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Jun 1 Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde (Pasting this from the old forums, Thanks to Danikah and Kalanii and Quill for these and their preservation.) Quill’s Advice to Blood Elves/Those Who Hate Them Original Post (Repost by Kalanii): Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin. You are not a High Elf. You are not a Half-Elf. High elves and half-elves are Alliance-based. The high elves have thrown in their lot with the Alliance, and the half-elves are half-human, and thus attached to the Alliance. If you are one of these two things and you are playing in the Horde, disguise it. If you are open about this, you will be exiled or, more likely, executed. Play it smart if you must play it at all. You do not hold titles equal to major NPCs. You are not a Grand Magister, a Ranger-General, or a Blood Knight Matriarch. You are not an exception to this rule. Those people are the top of the chain of their respective organizations; you are not their equal. My advice? Be just a magister, a blood knight, or a ranger. Don't define yourself by your title. You can gain respect without a high rank. Blood elves play a subtle game with their politics and power struggles. Most of the power struggles seen in Silvermoon from RPers are duels or RP fights; this would not be tolerated by the guard unless it was taken outside, but moreover, this is not terribly characteristic of the culture. They are crafty people who prefer techniques like blackmail and playing the long game, which comes of their relatively long lives. Stop drawing your weapons and blasting people with your spells and start learning how to wound with words. Be patient. Be clever. Cleverness isn't something you can fake, mind, so if being subtle and working intrigue isn't something you feel up to doing, get out of the Silvermoon scene or don't try to play the sort of bloodelf who is into power struggles. A blunt bloodelf would not get very far in their culture. Openly talking about throwing down the government or otherwise defying the laws of decency would not happen without consequences. This is more of a general rule for RP, but it happens a lot in Silvermoon so I'm putting it here. You need to acknowledge your environment. Just because the guards won't actually react in game doesn't mean they wouldn't react in lore. We're here to play in the Warcraft world, and that includes using your imagination as to what would happen if you took such actions. Understand that the guards would be after you for stabbing someone if you did it on the street or in an establishment, and that even if you "evaded" them, there would be a warrant for your arrest. Allarya113 Jun 1
Aug 24 Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters <insert exodar crash joke here> - Table of Contents (You're reading this, right now.) =========================================================== - Introduction - What this aims to accomplish, and for who - What is "Great Roleplay" and a "Great Roleplayer"? - Lore Accuracy - Start from the beginning, and finish at the end. - Goals: What do I want? - Step One: So many choices, what to go for first? - A shattered mirror: all the pieces of the character that make a whole - What's my Story? - Who do I know? - What do I do? - What -am- I? - Step Two: Socialites and Interacting with the Public - Racial Backgrounds and Stereotypes - Social Mores and Laws - Radicals (fanatics) and Moderates (conservatives) - Who shaped my opinions? (The effect of family on perceptions) - Step Three: An Empty Mind - Filling your Character's Head - Emptying your Character's Head - Personality Traits - Physical Habits and Mannerisms - Step Four: An Empty Life - I've got personality but no lifestyle! - Real world activities vs. "What I can do in WoW" - My class, and how it relates to me - My professions, giving me more than a fat/empty wallet. - Using class and profession to add to a character's dynamics. - Touching bases: How class and profession relate to my society. - Education: What do I know, and who taught me? A final wrap up to your character's story. - Step Five: Hey everybody, come see how good I look! - Physical Appearance and Characteristics - Start big, then go small - Descriptive words - Touching bases (again): Society and tattoos, piercings, ect. - Describing my Garb (what do I wear?) - Affiliations and Dressing (who do I know and how does that effect my dress?) - Final Step: Affiliations and my place in the world - Who am I now? (ranks, titles, and other affluential tomfoolery) - In closing: - Final Tips - From Hero to Zero: How good characters fall to pieces. - A thank you =========================================================== Roleplaying 101 - Yet another jerk telling you how to play your game. An Introduction: Welcome to roleplaying 101! This will be yet another thread where someone tells you in a stuck up and haughty manner why you suck at rp and how to fix it. It's your $15 a month, so by all means ready the flamethrowers and burn this thread to the ground. In all seriousness if that's your views, feel free to go read another thread. If you want to learn, well hopefully I can teach you something in my handful of years of roleplay. If I can't teach you something, well I can say I tried. And if I can't say that, I can at least say I wasted a good chunk of time facerolling this keyboard for you all. For those of you that dislike long threads: that's too bad. I'm writing this thread for a guild myself and a friend are planning on creating after seeing some of the roleplay within this server and deciding we wanted to control our exposure to the community in order to create a roleplay environment rich in immersion and character development that pertains to lore accuracy. If your reaction at this point revolves around the word "elitist" you're probably right. For those of you who I haven't chased off yet: lets cut to the chase! The very...very long chase. What this aims to accomplish, and for who: Who am I talking (typing) to in this thread? To anyone who wants to expand their roleplaying character to be a rich and developed individual, who feels like a real person who actually exists in the "World of Warcraft". Someone who grew up here, developed their mind here, and would contribute to the society here. Who this doesn't pertain to: People who play "just to have fun" People who use the excuse "It's my $15" People who don't roleplay People who could care less about lore, immersion, and realism in roleplay Ghostcrawler (everyone seems to hate on his watercooler posts, so I might as well kick him in the kidney while he's down!) What this thread aims to accomplish is to be a comprehensive guide to creating a character who is fully developed and inserted into this game's lore. This thread may not be for the casual roleplayer or someone who is not really interested in making a basal rp character to throw bombs in the pig and whistle, and stare harshly at all the non-paladins in the Cathedral, or ERP as a female draenei.Alinaris139 Aug 24
Oct 1 Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society RP 102: Read RP 101 First Welcome to RP 102! Forgive the long time between the previous RP 101 and this thread, I was a bit busy and couldn't find time to sit down long enough to collect thoughts and put them into an intelligent thread, and nobody wants to hear me ramble. Nobody. This RP 102 thread is a bit shorter than my original RP 101 thread. You'll have to forgive me on this. I've been really busy and this is the best I could throw together. If there's enough interest, I may even write a RP 103 thread. If you want to see some tips and such for something I didn't touch in either thread, or have questions/comments feel free to contact me in game as Alinaris or Zakarov. So lets get down to business! Once again, if you haven't read RP 101, I highly recommend you read it first, as this thread deals with advanced RP concepts and may or may not ever refer to the original 101 thread. Welcome to the revenge of society. Like your favorite horror movie villains, me repeating this word over and over again will never die, and come back to haunt you while you're swimming at your favorite summer camp. Silly councilors... As always this thread is for a specific type of person, and not for others. If you're interested in learning some advanced RP concepts, brushing up on that pop culture character you made, or in general someone interested in learning and expanding your already expansive knowledge of (draenei female tail length) roleplay, then continue on! However if you're any of the following, please do not read any further as I'm afraid this thread will probably just frustrate you and/or cause you to develop unsightly welts. Ghostcrawler If you may or may not be a werepenguin. Any and all Lady Gaga roleplayers. If you own more than fifteen beanie babies. People who cannot handle sarcasm and satire. People who will read the table of contents and flame on something they read without reading the actual subject matter at hand. I love you guys so much. Gnomes (Because we all know gnomes are mythical creatures that do not exist.) Here's your table of contents: 1. An intro to RP 102 and a recap on 101. 2. But I want to rp as spider man! Pop culture done right. 3. Crazy RP abilities: How to commit self suicide. 4. Dragon Roleplay: If you're gonna do it, do it right. (Don't do it) 5. Erotic Roleplay (and how it's ruining your favorite server right now!) 6. Expanding your character even further (social events and you) This is a more focused thread touching on several “taboo” subjects and how to deal with them appropriately, and what generally ruins such things for people. This thread will be kept clean, so don't see #5 up there and get all excited (looking at you, draenei) because this isn't a “how to guide” but rather where it may or may not fit in, and the arguments for both sides. If you're concerned, read the next post on what each section will contain.Alinaris47 Oct 1
Jul 11 The Great Alliance Guild Directory! The Great Alliance Guild Directory! Please request a sticky! Looking for a guild? Have a guild but looking for members? You're in the right place! RP Guilds(All Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-2 RP Guilds(Specific Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-7 PVE Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 PVP Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 Other(Social, mish-mash, et cetera): N/A Format: Guild Name Here "motto here" Description: ( short description here 3-5 sentences max. ) Races: (What races are allowed?) Leader(s): Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?) Website: (url to guild website, if any.) Wiki link: (url to wiki page, if any) General Information: If you have trouble with the forums/are banned, you can send me an in-game mail at Jaeysa with the info or you can e-mail me at warriorjaeysa@gmail.com Please try to keep your adverts as brief as possible. Anything over 150 characters may be shortened by me. Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild. If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.Please request a sticky!Jaeysa108 Jul 11
Jun 22 IC Twitter Project: On the Rise Again! *A small book appears in from of you...It says: "I am the magical Twitt."* Hello everybody! I'm not sure if anyone is still active in the IC Twitter, since it's all full! So, I, Pisella the Pie Vendor, have decided to make a new thread! So add us on Twitter, or make your own! Same rules apply! ... List: ...Pisella126 Jun 22
May 15 [RP Resource] Herb and Alchemy Guide Hey, Wyrmrest Accord! So, since October 2017, I've been working on a project that documents the herbs and reagents of Azeroth, in great detail, from an in-universe perspective. I think it's finally in a state where I can release it. So far, it contains all the major herbs from every expansion, common reagents, and some of the rarer quest herbs. Since the guide is far too long to put on the forums, I've put it on a tumblr blog. It can be found here: ... I tried to look at where each plant is found, their physical appearance, the lore of the lands they grow, and what they are used for alchemically. They're arranged in several categories, such as region, properties, expansion, and environment so that it's easier for RPers to incorporate them into their RP. Here's a sample entry, for Peacebloom: ... I want to give a HUGE thank you to my guild, Hollowlight Ventures, the community of Moon Guard for the support and love they've shown me throughout this project. I'd also like to thank Cannibal on WrA for making an INCREDIBLE list of plants and letting me use it!(https://wow.gamepedia.com/User:Cannibeans/Plants). If you haven't seen it, you should. I'm going to continue updating the guide, but I hope y'all find it a good resource! I've had a ton of fun writing it. Please let me know what yall think!Greáves8 May 15
2m [A] <Sentinel> Smashing Faces for Elune "I am never without my Sisters. And they will never be without me." Vigilance, selflessness, bravery, fortitude, and discipline. Words every Sentinel lives by--or, if necessary--dies by. We are our people's first and last line of defense. From the streets of Darnassus, to the shadowed groves of Darkshore; from the ancient woods of Ashenvale, to the towering crags of Stonetalon: We are ever watchful, and ever ready to combat any foe that would endanger Kalimdor or our people. To these enemies we offer no quarter, and expect none in return. Are you ready to answer the clarion call? Are you ready to become a <Sentinel>? ....................................................... <Sentinel> is an established and stable roleplay guild, founded over SEVEN years ago and still going strong today. As our name suggests, we are strongly militaristic in theme. Our aim is to accurately portray a regiment of Kaldorei soldiers within the Sentinel Army and also to promote Night Elf roleplay in Darnassus, Kalimdor, and the server as a whole. Our membership is friendly and supportive, and we're looking for more active roleplayers to join us! We hold a regular Induction Ceremony for our new recruits every Saturday night, followed by drill and formation practice. Throughout the month we also schedule a wide variety of other RP events or activities such as combat missions, Sentinel training, story circles, historic site tours, religious ceremonies, and more. We also host multi-event roleplay campaigns that can span several weeks. What level must I be to join your guild? We have soft level requirement of level 20, so that you can ride your nightsaber mount during events. We also ask that you be reasonably active, and not simply looking for a place to park a soon-to-be-forgotten Night Elf alt. This does not mean you must be online every day! But we do encourage our members to participate: to attend guild events if they are online, regularly check our website, and to take initiative and be proactive with their own roleplay ideas. What classes and races do you accept? We follow a strict traditional Sentinel theme in our roleplay, and currently only allow female night elves. All classes are welcome except for mages, demon hunters, and death knights. But there are male Sentinels now! Aren't you breaking lore by not accepting them? Not at all. Sean Copeland, a.k.a., Loreology, a senior historian at Blizzard, confirmed that "some small groups might only have women.” I enjoy roleplay, but also want to experience more of what World of Warcraft has to offer. So do we! Our members partake in many aspects of the game, from testing their might in PvP battlegrounds and dungeons, to less dangerous pursuits such as pet battles, collecting mounts, and running classic raids. One activity we do not organize is progression raiding. If that is something you fancy, then we are probably not for you. Roleplaying a Sentinel sounds intimidating; there is so much Night Elf lore to know... While some familiarity with Night Elf lore is definitely encouraged, we are happy to assist those who might be new to this type of roleplay (or even roleplay in general). As long as you are willing to learn and improve, we will help with character-building, lore, and any other questions you might have. Where can I find more information? Our website at http://x.co/sentinel is a good place to start. There you will find our guild rules and policies, helpful links to guides for Night Elf lore and roleplay, along with an online application (which is required to join the guild). Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our guild officers in-game: Adellwyna (Guild Leader), Lierona, Xeqwena, Bovira, Alesterra, Iyora, and Kamëqetë. We look forward to hearing from you! Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Let our enemies beware!Adellwyna40 2m
4m [H-RP] <The Strawmen> “The Banshee Queen needs us, we don’t need her!” The inflammatory words rattled forth from the rotten throat of a particularly worn and beaten Forsaken. He paused, peering from beneath the brim of his tattered hat to study the reaction of the small huddle of freshly raised undead whom had (at least momentarily) wandered away from the watchful gaze of the guards stationed in Deathknell. “They ask us to call Sylvanas, ‘Queen’, but what has bowing to royalty and the old order gotten us in the past? This!” The speaker motioned to his own decayed form, then to those of the assembled. “Trusting in the wisdom of those sovereign ‘rulers’ has only brought us misery, a curse of rot and decay, and the loss of all that we cherished before! Are we simply to continue down this same path until we are laid low again? Trust in our ‘betters’ as they continue to profit from our protection? Our labor?” Another brief pause, the speaker stopping to look for any sign of comprehension from the crowd of dazed and confused risen. “I say, no more! We should forge our own destiny together! Free from the yoke of nobles and monarchs that wish only to profit from our efforts while offering little in return. Workers, ‘common folk’, craftsmen, and even the lowliest dregs are entitled to reap the benefits of that which they create for themselves and their fellows." “And so I ask you…", he motioned in the direction of one particular individual towards the front of the crowd, pointing in an almost accusatory way, "…will you join me in casting off the shackles of the so called ‘Banshee Queen’ as we once cast off those placed upon us by the Lich King?" “Will you join me in sharing our joys, fears, and futures with one another, without the thumb of some ‘Better’ pressing down upon us? I hope you will, and I hope we can forge a better future for ourselves, together.” The ragged Forsaken stepped towards the closest of the gathered, pressing a small scrap of fabric into their palm and pushing their fingers closed around it before quickly making an exit into the nearby treeline, the footsteps of approaching Deathguard getting closer by the moment. “Best not wander off!” the soldier barked as she approached the still confused newly arisen, motioning for them to follow. They shakily complied, though one lingered behind, looking over a scrap of fabric clutched in her hand. A scarecrow of deep purple thread sewn onto an ashen, dark grey field. ________________________________ <The Strawmen> is a Forsaken guild composed of the former peasants and commonfolk of Lordaeron. Now suspicious of those bearing noble and royal titles after the utter failure of the old system to protect them and properly cope with the Plague of Undeath, they seek to build their own cooperative community together, free from the Banshee Queen and her personality cult. They still work within the greater "Horde" umbrella, but as a voluntary auxiliary, seeing themselves more as a part of a cooperative of free peoples based on mutual assistance and security than part of a rigid hierarchy. Under certain circumstances, we do accept non-Forsaken members as "Field-hands". This rank usually dictates extra "muscle", affiliates, friends, suppliers,etc. of the Strawmen, though only Forsaken/Undead can climb to higher status within the guild given the guild's goals and theme. We plan to hold our own RP events, participate in the greater server community, and even raid and PvP as well (as a guild, if numbers allow). In addition to being active in game, we also have a Discord server. If interested, contact in game: *Barnabas *Versca *Bibianna ...in game if you're interested in being a prospective member or just want to learn more about the guild before making a decision. If you're having difficulty reaching me in-game, my B-tag (Tailypo#11334) is another option for getting in touch with me. Alternatively, we can also easily be reached via the Undercity United Forsaken Community Discord server. It's also just a generally good place for Forsaken RP'ers to organize: - Undercity United Discord Thread: ( https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759177745 ) - Undercity United Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jHeHc8j My personal Discord ID is: Tailypo#1286 . I'm generally available to chat on Discord more often than not, as I have it on mobile as well and am almost always logged in.Barnabas201 4m
7m What did you accomplish in Legion? Did you get AOTC done, or maybe you got to a high level in PvP? Or just simply finally got to play out that storyline / character concept, you've been dying to use? For me personally, I dipped my toes into RP and although I enjoyed it, I ended up leaving my guild(though they disbanded) and joining one for raiding. My new group didn't exactly do so hot on Heroic Tomb(Kil'Jaeden is a rough fight on Heroic), I'm still happy I even decided to raid. I want to raid(but also RP) some more in BFA, although I don't know how I'll accomplish both.Sylfdra58 7m
15m Roleplaying the War of Thorns Spoilers sure to follow. Be warned! Well, WrA, it's almost here. Total war is soon upon us. The War of Thorns begins on the 17th, and any hope for peace between the Horde and Alliance (quite literally) goes up in flames. Do you have any plans? Any events in the works? Anything you'd like to see or do? Discuss your ideas and desires for the War of Thorns here!Kazimir37 15m
16m Looking for an RP mommy. I need someone to be my mommy in character. It's very important and more details will follow applicants. No Gnomes or Dwarves. Preferably Panda or Draenei.Myís55 16m
23m Who are the celebrities here? Hi I'm from Emerald Dream who are the the A listers I need to networkMyis292 23m
23m [A]<The Jadepaw Dynasty> [Pandaria Roleplay] For more info and application, visit our site at: Jadepaw.com! Welcome! <The Jadepaw Dynasty> is a heavy roleplaying guild focused upon Pandaria and Pandaren culture! We’ve been around for over four years now, and in that time we’ve built a very solid community of active players from all across this fine server. The Jadepaw Clan is made up of pandaren from the Wandering Isle and Pandaria. Although we are all different, our common thread is to protect Pandaria and represent pandaren interests abroad. We do this by creating trade contacts, supporting our allies, and fighting all those who threaten our borders. The Jadepaw offer a wide variety of RP, from small jobs to long campaigns. A major focus of the guild is creating a functional culture in and around Pandaria. It is our hope to improve not only our own RP, but the stories of those who may simply wish to visit for a time. The Jadepaw itself is a neutral, pandaria aligned faction. We consider ourselves to be most cordial with the Alliance, but ultimately, we support our own country over the interests of foreigners. Because of this we accept both neutral and alliance aligned members. We’re even open to cross faction RP! We differ somewhat from other guilds, in that our primary roleplaying focus is actually not centered around the Jadepaw Clan itself, but Pandaria in general. You won’t need to worry about fitting your character to our group, or sitting through much ‘guild business’ type RP. While the Jadepaw exists as a faction within our roleplaying community, we have spots for plenty of outliers. Heroes, villains, thieves, shado-pan, merchants, lore walkers…if you find yourself connected to Pandaria and its people, you’ve got a spot with us here. OOC Information: We invite any friendly, WoW loving people to stop by and say hello! We try hard to foster a welcoming environment for our guild. Drama and bashing is not tolerated. The Jadepaw use our guild chat ICly, and an OOC channel for all other discussions. This allows people to join the channel on their mains, but still keep tabs on when we’re running events without always needing to be on their pandaren character. We do not have a level cap- as soon as your pandaren is off the isle, they are welcome to apply for joining! Non-Pandaren? As a pandaren guild, we try to keep our membership limited to Pandarian species only. However, members may have OOC alts of any race who are welcome to attend events with us from time to time. We also have close ties to non-pandaren groups that join us for RP. The jadepaw itself is pandaren only, but not our community! If you are a non-pandaren looking to join in with some pandarian RP, all you need do is whisper an officer at event time. So long as you are respectful, we’d be happy to have you! Where do we role-play? We role-play predominantly in Pandaria, utilizing summons to get lower level members into the towns and zones that we are currently playing in. Many of our members can be found lurking around in Dawn’s Blossom for walk up RP. You can also find us in Mistfall, Halfhill, and various other spots around Pandaria. What are role-plays like? Most of our events run something like a DM game. We use a D20 for attacks and encounters, but don’t limit ourselves just to fighting. We do a lot of exploring, archeology digs, card games, and more. There is generally a plot thread shaping the overall guild storyline, but most events are relatively self contained. Expansion plans? As we draw closer to the Battle for Azeroth expansion, the Jadepaw continue to hold strong to their pledge of neutrality. But as war erupts between our neighbors, that pledge is put into jeopardy. Hoping to do what they can to see the war come to an end, our efforts extend to foreign lands to help those caught in between and ensure Pandaria does not get dragged into unnecessary conflict. How strict is the lore? We try to keep to official lore as closely as possible, while still allowing for speculation in places where the lore is lacking. You are not expected to follow racial stereotypes, but we do ask you follow common sense. Generally speaking, we are not a good fit for overly unique concepts. Powers that don't exist in the warcraft universe aren't going to go over well. But if you are willing to work with us, we're happy to take on beginners! We also offer one on one RP nights to help with folks afraid of crowds.Lia16 23m
36m Stigmatized RP concepts? Hello! This is a topic that's been pulling at the back of my mind recently, specifically due to character brainstorming and generally something I've always been curious about the server's general consensus on. Azeroth is a very large place, filled with all manner of unique individuals...some more unique than others. Some people might have had negative experiences with various groups of said individuals, and some people might simply be adverse to them in general. With that out of the way, I'm curious about the generalizations people have made over the years. Stigma is something I've always worried about, and despite the fact that you can't please everyone with a character it would be nice to know what kinds of characters people tend to avoid. Are there sweeping classes/races that you have an aversion to as they've gained a self-inflicted poor reputation? Are you wary of people who RP as non-playable character classes? And if so, what can unknowing individuals that are a part of said groups do to help alleviate the stigma?Grolar133 36m
45m Heed the <Call of Lordaeron> Today! Greetings, denizens of WrA! The promotional department of <CoL> has released this entertaining and informative film in hopes that the community gets a taste of who we are. Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GIPwcQY3xs For more detailed information on who we are, see our recruitment thread. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762116706 TL;DR, we are an RP-PvP guild primarily focused on Lordaeron and the surrounding areas.Nauthammer13 45m
55m Give the Person Above a Title. Another flavor of "rate that transmog" like post. Give the person above a title/nickname ect. :)Faradei201 55m
1h @@@RP Events for July 2018@@@ Faction: ((Horde, Alliance, cross-faction)) Date and time: ((Please use server time!)) Location: ((Please be as specific as possible)) Hosted by: ((Your guild or organization)) Description: ((All other information goes here)) RSVP? ((If participants need to request an invite)) Here's last month's thread, if you still need to access it: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765086617 In addition to posting to this thread, you may also want to promote your event on Lindiwe's event calendar. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762117729 Last month before BFA's released! Hope everyone has a great July!Morrowveil13 1h
1h [H]WRA PVP Community This channel has been created for the purpose of PVP discussion across the Horde community of Wyrmrest! It will serve as a place to discuss Warmode, Class PVP, World PVP, RBGs, Arenas, and anything else regarding PVP. We are a growing community that hopes to encompass a large amount of the server. It will hopefully grow to be a meeting place for Arena teams, RBG teams, and more, and with the advent of Warmode networking is more necessary than ever! To join, simply open your Guild & Communities page, go to the "Join or Create Community" tab at the bottom left with the plus sign on it, and enter this link: under "join community": https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/nRKgyhNBP?region=US&faction=Horde Happy hunting.Dwarfbutcher14 1h
1h RP, Sharding, and Warmode? Hey. I'm not really currently active in the RP community. I write up profiles for characters quite often but tend to step back before I actually dive into it again. That said, the health of the RP community is still important to me, and I want to have that option available to me if I ever decide to become more active. Currently, as I understand Sharding: We do not get sharded at all in Stormwind [and presumably Orgrimmar]. We do get sharded everywhere else. Shards outside of Legion zones only contain WRA players [due to RP-CRZ rules]Currently, as I understand Warmode: Players with Warmode 'On' will be sharded away from those with it 'Off.' Warmode obeys RP-CRZ rules and so non-Legion zones still only contain WRA. Warmode still does not shard us within Stormwind and Orgrimmar.. So if all of that is correct [let me know if it's not], that means RP within Stormwind and Orgrimmar will remain the same as it's always been, but now we have a new completely separate layer of sharding splitting us up anywhere else? Is it looking like that's having a noticeable effect on RP at all? Did people really even find RP outside of Stormwind outside of events in the first place? If not, I guess it's no change, but if so it seems like this would be a negative to Warmode? Additionally, is Sharding in general, prior to Warmode, even happening outside of Stormwind/Orgrimmar? I understand that it is enabled, but are there enough people in other zones [not counting current Legion zones] for it to even trigger in the first place? In my mind, Warmode has the -potential- to be nothing but a negative impact, but depending on some of those answers I guess in effect it's negligible.Vaenaru7 1h
1h How Nice is The Horde?: A Fisherman's Study Hi Everyone! My name is Fisherman! Some of you may know me from Orgrimmar! If you don't, I usually spend my nights fishing in Orgrimmar by the pond in The Valley of Honor on my human. I'm a peaceful fisherman, so I don't attack anyone! Just there to fish and make some friends. I know you are all wondering, "Hey! What's that guy doing in Orgrimmar?!". Well to answer your question, I like to fish! But I also like spreadsheets, so while I was fishing, I recorded the name, race, gender, class, and if the character was nice to me or not of every character that came to visit me in a spreadsheet! With this data, we can see the "Nice Ratio" of every race, class, and gender. It also allows us to see the race, class, and gender distribution of the people that came to visit me! (If you would like to see the real race/gender/class distribution of the server, please check out RealmPop: https://realmpop.com/us-wyrmrest-accord.html) Now that I have reached 1,000 unique characters, I figured I'd share the results with you all! But first, here's how a character would get on the "Nice" or "Not Nice" list. Nice List: Come over to the rock I'm fishing on. Emote/Fish/Interact with me. Not kill me!Not Nice List: Kill me. Keep me in combat/prevent me from fishing.Pretty simple! Once a character is on the "Not Nice" list, it's there for good! Characters on the "Nice" list could get moved over to the "Not Nice" list if they kill me and whatnot. Here is the link to the results!: Album: https://imgur.com/a/HlurwfzThe first two images are the overall results, and the following images are broken down for each race. Feel free to discuss the results! I found some of them to be quite surprising. If you have any questions, please let me know! And I'd like to thank everyone I've met fishing in Orgrimmar! It has been so much fun spending time with you all, and I can't wait to get back out there and do some more fishing! DISCLAIMER: Killing me is 100% okay! In character, out of character, doesn't matter! Everyone enjoys the game in their own way, so don't go picking on people because they did/didn't kill me! Also, I WILL NOT RELEASE ANY NAMES ON THE LISTS, so don't ask! F.A.Q: Do you like fishing IRL?: Nope! I only fish in MMOs! Why fish in Orgrimmar?: I get SUPER nervous when RPing, so I would just fish in Stormwind and read all the TRPs and look at all the nice transmogs. I would freeze up when people would walk up to me and RP at me though! So I started fishing in Orgrimmar one day and had a blast! Horde can't talk to me, so I could just use the default emotes, it was great fun! Is all you do fish?: Not at all! I also collect fishing poles, gather fishing transmogs, collect helpful fishing items such as water walking potions, collect toys that would be fun to use while fishing, stock up on booze, and drink booze!Fisherman105 1h
1h Honor and Vengeance! Stromgarde lives! The Trollbane heir will return to claim his kingdom. You can either fight for glory, or you can cower behind the skirts of Stormwind. The choice is yours. Honor and Vengeance, in the name of Danath Trollbane Belaal HathBelaal1 1h
1h Blood and Iron: The Orc RP Discord! Greetings Orcs of Wyrmrest! I'm here to try and spread the word about the recently made Orc RP discord, Blood and Iron, named after the in-game channel I made some time ago, with the inclusion of Mag'har being close,and with the hopes of helping and offering advice to new Orc players in question, a likeminded friend made this in hopes of helping these newcomers with whatever they need, as well as more experienced Orc RPers. https://discord.gg/2cbXQVg Remember, we also have an in game channel as well, /join Blood and Iron if interested. You can ask me questions here, and I'll answer them whenever possible. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459165887249776658/464631034932232192/Garroshadya.pngBanrok14 1h
2h [A-RP Event] Gearworks Gala LF Vendors Guardian Gearworks is hosting the first ever Gearworks Gala! This is a ball-esque event that will take place on Saturday, August 11th at six in the evening. Festivities will occur in the courtyard just outside the Stormwind Library, part of the Stormwind Keep. Currently, we are looking for five vendors to set up booths and sell either wares or food/drink. The theme is technology meets nature. Selling wares in line with the theme is appreciated, but if not that's fine as well. Please post below if you're interested and include a way to contact you, or you could contact Alythae in game or on Tumblr at engineermermaid.tumblr.com. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, and let us know if you're interested in having a booth at our event.Grìmhall1 2h
2h Warmode Sharding Auroranar1 2h
2h The Medicine Circle; A Tauren Community Hello and happy pre-patch everyone! Hope everyone's having fun with the latest class changes, stat squish, tree burnings, and so on. Apologies to the Night Elves. I am happy to announce that I am creating a all things Tauen community; The Medicine Circle. All are welcome to join! Looking to find Tauren, Taunka, Yaungol, or Highmountain characters to roleplay with? Interested in talking to others about Tauren lore or the lack of? Don’t have a single Tauren character but really like your tauren friends? Well come join the Medicine Circle! Link: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/mM9NeH50Z?region=US&faction=HordeRaton15 2h
2h [A-RP] The Sha'tor ✪ Draenei Exclusive Guild ...Leader: Varistus Officers: Vivaaldi, Klement Founded: September 26, 2014 Location: The Exodar Faction: Alliance; draenei exclusive (will accept Lightforged!) Status: Recruiting, all classes Website: http://shatorwra.com & http://shatorwra.tumblr.com The Sha'tor is an order of draenei dedicated to the preservation of their people and culture, as well as honoring their place within the Alliance. With equal parts tenacity and hope, the Sha'tor aids in defending against the myriad threats that bombard Azeroth, while simultaneously supporting the draenei people as a whole in the quest to rebuild and thrive in the world they now call home. ...As a lore-abiding guild, we want members who are knowledgeable about Warcraft lore, especially regarding the draenei. But beyond that, a guild's heart lies in its members and their ability to be helpful, friendly, and good-natured. A willingness to engage in roleplay and other activities with fellow members is also a great thing to have; it is the driving force behind a successful, active guild, and promotes a welcoming environment. The Sha'tor offers an array of avenues for roleplay, chief among them an ongoing guild storyline that members can participate in by attending plot events. Members are also encouraged to develop their characters through guild plot progression, as well as personal storylines. Additionally, cultural and public events are held to promote inclusion of our allies. Our guild events typically start at 5pm server time. There are at least three IC events a week: a Plot event (Monday) that continues the overall storyline. A Path event (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on scheduling) that involves individual Path members only. Finally, an Induction Ceremony (Wednesday) which acts as an IC guild meeting. Sometimes, a second Path event is used in the same week, or we collaborate with ally guilds for other events. There is always something to look forward to! ...The Sha'tor is headed by the Exarch and his Triumvirate—individuals who have proven their loyalty and are diverse in both skill and demeanor. The Triumvirate act as advisors to the Exarch, and are tasked with specialized leadership, most notably the three paths of the order. Path of the Naaru — Led by Kasmia; serve as the Sha'tor's military. Path of the Prophet — Led by Varistus; healers and medics. Path of Argus — Led by Vivaaldi; scholars, scientists, artificers, and other keepers of draenei history and culture.Members will be asked to join one of these paths according to their primary interest. ...In order to join, aspiring members must fill out a simple application on our website. If accepted, applicants will be asked to undergo an in-character interview so that the Triumvirate may gauge whether they will be a good fit for the Sha'tor. Do not let inexperience—whether with draenei lore, or roleplay as a whole—deter you from applying! We are glad to help, so long as the interest and willingness to learn is there.Varistus302 2h
2h End of BfA predictions. It seems that everyone is expecting the Voidlords or Azshara to attack towards the end where we all suddenly forget about the war and combat the next world ending event because it was a bit late and we decided to fight ourselves to kill off our boredom though I can not see it going any other way, what are all your predictions? Me personally its a bit in depth but its what I would prefer it has been nearly three years into the Horde-Alliance war neither side has gained any significant grounding in the war, the capture of the Exodar is a well loss to the Alliance, especially the Draenei who have lost nearly all will to fight in fear of their dwindling numbers, who just begun their siege of Silvermoon city three weeks ago, they have just crossed the Ghostlands and beginning to step foot into the Eversong Woods. Supplies are draining from each faction particularly the Alliance (Alliance bias is really coming out sorry) as the deforestation is growing in Ashenvale Horde druids rush to ashenvale in an attempt to preserve the ancient forest ruining mainly the Tauren support for the war but they press on despite it all whilst in the Eastern Kingdoms, Anduin who spent much down time in Lordaeron (Really not sure how to introduce them but) SOME BFG Old God comes Out of nowhere and starts terrorizing the Alliance Occupiers there, Sylvannas goes into Lordaeron with a momentary truce so they can identify the problem and to hopefully finish off the threat there and then, she somehow mysteriously disappears, seen to be killed the Horde retaliates and attacks the occupying forces there as the Alliance sees it as a back stab to their already brittle trust they have placed to the Horde; the second battle of Lordaeron results in a crushing defeat for the Horde but not before the Forsaken blight most of Lordaeron and Silverpine forest by air bombs as revenge for their thought-to-be dead leader as Sylvannas's Val'kyr raises as much new forsaken from the Alliance corpses before they can make a retreat, although most decide to charge in fighting to the death as a future without their dark lady is a future not worth living in their point of view. In all the fighting though Anduin Wrynn, the King of Stormwind and consequently the leader of the Alliance is killed in the fighting by no less but Nathanos Blightcalled by his black arrow, Turalyon tries to heal him but in vain as the cold precision of a Forsaken, nonetheless the Banshee Queens champion is unforgiving and without thinking quickly assumes command of the Alliance forces and leads them to victory much like he did with the Army of the Light on Argus, almost like it was second nature to him. After the crushing defeat and the suppose death of their Warchief the leaders quickly gather in Grommash hold to decide who will lead the Horde, Saurfang is obviously gone so he is out of the picture, Rokhan refuses the spot as he feels too underprepared for the spot, and since Lor'themar Theron is too busy defending his city the mantle of Warchief falls solely on Baine Bloodhoof as he leads the Horde onto new victories with close advisory from other leaders to make him into a true warrior and leader such as his father Back in Stormwind many aristocrats foolishly attempt to seize the throne with their "Legitimate Claim" but with Turalyon already a war hero and the hero of the second battle of Lordaeron people look up to him to lead them despite his zero claim to the throne as many believed, even Genn himself, Anduin claimed him as the heir in his dying breath although he really had said nothing. The war continues even more heatedly now with the Forsaken outright using WMDs such as blight and raising anything even their own soldiers in some instances (To much disapproval to Warchief Baine Bloodhoof) and horror of Turalyon one so in touch with the Light but as more appearances of Old God manifestations across Azeroth and Azeroth herself slowly deteriorating Baine is the first to open relations with the Alliance starting with (Forgive me if this sounds stupid but I still do not know how Teldrassil burnt) the Kal'dorei in an attempt to give them most of their land back in exchange an Audience with Turalyon in an attempt to reach an Armistice with the Alliance as the Tauren were the first to foresee the true destruction that will come if they continue extracting Azerite and fighting To make an ending bad they team up and fight Old Gods but even with the Armistice they have many battles do happen between the Horde and Alliance So what do you all think will happen?Anharken32 2h
2h [H-Event] Kagh'hsk Challenge June 20th & 21st The Kagh'hsk Challenge The Kagh'hsk [KAH-GUH-HES-KUH] is a term derived of two orcish words; 'Kagh' meaning 'Run' and 'Hsk' meaning 'battle. A run battle meant a foot race between two or more clans, often completed during a Kosh'harg Festival. The tradition of the clans coming together has long since faded though the spirit of Kosh'harg still lingers on in the Horde today. The Stormhowl Clan has been working to bring such events back to the modern Horde. Though still reserving the possibility for biannual festivals, such as the Kosh'harg itself, the Kagh'hsk Challenge will exist as a once a month, two day event, in which members of the Horde, be it groups or individuals, come together to compete in a variety of activities. The first day will host the minor games while the second day has the main Kagh'hsk obstacle course and feast before announcing the winners. The Challenges The Kagh'hsk will be hosted in a new location every month and its challenges will be based on the region it's in. It will feature activities primarily based on real life strongman, lumberjack and other similar competitions. The main event will be a course that will be broken down into several sections, each one having its own obstacles to overcome. The dice system tends to change per event but is explained in each one. Generally we use a D2 or D5 based system where the higher number wins. Awards The challenges will have the traditional first, second and third place winners and then an overall Kagh'hsk champion. It will also have a variety of bonus awards. The Rearguard - The competitor who comes last in the obstacle course. Storm the Gates - The competitor with the biggest recovery. The Bloodied - The competitor who took the most damage. Others to come! Where it stands the Stormhowl Clan will be providing the gold for the awards. They won't be too substantial but the overall champion and first place winner will at least receive enough gold to buy master flying. The rest scale down from there. How Do I Get Involved? We welcome competitors and observers alike to come and enjoy the events. If you want to participate or observe, then send an in-game mail to Vuraka, currently the only contact for the Kagh'hsk, stating your intention so that I can invite you to the event itself. If you'd like to help plan the events then please do the same as above. I'd prefer guild leaders over individuals to help in the development process. Also, I'll use this section to shout out to the Wolfmane Tribe and the many groups and individuals who have hosted all sorts of festivals, challenges and competitions that helped spark the initial Kagh'hsk in summer of '17. You all helped inspire the initial Kagh'hsk which was a surprising success. Also thanks to the Wyvernsting Warband for participating in the first run. Next Challenge 7/20 and 7/20, 4pm server time. Location: The Steam Pools, Feralas Theme: Summer Games, Teams Mini-Events: Swim Comp, Sand Sculptures, Spikeball, Battleboats Obstacle Course: 8 part course starting at the gates of the resort and ascending to the top tier spring behind it.Brokthar64 2h
2h Stormwind U's Monthly Colloquium! (A) Stormwind University is proud to announce the first date of our ongoing monthly Colloquium Series in 2018! WHEN: The THIRD Wednesday of each month at the 6th bell of the evening ((7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern)). WHERE: The gatehouse east of Darnassus. WHAT: Stormwind University professors and volunteer guest speakers from all throughout the Alliance will present fascinating talks on academic subjects of importance to us all - delivered in a friendly and non-academic tone that everyone can understand and enjoy. Topics may include, but are not at all limited to: • History • Religion • Biology • Alchemistry • Martial arts and sparring • Lore • First aid • Defense against dark arts • Herbalism • The art of relic recovery • Mechanized automatons and other engineering topics • Performing arts • Psychology in the modern world •Alliance law and jurisprudence And many more! LOOKING FOR SPEAKERS: Are you an expert in your field and can explain it in simple terms to a knowledge-thirsty audience? Feel free to SIGN UP! We have spots open throughout the year, but they do fill up fast! Talks should be at least 25-30 minutes in total, but feel free to spend up to one hour presenting your lecture, as needed! Furthermore, please take into account the potential for audience questions and allow for additional time accordingly! To propose a talk: - Send an in-game mail ((OOC or IC, your choice!)) to Amaranthaea or Odine - Whisper any member of the Stormwind University membership - Contact us through social media at http://stormwinduniv.tumblr.com/ NEXT TALK: June 20th at 7pm (Server time) TOPIC: "Jihui and the Preservation of Pandaren Culture" LECTURER: Kunbo Kettleclaw, Steepmaster of The Bronze TalonsAmaranthaea35 2h
3h [A][WPVP]A Call to Arms! Warmode Community Ishnu'alah Wyrmrest! With the addition of Communities nigh upon us, I want to break the ground for the Alliance with the creation a Wyrmrest Accord exclusive WPVP community that will function as an LFG tool for members in need of reinforcements or my esteemed friends who are simply out to smash some rotten corpses! This will serve as a replacement for the departed, but beloved WorldDefense channel, and provide the additional benefit for the organization of WrA exclusive WPVP events. Joining will be easy. Simply leave your character name below and I will add you to the community once the feature launches tomorrow! (( Community Link: Expires after 30 mins, just leave your name below or mail me )) There are however, a number of rules members are expected to observe. Failure to uphold these values in good faith will result in expulsion and having to wear a Gallywix caricature mask while serving in a set of stocks in the Trade District's main square for a period no less than two weeks. 1. All members must treat each other with respect. Understand that levels of PVP competence may vary, and that we are here for everyone to have a good time. If you want to show off, leave that to rated PVP. 2. No trolling, advertising, callouts and #pvphappened/gossiping. We are here to foster a positive and welcoming community for all those interested in experiencing a new side of the game. 3. No Horde Spies and Misinformation. If you are found out ( Trust me, I come from Emerald Drama, I have perfected the methods ) to be deliberately spreading false information, you will have Kobold faeces mailed to your Horde main and be kicked from the community. 4. No griefing RP-PVP events. There is a fine line between WPVP and RP-PVP. If you see a group/guild that is obviously RPing, have some decency. Allow them the courtesy of winning in sentence PVP before dropping a manabomb on their heads once they disperse. In the case of a RP-PVP campaign, our community defers to the appropriate specifics rules laid out by the participants. I also want to establish two founding pillars of this community: 1. We will never condone or help organized ZPVP in any way. If you do not know what that means, it refers to the use of overwhelming numbers to fight an enemy. I refer to a faction utilising more than 2 full raid's worth of members to engage in a fight. This creates laggy and boring gameplay akin to the South Shore Tarren Mill BG, and goes against the spirit of small scale, organic skirmishes. Members will be discouraged to participate in these activities even if they are being led by another group, say a guild, for example. 2. I want to emphasize that this community is about Wyrmrest ONLY. Please do not invite any off-server players to address our pings, even if we are losing (Elune-forbid). I am sure there will be enough of those one way or another. In closing, feel free to leave any questions or suggestions below, in addition to your names. I will also be searching for a couple of fellow admins. If you are interested in this role, please contact me in-game or send me mail with your battle.tag. We will speak of it in private! Tor Ilisar'thera'nal!Lorendrethil33 3h
3h (A-RP) Keepers of the Moon *Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.* A call to arms for all Kaldorei and citizens of Kalimdor! Darkshore and Ashenvale have fallen into the Horde's hands! The Kaldorei will stand for this no longer! Sylvanas will answer for the atrocities she has committed, and we need every able-bodied citizen and soldier to help bring her and her armies to heel. For the first time, we will be opening our ranks to a select few non-Kaldorei in a military exchange program. Be they natural citizens of Kalimdor or fellow members of the Alliance, we are proud to have them aid our cause. We will not forget those who have been displaced by war. We will offer supplies, protection, and the opportunity to help reclaim your homeland. For those with no experience or require training, our roster of proud veterans will teach you to wield blade, bow, or spell. With the forces of nature and new allies by our side, we exact justice for the fallen, heal the wounded, and liberate our lands and people from the grip of the enemy. We will take the fight to the Horde wherever they may tread and flush them out like the vermin they are. Strike from the shadows, so they will fear the night and what hides within it. Tor ilisar'thera'nal! For Kalimdor and For the Alliance! OOC info: The drums of war are sounding and we've lost our beloved city and RP spot centric to the Night Elf community for the past 13 years. It's going to be a huge adjustment IC and OOC, so we're once again rebranding and taking our guild in a new direction appropriate for the expansion. The Keepers have always been a band of misfits comprising of Kaldorei from all paths and walks of life. From the enigmatic Highborne, the eldritch Twiceborne, and the outcast Demon Hunters reintegrating back into society after the defeat of the Burning Legion, we've always taken in "strays" and given them a purpose and a place to call home. We have decided to allow other races to apply on a case-by-case basis, should they show as much dedication to Kalimdor as we do. Not only will we be working to ICly "reclaim" Kalimdor through war fronts and guerilla warfare, we'll also show a humanitarian side as well through rehabilitation efforts for civilians who have been displaced by the war. Officers: Azaeluna/Illyirana, Ereminn, Valeclaw, Lorendrethil Website: https://keepersofthemoonwra.shivtr.com/Azaeluna6 3h
4h [H] TTT Transmog Tournament, 8/4/18 EVENT: The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe's Transmog Tournament: "Artifact or Artifiction Theme" DATE: 8/4/18 TIME: 6:00 PM server (signups open), 7:30 PM server (Event starts) LOCATION: Ruins of Lordaeron (the Pavilion on the other side of the wall where the Silvermoon Orb is) (Subject to change, details below) It is the end of an era. Rumors run wild of reclaimed artifacts of power that helped put an end to the Legion, drained of their power, exhausted by the ordeals of destroying our ancient foes! But such a legacy cannot die with a whimper! Let’s celebrate the legends of these weapons in the most respectful, dignified display of non-commercialism art admiration known to Azeroth; A FASHION CONTEST! On SATURDAY, AUGUST 4TH, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe will be hosting another Tirisfal Transmog Tournament, at our usual stomping grounds in the Ruins of Lordaeron, while they still stand at least. Our theme this time; Artifact, or Artifiction? The goal is to have a mog that brings out the best of any of your Legion Artifact appearances! Let’s see what creative things folks can do with the appearances they slaved over unlocking for the past 2 years! (Rules coming in next post, please refrain from posting till the next post is reserved)Atos2 4h
4h (A) RP Community Idea - Backstory Collecting thoughts on a community idea since the feature has just been added. A community where individuals can come in and ask for player characters to join backstories, be established friends/associates, and make walk-up RP generally less awkward from an OOC perspective. The idea being that as big as Azeroth is, it is a finite area. People will have been born in, lived in, and developed in similar areas, but it is rare for a new character or even established characters to have those connections with other player characters outside of people they already know. Walk-up RP can fix this, but I imagine this could be awkward rather than fun. What if instead we were able to broadcast we're from X area and we'd like to know other people from X area at X time? Just a spitball idea, really. Thoughts on this.Ethad4 4h
4h The <Dogs of War> are hiring! [A] [RP/PvP] WEBSITE: mercenary.shivtr.com ...Kadvaell15 4h
4h The Macabre Mask - Forsaken/Criminal theme ... • The Macabre Mask • In the dark depths of the Undercity, a small meeting took place between several finely dressed forsaken. Pristine suits and large cordial glasses of wine in their bony hands. They didn't do much aside from play chess, sip their expensive wines and sample fine cheese cubes plucked atop little toothpicks. This was the first meeting of The Macabre Mask... They labeled themselves as an inclusive, high class gentleman's club. At least that's what they want you to think. They have expensive tastes and money doesn't come from nowhere. Initiated members of the Macabre Mask would soon learn that they are not only a private club but they're a band of thieves and high class criminals. Just an hour before this little meeting they were dressed in all black, masked and lifting sacks of gold from the entrance of a blown open vault. • OOC Details • The Macabre Mask is a Forsaken themed Criminal guild. Our guild is a place for those fancy, bon vivant Forsaken who enjoy living a high lifestyle but also are quite okay with living on the wrong side of the law. An organization of thieves, criminals and cutthroats fronted and run as a secret society. We strive to provide story driven roleplay, occasional combat roleplay and stealth/thieving roleplay. We also have intention of public events for the Forsaken community and general community. We are not a Sylvanas loyalist guild nor a Anti-Sylvanas guild. We just don't really care. While we are Forsaken themed, we do accept all races although any living races do need a much better reason to join a forsaken club. You're likely going to need to be quite the fancy and sneaky type and have the trust of the Mask members. For Further information, contact myself ingame or on bnet(Nihil11280), Cailias or SerànaZheco26 4h
5h Alliance Pandaren? Any other Alliance Pandaren out there? I mean IC Alliance allied with the Tushui or other Alliance force. I noticed most Pandaren players here seem to be neutral.Zhiifang11 5h
5h I haven't posted in a long while. Hi.Kiethoo41 5h
6h [A-Event] Ironforge Summer Craft Fest 7/21 Greetings WRA! The seasonal Ironforge Craft Fest is back once again, and looking for vendors! Last three times, we filled the entire Great Forge! Let's do it again!!! What: The Dwarven clans of Khaz Modan, as well as other brothers and sisters of the Alliance, wish to host a crafter's festival to honor centuries of fine craftsmanship! This will be the Summer installment of this seasonal event! Not a Dwarf? No problem! When: We plan to host the event from 6pm to 9pm server time, July 21st. Opening ceremonies will take place outside the "Cask and Anvil" next to the flight path at 6pm. Where: The Great Forge of Ironforge, of course! Contacts: You can message Bathildis, Davonna, or Modarin in game at any point or send your request via in-game mail! We can also get you in our Discord channel! What you can do: As a visitor, you are welcome to roam around the festival grounds, enjoy the night atmosphere and some good casual RP! Come by and shop around, purchase fine goods from craftsmen and women around the forge. Enjoy great music, drink, and food! Even register to participate in any sub-events we may have (like a dueling tournament). As a vendor, you can register for a booth to show and sell your wares! We like to spread everyone out along the outer ring of the Great Forge, allowing tons of space for different players to form small gatherings. Blacksmiths, engineers, scribes, even chemists and cooks are welcome! If you can craft something, wish to take on an apprentice, or teach your trade, you can register. Don't worry, there are no fees or anything! We just want to keep track of how many people want to fill this position. Please get your booth approved beforehand! As an entertainer, you can claim a spot to put on your act. Whether you are a bard, have an show, or wish to provide games for others to play, you're welcome to fill this role! We usually have a bard wandering around the festival playing actual music using the addon GHI, so this is really just limited to creativity. We definitely plan to spread you guys out so that you're not being overwhelmed by RP chatter, so it's very important that we get you set-up in a spot early! If you don't want to do any of these things, but wish to be a part of the festival, you are welcome to volunteer to help out where/when it is needed. If you wish to get involved in organizing the event, please contact Bathildis in game! I look forward hearing from you! PS: If you use the addons GHI or TRP3 Extended, you'll also be in good company at this event. We'll have special wares available (I have a full bar, as well as a limited edition Festival Brew), as well as at least one bard playing live music throughout part of the event. PPS: I'll keep this post edited as events unfold! Currently: Vendors: Modarin of the "Cask and Anvil" will be providing you with the finest Dwarven dining under the mountain! Bathildis Ironstout of "Clan Ironstout Brewery" and "The Steel Pub" will be supplying some of the finest brews in Khaz Modan! Burly Darkdraft will be supplying his unique Darkdraft Mineral Brews! <Ludlow Vineyards> will be there, selling 14 Ludlow Signature Wines and giving out samples of them all! Manarocket, aka Seamus the Grey, will be selling familiars and fireworks! Halflan from <Picks 'n Pints> will be there selling archaeological oddities and trinkets! Kargorin will be there, opening up the meat emporium in addition to his star-of-the-show, homemade jerky! Thane Furgas and the <Clan Steelgrasp> will be in the Great Forge selling masterwork arms and armor. They will even be providing a number of blacksmithing needs on the spot! Rufaic Snowsteel and <Shield of the Lost> will be in attendance to provide blessings of the Light to anyone or anything in need, as well as selling Light-blessed trinkets and items for the Priesthood of Ironforge! Velyandreith will be selling enchantments, runic inscriptions, herbal concoctions, and firearms! Sheolraam and the Cloudy Flask will be there once again to sell their unique brews and carefully-procured reagents! Tyrman of Tinker Toys will be there selling authentic gnomish toys, robotic figurines, and fireworks! Areniaagn has come to sell his enchanted wares at the 'Death's Door' booth! The Violet Tap will be selling their signature drinks and meals! Guardian Gearworks will be there selling various mechanical marvels and fully-functioning prosthetics. Miaulin will be vending on behalf of "Moonkin Made", selling healing crystals, magical trinkets, and potions! Still some room for more! Entertainers: Volunteers: Always looking for more! More info here: http://ironforgecraftfest.tumblr.com/Bathildis25 6h
6h [H-RP] Felborne RP - Anybody else? The dark forces of the Twisting Nether need YOU!! *insert photo of Sargeras with a patriotic top hat* There's plenty of Nightborne out there. Plenty of mages, too. That's all well and good, but what about us folks that have SUCCUMBED TO THE FOREVER INFERNAL DARKN--ahem--succumbed to darker powers? The Felborne. If there's anybody else out there interested in this kind of roleplay, do let me know! We can try and get something together. Or, alternatively, I'd love to know if there is some collective that already exists of which I am not currently aware. Thanks Wyrmrest Accord!Vyndrêth2 6h
6h [A]<The Shadow Vault>: DK RP Community The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance-side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend. Our goals (IC): ● To execute the orders of the Deathlord and act as the Lich King's agents against the Legion. ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. We are neither good nor evil and recognize the value of our allies. We do what the living cannot, whether they agree with it or not -- but we don't cause trouble unless the threat to our ties is worth it. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specializations and Professions Characters are not required to pursue any of these, but it provides a platform for you to need others and others to need you! Specializations Reavers - Your horrifying death machine soldier knight. Darkriders - Scouts and aerial support. Shadowmender - Supportive necromancy / spellcasting. Professions Archivists - Librarians and curators. Our unliving Google machines. Fleshcrafter - Our doctors who repair and maintain undead flesh. Plaguebrewers - Masters of potions for zombies and blight-herbalism. Runesmiths - Seek to know everything about every rune and array. Like a lawyer, they're good to know. Quartermaster - Keep track of our supplies and handle supply requests. This person is probably organized. Instructor - Train new death knights. You can see a prettier explanation with more details on these here: tinyurl.com/TSVspecs --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (H raiding & mythic+ dungeons). We are primarily a RP guild, so we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. We endeavor to obtain AotC every tier and have been successful since we started in HFC. Current progression: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/The+Shadow+Vault What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding 3 total hours 1 night a week (Saturday 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Optional fun/pug night for easier raid content (e.g. Normal) on Fridays at 5 PM ST. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● We strive to maintain a good reputation and are somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to mostly be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne165 6h
7h Roleplay Addons, 8.0, and You The 8.0 prepatch is almost here, and there are some major changes to roleplay profile addons that everyone needs to be aware of. So please read this, and pass along the information to those you know that don't read the forums. First and foremost: All roleplay profile addons need to be updated for 8.0. New addons will not interact with old addons, and old addons will not work properly in 8.0. MyRolePlay, TotalRP3, and XRP will all have releases ready for 8.0 going live. I'll update this post with direct links to the official 8.0 releases as they become available. Releases for 8.0 will only work on 8.0. Do not use them with 7.3. - MyRolePlay: v8.0.1.415: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/my-role-play/files/2584064 - Total RP 3: v1.4.1: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/total-rp-3/files/2584719 - XRP: v1.8.2: https://github.com/Itarater/XRP/releases/download/v1.8.2/XRP-1.8.2.zip Beyond this update, be aware that all roleplay profile contents will be logged and can be reported to Blizzard for abuse. An issue arose within the past year or so where some individuals were extensively using roleplay profiles to harass others on an ongoing basis, or to publish someone else's personal details. As such, implementing the reporting capability became a high priority for profile addons, and it has been done in time for 8.0 prepatch launch. This means you should clean up your profiles now. The guidelines on acceptability are roughly what you'd see in public chat channels. If you wouldn't say it in /say, don't put it in your profile. These reports are all reviewed exclusively by Blizzard -- addon authors have no power or influence whatsoever, so please don't hurl abuse at any of them if your profile is ever reported. That said, I ask that everyone exercise common courtesy when it comes to reporting. Don't abuse the report system -- abuse of the report system to harass someone can result in actions against your account, instead of the person being reported. Furthermore, please use your judgement when it comes to reporting -- try to reserve reports for profiles that incite hatred or violence, that harass and target individuals, or that publish personal or harmful details on others. These sorts of profiles, while few and far between in a community like this, are serious enough problems that this needed to be done. Finally, there may very well be bugs. Please keep an eye out for updates to your roleplay profile addon of choice over the coming days and weeks. If you encounter behaviour you suspect is a bug, please report it to your addon's author, preferably on the project's bug/issue tracker. - MyRolePlay: https://github.com/Ellypse/MyRolePlay/issues - Total RP 3: https://github.com/Ellypse/Total-RP-3/issues - XRP: https://github.com/Itarater/XRP/issues If you're comfortable with it, please consider running the following command in your WoW game to enable Lua errors: /console scriptErrors 1 Run the same command with 0 replacing 1 to disable Lua errors. Enabling Lua errors may help find any bugs that need to be fixed, which would be greatly appreciated. While these addons have been extensively tested on beta and PTR, nothing compares to the chaos that is live servers. Thank you.Itarater194 7h
7h The MERIT Symposium - You're Invited! Hosted by Altherei Darkwind and Murigen Silverthread, the MERIT Symposium is a three-day scholarly event with a wealth of presentations, vendors, recruiters, and evening activities! Any and all members of the Horde are welcome to attend. What does MERIT stand for? Magic, Entertainment, Research, Innovation, and Technology! We will have lectures and master classes ranging from Cultural Awareness to Siegecraft, from First Aid to Etiquette and more! When: July 20th (4ST-9ST), July 21st (4ST-8ST), and July 22nd (4ST-9ST) Where: Uninstanced Temple of the Jade Serpent- please see the Schedule of Events post link to our event map! Guilds: Legacy of Suramar (sponsor) The Eversong Ensemble (sponsor) Gilded Ivory Cartel (sponsor) The Strawmen (sponsor) Blackdawn Initiative Heart of the Raven Tavern and Inn Succulent Tart Vendors: Quilen & Cloud Teahouse - Kunbo Kettleclaw Gilded Ivory Cartel Blackbird Bookery (Fri/Sat ONLY) - Maihren EVENT RULES: -No weapons. Full stop. Only those who have agreed to provide security may have weapons. The rest must be left at the door. Whether it’s ceremonial or not, whether you’re a member of the military or not.. this is a formal event, not a battlefield. -Dress appropriately for the Closing Gala. Ceremonial armor is permitted, provided it is clean, polished, and free of wear and tear. Otherwise, black tie is the standard. Evening gowns, tuxedos, and other classy ensembles are required. -No fighting. We expect everyone to behave civilly toward one another; fighting will not be tolerated. Whether your altercation is verbal or physical, you will be told to cease and desist. -Be respectful. We expect everyone to behave at their best. -Know your limits. While alcohol will be present, do not overindulge. We ask that all attendees remain sober enough to maintain good judgement. -No illicit substances. -For those attending lectures and classes: please keep any and all questions on topic. Please also do not use any question time given to belittle, correct, or derail the speaker. If information is inaccurate, it is best handled privately, so as not to disrupt the flow of events. -For those hosting lectures and classes: please come prepared. Have any notes, reagents, or items you may need with you. You assume all risks and liabilities, and you will be responsible for the safety of those who participate in your classes. -If you run into an issue or see someone violating the rules, please find one of our Security Team. They will be wearing official MERIT pins. ((OOCly, they will be the only ones with weapons, and will have “Security Team” in their RP addon titles, as well as a mention of a MERIT pin in their currently.))Altherei6 7h
7h Undercity After Dark - Forsaken RP Community EDIT: Hey Everyone, the link for the invite seems to be bugged. It should be set to never expire and have unlimited uses, however that seems to not be the case. It might work for some and not for others but I have no idea and am also seemingly unable to create a new link. This isn't altogether unsurprising, given that this feature has just come out. Will update whenever something changes. Hey guys, Cailias here. Thought I'd hit you with a brand new community since that seems to be the trend, and oh boy do I love trends. Undercity After Dark is a community I have made for the Forsaken RP community at large to have another spot to hang out and communicate with each other, along with helping out any other player who wants to get in on the action by giving them a place to find any guilds or groups that can help them on their way! Basically a place meant for all things Forsaken RP-related! There's a few rules in place, just to help keep order around here, such as: No Trolling, Harassment, etc No OOC Racism, Hatespeech, Slurs, Sexism, Homophobia, etc No Politics or Religion Don't be a jerk With all that out of the way, the link code is here: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/9Ej3PlSeYn?region=US&faction=Horde Please use the code provided by this link in game in the "Join Communities" part of the guild and communities interface to join! Happy, er... rotting? Eh, I tried.Cailias9 7h
8h Barbershop Hairstyles for New Characters? So, is it just me not noticing until now, or did they just add all the hairstyles from the barber shop to the character creation screen?Mairelle7 8h
8h [H] <Daydreamers> Recruiting for BFA We are seeking: DPS - any About Us Daydreamers are a casual progression guild. We keep a casual mindset while having a larger goal in mind (Example; AOTC). We do Mythic+, dabble in roleplay, and just have fun. We're all learning together, so there is no pressure to be perfect. We will not pressure you to switch roles because we need a specific role/your class got nerfed/etc. We want you to have fun and play what you want. Contact Us Guild Leader: Mourai - GilneanRose#1104 OR Gilneanrose#3293 on Discord Raid Leader: Amoa - Sasleor#1298 Officer: Vercalis - Cadenza#1728 Raid Times for BfA We raid Wed 4PM-7PM Server Time. Sunday 3PM-6PM Server Time Raiding Expectations Daydreamers is not a guild that is looking for players that only parse extremely high or play a certain class at the highest level possible. People will never be asked to not come to raid simply because they play a class that isn’t “optimal”. That being said, our end goal is to clear the tier in a reasonable timeline while getting ahead of the curve. This means that people will not be able to show up to raid consistently and not seek to improve. The guild is full of people who are skilled at multiple classes/specs and are always willing to help people. This is not a “do good numbers or you won’t be able to ever come” statement; this is meant for the people who constantly show up and refuse to ever improve even when offered advice by others with direct and clear ways that you can improve. Progression All raids in Legion have been cleared on heroic and normal, and all raids we have achieved AOTC, except for Emerald Nightmare (which was just as the guild started raiding). Required Add-Ons for Raiding DBM or similar add-on Guild Resources and Communications Discord Other Activities Mythic+ Alt runs Playing other Blizzard games in the middle of the night (Overwatch, Diablo, HoTS, Hearthstone) PvPMourai22 8h
9h [A&H] DK RP Group | Zeramas: the Ebon Citadel ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Nekromar23 9h
10h <Oath Of The Old Hunters> is Recruiting You open a letter you found in your mailbox upon return home. The words scrawled across the fine parchment in a deep purple hue. “If you are reading this, we wish for you to join us in our fight. We are the Oath Of The Old Hunters, a band of people who feel to constrained by the rules and regulations of the military. We wish to keep those under our protection safe regardless of the means we must take to do so. Our actions may seem unorthodox, but such is the price to pay to get the job done. If you feel as though you are being held down, chained to the army and kept from reaching your true potential, hang a crimson cloth adorned with a ebon phoenix from your door. We will be more than willing to talk.” The letter crumbles after you place it down. You feel a dull throbbing in the back of your head as a voice whispers, “Do not disappoint me…” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Ideals We are a group of people who just wanted a change of pace from the military rp scene. We will be a chill and casual atmosphere as we do most of the content in the game. We will be focusing heavily on PVE and RP in the beginning of BFA, with minor interest in instanced and world PVP. If you have any questions feel free to contact Hadyen or Daniel/Zharaki. If neither of us are on feel free to message a member of the guild and they will write your name down and we will get back to you A.S.A.P. RP We are guild that will be working mostly as a company with a classic anti hero theme.We will try to work around most characters as long as you don’t godmod and try to actively go down the road of being a supervillain. We are open to nearly every type of character, from a saint to a war criminal. After all, the only thing the guild will care about is whether or not you get your job done.Zharaki2 10h
12h A few questions about a RP Realm (New player) Hi, having played WoW for a year I had a great experience and met good people, but I came to a thought that engaging in RP should be more immersive and so I'm planning to roll a new toon and begin RPing with release of BfA (to be honest, when this toon finally breaks the rep gate and unlocks the allied races). So with some Googling I learned some basic things, like being polite(well this works not only in RPs tho), using (())s for OOC words, some useful add-ons, etc., but I wanted to ask fellow players how active the RP is going in these days, and whether joining a guild would be a must. Thanks!Youndeok7 12h
14h Little People and Weapons So, maybe it's just met and maybe it's others, but has anyone noticed that the new weapons are absolutely massive for us Goblins? I'm not sure if they're just as large for Gnomes or Dwarves, but, even some of the more simple One handed swords that are coming out in BfA are just. Quite a bit larger than a Gob, what gives?!Megahes5 14h