Jun 28 wtb mythic imp. margok & blackhand kills as title says i'm looking to buy a kill for the 2 bosses on mythic for titles/mount. toss me mail in game or post your info/prices on here if your able to sell either.Aweless8 Jun 28
Jun 28 WTB HFC Heroic Boost/carry/run Hey I'm looking for a group to run me through heroic HFC, will pay with gold. Please respond if you can offer this or know of a group that offers this service, thanks!Sacman1 Jun 28
Jun 27 Husband and Wife LF Age 25-30+ guild (Horde) Wife and I are returning to WoW after a long hiatus. We raided hardcore from Vanilla to the start of Cataclysm. (Hand of A'Dal, and all that jazz) But we are older with less time to play than we used to, so we are looking for a mature, mostly older 25ish+ kinda of guild with no drama, but fun people to do dungeons, achievements, basic raiding, and mostly enjoyable people to be social with and enjoy our hobby. This game is really made fun by the people you play with. Something we realized when we came back with no one to play with, missed our old friends, but alas none of them play anymore. If you think we sound like your kind of people, please drop me a line on Battle net - Nemesis#1352, or drop me an in-game mail to Memesis, Intercessor or Korrain on Thrall. Thank you for your time.Memesis4 Jun 27
Jun 27 (H)<Combat Wombat> Recruiting! Hello all. <Combat Wombat> Is recruiting for 10-12 man normal/heroic raiding! The idea behind this guild is just to build up a small 10-12 man raid team and do Normal/Heroic. If you are like me and have a family, you probably do not have time to invest in a Mythic raid group! We would like this guild to be an extremely relaxed and fun atmosphere without the stress of worrying about your spots! Just laugh off wipes and keep going! Raid times will be Wednesday and Friday 10:00 PM to 12:30 EST. We are currently recruiting all! Please add me on Battletag if you have any questions! Coldelis#1331Tavlyne0 Jun 27
Jun 26 735 prot pally& 724 mm hunter LF raid group Hey everyone, My wife, and I are looking for a heroic HFC guild. We both are 13/13 heroic. I on my pally tank am 6/13 mythic. I really don't feel like running mythic we just don't have the time anymore to dedicate to mythic raiding. A heroic group would be good for us though. We are mountain time and can start raiding about 9p our time. or We can raid earlier on mon and tues those are our days off. We are not looking to join a guild just a raid group...can even be cross server. Thanks for your time.Trinaty0 Jun 26
Jun 26 9/13M 737 hunter LF late night raiding guild Hello and welcome! As it nears the end of an expansion, most guilds quit raiding and take a break. My current guild has done just that and I am looking to finish out the rest of HFC and into Legion. I started raiding late into the mythic HFC raiding scene so I am paying the price of finding a decent raid group :/ I am 9/13M as stated above, and I have experience on 11/13M pulls (5% wipes or less.) I am seeking a late evening guild that raids 2-3 days a week. I am available anytime after 8PM EST Monday - Friday. Something semi hardcore or casual. I come from hardcore raiding environments but I prefer something just a tad more relaxed. Prefer a guild that is like minded, relaxed, works well together, and accomplishes things efficiently :D Armory: Battletag: Adimu#1344 Thanks! ^_^Seeco3 Jun 26
Jun 26 [H] returning pally lfguild Hey Thrall! I decided to get back into wow recently to fill some boring gaps in my day and have kinda gotten back into the swing of things.. I have a weird schedule so I guess I'm not looking to be in a core raid group but raiding has always been a fun draw of this game. thus leads to my issue is I'm getting kinda bored again with wow.. I have two jobs so I cant give a set schedule.. but usually my only day off is wed.. which I try to spend with my gf. but sometimes i start in the evening sometimes in the morning so i do get some time to play here and there. As you can see from the armoury I only have world drop epics atm so Idk if I'm that geared to raid yet. I looking for a group who is either in the process of gearing up and working through the end game content/ prep for legion.Maenill2 Jun 26
Jun 26 Returning Priest LF Guild Hi all! I was wondering if there are any guilds that just do a 10-12 man raid and stick with normal/heroic raiding! I would like to join a guild where they are all friends and laid back and chill in TS/VENT what every you use. Thanks! TavlyneTavlyne2 Jun 26
Jun 26 WTS Blackened Defias Boots Looking for 250k Battle tag: Sadistic#1874Brutegis0 Jun 26
Jun 26 Looking to buy Hey I would like to buy these items in BULK. You can CoD them to me and when I am on i will certainly purchase them and send you the money as soon as i log on. Thanks for checking the post! Temporal Crystal 25g each Sha Crystal 15g each Void-Shrouded Satchel 25g each Cinder Pup 25g each Spirit Dust 50g per stack Keep checking back for updated prices and More items to be added as i find more stuff i need. Thanks for all the help with CoD's and trades!Tink4 Jun 26
Jun 25 LF late night raiding guild. Starting at 12am server any daysNeckromantic0 Jun 25
Jun 25 WTB Herioc Arch Kill for the Moose Looking to buy a Heroic Archimonde kill for the moose, looking for serious offers only. Message me either on here or in game thank you!Vredet2 Jun 25
Jun 24 WTB 8/8 CM CARRY wtb 8/8 cm carry with gold 200k(negotiable) on horde side battletag Darcee#1263Darcee1 Jun 24
Jun 24 -Closed- ^^^^^^^^^^^Xaenai0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Two players looking for raid guild in Legion I have a disc priest that ill be rolling holy in Legion OR I am leveling a resto druid in case that slot is full. My buddy plays a hunter or a rogue, whichever is needed more. We are looking for a relaxed raid setting. Were both in our 30s and arent looking for anything hardcore. We both have extensive raid experience from LK onward. Looking for raid times 7 or 8 PM CST to around 10 or 11PM CST weekdays. Looking for a guild that also has a nice social atmosphere and accepts and openly uses all manner of vulgar language. Not looking for a PG guild. Were looking to raid together, not separately. Please post here with your guild info and bnet if your guild fits what were looking for. Thanks!Needler2 Jun 24
Jun 24 <Order of Chaos> 11/13M LFM DPS <Order of Chaos> has started recruiting. We are looking for the following classes to continue Mythic Progression: - DPS DK - DISC PRIEST We're also looking for a few ranged dps (no spriest, hunters, or locks please). This is trialing for our core group, but individuals may be asked to sit depending on the boss fight, and group makeup. Our Raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10pm-1am Server(Eastern). Requirements for raiding: - Be 15 minutes early for any raid that is scheduled - Be raid ready (repair and have consumables at hand) - Proper enchants and gems (if applicable for gems) Discord is required We are looking for people who are particularly well aware of their surroundings and know how to pay attention during progression. Interaction with the guild outside of raiding is highly encouraged and plays a key part to the overall happiness of the guild. Questions or comments, please post here, or contact us in game: Tickles, Roko or ShikomeiTickles25 Jun 24
Jun 23 <Taunt-Thrall> in need of DPS to start Mythic <Taunt> 13/13H Is currently looking for confident DPS and healers to push forward with our heroic and soon to be mythic progression and head strong into Legion. Dps we are currently looking for: Balance Druid Affliction Warlock Fury Warrior Retribution Paladin Any Death Knight Dps with Healer OS Dps we currently don't need: Hunters Mages Besides the two dps specified, all dps applications will be considered. Healers we are currently looking for: Restoration Druid All healer applications except for Disc Priest will be considered. Here is our schedule: Wednesday: 9:30pm-12:30am EDT Thursday: 9:30pm-12:30am EDT With an optional day on: Monday 9:30pm-12:30am EDT For those interested, here are our recent Warcraft logs. If are you interested in joining or have any questions regarding the guild or our raids, please feel free to comment on the topic or contact either any of our other officers or myself using ingame whispers, mail, or battle tags. Guild Master: Grakü : Btag - Graku#1766 Co-Gm and Raid Leader: Derokorr : Btag - Glindor#1755 Officer: Døgma : Btag - Famoushaze#1996Derokorr3 Jun 23
Jun 23 Lookin' Fer Guild Me: Druid, classic raider, off-and-on subscriber from WotLK through to present. Dapper. Tank. Altaholic. Her: Priest, uhhh... I think she did some fo real raiding once or twice? Anyways, plays a lot more than me. Also altaholic. Also dapper (she said I had to say something nice). Just looking for a social guild for folks 25-30+. I can still tank more decent than not, she's got mad bubble capabilities, but we can't hardcore raid because life. Anyways, we're more the small-group dungeon-run types. Leveling Alliance-side currently.Fangsalot2 Jun 23
Jun 23 You Had Me at ZugZug 13/13M Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 7-10 PM EST 18+. Absolutely no exceptions. ZugZug! Current Recruitment Status At the end of June we are beginning our break until Legion. So if you are looking to join and get an Archimonde kill, we probably can't help you. That being said we are now recruiting specifically for LEGION. So if you are looking for a home in Legion you may be in the right place. We're a group of raiders that have been together since the early Burning Crusade. Our founding members and leadership have been together for 6 or 7 years, they are the core makeup of a guild from the server Akama, called Chupathingy. There we maintained a #1 Horde Raiding guild from the Burning Crusade to the middle of Cataclysm. We have come back to take action again and have moved here to Thrall. ZugZug is ending WoD on a good note. We finished the expansion, and we finally have a solid roster of raiders who are excited and eager to earn a spot for Legion. Going into Legion we aim to be more efficient and productive than we were in WoD. We plan to improve our server rank closer to top 5. Contact Info Guild Master: Hose (Hose#1115) Recruitment Officer: Tolias (Tolias#11911) Additionally you can go to and apply on our website. You are more than welcome to send one of us a message in game or request to talk to us on TS. Thank you for reading about our guild. Please direct any questions or concerns you have to one of our officers. They are more than happy to help. We hope you decide to apply and look forward to talking to you!Tolias1 Jun 23
Jun 23 Buying this name on Thrall. Currently taken by a level 60 paladin, willing to negotiate a price for this name! Thanks!Remixed1 Jun 23
Jun 22 LF Guild for Legion with Late Night Raids [H] Hi there, Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Overall, I have been playing since Vanilla in one way, shape or form. I used to be all about hardcore raiding back in the day. With age and a full time job, true hardcore raiding is just something I either can't or don't want to do. I have a full time job and don't need another. What I am looking for is a guild whose mindset is progression, but yet not hellbent on server firsts, etc. I prefer enjoying my time in the game. So, something which is a bit of a unicorn in a way...that balance between progression and enjoyment. I don't want to be sweating my nuts off and treating it like a masters course in college. I would prefer a later time in terms of raiding if that is possible. Right now I am not worried about "gettin' gud" since things will change once Legion comes out. Currently I am not a bad player, but not the best. Until Legion I am merely shooting for mediocrity and making gold. I have multiple characters right now ()only about 6 100's) all on horde side. Let me know if there is anything out there that fits this description.Solovar1 Jun 22
Jun 22 Eternal Enigma We are a raiding guild, that has been together for about 7-8. of course some people have gone, and some people have joined since the beginning. But we are currently recruiting on thrall. and we are willing to help people prep for Legion. We went 13/13 Heroic Hellfire. We just like to get some new people to join and to have fun with. We have a teamspeak and there is always on it . We also play steam games and other blizzard games together. So if your interest, in a friendly environment. raiding, with some pvp sprinkled in there. Add me on battle net Contribe#1376. looking forward to chatting with you! Also if you got friend bring them along!Contribe0 Jun 22
Jun 22 (H) Ashes of War - Thrall Hello! I'm here on behalf of our guild, Ashes of War (Thrall-US), and we'd like to extend an invitation to those of you who may be interested in joining us. To begin with, we are a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We formed on December 20th '15, and have been growing ever since. A few words to describe our guild is laid back, friendly, and very supportive. Our members come from all walks of life, as well as numerous countries throughout the world. Ashes of War members partake in numerous activities together, such as raiding, dungeons, timewalking, dailies, quests, as well as guild competitions. What you can Expect from <Ashes of War>: --> Strong Guild Leadership focused on Progression --> Fair Loot Council with Progression in mind --> A very easy going and friendly atmosphere not commonly found in most progression guilds --> A group that understands that WoW is a game, and is meant to be fun. What we expect from you: --> Consistency --> Raid Awareness --> Accountable and Responsible --> Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class/spec --> Ability to learn boss fights in a timely manner Schedule: Our current raid schedule is as follows: --> Friday and Saturday 8-11pm est Current Needs: Tank: Closed DPS: Closed Healers: - Holy Paladin (High Need) - Mistweaver Monk (High Need) Any Exceptional DPS/HEALS will be considered regardless of class/spec In essence: As a final note, the officers and I created this guild with the hopes of forming a thriving, friendly community full of activity.(Guild Events every Thursday!) I'm sure you can agree that there are few things more boring than logging on and finding that your guild is inactive throughout most of the week except for raid nights. That is not a community, that is not even what a guild is truly supposed to be. I can assure you that you will not find a ghost town guild with Ashes of War. Simply put, we are looking for new friends with a common interest. So, on behalf of the officers and myself, I truly hope you will consider joining our guild. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Information: So, if our guild interests you please contact us! Our contact information is listed below: GM - Vixen3358 #1707 Recruiting Officer - NightKnight#140942Ghoulàid1 Jun 22
Jun 22 LF Heroic ML HFC Sales and Headhunting Bosses So, I am just trying to round out my stuff on two toons before Legion, maybe more. I am looking for reasonably priced ML HFC runs for one, maybe two toons and want to headhunt gore, manny and Arch on my hunter. Please send me an in game message or post here with who to contact for all information. Much thanks.Baelreth0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Gamble Recruiting for Mythic & Legion Gamble- A Newly founded guild of mythic raiders with aspirations of pushing mythic content! About us- Most of us have been raiding mythic together for awhile, and are looking for other players who mesh well together. We have raided Mythic HFC together on Alliance post valor and pre nerfs. Since then some of us broke off and raided on horde together (10/13 Mythic). Recently we transferred here and reformed due to lack of leadership in our old guild. Now we are currently looking to fill some spots with solid raiders, who are willing to put in effort and time. Recruiting- 1 Healer- Pally or Druid Melee- Rogue, Shaman, Warrior Ranged- Boomkin, Shaman, Spriest, *Will accept any exceptional DPS Our current raid times are 8:30 to 11:30 EST Tuesday and Thursday, but we are looking to add another day once we get a full team. If interested, please add either ToastyChance#1578 or Myself Andrew#13481 and ask us any questions you may have.Pedski10 Jun 22
Jun 22 SellinLofty Belt of the Tiger/Jade Legplates I recently acquired The xmogs [li][Lofty Belt of the Tiger] ]and [Jade Legplates of the Bear]. Message/mail me ingame for prices :) - Trabajar Server=ThrallTrabajar0 Jun 22
Jun 21 LF LW w/ Polar Gloves recipe, 50k Gold! Paying 50k gold for whoever can craft Polar Gloves for me. BTag: Insightful#1214Kagome2 Jun 21
Jun 21 Thrall Server Questions - AH, PVP, Raiding Haven't made a toon in the server since I'm still at work but I'm wondering if anyone horde side can answer questions about simple things like the price of common things on the AH. IE: upgrade items, stage 1 of 6 craftables, garrison caches, medallions, felblight. Just wondering if it's a balanced cost, under or over due to the horde pop. I still need to find which bg group the server belongs to and the win/lose ratio for horde unless someone knows. Looking to maybe move here from another server obviously so any help or answers would be great. I see there are a ton of 9+ boss down mythic guilds which is a good sign of good players too! Thanks!Batting1 Jun 21
Jun 21 <Intent> Sales Closed for 6.2 Sales are closed for 6.2 progression.Hespe35 Jun 21
Jun 21 2 Heals LF Legion Mythic Haven't played in legion at all really. We both last played in SoO, cleared as progression heroic, pre mythics with TicklePickle a top 5 or 10 (honestly don't remember) 10M guild at the time. We are looking for a smaller guild looking to do mythic progression in legion on the weekends, as long as we end it earlier in the night, 11PM EST at latest would be ideal. Feel free to add Frosty#12749 if you'd like to talk more.Bluebeary0 Jun 21
Jun 20 <No Big Deal> LF Resto Shamalam for Legion! Hello! <No Big Deal> is looking for a Resto Shaman for our Legion team. We cleared Heroic HFC about 5 months ago, finished farming all the pieces our raid members wanted from it at the end of May, and have moved into a downtime state until Legion comes out. We had a few raid members leave for RL reasons or friends coming back to the game, and wanted to give everyone a break (mainly so we could all play other games together :P). For Legion, our plan is and always has been to be raiding Mythic, and we've got a full team with a couple spare raiders, all save for a Resto Shaman. We're a friendly guild of working adults who like to give each other !@#$, but who work great together under pressure, and are always up for helping out a fellow raider. We expect our people to come prepared to raid nights, to realize they are part of a larger team that depends on their preparedness, and we reward that dedication with consistent boss kills, great raid leadership/direction, and a fun atmosphere that can still get things accomplished. We run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-11:30 EST, and I don't push past those times unless everyone agrees to go for it, usually for one more pull on a near-dead boss. We use a Loot Council distribution system, keep logs for our raiders and leaders to analyze, and consistently reward good play with good lewtz. As I said before, we're in a holding pattern right now as people take a break from raiding and/or level up the characters they're hopping to in Legion (myself included, hence the Frost DK in tank gear :P). Still, if you're a shaman of the restorative inclination, and want to talk to me about joining up with us, add me on BattleNet at ColdCarl#1101. I'd be happy to hear from you! Thanks all, and happy hunting!Rhiven0 Jun 20
Jun 20 8/13M <No Breaks> Recruiting for Legion! No Breaks is a 8/13 Mythic Horde raiding guild on Thrall. We are not a hard core raiding guild, but we intend to be competitive in Legion and we are currently pushing through WOD content at a pretty good pace. Our Mythic raid team is currently full, and are now just looking to recruit for Legion, and possible backups for the mythic raid team. Check out our progress below: Raid times: 7-10pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Alt runs in Heroic HFC Friday 7-10pm EST We require Mumble for raid We stream, and you can follow us on twitch at: Website: Forums: Contact me in with any questions Skarlin#1619 SweetTea#1139Skarlin18 Jun 20
Jun 20 How is thrall as a horde pve server? I wanted to join a horde server for pve and one that won't have the huge wait times or ques times on legion. I still want a good med side server and i was looking at thrall. I avoided Illidan and Area 52 since they are usually fully.Palofthewest2 Jun 20
Jun 20 [H] <Unbowed Ashes> 5/13M LF DPS, 2 days/week Unbowed Ashes is currently 5/13M in HFC. We are looking for competent raiders who can consistently meet the mandatory raid times, while solidifying and strengthening our roster for progression now and going into Legion. We want people with appropriate gear (720+ ilvl), knowledge of their class and ability to react on their toes. Unbowed Ashes is a fun, laid back guild with core members dating back to Vanilla and current members who have been here for years. <Unbowed Ashes> US PVE – Thrall - Horde Raid Times: Tuesday 8 pm - 11 pm EST (Mandatory) Thursday 8 pm - 11 pm EST (Mandatory) Sunday (Optional) 8 pm - 11 pm EST. Depending on the number of people interested on running Sundays we will usually do Heroic HFC, normal HFC on alts or achievement/mount runs. Recruiting: Currently we are willing to trial any class, however we have a higher preference for the following: Balance druid Hunter Arcane Mage Rogue We use /roll for loot distribution (MS > OS > Transmog); however with regards to tier pieces we will prioritize those that would benefit the most from it (2 pc, 4 pc, etc). We provide food, flasks, pots, repairs and enchants for raiders. If you are interested in joining feel free to post here or contact the following: Ender#1299 (GM/Raid Leader) Bru#1145 (Officer) Haragyrgen#1254 (Officer) Keenan#1438 (Human Resources/Transmog Aficionado)Honeypants2 Jun 20
Jun 19 7/13 H rogue LF progression guild I'm a 711 7/13H combat rogue looking for a progression raiding guild. I am currently on Threll, and want a guild that is progressing, and hopefully moving into mythic. I can raid any and every day of the week, since my job is in the morning. My battle tag is Icyboltz#1707 and I'd love to hear from someone. Thank you!Mcdägger0 Jun 19
Jun 19 WTB character name I'm looking to buy the name Bors here on Thrall. Its currently taken by a low level toon and I'm willing to pay 50k gold for it. Hit me up at NateDog#1998 if you have the name and are willing to part with it. Thanks.Bhalgar0 Jun 19
Jun 19 WTB 8/8 Challenge Mode Gold Carry Paying with gold. Whisper me in game, send me mail, or respond on here. Thank you.Zhuldan3 Jun 19
Jun 19 <Brain Power>New guild,LF all types of people Brain Power is a brand new guild formed with the purpose of providing an awesome community while raiding in Legion. Brain Power is a guild that was created by like-minded people with the goal of creating a community of awesome individuals who are looking to mesh together and have an awesome time, while clearing any goals they may have in the game. We created this guild with the mindset of doing something special, and to create a place where people log in and see those in which they know they will have an awesome time, no matter what it is they are trying to do. Our main goal is to raid however, and with that we created a schedule in which those people who want to be a part of our team will be able to clear all available content the game has to offer, without feeling like they're not enjoying themselves. Schedule Our raiding schedule is set up so we are able to have enough time to clear what we can, without anyone getting stressed out, or feeling as if we are raiding way longer than we should be. The raiding schedule is as follows: Raid Days: Tuesday-Thursday (with Friday being an optional day if people want to continue) Raid Time: 7-8PM Eastern (4-5PM Pacific) for raid start. Raid Hours: We will be raiding 3 hours every raid day. What you can expect from us Our core leadership has been together many years, and have experience in all types of PvE content, over the course of many games. We can assure that our goal is to create a place where you will be able to complete any goal you may have for yourself, without feeling the stress of time constraints or harsh rules. If you're the type of person that likes to do things at their own pace, you will find a home here. Contact information If you are interested in joining our awesome community, or are looking to find out more info, you can contact us through any of this information Website: Recruitment team: Vareno (Vareno#1806) and Daddywarbux (Daddywarbux#1153)Krazgre3 Jun 19
Jun 19 13/13M Indominus Recruiting Are you an exceptional healer / damage dealer with Mythic experience looking for a home? <Indominus> One of the top raiding guilds on Thrall, is looking for skilled dps and healers to complete our mythic HfC team! Our progression boss kill pulls have been lower than the average pulls it takes to kill a boss. Hellfire Assault: 7 Iron Reaver: 22 Kormrok: 17 Hellfire High Council: 21 Kilrogg Deadeye: 19 Gorefiend: 116 Iskar: 5 Socrethar: 2 Zakuun: 32 Tyrant: 19 Xhul: 68 Manny: 149 Archimonde: 245 Classes Needed (priority in caps): ALL CLASS CONSIDERED. We are looking for ilvl 730+ and please have SOLID mythic experience, legendary ring well-upgraded and most of your gear improved by valor upgrades Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 Server till 11 Server. Interested? Have questions? Feel free to message me in game (Jàger), or add me to real id: Aratax#1215and give me a tell! We can also do mumble if you like. AS A SIDE NOTE: we also run a dedicated alt team that is clearing a majority; if not all, of Heroic and Normal HfC (depending on the group composition). This group is in desperate need for healers that are 700 ilvl or higher. This run is on Weds at 8 server. If you are a healer / dps, and are interested in clearing HfC content, we would love to have you. In the unlikely event I am not on feel free to message another one of our officers if you have any questions or you are interested in joining our team. I'll post my btag one more time for clarity: Rutmaul <Guild Master> Rutmaul #1597 Jager <Officer> Aratax#1215 Caeriss<Officer>Kazkek#1444 Popsnlocks<Officer>Chewie#1121Jàger10 Jun 19
Jun 19 Wtb H archi kill Reach me in-game at Arum#1804 or mail me on this character.Aurox0 Jun 19
Jun 18 (A) Alpha Omega is recruiting! Alpha Omega is recruiting for Hell Fire Citadel raid and the new xpac Legion. We recently moved to Thrall server (Alliance side) and we are looking for dedicated players to join our raid team. RAID DAYS: Wednesday 8:00-10:00 pm EST Friday 8:00-10:00 pm EST Sunday 7-10:00 pm EST CURRENT NEED: Ranged DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin Druid Melee DPS: Rogue, Ret Paladin Healers: Resto druid, MW Monk, Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Shaman REQUIREMENTS: 685+ ilv with 690 Legendary Ring Proper gems and enchants General knowledge of HFC raid fights CONTACTS: Watàin (GM) Kazsain (Officer) Taarnå (Officer)Kazsain1 Jun 18
Jun 18 Looking for few good players I recently transferred over to this server. Followed few friends I played with couple expansions ago that decided to come back, however I would like to form a small tight knit team on this server to branch out and meet new people, learn play styles and conquer content such as 5 mans and quests. So basically in search of a healer and 3 dps (1 melee and 2 ranged). Add me on bnet if interested and we'll talk to just reply here and we will see if we can set something up. Papamidnight#1358Huscarls0 Jun 18
Jun 18 [H]5/13M<Symbiote>IS NOW RECRUITING! **Newly transferred guild** We are a raiding guild located on US-Thrall. Our focus is progression in current tier raid content while maintaining a social and fun atmosphere. Raid days are Tuesday and Thursday 10:30pm-1:30am EST Server Time with an additional day added TBA when Legion launches for progression. We encourage you to apply @! Don't hesitate if you are interested and you feel you fit the part! RECRUITMENT: -Experienced and knowledgeable Tanks with the ability to communicate -Competent/Strong DPS If you are wanting to get in contact with me, please message me through battletag: Watchmesleep- SleepyMonk#1683Watchmesheep0 Jun 18
Jun 18 722 13/13 H HFC Prot Warrior LF guild 13/13 H HFC looking for a guild for legion looking to push mythics again in legion. I have mythic EXP from blackrock (4/10) HFC day 1 went 12/13 normal and end of 1st week was 8/13 heroic at 700 ilvl. Pushed serious progression before the guild disbanded. Only just returned the past month 1/2. Looking for another guild to join thats wanting to push mythics in a reasonable time frame. I should also say that i do have plans for rerolling DH in Legion but i'v been prepairing to take it up to a mythic lvl. If anyone wants to talk with me heres my B tag: Smalredkitty#1255Smalaxe1 Jun 18
Jun 17 11/13 DK Looking for Raiding Guild for Legion The title pretty much says it all I play DPS but I also have experience as a Tank so I can Tank as a back up if needed. I quit for a while after my Guild Vindictus (currently ranked 17th) fell apart but i'm looking to come back and raid in Legion. My available times to raid are Monday and Wednesday nights from the hours of 5 PM EST to 10 PM EST. You can either contact me on my post here or my battle tag is Chaos#1496.Riphaj2 Jun 17
Jun 17 WTB Heroic Archi kill As the title says I am looking to buy an Archi kill before I can no longer get the mount. I quit raiding during BRF so missed out on all of HFC. I am willing to pay 30k for the kill, 10k upon joining the group with an additional 20k when I receive my mount. I have no interest in gear. I can be reached at Khoivo#1182Valdrane0 Jun 17
Jun 17 <Sephtis> 11/13M LF RDPS Progression Only! <Sephtis> 11/13M located on Thrall - US Horde (high pop) is recruiting the following classes for mythic raiding. HIGH DEMAND Warlock Mage(s) Balance Druid Rogue We are also considering any exceptional players for our roster. Please inquire anyway if you do not see your class / spec listed. Item level requirement is 730+ with legendary ring. This guild is currently done with farm content in lieu of trying to down the remainder of the tier before expac launch. If there is a boss or two we can complete on an off day or if there is a MUST HAVE piece in order to exponentially increase dmg output we will consider doing a farm boss. At this point we are just looking to do progression for the remainder of the expansion to achieve 13/13M. SCHEDULE We raid Tues/Thurs nights from 8:30p-12a Eastern (server time). ATTENDANCE Regarding attendance, we are mostly 25-60 age range adults. Some of us have full time jobs, families, etc. We require 90% attendance from our raiders as we are only 2 nights per week. However, we do understand that events, vacations, business trips, kid's school events, etc can come up so we just ask that you post in our guild forum or let us know ahead of time when you need to miss. Raid attendance is expected. If you are going to miss we expect to be informed via text messaging, in game mail, or posting in the AFK section on our forums as far in advance as possible. If you can't consistently make 2 nights per week please do not apply. LOOT SYSTEM Our loot system is Loot Council using EPGP Lootmaster Add-On (no points). We typically like to make sure the gear is spread around the raid as equally as possible and don't want 1 person getting all the pieces. However, attendance, performance, etc all are taken into account when distributing loot. New trials are given gear based if anyone in the main raid does not need it for a main spec or mandatory off spec. ABOUT US Our raid group has been together for about 3 months but the core and leadership has been raiding together for the better part of 2+ years. Most of our new recruits were 3/13M before we started clearing together. Our raiding environment is non politically correct and we typically like to have fun during our farm and trash clearing. However, when we do progression bosses, we tend to get into a more serious mindset. Raid spots are earned and kept by performance and attendance. We have a larger roster of about 25 people currently and tend to have people sit on bosses they do not need for gear in lieu of those who still need an optimal piece or two from them. For progression we take THE BEST team in regards to individual player performance and comp needs for specific fights. If asked to sit, do not take it personal. We are all here for the same goal. We like to prepare for new bosses and content by posting strats up on our guild website forums ahead of time where all members of the raid team can review and provide their feedback or comments. We take any suggestion for improving the strategies seriously and encourage thinking outside of the box in order to get a boss kill. In raids we have everything laid out CD wise ahead of time using Exorsus Raid Tool notes which can be enabled and seen be all raiders. This add-on is of course mandatory for us. ADD ONS and OTHER INFO We use the following add ons for raiding (required): Mumble DBM or Big Wigs Weak Auras 2 Iskar Assist (or ERT) Exorsus Raid Tools EPGP Lootmaster Our guild bank provides all enchants, gems, repairs, flasks, pots, etc. If you are interested in joining and would like to trial (xrealm) or what not please visit our guild website ( Register and fill out an application on the recruitment page. Please provide your battle tag as well. We will be in contact with you and would be happy to talk in mumble as well. Here's my btag if you'd like to chat as well: Rynzler#11268 Thanks, Happy Hunting!Rynzzler0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Alpha Omega is recruiting! (Alliance side) Alpha Omega is recruiting for Hellfire Citadel raid and the new xpac Legion. We recently moved to Thrall server (Alliance side) and we are looking for dedicated players to join our raid team. RAID DAYS: Wednesday 8:00-10:00 pm EST Friday 8:00-10:00 pm EST Sunday 7-10:00 pm EST CURRENT NEED: Ranged DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin Druid Melee DPS: Rogue, Ret Paladin Healers: Resto druid, MW Monk, Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Shaman REQUIREMENTS: 685+ ilv with 690 Legendary Ring Proper gems and enchants General knowledge of HFC raid fights CONTACTS: Watàin (GM) Kazsain (Officer) Taarnå (Officer)Watàin0 Jun 16
Jun 15 <Kärma> You are walking through the forest and decide to stomp on a nearby critter, you miss and the little jerk runs up your leg, into your armor, and begins to gnaw on your soft bits. Do you A) Calmly remove your armor and release the thing. Or B) GET A HAMMER AND RING YOURSELF LIKE A BELL TILL THE THING DIES! If you chose 'B' <Kärma> may just be the place for you. We are currently 13/13 HHFC and looking for some fun active members. Whisper Phorest in game for an invite or questions.Phorest0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Server sure is dead What happened to this place?Lobby1 Jun 15