Nov 13 940 Guardian Druid LF Guild Hey, thanks for reading. As the title says, 940 AoTC bear tank here. Looking for an active, social, and engaged guild to call home. Preferably one with an already established raid team, but even one that is still building it up and working it out is fine too. Good people and a strong guild are important. Raidwise, I'm available pretty much any day of the week around 9pm EST or later. Or I can do mornings/afternoons from about 9am till 4 or 5pm EST. 6-9 hours a week is preferred. I have several clears of H ToS and would be more than interested in dropping the first few in mythic, or at least have the drive to do so. I have 68 traits in my artifact, about halfway to 69 now and BiS legendaries. *Server transfers are possible. Faction transfers too for the right group. Any questions or interest, feel free to hit my BTag or hit me up on Discord. BTag: Proteansoul#1851 Discord: Monsta!#9407Dahmonsta1 Nov 13
Nov 12 919 Unholy Dk Looking for weekend raid guild I've done 9/9 Norm ToS, had to take a break for three months, and now looking towards Antorus. Available Sat/Sun 6pm to 1am server time. Also willing to run through m+ and other content to gear up and help others gear up. Raiding is important to me (obviously), but also looking for a good community. Contact: trevor118659#1960Parrenis0 Nov 12
Nov 12 [H]<BODIES> 8/9M Recruiting DPS >< (Horde) 8/9M ToS Currently recruiting: Shadow Priest (High) Druid- Balance (High) Elemental Shaman- (High) Hunter- BM/MM (Low) DK- Unholy/Frost- (High) Feral Druid- (High) Demon Hunter- (High) Warrior- (High) Enhance Shaman- (Medium) As well as any other exceptional DPS and Healers. We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 5/9M with previous mythic progression raiding experience. Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview. A little about us: Hello raiders, <Bodies> (Thrall) Is an adult guild with a long history of high ranking kills dating back to vanilla. While only raiding 3 hours a night, 9 hours a week we have always cleared the current content while putting up top 200 rankings. We are looking to clear the mythic content with a casual 3 night 3 hour schedule, yet effectively with our semi-hardcore raid environment. Bodies guild has been around since Vanilla and is here to stay. If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week (9 hours) we are for you. We actively partake in discussions on our guild forums whether it be boss strategies, class discussions, or just general bs'ing, feel free to check out our website I guarantee you its a step above the others. If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well. We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, artifact weapon maxed or near max, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research, participate in our guild forum discussions know the boss fights, be on time and ready to raid not logging on at the start of raid, we are not here to hold your hand through progression. Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time Tuesday: 730pm-1030 Wednesday: 730pm-1030 Thursday: 730pm-1030 We also do "Alt" raids and previous tier raids for ap farming over the weekend as well as gold carries to fund guild repairs, and raid mats on a regular basis for any who would like to participate for some easy gearing and just have fun enjoying the game. For more information or to join and trial contact any of the following or visit our guild website and apply using the new applications template on the forum. Real ID-: Vampt#1932 Dom#1744 Dirtyd#1976 Lynxz#11319 Littlefinger#1841Vâmpt9 Nov 12
Nov 12 915 Fire mage LF Raiding guild. Ilvl 915, 66 artifact traits. Looking for a raiding guild that raids through the week, preferably between the times of 7pm-12am server. If you have any questions feel free to add me. My Battletag is revan#1155Torchmonkey1 Nov 12
Nov 12 LF Mature/New Player Friendly Guild. Horde. (Please dont reply with the usual copy paste guild advertisements.most of the time the poster didnt even read the OP..many people dislike those as a response...they really do, its true...) Heya, Sorry if its a wall of text. I haven't played WoW seriously for a long time. I left to play other things since I really love Jrpgs and RPG games...but this isn't really about me. My wife loves to watch me play stuff and she has played a few things like Little Big Planet 1,2 and 3 and some old school Nintendo stuff. Anyways she wanted to give WoW a go and I figured she may enjoy it with lots of things to do and people to meet. She is brand new to this type of game-play and so on. So setup the account paid the money (still need the legion upgrade) and she was online last night. Ill be back on this weekend. She is on Thrall as a Blood Elf....go figure :) Playing a hunter cause Pet Catching is fun! Still learning the controls and running around the starter zone. I plan on playing as well but probably not as much and Im probably gonna start a new character as well. To run around with her when I am online. She is a fast learner if its something she enjoys and was pretty impressed to see her sidestepping last night haha :)..her first night playing. Anyways we are looking for a Guild to join. Looking for the following. Active as in well rounded in the things they do like random dungeons, maybe some pvp here and there, old raid runs etc etc. Laid back but mature and not run by kids or people (that act like kids) with the typical Leet Hardcore attitude. Fun, chill type attitudes kind of tight knit group. People who understand life comes first. Helping out the new players with advice and so on. People who dont mind taking the "noob" players (like my wife) through dungeons and having patience etc. until they get the hang of things. Me personally I can handle anything but like many people reading this we were all new once and had that feeling of fear and uncertainty in this massive digital world...especially others that dont have much gaming experience at all. Reply here or hit me up on my BTag jibs#1308 ThanksJibster5 Nov 12
Nov 11 5/9 M Guild Recruiting Reforged is a 2 night mythic minded guild. We were 7/10M in NH after starting mid tier and 5/9M in ToS. We are looking to bolster our ranks as we move into Antorus. We are a Tues/Thurs 9-12 est group. We will run a cross realm heroic trial to get people in our raid to check us out. Shoot me a message Crogarby or add me MykeETykes#1540. Would love to chat with ya!Crogarby1 Nov 11
Nov 11 . .Discussion0 Nov 11
Nov 10 Looking for Guild - Mythics and Raiding A friend and I are looking for an active guild that regularly runs mythics and does some casual or Flex raiding, even group LFR. My friend also does some PvP. Any suggestions?Arizhya2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Horde LF casual friendly players Way back in early BC I found myself farming The Barrens for the Savory Deviate Delight recipe. Upon doing so I ran into a Belf Paladin leveling up, since I had a bag full of greens that had dropped I decided to open a trade and give her everything she and her leveling partner could use.. We conversed for a while and added each other to our friends list. The next day when I logged in I found the Savory Deviate Delight recipe in my mailbox. Little did I know she already had a max level character and an extra recipe she had sent me with a thank you for the greens I traded.. Those are the friendships you make in this game, and those are the ones that last. Right now we have 2 separate guilds; however, we use Greenwall to keep our guild chat connected. Both of our guilds are very small, as we have not attempted to grow them in quite some time, but as of late we are really desiring to make some connections and friendships and to increase the chatter when online. We are casual players, adults (35+), mothers, fathers, professionals.. Some of us are parents of special needs children and really do not have the time like we used to in the game, but we are missing that sense of guild community and are looking for like minded people to fill our roster. We will never be a progression raiding guild, we will never have rules you need to follow in order to "stay on the roster" We just want fellow WoW lovers who are content with a smaller guild (that may grow) to level with, do dailies with, run 5 mans, mythic's, and maybe if the interest is there raid.. very casually. I know how difficult it is to run and keep a guild together, so I am looking for people who are self sufficient in the game but would really like to make some life long friends to hang out with while they play. People who may really want to run group content but have not been able to find a group patient enough to not worry about what that dps meter says. If this sounds like something you may enjoy, or want to help us build a community in this likeness please just do a /who Amity while logged in and chat with anyone you can find online. Again, there isn't a lot of us right now, but we hope to grow in time, if we can find the right people! Lok'tar Ogar!Àrwén6 Nov 10
Nov 9 [H] <East Coast Nagas> LFM Core Team <East Coast Nagas> is recruiting! We are a semi-hardcore early evening raiding guild with experienced leadership, actively seeking to fill our core progression raid team. Our guild GMs and officers are veterans who's mission is to provide an enjoyable and stress-free experience for all raiders and casuals, while still progressing through end-game content each week. We are an active and helpful group of people. We are also very social, and actively use our guild Discord server. On off nights, we enjoy running mythic+ keystone dungeons, and helping gear our new recruits. We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and optional Sunday between 6-9pm Eastern (server time). At the moment we are looking for all roles as we are a reasonably small tight-knit guild. What are we looking for in a potential core team recruit, you ask? We'd like players who are mature (18+) and dedicated, willing to learn, and progress with us into the upcoming raid, Antorus, The Burning Throne. We are still a fairly new team, but we easily cleared 9/9 N Tomb of Sargeras in two raid nights. Our requirements for core are: 1) Basic addons installed: Deadly Boss Mods, Recount/Details, GTFO 2) Discord (Mic not required but appreciated, and listening to our raid lead is a must!) 3) Be respectful, on time, and do your best! (Be prepared and knowledgeable on fights!) If you're interesting in joining us, whether you're an experienced raider, just coming back to the game, or simply interested in being part of a core team, please send us a whisper or in-game mail. We'd love to hear from like-minded players! Contact: Setterwind, Vpn/Jacoor, Merodach Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you in-game!Setterwind1 Nov 9
Nov 9 [H] <Buddy> LF Tank! About us: We are a group of chilled out players who just want to raid Heroic for Antorus and have fun while doing it. No longer having the time or drive to continue raiding Mythic we have formed this guild. We have all acheived AOTC's within the first week of every tier this expansion so 'progressing' in Heroic Antorus will likely be one - two weeks at most. This is where YOU come in. We have a very skilled and laid back main tank, however our other tank is unable to raid due to RL commitments. Your gear is not a big deal, if you are over 900 we can help gear you up. What does matter is your attitude and just how you are as a person. This is a guild of skilled players just looking to have a fun time, we are all good friends and we hope to add some more going forward! Raid Time: Thursday 8:30pm EST.. may do a Sunday raid the first week or two of Antorus. Probably not though. TL;DR Mythic raiders going to heroic, we need 1 tank, as one of ours cant raid anymore Contact me here or message me: pressure#1474Benchmaster0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Horde LF Weekend Raiding Guild Hello, I play mostly on the weekend and would like to join a guild raiding on those days. Please post the time and day ur guild raids on.Moomaru9 Nov 8
Nov 8 936/WW/MW monk LF home 936 WW/MW with 6/9 M xp looking for a solid progression group that raids weekends or fri/sat nights. Please contact Str8edge187#1982Fongsâiyuk0 Nov 8
Nov 8 <Hardcore Casuals> 3/9M LF dps 4 Antorus Hardcore Casuals is a casual raiding guild currently 9/9 H and 3/9 M looking for more dps players for Antorus the Burning Throne. We are looking for competent RANGED dps to join us to push into Heroic and eventually Mythic Antorus. Not really interested in any more melee dps. Really only want ranged dps. Already have a 3 mages, 3 warlocks, and 3 shadow priest. We raid M/W 8:00 -11 PM Server time and M+ keys throught the week and on the weekend. Will be running Open raids potentually on weekends for alts for the new raid. Raid environment is casual we love to joke around and have fun while raiding but we do take things seriously when it comes to new progression bosses. We run EPGP as for our loot system. We also use discord for voice and coordinate most of our guild activites through discord. Message Sylvion or Chickenoodle if interested in our guild. Can also add me on Vorroc#1575 or Chickenoodle at chickenoodle#11478. Look forward in hearing from you! Also, please visit our discord for recruitment if you are interested at Nov 8
Nov 8 <Synesthesia> 8/9H Tu/Wed 12am EST Hello all, <Synesthesia> is looking for raiders who are interested in farming norm and pushing heroic to join our guild! We're 8/9H and looking to continue progression and ramp up for Antorus Raid times: Tuesday midnight to 230am EST/Server Time Wednesday midnight to 230am EST/Server Time Really need healers and dps. Looking for 920+ but willing to take interested and experienced players on a case-by-case. Please add Priszm@Thrall or Aeon#12393 on BattleTag and message if interested! Discord is another quick way to get a response: or DM Aeon#5746 Thanks, PriszmPriszm0 Nov 8
Nov 8 926 BDK LF morn/afternoon raiding guild Currently 7/9 H TOS (ran with pug) on my 930 ilvl warrior (Darudeski). Really wanting to get into raiding but only able to raid during the day/afternoons. Also have a 910 Holy priest IRL friend to join. Thank you for your time to take a look at my post!Coltelli0 Nov 8
Nov 7 Selling M+ Carries Our Services: Mythic Plus 10 Carry 935 Piece of Loot out of your Order Hall Cache Achievement: Keystone Conqueror... Any piece of loot from the dungeon our carriers can provide, starting at 915 iLevel Big Artifact Power token from your Order Hall Cache Cost: 80k Gold Any Horde Server Time: 15-30~ Minutes Depending on Dungeon Mythic Plus 15 Carry 935 Piece of Loot out of your Order Hall Cache Achievement: Keystone Master... Rewards a Artifact Appearnce for your Class and Spec (Character Specific) Any piece of loot from the dungeon our carriers can provide, starting at 915 iLevel Big Artifact Power token from your Order Hall Cache Cost: 200k Gold Any Horde Server Time: 15-30~ Minutes Depending on Dungeon Information: We have been running Mything Plus all throughout the expansion, completing over 2000+ Mythic Pluses. Even before the release of Mythic Plus, we have been selling Challenge Modes back in MoP (Mist of Pandaria) and WoD (Warlods of Draenor) helping people get their achievements, transmogs, and gear. If you have any questions or would like to set up a time, please add Gotfood#1441 or Soiraz# 1298 to btag and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Reminder we do carries on Any Horde Server.Gotdh3 Nov 7
Nov 7 Buying all savage blood (H) I am buying ALL savage blood on Thrall Horde side. Bypass the AH so they don't take a chunk out of your profits. 45G each 225G for a stack of 5 450G for a stack of 10 900G for a stack of 20 4,500G for a stack of 100 9,000G for a stack of 200 If you are interested, COD them to Valdrane. Any Savage Blood COD'd for more than 45G each will have them returned. Thank you.Valdrane2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Among The Tombstones New guild is looking for fun members with zero drama. Hoping in the near future to be raiding and progressing while also having fun. Raid times will most likely be eastern time zone starting between 8-9pm. But if we get enough members there can be multiple groups at multiple times. Leader has been playing on and off since Lich King. So if you are looking for something laid back yet Competitive, message Norctank in game or find the guild in guild search. Only requirement is to participate in some way. So all levels are accepted and I really look forward to becoming a strong guild!Norctank0 Nov 7
Nov 7 LF Fri/Sat Raiding guild 8-11pm server 929 disc priest LF Fri/Sat Raiding guild 8-11pm serverSolure3 Nov 7
Nov 6 WTB Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion I'll be on until like 3 or 4 server this morning pst me If I'm not on in game mail meBirdlawxpert1 Nov 6
Nov 6 [H] Ascent 7/9M LF RST Shm/Dr +dps +tank Moo. We're currently 7/9M. We're currently looking for a resto shaman and resto druid and a non-paladin tank. We're also looking at dps. Our raids are Tues/Wed/Thurs7:30pm-11:30pm EST. I've been with the guild since 2002 in Everquest, and have known the then-founding officers since 1994 on a text mud. I'm one of the few people still around from our #1 world Ragnaros kill in vanilla. You can contact me in game, I would be online as Kresge/Glayde/Oogga/Moomins or some other character. My RealID is Glayde#1541 You can also touch base with one of us in our guild discord: Nov 6
Nov 6 <The Game Theory> brings fun back to raiding! <The Game Theory> is recruiting!! We are currently looking to fill our roster for our Heroic team. Currently we are 9/9 N 9/9 Heroic and need a few reliable dps, preferably soakers, but other roles considered. Melee DPS would be great but other roles considered. We are a relaxed raiding group and don't believe in yelling, putting people down, or drama. If someone messes up, we help them, fix the mistake and move on. Raid supplies including flasks and food are provided, as well as repairs. Raid times are F 7-10 server and Sun 6-9 server. We do also have alt runs on Wednesdays 7-10 server and run Mythic pluses daily. Discord is required. If you're not looking to raid but just looking to have some people to hang out with , do some dungeons, achievements, or just have fun, all are welcomed. Add me on BNET Nerdgrl4life#1392Alicenwowlnd0 Nov 6
Nov 6 947 Bdk/941 Unh w/935 alts lf guild 6/9M Mainly looking for a guild that is relaxed but consistent and active. Always down to push mythic+ and pvp also. 2k current score in M+ and 2.3k pvp xp. 6/9M xp with about 85 pulls on M Avatar down to around 45% tanking. Pretty relaxed player and easy to get along with and no problems with criticism constructively. Kind of burned out with ToS since I've spec swapped so much from Frost-Unh-then blood, so mainly looking for Antorus or if anything would like to swap to one of my alts for a main going into antorus or new xpac respectively. My alts currently are 935 ele/resto and in about a week I'll have my 934 mage over. Usually on about an hour after work and on weekends from about 5:30 p.m. to midnight so those are the times I'm available. here are my logs, don't mind mythic as I haven't been able to update it because of weeks of raid lockout for m avatar, but the xp is there lol Btag is TravisM#1102 Thanks for checking out!Rebornkaos0 Nov 6
Nov 4 (H) <Feedback> We are a group of close friends wanting to raid together casually. We consist mostly of 9/9 M raiders on alts and returning players who took a break around the middle of Nighthold. We have enough to do normal/heroic at the moment but were looking to get into mythic ASAP. We are looking for players who have a chill mindset as this is a casual raiding experience on off raid nights. That being said we do want to down bosses with relative haste. Our raid nights are Sunday and Monday 9-12 EST. We are currently recruiting a healer and a few more DPS. Mythic raiding experience is strongly recommended. Add Bauski#1906 for any questions!Boosham2 Nov 4
Nov 4 [H] <Casa Nostra> - Recruiting DPS <Casa Nostra> is an active, friendly and social guild that is looking for like-minded individuals who enjoy a friendly, drama free atmosphere, while raiding at a semi-hardcore progression. Currently we are 1/9M 9/9H ToS, looking to progress through Mythic ToS while bolstering our roster for Antorus. Our Motto: We play the game to have fun, and have fun while playing the game! This boils down to meaning we are a drama free (as much as you can be in wowverse) guild and raid team. Our main focus centers around friendship and teamwork, which makes the game an enjoyable experienced within a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We also understand that everyone has a real life, and that real-life obligations take precedence over the game. Our members are over 18, who range from all varying aspects of life (whether married, kids, military, student, etc.), who all have different levels of experience in World of Warcraft. Our current members are very active, with Mythic +'s, old content Dungeons and Raids, Achievements and the occasional pvp night. Our raiding - Tuesday and Thursday 9:30pm to 11:30pm EST, with an optional Sunday 9:30pm to 11:30pm EST. Currently we are committing Tuesday as Mythic ToS, Thursday as Heroic ToS, and Sunday as Normal ToS. Come Antorus, Tuesday and Thursday will become our progression raids, with Sunday being a "Sunday Funday" for some extra fun on our mains/alts. The guild is open to all classes and levels; however, we are currently seeking DPS for our core team. DPS - Havoc Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest, Assas/sub Rogue, ele/enh Shaman, Balance Druid If interested, please contact: Eldianea#1389 or Petrally#1900Petrally0 Nov 4
Nov 4 928 Guardian Druid LF Heroic/Mythic Guild Wanting to tank 9/9N ToS 6/9H ToS Previous raid Exp: AOTC for HFC LF raid times around 8 pm est to 12 am est - Thurs - Sat 70 traits 2 pieces of ToS N tierBenjyo1 Nov 4
Nov 4 LF Raid Guild I am looking for either a weekend guild or a guild that does not run past 11 server time during the week. Weekends can be anytime as i do not have to be up early the next day for work. I am currently 6/9 M with some Maiden experience. I went 8/10 NH and 4/7 EN when they were current content. I am currently at 72 traits in my artifact weapon and already half way to 73 points into it. My btag is Vel#1452.Braelysona5 Nov 4
Nov 4 930 Experienced Holy Paladin, LF 9pm+Guild. Hello there, I am a experienced Holy Pally looking for a place to go to after the raid team of my current Guild disbanded. I'm currently on Thrall, but am willing to transfer if things mesh well during the tryout with the right Guild.  I have been healing for many years(Started in mid Burning Crusade), and I would like to think that I am a decent healer/raider. These days, I'm a father and a dedicated parent of these children so my game time is limited, would prefer to find a late evening guild, that raids between 9pm server to 2am server, any day will do but a weekend guild would be excellent. Ilvl : 928 All of the ahead of the curve achieves prior to TOS and nearly all of the previous expansions as well If you're interested, you can contact me here, or on btag!  Aggressor#1643Aggréssor4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Looking For Raiding Guild 919 Shadow priest very little experience in Tomb of Sargeras, I am searching for a social guild meaning using Discord ALL the time and not just when raiding. You can contact me via in game same name as the forums. I have two legendaries equipped and I am seeking morning / evening time raiding if possible. Thank you for replying if you do on this one.Tacoface2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Seeking to take over your dead or empty guild If you are stuck with a guild that you do not want to run any longer, I will take it over from you, whether it is empty, dead, or full of toxic people. I am currently specifically looking on Horde side Thrall, however I will roll an Alliance character if you are on the Alliance side. I am not looking to buy your guild, simply take it over so you can direct your efforts to other means. If this sounds like you, contact either Lyaewyn in game, or add my Battletag of Tyrvald#1654 Looking forward to hearing from you!Lyaewyn0 Nov 3
Nov 3 <Bamboo> Recruiting Dedicated Raiders Bamboo is a freshly made guild currently looking for dedicated raiders to push through normal and heoric content. Our future goal is to be able to do mythic content and push hardcore raiding in the next expansion. At the moment we will only be raiding 2 nights a week 7-10 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays once we have a group formed. Recruitment Needs- All dps are welcome (Ranged are in high demand tho). 3 Dedicated Healers. 1 tank but with a dps off spec just incase we dont need a 3rd. For more questions add kurbeee#1130Carolbrady2 Nov 3
Nov 3 [H] Returning Bear LFG I just came back after a 4 month rl break and i am looking for an active guild to raid and group with. My main is a Guardian Druid. no i do not play the other specs of druid. I do have many alts that i play for fun and do alt run's on but that is all. Sorry i am not interested in changing specs or classes. so if you are requiring me to change my game play pls just skip asking me, ty. I am looking for that guild of old feel, a place that is social, active, friendly and a family. Being able to group and chat with guild mates is what makes gaming fun. A chance to meet new people, make new friends all while killing and/or dying together. I am not an elitist nor am i looking for elitist attitudes, just friendly folks to hang out with and game. It does not matter if you are rebuilding or an established guild, if you think I am a fit then holler at me. So, if you are looking for a big bear butt to block your view, run to slow and soak up damage then message me or send in game mail pls. Sorry, I do not just accept random guild invites. Have a great day and happy hunting Rix.Rixtriel6 Nov 3
Nov 3 930+ Elemental Shaman - LFG Guild is dead, so I am looking to see what the options are. I started playing elemental in NH after we needed ranged dps, and it stuck. I am looking to stay Elemental for the remainder of the expac. Times & Days: 9PM to 12AM the latest - all times are EST. With work and family, I can't commit to anything before 9pm. I won't even entertain it. Midnight is the latest I stay up, even after "one more pull". Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs - preferred Goals/level of play: I mainly only care about heroic & AoTC. I like the game level, and it is fun enough without all the mythic headaches. I've done that Mythic/upper level raiding in the past, and it is no longer my deal. I'm looking for a core spot up until AoTC, and then I don't mind being sat for the mythic squeeze down to 20. If I am needed on a certain Mythic boss one night, sure, I can be that sixth man off the bench. Leave a contact if you are interested, please.Rowtag3 Nov 3
Nov 3 Looking for raiding guild Guild is breaking up, looking to continue raiding. Been raiding since vanilla and have cleared all context this expac up to heroic. I main rogue, but I have a mage that is equally geared. Flexible on raid times, prefer 830pm or later. Currently running the bleed set up, so stat weights are different compared to ilvl. Last logs if you wanted to see how I stack up etc.Ezrazim13 Nov 3
Nov 3 932 Bal Druid LF Weekend Raid/M+ Guild As title states, currently 932 Balance druid. I am 9/9H for ToS, have some okay M+ experience, but I am looking to continue my progression in raiding, my gear, and gaining more M+ experience/pushing higher levels. I have been playing WoW for about 5 months, primarily on my own. Been on Druid for about 2 months now and I want to keep on it as my main. I still have overall bad legendary items and mediocre trinkets. Legs will come with time, trinkets have just been bad luck (just mentioning because it maybe looks like I'm not doing things right, those just happen to be the best things I've gotten). I work each weekday from 8am-7pm EST, but I try to play as much as I can. Given the work schedule, I'm often not on late Sunday-Thursday, but I'm on as much as I can from Friday night until Sunday evening.Ëlément2 Nov 3
Nov 3 934 mage lf raiding guild recruiting 934 mage lf raiding guild recruitingFireplugs4 Nov 3
Nov 3 LF Guild 7-10pm est LF guild that raids around 7-10pm est days are flexibleHàz4 Nov 3
Nov 3 5 looking for a heroic guild for Antorus Just a group of guys looking for a weekend guild we can get Aotc with in Antorus. Preferred raid times are Saturday and Sunday 10:00 PM server time (days are a bit flexible, not times) The classes we play are Druid- Resto ( can dps but would rather heal) DK- frost Warlock- Demonology Mage- Arcane (maybe DH Tank) Paladin- ProtEkkro7 Nov 3
Nov 3 [H] <TMV> 9/9H Tomb - Fri/Sat 10PM-1AM EST The Magisterium Vanguard (TMV) is currently recruiting motivated individuals for our raid team. We are currently 9/9H in ToS and have it down to roughly an hour and a half farm. We are not going to be progressing into mythic, and are strictly a heroic raiding team. We are a friendly group of players that enjoy a good laugh or two during raid, but take our time and progression seriously. With our Guild being mostly comprised of working adults or starving college students, our raid times are Friday/Saturday from 10PM – 1AM EST. Friday is Heroic, and Saturday is normal/alt run until Antorus releases. Regarding Mythic+ runs, we do tend to run them throughout the week, although due to many different schedules they are not a priority/requirement for us. For voice comms we use Discord which is required during raids to communicate clearly. If you're a new or returning player, or looking to progress past LFR/Normal pugs we are more than happy to show you the ropes, so to speak, and help get you up to par in terms of gear. All we ask is that you show a desire to learn and improve over time. If our Guild has peaked your interest please see what we are currently on the look out for below: Ranged DPS: - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Boom Chicken *Of course, any exceptional players will be considered. (Sadly we are currently not recruiting any healers at this time) We are also accepting general invites to the Guild, for mythic+ or casual purposes. For any questions, inquiries, or applications please feel free to contact us in game at: Selandrius @ Celandrius#1609 Silkshadow @ Kitkat#1730Selandrius7 Nov 3
Nov 3 <Hellsing Organization>1/9M LF DPS Hello I'd first like to thank you for stopping by this post and taking time to read it. What we offer: - A strong group of players, with experience and knowledge in their roles. - Designated officers for each role to help you properly optimize your performance. - A very tight knit community, we are always in discord socializing. - A structured guild and raid enviroment - Flexible raid times. Our raid times are Tuesday / Wednesday @ 9:00 (Online @ 8:45) For Heroic Farm/Mythic Progress and Saturday we do an alt run. Highest Priority: Warlocks Shadow Priest Hunter Paladin (healer) Rogue Mage Medium Priority: Monk (dps) Paladin (dps, prefer with healing OS) Death Knight Low Priority: Druid (dps) Warrior (dps) Demon Hunter Shaman (healer) This is a rough list of what we currently need, of course any exceptional applicants will be considered. As will any tanks. Joining for casual purposes is also just fine as long as you let us know before joining. We are currently exclusively recruiting on Thrall however applicants may be considered from all servers. Loot: Depending on the content we will use a personal loot system and distribute any unneeded loot to those who need it more. Or we will run a master loot system and loot will be distributed based on attendance, whether its an upgrade, and based on the recommendation of your role officer. What we expect from you: - You learn fights quickly, we will not tolerate multiple failures due to mechanics after the fight is explained. - Being on time. We get it, life aggro happens. If it happens repeatedly you will be recommended to sit out the next two events. - You take the time to learn your own class as well as current content. - Raid Consumables will be provided, we all pitch in mats to make this happen. Repairs are also free for raiders. - Be mature, we are all adults and tend to act like it. Drama will not be tolerated, nor will bullying or harassing. Feel free to either post on here or message me on battle net Ryan#18557.Durzpr36 Nov 3
Nov 2 <Corner of Alt and Main> Newly formed casual, leveling, and crafting guild for Horde side players. If you need a place, come down to the corner! I encourage all of you non-guild max levels out there to consider us for your home! Going on vacation? Have alts that you want in a guild? Don't want to lose any hard earned guild rep over time away? Come to us for FREE long term character storage! Add Tyrvald#1654 and send a tell when you see me! Remember to come to the <Corner of Alt and Main>Wakanatanka0 Nov 2
Nov 2 Casual Raiding 9/9H LF DPS for Antorus Twisted Reflection - Thrall [H] Casual, friendly, yet progression-oriented raiding guild. We're looking to add some more players to our roster for Antorus, plus some extra social members! Currently 7/7H EN ; 3/3H ToV ; 10/10H NH; 9/9H ToS Raid Schedule (2 nights): Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30pm -> 11:00pm (est) We value relationships and reliability over numbers. The aim is to bring in some great players who share the same friendly and mature attitude towards playing this game, but still have the desire to achieve great things. During Legion, the focus will be on clearing Normal and Heroic raid content, plus challenge ourselves with the new Mythic+ dungeons. Looking to recruit: DPS: -Rogue -Havoc DH -Ret Pally -Fury/Arms Warrior -WW Monk -Enh Shaman -Boomkin You will have to: -Be willing to learn with us. Patience is a virtue. -Do your best to gear up if you're behind in ilevel/AP, but we will most certainly help. -Come prepared to raids. -Play your spec properly and enjoy! Other classes not listed above at this point in time are also welcome to apply. Can open a spot in raid team for players good at their class. Why join? Great people Punctual raids Progression focused Alt friendly Free guild repairs Free flasks and food for raiders Discord server If you are interested in joining contact us... via NovaBlack89#1789, Briyna#1580 and Nemesis#1352 or ask to speak to one of our officers in-game!Blackshifter75 Nov 2
Nov 1 Lunácy is back, raiding and recruiting! Lunácy-Thrall is a raiding guild comprised of experienced and progression oriented players. We are seeking more active and like-minded individuals to complete our mythic raid roster for TOS. As a guild, we are currently 5/9 M TOS. We expect all raiders to keep up to date on the current/best talents rotations and specs specific to their class. All raiders are expected to be on time with high attendance. Guild repairs are provided during raid times, but you are REQUIRED to provide your own flasks, food, pots etc. RAID SCHEDULE: Tues / Thurs 9:15pm -12:10am EST **We are active on off raid nights as well doing mythic pluses, pvp, old raid content, and socializing in Discord. RECRUITMENT DPS (HIGH DEMAND): Mage Lock Hunter Boomkin **Exceptional DPS of any class will be considered even if not listed above. HEALS: LF a non-priest healer, with viable DPS off-spec. TANK: Currently this position is closed, but a strong tank would be considered. Contact: Jolaan #1381 or Zenedar#1417 or Zerth#1687Jolaan131 Nov 1
Nov 1 <Version Three> 2/9M LFM <Version Three> 3/9M is currently looking to streamline its roster for further mythic progression and the upcoming antorus raid! Our raid days/times are Wed/Thur/Mon 8:30-11p.m EST. Currently looking for 930+ healers, and a tank! We are about having fun during progression and encourage players to play classes that they enjoy! For more info please add us on BNET,contact an officer in game, or apply over at Caffeine#1954 Zaralys#1618 ToTheKnee#1644 ChinaSunja#1922Nocthadon1 Nov 1
Oct 31 Rogue LFG to continue raiding Guild is breaking up, looking to continue raiding. Been raiding since vanilla and have cleared all context this expac up to heroic. I main rogue, but I have a mage that is equally geared. Flexible on raid times, prefer 830pm or later (server time). Currently running the bleed set up, so stat weights are different compared to ilvl. Last logs if you wanted to see how I stack up etc.Ezrazim6 Oct 31
Oct 31 [H] <Hooked on Healthstones> <Hooked on Healthstones> is a new social/raiding guild on Horde side. Our focus is on community friendliness, as well as raiding. Currently, our raid times are 8PM to 11PM server time (EST) Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We are not currently focusing on ToS, and are instead preparing for Antorus. Currently, we are in need of: One non-Blood DK Tank Two non-Shaman, non-Destruction Warlock Caster DPS (Aff and Demo are fine.) Four Healers Until Antorus releases, we do not require a specific item level for someone to join the raid team, they must simply be able to make the raid times and be level 110, as we can focus on gearing them in the current time gap between ToS and Antorus. Our plan currently is to progress and clear Antorus on Normal, and then Heroic when we are ready - We have no plans for Mythic, currently. We have a Discord, as well as open repairs. Often times, we will have low level members eager to level together, in addition to max level members going together for Mythic+ dungeons and Argus farming. If anyone is interested in possibly joining, feel free to add my battletag: Wolvigar#11896 (P.S. We DO have a warlock in our raid team for healthstones!)Ultimaxius0 Oct 31
Oct 31 9/9 Heroic Guild looking for DPS!! <The Game Theory> is recruiting!! We are currently looking to fill our roster for our Heroic team. Currently we are 9/9 N 9/9 Heroic and need a few reliable dps, preferably soakers, but other roles considered. Melee DPS would be great but other roles considered. We are a relaxed raiding group and don't believe in yelling, putting people down, or drama. If someone messes up, we help them, fix the mistake and move on. Raid supplies including flasks and food are provided, as well as repairs. Raid times are F 7-10 server and Sun 6-9 server. Discord is required. If you're not looking to raid but just looking to have some people to hang out with , do some dungeons, achievements, or just have fun, all are welcomed. Add me on BNET Nerdgrl4life#1392Alicenwowlnd0 Oct 31
Oct 31 <H> Identity Crisis 9/9 Heroic 9/9 Normal ToS is looking for DPS. We are casual yet serious raiding guild with social players on nightly. We use an EPGP loot system and require discord for raiding. If you've never raided before or a new player we are happy to teach you as long as you can make the attendance requirements. Flasks, Food and enchants are provided. Raid Times: 7:30 to 10:30 EST Sunday and Tuesday Contact Btag: Destroyallu#1773 Needs: Resto Shaman Warlock Mage Any High caliber raiderBeautý5 Oct 31