Nov 23 [H] 883 Vengeance DH LF Raiding Guild I'm a tank looking for a guild currently progressing through Mythic EN (and eventually ToV) and will be interested in progressing through future content. I'm also very active in doing mythic+ dungeons. Currently 1/7M cleared and hoping for more. Here are my rankings on warcraft logs Mythic EN https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/15391660/10/ Heroic EN https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/15391660/10/ Feel free to message me in game or respond to this post ChrisTheTree#1437Varthial0 Nov 23
Nov 22 [A] 868 Enh Shaman LF Raiding Guild Can raid anytime after 7PM during the week or anytime on the weekend. Reply or send me a msg ingame, bnet tag is Lewz#1438. I can play Resto and Elemental but most of my AP has been spent on Enhancement. I also have a 860 Mage Alt.Iau4 Nov 22
Nov 22 Not running Mythic EN week of Thanksgiving? <House Gamon> 2/7M EN 2/3H ToV will be running M EN on Fri/Sat 9-1 and if you have a minimum ilvl of 870, reply here or send me a letter in the game mail box! We will be creating a list of vetted players, and please understand this is not a carry group. If you have the ilvl and the dps, contact me! Let's get in that mythic run!Stephling3 Nov 22
Nov 21 Need dps/heals for new raid group new raid group, need dps an heals to fill core spots. we raid tue wed 730-10pm. casual group,Tunkerbell1 Nov 21
Nov 21 [H] Returning Player LFGuild Mature, experienced player returning for Legion. Looking for a casual environment to make friends and have fun. I enjoy raiding and PVP equally, and would like to find a guild where I can do both, even just casually. Not really interested in super hardcore guilds. Mostly just Mythic dungeons, normal and/or heroic raids, bgs and arenas. I'm available most nights between 6-10 EST, with scattered availability on weekends. P.S. - Ignore my current guild, it's my bank guild.Tsoren5 Nov 21
Nov 21 ilvl 845 havoc demon hunter LFG looking for a fun guild to do some mythic+ runs and raiding. I'm a prior military guy so I do have a bit of a potty mouth so looking for an adult guild that I can have fun in. I'm currently on turalyon server in alliance. I can run pretty much any day after 7 central time.Twofastdemon2 Nov 21
Nov 21 [H] Divine Carnage 7/7H 1/7M EN LFM Guild name: Divine Carnage Faction: Horde Realm: Turalyon Raid times: 9pm - 12am EST, Tuesday/Thursday Currently recruiting Tank – prefer Druid, no Pallys Heals – Resto Shaman, Resto Druid Ranged – Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Mage Our progress 8/8 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 1/8 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Divine Carnage is searching for a tank @ ilvl 865+ (prefer Druid), a healer @ ilvl 865+ (resto Shaman or resto Druid), and 3 to 4 ranged DPS @ ilvl 865+, who have a causal attitude with a hardcore addiction! We need members that will be available and prepared every Tuesday and Thursday night. Link to our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/33975/ If you have any questions or concerns please add Lore#1710 or Korvixx64#1175 to BattleTag and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.Demoncoeus0 Nov 21
Nov 20 Hybrid LF members 5/7 Heroic Who are we and what are our goals? We are <Hybrid> (7/7H) on US Turalyon. We are a core group of individuals, seeking to push further into The Emerald Nightmare setting in preparation to future raid content and a much bigger community of people who enjoy the game, enjoy raiding, and want to grow together into Legion. The leaders in Hybrid have all been long standing raiders throughout the WoW era who bring a wealth of knowledge to the raid environment. What are we looking for? We are looking for quality players who can play their class well and who are properly geared for HM content. At this point we are looking for just about everything. We are looking for anyone who knows their class well and can play it equally as well. So if you are a skilled and geared player, we look forward to speaking with you. High Demand: Ret paly (1) Mage (1-2) Restoration Druid (1-2) Restoration Shaman (1-2) Demonology Warlock (1-2) Mistweaver Monk (1) Hunter (1-2) Medium Demand: Warrior (1) Shadow Priest (1) What are our raid times? We raid Monday (Regular mode for recruits and casual guild members) Wednesday and Friday 6:30-9:30 EST. What are the requirements for joining the guild/Raid Core? We allow casuals in to be with friends rather easily. To join the Core Raid group, we require an equipped ilevel of 850+ and knowledge of all fights on all difficulties (this can be negotiable under certain conditions). Access to discord is a must along with a working mic. We will also take more consideration into potential members if you have logs ready to be examined. How do I go about joining or asking questions about the guild? Send a message to either Dracani, Vickirose, Dynitrius, or Arthaw in-game for more details. If none of those names are online, please ask anyone in guild if an officer is online, as all of us have MANY alts we play on. We thank you for your time reading our post and we look forward to meeting you!Dracani1 Nov 20
Nov 19 [H][4/7M] <Neolutum> **2Day 6HR** recruiting Raid Times: 8:00-11:15PM EST Raid Schedule: Monday+Tuesday Openings: Outstanding ranged dps, one core healer, & exceptional melee. Progress: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic , 3/7 Mythic (working on Illgynoth ATM) Who Are We? Neolutum is a former hardcore raiding guild that has scaled back to a two day a week schedule on US-Turalyon. The guild transferred to Turalyon at the end of Firelands and competed to be among the best on our faction ever since. We are a strictly two day a week guild with no unscheduled raid days EVER. We expect all of our players to be able to take constructive criticism, tolerate bad jokes, and come prepared and willing to improve to every raid. Even though we are only a two day a week guild we often do M+ and normal/heroic EN on our alts in our downtime and offdays. Loot, attendance, and expectations of our applicants and raiders: We expect all our members to be able to maintain a high (80%+) attendance rate as we only raid two days a week. Loot is always handled by loot council and given out based on attendance, effort, and performance. We expect all applicants to be able to handle constructive criticism and to not be easily offended. Why you should join Neolutum We are a progression oriented guild who clear content quickly without having the manic schedule of 3,4, or even 5 day a week guild. We have played together for 5+ years and if you are looking for a long term home to make real friends, kill dragons, and make !@#$ty jokes with then please consider us. Apply At: http://neolutum.enjin.com/ If you are interested in applying and require more information or have any questions please contact: Cruxxy#11381 Drudz#1984 Thank you for your timeDebaser12 Nov 19
Nov 18 7/7n 2/7h(alt) Veteran Tank LFR/G I just recently left my static group due to stacking of classes creating too much loot competition. No hard feelings from either side, I bit the bullet so they could continue to progress and nobody would be starving for gear. That is the type of person I am... I am patient, use voice comms, know my role, am open to constructive criticism, flask and food when we need it, and study fights before executing them. I've been raiding in progression groups since WotLK and plan to raid through this xpac with a solid group of cool people. If you are looking for a DH (Current ilvl 852) to fill preferably an OT role (MT is fine too), hit me up. I'd prefer weekends or during the week with raid starting at 5:30-6PM PST. BNET - Grimm#12691 PS. FOR THE HORDE only!Deamun2 Nov 18
Nov 18 (H) Durotar Dungeoneers LFM for Mythic About: (Horde - Turalyon - US) <Durotar Dungeoneers> was formed in July 2016 but holds a strong bond since 2009. The leaders are past and present experienced raiders that have held a tight friendship throughout the years. We are looking for more players like ourselves to push progression. We seek players that: *are both competent and competitive on a two-night schedule, *can handle constructive criticism, *fit into our fun, mature atmosphere in game and on discord, *hold 90% attendance for raids. We're especially in need of competent hybrid DPS (DPS/Heal and DPS/Tank). If you are not interested in raiding, we are looking for players for other aspects such as achievements and MYTHIC+ dungeons. (7/7H 3/3N) Core Needs: ***WE WILL STILL CONSIDER IF NOT LISTED BELOW! Core spots are available as we're looking to enter mythic ASAP. Tanks: ALL Healers: ** Please have a competent DPS spec and be willing to use it. Priest (Medium) Restoration Druid (Medium) Holy Paladin (Low) RDPS: Mage (High) Shadow Priest (High) Elemental Shaman (Medium) Warlock (High) Raid Schedule: Tuesday 9PM-1AM EST Thursday 9PM-1AM EST Loot Distribution: We use guild masterlooter along with RCLootCouncil to distribute gear. This distribution depends on performance, attendance, and attitude. Also, people that have received gear are recorded so no one is left behind or favored. Contact: Kativera#1794 Geckoman#1791 TribalWolf#11699Kât24 Nov 18
Nov 17 Anyone pugging mythic raids? I'm bored and wanna do mythic raids. Can't do them cross realm, though. I'd be more geared but I've spent weeks recruiting for my friend's guild at my character's expense. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are my free days. ^_^Sìeara5 Nov 17
Nov 16 Free Heroic Xavius Giveaways! Free Heroic Xavius AOTC Giveaways In 7.2 Emerald Nightmare Ahead of the Curve will be gone. So Yup that's right, giving away free kills! Day 1: Gave away 25 spots Day 2: 11/13 @ 7:30 PM Eastern Day 3: TBD How to enter! 1. Must be a follower @ twitch.tv/southernfruitsalad 2. Type !points to see your points 3. Earn one point every 1 minute (1 minute= 1 point) 4. !ticket 1 or !ticket X amount to join the raffle 5. Gamble your points double or nothing roll 67 or higher !gamble 6. Must like the dank memes. Easy as that! Watch longer build your points any time I'm live and get in! Also accepting gold on some high pop servers at 50k a slot if you don't want to wait. If you join early you will build points to increase your chances significantly. B-tag: FruitSalad#1390 Good luck feel free to add to ask any questions you might have!Fruitlol2 Nov 16
Nov 15 NEVERMIND I can't delete this! = (Sìeara0 Nov 15
Nov 14 [H] 4/7H <Wild Ferrets> seeks raiders We are a recently formed guild of experienced raiders and friends. Between us we have put together a 10 man raid and looking for quality players to fill any role and grow our guild. We are committed to becoming a high level raiding guild and so far we are happy with what progress we have accomplished. Quality raiding in a relaxed/low pressure environment is what we aim for. Raid schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 830-1130pm Add me on bnet if you have any interest MrCelticZero #1719Brocksamson9 Nov 14
Nov 14 [A] Burial - 7/7H LF Tank RAID DAYS Tuesday, Wednesday, with and optional Thursday Times 9:00p--12:00p. Burial is a long standing Alliance Guild who is making steady progress on a 9hr/Week Raiding schedule. We are looking for a few strong players for Heroic Progression. If you are 855+, we want to hear from you. We need: (Tank) - Any (DPS) - Range If we seem a good fit, consider us for your Raiding home. Burial is a Mature group of Raiders looking for progression, but also for an enjoyable Evening's Raiding. We joke around a lot but when we need to focus up we get the job done. Please reach out to Thors#1807 or Crazyterran#1213 or Mishuun#1926 for an immediate chat and potential Trial slot. Thanks!Thors4 Nov 14
Nov 13 (S.Y.N.) See Ya Nerd- 7/7H (REFORMING)-See Ya Nerd- is an organized,semi-hardcore raiding guild that offers leadership with a tight knit core group. We pride ourselves on maintaining a team-oriented and competitive raiding environment that pushes players to excel. The average raider is dedicated to remaining progressive ,while being capable of sacrificing personal gains to benefit the guild as a whole. -Be prepared for every raid; this includes purchasing consumables and studying encounter strategies. -Officers will take care of it, worry about yourself and yourself only. -Be critical of your performance and take time outside of raiding hours to analyze personal improvement. -Have fun. We love playing with each other in a friendly, team-oriented, boss-crushing atmosphere -- and you should too! Raid Times-Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday-745-1030 If we seem like a fit for you please contact-Burnem#11586 in game or post a reply in the forum.Narcrotïcs1 Nov 13
Nov 13 [A] Havoc DH Looking for Raiding Guild Hi there, I'm new to the server and looking to join a guild with the intention of raiding mythic eventually. I do have experience raiding back in WotLK from Naxx to ICC, but I wasn't able to find a stable raid group in Cata and have played off and on again since the release of Firelands. Legion has got me hooked and I want to make the most of it. Please contact me from my battle tag Shadow12000#1984 or in game on Shadoraeth. Thanks! PS. I'm not sure why the forum is showing a guild name under my character's name. <Voice of Impending Doom> was my guild before faction transfering, so please ignore it. :) EDIT: Available all days now.Shadoraeth3 Nov 13
Nov 12 Eternal Pride (new guild looking for members) We're are a new Horde guild on U.S. Turalyon, looking to start a raid to to do progression through Legion. <Eternal Pride> is a guild that will be a fun and friendly atmosphere where raiders can get together to build a strong raiding environment. We are looking for players to fill all roles in our raid team. Applicants should strive to excel in their given role. Applicants should be looking for a mature guild that promotes a fun raiding experience while focusing on progression, you should also have a sense of humor. We are also looking people that just want to come and have fun and build a community of friends. We want to move towards the direction of being a place where you can come and do anything that you choose. Whether it is PVP, questing, hanging with friends, etc. Make this guild your home and lets build a team together. Please message me if you are interested in a new guild. In game Kayteakat or my bt Kaytea#1712Kayteakat0 Nov 12
Nov 12 [A] 7/7H LF DPS Sat/Sun 8:30-11:30pm est We need a few more people to round out our raid team on Turalyon. We are looking for DPS - ranged only at the moment. We are heavy on hunters and shamans at the moment but anything else would be great! <Contingency Plan> is an adult guild which is pretty laid back and wants to keep to a two day raiding schedule while still getting things done. We have been in EN for three weeks now and we are 7/7H. Our current goal is to farm heroic for gear and start stepping into mythics. We are really hoping to find like-minded people with good attitudes. We use Discord as our primary voice chat program and use EPGP for loot. Raid Times: Sat and Sun 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST If you would like to join or have questions, you can reach either me or our GM Wutu: Rhaeja#1661 or Wutu#1726Vhalyn17 Nov 12
Nov 12 [H] <Purple Time> Legion Recruiting! <Purple Time> is currently recruiting raiders and members for Legion. Raid Days: Wednesday/ Friday 7-10 CST Who We Are: A lovable bunch of misfits. We’re a blend of real life friends and friends who met on a previous raid team. We’ve decided to join forces to make a band the likes of which has never been seen, and we’ll call ourselves Tenacious D - wait, no, that’s not right. Where was I? Ah, right! We decided to band together to form a raiding guild. Our Mission Statement: To recruit people who are of tremendous quality and skill in order to clear all the raiding content that Legion will have to offer, but also to grow together as friends and comrades both in-game and out (though because of geography, probably not literally out of game). What Does That Mean? It means we are looking for people who want to push themselves to be the best and are not afraid of being challenged when they’re not. It means we’re looking for mature people, of any age, who want to get together and beat up raid bosses two nights a week. It means that we want people who can discuss and act like adults, but still have fun and have a laugh at something entirely immature, like innuendos. Our goal for now is simple: Gather guild members to grow our numbers and then build a formal raid team once we enter Legion proper. We currently have a loose roster and are going to recruit for a goal of 25 regular raiders. This allows us to have the flexibility to hang out in Heroic, but also to have a Mythic team with substitutes if we so choose. For now, let me be clear: We are aiming for Heroic at this time. Without further ado, the important things. Who to Contact: Questions? Concerns? Reach out to us via in-game mail, through our website (www.purpletime.enjin.com), or of course through tells directly. Guildmaster: Batslap or his alt, Batflap. Raid Lead and Officer: Taerya or his alt, Ryziam. Officer: Cailiao or her alt, Zynu. Officer: Nanaiya or her alt, Londiwe. If you don’t see any of those on? /who Purple Time and poke someone who’s on or if interested, or use the application on the website and we will reach out to you!Batflap24 Nov 12
Nov 11 [A] <Vagrants> 7/7H 3/3N Recruiting <Vagrants> of Turalyon (PvE) [A] What We're Recruiting (We are recruiting all classes/specs for raiding. Below is a list of what class/specs we prefer.) . Good Healers . Windwalker Monk . Warlock (Prefer: Destro) . Shadow Priest (WITH DISC OFF-SPEC) . Fire Mage . Balance Druid This list is based on a spreadsheet I created to fill some of the current rosters' gaps. This would be the "Mythic Raiding" roster; filling our 20 man team. Regardless of what the list above says, anyone is welcome to join the guild. (We hope to maintain a social and respectable community of players.) What We Expect From You . Attendance: With our raid times, we raid 8 times a month for a combined total of 24 hours. We expect dedicated attendance from raiders unless given future notice of an absent day. (With fair reason, of course.) . Knowledge of fights: Videos and written guides of how to perform on bosses are essential to raid success. We expect everyone to have taken the time to research the fights on the content we are progressing on. In terms of individual roles on fights where some people are required to do something different (i.e Brackenspore Flamethrower duty) these will be discussed in preparation before pulling the boss. . Honesty and Communication: If you messed up on something during a boss fight, please bring the attention to the raid, or a whisper to a raid leader. We check logs after every raid, and we see what happens. If we know what's happening while we are working on it, we can assess the problem much faster, and as an entire team. You won't be isolated and laughed at. Raiding is a team experience. . Knowledge of your class: Not everybody is a world-first raider. We don't expect you to parse in the 100's on a day-to-day basis. We require that you know how to play your class, and that you regularly check up the current build for your class. Theorycrafting is also a great asset towards completely min-maxing your potential. . Trust in Us: We all share common goals, and we do our best to help everyone. Raiders have access to a stocked guild bank with materials ranging from all Enchanting mats, to raid food, etc. If we have a suggestion for someone, we're not trying to belittle what you're doing, but help you improve and understand how you can perform even better. This goes for all of us. . Patience: We'll be stuck on some bosses, every guild meets a roadblock. Wiping on a boss for a long time can be frustrating, but losing patience and interest will just result in making the fight harder. Raid Times Tuesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST [Progression] Thursday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST [Progression] Monday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST [Farm Content] Benefits to joining Vagrants . Guild Perks . Laid back; fun community. . We do a LOT of Mythic+ (Great way to gear up your toons.) . If you're not a raider, you can always tag along for our farm night raid clears, and mythic+ runs. . Active Ventrillo server; we all talk throughout the day; we play other games (Overwatch, Diablo, etc.) . Active and wealthy guild bank with consistant supplies. . Raiders recieve benefits such as free mats from the guild bank for raiding-purposes. . Versatile community with knowledge of most specs and classes, we're all able and willing to help out others. . Open-minded guild chat; freedom of speech (With due respect to everyone else.) . If someone is performing poorly, we'll try and help them before removing them. Current Progress Guild Formed 10-18-2016 (Note: Guild was formed due to slow progression with prior guild.) . Normal Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 [Cleared 9/24/16] . Heroic Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 [Cleared 11/3/16] . Mythic Emerald Nightmare: In Progress ... . Normal Trials of Valor - 3/3 [Cleared 11/10/16] . Heroic Trials of Valor: @ Odyn (No Attempts Yet) If you're interested in joining, have questions, or anything else, please get in touch with any member from Vagrants, and they will direct you to a recruiter. You can also add the members below for an easier way to reach us. .Tacothunder#1263 .Elcrys#1242 .Sylvaise#1416 .Dumper#1641 .Wholegrainz#11959 [Edit: This list will be updated with more officer battle tags.][/b]Trilladin0 Nov 11
Nov 11 Weekend Raiding Guild: Elysium <Elysium> Turalyon We are back and recruiting for Legion content! After an unfortunate disband the guild has undergone a change in leadership. With that in mind we wish that our new members be patient as we work our way back up to our original standards. Description: Incarnation is a clean, friendly raiding guild that looks to enjoy the many aspects of WoW without the toxic environments. With passionate Raiders, we look to advance far through Legion. Though we do love our raiding, social members and players of all kinds are always welcome into the family. Raid Info: ◼ Raid times are Saturday and Sunday, 7pm to 9:30pm Server Time. ◼ We are currently looking for competent Healers and DPS to join the Raid team. ◼ We are looking for passionate players to join us in our Legion Raiding. ◼ Once 7/7N 1/7H, working to get back up there now. Contact Info: If interested feel free to contact AngelSola#1455 or Solä ingame.Solä1 Nov 11
Nov 11 [H] Forbidden Legion Forbidden Legion is a Heroic raiding guild with a relaxed atmosphere that won't be found in a hardcore, progression-centric guild. Forbidden Legion was one of the first guilds established on Turalyon in March 2006. The main idea when forming the guild was to make a guild that puts real life before World of Warcraft. Our raiding group could benefit much from: Ranged DPS Considering guild merge as well for small groups Our Schedule is: Tuesday 8-11 EST Wednesday 8-11 EST Thursday 8-11 EST Our Target Audience is: Mature Casual-Core Raiders and Returning Players Groups (bring a friend?) Transfers As we progress into the this expansion, Forbidden Legion will continue with the goals it was founded on; to challenge our raiders with new content, to give them the ability to work WoW around their daily lives, and to provide members with a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. If you're considerring our guild, please fill out an app at www.forbiddenlegion.com, as we consider each applicant. For recruiting questions: Anatrill (Raid Lead), Sacréd or SpheresSacréd3 Nov 11
Nov 11 [A] Lights LF fun DPS for heroic raiding Oct. 4th 2016: We are looking for 2 dps once more! The information below still applies. ;) <Lights> is our humble guild on Turalyon. Our group is a heroic-only oriented bunch of friends. While many of us do have mythic raiding experience from the past, we’re looking to chill out a bit and fill our ranks for Legion. We believe in having fun over all else and prioritize bringing in cool people who like to hang out and laugh while slaying dragons. Having a good raid atmosphere is our number one priority. Ideally you should be comfortable with the idea of making friends; we call each other by first name and like to hang out in Discord regularly. :) We raid twice a week, Saturday/Monday from 10PM - 12AM EST. We are an active guild that also does mythic dungeons, time walking dungeons, achievements, etc. and plan to continue to do so in the upcoming expansion. Currently we are seeking: DPS, especially ranged but melee accepted! You can contact me at meowmeowz#1931 or reply back to set up a time to chat. Hope to talk to you soon!Thessia3 Nov 11
Nov 10 [H] Among Shadows - 2/7H - Recruiting Heals Among the Shadows http://www.amongshadows.com Server Turaylon About Among the Shadows First off, we are an adult guild, and rarely accept members under the age of 18. We also consider ourselves a family friendly guild. Many of our members have families and children, college, and full-time jobs. We realize that these things are more important than this game that we play. Due to these, we do not impose any rules stating that members must attend events, nor do we remove members for being inactive or missing events. We are there for our members and support our members. We are not looking for those wanting to have the best gear before anyone else, obtaining server first kills, elitist attitude or are rude towards others, or those that belittle others that don’t have the same gear or better gear than themselves. When it comes to loot and gear, we do not play the game to get the next best shiny piece of gear. We are more interested in the friendships built and time we game together and gear is just a tool to progress us further, but not the focus of members. The guild has been together since January 2014, during Siege of Orgrimmar. Many of our members have been with us from the beginning of the guild. We have raided consistently since then, only taking a brief break at the end of Warlords of Draenor, in anticipation for Legion. ____________________________________________________________________ Raid Times: Tuesday: 8pm-11pm EST Friday: 8pm-11pm EST ____________________________________________________________________ Progression: Emerald Nightmare Normal: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic: 1/7 ____________________________________________________________________ Recruitment Needs: Healers: 1-2 We are looking for a couple healers. We currently do not have any Monk healers. We will consider and accept any healer. ____________________________________________________________________ What we are looking for: Team Players Maturity Sense of Humor Maintaining a Drama-Free Environment Desire to Have Fun What we are NOT looking for: Wanting to have the best gear before anyone else Obtaining server first kills Elitist attitude or are rude towards others Belittling others that don't have the same gear or better gear than yourself. ____________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in joining our guild, you can... Contact myself by adding Ohnoto#1201. Respond to this post with any questions / contact information. Join at our website note above and apply or message myself, Ohnoto.Ohnoto8 Nov 10
Nov 9 Turalyon at Blizzcon! Just out of curiosity, is anyone else on the server going to Blizzcon? A couple of us from TCW are going and would be happy to meet up :DElayna3 Nov 9
Nov 9 [A] 856 WW Monk Looking For Daytime Raiding I'm looking for a guild that raids during the day time due to my job having me out of the country for the next few years. I have had a lot of raiding experience and am pretty quick to learn, if a little out of practice with newer content. I'm open to completing and applications, I just want to find a good guild. Thanks!Tornlimb1 Nov 9
Nov 8 <A> 864ilvl Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild Holy priest 864ilvl LF Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. Currenly 7/7N 7/7H EN. Available to raid any night but Thursdays. I'm an active player, looking for guild that is also active and does mythic plus groups. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Ros%C3%AB/simple Message me any time on Rosë (alt 137) or BN AmberRose#1508Rosë1 Nov 8
Nov 8 (H) <The Blood Bound> 7/7H Recruiting REALM - Turalyon FACTION - Horde GUILD INFO The Blood Bound is a semi-hardcore guild. We are looking to progress into mythic but are lacking a few people for a solid 20. Our current progression is 7/7N and 7/7H EN. We also run mythics/mythic +'s. We are a group of friendly and helpful people just looking to push content and enjoy the game. RECRUITING CURRENT CLASSES Healers: Holy Paladin Restoration Druid Restoration Shaman DPS: Need ranged, no warlocks or priests. All applicants are welcome to apply though! RAID TIMES Sunday: 8pm - 10:30pm EST Monday: 8pm - 10:30pm EST VOICE COMMUNICATION We use Discord as our voice communication. BTAG Pohki#1586Pohki0 Nov 8
Nov 5 <Massacre> Recruiting for Legion Raiding Guild Name: Massacre Guild was founded back in 2007 and has since been a raiding force on our server. Server: US-Turalyon (PVE) EST Faction: Horde Raid Times: 8:30pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Loot System: EPGP Website: http://massacre-turalyon.guildlaunch.com Atmosphere: Adult (rated R) Recent Progression: 11/13M HFC 5/10M BRF 4/7M Highmaul 14/14H SOO (pre-mythic) About Us: We are a mature progression-oriented raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leader(s) research heavily to help prepare for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. Our guild atmosphere is laid-back and fun-loving. Raiding is not supposed to be a second job! If you want to be a part of a fun group of people that also gets stuff done -- Massacre could be the place for you! We are currently openly recruiting to fill in our roster for Legion Mythic raiding. Primary needs are HEALERS and a couple DPS (not mages). Tank roles are currently filled. As always, all exceptional applicants will be considered. Applicants capable of playing their off-specs are highly preferred. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via in-game whisper or through battle tag: Myself - Ranged Lead - Kara#1715 Byleana - GM + Tank lead - Byleana#1633 Myricalus - Melee Lead - Myricalus#1115Karalea10 Nov 5
Nov 5 (H)<Dethroned> 6/7H is recruiting <Dethroned> is a guild of experienced raiders looking for 200K+ DPS and a druid healer! We plan to be into Heroic/Mythic raiding and Mythic+ Dungeons ASAP. Raid Times are Tues/Wed 8-11PM EST. Ingame Contacts: Ralagokk, Zanory, Gundham or add Xanorii@1890 on btag for more info!Ixiya11 Nov 5
Nov 4 [H] Arthas Did Nothing Wrong is recruiting <Arthas Did Nothing Wrong> 7/7 N, 7/7 H is a guild formed by a group of friends with the aim of raiding mythic, we’re a relaxed guild where we just chill out, do mythic dungeons, farm stuff and do daily quest together, do PvP or just talk, during raid we aim to be the best in every sense possible, always coming up with different strategies that go according to our raid composition and whatever is more comfortable for us, we tend to discuss everything in order to know what people think; ways to improve, etc. We encourage having every kind of people joining our ranks, for the sake of mythic and heroic raids, we require people able to follow mechanics . our raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8.30 to 11.30 PM EST (hour may change by 30 mins according to everyone's schedule). If you're interested in joining our ranks you can talk to Rozyel (LionHsk#1313) or Naght (Metalhead#1311). we have high priority for plate and mail, but we're also welcoming all kind of classes, currently focusing on getting a tank, healers and some dps (preferably range). Also, we tend to farm normals to get gear and get better for our Heroic Progression!.Rozhosk2 Nov 4
Nov 2 [H]<Concordant> 1/7M - LF Tank(s) & Ranged ... Openings: Ranged DPS (Hunters, Shadow Priests, & Warlocks) Tanks (Warrior, Bear, Death Knight) About Concordant: +8 Mythic Dungeons 1/7M Emerald Nightmare 12/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Team focused group 18+ age requirement Repairs, food, and enchants provided. Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:15-11:15 PM server We are a progression oriented guild consisting of working adults and students (18+ only). We work hard to conquer all available raid content and make good use of our set schedule. As such, we expect strong raiding ability, consistency, and drive from all members. In the past, our leaders and many of our members were a part of top guilds dating back to original WoW, including TBC Horde first kills (Black Temple, Sunwell), heroic ICC, and 8/8 heroic Dragon Soul. We are also proud to have Ulduar, Firelands, Dragon Soul, and Orgrimmar achievement drakes, as well as 9/9 Gold Challenge Dungeons. You can also contact... Chillvibes#11593 or any of our other guild members online at the time, and they will direct you to an officer. ____________________________________________________________________________ While we are recruiting a Tank for our mythic raid progression, we are also looking for tanks who are interested in clearing high level 5-man content. If you are a tank aspiring to clear +8 and above Mythic Dungeons, but not interested in raiding, your application will still be considered. Chilltrees2 Nov 2
Nov 2 (H)<Synthesis> is selling Emerald Nightmare! Synthesis your friendly neighborhood progression guild is now selling Normal and Heroic mode Emerald Nightmare clears. It's a great deal whether you want loot or an achievement. Great as a gift to a friend or to help gear up a new alt and get them raid ready! Prices are as follows NORMAL 7/7 Loot Run 50k HEROIC 6/7 Loot Run 150k Ahead of the Curve Xavius Achievement Run 100k 7/7 Loot Run + Ahead of the Curve Xavius Achieve 200k Contact me at Dicho#1214 or get in touch with any Officer for details, group discounts, or scheduling. Thanks for your time and for being an awesome server home to us and I hope to see you in our raid soon!Dichotomous4 Nov 2
Nov 2 [H] Vortex - Turalyon 3/7M Vortex is recruiting for Mythic raiding in Legion! We're targeting a 27-28 person roster with a 66% attendance requirement expected over our 3 day raid week (thus, 2 nights a week at a minimum). We've had a great deal success recruiting for our WoD roster and have gotten off to a fast start in this expansion, but are currently looking for the following roles to help fill out our raiding team. We're looking to add: 1x Healer (Druid, Paladin, Shaman, Monk) 1x Tank (Druid, Warrior) Exceptional applicants Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd always like to hear from you! We archive every application we get and if raiding spots open up, those archived applications that we were unable to accept will likely be the first spot we look for great folks to join us. About Vortex: For those who don't know us, Vortex has been specializing in 10-man heroic raiding on Turalyon since 2008 and has made he shift to Mythic raiding in WoD. We're generally an older group (20+ to 40+) of folks, some of whom have kids and most of whom have jobs, so we're good at keeping the balance between the game and real life. Despite all of these draws on our time, we've always finished expansions in the top 1% of guilds world-wide, so that's hopefully a good indicator that we buckle down well when it's time to focus. Our forums are quite active between strategy discussion/refinement and general chatter about interesting things we've found on the Internet. We want to stress that the most important things that we're looking for is a personality and skill fit between us and our applicants. We want people who are skilled, fun to be around and willing to work hard to help move the team forward. If you're not the best geared player, don't let that stop you from applying. Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 8pm -> 11:30pm server time (ET). Invites go out at 7:45. Interested or have questions? Our website can be found at: http://www.vortex-guild.com Our application and instructions can be found here: http://www.vortex-guild.com/index.php/topic,4.0.html You can also direct questions to the Vortex Recruitment Committee: -Steffan (MaronKun#1271) -Synthous (DrBigLove#1383) -Crunch (Crunch#11380)Crunchiroll3 Nov 2
Oct 29 [H]2/7M Weekend Guild LF Healer <House Gamon> of Turalyon-Horde is currently recruiting a non-priest/shaman healer for our weekend mythic raid team! We are a very relaxed, level-headed, and mature group of people. I'd like to push harder in Legion with people who are confident in their ability to mechanic well. Raid Times: Fri Sat@ 9:00PM-1:00AM EST. Loot System: PERSONAL LOOT until tier comes out, then it will be RClootcouncil, we have a loot council set up to decide who could use the loot the most, we try to hand out loot in the most fair way possible. We're a fairly laid back and friendly guild, so it goes without saying that we are looking for players of a similar personality. This means we don't want anyone with a short temper, looking to get all the loot to themselves, or yell at a fellow guild mate over a screw up. We're a simple guild just looking to have some fun on the weekends. For applicants interested in joining our mythic team, we require an item level of at least 865. If you are interested in raiding with us: add AND message: Stephling#1722 or app at our website http://housegamon.enjin.com/Stephling0 Oct 29
Oct 29 2/7M Weekend guild LF Healer <House Gamon> of Turalyon-Horde is currently recruiting a non-priest/shaman healer for our weekend mythic raid team! We are a very relaxed, level-headed, and mature group of people. I'd like to push harder in Legion with people who are confident in their ability to mechanic well. Raid Times: Fri Sat@ 9:00PM-1:00AM EST. Loot System: PERSONAL LOOT until tier comes out, then it will be RClootcouncil, we have a loot council set up to decide who could use the loot the most, we try to hand out loot in the most fair way possible. We're a fairly laid back and friendly guild, so it goes without saying that we are looking for players of a similar personality. This means we don't want anyone with a short temper, looking to get all the loot to themselves, or yell at a fellow guild mate over a screw up. We're a simple guild just looking to have some fun on the weekends. For applicants interested in joining our mythic team, we require an item level of at least 865. If you are interested in raiding with us: add AND message: Stephling#1722 or app at our website http://housegamon.enjin.com/Stephling0 Oct 29
Oct 28 <A> Revenants 4/7HM EN Looking for DPS <Revenants> @ Turalyon 4/7 H Exp. We are a dedicated guild filled with dedicated long time players. We want to achieve Ahead of the Curve in all raid tiers, we are looking for like minded players. Our Raid Times Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11 CST Currently lookng for all DPS specs, must be able to maintain 75% Raid attendance. If you are interested please contact: Galdonir#1117 Morngrimm#1611 Gryphonclaw#1518Eirann1 Oct 28
Oct 27 [A]<Annunaki> Recruiting <Annunaki> is newly formed with members experienced thru 7/7 EN norm and are currently looking for DPS and Healers for progression thru Legion matertial. Raid nights are Tues/Thurs 7:45PM-10PM EST/Server time. Mythic progression also available. First raid up with will emerald NIghtmare and we will begin progression from there. Voice chat will be Gamevox. btag: eternalinfer#1281 for more info or feel free to mail in game or check out our webpage at http://annunaki.enjin.com/ or facebook at https://www.facebook.com/annunakituralyon/Aureil1 Oct 27
Oct 27 DK tank/dps LF Mythic guild DK Tank or Frost DPS looking for a relaxed mythic dungeon guild. I usually wont have time for raiding. Can run 6-9 mon-thur. Looking for others that are new to Mythic and learning how to do it. current ilvl 844 send me a note in game.Antidot0 Oct 27
Oct 27 [H]<End Result> 7/7H LF DPS - Sun/Mon “End Result” is a newly formed guild focused on progression PVE and top tier PVP. We are established Veteran WoW players that can no longer commit to a strict 5-day raiding schedule but still enjoy playing at a high level with like-minded individuals. We have established an elite community of middle aged players to compete in top tier raiding on a casual schedule, and are seeking out a few more individuals to round out our raid team. Server: Turaylon- Horde Raid Times: Sun/Mon 6pm-9pm EST Website: www.end-result.enjin.com Brief Background: We are returning Veteran raiders from Heroic 25s or Mythic backgrounds coming back to tackle all top tier content that Legion has to offer. This guild is brand new, formed of players from various realms coming together on Turaylon- Horde with the goal of top-end Mythic raiding and progression. This is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for a fresh start in Legion rather than seeking out an already established community of players. We are all strangers here and are looking forward to growing this community together, from the ground up. Recruiting: We are mainly targeting middle aged players (25+ IRL) with over 5 years of cumulative WoW raiding experience that are returning for a taste of Legion. All are welcome to join in the progression of our community with the primary focus being a high level raiding environment. We are a mature community and expect any potential recruits to share a similar mindset. Guild Targets: We raid a two day 6-hour weekly schedule. Efficiency is our focus. Our target core size will be around 25 players. Multiple toons are recommended but not a requirement. . Recruitment Needs: These classes are most needed however all exceptional players will be considered. 1x Warlock* 1x Hunter* 1x Resto/Feral* 1x Holy/Shadow Priest* 1x Resto/Elemental* Contact: Nophobia#1502-- Cupcakey#1515-- Cocoapuffing#1893-- Sage#1687Nopho4 Oct 27
Oct 27 <Impetus> T/Th 13/13M LF Exceptional Players Impetus is aiming to strengthen our roster as we prepare for Legion. We are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders capable of learning and mastering content on a limited schedule. According to Wowprogress, we were the only 25 man guild to be 14/14 Heroic on a 6 hour schedule in 5.4. We finished Tier 17 #2 6 hour weekday guild in the US at 6/7 Mythic Highmaul and 7/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry. We have completed Hellfire Citadel as the #2 6 Hour guild in the US. In Legion we want to be #1. If you have the skill and drive to push progression, just not a lot of free time to raid 4-5 hours at a time or 3+ days per week, we're looking for you! We raid Tuesday and Thursday, 9-12 EST. We are looking for people that: Love raiding and pushing themselves to do better. Simultaneously competes and cooperates with the rest of the team as we tackle content. Can maintain at least 80-90% attendance. Are laid back and mature. Getting In Touch With Us If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don't hesitate to give one of our officers a whisper in game or visit our website: Guild Leader: Dethkrik#1795 Recruiting Officer: Randiz#1613 Officer: Swollennut#2204 Website: impetus.guildlaunch.com Our admission process includes a written application and a vent interview. Through this process we aim to verify that you raiding with Impetus is the correct fit for both parties.Dethkrik472 Oct 27
Oct 26 [H] 7/7Heroic Weeknights LF Tank & DPS ...Holyhospital1 Oct 26
Oct 26 [A]<The Phoenix Reborn>6/7H lf RDPS and H Looking for top notch DPS and Heals for 6/7 Heroic group getting ready to break into Mythic content. Raid times are 9-12 Server Wednesday and Friday. Please add lorius#1723 or whisper Mighthealya in game. GM of TPRLorius0 Oct 26
Oct 26 Enh Shaman Looking to Raid I am looking for a progression raiding guild that has a spot open for an Enh Shaman on their mythic/heroic raiding team. I am: 7/7 EN Normal 7/7 EN Heroic 1/7 EN Mythic Here are my logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/jqnM7pD6V93Lz8QJ#type=damage-done Feel free to contact me at Justinpeace#1189.Gardus3 Oct 26
Oct 25 Help a fellow WoW player! Western Michigan University Department of Sociology Principal Investigator: Whitney DeCamp Student Investigator: Ryan Castillo Title of Study: Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Facebook and World of Warcraft You have been invited to participate in a research project. This consent form will discuss the purpose of this study and will explain the necessary time commitment, the procedures employed in the study, and the risks and benefits of participating in this research. Please read this entire document carefully and feel free to contact the principal investigator if you need more clarification or have any questions, comments or concerns. We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the uses of various online mediums, such as online games, and how these platforms allow users to share different types of information and form relationships online. The results of this research may help us to better understand how popular forms of online communication influence users’ ability to both maintain existing relationships and forge new connections with other members of their online networks. We have decided to ask World of Warcraft (WoW) players to participate in this study due to the game’s large player-base and the many online WoW communities that provide opportunities for recruitment. Participation in this study will require completion of an online survey regarding both your use of World of Warcraft and general online involvement. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to stop participating at any time. Your responses will be anonymous, your name or any other identifying information will not be requested, and your IP address will not be tracked. Data used to analyze responses for any future reports will not include any identifying information that could trace your responses back to you. No one will learn of your personal responses. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. While your participation is greatly appreciated, you will not suffer any consequences if you decide to stop participating. If you have any questions prior to or during the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Ryan Castillo at (442) 242-3302 or at ryan.p.castillo@wmich.edu. You may also contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at (269) 387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at (269) 387-8298 if any questions or problems arise during the course of the study. This consent has been approved by the Western Michigan University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) on September 1, 2016. Do not participate after September 1, 2017. Participating in this survey online indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply. I have read this informed consent document. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I am above the age of 18 and agree to take part in this study. If you agree with these statements, please follow the link below to begin the survey. https://wmichcas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_dhiNzLAgwceX1B3Incubus1 Oct 25
Oct 25 Resto Druid Looking for Guild - Current ilvl 841 resto druid looking for a guild to run mythics Pros: - Raid experience from Vanilla WoW forward. - Available most nights between 6 and 11 pm - can take constructive criticism - can take jokes - can make jokes - Have 2 family members on server (Holy Priest and Tank Warrior) who could fill gaps in groups occasionally - Also got them good deeps as magical big bird Cons: -Grad student - I may, on occasion, miss raid to prepare for an exam/assignment. But I would be able to give advance notice of this. Please respond! I'm ready to kill some demons.Spun6 Oct 25