May 13 701 Prot/Holy Palli LF N HFC guild My school schedule didnt allow me to raid with my core and our alt runs didnt work for me either so im looking for a steady N HFC guild to tank for or heal (my tanking is better). In a perfect world we could move to Heroic as soon as possible *shrug* i'd love to hear from anyone needing a tank to progress with... message me in game via mail or PM .... thank you so much :D HolymooadinHolymooadin1 May 13
May 13 11/13M, 2-day guild LF ranged dps! About Us Propaganda is a 20m raiding guild on Thrall-Horde. The leadership team is comprised of individuals who have had extensive past experience in heroic, progression-oriented raiding. Prior to the creation of this guild, myself and several of my officers recruited for, organized and led a very successful casual 25m, the first on Thrall to kill Garrosh normal. We are a new, progression-oriented guild aiming to build a solid, progressive raid team. To that end, we have been working to recruit players who are not only talented, but also friendly, reliable and humble Raid Info Progression: 10/13M (edit: 11/13M!) Days: Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:15 - 11pm EST. Loot System: Loot council (4 officers and 1 random raider per week) Recruitment Needs: competent and reliable ranged dps Please be at least 720 ilvl with the ring; Mythic experience in HFC is a definite plus! The guild is happy to provide flasks and food, but please have extra food and be repaired and ready to go. We aim to pull the boss at 8:30, so be on and ready to start before that time. We ask that all core raiders have 90% attendance, so please be honest and upfront about your schedule. Reliable standbys are welcome, encouraged and appreciated, and will be pulled in on farm nights to get some upgrades and raid experience. Besides being beasts at progression raiding, the members of Propaganda are hardcore challenge mode fanatics, altoholics, achievement fiends, and some of us even dabble in PvP. We have an alt guild on Proudmoore-Alliance, Stormrage-Alliance and a Diablo III clan, as well as a number of Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and console gamers. We know when we need to be serious, but we also have a blast (if you're easily offended, or under 18, this is not the guild for you!) Progression raiding can sometimes be peppered with drama, egos, and a generally stressful atmosphere. My ultimate goal with Propaganda is to create a positive, fun guild atmosphere while still running a high-achieving raid team. For more information, please feel free to contact the officers in-game at Fernmoo#1278, Saej#1147, and Bob#14826 or visit our website at Thank you for taking the time to look over our info, and best of luck in finding your new home.Soba19 May 13
May 12 wtb 8/8 cm gold looking for group to sell me 8/8 gold for 200kAweless10 May 12
May 12 [H] Resto Druid LF Raid Position for Legion Hello all! I'm looking for a raiding guild for Legion. One that raids 2-3 times a week around 7-8PM EST to midnight or so. My character is currently Alliance, but I am willing to faction change if a raid position is available for me. I've been playing a resto druid off and on since Vanilla (2004). I raided semi-hardcore through Vanilla and TBC until my guild lost interest and drifted apart from the game. I started raiding more casually in WOTLK due to work. A major career change made it nearly impossible to raid in Cata and MoP, although I returned for each expansion and was among the first players to hit the new level caps. After awhile, I got bored and took time off during each expansion. If I'm not raiding, I lose interest in the game and drift away for a bit. I did the same for WoD. The night it launched, I was fighting everyone and their mother on the server to be among the first players to hit level 100! I geared up for raiding in the hopes that I would find a guild to raid with in WoD, but the guilds I wanted to join didn't have room to put another resto druid on their core team because they already had resto druids, among many other healing classes. Without a raiding guild to devote my time to, I grew bored of LFR and took some time off before finishing my legendary ring quest. I'm hoping that a guild will come across this post and offer me a core raid position for Legion. I realize the chances are slim considering I'm behind in current content and have nothing to show for my skill. I'm looking to return to the game before the expansion is released, so you will have plenty of time to assess me as a player and determine whether I have any value. I promise, you won't be sorry. I'm not saying I'm the greatest druid out there, as there is always room for improvement, but any of the players I've raided with in the past always commended me for being an outstanding healer. Just a bit of background information; I've helped run casual raiding guilds in the past, with experience in guild recruitment and leadership roles. I'm not looking for any position of authority, I simply wish to be an active member of a progressive raid team. As I mentioned before, I raided pretty heavily back in Vanilla and TBC. I know that was awhile ago, but now with my current work position, I finally have the availability to get back into it. I can prove to be reliable, on time to raids, and prepared. I try to be a very self sufficient person and don't rely on others to get things done. I'm really just hoping to find a relaxed group of mature people who aren't afraid to joke around here and there, and who are focused on raid progression in Legion. I will be playing the game upon launch and look forward to no-lifing my way to level 110 during the following days. Hopefully preparing to raid with my new raid team? One can only hope. xDAthyrie1 May 12
May 12 please delete deleteJadeddwrath3 May 12
May 11 New, Social Guild Recruiting <The Old Guard> Hello everyone! As the title says, i'm currently in the process of forming a guild based of a lot of the "old school" ideals that I believe made the game great. The goal of the guild will be to have an active, friendly community of people that are always willing to group with other members for all sorts of things. There wont be a raiding/PvP/RP focus behind the guild, but both will be strongly encouraged and I would love to have some groups for both :) I started playing the game during the beta in 2004 and stayed on the game religiously until about a month into Cata. I felt that this expansion brought changes to the game that I personally was not a fan of and also was the start of de-socializing the game. The close knit community that I was a part of made the game 10x more enjoyable. We formed real friendships and bonds. I'm still in contact with some of the people I was playing with during Vanilla even though most of them don't hardly play anymore. This is what I want to bring back. I want to put together a truly CLOSE KNIT and SOCIAL community. I have already set up a discord server for the guild and am working on a website so that we can try to better put a face to the name :) This being the first recruitment post I have put out, im hoping to find some great people to help start this up. I will be starting up the guild hopefully within an hour or two and be on the rest of the day! I really am hoping to find some ACTIVE members that are going to stick around for the long haul and are as passionate as I am about cultivating this community. Having a core group of "officers" would be a great foundation for the guild. <The Old Guard> Has settled on Thrall (Horde Side) and has a great core group of members. If you are interested please leave a post on here and feel free to message my battle tag. Like I said, ill be at my computer for the rest of the day! :D Looking forward to hearing from some awesome people and forming some great friendships :) BATTLE TAG: Kyler#1936Decímus20 May 11
May 11 LFG - 734 Disc priest 734 disc. 4/13m. Can make east coast raid times any night. Looking for a guild with a solid roster and peeps that want to finish this tier and progress into Legion. Best place to hit me up is in game. Btag swoosh#1626.Yell0 May 11
May 10 Vindicate 13/13H 5/13M Recruitment. <Vindicate> is a new guild located on Thrall and is recruiting players for casual fun, and raiding progression. We offer a fun relaxed environment with many fun/social events planned. Raid team recently finished off Heroic HFC, and is looking to solidify the roster going forward into Legion. Requirements Vindicate is a friends and family guild, but our raid team is not. Casual does not mean we allow poor play, it means we do not raid as much as the average guild. Nothing more, nothing less. -High attendance: We understand that things come up, but raiders are expected to update us as reasonably as possible and for those situations to be rare. We raid less than the average guild so missing raid nights impacts us more than others. -Knowledge on class/spec/role: We require that our raiders have knowledge on their class in at least two of their three specs with the exception of hybrid classes due to roles varying between specs, however we encourage them to be flexible in that regard if they are comfortable with it. -Mumble: Talking not required, but being able to hear raid calls is Recruitment We're currently in need of the following classes: Rogue Druid (Any) Monk (Any) Death knight (Any) Paladin (Holy or Prot) Hunter (Marksmanship) Shaman (Any) Warrior (Arms or Fury) Warlock Priest (Shadow or Holy) We are accepting trial cross realm raiders as long as transferring is the ultimate goal. Raid Times We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST Questions or interest: Apply at Vindicates.shivtr.comCloudnein7 May 10
May 10 Buying 3's carries I am looking to buy 3's carries for the mount. If anyone is willing post here or whisper/mail me in game to discuss time and pricing. I am mostly on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. (The I is alt 0237)Arrheníus0 May 10
May 9 LFG - Warrior Tank or Warlock DPS Heya folks, I am looking for a new guild, preferably horde side. Any realm is fine - transferring isn't an issue for me. I am ideally looking for a casual raiding guild that can still progress, however a hardcore raiding guild is also good so long as the atmosphere is more than just raiding. I guess, to break it down, my priorities are: (1) developing new WoW friends, (2) Mature (21+ leadership), (3) raid progression, and (4) friendly folks. Bonus points if its a California-based guild to any extent! Me In Warcraft I have played on and off since late Vanilla. I have completed all current end-game content from Burning Crusade through MoP. MoP is where I started to stop playing largely due to a change in guilds (I was in the same guild for over three years). From BC-MoP I was a main tank and intermittent raid leader. Although my tank was always my main, I always kept a developed warlock dps that could perform well. I usually ran alt-raids with him. If I transfer anywhere, I'll be bringing both. I have experience as a guild leader, guild officer, raid leader, class leader, and loot council(or?). I enjoy raiding, leveling. older raids, and mostly any PvE content. I'm profoundly awful at PvP and my attempts at RP has burned bridges. So I'm not looking for those two things. If you look at my current logs - they're largely jokes. Whenever I've raided in the past 6-10 months it has been while multi-tasking and without much interest. When I am trying it looks different! An example is here: I ranked in the 95% while tanking on Heroic Hellfire Assault. On that particular day I felt like trying I guess. While Dragon Soul was current, I obtained the highest tank dps ranking on heroic Madness, and held that throughout the entire expansion (on worldoflogs). My point here is - I can perform if need be! Me outside of Warcraft A bit about me personally. I'm 25. I'm receiving my law degree in two weeks (which is a large part of why I have not played much in the past 2-3 years). I am taking the California bar exam this July. It's important that I find a guild that understands what this means; that understands I am primarily looking for a guild that I can get to know in the next few months, but only raid as needed or if I'm free. Upon completion of the bar - I'll be able to raid full time (Early August and beginning in Legion). I play Hearthstone often, but I'm not that great at it. I fluctuate between ranks 10-15. I live in the Bay Area in California, and I"ll be moving to Los Angeles in August (if you're a California guild). Anyways, thats me! I hope to hear from someone! GS PS: Slightly undergeared and possibly not optimized due to sitting inactive for months. No need to point it out!Belial2 May 9
May 9 WOTLK Heroes is recruiting vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvBrickwall10 May 9
May 9 [H] Infinite Darkness is recruiting! Hey all! Infinite Darkness is a social guild looking for more people to join us in enjoying the game. We are looking for all types. Raiders,nonraiders,pvers, etc. At the moment we're getting our raid team together to enjoy progressing through some PVE content. We really need healers and dps but all are welcome to join us! What we really want is community that wanna play together no matter the content. If you wanna know more or would like to join add my bnet Inar#1643Inarx0 May 9
May 8 Is this real life? (Recruitment) Or is this just fantasy?... The Final Fantasy, that is. The Final Fantasy is recruiting for all of its endeavors! This includes, but is not limited to: Raiding, PvP, Guild events (Trivia, Weekly Guild Quests, etc) and more! (All event times are in est) For chat, we use Ventrilo and/or Discord. We have a guild website,, but a lot more information/activity can be found on the guild's Facebook page, where we have over 100 participants. News, fun posts, spicy memes, the guild rules, and MANY other things can be found there. Information will be provided after joining. Raiding- We have both a Normal and a Heroic team that run weekly. Our Normal team, ran by Greenjasus and Adorabel, runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursday at ~10pm. More details can be gained by contacting either of the two of them. Our Heroic team, ran by Moosenaround, begins at 10 pm Friday and Saturday. If interested in either team, please contact the respective leaders. PvP- We've began running RBGs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 6 pm. These are led by Spoonthis, the PvP officer of TFF. We're looking for more PvPers interesting in joining the ranks to take down those pesky Alliance. Members are also looking for more PvP oriented players to participate in arenas and regular BGs. Our numbers are currently at: 972 characters across 517 accounts. Due to the volume of players, we have an alt guild for people that have an exceptional amount of alts to join and still be included! Thank you!Tragicbunny6 May 8
May 7 Goats Gone Wild Hi! Goats gone Wild is recruiting for our guild. We are a small quiet guild. We are recruiting for our raid team, currently we are looking for an off-tank, heal and ranged DPS. We are 13/13 normal, 4/13 Herioc. We raid Saturday/Sunday evenings 9:30/9 PM. We welcome all classes and levels and are alt friendly. ThanksHelibittes0 May 7
May 7 732 R Shaman Lf Guild Hello, I have a 732 Resto Shaman and am looking for a casual guild to raid with. I took a break for a while and am ready to get back into raiding again. I am 6/13 M exp and am looking for a laid back casual group. I can raid on tues wed and thursday from 7pm until 11pm and my battletag is detth#1242Detth0 May 7
May 6 <Scrubless> 13/13M LF All! We are currently focusing on recruiting: Resto Druid Resto Shaman History <Scrubless> began raiding on US-Thrall as a 10 man guild in the fall of 2013 in Siege of Orgrimmar. After facing many trials and tribulations as most guilds did after the release of Warlords of Draenor, a steady focus and eager to push attitude kept us alive and well and we are still able to raid a casual fun 2-day schedule today. Raiding Environment Scrubless sees WoW for what it is, a game. With that said it is our philosophy to maintain a solid focus on progression while making sure that real life and fun are at utmost importance. There are many relationships within the guild that provide a relaxed, fun, social raiding atmosphere. We recruit for the long term realtionship, and not the short term. We want players who love the game, and love playing the game with the people they play with. Guild Enviroment There are many other activities to participate in inside the guild. There are weekly alt runs, normal runs, farm cleanup, dungeon spamming and challenge modes. Outside of WoW players actively play other games together such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, LoL, Smite, Diablo and many more. The TS3 server is always very active throughout the day and night, and functions somewhat like a small community. Current Class/Role Desires Currently we have strong desires for all DPS classes, as well as healing classes with strong DPS off specs. All applicants are encouraged to apply, even if your class or role isn't currently our focused role in recruitment, any class with strong logs will be considered. If you aren't looking for a Mythic raiding experience or are just looking for a fun casual guild to call home, we consider you as well. We are always looking for great, solid and fun people to build a community with. For more information visit us online at or for recruiting conversation add one of the following cran#1405 (Guild Master) Kahn#1170 (Raid Leader) Token#1517 (Pleb) Current raid days are: Tuesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Wednesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Please note that we will begin Legion with a 3 day raiding schedule, and dial back to two days later on in the expansion. At the beginning of each tier we will raid 3 days a week. It is very important that you are able to adjust your schedule in this manner.Cransform2 May 6
May 5 [H] Returning Player Looking for Progression. hi, my name is VossVoss. this character name is old and has yet to be transfered to its future home. i've started this thread to gather information. i currently cannot decide which server to call my new home. my mind is currently stuck between these three servers: Dalaran, Illidan, and finally Thrall. i'd like to know which guilds if any are currently progressing through raid content and are in need of an extra player. i main an affliction warlock however with some time and assistance i can bring another class to the team if needed. i must detail that while i have returned to playing, every character that was not my main was deleted before unsubscribing years ago. while my raid experience is minimal in this game i was raiding in wildstar. during the opening push my guild of <Shots Fired> [Pergo/Rowsdower] managed to clear the first raid tier within the top 25. challenging raid content is not something i fell anxious with. thank you for reading, i look forward to finding a new romping ground.Ifstar1 May 5
May 4 [H] Intrepid Rapture - LF H Pally and Rogue Mythic raid team on Thrall, comprised of players 5/13 - 10/13 Mythic progressed. Looking for a Holy Paladin and a Rogue. 720+ ilevel with mythic experience. Raid times are Tues/Wed 9 pm - Midnight EST Friendly and social atmosphere, while still maintaining a successful goal oriented raid team. If interested: message Blum#1866 or MidnightMoss#1762Jadedfang0 May 4
May 4 [A] Active guilds out there? I know the alliance population on this server is quite small -- wondering if there are any active dungeon/raiding guilds out there? Mist monk, just came back from ~10 year break, wondering if there are some people out there! The Alliance LFGuild tab seems to be littered with dead guilds and can't tell which have members to message. Thanks allPewpies0 May 4
May 4 743 Hunter LF 2 night / week Raiding Guild Hi all - I've just transferred an alt (back) to Thrall. I travel about once a month so a 2-night per week, raiding guild is best for my schedule. I don't mind your current heroic or mythic progression level so long as the team is competent and friendly. Preferred start time is 9PM EST and weekdays. Thanks! -MMireillien7 May 4
May 4 [H] 733 Frost DK 11/13M Hey Guys, 733 Frost DK here looking for a group that is in need of dps. 11/13M exp and looking for a guild that is also 10/13 or 11/13 looking to continune to push Archi until legion. My current guild is taking a hiatus until legion drops so I would prefer to stay in my guild but raid with you guys. I currently am still missing my mythic tier pieces which have been very elusive but it hasn't dampered my DPS. I am avaiable pretty much every day of the week 8pm est to whenever except for monday and wednesday where i'm avaiable 10pm est to however long. Feel free to add my Btag - Brockz26#1418 if you have any questions. ThanksServante2 May 4
May 4 10/13 M 738 Ele Sham LF Guild I currently reside on Area 52 but looking to move off since I have a 650 ilvl warlock on server that I play regularly like this shaman. I took a break and looking to move to this server but want to find a guild first before I do that. A little about myself: -Played since March 2005 -Raided every tier except during Cataclysm due to a deployment -Through the years played as a hunter, then in MoP switched to boomkin, and now I'm happy as a elemental -I am 28 and looking for a more mature raid group -I am available any day during the week with raid hours from 7:45 pm to 12:30 am -I do have logs available however they are a bit dated and when my ilvl was slightly lower -I could have been 11/13 M however I had to leave early my last group killed Xhul and I have read/watched/studied both Mannoroth and Archimonde fights. I can play resto effectively as my OS if the need ever should arise and actually thought about being main resto a few times. Please drop a note here or you can add me on Bnet at Profien#1475!Profìen0 May 4
May 3 Coming back to the Horde Hi Everyone. Thank you for stopping by. For most of WOD I switched over to the Alliance side and have been playing on my Boomy. I have him at 720 and have reached 13/13H and 2/13 mythic. I would love to switch back to my Horde Warlock but have only gotten up to 692 as of right now. If any guilds want an experienced player but lacks a little gear, I would love to hear from you. I can raid anytime after 5pm EST. Here is a link to my druid: My battletag is Vanthios#1545. Look forward to hearing from you all.Lockzz9 May 3
May 3 Looking for a horde guild! Hello! A friend I are looking to move to the server and would like to find a guild on the horde side. We have raid experience dating from MC to HFC heroic. We are only available to raid on Mon, Tue, Fri 7PM to 10 or 11PM EST. We don't mind salty language as I swear more than a sailor most of the time.. I can watch my language if I must though.Isthari2 May 3
May 3 10/13 Mythic Resto Druid Hello, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I have 734 Ilvl. I have a balance off spec. I can play balance but I am a healer and prefer to heal. I can make anytime Mon-Fri and can server transfer once I have completed my trail. I am looking for a guild to finish this tier and move on into with. I can use any voice system and I don't care what loot system you use. Looking for a guild with a solid roster of like minded folks that want to finish this tier and progress into Legion with. Please add my btag concrete#1263 and we can chat. I'm available this week to trail. Logs ThanksToddin1 May 3
May 2 <Digital Underground> 13/13H Pushing Mythics <Digital Underground> is a newly formed guild of old friends with 5/13M experience who is looking for quality players to help fill out a core mythic team. The guild is formed of friends and previous mythic raiders looking to strike out on their own and clear the current content before the next expansion. Needs: Healer - Restoration Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Priest Melee DPS Sublety Rogue, Arms Warrior, Ret Pally Ranged DPS - Hunter (Any), Mage (Any), Shadow Priest, Warlock (Any) Schedule: Our raiding schedule is best defined as "semi-hardcore". Tue: 20:00 - 23:00 Wed: 20:00 - 23:00 Note: All times are server (EST) We strive for high attendance numbers, however we recognize and even encourage "real life" to happen. WoW is a game, and should be treated as such.Mochedda28 May 2
May 2 Join the Crew of UNITED - 5/13 M HFC UNITED 13/13 H HFC 5/13 M HFC has started Mythic Raiding and we are looking to recruit 2 last raiders who are reliable, geared and ready-to-progress players that wants to be part of a crew that know when to freak out but can put their game face-on at raid time. We raid 3 days a week, Monday to Wednesday, from 8h30 to 11h30 eastern time. We use the Suicide King Loot System. 715 ILVL minimum with Legendary Ring. We are also building a second team to run H HFC during the weekend, 700 ILVL minimum, need all position Whats we are looking for Mythic Core 1 Range DPS ; Arcane Mage, Boomy, MM Hunter or Lock 1 Heal with OS DPS(Range) ; Resto Shaman or Holy Priest What we need for Weekend Team 1 Tank; any class accepted 2 Heals; Resto Shaman, MW Monk, Disc Priest or Resto Druid 2 Melee DPS; no restriction but would welcome Agi DPS 2 Range DPS; All Class even Hunters add me on bnet; Therump#1440 let's talk and and you will see YOU belong in UNITED!Dæthstrøke31 May 2
May 2 696 Tank, help a Army vet out with a guild i made this toon for the pve scene and loving it, im here for all your tanking needs and will enjoy every second of it. im currently pugging my way through normal HFC and having a hard time finding a guild that isnt on mythic lol. i work afternoons so looking for weekend raid times. reply here or add me on btag, thank you for taking your time to read this! Burkham#1625Burknukem3 May 2
May 1 Looking for a new beginning? Novus Initium (New Beginnings) is looking for more who would like a fresh start or just need a new home. Our mythic group (3/13) is looking for rdps and one healer (pally or monk) that can be consistent. Unfortunately, we lost a number of raiders to real life as well as the 'end of xpac blues' and continue to battle the attendance boss. Raid times are Fri/Sat from 7:30 - 10ish server. Many of us have been together for years and enjoy our time together both in and out of the world of Azeroth. Joining the guild is not required; although we'd love to have more, if you have an alt that is ready for Mythic or your guild's times don't work for you and you are tired of pugging, let's chat! We really just want to be able to raid consistently without having to pug someone different every night. We also have a second group (6/13 H HFC) that is looking for dps (dps with tank/heals os a plus) that runs on Tues/Thurs 7:30 - 10ish server. We are looking towards Legion and plan to have both groups competing for spots on the Mythic team. If interested in either group, please feel free to add me to btag so we can chat. Thanks, Gypsy Gypsy#1635Shadowgypsy0 May 1
May 1 736 Druid ~ 720 Hunter LF Home Looking for a guild that clears Heroic HFC weekly and a solid place going into next exp, anything mythic content to me is considered purely a bonus, I lack any exp in mythic. Raid spot is initially for my hunter as stated below, however should need arrise I have no problem using my druid again. Druid - been playing since 2008 very experienced @ tanking & boomkin(MS), with ms cat during wrath, multiple heroic clears in H HFC. (both specs have 795 rings) * Hunter - (current main) been playing since last year, experiencd at MM & BM. 12/13 H HFC exp. (few tomes shy of 735 ring atm) * Looking for raid times in the 6-11:30pm central area, (7-12:30pm server), days of the week make no difference to me (tho i prefer 2-3 raid days a week at most), weekend times are totally open as well. As an ex-gm for a heroic guild in Cata, I strive to be the best player I can be. Feel free to hit me up on here, in game mail, or on id Kurjaqk#1411. Look forward to hearing from you.Kurjaqk3 May 1
May 1 [H]<Skullsplitter Legion> 6/13H LF Healer Hey all -- thanks for checking out the post. First things first, we are a thrall based horde progression guild. To be frank, I'm not exactly sure how to describe our guild. But I guess one way I can put it is that we are attempting to build a guild the way it is meant to be. We started building maybe 4 or so months ago in response to the current status of WoD. A couple friends were tired of choosing between dead guilds and 13/13 M farming guilds. While we wanted to raid, we didn't want to either be instantly carried to the end or be on a forgotten alt team. We wanted to build and be apart of a team that struggled together and realized accomplishments together. So we built this guild. As is the case when embarking on any adventure, there was a bit of a learning curve and we hit some bumps along the way. However, our core team is dedicated to this mission, and we have stuck with it. Now, I am happy to say that we are 6/13 H and have normal HFC on farm (with the expection of arch who still gives us a little trouble). Additionally, we have a community of players that are actually active and are supportive of one another. It goes without saying that we offer free repairs, but our team also helps one another out with enchants, gems, mats, etc. I mean theres no other way to put it really, we are a team working together to win. Essentially our goal is to offer a place in which people can have fun. In our minds, that means playing the game the way it was designed to be played. In addition to progression, we have several members interested in PvP and we are prioritizing other guild activities such as challenge modes. At this point, we have a pretty full team, but as we continue to progess, we are starting to have specific needs. Currently, our core raid team is looking for a MIST MONK & RESTO SHAM. We are also looking for a ROGUE. However, we are definitely excited to discuss possibilities with anyone who wants to be apart of our team. If any of this sounds interesting, please reach out with any questions. Contact us in game by whispering or mailing Derokorr, Døgma or Grakü Thanks all, Døgma (famoushaze#1996)Døgma0 May 1
Apr 30 <Buy Sell Trade> - Getting ready for Legion We're a small and friendly guild, built on a core group of players that know each other outside of the game. Various levels of experience from brand new to experienced (if not hardcore) raiders across WoW and other games, from guildwars to the old republic. Our Goal At <Buy Sell Trade> We want to have fun, first and foremost. What we find the most fun is doing new content when it comes out. So we are looking for like minded people who want to be part of a community of people, not just another name that logs on when it comes to raid time. We're looking to do content with friends and not just people who have the right gear. In the guild we have people who enjoy all aspects of the game, from levelling to achievements, pvp and of course raiding. We want to offer something to everyone and hope to build a strong group that will be able to support each other in what ever aspect of the game they find the most fun. Important Notice We are not a hardcore raiding guild, come Legion we will be raiding at most 2 nights a week, with a TBD days and times. Many of us are young career professionals and devote a lot of our time to work. That being said WoW is a passion for us and we want to experience it with friends. Our major goal is to push into Heroic versions of the Legion raids and complete them. Information Server: Thrall Faction: Horde Website: B-Tag: Eburum#1384Plagus3 Apr 30
Apr 29 731/730 Resto/Elemental Sham LF Raiding Guild Hey guys, I'm looking for a raiding guild on this server as I'm sort of newish to both server and return to WoW: Who I am: 731/730 Resto/Ele Shaman (I can play both and like both equally so not really a MS/OS issue) 13/13 Normal (High exp with multiple kills) 13/13 Heroic (High exp with multiple kills) 9/13 Mythic (Low exp, most of my time has been pugging or getting lucky with a guild that was ok with carrying me) I do NOT have the legendary ring yet, but I will as of 4/26/2016 (only 3 tomes to go) and plan to upgrade as much as possible and as quickly as possible. I live in Hawaii, so I am 6 Hours behind the Server time, although I work weird hours so it actually puts it me in line with most afternoon/late night raid times still. I play all other blizzard games and up for anyone in guilds that also do! What I'm Looking For: A guild that is active in the raiding aspect of the game, and a plus if they are active in other parts of the game, such as legacy raids, mythic dungeon running, chat, etc. At least 6/13 Heroic. I'm more than happy to help out with Heroic progression if there's at least some hope to start on end-heroic/mythic progression in the future, pre-Legion. Military/Veteran Friendly LGBT Friendly You can respond in game or on here, thanks guys.Kiwilemonade3 Apr 29
Apr 29 [H] <Indominus> 12/13M LfM Are you an exceptional healer / damage dealer with Mythic experience looking for a home? <Indominus> One of the top raiding guilds on Thrall, is looking for skilled dps and healers to complete our mythic HfC team! Our progression boss kill pulls have been lower than the average pulls it takes to kill a boss. Hellfire Assault: 7 Iron Reaver: 22 Kormrok: 17 Hellfire High Council: 21 Kilrogg Deadeye: 19 Gorefiend: 116 Iskar: 5 Socrethar: 2 Zakuun: 32 Tyrant: 19 Xhul: 68 Manny: 149 Classes Needed (priority in caps): HOLY PALADINS, RESTO DRUIDS, BOOMKINS, MAGES. We are looking for ilvl 730+ and please have SOLID mythic experience, legendary ring well-upgraded and most of your gear improved by valor upgrades Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 Server till 11 Server. Interested? Have questions? Feel free to message me in game (Garnan), or add me to real id: TheKenttak #1271 and give me a tell! We can also do mumble if you like. AS A SIDE NOTE: we also run a dedicated alt team that is clearing a majority; if not all, of Heroic and Normal HfC (depending on the group composition). This group is in desperate need for healers that are 700 ilvl or higher. This run is on Weds at 8 server. If you are a healer / dps, and are interested in clearing HfC content, we would love to have you. In the unlikely event I am not on feel free to message another one of my officers if you have any questions or you are interested in joining our team. I'll post my btag one more time for clarity: Garnan <Guild Master> TheKenttak #1271 Rutmaul <Raid Leader> Rutmaul #1597 Jager <Hunter Class Leader / Coordinator> Aratax#1215 I hope to speak to you all soon!Garnan96 Apr 29
Apr 28 DPS or Heals LF Raid I recently returned to WoW after taking a break to play FFXIV for a couple of years and would like to get back into raiding. I have played WoW on and off since Vanilla and have extensive raiding experience in multiple MMOs. I am currently gearing a paladin for ret(709)/holy(695), and a resto shaman (695). I am on the tomes stage of the legendary on my Paladin, the shaman is a newer 100 so only on the stones part. I would like to find a guild to progress through HFC with plans to progress during Legion. I have a very open schedule and would be happy raiding either casually or progression based. Battlenet: Scourge#1708Pægan4 Apr 28
Apr 28 Looking for a home I'm an experienced old school raider just looking for a semti competitive guild for legion. I haven't really played the game since WoLK so I'm still trying to adjust to all the changes that have gone through. my main days of availability are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. PvP is also a very important aspect of the game for me, I'd rather keep this short but if you have any questions feel free to ask!Hordeth3 Apr 28
Apr 28 WTB H Arch Mount with Personal Loot Title says it all, looking to buy carry for 30k.Bønedaddy0 Apr 28
Apr 27 <House of the Rising Sun> Recruiting DPS! House of the Rising Sun is keeping its doors open for people interested in raiding and experiencing all that Warlords and up-coming Legion has to offer. We are a guild composed of casual folks who enjoys raiding content and taking it seriously while keeping in mind that it's just a game and that lives exist outside it. We are achievement lovers that enjoy raiding, pvp, and all the great things WoW has to offer. About Us: House of the Rising Sun is a casual-hardcore raiding guild. We are a guild composed of casual folks who enjoys raiding content and taking it seriously despite our laid back approach towards it. We believe good players have skill, not gear. If someone has the desire to want to raid, they should be given a chance. Some of our best players came into the guild with bare minimum gear and yet proved to be exceptional players. If you can play well and follow simple raid directions, then the gear will most certainly come. We're about learning, progressing, and having fun while doing it. We're not here to be mega hardcore and put others down if they truly have a willingness to want to learn. We believe people can play casually and still get the job done like a hardcore guild. We're a guild that acts like a family. With Legion right around the corner, our primary concern is to prepare ourselves for the new content while casually doing the present one. Earlier, our raiding progression was paused to recruit and get settled with the new members that have replaced the many that have left due to lack of interest in this expansion. Now that we are slowly building, our eyes are set to play catchup and get back on track with clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel. What can we bring? ★ Fair Loot via Suicide Kings ★ Free Guild enchants to raid upgrades ★ 24/7 Open Repair to Raiders ★ Helpful advice/tips ★ Understanding towards real-life ★ ... well duh, fun! Our Progression at the moment is as follows: ★ 13/13 - Normal ★ 4/13 - Heroic Raid Times: ★ Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 - 1:00am EST We're intelligent, friendly, and open-minded raiders who know our classes in and out but still have lives outside the game (family related, classes/college). We're looking for people who want to be part of a growing team, that enjoys having fun and can still clear content while doing so. If this sounds like you and you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact an officer or browse our website for more information. If you're interested, feel free to touch base with an officer or submit an application today! House of the Rising Sun Guild Leader: Evérlord (Battletag: sarge9272#1765) Officers: Royalti, Emerrald Website: [ul][/ul]Evérlord4 Apr 27
Apr 26 Want to buy a mythic archimonde. Looking for a group to run me through mythic archimonde. I am only interested in getting the achievement prior to the next expac. I play horde on the thrall server. If there are any interested parties please message me on real Id. Blackhaert #1303Lighthaert0 Apr 26
Apr 24 Delete delete pleaseDecímus0 Apr 24
Apr 23 In need of a Warlock Horde, Thrall Server US/ Canadian guild Battle tag: jaded#1153 Main Raid Group Times: Saturday and Sunday nights 10 pm EST – 1 am EST Semi Hardcore/ Casual – You come prepared, we give group instructions and then we down bosses all while having fun. Need dependable raiders with great attendance. Current progression: 13/13 H 2/13 mythic DO NOT LET YOUR LOW GEAR SCARE YOU OFF! WE CAN HELP ! Currently we are looking for 1 mdps -preferable pally to fill our main raid group. MAJOR NEED FOR WARLOCK . Contact Fuzzyknuckle in-game mail, Tuuglacks or Jaddedwrath (jaded#1153). The North Men has been on Thrall since early 2014 and we as a group have been doing this together since then. We took our time to make a strong guild in M.o.P. and started raiding together at the start of W.o.D.. We pride ourselves in not being a large guild and take the time to make our members feel at home. We run a clean, positive guild environment and promote group work. The North Men is an adult guild and as so, we only recruit age 25+( EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE ). We have a great team of raid leaders that work hard at pushing progression but in a mature manner. We are also recruiting causal players. Also, pvpers are welcome as well. There is an alt. raid group that runs Wednesday and Thursday 1 am. Challenge mode groups generally run Friday night. Achievement runs, mythic dungeons and other guild mate runs are done weekly and spur of the moment. We use vent and provide food/ flasks for raid. Worried about your item level? Don’t. We will help you gear and help guide you with your class. Looking for a place to call home? Hang out with adult friends and laugh? This guild is for you!Jadeddwrath0 Apr 23
Apr 23 13/13H 726 Restoration Shaman LF Raid Team Please Read before posting Edited title to reflect new ilvl***** Have Ring and AOTC Thinking about switching factions Pug groups are getting a little bad As the title says I am in current need of a raid to to finish off WoD with and march into Legion! When it comes to the guild I am looking for not just a raid team that likes to kill dragons but a social and active community. Guild chat and an even more active voice server. I like doing things with guildes be it mythic grinds for valor, helping out someone gear, heroics or, just talking and hanging out. A little about me I have been playing since wrath and I have loved and seen everything that the game has had to offer be it Guild/raid leading or sitting back and following others. I have been playing Shaman since a little after 6.2 and have learned the class very well. Seeing as I only play one toon at a time with no alts its easier for me to focus one toon. I have been in a few guilds here in there which for the most part has been amazing with a few hiccups but nothing to bad. That said my progression is not quite where it should be due to having to pug for most of this xpac. I click well with others and love to learn more than I already know and I am always welling to help. I can not raid Sundays or Mondays and my preferred times are something starting around 7pm server time and ending between 10 or 11 I am a fast learner and click fast to people. I much rather have a guild that is already up and running that is just missing a few people to round out its team and already set to move foward. I am looking for something that is going to push hard into legion and beyond In short I am looking for a close group of friends to call my own to play with raid with and progress with like I use too. Cant wait to here from you! Leave you guild ad and Battle tag below and I will add if I see something that I think I will fit in well with to talk more!Dropremix2 Apr 23
Apr 23 WTB Darkmoon Card: Greatness I'm looking everywhere for the level 80 darkmoon trinket, I'm interested in the Str/Agi versions ONLY. If you've got one laying around in a gbank or can help obtain/create ace-eight of nobles please CoD me ingame with a reasonable price. They're very rare since nobody is doing Wrath content but it's currently BiS for 80 twinks and a great TW trinket.Slaystation0 Apr 23
Apr 23 Selling Mythic HFC clears Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this! <Cobalt> on Mal’Ganis is now selling Mythic Hellfire Citadel carry runs. We offer a few different options for your carry run through M HFC to accommodate every type of player that is seeking gear. Mythic Packages: Lower Floor (Hellfire Assault-Gorefiend) 300k Upper Floor (Iskar-Xhul’horac) 600k 11/13 M (Hellfire Assault-Xhul’horac) 850k Manno-Archi (Does not include the mount) 850k 13/13 M (Full Clear w/o mount) 1.5 million Are you interested in our competitive prices, but you still have some questions about the run. Well look no further, check out our FAQ section of the posts, hopefully this will help. FAQ about a carry run: Who all comes on these runs? We will never have 2 people of the same armor type or tier token in the same run. As for our guild, we are all 740+ raiders who have been doing these fights for months. What will I have to do on my carry night? All we ask is that you show up, tag a boss and then die. We do not expect you to know how to do the fights, all the ask is that you listen to what we ask you to do and we will take care of the rest Can I reschedule my run if something comes up? You may do that, if something comes up, all we ask is that you give us a 24 hour notice to find someone to take your spot. We are not in this to take your money and screw you over. We understand RL stuff happens sometimes, but we do ask that you give us the common curiosity of letting us know ASAP and we will work on finding you another date to get your carry done When do your runs take place? We are a late night raiding guild, so our runs are on Tuesday starting at 11 pm EST How soon can I get my carry run? It really depends on the week, we will never have 2 of the same loot type so sometimes we will get backed up. The best advice I can give is to contact us a couple weeks in advance of when you would like the run. Do you accept gold on other servers? No, we will only accept gold on Mal’Ganis. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do not want to deal with trying to transfer the gold back over to Mal’Ganis Can I buy the archi mount? Currently, we are not selling the mount. We still have members who are in need of the mount Are there any loot restrictions? Yes there are, while you are paying for the run we reserve the right to give gear to our raiders that still need to. While this will happen every once in a blue moon, I want to inform you of what these cases are. Most of the time it will be WF/socket gear, and eve then most of our raiders no longer need those items. Even rarer cases will be regular gear that a raider needs that we haven’t seen drop often. While this may turn some people away, I can guarantee that you will receive all tier loot and 99% of the time you will get all loot that drops for your class. Is there a deposit fee required to reserve a spot? Yes there is, we ask that you put a 20% non-refundable down payment to reserve your spot. These runs are at high demand so we want to make sure you come on your scheduled date. The rest of your payment will be due before the first boss is pulled Are there discounts for repeat customers? Yes we will give discounts for people that come multiple times, we will discuss that on a person by person base if this interests you How can I schedule one of these runs? If you have any other questions or wish to reserve your spot, please add me on btag Drac#11278. I am on at least once a day, but sometimes I am busy. So if I add you on bnet but don’t contact you right away please feel free to shoot me a messageDracone3 Apr 23
Apr 22 <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, p <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, pst if you are 705+ ilvl and want to raid Mon/Tue/Thur 7-11pm! =)Tankyspank0 Apr 22
Apr 22 [H] Looking for LGBT Friendly Guild. Hello! I've recently returned to World of Warcraft after a few years long break. I'm looking for a guild that is LGBT Friendly. Doesn't have to be LGBT exclusive, just a safe place for LGBT folk. Are any such guilds recruiting? Thanks!Sabiá3 Apr 22
Apr 22 <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, p <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, pst if you are 705+ ilvl and want to raid Mon/Tue/Thur 7-11pm! =)Tankyspank0 Apr 22
Apr 22 <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, p <Ascention> 13/13H is starting Mythic ASAP, pst if you are 705+ ilvl and want to raid Mon/Tue/Thur 7-11pm! =)Tankyspank0 Apr 22
Apr 21 713 Mage looking for home Im looking for a fun laid back sociable guild that still raids does mythics or other stuff and actually has people that log on. Im willing to raid or not raid just want to get ready for legion if you do raid i prefer Mon-thurs 8-11 server so hit me up lets talk below is my battle tag and thanks WallyWorld#1265Littlehemi1 Apr 21
Apr 21 <The Brimstone Order> 13/13H Pushing Mythics! <The Brimstone Order> is a large, socially active guild with two raid teams. We are a well-established guild looking to push into mythic HFC by adding 7+ skilled raiders to our 13/13H Tuesday/Wednesday core group. While we maintain a semi-hardcore raiding schedule, we are a guild first, and thus anyone looking for a home is also welcome to join TBO. Raid Team Openings: Healer: Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman Melee DPS: 2 Ret Paladin, 2 Warrior, Enhancement Shaman Ranged DPS: Warlock, Hunter Note: While this composition is ideal for us, I am open to other recruiting other melee DPS classes and specs. Unfortunately, our team is extremely Vanquisher-heavy, and I am not immediately able to accept any more Vanquisher-token characters. Schedule: Tuesday: 7:45-11:00 Eastern [Realm Time] Wednesday: 7:45-11:00 Eastern [Realm Time] Expectations: We expect our raiders to commit to our designated raid times, to be prepared for raid nights [from strategies to consumables] and to be willing to contribute towards an environment in which we both have fun and kill bosses. I am especially looking for mythic-ready raiders! The sooner we reach 20 reliable raiders the sooner we can get started. We run on a policy that everyone should put in maximum effort. It is my goal to push into mythic this week or the next, so come join us! Contact Us: Kraethi [Jr. Officer, Raid Leader Tues/Wed Core Group]: Kraethi#1200 Midnight [Officer]: Midnight#1783Kraethi0 Apr 21