4d [H] <Version Three> 9/11H LF tank + DPS Hello, We are <Version Three> : We are a 8/11 heroic Antorus raiding guild with our eyes set on Mythic content and progression. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our raid times are Wed/Thurs/Mon from 730-11pm CST. We are currently looking for a tank and DPS. We are accepting any talent and skilled ranged or melee DPS who think they might be a good fit for us. We are a friendly, sociable, fun and skilled group of players looking to see all the content the game has to offer while it's current. We understand and prioritize real life over wow, so if issues arise you will never be punished for that. We encourage friendships inside and outside the game and are only interested in likeminded players. We are more of a community than a guild and we pride ourselves on that. We keep our raid environments fun and entertaining. We use Discord for our comms and most of the guild is usually active on comms throughout the day. If you're interested, head over to our website, and apply, or message me in game at Eten#1233. - Provided is a link to our logs for you to look over and see what you're getting in to. We look forward to hearing from you, Goodluck in Antorus!Eten1 4d
4d Recruiting for fun times and free epics Casual Raider is recruiting At the moment we could really use another regular healer, a backup tank w/dps spec (We could even work out a tank rotation if needed), a warlock, and a few DPS We are (10/11) normal and will be beginning Heroic soon. We have experience in previous heroic raids, starting out with H-Antorus soon. We supply food flasks and repairs We raid Tues and Thus 9-11 server Like to run other stuff in our off time WallyWorld#1265 Hit me up in game for an inviteGrimreapr0 4d
5d 942 Hpal and 940 Blood DK LF guild Me and my brother are currently raiding with a casual guild, but are looking for something more focused. I am currently 6/11N and 4/11H and my brother is 10/11N and 2/11H. We are looking for a 2-day raid schedule starting at 830pm or 9pm EST and ending by Midnight. We are looking for a guild to build a foundation with heading into BfA. Both of us want to help out in any way wherever we go and not just be a "warm body" on the team. I am a former GM of a 512 member guild (Mal'Ganis, Lost Legion, cata and MOP) and have been raiding since WotLK (tank in MoP, Hpal since half way through SoO) so I bring a ton of experience with me. My brother has been raiding since Cata, and tanking for 2 xpacs. Please contact me here or in game at Badfish#11397Jùstíce0 5d
5d <Symbiosis> Recruiting RDruid & DPS <Symbiosis> H-Thrall-US 4/7M 3/3H 4/10M 1/9M 6/11H <Symbiosis> 3/11H Antorus Is looking to recruit members for Mythic progression raiding (must be on Thrall server.) We are currently recruiting RDruid and DPS. If you are a consistent and reliable player with a good attitude that is willing to put in the time and effort, then we'd love to have you in our guild! Our raid schedule is currently Wed (N) 8 - 11pm EST, Fri/Sat (H/M) 8 - 11pm EST. We provide food/flask/repairs and use Discord for raid. If interested you can message myself at Kitty#11287 or our GM/RL Nomad#1766 for more information.Trìnïty1 5d
5d Order Of The Outcast seeking more for antorus Order Of The Outcast is New to the thrall server and seeking more people to fill its raiding roster current needs is 1 tank spot {core spot} and some strong dps with a couple healers with good off specs . Message Poterhause or treehuggin for more info thank you!Poterhause8 5d
5d Priest LF normal/heroic Antorus guild Took a few months off, looking to get back into some raiding. Looking for a normal/heroic guild on thrall to start getting back into the swing of things. Mainly interested in playing shadow, not opposed to healing when needed. Feel free to message in game or on here. Thanks in advanceEpidar3 5d
5d A Warrior, R Shaman, BM Hunter LF Raid Guild Hey Everyone, My gf, friend and I are looking for a raiding guild to join. We just got back into WoW again after a long break. We are almost finished catching up to current ilvl. Currently, Arms Warrior is 937, Resto Shaman is 913 and BM Hunter is 880. We should all be done gearing within the next week or so. We aim to join a newer guild, but one that is definitely interested in Mythic level raiding. Our preferred raiding days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday ending no later than 12am server time (EST). Feel free to reach out to me if you do not fall within this description though. Feel free to ask any questions as well! (We are horde btw) Thanks!Ultionem2 5d
6d 934 mage LF late night/wknd raiding Would prefer to raid weekend afternoons or starting at 12 PM EST during the week. Have mic and discord, and have been raiding since Wrath.Elqueso0 6d
6d <Traverse> 11/11H Fri/Sun 11-3AM < Traverse > US-Thrall | Horde Friday/Sunday 11pm-3am EST Current Progression: Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11 H Past Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 3/3 H 2/3 M Nighthold: 10/10 H 9/10 M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H 7/9 M About Us: Traverse is a newly formed progression oriented guild who's core is comprised of experienced players who have known each other since Wrath and have decided to come together again for Legion. Our desire as a guild is to push end game content and maintain a positive, stress free, fun environment. What We're Looking For: Traverse is looking for talented players who have the drive to push end game content at a steady pace, who's open to constructive criticism, and has the ability to act like an adult and behave respectfully when dealing with people both in and out of the guild. Recruitment: We are currently interested in looking at any and all applicants. Class specific needs are as followed: Tank: Closed Healer: ⦁ Paladin (High) Melee DPS: Closed Range DPS: ⦁ Hunter (High) ⦁ Shaman (High) ⦁ Priest ⦁ Warlock All exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply, regardless of our current recruitment needs. Expectations: ⦁ Bring your A game every night ⦁ Maintain steady attendance ⦁ Be on and ready 15 minutes prior to raid start ⦁ Be fully prepared with flasks, potions, and food ⦁ Be knowledgeable about your class and spec and upcoming progression encounters ⦁ Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism Voice Chat: Discord Required Addons: DBM/BigWigs Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Application Process: - Submit an application. - The application will be reviewed and discussed internally. - If you are on server or if the tier is currently crossrealmable, we may bring you in on farm content to see how you play and what your personality is like. - If your application is chosen for further review, you will be offered a trial. - We trial our applicants over a 3 week raiding period to see if you're reliable and a good addition to our team. During this trial process you are encouraged to roll on any loot but members will have priority over you. (After you pass your trial you will be held to the same loot standards as our current members) If you are interested, please apply at our website: If you have any questions, feel free to add us on battletag (make a note about who you are) Terrill - TerrillNR#1701 Nerppy - Nerppy#1900 Juria - Yuria#11643 Whopper - Whopper#1534 Etheridron - Lanaron#1682Terrill75 6d
6d Selling 890 TWINK Plate Chest Selling 890 Aethrynn's Plate Chest for 101 Twinks. 800k O/BO Add my LilRichard#11938 Open to trade/negotiateDitzzi0 6d
6d Selling Twink Neck, Socket + Leech Ilvl 870 Talisman of Jaimil Lightheart B/O: 550k Open to Item Offers / NegotiationZaraldrel0 6d
6d Feral Druid LF Guild Hi all, I am looking to get back into raiding after missing out on the last few tiers, and move forward into BfA raiding as well. The last raiding I really progressed in was during MoP (ToT and SoO), with a little bit of raiding during the start of WoD. Since then I have mainly been playing casually, leveling a lot of alts and doing random stuff, but I have missed coordinated progression for a while. I would like to find a casual friendly guild that is still interested in progressing (at least Heroic, maybe Mythic) through the raid tiers. My main spec is feral, but I would prefer a flex spot in raids, and I don't mind to swap between all 4 specs if needed. I don't have the best legendaries for Resto/Balance, but I do at least have usable ones. Even if there are no raid spots open, I would also be up for just a friendly guild to hang out in, and I can both heal and tank mythic+ dungeons. I tend to travel a lot for my work as well, which is another reason I would prefer a flex spot for raiding, as there are times that my travel schedule (completely random) can interfere with raid times. Thanks, feel free to let me know if there is anything else you want to know.Lohath5 6d
6d I'M BACK (and looking for a raiding guild) ^. so ive been on and off WoW since BC lost 2 acct's due to my own ignorance. decided to get another account and get my fishing game stronk, and i'd like to get into weekly raiding and casual progression with like minded mature folks who also enjoy a good joke. if this sounds like your guild please message me deathbob#1437 lets get to know each other and have fun !Shockahkahn1 6d
6d [H] <Wrath of Time> Weekend Raiders LFM Summary Server: Thrall Type: Raiders Classes: All Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday night 9pm – 12 or 1am (EST) Current Progress: 2/11 ABT-H / 11/11 ABT-N. Guild Atmosphere: Serious raiders, but fun (not casual per se -- emphasis on the fun) Benefits/Extras: Bank, paid repairs, and spend time in friendly environment Age limit: 21+ Web site: ... Wrath of Time, located on Thrall, is currently recruiting all classes for progression raiding. Our goal is to focus on end-game content in a fun atmosphere - with working adults who have limited time. And, we’re looking for like-minded players to join our ranks. We raid twice a week, approximately three hoursish a night. We’re perfect for individuals who want to experience end-game content but have commitments that limit time in-game. Our approach is simple--come prepared (i.e., flasks, repaired, buff-food, know the fights, etc.), follow directions, contribute, take down bosses, communicate, and dispense loot while we enjoy spending time with our guildmates. We pride ourselves on a fun, but focused, raid environment. We all pay to play, no one wants the game to feel like another job. As mentioned above, we’re an adult-only guild. All of us have some type of work / school, many of us are married, and some of us have kids. Because some of our members don’t have time for the hardcore raiding scene, we find ourselves constantly trying to min/max our characters to make the most of our play time. That being said, during the week you may not see some of us as our play time is limited. While we may not always be active in game, we are generally active in our mumble server, guild forums, or other Blizzard titles. We prefer growing as a community and working towards a common goal instead of being a few strangers who get on together to run around and slay pixelated bad guys. We’re proud of the guild and community we’ve built. Because of this, our recruitment can be slower at times to ensure we’re recruiting like-minded players. We’re currently looking for players with the ability and maturity to play both a Main and an Off-Spec depending on raid composition. We expect raiders to have personal lives, and things unexpectedly come up, so key roles will need to be filled to further the Guild's progression. For more information hit up Sp3cK#1228, Deftig#1343, Phuror#1260, and/or DeadlyOrc#1389 on Thrall, or check out our Web site. We look forward to progressing with you!Justicè1 6d
Dec 9 Selling Ilvl 945 Mail Chestpiece (SOLD) Horror Fiend-Scale Breastplate: B/O 575k Other offers welcomeZaraldrel0 Dec 9
Dec 8 [H] <Speakeasy> 7/9M Fri/Sat LF Healers/DPS <Speakeasy>, Horde, US-Thrall Friday and Saturday 9pm - 1am EST Wednesday 9pm optional heroic clear 7/9M ToS Cutting Edge NH and EN Our raids are half serious, half chill. We have one 7-minute break and one 10-minute break every Fri/Sat raid night. Progression is the goal, but it's pointless if you aren't enjoying it. Recruiting Tank. Druid/Brewmaster/Warrior preferred. All healers. Paladin/Druid/Shaman high priority Melee dps. Rogue high priority Exceptional DPS Loot Addon: Big Dumb Loot Council All enchants, gems, consumables and repairs are provided for raiders. Requirements: Have logs that you can link to us Have a mic 920+ ilvl 60+ traits Similar mythic progress is a plus Anonymous Application Form: Contact GM: Ztop#1564 Officer: Calming#1736Group8 Dec 8
Dec 8 [A] Returning player LFG returning after five years off.. New to Thrall as my old realm is pretty much a ghost town. Looking for an active, casual, family friendly (meaning minimum of cursing and adult language, I have young-ens that sit in on occasion) to help me level some new toons and to enjoy time with. Would love to get in to raiding, but not if it's a requirement for membership. I'm west coast so would prefer event times to be no earlier then 6pm PST. Normal or semi-RP preferred. lots of criteria I suppose, but when I find a good fit, I stay and participate. thank you theJust0ne#1819Pelladure2 Dec 8
Dec 8 Mage lf team 933 frost mage lf raiding team. I'd prefer to run late on weekends. I've recently returned from a 6 month hiatus from WoW. Currently, I am 11/11 N and 2/11 H experience on this toon. Feel free to ask me anything or give some information about your guild. thank you!Pwnasaursrex3 Dec 8
Dec 8 Banking Guild, buying "Classy" Achievements I am looking to pay folks to join my guild (briefly) in order to get credit for the Classy Achievements. I... need that last bank slot. The guild's current status with each of the classy achievements can be found on the Armory page for Banu Haqim (link under my character name to the left). You need to be: Level 110, Revered or better with your current/last guild, a Race/Class combination that I still need credit for (there are currently a lot of them). Join my guild. Relog to prompt it to credit the achievement as complete, get paid. I am offering 5k for a couple minutes of your time, for each combo. Shoot me a whisper in-game on my character, Loxosceles, and solve my storage woes. Thanks!Loxosceles1 Dec 8
Dec 8 Looking to move realms. Hey all, TL;DR: I am seeking a new realm + guild that fits my socially active playing style. A casual raiding + questing guild to roll around and chat with would be best. I am returning after 6 year hiatus. Much has changed, but I'm getting the hang out it. That being said, I'm trying to find a more active realm. I've been on Blackhand since Vanilla, and it's quite the ghost town compared to its bustling pre-Panderia days. I got nudged that Thrall would be a great realm to convert to; not too high in volume, but large enough that it feels pretty busy consistently. I'm hoping this might be a good match before I did a transfer. Thanks in advance.Fact2 Dec 8
Dec 8 Group LF Mythic Raiding guild .Cupcake0 Dec 8
Dec 7 New Player Looking to Get Into Raiding I'm pretty new to WoW but have a lot of experience with other MMO's looking for a guild that is willing to help me get into raiding and M+ dungeons as well. Also looking for advice about gear progression, etc. My Battle tag is Carbon#11679 if you have any questions! Thanks!Vulvyk4 Dec 7
Dec 7 LF Guild Grizzled WoW vet (day 1 player) who just returned back to the game after a several year hiatus. Looking for a chill guild to join for leveling and raiding! Thanks!Branman6 Dec 7
Dec 7 New Player looking for a Nighttime Guild I'm very new to wow and I am looking for a guild with some cool people to hang out with that might like teaching a noob a thing or two. The guild im in now was just a spam invite that i accepted to stop all the spam invites. I'd really like to be part of a guild with people that just like to have fun no hardcore raiding or anything.Kagailron2 Dec 7
Dec 7 [H]<No Breaks> 11/11N 4/11H Recruiting No Breaks is a 11/11N 2/11H Horde raiding guild on Thrall. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we are currently competitive in Legion. Both casual players who just like playing the game and semi-hardcore players who like buckling down to clear difficult content both have a potential home in No Breaks, as long as they enjoy playing the game and hanging out with other members. We are currently looking for DPS, and Healers of exceptional skill. Must be over 18 years of age. Check out our current progress below! Raid times: 7-10PM EST Tuesday and Wednesday Alt runs on Fridays We have recently stepped down from a 3 day schedule, to a 2 day. This will likely go back to 3 days once the new expansion is released. That third day is Thursday. Raiding Requirements: We require Mumble for raiding communication and utilize an EPGP system to empower our members to get the gear they desire. We have a wonderful website made by some of our senior members that you can find additional information. If you are interested in joining No Breaks, we welcome you to fill out the application template on our forums (accessible through the header on the website). Website: Discord: Dec 7
Dec 7 Raid --Conflicted1 Dec 7
Dec 7 <Hardcore Casuals> 3/11 H want DPS Hardcore Casuals is a casual raiding guild currently 3/11 H and 11/11 N looking for more dps players for Heroic and Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne. We are looking for competent dps to join us to push farther into Heroic and eventually Mythic Antorus. Really interested in Warlocks, Shadow Priest, Balance Druids, Arms warrior, and Elem Shaman. Players interested in joining please be around 930 Ilvl. We raid M/W 8:00 -11 PM Server time and M+ keys throught the week and on the weekend. We run Open raids on Saturdays at 8 PM server time most weekends. Raid environment is casual we love to joke around and have fun while raiding but we do take things seriously when it comes to new progression bosses. We run EPGP as for our loot system. We also use discord for voice and coordinate most of our guild activites through discord. Message Sylvion or Chickenoodle if interested in our guild. Can also add me on Vorroc#1575 or Chickenoodle at chickenoodle#11478. Look forward in hearing from you! Also, please visit our discord for recruitment if you are interested at Dec 7
Dec 7 [H]<PRV>Fac/Transferred Guild LF DPS We have just transferred from Alliance Proudmoore to Horde Thrall. As a guild we were 11/11N before transfer. Currently LF solid DPS that are willing to listen and work to kill bosses. Our guild is built around friendship and family values. Most of us have families, Children, and drink a lot. We do more than just play WoW, a handful of us play Destiny 2, HotS, Overwatch, and more. We are a progression guild above all else, so that is the primary focus. We raid Tuesday and Friday 8pm-11pm EST, although we have been clearing on Tuesday. We use discord as our voice, it is not required but we do encourage you join us. It is on the other hand required if you are raiding with us. Casual players are welcome, we do mythic+ as well and enjoy the occasional transmog runs. If you have any other questions or would like an invite. You can get a hold of me anytime I am around :) Smokey#12840Smokèy0 Dec 7
Dec 6 <CSWP> 3/9M 9/9H 11/11 Antorus is recruiting Sup all, <CSWP> is a fairly new guild founded by Mythic raiders that are new to server. We are a laid back, focused group trying to build a home on Thrall. Although we are a newer guild, we are growing decently fast. We mainly raid Antorus, but have optional raid nights for Heroic ToS. We are in Need of- Dps (Death Knight, Monk, Mage, Warlock, Moonkin, Hunter preferred) But any class/spec is welcome. Our Raid times are- Tues/Thurs 9:30pm-12:30am server time. Being a newer guild, we don't mind helping lower geared players get raid ready. As long as you have a focus/interest in raiding. We also welcome any casual/social players to help build our Community. Other than raiding we enjoy Mythic+, BGs, Arena and just hanging out on Discord. We are working on getting a Rated BG team together if we can get a few more people. We are all mature players with jobs, Wives/Husbands and kids. Our ages scale from 23-38 mostly. So guild is much more active in the evenings once everyone has gotten off work and put kids in bed. We are striving to build a great WoW community. So if you have an interest in getting into raiding, pvp or just hanging out, give us a shot. As long as you don't mind a little mature language, humor and drunken pvp, We may be a good fit for you! Thanks for reading! If you have any interest or questions please leave a reply or whisper- Cypresschill or Warpak in game. Battletag: Sithdrewski#1776 Warpak- Pakman11#1804Cypresschill11 Dec 6
Dec 6 [H] Enh Shaman LF Weeknight Raiding Guild 927 Enh shaman looking for 2-3 night a week (weeknight) raiding guild starting between 6pm and 8pm server time. Was in a semi-hardcore guild for EN and Nighthold, looking for a fun adult setting to run mythic + as well as progress through heroic and mythic Antorus. More importantly than anything looking for a good community of players to enjoy the game with! Thanks for checking me out!Elementaro3 Dec 6
Dec 6 Duplicitys Reach LF a healer and also a dps <Duplicitys Reach> Horde -Server: Thrall Casual, Social, Raiding Guild. Progression:9/9H ToS 11/11ATBT 2/11ATBT Raid Times: Fri-Sat. 9pm-12am server. Recruiting: Healer, Ranged DPS Contact us in game. Hungler#1448 - GM Bamli#1877 - Officer Disintary#1567 -Officer Drinlok#1273 -Officer (Kegdrink) Synergy#1779-Raider DrjerrySquid#1595-RaiderDeathtrend1 Dec 6
Dec 5 934 Lock LF Raiding Guild .Lorrina6 Dec 5
Dec 5 LF N/H Antorus I can perform all 3 roles. I was an off-tank for Hell-fire citadel heroic as well as dps. Cleared Heroic Nighthold and did not play much during TOS. My schedule is a little jumpy at the moment so I wouldn't mind just being on an alt night team. My Bnet : Firefighter#12609Plumpe2 Dec 5
Dec 5 LF laid back, adult raiding guild Hello, a little about me.. Im 25, played wow during wotlk and just came back about 4 months ago. Im a very easy going, friendly guy looking for a guild to call home. I did progresssion, 25 man heroics through several tiers of that expansion so im not a complete noob. I havent done much besides lfr in legion but im growing dissatisfied just leveling toons and doing mythics. I am ideally looking to be part of a larger community but ill take what I can get. I aim to do the best I can and respond well to criticism. With that being said I am not looking for an elite guild. I play the game to relieve stress in my real life like im sure many of you do. I have 4 110s, 2 of which are hovering around 930 ilvl. I believe i can perform halfway decent in my main specs and would be willing to switch if needed later on. Thanks if you took the time to read all that. Message me in game @ Carolinawire#1781Carolinawire7 Dec 5
Dec 5 [H] -RD- Recruiting Casual Mythic Raiders! Casual and Mythic in the same sentence? NO WAY! RedDolphin is currently 3/11H we are clearing content faster then expected. I personally cleared normal on my Healer, DPS, and a Tank.. and i'm only a decent We will need to transition into Mythic in the future to survive the remainder of this expansion if we want to keep our raiders! That being said, we are looking for those that have lives and responsibilities, and want to raid at the same time. Often lately my toddler taps me on the shoulder and says "Mom I have to Pee!!" so I pop a few healing cd's throw someone on follow and walk away *grin* okay I'm half joking.. but I did change a poopy diaper during our first heroic Demonic Inquisition kill! We are raiding Tues, Wed, Thurs for 2-3 hours. Thurs will eventually turn into a farm night and will not be required to attend. Please hit me up if you are interested! We are looking for 1-2 solid healers and some DPS! Discord jcle4eva#8251 BTag: jenni#1690 I am reachable during the day on discord! Try there first! Thanks for reading my post.ì0 Dec 5
Dec 5 Looking for casual raiding/dungeons guild Hello, I have been playing wow casually for about 3 years, but I just hit 110 for the first time and I would like to join a guild to help me gear up and raid. I am currently ilvl 875 and I have 67 artifact traits. I would love to try any of the Legion raids, as I have only done the LFR. Thanks!Aeleena4 Dec 5
Dec 5 932 Ele / Resto Sham LF raiding guild I am looking for a guild for Antorus and future content. I can raid any day of the week but prefer times of 8PM-Midnight EST. Besides raiding, I am also looking for an active guild that does other content like running higher keys and stuff. I currently have 74 traits in my Ele weapon and then will be going back to finish up my Resto. Also I am a veteran WoW player who has played on/off for the past 13 years, raided in each expansion and has also dabbled in other MMO's and other online games for even longer. Any other questions feel free to add Onedvsbstd#11794. Thanks.Xuroji5 Dec 5
Dec 5 Deleted deletedMyztiq3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Thrall Discord Server Here is our Discord server! It's still a work in progress and will be updated as more people use it and give feedback! Please read the welcome & rules channel & auto-assign a role for yourself! Doing so will give you access to the rest of the channels! If you want to contact me about it, you can DM me or add me to battletag (Kaelani#1390)Kaewynn20 Dec 5
Dec 5 2 friends LF raiding guild Me and my buddy. (Unfortunately we're both shaman's right now, one ele, one enhance), he'll be rerolling to a Druid this month, we're looking to join a guild in which we can contest raid spots in the future. We both have ToS experience on previous characters, we both have 100% attendance and are committed to a raid team. Carbon#11298Ardale2 Dec 5
Dec 5 <Unadulterated> 8/11H seeking Rdps & a healer <Unadulterated> Thrall server/Horde 8/11H Antorus is currently looking for ranged dps players as well as one healer to add to our roster as we progress through heroic and eventually into mythic Antorus. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday from 8-11 server time (EST). We also run mythic+ a lot on the weekends as well as do alt runs too. We're looking for like-minded people to join our ranks. We joke around but know when it's time to be serious. When it comes to our raiders, just be able to take a punch. Hit me up either on (Dean#1139) or on discord, (Dean#8379) I can be reached at most hours of the daySquirttetti1 Dec 5
Dec 5 -RD- 3/11H - Mythic Transition Hey Guys, I could sit here and type out a super long post that most of you wont even finish.. or I can say the following: We are a casual group of friends that love to down bosses. Normal was easier than anticipated. With little effort we are 3/11H and expect to clear it sooner than we had originally thought. We are actively looking to expand our Heroic roster so that we have the #s when we are ready to transition into Mythic. We do not require you to do anything crazy, we all have personal lives and that comes first!! We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs at 8EST for 2-3 hours. Thursday will become a farm night once we have more of the instance under our belt. If you are interested please drop me a msg in discord jcle4eva#8251 during the day, or I'm generally online every night jenni#1690 Would love to provide you with more information if you are interested! Thanks for Reading, Jen -RD- GMDobbì0 Dec 5
Dec 5 9/9H Casual Fun Raiding T-Th 6:30-9pm Tom Sellecks Mustache is a Heroic 9/9H raiding guild here on Thrall. Real Life has hit our family pretty hard this expansion so we are actively recruiting for all positions, and we are looking for more friends to join our community. ... Contact: MrsZuul#1663 for more information. “There is No Dana, ONLY ZUUL!”Druúl3 Dec 5
Dec 5 . .Kaewynn33 Dec 5
Dec 5 Returning RDruid LF Guild 930 ilvl / 70 About me: I have been playing off and on since Vanilla. I completely rerolled to this resto Druid from my warrior (Ragepool on Lightbringer) to help a friend attempting to run a guild, and raise enough raiders to run Mythic raids around 3-4 months back. Sadly this fell through and I ended up rolling off the Emerald Dream server to Thrall for a more "populated" server. As for Tomb experience, my druid "Cesspuddle" will show only 4/9M with only 1 kill. Unfortunately work interfered with raid life, so shortly after moving to Thrall I had to give up raiding, basically wow. Since then, my work life has resettled, and im looking to get back into the game, and get into some progression raiding. I wish to remain healing, as i enjoy it, and as my other specs wont be competitive. Since this character isnt all that old, i literally only have resto legendaries...and trying to dps in any other spec would be sub-optimal. What I am looking for: Looking for a fun and friendly guild who is serious about enjoying the game and killing bosses. My raid times are flexible as long as they are in the evening (im CST). Feel free to post here, or add me. Cesspool#1577Cesspuddle2 Dec 5
Dec 5 943 H.DH & 944 Hunter LF Home < Found a Great Guild >Kontagion3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Havoc DH Lf Guild 913 Havoc Dh lf casual raiding guild that plans to do up to heroic. I am a married father of 3 so my time slot for raiding is sat - Monday 9 est- 12est. But I am on most evening. Also interested in mythic + runs as wellXeos0 Dec 5
Dec 4 HI Thank you for inviting me to be on your server its nice here....I am enjoying my play time here very much. But I woke up with a weasel in my nose the other night I’m pretty sure he wasn’t there when the GM turned out the light He’s really very comfy – I wouldn’t give him up for cash I’ve always kinda wanted a luxuriant moustache.Plethera3 Dec 4
Dec 4 925 Lock LF Guild Hi! I am trying to find a good guild to call home. I haven't had much luck on the forums for my current realm so I thought I would try a few others. Here is what I am looking for: *Adult oriented guild. Active, easy going and laid back *Raiding - Laid back semi-casual. I've done hardcore, and now trying actually enjoy the raiding experience. No need for a second job. *Prefer to stay Horde *Chat Client: Discord would be preferred or Vent. About me: I have typically healed my entire time playing WoW since BC as far as raiding goes. This has been my first attempt at DPS and so far I have enjoyed it and am planning on continuing that path into the next expansion. I will say that I am by no means a "world beater" when it comes to dps, however I think I do decent for being new with it and of course open to any criticism and help with a new guild if needed. I would love to find a great guild that is friendly, easy going and just fun to be a part of (close-knit family). My available raid times: Any day: 7pm-11pm *I would prefer to stick to 1-2 days raiding. If you are interested please feel free to add me on Battle ID: Volsball33#1490. I hope to hear from some folks and hope to find a great home to be a part of.Somarra10 Dec 4
Dec 4 [H][US][Thrall]<Synesthesia> Tu/Wed Hello everyone! <Synesthesia> is recruiting raiders (DPS but taking healers with decent dps OS) who are interested in heroic raiding to join our guild. Raid times: - Tuesday midnight to 3am EST/Server Time - Wednesday midnight to 3am EST/Server Time If interested please be: - iLvl 920+ - Have some raiding experience - 750k DPS (if DPS spec) - Be able to attend 90% raids - Have DBM and RCLootCouncil If you have any questions, please add Bucky#1528 on BattleTag or use Discord to get a quick response: Thanks, BuckyBucky0 Dec 4