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2h Looking for raiders... The attendance boss has consistently beaten us and so Novus Initium is looking for another guild interested in joining forces to raid. We are not looking for a merger (although we would be open to that if the other group decides that is what they wanted) but are actively recruiting for dps as we get ready for Nighthold. Raid nights are Thurs/Fri from 8-11. While we have tanks and heals, we are willing to discuss other options. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me in-game or add me to btag @ Gypsy#1635. Thanks! GypsyShadowgypsy10 2h
3h [H]<SuperTroopers> US-Thrall 10/10N, 1/10H NH <SuperTroopers> Horde on US server Thrall Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 9:45 PM - 1:00 AM EST/6:45 PM - 10:00 PM PST Age: 18+ mature 7/7H EN 3/3H TOV 10/10N NH 1/10H NH Hello Everyone, <SuperTroopers> is a newly formed guild of old friends that are veteran raiders in WoW with hardcore progression. We are not looking for hardcore, but we would like to progress efficiently and be competitive on our server. If we can get the numbers, we are going to do mythic as soon as possible. At the moment we are looking for range dps to fill up to 20 people. We are about min/maxing as much as we can for raiding to be as successful as we can for the limited time we have for raiding. We are a highly active guild that runs mythic dungeons constantly and are always running content with each other while having fun. If you have any questions or are interested, then please post on here or message me at my btag Metalfreek05#1366 or Zzugzzug#1948, Thestra#1134Haqssalot60 3h
3h [H]<OMS> LFM for Heroic/Mythic NH Prog! Hello there! <Oh My Science> is a tight knit guild of close friends that enjoys raiding and Mythic+. Historically, many of us have been top mythic raiders but this expansion we're slowing things down a bit. We are taking our time going through the content, with the end goal being to go through Mythic raids when we are ready. By that, I mean we will progress into mythic once we are comfortably farming heroic: We are not a "Week 2" mythic guild, if you catch my drift. We are looking for players interested in learning Mythic, or those who have experience. Either/or is fine! Please note this is not because we are bad players; we simply enjoy doing things at a comfortable pace and enjoy playing with each other. We never want a player to feel like they're being judged or condescended. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9-12 EST for progression nights. As far as recruitment goes, we have immediate openings for the following: 1 Mage 1 Warlock 1 Non-Pally/DK TankAll other classes will be considered, do not shy away from messaging us! That being said, we are a laid back group of working class individuals who like to have a good time but down the content. I wouldn't consider us casual, but I wouldn't consider us hardcore either. We require 3 things from our raiders here at OMS and we all believe in these 3 tenants very much so: A rage/drama free environment in a relaxed setting with friends Good attendance A willingness to learn and grow as a playerIf you feel like you can align yourself to that philosophy, you will fit in just fine here! Note that we will NOT tolerate people who cannot or will not abide by those rules. If you wish to inquire about joining the guild or just want a home to stay in, reply to this thread or message me in game via my battletag: Myr#11572 My officers can be reached at the following battle tags: pyraneas#1757 Tegernako#1313 Heaps#1545 Thanks and have a wonderful day!Myrnak33 3h
3h Dark Confliction is recruiting! 4/10H 10/10N Dark Confliction is recruiting! We are a great horde guild on Thrall-US. Our guild has been around (known as a few different names) for the past 9 years. Our goal is to create some great friendships with players who like to have fun and down bosses. We are here to show that you Can do both! NH: 4/10h , 10/10n with more heroic bosses falling daily Pre-NH Progression: 5/7m EN, 7/7h EN, 3/3h ToV, 3/3n ToV Raid Times: 9:30-12 EST (6:30-9 PST) Tues, Wed, Thurs Optional Raids: With NH coming, clean up days will be Sun or Mon. There are always people online running m+ dungeons, etc. Quick bio: We have some amazing players and friendships in our guild. We are looking to hit Nighthold fast and hard. Our guild got a slow start coming into EN due to a few setbacks with some raiders, and getting into the groove of Legion. All that is fixed and better than ever. We are grown-ups we like everyone to have a good sense of humor, there is adult language and humor involved so we are not everybody's "cup of tea". Many of our raiders have followed us across servers since WoLK, and we have made many more friendships along the way. Our guild provides experiences most do not: Laid-back raiding atmosphere, great players, and a sense of belonging to a friendly competitive online community. Many members play other games together as well and form friendships well beyond the borders of Azeroth. What are we looking for?: Raid wise we are searching for great dps- mage, dh, ww monk, spriest, hunter, mw monk would be fantastic. However our door is always open to reliable, solid raiders. Don't let the raiding deter you! We accept any and all members just looking for a place to "fit in". Hit us up today to find out more information about our guild, or to get an invite ~ In game: Chårbeår , Pootyquin, Tannzen, Holykryt, Scrobby, ilammaa Real ID: Charcharbinx#11345 , Pootybare#1551, Bluepwnz#1403 We use discord for all communication ~ voice chat, text channels, etc. Thanks for your time! We look forward to hearing from you. Raynbosmite40 3h
3h [H]Clichè 7/7 H 3/3 H 8/10 N recruiting <Clichè> (US Thrall - Horde - PVE) is made up of a group of mature/laid back adults who like to have fun while getting stuff done. We are looking to add some like minded individuals to our core raid team to continue clearing Normal/ Heroic content. This being said, we do not push Mythic raiding as a guild. Current Progression: 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 3/3H Trial of Valor 8/10 N NH Raid Schedule: Tues./Wed. 7:30pm - 10pm EST Sun. 6pm - 8:30pm EST Mythic plus times are subject to availability of teams. Currently Seeking: Heals and exceptional dps to fill out the raid. All are encouraged to apply! What we are looking for from You: We are looking for mature players who can consistently make our scheduled raids. Being an Adult raiding guild we understand that sometimes Real Life Happens. We all have careers/ families/ responsibilities, etc. that like to randomly pop up. It's not an issue as long as it doesn't become a consistent issue with our raid schedule. We ask that you would notify the GM or officer asap or decline a scheduled raid on the in game raid calendar. Further more... Be on time for raid - We generally try to pull trash a few mins before scheduled start time. Come prepared for raid with enchants, gems, flasks/potions, food buffs, etc. Be knowledgeable about your class/ raiding spec. Play to the best of your ability & be willing to research/ take constructive criticism to improve. Watch videos of any upcoming progression fights, so you have idea of the mechanics Vent is required (at least to listen) Deadly Boss Mods is a must! What you can expect from Clichè: You can expect a positive raiding experience in an environment where everyone offers to help one another to be better in order for the group to win as a whole. Drama is not tolerated. We look forward to hearing from you! Apply at: Benzy @ Benzy#1938 In Game: Benzy Thank you Happy Raiding! LIKE QUOTEBenzy21 3h
3h MW Monk, Needs M Raiding Weekends My MW monk needs a weekend raiding guild on Thrall. 3/7M 2/3H, would have been further with my guild however my raid times during the week crashed with my work forcing me to retire on week day raid times. Bnet: Daycare#1315 Preferred raid times are: Friday: after 7 server Sat & Sun: any timeStráp3 3h
5h <Dread Pirates> New Raiding Guild Hello! Thanks for stopping by!!! - Our goals - The primary goal of this guild was to create a fun and active community, where we can just have a good time but also be serious about raiding. We have a solid core of members but we can use a few more to fill the group! We plan on raiding 2 nights a week, and the goal is to clear Heroic content. Most of us play every day, the plan is to run alt/gearing runs on the weekends along with Xmog, Mythic++, and PvP. We are a new guild, some people are still leveling to 110 so if you are still grinding away now would be the perfect time to join us! We hope to start raiding early Febuary, and would like to have a full guild group to raid with!! - The Details - Raid Times - 9-11 CST (7-9 PST) Tuesday and Thursday Weekends are completely optional Recruitment Needs - Anything!!! We are a little heavy on leather and MDPS so we would love some RPDS. Can use another tank and maybe a healer or two!! Feel free to contact me in game for any additional info!!!! Hoff#1755Hoffeebear5 5h
5h 9pm EST or later weekend guild I am a seasoned player and have been playing the game since Vanilla. Have been part of progression guilds have and on throughout the game and am wanting to get back into a casual progression guild. I have multiple toons that I play and can switch between as necessary and this rogue is geared for both sin/outlaw. Let me know if your team would have an opening as I am willing to transfer to Thrall. My battle tag is WingedMinion#1121Gaingreane1 5h
6h Looking for adults only casual raiding/social Returning to wow, currently leveling priest and warrior in Legion, but am open to any roll. Looking for 1-2 night per week raiding normal/heroic, mythic dungeons, all in a casual and social environment. I would prefer smaller guilds that are just starting raid content in Legion, but am willing to put in the work to catch up if necessary.Mortiferous1 6h
6h [H]Guaranteed To Bleed - 2 Day 6-9pm pst Current Progress: TOV: 3/3H, NH 5/11N 3/11H. About us: Casual Horde Based Guild. We are a 2 day guild and we have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. Our priority is Flex Raiding while dabbling in Mythics. Currently we are TOV: 3/3H, NH 5/11N 3/11H. What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that way. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST Recruiting: Range DPS (High) (Any) Melee DPS ( Low) (Rogue, Warrior) Healer (Paladin, Druid, Shaman) To Apply fill out our basic Application or join our discord. Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Virí35 6h
8h <Armada> 4/7M, 3/3h, and 9/10N lf DPS <Armada> is a Horde guild on Thrall (US), we are currently 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3H ToV and 9/10N Nighthold. We are in need DPS for heroic and mythic raiding and for Nighthold preparation. What We Need: We are currently looking for dedicated dps for Legion raiding who want to join a good group of people and get some content down. We are looking for people 870+ Ilvl. Here are the classes we need most (Bold are highest need): ... Other strong dps may be considered. What we are really looking for is people who will be dedicated and fit well with our group as a whole. We are a mature guild and we are looking for mature people who enjoy having fun while also downing content. We are willing to have you come try out before switching servers to join the guild. About us: Most of us started raiding together during Wrath in another guild and raided casually together until Firelands, when several of us took a long break. We came back at the beginning of Pandaria and moved servers and started Armada. During Heroic HFC progression we moved from Alterac Mountains Alliance over to Thrall Horde and have been here ever since. We have grown a lot during this expac and hope to continue it in Legion. We are a mature guild looking for people who enjoy raiding. We are looking for people who want a fun environment but still want to work and progress through content. We use Ventrilo and would like people to have a mic if possible. We are looking for people who want to find a home and a place to raid and be around and enjoy themselves. Raid Times (Eastern Time): ... If you are interested contact us: ...Drupunched8 8h
8h <Preeminent> 5/10H [2 day] - Recruiting <Preeminent> is looking for more members to build up our mythic progression group. We are a newly formed guild for Legion with a strong core group looking progress further into Mythic. We are looking for strong, well performing raiders who don't wish to spend hours upon hours raiding every week. If you like to get !@#$ done, and not spend an obnoxious amount of time doing it, then this is the place for you. Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 9:00pm - 11:30pm EST, we also run heroic/alt runs on Tuesdays, however these are not mandatory. Current Recruitment: Any players with exceptional logs are encouraged to apply. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: - Normal: 7/7 - Heroic: 7/7 - Mythic: 5/7 Trial of Valor: - Normal: 3/3 - Heroic: 3/3 - Mythic: Not yet entered Nighthold: - Normal: 10/10 - Heroic: 5/10 Sound like a good fit? Want to learn more? Please fill out our google Doc (it seriously takes like 2 minutes) and we'll get back to you. Feel free to add our GM on battle tag Ryepizor#1951 or myself Krilia#1752 for more info.Krilia27 8h
8h Sláinte Mon/Wed 8pm EST - 11pm Hello, <Sláinte> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild and we are looking to pursue mythic raids if we can recruit just a few more spots! We are all very sociable and spend lots of time in TS3. We also enjoy running mythic pluses or just hanging out. Our guild is currently 7/7H , 3/3H and 5/10N at the moment. We are looking for 3 ranged dps (Hunter, Boomkin and Fire mage). This will Complete our raid to push in to Mythic Raiding. We are currently full on Melee. Raid times are Mon and Wed from 8pm to 11pm eastern time. If we sound like a guild for you please reply to (Clearshot101#1133) or (Stealboss#1975)Ebonwood0 8h
8h <Tom Sellecks Mustache> 5/10N NH <Tom Sellecks Mustache> is Looking for raiders to fill our core team. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15 to 9:00 pm (eastern/server time) Discord IS required for raids, Personal Loot. We are specifically looking for Raid Ready 875+ ilvl DPS Thanks -RekRekghar2 8h
9h <Deplorables> 7/7H 3/3 5/10N Recruiting <Deplorables> is currently recruiting for Nighthold! |Who we are| We are a semi hardcore guild that relocated to Thrall part way through EN to fix issues with our roster. We are a group of friends that love to raid and have raided at all levels in the past but currently just want to enjoy the content at our own pace with a great group of people. Our goal is to progress through Normal and Heroic modes at our own pace. RL has over 7 years experience leading in various games including WoW, GW2, SWOTOR, TERA, and many more. |How we tackle a raid| We like to go into a new raid tier with 0 knowledge of the fights and try and learn them ourselves and figure out mechanics the best we can. This in turn has created a unique environment in our raid team where everyone has a chance to speak up and offer advice on certain mechanics and how to kill a boss. We think this is more rewarding to spend the first 1 to 2 weeks trying our way before looking into strats. We find this twist vastly different then the majority of guilds and believe it offers more reward. We use loot council to distribute loot because we have found it to be the most fair outcome in terms of giving and reviving loot. It eliminates the problem of people hoarding points for a specific drop to never see it drop. Or people arguing about winning or losing. We like to run a 15 man roster because it is large enough to make the content a bit more challenging but small enough to maintain a close group of friends. Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 8-11 EST. With an alt raid starting up on Saturday at 5pm EST. EN H will be quickly run Sunday around 8 EST for the first few weeks of NH and until everyone is comfortable with not running it. |What we want from you| We are not looking for the best of the best the min maxer. We are looking for someone who is like minded and is willing to progress at our pace and have fun doing so. We are not a Mythic guild and are not planning on becoming one, so if you are looking to do that we are not the place for you. We are also not the place for you to gear up and leave for a Mythic guild, we are friends and we want to recruit people who are looking for that social interaction. |Non Raids| We currently run multiple Mythic+'s over the weekends with our highest group getting +10 within the timer. No real PvP team going on in the guild but don't let that deter you, we have people that love both PvE and PvP and would love to come to a few BGS. |What we need| We are currently in the need of a couple DPS to finish up our roster. Priority: Warlock Shadow Priest Enhance Shaman Any and all classes feel free to respond or message me in game at Biggus#11900Litharielle9 9h
9h 857 Boomkin, 7/7M EN 8/10 N NH Exp LF Guild Looking to make a main character swap. Have played a tank for this xpac so far, the mythic and normal kills were all made on an 885 Blood DK. I know my item level is low for the current raid tier and I'm attempting to bring it somewhat closer to where it needs to be. I am primarily looking for a guild that either is or will be raiding mythic difficulty content. Raid days aren't an issue, I would prefer for the end of raid to be somewhere close to 11pm at the latest. Also, I'm not looking to swap to alliance. Feel free to post here or add me on bnet, BofaDeezNuts#11117. (Bnet will get a faster response than a forum post.) Thanks!Euthanized0 9h
11h (H) Thunderguard 7/7H 2/3H 6/10N LFM! **01/18/17 Update** 6/10 bosses down in Nighthold on Normal. Still looking for dps, dps with a healing offspec and potentially a tank. Hey All, I'm here to tell you all about how Thunderguard is recruiting and looking for more members with all play styles and all walks of life. Just a little bit about us. We are extremely laid back and very sociable. We like to have fun but are able to get serious when the time comes to get stuff done. As of right now (01-18-17) we are 7/7H for Emerald Nightmare, 2/3H for Trial of Valor and 6/10 N for Nighthold. We are looking to fill a few spots in our raid roster. We currently are in need of a few more DPS and a tank. Some of our major class needs are: Balance Druid Mage (Any spec) Warlock Feral Druid Shadow Priest Shaman (Elemental or Enhancement) Retribution Paladin Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8PM-11PM (EST). Aside from raiding, we run a bunch of mythics, keystones, Nightbane runs, a ton of PVP, World Content and transmog/achievement runs. We have players from all different walks of life in this guild. We also support all different playstyles, so if you do not plan on raiding you are also more than welcomed to join us. We also have a healthy group of players that play games outside of wow including Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Diablo 3, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and more. We use discord as our primary forms of communication and always have people on to talk to and play games with. My battletag is Slorg#1281, please feel free to add me if you have anymore questions or are interested. Thanks for the read!Nishu67 11h
19h <Order of Forgotten Horde> LF DPS/healers Hi folks, <Order of Forgotten Horde> currently has openings for a tank and healer. After the holidays we've had to reshuffle and have some spots to fill. We're a casual weekend raiding guild that raids Fri/Sat from 10:00pm to 1:00am server time. We are currently 7/7 EN H, 2/3 TOV H and 5/10 NH N, looking to work on TOV H and into Nighthold. The atmosphere is fairly casual but we expect a consistent attendance (due to time constraints of only 2 raid nights) and for you to know your class and be prepared for raiding. We are most interested in the following classes: Mage Any tank Priest/monk/shaman healer Rogue Any other DPS classes please feel free to express interest. If you wish to talk or have any questions any of the following people can be added via BNet: Myself: Dismantle#11514 Mojomist: Hushpuppy#1367 or feel free to message us on any of the aforementioned toons while in-game.Divest13 19h
21h <Left Shark> Recruiting Ranged! <Left Shark> is seeking capable players. We've got a solid core of ex-hardcore players looking to bring in people that are serious about having a good time and killing bosses. We've got two rules: 1. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. 2. Raid spots are earned. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST. Thursdays will be focused on mythic+ dungeons, Karazhan (w/ Nightbane), and cleanup on normal and heroic raids. This is designed to help break up "the grind" and keep players fresh. On what we need: Tanks - We're all set. But, contact us anyway if you're interested. Can never have enough tanks and there is always something that needs a taunt. We're all about Mythic+ around here. DPS - Mainly ranged; however, all dps can apply. Raid spots are always competitive. We are not too concerned about specific classes/specs, but just making sure you're bringing your best effort. Heals - Bring it on, any class/spec feel free to apply. **Offspecs - Strongly recommended that you have/develop an offspec, or two, if available. Having a solid offspec allows us, and you, to be more flexible in raids, mythic+, and Kara groups. Our goal is to progress as far as we can into all content. While we want to rock mythic raiding, we are not willing to go in without a good team. Nobody likes spending hours smashing their face against a wall they have no way of knocking down. Message Singularity#1139, SDowner#1100, Borgin#1464, Persephone#12429, or Lothiramond#1692 for more info!Fistemz8 21h
21h (H) Into the Fray 3/7M EN 3/3H ToV LFM!!!!! <Into the Fray> 3/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 3/10 Heroic NH. Is a casual raiding guild that's main focus is progression with a small group that does bgs, rbgs and Challenge modes. Most of the guild is in the 25-35 age range with few in the 40-50 range and most have been playing for 6+ years. We are a semi-active guild outside raiding and usually have 5-10 people on most of the day and night even tho some are on mumble playing other games. We are pretty fun crew that likes to joke around and defiantly not for someone that doesn't like foul languish or horsing around. We are currently looking to recruit 1-3 DPS players to round out our roster and Push Mythics. DPS players with Healing or Tanking off-specs that they can use effectively are a plus. Specs in high demand are as followed. Any Dps Exceptional Players will always be considered regardless of spec. Please be at or close to our current progression with at least 870+Ilvl. If you don't like wipes on progression Or you can't make 2 days a week then don't apply. Flask are supplied by guild but you're required to bring food/runes/pots. We use Mumble for raid communication and is required for raids. Raid days are Tues and Thurs 9pm-12am server/est. Also a Optional Alt raid for Heroics on Monday. If interested or have any questions feel free to add B-tag aly#1727 Zenedar#1417 Zerth#1687 Contact in-game for details Vathar Chie Kay Guvwen Catastrofy Zerth KeeirelanGuvwen186 21h
21h 887 Boomkin 7/7M 2/3M LF MYTHIC GUILDS Hello im formaloso! I am LF a mythic raiding guild preperation for nighthold. I am 7/7M and 2/3M with helya down to 40%. I am from EST.. i can no longer raid at midnight or 11:30 EST. My maxinum time for raid times are 11:00 est. Above that i have work Leaving guild due to the raid time changing Wanna know more PST me! ThatBoiBuff#1773Formaloso3 21h
22h Alliance lock looking for a new home :) 870 aff/destro lock looking for active semi-casual raiding guild and mythic +! My actual guild is not active and i have to pug everything. Cant wait to find a new home! :))Mariejeanne3 22h
1d Lock LF semi-casual guild Hi, just was coming by and posting my interest in a raiding guild that isnt too hardcore seeing as im doing full time work and full time school as well. Any night is fine with me i dont really have a preference although i would like to see if i could find a guild with a start time of around 8 pm eastern time or earlier and doesnt run too long. As far as raiding experience goes I have been playing since vanilla WoW, raided with my warlock and paladin in BC and WotLK, took a break in cataclysm, and continued raiding again in Mists and Draenor (except HFC because i took another hiatus around that time.) As far as this expansion goes i started strong with a guild on launch with my other character and got to H Xavius before some guild leader shenanigans went down and got myself and my friends kicked out over some loot. Since then i have rerolled warlock and kind of waited around until the Nighthold raid launch to begin looking for another home. I am willing to learn and wanting to get that raiding thrill again without making it my 3rd full time obligation. If you would like to contact me feel free to post below if you are interested in me or contact me with my #Zlaid1357 I hope to hear back from some great people out there!Zlayd8 1d
1d Disc Priest seeking pvp/BGs oriented guild Looking for a mature pvp oriented guild. I mainly play to do battlegrounds. 867 Healing priest.Lettuceheal0 1d
1d [H] <Unrivaled> 7/7M EN | 2/3M TOV | 8/10H NH <Unrivaled> Guild Website: -- ABOUT US -- Unrivaled is an established friendly raiding guild on the US server Thrall. We were founded December 15th 2008 as a new Wrath of the Lich King guild on the server Aerie Peak. On June 27th, 2015 we decided to make a move to the server Thrall, we made this decision as the server Aerie Peak had dwindled down to us being the only Horde raiding guild left. We are always looking for new faces to help build our roster. We take raiding seriously while maintaining a fun, sometimes (very) R-Rated environment during raids. We are a group of active players willing to always lend a hand. We don't believe in a toxic or drama filled raid environment. If you come here expect constructive criticism without any name calling and very little yelling. -- RAIDING TIMES -- We currently raid 9 hours a week, we are looking for people who will show up and not waste time. Our raid days are as followed: Tuesdays 6PM - 9PM PST | 9PM -12AM EST Wednesdays 6PM - 9PM PST | 9PM -12AM EST Thursdays 6PM - 9PM PST | 9PM -12AM EST We also occasionally run content on Sundays from 9PM-12AM EST. This is completely optional and has zero effect on raid spots or attendance. ** We are looking for dedicated raiders. While real life stuff does come up we are searching for players with near perfect attendance and little to no interruption during raids. -- RECRUITMENT -- Currently trying to round out our roster with solid players. We maintain a roster of approximately 25 dedicated raiders and make changes as required on Mythic content. Right now we are mainly focused on recruiting ranged DPS, however any good player interested in Unrivaled should definitely contact us as we are always looking for good players. Having a really strong off-spec you are able to play is extremely beneficial. --PROGRESSION HISTORY -- 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Unrivaled has a very extensive raid history dating back until Wrath of the Lich King. While we may not have cleared all the content in the past while it was relevant we have always maintained a solid raiding atmosphere and community while striving to kill as much content as possible. Past raid tiers include the following while they were relevant: 5/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 2/7 Mythic Highmaul Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14M 7/14 Prenerf 25 Heroic Dragon Soul 8/8 25 Firelands - Heroic 6/7 25 Normal Throne of the Four Winds 25 Heroic Bastion of Twilight 2/5 25 Heroic Blackwing Descent 6/7 25 Heroic Icecrown Citadel 11/12 25 Heroic ToGC 4/5 Ulduar Heroics + Algalon (Minus Yogg 0) 25 2 Drakes Sartharion 25 Malygos 25 Naxxramas -- LOOT SYSTEM -- Currently our loot system is loot council. We take all upgrades into consideration when handing out loot. We base loot on a number of different factors. Attendance, Quality of Upgrade, Current Performance and Guild Rank. Off-spec gear goes based on priority. Some of our members are needed to change specs occasionally to help the raid. We usually give these members off-spec pieces first after this point it off-spec gear will go to a roll. Anyone interested in contacting me feel free to add me on Trigor#1601Trigor16 1d
1d <Abandonment Issues> Recruiting for Nighthold <Abandonment Issues> - Thrall - Horde - We are a small, newly formed guild of heroic raiders looking to grow. We are currently 7/7 H EN and 3/3 N ToV as a guild group. We are a laid back group of friends that are progression minded, but like to keep or raids light and as stress free as possible. Currently, we are looking for active healers (OS Tank preferred), Tanks and DPS. If you are an active raider or have aspirations of being a raider, coming back to the game after a break, or leveling your character for the first time...we would love to have you join us. Our current raid schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern Time. Feel free to contact moredots#1223 if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks and CheersGrimblight0 1d
1d [H] 878 Sin Rogue LF NH Guild 11pm EST start 7/7H 3/3H 8/10N (all from group finder... sigh) Looking for a guild where they focus on content but also have some light hearted nonsense. PvP would be a plus... Can't start raids until usually 10:30 or 11pm EST. Tues-Thurs or two of those days would be great. Also can raid Sunday, so if there is an all day Sunday raid (minus superbowl) that would work as well.. Currently pulling 400k+ on ST/cleave fights. Have experience raiding in vanilla thru MOP. Came back for legion. Don't get to play a ton, so I would like to have a a group to run with instead of group finder luck of the draw every week. Got AOTC in Oct on my WW monk. Then switched to rogue (had played since vanilla) in Dec and rerolled horde to thrall because my server was dead. danimals#1691 I push da buttons real good.Bluddee2 1d
1d [H]<The Selected>2 night heroic guild <The Selected> is a close knit guild focused on clearing current content. Though we went 11/13M in HFC, we will be focusing on heroic in Legion. Progress: 7/7H EN, 3/3H HoV, 10/10N 1/10H NH Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-11:00pm EST Loot: Personal Voice: Vent Nighthold needs: -Healers: Druid, Monk -DPS: Range dps (Warlock, Mage, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman) -Tanks: None *all reliable people regardless of class/spec/ilvl/exp should apply Minimum ilvl: 870 To apply: Contact Bejah (Bejah#11163) or Naelran (Nael#11412)Bejah131 1d
1d [H] Golden Ghost 8/10N 1/10H 3/3H LFM! 1/16/16 edit: Current needs: Mage, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, WW Monk, DPS Warrior. Other classes and specs considered including healers. Also looking for people with unstable work schedules to be raid subs! Who We Are Golden Ghost is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on US-Thrall. Current recruitment needs are shown above. However we will consider exceptional applicants of any class/spec even if it is not listed above, especially if you are competent at multiple specs and have the proof to back it up. Remember to include your logs! Applications are submitted through our forums at We have very skilled players, but right now we are looking for a few more to complete our mythic group. We are not looking for carries though, only exeptional players make our main raid team. Of course anyone is welcome to join, learn, and participate in mythic +s and our farm raids. We also do a great job analyzing logs. Recruitment Contacts (Add These Btags): Elementaro (ProfPicklez#1403) Traumend (Traumend#1999) Guild Website: (apply here) Raid Times: Tuesday/ Thursday 8pm-12:15pm Server time (EST). Breaks included. About the Guild We maintain a fun, yet focused raid environment that acknowledges that, while this is still a game we all play for enjoyment, each of us has other obligations outside of the game. It is our goal to have a good time playing while not wasting each others' time with excessive fooling around. We also supply cauldrons! Expectations The following is expected of our applicants: You should have prior progression raiding experience. This can be anywhere from Vanilla all the way up to the current tier. What is important is that you understand what it means to be a part of a progression raiding environment. You should be ready to wipe. Progression is progression because it is difficult! Wiping for hours on a new boss is part of that, and you should be prepared for it! You should know your class! Raiders are frequently required to play multiple specs. You should know how to not only perform as your main spec, but also be able to fulfill your role as a different spec. Relax! Have a cool head and work to fit in with the guild mold. If you are interested please feel free to put up an application on our website, and add the above Btag contacts if you have questions.Traumend12 1d
1d <Icon> (4/7M 7/10N) LF Heals w/ DPS OS! Realm: Thrall Faction: Horde Email: Raid Days: Thursday/Monday 9 PM -12 AM EST, Optional Saturday 11 PM - 2 AM EST VOIP/Chat: Discord Loot System: Loot Council (via RCLootCouncil) Current Raid Progress: 7/10 Normal NH, 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV Classes/Roles We Want: Any healer with a capable dps offspec! Are you a veteran raider with a semi-hardcore mentality? Do you find your playtime limited by real life responsibilities but have the burning desire to kill bosses and steal their purples? If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding "YES" then <Icon> is the guild for you! Many of our core has been together since Vanilla back on our old server of Darkspear but since our move to Thrall before WoD we've added a ton of awesome people from this server and beyond! We're all quality players who've been gaming for a long, long time. The passage of time has honed our skills but also rendered us... older (average age in low-to-mid 30s). With age comes added responsibilities such as career and family and so while might still be badass raiders (we were the 5th most progressed guild on our old sever in our heydey) we are forced to adopt a more casual schedule. For this reason we're labeling ourselves "semi-hardcore". We raid twice a week (Thursdays and Mondays from 9 to Midnight EST) and are progressing quickly through Mythic EN and Heroic ToV. We also have an optional Saturday raid from 11 PM to 2 AM EST for alts, friends, night owls, West Coasters, and others who want a more relaxed place to kill things as its content's difficulty is a step below what the main raid nights focus on. Above all, though, we're about fun. If you have a good sense of humor and take your game seriously without taking yourself too seriously you'll fit in just fine! If you feel like we'd be a good fit send me a tell at Mahanaxar#1991. If I'm not online (which is most of the time during the day) shoot me an email at or send me a DM on Discord at @Mahanaxar#6385 Hope to speak to you soon! -MahaMahanaxar20 1d
1d H <The Alphabetical Order> we play words. The Alphabetical Order (TAO) is a small guild of adult human folk who, against all odds, are trying to recruit for casual raiding on a progression-driven server. We currently have a half-dozen or so active members looking to raid. As a 5-man group, we've found ourselves farming mid-level Mythic+'s and Karazhan on our endless supply of alts... but with the release of Nighthold, we're growing increasingly antsy. IDEAL SCENARIO: We manage to recruit a select few to build a stress-free, casual but progressive raiding environment for 1-3 nights of scheduled progression (days and times open to discussion pending new members!) These unknown magical entities should (A) value real life and the real friendships formed with their guildmates over loot grinds and arbitrary digital accomplishments, thus willing to raid at a not-necessarily-competitive pace, (B) possess a compatible sense of decency, involving an interest in knowledge, empathy, mindfulness, critical thinking and vocabulary skills, and (C) be willing to put up with our sometimes overbearing silliness. MORE REALISTIC SCENARIO?: We find another smallish guild to do joint-raids, and/or bored and patient individuals who may want to pug with us on alts. SO, LET'S HANG OUT?: Give us a shout here or in-game to get the ol' ball rolling (with apologies if we don't respond immediately or at all due to AFK fail). Better yet, hop on over to our little website: ../ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\.. ∫ .(_.._.._).''' (((Updated January 17)))Phragmites11 1d
1d [H]<No Breaks> Recruiting for Mythic NH! No Breaks is a 3/7M 2/3H 10/10N Horde raiding guild on Thrall. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we are currently competitive in Legion. Both casual players who just like playing the game and semi-hardcore players who like buckling down to clear difficult content both have a potential home in No Breaks, as long as they enjoy playing the game and hanging out with other members. We currently have two raid teams, a weekday and a weekend team. We are currently looking for DPS for both teams, and Heals as well for the weekend team. Check out our current progress below! Raid times: Weekday Team: 7-10PM EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Weekend Team: 7-10PM EST Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Raiding Requirements: We require Mumble for raiding communication and utilize an EPGP system to empower our members to get the gear they desire. We have a wonderful website made by some of our senior members that you can find additional information. If you are interested in joining No Breaks, we welcome you to fill out the application template on our forums (accessible through the header on the website). Website: Discord: 1d
1d [H] Heathens: Recruiting Heals (7/10 N:NH) With AOTC Xavius and Helya under our belts we are now moving into Nighthold. We are looking for dedicated raiders who are willing and able to reliably attend the progression raid. We are in need of the following to round out our Raid roster: If interested in joining our raid team please contact Kinrae in game or add him to btag: Drynwyn#1107 CURRENT NEEDS 1 Resto Druid 1 Holy Priest 1 Holy Paladin Raid Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM E.S.T. With that said, we do have a large non-raiding casual presence in the guild as well and could always use more players who enjoy running dungeons and doing M+ with our non raiding members. Our members are laid back and fun adults. There is often joking in guild chat and just silly banter that doesn't always fall in the "PC" category. Thin skinned people who can't handle off color humor might not fit in well. We also have a casual weekend raid team for those that want to experience content but don't have the schedule to adhere to an attendance polity. Alts and first time raiders are welcome to join the casual group at anytime with no attendance requirements. We will always accept players who just want an active group of people to enjoy content with and will always fill any vacancies in our raids from current members who are raid ready and wish to join the raid team first. If you are wanting to join for just the casual and social aspect, please feel free to contact any member to get in touch with an officer with any questions you might have. To apply to the guild's raid team visit: http://heathens-thrall.guildlaunch.comKatrese40 1d
1d [H]<Divided We Sit> 6/10N Recruiting <Divided We Sit> is an established guild that resides on Thrall. We are a group of friends who have all been playing games for a few years together. We decided to make our own raiding group. We have tons of raiding experience within the leadership. We have people who began all the way back in Vanilla and others who started in Wrath and so on. We are very serious about recruiting the right people for this group. In terms of what we look for in players; we want drama-free, skilled and adaptable people. We don't care if you pull the most insane numbers, if you cant perform mechanics or behave like an elitist jerk, then this isn't the place for you. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy being in WoW with friends whilst getting through content. Our aim is to fully clear Mythic content, so if you are looking to push only Normal or Heroic content we wont be able to help you out. We have extremely passionate and dedicated officers, skilled leadership and a personal Mumble server that we use. We offer guild repairs on progression fights, flasks as well as food. Raiders will be expected to come to raid with their gear enchanted and fully optimized (which we can accommodate). We also expect everyone to at least have watched the boss encounter on FatBoss or read up on the fight in some form. Raid leads will have an overview but we encourage you to come to raid with some knowledge of the fight. Divided We Sit is a great guild for those who want a solid raid experience and a truly wholesome PvE experience. Raid will be progression style but will still feel laid back. Check below in the comments for current recruitment needs. Progression 7/7 Normal EM 7/7 Heroic EM Raid Times Tuesday & Wednesdays 9pm - 12pm EST (server time) Loot System Loot Council with the addon RC Loot Council Guild Raiders will have priority over Trials on items such as Tier pieces and relics. Contact Contact via in game: EnvoyArcher#1817 - GM Gindli#1151 - Raid Lead SwiftRunner#11651 - Officer Xzander#1129 - OfficerDaeryen19 1d
1d [H]<Reawaken> 3/10H LF DK & Ele/Hunter DPS <Reawaken> Thrall Server / Horde / 3/7M EN / 3/3H TOV / 8/10N & 3/10H NH is looking for a couple raiders for mythic progression to push into Nighthold and beyond. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11PM EST with an optional Thursday for farm. We use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution based on spreading loot to everyone as even as possible. We are a fun group that love doing things outside of the raid, socializing in discord and running M+. When its raid time, we focus 100% as we are raiding 6 hours per week. We will have carry runs being sold and Nightbane runs etc set up on off days. We are looking for: (1) DK DPS (1)Hunter or Elemental Shaman Talk to one of our officers for more information: Healforbeers (Lithium#1327) Ishnovia (Lodas#11409) Slurptetti (Dean#1139) Whatsfor (caffeine#1954)Healforbeers6 1d
1d Casual Raiding 7/7H 3/3 3/10 LF DPS Twisted Reflection - Thrall [H] is a casual, friendly, yet progression-oriented raiding guild. We're looking to add some more players to our core Nighthold roster, plus also add some extra social members! Currently 7/7H EN ; 3/3 ToV ; 3/10 NH Raid Schedule (2 nights): Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30pm -> 11:00pm (EST timezone) We value relationships and reliability over numbers. The aim is to bring in some great players who share the same friendly and mature attitude towards playing this game, but still have the desire to achieve great things. During Legion, the focus will be on clearing Normal and Heroic raid content, plus challenge ourselves with the new Mythic+ mode dungeons regularly :) Looking to recruit: RDPS: -Warlock -Shadow Priest w/ Heal OS -Boomkin -Ele shaman -Hunter You will have to: -Be willing to learn with us. -Do your best to gear up if you're behind in ilevel, but we will most certainly help. -Come prepared to raids. -Enjoy! Other classes not listed above at this point in time are also welcome to apply. Why join? Great people Punctual raids Progression focused Alt friendly Free guild repairs Free flasks and food for raiders Discord server If you are interested in joining contact us... via ccas1989#1192 and Nemesis#1352 or ask to speak to one of our officers in-game!Blackshifter24 1d
1d 870 Frost DK Giving this a go. I'm and ex raid lead of a semi hardcore raiding guild on thrall that died out in tail end of WoD, took a small break myself and in ready to get back into it. The amount of days you raid dont matter at all to me, I love to go hard, so 2 days, 5 days, all the same to me. I am on PST time zone so I'm looking for late night raiding (8pm start time PST) due to my crazy work schedule. My Btag is Fire#1508 and me or post here, I check frequently Id love to talk about any questions you have or fill an app out, whatever you need. I'm a long time blood dk, went to frost to find a guild easier, and am familiar with unholy.Firenfly4 1d
1d [H] <Sephtis> 7/7M 7H NH 2night LF RDPS <Sephtis> 7/7M US THRALL HORDE is open to recruitment for the following classes/specs: -Range DPS- Hunter - 1 -Caster DPS- Warlock - 1 Mage -1 -Melee DPS- Havok dh - 1 -Healers- We are also accepting applications from all exceptional players if your spec is not listed. We are an adult oriented guild.. -Raid Schedule- Tues/Thurs 8:30p-12a EST (server). -Loot System- Loot Council 3 person (using EPGP Lootmaster addon no points). -Expectations- We are a 2 night guild. Many of us are adults with families and full time jobs. We run a larger roster of about 24+ in order to cover any absences due to RL obligations. That being said we do require a 90% raid attendance (within one month). If you have to miss for any reason we just ask that you post ahead of time in our guild forums on our website or text an officer. We also expect all raiders to research encounters for raids on off nights and ask questions before hand so we can maximize raid time with more pulls on bosses. Raid spots are earned and kept by attendance and raid performance. If you show up consistently, execute your role and do enough dmg then you'll never be sat. We are a pretty easy going group who is looking for dedicated players to do well at their classes and are looking for a stable raiding environment. On our off nights we enjoying running alot mythic + dungeons, farming materials for the guild bank, leveling alts, and hanging out in discord. Saturdays we do alt raids and Sundays we do heroic farm. Our goal is to get to mythic as quickly as possible under a 2 day per week schedule. We are a competitive roster looking to always improve and tweak in order to achieve our goal of clearing content while it's current. We want to kill it on a limited schedule and having fun while doing it. If you are interested in joining please apply to and/or add Dreaper#1851 or Xig#1321 to btagDreap3 1d
1d possible transfer Any PVP guilds on this server? Just casual BG with a few arenas... How does the horde do on BGs on this battle realmOsira0 1d
1d Amalgamation 1/10H, 4/7M LF DPS ~Amalgamation~ is a new guild located on Thrall and is recruiting players for casual fun, and hardcore Mythic progression. We offer a fun relaxed environment with many fun/social events planned. Raid team recently finished off Heroic Emerald nightmare, and is looking to solidify the roster going forward into Mythic. ~Requirements~ Amalgamation is a friends and family guild, but our raid team is not. Casual does not mean we allow poor play, it means we do not raid as much as the average guild. Nothing more, nothing less. We expect the most out of our raiders. Poor play/Output will result in benching. ~High attendance~ We understand that things come up, but raiders are expected to update us as reasonably as possible and for those situations to be rare. We raid less than the average guild so missing raid nights impacts us more than others. Missing raids will result in benching. ~Knowledge on class/spec/role~ We require that our raiders have knowledge on their class in at least two of their three specs with the exception of hybrid classes due to roles varying between specs, however we encourage them to be flexible in that regard if they are comfortable with it. You must have an artifact level of 20 to even be considered. ~Discord~ Talking IS required, you must have a mic and be able to call out certain mechanics you are affected by. No mic, no consideration. ~Recruitment~ We're currently in need of the following classes: Rogue Druid (Any) Monk (Windwalker/Brewmaster) Death knight (Any) Paladin (Retribution/Protection) Hunter (Marksmanship/Beastmastery) Shaman (Elemental/Enhance) Warrior (Arms/Protection) Warlock(Any) Priest (Shadow) Demonhunter(Vengeance) ~Must be a minimum ILVL of 870 to be considered.~ ~Raid Times~ We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST Questions or interest: Add James#13479 TO TRIAL, YOU MUST APP AT: ~WARNING: MATURE ATMOSPHERE~Elosin27 1d
1d [H] <Driven> 7/7 HC 3/3 N LF DPS. Driven is LF DPS to fill our roster as we progress into HC Nighthold. We're 7/7 HC EN 3/3 N players 5 man Mythic+ chain pulling for AP. Leveling and Entry Raiding players are welcome. We're not a Politically Correct guild and we won't apologize for Construction Site humor. Tuesday 8:15p - 11:30p EST Wednesday: 8:15p - 11:30p EST Melee and Range Classes. Contact information: Battle Tag - Karmageddon#1623Karmadecay1 1d
2d . .Euthanized2 2d
2d RTV is Looking for Raiders & More <Rank Three Vanish> Is looking to add to our roster. We are a newly formed guild about two weeks ago. We are looking to do Heroics, Mythics (+), and Raiding. Would like to get pvp groups going as well! Our raid times will be Sunday and Monday 6pm - 9pm Central time. And would like to get a second raid team on different days and times one day as well. We are looking for fun players that know when to settle down and get stuff done. Please whisper me in game or add my battle tag! Vaclic#1661 to contact me! No Experience needed as of right now but would be nice! Hope to hear from you soon!! :DVaclic0 2d
2d [H] <Tarot> 2/7M 3/3H 3/10H Recruiting! [H] <Tarot> on (US)-Thrall is 2/7M, 3/3H, 3/10H guild currently recruiting to push into Nighthold progression. Our raid times are 9pm-12am EST (6pm-9pm PST) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Currently Recruiting: - DPS: rogue, dk, dh, warrior, monk - Healer: monk, druid What we offer: - guild repairs - mythic+ guild runs (a lot of us push for a +10 atleast every week) - a calm and collected raiding atmosphere with people you (hopefully) enjoy being around - mature adults cracking immature jokes - a great community within the guild - an active discord text and voice chat There are always people on in the guild throughout the day, usually even in the very late night and early morning times as well. We all run a good amount of mythic+ content for artifact power, legendary items, and other gear upgrades. Our officers all have previous mythic raiding experiences at high levels. What we expect from you: - high attendance (80% or more) - knowledge on how to play your class/role effectively - motivation to keep improving your play Attendance all 3 days of raiding is required although we understand life can get in the way of the game at times and won't give you a hard time if you have to miss a day here and there. Please contact myself or another officer through if you have any questions- Bamboroo#1689, AngryAgain#11353, ChinaSunja#1922 or in game- Jakoroo-Thrall (also Jakmanchild-Thrall), Saintpepsi-Thrall, Druixz-ThrallJakmanchild12 2d
2d [H] <Breathe> New Raid Team Recruiting No longer building.Quarztac5 2d
2d Delete 1Baylöc0 2d
2d <Treason> 7/7M 6/10 H NH LF H Pally <Treason> is looking for a Holy Paladin specifically for our raid team. We're Horde-based on Thrall and are 7/7M 3/3H, with 0.8% wipes on M Odyn. We're currently 3/10H NH. We started raiding later in Legion, but have had very quick kill times of all progression bosses if you look at our logs. This guild is made up of friends and friends of friends from over the years of playing wow, with people raiding from back in Vanilla and every expansion since. We are looking for exceptional recruits to push further into the hardest pve content the game has to offer at a steady, but reasonable clip. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Sun 8:00pm-11:00pm server/EST B-tag: AlexH#1346 - mail me, or whisper! Thanks for reading :)Vadnee2 2d
2d Gold transfer Is this realm connected to any other realm ? Im trying to transfer gold from thrall to dalaran , horde to hordePhookyou1 2d
2d 869 Bear Tank LF Guild Hey folks. Just wanted to throw myself out there. Potentially looking for another guild with an active roster, engaged raid team, and groups for various content. Social is a plus. I do like hearing voices other than the ones in my head. Anyway, I'm currently ilvl 869 and have 7/7N EN, 7/7 H EN, 3/3 N ToV, and 3/10 NH under my belt and aiming for more. My current team's times are changing and not really working well with my own schedule. Would like to see 6-9 hours a week around 8pm EST or later. OR 9am-12pm EST. If you're a daytime raiding crew that crushes bosses between those hours, then I'm down. Otherwise, 8pm or later. I have several voicechat clients and have no problems talking to officers or recruiters first, and/or trialing if needed. I'm committed to those who are committed to me. So if you're looking for Bear power, hit me up. I don't often check the forums, but I will for you! Rather get me live? Then hit me up on my btag: Traveler#11165 P.S. Open to a realm change if the chemistry is there. Perhaps even a faction change. Either way, hit me up. See you at the top.Bjornstarr2 2d