Sep 21, 2016 <Somewhat Immortal> is recruiting! Somewhat Immortal is a horde guild on US-Thrall, established in March of 2016. Our guild was founded by a group of friends who found that many of our prior guilds were either all about raiding or strictly social. We decided to make something better - a guild that values both raid progression and friendship. We've had great success building Somewhat Immortal, and we now have an active guild with a full raid team and members who log in both inside and outside of raid. Besides raiding, we have members who enjoy running old raids, PvP, levelling, and mythic dungeons. As for our raiding, we cleared heroic HFC in early July, and we are looking to continue our momentum heading into the heroic and mythic raiding of Legion. We raid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8-11 PM EST. We are always looking for both social members and any great raiders. For more info, please contact: MameJenny#1736 (recruiter) michael911#1151 (raid leader)Cicaellia11 Sep 21, 2016
Sep 21, 2016 [H] <Preeminent> New Guild LF Serious Raiders <Preeminent> is a newly formed guild on Thrall from a group of players looking for a new home. We are comprised of veteran players that have tons of raid experience but also enjoy kicking back and having fun, it is a game after all. We are looking to fill a small tight knit group of players for Normal/Heroic and Mythic progression. We are looking for well rounded players that willing to learn and accept criticism. We wish to take the best players that we can so that everyone can have a good time. Our raid times are set for W/TH 10 - 12:30 Server Time. If you think you may be looking for the same kind of guild feel free to add me on real id: Ryepizor#1951 or Krilia#1752Ryepizor5 Sep 21, 2016
Sep 21, 2016 Thrall Streamer Hey guys I'm a WoW streamer playing on thrall check out my twitch channel if you are interested in watching or playing with meàke0 Sep 21, 2016
Sep 21, 2016 Ire - Horde recruiting for Emerald Nightmare Guild Name: Ire Faction: Horde Raid Night: Wednesday with possible Sundays (optional) for Mythic + dungeons. Raid Times: 8:30 PM to 11 PM Server Who is Ire? Ire is one night a week raid guild made up mostly of real life friends who have been raiding together since The Burning Crusade, as well as a few good people we have picked up along the way (usually on these forums). We have a very good chemistry and down new content on a consistent basis. What we require out of our raiders: Since we only raid one night per week, we do not have time to play around. A raider must: 1) Show up on time for raid with the necessary consumables 2) Be able to stay until end of raid at 11 PM. 3) Follow instructions well 4) Have Discord with a working mic if possible 5) Be a team player - no whining about loot (See below for loot rules) Previous Progression: 13/13 Heroic HFC Progression Goals: We plan to complete all bosses of each raid on the normal, then move on to Heroic difficulty. If normal ends up being too easy, we will go directly to Heroic. Current Class Needs: All classes will be considered. However, our current needs are 1 to 2 Healers and 1 to 2 Ranged DPS with an emphasis on Hunters and Warlocks. Item Level Requirements: 835+ Loot Rules: Loot rules are a bit different in Ire. We normally have a free roll on most loot. The winner of the loot then goes to the back of the line (unless no one needs a later piece of loot - then it is free roll again). Our group has this down to almost a science and we do not tolerate greedy players. We gear up as a group. Anyone in the guild will gladly pass, even after winning a roll, if it is a bigger upgrade for someone else! If interested: Please message myself (Lawgiver#1365), Angylic (Angylic#1504), or Ezili (Ezili#1362) on real ID or respond to this post as we will be checking it daily.Pyró0 Sep 21, 2016
Sep 20, 2016 [H] <Knights of Juicy> LF Heals+RDPS Faction: Horde Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday, 7 PM - 10 PM EST About Us: <Knights of Juicy> is a casual raiding guild on Thrall with a close-knit team of friendly, open, and accepting officers along with fellow members that love to experience new content together as well as progress through higher difficulty content. We are nearly two months old, but have grown quite a lot since then and it has become one big family. We strongly value the social aspects of WoW while taking full advantage of end-game content such as raiding and Mythic dungeons. Teamwork is also another aspect of this game that we love, and have made use of the hardworking yet fun atmosphere in the guild to clear 8/10 Mythic dungeons in Legion (Arcway and CoS incomplete), as well as clearing 8/8 Mythic dungeons during WoD. On top of doing end-game content as a guild, we also enjoy running classic/legacy content. We currently have a great 10-man core raid team but are in dire need of a second healer to start patch 7.1 content right away. For the most part we are looking for a H. Priest, H. Paladin, or Resto Druid as our current healer is a Resto Shaman. We are also looking for Ranged DPS, specifically a Mage or Elemental Shaman. As far as raid difficulty goes, we plan on sticking with 10-man raiding up into Mythic, but if we get enough willing members a larger raid team is always something we could strive for. Overall, I would say that we are a guild built around having fun with fellow guildies and are a lighthearted bunch that has become like a family overtime. We are not hardcore by any means, but would love someone that wants a casual atmosphere as well as wanting to raid on the weekends. Voice Chat: We use Discord for raiding and socialization. Contact Info: Leodrome (Active times: 4 PM-12 PM PST) , Peeg (Active times: 11 AM EST-7 PM EST), Datjuice (Active times: 2 AM EST- 1 PM EST)Leodrome1 Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016 <Death Rattle Raiders> LF New or Returning <Death Rattle Raiders>Thrall-US is a newly formed but tight knit group of friends looking to expand our progression raider ranks. Raid nights are Tuesday & Wednesday with a possible weekend day to push progress if needed. Looking for a few healers (Shammy/druid preferred for main healer spots) and a couple solid dps (open to any class) to round out our raid team. We plan on pushing heroic content with possible mythic progress at a steady (not casual or hardcore) pace. Accepting players new and old, willing teach and help grow!! Have ventrillo and the will to progress, any questions feel free to drop me a message or add me on bnet! YourNobody#1591!!Yournobody0 Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016 Last Light - Healers and DPS Needed - Thrall Last Light is a newly formed progression raiding guild. It has been founded by a group of experienced raiders looking for a friendly progression environment. We are currently looking for healers and dps for our primary raid group and our goal is to have 20 people ready for mythic progression. At the moment we have no limitations based on spec, and currently looking for a DPS with a tanking offspec. Our raid time is currently scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-11, and we will be using Discord for voice chat. Feel free to contact us in game, or reply to this post for questions or an invite: Krïxx (Alt code 139) HeieKrïxx2 Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016 LF new home I am thinking about transferring to a horde pve realm. It seems a lot of people recommend thrall, at least they have in the past. I was wondering if it is still a good medium-high pop pve server?Turtlestack1 Sep 20, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 H-Looking for a casual, yet active guild. Title pretty much says it all. I am a 102 level priest looking for casual guild.Maisseigh1 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 844 Enh Shaman LF Semi-hardcore raiding guild I'm currently looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild that raids anytime between 7:00pm to midnight server, any days are fine. I'm looking for a guild that will consistently clear the content before the next content is released. if its months or a few days before the next content is released that's fine with me. All I care about is it being done. Note worthy accomplishments: Gul'dan realm first heroic Ra'den and Lei shen Reaching world 5th dps on Ultraxion heroic for Enhancement Shaman Being a co-founder and officer of Regicide-Blackrock that went from no experience to 11/14 in heroic 25m SOO in less than 2 months. About me: I'm a Veteran raider who chooses to go above and beyond with his ability. I research fights into the ground, I prepare how I will tackle a fight beforehand, And I come ready for raids long before they start. I have excellent raid awareness and I always do whatever it takes to bring the best performance possible to my class. I'm currently 21/34 for my Enhancement artifact and will be able to work on a resto offspec artifact if needed for specific encounters. Disclaimer: I cannot and will not play Elemental. Raiding experience during content. I started in late BC didn't start end game content until WOTLK Full cleared 10 and 25 Naxx 13/14 10m ulduar no hms (missed Yogg) 9/14 25m ulduar no hms (missed Freya, Mimron, General Vezax, Yogg, Algalon) 11/12 heroic ICC 10m (missed LK) 8/12 heroic ICC 25m (missed Deathwhisperer, Prof P, Sinestra, LK) 10/13 Heroic T11 10m (missed Cho'gall, Nefarion, and Sinestra) Skipped out on Firelands after my guild broke up 6/8 heroic DS 10m this is where I ranked 5th for enh shaman, Didn't get to complete for needing to bench melee for spine/madness. Skipped raiding during T14 13/13 Heroic TOT 10m 11/14 Heroic SoO 25m (missed out on Siegecrafter, Paragon, Garrosh) Didn't complete because I didn't want to do post mythic nerf. Skipped all of WoD. Horrible xpac, and I've hated it since day 1. If interested post here or contact me via Blank#1961Blank0 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 LF Late Night or Morning Raid Group I work second shift, therefore, I am not available to raid during typical evening hours. I would be available from 12am-3am or 9am-12pm est. I am not looking for hardcore, in your face, mythic progression. I would prefer a happy medium, with a semi-laid back atmosphere. If you have any questions, my battletag is: Trixietotems#1494Bellatríx0 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 19, 2016 840 Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Looking for a relatively laid back guild looking to push heroic / mythic content. No specific time slot required, but would prefer later in the night (8 EST+) Former US Top 100 Healer Raiding since Vanilla - Healer since day 1 Served various roles throughout BC, WotLK, Cata, & MoP (GM, Healing Lead, etc) Did not play during WoD Currently 840 iLvlPeßßle1 Sep 19, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 840 Rogue LF Guild Just transferred realms I'm very active Looking for a PVE/PVP Guild doing Mythics and are looking for core members for Raid teams. Pst me ingame - Zhinn or battletag - LowC#11997Zhinn0 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 [H]<Striders> is seeking Healer and DPS 835+ disbandedDaraice1 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 18, 2016 Fire Mage Looking For Active Raiding Guild Hello Everyone! I am looking for an active guild that will be doing heroic/mythic raiding and mythic dungeons. I am avaliable Fri-Sun late night/early morning (midnight to noon est roughly). I am currently 841 fire mage doing mythic 5mans but my guild is not as active as i hoped and i am stuck in the pug life haha. If anyone has any openings please let me know. Thank you!Charnes0 Sep 18, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 Prot Paladin LF Mythic Raiding Guild Add me at Paul#13837 or reply here. I'm not willing to change realms.Paul2 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 [H] Last Light - Recruiting Raiders Last Light is a newly formed progression raiding guild. It has been founded by a group of experienced raiders looking for a friendly progression environment. We are currently looking for healers and dps for our primary raid group and our goal is to have 20 people ready for mythic progression. At the moment we have no limitations based on spec, and currently looking for a DPS with a tanking offspec. Our raid time is currently scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-11, and we will be using Discord for voice chat. Feel free to contact us in game, or reply to this post for questions or an invite: Krïxx (Alt code 139) HeieKrïxx0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 [H] <Steel War> casual open recruitment <Steel War> was originally created as a guild for a few friends that was looking to get into a little bit of everything mainly raiding. Some of us are 830+ ilvl so far and some are higher. We are currently looking for a variety of people for mythic dungeons. I'm wanting to start normal raids on the 20th when they come out and then progress from there.Fiberz0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 [H] <Golems> Recruiting for Heroic/Mythic About Us: Golems is a start up Horde guild looking to grow into a Mythic raiding team. Many of us are long-time friends, so we are able to maintain a fun environment while still progressing through higher tiers of content. We will be starting with Heroic raids until we can field a Mythic team. We also do Mythic dungeons as a group and will continue with Mythic+. Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday, 9:00pm-12:00am Server Time (EST). These days/times are subject to change as the guild grows and availability is fleshed out. Recruiting: We are currently accepting all applicants. For raiding, we are full on tanks and are primarily looking for healers and DPS (especially ranged). For dungeons, we will be able to create additional Mythic+ teams with new members, so all specs are welcome. Expectations: We are looking for people who are laid back and have a sense of humor while also being capable and willing to progress. Positive attitudes and reliable attendance are the main attributes we want in our group. Comprehension of your class/spec and encounter mechanics are also good. If You're Interested: Nockloz#1207Nockloz0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 DH Looking for Raiding guild 8-11PM EST A competent and mechanically inclined player is looking for a new home. I played jungle in Plat 1 in League of Legends. I understand the oversupply of DHs and am willing to sit in bench if you are currently full. I spent a lot of time leading casual raids during WOTLK. My then-friends weren't interested in progression, but now they're gone, and it's very much something I always wanted to do. I understand all requirements for raiding such as practicing rotations, reading guides, finding out BiS list, having vent, having add ons, attendance, not standing in fire etc. I am a grown-!@# man now and can only raid 8 to 11PM EST. (same as server time) I want to dps but I will be keeping a raid ready tank offspec. I might also play something else if raiding as DH turns out to be an impossible task. Currently thinking holy pally, resto druid, or combat rogue. /shrug Give me a chance, and you will love me. Scrub#11272Nuplazid0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 840 enh shaman lf small weekend guild Nothing hardcore friday/saturday nights would be good also have an active guild chatRafalar0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 &amp;lt;Kanye West&amp;gt; LF Mythic Raiders for Legion Hello everyone! I’ve come here to hopefully find some like-minded individuals who are interested in mythic raiding for Legion! If you have a hardcore mindset but aren’t interested in spending every night raiding, <Kanye West> may be a good fit for you! We're a core of 11/13 mythic raiders looking to complete Legion content before the next tiers are released. Raid roster needs: Tank - Closed Healers- 1-2 Healers (including 1 a with DPS offspec) Melee- 1-2 assorted Ranged- 1-2 assorted While we aren't recruiting specific classes because our roster isn't completely fleshed out (and people haven't fully decided what they would like to play for legion), if you are interested in any fashion please contact us! Raid schedule: Sun, Mon, Wed 7-10 server time Who we are: At <Kanye West> the majority of our core are real life friends and have known each other for over 10 years. All of us have varying experiences playing this game, many of us having played since Vanilla. We’ve played video games together starting in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft, and have continued ever since.. Many of us have raided in “hardcore guilds”, a few of us being in a US top 50 guild during Wrath of the Lich King. Recently, we just finished raiding with another guild here on Thrall, who we managed to clear 11/13 Mythic HFC with. Currently, we are prepping for Legion Mythic raiding. The goal is to have a fully-functioning roster of people (including alts) raring to go for the expansion release date. The roster is sitting at around 15 people, but we’d greatly like to shore that up! What we can offer you: Here at <Kanye West>, we take raiding pretty seriously, while also having fun at the same time. We promise to offer a raiding environment that will foster progression, and other such guild events. We frequently conduct Alt raids, and are currently gearing up new Mains/Alts for Legion through Heroic (and possibly Mythic if we can get the roster) HFC. Many of our members are also currently active in other games such as Hearthstone, Overwatch, Dark Souls. We’re on Discord pretty much every day playing something together and are looking for more people to join in on the fun! What we expect: We decided to form our own guild mainly because of idealistic differences between us and the casual guilds. That is to say, we expect a little more out of you in <Kanye West>. While it’s not realistic to say you are required to have 95% parses on every fight, we DO expect you to try and find ways to improve yourself as a player. That means going through logs, watching videos, reading up on your class, the whole 9 yards. While there are varying levels of skill, what should be the same amongst our raiders is their dedication to see the job done, and done well. Officers WILL go through logs after every single raid and look at outliers, including ourselves. If there is an issue, it will be corrected promptly. This means that every single player is accountable in this system. Nobody gets a free pass, but we are more than willing to accept people who WANT to excel at this game, and are willing to put the work in. This also includes things that really shouldn’t have to be mentioned to a raider, such as gems and enchants. Consumables for the most part will be provided by the guild, minus runes. If there are issues with members not using their utility, or not using their class correctly, we will not hesitate to replace them. You WILL earn your spot. Now, that is to say, if you need help, we won’t leave you stranded. Our officer core and most of our current raiders have experience playing other classes in main raid, and will gladly offer suggestions where to look, or to answer questions. Guild info: Our raiding schedule is currently Sun, Mon, and Wed from 7-10 Server time. There’s a small possibility of us adding a 4th day at the beginning of the tier or for an alt night. The idea is to push progression fairly quickly, possibly with split runs thrown in as well. If certain fights call for it, we may ask people to switch to more well suited classes (such as DK’s on Xhul for example). The more versatile you are, the more likely you are to never sit. The loot system we use is a loot council made up of our officer core. Currently we don’t have a website but are in the process of having one made (give us time, we’ve only been a guild for a week :p). TLDR: Serious raiders LFM people for Legion, if you’re interested please contact one of the following: RobertXbox#1179 Vealane#1794 iAmMims#1718 Yogurtmonkey#1944 Shalarice#1303 Thanks everyone, and hope to be hearing from you soon!Smitevicious19 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 <The Struggle Bus> Looking for Ranged Dps <The Struggle Bus> of Thrall is currently recruiting! we raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 8 pm to 11 pm est. We're looking for a Warlock and Shadow Priest around 840 item level to add to our growing core as we prepare for the opening of raid content. Currently doing heroic, and mythic 5 mans. We expect you to show up on time and maintain high attendance while having a solid understanding of your class and role. We're proud followers of Harambe and we believe that he died for us and are looking for some like minded people. add btag Shieldie#11100, Rawr#12681, or Zavagi#1880 if you are interested or have any questionsBearambe1 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 [WTS] Pattern : Dusky Boots I'm looking to sell my Pattern : Dusky Boots on Thrall [Horde]. Im looking to get a decent chunk of gold due to it being one the the elusive and rare pattern drops. Anyways if someone is interested add me on BNET or post down below. Remember it is on Thrall HORDEKilaranoss0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 <Dauntless> LF More Raid Recruits <Dauntless> -Newly formed guild looking for members to fill out our core raid group, with which we hope to progress into Mythics in Legion. We are in need of a Resto Druid and a combination of six Ranged and Melee dps(Full on Hunters). Raid times will be Tues/Thur 7:00PM -10:00PM EST. We are not only recruiting raiders, anyone who would like to join is welcome. We also have a guild discord that will be available to all guild members. This guild was created by a group of dedicated players that have been friends outside of the game for many years. All current guild officers have raid experience. Come join us in our progressive raiding. We are currently running several weekly Mythic Dungeon Groups with ease and are willling to help in the gearing process of all new recruits Requirements Know a little bit about your class and role. (If you are new to the raid scene that is okay we will give you a trial and a shot at the raid team) Must be prepared for raiding content when the raids are released. Be friendly and willing to work with your fellow guild mates and officers to achieve raid goals. If you are new to the raid scene be prepared to learn. Don't expect carries. Be AT LEAST age of 18 or above if you are applying for a raid spot. Other rules pertaining to guild chat and discord will be gone over later when you join the guild. Comment below or message an officer on Bnet if interested, thank you for your consideration, hope to hear from you. Officers in charge of recruitment - Havoc#13983 - Vesaire#1530 - Cannon#1391 - Velystia#1880Hâlø5 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 17, 2016 [H] Raiding guild <Version Three> We are recruiting ranged DPS and one healer (Prefer R.Druid or H.Pally) for Heroic and Mythic raiding. Raid times will be Wed/Thurs/Mon 7-10pm CST. Join us now for mythic dungeon gearing. We are currently doing mythic dungeons weekly and daily to gear up. Most of our core raiders are 845-850 and don't need many pieces from the dungeons, so it's not difficult to gear up others. We prefer 830+ iLvL, but if your skill exceeds your gear level, it is no issue to spend some time and effort to gear you up. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact myself or Zarissandra. You can reach me here, in-game under the name of Eten or my battletag, Eten#1233.Eten0 Sep 17, 2016
Sep 16, 2016 (A)DH looking for a home Looking for a fun guild to join for dungeons and maybe raids. Im a 110 NE DH ilvl827 Vengeance build. I work nights from like 4pm-midnight and play before and after. So days and late nights are my play time. Just looking for some fun people to play with.Kamahl0 Sep 16, 2016
Sep 16, 2016 840 Enh/Ele LF Raiding Guild I would prefer to raid as enhacement, but would be willing to go ele if needed. I'm looking for a guild that raids 2 nights during the week and finishes by 11 server time. I have some Mythic experience, but am not looking for a super hardcore guild. My battletag is Astraal#1505 feel free to contact me if interested.Garnoth2 Sep 16, 2016
Sep 16, 2016 [H] Deaf Resto Druid LF Heroic/Mythic Guild I'll keep this short and sweet. I transferred to Thrall for Legion and am looking for a guild to call home. I'd like to raid two nights a week, I'm available M/T/W/TH. My goal is to clear Heroic, with Mythic being a bonus. As I am deaf, it is very important to me that the guild I join has a healthy amount of chatter in chat when raiding. I need to feel like I am part of the team and have fun bantering with everyone when raiding. My qualifications: I was a core healer for Durus Vertias, a deaf guild that was one of the top guilds on Ner'zul. Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate Ahead of the Curve: Imperator's Fall Mythic: Kargath Bladefist Mythic: Twin Orgon Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player) Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen Ahead of the Curve: Sha of Fear Ahead of the Curve: Grand Empress Shek'zeer Ahead of the Curve: Will of the Emperor Challenge Warlord: Gold 5x Challenge Conqueror: Gold Proving Yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 30) Please get in touch with me by adding me on BTag, [DELETED], and thank you for reading.Dreamberry0 Sep 16, 2016
Sep 15, 2016 844 Brewmaster LFG Hi. I was an active player and raider during the games "golden era" of vanilla and BC. I left the game shortly after the release of WotLK and came back a few months ago just in time to brush the dust off and prep for Legion. I am an item level 844 (currently) brewmaster monk who has invested a lot of time and practice the last few months in becoming the best monk tank I can be. Looking for a guild that raids weeknights and preferably starts no earlier than 8pm and goes no later than midnight EST. I have a friend who plays an unholy dk just as well geared and practiced as I am who would be coming with me. Edit: I have a core group of friends I play with who span 4 different servers. Looking for a steady group based entirely in this server so that I can hopefully eventually progress onto mythic raids and mythic plus dungeons.Valarius0 Sep 15, 2016
Sep 15, 2016 Want to make a real good Guild. Read me!! Delete meVeckonfire0 Sep 15, 2016
Sep 15, 2016 [H] <ez> Mal'Ganis At <ez> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Mal'Ganis (US-Horde). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: *Sunday: 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT *Monday 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: Medium Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 0/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Battle Tag Solo#1470 Battle Tag Imitate#1825 Battle Tag Megadmg#11387 Or speak to any of our officers in game!Nohugs0 Sep 15, 2016
Sep 15, 2016 845 DH Tank Looking for Raiding Group. 845 DH Tank looking for raiding guild. Willing to switch servers to Thrall if needed. Message at shoener#1415 to communicateShoener0 Sep 15, 2016
Sep 15, 2016 Enh Shammy LF Raid/PvE Guild Hey all, thanks for checking this out :) I am an Enhance Shaman, although I also have a DH I plan to Lv to 110 and am loving them, so I might also be available to run stuff with her as well if wanted. I've also tried Vengeance and find that interesting, that said I've never tanked end game before so don't depend on that! ;) Basically I am looking for a raiding/PvE focused Guild, and while I do enjoy pushing the limits of content I also don't have all the free time in the world, so something in between Casual and Super-Hard-Core would be a good fit for me. Good raiding times for me are anytime after 7:30 (PST), preferably ending before Midnight if raiding during the week, M-F are all equal to me in terms of availability. On weekends I am generally available all the time, although I am most assuredly not a morning person. I'm generally a pretty friendly guy, and would enjoy a similar atmosphere in a guild. If you think I might be a good fit for your guild let me know, and, once again, thanks for reading this :)Ghostanimus1 Sep 15, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 [H] <CoolCats> LF Norm/Heroic Weekend Raiders Hi guys, we are looking for some people to join us for casusal raid progression on the weekends. Raid times will be 8pm - 11:30pm eastern time saturday and sunday. Currently we need a tank and some dps. We aren't overly concerned with composition at this point. If you don't get offended and have a slightly twisted sense of humor this might be the group for you :DPogchampion2 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 Frost DK lf Morning Raid Guild I've been working a night shift for too long, and I miss raiding. I raided hardcore back in vanilla, and a lot during Cata, but haven't done much recently due to work. DPS is my primary focus, but I'm always up to offtank if needed, and I believe in being ready with all necessary raid consumables/feasts/everything. I have at least one of every class at 100, as well as every profession to 700, and I plan on getting those all to 110/800 over the coming months, but my DK is my one true love and the only class I'd like to raid on.Logri2 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 839+ UHDK LF late night Sat/Sun or weekday AM Long time player LF a new raiding guild to call home for legion and beyond. Due to working Mon-Fri 4pm-1230am PST I need to find a new raiding guild. I am available Mon-Fri 8am-2pm PST and weekends 9PM PST and later. I have a lot of experience in serious progression raiding going back to ICC but missed most of WoD because of the conflicting schedule. Looking for a guild with mature members who like to be laid back and have fun but are serious about progressing through H and into Mythic raids. I am currently on Mal'Ganis but have no issue transferring to another server but I want to stay H for sure. I am also lvling my shaman for ele or enh not really sure yet. If I match your raid schedule and you need a DK/Sham let me know here or in game XxFEENOMxX#1967Thanåtøs0 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016 LF afternoon raid team Looking for a raid spot for legion. Times I am available are from 1pm-7pm server. I am enhancement with plenty raid exp including heroic content on my DK (switching to shaman for legion) Dk armory link: message me here or ingame Novak#1932Percecet1 Sep 14, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 [H] Relentless Dawn PVP & PVE Relentless Dawn is back up on the server and recruiting players of all play styles, classes, levels & time zones to come prepare and enjoy Legion with us. Originally formed on Thrall in 2009, we are back and rebuilding. In the month since I've returned we have recruited 95 unique accounts and only plan to hit a large amount more before and with the launch of Legion. Our players are not all original Relentless Dawn Members, we have a good mix of new players as well as original Relentless Dawn members so any new person shouldn't worry about cliques or not feeling welcome. With the guild being rebuilt we have lots of room for officer positions. Specifically at the moment we are looking for Raid Leaders. Raid Times are Flexible however we have Raids set for Tues/Thurs 7pm EST (Server Time). in additional to this raid slot, we're looking for Oceanic raiders. We currently have a few people from over seas that are interested in having a raid group together but need to fill a few roles. With the numbers set we're expected to have 2-3 regular raid groups for members. PVP has always been the strong suit of Relentless Dawn, RBGs will be held Mon/Wed 7pm Server time with some off groups at other random times for members that will be updated on the Calendar for members to be made aware ahead of time. To prepare for RBGs in Legion there will be PVP groups running together prior to the RBGs to help everyone get their basic gear. We run a laid back crew that likes to get the job done at the same time with very little rules. We use Teamspeak 3 For communications, we have a website & a facebook page group. Our Guild Events are sync'd to our google calendar on our website to make it easy for people to sync it to their phones or gmail. If you would like to join, you can message me or you can simply /who Relentless Dawn and ask for an invite. You won't be disappointed. Look forward to meeting more people.Dëzy1 Sep 13, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 Hallowed Remnants is recruiting DPS Hello everyone and welcome to our recruitment thread! Hallowed Remnants is a young guild trying to create a solid progression group for Emerald Nightmare and above. We are currently looking for some solid melee dps as well as a warlock to join us in raids. We are a guild that wants to progress through Heroics at least and if we can Mythic raiding. We are a group of mostly adults and college students who are willing to work with our members real life schedules, after all it is a game. We will not be top on the server, nor do we intend to be but what we want to do is bring a group of like minded individuals together who want to see content and have fun together! Our raid nights are Wednesday Thursday 8-11pm Est. If you have questions feel free to add me Imallsoul#1823, message me in-game or just leave a comment on this thread. Best regards, JavieJavie0 Sep 13, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 Hunters of Azeroth is Recruiting HoA is a newly formed guild made up of friends and family who love to play WoW. The goal of the guild is very simple, to create an awesome social environment for everyone to enjoy the game and to cut out the drama. We are a casual guild so if you are a hardcore player you may want to look elsewhere. However, we do plan to raid in Legion and will definitely be pushing Heroics. Raid times are Tues and Thurs 9 to 11 PM. If you are looking for a fun social group who likes to chat on discord and hang out, look no further. All classes are welcome. PST for me info. Gamer tag: Wynneman#1501Eaglehoof0 Sep 13, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 [H] Outlaw Rogue LFG Late night/Early morning Current 839 Outlaw rogue, working on mythics now, but would like to progress to mythics+ and raids once released. Available times 10:00pm server time and later.Zelxz0 Sep 13, 2016
Sep 13, 2016 (H)Outlaw/Blood and Holy Priest LFG 845 outlaw/842blood dk and 840+holy priest looking for semi casual guild to push heroic/mythic raiding and mythic+ dungeons. kingprotest#1178 msg me there for more infoCrosstabz1 Sep 13, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 [H] Blood DK and R-Druid LF Weeknight Raiding No longer looking.Lianhua0 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 DH looking for raiding guild 8-11pm EST I want to dps but I will also keep a raid ready tank offspec. I have raiding experience from wotlk, and fully understand all the underlying requirements of reading guides, attendance, practicing rotations, having adds ons, vents etc. I have already hit 110, and am working hard to spam dungeons. (And wow, dbm has gotten even better since Wotlk) Looking for a great group of people to slay bosses with!Diyepipen0 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 Alliance Players from 7 Years Ago? Are there any Alliance Players from 7 years ago still around? I used to play on Thrall as Xare NE Warrior & Saikano up until WotLK I'm wanting to get back into the game casually atm, but was hoping I could find some Familiar Faces or A Nostalgic Guild to join.Saikano2 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 <Valence>(13/13M) LF DPS/Heals for Legion We are in search of a fantastic hybrid player that is proficient at both a DPS and Healing role. Any class is fine. Gear and experience that is very similar to ours is NOT required. We aim to find somebody that can show us that they deserve a raid spot based on their attitude and skill, as opposed to current gear and experience. That being said: don't be afraid to add and message me to see if we can work something out. What we need: -1 DPS with HEALER OS (This person will be a main DPS, but will also need to do well in a HEALING role when it is necessary) Please add my battletag to contact me directly about any questions or concerns you may have about us. I will gladly talk to you one on one and see if you might or might not be what we're looking for. Btoms000#1276 You may also apply directly to our website at Environment: Semi-Competitive Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thu, 8pm-12am EST Progression: 7/7N , 7/7H, 4/7M Current Needs: DPS/Healer Hybrid Website: About Valence Valence was formed on Altar of Storms over 8 years ago by the same leadership we have today. We have a long history of semi-competitive raiding starting way back with Karazhan. We transferred to Thrall during a 4-month recruitment drought in the middle of Mists and have called this our home ever since. We consider ourselves a semi-competitive guild. What is that? Well, we want to get content down as quickly as possible, but we also can't afford to spend 6 nights a week doing it. So to that end, we make it a goal to surround ourselves with the right kind of raiders. We look for people who actually enjoy competitive raiding, who can dedicate three full (uninterrupted) nights to it, who work hard to maximize their characters, and who contribute to fights and strategy in a meaningful way. Experience (and gear) is super awesome, but is actually not required for us. Especially not at the start of an expansion. We've been doing this for a long time and consider ourselves a pretty laid back guild. We have a very low turn-over rate, and are really only in need of recruitment due to the increased raid size for Mythic. You'd be joining a group of experienced raiders under stable leadership. We are helpful (most of the time) and enjoy getting the job done and still signing off before midnight.Treelestia2 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 [H]Resto & Guardian druid LF raiding guild Our current guild Harbinger is just a Gbank guild for our alts. Just to be clear there are two separate characters lfg. My wife and I have raided together since WotLK. We quickly decided in WoD that the xpac wasn't for us after we finished Heroic Highmaul. We are perfectly okay joining a guild for 10m heroic content, we just don't want mythic ruled out completely. We would like to move into mythic dungeons this week and next before the raid launches. After launch we are hoping to move into Heroic and then mythic. Looking to raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. or any combination of those days. We are unavailable weekends. Currently we are 844(Resto) and 834(Guardian). We are looking to progress but aren't looking for a world first guild. Hope there is a guild on Thrall that we can fit into! Please reply here or mail/messege me in game if you think your guild might be right for us.Eug3 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 12, 2016 LF Guild that raids weekday afternoons Hey I work evenings and weekends alot so I would need to join a raiding guild that raids during the day. 830+ fire mage. Thanks!Frostyníps0 Sep 12, 2016
Sep 11, 2016 [H]WW/ off MW Hey all, looking for a Mythic focused guild. Lots of experience, including server firsts, though that was Wotlk. bonus points if you guys like to pvp. Ps. Thursday raid days won't work for me, any other day (~6:30 - 11 cst?) or weekend times would work best. IGN ~ EffUEffu1 Sep 11, 2016