3d 907 Fury Warrior 907 Fury warrior with 52 traits. Seeing what is out there. I can raid any day pretty much anytime after 6pm est. start time and would like to be done by 12est. What I'm looking for - - I'm looking for a guild that is willing to help others with achieves, mythic+ runs. - I'm looking for a guild that is active where everyone speaks with each other in a friendly athmosphere. - I hate drama so no drama please. - I am willing to farm and help build the guild bank in return I expect food, flasks etc to be provided when when needed. - most importantly I am looking for a guild that progressing in mythic NH and willing to do the same when ToS comes out. I put in a lot of time on my character to be up to date at every level so I would like to raid current content at a medium to high level.Räkharo4 3d
3d Tranq Shot That Mad Nerd Needs Ranged DPS <Tranq Shot That Mad Nerd>, 7/7, 3/3, 10/10H, is a casual raiding guild currently seeking ranged DPS to fill out the rest of our raid comp so we can move into Mythic. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8-11PM EST and are active throughout the week for Mythic+ and anything else. *The biggest thing we are looking for in a recruit is the willingness to learn and get better.* Even if you have never stepped foot in Heroic Nighthold, we can help you learn if you're willing to invest the time to raid. We had multiple different groups get Keystone Master before 7.2 and are always looking to ensure everyone gets as high of a key complete as possible every week. Most nights that we aren't raiding have people doing Mythic+. For any questions or more information, please PM me here or contact Brimzw, Sharkdruid, Amarlin, or any online guild member. Brimz#11952 Irok#1630 Afish#1388Brimzw5 3d
3d HEALER, LF mythic raid 908 pally healer i have killed first mythic boss in NH, worked on second before server died out. Looking to do mythic raiding mon/wed/fri/sat/sunday. 8pm-1am available. plz msg me ingame or add me Xanthras#1963Ninjahearth1 3d
3d [H] Venomlust is creating a raid group Venomlust on Horde is creating a semi casual raiding group. we will be raiding on Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM to 12AM. we are a friendly group that focuses on having fun while still trying to push content. current raiding plans are focused on mostly heroic and possible entry level mythic content when group achieves an easy AOTC. We have no problems helping people get caught up in the current tier and get the AOTC achievement as a group. we are currently looking for healers, with emphasis on a druid paladin and shaman to round out the healing core. we are currently light on all DPS positions and will be considering both melee and ranged DPS. great gear is not required but a good knowledge of your class and itemization along with a willingness to learn is a must. We have a pretty laid back atmosphere and are constantly socializing inside our discord server. if you have any questions feel free to hit me up on my real ID "Autumners#1452", leave a comment here, or if your online already, feel free to drop me a line with in game mail or whispers to "Trition"Trition1 3d
3d [H] <Struggle Bussin> Recruiting DPS for H NH [H] <Struggle Bussin> is a recently transferred laid back progression guild looking for reliable and sociable DPS to join our Heroic NH raid team and soon for ToS Normal. We are currently 10/10H and raid Fridays & Saturdays at 9PM server (EST). We're looking for 875ilvl+ however we may make exceptions for those who put in the effort. Expectations: •We require Discord - you don't have to have a Mic as long as you can hear the RL. •We expect everyone to research the fights beforehand. •Show up fairly reliably •Be Friendly and Sociable •We value Mechanics > DPS. We are currently in need of Melee DPS overall. We currently have no: •Ret Paladins •Rogues •Demon Hunters •Enhancement Shaman All other DPS classes are also welcome. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to reach out to one of our officers. Contacts in game are: •Asheleigh (Phoenix#12364) •Bâñê •Alinnesa (GM) •Kalserugetsu Thank you for your time!Asheleigh2 3d
4d (H)<Remember Aleppo> 3/10M About Us: <Remember Aleppo> on Thrall is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, Looking to fill our roster for Mythic Progression and upcoming raids in the expansion. We have recently transfered from a low pop server. We are a family filled with a variety of different people, both in the raid team and out. With players constantly doing their best to keep geared/gearing for content, with Mythic+ and raids. Currently looking for a tank to potentially take a core spot in the near future. We do our best to provide a fun yet serious raiding experience for our raiders, with the occasional jokes and music in Discord. We log every raid to always give a player a chance to look over their performance for future raiding. Our roster is filled with high preforming players who know their class like the back of their hands. If you're looking for a guild with a sense of humor with your progression, we're for you. What we expect: We expect all raiders to be on time, prepared with 375 Food, Flasks, And Pots fit for their class, Spec and Role (if possible). We expect all raiders to attend with a postitive attitude, giving the raid 110%, even more. All gear should be enchanted and filled with the proper socket if need be. What you can expect from us: You can always expect a night with a couple good laughs and jammin' music from our DJ; Along with the success of destroying Legion's Demons. If you are easily offended, this may not be the home for you. You can always expect to see raiders bringing their best, while always finding ways to improve. If you're not capable on getting your Food and Flasks, we can provide. What we're Recruiting Our team is looking currently to a Healer (preferred; Priest/Monk)and Ranged DPS (Ele Shaman/Warlock/Mage/Shadow Priest/Hunter/Balance Druid), But this does not mean we wont consider any class who wishes to raid with us. You will always be taken into consideration, no matter the role. When we raid: Tuesday, 9:00 - 12:00 Realm Time Thrusday, 9:00 - 12:00 Realm Time Optional: Saturday, 9:00 - 12:00 Realm Time (6-9 PDT) We offer this day to players in the guild who wish to either return to raiding, or start raiding with learning the raid with the guild's core raiders on farm content. Past Progress: Warlords of Dreanor: 7/7 Mythic Highmaul 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry 9/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Legion: 6/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 3/10M For any questions, Please add and/or whisper one of the following. Btag-Gooseleg#1913 Discord-Beershaman#1127 Counsil member/Recruitement Kitkat#12349 - Raid Leader Oblivion#12637 - Council MemberDrünkadin0 4d
4d Late night horde guild raiders/social <Night Crew> is a late night guild on hordeside Thrall. We are a friendly group with a relaxed atmosphere seeking like minded players who have serious goals in mythic for Tomb of Sargeras. At this time we are most interested in Ranged DPS, healers (no shaman) and a committed tank. However, any exceptional applicants are welcome and open for consideration. Our raid times are Tuseday and Wednesday 11pm to 2am server(Eastern). Currently we full clear heroic Nighthold on Tusedays and normal Nighthold on Wednesday. Logs are available. We are also looking to expand our casual membership to anyone looking to experience all content so bring your friends! :D If you have any questions or are generally interested feel free to contact me here in the comments, or in game via whisper or mail on Thrall on my character Honeydrip. Also, if you're on Thrall you can speak with any one of our officers. (Burstmode or Asharion)Honeydrip7 4d
4d <Unadulterated> 10/10H seeking casual raiders <Unadulterated> Thrall Server / Horde / 10/10N & 10/10H NH is a casual progression raiding guild looking for more like-minded players to enjoy raiding with us. We're a group that genuinely enjoy raiding. We push ourselves to do better each time. Our raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday and we raid from 8-11pm EST/server time. We also do farm runs on Thursday as well as throughout the weekend. If you have any additional questions, feel free to add me on Slurptetti (Dean#1139) Discord info(Best way to contact me any time of the day) Slurp/Dribble#0072Slurptetti6 4d
4d 7/10M 2-day guild LF ranged dps About Us Propaganda is a 20 to 30 man raiding guild on Thrall-Horde. The leadership team is comprised of individuals who have had extensive past experience in mythic, progression-oriented raiding. We are aiming to maintain a solid, progressive raid team. To that end, we have been working to recruit players who are not only talented, but also friendly, reliable and humble Raid Info Progression: 7/7M, 3/3H, 7/10M Days: Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:15 - 11pm EST. Loot System: Loot council (2 officers and 1 random raider per week) Recruitment Needs: exceptional ranged dps; holy pally - please be 900+ ilvl with your weapon above 45 traits; please have logs available! Please ensure you have enough consumables for the raid night and be repaired and ready to go. We aim to pull the first boss of the night at 8:30, so be on and ready to start before that time. We ask that all core raiders have 90% attendance, so please be honest and upfront about your schedule. Raiders should be willing to sit on farm nights or for some progression fights to ensure we have the right comp for the job. Anyone who cannot be a mature adult about being benched every so often is probably not the right fit for this guild. Reliable standbys are welcome, encouraged and appreciated, and will be pulled in on farm nights to get some upgrades and raid experience. Besides being beasts at progression raiding, the members of Propaganda are M+ fanatics, altoholics, achievement fiends, and some of us even dabble in PvP. We have an alt guild on Proudmoore-Alliance and a Diablo III clan, as well as a number of Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and LoL players. We know when we need to be serious, but we also have a blast (if you're easily offended, or under 18, this is not the guild for you!) Calendar Tuesday/Wednesday: main raid Thursday: game night (Cards Against Humanity, Werewolf, Overwatch, etc) Saturday: mythic dungeons Sunday: alt raid, 8:15 - 11 pm EST Progression raiding can sometimes be peppered with drama, egos, and a generally stressful atmosphere. The ultimate goal with Propaganda is to create a positive, fun guild atmosphere while still running a high-achieving raid team. Contact Recruiters: Fernmoo#1278, Bewbietrap#1709 Website: Thank you for taking the time to look over our info, and best of luck in finding your new home.Totesnotes0 4d
5d Distance Thrall (Horde) Guild Recruiting!!! Hi everyone!!! Distance, a semi-hardcore raiding guild, is looking to fill out its raid roster. The guild’s current progression is 5/10 H NH. Our goal is to get as far as we can in the current Raid Tier while having fun along the way. We do take raiding seriously, however, at the end of the day we understand WOW is just a game and we won’t freak out after not being the first mythic Kil'Jaeden kill. Distance is a Horde US-Thrall based guild and our time zones range from coast to coast. We are currently looking for more members just to get our guild slightly larger and get more people who enjoy the game as much as we do. If you didn’t pick up on it before, the guild is PvE oriented and our current raid times are Monday/Tuesday progression runs from 9:30-12:30 server time, and then on Sundays we clear N NH starting at 1 server time to whenever we finish (usually ending at 3) Currently only recruiting from Thrall, although after a quick interview, we will consider ANY exceptional players. Assistance for server/faction changes for exceptional players may be available, dependent on logs/raid performance. If you do not have previous logs, we can take you to a alt run, and assess. If you are interested in potentially joining Distance, there is a very quick application that has very standard questions (Ex. What class is your main? What’s your current ilevel? Etc.). When you finish filling the application out, I will review your answers and decide whether or not to send you to another officer where there will be a DPS check. The DPS check is to assure you can fulfill your spot on the core raiding team. Persons interested in joining Distance should add my battletag, Whyte#1802, and mention interest in joining the raid group and guild. You may reply to this thread, however, for the fastest response add my Battletag. In the event of deciding against joining after being accepted, please notify myself or another officer of the guild.Whytë9 5d
5d Estate of Unrest is recruiting!!!! <Estate of Unrest> is currently recruiting DPS to fill up raid team. Currently 10/10 heroic raiding Tuesday and Thursday 9 to 11 PM and optional Sunday raid from 7-9 PM EST. We actively raid weekly and run mythic + dungeons. Have discord and a friendly family environment. If interested please feel free to add my btag ShinyPants#13577 in game or Haydrig to your friends list and we can chat it up! Thank you, Haydrig GM of Estate of UnrestHaydrig1 5d
5d <LSIG> 7/10M 2 Night Guild LF DPS Lemme Smang It Gurl Raid Schedule: Friday & Sunday 9pm to 12am EST. Invites go out @ 8:45pm. Currently Recruiting: • Any solid DPS Applications for classes not listed above will be considered if they're exceptional. Progression: EN-Mythic: 7/7 TOV-Mythic: 2/3 NH-Mythic: 7/10 Apply Here: About Us: LSIG is a laid back but focused group of raiders looking to clear mythic content on a short schedule. Members are a mixture of players from Reign in Power | Thrall and Good Work | Thrall, both of which previously tackled high end content. Our goal is to clear mythic content but at a pace that doesn't burn people out by keeping it to a 2-night schedule while running with a group of ~24 raiders. This is to help cover off people being off for vacation / illness / RL obligations. We rotate players in regularly depending on the fight so people see regular action. We do have expectations of our players and are not charming people 24/7, but also aren't total unbearable at the same time. You will get feedback in regards to your playing and are free to offer feedback to what's happening. All we ask is that the criticism be constructive. We also accept input on strategy and try to keep it as open as possible in regards to formulating strategies (discussing it openly in discord). We provide repair funds and mats for raids and rely on people donating materials to make flasks/food. Loot is done via a loot council system a focus on what will help push our progression further. Trial period is roughly 3-4 weeks in length, as by that point we should have a good understanding of how you will do / fit in. Trial raiders will have mats provided for them (food/flasks) as well as guild repairs and are eligible for loot from the moment they join. From time to time some of us will schedule off-night guild achievement runs because of our love for nerd points. There are often off-night activities such as mythic+ as numerous members are active on a daily basis. About You: As our player base is somewhat older we limit our recruiting to people who are 18+ of age. We are looking for someone who is mature, reliable and laid back. Someone who enjoys challenges, willing to try new roles and is a team player. You must be open to constructive criticism, and have a bit of a thick skin as we tend to razz people a lot. You are required to stay up-to-date on all changes, specs, and aspects of your class. You are required to communicate on discord. You will sometimes have roles assigned to you and are expected to fulfill those roles (be it calling out a certain ability, interrupt, etc). One thing to note is that communication is extremely important in a small guild like this. The expectation is that you post when you are going to be out / away as a courtesy to your fellow raiders. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers or members. Officers: Colors – Real id: colors#1332 Nevrx – Real id: nevirx#1196 Santrin – Real id: santrin#1447 Skurkitty – Real id: skurkitty#1410Mickstagger58 5d
5d Tues/Wed 730-10 PM EST-10/10 H - LF DPS About <End of Days> We are a small raiding guild that is aiming to expand our numbers to begin Mythic Nighthold and ToS. We are currently 10/10 H N. The majority of our members have been raiding since Vanilla and have extensive experience within the game. We are all adults (20+) that have fun and joke but also take progression serious. Raid Information Tuesday & Wednesday 730 - 1000 pm EST / trash pull begins at 715 We use RC Loot Council for distributing loot We use Mumble as our voice communication Recruiting: Min 890 ilvl 1 Melee - Rogue/ Frost DK/ Fury Warrior - 3 Ranged - Currently Not Accepting Warlocks- Consumables (Flask/Food/Pot/Rune) are mandatory for raid nights. If you are interested, we would love to have you begin a trial with us. Please contact me at the battle tag below and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Contact Nymz#11725Mateni16 5d
5d [H] <Knives for Orphans> 3/10M LF Ranged DPS Knifes for Orphans is casual, fun loving, Zika free, raiding guild located on Thrall (horde). We are 3/10M. We are currently looking for 2 ranged DPS. You should be raiding experienced, human (sea otters may also be considered), have at least one arm, and able to make all of our raid times. Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday and Sunday 9pm-12pm(EST). Therapy sessions can be provided in special cases, but sadly we can’t “legally” prescribe medication. A love of cats is appreciated by some members of the team, but some of the more normal people do prefer dogs. Speaking English is helpful, but you can speak Spanish, Portuguese and canadian, if you would like to have secret conversations with some people. We use Discord. You can apply at our website , message me in game Hinga#1259, or telepathically. Isanusi#1909 is also a good contact.Hinga1 5d
5d Dark Divnity (H) Looking for Raiders! Fresh Horde guild on Thrall US EST PvE server searching for players of all classes and specializations! Our guild might be new, but our players are seasoned! Many have played since Vanilla. In just a few short weeks we have jumped from rank 605 to rank 383 on Thrall server. I believe this shows our dedication to having an awesome raid team! Currently we are working through NH H 7/10. Raid times are scheduled: Fri NH N 11pm server time (8pm PST) Sat NH H 11pm server time (8pm PST) We are looking to add another raid nite during the week. On Sundays we generally run Mythics and Keystones. If you are interested in being an integral part of a guild to help everyone grow and getting your foot in the door on a raid team early, please get in touch with us! Please don't let a low item level prevent you from contacting us. We have no issues helping you through mythics to get you geared up to tackle NH M and ToS when it comes out. While we would prefer level 110 characters, we are open to power-leveling if you are serious and have the dedication. We will also be going through EN and ToV to round out what we have accomplished as a guild. This will also help build our communication skills as a raid group. We really enjoy raiding, and have a serious desire to finish NH H and progress into NH M. Our goal is to build a cohesive team that works well together so we can tackle ToS. We are a mature adult group that enjoys the game, and have a lot of fun while progressing through content. We are looking for members that want to become part of a family If you are just looking for a quick fix, and instant gratification please look elsewhere. We are looking for dedicated players who will learn the mechanics of each raid, and who will stick with the guild and raid team through difficult times (like the Botanist.....ugh....I hate him). Come kill pix-elated bosses with us while having a blast! If interested or if you have any questions, just respond here or email We use Discord for most of our communication needs.Tillae0 5d
6d Blood DK Tank - Looking for Raid I have been tanking since BC and am currently looking for a guild to raid with. I am available to raid on weekday evenings (1-2 times a week) starting anytime. I have a holy pally friend who will most likely be joining me as well. Feel free to message me in game or respond to this thread for info.Krïxx2 6d
6d {H}-Twisted Pixels - Casual/Social Raid Grp Hello everyone I'm Bro from Twisted Pixels ! We are a Casual / Social Raid guild on Thrall and we are looking for a few more players to help fill out our weekly Night Hold raid group. Twisted Pixels is an adult guild made up of some very interesting people who are always willing to help a guild member out if needed. The social environment is very laid back and friendly and open to all. So please feel free to hit us up and we can talk about an invite. Raid Times are Tues - Thursday 9:30 pm Est - 11:00pm est Flasks and food are provided to those that need a hand up, We do ask for guild donations to help support this system so far it works really well. Loot is set on personal loot so there is no confusion. We are willing to help gear up those who are willing to put in a little work so don't be shy about contacting us, Item level can always be improved. Please be prepared to hop in ts3 for a quick interview before an invite will be extended. Thank you and have a great day. Current Needs : 1 Non Demon Hunter Tank and 1 Non Monk Healer. Dps are always welcome ! Contact info : Brobrewski : GrumpyWizard#11365 Emotom : Sausagetits :Brobrewski5 6d
6d <Reservoir Troggs> 10/10H Needs Casters! We are a great core group of raiders who are looking to expand our roster to casually progress through Heroic. Raid times Tues/Thur 8-10:30 server time. Need: We are very much in need of high performing Caster DPS Ability and attitude means more than item level! PST to Broxigar#11124 for any more questionsBroxigãr21 6d
6d [H] Tribe Gaming LF for DPS for Mythics Tribe Gaming on Horde Thrall 1/10M 10/10H Semi-hardcore We're looking to pick up some new DPS in order to fill the vacancies left by core raiders who have simply become too busy to raid consistently. Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 730pm to 10pm CST. We require Discord for VOIP. If you can reliably show up to raids prepared, perform well enough to progress, and not take yourself too seriously then you're going to fit in well. If you're interested then please reach out to me on battlenet at Oronis#1392, and we'll go from there.Johnwizard0 6d
6d Amalgamation 4/10M T/Th 8-11:30 Recruiting ~Amalgamation~ (7/7M) (3/3H) (10/10H) (4/10M) is a new guild located on Thrall and is recruiting players for casual fun, and hardcore Mythic progression. We offer a fun relaxed environment with many fun/social events planned. Raid team recently finished off Mythic Krosus, and is looking to solidify the roster going forward into more Mythic Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras. ~Requirements~ Amalgamation is a friends and family guild, but our raid team is not. Casual does not mean we allow poor play, it means we do not raid as much as the average guild. Nothing more, nothing less. We expect the most out of our raiders. Poor play/Output will result in benching. ~High attendance~ We understand that things come up, but raiders are expected to update us as reasonably as possible and for those situations to be rare. We raid less than the average guild so missing raid nights impacts us more than others. Missing raids will result in benching. ~Knowledge on class/spec/role~ We require that our raiders have knowledge on their class in at least two of their three specs with the exception of hybrid classes due to roles varying between specs, however we encourage them to be flexible in that regard if they are comfortable with it. You must have an artifact level of 20 to even be considered. ~Discord~ Talking IS required, you must have a mic and be able to call out certain mechanics you are affected by. No mic, no consideration. ~Recruitment~ We're currently in need of the following classes: Rogue Druid (Balance) Hunter (Marksmanship/Beastmastery) Shaman (Elemental/Enhance) Warlock(Any) Priest (Shadow) ~Must be a minimum ILVL of 890 to be considered.~ ~Raid Times~ We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST Questions or interest: Add Sacmiester#1486 Discord Interview, or App Required. ~WARNING: MATURE ATMOSPHERE~Tzahal0 6d
6d LF endgame progression guild Hey guys, I've been playing since vanilla and raiding since WoTLK (always as a healer). The last few expansions have been meh and I didn't put much effort into endgame. I'm coming into Legion a little late, but I'm looking for a guild that I can run mythic+'s with on the regular and possibly raid with. I just hit 110, so I'm still gearing. Feel free to drop a comment or message me in game. Thanks!Reicho5 6d
6d 896 Guardian Druid LF Mythic guild Hello there, I am someone who is recently returning to raiding and looking for a guild pushing Mythic content and looking to continue into ToS and so on. I am currently 896 with 10/10 H experience. Also have an 880 Fury Warrior and a few 850 ranged DPS id consider playing for the right guild. Also open to playing off specs if not needed as a full time tank. My availability is pretty much wide open. Also looking for a guild with a very active roster that doesnt only log on for raid. Would like to get lots of M+ runs going with guildies. Contact me here and I can reply in game or add your real id whatever is preferred.Sneel0 6d
6d LF Guild My current guild raids just a bit too late for me to be able to get into the raids, so I am looking for guild interested in an active, but casual raider as my schedule doesn't allow me to fully dedicate to a full time progression group atm. I play most days at varying times, so looking for a guild that is active enough to have friendly chat while doing my daily activities in game. I can raid any day till 9:45pm server Monday - Thursday or time on Sundays, but Friday and Saturdays are usually a no go for me since I like to get out on the boat and head offshore fishing on those days. I'm even okay with heading into alt groups normal or heroic run and even happy doing older content including both current and past expansions. Btag is Hoohoodillyo#1283Aigaion3 6d
6d 903 equipped BM hunter LFG 4/10M 903 equipped BM hunter LF decent and friendly guild that runs 10/10H NH on FARM and does loads of mythic + Please look @ Heroics logs since i gave up on M NH to much work. Sincerely, GazolineGazoline7 6d
6d <PRIMAL> 4/10M NH Looking for Mythic Raiders <Primal> is a Semi-Casual raiding guild that is currently seeking core raiders for Legion! Our leadership has extensive experience in MMOs, with many of our current core members having hardcore raiding experience. Raids are conducted in a semi-casual environment. We understand that real life comes first, and we want to have fun during raid. However, we also want to kill bosses. Raiders are expected to improve themselves in their off time, and bring their A-game to raids. So far this expansion, raiding has gone well! We are currently recruiting for Mythic progression! In the mean time we are clearing heroic, and doing mythic+'s Current Progression: 6/7M Emerald Nightmare (04/08) 3/3H Trials of Valor (12/01) 10/10H Nighthold (02/26) 4/10M Nighthold (05/04) *Krosus Down* Raiding Schedule: Tuesday / Thursday 8pm-11pm (EST/Server) ** Alt Raid on Weekends** Currently Recruiting: Tanks - Closed Healers - Open Melee DPS - Open Ranged DPS - Open All exceptional players will be considered. Even if listed as closed or listed as full. Potential raiders should have a team orientated mindset. Meaning, it's not all about you. Raiding Requirements: Pretty standard as far as requirements go - know your class/spec, listen to direction, come prepared (pots, flasks, food), have an understanding of current content (watch videos, read guides), be willing to give/receive criticism, and continue to improve your character(s) in your off time. Please also have a sense of humor and limited feelings. Drama is not tolerated Loot: EPGP Based Loot System with Weekly EP Bonuses. DISCORD REQUIRED - While a mic is optional, it is highly recommended. ID Contact Oviee - Ovie#1184 Voidforge - Void#1739 Desinator - Desinator#1956 McOreo - mcoreocookie#1890 Grimkins - Judge#1848 Discord: Ovie - Ovie#7426 Void - Void#9802 Desinator - Desinator#8100 Oreo - McOreoCookie#6478 Grimkins - Grimkins#9685 For any questions.Ovierage26 6d
6d <Traverse> 7/7M 2/3M 8/10M Fri/Sun 11-3AM < Traverse > US-Thrall | Horde Friday/Sunday 11pm-3am EST Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 3/3 H 2/3 M Nighthold: 10/10 H 8/10M About Us: Traverse is a newly formed progression oriented guild who's core is comprised of experienced players who have known each other since Wrath and have decided to come together again for Legion. Our desire as a guild is to push end game content and maintain a positive, stress free, fun environment. What We're Looking For: Traverse is looking for talented players who have the drive to push end game content at a steady pace, who's open to constructive criticism, and has the ability to act like an adult and behave respectfully when dealing with people both in and out of the guild. Recruitment: We are currently interested in looking at any and all applicants. Class specific needs are as followed: Tank: Closed Healer: Closed Melee DPS: Closed Range DPS: ⦁ Mage (High) ⦁ Priest (High) ⦁ Shaman All exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply, regardless of our current recruitment needs. Expectations: ⦁ Bring your A game every night ⦁ Maintain steady attendance ⦁ Be on and ready 15 minutes prior to raid start ⦁ Be fully prepared with flasks, potions, and food ⦁ Be knowledgeable about your class and spec and upcoming progression encounters ⦁ Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism Voice Chat: Discord Required Addons: DBM/BigWigs Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Application Process: - Submit an application. - The application will be reviewed and discussed internally. - If you are on server or if the tier is currently crossrealmable, we may bring you in on farm content to see how you play and what your personality is like. - If your application is chosen for further review, you will be offered a trial. - We trial our applicants over a 3 week raiding period to see if you're reliable and a good addition to our team. During this trial process you are encouraged to roll on any loot but members will have priority over you. (After you pass your trial you will be held to the same loot standards as our current members) If you are interested, please apply at our website: If you have any questions, feel free to add us on battletag (make a note about who you are) Terrill - TerrillNR#1701 Nerppy - Nerppy#1900 Juria - Yuria#11643 Whopper - Whopper#1534Terrill48 6d
May 17 (Deleted) .Morugana59 May 17
May 17 Healer looking for something new? (7/10M) <Hemp Valley> is recruiting a skilled and experienced healer to replace a resto shaman who wishes to take a break from mythic raiding. Obviously, another resto shaman would have top priority but we are open to skilled resto druids, holy priests, or mistweaver monks. The raid times are Mo-Tu-(W/TH) 9:30PM-12:30 EST. We used to raid Thursdays but may be switching to Wednesdays instead to better accommodate peoples' schedules. Add me on BNET if you're interested or have questions - Shazimyr#1862Gannja0 May 17
May 17 1/10M 908 Mage LF Mythic raid A long-time player returning to the game and seeking a core spot in a progression raiding guild. I am available to raid all nights after 930pm EST (2130 Thrall server) and would prefer no more than 3 nights (~6-9hrs) a week. Currently on Thrall-US, Horde faction. If a spot could be guaranteed on a high-end guild would definitely consider a server transfer. Logs: I'd prefer if guilds left their info in a reply to this thread and contacted me via my tag Cyris#1892Castergosa7 May 17
May 17 903 ilvl Ret Pally LF ACTUALLY ACTIVE GUILD I am looking for a guild for my brother and I that is actually active when they say that they are. I would love to join a raid group again if there are openings for a serious raid group with experience. I am 10/10H NH but have not had the chance to try mythic with my old group. I can raid anytime after 11pm Est. Mainly I am looking for a group that my brother and I can join that do mythic+ regularly, has a good number of active members, and has a great atmostphere. message me Equate#11969 Thanks for reading!Equatehd3 May 17
May 17 H - 900+ Healer and DPS LF Guild Hi, Our guild has lost a majority of it's core raiders so we've decided to transfer off to Thrall and join the Horde. So far we have myself (Holy Priest), Assassination Rogue, Enhancement Shaman and a Fury Warrior that are transferring over, with a possibility an affliction warlock, and BM Hunter to join us eventually. About us: We're 10/10H Nighthold and 3/10 Mythic, although we did get Krosus down to 6%, we had too many core DPS leave and couldn't finish. Our typical raids were on Fridays and Saturdays, and we would prefer to keep those days. 9PM Start times on the weekends are prolly the best times for us overall! Here are our logs and armory, Priest: Armory: Rogue: Armory: Warrior: Armory: Shaman: Armory: To contact us: Please reply to this thread, I will update it when we actually transfer so you can contact us in game when that happens as well. Or add my battletag: Braintrea#1518 Thanks for your consideration, BrainBraintew9 May 17
May 17 [H] Shiny - LF Active & Social Raiders Shiny - Made on 5/13/17 Our Guild: Our current goal is to build a loyal, mature & fun group to start raiding Nighthold & have a core ready for Tomb of Sargeras. But we aren't hardcore where we yell and scream the entire time, and if you mess up once, you get the boot. We try to be a strong team and work on progression and get as far as possible. We don't like to be the type of people where you raid and then that's it, and we see you next raid, we like to do Mythic plus's, old content, pvp, pet battles, the whole nine yards! :) Raiding: We are planning to raid every Wednesday & Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST / Server Time. We do require people to make each day. If you start slacking or missing raids you are at risk of losing your spot! We want dependable and loyal members! Current Progression: We are currently not raiding yet and are forming the core group! All classes and specs are open! What We Are Looking For: We do want active social players who are willing to help others out if needed (within reason, of course). We ask for active and loyal members. If you do not want to raid we also want to be involved in PvP and every aspect of the game. Roles In Need (Low = We have a few. Medium = Have a couple. High = We have next to none) Due to new guild, we are currently recruiting majority of every class with every role. Death Knight: High Demon Hunter: High Druid: LF Resto or Bear Hunter: High Mage: High Monk: High Paladin: High Priest: LF Shadow or Potential Disc Rogue: High Shaman: High Warlock: High Warrior: LF Fury or Arms. Player vs. Player Grand ol' PvP! We quite enjoy it and would like people who are willing to go into battle now and again to slaughter so sweet lil' alliance players :) It is not required to stay in the guild but its available! If your still reading and interested in giving our guild a shot to call home, feel free to message one of the following members ingame: Slyric, Vudupanther or Pearli (Tabby#1723) One of these members can lead you in the right direction ;) We hope to hear from you soon!Pearli5 May 17
May 16 [H]<Valence> 8/10M LF Good Noodle DPS We are looking for one or two solid DPS to help us finish the tier. Elisande and Gul'dan are the only things left for us to kill before Tomb of Sargeras. What we need: -1 or 2 DPS Contact me through if you are interested in trialing. Additionally, please add my battletag to contact me directly about any questions or concerns you may have about us. I will gladly talk to you one on one and see if you might or might not be what we're looking for. Btoms000#1276 Environment: Semi-Competitive Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thu, 8pm-11pm EST Progression: -Emerald Nightmare [7/7N , 7/7H, 7/7M] -Trials of Valor [3/3N, 3/3H, 2/3M] -The Nighthold [10/10N, 10/10H, 8/10M] About Valence Valence was formed on Altar of Storms over 8 years ago by the same leadership we have today. We have a long history of semi-competitive raiding starting way back with Karazhan. We transferred to Thrall during a 4-month recruitment drought in the middle of Mists and have called this our home ever since. We consider ourselves a semi-competitive guild. What is that? Well, we want to get content down as quickly as possible, but we also can't afford to spend 6 nights a week doing it. So to that end, we make it a goal to surround ourselves with the right kind of raiders. We look for people who actually enjoy competitive raiding, who can dedicate three full (uninterrupted) nights to it, who work hard to maximize their characters, and who contribute to fights and strategy in a meaningful way. Experience (and gear) is super awesome, but is actually not required for us. We've been doing this for a long time and consider ourselves a pretty laid back guild. You'd be joining a group of experienced raiders under stable leadership. We are helpful (most of the time) and enjoy getting the job done and still signing off before midnight.Treelestia29 May 16
May 16 [H]<No Breaks> 3/10M LF Heals & DPS No Breaks is a 4/7M 3/3H 3/10M Horde raiding guild on Thrall. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we are currently competitive in Legion. Both casual players who just like playing the game and semi-hardcore players who like buckling down to clear difficult content both have a potential home in No Breaks, as long as they enjoy playing the game and hanging out with other members. We currently have two raid teams, a weekday and a weekend team. We are currently looking for Ranged DPS, and a Healers for Weekend, and Hunters for Weekday team. As always, exceptional DPS will always be looked over and considered. Check out our current progress below! Raid times: Weekday Team: 7-10PM EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Weekend Team: 7-10PM EST Saturday and Sunday Joint Normal NH on Fridays Raiding Requirements: We require Mumble for raiding communication and utilize an EPGP system to empower our members to get the gear they desire. We have a wonderful website made by some of our senior members that you can find additional information. If you are interested in joining No Breaks, we welcome you to fill out the application template on our forums (accessible through the header on the website). Website: Discord: May 16
May 16 T/Th: 8:30-11:30 server 3/10 M recruiting <Something Pretentious> is looking for more like minded players as we continue our progression into Mythic. We are still working towards having a solid, near 100% attendance main group to work with as we push through this content. Our main need at the moment is dps, but healers with offspec dps would also be considered. We use discord as our voice chat and loot is handled by a loot council with the add-on RCLootCouncil, both of which are required. We are realistic people, we all understand that life gets in the way now and again, but we are also extremely focused on mythic progression, especially with the release of Tomb on the horizon. We want to have a solid and cohesive group of 20 people who are going to show up every week, and get these bosses down. Many of us in the guild have been together since cata, some of us since wrath, and we love being able to expand and work towards common goals and work through the challenges of mythic progression and high level Mythic +'s. Finally but most importantly, attitudes matter, performance matters, and attendance matters. If you feel like you're the kind of person who would be a good fit, you can message my toon or my btag <Bassman615#11670>, and we can get the ball rolling. Looking forward to hearing from you!Bassman5 May 16
May 16 898 Havoc DH Looking for Causal Guild I've been playing wow for about a year now, and I wanna stop PUGing. I'm not looking for a Mythic Guild or a Serious Guild, just a casual guild that I can run mythic+ and H NH Runs with. I can try mythic raiding, but just know I've never done it. I can play any day of the week expect TuesdayDuffi3 May 16
May 16 <Luna Wolves> just xferred to Thrall! <Luna Wolves> is a casual progression horde raid guild established in 2008 on Fenris, and has just transferred to Thrall. After countless years of successful raiding on Fenris, we watched as our server slowly died around us and decided it was time to seek out greener pastures. Recruiting on a low pop, dead server that is now alliance heavy....ouch!! When we left Fenris, our progression was 10/10 normal and 5/10 heroic. Ultimately, the only thing that held us back from progressing further in heroic was attendance and not being able to replenish our ranks when members stopped playing. We raid Tues & Thurs 8:30pm - 11pm EST. Some of our core members have been raiding together since WOTLK, and we still occasionally bring up ICC war stories from back in the day. Good times!! We are comprised of folks whose ages range from 20s to 40s. People have jobs, lives, families, significant others, etc and that's cool. That said, we have skilled raiders who have enjoyed being successful raiding and are looking to add folks in a similar situation to build to our core. Are you a skilled mythic raider who is burned out from hardcore progression? We could be your answer! Our raiding environment is fun (we tell a lot of politically incorrect jokes and give each other a hard time), relaxed, but we still expect to down bosses and progress. No one gets raged at for the occasional mistake. We do expect people to know their class, come prepared and perform. We're looking for a tank (non-druid), one healer (non-priest) as well as a mix of skilled ranged and melee dps to get back to 2/4/10 (at a minimum). Ultimately, we would like to continue to build the team so we're able to take on Mythics as the goal of progression, but want to ensure we're bringing in the right people to continue our successful 'Luna Wolf' culture. If you're interested, please reach out to Luperical, Wtfishealing or Vulkus in game for more details. Or, send an in game mail and we can circle back with you. We're excited to be on Thrall, and to hear from you!Luperical20 May 16
May 16 Looking for a guild. Need a guild that can use a tank and a range DPS, preferably in heroic content with times that doesn't pass 9:30.Thanon1 May 16
May 16 <Symbiosis> 3/10M <Symbiosis> 3/10M NH is looking for Rdps to continue Mythic progression. Wed H NH farm. 8-11pm server. Fri/Sat Mythic NH 8-11pm server. 900+ Pots,Food,Runes,repairs will all be provided by the guild. Add TattedBear#1521 to Bnet. Ask any question about the guild. Or Pst Tattedbear in game. Thanks!Tattedbear0 May 16
May 15 Sun/Mon Guild LFM 11pm-3am est <Hero on Pull> Is recruiting for ToS. We have strong core of raiders looking to expand into mythic. 10/10H 3/10m. Raid times Sun/Mon 11pm-3am est. Looking for strong DPS to fill out our raid team. Death Knight-open Demon Hunter-open Druid-open Hunter-open Mage-open Monk-closed Paladin-open Priest-open Rogue-open Shaman-closed Warlock-closed Warrior-open About us We are all very experienced raiders looking for more. we have a very solid core of tanks and healers and are looking very strong dps to fill out our roster. contact in game kongol#1782 azsuer#1428Køngøl0 May 15
May 15 Family Friendly Guild Rebuilding, LFM Hi there! We are currently looking to add to our very small roster. We have a long history of gaming in WoW, Started the guild early BC and our first raid group back in Wrath. WoD has proven to be the expansion that left us with very small numbers, but with the release of Legion we are looking to fill our ranks and enjoy the game with like minded people. We are a handfull of adult professionals, most of us married with children. I run the guild along side my wife so couples are welcome and encouraged to join us! As I said above, right now we only have about 7-8 people playing sporadically. We are not looking to make a large guild, but a small tight knit group of friends. If we get enough to raid, we would love to do that as well, casually, maybe 2 nights a week for a few hours. However, although raiding could be a possibility, enjoying the new 5 man content is what we are really looking forward to getting into. If you are looking for a family friendly guild that you can let your children play in, where people put friendships and fun in front of raid spots and gear please try us out. Help us rebuild a guild that brings the fun back into WoW, that leaves the drama at the door. Where we can all get together and level, run events, go back and do old content and raids for gear, pets, mounts..and hopefully even down new content...but we certainly won't die if we don't! do a /who Amity in game and whisper one of us...most likely it is best to get one of us on after 8pm est..However, we have 2-3 who may be on during the day as well.Strídér19 May 15
May 15 [H]<Scrubless>9/10 M Recruiting DPS! Current Progression: Emeral Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 9/10M - Working on Gul'dan Raid Schedule: T | W | Th: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PST Sun | Mon: 5:30 PM * - 9:00 PM PST * Sun & Mon are for casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. Recruitment Needs: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Medium Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Range DPS: High PriorityIf your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. About Us!: <Scrubless> is a three day progression guild on Thrall - a competitive, high population Horde server located at the New York data center. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game. Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders' time. Fun times and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 10.5 hours of raiding per week, it's paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild's play. We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are free to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers. Expectations: Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and potions. If information is available, study current and future progression fights. Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. Respect the time people dedicate to raids. Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes. Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement. Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Wowprogress: Website: If you wish to apply, either fill out an application on our website, or contact one of the people below and we can chat about your potential trial. Contacts: GM: Kahn (Kahn#1770 ) Raid Leader: Keeperofthev (ChuckNorris#1395) Kylore (GoblinSmithy#1769) Taerok (Taerok#1579)Nivera9 May 15
May 15 <Armada> 3/10M lf 1 DPS for mythic! <Armada> is a Horde guild on Thrall (US), we are currently 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3H ToV and 10/10H & 3/10M Nighthold. We are in need DPS for heroic and mythic raiding. What We Need: We are currently looking for dedicated dps for Legion raiding who want to join a good group of people and get some content down. We are looking for people 890+ Ilvl. Here are the classes we need most (Bold are highest need): Legion Raiding: ... Other strong dps may be considered. What we are really looking for is people who will be dedicated and fit well with our group as a whole. We are a mature guild and we are looking for mature people who enjoy having fun while also downing content. We are willing to have you come try out before switching servers to join the guild. About us: Most of us started raiding together during Wrath in another guild and raided casually together until Firelands, when several of us took a long break. We came back at the beginning of Pandaria and moved servers and started Armada. During Heroic HFC progression we moved from Alterac Mountains Alliance over to Thrall Horde and have been here ever since. We have grown a lot during this expac and hope to continue it in Legion. We are a mature guild looking for people who enjoy raiding. We are looking for people who want a fun environment but still want to work and progress through content. We use Ventrilo and would like people to have a mic if possible. We are looking for people who want to find a home and a place to raid and be around and enjoy themselves. Raid Times (Eastern Time): ... If you are interested contact us: ...Punchedabear8 May 15
May 15 [H]Guaranteed To Bleed 1/10M 2 Day We need a few more to push MYTHIC! About us: Casual Horde Based Guild. We are a 2 day guild and we have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. Our priority is Flex Raiding while dabbling in Mythics. Currently we are NH 10/10H. 1/10M What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that way. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST or 9:30 to Midnight EST Recruiting: Range DPS (High) (Mage, Shadow, Warlock, Boom) Healers (Paladin, Shaman) NO MELEE To Apply fill out our basic Application or join our discord. Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Virí79 May 15
May 15 Recruiting for ToS <Thrall> <Hero on Pull> Is recruiting for ToS. We have strong core of raiders looking to expand into mythic. 10/10H 3/10m. Raid times Sun/Mon 11pm-3am est. Looking for strong DPS to fill out our raid team. Death Knight Demon Hunter Druid-open Hunter-open Mage-open Monk-closed Paladin-open Priest-open Rogue-open Shaman-closed Warlock-closed Warrior-open About us We are all very experienced raiders looking for more. we have a very solid core of tanks and healers and are looking very strong dps to fill out our roster. contact in game kongol#1782 azsuer#1428Køngøl0 May 15
May 15 Thinking about a server xfer here Lok'tar Thrall people! I'm looking for a Horde heavy PVE realm to move to that has a high population. This is one of the larger ones, so I wanted to know a little more information about the goings on in this realm. Are guilds competing against each other at all? Are people having trouble finding raid guilds? What's the general atmosphere like? Thanks for your help!Dredion1 May 15
May 15 Recruiting for ToS <Hero on Pull> Is recruiting for ToS. We have strong core of raiders looking to expand into mythic. 10/10H 3/10m. Raid times Sun/Mon 11pm-3am est. Looking for strong DPS to fill out our raid team. High Priority Classes needed Rogue DK DPS/W Tank Offspecs DPS/W Healing Offspecs Hunter all classes will be looked at but full on warlocks About us We are all very experienced raiders looking for more. we have a very solid core of tanks and healers and are looking very strong dps to fill out our roster. contact in game kongol#1782 azsuer#1428Køngøl0 May 15
May 14 902 Guardian Druid 902 Guardian Druid looking for a new raiding guild. I am currently 10/10H and 3/10M 7/7M 2/3M. I have raided on this toon and others off/on since Vanilla. Raided H/M NH for only Jan/Feb. Had to go away for a week for work..came back...and the guild I was in fell apart so I took a break from the game instead of moving on to another guild. Currently looking to come back now and find a new home for raiding in M NH and continuing on through M ToS. Flexible on what days of the week. Weekdays would be nice. Approx 3 days a week. Prefer to be done raiding by 11pm EST. Feel free to hit me up in game and I can answer any questions you may have Battle tag is dragotron#1291Dragonn1 May 14
May 14 looking for guild (im new) im a undead rogue and ive been playing for about a week or so, looking for a guild thats fairly social and around my age (ive noticed a lot of the guilds are 18+ but im just turning 16) im interested in raiding and dungeons but i dont know where to start for somethings like professions, auction house and the weekly events. so if youre willing to put up with a multitude of questions and a new friend if it all goes well just hit me up.Deckard0 May 14
May 14 [H] LFM Weekend Raiders Summary Server: Thrall Type: Raiders Classes: All Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday night 9pm – 12 or 1am (EST) Current Progress: 10/10 NH-H. Guild Atmosphere: Serious raiders, but fun (not casual per se -- emphasis on the fun) Benefits/Extras: Bank, paid repairs, and spend time in friendly environment Age limit: 21+ Web site: ... Wrath of Time, located on Thrall, is currently recruiting all classes for progression raiding. Our goal is to focus on end-game content in a fun atmosphere - with working adults who have limited time. And, we’re looking for like-minded players to join our ranks. We raid twice a week, approximately three hoursish a night. We’re perfect for individuals who want to experience end-game content but have commitments that limit time in-game. Our approach is simple--come prepared (i.e., flasks, repaired, buff-food, know the fights, etc.), follow directions, contribute, take down bosses, communicate, and dispense loot while we enjoy spending time with our guildmates. We pride ourselves on a fun, but focused, raid environment. We all pay to play, no one wants the game to feel like another job. As mentioned above, we’re an adult-only guild. All of us have some type of work / school, many of us are married, and some of us have kids. Because some of our members don’t have time for the hardcore raiding scene, we find ourselves constantly trying to min/max our characters to make the most of our play time. That being said, during the week you may not see some of us as our play time is limited. While we may not always be active in game, we are generally active in our mumble server, guild forums, or other Blizzard titles. We prefer growing as a community and working towards a common goal instead of being a few strangers who get on together to run around and slay pixelated bad guys. We’re proud of the guild and community we’ve built. Because of this, our recruitment can be slower at times to ensure we’re recruiting like-minded players. We’re currently looking for players with the ability and maturity to play both a Main and an Off-Spec depending on raid composition. We expect raiders to have personal lives, and things unexpectedly come up, so key roles will need to be filled to further the Guild's progression. While it would be nice to get to Mythic content, we’re not going to lose sleep over it. With the limited play time we have, a realistic goal is to focus solely on heroic raids for progression and perhaps see some Mythic content. For more information hit up Sp3cK#1228, Olive#1748, Deftig#1343, Phuror#1260, and/or DeadlyOrc#1389 on Thrall, or check out our Web site. We look forward to progressing with you!Powaghen41 May 14