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4h (H) Unbound guild, normal W/E raiding Unbound What we are: A fun social guild that raids on the weekends. We believe in having fun and maintaining friendship while enjoying the game to the fullest. We raid Friday/Saturday nights. We have been playing since Vanilla on different servers and made Turalyon our home in 2014. We have a great core team and have room to add more. We believe in trying our best while raiding but do not believe in yelling or belittling our members. We consider ourselves a very casual raiding team. Raids are scheduled Fri/Sat nights 8-11pm server. We clear current content in a relaxed social setting. We all have jobs/school and want to enjoy our time in game. We enjoy all expects of WoW. You can find us running older raids for achievements/transmogs/mounts. We schedule Mythic Dungeon runs. We take advantage of all weekly events. Some of us enjoy pet battling…I have to catch them all! Unbound is a casual, but strong guild with over 10 years of experience in WoW. We play WoW to have fun and to socialize and we like killing bosses too. If you want to take raiding seriously but in a more casual environment, then please look us up. Alts are always welcome. Come join us as we prepare for BfA. Please visit our website Unbound.shivtr.com for more information or look up Raventoo, Sithus, Zosha, Cidal or Zjiargouche in-game. We will be raiding normal only. We are not cutting edge. *UpdatedRaventoo284 4h
10h [H]<Duplicity> LF weekend mid-day raiders <Duplicity> is a newly formed guild on Turalyon consisting of experienced raiders looking to build a Mythic raid team for BFA. Whether you're on the server already or looking to reroll here - We'd love to have ya! We're not going to raid Legion content much if at all, so we're purely a BFA guild at this point. Raid Times: 10am-1pm ET Sat/Sun Primary needs for raiding: ============================= Warlock (for healthstones/soulstones) Demon Hunter (for magic debuff) Warrior (for attack power buff) 1-2 Tank(s) 1-2 Healer(s) Lots of DPS :) We also intend to run Mythic+'s, RBG's, and Arenas throughout the week (mostly in the evening). If interested, contact me, Jermaine (bnet: semi#1930, discord: Jermaine#6109) or reply to this thread.Jermaine0 10h
10h <FORCE>[A] 5/11 Mythic Guild Recruiting Guild: <FORCE> - Turalyon US Faction: Alliance Raid Times/Days: Wed/Thurs 9:00 - 11:00 PM EST Cleared: 5/11 Mythic Contacts: Bnet: GM=Krodin#11470 aka(TheCaptain) OFFICERS=Brittster#1804 aka(jaharra), HairyLarry, Júdas, Karson, Wowprogress/Raider.IO:https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/FORCE *We are getting ready for our BFA break but would like to try and push a few more mythic bosses, We are down a few on our mythic team and looking to fill(to possibly keep pushing content for as long as possible)(missing a tank, 2 heals and few dps slots for mythic raid team) We are openly recruiting to prepare for BFA. Accepting all on that. We will remain active in doing things old content, achievement runs etc during (our time off). Notes: <Force> is a friendly mythic raid oriented guild looking to fill roster with like minded individuals. The guild's main goal is progressing farther into Mythic content and preparing for BFA . ALSO come BFA our raid schedule will change some; these dates are to TBA in the next week or so . Mythic raid classes demand needed are listed below : however everything is OPEN for new expansion ! Death knight: Tank (high) Druid: High (resto, Tank, Melee,) Hunter: High Mage: Medium Monk: Low (Healing)/ High (Tank) Paladin: High (Ret, Tank) Priest: Low (Healing)/medium (other) Rogue: Low Shaman: High (Resto)/High(Elemental) Warlock: Low Warrior: Low Demon Hunter: Low Now a little bit about us, We are a newly formed guild on Alliance US-Turalyon Server, we have been together since March 2018 and we have achieved quite a bit in such little time. We are a group of friends that really had the same mindset of pushing into mythic progression and and we executed it. We are drama-free guild that just wants to play and get bosses down. We do weekly Mythic +15 runs, Heroic ABT(on Tuesdays) We also Host a Normal ABT open to all on [A]Turalyon on Sundays 8pmEST. Mythic ABT on Wed/Thurs Always try to keep something going on, If you would like any more info please feel free to add me on BT: Brittster#1804 or through Discord= Jaharra#9913Jaharra48 10h
13h [A] Elysium: 1/11M LF ALL PLAYERS <Elysium> Turalyon RECRUITING FOR BFA 2 Night Weekend Main Raid 1 Night Weekday Casual Raid Description: Elysium is a friendly, drama free raiding guild that looks to enjoy the many aspects of WoW together. With passionate Raiders, we look to advance far through Legion. Though we do love our raiding, social members and players of all kinds are always welcome and are eagerly accepted into the family. Other events we hold include: Main Team Raiding, Timewalking, Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons, Legacy raids/Achievement Runs, and Casual/ALT Raid night. We have a Discord server with someone in it almost all the time, and active members constantly making their own groups to run dungeons and such. Though we are small, we are a very active, social guild. Looking for: ◼ Tank: Brew or Bear. ◼ H Pally, Any heal class besides Druid really. ◼ Exceptional Ranged Dps. Raid Info: ◼ Main Raid times are Saturday and Sunday, 7pm - 9:30pm EST. ◼ Casual/Alt Raid is Thursday 7pm - 9:30pm EST. ◼ Pots/Flasks/Runes/Food/Repair are all provided by the Guild Bank. ◼ We are looking for passionate players to join us in our Legion Raiding. ◼ Logs by Warcraft Logs are recorded every raid night and are constantly being uploaded and checked. ◼ Discord is required to raid on progression nights and is expected for Raid nights unless stated otherwise. What we want from you: ◼ A person that is respectful to all members of the guild. ◼ If a Raider: Dedicated to showing up on time (Invites for Raid at 6:55pm EST) and being prepared for Raid. ◼ A sense of humor. ◼ Patience. ◼ And all your money. No not really. :) Progression List Wow Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Elysium Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N, 7/7H, 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3N, 3/3H, 0/3M The Nighthold: 10/10N, 10/10H, 3/10M Tomb of Sargeras 9/9N, 9/9H, 1/9M Antorus: 11/11N, 11/11H, 1/11M Contact Info: Talk to us at our recruitment discord at https://discord.gg/K5t7DQ8 Sola#11923 GM: Solä Officers: -Dæmon -Ordrek -Liraleanu -Fleshg -Allorah -BoroSolä110 13h
22h [A] <Hypnotic>11/11M 2night LF DPS Updated June 23rd, 2018 <Hypnotic> US Turalyon Alliance | Progression 11/11M US 144 #1 6hr/week guild in the US 2 nights/week | 6hours | Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST (Offnight/Alt Run Tues @8pm EST) 110% optional raid night Discord | Loot Council Guild Website: hypnoticguild.com/ Hypnotic Raid History Guild first raid boss down, December 5th, 2012 MoP: MSV/HoF/ToES: 3/14H l ToT: 3/13H l SoO: 12/14H US 1306 WoD: Highmaul: 2/7M l BRF: 7/10M l HFC: 13/13M(C.E.) US 334 Legion: EN: C.E. l ToV: 2/3M l NH: C.E. l ToS: C.E. l Ant : 11/11M US 144 (#1 6hr/week guild in the US) What we are looking for ***BFA***: Rdps: Ele, Spriest, Mage Mdps: Ret, WW Will consider anyone who performs at a high level Hypnotic maintains a 24-26 man core raider roster in order to be flexible with our raiders schedule and be able to maximize our composition for progression kills. We do not recruit for the bench. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. Add Laatu#1956 for any questions you might have! How to Apply to Hypnotic Please visit our guild website listed below to fill out an application www.hypnoticguild.com/recruitment Prerequisites: Research each fights prior to pull 18+ Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication l Sense of humor About us: Hypnotic was built around the idea of having a good time raiding the hardest current content in the most efficient way. The vast majority of our members have a limited time schedule due to various responsibilities, we opted for a two nights a week, six hours total raiding time. Here at Hypnotic, we believe that this is more than enough time to progress through a tier in a timely fashion. We are confident that we can be one of the most time efficient and progressed guilds around. We will never be the world's best guild, but we will not be too far behind. Addons Needed! DBM/Big Wigs Epgp Loot Addon Exorsus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 Angry Assignments More info: Guild Master | Raid lead: Laatu#1956 Officer: Truthwatcher & NiadoriaLaatu347 22h
1d LF fri/sat raiding guild 940 ilvl druid tank/resto lf fri and sat raiding guild. Just came back from a 7 month hiatus.Ojaý5 1d
1d [A] Hypnotic Sales! H Argus, Guldan & M+ Updated June 23rd, 2018 Hello I am Laatu from Hypnotic. I am the raid lead and Gm of the guild. We are now offering carries of all sorts for anyone interested in gear, achievements, and even mounts. Have numerous packages that we offer to help fit your needs. Please keep checking back for either new packages or update on pricing. Prices may go up or down due to demand. If you don't see something here that you would like to buy, please contact me. Package 1: Mythic Plus Runs - Any time of the week - 960 item in chest - any 940+ gear not needed by carriers - Achievement "Keystone Master" Ran by experienced players with over 5k Raider.io score We do up to +22 carry depending on affix +15 - 100k / +16 - 135k / +17 - 170k / +18 - 205k / +19 - 240k +20 - 350k / +21 450k / +22 550k (If looking to purchase multiple keys, discounts are available) Package 2: Mythic Gul'dan Mount - 800k - Wednesday's @8/8:10pm EST - Hellfire Infernal - Earn Title "Vengeance Incarnate" - Any items you want that drop (transmog items) Package 3: Heroic Argus The Unmaker - 75k - Wednesday's @8:30pm EST with runs every 20mins afterwords - Personal Loot - Any items not needed by carriers will be rolled off - All Loot bonus rolled by you - AoTC "Ahead of the curve: Argus the Unmaker" - Chance at acquiring the legendary "Aman'Thul's Vision" - Chance at acquiring any of the Pantheon trinkets for your desired spec - Will obtain "Pantheon's Blessing" (item to upgrade pantheon trinket; if killed once before norm or heroic) - **Mount** Will obtain quest item to obtain " Violet Spellwing" ... What we need from YOU: *GOLD MUST BE GIVEN TO US ON SERVER TURALYON* You can obtain gold on our server by either - Selling a Token - Selling battle pets on a lvl 1 toon on our AH to obtain enough gold for our packages - Your Btag so we can keep track of you - A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling your run. You will pay the remainder prior to pulling the boss/run. If an emergency happens and you are not able to make your run, we are willing to work with you in getting you into another run as soon as possible. - On some fights we may ask you to die or jump off the ledge - PLEASE, be online 10mins or so before your scheduled time slot for your run!!! Frequently Asked Questions: Question: Can you invite me cross realm? Answer: Yes we can. Can invite you on from any realm and get you in the raid. Question: Can you lower the price for me? Answer: We feel that our prices are very fair and will generally stay the same unless we feel they need to go up or down. The price stated above is the price the run will be. Question: What payment options do you accept? Answer: We ONLY accept gold on our realm (Turalyon). We DO NOT accept other ways of payments. Gold only please. Question: Can my friends come? Answer: We would love to run yourself, friends and family. We will try our best to schedule you with your friends/family at the same time. We will do our very best to fit all of your needs. If you have any other questions or would like to book yourself for the next soonest spot, please add Laatu#1956 Guild Website: hypnoticguild.com/Laatu329 1d
1d Organized Crime Now Recruiting Organized Crime is taking a step back from Mythic for the time being while we just relax and rebuild some of the social and heroic parts of the guild for BfA.(If we end up with enough for mythic we will then push back into mythic) Everyone is welcome to join our team and just run some weekly heroics and also just some mythic +'s and overall just relax. Have a smaller social guild looking to maybe merge or join a slightly bigger guild no problem as well hit me up to chat. Guild/Server: Organized Crime (Turalyon) Faction: Horde Raid Times/Days: Tues.-Wed. 7:30-10:30pm Cleared: 2/11M Antorus Recruitment Contacts: Doominitus- Btag: Dominitus#1741 Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Organized+Crime We are also rebuilding and looking for raiders for BfA of all levels.Doominitus19 1d
1d [H] Looking for morning guild! Going into BfA, I'm hoping to find an active morning guild, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I don't mind pugging, but it would be much more fun to have a group of friends to play with regularly. I'm usually online around 8:30-9am EST until early afternoon. Are there any guilds here that would fit into this time frame? If not, is there any interest in starting a morning guild? I already have my own personal guild on my home realm, with 7 bank tabs, and I'd be happy to transfer over if there were people also looking for a guild that's active in the morning. Thank you!Jolene6 1d
1d 964 Druid looking for Guild Hello, i'm getting back into the game to prepare and find a guild for BFA on Turalyon. I am a 964 Balance Druid, with a 960 Resto off-spec. I have flexible times for raiding, and I am willing to faction change if there is an Alliance guild better suited for me. What i'm looking for is a small, and active guild to join that intends to keep things tight-knit now, and into BFA. If you would like to contact me, please add me through my B-tag at Spyborg#1862Spyborg8 1d
1d [H] <Fallout> Recruiting :) [H] <Fallout> of Turalyon is looking for more casual raiders for BFA. Well established but always gotta keep our name out there so it stays that way! Basics: -Raid Nights: Tues/Thurs 9:00pm-11:30 EST. Sat 9:00pm EST for fun/alt runs. -Facebook Group: Fallout, a Gaming Guild (search and request to join!) -Contact: Sieg#1546, or in game pst Siegmon, Kronostorm, Neobovine on Turalyon. -Server: US-Turalyon Detailed Info: We use the chat program Discord. This unites all the games we play together. Fallout has been raiding since Pandaria on Turalyon. Peak guild times are evenings and weekends. Most guildies have 8-5 jobs. Fun talk between bosses and on trash. Yea...take a drink! ...hic! For boss explanations and fight itself, need focus and quiet. Casual progression through to AOTC. See postings on warcraftlogs for general guild abilities and activity. Hardcore? Look elsewhere. Fun hang out? You're in the right place. :) Also, other games played on off nights are currently Overwatch, ESO, GW2, LOL, and D3. Some Destiny 2 but not as much as of late. For Ark, we have an unofficial server (Rag) just for the guild that's PVE.Siegmon0 1d
2d [H] <Pursuance> Recruiting for BFA! Hello there! <Pursuance> is looking for excellent players to progress through Battle For Azeroth! About us: We’re a new guild transfer from the Hyjal Server. <Pursuance> was formed in Legion due to previous toxic raid/guild leadership. We formed our core team from players who like minimal raid time requirements and actually having a voice during raid. We value real life obligations over raid requirements and there is no recourse for missing raid time with proper notification. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easy-mode nerfs. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. ************************************************************* Current Progression AOTC Emerald Nightmare AOTC Nighthold AOTC Tomb of Sargeras AOTC - 1/11M Antorus ************************************************************* Raid days: Tuesday & Thurs(7pm - 10pm EST). Mondays we do fun-runs and Mythic Plus runs are done daily ------------- Currently Recruiting: Tanks: All Tank classes are currently up for recruitment Healers: All Healer classes are currently up for recruitment DPS: All DPS classes are currently up for recruitment -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants of any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. What we offer you: - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. Players who can communicate with each other since we are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Pursuance officer: Gema (Lead Officer & Recruiter) Tsubino#1385 Suplift (Officer & Recruiter) Maidenchina#11522 Zebra (Guild Leader/Raid Leader) ZaktheZebra#1286 We wish you the best in your guild search!Gemicide3 2d
2d Anyone Selling 101 Twink Runs? Looking for a 100-110 boost.Brocksamson0 2d
2d [A]<LochModanYachtClub> Late Night Raiding! Do normal guilds raid too early for you? Coming back to WoW and looking for a place to get back into raiding? Then look no further. LochModanYachtClub is gearing up for BFA! We are an active late-night raiding guild that is looking for new players as we head into the new expansion. We play WoW because it is fun and really try to create a place where people who enjoy raiding can have a great time and unwind by killing bosses. We are happy to teach newer players the ropes of raiding and have a dedicated, experienced core who can help players who want to start getting more out of their classes. We comfortably got AOTC on each tier in Legion and are looking to boost up our raid size to get into more Mythic content in BFA. Outside of raid we have several members who are avid M+ runners so there is always a place to do that at night as well. Legion Prog: Antorus - 1/11 M ToS - 9/9 H NH - 1/10 M EN / TOV - 1/7 M, 3/3 H Raid Times: 11:55 PM- 3AM EST Friday 11:55 PM- 3AM EST Saturday If you are interested in joining us contact me in game (Shandra - Turalyon) or BTag - DwarfTosser#1897.Shandra3 2d
3d [A] <Chaotic Neutral> 9/11m LFM! <Chaotic Neutral> US Turalyon [A] Alliance | Casual Cutting Edge Progression Guild 9/11M 2 nights/week | 6hours | Tues/Wed 8:30-11:30pm EST (Will be 8-11 in BFA) (Offnight/Alt/Ach Run Sat @8:30pm EST) Discord Required Guild Website: cnguild.org Chaotic Neutral general raid/game experience and what we are: Our eclectic guild is filled with players who have played all the way from vanilla to players just starting the game in recent history. We call our ourselves a casual Cutting Edge progression guild with the understanding that, albeit in our main raid roster everyone is meant to play responsibly and fill the role in which they have, we are casual in the ideas that we don’t restrict ones playstyle/spec (meaning there may be a very strong spec from a class, but if you have fun playing another spec and you show that you can play it well enough to be used at a progression level, than you are more than welcome to come along!!). What we are looking for: We are looking for more people in general as we want around 24-26 people to be able to be flexible with the given raid situation. You might be asked to sit out a progression fight if required, or a farm kill to let somebody in that needs the gear. Also we are currently looking to fill our roster for BFA!! Rdps: shadow priest, and any high performing ranged Mdps: We have a fair amount of dedicated melee players, but would like to have windwalker, and a non-outlaw rogue to balance out class/spec diversity Heals/Tanks: We are currently full, the only exception is if you are a DPS main spec with healing as an off spec Will consider anyone who performs at a high level, and greatly admire those flexible to playing multiple roles/classes! Where to Apply to Chaotic Neutral!: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRqvRuCmg0YiOcUoIdVUbU8pw0V1CITk7vw7--Bkz2hq0h5A/viewform This is a direct link to our application, if you would like to snoop around a bit first then below is a link to our website! https://www.cnguild.org/ We do have a trial period for those wishing to join the raiding roster, this only in place to double check how everyone feels about the situation. Both you and us, and see how good of a fit it will be! Prerequisites: Research each fights prior to pull (at least have watched on video and seen some of what the fight looks like prior to first pull and strategy explanation) Working microphone Near 100% attendance Dedication l Sense of humor About us: We at Chaotic Neutral are a guild focused on making good use of our time, meaning those who are filling a role in our roster will be held accountable for the choices. Be on time, be respectful, and play at a respectable level. Other than that we pride ourselves in being kind and considerate, as well as a general fun guild to be with our various personalities. We have multiple groups for M+ who are interested in pushing into higher keys, and as well as those interested in PvP. We’re a guild that has a focus on raiding, but we do not pigeon-hole our players to having to do anything they don’t want to do. So if you feel like you have what it takes, and you have to humor to back up your play, come join us!!! Addons Needed: DBM/Big Wigs (or some other raid encounter addon) Weak Auras 2 More info: Guild Master: Wandappy (Bnet: Wandappy#1921) Official Recruitment Contact: Halphus (Bnet: Halphus#1464, Discord: Halphus#7054)Halphus7 3d
3d Occasional Excellence is selling! Were you unable to get all of the boss kills you desired this tier? Are you itching for that one piece of loot? Are you worried that you won’t get a chance to snag the Argus mount? If you answered yes to any of these, then look no further! <Occasional Excellence> is selling Mythic Antorus (including the mount), Heroic Antorus, the Mythic Guldan mount, and "The Chosen" achievement from Trial of Valor. We run Mythic Antorus on Tuesdays. Raids start at 8:00pm EST until the run is finished, no later than 11:30pm EST. That’s right – in just a span of 3.5 hours all of your dreams could come true! We also run Heroic Antorus, Mythic Gul’dan, and Mythic Trial of Valor on Wednesdays and will start promptly at 8:30pm EST. We're currently selling 11/11M Antorus, 11/11H Antorus, Mythic Guldan's Mount, and "The Chosen" Achievement. In order to reserve your sale run we require you to sign up on our form, this helps ensure that you are not lost in translation! You can find the link here: https://goo.gl/forms/6aKlxH7VIZ5joEly1 Pick packages ranging from 9/11-11/11 Mythic ABT bosses (with or without mount), just Aggramar, just Argus (with or without mount), full clear heroic, the Mythic Gul’dan mount, and "The Chosen" Achievement from Trial of Valor. Prices and packages are all listed in the form above! Thought of a package we didn’t think of? Found someone selling with a lower price than ours? Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Reach out to our sales officer: Babylonius Discord (best option) - Babylonius#3431 Battlenet - Babylonius#3431Babylonius7 3d
4d [A] <Astral> Sales Astral Sales Below is a list of our current services and pricing. If you have any questions or would like to book a run, please contact Malv (Malv#11394) on BattleTag. Alternatively, you can fill out our Order Form listed below. Trial of Valor •The Chosen = 1million* The Nighthold • Mythic Gul'dan mount = 800k Antorus, the Burning Throne • Heroic Argus Only (AotC) = 100k • Normal 11/11 Master Loot = Upon Request • Heroic 11/11 Master Loot = 750k Mythic+ • Mythic+15 = 150k (960 Gear from M+ Cache) Information • Buyers are required to listen to our rules and instructions during their carry • Buyers must be in DPS Specialization (Loot Specialization can be what the buyer desires) • Any loot that is tradeable that a buyer needs will be traded to you. * Chosen Run requires some personal responsibility to stay alive * We will provide you clean kills, a dedicated healer, and a safe location to stand You will need to perform certain mechanics and avoid certain abilities You will also need be 925+ ilvl to have sufficient health pool for incidental raid dmg A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to starting the instance. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your Spot and deposit. We require a 48 hour notice, if you would like to reschedule your run. Should an emergency arise, we will do our very best to work with you. We also take alternative payments. (Herbs, TCG items, etc) Contact Malv (Malv#11394) for more details.​ Order Form https://goo.gl/forms/FGmfutgMLREFtPis2Malvqt70 4d
5d Talon's Vengeance Anyone looking to farm Talon's Vengeance rep?Liga8 5d
5d Searching For New Guild Home Hi everyone! Myself and the husband are looking for a new guild home! We have been super fortunate to have two particular guilds we ran with over the years being amazing experiences, but, as with all things, over time things happened and eventually the groups parted ways for new games/RL responsibilities/burnout etc. We've both played since Classic, but really got into WoW at the end of BC/WoTLK. We raided very heavily during WoTLK/Cataclysm and some Pandaria. We both played casually during Draenor and now Legion. We're looking for a great guild home to enter BFA with and maybe tie up some loose ends of Legion content before then. We're considerate players, drama free, have RL responsibilities, do our research etc. We enjoy both current content and running older content. We love alts. We love helping out others. My main is a Feral/Resto druid (athough I have not raid healed yet this xpac, I certainly would if it were desired. My main love is healing!) His main is a Ret pally. He has also raid tanked in the past on a few different classes. I'm going to throw in here we're a little bit dated, but are catching up with the times! We are coming back from the days where Vent was number one, lol. We will both get Discord, no worries, we'll catch up! We mostly play Alliance, but do have some interest in Horde. So if you're a dual guild (which I believe Turalyon is kind of known for!) that would work well too. Primary days we are available to raid are Sun/Mon/Tues evenings. 8pm-12am (est) would be ideal. Sorry this is so long! Just wanted to cover all the bases and we very much look forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks for looking!Siyonae6 5d
5d Realm/guild shopping - friendly healer Hi all. Earthen Ring is dead during the hours I play, and as much as I enjoy my 17 ping, I'm thinking I need a PST realm. I have quite a few 110's but this will be the first character I transfer, despite not being 100% on my BfA main (either this character or Resto shaman). I'm married with a full time job (child-free so lots of free time) and enjoy raiding and pretty much all forms of group PvE. I'm fairly casual but reliable, super friendly, been around since about a week after launch, and am completely drama-free. Ideally my new guild would be active during 9pm-3am PST. Please contact me or reply if you think I might be a fit for your guild, or if you simply have any suggestions. Thanks!Silflay3 5d
6d [A] Looking for Casual/Social Guild Hi. Just coming back after 5 Years away, more than that really. Last time I played much was back in the wotlk days. I'm having a bit of trouble finding a guild advert that doesn't look like it's a group of people working way harder than I intend to. I love your motivation but I just don't have it in me. :) I'm more looking for chat, social, trivia and an occasional dungeon that's basically an in guild PUG. A guild that's maybe more of a social club masquerading as people with goals and a mission. Would be nice if there a few people (20 or 30) on most of the time. A lot more is good too :) So, Any guilds out there Alliance side that sound about like the right guild for me?Mimric6 6d
6d Herald of the Titans, June 23rd <Ordo Pars Temulentus> [H] is hosting a Herald of the Titans run, June 23rd @ 2pm EST. This is our summer event for the guild but we'd like to open it up to all of Turalyon and get as many people in on it as possible! Requirements: Exp. Capped 80 Character - Gear 226 (Except Weapons/Offhand 232), fully gemmed/enchanted. We'll provide the rest. If you're interested or have any questions please reply here or message me in-game or via Discord. Tokikonae#11280 Toki#8894Tokikonae10 6d
6d Are you a MYTHIC tank? Look here! We have two guilds on Turalyon that are in dire need of a tank. Impetus, which is into P3 M Argus (20%), need a tank. He's currently borrowing an alt tank from Synthesize this week but this isn't a long term solution. = ) Go help them get CE! [H] Impetus - Tuesday & Thursday 9pm-12am EST Mythic And then of course, one of my new raid groups I am nurturing to success, Synthesize weekday. Their guild (Reign) xferred to Turalyon for help and went from pugging before they transferred to 8/11M and now need a tank as they head into Coven and Aggramar! It's a very important spot, so please come fill it. [H] Synthesize (Weekday) - Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30-12:30am EST Mythic Thank you guys for reading this. We also run the major recruitment hub for everyone (~5k people): https://discord.gg/QUxQp9W Our realm is behind the !turalyon tag. ^_^ Hope to see you there!Sìeara2 6d
6d [H] <Wardens Tyranny> 11/11 H Antorus Greetings! <Wardens Tyranny> is recruiting all classes, levels, and specs. We are a non hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and raiding. Looking to enjoy the game and see content in a non-hardcore environment. We are also forming an Alt run to be run on Sundays! Guild Website: https://wardenstyranny.enjin.com Raiding Recruitment Needs: Healers - Low Melee DPS - Medium Ranged DPS - High Our raiding rules are simple - Be courteous to others - Looting method for time being will be kept as default personal looting - If item is not an upgrade for your main spec it is asked to see if others main spec could use it - Food and flask are provided - Most importantly have fun! Raid Times 2 days a week Tuesday 8-11 PM EST Thursday 8-11 PM EST Progression: 10/10 NH N 9/9 TOS N 9/9 H TOS 11/11 N Antorus 11/11 H Antorus If you would like to get in on the ground floor of a fun mannered guild this might be the fit for you. We ask you be 18+ and no negative attitudes need apply. Guild Master has several prior GM, Raid Lead, and Officer roles from a more hardcore raiding environment. Life has happened and looking to move to a more casual way of play. We hope you will come help us grow and enjoy the great game of WOW. For any questions, inquiries, or an invite you can message us in game: DocMundo BT Tickle#1358 Ldygaladriel BT Stasimoon#1858 Thanks for reading and have a great day!Docmundo121 6d
Jun 16 [A] Buying Heavy Junkboxes I am looking to buy 1405 Heavy Junkboxes for Ravenholdt rep. I will pay 250 gold per box, feel free to COD them to me. Ping me in game with questions.Bloaf2 Jun 16
Jun 16 <Failed at Hogger> 7/11M Raid Times: Sunday: 8-11PM EST Optional Older Mythic or Farmed Content Monday: 8-11PM EST Optional Farmed Content Tuesday: 8-11PM EST Progression Wednesday: 8-11PM EST Progression Thursday: Progression spillover, if there is interest. Description: Failed at Hogger is a guild full of fun-loving raiders! We like to be ridiculous while raiding, but still get the job done. We welcome any casuals that need a home or raiders who are interested in joining us for progression. We give everyone a chance to show their stuff! If you are looking for a hard core mythic raiding guild, you are in the wrong place. But if you want a guild that has fun while raiding, doesn't hold you to silly standards, and will eventually get into mythic progression we'd be a perfect fit! Though, if you want to raid with us you do have to carry your own weight ;) If this sounds good to you, please send us a message in game! Contact: GM: Krys (Kenasie#1254)Krys26 Jun 16
Jun 16 Thinking about transfering to this server. In the last couple of months, I've noticed a lot of people from this server posting about how great of a server it is. Honestly, I'm curious. I want a solid "home" for BfA for my Druid and DK (and possibly my other 4 110's as well). Any how, everyone talks about the good with this server... so what's the bad?Crox3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Tank returning for BFA LF Mythic Guild. (H) As the title says I'm a tank looking to return for BFA. Before we get into the nitty gritty let's get a couple of things out in the open. 1. I am looking for a main tank spot. As in I'm one of the two primary tanks for the guild. Not the guy who primarily dps's and then tanks on three tank fights. 2. I'm hoping/looking to find a long term home. I want to start the expansion with a guild and kill the final boss of the expansion with the same guild. Now with those out of the way, on to the nitty gritty. I'm looking for a guild that raids two-three nights a week anywhere from 7-11PM(For the right fit this can extend to 12AM.) EST.(Eastern Standard Time) I'm planning on leveling up two tanks at the start of the expansion and keeping them as up to date as I can so a guild that has an alt night will net some bonus points. That's really about it. I know some people put a massive wall of text here but let's be real 90% of people don't read it. They just post and move onto the next post. So any other details about my raiding history and such I'd like to discuss on comms or in whispers. My Btag is: Clayzen#1102 so if you want to talk add me and we'll chit chat! I look forward to hearing from you!Claygoji1 Jun 16
Jun 16 [H] Ordo Pars Temultentus recruiting __**Guild:**__ Ordo Pars Temultentus __**Faction:**__ **HORDE/ALLIANCE** __**Raid Times/Days:**__ EST Wednesday 7-9pm, Friday 7-10pm, optional alt raids weekends on player input __**Cleared:**__ EN, H EN, ToV, H ToV, NH, H NH, ToS, H Tos __**Recruitment Contacts:**__ Anathema#1334 __**Wowprogress:**__ https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Ordo+Pars+Temulentus __**Needs:**__ Currently seeking any interested parties with a focus on off tank and a non priest healsRodolga6 Jun 16
Jun 16 [H] <Maximum Effort> recruiting! <Maximum Effort> is new to Turalyon, but not new to the game! Maximum Effort is run by a husband and wife (Daun and Haytred). We have run our guild since WoTLK and have been pretty successful in the past, and plan to continue with the future. We took a break in the middle of Nighthold, and are in a stable situation where we feel like we have the time to commit to running a successful team once again. We strive to create a friendly and adult atmosphere while still progressing at a decent pace. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama, trolling, and behavior that would reflect poorly; both in guild - and outside of guild. Currently, we are looking for players of all roles interested in progressing Mythic raid content. Obviously we won't be able to jump headfirst into Mythic until we build our roster up! However, we prefer that you have some raid experience, preferably heroic/mythic. You will be expected to know about your class and role, though help will be provided if we see that it is needed. Although we are building this team from the ground up, we will challenge the top guilds on Turalyon when BFA is live. Our progression: Antorus, the Burning Throne- 11/11 Heroic 11/11 Normal Tomb of Sargeras- 9/9 Heroic 9/9 Normal NightHold- 8/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Normal Emerald Nightmare- 7/7 Mythic (Cutting Edge) 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Trial of Valor- 3/3 Mythic (Cutting Edge) 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic MoP- ToT- 7/12 Heroic SoO- 10/14 Heroic before nerf, 14/14M after WoD- Highmaul- 4/7 Mythic BRF - 10/10 Heroic before we took a break We also have 13/13 heroic experience in HFC, though we did not run our guild at this time. Our raid days and times are Tuesday and Thursday, (8pm-11pm CST, 9pm-12am EST) There will be a third day added when BFA arrives. We are looking for raiders who will be able to make these days consistently. Current needs - Tanks- Demon Hunter Healers- Priest Shaman Druid Ranged DPS- Currently accepting all applications! Melee DPS- Currently accepting all applications! If your class/role is not listed currently, we encourage you to apply anyway. We are always looking for talented players and competition is always enjoyed. Here at Maximum Effort, our spots are earned, not given. Please visit our discord for more information and to apply- https://discord.gg/W7udx7d Or contact us in-game! Tellu#11210 Haytred#1922Daun2 Jun 16
Jun 15 [A] <We Pugged Up> Recruiting for BFA [A][US][Turalyon] <We Pugged Up> Raid times: Monday 7-11pm EST (Normal), Wednesday 7-11pm EST (Heroic), Friday 7-11pm EST (Heroic) Smart, chill group looking to bring more people into our core group. While casuals and levelers are welcomed, we're looking for anyone who enjoys playing the game in a low stress enviornment without worrying about getting singled out in front of people or yelled at. Collectively we are all above 30 years old and would like to have people in our range group but it not a requirement. 21+ only however. The group we have started with collectively has experience every expansion (AotC or Cutting Edge) including vanilla. Our expectations: Attendance: Core raiders are expected to be ON time and available for most raid nights. We understand that many have families, jobs, or classes, so we will understand if you need to miss a night here and there as long as you let us know in advance. Experience: We are recruiting for a core raid team. Raiders are expected to be knowledgable in their class and are expected to have familiarized themselves with boss encounters ahead of time. Just hop on google and look up Fat Boss Guides for ease of explanations. Attitude: A positive attitude is very important to us. Progression can be tough at times but at the end of the day, we're all here to have a good time and kill some bosses. We will also be considering alt runs and run Mythic+ dungeons together on a regular basis. Our current group of members are constantly running content on a daily basis. We are a friendly guild who do not mind helping you gear or get better with your class. If you would like to hear more, please feel free to add one of the officers below to your bnet friends list (or reach out to us in game) anytime. GM: savemyrights#1781 (Healyourmind-Turalyon) Raid Lead: Andrewf#11693 (Geoff-Turalyon)Geoff2 Jun 15
Jun 15 [H]<Annunaki> Come hang your hat/horns here! Annunaki is now accepting social, leveling, and/or alts to give players a place to hang out before the new expansion. With things being so slow right now and players trying to tie up loose ends I just don't want to see anyone go homeless, especially those who may be new to the server! Once BfA launches there may also be a chance for raiding and a PvP Rbg team(more info on both per convo). Feel free to hit me up in game or Discord at Aureil#5563 Happy Adventures!Aureil0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Returning WoW player LF Guild Hello Turalyon! Was going to post on the guild recruitment forum, but I saw your thread about your server and quite honestly, I'm intrigued. As the title states, I've returned recently and looking for a guild for the long haul. About me: - I've played the game since Vanilla and raided extensively from MC/Onyxia through Dragon soul until I stopped raiding seriously. Barely touched MoP and didn't play through WoD - Took raiding seriously and rarely gets caught with their pants down during encounters - Former raid and guild leader and understands if the situation requires another tank/healer or raid comp. In other words, if you need me to fulfil another role or sit out, I won't get hurt and it's for the greater good. - Other than this demon hunter, I do have an elemental/resto shaman and a ww monk within the same ilvl range of 930. I'm okay playing any of these classes. - I'm quite rusty in terms of raiding and mythic plus. My experience in legion basically has been LFR antorous What I'm looking for: - More of a fun, active and a mature community! - Fun! yep more emphasis on this mainly because the guild should be the main reason I want to login each day. - Horde or alliance guild. I can faction change for the right guild. - Preferably a weekend guild. This might limit my choices but I'm quite busy throughout the week. - Heroic raiding. Mythic progression is more of a bonus and not a deal breaker to me My availability (EST): Sunday: Free until 10pm Monday: N/A Tuesday: N/A Wednesday: N/A Thursday: 7pm-10pm Friday: 7pm - late Saturday: open My Discord: Fenel#5873 Battlenet: Optimism#1104 Thanks all! Edited Sunday time. And to clarify, my Shaman/Monk are alliance so I'm open to faction changeFenel1 Jun 15
Jun 15 New to Turalyon? Join the discord! Check out the realm discord! We're a realm with both factions so don't be afraid to make friends on both sides. We have plenty of active guilds and activities to participate in regardless. = ) https://discord.gg/QUxQp9W Type !turalyon into #get_roles once the 10 minute spam timer is up. Welcome to Turalyon! I don't check the forums often but I am on the discord 24/7 basically.Sìeara7 Jun 15
Jun 14 Experienced Raider LF BFA Home! Pasted from Sieara's Guild Recruitment Post: Hey! This is not my first time seeing your post for Turalyon guilds! So I figured if you guys really loved the server this much, it'd be worth it to reach out and chat with you! I have been playing WoW since 2006 and, what really struck a note with me, is that you said your server has a community that hasn't been seen since BC. I love that. I loved BC, and I loved the guilds I played with during BC on Warsong/Auchindoun. Over the years, I have raided at a variety of levels. From Casual (Vanilla/Cata/Mop/Pre-HFC WoD) to Hardcore (BC/Wrath). What I am looking for most now is a guild that pushes content at a reasonable to expedited pace, that then moves on to Mythic Progression. I am not necessarily looking for a CE guild, as I know I don't have the time to commit to that, but I would like to try my hand at some mythic bosses each tier. I am active duty military and married, which builds off my previous statement, that I just don't have the time for CE Raiding at this point in my life. I have this toon I am posting from: a 950 Resto Shaman, a 950 Frost Mage, and a 941 Affl Lock (and some other straggling 110s: Priest, Monk, Paladin, Rogue, Druid) I would like to raid 2-3 Nights a week, but want it to be known, that there may be between 1-3 days a month I will miss due to Duty Status obligations on my boat. My Btag is BDav14#1467 I look forward to hearing from you!Splash4 Jun 14
Jun 14 10/11M Disc priest lf raiding guild Date posted: 6/12/2018 Class/Spec: Disc Priest Faction: Horde Cleared: 10/11M Btag: Eirr#1116 Link: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/mal-ganis/Cased Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/malganis/cased Availability: Looking for Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 est to 1:00 AM est Looking to get CE before the end of the expansion. Best pull was 41% on p3 of argus. Going to play disc going into BFA as well. Guild was having attendance issues and is no longer raiding. Im not looking for a guild that's going to be done raiding or disband after 6 months. I want this to be my last guild. Feel free to contact me at btag or on discord @slated#4502Cased0 Jun 14
Jun 13 With legion coming to a close... What have been your favorite and least favorite things this expansion? My favorite: Before Synthesis had a weekend raid team, we had some really fun pugs that I would organize and Dichotomous would help lead. We still do M Guldan every week, but it's started to get harder and harder to form as people getting mounts stop showing. It is quite satisfying seeing all the mounts we've gotten people around Dalaran though! Least favorite: Legendaries. I will not miss those. I was fairly lucky getting what I needed, but I can't say I spent enough time on my alts to get lucky. They should have had a vendor or something.Sìeara6 Jun 13
Jun 13 [OE] 11/11M, 2 day Tues/Wed Roster is currently full, but willing to consider any exceptional candidates as we look to BFA. The Basics -Raid Days: Tue/Wed 8-11:30 EST. We do not raid extra days nor raid overtime. -Website: Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com -Contact: Ovy85#1716, Breathe#1185 -Server: US-Turalyon, Horde -11/11M Antorus (US#58 Overall. US#2/World 6 for 2-night guilds) -9/9M ToS (US#79) -Loot: EPGP ______________________________________________ Detailed Information: Are you looking for a long lived adult raiding guild filled with skilled players who genuinely enjoy each other's company? If so, OE could be for you! Come visit us on our new website at Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com. <<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>> Occasional Excellence (OE) is a Mythic progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a hard-core progression guild on a casual (7 hour) schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder. If you have strong situational awarness, know your class inside and out, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com. Alternatively, contact any of our members in game with any questions. <<Raid Schedule>> OE has two core raid nights per week – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST. In addition to our Mythic team, we are altaholics, who commonly raid alts on off nights, with spaces determined by comp needs and the number of raiders available. <<About Us>> Occasional Excellence is a group of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ required/21+ preferred. OE guild members are working adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. From the raid leader down to trial members, you can expect a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and a respectful tone at all times. If you enjoy linking meters, raging at team members during progression, and want everyone to worship you for the divine gift to WoW that you are, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then keep reading! OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to maximize/minimize in every possible way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve. The combination of this talent and significant preparation before raid has led to a long history of successful raiding, both as a team and as individuals. We consistently progress faster than guilds that almost double our raid hours and many of our core raiders have ranked in the top 200 of their class/role on WCL, with several regularly placing in the top 50. While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found doing mythic plus keys, participating in alt raids, running heroics, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week. From our experience, we can honestly say that Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any guild community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Discord channel. We look forward to meeting you!Colors73 Jun 13
Jun 13 11/11M Rogue & Heals LF new home. My wife and I are seeking a new home for BFA, specifically a mythic progression guild that is also currently 11/11M. We're both experienced CE players and are in need of a better raiding schedule + guild atmosphere. Our future guild would be recruiting the both of us, an experienced Rogue and Holy Priest. We're looking to turn a new page in BFA. We would prefer to raid with a 2 day guild but 3 days is still acceptable. We're okay with either faction. I'm happy to talk shop and logs with the right prospect. We're just putting our feelers out here for now. Thanks in advance.Shrøud4 Jun 13
Jun 13 [A] Knightfallen Recruiting Casual Alliance guild rebuilding for future in BfA. Currently 11/11N, 10/11H in Antorus, continuing to raid while new expansion is being developed. We are a mature, friendly guild of experienced players that enjoy playing, and pushing current content. Our raid times at Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 10pm EST. Currently we are interested in: We are mostly interested in ranged dps-ers, and few healing spots for core raid group, but all new recruits will be given a chance for a raid spot. Death knight: None Druid: Low Hunter: Low Mage: High Monk: Low Paladin: None Priest: Low Rogue: None Shaman: High (Healing)/Low (other) Warlock: Low Warrior: None Contact: Kongpooh Battletag: Nitemair#1224 Discord: Kongpooh#0582Kongpooh21 Jun 13
Jun 13 [H]Celestial Accord LFM for Weekend Raiding Celestial Accord is a small guild on Turalyon dedicated to maintaining a semi-casual, friendly atmosphere for our raiders. We are currently 11/11N, 10/11H in Antorus and are looking for a few motivated individuals to help round out our roster. Our raid days are Sat 10pm - 2am EST and Sun 10-12 EST. Our members also enjoy running mythic+, doing older raids for transmog gear, and playing alts. Currently open to all classes, with high need for ranged dps and heals. For more info or to set up a trial, please contact Hekus @ Guldan#1325 or Bearstrike @ Rawrabear#1450Bearstrike3 Jun 13
Jun 13 [H] Andromeda looking for all Guild <Andromeda> Of Turalyon As with any new guild i am looking for officers and help to recruit. Goals: The goal of this guild is simple get AOTC every tier and have fun doing it. We will go into mythic but this is not a mythic raiding guild. I expect to get as far into mythic as we can without stressing out about it Future: With Bfa on the horizon its a chance for us to start fresh and get into raiding as a group of people and enjoy it at the same time. Fun is my number one goal and community. I love doing old raids for mount farming or even turning on PVP and going to raid a alliance city. I would love to do rated pvp also. Raid Times: 7-10pm EST Tuesday/Wednesday Recruitment Needs: all dps all healers any tanks If this post sparks your interest please add me and we will talk and see where things go. Look forward to hearing from you. I am seeking people to help me start this guild and i am looking for officer candidates. So please add me below.Subjektive1 Jun 13
Jun 13 [H] Among Shadows Recruiting About Among the Shadows First off, we are an adult guild, and rarely accept members under the age of 18. We also consider ourselves a family friendly guild. Many of our members have families and children, college, and full-time jobs. We realize that these things are more important than this game that we play. Due to these, we do not impose any rules stating that members must attend events, nor do we remove members for being inactive or missing events. We are there for our members and support our members. We are not looking for those wanting to have the best gear before anyone else, obtaining server first kills, elitist attitude or are rude towards others, or those that belittle others that don’t have the same gear or better gear than themselves. When it comes to loot and gear, we do not play the game to get the next best shiny piece of gear. We are more interested in the friendships built and time we game together and gear is just a tool to progress us further, but not the focus of members. The guild has been together since January 2014, during Siege of Orgrimmar. Many of our members have been with us from the beginning of the guild. We have raided consistently since then. We took a break during Nighthold and are now returning and rebuilding. We are accepting of newer players, fresh max level players, as well as veterans and those that talk about "back in the day" when Alterac Valley would go on for days. ____________________________________________________________________ Raid Times: Tuesday: 8pm-11pm EST Friday: 8pm-11pm EST ____________________________________________________________________ Progression: Emerald Nightmare Normal: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic: 6/7 Trial of Valor Normal: 1/3 Nighthold Normal: 5/10 ____________________________________________________________________ What we are looking for: Team Players Maturity Sense of Humor Maintaining a Drama-Free Environment Desire to Have Fun What we are NOT looking for: Wanting to have the best gear before anyone else Obtaining server first kills Elitist attitude or are rude towards others Belittling others that don't have the same gear or better gear than yourself. ____________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in joining our guild, you can... Contact myself by adding Ohnoto#1201. Contact myself on Discord at Ohnoto#3128. Respond to this post with any questions / contact information. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/NK3g3V8KaBMHE0Hl1Ohnoto4 Jun 13
Jun 13 955 Mage or (60 blood DK LF weekend guild Hello Fellow Azerothians, I am currently looking for a weekend raid team for the rest of the expansion and BFA to call home. I am looking to find a guild that wants to progress and run M+ with. I will be focusing on MDI for next year as well. I have 6/11M exp as a warlock, but didn't really like the class so I am switching back as a mage. Tanks- 960 Blood DK 950 Demon Hunter 940 Guardian Druid 930 Prot Paladin 930 Prot Warrior 900 monk (just leveled) DPS 955 Frost Mage Alpha/Beta 120 DH 120 DK 120 Paladin 115 monk 113 Frost mage I will be getting them all to 120 and be testing which one is a better fit and 2 to main. What I offer- I am always prepared with flasks/food/pots and enchanted. I have one of every profession to coincide with all of this. I am hopping that I can find the guild that is the right fit and who is ready to hit BFA running. Hit me up here or btag which is Kingstonde#1787. Have a wonderful day everyone.Eléméntalizt1 Jun 13
Jun 13 LF guild Hey! Kreyadron is my name~ Krey if you'd like I have returned from a small break due to RL situations Looking for a guild that is in need of a rogue ( With a few alts, but my main will be a outlaw rogue rolling into BFA ) Multiple years of raid experience, looking to be a casual then become a main raider. Turalyon Alliance. (EST, looking for morning/late night raid team) I'm more then willing to help as i can, rather it be with Mythic+, professions, or just old raid runs. I have a shaman, rogue, and a warlock.Kreyadroñ2 Jun 13
Jun 13 Seeking active Horde guild I have decided it is time to try and find a guild to call home before BfA launches. Mostly interested in joining a guild that enjoys doing M+. I have completed Heroic as a melee and a ranged DPS in the Antorus tier. I do have intentions of raiding in BfA, but I am not looking to be competitive for the remainder of Legion. I am active evenings and weekends, and would prefer to remain Horde. I am a working professional and would like to find some like minded individuals that enjoy what the game has to offer. Thanks for your consideration,Elocin2 Jun 13
Jun 10 [H] Requires Supervision 7/11M LF Ranged DPS Hello, prospective new raider! When recruiting we do not recruit toons, we recruit people. People that will thrive in the community we have been building for 3 years. We look forward to chatting with you, and below is some basic information about the people who require supervision. Guild: Requires Supervision Server: Turalyon Faction: Horde Realm: PVE Progression: 7/11 Mythic Antorus Schedule: Monday and Thursday evenings (optional Tuesday) Style: Drama-free, toxicity-free Mythic progression atmosphere where open discussion is encouraged. Ultimately, raiding is a group problem-solving activity, and the faster problems are identified, communicated, and resolved, the faster we loot and move on to the next one! Schedule: • 8pm-11pm EST • (PST friends: 5pm-8pm) • (and the best timezone, Central, 7pm-10pm) On paper, we are a two-day-per-week guild. This means that the prime focus for recruitment is our Monday/Thursday Mythic nights. However, two days means that time can get tight, so we move irrelevant/farm content to an optional Tuesday night. This setup means that whether you are looking for 1, 2, or 3 raid nights per week, we can accommodate! Monday/Thursday: Monday/Thursday are our prime raid nights, where we are either working on progression, or killing bosses that were recently progression. As kill counts accumulate and we need to reserve time on these nights for progression, bosses move from this night to Tuesday night. Tuesday: Tuesday is farm night; this may mean cleaning up a previous difficulty, and/or bosses that we have killed so many times on Monday/Thursday that we just want them out of the way to make room for progression. Requires Supervision mythic raid needs: 2x Ranged DPS Anyone interested in joining Requires Supervision can contact the boss lady at Ladie#1111. Feel free to reach out to me as well (Zarin#1554), if strong men who don't need no man are more your type~Zarinn0 Jun 10
Jun 9 LF Weekend Guild Hello all! As the title stats I am looking for a weekend raiding guild (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Currently I am on Mal'Ganis but x-ferring is of no concern. I have experience in both Mythic and Heroic content and enjoy all aspects of the game. I took a break as soon as The Nighthold stopped as I had some real-life issues to attend to and now I am back to play BFA in full. Let me know if you're looking for a mage, either fire or frost and get back to me @ Madsieb#1904Madramage5 Jun 9
Jun 8 Kickfish Thursdays until BFA! Come hang out with us for Kickfish! Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpKA79aIIFs There is a channel on the realm discord for it (#kickfish). https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB Rules: - No speed or movement enhancements! (rocketboots/goblin jumps) - Mage ONLY! - First to 7 goals wins. - Arcane can't play shimmer and displacement. Fields: - Dire Maul - Zangarmarsh - Zul'Drak Minimum level is 30 and I believe you can use trials to do this as well. = )Sìeara0 Jun 8