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May 21 Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde (Pasting this from the old forums, Thanks to Danikah and Kalanii and Quill for these and their preservation.) Quill’s Advice to Blood Elves/Those Who Hate Them Original Post (Repost by Kalanii): Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin. You are not a High Elf. You are not a Half-Elf. High elves and half-elves are Alliance-based. The high elves have thrown in their lot with the Alliance, and the half-elves are half-human, and thus attached to the Alliance. If you are one of these two things and you are playing in the Horde, disguise it. If you are open about this, you will be exiled or, more likely, executed. Play it smart if you must play it at all. You do not hold titles equal to major NPCs. You are not a Grand Magister, a Ranger-General, or a Blood Knight Matriarch. You are not an exception to this rule. Those people are the top of the chain of their respective organizations; you are not their equal. My advice? Be just a magister, a blood knight, or a ranger. Don't define yourself by your title. You can gain respect without a high rank. Blood elves play a subtle game with their politics and power struggles. Most of the power struggles seen in Silvermoon from RPers are duels or RP fights; this would not be tolerated by the guard unless it was taken outside, but moreover, this is not terribly characteristic of the culture. They are crafty people who prefer techniques like blackmail and playing the long game, which comes of their relatively long lives. Stop drawing your weapons and blasting people with your spells and start learning how to wound with words. Be patient. Be clever. Cleverness isn't something you can fake, mind, so if being subtle and working intrigue isn't something you feel up to doing, get out of the Silvermoon scene or don't try to play the sort of bloodelf who is into power struggles. A blunt bloodelf would not get very far in their culture. Openly talking about throwing down the government or otherwise defying the laws of decency would not happen without consequences. This is more of a general rule for RP, but it happens a lot in Silvermoon so I'm putting it here. You need to acknowledge your environment. Just because the guards won't actually react in game doesn't mean they wouldn't react in lore. We're here to play in the Warcraft world, and that includes using your imagination as to what would happen if you took such actions. Understand that the guards would be after you for stabbing someone if you did it on the street or in an establishment, and that even if you "evaded" them, there would be a warrant for your arrest. Allarya108 May 21
May 13 Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters <insert exodar crash joke here> - Table of Contents (You're reading this, right now.) =========================================================== - Introduction - What this aims to accomplish, and for who - What is "Great Roleplay" and a "Great Roleplayer"? - Lore Accuracy - Start from the beginning, and finish at the end. - Goals: What do I want? - Step One: So many choices, what to go for first? - A shattered mirror: all the pieces of the character that make a whole - What's my Story? - Who do I know? - What do I do? - What -am- I? - Step Two: Socialites and Interacting with the Public - Racial Backgrounds and Stereotypes - Social Mores and Laws - Radicals (fanatics) and Moderates (conservatives) - Who shaped my opinions? (The effect of family on perceptions) - Step Three: An Empty Mind - Filling your Character's Head - Emptying your Character's Head - Personality Traits - Physical Habits and Mannerisms - Step Four: An Empty Life - I've got personality but no lifestyle! - Real world activities vs. "What I can do in WoW" - My class, and how it relates to me - My professions, giving me more than a fat/empty wallet. - Using class and profession to add to a character's dynamics. - Touching bases: How class and profession relate to my society. - Education: What do I know, and who taught me? A final wrap up to your character's story. - Step Five: Hey everybody, come see how good I look! - Physical Appearance and Characteristics - Start big, then go small - Descriptive words - Touching bases (again): Society and tattoos, piercings, ect. - Describing my Garb (what do I wear?) - Affiliations and Dressing (who do I know and how does that effect my dress?) - Final Step: Affiliations and my place in the world - Who am I now? (ranks, titles, and other affluential tomfoolery) - In closing: - Final Tips - From Hero to Zero: How good characters fall to pieces. - A thank you =========================================================== Roleplaying 101 - Yet another jerk telling you how to play your game. An Introduction: Welcome to roleplaying 101! This will be yet another thread where someone tells you in a stuck up and haughty manner why you suck at rp and how to fix it. It's your $15 a month, so by all means ready the flamethrowers and burn this thread to the ground. In all seriousness if that's your views, feel free to go read another thread. If you want to learn, well hopefully I can teach you something in my handful of years of roleplay. If I can't teach you something, well I can say I tried. And if I can't say that, I can at least say I wasted a good chunk of time facerolling this keyboard for you all. For those of you that dislike long threads: that's too bad. I'm writing this thread for a guild myself and a friend are planning on creating after seeing some of the roleplay within this server and deciding we wanted to control our exposure to the community in order to create a roleplay environment rich in immersion and character development that pertains to lore accuracy. If your reaction at this point revolves around the word "elitist" you're probably right. For those of you who I haven't chased off yet: lets cut to the chase! The very...very long chase. What this aims to accomplish, and for who: Who am I talking (typing) to in this thread? To anyone who wants to expand their roleplaying character to be a rich and developed individual, who feels like a real person who actually exists in the "World of Warcraft". Someone who grew up here, developed their mind here, and would contribute to the society here. Who this doesn't pertain to: People who play "just to have fun" People who use the excuse "It's my $15" People who don't roleplay People who could care less about lore, immersion, and realism in roleplay Ghostcrawler (everyone seems to hate on his watercooler posts, so I might as well kick him in the kidney while he's down!) What this thread aims to accomplish is to be a comprehensive guide to creating a character who is fully developed and inserted into this game's lore. This thread may not be for the casual roleplayer or someone who is not really interested in making a basal rp character to throw bombs in the pig and whistle, and stare harshly at all the non-paladins in the Cathedral, or ERP as a female draenei.Alinaris137 May 13
Jul 10 Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society RP 102: Read RP 101 First Welcome to RP 102! Forgive the long time between the previous RP 101 and this thread, I was a bit busy and couldn't find time to sit down long enough to collect thoughts and put them into an intelligent thread, and nobody wants to hear me ramble. Nobody. This RP 102 thread is a bit shorter than my original RP 101 thread. You'll have to forgive me on this. I've been really busy and this is the best I could throw together. If there's enough interest, I may even write a RP 103 thread. If you want to see some tips and such for something I didn't touch in either thread, or have questions/comments feel free to contact me in game as Alinaris or Zakarov. So lets get down to business! Once again, if you haven't read RP 101, I highly recommend you read it first, as this thread deals with advanced RP concepts and may or may not ever refer to the original 101 thread. Welcome to the revenge of society. Like your favorite horror movie villains, me repeating this word over and over again will never die, and come back to haunt you while you're swimming at your favorite summer camp. Silly councilors... As always this thread is for a specific type of person, and not for others. If you're interested in learning some advanced RP concepts, brushing up on that pop culture character you made, or in general someone interested in learning and expanding your already expansive knowledge of (draenei female tail length) roleplay, then continue on! However if you're any of the following, please do not read any further as I'm afraid this thread will probably just frustrate you and/or cause you to develop unsightly welts. Ghostcrawler If you may or may not be a werepenguin. Any and all Lady Gaga roleplayers. If you own more than fifteen beanie babies. People who cannot handle sarcasm and satire. People who will read the table of contents and flame on something they read without reading the actual subject matter at hand. I love you guys so much. Gnomes (Because we all know gnomes are mythical creatures that do not exist.) Here's your table of contents: 1. An intro to RP 102 and a recap on 101. 2. But I want to rp as spider man! Pop culture done right. 3. Crazy RP abilities: How to commit self suicide. 4. Dragon Roleplay: If you're gonna do it, do it right. (Don't do it) 5. Erotic Roleplay (and how it's ruining your favorite server right now!) 6. Expanding your character even further (social events and you) This is a more focused thread touching on several “taboo” subjects and how to deal with them appropriately, and what generally ruins such things for people. This thread will be kept clean, so don't see #5 up there and get all excited (looking at you, draenei) because this isn't a “how to guide” but rather where it may or may not fit in, and the arguments for both sides. If you're concerned, read the next post on what each section will contain.Alinaris46 Jul 10
Jul 15 The Great Alliance Guild Directory! The Great Alliance Guild Directory! Please request a sticky! Looking for a guild? Have a guild but looking for members? You're in the right place! RP Guilds(All Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-2 RP Guilds(Specific Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-7 PVE Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 PVP Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 Other(Social, mish-mash, et cetera): N/A Format: Guild Name Here "motto here" Description: ( short description here 3-5 sentences max. ) Races: (What races are allowed?) Leader(s): Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?) Website: (url to guild website, if any.) Wiki link: (url to wiki page, if any) General Information: If you have trouble with the forums/are banned, you can send me an in-game mail at Jaeysa with the info or you can e-mail me at warriorjaeysa@gmail.com Please try to keep your adverts as brief as possible. Anything over 150 characters may be shortened by me. Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild. If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.Please request a sticky!Jaeysa86 Jul 15
Jan 7 IC Twitter Project: On the Rise Again! *A small book appears in from of you...It says: "I am the magical Twitt."* Hello everybody! I'm not sure if anyone is still active in the IC Twitter, since it's all full! So, I, Pisella the Pie Vendor, have decided to make a new thread! So add us on Twitter, or make your own! Same rules apply! ... List: ...Pisella115 Jan 7
25m Seeking a buddy OOC/RPly Meh, lets give this a shot really. I am a very active roleplayer on horde side. I don't limit my roleplay at all and am seeking a female as an OOC buddy and IC plotting partner for most of my characters, very long term wise. I am adaptable with my style of roleplay, but generally enjoy para most. I try to often mirror whoever I am playing with. Also a questing partner in this would be epic as well, get bored doing it all by myself heh. Either way, give me a shout in game, or on here if you're interested.Rhyvinn1 25m
37m The Stormwind University Cross-Country Race! COME ONE, COME ALL, TO THE MOST FANTASTIC RACE THAT HAS EVER BEEN CONCEIVED! Those Geniuses At Stormwind University Are At It Again! In Order To Provide An Educational, And Monetary, Boost To The Local Populace, You Have Been Invited to Attend Or Particpate in... THE STORMWIND UNIVERSITY CROSS CONTINENTAL RACE! To any and all Guilds, Companies, Noblemen, Poormen's Unions, and others! Your time for fame, fortune, and glory is at hand! Stormwind University has proposed a great race, in order to foster ties between all members of the Alliance living in the Eastern Kingdoms! Should attendance be good, we may very well expand to the other continents, and perhaps, beyond! In order to apply for this fantastic voyage into the Continent that many of us call home, please contact Marrion MacHarren ((Macharren in-game)) and please consider the rules and regulations that come with joining this great race! Our grand prizes will include... For First Place: THE SUM POT ENTRY FEES PLUS 500 GOLD, A RARE WRETCHED SERVANT, AND A SPECIAL TROPHY! For Second Place: 200 GOLD AND A TROPHY! For Third Place: 100 GOLD AND BRAGGING RIGHTS! Rules: 1. Please, be sure to have the proper licensing and legally approved mounts at hand. There will be no flight used in this journey, and any gentleman or lady caught will be disqualified! ((In order to participate in this event, it is highly recommended that any participants be above level 80, and must have above Journeyman Riding.)) 2. Please keep to the established route. If caught deviating or taking shortcuts to get to the various checkpoints, you will be evicted from the race! 3. A One Hundred Gold Entry Fee Will Be Payed, In Order To Participate In The Race. The First Place Winner, as stated above, will win the sum pot! 4. Keep All Banter FRIENDLY, Or You WILL be evicted from the Race! ((WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY MISBEHAVIOR OR ANYTHING TO BE PERCEIVED AS TROLLING.)) 5. Those who are not in the race, please keep to either the two end points, or if you wish, the listed checkpoints. 6. AND LASTLY ((Please, keep everything IC. This is an RP event, with only some light OOC elements.)) HAVE FUN! For Route, see: http://stormwindu.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11658153&p=39472025&gid=453663#39472025 Date: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9TH, 2017 ((Should you wish to attend, please message me ingame or send me mail to Macharren or if all else fails, contact another member of the guild.))Macharren0 37m
40m Giving away Void-Shrouded Satchels. I have six and I'm giving them away for free to anyone who doesn't already have the heirloom. Please take them, my bank is full. Well, it's not, but I'm fed up of looking at them. If I'm not online, send me mail and I will reply. Feel free to post here if you also have some you want to get rid of.Lyddington8 40m
42m Gravy is probably rolling in gold I mean, think about it in RP. The Wyvern's Tail is a very popular hub, and not only that, I believe he sells booze in the shaman class hall. He's running two bars! And you know how you sell stuff to vendors? No doubt Gravy buys that stuff and sells it for likely more than what he gave at the black market auction house. ... Okay you can roast me for this now.Nagrash7 42m
1h Move RP hub to Ratchet I have a number of reasons for this to be a change that I would like to see happen for the Horde-side RP hub. First, on the point of it being better for characters and more plausible a reason for their presence. We all play characters who probably don't have a reason to be hanging around in a back valley of Orgrimmar socializing all the time. Demon hunters, death knights, warlocks, and others. I have a few points to this which I want to dig into a bit. 1. Dark classes and social stigma Playing a death knight, a warlock, a demon hunter, or in general any class/race combination that is socially stigmatized in Azerothian society is something we usually disregard for the purpose of going to Orgrimmar to do some walk-up or to talk with people. But I think, for the purpose of immersion, that this is something we have to stop ignoring. Darker classes usually aren't liked around cities. They often aren't even tolerated. Orgrimmar law seems to, lore-wise, confine warlocks and their ilk to the Cleft of Shadows, though we often like to think that's not the case. Grunts probably would, if we were treating this like a real place with real rules and codes of conduct, be willing to allow this one section of the city to operate with some leniency to the law, but outside of that I doubt it. If we moved the hub to Ratchet, we then have a neutral area, which falls mostly outside of Orgrimmar jurisdiction - Goblins care mainly motivated by profit, and an influx of people to their trade ports is only going to be a good thing, regardless of who those people are. It adds a degree of realism to the interaction. 2. Extra-Horde races I see more and more often people RPing races such as Drakkari/Amani/Gurubashi Trolls and Quel'dorei (LOTS) - none of these races are in the Horde, and I find it very hard to believe that they have an overwhelming need to be in Orgrimmar. But in these cases, we see that there's already a precedent of neutral races in Ratchet - Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun is a Quel'dorei who stands outside the Broken Keel Tavern. Aside from a precedent, it's likely that your character of non-Horde allegiance and race is going to be travelling for one reason or another. Ratchet is quite close to many other areas, though not lying directly in Horde nor Alliance territory. The next point I want to make is on the nature of the place itself. It's cool. Ratchet is a cool place - it's not unreasonable to imagine a scene of fish being pulled up on the docks, people bustling and shouting amongst the crowds as they disembark from the ship. It's pretty rad, and I think it can be moved to suit any character's needs or purposes for being there. Third. It brings RP back to the open world. New players and characters suffer from a lack of places to RP besides Orgrimmar. You can't have a character trying to go out and make their name in the world by just staying in town all the time - it hurts development and it makes it harder for new characters to level with any degree of RP fun interspersed. Orgrimmar feels so closed off and small in comparison to what it should. It's a city scaled down and I think we all feel it. It makes it feel boring and unconvincing. The Horde deserves another location, a better one I think. Examine Stormwind. RP can be spread across five districts, and many more taverns. Orgrimmar has RP in the Valley of Honor and nothing else, cramming it into one small tavern and an empty space devoid of clutter or props to be utilized. IC, it makes a great amount of sense as well. It's a ship port, a trade route, connected to Booty Bay (in turn connected to everywhere else, really). There's a tavern with the distinct piratey feel, and has numerous shops and establishments to use. It's not actually too hard to get to from anywhere (both in character and out of character), either.Eldreach48 1h
2h (A) <Keepers of the Moon> Night Elf RP *Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.* Kaldorei. The Children of the Stars. Keepers of the Land of Eternal Starlight. Our people have a rich, complex history, though in recent years, we have faced many uncertain changes. From the Battle of Mount Hyjal to the Cataclysm which has reshaped our very homeland. The return of the Highbourne and even the reintroduction of the Twicebourne challenge our longest-held values which have served as pillars of our society for milennia. Our once-great ancient cities now lie crumbled and ruined, their remaining power being exploited by our enemies. We will stand united- Kaldorei, Highborne, and Twiceborne- to assist our people, heal our society from within, and together adapt to an ever-changing world to build a brighter, prosperous future. Now, with the Burning Legion once again threatens to destroy our world, we reluctantly accept the aid of the Illidari. The rediscovery of the Broken Isles offers us the opportunity recover pieces of our ancient past so we can begin to better understand ourselves. OOC: Formerly known as <Wardens of Teldrassil>, we have changed direction and decided to focus on the cultural aspect of Kaldorei roleplay in contrast to the more militaristic approach of other guilds as well as personal and story-driven character development. We accept both male and female Night Elves of all classes- mages and Death Knights included. Demon Hunters are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We currently don't have a stance on Nightborne/Nightfallen characters. If interested, please visit our guild site at www.keepersofthemoonwra.shivtr.com to fill out an application. An in-character interview is required to join. Officers: Azaeluna/Illyirana, Miriael, Lorendrethil, Ereminn, Lynsalora Connect with us! /join KaldoreiRP.Azaeluna103 2h
3h In Game Guild Recruitment So, I recently came back to the game after a few months hiatus. And naturally, started to look for a guild as I was no longer in one. But, despite walking around every city inside and out, from Silvermoon to Thunderbluff, over the past two weeks, I've seen not a single guild doing active recruitment. No one is standing by banners looking on silently until approached or actively waving down passerby's. No heralds hawking in the town squares. No shady persons staring from the back of a dark alley or in the sewers. What did I miss that everyone seems to have up and died on the recruitment front? I know active guild recruiting has been down in activity in recent years, but I'd at least be able to find a group in Silvermoon or Orgrimar standing next to a banner, even if it was just one person. What happened to all of the outgoing RP guilds?Faemei2 3h
3h [H-RP] The <End> ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ ⚔ P R O L O G U E ⚔ ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ ... ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ ∞ I N F O R M A T I O N ∞ ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ Welcome to <End>'s official Wyrmrest Accord forum post! We're a tight-knit Horde role-playing guild established in June of 2017. Composed of passionate writers, <End> hopes to promote quality role-play and host awesome events on Wyrmrest Accord. Outside of role-playing, we want to dedicate some time to progressing through Tomb of Sargeras and organize casual PvP. RP: A mercenary band of no repute. They are former militants, unnamed and faceless. Soldiers no longer, these mercenaries have forsaken their oath in favor of pursuing personal claims and a rise to infamy. Recklessly, they will do anything to stake a place in greatness. Greed is the sole motivation, despite their claims to aid the common man's plight. Whether for gold or virtue, the band will always welcome more dedicated brothers into the family. PvE: <End> is currently organizing a flexible team of semi-casual raiders who are interested in dipping their toes into the Tomb of Sargeras. The guild's progress into the Tomb will be tracked below. PvP: At least we got Farm, right? N O R M A L ☠ Goroth 0/1 ☠ Demonic Inquisition 0/1 ☠ Harjatan 0/1 ☠ Sisters of the Moon 0/1 ☠ Mistress Sassz'ine 0/1 ☠ The Desolate Host 0/1 ☠ Maiden of Vigilance 0/1 ☠ Fallen Avatar 0/1 ☠ Kil'jaden 0/1 ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ ★ E V E N T S ★ ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ As an RP guild, <End> will participate in campaign-style storylines that span several events and lead to a conclusion which will result in an IC gain for the band, as well as one-time missions that take the band out to far-flung regions of Azeroth and beyond. For these events, we use an addon called DiceMaster. DiceMaster is MANDATORY if you plan to attend DMed events. If you do not want to download this addon, you can still participate socially in the guild and RP casually, but organized events will be for members who are equipped with our unique DM system. Peaches has written up a handy-dandy guide for learning the system and regularly hosts workshops to get everyone in fighting condition.Peaches81 3h
3h Introducing rpfind.me! A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's www.rpfind.me. We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_me Official Tumblr: rpfind.tumblr.com FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands. (This is a repost from the story forum, but it was recommended to me that this would be a more appropriate place.)Xaelar108 3h
4h LF DH RP and contacts That was a lot of acronyms in that title... I'm returning to the game after two years of a hiatus, and I'm looking for contacts. I haven't rped a DH before so I am also interested in any helpful tips and advice as well, so feel free to leave that. Guilds with a darker theme are also more than welcome to post their ads here, would like to get into a grey or darker guild. Any kind of contact really I would love to make, just looking for fun people to create some stories with. Message me here, or you see my name there. Bel is my main and you can find me on her if I'm online! Thanks!Belestalia3 4h
5h (A-RP) LF Businesses and Resources Hi there everyone, we've posted this around a few places and after completely forgetting the forums...here I am to right that wrong! Do your or friends you know operate a business in the city or far off out in the world? Whether you’ve been around for quite a while and thriving, or just starting out and trying to get the ball rolling please feel free to poke here or in-game at either Elstine or myself- (quiinn). We have plans for big things to come in the near future to bring together many, many people that could have your items in more hands and your name on more tongues with long-standing and server wide events. Tailors, smiths, masons, ship builders, farmers, whatever may be your niche I’d love to chat with you. But it doesn’t stop there, do you have resources? Ore, herbs, meats, etc- maybe your guild is ICly set up on reserves of such and looking to do a little more on the side- Love to hear from you as well! Things are not far off so if you’d be interested, please reach out soon, we would love to include as many as possible from the start. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q/A 1. We’re a Trader/Crafter/Merchant and/or have resources and are interested! How do we get on the list of contacts? Simply leave a message on this post, a previous appropriate post (There are several; you’ll know when you see it.) contact us on Tumblr, or contact us in-game at Elstine or Quiinn. 2. What’s with all the secrecy? Seems fishy! Well, there might be a few fish-traders involved, I’ll give you that. The reason for secrecy is simply to prevent any meta-gaming for the time being; we want everything to be ready before release any OOC information and we don’t want to say X is true OOCly, and it ends up not working out ICly. There is no fishiness, no politics, etc - all I can say is it’ll be good bit of long-term roleplay for a large portion of the community. As Martha Stewart once said: “It’s a good thing!” 3. What is your definition of resources? Well, have you ever played Warcraft? You know, wood, stone, food, etc. I wish that was a simplification, but it’s really not. Resources could be described simply as a raw material that can/should be transformed into a finished product, IE silk/wool being woven into clothing. We’ve stressed in other post the importance of organizations and even individuals to take a realistic approach on resources; understanding what they have or at the very least would be able to produce. If you’re a Noble House based out of Northrend for example, you might consider rather than just having gold for the sake of having gold because… Nobility; that you got said gold due to vast supplies of lumber! 4. What do you mean ‘crafters’? Pretty simple, anyone that’s able to take a raw resource and produce a finished product would be considered a crafter; essentially think of WoW Professions - blacksmithing(Silver/gold smithing as well), tailors, engineers, etc, etc. There are of course many more professions that aren’t used through in-game mechanics, but if you roleplay such then you might just be what we’re looking for! That being said, there’s not really a wrong answer. There’s never just one needed blacksmith, and I’d also argue that one blacksmith cannot possibly master -every- smithing style, so of course there’d be a need for more than one. Whether you’re a fletcher, goldsmith, or a specialty clothes crafter for gnomish sizes, we’d probably want to be in touch! 5. What about Merchants and Traders? Do you take X resources from Y location, and bring them to Z location to sell as a profit or perhaps trade them for more valuable resources? Well, you might just be a trader! Essentially a trader is simply someone that actively trades which is a pretty general term… But, we’re looking for general traders, so. If you’re interested in transporting resources, or just want to try to run the market by bringing cheap items to another area and selling for a profit - we’ll probably want to hear from you; land or sea based as well! Now as for merchants, if you sell things either with a storefront, cart, back alley, etc - we’ll probably want to speak with you. If you’re -INTERESTED- in becoming a merchant with a storefront or location, we can also help out with that. A merchant’s life is an interesting one, trying to buy supplies at a lost cost and using your sales techniques to sell the items at an increased price to make a profit; requires skill and patience for sure - and that’s why we’d like to help, or get in contact with an already existing merchant!Quiinn1 5h
6h [H-RP Event]Sunset Market Returns-August 11th Greetings citizens of the Horde! Sunset Market has come back home to the Horde! (And this time, we're here to stay!) Introducing, The Sunset Market! An outdoor market RP event with a twist! Each monthly market will relocate to a new city, making each event a unique experience, along with a chance for concentrated RP! The Market will take place once a month, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the The Sunset Market as it travels across Azeroth! Have you ever gathered materials, crafted amazing hard-to-get items or found incredible treasure only to toss them into your bank and forget about them? Well, now is the perfect time to clear it all out and perhaps even make a profit while you're at it! All of us here in <Sunset Caravan> are inviting every single one of you to come pay us a visit! Whether you want to shop around for a chance at someone having that -one- item you need for your transmog or run your own vendor or recruitment booth! Just want to come down and glance around? Maybe make some new friends or business contacts? Well, no market would be complete without patrons! There's room for everybody! Guild Recruiters! There's even a place for you! Come on down and host your own recruitment booth; let everyone know what your guild is all about first hand! ... via in-game mail, whisper or btag! ATTRACTIONS Booths! Vendors, recruiters, talented individuals! You name it! Opening Ceremony, complete with fireworks! A raffle with fabulous prizes! (All ticket sales and donations will go directly into the next raffle!) Darkmoon Rides! - Because who doesn't love those things?! Food and Drink! Complimentary of course! If you'd like to run your own booth as a vendor,talent or recruiter fill out the outline below and post it in a comment to this post! ... ... ... ... [About <Sunset Caravan> Website: caravan.enjin.com Recruitment Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757465716 Contact: Tygraesa via in-game mail/whisper/btag Battle Tag: WonderDragon#11626] ...Tygraesa38 6h
6h Looking for RP and Raid Leaders Greetings Wyrmrest Accord, Our guild is currently looking for a member(s) that would like to take control of our RP section. <Eternal Echoes> is a new horde guild that will be running Legacy and Legion raiding. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757577814 If your interested in getting in with a blank slate, we would love to chat with you. Raiding We are also looking for a few members that would like to lead legacy raids, any expansion and also Legion. Right now we have a good core leveling and we aim to have legacy raids once or twice a week. We also will be running Legion raids from the beginning, so we will be leveling and gearing for that. We are looking for solid members with a drive to help make this the perfect place for all expansion raiding. Contact If interested please join or discord below and let us know which role you would like to help out with. If you are a raid leader, let us know which expansion you wish to lead. We aim to do every one. Website -- https://eechoes.enjin.com Discord -- https://discord.gg/WpcUFVm BattleTag - Tsunomii#1553Kunuri0 6h
6h [A] Acceptable Losses LF DPS M ToS Acceptable losses is a guild that was founded in Legion under the principle of fun first, and we've had a lot of success pushing mythic content in legion on a casual schedule and in a casual environment. Most of us are adults with busy lives during the work week, and when the weekend rolls around we like to relax by crushing internet dragons. We don't tell you what, how, or how often to play, we just expect that you play well, have a decent attitude, and do your best to respect the time of the other people in the raid with you. Current and past progression: -2/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras -7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare -2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor -8/10 Mythic Nighthold Raid times are from 7:30 to 10:30 PST on the following schedule: -Wednesday: optional farm night. This is currently used for normal ToS but will be used for heroic ToS once we break into mythic. We also use this night to trial new recruits. -Friday/Saturday: progression nights. We often provide feasts and cauldrons for progression, but expect people to have their own stuff in case we can't provide. Loot is done by loot council using the addon RCLootCouncil; if you want to trial/raid with us, you must install this addon. The top consideration for getting loot is performance, but attendance is important and we do our best to distribute loot evenly. We are especially looking for ranged DPS at present, but we will always take high performing DPS of any spec. Recruitment for healers is currently closed. If you're interested, please contact any member of the guild in game and they can direct you to an officer. You can also contact via btag: Ned#1467 or Twick#1178.Manged24 6h
7h [A] Resplendent: Late Night Raiding 9/9 N About: Resplendent is a group of players aiming to provide a fun, positive raiding experience for night owls, Oceanic players, west coasters, late workers and anyone else who just can't make late afternoon/early evening raiding schedules. If your real life responsibilities have been making it difficult experience all the content WoW has to offer, we may be the place for you! Our raid nights are Friday/Saturday @ 10:30pm to 12:30am server time(PST), and our looting method is personal loot. Though we are "casual" we do expect you to be able to commit to these two days on a regular basis. Progress: ToS: 9/9 N NH: 10/10 H [Ahead of the Curve] EN: 7/7 H [Ahead of the Curve] ToV: 3/3 N We are looking for folks who are at least 900 for Heroic progression. Currently we are interested in the following: Healers Holy Priest Holy Paladin MW Monk DPS Ret Paladin Mage DPS Shaman DPS Death Knight We will consider other DPS specs as well. If you are not interested in raiding, we also welcome anybody just looking for a place to hang their hats, because we know finding a guild that meets the needs of late evening players can be rough! We are a raiding guild first and social second, but we consider ourselves RP friendly, and welcome RPers who are looking for people with similar schedules to chill and hang out with! In addition to raiding, we push Mythic+ Keystones on Mondays. Contacts: Abattoir - GM Alts: Natherielle, Shardelise Felfrank - Officer Alts: Sayune, Kanuckles, Jaxal Viriynu - Officer Alts: Tsumeilao, Lyskalda, Liasulia Sekhmét - Officer Alts: Banezoa, Panthonine,Sékh Kariska - Officer Alts: Liart *There are no age restrictions but we are adults so guild chat can get a little rough. http://i.imgur.com/aPs0gli.jpgNatherielle116 7h
7h Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP] <<Lordaeron Temple Knights>> (Full guild name (IC): The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron) The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron is a military and holy order, whose foremost goal is the restoration of the once great human kingdom of Lordaeron. The order itself was founded in Year 25 by Lord Bishop Daern Truefaith. As time progressed the mantle of military leadership was passed down through various skilled commanders. At present, the Lord Marshal is Allister Vendras and the Lady Marshal is Audrea Holt. Since its founding, the order has orchestrated and taken part in numerous military campaigns, missions, battles, and wars. To serve with us means you will be devoting yourself to our cause. And the road to restoration is not an easy one to walk. You will be tested in every way. You will march through the mires, the hills, the fields, and forests. The elements will not always be kind for we will make our camps in rain and snow. In battle, you will be exhausted and yet must press on. But through your trials and tests will you became something far greater than you ever were before. You will be become a true Temple Knight of Lordaeron. At present, the Temple Knights’ primary focus is on defending the few land holdings inhabited by refugees from the Forsaken’s imperialistic expansions in the north or those dispossessed by economic conditions in the south. <About Us> Website: ltk.shivtr.com RP Type: Heavy RP Themes: Military, Religious, Political RP Alignment: Lawful-Good Faith Alignment: The Holy Light Stormwind City Headquarters: Argent Dawn Office (We use this for interviews before you're shipped up North to Tyr's Hand). Base of Operations: Tyr's Hand, Eastern Lordaeron *Of August 2017, LTK will be 7 years old* <In Summary, the Long term aims Lordaeron Temple Knights (IC)> The Temple Knights are a military order focused on retaking the kingdom of Lordaeron and any lands currently occupied by the Forsaken or the Horde. This includes Lordaeron itself, the Highlands of Arathi, Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac, and supporting the Alliance forces that now fight against the Forsaken in Gilneas. In the end our goal is to see the lands in the North back in the hands of the people it was taken from. <Recruitment> *Unaccepted Classes: Demon Hunters; Death Knights; Warlocks; Shadow Priests (with some exception, if you ever see a Warlock or a Death Knight in our ranks it is almost 100% of the time an alt of one of our other members. We are very strict when it comes to this policy.) *An application MUST be submitted, this means you will need to make an account with ltk.shivtr.com. * While the Temple Knights will be a predominantly Human guild (due to our IC objectives and aims), we accept all races into our ranks, so long as they have a desire to see Lordaeron restored and the Forsaken destroyed. * Sense of humor and mildly thick skin * Members should be at least level 39 in order to "phase" into Tyr's Hand via the small quest chain offered by the Forsaken inside Lights Hope Chapel. *We, as a guild, go on adventures, take on old world content, have several small and large scale story archs most of the time, and have a solid base of active members. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please drop by our website to submit an application and one of our officers will contact you in-game to coordinate a meeting. *Members of LTK are also expected to wear a uniform that is assigned to you depending on what part you play in the guild. (Mages, Priests, Druids, Plated Fighters, Scouts and Rangers all have their own). This uniform will be required to be worn at any military based event. <What you'll find in LTK (ooc guild wise)> * Active in the role play community * Friendly and knowledgeable leadership * Mature (18+) and fun social atmosphere * Help with quests, crafting and role play * Very active player base, both during the day, late afternoon and evenings * Weekly events for the guild story line * Full functional website, complete with active forums (for those of us bored at work) * Guild Facebook (also for those who are bored at work) * Use of multiple media forms to enhance your imaginative experience with us.Taraimira23 7h
8h [A-RP] <Sentinel> Smashing Faces For Elune "I am never without my Sisters. And they will never be without me." Vigilance, selflessness, bravery, fortitude, and discipline. Words every Sentinel lives by--or, if necessary--dies by. We are our people's first and last line of defense. From the streets of Darnassus, to the shadowed groves of Darkshore; from the ancient woods of Ashenvale, to the towering crags of Stonetalon: We are ever watchful, and ever ready to combat any foe that would endanger Kalimdor or our people. To these enemies we offer no quarter, and expect none in return. Are you ready to answer the clarion call? Are you ready to become a <Sentinel>? ....................................................... <Sentinel> is an established and stable roleplay guild, founded over SIX years ago and still going strong today. As our name suggests, we are strongly militaristic in theme. Our aim is to accurately portray the role of Kaldorei soldiers in service of Tyrande, and also to promote Night Elf roleplay in Darnassus, Kalimdor, and the server as a whole. Our membership is friendly and supportive, and we're looking for more active roleplayers to join us! We hold a regular Induction Ceremony for our new recruits every Saturday night, followed by drill and formation practice. Throughout the month we also schedule a wide variety of other RP events or activities such as combat missions, Sentinel training, story circles, historic site tours, classic raids, and battlegrounds. We also host multi-event roleplay campaigns that can span several weeks. What level must I be to join your guild? We have soft level requirement of level 20, so that you can ride your nightsaber mount during events. We also ask that you be reasonably active, and not simply looking for a place to park a soon-to-be-forgotten Night Elf alt. This does not mean you must be online every day! But we do encourage our members to participate: to attend guild events if they are online, regularly check our website, and to take initiative and be proactive with their own roleplay ideas. What classes and races do you accept? We follow a strict traditional Sentinel theme in our roleplay, and currently only allow female night elves. All classes are welcome except for mages, demon hunters, and death knights. I enjoy roleplay, but also want to experience more of what World of Warcraft has to offer. So do we! Our members partake in many aspects of the game, from testing their might in PvP battlegrounds and dungeons, to less dangerous pursuits such as pet battles, collecting mounts, and running classic raids. One activity we do not organize is progression raiding. If that is something you fancy, then we are probably not for you. Roleplaying a Sentinel sounds intimidating; there is so much Night Elf lore to know... While some familiarity with Night Elf lore is definitely encouraged, we are happy to assist those who might be new to this type of roleplay (or even roleplay in general). As long as you are willing to learn and improve, we will help with character-building, lore, and any other questions you might have. Where can I find more information? Our website at http://x.co/sentinel is a good place to start. There you will find our guild rules and policies, helpful links to guides for Night Elf lore and roleplay, along with an online application (which is required to join the guild). Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our guild officers in-game: Adellwyna (Guild Leader), Lierona, Xeqwena, Bovira, Alesterra, and Kamëqetë. We look forward to hearing from you! Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Let our enemies beware!Adellwyna362 8h
8h LF Gnome guilds Hello, I was wondering if there are any decent sized Gnome guilds anyone knows of which are still pretty active. I've been rolling a lot of gnome alts, but I'd like to try and find a guild my gnome could be part of. It doesn't even have to be on this server, I just thought this would be a good place to check first. I'm a big fan of racial-exclusive and racial themed guilds, myself. Most of my 110 toons are in <Thunderhoof Clan> which is celebrating our 10th anniversary on the VeCo server in a couple weeks. I've seen a couple gnome guilds, but usually when I check there is like 0-1 online, though I do usually play late (12am-4am EST). Any heads up would be greatly appreciated.Mohe5 8h
8h [H] Snuggle Bunnies (Late Night Raiding) We are a semi-hardcore raid guild working on progression and fluffing up our core team. We are currently 9/9 Normal ToS and 3/9 Heroic ToS. We are looking for dedicated healers and DPS 900+ that can raid Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9:30pm server time. We are very active outside of raiding also doing M+, occasional battlegrounds, off-night raiding (Sun and Tuesday nights 9:30pm server.) If you have anymore questions you can contact one of us in-game (/who snug) or add me on BNet (RixieBhelle#1426.) Website : http://www.snugglebunnies.netRixende4 8h
9h [H-RP] <Stormhowl Clan> Recruiting! ... Officers: Brok'thar (Chieftain), Vacant (High Elder), Vacant (Strategist) Guild Focus: RP (primary, clan based), Events (a good variety of them), PvE (casual, as we can), PvP (casual, as we can) Positions Open: Armorer. Inquire about any other job/positions your character might be able to fill. Guild HQ: Conquest Hold (as of 6/11/17) Guild Site: stormhowl.enjin.com Clan History: Ever since the Northrend campaign ended, the bulk of both the Alliance and Horde forces have withdrawn. Since then the Stormhowlers have called Grizzly Hills home, serving as the Horde wardens in the North. Making Conquest Hold their main stronghold, the Stormhowlers have focused more on returning to their roots as an orcish clan. Kez'ira Stormbreaker and her second, a tauren named Nantai Cloudseeker, began teaching the clansman the old ways. The boisterous group started honoring the Ancestors, the Elements and the Spirits in a ritualistic manner, honoring kills and victories in their names. From their stronghold the Stormhowlers hunt, feast and celebrate, filling the rolling hills with their warhowls. In recent times the clan was victim of an ambush, resulting in the death of Kez'ira, Nantai and most of the clan. Reaching out to another Bladescar orc, though one not of Azeroth, the chieftain passed on the mantle of cheiftain to one she considered blood. Brok'thar, Son of Morruk, Child of Draenor, took over the clan to carry on not one, but three legacies. His own family's, his old clan's and now the Stormhowls. Under his leadership he wishes to honor Kez'ira's teachings by continuing to honor the Ancestors, Spirits and Elements as well as uphold the old ways. Ak'mora go'rog. For glory, for honor. Per clan lore the following classes and races are not allowed (Details are a few posts down): Blood Elves Forsaken Death Knights Warlocks Goblins and Pandaren are handled on a case by case basis. Any questions or if you'd like more info you can find me on Sennora, Vuraka or Brokthar.Brokthar15 9h
10h [H-Event] Kagh'hsk Challenges The Kagh'hsk Challenge The Kagh'hsk [KAH-GUH-HES-KUH] is a term derived of two orcish words; 'Kagh' meaning 'Run' and 'Hsk' meaning 'battle. A run battle meant a foot race between two or more clans, often completed during a Kosh'harg Festival. The tradition of the clans coming together has long since faded though the spirit of Kosh'harg still lingers on in the Horde today. The Stormhowl Clan has been working to bring such events back to the modern Horde. Though still reserving the possibility for biannual festivals, such as the Kosh'harg itself, the Kagh'hsk Challenge will exist as a once a month, two day event, in which members of the Horde, be it groups or individuals, come together to compete in a variety of activities. The first day will host the minor games while the second day has the main Kagh'hsk obstacle course and feast before announcing the winners. The Challenges The Kagh'hsk will be hosted in a new location every month and its challenges will be based on the region it's in. It will feature activities primarily based on real life strongman, lumberjack and other similar competitions. The main event will be a course that will be broken down into several sections, each one having its own obstacles to overcome. As it stands, it'll use a very simple D2 system. Basically, in the competition 1 is a fail, 2 is a pass. In one on one competitions the higher number wins, equal numbers results in a draw. Awards The challenges will have the traditional first, second and third place winners and then an overall Kagh'hsk champion. It will also have a variety of bonus awards. The Rearguard - The competitor who comes last in the obstacle course. Storm the Gates - The competitor with the biggest recovery. The Bloodied - The competitor who took the most damage. Others to come! Where it stands the Stormhowl Clan will be providing the gold for the awards. They won't be too substantial but the overall champion and first place winner will at least receive enough gold to buy master flying. The rest scale down from there. How Do I Get Involved? We welcome competitors and observers alike to come and enjoy the events. If you want to participate or observe, then send an in-game mail to Brokthar, currently the only contact for the Kagh'hsk, stating your intention so that I can invite you to the event itself. If you'd like to help plan the events then please do the same as above. I'd prefer guild leaders over individuals to help in the development process. Also, I'll use this section to shout out to the Wolfmane Tribe and the many groups and individuals who have hosted all sorts of festivals, challenges and competitions over the last month and a half or so. You all helped inspire the initial Kagh'hsk which was a surprising success. Also thanks to the Wyvernsting Warband for participating in the first run. Kagh'hsk Challenges 8/18-8/19 1830 server time. Conquest Hold, Grizzly Hills. Events not set at this time. Former Challenges 7/10/17 Bladewind Canyon, Durotar. Single event, obstacle course. 7 sections: Sprint, Blunted Training Dummies, Rolling Rocks, Hidden Pitfalls, Blunted Arrow Wall, Mud Pit/Rope Swing/Wall climb, Rock Fist. Winners: Sigwynn, Rekktax, Grimda. No champion.Brokthar3 10h
10h LF endgame progression guild! Hey guys, I've been away from the game for awhile due to medical issues and I'd really like to get back into endgame. I can be available anytime as well as any day. I'm friendly, reliable, and dedicated. I raided fairly hardcore during BC and WoTLK and progressed a bit slower during the last few expansions. My main is a shaman, but I do have a warrior that I can get to 110 in a day or so. I will need some help gearing up, but I will of course do it myself as well. I'm really looking for a more laid back guild that still pushes content. I am also willing to play any spec that is needed. If there are any guilds out there that may be a fit, please let me know! Thanks :) PS - My current guild is just my bank guildChinlok1 10h
11h [H] Spinebreaker Warband—H/M Raiding This is our raid recruiting thread! For our full recruiting thread, please see here: http://spinebreaker.info Spinebreaker Warband is recruiting! We are a Semi-Harcore Heroic/Mythic Raiding (and RolePlaying) guild looking for more great raiders and RolePlayers to join our team. We've full-cleared normal ToS and are progressing on Heroic before we hop into Mythic [currently 2/9 H]. We raid Thursdays & Fridays from 6-9p server (9-12p EST) with M+/Kara/other runs & social events throughout the week. We are looking for the following classes and roles to fill our roster: Balance Druid (Restoration OS) Subtlety/Outlaw Rogue Restoration Shaman Holy Paladin Shadow Priest (OS Holy) Demon Hunter (DPS with Tank OS)While the above is our main priority, we are happy to speak to any exceptional raiders that apply. The following is expected for all of our raiders: -Come online 15min before the official start time. -Be prepared with food, flasks, enchants, and gems. -Be a great team player! We're all extremely friendly and would love to have you on our team. -Be able to take constructive criticism—we're all learning together. -Have an open mind and the will to learn & improve with the group. -Be compliant with our rules: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-rules -Be available to speak & listen to raid calls over Discord. If you're interested in joining us, check out our guild flyer: http://spinebreaker.info Click the red "APPLY NOW" button to apply! (Non-RolePlayersers, please feel free to ignore the RolePlay portion of the application.) Have questions? Contact these Officers: Girnoh [Raid Leader/Co-GM]: Buho#11613 Gelaga [Co-GM]: Bear#13371 Xunthal [Raid Leader]: budgie#11767Gelaga9 11h
11h [H] Eternal Echoes •RP•EndGame•Legacy Raids [H] Eternal Echoes RP • End-Game • Legacy Raiding About Eternal Echoes, We are a new guild on Wyrmrest Accord [RP] server. Formed by several members that wanted to experience Legacy Raiding, we are going to experience everything the game has to offer. Most other legacy guilds focus only on level locked content. We are going to focus on, well EVERYTHING. We will do end game raiding and we will have Legacy Raiding nights. We are going to enjoy RP events in guild and in the community. We will have players leveling throughout the level ranges. Players will get to choose which expansion they want to focus on. Legacy Raiding will be once or twice a week. Once raid teams form for those expansion, they will work to clear all content of that expansion together. After, players may wish to stay at that expansions level cap or move to another. Some players, myself included, will have characters at each expansion cap. There will always be something going on. So to start, we are growing our guild. We are looking for quality members that wish to do everything the game has to offer. We are also looking for members that wish to help the guild out and lead specific areas of the guild. Below you will find the areas listed as well as some of our guild rules. RolePlay Weekly RP events within the guild while also striving for monthly community events as well. Our RP members will take part and help other guilds or characters with their RP events as well. End Game Raiding We are not a hardcore progression guild. We will however, be a guild NEW players can join and learn everything about the game and raiding. We will be starting Legion raids from the beginning which includes gearing up and working together to improve our characters. Legacy Raiding Characters will have a designated rank which marks the expansion they are working towards in game. Each rank will have its own part of the guild bank to use. For instance, characters designated for Wotlk [80] content will have access to the Shared Bank and the Wotlk bank and all other expansion banks before Wotlk. Players designated TBC [70] will have their own section but can not access anything higher than TBC. PvP We will have PvP events, teams and weekly BGs. We will also work with other guilds to have some open world fun as well for all levels. Not just end game levels. Guild Rules •No cheating or stealing or ninja looting! PERIOD •No racist, sexist, political talk or extreme language in guild or voice chats. •Zero DRAMA policy. •Do not charge guild members for crafted items. and only cost materials •All CLASSES and RACES Welcome! •We are a Family-Friendly guild which means all our communication channels in game and in discord will be kept clean. If interested, please go to our website and apply. We are looking for great members to join our Family-Friendly guild. Application process is quick and easy. More information can be found on our website as well as our rules, ranks and application. Website -- https://eechoes.enjin.com Discord -- https://discord.gg/WpcUFVm BattleTag - Tsunomii#1553 You can visit us in Discord but all players must apply to website still. You will be a Guest in Discord Each player will start as a Trial member for a two week period. At this time, they can see how the guild will work for them, as well as the leaders see if they fit with us. Trial members have no guild bank access other than deposits, but can request bags from the bank to get them started. Trial members can not have alt characters invited until after the two week period.Kunuri8 11h
11h Reviving Club Trix (Interest?) Club Trix was a weekly crossfaction RP event that happened every Friday (maybe Saturday) night at 8 ST. The last time I recall it happening was a couple years ago, and I think with the AH dance party event, it'd be fun to get something like that going again, something fun to bring people together! Anyone interested (Alli or Horde) that would want to bring it back?Exhilia7 11h
12h [H-RP] The Southfury Watch Recruitment The Southfury Watch Red Dust and Honor! The young warriors...No, not just the young, the thick skulled mercenaries, the warriors fattening on the comforts of Orgrimmar, they do not understand the honor. They do not see the glory in mixing the blood and dirt in our own lands. Many have lost the memory that we were without a home for so long. All of us here, the Orcs, the Shu’halo, the Darkspear should remember this. That is why the Watch is out here. That is why we defend these lands. The enemy’s blood, our blood, all of it mixes with the dust, but it is our honor that will remain. - Overlord Valkosk Blacktongue What is the Southfury Watch? The Southfury Watch is a warband of Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Goblins dedicated to defending the Horde lands bordering the Southfury River. The Watch is part of the Horde military as an independent militia. It is responsible for recruiting its own watchers, building its own outposts, and supplying itself in the lands bordering the Southfury River. The Southfury Watch’s prime motivation is defending the lands and it does not attack Alliance held lands unless it is necessary to the defense of the Horde. The Southfury Watch has protected the Barrens and Durotar for near a decade. Originally named the Hammer of Kalimdor, the warband led the defense of the Barrens from their fortress atop a northern mesa. The Hammer defended the Crossroads during the Cataclysm from human encroachment, they aided in the fights to keep the Southern Barrens under Horde control, and as always they defended from the roving marauders that attacked the Crossroads. It was during Warchief Garrosh’s peak that the Hammer of Kalimdor found conflict within itself. The Kor’kron took their mesa fortress from them, and several prominent members were called to action fighting for Garrosh Hellscream’s forces in Ashenvale. A rift formed between Hellscream Loyalists and Vol’jin Revolutionaries. This split in loyalties came to a head during the Siege of Orgrimmar where members of the Hammer loyal to Hellscream were stationed in Azshara to defend a river crossing from Night Elven or Revolutionary forces. The revolutionaries of the Hammer of Kalimdor found themselves trying to cross at that same point. An arrow launched, a charge was issued, slaughter between former brothers and sisters of battle commenced. The Hammer was largely destroyed that day and the leaders of each side ended the fight, and made peace vowing to keep the idea of the Hammer alive no matter the outcome of the Siege. They renamed themselves the Southfury Watch to honor the fallen. [ We have been a guild since 2007 with largely the same format. RP-PvP but the PvP part is not a must for joining members, just highly encouraged. Our roleplay is conversationally developed, that is to say that there is not much structure to storylines. We defend Horde hubs in the Barrens and Durotar ICly, and we treat the Crossroads and Far Watch Post as hubs for our roleplay. There are overarching campaign ideas that push us in a certain direction, but it is largely based on characters’ interaction with each other. Everyone plays a part. We will be pushing for some RP-PvP events in the near future, and SPOILER, Legion will offer some good conflict in the Barrens for the guild. ]Valkosk163 12h
13h You have been invited to Shadow Syndicate *logs onto other character* You have been invited to Shadow Syndicate *logs onto other character* You have been invited to Shadow SyndicateChoten40 13h
13h [A-RP Event] Grace of Elune ( 8-6-17) A note is tacked onto Alliance message boards, along with a feather an a simple crescent moon pendant: ... OOC: When: August 6th, 6pm server time Where: Temple of the Moon, Darnassus What: A brief one-hour sermon on the wonders and mysteries of Elune, with blessings offered afterward. Why: To spread the word of Elune, of course! Who: Led by Roraelis, everyone is allowed to attend, no invite needed! DKs, DHs, and warlocks allowed! Im slightly running out of topics to cover, so if you have anything specific you'd like to request, now's the time to throw them at me! Please note though- this is a sermon event with the focus on one speaker. During the sermon try to keep emotes and /say to a minimum so that the event text does not get lost in chat spam, and everyone can read what is being said. :) If you have any questions, suggestions, or even requests on what topic I should cover, feel free to hit me up-game on Roraelis or at autumnal-eclipse.tumblr.com! I also have a calendar event for it in-game so if youd like to be added get in touch with me! rpfind.me: https://rpfind.me/event/59 Playlist: https://playmoss.com/en/elksy/playlist/grace-of-eluneRoraelis5 13h
13h [A-RP/PvX] The Starfire Torch - Recruiting ((Let's try this again! Thank you to those of you who've whispered words of encouragement to try this thing despite the quick setback. <3 Applications on the site are now open again. Feel free to PM me in-game as well!)) Ours is a land of ancient ways and cultures, hidden away under layers of dust and sand and leaf, purged from the memories and spoken histories of our people by time and disregard. It is a land of old magic, potent magic in the very air; a land of loss and of triumph, of battle and of victory. But most of all, Kalimdor--and all of Azeroth--is a land of secrets. Working amongst the great Orders of Azeroth didn’t work for us. We felt trapped, shackled to their orders and whims. We did our duty; we came away with our titles and our respects. But this world needs more from us. And no longer will we rely on someone else’s orders in order to give it. We believe in uncovering the deep and untouched places of this world. We believe the answers to the lasting peace we so crave will be found there. We believe in courage, we believe in tenacity, and most of all, we believe that we have the power to discover the crucial truths that are far more important to Azeroth than any one person could ever be. We believe it--and we will make it so. Into the caves and the caverns, into the ruins and the crypts--we will carry the torch. Will you? ------------------------------------------ Darnassus is abuzz with activity, merchants and tradesmen and the shouts and grunts of Sentinels on the training terrace. The sign on this particular wooden door reads, in a lovely carved blue-and-purple script, The Starfire Torch. The door is locked; but there is a lengthy flyer posted upon it: ... ------------------------------------------ | MISSION | The Starfire Torch is a Kalimdor-based relic-hunting guild with the goal of uncovering and documenting unfound ancient magical artifacts, scrolls, and other relics that are or could be important to the future of Azeroth. We aim to be an IC home for characters who would like adventure and/or research, but who do not otherwise fit into a military or cultural theme. OOC, our mission is to be a warm, friendly home for adult players who are looking for quality RP and a guild family, and who enjoy all the game has to offer via gameplay. | ORIGINS | Please feel free to read about it at http://starfiretorch.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2704922Theleste13 13h
17h [A-RP] <The Wolfheart Coven> is on the hunt! The woods had grown darker than usual, that night. On a regular night it was ominously bleak – even during the day, for that matter, as a result of the shadow which loomed above – but it was darker still during the time of the New Moon when the Mother Moon required her rest. Such a shroud did not worry the denizens of the forest. 'Twas a time of darkness, yes, but also a time of renewal. For the Wolfhearted in particular, they in the forest who followed the Wild God Goldrinn, it was a time of rebirth. They knew the Mother Moon would return with full strength soon enough, just as the Father Wolf had. Often, the New Moon was to be cherished as a time of rest, one often spent with those one cherished, completing tasks left undone, or meditating on that which had transpired during the light of the moon’s wax and wane. Tonight, however... was different. For the sign of the Messenger shone brightly within the sky in Mother Moon's stead. The Spirits had spoken, and there was work to be done. One of the larger males had cut along the palm of his left hand, using the claw of his right. Others watched as he hovered his hand along the circumference of the campfire, his crimson Wolfblood dripping atop searing stones. The drops sizzled – as if with excitement – as they struck the heated stones, soon becoming one with the smoke that ascended through the skeletal canopy. Blood. It was the blood that had granted this tribe – this pack – their strength. The Spirit of the Wild - true purity of essence - flowed through their veins, granting them freedom from their former lives within the stone walls of civil society. Though they knew many of their Brothers and Sisters in Blood sought to deny the call of the wild, the Wolfhearted embraced it. The distant howl of a packmate served to inform those within the Den of the return of those that had set out on a hunt a few hours prior. As the two females came into view, the male by the fire jested it looked as if they wore just as much of the kill as they carried. They were indeed bloodied by the hunt – around their maw and hands most of all – but as the two scolded the male for his remark, it was clear neither of them had taken leave of their senses. Nor were they mindless, as it were. For the Wolfheart Coven lived in the wild - as part of the wild - by choice. The skulls of wolves were soon set around the campfire, decorated with Old runes long forgotten by modern man, with the exception of the few. Each skull would be missing its canines and much of the rest of its teeth. The fangs of these wolves would be found upon each of those present, in the form of a bracelet, a necklace, or some other form of token. Bone. These bones were among the many that decorated their wildling fashion, but these served as one's token of membership within the tribe. The Wolfheart Coven had named themselves so in reverence to He whose fang had started it all. To the world, he is known by many a name. The Father Wolf. The Alpha of Alphas. Lo'Gosh. Goldrinn. Since their initial rebirths, the Worgen had come to know him well. These Wolfen Men, in particular, followed He and the Mother Moon – as well as other great spirits – as gods. The Denmother appeared then, from within a new tent constructed of woven wood and various leathers. Bead and Bone rattled as she passed through the veil hanging from the doorway and walked across the barren earth to examine the fire. The surrounding land had been through much, and it was for this reason the ritual was to be performed. She sniffed the rising smoke once, then reaching into her cloak to provide the next ingredient. Root. Just as many witches had before her, she added the gathered roots to the fire. It was with her guidance – and that of the Alpha – that his particular pack would adopt what was now known to the humans as The Old Ways. Although these Wildlings embraced their new lives, their former heritage was not to be forgotten. Quite the opposite, as it was the Old Ways which had guided them in communing with spirits long forgotten. It served as their foundation. For it was known, a people without knowledge of their heritage or origin was akin to a tree without his roots. The Alpha appeared then, emerging from the maw of a great cave. He carried with him a series of small rocks, each bearing the mark of a different rune or glyph carved into its surface. A Worgen half his height – perhaps an adolescent – followed him out, carrying a few himself. An adult followed as well, offering to carry some, but the Alpha refused. Stone. The Wild’s wisdom was not all they had inherited. Strength and strong will was common among their kin, as much as fury and passion. It was this that aided in the defense of one's home, and the protection of one's family. The stones belonged not to the Alpha, nor to any of them. Not truly. It was theirs to protect, as the shepherds and guardians of their territory.Raedolf37 17h
18h Throwbacks: Favorite RP event/memory? I just cleaned out my computer yesterday and came across a treasure trove of screenshots of guild events from over the past seven years (Golden Law/Oathsworn), and I was cracking up looking through all of them. This one in particular struck me more than others because of how outrageous it was. tinyurl.com/y6uk54o6 The story behind it was that we were hunting a cult in Northrend, and we managed to capture one of them and managed to scry into his past, allowing us to see the past few weeks of his life. To do that, everyone made a new RP profile, put on matching cultist garb, and pretended they were one of the cultists, and we RPed out what they were doing for a whole night. So you had this group of RPers who main paladins and priests, the most righteous folk around, all of a sudden RPing cultists who are sacrificing/murdering people left and right, going absolutely insane with the whispers of the undead/old gods, and being generally horrible, and I think it was the memory of us in Ventrilo losing ourselves laughing that really struck me as memorable. Anyone else have random throwback memories to their favorite/memorable RP moments?Ennalor6 18h
21h [A-RP] Bouldershoulder Brigade "A brigade? They're not a brigade! They're a force of nature, a storm of beards, booze, and incoherent yelling!" -Private Winslow, 19th Westfall Division "They're wild, uncontrollable, and spit in the eye of both regulation and common decency. But let no one say they aren't at least marginally effective." -Lieutenant Broadfist, Stormpike Guard "The Bouldershoulder Brigade is founded on bad ideas." -An Actual Quote The Bouldershoulder Brigade is back at it folks! Everyone's favorite collective of dorfs is back and better than ever. For any unfortunate soul not yet familiar with the name "Bouldershoulder", here's a short intro to who we are. The Bouldershoulder Brigade is a Dwarf-only roleplaying guild and a major contributor to The Mead Hall Dwarven Community. The general conceit of the guild is loose, but ultimately, the Bouldershoulders are a group of Alliance-aligned dwarves who go out into the world and serve their people wherever they may be needed. As the definitely-not-made-up quotes above explain, the Bouldershoulders are wild and unruly, but can be counted on to do the right thing. We currently do not have plans to run guild-specific RP events, but have and will always be a present force in the Dwarf RP scene, and attending events found therein, with the ambition of running our own stories in time here. Out of character, we're a small, but tight-knit and friendly group of friends who enjoy doing all forms of content with each other. Alongside RP within the guild, and RP with the community at large, the Bouldershoulder Brigade also boasts a Mythic+ team that runs on a regularly irregular schedule, where progress is counted in how drunk we can get the tanks, and how many grey hairs we give our healers. We also have a home in our ranks for those of you who enjoy PVP, running Battlegrounds/Arenas and participating in open world PVP when it can be found. But above all, we have fun, in whatever form that takes in game and out. Talk to any of Balrik, Davonna, Tairneach, Rufaic, or Halflan to see about recruitment!Halflan117 21h
23h important.exe Presented without comment: https://youtu.be/DdOYRCGiPFkPraahv4 23h
1d [A-RP]Ironring Battalion, The Ironforge Elite Who we are: The Ironring Battalion is an elite branch of the Ironforge military that operates under direct order of the Council of Three Hammers. While we are military, we do not insist for our members to RP run-of-the-mill soldier types, instead we encourage individuality and freedom in characters. Members do not need to be soldiers only, as there is much use for any who possess specific skill sets, trades, or specialties. As Ironforge military, we focus most of our efforts in aiding the lands of Khaz Modan as well as the rest of the regions in the Eastern Kingdoms and the Broken Isles, through use of both sabotage and brute force. The Ironring is often called to deal swift, and concise strikes against any threat that would endanger the land or its people. Meaning of the name: All who enlist in the Ironring are given a literal iron ring to wear after their induction. The runed ring acts as a badge of authority, a communications device, and as a symbol of one's service to Ironforge. While not required to be worn off-duty, the ring distinguishes its wearer and is slowly becoming well recognized and respected by the the populous of Khaz Modan. OOC Information: While event driven RP is our main focus, we also encourage member participation in social RP, RpPVP, and raiding. We are regular attendees and hosts of TheMeadHall events, of which there is little shortage of, and we host our own guild-only events that utilize a unique combat system appropriate for our role as elite forces. At this time, we only accept dwarves, gnomes, humans, and worgen into our ranks in order to stay true to the guild's theme, however we will gladly ally ourselves with members of other Alliance races. We strive to provide a lore-friendly environment that allows for character freedom while still providing that militaristic theme that some of us crave. Ranks: (May change in the future, ranks do NOT strictly determine IC chain of command.) High General General Captain Sergeant Champion Ironguard Ring-Bearer Mercenary Initiate Getting in contact: If you wish to join or form guild relations with us, you can contact us at our website at http://ironringbattalion.shivtr.com/ or contact either Thelgref Stouthammer or Kalorr Rockwill in-game. We are always happy to help develop the indivdual, group, or guild storylines of others.Thelgref23 1d
1d Fake Drama Thread Because real drama makes threads vanish into the ether, and I want something juicy to read that won't disappear when I'm only 10 pages in. So, make up some petty conflicts like in the Classic Drama Threads of Yore, and play them out here. These forums have been more boring than the post-Sunwell belves for months now, we need some excitement. Don't disappoint your Overlord.Gazruk289 1d
1d Daddy's Home https://twitter.com/BlizzHeroes/status/888051090494595072 :3Lianshí21 1d
1d [A]Iconoclast 9/9H ToS is Recruiting Iconoclast-WyrmrestAccord is a newer guild formed at the beginning of Legion. We went on to complete 6/10 Mythic Nighthold, and are now 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently seeking a few more raiders for our Heroic and Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression. We do not require any current or past content to join us, we merely ask you bring a can do attitude and be willing to learn and grow with us. We aim to make a raid environment that is fun, friendly, and progressive. Our raid times are Tues/Weds 8-11pm server(pst) time. We are RP, and PvP friendly, however our main focus is raid progression. We are seeking members to fill out our raid roster, mythic+ runners, as well as reliable folks willing to step up if necessary and take it farther. Even if you aren't looking to get into raiding, but still want a friendly group of players to hang out with, Iconoclast has a spot for you. We form leveling groups, dungeon groups, and even do things outside of the game such as Overwatch and DnD nights. We constantly run mythic+ and are more than willing to help new players. We can be found on: Http://iconoclastwa.enjin.com/ Progression 7/7 M EN 3/3 H ToV 6/10 M NH 8/9 N ToS 9/9 H ToS Currently recruiting a Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Blood DK, Rogues, and exceptional Ranged dps. 910+ ilvl Concordance Questions can be directed to Bellãmorte in game battle tag Whittastic#1350Bellãmorte15 1d
1d [H] <Steamy Romance Novel> 7/9h recruiting! <Steamy Romance Novel> 10/10h 9/9n 7/9h is recruiting! We are a newly formed horde raiding guild with a very strong social atmosphere. If nobody is putting memes in the guild discord chat, there’s something wrong. SRN raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9 pm server and we are 7/9 H. Currently, we are looking for RDPS and a healer with a strong DPS offspec. No past raid experience is necessary, you just need gear and to know when to press your glowy buttons! The trial period of raiding lasts up to two weeks and we use a soft loot council based system. Eventually, we would like to have enough raiders to comfortably create a mythic team for Tomb but still have fun while doing it. Past raiding, we do dungeons/m+, old raids, battlegrounds and roleplaying! Being 110 is not necessary to join. We also play games outside of WoW and watch movies together via stream every Thursday and Saturday! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on this forum or contact any one of the officers listed below! Caleas (Beethulhu#1379) Qpog (Qpog#1820) Zinrala (DaddyKink#1954) Pthumeru (Pthumeru#1529)Caleas26 1d
1d [A-RP] The Sha'tor ✪ Draenei Exclusive Guild ...Leader: Varistus Officers: Vivaaldi, Kasmia Founded: September 26, 2014 Location: The Exodar Faction: Alliance; draenei exclusive Status: Recruiting, all classes Website: http://shatorwra.com & http://shatorwra.tumblr.com The Sha'tor is an order of draenei dedicated to the preservation of their people and culture, as well as honoring their place within the Alliance. With equal parts tenacity and hope, the Sha'tor aids in defending against the myriad threats that bombard Azeroth, while simultaneously supporting the draenei people as a whole in the quest to rebuild and thrive in the world they now call home. ...As a lore-abiding guild, we want members who are knowledgeable about Warcraft lore, especially regarding the draenei. But beyond that, a guild's heart lies in its members and their ability to be helpful, friendly, and good-natured. A willingness to engage in roleplay and other activities with fellow members is also a great thing to have; it is the driving force behind a successful, active guild, and promotes a welcoming environment. The Sha'tor offers an array of avenues for roleplay, chief among them an ongoing guild storyline that members can participate in by attending plot events. Members are also encouraged to develop their characters through guild plot progression, as well as personal storylines. Additionally, cultural and public events are held to promote inclusion of our allies. ...The Sha'tor is headed by the Exarch and his Triumvirate—individuals who have proven their loyalty and are diverse in both skill and demeanor. The Triumvirate act as advisors to the Exarch, and are tasked with specialized leadership, most notably the three paths of the order. Path of the Naaru — Led by Kasmia; serve as the Sha'tor's military. Path of the Prophet — Led by Varistus; healers and medics. Path of Argus — Led by Vivaaldi; scholars, scientists, artificers, and other keepers of draenei history and culture.Members will be asked to join one of these paths according to their primary interest. ...In order to join, aspiring members must fill out a simple application on our website. If accepted, applicants will be asked to undergo an in-character interview so that the Triumvirate may gauge whether they will be a good fit for the Sha'tor. Do not let inexperience—whether with draenei lore, or roleplay as a whole—deter you from applying! We are glad to help, so long as the interest and willingness to learn is there.Varistus115 1d
1d [A] <The Shadow Vault>: DK RP & Casual PvE The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend and, currently, the Broken Isles. Our goals (IC): ● To execute the orders of the Deathlord and act willingly as the Lich King's agents against the Legion. ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. We are neither good nor evil and recognize the value of our allies. We do what the living cannot, whether they agree with it or not -- but we don't cause trouble unless the threat to our ties is worth it. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete The Nighthold (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. However, the Ebon Blade cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for the cult to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (H raiding & mythic/+ dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us bring previous raid experience, we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. Current progression: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/The+Shadow+Vault What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic and Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding 3 total hours 1 night a week (Saturday 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Optional fun/pug night for easier raid content (e.g. Normal) on Fridays at 6 PM ST. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● Given that we're trying to maintain a positive reputation with our guild name, we're somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to all be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne103 1d
1d Horde RP Is this server better for Horde RP than MG ??? On moonguard all the Horde RPers are in the inn hardly anyone outside throughout the city.Epicpro3 1d
1d Saint Tiffin's Holy Hospital (WrA-A) Founded by Doctor Eralene Averell, Saint Tiffin's Holy Hospital was created in the name of Queen Tiffin Wrynn, King Varian's fallen angel. Queen Tiffin was a saint in her own right, with a strong desire to help the people of her Kingdom, and a hand of kindness to all in need. Though the caring queen met an untimely death at the end of a pummelstone, her legacy did not: Saint Tiffin's Holy Hospital is an organisation consisted mostly of, but not limited to, great healers, doctors, surgeons and nurses. Saint Tiffin's actively seeks those in need and lends a helping hand, be it through charity, hospitality, or emergency. One does not have to be a qualified practitioner to join our volunteer staff. Those who wish to learn First-Aid, take care of sponsored orphans, or work in our profession charities may also receive recognition. Positions available: - Every type of healer, doctor, nurse and practitioner. Clinical, medical or magical. Expected to offer free services to those who seek aid. In many cases, injured clients will be found for you. You may be called upon in emergency situations. - Caretakers. Saint Tiffin's Hospital sponsors several Stormwind orphans. Cares would include watching, feeding, playing, taking for walks, reading stories, teaching, and so on. - First Aid. Emergency CPR, bandaging minor wounds, stitching, and furthermore. - Entertainers. Actors, dancers, jugglers, magicians, and others! Saint Tiffin's will sometimes host fundraising events such as plays, ballroom themes, and other assorted functions to raise awareness. - Volunteer bodyguards. Help keep civilians safe. - Clothiers and tailors. - Cooks. If your role is not listed above, but you feel you can be of service to our cause, please contact Doctor Averell. Benevolence is the moral foundation on which this organisation is built. Should you be interested in volunteering to join Saint Tiffin's Holy Hospital, please contact Doctor Eralene Averell for a communication device, a crested identification badge, and an invitation to the next Emergency Care training session, or for more information. Light Bless. - There is an open space allocated for signatures at the bottom of the flyer.- [[ This is a founded guild; however, it is also a faction-wide, IC organisation for healers, volunteers, kind souls, and other miscellaneous helpers. Saint Tiffin's is currenly WrA-Alliance only. You DO NOT have to join the guild to be a part of our roleplay events. The organisation is very low commitment in the fact that it is not solely a guild; there are no participation qualifications. It is easily something that your character could do on the side. We are based mostly off of an IC communication channel, meaning that only those whom are online and in the channel would be contacted. Aside from this channel there will also be scattered events and plenty of opportunities for additional roleplay. IC Volunteers will be recognized at the end of each month in a comment on this thread, as well as have a chance to win a monthly gold award and an IC certificate. I would also like to add that this post is for roleplay purposes only. No in-game gold nor real life currency will be exchanged at any time during this project. Please contact Era via in-game mail, or reply to this thread if you are interested. Thank you for reading! ]]Chelséah19 1d
1d Looking to start a rp guild. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this, as the title states I really want to start a rp guild. I'm just getting back into wow and really missed the rp aspect (been stuck on xbox) so I would like to be apart of one from the ground up. I would like to get atleast 5 people to start with and build our base story for our characters and the guild. I have a very loose idea of what I want but I am open to ideas. If you have any interest at all just leave your tag and Ill get with you as soon as I can. PS I mainly play later at night EST.Haleheart5 1d
1d TTT Presents: Hellsequel, Playing TONIGHT! WHAT: The Tirisfal Theatre Troupes’ Grand Performance of “HELLSEQUEL - RIGHT TO REMAIN STUPID”! WHERE: The Shrine of Fellowship, Jade Forest WHEN: July 22nd, 8:20 PM WrA server time WHO: YOU! WHY: Because we can! Premise… (CUE LAW AND ORDER MUSIC) In the Pandaria justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally aggravated groups. The Alliance who want Garrosh boiled alive, and the Horde who want to skin and flay him. These are their stories. LOOSELY based (but not really) around the actual historic events that took Azeroth by storm, the renegade Warchief Garrosh Hellscream stands trial for his crimes against the people. With the odds stacked entirely against him, will dumb luck bail him out? Or will the Alliance and Horde see the gavel of justice slam upon the spongy head of this insane, tyrannical ruler? Join the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe in this comedic retelling of lore events! The sequel to the hit comedy “Hellsqueal”, which nobody asked for, has finally arrived at last to provide a satirical look at the wartime political storm that brought about the events in Alternate Draenor! With much slapstick, crude humor, and jokes about the differences between insulin and insolence, there is bound to be laughs for everyone! Starring the talents of Joseph Murdrich as Garrosh Hellscream, Gotosh as Thrall, Toe as Lorewalker Cho, Chouyan as Taran Zhu, Jaylith Duskholm as Sylvanas Windrunner, Kaelorien Azrai as Lor’themar Theron, Timiala as Jaina Proudmoore, Zat’ai as Vol’jin, Chief Raton as Baine Bloodhoof, Ylanna as Kairozdormu, and Atos as Riko…wait, I didn’t agree to this! MAIL OR SPEAK TO ATOS-WYRMREST ACCORD (HORDE) IN-GAME FOR A CALENDAR INVITATION! SEATING OPENS AT SEVEN (SERVER) ON JULY 22ND, AND THE PERFORMANCE IS FREE FOR ALL TO ATTEND! “Wait, wasn’t this announced for the 15th?!” Originally slated for the 15th, we decided to move the performance up by one week due to the overwhelming number of other server events that were announced for the 15th afterwards. "Is this Horde only?" Only Horde can understand Horde speech, of course, but we open our events to Alliance on alts so that all may enjoy our performances! Roll an alt and ask for a summon if you're still too low level to make it to the performance area! “How do I get to the performance area?” This time around, we’ve decided to perform at a more exotic locale than our usual venues. Low leveled people may have difficulty making it to the Shrine of Fellowship, but rest assured that in the hour leading up to the performance, we will have people ready to summon those who are unable to make it on foot or wing. More information to come! For the most up-to-date info, please refer to the TTT tumblr! http://thetirisfaltheatretroupe.tumblr.com/Atos17 1d