Sep 20 Is alliance change worth it So I'm on thrall and I want to go Alliance I know thrall is terrible for alliance but with realm merging is it better?Okrigg0 Sep 20
Sep 20 <Might of Ashamane>[H] 9/9N 8/9H recruiting. MoA is a semi-casual guild run by veteran players who have been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla and Burning Crusade. We have a fun approach to raiding and maintain a culture of positive reinforcement. We enjoy working with players of all skill levels, players who are curious about raiding or even players who are new to the game, we only ask that our raiders are willing to listen. (Not currently seeking players, thank you.)Twotide1 Sep 20
Sep 20 <Synesthesia> 4/9H ToS Tu/Wed Midnight EST Hello all, <Synesthesia> is looking for raiders who are interested in farming norm and pushing heroic to join our guild! We're 5/9 and looking to continue progression. Raid times: Tuesday midnight to 3am EST/Server Time Wednesday midnight to 3am EST/Server Time Really need 1 tank, 1 healer, and a ranged dps. Could use a melee or two as well. Looking for 895+ but willing to take interested and experienced players on a case-by-case. 900+ ilvl and 600k dps+ for heroic. Please add Priszm@Thrall or Aeon#12393 on BattleTag and message if interested! Discord is another quick way to get a response: or DM Aeon#5746 Thanks, RevendeathRevendeath1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Morning/Afternoon Raiding Guild? Hello, I figured I'd scour forums and see if there would be any interest in a morning/afternoon raiding guild. Im currently working rotating night-shift so typical raid schedules don't work. I was thinking anywhere from 9am-12pm EST to start for 3 hours perhaps on weekends. Just wanted to see if there would be any interest. I have 9/9 H ToS XP on my Paladin, as my raiding time has been limited this expansion but my BrM Monk is 931. I'd be looking to make a small tight-knit guild, so the team would be personal and impact on the individual level could be felt.Imposibrew0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] <Detoxed> 1/9M Tues/Thurs Guild <Detoxed> Thrall - US is currently looking for talented/dedicated players to add to our family and raid team. Many of us have been playing and raiding together for 2+ years, and we like to consider our guild our "family." We are all friends, and while adding strong players to our raid team, we strive to maintain the community we have built together. Ultimately, all we want is to have a small, tight-knit, but talented and dedicated group of friends to progress harder content with. All trials are expected to show up to raid showing proficiency in both class knowledge and mechanics. Everyone is to maintain a kind and positive attitude. Progression gets tough, and even though tempers may get high sometimes, no toxicity, bullying, etc. will be tolerated. Current raid times are: Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM (EST) Thursday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM (EST) Monday: Flex day, progression clean up if people are available. We are building a Rotating Roster for M ToS. Not only will this help prevent any last minute attendance issues, but to keep things competitive, as well as just having more people to play with. Our ideal number would be 23-25 players on the roster. Feel free to add one or all of the following on BNet: Sacmiester#1486, Pestilence#1790, or Basskanon#1221.Tzahal0 Sep 20
Sep 19 <H> <Heathens> looking for DPS Guild: Heathens Server: US-Thrall (PvE - 3rd Highest Horde Pop Server) Faction: Horde About Us: Heathens is a dedicated raiding guild looking to bolster our roster as we continue progressing through Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. Our atmosphere is friendly and focused, as fun to us is downing content in a productive team oriented fashion where all raiders contribute strong performances. Our priority is AotC/Heroic farm each content patch and then pushing Mythic progression comfortably while still maintaining our fun environment without becoming 'hardcore'. About Thrall Server: - Bustling economy. Your gathering or crafting profession stuff will sell. Relatively easy to make money and pay for account tokens. - Trade chat maintains a decent level of diverse activity. - No wait times. It might pop up maybe once every 6 months and you're waiting a whopping 3 seconds or something. - There's people everywhere here, even in old content areas, and you'll regularly find individuals phased over from other servers here. Raid Times: 8-11pm EST Tues/Thurs (mandatory*) *optional/normal/alt/farm raids on other nights (Sun/Mon). - Raid invites 15 minutes before listed times. - Consumables provided on progression content, but all raiders should come prepared with their own. Loot Distribution System: Loot Council (via RCLootcouncil addon) Voice Chat Software: Discord (working microphone is necessary) Currently Recruiting: - Ranged DPS (Boomkin, Mage, Warlock, Priest, with Shaman or Hunter considered if exceptional) - Melee DPS (DK, DH, Rogue, Paladin) *Exceptional applications will always be considered regardless of role. Exceptional pretty much means (but not limited to) if you have an above average performance level, dedication, and attitude. If you play a class with a tank spec and can tank myth+ and like to, we'll definitely put you to work on that and appreciate having you in the guild. - Heathens does not accept 'package deals' for Raiders. - Heathens does not accept children for membership - whether you're a 12 yr old physically... or mentally. :P In addition to raiding - we run a variety of keystones for mains and alts during the week, with a handful of folks who do casual PvP, and regular xmog runs. Official Contacts: Mcscooterson - m34twad#1652 (Recruitment Officer) Kinrae - Drynwyn#1107 (Raid Leader) You can also apply at our website - TL;DR - Honestly... it's a decent guild with good folks and an excellent core that's looking for people who can reliably show up 2 nights a week, reliably blow it up, and fit in with the guild's social atmosphere. It lost a handful of DPS recently, no drama, just folks deciding to retire and do other things.Manbearkat4 Sep 19
Sep 19 [H] [Drunken Lords] Need Heals for heroic. We recently transferred here and soon after lost one of our main healers due to him having to be an "adult" and "working" to "feed his family". We came over from Windrunner where we were 8/9H and are itching to get back to it, but we need a healer to make that happen. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday 9PM-12AM EST. We are a casual heroic guild, no plans for Mythic. If interested whisper me in game or contact me through battlenet, Derder#1519.Derdër6 Sep 19
Sep 19 Tank lf heroic TOS group to raid with 8/9H tank lf a group to regularly raid with. Tired of pugging all the time. Tried KJ many times with pugs and have no problem tanking it at all but someone always makes a mistake.Vynnorin0 Sep 19
Sep 19 <Requiem> 4/9M 9/9H US-Thrall Raiders About Us: Requiem is a Horde Raiding guild on Thrall-US. We're a guild that's all about pushing solid, steady progression while maintaining a great atmosphere. I'm sure you've heard it before, but we might surprise you! As such we're looking to bolster our ranks with players who are looking for a similar environment. The guild was established in 2013, just before Throne of Thunder released. However, most of the core was playing together prior to that, so it's pretty solid. From us, you can expect a stable, calm and fun environment. In ToS, we're looking to shake things up and change how we do things a bit. Mythic clear is always the objective. We only raid two nights a week, but because of that we need to be focused and efficient. For this reason we expect complete preparation and punctuality. As much as we're all about fun, we need to make sure everyone's time is being respected. Know your class, know the fights, be prepared, it's all we ask! If Requiem sounds like the kind of guild you'd be interested in, please hit us up for some more info! We're always looking for great people, so don't hesitate to drop us a line even if we don't happen to be looking for your class. Raid times: Monday & Wednesday 7:30-10:00 PM Server (EST) WoW Progress Page: We hope to hear from you! Also feel free to contact an officer via Reaper#17717 Oni#1403Valor32 Sep 19
Sep 18 <Intervention> 8/9 Heroic LFM for Tomb Intervention is currently seeking some fun loving, great spirited raiders as we work our way into the Tomb of Sargeras! We're a casual raiding group who like to have a lot of laughs, but a straight head when it comes to progression. We've already cleared Normal Tomb, and we are looking for more recruits to help us finish off Heroic and work into Mythics. Our current raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-11:00PM EST. For recruitment needs, we are need of more Healers and Ranged DPS. We are always open to all recruits though, and prefer you bring what you know best and will perform best with. We're also open to any guild mergers; this server seems to be full of smaller guilds looking to recruit. If your a smaller group looking for a new home, or you need a surge of new raiders, maybe we can work something out for the better of our two groups If you are interested in joining Intervention, please feel free drop a comment on this post, or message one of our officers on Biagio - Admiralnoved#1118 Zíro - XZero#1173Biagio27 Sep 18
Sep 18 Starting Normal ToS Group of 6 former WoW, SWTOR and BnS raiders are looking to add a few more people to start in ToS with 10 people soon. We are short either 4 dps or 3 dps and 1 off tank. We are looking for people to either join this long term static going through ToS Normal/Heroic and onto Antrous. Guild membership not required but if you are also looking for a small gaming community we can fit that need as well. Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday nights times are TBD at the moment but will be between the hours of 7pm-10pm EST. Feel free to shoot me a mail or whisper me in game.Shinoaa1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Aftermath 5/9M Recruiting We Have Recently moved from Sen'jin to Thrall! We are Horde! We are currently seeking to round out our roster, we are looking for the below classes to fill some roles. Current Progression: 5/9M Healers ♦ Disc Priest (High) ♦ Resto Druid (High) ♦ Resto Shaman (High) ♦ Holy Paladin Solid Dps with logs to prove it! All welcome to Apply specifically looking for. ♦ Rogue (High) ♦ Dk that can play either spec ♦ Boomkin (High) ♦ MM Hunter ♦ Mage (High) ♦ Shadow Priest -Recruitment is always open to all exceptional players -***Logs are Required for all DPS Applications.*** Raid Schedule Schedule is given in EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm VOIP - Discord Loot Council Ready to apply? If you have any questions about the guild or about recruitment, do not hesitate to message us on our forums or in game via Battletag: Mad - Mad#1542 Shadows - Shadows#1383 Or Email: Join in the Aftermath!Mâd1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Heroic Raiding Guild 8/9H LF DPS Tom Sellecks Mustache is a Heroic 9/9-8/9H raiding guild on Thrall a PVE, EST server. ... ... WHAT OUR RAIDERS SAY ABOUT US: ... ... ... ABOUT US: Currently Seeking: ... Raid Schedule: ... What we are looking for from You: ... Contact: Zuul#1119 for more information. “There is No Dana, ONLY ZUUL!”Zhulana3 Sep 18
Sep 18 LF Casual Weekend Raid Guild I'm currently looking for a casual raiding guild for a friend and I. We can only promise attendance on Saturday and Sunday. Neither of us really want to go into mythic at all and would really like to stay around normal and heroic (aotc would be great, but not really expected). Both of us have raiding experience and shouldn't really need to be told what to do. (I'm a bit of a mess when it comes to mains and may change my main about once every raid tier... and I don't quite know what I want to main right now, I just know it will be dps of some form or another.) Please leave a post here or contact me at Knodagh#1687Lunarshine1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Looking for a guild that pvps Just came back to the game after a 2 month or so hiatus. Realized my guild died while I was gone :( I mostly play the game to pvp but I do raid as well. I'm looking for a guild with a lot of pvpers ideally as well as a guild with an RBG team or one that would want to form a team. Message me in game on this toon if you want to get a hold of me :)Schwiftý0 Sep 18
Sep 17 Need 1 Signature for Guild (Paying) DeleteAmbihero1 Sep 17
Sep 17 <9/9H>Mythic Push Thanks for stopping by my post! Crimson Onslaught: Faction & Realm? -NA/Horde/Thrall Raid Times? [EST] -Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10pm; group invites go out at 7:15pm we pull at 7:30. Needs: Mage(s) Warlock(s) Retribution Paladin About us: We are a community of talented players, who all share a drive to push. Push limits. Push progression. Push ranking. We value the community, have no tolerance for petty drama, or toxicity, and we are all about having fun, while remaining competetive. I'd be impressed if you find another guild with an officer core that cares as much as we do. We are recruiting for mythic progression. If you are interested, please message me directly on Discord: Tyler#8961 Don't see your class listed above? Think we are the fit for you? Let's talk! Interested in talented people who are passionate about the game and improvement. Side note: We pull on mythic Goroth and begin the push this Tuesday, September 19th. Talk with you soon!Tÿlèr0 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H] Tichondrius (6/9 M) - Recruiting DPS! Partial Credit, (6/9 M) is currently recruiting for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Progression Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:45-11:00 Server (PST) ~~~We are recruiting exceptional players of any Class & Spec~~~ High Demand: Subtlety Rogue Arms Warrior ~~~Once again, we are recruiting ALL classes! If you think you may be a great fit for our raid team, please message us!~~~ Please add me at (Penor#11829) or add Lugalstella (Dongerino#11634)Penôr0 Sep 17
Sep 17 LFM casual Eulogy is looking for players interested in a social, more casual pve focused environment. I have played wow for many years and have aged alongside this game. My hardcore ways are a thing of the past because of having to adult in the real world. Im looking mostly for the overlooked players struggling to find their place, ones who are well below the expected item levels and experience to find a raid team. Players who struggle to commit to a weekly schedule. Players who may be to nervous to try something because they don't want to feel embarrassed by making mistakes. I would like to offer a place where you can experience all of the late game content at a pace that works for you. Guild membership is not required but it obviously has its benefits for socialization. We can work things out through real id if you would rather do that. My wife and I play nearly every night and you can contact me through real id jambi#1363. (The a is made with alt 133. Sorry doing this on my phone.) I look forward to hearing from you!Jàmbee26 Sep 17
Sep 16 [H][Drunken Lords] 8/9H Looking for DPS Hola, Drunken Lords is a casual Heroic guild and we are looking for around 3-4 DPS to join us to continue in ToS and onward. Looking for preferably 1 Melee and 2-3 Ranged. Rogues, DKs, Pld's prefered for melee and Mage, SPriest and Boomkin prefered for ranged, however if you can do the mechanics and pay attention, we'll work with any class/spec. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 9PM to 12 AM EST, usually try to do a normal clear on Sundays for alts or just to hang out and chat. And we have a group that at least does a 10+ Mythic keystone (or +15 when it gets boosted again) in order to get the max loot from the weekly chest. We have zero interest in mythic raiding, not saying it won't ever happen, but if that's what you're aiming for, we aren't your best option. We want players who are consistent and want a home. Our key members have been in the guild for multiple xpacks, and we're pretty much family. We are willing to work with newer or returning players (this does not mean we will give you all the loot so you can bail right after). It means we'll be glad to test you out, and see if there's any tips we can give you to improve, and see if you follow those tips. If any one is interested please add and contact any of the following in game. Derdër - Derder#1519 Ghastar - Ghasta#1967 Minsterdave - Ministerdave#1992Derdër0 Sep 16
Sep 16 [Area-52] <ReClear> 8/9m is recruiting! For more info go to:índred1 Sep 16
Sep 16 905 Fury Warrior LF Weekend Raiding Guild Im a 905 fury warrior LF a chilled out guild to run some casual like normal and eventually heroic dungeons on weekends feel free to mssg me in game or add me on blizzard I have discord so that isnt a problem but it doesnt have to be mandatory Scarce#11707Okrigg0 Sep 16
Sep 16 905/910 Fury Warrior LF weekend raid guild ...Okrigg0 Sep 16
Sep 16 <Bloodlûst> Looking for Raiders Bloodlûst Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild We are actively recruiting all roles to mesh within our current team. Raid Times (4/10H): Tues/Thurs - 8:50-11:30pm EST Alternate Normal Group: Weds - 8pm EST Alternate Heroic: Sun 7pm EST Bloodlûst is actively recruiting like-minded individuals to push through heroic ToS. More specifically we need those who come to raid prepared are able to and willing to use their full spellbook to contribute to down bosses and push for more challenging content. We are currently a heroic team with individuals stepping up to assist in supporting roles but we need some strong dps who are willing to nail down mechanics and clean up boss kills. A dead player can't contribute to a group in the same sense that damage numbers, healing numbers, and proper mitigation need to be on par with fights at hand. We have players of all walks of this game and welcome more. Everyone is capable of contributing to make the guild a place to enjoy the game. Recruitment Officer: Fherris - Fherrys#1139 Discord - Fherrys#6198 Raid Lead: Marrhunglo - Marresto#1935 Guild Master: Arinthia - Message in-gameFherris0 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] 5/9 M Guld LFM 5/9 Mythic Horde Guild < Orc Lives Matter > on US Burning Legion is looking for new raiders. Raid Days / Times : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday; 8:30 - 11:30 CST, (9:30 - 12:30 EST), (6:30 - 9:30 PST) High Demand Classes: Holy Paladin, DPS warrior, Resto Druid Demand: Any skilled DPS Loot: Loot Counclie Requirements: 1) 9/9 Heroic Experience, (3/9 M prefered) 2) Recent Logs 3) Addons: Bigwigs /DBM ... etc 4) Postive attitude and ability to accept criticism 5) Discord (voice) Guild Atomsphere: NSFW, Non toxic, Close Knit If your are interested please message Shiz or Rigwaltz via Discord. Contact Info: GM: Shiz Btag - Shizz#1370, Discord - Shizz#9104 Rigwaltz: Discord - Rigwaltz#0828Riglawtz1 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H]<Coalescence> Recruiting Social/Casual <Coalescence> is recruiting! [Horde-Thrall] • Who We Are: Coalescence originally formed as a group of friends looking to start a community of like-minded people to have fun exploring content together. It’s always been important for this community to be nurturing and supportive of all levels of play, provide plenty of opportunities for group activities, and above all, to have fun and build lasting connections with one another. We provide guild repairs to all members (increased as you rank up, with generous core raid repairs), maintain regularly scheduled activities on the calendar, and use Discord for socializing and group communication. • What We're Looking For: Social/Casual: We’re a fairly social guild, and as such we’re always looking for new and veteran players of ALL levels to join us as we adventure through Azeroth. We currently have a weekly normal guild run open to all guild members, old content achievements & re-visits, and social events for ALL levels. Open raid is generally hosted Fridays from 9:30pm-12am server/eastern. Core Raiding: All spots for our core ToS team are currently filled, but keep an eye out for future openings! • What We Expect: It goes without saying, but be friendly, respectful, and helpful! We have a jovial atmosphere and encourage guildies to reach out to one another for group play. Also, while attending guild events is not required, it’s certainly applauded! It helps you get to know your fellow guildies and strengthens our community as a whole. • Contact Us! For any inquiries, or if you’d just like to chat about Coalescence: · In-game: PM or mail any of the following – Ellemeno, Dieslick, Tandreyn · Bnet: Add/contact me through btag - Ellemeno#1870 · Discord: Add/contact me on Discord - Lemon#2770 Thank you for taking the time to read!Ellemeno12 Sep 16
Sep 16 (H) Vigilant recruiting DPS Vigilant has been on Thrall since 2013. We recently came back from a hiatus and are looking to finish out Legion and move into whatever comes next. Looking for dps for a 2 night progressive EST/CST raid schedule. Raid mats, repairs, guild tabard and all the other fancy stuff provided. We use Discord. We are looking for DPS (hunter, warlock, rogue especially). Talk to any member in game to learn more.Sataeva1 Sep 16
Sep 15 <We Paid For This> Recruiting H/Mythic (Late Night Guild) We Need Skilled & Dedicated DPS For Heroic ToS! We Raid Every Week! We Use Discord! 9/9N 8/9H (Tue,Wed,Thur) @:10:45pmST Come Kill Some Bosses! Mythic+ Most Nights! Casuals are always welcome! LFM for Mythic Raid CKBROHAM#1756 Add me!Bmt0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] Insidiøus 9/9H Insidiøus We are a 9/9(H) 1/9(M) guild on Thrall-US. We formed in early 2017 from the cores of two progression style guilds. Our current leadership is 3/9M. We are opening recruitment for semi-casual Heroic raiding. We also have quite a few people interested in M+ and some PVP. Raid We raid Heroic on Thursdays at 8pm and Normal on Friday at 8pm (server times). We will provide most consumables, but donations are always appreciated. Requirements We are looking for players around 920 item level with 52 traits in their mainspec weapon. Having relevant logs is a huge plus. We are currently looking for all classes and specs, players who are flexible in multiple roles are highly desired. Contacts: Scourge#1708 Hord#11422Ealdnarche1 Sep 15
Sep 14 Certified Horde Horde guild Certified is aiming to enjoy this game and the friendships made within. We're a small group of mythic progression raiders who got a little sick of log in raid log out. We are recruiting and building a raid team for sat/sun evenings. We are not elitists but we do play to kill bosses, We do log, We will live stream, we will progress. We also will have lots of fun, relaxed, and less demanding raids for everyone. We love achievements, I will do achievements all day. I will farm mounts all day. Battle pets all day. We are NOT just a raid guild, We're here to build lasting friendships with people no matter how good they are, how long they played, what they've achieved, or how good they are at pokemon. Add Stevo#1376 for info, whisper me, ingame mail, post here. P.s. Must have good xmog or kicked and banned forever. :P jkNaturallaw8 Sep 14
Sep 14 Solid core LF raid leader for new 6 hr guild Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out this post. In short, we are a group of 7-10 friends who have been playing this game together for many years. Currently most of us have killed 4/9M about a month ago raiding 6 hours this tier. Lately we have grown quite tired of the struggle of finding us all a guild that can learn fights as quickly as us yet still know how to have a good time during and outside of raids. This is why we are now looking to change things up and start something ourselves. So we do have a slight problem. Even though we are all well versed in looking at logs, studying up on the fights, etc. we would unfortunately not have the time commitment required to be a fantastic raid leader and also run the guild at the same time. That is why we are looking for someone with similar goals to ours to start something potentially great and long lasting. Some quick requirements we have: 1) Will be Horde and Zul'jin (we can pay transfer for right person) 2) Main raid times will be Sunday/Monday 8:30-11:30 ET (can maybe be negotiated to 9-12 ET) 3) We can provide all the flasks, food, recruiting, guild loot tracking, etc. necessary to run the guild. We just need someone to yell at us to keep us on track ;) We strongly feel with the right group raiding 6 hours is more than enough time to clear all raid content every tier. If you are looking for a guild that will be in mythic immediately, then this is not the opportunity for you. If you are looking to build a solid guild foundation in order to create an ideal raiding guild atmosphere then we would love to chat with you. I kept this relatively brief because I would like to chat with you personally 1 on 1 about our logs and the future goals of this new guild so please contact me at honkerrs#9675 on Discord (faster response) or honkerrs#1508 on BNET. Hope to hear from you!Honkerrs0 Sep 14
Sep 13 <Algorithm> Recruiting for heroic progression Algorithm is a newly formed raid guild looking to fill out the rest of our core raid team. Recruiting 1 healer and 3-4 DPS We currently have 12(2/3/7) strong individuals with skill and understanding of what is required to be successful and are looking to round out the rest of the team. Raid times are set Wednesday-Thursday 8pm-10pm ET Looking for capable individuals with a solid understanding of your chosen class and an interest in progressing through current and future content at a heroic level. Addons/Discord will be required. 18+ If interested please contact Kalsidious-Thrall via mail or /w in game.Kalsidious0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Any local nj guilds? My gf hates when i talk about wow, and my close friends all quit. Got no idea how to meet people in this game. Do guilds like these exist anymore? Im interested in familt like guilds with a active voice chat room (doesnt matter if discord, vent, etc) i use to be in a bunch of guilds like this but havent found one in retail wow yet. Im horde but open to switchingFotizzile2 Sep 13
Sep 13 [H]Guaranteed To Bleed 2 Day 8/9H About us: Casual Horde Based Guild. We are a 2 day guild and we have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. Our priority is Flex Raiding while dabbling in Mythics. Currently we are TOS 9/9N. 8/9H What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that way. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST or 9:30 to Midnight EST Recruiting: All can apply this is what we are low on Range DPS (Extremely High) (Anything, Shadow, Warlock we have 0) Healers (Very Low, Shaman, Monk) NO MELEE Please To Apply fill out our basic Application or join our discord. Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Virí94 Sep 13
Sep 12 LF morning/afternoon raiding Returning player looking to join a progression oriented raiding guild. Currently working on gearing back up, as Affliction spec. I work nights so I am unable to meet most the raid times of typical guilds, early morning or midday works best for me.Diàbolic0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Recruiting for Argus Heroic Raid Sales Hello everyone! Recruiting players for Heroic 'Antorus the Burning Throne' Full Clears and Heroic 'Argus the Unmaker' AoTC kills. (Horde Sales Group) Who are we? We’re an active sales community composed of the top US raiders looking. We’re an explicit gold-only group with a mission to have as much fun while making a lot of gold. Under recent events we are recruiting for 1 Tank and DPS for our Horde Sales group. We do Sales every day of the week and as such we require reliable team members on whom we can count to show up. We will consider any application regardless of your class and specc. Our experience? We have been one of the top US Horde Sales group since HFC. With some of our core being part of the original HFC Sales group and obtaining over 1300+ Heroic Archimonde Kills. Last tier our Sales group averaged 371 Heroic Gul’dan kills with the highest member obtaining exactly 500 Heroic Gul’dan kills. For Tomb of Sargeras we are close to reaching 200+ Heroic Kil’jaeden kills and a group average of 146 Heroic Kil’jaeden kills. Next tier we are looking to go hardcore with Sales and we need reliable, dedicated members so our vision comes true. What services are we providing? We provide HORDE services only. Next tier we will have fixed schedules for Full Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne Clears and Argus the Unmaker Heroic AoTC Sales. We will have a fix schedule for said clears/kills and a plan to efficiently carry the services within our limits. If you’re interested in being part of our group I highly recommend you to reach out to us. We're looking for consistent, reliable players. CONTACT US AND APPLY For fast response add us through Discord. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered at our earliest convinience. Discord: Venditore#6456 (Make sure the V is capitalized) Battletag: Absalom#1531 Want to purchase a carry from us? If you’re looking to get a gold price quote for the realm of your choice we have a Sales Discord where we use it to post when we’re available or currently selling a service. We are best reachable through there and respond quickly to any questions you may have. We only deal with gold. Copy and Paste the following link Sales Discord link: Sep 12
Sep 12 926 Prot Pally LF raiding guild I have tuesdays off and most saturdays off most late nights aswell Feel free to messge me in gameZendore0 Sep 12
Sep 12 2004 Launch Guild: 5/9M, 8/10M, LFM ** Currently seeking 1 reliable DPS to join raid team for mythic Tomb.** Hello, We're a 2004 Horde launch guild originally established on Sargeras. We came to Thrall in 2012 during Mists. Many of us have been playing and raiding together for many years, including a core team from Vanilla. That being said, new people join every expansion. We've seen it all. If you want a stable, long-term guild, we can provide that. I've been the GM since 2007. I'm looking to bolster our guild and raid team with good people who enjoy WoW and see themselves playing into the future. I want reliable, positive, and patient people who's main focus is achieving as part of a team and taking steps forward. We're currently 5/9M, 8/10M, 2/3M, and 7/7M for Legion. We raid content every expansion. If you're not a raider and are just interested in mythic+ dungeons, you're welcome to join since we run them on multiple nights of the week. We previously ran gold medal challenge modes in Mists and Warlords. We raid two nights per week on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 8:00-11:30 PM eastern. We also raid a third optional raid night on Wednesday where people come to clear easier farm content, such as an alt normal Tomb and most of heroic Tomb. I expect raiders to be on on time, have consumables, know the fights, improve themselves, and talk to me if they have questions. We log raids and use Discord. We also have our own website/forums and Mumble, but that's backup right now. If you want to talk about our guild more and have questions, please add me @ Wretchedmist#1868 or via Discord @ Wretchedmist#7609. Drop me a line. I hope you consider us. Thanks, WretchedmistWretchedmist39 Sep 12
Sep 12 918 Resto/914 Elemental Shaman LF Guild Do not care if it is Alliance or Horde. Looking for guild that raids Sat/Sun. Also interested in PVP.Notaprincess1 Sep 12
Sep 11 [H] Casual Guild seeking Mature Players Recruiting is closed for now.Redkitkat13 Sep 11
Sep 11 921 Pally Tank or 914 Resto Druid LF Guild I have a 921 Pally Tank and a 914 Resto Druid. I am looking for a raiding guild that is doing Heroic Content. I am 7/9 Heroic on my Pally Tank. I am willing to transfer servers and even possibly horde to alliance. I prefer to raid after 6pm EST to midnight at the latest. Any Days is fine with me.Mespecialcow4 Sep 11
Sep 11 Tired of Guild Shopping? Grievance is recruiting for our Horde guild on Thrall. Ever buy a game (or download a free to play MMO) and sit there waiting to choose a server, hoping you choose a good one with good people that are helpful, and not just jerks that flame you when you ask a question? Ever hate joining a guild because you know no one? Ever hop from guild to guild trying to find one that suits you and your play style? Have you ever quit a game that you liked, but could never get help from guildies, or even find a guild that you liked? Well, I am here to tell you there is an answer. Grievance is here to have fun with you, to raid with you if you wish, and to explore and enjoy your game with you. Grievance is an online gaming community that spans many games. Grievance is a family-oriented online gaming community. We have a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years, during which Grievance has proven that one can have a very rewarding gaming experience, yet have a life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Grievance, and are expected to be upheld and respected by all members. Grievance is an adult gaming community, 18+ only. We have many long term members. This is no start-up guild! We were formed in October 15, 2000. We were not always known as Grievance, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are one of the few trademarked guilds in all gaming communities. We are comprised of singles, married couples, retired people, military members, college students, and people located through out the US and other nations. When you join Grievance, you join a family. This family spans many games, and even on opposite sides of the same game. Grievance is always a strong presence in games they are in. Grievance even has a real life get together, like a family reunion. We have this every year. We have a strong management support for each game, not same leaders in every game at one time. We at Grievance are always looking to expand as anyone would expect. The larger the Grievance community the better it is. Wouldn't it be nice to start a game at launch, and have a lot of Grievance members log in with you, on the same server and same side? Imagine the friendships you will make with such a strong gaming community. If Grievance seems like the place for you, please feel free to visit our forums, as they are free to register and browse. Come see what games we are in and the servers we reside on. There is always an officer of a certain game or a council member willing to answer any questions. We hope you will come take a look, and introduce yourself in the Forum Registration/Applications Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself and what games you are interested or currently playing in. Hope to see you there. The Official Grievance YouTube Channel The Official Grievance Channel Grievance Official Gaming Resource Blog Grievance can be found playing the following games: Official Grievance Guilds ArcheAge Elder Scrolls Online Everquest II Final Fantasy XIV Neverwinter - Dragon Server Rift - Wolfsbane Server SWTOR (Empire:The Shadowlands / Republic:Jedi Covenant) World of Warcraft (Horde-Thrall / Alliance-Proudmoore / Horde-Nagrand (Oceanic)) Embassies (smaller Grievance Guilds) Dragon's Prophet EVE Online Everquest Next GuildWars 2 H1Z1 Lord of the Rings Online Marvel Heroes Skyforge Star Citizen Star Trek Online Tera The Repopulation Secret World WildStar Team Grievance (Grievance FPS/PvP Clans)Battlefield Defiance Firefall Planetside 2 EvE League of Legends Lord of The Rings Online Minecraft Planetside 2 Titanfall Warframe World of Tanks MOBA Gaming Gigantic Heroes of the Storm League of Legends Smite (And many other smaller and Independent MMO’s) Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in game or on our forums. Kai, Guild Master, World of Warcraft, Horde (Thrall-US) Steelheart, Progenitor Sep 11
Sep 10 [H] Alt Tab Conspiracy 9/9H recruiting! Hi! We're now AOTC Tomb and would like to recruit raiders on Thrall (any roles) to start Mythic raiding in advance of Antorus. About us: - 9/9H ToS - Raiding Thu and Fri, 7.30pm-10pm PST (10.30pm-1am server) - weekly Heroic ToS farm - M+ 10/11 guild runs for weekly chest - an inclusive raid lead team, strong main tanks and core heals - a gender-balanced guild! - discord for raids, or chewing the fat whilst questing or dungeoning - chill and friendly people; zero tolerance for toxicity About you: - you enjoy casual (not hardcore) PvE content done right - you're sociable and would like a whole new set of in-game friends If this sounds like a fit, message us for an invite! my btag: Staralfur#1193Loftarasa0 Sep 10
Sep 10 919 tank lf guild looking for a casual raid guild to have fun with. No rage no drama just a good time. 9/9N expVynnorin0 Sep 10
Sep 10 Obsidium [8/9M] selling Mythic Guldan Mount <Obsidium> Thrall is selling the Mythic Guldan Mount, the Hellfire Infernal (, which will become a 1% drop with the release of the pre-patch for the next expansion. About: In the past, we have offered many other services, including the Mythic Archimonde mount, Gold challenge mode carries, and heroic carries. The links to our previous forum post are listed below: Pricing: 3 million gold* Along with the mount, you will also receive the majority of loot for your class with the only exception being if it is an upgrade for a member (not likely). *We do accept gold from other servers, although pricing and availability may vary. Please contact any of the following below to discuss further. Raid Schedule: We will do our runs on Tuesdays at 8:30PM EST. Additional Details: Zero boss knowledge is required, and we will often have you die in a corner early in the fight to avoid any confusion. If you're interested in buying a carry or have a question, please message Shaker-Thrall in-game or add Astaral#1875 or Wuffz#1897 to Battlenet.Wuffles5 Sep 10
Sep 9 (H) 915 Resto shaman looking for guild I am currently looking for a guild that raid 2 night a week pref from 8pm to 11pm East. I have 8/9H kill on my holy pal(925) and experience on KJ on progression. Know every fight. The reason i switch to my shaman its because it is my main since 12 year now. My last guild the crumble and stop raiding needed a holy paladin thats the reason he has more gear.Krovax4 Sep 9
Sep 9 [H]We have a Bear t/w/th 10-1a 1/9M recruit We have a Bear is recruiting for our mythic roster. Most of us have mythic NH and some mythic ToS experience, we are looking to get at least 6/9M completed before the end of ToS. We run RC loot council on main raid nights. We are looking for DPS : Rogue(s), Ret pally, Boomkin, Hunter, ele shaman. sham and pally are expected to have viable healing offspecs We are looking for any other dps, but these are the roles were currently missing. We raid tues/wed/thurs from 10pm - 1am server time (est). and also optional alt/fun run on sundays the same time. (this time may also be used to run 10+ keys for the guild) We run a relaxed non-hostile raid, but expect players to be prepared for fights, and have the motivation to excel at their class and by looking at logs and doing class research constantly. We expect consistent 50% parses and a positive overall attitude towards progression. If players are under performing, we will do our best to help the player to learn and improve. However, if there seems to be a constant under performance raid spots will be given to those who are performing, but all guild members are welcome to come to heroic clears. We will also accept any players who have the desire to become part of the team, but need normal/heroic in order to prepare for mythic. If you are interested, message Jobt in game or discord or you can replay to this post and I will get ahold of you. Also you can contact me or any of our officers, Jobt#1268 , Draikyo#1145 , riot#1948 , Chango#1901Jobt5 Sep 9
Sep 9 Resto shaman lfg that raids sat/sun. Resto shaman lf for Sat/Sun raid guildNotaprincess0 Sep 9
Sep 9 (H) 925 Destro Lock LFG I'm looking for a H raiding guild that can clear content easily every week and groups that do mythic +. If your guild pushes a little bit of mythic great! If not that is ok too. I'd like that guild to be organized with mostly mature players. I'm serious when I raid but don't mind a slightly laid back guild as long as people are serious and focused during progression. My preferred times are 2 to 3 days a week 7-11pm Est or Afternoon guild from 9-2pm est. Currently 9/9 H TOS ExpChasee10 Sep 9
Sep 9 Anked Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Resurrected 7.1.5 Raider coming back for 7.3. Can do M ToV, H and M NH, and N ToS right now until I get some of the new ilvl gear. Open raid times up to 12am server any day I will be guaranteed attendance. Message or Mail me in game: Tidalsurge-Thrall Thank you for readingTidalsurge1 Sep 9