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Nov 22, 2010 Forum Guidelines - Please Read Welcome to the World of Warcraft Realm Discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss happenings on your realm with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct Bashiok0 Nov 22, 2010
May 21 Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde (Pasting this from the old forums, Thanks to Danikah and Kalanii and Quill for these and their preservation.) Quill’s Advice to Blood Elves/Those Who Hate Them Original Post (Repost by Kalanii): Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin. You are not a High Elf. You are not a Half-Elf. High elves and half-elves are Alliance-based. The high elves have thrown in their lot with the Alliance, and the half-elves are half-human, and thus attached to the Alliance. If you are one of these two things and you are playing in the Horde, disguise it. If you are open about this, you will be exiled or, more likely, executed. Play it smart if you must play it at all. You do not hold titles equal to major NPCs. You are not a Grand Magister, a Ranger-General, or a Blood Knight Matriarch. You are not an exception to this rule. Those people are the top of the chain of their respective organizations; you are not their equal. My advice? Be just a magister, a blood knight, or a ranger. Don't define yourself by your title. You can gain respect without a high rank. Blood elves play a subtle game with their politics and power struggles. Most of the power struggles seen in Silvermoon from RPers are duels or RP fights; this would not be tolerated by the guard unless it was taken outside, but moreover, this is not terribly characteristic of the culture. They are crafty people who prefer techniques like blackmail and playing the long game, which comes of their relatively long lives. Stop drawing your weapons and blasting people with your spells and start learning how to wound with words. Be patient. Be clever. Cleverness isn't something you can fake, mind, so if being subtle and working intrigue isn't something you feel up to doing, get out of the Silvermoon scene or don't try to play the sort of bloodelf who is into power struggles. A blunt bloodelf would not get very far in their culture. Openly talking about throwing down the government or otherwise defying the laws of decency would not happen without consequences. This is more of a general rule for RP, but it happens a lot in Silvermoon so I'm putting it here. You need to acknowledge your environment. Just because the guards won't actually react in game doesn't mean they wouldn't react in lore. We're here to play in the Warcraft world, and that includes using your imagination as to what would happen if you took such actions. Understand that the guards would be after you for stabbing someone if you did it on the street or in an establishment, and that even if you "evaded" them, there would be a warrant for your arrest. Allarya108 May 21
Aug 15 Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters <insert exodar crash joke here> - Table of Contents (You're reading this, right now.) =========================================================== - Introduction - What this aims to accomplish, and for who - What is "Great Roleplay" and a "Great Roleplayer"? - Lore Accuracy - Start from the beginning, and finish at the end. - Goals: What do I want? - Step One: So many choices, what to go for first? - A shattered mirror: all the pieces of the character that make a whole - What's my Story? - Who do I know? - What do I do? - What -am- I? - Step Two: Socialites and Interacting with the Public - Racial Backgrounds and Stereotypes - Social Mores and Laws - Radicals (fanatics) and Moderates (conservatives) - Who shaped my opinions? (The effect of family on perceptions) - Step Three: An Empty Mind - Filling your Character's Head - Emptying your Character's Head - Personality Traits - Physical Habits and Mannerisms - Step Four: An Empty Life - I've got personality but no lifestyle! - Real world activities vs. "What I can do in WoW" - My class, and how it relates to me - My professions, giving me more than a fat/empty wallet. - Using class and profession to add to a character's dynamics. - Touching bases: How class and profession relate to my society. - Education: What do I know, and who taught me? A final wrap up to your character's story. - Step Five: Hey everybody, come see how good I look! - Physical Appearance and Characteristics - Start big, then go small - Descriptive words - Touching bases (again): Society and tattoos, piercings, ect. - Describing my Garb (what do I wear?) - Affiliations and Dressing (who do I know and how does that effect my dress?) - Final Step: Affiliations and my place in the world - Who am I now? (ranks, titles, and other affluential tomfoolery) - In closing: - Final Tips - From Hero to Zero: How good characters fall to pieces. - A thank you =========================================================== Roleplaying 101 - Yet another jerk telling you how to play your game. An Introduction: Welcome to roleplaying 101! This will be yet another thread where someone tells you in a stuck up and haughty manner why you suck at rp and how to fix it. It's your $15 a month, so by all means ready the flamethrowers and burn this thread to the ground. In all seriousness if that's your views, feel free to go read another thread. If you want to learn, well hopefully I can teach you something in my handful of years of roleplay. If I can't teach you something, well I can say I tried. And if I can't say that, I can at least say I wasted a good chunk of time facerolling this keyboard for you all. For those of you that dislike long threads: that's too bad. I'm writing this thread for a guild myself and a friend are planning on creating after seeing some of the roleplay within this server and deciding we wanted to control our exposure to the community in order to create a roleplay environment rich in immersion and character development that pertains to lore accuracy. If your reaction at this point revolves around the word "elitist" you're probably right. For those of you who I haven't chased off yet: lets cut to the chase! The very...very long chase. What this aims to accomplish, and for who: Who am I talking (typing) to in this thread? To anyone who wants to expand their roleplaying character to be a rich and developed individual, who feels like a real person who actually exists in the "World of Warcraft". Someone who grew up here, developed their mind here, and would contribute to the society here. Who this doesn't pertain to: People who play "just to have fun" People who use the excuse "It's my $15" People who don't roleplay People who could care less about lore, immersion, and realism in roleplay Ghostcrawler (everyone seems to hate on his watercooler posts, so I might as well kick him in the kidney while he's down!) What this thread aims to accomplish is to be a comprehensive guide to creating a character who is fully developed and inserted into this game's lore. This thread may not be for the casual roleplayer or someone who is not really interested in making a basal rp character to throw bombs in the pig and whistle, and stare harshly at all the non-paladins in the Cathedral, or ERP as a female draenei.Alinaris138 Aug 15
Jul 10 Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society RP 102: Read RP 101 First Welcome to RP 102! Forgive the long time between the previous RP 101 and this thread, I was a bit busy and couldn't find time to sit down long enough to collect thoughts and put them into an intelligent thread, and nobody wants to hear me ramble. Nobody. This RP 102 thread is a bit shorter than my original RP 101 thread. You'll have to forgive me on this. I've been really busy and this is the best I could throw together. If there's enough interest, I may even write a RP 103 thread. If you want to see some tips and such for something I didn't touch in either thread, or have questions/comments feel free to contact me in game as Alinaris or Zakarov. So lets get down to business! Once again, if you haven't read RP 101, I highly recommend you read it first, as this thread deals with advanced RP concepts and may or may not ever refer to the original 101 thread. Welcome to the revenge of society. Like your favorite horror movie villains, me repeating this word over and over again will never die, and come back to haunt you while you're swimming at your favorite summer camp. Silly councilors... As always this thread is for a specific type of person, and not for others. If you're interested in learning some advanced RP concepts, brushing up on that pop culture character you made, or in general someone interested in learning and expanding your already expansive knowledge of (draenei female tail length) roleplay, then continue on! However if you're any of the following, please do not read any further as I'm afraid this thread will probably just frustrate you and/or cause you to develop unsightly welts. Ghostcrawler If you may or may not be a werepenguin. Any and all Lady Gaga roleplayers. If you own more than fifteen beanie babies. People who cannot handle sarcasm and satire. People who will read the table of contents and flame on something they read without reading the actual subject matter at hand. I love you guys so much. Gnomes (Because we all know gnomes are mythical creatures that do not exist.) Here's your table of contents: 1. An intro to RP 102 and a recap on 101. 2. But I want to rp as spider man! Pop culture done right. 3. Crazy RP abilities: How to commit self suicide. 4. Dragon Roleplay: If you're gonna do it, do it right. (Don't do it) 5. Erotic Roleplay (and how it's ruining your favorite server right now!) 6. Expanding your character even further (social events and you) This is a more focused thread touching on several “taboo” subjects and how to deal with them appropriately, and what generally ruins such things for people. This thread will be kept clean, so don't see #5 up there and get all excited (looking at you, draenei) because this isn't a “how to guide” but rather where it may or may not fit in, and the arguments for both sides. If you're concerned, read the next post on what each section will contain.Alinaris46 Jul 10
Aug 14 The Great Alliance Guild Directory! The Great Alliance Guild Directory! Please request a sticky! Looking for a guild? Have a guild but looking for members? You're in the right place! RP Guilds(All Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-2 RP Guilds(Specific Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-7 PVE Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 PVP Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 Other(Social, mish-mash, et cetera): N/A Format: Guild Name Here "motto here" Description: ( short description here 3-5 sentences max. ) Races: (What races are allowed?) Leader(s): Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?) Website: (url to guild website, if any.) Wiki link: (url to wiki page, if any) General Information: If you have trouble with the forums/are banned, you can send me an in-game mail at Jaeysa with the info or you can e-mail me at warriorjaeysa@gmail.com Please try to keep your adverts as brief as possible. Anything over 150 characters may be shortened by me. Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild. If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.Please request a sticky!Jaeysa89 Aug 14
Jan 7 IC Twitter Project: On the Rise Again! *A small book appears in from of you...It says: "I am the magical Twitt."* Hello everybody! I'm not sure if anyone is still active in the IC Twitter, since it's all full! So, I, Pisella the Pie Vendor, have decided to make a new thread! So add us on Twitter, or make your own! Same rules apply! ... List: ...Pisella115 Jan 7
19m Anti-Night Elf Thread THIS THREAD IS NOW ABOUT HOW NIGHT ELVES ARE BAD.Mephest191 19m
46m Valkosk has gold and blue underwear. And he has a shrine to Anduin in his bedroom, and a picture of Jaina that he stares at longingly in bed. He also let an entire raid into the Crossroads in return that they all give him an autograph, because he's so in love with the Alliance. And he also said that Saurfang sucks dong while Crowley is the best. I know this because he added me to his discord, forgot to remove me, and I've creeped in on all his conversations since!Banrok32 46m
1h The worries of a parent. Today, I had decided to spend a day with my mother and my aunt, and after quite an eventful day, (including finding a lost dog and taking him in to keep safe while looking for his owners,) we began the drive home. During our conversation, I did what I rarely do around her, and brought up world of warcraft as a conversation piece, referencing the time Cannibaal made a post about a similar subject involving a beagle. After a moment, she replied with this: "So... How many friends do you have on there?" "I dunno', a few?" "Like... how many?" "...I don't know, I'm not keeping count." "Like, are they the same group of people, or...?" "No, I just see whoever online and think, "Oh, hey, he's there!" "Like, if you had to give an estimate..." This was odd for her, and it went on for a bit shortly afterward, but once it was clear that I didn't know, the root of her concern suddenly showed itself. "But... has anyone ever asked you where you live, or...?" ...Apparently, my own mother thinks I'm not intelligent enough to recognize a internet predator or scam when I see one, I guess I won't bring WoW into any more familial conversations... Anyone else encounter this kind of conversation?Banrok36 1h
1h [A-RP] Servitors of Lothar - For Azeroth! In Lothar's name, we rank the safety of our world above that of our own; we seek to serve according to the example he set for us and for all of Azeroth. Anyone of like minds and strong hearts is welcome to join our ranks as our sword brethren. -------- About Us: The Servitors of Lothar, founded in June 2009, is a heavy RP, paramilitary and humanitarian guild based out of Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands, although we regularly travel and deploy to various parts of Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor in keeping with our mission to protect those in need. Although we are military inspired, we are not a heavily militarized order, and beyond combat events we also have hosted seasonal server-wide parties, informational seminars on various cultures, and we have twice yearly holiday parties during Midsummer and Winter’s Veil. Joining the Servitors: We look for potential members who are: -Ready, willing, and able to make RP happen. We seek RPers who can roll with the punches and aren’t afraid to take control of their IC experiences in Azeroth. -Aware of lore and/or eager to learn about it as well as apply this knowledge to their characters and interactions. -Interested in group efforts. We have numerous small storylines going at any given time as well as larger, guild-oriented storylines. We are seeking those who are neither spotlight hogs nor shrinking violets. -A well-rounded individual. This means no drama llamas. The leadership has no qualms over kicking pot-stirrers and other players who consistently impact the gaming experience of their guildies in a negative fashion. We seek those who want to be part of something. -Aware of the meaning of the word ‘community’. RP is no fun alone. To this end we do try and get the community at-large sparked with events. We’re looking for folks who aren’t afraid to reach out. How do I join? Visit our website at servitors.org to submit an IC letter of intent addressed to the Commanders. It is used to ensure the member has some backstory and for justification of in-game contact. Acceptance for a trial comes at the end of an interview. Points of Contact: Our officers' ingame names are Mindspanner, Roiya, Brommidor, Jocastia, Silverglaives, Frovelos. If none of us are on, just /who Servitors and whisper someone -- odds are, someone online will be able to reach us. Misc. Info: We have a very active guild discord, open to all members regardless of rank or newness to the guild. Ask after a link once you join! We also have a guild tumblr with announcements, screenshots from events, and guild rank information -- servitorsoflothar.tumblr.com Also, regardless of whether you're interested in joining the guild or not, if any of us are out and about ICly, feel free to say hi!Mindspanner15 1h
2h ⸰☽ Silver Circle ☾⸰ ‎ ‏‎ ‏‎           ‏‎This is a guild listing for the <Silver Circle> ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ CONTENTS Out-of-Character Information 1. About the Silver Circle 2. Guild Mandate 3. Heavy Role-play & Activity 4. Guild Registration & More Information In-Character Knowledge 1. Declaration of a New Order 2. Rumors and Hooks ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ ...For this thread, the term Kaldorei refers to three of the oldest elven races in World of Warcraft; the Night Elves, Highborne, and Shal’dorei. About the Silver Circle The Silver Circle is a guild of keen-eyed kaldorei who stand vigil over their people, ever alert for the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Alliance or those who despoil nature or corrupt Kalimdor. We offer a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where guild members and allies are engaged and work together to help add to the guild story and the overall feeling of immersion in the role-play community. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun environment, and welcome members who will add to this, and embrace the tone we already have. What makes the Silver Circle unique is our achievement-based role-playing opportunities. We offer a personalized system for members to fulfill character development needs, called Paths, in which members can earn seals, a title, and be part of a personalized ceremony. There are four distinctive Paths, which enables members to progress their characters in a unique and authentic way. In addition to immersive character progression, the Silver Circle offers various Quests for members to undertake at any time. Members instigate what occurs, and help add to developing the guild story by completing them. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Mandate In-character, members of the Silver Circle strive to fulfill Elune’s will for the world by following a code and set of core values. Their objectives are as follows: defend the Kaldorei nation, oppose those who are an affront to the Goddess, and honor the Alliance. Out-of-Character, members also follow a code and set of core values. Specifically, members are expected to set an example of good role-playing socially and on the battlefield. They seek to engage as many other players as possible in a way that creates an enjoyable experience for all. They play the game in such a way as to add to the general atmosphere and immersion of every player. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Heavy Roleplay & Activity As a Kaldorei themed heavy role-play guild, we cater to a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles that fit in the World of Warcraft universe. We like new applicants to show enthusiasm and willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme and Warcraft setting in general. A good grasp of lore is preferred. But don’t worry if you’re still learning; we welcome both experienced and new Kaldorei role-players to interact with us. It is most important to us that new members show good attitude and respect for others. For the purposes of role-playing, the Silver Circle is considered a heavy role-playing guild. We role-play actively although not fanatically, and we prefer to surround ourselves with others who share our enthusiasm for role-play. People who are inactive in role-play (either because they are never around, or because they PvE/PvP to the exclusion of all else) are still welcome to try joining us, but if they continue to remain inactive they will be gently persuaded to seek other challenges. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Registration ✔️ Complete Site Rules Agreement          ❌ Long Application Process ✔️ Have an IC reason to join                ❌ Lack an IC reason to join ✔️ Join for a 30-day trial period             ❌ Fail to give us a try ✔️ Plan to play actively                     ❌ Have no plan to play actively ✔️ Have Fun                               ❌ Stress More Information For those who wish to learn more about the Silver Circle, or who have questions, we invite you to visit our guild website at: silvercircle.shivtr.com Use our Guestbook forum to ask questions and visit our information tab for more details about the guild.Feyawen52 2h
2h Kaldorei RP Ishnu alah friends. Just wondering how the Kaldorei RP scene is doing on WRA. Was thinking about transferring this druid over. Thanks in advance! Andu-Falah-Dor!Jasof5 2h
3h [A] <Wolfsong> Legion Raiding <Wolfsong> is looking to bolster its raid team to experience content throughout Legion and beyond. If you're looking for a home, please reach out to us to see if we're a good fit for you. Website: http://www.wolfsong-guild.com Brief History <Wolfsong> was created back in January 2011 with the idea of building a committed raiding group among friends. Since then, the guild has grown to house multiple types of players from casual to ex-hardcore raiders looking for a more relaxed play style. The core members have been together for years, with their history stemming from several top-tier raiding guilds on Thorium Brotherhood and Wyrmrest Accord (Bloodrite and Instinct, respectively). We have coalesced from Horde and Alliance (though I maintain horde is the superior faction, of course). We’re a friendly community that enjoys multiple aspects of World of Warcraft, as well as other Blizzard titles (Overwatch & Diablo). Raiding in Legion We're looking players to round out our flex group. We focus primarily on Heroic, but if the interest, talent, and player base is there for Mythic difficulty - we'll certainly try it. We consider ourselves semi-casual. We raid a comfortable 6 hours a week with a 15 minute break, which helps us avoid burn-out and gives us plenty of time to do other in-game activities. Because of our schedule, if a player is looking for more 'serious' progression - this will not be the right set up. Most of us have done the 'hardcore' scene and have been a part of server first guilds. It's not really something we're interested in anymore, but still enjoy the game for what it is. Current Progress Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9 Heroic Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic, 10/10 Heroic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Emerald Nightmare: 3/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic Schedule Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST (Server Time). High attendance is preferred. :) Class Needs Warlock (Extremely High) (Any Spec) Mage (Extremely High) (Any Spec) Hunter (Marksman & Bestmastery) (High) Paladin (Holy) (High) Monk (Medium) (Mistweaver & Windwalker) Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement) (Medium) Druid (Feral, Bear, Boomkin) (Medium) Death Knight (Frost or Unholy) (Low) Demon Hunter (Havoc) (Low) Ranged Damage roles are highly desired. ~600,000 median DPS for Raid Encounters. Healing roles are desired w/proper DPS off-spec. Melee Damage are not very desired right now. Notice: Even if we're full, or low on a specific class, please apply. Things constantly change and a spot may open, or about to be open. When raiding, we are looking for performance and the ability to play well with others. We have a low tolerance for a salty raid environment. Officers If you have questions, please contact an officer below, in-game. Keti Syladinne Orenna Cistin Rennoc Ready to Join? Fill out our online form using our website below, or contact an officer in-game. We're happy to chat with you! http://www.wolfsong-guild.com/join See you on the Broken Isles!Keti167 3h
3h LFG PvP [H] What would you say if I said a Druid, a Priest, and a Demon Hunter were looking for a PvP guild? Probably something along the lines of "why are you talking to me? I don't even know you". However! What if you happened to be the weird type that talks to strangers? Would you make a suggestion of a good guild with fun people in it?! That's ultimately what I'm hoping you will do here today. Myself and two friends are looking for a place to call home and carve up some Alliance rump, so if you need three good Horde look no further! Let me know if your guild is looking or even a good guild I should hit up! Thank you and stay fabulous Wyrmrest!Versera0 3h
4h The Burden of Leveling a Class Are there any classes you guys and gals have a -really- hard time leveling, or enjoying? Personally, I have a few. I don't touch Death Knights or Demon Hunters. I've tried them both, I've finished the starting zone for each and I've promptly deleted them. I simply cannot enjoy either class. Priests. I don't think I've ever been more bored of a class before. There's just really nothing exciting about Holy and Discipline specs. I've attempted Shadow, and I abhor the spec. Shaman. The class isn't boring and has some cool spells and background. I have a very hard time leveling them for whatever reason. Warlock. I think my disinterest in warlocks stems from my inability to come up with an interesting backstory that doesn't involve some elements of "evil". Likewise, a good warlock seems wrong as well... What about you? Any classes you have a hard time with? Why?Bradim34 4h
5h Guild hunting. Good Evening too all, This week I've found time too return too the WoW community, was looking to start a new BE toon, probably a hunter/trader/merchant style character, but wanted to touch with what sort of guilds out there might work best for me. I'm always open to playing a family member or some blood relative, but that tends to work better if I locate an interested player and guild before hand, Looking forward to hearing from some of you all, Cheers. Tennessee.Sinijen11 5h
5h [A-RP] The Sha'tor ✪ Draenei Exclusive Guild ...Leader: Varistus Officers: Vivaaldi, Kasmia Founded: September 26, 2014 Location: The Exodar Faction: Alliance; draenei exclusive Status: Recruiting, all classes Website: http://shatorwra.com & http://shatorwra.tumblr.com The Sha'tor is an order of draenei dedicated to the preservation of their people and culture, as well as honoring their place within the Alliance. With equal parts tenacity and hope, the Sha'tor aids in defending against the myriad threats that bombard Azeroth, while simultaneously supporting the draenei people as a whole in the quest to rebuild and thrive in the world they now call home. ...As a lore-abiding guild, we want members who are knowledgeable about Warcraft lore, especially regarding the draenei. But beyond that, a guild's heart lies in its members and their ability to be helpful, friendly, and good-natured. A willingness to engage in roleplay and other activities with fellow members is also a great thing to have; it is the driving force behind a successful, active guild, and promotes a welcoming environment. The Sha'tor offers an array of avenues for roleplay, chief among them an ongoing guild storyline that members can participate in by attending plot events. Members are also encouraged to develop their characters through guild plot progression, as well as personal storylines. Additionally, cultural and public events are held to promote inclusion of our allies. Our guild events typically start at 5pm server time. There are at least three IC events a week: a Plot event (Monday) that continues the overall storyline. A Path event (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on scheduling) that involves individual Path members only. Finally, an Induction Ceremony (Wednesday) which acts as an IC guild meeting. Sometimes, a second Path event is used in the same week, or we collaborate with ally guilds for other events. There is always something to look forward to! ...The Sha'tor is headed by the Exarch and his Triumvirate—individuals who have proven their loyalty and are diverse in both skill and demeanor. The Triumvirate act as advisors to the Exarch, and are tasked with specialized leadership, most notably the three paths of the order. Path of the Naaru — Led by Kasmia; serve as the Sha'tor's military. Path of the Prophet — Led by Varistus; healers and medics. Path of Argus — Led by Vivaaldi; scholars, scientists, artificers, and other keepers of draenei history and culture.Members will be asked to join one of these paths according to their primary interest. ...In order to join, aspiring members must fill out a simple application on our website. If accepted, applicants will be asked to undergo an in-character interview so that the Triumvirate may gauge whether they will be a good fit for the Sha'tor. Do not let inexperience—whether with draenei lore, or roleplay as a whole—deter you from applying! We are glad to help, so long as the interest and willingness to learn is there.Varistus145 5h
5h Favorite IC vacation spot? Where do your characters go when they want some rest and relaxation? What hobbies to they enjoy? Where might they retire one day?Axiann23 5h
5h [H] <Life> 5/9M LFM <Life> is a tight-knit mythic raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Our three mandatory raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6pm to 10pm Pacific. If you cannot make these times with an attendance rate of at least 90%, we will not accept you into our core team. However, if you can somewhat make these hours, consider contacting us about joining as backup and we can try to work something out. Looking to get started with raiding? You’re in the right place, if you have time to make our optional nights, usually Fridays at 6pm, we’ll start teaching and gearing you up for raiding as long as you show dedication and fully commit to our guild. (Logging into Discord, making friends, etc.) If you’re only interested in being a social member in our guild, all we require is a friendly attitude and Discord! Our main focus on recruiting for our core team currently: -Healers- Holy Paladins -Damage- Hunters Shadow Priests Feral Druids Retribution Paladins Mages <Life> was built with an emphasis on family focus more than progression. Our main goals are having a small tight-knit community to socialize and have fun with, while achieving Cutting Edge at a medium pace. That being said, if you’re looking strictly for boss kills and progression, our guild is not for you. <Life>’s environment is extremely laid back, we’re often loud and usually act fairly immature. However, we are never racist, sexist, and we’re LGBT friendly. With that being said, we expect everyone to know when to be serious to reach our goals as a guild. If you’re looking for a very professional, mature, and serious raid team, we are not it. We will joke around and laugh every chance we get while killing bosses. We expect all of our raiders to attempt to progress their character every week to the best of their ability. This currently includes: World Bosses (if applicable), Keystone Dungeons, Artifact Power gain, and most importantly, research on your specialization. If we sound like the right guild for you, head over to our website and toss in an application, if you’re able, we’ll get your trial started on the next raid night. If you have any further questions that are not answered in this post, feel free to contact one of our officers or myself. Guild Master: Infimyst (Myst#1683) Officers: Zerìck (CuartaEspada#1265) || Ithenivash (Vashy#11328) Site: life-wra.shivtr.comInfimyst26 5h
6h [A-RP] Bouldershoulder Brigade "A brigade? They're not a brigade! They're a force of nature, a storm of beards, booze, and incoherent yelling!" -Private Winslow, 19th Westfall Division "They're wild, uncontrollable, and spit in the eye of both regulation and common decency. But let no one say they aren't at least marginally effective." -Lieutenant Broadfist, Stormpike Guard "The Bouldershoulder Brigade is founded on bad ideas." -An Actual Quote The Bouldershoulder Brigade is back at it folks! Everyone's favorite collective of dorfs is back and better than ever. For any unfortunate soul not yet familiar with the name "Bouldershoulder", here's a short intro to who we are. The Bouldershoulder Brigade is a Dwarf-only roleplaying guild and a major contributor to The Mead Hall Dwarven Community. The general conceit of the guild is loose, but ultimately, the Bouldershoulders are a group of Alliance-aligned dwarves who go out into the world and serve their people wherever they may be needed. As the definitely-not-made-up quotes above explain, the Bouldershoulders are wild and unruly, but can be counted on to do the right thing. We currently do not have plans to run guild-specific RP events, but have and will always be a present force in the Dwarf RP scene, and attending events found therein, with the ambition of running our own stories in time here. Out of character, we're a small, but tight-knit and friendly group of friends who enjoy doing all forms of content with each other. Alongside RP within the guild, and RP with the community at large, the Bouldershoulder Brigade also boasts a Mythic+ team that runs on a regularly irregular schedule, where progress is counted in how drunk we can get the tanks, and how many grey hairs we give our healers. We also have a home in our ranks for those of you who enjoy PVP, running Battlegrounds/Arenas and participating in open world PVP when it can be found. But above all, we have fun, in whatever form that takes in game and out. Talk to any of Balrik, Davonna, Tairneach, Rufaic, or Halflan to see about recruitment!Halflan127 6h
6h [H-RP] <Shadows of Lordaeron> Holy 500 posts Batman! We maxed out our forum thread! Here is a link to our previous thread if you wish to follow our journey as a guild thus far: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/18194619285#post-1 The Shadows of Lordaeron are elite, hand picked agents of the Forsaken from all walks of our society and are seeking other seasoned veterans to join the fury of our Vanguard, the stealth and cunning of our Intelligence Network and the devious minds of our Research and Development Team. Forsaken High Command has seen fit to assemble a versatile unit composed of battle-hardened Deathguards, merciless Deathstalkers, devout Cultists and brilliant Apothecaries capable of handling various sorts of operations, usually the assignments most others are reluctant to undertake. The Shadows were created to do what conventional forces cannot...or simply will not. Various rumors swirl around Undercity whispering of secret experiments, artifact recovery and enemies of Forsaken disappearing with our involvement; however what we do is not for fame or prestige. Our actions are motivated only by our loyalty to the Dark Lady and dedication to the Forsaken Cause. I ask you now comrade, where does your allegiance reside? OOC: The Shadows of Lordaeron are seeking role players who favor Forsaken/Undead RP. Our guild is composed entirely of Forsaken or Death Knights of any race, provided they bend the knee to the Banshee Queen. We are a ruthless band of deaders who always served the Dark Lady first and the War Chief second, but now that is obviously no longer an issue. Our intention is to offer all aspects of Forsaken RP: be it military, adventure, apothecary, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, political, etc. We are quite active and hold RP events at least once a week out and about in the vast world of Azeroth. Walk ups are always welcome as well, of course. Aside from our undead RP focus, we also have been known to dabble in some PVP and PVE from time to time. Additional info on The Shadows of Lordaeron can be found at: solwra.enjin.com or by reaching out to Killingfield, Jaedera, Zheco or Sehoro in game.Killingfield291 6h
6h 6 days left, Convince me to stay? 6 days left, Convince me to stay? I picked up a month to see how the game has gone since ive been gone, and I gotta say it hasnt convinced me to stick around. Though being without a guild, friends, purpose has taken its toll. Vet RPer Raider No PvP (shove off)Paoiga10 6h
7h [H] <Imperium> 8/9H (Updated 8/9/17) <Imperium> is a Horde guild with a focus on raiding progression but also a strong community. We currently have (2) active raid groups. Past raiding and our Mythic+ groups, we enjoy each other's company to a great extent within our Discord. We're the guild you can choose to hang out with instead of watching the NFL in real life. The camaraderie displayed here is unparalleled. This guild is full of a wide variety of players, from your vanilla/BC crowd that you could probably get rambling about 'Well back in BC we had to do THIS', to people who liked WoD, to new players starting at Legion. Although I always nag my guys to be farming out gear, completing every AP world quest available to them, and studying their logs, sometimes we host other things... -DnD Style Roleplay -Discord Music Parties -"Cracking Open a Cold One With the Raid Team" (every raid night) -Rated Battlegrounds -Wandering Silvermoon -Wandering Dalaran -Wandering -Listening to Chaka sing The week of (8/10), we've continued our progress on the big red himself and have him at 9%. The end is in sight, but we are taking our time as we lack the roster for mythic at this time. Raid Teams & Recruitment Needs Raid Team 1 "Imperial Fists" (Major League/Semi-Hardcore/Mythic) Wed/Thurs: 6PM-9PM PST Recruiting (6/21/17) Open Recruitment Willing to teach and/or instruct if a new player wants to get into mythic content. Requirements Concordance of the Legionfall 750k ST dps, active microphone with communication skills Shares similar raid experience / skills Highest levels of reliability Outside of WoW communication skills Loot System Dragon Kill Points (DKP) RC Loot Council interface to quickly distribute loot, referring to DKP spreadsheet Contact Information - Dakera (B.net: Dakera#1844) Raid Team 2 "Salamanders" (Semi-Hardcore/Normal/Heroic) Fri: 6PM-9PM PST Recruiting (6/21/17) Core spots available Ranged DPS (All) Healers (Priest, Druid) Requirements -High raid attendance and good attitude 500K+ ST DPS (with 50+ traits) Loot System Personal Contact Information - Eadchoppa (Discord: THEL3G3ND#9642) Mythic + Looking to form new teams, so comply within if you're interested for any spot! The groups tend to run 1 - 2 nights a week and push to at least a 15 for the weekly cache. The teams have been reformed for the 7.2.5 patch to focus armor class farming for maximum efficiency. We currently have preassigned mythic+ teams named by the members like - Leather Baddies (not totally a pun or anything) -Melee Massacre Other Recruitment Needs A role play officer to set up a few RP campaigns. A few campaigns have been done in the past, but having more roleplay and someone to bounce ideas off of would be wonderful. Both DnD style and traditional roleplays have occurred, always paired with some sort of music (like LotR) that gets that immersion going. Currently I am hosting and writing all of our RP content, but I would love somebody to take it up full time as my focus is raiding. Collectively we welcome RPers, PVPers, and casual players! We can be those guildies you call on when you're being 1v5'd in the Darkbrul Arena! We have a couple avid PvPers in the guild, like our weird hunter who is like... in melee range of mobs for some reason. We have been PvPing more often due to the challenge appearance tint through RBGs, but also have been doing rated 2s and 3s more regularly. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Kamikollo (Recruitment Point-of-Contact) (Discord: Kami#0002) (Btag: Kamikollo#1921) or if not available, contact - Dakera (Guild Master)(B.net: Dakera#1844)(Disc preferred: Dakera#1743) - Motauman (spin-to-win wonderboy) (B.net: Motauman#1321) - Aryxa (the baddest mage ever) (B.net: Invictus#1924) Links Check out our YT channel that highlights our best (and worst) moments: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTibPyiBY1D-O3DyaktxbkwDakera20 7h
7h Orc Commission Specialist Changed my mind; gonna do it myself.Borgg6 7h
7h [A] Hammer of Dawn - 7/9H, always recruiting. <Hammer of Dawn> is an 'adults with jobs' styled raiding guild founded for the launch of the Legion expansion. While maintaining a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on downing content while remaining casual. Our schedule is 9 hours a week (Tues/Fri/Sat), enabling us to have lives away from World of Warcraft (and work jobs, and spend time with family), and still allowing us to see what the endgame of World of Warcraft has to offer. Do not let our reduced raid schedule fool you - we take our raid time seriously (even if we joke around a lot), and expect everyone on the team to do the same. If you're a skilled player, and share our goals, we may be what you're looking for. Progression! We've cleared Normal/Heroic in all previous tiers in Legion. 7/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Raid Times Tuesday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Tuesdays is Normal Tomb of Sargeras. We require the 5% & 10% talents in your artifact weapon, and an 885 item level to come. Friday & Saturday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Our weekends are for harder content, and we can be very selective about who comes. Recruitment Needs The list below is a general list of what we need played at Heroic levels. If you do not see your class listed here, apply anyway, as we recruit the player over the class, and will work with you to fit you in. We do not require previous raiding experience for Normal, but we do require some previous experience for Heroic! While logs aren't NECESSARY, if you have some we'd love to see them, too. Ranged DPS - Mail especially. A tank, or a non-leather healer. Ranged DPS. Seriously. Expectations of Raiders The ability to play multiple specs for your class effectively, if the raid requires. Understanding constructive criticism, and learning and improving. Ability to come to raid prepared, and on time. This means consumables, and knowledge of the fights we're working on. Having the desire to grow, and continuously improve as your class of choice. Other Information Loot is handled on a basic need/greed system. If you need it, roll. We defer to people's best judgements as to what is a better boost for the raid team. If you are greedy with your loot, you may not find this place friendly. We are adults, and would prefer people looking at joining us be 21+. As always, exceptions can and have been made. We are an LGBTQIA safe space guild - most of this guild is made of marginalized people, and this guild is a home for them above all else. If your idea of fun jokes are 'triggered' memes, or something you would read in trade chat, you will not have fun here. Please feel free to post here, or message me on btag - phae#1446Impersonal226 7h
7h [H-RP] Yīngsù Village Yīngsù Village lies hidden in the mountains of Pandaria, South of Kun Lai, West of the Jade Forest, and North of the Valley of the Four Winds. It is a rocky, windswept and remote place, where few crops grow and the nights are cold. Like rubbish blown in the wind, drifters, thieves and renegades have made their way to the Village over the centuries, and calling it their home. To survive, they offer their services, ever discreetly, to the towns and cities below, trading knife-work and smuggling for rice and solitude. Whether by birth or adoption, the inhabitants of this secret place are members of a family. A family with customs, which must be obeyed, for the safety of the town and its people. For life in Yīngsù Village is frail and fleeting, but made stronger by bonds of blood and iron. ________________________ Yīngsù Village is a roleplay guild on Hordeside Wryrmest Accord, devoted to deep, interpersonal story, based on themes of interdependence, honor, crime and ethics. We are inspired loosely by legends of Ninja and Brigand villages in Japan and throughout Asia, who were said to have eked out a living in remote, barren places, and survived by the sword and subterfuge when they could not grow enough food or command enough respect. We welcome mature, even-keeled roleplayers who have a strong distinction between In-Character and Out-Of-Character, who are willing to engage in emotionally difficult but immensely rewarding stories. With a strong “Play to Lose” mentality, we recognize that the best tales often have sad endings, but are more memorable for it, and that power comes at a great cost. For information about applying, visit our website: https://yingsuvillage.wordpress.com/Yutang13 7h
8h [A] 924 Rogue LF raiding Guild. Hey there, Hi there, I'm 9/9 N 9/9 H I'm fairly low key. I'm quiet at the best of times but am looking for a close group that may be looking to add another. A raid time that starts around 7pm PST or later would be good. I do work and sometimes I'm not back until about 8 pm PTS. Look if you really want to get to see if this is a fit please shoot me a message in game or reply. I'm just looking for like minded people.Sabriea2 8h
8h Ruins of Gilneas, what's it for? So i just talked about this in my guilds discord but want to get the populace's opinion on this. What is gilneas used for now? it's such an oopen a perfect city for any event. yes id assume both factions could populate it at once. (since its a factionless city) but is their any nightly, weekly monthly events there? imo, i can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be populated, if there ever was an opportunity to make a bi factional city hub where you could roleplay next to a horde toon as an alliance. or bump into an orc that sparks an all out wpvp brawl over miscommunication that would be it. it'd be a great place to sale your wares as well. the ideas iom having are endless. So in short whats going on with the city? is it possable to make a dead city feel alive again? a place to bring a true to life place where horde and alliance can rp in whatever fashion the wish. tyvmIraviss43 8h
8h [H] Snuggle Bunnies (Late Night Raiding) <Snuggle Bunnies> of Wyrmrest Accord is a late night semi-hardcore raid guild working on progression and in need of more solid raiders to fluff up our core team. We are currently 9/9 N ToS and 7/9 H ToS. We are looking for dedicated TANKS/DPS/ & HEALS 900+ ilevel that can raid Fri/Sat nights at 9:30pm-11:30pm Server Time. We are very active outside of raiding doing M+, occasional battlegrounds, off-night raiding (Sun/Tues nights 9:30pm-11:30pm Server.) For any other inquiries, you can contact one of us in-game (/who snugglebunnies) or add the following on Bnet: GM- RixieBhelle#1426 Senior Officer: Steffiana#1696 Website : http://www.snugglebunnies.net WHAT WE ARE: Group of friends and late night raiders trying to progress through content while also having fun. GOALS: To build a solid raid team, establish teamwork, while making new friends, no strings attached. RECRUITING: Need : Tanks/DPS WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Progressive-minded players who ALSO want to see end content while continuing to improve on their class and available for LATE NIGHT RAIDS. Need more team players. While we currently have goals of eventually smashing through content, we are still accepting social members and those wanting to get into raiding, so don't be shy! We still do Mythic Keystones, old raids, BGs, etc.Rixende24 8h
9h [H] <Steamy Romance Novel> 8/9h recruiting! <Steamy Romance Novel> 10/10h 9/9n 8/9h is recruiting! We are a newly formed horde raiding guild with a very strong social atmosphere. If nobody is putting memes in the guild discord chat, there’s something wrong. SRN raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9 pm server and we are 8/9 H. Currently, we are looking for RDPS and heals. No past raid experience is necessary, you just need gear and to know when to press your glowy buttons! The trial period of raiding lasts up to two weeks and we use a soft loot council based system. Eventually, we would like to have enough raiders to comfortably create a mythic team for Tomb but still have fun while doing it. Past raiding, we do dungeons/m+, old raids, battlegrounds and roleplaying! Being 110 is not necessary to join. We also play games outside of WoW and watch movies together via stream every Thursday and Saturday! We've compiled a video of clips from Lorisia's stream: http://tinyurl.com/srnmeme (if you were worried that this guild wasn't a giant living meme, this video proves it) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on this forum or contact any one of the officers listed below! Caleas (Beethulhu#1379) Qpog (Qpog#1820) Zinrala (DaddyKink#1954) Pthumeru (Pthumeru#1529)Caleas58 9h
9h [A] You uh... wanna raid? Hey folks, Im a pretty busy dude like many of the fine folks here on WrA however I enjoy challenging content. I know there are a good bunch of people with similar motives and goals who don't have the appropriate facet to shine through. What am I getting at? I'm looking to form a small 10-12 flex group for Heroic Tomb to farm on a weekly basis based on the avalaibility of its members, most likely the hours will be night (8PM Pacific). I'd like to at least raid one to two nights for 2 1/2 hours or so. after the content is put on farm we should be able to clear it in one night under 1 1/2 hours giving us time to enjoy other things. If this is something that interests you, please let me know, in all fairness and respect to the server I call home, please send your requests via in game mail and I will reach out to you in game through RP If you choose so or I can just message you in game.Kained5 9h
9h [A-RP] <Sentinel> Smashing Faces For Elune "I am never without my Sisters. And they will never be without me." Vigilance, selflessness, bravery, fortitude, and discipline. Words every Sentinel lives by--or, if necessary--dies by. We are our people's first and last line of defense. From the streets of Darnassus, to the shadowed groves of Darkshore; from the ancient woods of Ashenvale, to the towering crags of Stonetalon: We are ever watchful, and ever ready to combat any foe that would endanger Kalimdor or our people. To these enemies we offer no quarter, and expect none in return. Are you ready to answer the clarion call? Are you ready to become a <Sentinel>? ....................................................... <Sentinel> is an established and stable roleplay guild, founded over SIX years ago and still going strong today. As our name suggests, we are strongly militaristic in theme. Our aim is to accurately portray the role of Kaldorei soldiers in service of Tyrande, and also to promote Night Elf roleplay in Darnassus, Kalimdor, and the server as a whole. Our membership is friendly and supportive, and we're looking for more active roleplayers to join us! We hold a regular Induction Ceremony for our new recruits every Saturday night, followed by drill and formation practice. Throughout the month we also schedule a wide variety of other RP events or activities such as combat missions, Sentinel training, story circles, historic site tours, classic raids, and battlegrounds. We also host multi-event roleplay campaigns that can span several weeks. What level must I be to join your guild? We have soft level requirement of level 20, so that you can ride your nightsaber mount during events. We also ask that you be reasonably active, and not simply looking for a place to park a soon-to-be-forgotten Night Elf alt. This does not mean you must be online every day! But we do encourage our members to participate: to attend guild events if they are online, regularly check our website, and to take initiative and be proactive with their own roleplay ideas. What classes and races do you accept? We follow a strict traditional Sentinel theme in our roleplay, and currently only allow female night elves. All classes are welcome except for mages, demon hunters, and death knights. I enjoy roleplay, but also want to experience more of what World of Warcraft has to offer. So do we! Our members partake in many aspects of the game, from testing their might in PvP battlegrounds and dungeons, to less dangerous pursuits such as pet battles, collecting mounts, and running classic raids. One activity we do not organize is progression raiding. If that is something you fancy, then we are probably not for you. Roleplaying a Sentinel sounds intimidating; there is so much Night Elf lore to know... While some familiarity with Night Elf lore is definitely encouraged, we are happy to assist those who might be new to this type of roleplay (or even roleplay in general). As long as you are willing to learn and improve, we will help with character-building, lore, and any other questions you might have. Where can I find more information? Our website at http://x.co/sentinel is a good place to start. There you will find our guild rules and policies, helpful links to guides for Night Elf lore and roleplay, along with an online application (which is required to join the guild). Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our guild officers in-game: Adellwyna (Guild Leader), Lierona, Xeqwena, Bovira, Alesterra, and Kamëqetë. We look forward to hearing from you! Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Let our enemies beware!Adellwyna376 9h
9h [A] The Court of Silence is recruiting! Are you a morally flexible person looking to do questionable things for (hopefully) good reasons? We might have a place for you. The Court of Silence is a (very newly formed) RP guild with occult leanings and an emphasis on collective storytelling. We are seeking established characters with stories, goals and history to mesh with our own, thereby improving everyone else’s tales along with yours. ... ... ... But although inclusivity is important, there are some IC and OOC things we are definitely not looking for. ...Willfred3 9h
10h (A) Looking for Guild to explore Hello! Returning player after a very....very very....very very very long hiatus. I've missed a lot of content and I really want to explore all the old stuff. I played WAAAAAY back during the Wrath of the Lich King and even then I didn't play very long. Life changes and I'm now getting back into it but I'm not interested in just getting top gear (yet) I really want to explore the stuff I missed. I want to fight Deathwing in Cataclysm, I want to explore the shores of Pandaria in the Mists of Pandaria and I want to fight the Iron horde in the Warlords of Draenor. I do want to explore Legion and all it has to offer too but I haven't purchased yet (planning too). I've had a chance to see some of the new stuff and I've been loving it but WoW is a game that flourishes when you have people to play with. I would like to find a Guild that would like to explore old content with me, perhaps a bit of Role Playing, and just have fun. Ultimately I will want to get the latest expansion and Raid, Mythic or whatever it is people do at level 110 but first I want to see what I have missed. I mainly played healers or ranged DPS back in the day and I still love it. I'm currently running around as a Priest in Draenor on the Wyrmrest Accord Server.Jaharr1 10h
10h Legacy Raiding (BC) <You think you do> [A]WRA <You think you do> is a guild of players who are progressing through legacy content at level, and in appropriate item level gear. We are a subset of the twinking community, but we do not overgear content as we progress through it. We think we want legacy servers, but we totally don't. Wyrmrest Accord - Alliance Raid schedule: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 6pm server time (PST) Want to see us in action? Check out some of these videos from our much loved Sam (Old videos, old guild, old server, same people): Blackwing Lair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0bsfyAAN-s Sunwell Plateau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7UJf1imTNc Herald of the Titans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBJsdv1kD0M Icecrown Citadel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR7lMTTtZrw Heroic Deathwing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzb0C7MeC2w What we expect of you: 1. Do not overlevel content, you need to stop your experience gains at the appropriate level (60 for vanilla, 70 for BC, etc). 2. Do not twink your character, you wear what you're able to get naturally. No heirlooms allowed at level cap, no exceptions. 3. Crafted and BoE gear should not be purchased from the AH. Gear/enchants from later expansions, and PvP gear are restricted as well. 4. Be active on Discord so you know when we're doing stuff; we want you to join a social group, not just a raid team. 5. Unless an emergency arises, we do not want to bring cross-server characters to raids. Be part of the guild! Want to know more? Contact us! Officers: Talch (Bevok#1395), Appa (Jimmyjames@1507), Jij (Jij#1775), Syncos (Syncos#1918), Hobson (Hobson#1416) Anyone online ingame can invite you, so if you have questions, feel free to hop in and ask around in guild chat, or on Discord: https://discord.gg/8BKzJv3Appalytheism56 10h
11h [H-RP] The Apocryphal Codex IC Primer: "Bring us your damned, your banished and scorned, your pariahs and your hated. Bring us those that are in need of instruction and guidance, whom others fear for their potential and skill. Bring us they, and let us lead them where others dare not go. So say we, the Apocryphal." These are the words that echoed and swirled about the darkest corners of cities and towns, whispered longingly by society's betrayed and abandoned like a mantra. Rumors abounded just what "the Apocryphal" were: A cult, perhaps? A religious sect. No. The most believed suspicion was that it was a haven, a haven for the oppressed and the reviled. Those who society had failed. OOC Info: The Apocryphal Codex is a magic-centric guild, with dark RP undertones. With that said, however, we are far from -exclusive- to magical characters, and we accept any active characters, with the exception of demon hunters, into our ranks. Our goal with the Apocryphal Codex is to provide a "rags-to-riches" experience for characters, whether they be the inexperienced apprentice mage, or a soldier down on their luck, though we do so through less than ideal means. As previously mentioned, dark RP is a driving force behind the Codex, though it is not the only thing we participate in. We all have our senses of humor, and all RP types are welcome. We also have weekly events, ranging from activities such as training, hunting magical artifacts and relics, and longterm guild storylines. Other information: Contacts for Recruitment or Questions: Daliron - Asharrah - Targara Guild Website: https://apocryphalcodex.enjin.com/Daliron3 11h
11h <The Sunreavers> are recruiting... <The Sunreavers> are done with the Broken Shore campaign. While most agents have returned, many are missing in action and presumed dead. The order needs to replenish their numbers, and are looking for a few good elves. The order is recruiting Sin’dorei only, of certain prefered classes: Mages, Priests, Paladins, Rogues, Warriors and Rangers/Hunters. All new recruits will begin the path of the initiate before being allowed to proceed to Sunreaver Guardian or Sunreaver Sentinel ranks. <The Sunreavers> are primarily focused on strengthening the diplomatic relationship between Quel’Thalas and Dalaran and as such, regular travel between these two locations should be expected. However, we are also an elite unit of highly trained specialists, and our skills are often needed by the Kirin Tor. All new initiates will be subject to training, lessons and daily chores and assignments. Please note that in the week of August 21st to 26th, there will be an event each night for veterans and recruits to meet, learn and work together, leading to an induction ceremony for recruits who have survived the week! The Sunreavers will be present in and around Silvermoon City for the next few weeks. Please feel free to approach members if you seek information, or to enlist. OOC: We are seeking roleplayers only, who are available for event times (5PM on weekdays, 10AM on Saturdays) and who will respect the code of conduct. Please consult our website and familiarize yourself with our vision/code of conduct before approaching an officer.Axiann11 11h
11h [H] Daydreamers 5/9H LF HEALER! SEEKING A HEALER! Resto Shaman or Druid would be awesome! Other healers are great, too. We are no longer recruiting DPS to raid with us, but if you're a DPS and want to join for other things like mythic+, we'll gladly take you. About Us Daydreamers are a casual progression guild. We keep a casual mindset while having a larger goal in mind (Example; AOTC). We do Mythic+, dabble in roleplay, and just have fun. We're all learning together, so there is no pressure to be perfect. We will not pressure you to switch roles because we need a specific role/your class got nerfed/etc. We want you to have fun and play what you want. Contact Us Guild Leader: Mourai - GilneanRose#1104 Recruitment Officer: - Khronok - Lowdar#1862 Raid Times We raid Sun/Wed 4PM-7PM Server Time. Raiding Expectations A positive attitude when it comes to raiding. We would like an item level of 885 or above, and a DPS check of 400k. Progression ToS - 9/9 Normal ToS 5/9 Heroic All raids previous to ToS are completely cleared in heroic and normal. Trial Raiding and Loot To become a full-fledged raider and Council member, you must attend two raid nights. Trial raiders are considered after core raiders for loot. WE WILL NOT DISENCHANT LOOT ON YOU. If our core raiders do not need the item, you will get the item. Or if one of our raiders wants you to have it. This is to prevent loot thieves and serial guild leavers from taking a lot of loot from a run. See our full loot rules outlined in the Info tab of our website. (These will be edited to be up to date soon). Desired Roles Healers Required Add-Ons for Raiding DBM or similar add-on RC Loot Council Guild Resources and Communications Website: http://daydreamerswra.weebly.com/ Discord Roleplay Friendly We have a small RP community in our guild seeking to RP more often! We need more people to help this along.Mourai30 11h
12h [H-RP EVENT]Sunset Market - Sept. 8th! Greetings citizens of the Horde! Come and join all of us in <Sunset Caravan> at The Sunset Market! An outdoor market RP event with a twist! Each monthly market will relocate to a new city, making each event a unique experience, along with a chance for concentrated world RP! The Market will take place once a month, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the The Sunset Market as it travels across Azeroth! Have you ever gathered materials, crafted amazing hard-to-get items or found incredible treasure only to toss them into your bank and forget about them? Well, now is the perfect time to clear it all out and perhaps even make a profit while you're at it! All of us here in <Sunset Caravan> are inviting every single one of you to come pay us a visit! Whether you want to shop around for a chance at someone having that -one- item you need for your transmog or run your own vendor / recruitment booth to peddle your wares and show off your guilds & talents! Just want to come down and glance around? Maybe make some new friends or business contacts? Well, no market would be complete without patrons! There's room for everybody! Guild Recruiters! There's even a place for you! Come on down and host your own recruitment booth; let everyone know what your guild is all about first hand! Performers! If you happen to be a performance guild, or even an individual, and you'd like to show off your skills at the market, contact me in-game on Tygraesa and we can chit chat about it! ... ATTRACTIONS Booths! Vendors, recruiters, talented individuals! You name it! Opening Ceremony, complete with fireworks! A raffle with fabulous prizes! (All ticket sales and donations will go directly into the next raffle!) Darkmoon Rides! - Because who doesn't love those things?! Food and Drink! Complimentary of course! If you'd like to run your own booth as a vendor,talent or recruiter fill out the outline below and post it in a comment to this post! ... ... ... [About <Sunset Caravan> Website: caravan.enjin.com Recruitment Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757465716 Contact: Tygraesa via in-game mail/whisper/btag Battle Tag: WonderDragon#11626] ...Tygraesa26 12h
14h [H-Event] Kagh'hsk Challenges The Kagh'hsk Challenge The Kagh'hsk [KAH-GUH-HES-KUH] is a term derived of two orcish words; 'Kagh' meaning 'Run' and 'Hsk' meaning 'battle. A run battle meant a foot race between two or more clans, often completed during a Kosh'harg Festival. The tradition of the clans coming together has long since faded though the spirit of Kosh'harg still lingers on in the Horde today. The Stormhowl Clan has been working to bring such events back to the modern Horde. Though still reserving the possibility for biannual festivals, such as the Kosh'harg itself, the Kagh'hsk Challenge will exist as a once a month, two day event, in which members of the Horde, be it groups or individuals, come together to compete in a variety of activities. The first day will host the minor games while the second day has the main Kagh'hsk obstacle course and feast before announcing the winners. The Challenges The Kagh'hsk will be hosted in a new location every month and its challenges will be based on the region it's in. It will feature activities primarily based on real life strongman, lumberjack and other similar competitions. The main event will be a course that will be broken down into several sections, each one having its own obstacles to overcome. As it stands, it'll use a very simple D2 system. Basically, in the competition 1 is a fail, 2 is a pass. In one on one competitions the higher number wins, equal numbers results in a draw. Awards The challenges will have the traditional first, second and third place winners and then an overall Kagh'hsk champion. It will also have a variety of bonus awards. The Rearguard - The competitor who comes last in the obstacle course. Storm the Gates - The competitor with the biggest recovery. The Bloodied - The competitor who took the most damage. Others to come! Where it stands the Stormhowl Clan will be providing the gold for the awards. They won't be too substantial but the overall champion and first place winner will at least receive enough gold to buy master flying. The rest scale down from there. How Do I Get Involved? We welcome competitors and observers alike to come and enjoy the events. If you want to participate or observe, then send an in-game mail to Brokthar, currently the only contact for the Kagh'hsk, stating your intention so that I can invite you to the event itself. If you'd like to help plan the events then please do the same as above. I'd prefer guild leaders over individuals to help in the development process. Also, I'll use this section to shout out to the Wolfmane Tribe and the many groups and individuals who have hosted all sorts of festivals, challenges and competitions over the last month and a half or so. You all helped inspire the initial Kagh'hsk which was a surprising success. Also thanks to the Wyvernsting Warband for participating in the first run. Kagh'hsk Challenges Takes place the third weekend each month. 9/15-9/16 1830 server time. Location and theme still to be determined. 8/18-8/191830 server time. Blue Sky Logging Grounds, Grizzly Hills. Frostblade Peak, Howling Fjord. First day had four events: Log Chop, Log Roll, Crosscut (duo), Waterfall Climb. Second day was the obstacle course. 7 sections: Sprint, Snow Boulders, Ice Pillars, Ice Climb, Pitfalls and Ice Slicks, Snowball Wall and High Winds Push. Zenyabi was crowned Champion of the Kagh'hsk. Former Challenges 7/10/17 Bladewind Canyon, Durotar. Single event, obstacle course. 7 sections: Sprint, Blunted Training Dummies, Rolling Rocks, Hidden Pitfalls, Blunted Arrow Wall, Mud Pit/Rope Swing/Wall climb, Rock Fist. Winners: Sigwynn, Rekktax, Grimda. No champion.Brokthar17 14h
16h [H-RP] The Whitehorn Tribe Wambleesha looked over the small encampment situated at Ghostwalker Post, in Desolace. He counted the number of Whitehorn several times, and after each count he would frown. His people had dwindled, their numbers slowly disappearing. He sighed softly, looking towards the mountains that sectioned off Desolace from the Golden Plains of Mulgore. For too long had the Whitehorn camped outside the Crossroads, serving Soup to those in need. While they had looked to others, they had become blind to their own needs. The Legion’s return was a painful lesson, one that was still engraved in many of the minds camped here now. But even though dire times had begun for the Whitehorn, a glimmer of hope was revealed. The Totem Spirits had spoken to Elder Wambleesha, the new Chieftain of the Whitehorn, to come to Desolace. There, they would find the strength, and the answers, to begin pushing back against their dreaded foe, the Sleeper. Wambleesha looked back to his people once more before whispering to the Spirits. It was time the Whitehorn took to the Paths of Old, to find the Shrines long left in disrepair. The Totem Spirits would be honored, and revered in the proper way, and the Whitehorn would begin to push back from the disarray that had befallen their once great people. The Elder stands tall, looking towards the encampment of his people. “Theia-shoush ahmen.” ______________ The Whitehorn Tribe is a mostly Tauren, tribal RP guild with a heavy focus on service to the Skyfather, the teachings of the Earthmother, and honoring the ancestors. If your character believes the Shu’halo are losing touch with their traditions, or that the Shu’halo should be honoring the Totem Spirits more than they should - then we might be the guild for you! If your character hears the call of the Spirits, and you want to stand ready to protect the Earthmother and her children – then yes, we do have a place for you. FAQs : Wait, wasn’t Kinarra the GM of Whitehorn? Aye, she was. However due to being unable to be present enough for interactions of the Tribe, she decided it would be best to hand it over to myself. However, she hasn’t left us, just taken a more laidback approach until she can return to usurp the mantle from my hands. Love you Kina… What do you mean by “mostly Tauren”? That we do accept non-Tauren members! As long as the character’s beliefs are in line with the Earthmother’s teachings, then yes, we accept them. Once they were considered provisional members, but the dire times ahead for the Whitehorn have called for them to reconsider this stance. As such, other races will be treated as tribesmen, once they have completed the necessary rites. Who the heck is the “Skyfather”? (As originally written by Kinarra.) The Skyfather, to my knowledge, is not mentioned in Tauren Lore. The concepts Earthmother and Skyfather occur together frequently in tribal cultures around the world however. To my point of view though, since the “Earthmother” is mentioned, it seems to imply the Skyfather. It’s not hard to believe that the different Tauren tribes would have different variations in some of their beliefs and customs. So, The Whitehorns are a bit on the fringe of the Tauren mainstream. I noticed many references to “journey”, “trail” and “path” – is there a theme here? Yes, there is! The main focus of the guild are the “Spirit Paths”. This is the method by which you honor the Skyfather and Earthmother. There are four paths that represent different focus areas your character can choose from. They are: Brave, Healer, Teacher/Lore master, and Mystic. For RP purposes, these replace your in-game class. How you choose to RP your character determines which path you choose. Basic Information: Horde Friendly* Guild: <Whitehorn Tribe> (*Because “Neutral” isn’t an option.) Guild Site: http://thewhitehorntribe.shivtr.com Contacts: Wambleesha (Guild Leader), Kinarra (Co-GM), Ossyka, Springmoon, Eishala or Menem.Wambleesha59 16h
16h [H] The Steelpaw Shaodin: The Emperor's Fist We are the Might of the Emperor! “When faced with opposition, be like the sea, which washes over all without doubt or hesitation. It will topple the unsecured immediately or shape the land into its own image with persistence and patience.” The Steelpaw Shaodin is a Heavy Pandaren RP guild. Made up of a union of Huojin aligned and Mainland Pandaren, united under the creed “Perfection through Victory”. Staunch adherents to the ideology that bettering oneself is wrought through pursuing challenges and overcoming opposition, the Steelpaw band together under the values of honor, strength, and their vigilant desire to see the Pandaren people reach new heights of power. Martial, determined, and eager to find wisdom through success, the Steelpaw operate within the Horde as a predominately militant order. Through the sword or quill, the clan's mission aggressively revolves around advocating Pandaren interests, along with their own. Recognizing that the current state of Azeroth is in proverbial disarray, the clan strives to train warriors, gather artifacts, empower their allies and be at the forefront of a cohesive union of the Pandaren people. Pandaren that are enthusiastic to master martial disciplines, eager to enjoy the thrill of victory, and wish to capitalize on the shift of powers on Azeroth- returning their people to a height of power, then the Steelpaw clan wants you! ________________________________________ The Steelpaw as a concept started with just a few friends from Moonguard and Wyrmrest that enjoyed playing as part of a rough housing family together. After gathering enough popularity from roleplay and guilds that helped evolve what started as a loose/improvised concept, eventually there was enough interest to form a guild centered around Pandaren Heavy RP. That, and we wanted an excuse to dress our Pandaren in the most fearsome mog combinations and not feel bad about it. We roleplay all throughout Azeroth. From Orgrimmar to the Jade Forest, members of Steelpaw and their allies can be found adventuring just about anywhere. The diverse lot of characters that make up the guild ensures that their pressence is felt everywhere, pursuing the troubles of the world or pushing the agenda of the Pandaren people. From hardened warriors to shrewd diplomats, you'll find that the clan brings in all types, each with a role and purpose, all working in an effective tandem to flesh out the end-game of the guild. Pandaren of all walks of life and disciplines are welcome, but not all may have what it takes to carry the burdens that the Shaodin faces. The Steelpaw's vision is a unified Pandaria, restored to an era of witnessed only during the legacies of their late emperors. It is a goal far too precious and meaningful to shirk responsibilities or for the faint of heart. Those in the Steelpaw are expected to be disciplined, committed, and willingness to act whenever necessary to oppose those who act against them or their allies. To reach us, whether to join, coordinate RP, or anything else feel free to contact the following officers or any of our members. By in-game mail is or signing to our site prefered, as whispers are often lost in the chat spam our officers and the GM tackle on a routine basis. Emeraldstorm - Clan Leader Chenju, Saiachi, Yauhhei - Tiger Generals(Officers) Website: http://thesteelpawclan.shivtr.com/ Tumblr: http://steelpawshaodin.tumblr.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/we-only-know-victory-the-steelpaw-shaodin https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/charge-of-conquerors-wipEmeraldstorm358 16h
17h ⚔ [H] Lichbane Clan - Recruitment Post ⚔ TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. About Raiding 3. About Roleplay 4. Additional Information ... General Introduction Lichbane Clan has been founded to give all players of World of Warcraft a home and community to thrive in. We aim to expand in all areas of the game, especially in the areas of Raiding, Roleplay, and all matters of end-game content. While we strive to push ourselves to be the best we can be, we are recruiting most and not only those that want to raid or RP. We want to make logging into the game enjoyable and something to look forward to. World of Warcraft is at its best when you are playing with friends, and we want to bring that enjoyment to you. Roleplay Introduction *You find a note pinned to your door, held aloft by a jagged dagger. You loosen the note from the blade’s sharp point and begin to read* "Greetings traveler, Sadly I do not have the time nor the ink to tell you everything. But I can tell you this. The Lichbane Clan has taken a great interest in you. You very well may hold the key to the Clan’s success. You have been summoned to meet with my leaders. There is much to discuss. Meet at The Legerdemain Lounge in the floating capital. Now I must go, be safe out there, you never know who else may be watching..." ... Raiding When it comes to raiding, we are currently recruiting all roles but we are specifically looking for RDPS and a couple more healers. We would like for players to be above ilvl 890, however, exceptions can be made. We do not require former raiding experience but instead we ask for the desire to learn the fights and do what is needed. We raid from 4:30 PM-7:30 PM PST Wednesday's and one night on the weekend (Fri, Sat, or Sun) (this last night will be determined when we have more raiders, so that it works best with everyone's schedule.) We are also looking for a Raid Leader, and of course the more experience the better. While most Guilds simply just offer Guild Repairs and ask you to bring everything else, we don't. In fact, we supply all Flasks, Pre-pots, and Food/Feasts. Also, for all gear obtained in the raid we will provide Enchants and Gems. This means that you no longer have to spend your gold on that 4k gold enchant, and can instead spend it on the 30 different Transmog outfits you have. ... Roleplay While the GM and I do not have any formal experience with Roleplay, we do realize that this is a big part of the game. We also play on a RP server, so it is only fitting that we expand in this area. We are mainly looking for a Roleplay Officer to help form and create a story for the guild. They would be given 95% artistic power, while we retain 5% to make sure things don't get too strange. Roleplaying is not required, but we do ask for respect for those that wish to do so.Whisperindre11 17h
17h [A] <Exsanguinate>9/9 Normal, 3/9 Heroic About Us: Exsanguinate is a casual raiding guild progressing through Normal and Heroic Tomb. We are made up of long time raiders and new players alike, we keep our guild and raids light hearted and fun. Our current raid team is made up of guildies as well as friends from other servers, our goal is to build our guild numbers for achievements and the like. Even if you aren't interested in raiding, but would like a place to play with folks in a stress free environment, we do mythic+/transmog/weekly events/achievement runs, throughout the week. Raiding Expectations: We ask all raiders show up on time and ready to go. Attitude is a huge part of our raid team and guild, wiping is part of raiding, and we don't call folks out or show frustration in voice or chat. With progression we have to mandate a 905 min item level and 450k dps as most fights require at least that. We use personal loot. Teamspeak and DBM are required to raid. Raid Times: Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm server Sunday 5:30pm - 8:00pm server Needed Roles: We are currently seeking Tank - Any but Demon Hunter DPS - extra points for ranged! Heals Contact Info: Tasteycake (btag Tasteycake#1423) Pmo (btag TheWolvar#1190) Borisdeganis Anderin (btag Shokra#1911)Tasteycake4 17h
18h [H-RP]<The Windsong Herd> ... Who We Are: The Windsong Herd is a semi-casual RP guild, open to any race or class! The Windsong are a nomadic people, focused on the defense of their home, inspiring others, and spreading joy. Most within our ranks classify themselves as warriors or bards, but all walks of life are more than welcome! We offer a home to all characters, and wish to help you as a player develop your story! Our RP is based on semi-long story archs that can lie on a foundation of current events in World of Warcraft, past threats making a return or a new conflict, or even member made story archs to help with character progression! And with the Legion knocking at Azeroth's door once again, you can expect our Windsong Herd to be reacting in song and support to all. Which is not to say we will be simple bards on the sides watching war wage ever on. Some of us put ourselves in the lines to keep our people safe. Characters within the Windsong may choose to follow the Path of the Four Winds, a specilized system that will allow you to develop your character along a path that you so choose! It's 100% customizable and guarentees that you have contact and near constant interaction with our officers! What We Expect: Some of our members hold a long past in roleplay, but by no means do we expect you to be a master of roleplay, or even World of Warcraft. What we expect is a fun, carefree and safe environment and atmosphere. We're a community of friends first and foremost, so the most we expect are smiles and funtimes! We do expect a bit of grammatical knowhow, though no one is perfect. Perfect words are not expected and if one is ever uncomfortable or uncertain with their style of roleplay or gameplay, we are happy to be patient and offer help. Zero drama is something we have stood by for a long time, and we still do to this day. If any problems or drama rise, we try to resolve these little conflicts and help others move on to find better days ahead. And lastly, real life does always come first. We understand some people won't be able to make all of the events on the calendar, and that's fine. Just toss a heads up in advance and we'll make note! That being said, we do ask our members make an effort to join our events at least once every two weeks. What You Should Expect Expect a fun and friendly bunch! We like to have fun, both IC and OOC. We are listed as an 18+ guild, if only for some of the jokes that may arise in OOC chat. You as a player are important to us, and we want to get to know you for more than your character! First and foremost, we are a community, centered around YOU. Expect invites to other games we may be playing as a group and shenanigans all around! We will conduct an IC interview of sorts, if not a small story just to hop you into the guild. Contact myself, Eiahakuija, Wachiwii, or Annasami in game or feel free to post any questions you have here! Don't forget to visit our new website at www.thewindsongherd.enjin.com to apply!Azriell39 18h
18h [H-Event] Gund’Harg After a short break from Warcraft, the Gund’harg had returned for the New Year. The feast and games each month, welcoming everyone and all. May all corners of the Horde and those who hold themselves under our banner join. We host the Gund’harg, translated to the common Tongue as Stone Festival, in the spirit of the old orcish Kosh’Harg, but changed and adapted to the New Horde. We hold to another tradition, while you can bring arms and armour to the lands, we would not use them against one another unless the game of the month calls for it. This means no fighting among our own people. We don’t host it under the mountain due to the massive number of hostile mobs that surround it, so instead we host it in a valley in Northwestern Stonetalon Mountain, a mob free area so players of any level may join with us. Time/Date: This event happens each month on the last Friday unless a holiday would get in the way. Which means that in August, it will take place on the 25th at 7:30 pm Realm time. Location: The valley in which the event is hosted can be found at 24:12 with the Coordinates addon, otherwise it is the most Northwestern Corner of Stonetalon, an unmarked location on the map that is easily marked by the small hut in the middle. Who to look for: You can whisper me at any time I am online for an invitation to the event itself, otherwise, please send me a letter, or whisper anyone within the Stonehammer Clan. (Please note that the valley is difficult if not impossible to reach on foot, if you are below level 60, or are unable to obtain a flying mount, those within the clan will be more than happy to give you a lift into the Valley.)Crogart85 18h
20h Guild Transfer Was thinking of transferring my guild over. We are a Scarlet Crusade themed guild. Is there high demand for such one?Delmorgis12 20h
22h [A-RP PvE/P] <Kalimdor Collective> Recruiting 7/31/17 Edit - Recruitment is open again! Kalimdor. There is a weight in it's name, a history felt more than known. To many, it is a land of legend and strife, of beauty and mystery, of conflict and blood. There rests ancient forests so thick one can barely ken day from night, where the winds bring soft whispers of song and speaking leaves. Grassy plains that reach beyond the scope of the keenest eye; Thunderous beasts, fierce hidden predators, and agile gazelles striving in it's expanse. Deserts that freeze one's teeth in the nights and burns their skin during the blistering day. Humid swamps full of the mists of dark arts and traitorous defectors. Snow veiled slopes that rest underneath a tree upon a mount which bears the very soul of the world. Ancient ruins of peoples past and present, so old they have become part of the land itself. Of mysticism, of brute and savage might. Of subtle touches, kisses from a Goddess, the roar of revered Aspects. Here lay secrets buried in the sands of time. Wisdom seeps from the very elements, calling those who wish to hear it. Here new things spring forth from Dream into reality. To some, though, it is something else. It is home. An archaic kaldorei, tending to the life that radiates ever outward. The noble Tauren, living in harmony with all things. Visitors from beyond the stars, seeking refuge from a conflict as old as time itself. Of mighty orcs, themselves seeking a a new home from the shambles of their broken world. Trolls hunt it's game and practice their shrouded rites, a people as antiquated as the world itself. A wide berth of those from across oceans plant their roots within it, seeking renewal and purpose. The cursed people of an insular nation, the curious dwarven and gnomish people who wish to uncover it's secrets. Ursine beings looking to strengthen bonds weakened and timeworn. And they will do anything they can to protect it. They will give themselves whole to safe-keep this venerable terrain that allowed cultures to thrive, children to grow, spirits to revitalize themselves time and again. They would look to any threat and become it's very weapon, shield, or spellcraft. They watch over it, they ensure the wildlife and saplings will flourish. This is the land of life, the land of origins, of hidden people and proud nations. It is the remnant of the Sundering that remembers it's name, recalls it's traditions, and welcomes all with the need to thrive. It is Kalimdor. In-Character Information Who We Are The Kalimdor Collective is a group of able and willing people who hold one truth in common – the safety of Kailmdor is paramount to all things. Whether born there, or migrated, all are welcome. Our ranks include all races and creeds. We have scholars and thinkers, as well as soldiers and silent agents. Citizens, merchants, mystics, warriors. There is no task to small or too large for us. At times we escort sundry goods along the roads. We give to those in need, we protect the weak. We fight on the open field, we speak at diplomatic functions. More than anything else, we are a selected family. We know each other, support each other, we are bonded. We either thrive or fall as one. Our lives are lived together. Who We Recruit All races of any alignment are accepted into our ranks, with the only two conditions. The first is that they work, for better or worse, for the good of Kaimdor. The second is that they show respect and tolerance to their fellow members.Telrien52 22h
1d [H] Alphabet Soup 4/9H LF DPS and Heals Alphabet Soup is a heroic raiding guild offering an active and friendly social environment, and is looking to recruit more members to our raid team! About Us Our members are active in and out of Warcraft. Using our Discord server as a main social hub, our members play other Blizzard games, including Overwatch and Diablo 3. Within Warcraft, we raid twice a week, regularly run M+, and have RPers, PvPers, and many altoholics. We have achieved AOTC in EN, ToV, and NH. Raid Times Alphabet Soup raids every Sunday and Monday from 8:30 - 10:30 Server Time. Recruitment Currently Recruiting: MDPS - Demon Hunter, Warrior, Shaman, Death Knight, Monk RDPS - Warlock, Shaman Heals - Druid, Shaman, Holy Priest Even if your class does not appear here, consideration will still be given to interested, high-performing players. Raiding Requirements We are looking for active and positive raiders with an ilvl of 890+ and Warcraft Logs available for us to check your performance. Contact For more information or to apply, you can contact me at: Battle.net - Caladryn#1819 Discord - Caladryn#5253Caladryn6 1d
1d Returning Player LF Guild Good day everyone, I am a returning WoW Vinilla-BC player who primarily does PVE content/RP and recently decided to roll a Draenei, as their race/lore interested me prior to my hiatus. However, after reaching level 40, I found my journey to be quite lonesome. As an avid socialite & story-teller, I attempted to look into a few heavy RP/Casual leveling guilds, such as The Sha'tor and Sanctum, but after various attempts in looking for contacts, nothing has come up. I also have tried using the game's Guild Finder but to no avail...which makes me assume a lot of the guilds posted are in-active. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask around via the forums for info on any possible established RP guilds, seeing has how the only guilds I'm being offered invitations to are either the ones being whisper spammed or ones that are just starting out and looking for just numbers. Thank you kindly in advance for any/all the helpRandvaar4 1d