: 11/11H 6/11M About Me: I'm 21 years of age, consistently theory crafting as well as simming on the latest content released by Blizzard as well as looking for ways to improve our performances and learning every spec to the maximum for specific fights. I am a player who takes an enthusiastic approach to raiding, and make an effort to improve their performance and contribute to helping the raid in progression to the best of my abilities. I am extremely able to adapt quickly while maintaining high situational awareness with common sense which a lot of raiders seem to lack. Mature, yet easy going and not uptight, able to crack the odd joke yet still maintain a serious attitude towards progression, able to take criticism and learn to tactics to fights and take suggestions on ways to improve myself as a raider. I'm looking to come back to raiding seriously, as the last while I've been extremely casual My Specs: Ultimately I can play every spec required depending on meta What I'm looking for: A guild working towards becoming one of the strongest progression oriented guilds with an excellent server reputation and a laid back atmosphere. People looking to become long term members of a progression oriented union of players who will enjoy their time spent. With focus on destroying the hardest content and working to attract like-minded people who are able to follow directions, work together as a team, and accomplish those goals. I want the entire guild to be the core that keeps us progressing, not a select few players who are exceptional. Creating friendships within the guild and find somewhere to call home to competitively raid. Looking for a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations. Thank you for taking the time to read through this wall of text, I look forward to hearing from you! Btag Devy#1530Devylicious2 23h
23h [H] |Guts| Core BFA Recruitment |Guts| is a semi-hardcore guild formed in March 2017. We are currently recruiting for BFA release content, with 8/11M as a guild in ABT and officers that are 11/11M. Upon joining, you will receive the rank of "Trial." You will have the opportunity to be promoted to the rank of "Fearless" (core raider) after a minimum of two weeks. Promotion criteria: mechanics, performance, logs, and mesh with the team. The Basics: -Raid Schedule: Tu/Th 8-11PM EST -Loot Policy: Blizzard thought it was a good idea to delete Master Loot, so Personal. -Required Addons: Angry Assignments, Weakauras, DBM. Open Core Team Spots: -Healers: Druid/MW Pref -DPS: OPEN, RDPS Pref -Tanks: Druid/Brew Pref For more information or general questions please reach out to anyone below: -Prettylow (Recruitment Officer, Co-GM) (DeezBiscuitz#1989) -Klicky (Raid Leader, Co-GM) (Klicky#11343) -Theralyn (Raid Officer) (Felinar#1283) Preferred method of contact until shortly before BFA release will be bnet or Discord at OXjcp#4992 Marley#8497 WowProgress: 23h
23h [H] <Chaos> seeks RShaman/Rogue for H/M team <Chaos> on US-Thrall (Horde) is looking for new competent, skilled raiders to join our roster and bring us up to 20 for Mythic content. We raid 1 night a week Wed, 9pm EST to 1am EST. The classes listed are ones we need filled the most but if exceptional players apply other classes can be considered. Weekday Raid Times Wednesday: 9PM - 1AM EST Friday: 9pm EST Mythic + Monday: 9pm EST Cleanup, Farm, Alt Runs <Chaos> transferred to US-Thrall at the start of WoD to fix problems with being on a small server. US-Thrall has been a welcome change, with its vibrant raiding scene. We try to keep the same players in the raid and would rather work on improving player skill and building a solid crew, than continually cycling through lots of people. Raiding only one night per week means that everyone must be willing to learn aspects of the fight outside of raid time and be knowledgeable about their class/spec/role. For more Information contact Pantamonk, JohnnyLich, or Hurrig in game. For the Horde!Pantamonk0 23h
1d ® PremoGaming recruiting all FUN players! ® Are you looking for a no drama guild? Check out PremoGaming on Thrall - Accepting all players no matter your previous raiding experience or ilvl! Contact Moonpie#1732 or Twinkietot, Cheeky#1930 or Aadorian, or Biggylewis#1523 or Biggylewis, for further information or if you have questions. We are a group of ex-hardcore friends from Premonition on Windrunner-Alliance (ex top 150 world) who has decided to play on Thrall-Horde for Battle for Azeroth. We are accepting ALL PLAYERS. We are looking for friends to play with, not elitists. We do plan to do everything the game has to offer, without pressure. Join us to raid, or not to raid. We don't care this time around. Our core members have all played together for a long time and don't want the drama or stress of a hard core guild anymore. We’re looking for new friends to become our long time, core members too! Do we want to raid? Sure, we do. Do we want to put undue stress on ourselves or our guildies? Nope! If you just want a place to hang out in game or Discord - you can do that too. When we say no pressure, we mean it. The only thing we will require is that you are geared and prepared with the necessary consumables for raiding. We don’t want to waste our time, obviously. Our ultimate goal is to clear all Heroic content when it is relevant. If we ever get the chance to go over after Mythic raids, we'll go for it. However, if we can't do it, we don't care much about that either. So if you're looking for a home where you can do what you want, when you want, or raid only Normal and/or Heroic while having fun with friends and no pressure, then check us out. There's no harm in getting to know us or asking questions. It never hurts to give us a try :) Raiding schedule will be Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm CST. We may add Monday to the schedule or replace Thursday with Monday. Attendance is not required, but to raid you have to be geared accordingly so consider that if you won't be able to make it all the time. PS - We don't want anyone who causes drama, is a douchebag or treats fellow guildies poorly! These types of people will be promptly kicked. Also, if you are EXPECTING Mythic progression we are not the guild for you. Best of luck to everyone searching for a new guild!Twinkietot18 1d
1d <Focus Up> T/W 8pm-11pm EST Mythic LFM At <Focus Up> we understand the player base has grown up. We raid two nights a week with Cutting Edge skills and expectations. We're looking for a few more to round out our team. Leadership is Cutting Edge with a competitive mindset, on a semi hardcore schedule. What we're looking for: Players with a *WANT* to not only push mythic for personal progress, but to be a part of a team. What we need: Top Priorities 1) Resto Shaman w/ Ele OS 2) Boomkin 3) Resto Druid 4) WW/DK/Feral w/ competent Tank OS Raid has 23 members, but skilled players are welcome to apply. We’re always looking at adding skilled players to improve the flexibility and talent level of our roster. Reach out to either myself Dtg#11748 or Vyea#1852 to talk a bit more with us!Ðtg4 1d
1d 331 Rogue looking for raiding guild Looking for a team that runs early afternoons preferably, starting no later than 5 or 6 pm EST OR anytime Sunday(past 1pm EST)/Monday. Have previous experience in normal and heroic raiding and want to get back into it for this expansion. Can play any spec as needed but currently Outlaw. Also currently on the server Khadgar but will transfer if anyone will take me in. Btag is Vyrooll#1759. Thanks for the read.Vyrooll0 1d
1d LF Guild for casual Mythic+ and Normal raids I'm a someone who plays frequently but can't commit to regular nights, and am not concerned with pushing max tier content. I do enjoy raids and mythic+, though, and am looking for a guild that does those but is not rigid about attendance. I was a serious raider Back In The Day and know my stuff, but am way more concerned with having a fun and relaxing time than taking progress super seriously. Currently am playing mostly on this mage, but will definitely be hopping between healer and tank alts, too. Also would like to find a guild with a positive environment, hoping to avoid atmospheres where it is constant sexist jokes and people responding by saying 'umadbro' when called out on their backwards attitudes.Puddn0 1d
1d [H] Heals On Wheels - Illidan [CE][BFA 3day] Hello! Heals On Wheels is recruiting for BFA. We are consisting of Multi-CE members with a high drive for success in the coming tiers. Very active group of chill dudes with halfway decent tudes. We are active in Pre-Patch as well. With two weeks left we are seeking high skill Cutting Edge players to join our team and push for topping the charts. We prefer at least 9/11m (OR SIMILAR). We are interested in all exceptional candidates, though. Currently our needs are primarily DPS. We are looking for: (All slots are pending change) DPS A few spots open, seeking many more, apply within Tanks One or two spots still, left up for when prog resumes for Uldir(8/01/18) Healing priority Shaman - Medium Druid - Medium Paladin - Low Monk - Low Priest - High Raid days Tuesday Wednesday Thursday9pm-12am CT We are on Illidan! Here is our application: If for any reason you absolutely need to get in touch, add Farr93#7709 on DISCORDNqt3 1d
1d [H] <Regroup> Heroic Guild LFM About: Regroup is a small group of friends that used to Mythic raid that want to take it easy and just enjoy clearing heroic content and doing mythic+ with people we enjoy playing with. For the time being we would like to keep a smaller roster, around 15, so that we can clear content efficiently without being so big that we end up with people that others don't want to play with. Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays- 8:30-11:30 EST (Server time) What we’re looking for: While we are a more casual guild we would still like to maintain a roster of people that want to improve where they can mechanically and if needed improving their dps/hps (don’t care about parses but still have to meet timers) As a smaller guild attendance is more important but we understand that real life comes first ideally if you are going to miss just let us know when you can and you should be fine. Show up and just have fun playing the game. For almost all of us playing games is for relaxing and talking to friends so there’s no need to take the game too seriously. Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Full Healers: All Ranged dps: All Melee dps: Rogue Contact: GM: Bnet- Sebastian#1879 Discord- Wholy#8257 Officer: Bnet- Ooglie#1789Whollyholy12 1d
1d 3 Lookin for sun-mon guild 6pm-10pm Basically subject. Iink battle tag, and progression of guild with guild times, we want to join! 1 Tank - DH mythic raid experience 1 DPS - Ele Shammy mythic experience / mage 1 Warrior dps - heroic clear experience.Angelexis1 1d
1d 331 Resto Shammy lf raiding guild Hi, returning player looking for a new home. Currently seeking a hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding guild ideally 3 days a week during weekday evenings but that is flexible. Have played a healer for most of my wow life, have been part of a top 50 guild during wotc and have pushed for mythic content any time I picked it up again. Mostly have been gone due life that has calmed down and looking to buckle down again. I also have some logs from warlords and old kill videos from back in cata/mop if need be. Have no preference on faction, and willing to server transfer but if its a smaller server I will need to wait a bit before fully committing. Overall looking for a fun guild that can get serious when there is a need to, I don't mind wiping so long as there is progress and will go at it all night if need be to get that sweet first kill. Feel free to add me at dread#12759Dredsha0 1d
1d Disc Priest looking for PVP/Raid ACTIVE guild I am looking for a guild that is active and loves to play. I don't want one that makes people so stressed and hate the game. Fun people please. triggerman@1552Triggermann0 1d
2d [H] <Cattleyst> Mythic+ and Small N/H Raids About: <Cattleyst> is currently recruiting players of all experience levels for Mythic+, small group Normal/Heroic raiding, and general shenanigans. 21+ We are a smaller group of players who enjoy hanging out in discord, laughing at dark humor, running mythic+, raiding, battlegrounds, picking world pvp fights for no reason, and leveling far too many alts. During raids we focus and work hard while still having a good time. Raid Schedule: Tuesday - 9:00-12:00 EST Thursday - 9:00-12:00 EST Needs: Accepting all classes and roles. Contact: If you are interested please message Servimortis-Thrall (Servimortis#1870) in game. Moo.Servimortis0 2d
2d Mon Tues Thurs 9pm-12am Raid Guild Mythic Looking for a few more folks need a monk for sure any spec can work. hit me up if your interested raid spots are competitive based on performance.Tomaxs0 2d
2d <Badgr> Weekend Raiding Filling slots for BFA Times: Sat-Sunday - 6-9 est We are looking for: 1 tank - No Dk 2 dps - We are good on locks. We use discord and must have a working headset. Contact: Spishak#1659Handies12 2d
2d WTB Void-Shrouded Satchel Been looking for a while would appreciate the helpDavyjonez0 2d
2d H-Prot pally looking for a raiding guild. As the title say, was a main tank in legion for mythic raiding til the guild fell apart because the guild master took a "fishing trip" and locked everything and we couldn't invite anyone to replace him, since then it put me off of raiding and took a good break but I'm back into the swing of things. I prefer raiding the weekends as I am free all day.Thanon0 2d
2d Filthy casual LF family atmosphere H guild. Ok so first let me say i'm not casual by choice. I am however a father and husband. I've got a 3 year old daughter with cerebral palsy who takes time and a 2 year old badger........ok boy. My play time is at odd hours when they are asleep or when i can bribe the wife to keep them distracted for a random hour or two. Since that's out of the way upfront let me tell you what i'm looking for. I'm just simply looking for a guild to call home. I prefer an active guild chat as I enjoy watching the chatter while i play. I am not looking for someone to level me up. I enjoy guild groups but understand i need to pull my own weight leveling and not be relying on other guild members to carry my sorry behind up the level tree. Yes I am an altoholic. I've been a hunter forever and will never stop as i love taming new pets. However I do enjoy throwing fireballs, stabbing people in the back (not guild mates, alliance ya know), dropping totems, healing, and many, many other things. I know everyone says it but i'm drama free. I enjoy lively debates but i have enough serious stuff going on in my RL I don't need it in game. This is my escape to have fun. Be that killing a random boar for a quest or taking down the most recent raid boss. To be honest though most raid bosses i kill are through raid finder as with my children it's hard to find a guild where i can always show up for raids. I make a better random fill in guy then anything. If you think your guild could use random friendly orc #3197 then I'm your ORC! If not but you know somewhere i may fit just point me in that direction. Thanks for your time and happy hunting everyone.Rotsaw0 2d
2d Prot Paladin: Experienced Tank LFG LF a guild, or group for efficient farming heroic, M0s, and M+ when release, and maybe even raid. I am on a fixed schedule, so I can play weekdays 6pm CT till midnight and anytime on weekend. Feel free to message me in game if you have a solid group or team and looking for a tank. Ram-Thrall. Past Logs : Pz-Tichondrius Pzgg-Illidan Ram-Thall WoWprogress: 2d
2d [H] <SenpaiTM> Get Noticed and Apply! SenpaiTM originally was created as a US-Lightbringer Alliance guild. We cleared all normal and heroic content before transfering to Horde now that BFA is right around the corner. Raid Schedule 5 hr/wk: Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00pm-10:30pm CST (9:00pm-11:30pm EST) Optional Alt-raid on Monday 8:00pm-10:30pm CST (9:00pm-11:30pm EST) What you can expect from us as a guild: Dedicated leadership that doesn't give up. Cool tempered adults which allow for open communication. A community of like minded gamers looking to enjoy all aspects of gaming. What we expect from our members: An understanding of game mechanics and content knowledge. Effort to integrate yourself with guilds community. Consistent attendance is preferred - Look, we're all adults here. We understand that real life comes before a video game. If you can't make it, just let us know before hand if you cant make a night. Ability to take direction and improve personal play. DBM or Big Wigs is required - Pick one Help expedite raid invites by RSVP'ing to calendar invites What we're looking for: Currently seeking exceptional players for all roles. If you just want to hang out with us, that's fine too! Extra: We have a very active community. Our discord server provides a connection point between various games and projects. Whether you're looking for wow content or want to play a different game there is usually someone wanting to join along. How to apply: If you're interested in joining SenpaiTM, contact us today!: Meeech#1525 (Battlenet)   Meeech#0207 (Discord) TiltToWin#1176 (Battlenet) Ghost#5489 (Discord) Twynkie#1149 (Battlenet) Twynkie#7246 (Discord) Cole#1886 (Battlenet) Trees#9884 (Discord)Denalduh4 2d
2d Recruiting Ranged DPS/Fury/WW/Ret! Who we are: We are a recently reformed guild on Thrall with several members from old school wow (BC, Wrath) that are looking to get back into progression raiding in Battle for Azeroth. We are looking to fill out our roster with dedicated players that like to have fun, but also are interested in being a solid progression guild on the server. We are currently seeking: All Ranged DPS Resto Sham Resto Druid Fury Warrior WW Monk Ret Paladin While we are not currently in need of classes / specs not listed above, we would consider any exceptional player regardless. If you are leveling a new character or transferring servers, we would be glad to have you. If you are just looking to be casual and not raid, thats fine to. We DO want to be a solid progression guild that can tackle mythic raiding, but we have time and are willing to work with new and / or inexperienced players who want to learn and get better at the game. We are okay with teaching. We are not interested in trying to teach people who don't care to learn however. If we put in the time to help you, we expect you to put in the effort to learn and improve. Guild Core Guidelines: We are dedicated to progression as well as having a !@#$ ton of fun along the way, however, if you bring a bad attitude, drama, or complaining to the guild, you will be removed without hesitation. We have managed many iterations of players over several guilds across nearly a decade of WoW and are very good at identifying problem players quickly and dealing with them even faster. Voice Chat: Discord (listening is required, mic is not) Raid Times: Friday - 5:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PST Saturday - 5:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PST Sunday - 5:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PST If you are interested, reply to this thread or add me in game. Battletag Stryphe#1200 Thanks for reading!Criptik31 2d
3d [H] Void Forged - LFM Tues/Thurs + Sat/Sun <Void Forged> is looking for several capable upcoming raiders to fill out our weekday raid team and our weekend teams as well. Weekday Raid Our raid times for this group are Tuesday and Thursday, 9pm EST to 12am midnight EST. This group is primarily a 10-man group, 1 healerWeekend Raid Our raid times for this group are Saturday and Sunday, 7pm EST to 10pm EST. Our guild also does a drunk raid afterward if that's your cup of ale. 1 Tank 2 Healers 2 Ranged DPS 3 Melee DPSIf you have questions or are interested, please add me on Battle.Net. My tag is MegaMasterX#1256. Thank you for your interest, and I hope to speak with you soon!Megamasterx1 3d
3d Recruiting Mythic/CE Raiders <Attempts Were Made> [US][H][Thrall] is recruiting for our mythic progression team for BFA. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST ( 5-8pm PST ) Previous Progress: 10/11M Antorus We are a newly formed guild made up of 10/11M raiders. We are currently reforming our mythic raid team with a progression mindset. Recruitment Needs: DPS w/ Healer OS DPS w/ Tank OS Death Knight Boomkin Any exceptional DPS More Info: How to Apply: Fill out a quick application here: You can also message us on Discord or BNet: Recruitment Contacts: Recruiter: Kaitlyn#1980 (BNet) Kaitlyn#9472 (Discord) GM: Aperture#1385 (BNet) Arriet#0437 (Discord)Kaitaclysm0 3d
3d Boomkin/ resto Needing raiding guild Hello my name is bloom, I'm looking for a semi-hardcore guild to progress with. I'm looking for a guild that's raiding on the weekends due to job hours changing. I do not ask for handouts or carries I just want to progress through the game with a bunch of like minded mature individuals who want to see end-game material of this amazing looking expansion. If interested please message me at ikerui#1225 thank you in advance.Tekkia1 3d
3d ☄️Variance (H) - 2d/6h LFM ☄️ About us! Variance of Thrall (H) is looking to add talented raiders to our roster in preparation for BFA raiding (starting in the BFA Pre-patch)! We are a mythic raiding guild that has existed on Thrall for over 6 years. Formerly hosting a super casual 1 day / wk mythic raid team during Legion that accomplished 5/11m before taking a break a few months ago, we are now looking to expand into a 6 hour 2 day schedule to push for cutting edge achievements in the top 200 range. Players that join our guild, join to stay. We pride ourselves on having a very low turnover rate and credit that to ensuring players will be a good fit with us before considering them and always keeping a positive, non-toxic, guild environment present. We aren't interested in players looking to just be a number in the roster, but part of the guild and team. Our Goals for BFA - Achieve cutting edge every tier preferably at a top 200 ranking - Have a consistent, tight-knit, group of raiders to complete content with and grow a community of friendly, like-minded raiders - Achieve all the above while still enjoying the game and having fun doing what we love to do. This is a game after all, and there's no point to playing a game if it's not fun. Raid Times & Days Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm EST Thursday: 8pm - 11pm EST Raids will always end promptly at 11. There is very rarely exceptions to this but raiders are never required to stay and any over-time we decide to raid is left 100% to a majority vote and is never more than 10-15 minutes. Recruitment Needs Tanks: Healers: Any talented healer class will be considered. Damage: Priest (HIGH) Mage (LOW) Druid (BALANCE ONLY)(HIGH) Warlock (HIGH) Always willing to chat with players of any class regardless of what our needs are. We can always find room for an exceptional player. What we offer our raiders - A welcoming atmosphere. Our raiders are inclusive in guild events and everyone works hard to make the guild feel like a big group of friends instead of feeling like just a banner to unite under. - Stable and experienced leadership. Our raid leader(s) and officer core are all very talented and experienced raiders. Our raid leaders are previous top 50 US raiders and utilize their past experience to provide a consistent high level of raiding leading. - Capable raiders. Even though we are, for all purposes, a more casual guild, we still actively seek out skillful players for our team. You won't find any players in the group not pulling their weight during raids, but you also won't find raiders putting parses before kills. We are all in this together. We work hard to help each-other improve to be the best we can be as a TEAM. - A stress-free, 0 drama, raid environment. Our leaders and officers work hard to ensure raids are kept as relaxed as possible, while still ensuring progression occurs. We quickly stomp out any drama before it becomes an issue. What we ask of YOU! - Attend the majority of raids. We understand that sometimes life gets busy and its not always possible to dedicate time to a video game, but just try your best to attend raids as often as possible. - Perform at a cutting-edge level for your class. Typically, this would be parsing in the purple or better range for your class in heroic or higher. - Show up on time, with consumables, ready to raid. Make sure you know the fights we intend to progress on. Strategies and guides will always be posted ahead of time for raiders to review. Apply now! Please fill out our application form: You can add my btag if you wish, but we really prefer potential recruits to use the form above instead. Protek#11993 Tidalstorm2 3d
3d Selling Rare Names for Gold! I am selling the following names for gold: Thrive Virtuoso Battletag: Clausewitz#11369Tao3 3d
3d 8/11M Mage LF raiding progression Hello, looking for a raiding progression guild for mythic! I just servered transferred, but my name is Mageablink on Thrall :)!Voleria0 3d
3d [H] <Depression> Preparation for BFA <Depression> is a close-knit group of friends, currently transitioning from Alliance to Horde. We’re a mature guild of sarcastic a**holes, whose mid-raid Discord conversations will nearly always offend sensitive snowflakes. Our Alliance guild was 11/11H before we made the decision to switch factions. We most likely won’t be raiding for the rest of Legion, save for pugs. Instead, we’ll be focused on leveling and gearing new toons, and rebuilding solid raid groups for BFA’s release. We love pushing mythic keystones, and would absolutely love to find others who enjoy the same. And for those who prefer pvp, we have members who are into rated/unrated battlegrounds and arenas. So regardless of where your interests lie, you’ll always be able to find people who’d be excited to join in. The only thing we ask is that you take pride in your class; do not become content with remaining stagnant. We strive to be more than “good enough”, and are constantly researching our classes to find a way we could be better. We don’t expect you to be the best; we expect you to want to be the best. Everyone has depression. If you’re interested in making it official, and joining the club, you can contact me on battlenet at Synch#11810, or on Discord at Synch#1314. And for those of you that are looking for more than just a guild, we play a wide array of games, including Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, League, ESO, Age of Empires, and many more. *Zoloft not includedZadahl7 3d
3d Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild Hi everyone! I am looking for a home to call mine for this expansion. I am a prot pally, but have played almost every class/spec/role at some point. I am looking for a weeknight raiding guild that raids starting after 8pm EST. I have raided on multiple toons for each expansion, including raid leading for most of Legion/WoD. Ideally looking for a guild that raids Monday/Wednesday, but am open to other times. Add FluffyMastr#1182 to message me in game.Krofts1 3d