Aug 28, 2016 4 returning players looking for raiding guild We are looking for a non-hardcore raiding guild that doesn't raid on Tuesday and Wednesday. We would prefer a casual guild that raids two/three times a week after 7PM and not past midnight server time Our current mains are: Prot Paladin Resto Druid (can be any other class/spec) Disc Priest HunterChitho0 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 [H] DH LF Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild I'm just going to test the waters regardless of the fact that this new class has an overabundance of people playing it. Just got back into the game after a 3 year hiatus. I was living in Japan and playing Warcraft was near impossible due to the lag and time difference. I started playing back in the beginning of Wrath doing progression raid Paladin tanking and completed 98% of all the Hard mode content there while it was current. I spent Cata on my hunter just doing normal mode casual raid progression with another guild. I'm more than willing to start raiding again. While I'm perfectly happy doing normal and heroic, I'm still on the fence for Mythic raiding. Mostly just because I'm out of practice. Hell, I'm still nervous about going into normal raiding. I honestly would prefer to DPS. I really only tanked because I was with my friends back then. However I wouldn't mind doing it if that content is only mythic dungeons or just laid back raiding. I'm not doing cutting edge progression tanking again. I'm pretty much available any time in the afternoon past 4PM PST except Mondays and Wednesdays. My BNet ID is Zengrenadier#1348 if you want to contact me.Lontoc2 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 <Order of Chaos> 13/13M LF Raiders <Order of Chaos> is currently 12/13 Mythic guild on Thrall, seeking progression-oriented players to establish a solid team for Legion. We offer a friendly social environment that also pushes forward into Heroic and Mythic Raids. Our main goal is to be competitive. We plan to clear each tier when it is relevant. We understand that raiding is not a job, but it is still a commitment. Our Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs; 9:45PM—1:00AM EST We are looking for all classes and roles, with a slight preference towards ranged dps. But Legion is a clean slate, so everyone gets to start anew. Loot Method: We use Loot Council consisting of 2 officers and 1 raider to distribute loot. Each week, raiders and officers are rotated to join the loot council to keep things fair. Everything is taken into account: attendance, attitude, consistency, recently awarded pieces, etc. Attendance Policy: You are allowed to miss 3 and a half hours of raid per month. Each time you are late, you are deducted for the amount that you are late. If you miss more than 3 and a half hours, you will be removed from the roster. However, if there are rl issues/concerns, then you will not be kicked off. If this is the case, it is important to maintain some communication with us about your situation. Expectations: -Punctuality: It is very important to be online on time and ready to pull by 10 PM. -Discord: Hopefully with a working microphone. Attentive listening skills. -Raid awareness: Dead dps does no dps. -Attendance: We understand real life stuff happens, but please stay committed as best as you can -Consistency in performance -A strong and clear understanding of your class. -Research fights! -Consumables: We do offer them to raiders via the guild bank, but please be prepared at all times Please add: Clazzical#1132 and/or ShikomeiTFC#1721 for more information :D Edit: Added some new policies/rules.Lialeanna16 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 11/13M Fire mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild I have 11/13M experience with my rogue. Any day from 8pm-1am realm time works the best for me. My battle tag is Scorn#1592 if you want to talk more to get more info!Aethâs1 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 <Advent Immortal> [H]-Thrall Recruiting We are looking to recruit to get a semi-hardcore H progression team put back together to hit the ground running in Legion. We are currently recruiting all roles for the raid team except for tanks (we have 2 set tanks but could bring on back ups as off spec). Our biggest need atm is ranged dps. I started running Advent Immortal in 2012 and have built it up with the help of a core group of officers and members (most of which are still here today). We plan to run the semi-hardcore team as well as a casual team. We also have a great social atmosphere in the guild! The progression team will take raids serious, need to show up on time, and be ready to raid. That being said we like to have a good time while raiding as well but plan to kill bosses. Still putting together raid days and times but looking to run one weekday and 1 weekend raid night. Will start at 7PM server time (Eastern) and end by 10PM server (if we run a weekend night it could go a bit past 10). The casual team will be more laid back and will mostly run normal and possibly older content. The main focus for this team will be to help people become semi-hardcore raiders and for those who just want to raid and have a good time. On the social side of things we keep guild chat pretty active most days. We have members that plan events for the guild to do outside of raiding. Trivia games, naked duels, and level 1 races across the world just to name a few. We are always coming up with contests and games for our non raiding members to get involved in. In general Advent Immortal is a big group of friends and family who like to get together and enjoy wow. We like to have fun but can be serious when needed. We accept all types of players as you can see. For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of my officers in game. Feel free to check out our guild site at Thanks for your time, Lectron- Bnet Lectron#1487Lectron7 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 [H] LF Semi Casual Raiding Guild (3 people) Hello! 3 of us are looking for a Semi-Casual raiding guild for Legion! We've been raiding on and off since the launch of the game and have completed a majority of the raids on the hardest difficulty while it was current. One is a DPS warrior at heart. One can play Druid, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Demon Hunter, or Monk. Heal or DPS. *Peebs I can play Death Knight, Druid, Warlock, Monk, or Demon Hunter. Also have a instant 100 for any other class. Tried to find some logs. Sparkels, Peebs, and Cupcake. Looking for a guild that raids on some of these days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.Syni3 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 LF H Raiding Guild Right now I'm on Hyjal and I love raiding with my guild but some things came up in life that aren't allowing me to raid with them and not be overtired lol. We raided 10-12pm EST Tue, Thur, & Sun and since it's a PST most of our raiders are on the west coast so that's 7-9pm for them. I have to get up between 5-6am depending on the day and I just can't do it anymore. Thing is most guilds on Hyjal raid around that time so I'm looking to move to an EST realm but before I do so I'd like to find a guild to raid with and that fits my schedule and progression wants. Availability Any time on weeknights from 8-10pm. Fri/Sat time doesn't matter as long as we're done by midnight Preferably 2-3 nights a week. Honestly I just want to raid. I don't really care what difficulty it is. I'd love to do mythic at some point but I'm not looking for a "world 1st, server 1st" kind of guild. I like having fun but I like getting things done as well. I prefer a more mature environment but one that can still have fun. I also enjoy doing things with my guildies outside of just raiding. Whether it be social events, old content, or trying to git gud at PvP lol. xD I plan to main WW for Legion but I'll be keeping my Lock as backup and wouldn't mind maining that either. I sadly do not have any logs on this toon (the one I'm posting on would be the one I xfer). We weren't allowed to swap toons for raiding until after prepatch, and after that we just stopped running logs. I wasn't running them on my own because I had no idea the life change would happen changing up my availability. Only reason we didn't push for mythic is because so late in the expansion everyone just stopped playing. But yeah details aside I'm just looking for a new place to call home and to raid with. I'd prefer a guild that has been around for a while. Sorry this is kind of long. Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it. :)Chí2 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 28, 2016 [H] DH Tank looking for Raiding Guild Hi, I (28) am looking for a Guild that is active and is in need of a Tank. I have Raid and Tank experience since Vanilla WoW, so yes I know all that funny stuff about stance dance building aggro etc. I know the needs of Foodbuffs and Flasks, enchantments and whatever you can think off. I used to get all my experience on the EU servers since I lived in Germany my whole life. I moved to the states couple years ago and so I am looking for a new home with dedicated players. My goal I would like to achieve is to get into mythic raids, I don't care about the time it takes to get there. If you have any questions just add me Vinnare#2624.Vínnare0 Aug 28, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 H-TR Tue/Thu 8:30p LF last spots for Legion! Twisted Reflection - Thrall [H] is a casual, friendly, yet progression-oriented raiding guild. We're looking to add a few more people to complete our 20-25 man roster for Legion. We value relationships and reliability over numbers. The aim is to bring in some great players who share the same friendly and mature attitude towards playing this game, but still have the desire to achieve great things. During Legion, the focus will be on clearing Normal and Heroic raid content, plus challenge ourselves with the new Mythic+ mode dungeons regularly. Raid Schedule (2 nights): Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30pm -> 11:00pm (EST timezone) Looking to recruit: Healers -Holy Paladin -Disc-Holy Priest Other classes not listed above at this point in time are also welcome to apply. All applications will be considered. :) Why join? Great people Strong leadership Zero drama Punctual raids Progression focused Alt friendly Free guild repairs Free flasks and food Team Speak server Monthly in-game giveaways Website If you are interested in joining contact us... via ccas1989#1192 via website: via email: or ask to speak to one of our officers in-game!Blackshifter1 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 LF 25k moose carry on alliance, thrall server, lf 25k moose carryZaydenn0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 MM Hunter and Resto Druid to find new home Not really sure if our guild is coming back after the ex pac launch so looking for a new how have seen plenty of mythic and have done alot of hardcore raiding. Btag me for more info Misubi#1118Ranimejo0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Day Time Raiding Guild LFM <Antiquated> is looking for recruits 3 Healers Resto Shammy/Monk/Resto Druid, also some DPS Hunter/Boomkin/Lock/Spriest/Rogue for Legion.Day time raiding Guild Wed/Thru/Fri 11a-3p CST.For more info PM me in game or visit our website http://antiquated.enjin.comViolentpride0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Biggest Guilds? Which guilds in Thrall have the largest member counts? I'm looking to join a large community for Legion.Azràel0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 WTB Felsteel Annihilator 600k As the title says, I'm a little late so I understand if I don't get a bite. Willing to pay 600k gold for a last minute mythic carry. Long time raider from Vanilla, too busy to hardcore raid anymore. Just picked the game back up a few weeks ago and would really like the mount if some guild could possibly carry me with their alt group or something. Sunday or Monday if possible. Reply here, or contact me in game on Mazzaroth.Mazzaroth0 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 [H]disc/holy priest lf raiding guild disc/holy priest lf raiding guild around 10-1 server time, any day of the week. up until the release of hfc I was actively raiding on a different server with the alliance. took a break when hfc was released. jumping factions and looking to get back into raiding with the release of legion.Givemeaspoon2 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 27, 2016 Any H or Ally weekend guilds recruting? I am looking for a horde or ally guild looking for either a druid ( guardian or heal ) or a Tank DH. Let me know ThanksLochtor1 Aug 27, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Recruiting for Legion and beyond!! Good day denizens of Azeroth. Risen is looking for you! Risen is a guild that is built on the notion of 3 ideas. No drama. Not treating people like they are just another inanimate object and having fun! The other core players and i have always done what we could to treat all players the way we want to be treated. With that being said we are now looking for like minded raiders and players who are happy with doing heroic/normal raids. We have no intention of doing mythic progression. During non raid times we love to pvp, do old content and just hang out and bull!@#$. Our raid schedule has not been set in stone atm. We normally wait until the xpac drops and get with the current guild members to see what days work best for everyone. The guild will raid 2-3 days a week for no more then 3 hours a raid. Raids will start at 8:pm server and end around 10:30-11pm server. Raid Requirements: * Everyone must have vent. Even if you don't like to talk. * Patience is a must! * Leave crybaby attitudes at the door! * Elitists need not apply. Classes needed for Legion: *Rdps mages, locks, hunters *Healers holy priest, disc priest, holy pallie, Resto druid So on that note.If you are laid back , not looking to get yelled at or cursed at in a raid or guild chat and love to have fun contact me in game or anyone in the guild. My battle Tag is Tiguris#1466Codes17 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Furry Warrior and Furry Hunteress LF Guild The guild we were raiding with all through WOD was filled with great people but we lost so many people during the down time waiting for Legion that the guild became a ghost town and that has left us looking for a new guild. I have been playing since 2006 and used to raid pretty Hard Core, someone who remembers what the game used to be like with having to CC mobs just to pull trash successfully. I played a mage during WOD, but with the changes I have no real interest in continuing to play the mage. I am currently playing my warrior (I know another Melee!) and have experience both as Fury and Protection. Not really looking for a full time tanking job, did enough of that back in Wrath, but I will be picking up the artifacts for Protection so I can off tank if needed, but I intend for Fury to be my main spec. I will also be applying with my wife, the Huntress. For the first part of my WOW life she just watched, near the end of MOP she finally decided to give WOW a try and now she is hooked. The mobility of the hunter works well with her play style, she has learned fast and is a solid raider. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Adult guild (We are both over 40 so want a mature adult guild) 2 or 3 nights a week around - 6-11pm EST We play this game for what it is, A GAME! We want to experience the content and kill the final boss, but it doesn’t have to be on Mythic. If you are driving for server firsts, and all that goes along with it, we won’t be a good fit. Everyone's time is important, so we look for our time raiding to be productive. We went 13/13H HFC back in November of 2015, it wasn't server first, but wasn't server last either! We are looking for a guild with the same out look and philosophy. If you think we might be a good fit, post and I will get back to you. Thanks ZulonZulon3 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Mage LF Guild late night weekdays Hi, I am looking for a guild that fits the following: Raid Times: Weekdays (not including Fridays) Starting 10pm EST preferably 11pm EST. Experience: I am interested in progression and having fun. I am currently 736+ ilvl 7/13 M HFC progression. I started playing back in WotLK and have experience in all expansions. Currently, I am trying to obtain as much gear as I can for Legion content. I want to level as fast as possible and being Legion raid progression. About me: 30 yrs old Male IT Security Professional Speak English & Chinese (Mandarin) Married with baby on the way due in March 2017 Work 9am PDT to 5pm PDT Please add my btag: stevenli6186#1768Wetrollin1 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Veteran Hunter I have been playing since late TBC to early WOTLK. I have been have been in leadership position where I would recruit, and help the guild with their needs. I love to raid at a high level play, and I am looking for a home. I am not looking for just a guild I am looking for a home, and place where I can chill with friends while having a common goal in mind. What I am looking for in a guild: - Chill guild to have a fun atmosphere -Competitive play - Awesome leadership What you can expect from me: - Extremely competitive - Coach ability - And willing to take my play to the next levelKronoz3 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 [A] <Phoenix Rising>Casual Guild LFM Phoenix Rising is an alliance guild that has been around since Vanilla. We are mainly a friends and family guild that is looking to expand our roster with like minded people. We consist of mainly working adults who have family's and jobs that enjoy playing WOW and other various games to unwind and relax. We do raid once a week (Thursday at 8PM Eastern) on Normal mode and do enjoy running mythic 5 mans. If you would like more information just let me know. Siven#1953Siven0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 [A] Mature player looking for new home Long story short, my Paladin has been in the same guild since vanilla, and a few expansions ago we switched to Thrall and Horde. They finally essentially dissolved, so I switched back to Alliance (where I always preferred) and now I'm looking for a group of people to play with, especially as things ramp up for Legion. I've played Paladin (mainly healing) since Vanilla, but have that sweet 100 boost if there's a need to be filled. Certainly interested in raiding, etc, but mostly interested in finding a new WoW home. Any Alliance guilds out there that sound like they'd fit the bill? Thank you in advance for your time!Tusva2 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Kaizen Gaming is recruiting! Kaizen Gaming Is recruiting any active friendly player, We're a raiding / social guild that is just now forming in preparation for Legion. We're small but growing fast. Our main goal is to form a raid team capable of handing mythic content for the release of legion, Being top 10 server is a priority. We are in dire need of a Resto Shaman or a Mistweaver Monk to round out our healing comp, As well as a verity of ranged DPS to balance out our DPS comp. Our raid times are Tuesday / Wedneday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 PST and we use Discord as our choice of voice comms. Requirements ----------------- - Know your class This is a big one.. We can't hope to progress into mythic content unless our raiders know their class!!!. We'd be more than willing to help you with your class if you have any troubles with it. - Attendance We can't expect to defeat the legions of Azeroth if our raiders decided not to show up to our war efforts!!! Please show up to raids. We understand if real life happens but please inform our raid leader/officers prior so that we can get a sub to fill in for you :). - Improvement Since we'll be pushing content improving yourself is that much more important. Learn your class even more, Practice dealing with raid mechanics, Add some addons that'll make it smoother to do your job..ect. Just improve yourself :). And we'll down those mythic bosses for sure! - Criticism Must be able to take criticism and not complain about it like a teenager. On the flip side, please make sure any criticism you give out is constructive!! Telling someone they're bad isn't going to solve anything. Telling someone about a way you think may be better than the way they've been doing things and then letting them take it from there...Now that's constructive and effective!!. - Preparation Coming to raid prepared with enchants, food buffs, pots and have looked up the boss fights are all important things that help make the raid go smoother. Please come prepared. We have plans to provide these things but until we can make that happen it's important you have them for yourself atleast. We can help with virtually anything you need to become raid ready. I know knowing your class is something we are looking for, We understand if you are still learning it..There were a ton of class changes!! We can help you learn it! :). On a more social side we're also recruiting all friendly players looking for a cool guild to call home for Legion. We'll do dungeons, transmog runs of old content, Questing, Answer any questions you may have about your class. We're here to help. But we need people!!! We can't hope to grow into a mighty community if people don't stick around. Stay for the long run, i promise it'll be worth it :). Together we will grow into a mighty legion that will defend Azeroth with shiny spells and cookies If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment below or add my battletag Luci@1740 and i'd be happy to answer any of your questions. If you would like to ask our GM and Raid leader questions directly you can add his battletag Panda#13962.Luciferhealz1 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Digital Underground ramping up for Legion <Digital Underground> Horde Thrall is ramping back up for raiding in Legion. The guild is a progression-minded 18+ group that is currently in need of Ranged DPS classes and a non-priest Healing class. Ranged: Shadow Priest Mage Lock Boomie <non melee> hunter Raid Times: Tuesday – 8pm to 11pm server Wednesday – 8pm to 11pm server Thursday - 8pm to 11pm server (only for progression) We do like to recognize raiders for outstanding performance on either a weekly or monthly basis. Raiders of the Week/Raiders of the Month are rewarded with mounts or other items. Guild will supply all consumables for raid as well. Our Raid lead does a very thorough log analysis of raids that is shared on forums. However, we expect raiders on the team to know their class, take constructive criticism well, analyze their own logs and study fights/strats. Guild was formed at the end of WoD and includes many players that have been playing together for years. We plan to take raiding seriously in Legion but also appreciate the fact this is a game. We are a sarcastic bunch that like to hang out in game outside of raid – transmog runs, achieve runs, drunk raid/dungeon nights, farming for gold, PvP , etc. If interested, please check out or b-tag: Deatharoc (Recruitment)– Smithling#1546 Kesuke (GM) - Kesuke#1100Kesuke9 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 Looking for late night raiding guild Hello, me and a number of friends are looking to join a raiding guild with raid times starting at midnight. We are also looking to raid preferably on Wednesday and Thursday but these days are not set in stone but the time is. If there is a guild out there please add my battle tag Dark#11979 to get in contact with me about it or post the info of the guild here on the thread. Thanks!Vynlordris0 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 26, 2016 New Guild Old Faces Hello to anyone who has taken the time to find this thread, and thank you for stopping by. Myself as well as a select handful of friends who have been raiding together throughout the many years we have all played the game, have decided that in Legion we are looking at raiding together once again. While we have some, we do not have enough at the moment for an official raid team. That is where you hopefully stray your way in. We have been hardcore raiders in the past at one point or another. But are now taking it down to a less demanding pace. Meaning that we take raiding seriously, yet all have families and other things going on in our lives now. Most of the guild so far are veteran raiders dating back to the early days in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. The lot of us are looking to start our own raid team on Thrall-Horde with raid times being around 8pm Central Time (6pm Pacific or 9pm Eastern time respectively). Now days haven't been solidified or timeslots quite yet but we are looking around 2 or 3 days a week around the time previously mentioned. That being said we are open to minor changes. Currently with the setup we have, we are open to recruiting any and all classes with the exceptions of; Holy Priest, Resto Druid, and DPS Warriors. If you are interested in medium-core raiding, mythic dungeons, casual PvP, group dailies, and a fun environment to call home with people of all playstyles, feel free to drop a comment with you Battle Tag below. Our goals for Legion are to progress at a reasonable pace all the while maintaining a fun environment. I know joining a "fresh" guild can be a scary thing, but let me reassure you that while the guild is new, the players made up of it are not new to the game, or playing with each other. We simply stand united under a new tabard and name. Again drop a comment below if you are looking for something maybe more serious than a super casual guild yet maybe more casual than a 5 day raiding guild with strict policies. Mature players only, 18+, drama free. Thanks again for reading and hope to see some fresh facesTrançe10 Aug 26, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 WTB Moose Run I had a longer post written but the forum demon ate it. Long story short: I saved up 37k to get a Moose Run. Before I could my mother was admitted into the hospital, and I had to spend two weeks staying with her. When I was able to return to my normal routine yesterday, I was quoted 3 separate times 60k+ for a moose run. I know people are greedy and trying to take advantage of the time frame, but honestly this sucks. So, I'm looking for some charity. I have 37k. You have the ability to get me my moose. Please help me make this happen. This is a bit of a hail mary on my part, but here's hoping.Sidhlot0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 [H] Tom Sellecks Mustache - 2 Day, 6-9pm EST <Tom Sellecks Mustache> Is recruiting raiders interested in pushing Heroic Raid content in Legion. Raid times: Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 pm (EST/Server) We will be using RC LootCouncil for our Looting system and Discord Voice App (BOTH Required for Raids) Currently Looking for: Hunter, Mage, Boomkin Please contact me or any guild member in game with any questions you may have! Thanks for reading!! -RekRekghar0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 Looking for Raiding Guild Good Day! So, I'll get right down to it, I'm an experienced WoW player who has returned to [H]Thrall for Legion. I tanked in Wrath, Healed as a priest for Cata -> WoD and am preferably looking to go back to tanking. Depending on the guild, I am willing to level and gear my Resto druid/Holy Pally first though. Ideally, I am looking for a guild with a tanking spot open for either a Vengeance DH or Prot Pally. I'm looking for a Semi-HC Raiding Guild with Weekday night Raid times (Doesnt matter what days or times, as long as it's at night) What you get from me: - Experience - Commitment - Flexibility with class/role - Flexibility with Raid Times If any of this sounds appealing, hit me up at Hazzyn#1322 or Gorkaan or Raxxul on Thrall. ThanksHazzynn1 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 [H] Ascent 13/13M Legion recruitment Moo. We're currently looking for a hunter, rogue, and holy paladin. We also may look at a feral druid, enhancement shaman, havoc demon hunter, shadowpriest and resto druid. Any class/spec is encouraged to touch base with us as recruitment needs can change in the blink of an eye. We cleared 13/13M, US 85th, World 342nd. Our raids are Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-11pm EST. I've been with the guild since 2002 in Everquest, and have known the then-founding officers since 1994 on a text mud. I'm one of the few people still around from our #1 world Ragnaros kill in vanilla. I highly recommend touching base with me, and/or catching one of our live or past raid streams. - our raidleader. You can contact me in game, I would be online as Kresge/Glayde/Oogga/Moomins or some other character. My RealID is Glayde#1541 You can also check in with: Newman#1572 Nightcrawler#1248Triviacow0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 NOIR IS RECRUITING Noir is a new guild for Legion. My focus is progression raiding. I am looking for players who are available for raids Fri-Sun with Sunday being optional. Once the team is ready raids will be from 10:00pm-1am (Eastern). I really want to push mythic content as i lost out on it in WOD. New players are welcome, and so are casuals. Currently in need of 1 tank and everything else. Plz mail or pst Urzos-Thrall or reply here for my BN id.Sohlja0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 LF RAID GUILD Pros Warr or Blood Dk both are 701 looking for raid serious weekend late night raiding guild. Looking for dedicated friendly playersSohlja0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 [H] <Scrubless> LFM 13/13M We are currently focusing on recruiting for our healing core. Healers are required to have DPS off specs. History <Scrubless> began raiding on US-Thrall as a 10 man guild in the fall of 2013 in Siege of Orgrimmar. After facing many trials and tribulations as most guilds did after the release of Warlords of Draenor, a steady focus and eager to push attitude kept us alive and well and we are still able to raid a casual fun 2-day schedule today. Raiding Environment Scrubless sees WoW for what it is, a game. With that said it is our philosophy to maintain a solid focus on progression while making sure that real life and fun are at utmost importance. There are many relationships within the guild that provide a relaxed, fun, and social raiding atmosphere. We recruit for the long term relationship, and not the short term. We want players who love the game, and love playing the game with the people they play with. Guild Enviroment There are many other activities to participate in inside the guild. There are weekly alt runs, normal runs, farm cleanup, dungeon spamming and challenge modes. Outside of WoW players actively play other games together such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, LoL, Smite, Diablo, Overwatch and many more. The TS3 server is always very active throughout the day and night, and functions somewhat like a small community. Current Class/Role Desires Currently we have strong desires for healing classes with strong DPS off specs. All applicants are encouraged to apply, even if your class or role isn't currently our focused role in recruitment, any class with strong logs will be considered. If you aren't looking for a Mythic raiding experience or are just looking for a fun casual guild to call home, we consider you as well. We are always looking for great, solid and fun people to build a community with. For more information visit us online at or for recruiting conversation add one of the following cran#1405 (Guild Master) Kahn#1170 (Raid Leader) Tygerion#1828 (Officer) Schedule Tuesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Wednesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Third day TBD. Legion Scrubless will be putting a harder focus on progression in Legion. The biggest change is the addition of the 3rd raiding day. In addition loot will shift to Loot Council. Please note that we will begin Legion with a 3 day raiding schedule, and dial back to two days 8 weeks into a new tier. At the beginning of each tier we will raid 3 days a week. It is very important that you are able to adjust your schedule in this manner.Cransform10 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 25, 2016 <Brain Power> 13/13H On Thrall LFM! Brain Power is a relatively new guild formed with the purpose of providing an awesome community while raiding in Legion. Brain Power is a guild that was created by like-minded people with the goal of creating a community of awesome individuals who are looking to mesh together and have an awesome time, while clearing any goals they may have in the game. We created this guild with the mindset of doing something special, and to create a place where people log in and see those in which they know they will have an awesome time, no matter what it is they are trying to do. Our main goal is to raid however, and with that we created a schedule in which those people who want to be a part of our team will be able to clear all available content the game has to offer, without feeling like they're not enjoying themselves. Schedule Our raiding schedule is set up so we are able to have enough time to clear what we can, without anyone getting stressed out, or feeling as if we are raiding way longer than we should be. The raiding schedule is as follows: Raid Days: Tuesday-Thursday (with Friday being an optional day if people want to continue) Raid Time: 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific) for raid start. Raid Hours: We will be raiding 3 hours every raid day. What you can expect from us Our core leadership has been together many years, and have experience in all types of PvE content, over the course of many games. We can assure that our goal is to create a place where you will be able to complete any goal you may have for yourself, without feeling the stress of time constraints or harsh rules. If you're the type of person that likes to do things at their own pace, you will find a home here. While all players will be looked at and considered, we're really looking for the following classes to round out our roster before Legion: -Hunter, preferably ranged. -Resto Druid with DPS Off-spec Contact information If you are interested in joining our awesome community, or are looking to find out more info, you can contact us through any of this information Website: Recruitment team: Vareno (Vareno#1806) and Daddywarbux (Daddywarbux#1153)Krazgre0 Aug 25, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 Transfer Destination I am looking for a new realm going into Legion as Eitrigg/Shu'halo has been slipping into death for quite some time now. How is Thrall from an Alliance point of view? Its listed as a medium population realm, that feel accurate? Thanks for input.Grimston3 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 <Ascended> LFM core raid spots open! Basic Information; Guild: Ascended Server: Illidan(Horde) Website: Currently under construction, will be up soon! Previous Progression: Mixed players from various mythic levels between 6-13/13 Mythic. Current Progression: Prepping for Legion! Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday 7-11 server. A little about us: Howdy, Ascended is a recently reformed guild of previous mythic raiders looking to recruit for Legion. A majority of our members came from a guild(Volatile) on Whisperwind with the hopes of starting anew and pushing the limits. We believe that with a new roster of fresh people mixed with our veterans that we can go beyond what is necessary and power through the new expansion. We are recruiting mostly DPS and healers at the moment. We are looking for preferably ranged DPS with the exception of hunters but we are also accepting melee. Listing your previous experience with both raiding and group environments is a must. Mythic raiding is the core part of our raiding group and is what we strive for but we also allow those looking to be social and join a guild for the perks and potential friendship. If you are looking to join for the social aspect make sure to specify. Reasons to join our guild: We are a guild of friendly people looking to progress in world of warcraft and have a fun time. We are of a very proficient background in raiding and thus consider ourselves a solid roster looking to bolster our ranks. Our veterans strive on making sure everyone is doing the best of their abilities and are looking to help all those who join with the aspirations of raiding. For the casual people just looking for a social environment then look no further, we focus on raiding but we are very friendly and helpful with the overall experience of world of warcraft. You'll find our guild a nice place to relax and enjoy the company. Advanced Information: We want our raiders to be consistent and of a good nature. If you are willing to improve and learn then you would make a great choice. We greatly value those with the ability to adapt and learn very greatly. Our loot system is going to be "Loot Council" which refers to the loot being distributed by the GM and the fellow officers. Add Cody#11803 on for any other questions!Wowimôp0 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 [H]<Striders> LFM Heals/DPS Legion Raiding. disbandedDaraice4 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 [H] <Hardcore Casuals> Legion W/Th 8-11p EST Hardcore Casuals (Horde, Thrall) is a tight knit group focused on progressing through Mythic in Legion. We are looking for reliable, mature, and dedicated raiders to fill out our roster. Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday, 8-11PM EST Needs: DPS (solid healing offspec is a huge plus) If you choose to raid with us, you can expect a fun (but focused) raiding experience. We only raid two nights a week and lead busy lives outside of the game, so we try to make the most of the time we have. Please contact either Chickenoodle (Chickenoodle#11478) or Quadrillion (time0ut#1103).Taruos24 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 [H] LF Mythic Guild DK or WW DPS Short Version Looking for a Mythic capable guild. One that clears each mythic tier while it's current. 3 or 2 nights a week, having an alt raid once a week would be a bonus. Monday and Saturday nights are the only days I'm not available. DK or Monk DPS. I know the leather slots may be tight. Good/solid player, never been involved in drama, relatively quiet. A nice guy! Experienced, have played since vanilla on and off. I Was 80-94 ranking on most fights with some orange ranks as well. Come prepared with required reading and put the time and research it takes to perform my best. P.S I hail from a small server, Stonemaul, but have moved here as of now. Long Version Inc wall of text I will give my background so that perhaps you can get a picture of the kind of player I am, and the guild I am looking for. I will bring up some guild ranks, and personal dps ranks, but that is not what I'm all about(although who doesn't like a nice rank). As you will hopefully see, I want to fit in skill wise more than anything. Class History In a raid environment I've played (not lfr or normal type) DPS - Ret, DK, Spreist, Boom, Feral, Warrior Heals - Druid, Pal, Priest I have all classes at 100(pretty common id assume) and have played most specs in the game to the point of understanding them. Raiding History Hang in there till cata if you've made it this far lol.. -Vanilla- A little late and a class swap. Was to far behind to be considered. -TBC- Found a guild that performed decently well in vanilla. Things didn't go as planned, alot of people ended up leaving turned into a 10 man. Moved to another guild, same thing. Both ended up giving up. Only 2 guild actually proved to be serious raiders, and again by the time I figured that out, was to far behind. Gave up raiding for a while. I did raid as ret on my paladin nearer the end, but it wasn't end game content, but for our gear levels was challenging and ppl were competent. Was ok atleast. -WoTLK- Made it #1 priority to secure a good guild. Found a guild that was consistent in Vanilla and TBC. Was horde first 80 DK, used that and a friend to get a trail, was quickly accepted and was top DPS on most fights. Admittedly DK's were very strong at the time. We were top guild during first two tiers at which point RL job/work/relocate intervened. Sadly couldn't play till near the end, they had already stopped raiding as icecrown was clear. -Cata- Stayed in same guild . Lost raid leader but I didn't know that at the time. Was resto druid was me and another guy top heals alternating. Guild thought it was failing because it lacked a paladin healer, I switched. Paladins were admittedly strong early. Was top heals, but didn't solve anything. Many problems. Was able to beg my way into the top (only serious non 10 man) guild. Switched to Spreist. This was during BWD. This guild was awesome and I had a ton of fun. Got good world/us (sub 500 on several)ranks in BWD and was very strong going into Firelands. We got very good rankings in world/us up to rag. The raid was probably 85% good/great players. Rag ended up taking a LONG time to kill People quitting, replacing, learning etc. Had switched to DK after we started doing rag, for aoe, was top dps most pulls. Guild weaker now, went into dragon soul, still made good pretty good numbers. Got quite a few ranks on my DK, including a world 5th on one fight. Overall, I loved playing the game after I got into the good guild. I didn't feel like a stand out, I felt like one of many good players. Even players I considered better than myself, to strive to their level. Lots of cool people. I would love to feel this again. -MoP- Skipped it. Hated the theme, and was a little burnt out ever since rag. -WoD- Came back near end of MoP, good guild had died after cata. Found some old school people that have played from vanilla. Was pretty decent, able to clear heroics, but mythic progression was pretty bad. Most people weren't even that interested in clearing it. Think we had 3 mythic highmaul bosses dead when foundry came out. Many nights we wouldnt even have enough people to raid. I got discouraged. Ended up quitting about the time we had 3 mythic BRF bosses down. Few great players, but many lower players. It was alot of old friends and progression wasn't that important. I understand that, but that's not what I want. I was boomkin, got 80-95% ranks for the most part, and a few 95+ in each tier... Admittedly not many mythic ranks because there wasn't much of that going on. Summary of it all. I have way more fun playing the game with people on my level, that share a common goal. I pull my weight, and if I feel I'm not, I'm going to figure out why, and improve. I hope someone here has a slot for me! :) Hope this wasn’t too....too much. Any questions please feel free to ask! t1tan#11256Zurieal0 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 <Ascent> of [US]-Thrall M-HFC Mount Giveaway Hello Thrall! On Tuesday, August 23rd, <Ascent> of [US]-Thrall (Horde) will be hosting a giveaway for a free Mythic Archimonde boss kill including the “<Name>,Defiler’s End” title and the mount, Felsteel Annihilator! This will be the final raid lockout with the mount having a 100% guaranteed drop chance due to the launch of the Legion expansion changing it to become an extremely rare drop similar to other mounts like Mimiron’s Head or Invincible. We will be streaming the event after our other raid group sells another Mythic Archimonde kill in a separate raid lockout. We are still looking for a buyer for that other Mythic Archimonde kill, so feel free to contact me at my BattleTag, Bitters#1142, if you want to go with the safe option to ensure you get one of the last Felsteel Annihilator mounts before Legion. We’re just going to go with the highest gold offer on Thrall (Horde), but expect somewhere around 1 million gold or more. ~~~Contest Rules~~~ --Who can enter? You must be willing to provide your BattleTag. Additionally, that account must have a lvl 100 Horde character on a US realm that is not saved to any bosses in Mythic Hellfire Citadel on Tuesday, August 23rd. You must also be available between the times of 8:55 - 10:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday, August 23rd, for confirmation of winning and the actual boss fight. --What exactly do you win? The winner will get to join the raid group for a Mythic Archimonde kill and will gain the achievement, Defiler’s End title, and Felsteel Annihilator mount. Other boss kills and other loot will not be included. --How do you sign up for the event? Just fill out an entry form. It’s simple and takes less than a minute. *Note: Please limit entries to 1 per BattleTag. I am going to eliminate and discard all duplicate BattleTags and invalidly posted forms. Additionally, duplicates may be disqualified and have their BattleTag blacklist entirely at my discretion for not following the contest rules. --When is the winner announced? On the night of Tuesday, August 23rd, I will disable form submissions at 7:30pm Eastern as the cutoff point for all entries. Then at 9:00pm Eastern, I will broadcast a livestream at ( >>> <<< ) of the Google Docs spreadsheet with all valid applicants listed in order of entry as well as the selection of the winner. I’ll be using a simple number randomizer from to pick someone from the list. Then, I’ll attempt to add that person’s BattleTag and give them 3 minutes to accept the request and the invite to the raid group. If they do not join the raid group within the 3 minute timer, that person will forfeit their entry and I will reroll and pick another random entry with a new 3 minute timer. Finally, because I don’t want to look up every contestant ahead of time, I’m going to wait to check until after the random roll to see if the character selected already has the Felsteel Annihilator mount via Armory, and if so, obviously disqualify them and start another random roll. Also, please make sure to not get saved to Mythic Hellfire Citadel that day, because the event will not be rescheduled and the randomly selected character will forfeit their entry if unable to zone into the instance. Winning is non-transferrable. Thanks for reading and good luck on your entry! ~~~About Ascent~~~ -We are a 13/13 Mythic raiding guild that finished Warlords of Draenor at US 85th with our first Mythic Archimonde kill on November 23rd. -The guild has been around for ages, well before World of Warcraft released, with some members knowing each other for nearly 20 years (which is older than some of our raiders!) -We’ve had several guild member meetups such as Blizzcon 2015, and even a few marriages and childbirths due to the relationships that began here. With more of each coming soon in the near future! -Ascent had the world first Ragnaros kill in vanilla on April 25, 2005. -Ascent also has several notable figures in the gaming community, such as: -The 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and current world record holder for the 110m men’s hurdles, Aries Merritt -A Simulationcraft senior developer -The original creator of Weak Auras, Mirrormn We are always recruiting excellence, so feel free to apply! www.ascent-guild.comBitterst35 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 [H] Proper Villains Recruiting for Legion We are new to the server. Transferred and faction changed a few months back. Seriously, we're just looking for some folks who want to have a good time. As close to stress free as you'll find in a guild, Proper Villains is a tight knit, first name basis group that is looking for more. We're too old for the drama. We like to think of ourselves as a group of friends who play WoW together rather than pixels. We have become good friends on Azeroth and outside WoW as well. We will raid normal and heroic, do mythic+ dungeons, casual pvp, and play other games on our off raid nights. We play most other Blizz titles as a group when we can. If you're tired of being a number in a group or just a tool used to advance to the next boss and are ready to just have some fun and clear content, Proper Villains is the place for you. Come play!Havocweasel1 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 24, 2016 [H] - Thrall <Immortal Phoenix> Hello everyone! A little background on the guild, and who we are. <Dark Phoenix> was created in mid 2009 by our GM Valyindra. Her goal was to create a guild with a family base atmosphere where everyone knew each other. We get on everyday, know the same familiar names, faces, and joke around as a group. We were on Ghostlands until early 2015 where the guild had a drop of members. A lot of players either quit, some transferred, while the rest remained staying more casual within the guild. In early 2015 Val decided to transfer the guild to Thrall to revitalize it, and refreshed the guild. With the new name <Immortal Phoenix>, many of the core group transferred with her, and we're still together as a family. I write all this, to let everyone know who we are. We are recruiting people for our core raiding group, but don't want people if their whole purpose is to raid. We are a family here, we joke around, we make fun of each other, we laugh with each other, we cry with each other, and are there for one another in times of need. We understand life comes first. (I know, all guilds say that) but, when something comes up, you've been replaced within the group and can't get your spot back when you come back. Not with us. We all have raid experience within the guild, and would love to push mythic content someday. However, that isn't our main goal. Our main goal is to enjoy the game to the fullest content as possible. This means if we have to take baby steps in order to advance, then that's just what we'll do. We will complete the end game content, just won't be breaking any records. If this sounds like the type of guild you want to join and be apart of, by all means come whisper one of us. We'd love to hear from anyone, and always have an empty chair open for good company. Oh, we're not just recruiting for our raid group. If you just want the family like environment, everyone is welcome! Valyindra (Gm) Djhavok/Havok#1570 (That's me!) Kunmak/Hydrostatic#1830(raid lead)Djhavok6 Aug 24, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Enhance Shaman LF Raiding Guild for Legion With a new expansion coming out soon, I decided that it would be the perfect time to get into raiding once again. The guild that I'm looking for is one that is aiming towards Heroic progression for Legion. A guild that allows for mistakes to happen and is friendly towards helping others learn and grow as raiders but that also gives criticism when mistakes happen to often. I also want to be in an active guild both inside and outside of raids, a guild that schedules events and keeps the chat alive as it makes the experience of being in a guild more enjoyable. I will be using this shaman as my main for Legion and I will be maining Enhancement. However, I am open towards learning the other specs that my class offers if necessary. I am looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days a week, I'm available at Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM-12:00 AM server time although I might be able to allow for more time. As for past raiding experience, I started raiding in MoP at 5.4 and ended up achieving a progression of 8/14 H for SoO. I wasn't as active in WoD, only doing LFR and eventually taking a break from WoW but I now have returned for raiding in Legion. Send a message either in-game or in here if you offer what I'm looking for and are interested in having me as part of a raiding team.Gustchaser1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 23, 2016 Is Alliance dead on this server? I know there isn't that high of an alliance population on this server, but are they active? Overall the server still has the 20th or so highest Alliance population (last 30 days), so idk. Is it worth putting down some Alliance roots here?Shalalar1 Aug 23, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 Transfer to Thrall and Guild Recruitment Hello, I'm fairly new to wow and apparently I made a mistake clicking on "new player" server Dalaran. Only one guild has completed mythic HFC 13/13 so progression raiding guilds on that server are pretty much non-existent compared to other servers. I am currently in one of the few guilds that is 13/13 Heroic HFC and they took me through it last week which was great but that is where it ends. Chat is dead mostly, no one uses vent except for raiding, aka not much interaction between the players going on. The first guild I was in was pretty much the same. Only today did I look into the issue and it is mostly a Dalaran server issue. A lot of "twinks" and new casual players not really looking to get into raiding. That said, Thrall seems like a good choice to transfer to for progression raiding guilds. I can tell by the forum posts alone that this server is much more active. I don't expect to be accepted into a top mythic guild but I am a mature competent player who's nature dictates excessive research into anything I do. I'd like to apply to a mature/active guild that is serious about progression raiding and also likes to bull!@#$ the rest of the time. In closing... 1.) Thoughts on transfer to Thrall? 2.) Any Herioc/Mythic guilds recruiting that are willing to train up a new raider for your team? Thanks All! P.S. Maining Affliction Warlock (Willing to change based on needs) Schedule is very open Age: 28Kodinis1 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 [H] Death Knight LFGuild Hello, I like many others am returning to play legion. Mainly I am looking to enjoy some of the harder 5 man content. Mythic + Dungeons, and the 5 man Karazhan. However I am also open to raiding 1-2 times a week. Preferably late on Friday/Saturday, Saturday/Sunday mornings, or some combination of both of those. My raiding experience mainly goes back to Vanilla and BC. In BC we did the 10 man raids, and in vanilla I did molten core, onyxia, ZG, AQ20, and a portion of black rock. Right now I am aiming to be DPS, but would be willing to switch to tank if that is what is needed more. Send an in game mail or leave a message here is probably the best way to get a hold of me.Saddeus0 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 [H] Paladin LF Raid Guild Primary Spec: Retribution Off Spec: Protection and Holy Times available & time zone: 7pm-Midnight(ish) eastern for weekdays. Any time on weekends. Contact info: Lucient#1682 or reply here and I should see it. I'm a returning player looking for a guild to raid Legion with. I led 10 man raids in BC and Wrath as well as raiding in a 25 man guild from Wrath through Cata. I did not play during Pandaria or WoD until reactivating recently for the release of Legion. I'm an altoholic so I can help with secondary raid groups with heals (Druid/Shaman) or tank (Druid/DK) alts. I also like to play all the paladin specs in order to fill in for absent members when needed.Lucìent3 Aug 22, 2016
Aug 22, 2016 [H] LF Guild Rated BG's Looking for a guild that does Rated BG's and some PVE content.Torchia0 Aug 22, 2016