Jan 9 <H> -Hemp Valley- 7/7M Players New Group We have a very very solid group right now, looking at a minimum of 400k DPS for single target fights, really need one more active ranged player. We are very relaxed not elitist and !@#$ but we are really trying to get some stuff down and try for top 5 on server this next patch. We have 2 top rogues and top monk on the server as well as some of the highest keystone score tanks and DPS. Almost everyone is 80+ parse in mythic and we are looking real good heading into Nighthold. We literally just need one active ranged DPS and maybe some people who would be comfortable playing as a replacement for people who are not able to perform on certain fights etc. Hit me up for some info we can talk it out and see how we work. If you are trying to join you HAVE to be active and constantly trying to improve... Raid Times M T Th 930-1230 Server (EST) #Elchingon12464 for bnet.Papadapalas2 Jan 9
Jan 9 [H] Resonance Recruiting All Resonance, a newly formed guild, is an evening raiding guild that was formed out of a group of friends who enjoy the game. We offer a relaxed, yet progression-focused atmosphere and a friendly adult community. We aim to provide the best experience possible when raiding, and that means no yelling, no stress, no drama. We enjoy learning fights and applying our own strategies to them and work together as a team to down them. We are not hardcore, but we do dedicate ourselves to being skilled players who help each other try and beat the hard bosses of this game. If you're raid aware, competitive, experienced with end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn then this is the guild for you. As a well-established, tight-knit community, we're recruiting for long-term core spots. We are not looking for the elitist player, we are looking for the players that will follow instructions and will pull their weight in a raid. Absences are not held against you in any way, we do not believe in punishing folks for living their lives. We do, however, expect regular raid attendance in order to maintain your raid spot as we progress into harder fights. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Resonance> Server: Thrall- US Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm - 11pm EST 6pm - 10pm CST 4pm - 8pm PST We don't have a full team yet but we still raid those days with pugs. Recruiting all! We are 7/7 H exp. If interested message Cefka in game or Rain#13312Sorincha1 Jan 9
Jan 9 <Dread Pirates>[H] Leveling / Reroll If you are looking for a cool/casual place to level, this is the place!! A bunch of us just started new characters on Thrall. The goal here is to eventually raid 2 nights a week for 2/3 hours a night. We plan on clearing heroic content then possibly moving into Mythic if we have the right group of people. If you have any questions feel free to add me and chat. TLDR - Fun group of people who will be leveling throughout the next few weeks! Btag - Hoff#1755Hoffz0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Havoc, Arms , Rdruid Lf Guild We are loooking for a Mythic 7/7 guild that is willing to take all 3 of us Havoc 887 Arms 884 Rdruid 887 We are pretty decent player that are looking to give a guild some tools to push better in nighthold Raid must be between 8 and 11:30pm EST and max 3 days a week Faction change can be consideredJbarr2 Jan 9
Jan 9 <SBG>7/7M1/3M LF Hpal and lock/spriest for NH Hi all! <Sweatbox Gladiators> 7/7M 1/3M is currently recruiting a holy pally and a lock/spriest for core positions for Nighthold. We raid:- Tuesday 7-10PM EST Wednesday 7-10PM EST Thursday 7-10PM EST Requirements are at least 35 traits in main weapon, some mythic experience and at least 875 Ilvl. We also recruit any class/spec with exceptional skills, feel free to hit me up at baje007#1292 for a quick chat.Baje0 Jan 9
Jan 9 875 MW LF raiding guild Healing monk looking for a raiding spot. 875 raid set, 880 dungeon set. Previous raid experience in earlier expansions. 7/7H 3/3N, 35 artifact traits. 2-3 days out of Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun, 7-11pm-ish. elessie#1731Elessi6 Jan 9
Jan 8 Rerollin!!! +++ [H] Looking for a new guild but not having any luck? Scared to reroll because you don't want to get stuck grinding out that AP? Well with 7.1.5 now is the time to reroll!!! Blizzard is finally implementing a catch up system for artifact knowledge!!! The Deets Server : Thrall Faction : Horde Guild Name : <Dread Pirates> Raid times : TBA (2 nights a week, 2-3 hours a night) Recruitment : Open? Current Roster MW Monk ELE shaman Prot Warrior Holy paladin Rogue Holy Priest Why wait? Jump on Thrall now and start leveling!! We will create the guild in a few hours. Sure we can start in a week with more players, but lets be honest leveling isn't what it used to be. Some of you can start leveling now and be 60 by tonight while others might get to 15 and call it a night. The goal here is to get a group of people together, start leveling and create a fun an active community. Don't you hate it when you join a new guild and have issues fitting in because you don't know anybody? This is a way to start fresh, make new friends and enjoy the game again! If you are interested please feel free to contact me on Bnet or post here. Guild will be created at some point today, and discord info will be added as well. Will keep an up to date list of classes so you know what we have and what we can use. Btag - Hoff#1755 Leopardspots#1344Auyssaelre0 Jan 8
Jan 8 <VINDICATE> is recruiting! <Vindicate> is recruiting more raiders for upcoming Nighthold progression! We are currently needing healers, and ranged dps, but will consider all. We are 7/7H, 2/3H. Looking to push into mythic raiding, we just need more members to help us achieve that! We are willing to help gear lower geared players that would like to raid just don't have the gear yet. We have several mythic + runs daily as well. Our raid days are Sat/Sun 9pm-12am server time.Moxxï1 Jan 8
Jan 8 Resto Shaman LF 2-3 night Guild background: I've raided since MC, did most of the content through Pandaria, did H Raden in top 50 US, among other achievements, so used to raiding at a high level. I skipped WOD and only recently came back to the game, hence the ilvl struggle. (The struggle is real). Ilvl: 841 (as of this post); Trying to push through the mythic pugging experience to get to better gearz. Will keep working on this hardcore. I'm also willing to switch to elemental full time or on demand. Looking to at least get into normal EN runs at this time, although I have my eye on more serious progression once I reach the proper ilvl. Would love a guild that frequently runs mythics. I'm fantastically motivated as a player and I work hard to play well.Winehouse6 Jan 8
Jan 8 <Valence> Selling full heroic EN clear+Loot Valence (7/7mythic) will be doing a heroic EN sale run for any players interested tomorrow, Sunday 1/8 @8pm server time, and Wednesday 1/11 @8pm server time. These runs will only take 45-60 minutes. Any loot that isn't an upgrade for our guild will be given to any players paying for the run, don't worry this shouldn't be an issue we are all 885+. Payment will be expected upfront before the run starts. You don't need to know the fights. Please message me in game (Bodycount#1755) if you're interested and we can discuss the price. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.Bodycountss1 Jan 8
Jan 8 delete deleteMult0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Detrimental H 7/7 EN 2/3 ToV is recruiting We are currently looking to start progressing into Mythic EN and get ready for Mythic Nighthold progression, if you know your stuff we'd be interested in trying you out, always on the lookout for any proficient players. We are currently in need of the following: ◾Resto Shaman or Priest Healer (Core)◾Mage, Hunter, and Elemental Shaman DPS (Core)◾Anyone who can't make 80% attendance but would still like to run Mythic+, hang out, and occasionally fill in for missing core members. (Bench)RAID TIMES: TUES/THUR/SUN 9:00PM-12:00AM EST We are a semi-hardcore guild. Go in kill bosses, get loot, and have fun. We want raiders that want to be there and want to do top end-game content. Requirements for raiding: ◾You should know your own role and understand all aspects of an encounter (tanking/healing/DPS) from an academic standpoint and from a practical point of view.◾High attendance is critical, especially for learning new content. While we understand real life precedence, you should strive for 100% attendance. (80% Min)◾A good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to bring 100% focus to raids every night.◾An ability to fit into the guild environment. If you do not get along with the other members, chances are high that you will not pass the Trial vote.◾RCLootCouncil and your choice of Boss Encounter Addons (We prefer DBM but as long as you have one that's fine).◾Teamspeak3 Humor in the guild can best be described by as R rated. Anyone is of course welcome to join for Normal & Heroic Runs, Mythic+ (Currently Sat/Monday nights), and casual fun. WoWprogress: WarcraftLogs: If You Are Interested in Joining respond to this post or send a in-game message or mail to: Furbys: GM - Pogey#1497 Gangerkov: Raid Lead - Kovarian#1696 Nehpets: Heal Lead - Nehpets#1619 My Btag is Zeinhander#11403.Furbys2 Jan 8
Jan 7 LF casual late night 855 main sub looking for chill mythic/raiding guild usually dont get home till 10:30/11 ESTToiletvape0 Jan 7
Jan 7 871 Balance druid LF guild Hi i'm a 871 balance druid for a guild that is semi-hardcore and is doing mythic progression. I know how to play my class, I completed Heroic EN and killed mythic Nythendra. Here is my armory profile and l My available time for raiding is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 1 am server time. I'm looking for something serious. You can contact me either by adding me on bnet BiGFiTz#1325 or either respond to this post. Thx you for reading and hope to raid with you.Eugenes10 Jan 7
Jan 7 873 MM Huntard LF raiding guild Looking for an active, mature, serious raiding guild that has already completed mythic EN or is progressing though it. I'd like to run through heroic ToV as well, but mythic EN is my focus. I'm available any time at all, prefer a "2 per week" schedule. MUST be on Thrall unless you wanna pay for my transfer. I'd like to use Discord for voice. I'll be 876 once my legendary research finally finishes, I have an in-depth knowledge of WoW and the raid mechanics. I'm an active player and very sociable. I love running m+, in addition to any legacy raids/dungeons (for the mouuunnnntsss) Also down to run some PvP, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing in PvP (I just want the mounts) Add me in-game @ Mrawrrawr#1499 to talk Horde onlyHuntersloth3 Jan 7
Jan 7 <Murloc Stole My Bike> H Recruitment Hello, <Murloc Stole My Bike> a group of a few RL friends came together to form a guild. We are now looking to start some heroic raiding and to progress into mythic. Raid times are 9p-12a server time ( eastern ) Tuesday and Thursday. Currently were in need of all roles. We use discord for voice chat. Currently we've cleared normal and done several mythic+ dungeons, looking to step up our game, our doors are open. Message me in game or send me in game mail, if you're interested. Btag: Sin#1589Zhuldan0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Selling AOTC + Loot Selling Heroic Emerald Nightmare Loot/AOTC this Monday Jan 9 at 8pm server. 150k Gold for all gear of your armor type. add me @ fiicker#1793 or mail me in game to schedule.Plâgued1 Jan 7
Jan 7 LF 7-10 raiding guild LF 7-10 raiding guild recruitingCustomx2 Jan 7
Jan 6 881 Holy Paladin LF Mythic raiding guild I am looking for a mythic progression guild that raids 2-3 x a week. I am 2/7 M, 3/3H. Please leave a post where I can contact you. ThanksNadim5 Jan 6
Jan 6 <Estate of Unrest> <Estate of Unrest> is a newly formed end game guild with experienced players forming for progression style content. Raid times Saturday and Sunday 7-9:30 Server. WIll do mythic dungeons and content as its released. PST for more info. We recently left a guild environment that would not allow progression into heroic content. Founding members are 7/7N EN, looking for people to delve into heroic and mythic content as it is released. If your interested please add Raz on BattleTag at ShinyPants@13577.Razeyl8 Jan 6
Jan 6 Casual player needs casual guild. Guild found, thank you!Phizzie1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Mythic healers looking for Horde guild Two full time heals looking for a guild. One Holy Priest, one Holy Paladin. Worst case situation, we don’t mind doing rotations in and out for bosses but not looking for a full night bench position. We come as a team; you need us both or none at all. Both working adults with logs, working headsets, etc. We are halfway progressed through mythic EN. What we are looking for: Guild progressing in mythic content, raids during the week (mon-fri) and raids 2-3 nights per week max. Ends by 11pm est. Guild that is not a complete male sausage fest! Guild that actually has people online outside of raid nights that like to do things be it old content/achievements, mythic+, alts, pvp, you name it. Looking for Horde only. Please leave your guild info below.Fernamp2 Jan 6
Jan 6 <We Never Asked for This> 7/7N 7/7H 3/3N <We Never Asked for This> Is a newer guild on thrall formed by 3 experienced raiders. We are currently rebuilding a core team to start mythic progress and run nighthold on release. We offer a laid back relaxed raid atmosphere and are willing to help with gear and mythic and mythic+ runs. Currently in need of strong dps, healers, and 1 non pally tank all ilvls and player skill levels are accepted come join the fam and have fun raiding/dungeoning. Raid times are 8:30pm - 11:30 pm est T/W/T msg any member in game or me on btag snow#12816Snowdin2 Jan 6
Jan 6 [H] RNG recruiting for progression raiding Welcome to RNG US-Thrall. We are a pve guild specializing in Heroic and Mythic PVE content. We are constantly growing ourselves and pushing to clear Heroic/Mythic content. Currently we are 7/7 Heroic EN 1/7 Mythic EN and 2/3 Heroic ToV just missing the last few slots be able to push into mythics. Currently we are recruiting 1 melee dps with Tank off spec and ranged DPS. We raid 3 days per week progression Tues/Wed/Thurs 10PM to 12AM EST, 7PM to 9PM PST We are an experienced group of folks who like to progress, we don't rage or freak out we discuss strategies and try to push the best we can with our limited hours during the week. We do have Sunday raids these are for Heroic clears such as Emerald Nightmare as it is on farm. We have no problem helping gear people up but we ask in return you commit to the raid times and are striving to improve your dps/healing etc. To discuss further you can apply on the site or message Aargonn, Mcsnuderson, Milz, Daslurp, Healingchims or Syft in game. NOTE: Raid spots are competitive based on Attendance and overall performance.Mcsnuderson11 Jan 6
Jan 6 859 MM/BM Hunter LF mythic raiding guild Hello everyone! I am currently seeking an active, mature, adult oriented guild with mythic progression in mind. I am no stranger to the mythic raiding scene. Very knowledgeable of class (8 years.) Currently looking for an evening guild that raids between Monday and Friday, 2-3 nights a week, anything on/past 8PM CST. Current Experience: Emerald Nightmare: 5/7H Past Experience: MoP: 14/14M SoO WoD: 10/13M HFC Thanks again!Hokú10 Jan 6
Jan 6 4 Friends looking for raid group Hey all! Myself and 3 other friends are looking for a new guild and raid group. We're all older so we need raid times that start after 9 or 9:30 est. once we've put the kids to bed. We are all very active players and always up for mythics and what not. We are 7/7 and 2/3 and looking to continue our progression. Mage, X2 DK and Druid is what we have been running but we have alts that we are gearing and are open to switching to something specific should you need it. We have lots of alts! If there are any groups out there that might fit the raid times let me know. That's very important. Kids come first! Also if any smaller groups what to group up we have about 7 of us all ready to raid that would be happy to just run with a small group.Monkyeh16 Jan 6
Jan 6 LF Progression Raid Guild I am looking for a guild that is doing progression in all raids that is currently out right now. I am 7/7h EN and 2/3h TOV. My il is 876 equip and 881 unequip.My best attempt on Helya is 17 percent and should be down sometime here soon if I find the right group. I can raid any mon-fri after 7 server time and any time on saterdays and sundays. These times are non negotiable because of rl issues. My btag is Vel#1452. Edit 1/6/17 I am now 3/7 Mythic En and 3/3 Herioc TOV.Braelysona4 Jan 6
Jan 5 7/7M guild LF big Hunter for Nighthold 8pm - 11pm EST Tues/Thurs/Sun Phx#11464 to chat. =)Daddyhands0 Jan 5
Jan 5 <Armada> 3/7M 2/3H LF DPS <Armada> is a Horde guild on Thrall (US), we are currently 3/7 Mythic EN and 2/3H ToV. We are in need DPS for heroic and mythic raiding and for Nighthold preparation. What We Need: We are currently looking for dedicated dps for Legion raiding who want to join a good group of people and get some content down. We are looking for people 865+ Ilvl. Here are the classes we need most (Bold are highest need): ... Other strong dps may be considered. What we are really looking for is people who will be dedicated and fit well with our group as a whole. We are a mature guild and we are looking for mature people who enjoy having fun while also downing content. We are willing to have you come try out before switching servers to join the guild. About us: Most of us started raiding together during Wrath in another guild and raided casually together until Firelands, when several of us took a long break. We came back at the beginning of Pandaria and moved servers and started Armada. During Heroic HFC progression we moved from Alterac Mountains Alliance over to Thrall Horde and have been here ever since. We have grown a lot during this expac and hope to continue it in Legion. We are a mature guild looking for people who enjoy raiding. We are looking for people who want a fun environment but still want to work and progress through content. We use Ventrilo and would like people to have a mic if possible. We are looking for people who want to find a home and a place to raid and be around and enjoy themselves. Raid Times (Eastern Time): ... If you are interested contact us: ...Drupunched41 Jan 5
Jan 5 Vindicate is looking for raiders Vindicate is looking for new members for Nighthold progression We are currently looking for all roles we are a small guild who are looking to add to our size and roster we have cleared all of H EN and ToV on normal but will be doing H ToV soon contact me in game by btag wraa#1360 or msg people in game by /who vindicate and ask for wraaMirajanè0 Jan 5
Jan 5 [H] <Swarm> Thrall 7/7M 1/3M LF 1 DPS/Hybrid You opened this post expecting yet another regurgitation of raid times and achievements, but by Thrall’s bare balls were you wrong. You have stumbled onto a goldmine of awesomeness. That soft sound in the background slowly growing in fervor, volume, and intensity is a rock opera ballad, and you can feel it in your subcochles—the very fiber of your up-until-this-point aimless existence—that this is the point in time where your life changes. Yes, indeed. This isn’t a recruitment post. It’s a gods-damned opportunity. I can already hear the rusty, worn out gears in your head squeakily trying to turn, to discern and decipher this moment of greatness that sprung itself upon you like a slightly chubby 40-year old divorcee at an upscale business bar. But don’t think about it. You’re out of practice. You don’t understand this, but you feel that it’s right. Trust your gut on this one. Rely on that reptilian brain aspect of your subconscious that knows you so much better than you will ever admit knowing yourself. The part of your brain that feels no shame about those 14 privacy-mode firefox tabs you had open for 15 minutes. It’s there to urge you to THRIVE and fighting it just leads to bad decisions (like that time you got drunk and woke up next to thongzilla (or jerrycurl Stavros for the ladies, we don’t discriminate).) SWARM isn’t a guild so much as a state of being. You stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the bloodydamn heroes of Azeroth not as a recruit but as someone who found their way home. You know if you fit in because you can’t resist the pull. You want to bang your shield, stamp your feet, and trample the bodies of gods and monsters. You have the bloodlust. And, please, do have the bloodlust. If you’re just after purples you’re not going to fit in. You know, as much as you yearn for this to be about you, that it is not. I’m sorry for you if this is the case. You are the chaff and it is not for us to change that. We are primarily looking for people who are at least around 6/7M. It’s fine if you’re not right there with us, or even ahead of us (since we have been waiting for you, after all) so long as you KNOW this is meant for you. So gather around the fire my children and join us in glorious combat, every Mon-Thursday from 9:00pm EST-12:00pm EST If you can stop your hands from shaking in excitement for enough time to contact us, feel free to add any of our officers Traxion#1982Traxion3 Jan 5
Jan 4 Heroic Emerald Nightmare + TOV Sales! Hello Everyone! VIBE is now selling Heroic + Mythic Emerald Nightmare, as well as Heroic Trial of Valor. Our current sale schedule is every Thursday starting at 10:30 p.m EST for Heroic EN, and ToV following directly after. For Mythic Emerald Nightmare, the run will take place on Tuesday starting at 10:30 p.m EST as well. Our current prices are: Masterloot: Heroic Emerald Nightmare: Full 7/7 heroic clear - 200,000G Heroic Xavius Only (AoTC) - 30,000Mythic Emerald Nightmare 5/7M Clear (everything outside of Cenarius + Xavius) - 500,000GHeroic Trial of Valor Full 3/3H clear - 250,000G------------------------------------------------------- All items are available to you. We do not reserve any items. We are not currently selling individual item sales. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling, final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid purchase. If you've made a purchase and disconnect, you'll be given a 5 minute window to reconnect or we'll continue until you reconnect. If something comes up and you are unable to attend your scheduled purchase run you will lose out on the 20% deposit. We will work with you to reschedule another run but you will be required to pay the full price with the 20% non-refundable deposit again. Buyers are asked to be on 30 minutes in advance to finalize payment and avoid any potential server issues (unable to log on, authentication servers down, etc.) We can guarantee you will not compete with other buyers for your armor types. We cannot however guarantee any specific boss drops, including Rings/Necks/Cloaks/Relics, and these items will be dealt with in a manner of a standardized /roll 100, and will be distributed as evenly as possible. We will try our best to not overlap the same type of roles(Tanks/Heals/DPS) and relics so there is as little friction as possible when it comes to loot. Ex: (If two players need an arcane relic, and 2 total drop, whoever won the first will automatically pass the second to the other player needing the same item. If two cloaks drop, and you won the first one, you are unable to roll for the second that drops. This is to keep the run fair for all buyers.) Predetermined dates are set up for all of our available runs, please ensure that you can make the times posted above for your sale. When you inquire and/or purchase a run, a date will be decided between the buyer and the group, so that we can ensure you are the only buyer of your armor type and maximize your loot potential. Please make sure you have obtained your Bonus Loot tokens before the raid has started. FAQ Q: I'm from a different server can I still buy a run? A: Absolutely but you are responsible for getting payment to Thrall. If you have any further questions or would like to make a purchase, please contact Surgent (Surgent#1161).Surgeont30 Jan 4
Jan 4 Extinction(7/7H) recruiting for Nighthold! The guild extinction is now recruiting. We are a guild of several experienced raiders looking to fill up our ranks. We are gearing up to raid Nighthold upon release. For this we need 2 or so more healers for our core group (pugging is a bust sometimes) and also dps of all classes. If you are a tank and still want to inquire, don't hesitate, as our second tank has a high geared dps alt, and we can swap you in. Due to the nature of the casual guild, our composition will change slightly every week, so come as you are! Raid times are 8:30pm to 11:30pm server time Wednesday and Thursday each week. You will not be expected to come to every raid, nor will you be punished for missing raids, we just ask that you sign up for raids on the calendar when you can, and show up when you do. So far, we have not asked anyone to leave a raid to down a boss (a very viable strategy for heroic) and I expect to never ask that; if you are under geared we will get you geared before long. We use a discord server for communication. We are a mature guild, so please only age 18+ members. If you are interested in joining, please whisper or mail Dactylio or Goorbacl in game and we will pull you into the guild.Dactylio1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Holy Pally + Warrior looking for a guild My husband and I are looking for a guild on Thrall. We've decided we can no longer maintain a guild with our work and schooling schedules, so we are leaving Aura to our alts to find a new home. I'm a holy pally who has healed since Wrath and he's a tank/DPS who has tanked since Wrath as well. We are looking for a guild that is for adults where adult language and sometimes crude, but funny humor is accepted. I'm not interested in being guild kicked because I swear a lot or tell colorful jokes. We would like to raid but we haven't since MoP. Evening raiding two days a week would be best, sometime after 8pm EST. We are not looking for a strict, super serious raiding guild. We like casual fun where people can take a joke and not blow up after wipes. Let's see what's out there :)Nantale7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Looking to go from H to Mythic? So are we! Are you looking to go from Heroic raiding to Mythic? Good so are we! We’re a group of about 15 - 18 people who are looking to expand into mythic raiding. We’re looking for folks that are looking to learn new content with us, and push the highest level of content. <Vicarious Eulogy> of Thrall 7/7(H) 2/3(H) is looking for ranged to add to our core raid team. We are all older with jobs, so most of us are on shortly after 6:00pm. We use Discord, and are drama free. We’re working on building out numbers for mythic progression as we’re clearing H EN in about 75 min. We only raid 4 hours a week so we expect people to come prepared. Videos watched, flasks, augment runes, and we provide feasts. Our ideal candidate still realizes this is a game, has a positive attitude and parses we’ll on most fights. ***Current Needs*** 2 x RDPS 1 x Shadow Priest 1 x Balance Druid 1 x Mage or 1 x Warlock ***Raid times*** Wed 8 - 10pm EST (current / progression) Thrs 8 - 10pm EST (current / progression) Fri 8 - 10pm EST (optional alt runs) Feel free to contact me via @ smaiello#1651 or NasquemNasquem0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Healer LF M+ Group All I do is heal, I have an 881 resto druid, 875 hpriest, 870 hpally, 865 resto shaman, and the monk is on the way. Looking for a chill group to run M+ with weekly using voice, I bring lots of keys and a sarcastic bull!@#$ting mentality. Like to have a good time and don't mind wipes as long as everyone is putting forth the effort (%^-* happens). Generally like to do between +7-11 keys weekly on all my healers. If any group is interested please hit me up. P.S My raid times are tue,weds,thurs 8-11 Central so I am unavailable during that time on those days.Valiantine1 Jan 4
Jan 4 860 Enhance shaman lf raiding guild 860 enhance shaman/ 850 druid/ soon 110 pally looking for active raiding/ mythic+ guild. Prefer late night or PST.Scumdawg2 Jan 4
Jan 4 2/7M 880 Warlock and 882 Priest LFGuild Our guild is falling apart - we've been waiting in this guild for a while now but with the raid leader freshly quitting today, it looks like it's time to move on. Would ideally like to join a raid team that is 2/7M or higher - our schedules are completely open. Thank you!Ciio8 Jan 4
Jan 4 deleted deletedIllidryn1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Vicious Cuddling is recruiting! Vicious Cuddling is looking for more raiders! We are a heroic raiding guild with an emphasis on having fun. We aim to down content but also have a great time with friends as well. We are currently 7/7H Emerald Nightmare and 3/3N Trials of Valor. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM server time(Eastern). We are currently looking for a Rogue, Hunter, Boomkin, and are willing to try people out for a tanking position. However, we will give just about anybody a chance! We try our best to run multiple Mythic+ keystones a week to have more chances at gear. Some of our members are also a bit active in PVP. We use a guild discord channel for raiding and any other activities we might be doing. If you are interesting or are looking for more information, don't be afraid to message one of us! Battle tags: Zeleros#1570 - Ztex BrightEyes#1541 - Snorunt, Guild MasterZtex2 Jan 4
Jan 4 881 WW LF Guild Not looking anymore. UnsubbedRawrn0 Jan 4
Jan 4 881 Boomkin 7/7M 1/3M LF MGUILDS I am formaloso looking for a EST Guild that raids between the afternoon ( 6:00 EST to 11:30 EST ) Around those times! I am 7/7M and 1/3M got guarm to 3%. Get in Contact ThatBoiBuff#1773Formaloso3 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] <PoLR> LF DPS & Heals 7/7H EN 3/3H ToV <Path of Least Resistance> is neither hardcore nor a casual guild. While we don't expect you to be best on the server, we do expect your best when you come to raids. We started leading our own raids in 2010 and sort of fell off in the middle of Mists of Panderia. But, after an extended break, we are finally able to raid once again and are very excited to get in new members. Myself and others in the guild have Heroic raiding experience but since we dropped off around the time Mythic was introduced, we have not had the opportunity to give the difficulty a try. This being said, we are aiming to down Mythic content during this expansion. Any DPS and Priest/Druid Healers are welcome to apply as we are trying to fill for 20 now instead of 10. Raid Days/Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:00-10:00 server (EST) If you're just looking for a friendly bunch of deadbeats, we are always open to inviting new people. If you're interested in joining for joining's sake, casual PvP, or even just looking for a place to level, send someone in the guild a tell and we'll toss you an invite. TL;DR be good, have fun, and then send me a tell or apply on our website (below): And/or my Battle tag is Sitaari#1135Sitaari15 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] Deplorables7/7 H 2/3 N LF RDPS Hey Thrall! I'm KT and my guild just moved here about a week ago and some others still coming. We are in search of a few good men or women to fill our raid team! Current progression: Guild wise we are 4/7 H EN due to the realm we were on we've been pugging a lot , with that being said we do have other players that are 6/7 and 7/7 WHAT WE NEED: We need a tank and RDPS CLASSES: (tank) Blood, warrior, paladin (Rdps) Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Spriest Raid times: Wednesday-Thur 7-10 central 8-11 est. What to expect: A friendly group of friends who are ready to progress! We can take criticism light heartedly and are willing to improve and we expect the same from you. If this is something you are looking for the give us a shot add me on bnet Krazytrip#1295 and let's kill some !@#$Krazytrip20 Jan 4
Jan 3 5/7M 3/3H ToV Exp Player LF Raiding Guild. Hey, currently 5/7M EN 3/3H ToV and looking for a raiding guild. Looking for 2 nights a week, starting no earlier than 6pm Est and ending no later than 11pm Est. Raid days don't really matter to me, but would prefer two days over three days. Right now I have the following classes at 110: 878 Blood DK 873 Prot Warrior/Fury 862 Warlock 855 Boomkin/Resto 848 Hunter Any interest in any of these toons feel free to post here or add me on bnet, BofaDeezNuts#11117, Thanks!Euthanized7 Jan 3
Jan 3 (H)<Breach> 5/7M 3/3H Breach (Thrall) 5/7M 3/3H: We are seeking like-minded, competent players to join our Mythic progression team for Legion. We are a semi-hardcore guild looking to make a fairly quick push into Mythic Legion raiding. The guild is made of both veteran players and some relatively new players, all with the same goal. We like to joke around and give each other a hard time, but when it comes to progression we buckle down and get serious. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to continue further down this post! Required Voice Communication: Discord Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8:15 pm - 11:30 pm EST Current needs: Tanks: No opening ATM DPS: Shaman- Enh Warlock Monk- WW Death Knight- Frost/Unholy Healers: Monk- MW Priest- Disc Paladin- Holy We will consider all exceptional Raiders. (Casuals always welcome without application, see below for bnet info.) Loot: All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. Contacts: Pikin#1253 (Guild Master/Raid Leader) Nyterie#1392 (Officer)Nytiri3 Jan 3
Jan 3 881 H Pally Looking for Guild! I am posting on a alt character. I also have a 110 BM Hunter I am currently gearing that I would like to try to play for Nighthold..just depends. Current progress: 7/7 Normal EN 7/7 Heroic EN 1/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Normal ToV 2/3 Heroic ToV ------ I am looking for a guild to raid Mythic content with. Got set back in progression because I stayed with a guild that had to keep reforming for Mythic content. I would like a guild that is active outside of raid times as well. Raid Times / Days - Mostly open. Leave responses below please.Caln6 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H][Thrall] <Hemp Valley> 7/7M LF DPS/Heals New group of about 12 people with 7/7M exp. looking to make a solid group for Nighthold. All pretty good friends very relaxed, however if you do not intend to play often and fail to play your class correctly or put in effort to achieve higher numbers you will not hold a spot in the group. We are looking to clear content at a reasonable pace and to do that the whole group must remain up to date with gear and stat priority. Myself and another Tank run keys all day and we have a very active group. Lookin to clear some !@#$ and have a good time doin it. We will try you out by doing several high level keystones to see your response time etc. and to see how we fit together before we raid. Here's what we need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DPS (Looking for 5 of the classes below) Hunter (MM) - If you play BM, you must have high parses recorded. It is a very gimped class at the moment and is not the easiest to keep up with. Priest (Shadow) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Shaman (Enhance) - If you play ele, you must have high parses recorded. It is a very gimped class at the moment and is not the easiest to keep up with. Paladin (R) Warlock (As long as you can pull high numbers, any spec works. Would love to see a good afflic ;) ) Mage (Fire/Arcane) Druid (Balance) If you are a legendary DPS in a spec that was not listed hit me up with some logs or do a key or 2 with me and we can see how we work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heals (Need 2) I would really like a Holy Paladin and a Resto Shaman or Resto Druid. If you are a sick Hpriest or MWmonk Id like to see how you would work with the raid before I would promise you a long term spot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Raid Times M T Th 9:30 - 12:30 Server (EST) | Use Discord for Voice Chat Hit me up if you have any questions or anyone else you see online. You can add myself or my friend to Bnet too and just let us know whats up right away. Raid Lead - (Papadapalas) - Bnet Elchingon#12464 Guild Lead - (Snugz) - Bnet Snugz#11809Papadapalas22 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H] Dawn of Red - A New Raiding Guild. Dawn of Red - Founded on 12/26/2016 Our Guild: Our current goal is to build a loyal, mature & fun group. We are a fun family orientated guild and we want to grow to be able to raid. But we aren't hardcore where we yell and scream the entire time, and if you mess up once, you get the boot. We try to be a strong team and work on progression and get as far as possible. We don't like to be the type of people where you raid and then that's it, and we see you next raid. Raiding: We are planning to raid every Tuesday & Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST / Server Time. We do require people to make each day. If you start slacking or missing raids you are at risk of losing your spot! We want dependable and loyal members! Current Progression: We are currently not raiding yet and are forming the core group! What We Are Looking For: We do want active social players who are willing to help others out if needed (within reason, of course). We ask for active and loyal members. If you do not want to raid we also want to be involved in PvP and every aspect of the game. Roles In Need (Low = We have a few. Medium = Have a couple. High = We have next to none) Due to new guild, we are currently recruiting majority of every class with every role. Death Knight: High Demon Hunter: DPS Druid: High Hunter: High Mage: High Monk: High Paladin: High Priest: High Rogue: High Shaman: High Warlock: High Warrior: High Player vs. Player Grand ol' PvP! We quite enjoy it and would like people who are willing to go into battle now and again to slaughter so sweet lil' alliance players :) It is not required to stay in the guild but its available! If your still reading and interested in giving our guild a shot to call home, feel free to message one of the following members ingame: Neogin (Guild Master), Brakeleaf or Soulleaf (Co-GM) or Starri (Officer) One of these members can lead you in the right direction ;) We hope to hear from you soon!Starri2 Jan 3
Jan 3 [H] <Hardcore Casuals> (7/7h)(2/3H)(1/7) <Hardcore Casuals> (7/7H) (1/7M) (2/3H) Currently looking for any reliable competent DPS/Heals for our core raid team. ALL ACTIVE PLAYERS WELCOME. We raid wed/thurs 8-11 EST Contact Chickenoodle#11478 or Join our discord at for more info.Chickenoodle1 Jan 3