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Nov 15, 2018 Reverie 4/8M LFM ...Greedious5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [OE] 8/8M, 2 day Tues/Wed LF Ranged Currently recruiting ranged DPS, and possibly a DPS warrior. If you are interested in a more casual approach to raiding, please check out our weekend (OE2, Fri/Sun) raid team here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769426955 The Basics -Raid Days: Tue/Wed 8-11:30 EST. We do not raid extra days nor raid overtime. -Website: http://occasional-excellence.us/recruitment-and-application/ -Contact: Breathe#1185, Ovy85#1716 -Discord: https://discord.gg/YwG7fv8 -Server: US-Turalyon, Horde -Current Progression: 8/8M US#99 -Previous tier: 11/11M Antorus (US#58 Overall. US#2/World 6 for 2-night guilds, Server First!) -Loot: EPGP ______________________________________________ Detailed Information: Are you looking for a long lived adult raiding guild filled with skilled players who genuinely enjoy each other's company? If so, OE could be for you! Come visit us on our new website at Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com. <<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>> Occasional Excellence (OE) is a Mythic progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a hard-core progression guild on a casual (7 hour) schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder. If you have strong situational awarness, know your class inside and out, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at http://occasional-excellence.us. Alternatively, contact any of our members in game with any questions. <<Raid Schedule>> OE has two core raid nights per week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST. In addition to our Mythic team, we are altaholics, who commonly raid alts on off nights, with spaces determined by comp needs and the number of raiders available. <<About Us>> Occasional Excellence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ required/21+ preferred. OE guild members are working adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. From the raid leader down to trial members, you can expect a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and a respectful tone at all times. If you enjoy linking meters, raging at team members during progression, and want everyone to worship you for the divine gift to WoW that you are, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then keep reading! OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to maximize/minimize in every possible way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve. The combination of this talent and significant preparation before raid has led to a long history of successful raiding, both as a team and as individuals. We consistently progress faster than guilds that almost double our raid hours and many of our core raiders have ranked in the top 200 of their class/role on WCL, with several regularly placing in the top 50. While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found doing mythic plus keys, participating in alt raids, running heroics, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week. From our experience, we can honestly say that Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any guild community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Discord channel. We look forward to meeting you!Colors83 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 (H)Forbidden Legion Recruiting 8/8H 2/8M LFM Forbidden Legion was one of the first guilds established on Turalyon in 2006. The idea when forming the guild was to make a guild that puts real life before World of Warcraft. That being said, our member base is mostly working adults with families, college students and others with real life obligations who play World of Warcraft for the pure love of the game. We are casual/semi-hardcore orientated Heroic Raid guild and dabble in Mythic Raids Raid Times: Tues, Weds, and Thurs 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST Progression: 8/8 N , 8/8H , 2/8M - Please be Item Level 355+ Currently recruiting for the following classes: Healer LF -: Resto Druid , Monk & Hybrid Heal/Dps classes DPS LF -: Rogue , Boomkin , Warrior, Hunter When not raiding you will find us very active on the realm either running Mythic Pluses, PVP'ing, Achievement Runs, farming old content and leveling alts etc. Interested in joining please contact: Btag Hodi#1857 or Coma#1424 would love to chat with yaPipebomb11 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] 8/8H AotC Guild LF Blood Dk <Annunaki> (H-US-Turalyon) is looking for 1 Blood DK for core spots for our AotC flex raid team. Current Progress: 8/8N, 8/8H Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:45PM EST - 10PM EST. Voice Chat: Discord Our main goal is to create a mature and relaxed yet competitive atmosphere seeking AotC kills where everyone can have fun playing the game. Requirements: Good attitude, good attendance, anything else per interview. For more info check out: https://guildsofwow.com/annunaki Contact info: Discord: Aureil#6653 Btag: eternainfer#1281Aureil11 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 [H]<Duplicity> 3/8M weekend need heals <Duplicity> has reformed under new leadership and looks to continue its push for CE raiding. We are currently 3/8M and 8/8H. Raids Times: ============ Mythic - Sat/Sun 10:00am-1:00pm ET Heroic - Fri 9:00pm ET Recruiting: ============ Tank - Death Knight, Monk, Paladin Healer - Paladin, Priest Melee DPS - Rogue, Death Knight Ranged DPS - Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin, SPriest All Mythic applicants should be familiar with all specs of their current class and be at least 370 ilvl. Melee DPS should have a ranged alt they can bring along as well for fights with strict limits on melee composition. Feel free to apply just for the Heroic group as well! We also do Mythic+ throughout the week and have a handful of people that want to get into rated PvP. If interested, please contact an officer: Deadebear (bnet: sesso#1166, discord: Sesso#5965) Jermaine (bnet: semi#1930, discord: Jermaine#6109) Stmango (bnet: rigz21#1887, discord: rigz21#7459) You can also fill out an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/g9aRL1Q6clsf8Gba2Jermaine56 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 H | Occasional Excellence – 4/8M GUILD INFORMATION Are you looking for an adult raiding guild filled with skilled players who genuinely enjoy each other's company? If so, OE2 could be for you! We are a second progression-minded team, recently formed under the long standing Occasional Excellence guild tag. Website: http://occasional-excellence.us/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YwG7fv8 Raid Days/Times: Friday (8:00-12:00 PM EST) and Sunday (7:00pm-10:00 PM EST) Recruitment Needs: -Healer (Any class) -Ranged DPS (Boomkin/Shadow Priest) * All exceptional players may still apply * <<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>> OE2 is a Mythic progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a semi-hardcore progression guild on a casual (7 hour) schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder. If you have strong situational awareness, know your class inside and out, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com. Alternatively, contact Rythgar (Omnious#1411), Jariyah (Jariyah#1831) or any of our members in game with any questions. <<Raid Schedule>> OE2 has two core raid nights per week – Friday (8:00-12:00 PM EST) and Sunday (7:00pm-10:00 PM EST). Our team is comprised mostly of working adults, so we are respectful of raid end times and do not extend past those hours at launch or for progression. <<About Us>> OE2 and the Occasional Excellence community is comprised of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ required/21+ preferred. We have grown up together playing WoW, with an average age of late 20s/early 30s. OE guild members are working adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. From the raid leader down to trial members, you can expect a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and a respectful tone at all times. If you enjoy linking meters and raging at team members during progression, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then keep reading! OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We are proud to have several class forum moderators, gaming journalists, simulationcraft class experts, and MDI finalists within our guild community. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to min/max in every reasonable way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve. The combination of this talent and significant preparation before raid has led to a long history of successful raiding, both as a team and as individuals, which we intend to continue through the creation of our 2nd raiding team. While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found in Discord chatting, participating in alt raids, running 5 man content, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week. From our experience, we can honestly say that Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/YwG7fv8). We look forward to meeting you!Rythgar9 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 (H) <Unbound> Weekend Normal Raiding Guild Unbound What we are: A fun social guild that raids on the weekends. We believe in having fun and maintaining friendship while enjoying the game to the fullest. We raid Friday/Saturday nights. We have been playing since Vanilla on different servers and made Turalyon our home in 2014. We have a great core team and have room to add more. We believe in trying our best while raiding but do not believe in yelling or belittling our members. We consider ourselves a very casual raiding team. Raids are scheduled Fri/Sat nights 8-1030pm server. We clear current content in a relaxed social setting. We all have jobs/school and want to enjoy our time in game. We enjoy all expects of WoW. You can find us running older raids for achievements/transmogs/mounts. We schedule Mythic Dungeon runs. We take advantage of all weekly events. Some of us enjoy pet battling…I have to catch them all! Unbound is a casual, but strong guild with over 12 years of experience in WoW. We play WoW to have fun and to socialize and we like killing bosses too. If you want to experience raiding but in a more casual environment, then please look us up. Alts are always welcome. Come join us as we prepare for BfA raids and mythic+. Please visit our website Unbound.shivtr.com for more information or look up Ravenbella, Sithus, Zosha, Eighty or Zjnowcone in-game. We will be raiding normal only. We are not cutting edge. We dabble in heroic. *Updated 6/24/18 8/8N 4/8H If you have any questions, my bnet is Raventoo#1813Raventoo361 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 [A] Elysium: 1/8M LF ALL PLAYERS <Elysium> Turalyon RECRUITING FOR ULDIR 2 Night Weekend Main Raid 1 Night Weekday Casual Raid 1 Afternoon RBG Event Description: Elysium is a friendly, drama free raiding guild that looks to enjoy the many aspects of WoW together. With passionate Raiders, we look to advance far through BFA. Though we do love our raiding, social members and players of all kinds are always welcome and are eagerly accepted into the family. Other events we hold include: RBS, Main Team Raiding, Timewalking, Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons, Legacy raids/Achievement Runs, and Casual/ALT Raid night. We have a Discord server with someone in it almost all the time, and active members constantly making their own groups to run dungeons and such. Looking for: ◼ Ranged Dps. - Boomkin - S Priest ◼ Melee Dps. - Unholy DK - Ret Pally - Rogue - Arms Warrior ◼ Recruiting exceptional dps aswell, talk to us for more info. Raid Info: ◼ Main Raid times are Saturday and Sunday, 7pm - 9:30pm EST. ◼ Casual/Alt Raid is Thursday 7pm - 9:30pm EST. ◼ Pots/Flasks/Enchants/Gems/Food/Repair are all provided by the Guild Bank. ◼ We are looking for passionate players to join us in our BFA Raiding. ◼ Logs by Warcraft Logs are recorded every raid night and are constantly being uploaded and checked. ◼ Discord is required to raid on progression nights and is expected for Raid nights unless stated otherwise. What we want from you: ◼ A person that is respectful to all members of the guild. ◼ If a Raider: Dedicated to showing up on time (Invites for Raid at 6:55pm EST) and being prepared for Raid. ◼ A sense of humor. ◼ Patience. ◼ And all your money. No not really. :) Current Progression Uldir: 8/8N, 8/8H, 1/8M. Past Progression List Wow Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Elysium Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N, 7/7H, 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3N, 3/3H, 0/3M The Nighthold: 10/10N, 10/10H, 3/10M Tomb of Sargeras 9/9N, 9/9H, 1/9M Antorus: 11/11N, 11/11H, 2/11M Rated Battle Grounds Team: -Saturday 12pm -Melee Dps Needed: Arms Warrior. Contact Info: Check out our website! https://guildsofwow.com/elysium Sola#11923 GM: Solä Officers: -Dæmon -Liraleanu -Fleshg -Allorah -Shadowsreach -AkromSolä136 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 <Daybreak> Raid Sales! Daybreak would like to announce the opening of our Heroic Uldir sale runs. Why should you choose Daybreak in such competitive market? Cause you like purples and achievements right? And hell, save some money while you're at it. Our raids start at 12:00am EST (11 CST), and depending on what you're buying can last until 2:30am EST (1:30 CST). (The heroic runs normally don't take the full time) Q: How is payment handled? A: We take a 50% deposit to secure your spot and schedule you - remainder to be paid before we start pulling. Remaining payment needs to be paid all at once, not per boss. We will work with you to reschedule if you need to, however repeated last minute cancellations may result in the cancellation of your run and the loss of your deposit with a kind refund of 10%. Q: How is Loot handled? A: Yay personal loot, but everything we can trade goes to you! Q: What are we selling? A: We're currently offering full Heroic Uldir and AOTC on Sundays Feel free to contact anyone of our officers and we will gladly schedule you. Kazuku#1276 Shadsy #1502 Earthbend#1134Kazamn184 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 [A]TEST LF DPS/heals. 2d/wk H.focused raiding Are you a working professional with limited time to raid? Looking for a dedicated raiding guild with Heroic and Mythics in sight with a mature and stable atmosphere that allows you to also sustain a real life? TEST may be the guild for you. TEST of Turalyon is a newly formed guild lead by 8/8H AOTC players recruiting adult members to start its' core raiding group; progressing all forms of content, focusing primarily on Heroic raiding with Mythic always in sight lead by organized veteran players. We are an adult oriented guild that is work schedule/life friendly, looking for reliable players to mostly prepare for the next raid content early 2019. ... Expectations:The number 1 thing we expect from all of us is that we are driven with a similar goal in mind while being able to understand that this is just a video game, so a healthy community within the guild is an important focus of mine as well. We will have 0 tolerance for any type of negative and toxic behavior. GM Btag: Checkem#11546 Recruitment: StankTurtle#1189Bodywrecker5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 [A] - Nevermore 2/8M (2 night/6 hours) <Nevermore> is looking for players that want to see end game content with a quality group of players without the drama and stress of a big guild. We have a long history of hardcore raiding but have scaled back as members have gotten older. We are currently focusing on just heroic for Uldir but are dipping our toes into mythic when time allows. We are looking for former hardcore players who want to be in a more casual environment but still see meaningful progression or newer players that feel they have something to offer but struggle to get into higher end guilds. Currently 8/8 Heroic, 2/8 Mythic ---------- Currently recruiting: Warlock Mage Balance Druid Shadow Priest Hunter Windwalker Monk Rogue ----------- Our raiding schedule is (all times EST) Thursday/Monday - 8:00pm -11:00pm (main raid) Saturday - 8:00pm - 11:00pm (alt raid) ------------ If interested please contact Xenostab (Xenos#4932) or Gladetalon (Glade#1825) or simply apply at nevermoreturalyon.comGladetalon5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 [A] Harmony of Souls AoTC Recruitment! <Harmony of Souls> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression 8/8 N | 7/8H Raid Time: Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00pm -10pm est Have achieved AOTC on all raids in legion Recruitment Contact: Jinxx#1511 Heroic spots open for: Warlock, mage, Healer Hello! We are a laid back close knit family style guild that loves to get together to punch Heroic raids in the face! We also do mythic + keys daily and putting together a team for higher mythic + keys. HoS is a very active guild so you'll always find something to do no matter your play style. More info: In addition to Raiding on Tue/Thu we also push M+ keys. We are here to have a good time and collect some sweet loot while we do it. There is room for all types of players in our guild. We progress through Heroic content (AoTC every raid), Alt normal runs on saturdays, Mythic + runs daily, and transmog runs. If this looks like a good fit for you Contact us! We look forward to raiding with you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact: Recruitment Officer | Jinxx#1511Ducatti20 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 Weekly Heroic Uldir Run! Impetus is hosting their first community event this weekend on Saturday, 9:00PM - 11:00PM EST! We are doing a full heroic clear for fun, spots are limited and first come first serve(30 total)! Alts & mains are welcome, preferably 360+. If you're interested, feel free to contact Nicklrac (Nicklrac#11390). Discord is required for the run: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB We're hoping to make this a fun weekly event, so we hope to see you there! :)Poobadøø1 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 (A) Arcane Mage 350ish (Don't want to have to come out and change this with any new piece of gear) Arcane mage Latest log as of posting is https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TNhz7WtLpmVKQA21/#fight=last&type=damage-done I am currently raiding with a great group, however they raid later than what I can consistently do and as such I struggle with daily activities on the days following raid. I am searching for a weekday team that raids for 2 hours each night from approx 9pm to 11pm EST. Let me know if you need more info or I am a potential match Bnet: Lizajane#1447 Alt logs (my holy pally) for showing total progressions/my performances https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/turalyon/caelestalus#difficulty=3Yakilaan1 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 9, 2018 [A] <Dies Irae> Recruiting Ranged DPS & More! Looking for a mature and goal-oriented Heroic raid team? Dies Irae is the guild for you! Many of us have been together for several years, and we’re looking to make our new home on Turalyon server. We pride ourselves on maintaining a relaxed and welcoming guild and raid community, and we’re looking to add more like-minded players to our raid team as progress through Uldir. All players are welcome, but we are especially in need of a frost/unholy death knight, beast mastery/marksmanship hunter, and a rogue of any spec. Social Members looking for a home and those interested in pushing Mythic+ are welcome as well! Raid Day's: Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00pm to 1:00am eastern. Current Progression: 8/8 N, 5/8 H For more information, feel free to add one of us on battletag. Sikoru (bnet: sikoru#1340, discord: sikoru#1340) Guerisser (bnet:Guerrie#1803, discord: Guerrie#0017) Kaleita (bnet:lizajane#1447, discord: Melirra#1923) Sikoru22 Nov 9, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Weekly Normal Uldir Warsong (a weekend Mythic guild) is hosting a Normal Uldir run in the Turalyon Discord at 8 EST on Tuesday, https://discord.gg/AHHxA56, come join us for a chill raid. 340+ required. Feasts and cauldrons provided. Space is limited so once we are full you'll have to wait till next week. First come first serve. Mains or Alts. We are doing this just for fun and to find cool people to raid with. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread or message me at my bnet PandaToons#1346. Looking forward to another fun run!Pandapriest3 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Turalyon - Warsong - Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild: Warsong - Turaylon Raid Times: Normal Tuesday 8-11PM EST, Heroic Friday 8-11PM EST, Mythic Saturday & Sunday 1-4PM EST Progress: 2/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N Recruitment Contacts: Btag - PandaToons#1346 or Bloo#1531, Discord - PandaToons#7304 or Scarllette#2748 WoWprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Warsong Application: http://bit.ly/Warsong-Turalyon Needs: 1 Tank, 4 RDPS, 1 Healer, and anyone else that knows they are good, competition is a good thing. If you're better than someone else, you have a spot, we are loyal to progression in raid. Out of raid we are a BA guild that has a lot of fun. Casuals welcome! Looking for more people that like pushing keys also.Pandapriest1 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 Organized Crime -H- 2 days LF DPS 1/8M - 8/8H Greetings all! We are <Organized Crime> from the Turalyon server. At this time, we are currently seeking DPS to complete our mythic roster! with ATOC out of the way our main focus now is Mythic progression. Currently, we are 1/8 Mythic with progression on Mother. Our awesome team is looking for just a few more DPS spots to solidify the roster. Our main raid times are from 7:30-10:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday, with an optional Monday night for alts. Our raid environment is extremely relaxed, chill, and hilarious at times. Our goal is to constantly be pushing ourselves progression wise while having fun doing so. The guild is constantly active in game as well as out guild discord, we are very social in the guild and as a team, we want people who will fit into our family like atmosphere. What <Organized Crime> is looking for: DPS: We’re looking for both ranged and melee dps. Preferably a Rogue and Mage. However, we will be looking at all DPS applicates. Dependability: Attendance and performance are a must. We require an 85% attendance rate and dependable performance in raid. Knowledge: Players must have a well-rounded understanding of their class, spec, raid role and raid encounters. Team Cohesiveness: Raiders need to be able to work well in a team, in both raids and mythic+ What <Organized Crime> can offer: Impressive roster. Constant progression and end game content. Guild bank repairs, enchants, flasks, pots, food, gems, ect ect. Social community with very active members. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please feel free to reach out to our contacts below. SnailKing#11693 Dominitus#1741Doominitus67 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 {A} <Transcend> 3/8M recruiting Guild: <Transcend> - Turalyon US Faction: Alliance Raid Times/Days: Tues/ Wed/Thurs 9:00 - 11:00 PM EST Cleared: M 3/8 , H 8/8, N 8/8 Uldir / 5/11 Mythic ABT exp. Contacts: Bnet:OFFICERS=Brittster#1804 aka(jaharra), HairyLarry ( Hairylarry#1974 ), Júdas, Karson ( Montypythonx#1623 ), Incinerette ( Incinerator#1427 ), Website: https://guildsofwow.com/transcend https://www.wowprogress.com/update_progress/guild/us/turalyon/Transcend Notes: <Transcend> is a friendly mythic raid oriented guild looking to fill roster with like minded individuals. The guild's main goal is progressing into Mythic content while having all levels of new raid available to all that would have the desire to raid. Mythic raiders recruiting is Looking for a MAIN TANK ASAP. Immediate trial. (Skilled players will always be considered) However I do have a few spots open for our 30 man Heroic Uldir. PM for more info(read below for a more detailed description) : Death knight: HIGH Tank Druid: HIGH (guardian tank) Hunter: medium Mage: medium Monk: High (Tank) medium (Healing) Paladin: High for Dps (Ret, Tank) Priest: Low (Healing)/medium (other) Rogue: medium (sub) Shaman: Low (Resto)/Medium(Elemental) Warlock: Low Warrior: Low Demon Hunter: (Medium) Tank We are a newly formed guild on Alliance US-Turalyon Server once known as <FORCE> that was created back in March of 2018 but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were left with one option which was to reform. Same people, New GM. We are a group of friends that really had the same mindset of pushing into mythic progression and and we executed it. We are drama-free guild that just wants to play to have fun and get bosses down. We have a very strong and close guild community; everyone is someone here in Transcend. If you would like any more info please feel free to add me on BT: Brittster#1804 or through Discord= Jaharra#9913Jaharra17 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Casual Tues. Wed. Raid Team LF more DPS for a casual raid team. We are currently 6/8 normal 2/8 heroic. Very casual laid back group looking for dps to fill up our ranks. Raids are currently tues. wed. 8pm to about 10pm. Anyone interested contact me in game, here, or bnet @ key#1238Keyswar1 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 Brewmaster lf raid group Hello! 360 Brm 8/8N 7/8H on main lf weekday raid group, can play MW as well Availability Weeknights 7 EST-11 EST Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/turalyon/chimonk#Chimonk2 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 <Massacre> 3/8M LF Brew/Hpriest/RSham/DPS Guild Name: Massacre Guild was founded back in 2007 and has since been a raiding force on our server. Server: US-Turalyon (PVE) EST Faction: Horde Raid Times: 8:30pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday and Wednesday, Optional Heroic Thursday 8:30pm EST Loot System: Modified Loot Council Warcraftlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/2154/ Atmosphere: Adult (rated R) Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdNXCIECRx9lhruBtpJbvIu6khsTqBNp-oCJpZp1g4b8W4ziA/viewform Recent Progression: 3/8 M Uldir 8/8H Uldir 11/11M AbT About Us: We are a mature progression-oriented raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leader(s) research heavily to help prepare for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. Our guild atmosphere is laid-back and fun-loving. Raiding is not supposed to be a second job! In our spare time, we enjoy alts, m+, other games, and listening to music in discord. If you want to be a part of a fun group of people that also gets stuff done -- Massacre could be the place for you! What we are accepting: Please note 370ilvl and 26 azerite level requirements. TANK (looking for 1) --Monk --Death Knight HEALS (looking for 1) --Holy Priest --Shaman --Druid --Monk MELEE (looking for 1) --Death Knight --Warrior --Shaman RANGED (looking for 2) --Boomkin --BM Hunter --Warlock Primary recruitment needs are bolded. As always, exceptional applications for any class/role will be considered. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via in-game whisper or through battle tag: Dabreeze - Recruitment - Sydrael#1631 or @Garakt#7351 Byleana - GM - Byleana#1633 Karalea - Ranged Lead/Raid Lead - Kara#1715 or @Karalea#8566 Myricalus - Melee Lead - Myricalus#1115 Boptart - Heal Lead - Ashildr#1718Karalea6 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 [H] <Wardens Tyranny> 7/8 Heroic LFM Greetings! <Wardens Tyranny> is recruiting all classes, levels, and specs. We are a non hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and raiding. Looking to enjoy the game and see content in a non-hardcore environment. We also are forming up an Alt run on Sunday! Guild Website: https://wardenstyranny.enjin.com Faction: Horde Realm: Turalyon Raiding Recruitment Needs: Healers - Low Melee DPS - High Ranged DPS - High Our raiding rules are simple - Be courteous to others - Looting method for time being will be kept as default personal looting - If item is not an upgrade for your main spec it is asked to see if others main spec could use it - Food and flask are provided - Most importantly have fun! Raid Times 2 days a week Tuesday 8-11 PM EST Thursday 8-11 PM EST Progression: 8/8 Uldir Normal 7/8 Uldir Heroic If you would like to get in on a fun, active, AOTC guild this might be the fit for you! We ask you be 18+ and no negative attitudes need apply. Guild Master has several prior GM, Raid Lead, and Officer roles from a more hardcore raiding environment. Life has happened and looking to move to a more casual way of play. We hope you will come help us grow and enjoy the great game of WOW. For any questions, inquiries, or an invite you can message us in game: DocMundo BT Tickle#1358 NovaStella BT Stasimoon#1858 Thanks for reading and have a great day!Docmundo4 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 [H] Legend AOTC, Mythic & M+ Sales ⭐️ Looking to buy some runs? Look no further! Legend is doing sales! Currently Selling: H G'huun (AOTC) - 200k gold Heroic Uldir (Full Clear) - 500k gold Mythic Taloc - 200k gold Mythic MOTHER - 300k gold Mythic Zek'voz - 500k gold Mythic Vectis - 1,000,000 gold M+ 10 - 160k gold M+ 10 Timed - 400k Coming Soon: Mythic Fetid Mythic Zul Sign up form: https://goo.gl/forms/zAisSTwNFmcHaqc23 This form goes directly to a private channel on our discord so we're notified really quickly. ^_^ If you have questions you can reach me on my btag: Sieara#1968 or discord: Sieara#6473 - just know I am mostly mobile during the week because of classes.Siearalol32 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 <Synthesis> 8/8M Recruitment - LFM (11/05) Our raid schedules are as follows: Weekday - 8/8M US 69th Mon-Thur 10p-1a EST Weekend - 7/8M Fri/Sat 10p 1a EST Both rosters observe a 10 min break after 1.5 hours of raiding and have an optional Normal/Heroic clear on Sun once it is moved off the regular schedule. Weekday Needs - 1 Hunter, BM/MM 1 Warlock, Aff/Destro Weekend Needs - 1 MW or Holy Paladin 1 Warlock, Aff/Destro Synthesis does not recruit for the bench and will never have a mythic roster larger than 23-24 (per roster) When we recruit for the guild we like to avoid people who otherwise don't contribute to the social aspect of the guild outside of their raid nights. This means that ideally you'll be available for both raid schedules to fill in for absences, class stacking, or recruitment purposes. You will not be expected to raid 6 nights, or even online for all nights other than your assigned roster raid times. We only prefer applicants that have the flexibility to raid on either of the rosters. Link to our RAID APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/KLSVTKPW8Z3xSs8n1 Please submit an app or speak with Nova#1793 on Bnet (or Novamourne#0344 on Discord) if you have any questions or are interested in joining our team.Novasan12 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 Weekly Monday Night Normal Uldir! Hello folks! Starting this upcoming Monday October 22nd from 10pm - 12am server, I will be hosting an alliance side normal Uldir run. This will be on a weekly basis and you're more than welcome to bring your mains or your alts. it's a completely fun and relaxed evening for those who have no yet had a chance to go into the raid or want to gear up an alt/main. Contact Information: Sikoru#1340 is my b-tag and discord, and Sikbrew is my in-game name if you prefer to communicate through that! We will be using a discord for the raid that is provided by the Recruitment and Community folks. Discord Information: https://discord.gg/jggeRfDSikbrew10 Nov 6, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 [A] <Chaotic Neutral> 4/8m LFM! <Chaotic Neutral> US Turalyon [A] Alliance | Casual Cutting Edge Progression Guild 4/8M 2 nights/week | 6hours | Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm EST (Offnight/Alt/Ach Run Sat @8:30pm EST) Discord Required Guild Website: cnguild.org Chaotic Neutral general raid/game experience and what we are: Our eclectic guild is filled with players who have played all the way from vanilla to players just starting the game in recent history. We call our ourselves a casual Cutting Edge progression guild with the understanding that, albeit in our main raid roster everyone is meant to play responsibly and fill the role in which they have, we are casual in the ideas that we don’t restrict ones playstyle/spec (meaning there may be a very strong spec from a class, but if you have fun playing another spec and you show that you can play it well enough to be used at a progression level, than you are more than welcome to come along!!). What we are looking for: We are looking for more people in general as we want around 24-26 people to be able to be flexible with the given raid situation. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. Also we are currently looking to fill our roster for BFA!! Rdps: Any high performing ranged Mdps: Any high performing player Heals/Tanks: We are currently full on tanks and heals, the only exception is if you are a DPS main spec with healing as an off spec Will consider anyone who performs at a high level, and greatly admire those flexible to playing multiple roles/classes! Where to Apply to Chaotic Neutral!: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRqvRuCmg0YiOcUoIdVUbU8pw0V1CITk7vw7--Bkz2hq0h5A/viewform This is a direct link to our application, if you would like to snoop around a bit first then below is a link to our website! https://www.cnguild.org/ We do have a trial period for those wishing to join the raiding roster, this only in place to double check how everyone feels about the situation. Both you and us, and see how good of a fit it will be! Prerequisites: Research each fights prior to pull (at least have watched on video and seen some of what the fight looks like prior to first pull and strategy explanation) Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication l Sense of humor About us: We at Chaotic Neutral are a guild focused on making good use of our time, meaning those who are filling a role in our roster will be held accountable for the choices. Be on time, be respectful, and play at a respectable level. Other than that we pride ourselves in being kind and considerate, as well as a general fun guild to be with our various personalities. We have multiple groups for M+ who are interested in pushing into higher keys, and as well as those interested in PvP. We’re a guild that has a focus on raiding, but we do not pigeon-hole our players to having to do anything they don’t want to do. So if you feel like you have what it takes, and you have to humor to back up your play, come join us!!! Addons Needed: DBM/Big Wigs (or some other raid encounter addon) Weak Auras 2 More info: Guild Master: Wandappy (Bnet: Wandappy#1921) Official Recruitment Contact: Halphus (Bnet: Halphus#1464, Discord: Halphus#7054)Halphus14 Nov 6, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 looking for social Guild looking for a guild that's more about hanging out and having fun than anything else! let's talk about your guild Discord: Arroyo#7374 by the way don't just post your recruited macro I really do want to talkForumposter0 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 Boomkin LF Mythic Progression 378 Boomkin Looking for mythic raid progression. Currently 1/8MMahkahe3 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 [A] <Neverender> LFM Normal/Heroic Sun/Mon! [A] <Neverender> - Turalyon Raid Times: Normal/Heroic + Casual/Social (8/8 N - 5/8 H) SUN/MON - Raid Nights 8:00pm - 11:00pm (EST) We also run content most other evenings (mythic+'s, islands, old raids, events), just not on a set schedule. Who We Are: <Neverender> is a group of friendly, helpful, and mature players (mostly 25+) who have played the game for most of WoW's existence, but prefer a more casual and relaxed raiding environment due to real life priorities. Our focus is on fun and seeing the content together! We provide many benefits for our guild family to make sure that can happen. We provide feasts, flasks, enchants, gems, and repairs for our raiders. If you would like to contribute that is great - but if you have limited time to farm mats/gold, we have you covered! We enjoy learning new encounters and pushing to where we can while having fun! Our members have many real life responsibilities that come first, including family, work, children, school, etc. We push as far as we can, when we can, but the focus is on fun. Mythic raiding is not the goal at this time, but we may dabble into it eventually. :) Casual, Social, New, and Returning players are absolutely welcome here! We will help you! We do not pressure anyone into content they do not wish to do. You don't have to be a raider to come hang out! If you need a group for something, we're there! We feel that the guild should be fun and helpful, part of the reason you log in. If you can't be in Discord 24/7, we're the guild for you! We only ask that raiders or those running mythic+'s have Discord so they can hear instructions and it is there if you want to hang out when you can. We are just looking to have fun and see all of the content, yet still make sure everyone's real life priorities come first! Looking For: We are looking for raiders who miss that guild family feeling and are not divided between too many multiple guilds. We understand making sure we're the right fit for you (and vice versa) initially, but most of our members have their mains here and it's hard to help one another or get to know one another if all of your non-raid time is spent elsewhere. Being a guild family means helping others gear up, helping get quests done, answering questions, teaching encounters and so on. If someone is struggling with a mechanic, we help them! If that bothers you, we are not the guild for you. However, we do expect you to research the content you would like to be running and come prepared. The below classes are preferred for the raid group at this time, but feel free to ask about any not listed as things can always change! DPS: Demon Hunter, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, but all other classes will be considered (especially ranged), just ask! Healer: We are full on healers at this time, but a healing off spec is always welcome! Tank: We are looking for one tank, Brew Monk preferred, but will consider others. :D Contact Info: If you are interested, please contact myself, Siyonae. You can reach me here on the forums, through Battle.net, or in-game. You can also contact Koare. Battle.net Tag is: Nickidoodles#1448 Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! :DSiyonae35 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 <Hypnotic>7/8M 2day 6hr/week LF Lock Updated October 27th, 2018 <Hypnotic> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression 7/8M #1 6hr/week guild in the US in Antorus 2 nights/week | 6hours | Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST (Offnight/Alt Run Tues @8pm EST) 110% optional raid night Discord | Loot Council Guild Website: hypnoticguild.com/ Hypnotic Raid History Guild first raid boss down, December 5th, 2012 MoP: MSV/HoF/ToES: 3/14H l ToT: 3/13H l SoO: 12/14H US 1306 WoD: Highmaul: 2/7M l BRF: 7/10M l HFC: 13/13M(C.E.) US 334 Legion: EN: C.E. l ToV: 2/3M l NH: C.E. l ToS: C.E. l Ant : 11/11M US 144 (#1 6hr/week guild in the US) BFA: Uldir: 7/8M What we are looking for: Rdps: Lock Will consider anyone who performs at a high level Hypnotic maintains a 24-26 man core raider roster in order to be flexible with our raiders schedule and be able to maximize our composition for progression kills. We do not recruit for the bench. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. Add Laatu#1956 for any questions you might have! How to Apply to Hypnotic Please visit our guild website listed below to fill out an application www.hypnoticguild.com/recruitment Prerequisites: Research each fights prior to pull 18+ Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication l Sense of humor About us: Hypnotic was built around the idea of having a good time raiding the hardest current content in the most efficient way. The vast majority of our members have a limited time schedule due to various responsibilities, we opted for a two nights a week, six hours total raiding time. Here at Hypnotic, we believe that this is more than enough time to progress through a tier in a timely fashion. We are confident that we can be one of the most time efficient and progressed guilds around. We will never be the world's best guild, but we will not be too far behind. Addons Needed! DBM/Big Wigs Epgp Loot Addon Exorsus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 Angry Assignments More info: Guild Master | Raid lead: Laatu#1956 Officer: Truthwatcher & NiadoriaLaatu367 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 [H] <Live Evil> 7/8H - Recruiting! :) <Live Evil> is currently looking for people interested in progressing in Heroic content. We are a laid back, two night a week group that likes having fun while killing stuff. We have plans to continue heroic progression (possibly mythic in the future) throughout the expansion. Our current raid times are: Tuesday & Friday: 7-10PM EST (Heroic) Sunday: 9PM-12AM EST (Normal) We have a team of awesome people & just want to find a few more to complete our group! Only in need of healers & dps, we are full on tanks. Add me on Battlenet if you have questions & would like to speak further. Brittany#1306Azlyn0 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 <Meters Over Mechanics> 5/8M <Meters Over Mechanics> is a mythic guild that was created on US - Dragonblight. Founded September 2017 by a group of close friends and former raiders - MOM aims to push challenging content on a lighter schedule while maintaining a fun but serious raiding culture. We have decided to move our guild to the wonderful community of Turalyon for BFA endeavors. We are always recruiting like minded individuals to join us who possess the desire and motivation to perform at a high level while leaving the elitist attitude at the door. We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss potential raiding opportunities! Urgent Needs: Tanks: Exceptional applicants encouraged to apply Heals: Resto Druid RDPS: Spriest = Ele Shaman MDPS: Warrior /// ROGUE FOR ZUL Current Progression: 5/8 M 8/8 H 8/8 N Recent Progression: 4/9M ToS 9/11M Antorus Raid times: Monday: 8-11 EST Tuesday: 8-11 EST Wednesday: 8-11 EST Contact info: Btag: Saviorself#1421 Discord: Saviorself#4119Tërror15 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 I had fun! Thanks for those who rooted and laughed at the streamed content I was involved in yesterday. I had a blast in the mount off contest!Boro4 Nov 1, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 <Disorder> [H] 2/8 M LFM DPS Guild: <Disorder> - Turalyon US Faction: Horde Raid Times/Days: Tues/Thurs 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST Current Progress Uldir: N 8/8 , H 8/8, 2/8M Contact: Apop#0685 (discord) Apoptøsis#1118 bnet Current Needs: DPS/ Disorder is a newly formed guild looking for melee dps and a tank to round out our progression raid team! We have the makings of a solid core that we would like to solidly establish for Uldir and future tiers, push for AOTC and then mythic. We are also open to other exceptional DPS and flex raiders! We also enjoy the worship of the guild loa Jani the trash raptor, stealing hats, playing pranks and other fun things (like M+...we like to do that) The guild currently comprised of several groups of friends with years of raid experience, and as I said were looking to get more folks and establish a solid raid core for the future! Contact info for me is listed above if interested.Apoptøsis6 Nov 1, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 Legend (CE) 2-Day, 6 hrs I never got around to making a post so here it is! Weekday (Purple Parrots) Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST Optional: Thursday 9:30pm EST Weekend (Silver Snakes) Raid Times/Days: Saturday & Sunday 9pm-12am EST Optional: Friday 10pm EST We're a semi-hardcore 6 hour Mythic raid team comprised of skilled mains and geared, experienced alts of players who raid in other Mythic guilds. We're looking for exceptional raiders until we hit a perfect roster then we'll only be recruiting on an as need basis. Spots are currently very competitive. The goal is to have two exceptional CE 6 hrs groups on realm with similar goals but different schedules so people have options. Requirements: Currently we're only considering CE players and returning CE players from prior expansions. You can get ahold of me here: Sieara#6473 on discord or Sieara#1968 on btag.Siearapewpew2 Oct 31, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 [H] <Live Evil> Recruiting <Live Evil> is currently seeking Raiders looking for Heroic content. We are a laid back, 2 night a week guild for the time being, until we get our roster filled out. If interest is there, we may go to 3 nights. Roles we are looking for as of now: Heals, melee and ranged DPS. Anyone is welcome to join and have fun with a easy going group of folks. Currently raid times are set up as follows: Tuesday and Friday night, 7-10:30PM, EST. You can msg Crediz in game, or any Officer for further information.Graveshade7 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 29, 2018 [A] <The Collective> LF semi-hardcore M+ Mythic Plus Times: 6 PM - 3 AM EST everyday <The Collective> is a new Alliance-side mythic plus team looking for folks of any class/background to help us push keystones as we learn to master each instance one by one. The team consists of former 3k-4k raider.io rated Legion players who are serious about doing keystones while maintaining a chill and fun atmosphere for our team. Many of us are pushing close to 1k during this season as well. Currently we are doing a lot of plus 8-11 keystones within our group. Our folks are mostly based on Turalyon server but we accept everyone from any server on Alliance side. In order to contact us, please sign up here at our WoWProgress website at: https://www.wowprogress.com/team/us/turalyon/mplus-The+Collective. After you sign up over there then join us in our Discord at: https://discord.gg/JEeRECC. Our team will conduct a short interview/chat with you to see if you are a wonderful fit with us personality-wise. We are happy to work with anyone who is open to learning the dungeons with us as long as he/she does not rage quit the keystones. Our cross faction community can be found here at: https://blizzard.com/invite/wPkoxYOTP34. Thanks again and hope to join forces with you in the keystone world! Btag leader: CFR#1645Aerbota3 Oct 29, 2018
Oct 28, 2018 [A] LMYC - Late Night Raiding (1/8 M) LFM [A][US][Turalyon] <LochModanYachtClub> Do normal guilds raid too early for you? Interested in getting into Mythic raiding regardless of prior experience? Then keep on reading! LochModanYachtClub is an active late-night raiding guild that is looking for couple more players to fill out our roster for consistent Mythic progression. About Us: Our guild has been around in some form since BC and prides itself on our raid environment. We really try to create a place where people who enjoy raiding can have a great time, laugh, and kill bosses. We are by no means a hardcore progression guild but we want to push ourselves to get as far as we can each tier after comfortably getting AOTC every tier, we want to start pushing further into Mythic. Whether you are a former CE raider looking for a more casual environment, or a Normal raider looking to make the jump into higher-level PvE content, we are open to anyone as long as they are willing to put in the time to progress with us. Outside of raid we have many members who are avid M+ runners so there is always a place to do that at night as well. Current Prog: Uldir - 1/8M (8/8 H) Raid Times: 11:55 PM- 3AM EST Friday 11:55 PM- 3AM EST Saturday Looking for: DPS (Ranged or Melee) and Healer (Priest preferably) Thanks! If you are interested in joining us contact me on Bnet (BTag - DwarfTosser#1897) or on Discord (Agentg1303#7130).Shandra15 Oct 28, 2018
Oct 28, 2018 ginn-su sword Looking to sell the katana sword from uldaman (Ginn-su Sword) Horde side. Have several other uldaman rare items as wellCeldudu0 Oct 28, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 5/8 Heroic looking for heals and DPS A fun drama free Heroic raid centered community. We raid Sunday/Monday from 8:30pm-11:30pm Eastern. Looking for a healer, a warlock, and death knight. Guild & Server: <Last Sanctuary> :horde~1: Turalyon Raid Times/Days: Sunday and Monday 8 PM to 11 PM EST (Server) Current Progression: 8/8 N 5/8 H Uldir Recruitment Contacts: @Likim#3305 for Discord, Sc100vet#1373 Battletag Wowprogress : https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Last+Sanctuary Needs: We are now looking towards BFA with the following in mind: Healer, DPS DK, warrior, warlock, ranged DPS. Pm me in game or discord for more information.Likim0 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 [H] 7/8 H 8/8 N Looking for a guild I have a 120 DH DPS looking to transfer here that has 7/8 H Uldir and 8/8 N. I am looking for a Horde guild that raids Wednesdays - Fridays anytime. Also looking to do RBGs if available but mainly raiding. Also going to level this hunter once I change it to Maghar but mainly want to raid on my DH.Lifetime1 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 warlock 5/8 herioc lf raiding guild affliction warlock looking for a raiding guild on Tuesday and Thursday ill bring the cookies ive been carried my whole lifeMandigoparty5 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 25, 2018 Highly Skilled Tank 4 Tank Classes at 370+ As it says in the title currently play 5 out of the 6 tanks. I currently have: 377 Equipped Protection Paladin 376 Equipped Vengeance Demon Hunter 377 Equipped Brewmaster Monk 372 Equipped Guardian Druid 360 Equipped Blood Death Knight I am looking for a raiding guild that has a permanent raiding spot open. Currently I am 8/8 H and 2/8 M with Prog Exp on Zek and Vectus to 30%. I'd prefer to raid two - three nights a week and end by 12 EST. I am available any day. I run a +10 on all 4 tanks and have since M+ came out in BFA. I run mythic plus competitively on the Paladin currently with a raider IO of 1k. I run about 50 - 100 mythic pluses a week. I am willing to transfer servers. Faction change is possible if paid for. What I am looking for in a guild: 1. A strong community - This includes an active discord outside of raid nights, people playing other games together and/or playing WoW together. I am absolutely not looking for a guild in which 75% of the raid team is only on to raid. 2. High End Raid Environment - A group of like minded individuals aimed at getting Cutting Edge each tier and know what getting Cutting Edge entails. 3. High End Mythic+ Environment - I love running mythic plus almost qualified for MDI tournament realms in Legion. I want to continue to push keys as high as possible and test my limits. 4. Commitment From All Raiders - Similar to the community, Every raider should be getting the weekly 10 done, and doing everything possible to improve upon themselves and there characters outside of raiding. 5. No Roster Issues! If you don't have at least 80% of what I am looking for lets not waste each others time. A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I started raiding really hard core in the beginning and all the way through Cataclysm. This being 5 nights a week 5 hours a night. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit in legion and first to clear a +10 in time in BFA. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I would like to have a competetive MDI group at some point. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119 or Discord Ciliegia#7310. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. If you are not at least 2/8 M lets not waste each others time, prefer 3/8 M or 4/8 M guilds. Logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/zuljin/ciliegia#difficulty=4 Raider IO https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/CiliegiaCiliegia7 Oct 25, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 14 year guild seeks players for BFA When you come to these forums you will always see literally thousands of guilds all looking for the same thing and nearly all of them have one thing in common. They won't be here in a few months and you will be looking for another guild. Judgement, formed in 2004, has been continuously raiding since our formation. We do not let our players down by taking long breaks between new content release. Players come and go with us from time to time. And more power to them. We base our group off the attitude that team work trumps personal gain any day of the week. If you are looking for an Alliance guild that will be present the day the servers close then look no farther. Our raid days are Saturday and Sunday 7- NLT 11 PM EST with an optional full clear of normal Friday nights starting at 8 PM. We welcome mature individual who seek a zero drama tolerant group. INJ#1944 - Btag me if you would like to discuss. Great raiding to you!Injustice1 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 [H] <Dad Bod> DPS / Heals Recruitment! Dad Bod is currently opening recruitment for a few key positions. Details- Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday, 10:30pm til 1:00am server/EST. Progress: We are currently 8/8 Normal, 3/8 Heroic in Uldir. Ideal Recruitment: We would love to add any competent players who mesh well with our fun group of people. However, we would LOVE to add a few of the following players. Balance Druids, any Warlocks, any Mages, MM/BM Hunters, Holy Paladins, and Resto Shamans. We need two to three total in dps and one of the healers. We of course love to push progression and on a short raid schedule we do have to move fast. It is vital, however, that if you come to our guild you come to have fun and enjoy a good team of raiders doing awesome content! To get in touch- If we sound like a good fit to you, feel free to respond to this post or get up with one of the officers in game. Guild Leader: Kentorus (Battle Net:Gnome4life#1832) (Discord: Kentorus#0661) Recruitment Officer: Vandro (Battle Net: TheHammer#1904) (Discord: Vandro#5671) Recruitment Officer: Kaltropz (Battle Net: Drizkil#1709) (Discord: Drizkil#9953)Vandro4 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 Any late night guilds? I'm about to move my priest over to this server to be closer to friends who are way too serious about mythic for my taste, and I work until about 10pm est so I'm looking for a semi casual late night guild. The priest just hit 120 so I still need to gear it but with all the options available I should be 340-350 within a week or so. So I should be good for normal or up to zul on heroic before I even get transferred over. Just looking for a good home that does m+ raiding and maybe even pvp. My main spec is shadow but I healed as disc in legion and I'm not against learning holy now that legendaries and artifacts arent a thing. Mostly just seeing what late night options are out there.Beastyface4 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 Mage 7/8H 8/8N LF raiding team https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/turalyon/Daddi I know all the mechanics for normal and heroic, looking for a guild to join and run with. Prefer Tues/Thurs raiding, but open to other schedules.Daddi4 Oct 23, 2018