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2d Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde (Pasting this from the old forums, Thanks to Danikah and Kalanii and Quill for these and their preservation.) Quill’s Advice to Blood Elves/Those Who Hate Them Original Post (Repost by Kalanii): Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin. You are not a High Elf. You are not a Half-Elf. High elves and half-elves are Alliance-based. The high elves have thrown in their lot with the Alliance, and the half-elves are half-human, and thus attached to the Alliance. If you are one of these two things and you are playing in the Horde, disguise it. If you are open about this, you will be exiled or, more likely, executed. Play it smart if you must play it at all. You do not hold titles equal to major NPCs. You are not a Grand Magister, a Ranger-General, or a Blood Knight Matriarch. You are not an exception to this rule. Those people are the top of the chain of their respective organizations; you are not their equal. My advice? Be just a magister, a blood knight, or a ranger. Don't define yourself by your title. You can gain respect without a high rank. Blood elves play a subtle game with their politics and power struggles. Most of the power struggles seen in Silvermoon from RPers are duels or RP fights; this would not be tolerated by the guard unless it was taken outside, but moreover, this is not terribly characteristic of the culture. They are crafty people who prefer techniques like blackmail and playing the long game, which comes of their relatively long lives. Stop drawing your weapons and blasting people with your spells and start learning how to wound with words. Be patient. Be clever. Cleverness isn't something you can fake, mind, so if being subtle and working intrigue isn't something you feel up to doing, get out of the Silvermoon scene or don't try to play the sort of bloodelf who is into power struggles. A blunt bloodelf would not get very far in their culture. Openly talking about throwing down the government or otherwise defying the laws of decency would not happen without consequences. This is more of a general rule for RP, but it happens a lot in Silvermoon so I'm putting it here. You need to acknowledge your environment. Just because the guards won't actually react in game doesn't mean they wouldn't react in lore. We're here to play in the Warcraft world, and that includes using your imagination as to what would happen if you took such actions. Understand that the guards would be after you for stabbing someone if you did it on the street or in an establishment, and that even if you "evaded" them, there would be a warrant for your arrest. Allarya109 2d
Aug 24 Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters <insert exodar crash joke here> - Table of Contents (You're reading this, right now.) =========================================================== - Introduction - What this aims to accomplish, and for who - What is "Great Roleplay" and a "Great Roleplayer"? - Lore Accuracy - Start from the beginning, and finish at the end. - Goals: What do I want? - Step One: So many choices, what to go for first? - A shattered mirror: all the pieces of the character that make a whole - What's my Story? - Who do I know? - What do I do? - What -am- I? - Step Two: Socialites and Interacting with the Public - Racial Backgrounds and Stereotypes - Social Mores and Laws - Radicals (fanatics) and Moderates (conservatives) - Who shaped my opinions? (The effect of family on perceptions) - Step Three: An Empty Mind - Filling your Character's Head - Emptying your Character's Head - Personality Traits - Physical Habits and Mannerisms - Step Four: An Empty Life - I've got personality but no lifestyle! - Real world activities vs. "What I can do in WoW" - My class, and how it relates to me - My professions, giving me more than a fat/empty wallet. - Using class and profession to add to a character's dynamics. - Touching bases: How class and profession relate to my society. - Education: What do I know, and who taught me? A final wrap up to your character's story. - Step Five: Hey everybody, come see how good I look! - Physical Appearance and Characteristics - Start big, then go small - Descriptive words - Touching bases (again): Society and tattoos, piercings, ect. - Describing my Garb (what do I wear?) - Affiliations and Dressing (who do I know and how does that effect my dress?) - Final Step: Affiliations and my place in the world - Who am I now? (ranks, titles, and other affluential tomfoolery) - In closing: - Final Tips - From Hero to Zero: How good characters fall to pieces. - A thank you =========================================================== Roleplaying 101 - Yet another jerk telling you how to play your game. An Introduction: Welcome to roleplaying 101! This will be yet another thread where someone tells you in a stuck up and haughty manner why you suck at rp and how to fix it. It's your $15 a month, so by all means ready the flamethrowers and burn this thread to the ground. In all seriousness if that's your views, feel free to go read another thread. If you want to learn, well hopefully I can teach you something in my handful of years of roleplay. If I can't teach you something, well I can say I tried. And if I can't say that, I can at least say I wasted a good chunk of time facerolling this keyboard for you all. For those of you that dislike long threads: that's too bad. I'm writing this thread for a guild myself and a friend are planning on creating after seeing some of the roleplay within this server and deciding we wanted to control our exposure to the community in order to create a roleplay environment rich in immersion and character development that pertains to lore accuracy. If your reaction at this point revolves around the word "elitist" you're probably right. For those of you who I haven't chased off yet: lets cut to the chase! The very...very long chase. What this aims to accomplish, and for who: Who am I talking (typing) to in this thread? To anyone who wants to expand their roleplaying character to be a rich and developed individual, who feels like a real person who actually exists in the "World of Warcraft". Someone who grew up here, developed their mind here, and would contribute to the society here. Who this doesn't pertain to: People who play "just to have fun" People who use the excuse "It's my $15" People who don't roleplay People who could care less about lore, immersion, and realism in roleplay Ghostcrawler (everyone seems to hate on his watercooler posts, so I might as well kick him in the kidney while he's down!) What this thread aims to accomplish is to be a comprehensive guide to creating a character who is fully developed and inserted into this game's lore. This thread may not be for the casual roleplayer or someone who is not really interested in making a basal rp character to throw bombs in the pig and whistle, and stare harshly at all the non-paladins in the Cathedral, or ERP as a female draenei.Alinaris139 Aug 24
Oct 1 Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society RP 102: Read RP 101 First Welcome to RP 102! Forgive the long time between the previous RP 101 and this thread, I was a bit busy and couldn't find time to sit down long enough to collect thoughts and put them into an intelligent thread, and nobody wants to hear me ramble. Nobody. This RP 102 thread is a bit shorter than my original RP 101 thread. You'll have to forgive me on this. I've been really busy and this is the best I could throw together. If there's enough interest, I may even write a RP 103 thread. If you want to see some tips and such for something I didn't touch in either thread, or have questions/comments feel free to contact me in game as Alinaris or Zakarov. So lets get down to business! Once again, if you haven't read RP 101, I highly recommend you read it first, as this thread deals with advanced RP concepts and may or may not ever refer to the original 101 thread. Welcome to the revenge of society. Like your favorite horror movie villains, me repeating this word over and over again will never die, and come back to haunt you while you're swimming at your favorite summer camp. Silly councilors... As always this thread is for a specific type of person, and not for others. If you're interested in learning some advanced RP concepts, brushing up on that pop culture character you made, or in general someone interested in learning and expanding your already expansive knowledge of (draenei female tail length) roleplay, then continue on! However if you're any of the following, please do not read any further as I'm afraid this thread will probably just frustrate you and/or cause you to develop unsightly welts. Ghostcrawler If you may or may not be a werepenguin. Any and all Lady Gaga roleplayers. If you own more than fifteen beanie babies. People who cannot handle sarcasm and satire. People who will read the table of contents and flame on something they read without reading the actual subject matter at hand. I love you guys so much. Gnomes (Because we all know gnomes are mythical creatures that do not exist.) Here's your table of contents: 1. An intro to RP 102 and a recap on 101. 2. But I want to rp as spider man! Pop culture done right. 3. Crazy RP abilities: How to commit self suicide. 4. Dragon Roleplay: If you're gonna do it, do it right. (Don't do it) 5. Erotic Roleplay (and how it's ruining your favorite server right now!) 6. Expanding your character even further (social events and you) This is a more focused thread touching on several “taboo” subjects and how to deal with them appropriately, and what generally ruins such things for people. This thread will be kept clean, so don't see #5 up there and get all excited (looking at you, draenei) because this isn't a “how to guide” but rather where it may or may not fit in, and the arguments for both sides. If you're concerned, read the next post on what each section will contain.Alinaris47 Oct 1
5d The Great Alliance Guild Directory! The Great Alliance Guild Directory! Please request a sticky! Looking for a guild? Have a guild but looking for members? You're in the right place! RP Guilds(All Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-2 RP Guilds(Specific Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-7 PVE Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 PVP Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 Other(Social, mish-mash, et cetera): N/A Format: Guild Name Here "motto here" Description: ( short description here 3-5 sentences max. ) Races: (What races are allowed?) Leader(s): Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?) Website: (url to guild website, if any.) Wiki link: (url to wiki page, if any) General Information: If you have trouble with the forums/are banned, you can send me an in-game mail at Jaeysa with the info or you can e-mail me at warriorjaeysa@gmail.com Please try to keep your adverts as brief as possible. Anything over 150 characters may be shortened by me. Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild. If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.Please request a sticky!Jaeysa94 5d
Sep 27 IC Twitter Project: On the Rise Again! *A small book appears in from of you...It says: "I am the magical Twitt."* Hello everybody! I'm not sure if anyone is still active in the IC Twitter, since it's all full! So, I, Pisella the Pie Vendor, have decided to make a new thread! So add us on Twitter, or make your own! Same rules apply! ... List: ...Pisella117 Sep 27
51s HGR Thanks WrA for Attending! Guten tag! [For a description of Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich, see https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759558048 ] Published! [Thanks to Baelila from the Royal Courier, here is a publication of our event for those who wish to recap!] http://the-royal-courier.tumblr.com/post/168443289540/the-holy-gnomish-empire-makes-its-introduction What Happened! As many of you may know, Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich kicked off its first major event this past Sunday! Our Royal Court in the Stormwind Petitioner's Chamber succeeded well beyond expectation! We are absolutely thankful for everyone who attended, and helped make this special event such a cherished moment for the server. Ehrungen To Our Guildmates First I owe some special honors to those who helped labor during this event to make it what it was. I would like to begin by thanking my own guild members. Anyone who has ever hosted a server-public event can understand just how stressful the ordeal can be for the administrators. Any guild leader knows how cumbersome the weight of an event can be if they are its' only support. And any chief of staff can surely empathize. This event was different from any I've hosted before. Every single member of Das Heiliges Gnomishes Reich was a team-player that night. Everyone in the guild helped to distribute the weight, from our top officer's to our youngest and newest members. I am still in shock and awe by the enthusiasm of our members. Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich has had a meteoric arrival in the six days that it has existed, and our foremost credit must go to those members who have displayed such enthusiasm. Every member here matters and adds a new dimension to our purpose. To Our Supporters But don't let me take away credit from those without the guild! Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich has three individuals we would like to particularly thank for their contributions and help. Our first shout out goes to Mojian in <Bronze Talons>. We were in a last minute scramble to find culinary artists to help make the Grand Banquet larger than life. Mojian served Tea during the event, and made it a very relaxed, yet engaging ordeal. We would also like to thank Brosweg [Kirin Tor] for helping to orchestrate the phenomenal firework show. For those who weren't able to make it, we held a firework show which was synced to the finale of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture in the Discord Music Channel that accompanied the event. Brosweg orchestrated a perfect show. But more importantly, Brosweg assisted us when we could find no one on our server to make Cluster Launchers. They offered out of the goodness of their heart to support us cross-server. They simply couldn't have done any better, and for that we are extremely thankful. As a third honor, we would like to thank <The Royal Courier> who took the time out of their day to publicize our event and publish an article. Folks, you think it might be easy RPing a journalist, but anyone who's ever managed a Wordpress, Tumblr site, or even a Facebook group knows just exactly how many hours of work go into this sort of thing. Baelila from the Royal Courier not only spent time taking Screenshots, and gathering quotes, but even took time after the event to interview the recipients of awards. She is proof of the credibility of <The Royal Courier> We consider what she did for us a labor or love, because there's many combined hours of writing, editing, and screenshot file indexing that are incorporated with that. May we say once more - Thank you. To the Public! Last, but not least - we want to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to attend. It was a real treat to have you all there, and to be some positively received. While it may seem difficult to believe, for many of our guildies, this was the first RP event they had ever attended. We know it was a magic moment for them and so many more. Zukunft In the future, we intend to host more Royal Court events. We are planning around one per month. Next Royal Court, we plan on hosting in the Hall of Explorer's in Ironforge. If you thought this event was quite the spectacle....just wait. There's more! Thank you all so much again! Aufweidersehen!Gismarck1 51s
11m The Mild Complaining Thread I would like to complain. Half of my hair isn't long enough to be in a ponytail but it's so long that it's basically a haircut by itself, and it doesn't want to stay pinned or in a hairband. PTSD and other physical chronic illnesses are annoying and I would like to sell them for a low price to someone else. My dog won't snuggle with me. I love night elves but their new models are still bad. Radda radda. I am going to bed.Alledria92 11m
18m ✧ Grey Haven ✧ Greetings, Wyrmrest. Wanted to make an official statement on a new project we're working on; Grey Haven. Grey Haven is a Horde-based, neutral-aligned guild planned to go IC at the start of Battle for Azeroth. Grey Haven was founded by yours truly and Aurellia on November 6th, 2017, three days after BlizzCon and the new expansion announcement. In the wake of a renewed faction conflict, both of us felt that our characters would not fit in the planned narrative, and instead we sought to create a role-play guild centered around Horde defectors and refugees seeking exile from war and conflict, while still doing what they could to assist the innocent. So far, our general direction at the start of the expansion is helping move along storylines to get members fully defected, the formation of Grey Haven, and the search for a new home. During the BlizzCon World of Warcraft Gameplay and Systems Deep Dive, Blizzard spoke briefly about the "thousand islands of the Great Sea." This alone gave us plenty to work with. Our currently desired narrative is that one of these islands, somewhere in the Great Sea, becomes their new home. Following their establishment, Grey Haven would work on establishing at least neutral relationships with the main factions, as well as smaller ones, and begin recruiting members of all races. That being said, we plan to stay Horde-side as that's where we personally play most often. Aurellia and I have a few ideas as to where we want to take this, but I wanted to gauge the amount of possible interest, as well as feel around for any further ideas you guys may have. Any feedback is welcome. :)Cannibal51 18m
47m Good Advice Thread A large worgen sits behind the desk in front of you with a large, toothy grin. Tapping the desk that was far too tiny for him with sharpened claws, the brute seems quite ready to listen to whatever you may say. In front of the desk hangs a peculiar sign... It states as follows: "THE GOOD ADVICE DESK: The representative behind the desk is not held responsible for any life-changing advice that may cause terrible results. Please send any complaints or disapproval of advice to the associate named 'Enekie Graves'." Hello everyone, it's been awhile so I figured I'd make a new one of these. So, ask away! What kind of advice are you looking for, Wyrmrest Accord? I promise it will be Good.Wolf29 47m
1h Help me understand - Warlocks in Legion So, I've been trying to wrap my brain around the fact that we are openly and voluntarily working with the Warlock council while we fight the Legion. I don't understand - why on Azeroth would we be willingly working with people who specifically summon and control the very thing we are fighting against? Why would we allow Fel magics in Dalaran? Aside from the obvious OOC game play mechanics answer that the class is playable so they've got to do all the same game play as the rest, where's the IC justification?Okogna28 1h
1h Nice Try, <Claw and Shadow> In the early morning hours our glorious capital was attacked! Anduin's keep was stormed by the horde guild <Claw and Shadow> after they raided the tiny town of Goldshire. Brazen, brash, and overconfident they marched into Stormwind only to be rebuffed and chased from our territory by proud members of <Vanguard Company> and our allies! Anduin shall never fall on our watch. Victory to the Alliance! Death to the Legion and the Horde it spawned!Sikcario57 1h
1h [A]<Iconoclast> 11/11H, 2-day raiding <Iconoclast> on Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance) is a two day, semi-hardcore raiding guild currently seeking a few more dedicated raiders for our Mythic and Heroic Antorus progression! We're looking for committed, like-minded individuals who can perform at a high level while maintaining a fun yet serious attitude. We merely ask you bring a can-do perspective and be willing to learn and grow with us, while being open to constructive criticism. We aim to make a raid environment that is fun, friendly, and progressive. We are also RP and PvP friendly, however, our main focus is raid progression. Even if you aren't looking to get into raiding, but still want a friendly group of players to hang out with, Iconoclast has a spot for you. We form leveling groups, dungeon groups, and even do things outside of the game such as Overwatch and FF14 nights. We constantly run mythic+ and are more than willing to help new players. Raid Times: Mythic Team: Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:45-11pm server (PST) Heroic Team: Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11pm sever (PST) Expectations: Mythic Progression - Discord - Positive Attitude - Consistent Performance - Exceptional knowledge of your class - Patience - Able to take constructive criticism - High attendance - Flexibility - Ready 15 minutes before raid time Heroic Progression - Discord - Positive Attitude - Patience - Able to take constructive criticism - Ready 15 minutes before raid time Progression: 7/7 M EN 1/3 M ToV 6/10 M NH 6/9 M ToS 11/11 H Antorus Our Mythic Antorus team is currently recruiting! We're looking for the following to trial with us: Tanks: Not recruiting Healers: Not recruiting Ranged DPS: Boomkin, Warlock (any spec) Melee DPS: Warrior, Demon Hunter -935+ ilvl preferred -Concordance level 72 preferred (75 when Mythic starts) Questions can be directed to Jadav, Shirley, Gennon, and Bellãmorte in game and by Battle Tag: Jadav#11219, Gennonator#1586, Whittastic#1350 Our Heroic Antorus team is also currently recruiting! Tanks: Not recruiting Healers: Holy Pali Ranged DPS: Mage, Hunter Melee DPS: Warrior, Shaman (Enhancement) -925+ ilvl preferred -Concordance level 69 preferred Questions can be directed to Zalento or Tequilaslamr in game and by Battle Tag: ZalenGaleth#1830, DmRage#1945 All applications can be sent to: http://iconoclastwa.enjin.com https://discord.gg/cMfjm7v We look forward to hearing from you!Shirley23 1h
1h A Winter's Festival! (Alliance Rp event) Greetings to all citizens of the Alliance. On Saturday, December 16th, at 6:30 server time, there will be a feast held by the Lord and Lady Ironshield at their estate in Northrend (( OOC location is Silverbrook in Grizzly Hills)). All are welcome to attend with their friends and family. Beyond travelling cloaks there will be no need to bundle up as the area shall be enchanted against the cold. Events include: Snowman making competition, Snowball duels, An Original storytelling contest, A raffle; The winner of whom receives a free commissioned sculpture of their character. We hope you'll join us and help us celebrate this festive holiday as a thank you for those defending us at home and on Argus. Our kindest regards, Lord Jorsef Ironshield Lady Maescia Ironshield (( Below is a discord link for things you may need to know leading up to the event. Feel free to join! You're welcome to chat in it before the event however any sign of misconduct will result in removal, obviously. Thank you! )) https://discord.gg/SF2bUYYMaéscia3 1h
2h [H-RP] The Whitehorn Tribe Wambleesha looked over the small encampment situated at Ghostwalker Post, in Desolace. He counted the number of Whitehorn several times, and after each count he would frown. His people had dwindled, their numbers slowly disappearing. He sighed softly, looking towards the mountains that sectioned off Desolace from the Golden Plains of Mulgore. For too long had the Whitehorn camped outside the Crossroads, serving Soup to those in need. While they had looked to others, they had become blind to their own needs. The Legion’s return was a painful lesson, one that was still engraved in many of the minds camped here now. But even though dire times had begun for the Whitehorn, a glimmer of hope was revealed. The Totem Spirits had spoken to Elder Wambleesha, the new Chieftain of the Whitehorn, to come to Desolace. There, they would find the strength, and the answers, to begin pushing back against their dreaded foe, the Sleeper. Wambleesha looked back to his people once more before whispering to the Spirits. It was time the Whitehorn took to the Paths of Old, to find the Shrines long left in disrepair. The Totem Spirits would be honored, and revered in the proper way, and the Whitehorn would begin to push back from the disarray that had befallen their once great people. The Elder stands tall, looking towards the encampment of his people. “Theia-shoush ahmen.” ______________ The Whitehorn Tribe is a mostly Tauren, tribal RP guild with a heavy focus on service to the Skyfather, the teachings of the Earthmother, and honoring the ancestors. If your character believes the Shu’halo are losing touch with their traditions, or that the Shu’halo should be honoring the Totem Spirits more than they should - then we might be the guild for you! If your character hears the call of the Spirits, and you want to stand ready to protect the Earthmother and her children – then yes, we do have a place for you. FAQs : Wait, wasn’t Kinarra the GM of Whitehorn? Aye, she was. However due to being unable to be present enough for interactions of the Tribe, she decided it would be best to hand it over to myself. However, she hasn’t left us, just taken a more laidback approach until she can return to usurp the mantle from my hands. Love you Kina… What do you mean by “mostly Tauren”? That we do accept non-Tauren members! As long as the character’s beliefs are in line with the Earthmother’s teachings, then yes, we accept them. Once they were considered provisional members, but the dire times ahead for the Whitehorn have called for them to reconsider this stance. As such, other races will be treated as tribesmen, once they have completed the necessary rites. Who the heck is the “Skyfather”? (As originally written by Kinarra.) The Skyfather, to my knowledge, is not mentioned in Tauren Lore. The concepts Earthmother and Skyfather occur together frequently in tribal cultures around the world however. To my point of view though, since the “Earthmother” is mentioned, it seems to imply the Skyfather. It’s not hard to believe that the different Tauren tribes would have different variations in some of their beliefs and customs. So, The Whitehorns are a bit on the fringe of the Tauren mainstream. I noticed many references to “journey”, “trail” and “path” – is there a theme here? Yes, there is! The main focus of the guild are the “Spirit Paths”. This is the method by which you honor the Skyfather and Earthmother. There are four paths that represent different focus areas your character can choose from. They are: Brave, Healer, Teacher/Lore master, and Mystic. For RP purposes, these replace your in-game class. How you choose to RP your character determines which path you choose. Basic Information: Horde Friendly* Guild: <Whitehorn Tribe> (*Because “Neutral” isn’t an option.) Guild Site: http://thewhitehorntribe.shivtr.com Contacts: Wambleesha (Guild Leader), Kinarra (Co-GM), Ossyka, Springmoon, Eishala or Menem.Wambleesha66 2h
2h No, You're Wrong What's a belief that your character has, be it due to willful disregard, misunderstanding or genuine ignorance, that directly contradicts established fact? For example, Cannibal does not believe that Elune is a being, and thinks she's just a name the night elves have given to the Light. He thinks the tauren had the first druids, the goblins and pygmies evolved from drogbar and that since some trolls can become loa, or wild gods, that all wild gods were at one point just regular beings who were somehow infused with huge amounts of power. Also, ogron are not an evolved gronn, but rather sad halfbreeds of gronn overlords and their ogre minions.Cannibal36 2h
2h [H] <Eclipsis> Raiding for Busy Adults LFM! Needs: We have immediate openings for experienced, geared dps. However, we recruit the player and not the class. Progression: 9/9 H Tomb of Sargeras; 9/9 N Tomb of Sargeras. We would like to recruit a few more people to fill in for people we are losing due to school starting back up! Current raid schedule: Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm - 8pm server time; Monday 6pm-8pm server. Who We Are: The group of friends playing in <Eclipsis> have been successfully running raids together since 2007. We are an older group and most of our members are busy with careers and / or families in addition to pixel-killing. We raid with a progression team three days per week, and often have retro-raids or other fun events on off-nights. Attendance is optional and you choose the days you are available each week. We run professional, efficient raids that start on time and end on time to help you make the most of your limited hours in-game. We are very picky about only admitting smart, respectful and friendly players who will help us make raiding fun and pleasant instead of a chore. If we sound like a good match for you then we'd love to hear from you. For more information or to fill out an application please visit our website at www.eclipsis.usChouettesage69 2h
2h [H RP/PvE/P] Thas'alah Welcome to the Thas'alah Forum post 2.0, with new information and a better way of looking at it rather than a giant wall of text spanning 4 posts <3. We're a Horde based heavy RP militia guild, with hopes to eventually dabble in some raiding and some PvP with this upcoming expansion. Our event times: 5:30 Server Time. We run bi weekly, our storyline events being on the first and third week of the month, with two slots on the calendar for members to do as they wish! So long as they're approved by myself or an officer, anyone can make an event so long as they've applied on the website and have done their IC interview. Now hold on a moment? Website? Yup! We have one of those now! To save some hassle when it comes to our current playtime, we created a website for potential recruits to look at and see if they'd fit in, then go through the application process! Our discord is still functional for our social chats, but this is for more of our recruits and for those interested in making a character sheet! Our Guild Website: http://thasalahwra.shivtr.com/ Our raid dates are currently unavailable, as we're still looking to grow that portion of our guild. But if we were to, it'd probably look around the lines of something like this: Raid times: Friday-Sunday: 5:30-8:30 PM (Server time) As for PvP: We're pretty casual! Just hit one of us up and maybe you could get a BG or arena group going. If you have any questions, ask them here or feel free to message us in game! GM: Delovath (Btag Delovath#1592) GM Alts: Ramäris, Aerthemär, Unforgivon Officers: Sarythe (Btag Rynaria#1911) Officer Alts: Kaiilytha, Myneshra, Taerisa| Officers: Atal'fon (Btag Philurthirst#11213) Officer Alts: Thank you for reading, have a nice day!Delovath0 2h
2h RP Hubs (The world is your oyster) In a previous thread, I had people assist with creating a list of RP hubs outside of the major well-known areas. In THIS thread, I would like to know what YOU want to see in a hub. Will it be neutral? Will it have an emphasis on PVP? What kind of events would we see there? Where will it be? Will there be guidelines to it? Will all characters have a place/reason to be there? Those are just some questions off the top of my head, but feel free to give as much or as little detail as possible.Vrorgar1 2h
2h Are Warlocks able to Enslave Demon Hunters? This isn't really an RP question more of a lore question or something. Are warlocks able to enslave / control demon hunters or would their demon percentage have to be closer to what Illidan is? Just curious since the few groupings of Demon Hunter & Warlock we've seen the Demon Hunter calls the Warlock their petGenngarr37 2h
3h Demon Hunters after the Legion's end So... I have honestly no doubt that this has been asked, but here's something I'm curious about. Far as I'm concerned, and I'd love people to correct me if I'm wrong because I doubt I'm 100% on this, demon hunters constantly struggle with the demon within them. You know, always trying to entice the demon hunter into corruption, switching sides, that kind of thing. Now, with the Legion gone (or when it's officially recognized as 'gone' in-game)... does this still happen? I imagine that the demon inside will no longer try to convince the elf to join the Legion, but rather just kinda give into its demonic nature and go insane, turn 'evil', whatever. Or will the voice go completely silent? I'm just curious about what everyone else here thinks!Aubrilith13 3h
3h [H RP-PvP] Warsworn Onslaught Born out of growing faction tensions on the tail end of the campaign against the Burning Legion and forged in a passion for the Horde way of life, the Warsworn Onslaught represents a refined breed of Horde soldier. Its ranks are comprised solely of dutiful volunteers, who have sworn service to the Horde above all else. Its end-goal is simple--the indisputable conquest of all enemies of the Horde, such that all people under the red banner may know peace and security. We are calling out to you, our comrades, to join us in this cause--to fight and to die for the Horde so that our people can live on. Enlist today! Who are we? Warsworn Onslaught is a brand new heavy military RP-PVP guild in the most primal sense of the description. We enjoy a vast array of casual and competitive PVP activities, and seek to embrace the full potential of Horde military role play through strict, descriptive events that drive home both the glory and horror of war. Our hope is to embody the themes of a military guild in the fullest sense--unabridged and unapologetically--while staying true to the way the Horde operates. Furthermore, we want to build a positive PVP community within the guild, where members feel that they can ask for help and achieve as part of the group. There’s definitely a lot more to say about us, and I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have! Go ahead, give me a whisper in game or on Discord at Oragnar#3123! I look forward to talking with you soon! :)Oragnar19 3h
3h Looking for friends to play with Haven't had much luck with guilds I've been in, would really like to have some friends to play with on a regular basis. Maybe some people who can help me get better and show me how to progress better, I really need it. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can add you or add me as a friend in game please. Thanks for your time everyone.Victorkruger4 3h
4h Darnassus Winter Market - Stall interest With the holidays approaching and Shaureyne away on a trip, I wanted to reach out to the community about The next Darnassus market. The tentative date is the 14th of January, and we are seeking 10-12 official stalls for the event! If you'd like to sign up, please use this simple form: Stall Name: Character(s): Stall Type(s): (types are Vendor, Recruiter, Performer) GHI/TRP3 Extended required?: Example below from the last market: Stall Name: The Royal Courier Character Name(s): Risri Stall Type(s): Vendor GHI/TRP3 Extended required?: Either verison Stall Description: The Royal Courier will be offering special editions (GHI or TRP3 Extended), Commemorative Photos, and selling ad space in the paper (IC gold only for all items) The Harvest Market was an amazing success, and we're looking to continue this trend with the Winter Market! Shaureyne will make an official post once she returns, but I am gathering the info for her to work with. Keep in mind if you;re unable to commit but have a stall idea, we will have an overflow area for extra stalls made. We look forward to seeing who signs up!Elliistra2 4h
4h [A-RP] <Moonrise Glory> - Highborne RP "A single belief forged by thousands of years of reflection: We will rise again." ... OOC Info: Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at running an RP guild. After seeing that there weren't many active Highborne guilds out there, I decided to take it upon myself to try and revive passion for Highborne RP! <Moonrise Glory> is a primarily neutral guild. We operate on our own agenda, but we do not have any set-in-stone enemies as of yet. We reside in Darnassus for the moment, but we are definitely on thin ice. The kaldorei are watching our every move. However, we can definitely accept kaldorei members! They'd be considered "one of the good ones," as scummy as that definitely is. I'm not really sure where this is gonna go, honestly! It all depends on if it drums up enough interest. Nevertheless, I cracked my amateur web designer knuckles and made us a shiny new guild site: http://moonriseglory.shivtr.com/ Glory to the Old Empire, brothers and sisters!Selnas19 4h
4h (A) <Keepers of the Moon> Night Elf RP *Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.* Kaldorei. The Children of the Stars. Keepers of the Land of Eternal Starlight. Our people have a rich, complex history, though in recent years, we have faced many uncertain changes. From the Battle of Mount Hyjal to the Cataclysm which has reshaped our very homeland. The return of the Highbourne and even the reintroduction of the Twicebourne challenge our longest-held values which have served as pillars of our society for milennia. Our once-great ancient cities now lie crumbled and ruined, their remaining power being exploited by our enemies. We will stand united- Kaldorei, Highborne, and Twiceborne- to assist our people, heal our society from within, and together adapt to an ever-changing world to build a brighter, prosperous future. Now, with the Burning Legion once again threatens to destroy our world, we reluctantly accept the aid of the Illidari. The rediscovery of the Broken Isles offers us the opportunity recover pieces of our ancient past so we can begin to better understand ourselves. OOC: Formerly known as <Wardens of Teldrassil>, we have changed direction and decided to focus on the cultural aspect of Kaldorei roleplay in contrast to the more militaristic approach of other guilds as well as personal and story-driven character development. We accept both male and female Night Elves of all classes- mages and Death Knights included. Demon Hunters are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We currently don't have a stance on Nightborne/Nightfallen characters. If interested, please visit our guild site at www.keepersofthemoonwra.shivtr.com to fill out an application. An in-character interview is required to join. Officers: Azaeluna/Illyirana, Miriael, Lorendrethil, Ereminn, Lynsalora Connect with us! /join KaldoreiRP.Azaeluna148 4h
5h The Skullreaping II (Horde PvP Event) The old orc warrior sat astride his massive wolf in the treeline on a hill overlooking the small Alliance settlement. He noted the laxness of the guards, just as his scout had reported, but he had wanted to see things for himself. Come tomorrow the people sleeping soundly in their beds, thinking themselves safe from his vengeance, would awake to swords in their bellies and axes in their skulls. Then the families of these Alliance would know loss, the same loss that he had felt since Orgrimmar's fall. The old orc knew that all over Azeroth, Horde warbands were about to set upon Alliance settlements and outpost like packs of ravenous wolves. Some were motivated by bloodlust or, like him, revenge, while others were motivated by the gold he offered as bounties on Alliance lives taken. It mattered not to him why Alliance blood flowed, so long as it flowed. Tonight, another Skullreaping would commence and Alliance lands would run run red with blood and the wailing of widows and orphans would be heard in the great cities of the Alliance, where their leaders would know that the Horde had not forgotten, nor had it forgiven. The old orc took a small fang from his pouch and stared at it for a moment. "A thousand skulls I will reap for you, little one. Then a thousand more and still I will not be done." He returned the fang to its place and turned his wolf back towards his waiting warband. The hour was growing late and there was killing to be done. ===== In honor of the looming reigniting of the Faction War, I am declaring a Horde PvP holiday during which time I call upon any and all interested Horde PvPers to reap the skulls of the Alliance, with gold prizes being paid out to the 4 Hordies who reap the most skulls. Sponsors: 1. Dubor of the Blackhorn Brigade has generously contributed 100K gold to the winners purses. 2. Lianshi of the Steelpaw Shaodan has generously contributed 50k gold to the winners purse. Rules: The rules are relatively simple. 1. Please do NOT utilize mercenary mode, as this is an event designed to reward Horde players for reaping the skulls of the Alliance. 2. Only Horde toons based on WrA are eligible to win prizes. 3. Post in this thread telling how many HKs you currently have as of 11:59 pm EST on Thursday December 7th (subject to verification). 4. Edit your post by 11:59 pm EST on Sunday December 11th with your new number of HKs (again, subject to verification). Please make sure to have in the final post BOTH the initial and final numbers of HKs. Rewards: The top 4 "reapers" will split a gold prize, as follows. 1st Place: 60,000 Gold. 2nd Place: 40,000 Gold 3rd Place: 30,000 Gold 4th Place: 20,000 Gold Please use this format in your event/contest posts: Toon Participating - (Name) Starting HKs (as of 11:59 pm EST, December 7th) - Ending HKs (as of 11:59 pm EST, December 10th) - HKs for the 72 hour period* - *Derived at by subtracting ending number from starting number, obviously :)Nakhu51 5h
5h It's finally here! Hello ladies and Gentlemen, Gnolls and Trolls. The time has finally come. The time I announce Axja's 5th annual Winter's Veil Giveaway! That's right, it's that season where I and many others come together to give back to the wonderful community that Wyrmrest Accord has been. This Friday, at 7pm server time on the server of Wyrmrest Accord, in the wonderful Trade District of Stormwind, I and many others will be present to hand out gifts to any and all attendees. We are giving away panther mounts, rare mogs, a Battered Hilt, TCG pets, and much more! With a set goal of 1,000,000g worth of presents distributed, this is an event you don't want to miss! What to Expect! I've been putting on these giveaways for five years now, and every year I've done my best to go bigger than before. This year players can expect a large gathering of the Wyrmrest community, free gifts, free snacks, and interactive individuals with those in line. Having seen wait times of over one hour in queue, I've done my best to come up with as many things as possible to keep you entertained while you wait for your gift! There will be free teaser treats, trivia, and perhaps an RP performance or two! What to bring! This event is for you, Wyrmrest Accord. All you have to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest. The only thing I would request is that you bring a friend, as we have many gifts, and only so few hands to claim them! What to do if you're a Filthy(kidding) Hordie In the spirit of Winter's Veil, this event is open to both the Alliance and the Horde. Of course I recognize that our cities' guards may be less than courteous towards our Horde pilgrims, and so it is for this reason I offer two solutions! Attend on your horde toon just as you are, and bop about in the spirit of the season!(Safety not guaranteed!!!) Or, hop on an alliance alt or create one! There is no level restriction for gifts, and I'd love nothing more than to show the faction across the great sea just how much we care about them too! Whats expected of you? This event is done with good intentions from the kindness of our hearts. We love this community and interacting with it. That being said, we understand that sometimes a few bad eggs can slip into the basket and we only ask that if you plan to attend that you come with manners and the willingness to be a part of this group of people with whom we've all come to know and love. With all this being said I do hope to see you all there. Together, we can make the 5th annual Winter's Veil Giveaway the biggest one in gifts given, attendance, and hype!(Yes I said Hype.) See you Friday at 7! -Sincerely, AxjaAxja0 5h
5h SAHN'TAH returns for a second year! Hello Wyrmrest! Last year I did a thing out of boredom. I made a random character that called himself Mister Sahn'tah that was basically a crazy old troll that thought he is santa incarnate on Azeroth. He loves giving out gifts to random people that /wave at him, but sometimes that gift is a snowball to the face. If you happen to see him be sure to give him a /wave and get a gift! He likes to ride around on Rude-Oaf, the Red-Nosed Proto Drake and Gasher (Likes to Gash) his direhorn! He'll be around Azeroth all the way through Winter's Veil! **Not responsible for loss of limb, frostbite, hypothermia, maiming, or otherwise serious injury.**Tåzjiin8 5h
6h [H-RP] Souls of the Forbidden - Recruiting! Some call us radicals. Others label us terrorists. Others still, claim we do not even exist. No matter. We are vigilantes who seek to help the Dark Lady remake our world, beginning with the elimination of the Alliance. Only through death do we evolve. We serve Sylvanas because she alone is the Forsaken cause. We are not part of the Forsaken military and do not answer to "High Command." Therefore, there is no "red tape" obstructing our goals. No bureaucracy, if you will. Our "extremist views" and methods are often questioned by other Forsaken; some of them branding us as a group of terrorists, doing more harm than good. But our prime directive is true: The decimation of the Alliance and the domination of Azeroth by the Forsaken. We are the Forbidden...We will slaughter anyone who stands in Her way. Souls of the Forbidden is a fresh guild recruiting Forsaken and DKs only. Non-Military. Heavy RP. OOCly, We're an all-Forsaken guild, but we also allow any Horde Death Knights among our ranks, under one additional condition. That said, all members of the guild must have their character be loyal to Sylvanas over any other organization. ICly we are a group of radical vigilantes who strike terror into the hearts of the Alliance and any enemy who dares to oppose the Dark Lady. If you are interested, please whisper Jaedera, Vanescula, Nephthysia, Tyranette, or Davinara - which are my characters, or contact my wonderful recruiter Samanthà, or contact me through in-game mail if I am not online. I ask that you please not whisper our current other members for information as we are a very new guild and you will just be directed to me anyway. I do play relatively frequently (Every day, various hours), so getting into contact with me shouldn't be a problem.Jaedera23 6h
6h [H-RP/Military] <Furysong> ✧ IC ✧ “Brothers and sisters of the Horde, your aid is necessary now more than ever. The Legion still threatens our existence every day, and whether you are displeased with the status of your current enlistment or simply nomadic, consider a new path. Fight alongside us for glory on the battlefield and to destroy the Legion’s forces. Within our ranks you will be molded into elite soldiers, guided by an endless reach and full coffers. Everything you desire is obtainable, should you put yourself to the test and enlist. We are Furysong.” ✧ OOC ✧ Furysong is an elf heavy, paramilitary outfit contracted by the Horde, though is truthfully funded and created by the Uncrowned to do their bidding. Furysong seems to have an unlimited source of strings to exhaust (favors/political advantages) due to the integrated network and complicated reach that the Shadowblades provide. No one aside from Halari Ravenscar and those of her choosing is aware of the true origins of Furysong, not even her second in command. Furysong militants are under the impression that the Ravenscar family’s abundance in coin and political sway are what affords Furysong to operate so efficiently. While designed and organized by Sin’dorei, all members of the Horde are welcome to join. We encourage diversity and assure that everyone is treated with an equal level of respect. We have a short OOC application to understand and appreciate who you are as a roleplayer and your character. If you are interested in joining the guild, please fill out the application. We highly recommend you read the rules and guidelines on the Forums first. >>> http://furysong.shivtr.com/site_applications/new <<< ✧ RP & EVENTS ✧ As a heavy RP guild, Furysong will partcipate in campaign-style storylines that span several events and lead to a conclusion which will result in an IC gain for the guild or characters. For events, we utilize an AddOn called DiceMaster. For events, DiceMaster is MANDATORY. If you do not want to download this addon, you can still participate socially in the guild and RP casually, but organized events will be for members who are equipped with our DM system. A new system is complete to continue onward with our stories. Super simple to learn, very fun to use! ✧ IC SECTS ✧ Within the guild, all members are assigned to a specialized sect that fits their needs and meshes with their role in the military world. Characters are free to choose whichever sect fits them best and represents their character. Sects will affect the way a character operates in events. ♦WARBORNE The Warborne are out on the frontlines. Having a myriad of soldiers ready to throw themselves in the frontlines to deal the heaviest of blows and sustain decent chunks of damage, without them, Furysong stands no chance of winning. ♦SPELLSWORN These spellcasters will wipe out entire hordes of enemies without ever lifting a blade. Standing in the back usually, they deal massive amounts of magical damage and can very much mess with the enemy just from a few words and runes. ♦SHADEWALKER The information gathering individuals that use cunning and gile and to get the job done. Whether it be to dispatch an important entity swiftly or to set a distraction, these masters of hidden arts and tracking are irreplaceable. They will usually do the job no one else wants to do. ♦GUARDIAN The people that make sure everyone comes home. Whether it be a massive tank-like individual that can take many blows and render an enemy useless against the rest of the unit, or someone that will mend the wounded and keep morale at a working point. The heart of the group, and true to the name, they will guard the Furysong. ✧ RULES ✧ You must be 18 or older. If you are close to being 18, exceptions can be made so long as you appeal to a few strict rules until you are of age. Be respectful. Don't be rude. Guild chat will naturally be rated R. We ask for common decency when interacting in guild chat, however. Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable and others will respect it. ✧ CLOSING ✧ Interested? Have more questions? Leave a post here or contact Pendant or Sekander in-game. We have a fun discord and a website. http://furysong.shivtr.com/Pendant31 6h
7h [H] <Steamy Romance Novel> 6/11h recruiting! <Steamy Romance Novel> 3/9m 6/11h is recruiting! We are a (kinda) newly formed horde raiding guild with a very strong social atmosphere. If nobody is putting memes in the guild discord chat, there’s something wrong. SRN raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9 pm server and we are 6/11h. Currently, we are looking for a healer and potentially DPS to get through heroic Antorus and then mythic. No past raid experience is necessary, you just need gear and to know when to press your glowy buttons! The trial period of raiding lasts up to two weeks and we use a loot council based system. Mythic slots for Antorus are to be considered! Past raiding, we do dungeons/m+, old raids, battlegrounds and roleplaying! Being 110 is not necessary to join. We also play games outside of WoW and watch movies together via stream every Thursday and Saturday! We've compiled a video of clips from Lorisia's stream: http://tinyurl.com/srnmeme (if you were worried that this guild wasn't a giant living meme, this video proves it) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on this forum or contact any one of the officers listed below! Caleas (Beethulhu#1379) Qpog (Qpog#1820) Soggy (YungSoggy#1721) Hyrontei/Sarysa (FilthyNwah#1235) Pthumeru (Pthumeru#1529)Caleas165 7h
7h [H-RPvP] The Vol'kar Legion ... The Vol'kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was created shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor'kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, to discourage the "master-race" ideals within the Horde. More importantly, it allows any race within its ranks -- even ogres! As long as they call themselves a son or daughter of the Horde, they are allowed on the Vol'kar paygrade. The Legion is currently commanded by Warlord Jan-Mak. ... PREMISE/HISTORY The Vol'kar Legion never fully fledged until after the Iron Horde was defeated. While the occupation of Orgrimmar went splendidly and there was little to no bloodshed to be had, there has to be at least one regiment to garrison as home defense. After the great warriors of the Horde returned home, the Legion went on a complete recruiting overhaul, swelling in size and numbers. Using a strict code of honor and hierarchy, The Legion transformed into a powerful, versatile fighting force that accepts all races of the Horde. While it is nearly two years old, the activity of the Legion remained dormant until December of last year. The soldiers eagerly await the chance to prove themselves underneath the scrutinizing gaze of the Horde. HOW TO JOIN: Simply send in-game mail or a whisper and we shall set up a recruitment interview! All races and classes are accepted, and storyline proposals are mostly accepted as well! Did your toon fight in the Siege of Orgrimmar? Is your toon a military veteran that ran into Jan-Mak on several occasions in the past? The ideas are endless!Buliss352 7h
9h Rogue Reading List I would like to begin a reading list for those of you who like to read about rogues and how they operate, whether via crime, espionage, private detecting, or whatever, in a fantasy world. Rogue Reading List SWORDS AND DEVILTRY by Fritz Lieber SWORDS AGAINST DEATH by Fritz Lieber Farseer Trilogy by Robin HobbsJonchess6 9h
10h [A] Hammer of Dawn - 6/11H, LF Heals <Hammer of Dawn> is an 'adults with jobs' styled raiding guild founded for the launch of the Legion expansion. While maintaining a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on downing content while remaining casual. Our schedule is 9 hours a week (Tues/Fri/Sat), enabling us to have lives away from World of Warcraft (and work jobs, and spend time with family), and still allowing us to see what the endgame of World of Warcraft has to offer. Do not let our reduced raid schedule fool you - we take our raid time seriously (even if we joke around a lot), and expect everyone on the team to do the same. If you're a skilled player, and share our goals, we may be what you're looking for. Progression! We've cleared Normal/Heroic in all previous tiers in Legion. 11/11 N & 6/11H Antorus Raid Times Tuesday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Tuesdays is Normal Tomb of Sargeras. We require the 5% & 10% talents in your artifact weapon, and an 885 item level to come. Friday & Saturday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Our weekends are for harder content, and we can be very selective about who comes. Recruitment Needs The list below is a general list of what we need played at Heroic levels. If you do not see your class listed here, apply anyway, as we recruit the player over the class, and will work with you to fit you in. We do not require previous raiding experience for Normal, but we do require some previous experience for Heroic! While logs aren't NECESSARY, if you have some we'd love to see them, too. Holy Priest! Please, a Holy Priest! Expectations of Raiders The ability to play multiple specs for your class effectively, if the raid requires. Understanding constructive criticism, and learning and improving. Ability to come to raid prepared, and on time. This means consumables, and knowledge of the fights we're working on. Having the desire to grow, and continuously improve as your class of choice. Other Information Loot is handled on a basic need/greed system. If you need it, roll. We defer to people's best judgements as to what is a better boost for the raid team. If you are greedy with your loot, you may not find this place friendly. We are adults, and would prefer people looking at joining us be 21+. As always, exceptions can and have been made. We are an LGBTQIA safe space guild - most of this guild is made of marginalized people, and this guild is a home for them above all else. If your idea of fun jokes are 'triggered' memes, or something you would read in trade chat, you will not have fun here. Please feel free to post here, or message me on btag - phae#1446Impersonal253 10h
10h WTB normal Antorus carry [A] I like endgame content but I -really- don't want to grind Argus for 50 hours to get a handful of 910s to be able to start it properly, so I'd like to buy a carry to [ideally] get me a couple pieces to skip some of the grind. I have no idea how much something like that would go for, if you have a group willing, lemme know. My gold is on WRA.Chetal11 10h
10h [H] <Imperium> 6/11H Recruiting (Updated 12/6/17) <Imperium> is a Horde guild with a focus on raiding progression but also a strong community. We currently have (2) active raid groups. Past raiding and our Mythic+ groups, we enjoy each other's company to a great extent within our Discord. We're the guild you can choose to hang out with instead of watching the NFL in real life. The camaraderie displayed here is unparalleled. It's a fun group of raiders. We know how to have a good time, but the boss kills are important to us and everyone knows what "go-time" means. All of my main team understand that it's not about the individual player, but the team as a whole. While we are players who take damage, HPS, and parsing seriously, we will never sacrifice sound strategy to do so. If you are looking for a mature group of raiders, with a lively community outside of raid too, this is the place for you. Although I always nag my guys to be farming out gear, completing every AP world quest available to them, and studying their logs, sometimes we host other things... -DnD Style Roleplay -Discord Music Parties -"Cracking Open a Cold One With the Raid Team" (every raid night) -Rated Battlegrounds -Listening to Chaka sing Currently 6/11H! AOTC coming this week. Raid Teams & Recruitment Needs Raid Team 1 "Imperial Fists" (Major League/Semi-Hardcore/Mythic) Wed/Thurs: 6PM-9PM PST Recruiting (11/30/17) Evaluated trialing process closed, but we will still accept any exceptional players of all roles onto our roster throughout progress. Evaluated trial process will open when our initial progress through Antorus ends. Requirements Concordance of the Legionfall 800k ST dps, active microphone with communication skills Shares similar raid experience / skills >75% attendance Outside of WoW communication Loot System Dragon Kill Points (DKP) RC Loot Council interface to quickly distribute loot, referring to DKP spreadsheet, which is managed by Aryxa Contact Information - Dakera (B.net: Dakera#1844) Raid Team 2 "Salamanders" (Semi-Hardcore/Normal/Heroic) Fri: 6PM-9PM PST Recruiting (10/23/17) Open recruitment. This team is the place to build up skills to trial for our main roster, or to be transferred there once requirements/recommendations are met. Currently trialing members for Imperial Fists team here on Fridays, check us out! Requirements None Loot System Personal Contact Information - Eadchoppa (Discord: THEL3G3ND#9642) Mythic + Currently focusing on getting all of our main raiders their weekly 15 for maximum weekly loot. Recruiting all players for competitive mythic plus teams, especially tanks, as we have several players who are interested and skilled enough. Quick Response Application To have a quick response for guild recruitment and/or raiding, please join our discord: https://discord.gg/wmSwJYa . Once in, you will see one text channel that has simple application questions for you to fill out. Once approved (<4 hours), you will be promoted to "Imperial" unless you specifically want to be a visitor in the discord. Alternatively, you can contact Dakera or Kamikollo (seen in discord members tab) for questions. Other Recruitment Needs Collectively we welcome RPers, PVPers, and casual players! We can be those guildies you call on when you're being 1v5'd in the Darkbrul Arena! We have a couple avid PvPers in the guild, and are looking for a PvP Raid Leader to run an RBG team. In addition, we're looking for an RP Dungeon Master to write campaigns for us! If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Kamikollo (Recruitment Point-of-Contact) (Discord: Kami#0002) (Btag: Kamikollo#1921) or if not available, contact - Dakera (Guild Master)(B.net: Dakera#1844)(Disc preferred: Dakera#1743) - Motarogg (formerly Spin-to-Win Wonderboy) - Eadchoppa (spinning rage tornado) (Discord: THEL3G3ND#9642) Links Check out our YT channel that highlights our best (and worst) moments: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTibPyiBY1D-O3DyaktxbkwDakera72 10h
10h [H-RP] <The Strawmen> “The Banshee Queen needs us, we don’t need her!” The inflammatory words rattled forth from the rotten throat of a particularly worn and beaten Forsaken. He paused, peering from beneath the brim of his tattered hat to study the reaction of the small huddle of freshly raised undead whom had (at least momentarily) wandered away from the watchful gaze of the guards stationed in Deathknell. “They ask us to call Sylvanas, ‘Queen’, but what has bowing to royalty and the old order gotten us in the past? This!” The speaker motioned to his own decayed form, then to those of the assembled. “Trusting in the wisdom of those sovereign ‘rulers’ has only brought us misery, a curse of rot and decay, and the loss of all that we cherished before! Are we simply to continue down this same path until we are laid low again? Trust in our ‘betters’ as they continue to profit from our protection? Our labor?” Another brief pause, the speaker stopping to look for any sign of comprehension from the crowd of dazed and confused risen. “I say, no more! We should forge our own destiny together! Free from the yoke of nobles and monarchs that wish only to profit from our efforts while offering little in return. Workers, ‘common folk’, craftsmen, and even the lowliest dregs are entitled to reap the benefits of that which they create for themselves and their fellows." “And so I ask you…", he motioned in the direction of one particular individual towards the front of the crowd, pointing in an almost accusatory way, "…will you join me in casting off the shackles of the so called ‘Banshee Queen’ as we once cast off those placed upon us by the Lich King?" “Will you join me in sharing our joys, fears, and futures with one another, without the thumb of some ‘Better’ pressing down upon us? I hope you will, and I hope we can forge a better future for ourselves, together.” The ragged Forsaken stepped towards the closest of the gathered, pressing a small scrap of fabric into their palm and pushing their fingers closed around it before quickly making an exit into the nearby treeline, the footsteps of approaching Deathguard getting closer by the moment. “Best not wander off!” the soldier barked as she approached the still confused newly arisen, motioning for them to follow. They shakily complied, though one lingered behind, looking over a scrap of fabric clutched in her hand. A scarecrow of deep purple thread sewn onto an ashen, dark grey field. ________________________________ <The Strawmen> is a Forsaken guild composed of the former peasants and commonfolk of Lordaeron. Now suspicious of those bearing noble and royal titles after the utter failure of the old system to protect them and properly cope with the Plague of Undeath, they seek to build their own cooperative community together, free from the Banshee Queen and her personality cult. They still work within the greater "Horde" umbrella, but as a voluntary auxiliary, seeing themselves more as a part of a cooperative of free peoples based on mutual assistance and security than part of a rigid hierarchy. Under certain circumstances, we do accept non-Forsaken members as "Field-hands". This rank usually dictates extra "muscle", affiliates, friends, suppliers,etc. of the Strawmen, though only Forsaken/Undead can climb to higher status within the guild given the guild's goals and theme. We plan to hold our own RP events, participate in the greater server community, and even raid and PvP as well (as a guild, if numbers allow). In addition to being active in game, we also have a Discord server. If interested, contact in game: *Barnabas *Versca *Bibianna ...in game if you're interested in being a prospective member or just want to learn more about the guild before making a decision. If you're having difficulty reaching me in-game, my B-tag (Tailypo#11334) is another option for getting in touch with me. Alternatively, we can also easily be reached via the Undercity United Forsaken Community Discord server. It's also just a generally good place for Forsaken RP'ers to organize: - Undercity United Discord Thread: ( https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759177745 ) - Undercity United Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jHeHc8j My personal Discord ID is: Tailypo#1286 . I'm generally available to chat on Discord more often than not, as I have it on mobile as well and am almost always logged in.Barnabas90 10h
11h [H or A] Morning/Afternoon Guilds Good morning, everyone. I've posted something similar once before but didn't come up with any results. Are there any guilds or RP groups that get together during the morning/afternoon? Faction doesn't really matter, but if there are Horde guilds, that'd be pretty cool, since that's where my main is. I've gotten kind of bored of doing everything alone, since my schedule doesn't really permit me to do much at night. If you know of anything that would fit my usual play times, that'd be cool. Thanks in advance. :)Genedara7 11h
12h What I've learned in my first month of WoW RP I've been RPing for years, but WoW (at least on WRA) has some certain things that kind of grind my gears. 1- If you think you're an Archgame at any age less than 'old as hell', you're wrong. EDIT: I've been told that plenty of NPCs actually do fit into both "Archmage' and 'not old as hell', so I'll concede that point. 2- If you think you can simply say you're a high ranking official/officer and try to order people around who aren't even in your guild, you're wrong. 3- If you're RPing as 'famously evil' person (I saw that the other day) in Stormwind or any big city with a massive police force presence and also refuse to accept any IC consequences for your IC actions, you're wrong. 4- If you 'claim' a certain spot or building as 'yours' or 'your guild's property', you're wrong. 5- If you demand someone RP's as their character's class, you're wrong. Classes exist only as a mechanic. Of course, there are exceptions, but don't get mad if a Death Knight character wants to roleplay as someone who isn't a Death Knight, or if a Warrior wants to RP as a pacifist. 6- If you godmode, you're a sore loser and should uninstall.Wecksler112 12h
12h The New Subraces - New Dances? With new races tends to come new dances, usually based on what is contemporarily popular at the time of the expansions release. So this begs the question, will the new subraces have dances of their own, or will they use the ones from the race they are based on? And in the case of the Zandalari, will they use the night elf dance? Personally, I think they might get new dances. If nothing else to show how flexible the new animation models are. With that in mind, why not post some suggestions for the new race dance types? Clearly, Void Elves will dance like this: https://webmshare.com/wyYgJCorbryn14 12h
13h [H] <The Arcane Collegiate> Magical Mayhem! ... <The Arcane Collegiate> believes that the key to responsible use of all magics is through education, and that all members of the Horde should have equal access to learning resources. We’re a Heavy RP guild based around magical theory, education, and learning. All magic is deserving of study and respect, and thus everything from Light to Dark is welcome within our doors. We strive to rebuild the glory of the Sin'dorei magi craft and bring betterment to the Horde through our organization without the strict rule-sets imposed by Dalaran and the Kirin Tor. OOCly, we as a guild believe that all players should have a fun, safe environment for role-playing. This means abiding by all posted rules, and considering and respecting the feelings and comfort of others when writing our stories together. We believe that all players deserve to feel welcome, and actively reach out to one another and contribute towards the fun of everyone. We aren’t just a fly-by night that gets together to RP every couple days; We are a community that builds long-term stories and long-term friendships. We’re looking for more friends for magical mayhem! Got a character or story idea that you’d like to add to our group? Talk to us! ... ICly: Your character is looking for a reliable, supportive group of scholars to teach and learn with. Your character has something meaningful to contribute to the Collegiate's success, be it through magical/physical skills or a pragmatic personality. Your character generally can put others before themselves, and willingly lend a hand. Your character seeks adventure and challenging work. Your character works well with small teams. OOCly: You enjoy actively engaging with others. You enjoy writing stories, lore theory-crafting, and being creative. You want to be a part of the story, not just following along with it. You have an open mind and respect for all people, both inside the guild and out. You have patience and understand that real life always comes before role-play. You believe that the quality of a guild is not determined by its quantity of members. Rules and Regulations No Godmoding. Being a jerk ICly is cool, being a jerk OOCly is not. Fighting stays out of cities, and out of the sanctum. Full rules: http://tac-wra.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2758363 ... Contacts: Lanthelon Annathemas Tumblr: https://tac-wra.tumblr.com/ Website: http://tac-wra.shivtr.com/Lanthelon69 13h
14h We are Companions, Wyrmrest. I run this thread every few months or so because its answers always interest me. Let's say that WoW is a single player RPG, a la Dragon Age or Mass Effect. A mighty threat to destroy the world has arisen and it turns out the only person who can stop it is me, Enekie Graves, rogue extraordinaire. But I can't do it alone. That's where you come in. Your character is a companion in this RPG. You will assist me in my quest to save Azeroth and, since we're going to be working together, I'd like to get to know you a little more. So, answer me some questions about your character. 1. How did I meet you? Did I save you from a cell? Did I seek your services out for some task? Did we meet each other in the world of Azeroth somehow? 2. What convinced you to join my quest? Are you concerned for the fate of the world? Is there some quest I can help you complete? Do you help me reluctantly or enthusiastically? 3. What actions do you approve of? Do you smile on me helping the unfortunate through side-quests? Do you laud me leaping to fight instead of talking it out? Do you like it when I take extra rewards for quests? 4. What actions do you disapprove of? Do you dislike it when I kill an enemy who begs for mercy? Do you frown upon me lying and cheating? Do you think side quests are a waste of time? 5. What gifts sway your opinion? Do you like relics? Paintings? Wine? 6. What is your quest? What quest will solidify our companionship and make you ready to fight the great evil? Do we need to avenge your dead father? Help you find a big loot haul? Return you to a throne of some sort? Tell me. Tell me everything.Enekie30 14h
14h [A-RP] <Dishonored> Now Recruiting! Dishonored is brand-spanking-new and recruiting all roleplayers. We are an adventuring band of rogues, thieves, shady types, and others who don't quite fit into the "hero" mentality. We accept all character types and are looking to build a tight-knit roleplaying community based on simple camaraderie and respect. For more information or to join, please whisper Aradan in game.Aradan2 14h
16h [H] <Literal Trash> Our current roster is made up of experienced matured and friendly people. We're looking for other skilled players who would be a good fit to add to our core raid team. About the Guild: <Literal Trash> is a guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US) Horde. We were founded by both real life and in game friends and many of us have been playing together for years. We foster a positive environment where members help each other and are open to learning and criticism. Everyone is close to one another and have known each other for many years. We're a very mature and family oriented type of guild. We joke a lot and expect if a person joins our guild to be able to have a good laugh and attitude and to be able to handle sarcasm and deal with jokes. Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. The goal will always be to clear all raid bosses in a tier while it is current content. We never want to make you feel as if you're in a environment where you're not comfortable enough to put your best effort in. Everyone here is willing to help and work together. Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, 8:00pm-10pm (EST) Friday 8:00pm - 12:00am (EST) ( Invites start going out at 7:30 pm (EST) if everyone is ready before 8:00 pm we start the raid early ) ( Our Friday raids are usually just to end when we want. It's our long night raid and usually the 3rd day we use during new content. When we have certain raids on farm we eliminate Fridays and use only two days to raid. ) ( You're not required to join for all 3 days of raiding to be invited into the guild. Our Friday raids is really just to finish what we haven't done and it's also the day most people can raid till late due to no work on the weekend. We understand it's also Friday and most people like going out Fridays. If you can make it to Tuesday and Wednesday that's fine with us. ) Progression 11/11 N AtBT 2/11 H AtBT 0/11 M AtBT Currently Recruiting: High Priority: Healers , Ranged DPS , Tanks(Who are willing to dps as well if need be ) Low Priority: Melee DPS **We're currently in really high need of 2 skilled and active healers to join our main raiding roster. If you're skilled in your class and are interested please contact me immediately** -We are always looking for great players! Please message us even if your class isn't high on the priority list, and you think you would be a good fit. Contact: Guild Website: https://literaltrashguild.enjin.com/ You can contact us via bnet for more information: - Ckye (GM): Ckye#1329 - SenpaiYamYam ( Raid Leader / Officer ): YamYamSenpai#1716 - Khanatre ( Officer ): Jhucks2235#1631 - Sumok (Officer): Evil#1770 - Emberfoxx (Raid Leader): Foxx#1238Senpaiyamyam0 16h
17h [Contest] Heart of the Authors Hello Wyrmrest Accord! Some of you may remember me! Many of you may not! You may remember this contest from almost six years ago. Many of you may not! I once walked among you as Aibreann, avid fan of PvP and short stories. I have since retired numerous times, come back, retired again, and come back again. This is the same warrior. I don't play it anymore and sulk around town as a Paladin. Neat. But you probably clicked this because it says Contest in the title. What kinda contest? What kinda prizes? I am announcing the SECOND Heart of the Authors competition, in which you - yes you, dear writers! - have the opportunity to submit a short fiction piece (1000-5000 word count) in hopes of winning prizes from the Blizzard store because there's a lot more of it now! Previously it was a Heart of the Aspects mount. Remember? The golden dragon thing? The Bureaucracy of Rules So what do you need to know to begin? Here's my rules! They may be updated as the day goes on and people point out things I've forgotten. I think I have a fairly comprehensive list of what I want, which is the best place for me to start. A work of fiction, please. No anecdotal life experiences. Your short story is written on whatever inspires you. War, Noir, Romance, Action, Thriller, Suspense, Insightful, etc. Blizzard universe setting only. WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo. It would be odd to use a different setting in order to win a Blizzard item. Reasonable length. Don't mistake brevity for potency, or length with quality. Write as long as you need to make your story feel alive to you, but keep in mind I'll have a lot of submissions to go through. Alliance and Horde are allowed to compete! Comedy, drama, mature, immature, it doesn't matter. I will try and host these off-forum so regular forum rules don't come down on a really good but extremely graphic piece, or auto-censorship ruins critical words and emotions. To the above that may inspire "adult" writing, keep the top shelf grit at home since this is supposed to be a community viewed event. Steamy romance is fine, graphic sexual torture scenes and overly descriptive "cuddling" will be disqualified. I am, at present, the only judge.You're being judged on writing integrity, style, how well the story flows and if it can thoughtfully move someone, all the better! So What The Hell Are We Competing For? Writing competitions always end with a stalemate at the very end, it's hard to pick "the best" and you end up with "most best." So I'm expanding the goody list a bit. Two Grand Prize Winners shall receive a Blizzard Store mount! Yeah! Any of 'em! 1st Place Runner Up will receive a Blizzard Store pet of their choice! 2nd Place Runner Up will receive a Hearthstone Welcome Bundle! 3rd Place Runner Up will receive an in game item. I haven't decided what yet. Rare-ish or expensive-ish (gold wise.) Contest begins by the time you finish reading this post, and ends Sunday, December 31st at 11:59 server time, winners will be announced early in the New Year! Submit your submissions to HeartOfTheAuthors@comcast.net, you maintain all creative control over your work and it WILL NOT BE HOSTED WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Please include your character name or main forum handle so I can contact you easier, and also if you would or would not like it to be hosted on a community visible site. Good luck, and good writing! TinyURL link for anyone who wants to help promote in game: https://tinyurl.com/HoAContest Questions, Comments, Concerns? Contact me @ Forum: You're already here! Email: HeartOfTheAuthors@comcast.net B.Net: Bridges#1120 Discord: Ben#2770 In Game: Opherial@WyrmrestAccord, Paladonk.Bridges21 17h
18h [A-RP/PVP/E] <Vanguard Company> <Vanguard Company> is an offensive unit of the Alliance Military's 7th Legion, consisting primarily of paratroopers and scouts who have seen intense action on the front lines. Having suffered extreme casualties from the ongoing hostilities on the Broken Isle, <Vanguard Company> is actively recruiting new members wiling to heed the call of duty and defend the Alliance against any and all existential threats! <Vanguard Company> is roleplay with intense appreciation of game mechanics. We will participate in world pvp, attacking Horde outposts when it is tactically and strategically advantageous. We are interested in establishing a rated battleground team. The guild also wishes to start building a casual team for Legion raiding. We also plan to host sparring tournaments (both rp and rp-pvp) with major gold rewards to the winners. These events will be open to both guild members and non guild members, but only guild members can compete for free. Since the hostilities on the Burning Isle are so intense, <Vanguard Company> has been given extra supplies and funds to entice the best soldiers of the Alliance to pick up their weapons against the Legion onslaughts. Signing bonuses include, but are not limited to: -infinite guild repairs -guaranteed entrance into monthly events with the chance of winning 20K+ gold -compensation for victory in battle A few officer positions are available to qualified candidates! Send mail to Sikcario if you wish to set up an IC interview.Sikcario3 18h
23h Inspirational Quotations Thread What are some words of wisdom to which you turn when you need a little boost of courage? From Warcraft, or outside of it, wherever. Post us the quotations which inspire you, fellow Accordians. ... ... ...Azhaar40 23h
1d [A-RP] Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich Präambel Just about every concept of a fantasy universe has some original source in folklore, mythology, occultism, or some sort of medieval/ancient world saga. The World of Warcraft is no exception, having borrowed from the literary genius of J.R.R Tolkien, and pre-existing games like Warhammer Fantasy. Some concepts have even been adopted at pleasure from H.P Lovecraft's Old Gods. And other concepts, like the Titan Pantheon clearly is based off of Norse mythology. Most of these silver linings are obvious. Most of them, anyway. There are some whose origins remain elusive. Thus the following question: Where do Gnomes come from? The word Gnome originates from the Renaissance Latin Gnomus and referred to a diminutive Earth Spirit. The earliest known recording of Gnome mythos heralds from Liber de Nymphis, Sylvanis, Pygmaeis, Salamandris, et Gigantibus etc by Paracelsus, a Swiss Alchemist of the German Rennaissance of the 16th century. Ever since that time, in the same way that the Arthurian legends became part and parcel to Britannia, the mythos of Gnomes became essentially German. Many works like Franz Hartman's Unter den Gnomen im Untersberg and other stories about Heinzelmännchen led to the depiction of the Gnomes we all know and love. And even then, there are many kinds. The concept of "Keebler Gnomes" are very much inspired from Heinzelmännchen. And the concept of the "Garden Gnome" is largely acculturated from the Scandinavian folklore concerning Tomte and Nisse. The point which should be made abundantly clear by this point, is that just as the archetypes of fantasy creatures like Elves, Goblins, and so-forth date back to origins of Medieval folklore and Alchemical Philosophy - so do the Gnomes. And much unlike the majority which were anglofied through the Arthurian Legends and the later writings of authors such as J.R.R Tolkein and C.S Lewis, Gnomes are predominantly a creation of Germans, Scandinavians, and all the former lands of the Holy Roman Empire. So what does this all have to do with an epic Gnome Role-playing Guild? Prämisse Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich (trans. Deutsche - "The Holy Gnomish Empire.") is a heavy role-playing guild that focuses on revitalizing the Germanic folklore and traditions concerning Gnomes. Yes, this is the place anyone should go who wants to Role-play a tiny man who wears a red stocking camp, is a brilliant engineer, enjoys beer and pretzels, and mysteriously meddle with human society. Often responsible for nuisances such as the disappearance of car-keys, and socks in the dryer. If you want to play a miniature earthling who is an apex alchemist and scientist, but with more grounding in a fantasy universe, this is the place for you. Because Gnomes are essentially, German, Das Heiliges Gnomisches Reich adopts much of the hierarchy and culture of the historic, Holy Roman Empire. We are especially more focused on the culture of 19th century Germany, when these Gnomish myths began to appear. So our culture is more or less influenced by Luxembourgian Germans, Prussians, Austro-Hungaria, Bavaria, and so-forth. We are dead serious about our affinity for Gnomes and German Culture, and do not look upon what we do as a parody of German Culture. So why not do it through the race in-game which is often dismissed as a parody, by providing it a rigid, and serious backbone? Any-whom, if this concept still has you intrigued, let us go into a straight review of our Guild's ideals!Gismarck15 1d
1d [A-RP] The Sha'tor ✪ Draenei Exclusive Guild ...Leader: Varistus Officers: Vivaaldi, Kasmia Founded: September 26, 2014 Location: The Exodar Faction: Alliance; draenei exclusive Status: Recruiting, all classes Website: http://shatorwra.com & http://shatorwra.tumblr.com The Sha'tor is an order of draenei dedicated to the preservation of their people and culture, as well as honoring their place within the Alliance. With equal parts tenacity and hope, the Sha'tor aids in defending against the myriad threats that bombard Azeroth, while simultaneously supporting the draenei people as a whole in the quest to rebuild and thrive in the world they now call home. ...As a lore-abiding guild, we want members who are knowledgeable about Warcraft lore, especially regarding the draenei. But beyond that, a guild's heart lies in its members and their ability to be helpful, friendly, and good-natured. A willingness to engage in roleplay and other activities with fellow members is also a great thing to have; it is the driving force behind a successful, active guild, and promotes a welcoming environment. The Sha'tor offers an array of avenues for roleplay, chief among them an ongoing guild storyline that members can participate in by attending plot events. Members are also encouraged to develop their characters through guild plot progression, as well as personal storylines. Additionally, cultural and public events are held to promote inclusion of our allies. Our guild events typically start at 5pm server time. There are at least three IC events a week: a Plot event (Monday) that continues the overall storyline. A Path event (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on scheduling) that involves individual Path members only. Finally, an Induction Ceremony (Wednesday) which acts as an IC guild meeting. Sometimes, a second Path event is used in the same week, or we collaborate with ally guilds for other events. There is always something to look forward to! ...The Sha'tor is headed by the Exarch and his Triumvirate—individuals who have proven their loyalty and are diverse in both skill and demeanor. The Triumvirate act as advisors to the Exarch, and are tasked with specialized leadership, most notably the three paths of the order. Path of the Naaru — Led by Kasmia; serve as the Sha'tor's military. Path of the Prophet — Led by Varistus; healers and medics. Path of Argus — Led by Vivaaldi; scholars, scientists, artificers, and other keepers of draenei history and culture.Members will be asked to join one of these paths according to their primary interest. ...In order to join, aspiring members must fill out a simple application on our website. If accepted, applicants will be asked to undergo an in-character interview so that the Triumvirate may gauge whether they will be a good fit for the Sha'tor. Do not let inexperience—whether with draenei lore, or roleplay as a whole—deter you from applying! We are glad to help, so long as the interest and willingness to learn is there.Varistus217 1d