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3d Master Post - Racial Lore Guides: Horde (Pasting this from the old forums, Thanks to Danikah and Kalanii and Quill for these and their preservation.) Quill’s Advice to Blood Elves/Those Who Hate Them Original Post (Repost by Kalanii): Your eyes are green. The only blue permitted is the frosty blue of a DK. There are no exceptions. The Sunwell reigniting did not make your eyes change color; fel taint is permanent. Orcs haven't gone back to brown skin. You are not a High Elf. You are not a Half-Elf. High elves and half-elves are Alliance-based. The high elves have thrown in their lot with the Alliance, and the half-elves are half-human, and thus attached to the Alliance. If you are one of these two things and you are playing in the Horde, disguise it. If you are open about this, you will be exiled or, more likely, executed. Play it smart if you must play it at all. You do not hold titles equal to major NPCs. You are not a Grand Magister, a Ranger-General, or a Blood Knight Matriarch. You are not an exception to this rule. Those people are the top of the chain of their respective organizations; you are not their equal. My advice? Be just a magister, a blood knight, or a ranger. Don't define yourself by your title. You can gain respect without a high rank. Blood elves play a subtle game with their politics and power struggles. Most of the power struggles seen in Silvermoon from RPers are duels or RP fights; this would not be tolerated by the guard unless it was taken outside, but moreover, this is not terribly characteristic of the culture. They are crafty people who prefer techniques like blackmail and playing the long game, which comes of their relatively long lives. Stop drawing your weapons and blasting people with your spells and start learning how to wound with words. Be patient. Be clever. Cleverness isn't something you can fake, mind, so if being subtle and working intrigue isn't something you feel up to doing, get out of the Silvermoon scene or don't try to play the sort of bloodelf who is into power struggles. A blunt bloodelf would not get very far in their culture. Openly talking about throwing down the government or otherwise defying the laws of decency would not happen without consequences. This is more of a general rule for RP, but it happens a lot in Silvermoon so I'm putting it here. You need to acknowledge your environment. Just because the guards won't actually react in game doesn't mean they wouldn't react in lore. We're here to play in the Warcraft world, and that includes using your imagination as to what would happen if you took such actions. Understand that the guards would be after you for stabbing someone if you did it on the street or in an establishment, and that even if you "evaded" them, there would be a warrant for your arrest. Allarya108 3d
May 13 Roleplaying 101: A crash course on Characters <insert exodar crash joke here> - Table of Contents (You're reading this, right now.) =========================================================== - Introduction - What this aims to accomplish, and for who - What is "Great Roleplay" and a "Great Roleplayer"? - Lore Accuracy - Start from the beginning, and finish at the end. - Goals: What do I want? - Step One: So many choices, what to go for first? - A shattered mirror: all the pieces of the character that make a whole - What's my Story? - Who do I know? - What do I do? - What -am- I? - Step Two: Socialites and Interacting with the Public - Racial Backgrounds and Stereotypes - Social Mores and Laws - Radicals (fanatics) and Moderates (conservatives) - Who shaped my opinions? (The effect of family on perceptions) - Step Three: An Empty Mind - Filling your Character's Head - Emptying your Character's Head - Personality Traits - Physical Habits and Mannerisms - Step Four: An Empty Life - I've got personality but no lifestyle! - Real world activities vs. "What I can do in WoW" - My class, and how it relates to me - My professions, giving me more than a fat/empty wallet. - Using class and profession to add to a character's dynamics. - Touching bases: How class and profession relate to my society. - Education: What do I know, and who taught me? A final wrap up to your character's story. - Step Five: Hey everybody, come see how good I look! - Physical Appearance and Characteristics - Start big, then go small - Descriptive words - Touching bases (again): Society and tattoos, piercings, ect. - Describing my Garb (what do I wear?) - Affiliations and Dressing (who do I know and how does that effect my dress?) - Final Step: Affiliations and my place in the world - Who am I now? (ranks, titles, and other affluential tomfoolery) - In closing: - Final Tips - From Hero to Zero: How good characters fall to pieces. - A thank you =========================================================== Roleplaying 101 - Yet another jerk telling you how to play your game. An Introduction: Welcome to roleplaying 101! This will be yet another thread where someone tells you in a stuck up and haughty manner why you suck at rp and how to fix it. It's your $15 a month, so by all means ready the flamethrowers and burn this thread to the ground. In all seriousness if that's your views, feel free to go read another thread. If you want to learn, well hopefully I can teach you something in my handful of years of roleplay. If I can't teach you something, well I can say I tried. And if I can't say that, I can at least say I wasted a good chunk of time facerolling this keyboard for you all. For those of you that dislike long threads: that's too bad. I'm writing this thread for a guild myself and a friend are planning on creating after seeing some of the roleplay within this server and deciding we wanted to control our exposure to the community in order to create a roleplay environment rich in immersion and character development that pertains to lore accuracy. If your reaction at this point revolves around the word "elitist" you're probably right. For those of you who I haven't chased off yet: lets cut to the chase! The very...very long chase. What this aims to accomplish, and for who: Who am I talking (typing) to in this thread? To anyone who wants to expand their roleplaying character to be a rich and developed individual, who feels like a real person who actually exists in the "World of Warcraft". Someone who grew up here, developed their mind here, and would contribute to the society here. Who this doesn't pertain to: People who play "just to have fun" People who use the excuse "It's my $15" People who don't roleplay People who could care less about lore, immersion, and realism in roleplay Ghostcrawler (everyone seems to hate on his watercooler posts, so I might as well kick him in the kidney while he's down!) What this thread aims to accomplish is to be a comprehensive guide to creating a character who is fully developed and inserted into this game's lore. This thread may not be for the casual roleplayer or someone who is not really interested in making a basal rp character to throw bombs in the pig and whistle, and stare harshly at all the non-paladins in the Cathedral, or ERP as a female draenei.Alinaris137 May 13
May 14 Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society RP 102: Read RP 101 First Welcome to RP 102! Forgive the long time between the previous RP 101 and this thread, I was a bit busy and couldn't find time to sit down long enough to collect thoughts and put them into an intelligent thread, and nobody wants to hear me ramble. Nobody. This RP 102 thread is a bit shorter than my original RP 101 thread. You'll have to forgive me on this. I've been really busy and this is the best I could throw together. If there's enough interest, I may even write a RP 103 thread. If you want to see some tips and such for something I didn't touch in either thread, or have questions/comments feel free to contact me in game as Alinaris or Zakarov. So lets get down to business! Once again, if you haven't read RP 101, I highly recommend you read it first, as this thread deals with advanced RP concepts and may or may not ever refer to the original 101 thread. Welcome to the revenge of society. Like your favorite horror movie villains, me repeating this word over and over again will never die, and come back to haunt you while you're swimming at your favorite summer camp. Silly councilors... As always this thread is for a specific type of person, and not for others. If you're interested in learning some advanced RP concepts, brushing up on that pop culture character you made, or in general someone interested in learning and expanding your already expansive knowledge of (draenei female tail length) roleplay, then continue on! However if you're any of the following, please do not read any further as I'm afraid this thread will probably just frustrate you and/or cause you to develop unsightly welts. Ghostcrawler If you may or may not be a werepenguin. Any and all Lady Gaga roleplayers. If you own more than fifteen beanie babies. People who cannot handle sarcasm and satire. People who will read the table of contents and flame on something they read without reading the actual subject matter at hand. I love you guys so much. Gnomes (Because we all know gnomes are mythical creatures that do not exist.) Here's your table of contents: 1. An intro to RP 102 and a recap on 101. 2. But I want to rp as spider man! Pop culture done right. 3. Crazy RP abilities: How to commit self suicide. 4. Dragon Roleplay: If you're gonna do it, do it right. (Don't do it) 5. Erotic Roleplay (and how it's ruining your favorite server right now!) 6. Expanding your character even further (social events and you) This is a more focused thread touching on several “taboo” subjects and how to deal with them appropriately, and what generally ruins such things for people. This thread will be kept clean, so don't see #5 up there and get all excited (looking at you, draenei) because this isn't a “how to guide” but rather where it may or may not fit in, and the arguments for both sides. If you're concerned, read the next post on what each section will contain.Alinaris45 May 14
May 9 The Great Alliance Guild Directory! The Great Alliance Guild Directory! Please request a sticky! Looking for a guild? Have a guild but looking for members? You're in the right place! RP Guilds(All Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-2 RP Guilds(Specific Races): http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-7 PVE Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 PVP Guilds: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749767842#post-10 Other(Social, mish-mash, et cetera): N/A Format: Guild Name Here "motto here" Description: ( short description here 3-5 sentences max. ) Races: (What races are allowed?) Leader(s): Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?) Website: (url to guild website, if any.) Wiki link: (url to wiki page, if any) General Information: If you have trouble with the forums/are banned, you can send me an in-game mail at Jaeysa with the info or you can e-mail me at warriorjaeysa@gmail.com Please try to keep your adverts as brief as possible. Anything over 150 characters may be shortened by me. Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild. If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.Please request a sticky!Jaeysa73 May 9
Jan 7 IC Twitter Project: On the Rise Again! *A small book appears in from of you...It says: "I am the magical Twitt."* Hello everybody! I'm not sure if anyone is still active in the IC Twitter, since it's all full! So, I, Pisella the Pie Vendor, have decided to make a new thread! So add us on Twitter, or make your own! Same rules apply! ... List: ...Pisella114 Jan 7
1h "Creative" ways to pay for your WoW sub. While chatting about either going back to paying for my sub (while not having a summer income) or figuring out how to earn 150k gold per month for the token, me and a friend got into ridiculous territory with "completely reasonable" ways to fund my WoW lifestyle. Who's got some suggestions? note: this is silly thread, getting a job or a link to gold guide probably is missing the pointFalconfury14 1h
1h [A]Husband & Wife team LF late night guild Hello WrA, My husband and I are moving to your lovely server. We are in search of a friendly guild that raids N and H NH later in the evening. We are in Alaska so raids that start before 8pm server are difficult for us to attend. We would like to find a guild that focuses more on creating friendships and having fun rather than progression. A little about us: We have both been playing WoW for several years. My husband began playing at the end of Vanilla and I began during WotLK. We have been clearing current content going all the way back to WotLK. I am currently playing an 882 elemental shaman and he is working on gearing a new balance druid. We both have more geared toons that we might consider moving if we find a good fit for us. (me 899 restro druid and him 882 enhance shaman) We are dependable, punctual, and fun to be around. My battletag is Aestarra#1539 I hope to hear from you!Haelarra0 1h
1h Are you the owner of 'Vindicator'? TLDR; I have wanted this name for three years and whoever has it has not logged into it, ever. Send me a letter or leave a post if you can help. Autumne#11664 In the month preceding Warlords of Draenor, I decided to create a Draenei paladin. Stumped for his name, I stumbled upon the idea of him being 'nameless', and decided to see if 'Vindicator' was available. It was not. It was taken by a level 58 Draenei death knight. So I whipped up a GM ticket, because at the time, you could do that for names. It was late and I had classes the next morning. I went to bed. Middle of the following day, I received a phone notification. It was an email that my ticket had been responded to. REJOICE! The GM had freed up the name! However, I was unable (because of classes) to get to my computer for about four hours after the send time. I got back to my dorm, eager to make my new refrigerator hero crusader. But... what was this? The name was unavailable. Well. Crap. I checked the armory; nope, not on there yet. Maybe I could add the person and see if I could talk them out of keeping the name for their alt. That's weird, it says 'Player not found.' when I try to add them, as if the alt doesn't exist. Maybe it's blocked for some other reason...? So I whipped up another ticket asking what was up with the name that had been freed. Unfortunately, a GM told me in real time, the name had been taken less than 45 minutes before I'd gotten to my computer. They explained that until a character is logged into, it doesn't truly exist. It's a level 0 placeholder. Therefore, the name was taken, but the person who grabbed it had never logged in. I thanked them for explaining and they wished me luck. Since then, I have checked every few months to see whether the claimant had ever logged in. They haven't. Nor have they ever deleted the character. I opened a ticket when the new name system went into place with Legion, where GMs will no longer free names but instead they will be auto released after an entire account has had no activity for two expansions. I said that I knew they couldn't free the name, and that I also knew they couldn't tell me who had it, but I wanted to know if the account was active (and thus, my wait timer for this name not yet even begun). It was on an active account. This player is still out there, and I still want this name. Do you know who has it? Thank you.Vìndìcator47 1h
1h The Official Nature Expedition Thread ... BLACKROCK MOUNTAIN NATURE EXPEDITION THREE PART EVENT! SEARING GORGE NATURE EXPEDITION - MAY 18TH 5PM! INTO THE MOLTEN CORE - MAY 25TH 5PM! BURNING STEPPES NATURE EXPEDITION - JULY 1ST 5PM! Founded by a Fur Trader of Lakeshire, the Nature Expedition was created to foster the exploration of Azeroth even as the world went through some of its darkest times. To Nathan Hugues, it's founder, Azeroth is filled with beauties around every corner of its hills, valleys, ridges, mountains and plains. He intends to explore them all, but perhaps more importantly, is his mission to take those people that would have never thought of such a journey, with him. After his fourth successful expedition into the lands of Hillsbrad Foothills, Nathan Hugues finally got the funding to officially register the organization as part of the Explorer's Guild. Dedicated to teaching the wonders of nature and wildlife across Azeroth, the Explorer's Guild has given Nathan Hugues the permission to undertake expeditions across all charted lands under the name of the organization the Fur Trader registered. With official backing of the guild, Nathan looks towards a bright future for his dream now more than ever and his eagerness to share it with others has only increased. Nathan hopes that with the activities he would foster with the Nature Expedition organization, he would be able to not only teach others about the beauties of Azeroth. But to foster a community that dedicates itself to the preservation of such beauty and the never ending thirst to learn more about the world we live in and beyond. The doors are now open for those like minded individuals that are willing to share the vision of this Fur Trader from Lakeshire and make the wonders of Azeroth be spoken once again throughout the lands. What is The Nature Expedition? The Nature Expedition is an RP themed Guild that focuses on creating events that are open to the entire Wyrmrest Accord Roleplaying community. Events that concentrate on the appreciation of Nature and the wonders of exploration. Lorewise, the Nature expedition is a registered Sub Group of the Explorer's Guild. Our focus is primarily education, to teach others about the wonders of Azeroth in the world. And although our expeditions mostly take us to "Charted" lands, they are meant to be a learning experience to those that have yet to "Chart" these lands themselves in their own lives. Our initial plans as a guild would be the creation of the Nature Expedition events that would take us through all of Azeroth and beyond, including Outland and Draenor. More events are to come after the expeditions are concluded but members are welcomed to host their own events for members of the guild and outside. What do I have to do to join? Joining the expedition is as easy as attending one of the open events and asking for membership should the expedition be a great experience for you. All races are welcomed, we intend for this guild to be a haven for enthusiasts of adventure much like Nathan Hugues, it's founder. What is expected from me as a member? Help our cause to make the experience of RP be enjoyable for everyone in the WrA community. This is more than just a guild, this is an experience to be shared with everyone that is part of our great server! Remember that when you are part of us! How frequent are the expedition events? Expedition Events are done in a bi-weekly basis. Next expedition dates will always be posted ahead of time in the Guild Message of the Day. Anything other than RP? We are open to any other activities of the game like PvP, Questing, Raids and Dungeons. Our focus is primarily RP and event hosting but that doesn't mean we can't do anything else, especially when our events are on a bi-weekly schedule.Firebát86 1h
1h [A-RP] House Lightfury GUILD NAME: HOUSE LIGHTFURY REALM: WYRMREST ACCORD GUILD TYPE: ROLE PLAY (also PvP/PvE) BRIEF IC HISTORY: House Lightfury was a lesser noble house of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. After the fall of Lordaeron the remaining survivors of House Lightfury we scattered, but one son and heir had managed to return to his ancestral lands in the north of the Western Plaguelands. With his band of knights, the Order of the White Raven and those remaining allies of House Lightfury, the Liege Lord Sir Elijah Lightfury drove out the undead and reclaimed what was his by birthright. Surrounded by majestic mountains, fortified with walls carved from the very rock, this bastion was one of the last in a land plagued with blight and overrun by the sworn enemy of House Lightfury. The Forsaken. Sir Elijah Lightfury and his knights swore an oath upon the very day they returned that they would stop at nothing to cleanse the land, destroy every last Forsaken and take back their kingdom! However, with the invasion of the Legion upon Azeroth vengeance would have to wait. House Lightfury has lent their strength to that of the Order of the Silverhand to fight against the Legion. Knights, Backsmiths, Miners, Wood Carvers, Jewel crafters, Healers, Spiritual Guides, etc., were offered to provide aid to the war efforts. House Lightfury is well known for their craftsmanship of weapons and arms as well as being trained to use them on the field of battle. So it would not be uncommon in these days to see their handy work in the class halls, specially those of the Paladin and the Priests. Most recently the Lord Liege of House Lightfury has entered into a betrothal with a young woman, Lady Christianna Harford, High Priestess of the Light. Many look forward to the celebration of their union and the continuation of the Lightfury line and it's hereditary order of the White Raven. OOC: House Lightfury is a Role Playing guild. Though we do enjoy PvP and PvE the main focus of the guild is RP. This guild is built upon the trust of friends that consider each other like family, with that said we have a no tolerance policy for drama. We prefer a mature audience so players 18+ yrs old are welcome to join our guild. For the most part we are pretty laid back group of people that are looking to have fun playing the game we love with our friends and family. If that makes us dirty casuals, well then, we wave that flag proudly! We are a new guild on WRA, so we are working to get established in the RP community and build up our ranks. All races and classes are open. Character concepts must be discussed with the GM (Elihaj) or Co-GM (Christianna) before anyone is brought into the guild. A brief IC interview will be done to make sure that our guild is the right one for you. Once a new member has joined the guild they will start at the rank of Kitchen Wench. This is temporary until we do some RP and place the character in a house position. Guild HQ: TBA Hearthstone: TBA Recruitment Location: Stormwind. We prefer that our members are capable of using Discord as our chosen form of communication and voice chat, but is not required. Also, we recommend downloading the add-on TRP3 (also known as Total RP 3) which will enable you to build a RP character profile for your toon that is visible to anyone else with TRP3. Any questions or inquiries on membership please contact Co-GM Blackravin#1221Christianna1 1h
1h The War of the Burning Sands (May 28th) From the creators of the Nature Expedition, comes another event open to the entire Wyrmrest Accord community. The War of the Burning Sands is a five part RP event every Sunday starting on May 28th, taking place in the southern lands of Kalimdor. I've always wanted to get into Illidari RP and at last I have brainstormed something that has gotten me quite excited to start and share with this wonderful community. So without further due, let's talk a bit more about what this is about; After it's defeat at the hands of the combined forces of Azeroth, the Burning Legion retreated it's forces from the region of Tanaris. Victory was claimed by the heroes of Azeroth and the Illidari forces. In the aftermath, Commander Xanlamir Duskshield was left behind to monitor any resurgent demonic activity in the region with a small regiment of Illidari as the rest of the Demon Hunters and the armies of Azeroth took the fight to the broken isles. The sands of Tanaris however would prove to be an invaluable strategic position for the Legion to assault the entire Kalimdor continent and after the defeat of the Legion's efforts in the Nighthold, a small fleet of Legion Ships have arrived at Tanaris and started erecting structures once again. Xanlamir's small unit was quickly overwhelmed and the night elf was forced to retreat leaving everything behind to report the invasion to the main Illidari forces as soon as possible. His call hasn't gone unanswered, and the Illidari has been given reinforcements to go back into the deserts and fight off the legion forces at all costs. However, Illidari aren't the only ones that have heard the call or the news. Residents of Gadgeztan quite threatened with the re surging demonic presence have spread the word of the Legion's appearance and heroes from all across Azeroth have been starting to hear rumors of the situation on the southern lands of Kalimdor. The heroes of Azeroth have answered the call, the Burning Legion in turn has begun its efforts of mobilizing throughout the deserts of Tanaris, Uldum and even Silithus in efforts to extract titan artifacts that could be used against the peoples of Azeroth. The legion's forces have come back, and they have arrived with a hatred and eagerness to burn the lands like nothing else seen before. But perhaps the most nefarious detail of this entire invasion is the demon leading it, a demon too familiar to the heroes of Azeroth, one that was defeated before but has returned with a thirst for vengeance that doesn't seem to have any chance of being Quenched until every living being in Azeroth burns under the fires of his... INFERNO! Event Q&A When is this event happening? The War of the Burning Sands starts Sunday May 28th and will continue every following sunday after that until we reach the five parts of the event. Each Sunday will be a chapter into the event's story leading up to the final confrontation with the Demon General in charge of the invasion force. What do I need to do to join? Anyone in the Wyrmrest Accord community is welcome to take part of this. And you don't have to do anything specific to be able to participate. Simply make your cause against the demonic onslaught be heard and you will fight alongside us against the Burning Legion! How long does the event last? I am planning for the event to be between two and four hours of RP, reason I chose sunday as the day for the event since it's a day where most people have free. The starting times would probably also be early to ensure we don't go late into a sunday night and people can go to sleep for work the next day. What system are we gonna use for battle? We will be using /roll 20 to determine successes. That being said, a stats system is being taken into consideration to add an extra level of customization and experience for the event and make it feel more game like. Do I need to sign up? Not exactly but posting in the thread to voice your participation is greatly encouraged to know with how many people I will be working with. At the moment I have no plans to put a limit on the people able to be part of the event.Xanlamir30 1h
1h [A-RP] Warband of the Forlorn "A militia?! Oh, they are no militia, my friend... They're a legion of vigilantes and mercenaries, who would give up their lives if it means protecting the innocent civilians of the Alliance. Step out of their way, and they'll leave you alone, but become a threat to commoners, or even ally yourself with a threat, and they will strike at you with furious anger, and leave you and your allies in ruin... Please, do not make the same mistakes I did. For the love of all that is holy, stay out of their way, and do not harm those they protect." - Medelynn Ravensteel, former Lady of House Ravensteel. IC Information: The Warband of the Forlorn is a group of vigilantes and mercenaries, with the purpose to protect the civilians of the Alliance, not govern them. Protection is achieved through the means of taking down threats that may loom over commoners, whether they be the Legion, Criminal Ringleaders, and even corrupt Nobles. The group is willing to break the law if it needs to be done, and leave the symbol of a skull in front of their symbol burnt on the shoulder of their enemies. The Warband is made up of pretty much anyone who would be willing to join and aid the cause. However, it's main target for recruitment is those who are Dwarven. Even those who are not good fighters are allowed into the Warband, and receive ruthless training. OOC Information: The Warband of the Forlorn is a Heavy Roleplaying guild which focuses on immersive story lines, and character progression. We want to give all roleplayers, new and experienced alike a fun, friendly, and engaging atmosphere where they feel free to explore each and every aspect of roleplay, from kickin' butt and taking names, to questioning how correct is it for them to be taking the gold of others and giving it to those in need. We plan to hold regular events and storylines in order to expand the Warband's ever-growing lore. Events are usually held on weekends and use a unique d20 system which will be explained in detail on our website. The Warband of the Forlorn, although we take all races, is a heavily Dwarven/Human themed guild. We are contributors to the Mead Hall's Dwarven Community, and often seek to collaborate with House guilds. When it comes to recruitment, we'll take anyone as long as it makes sense for their character to join the guild, and their character fits in with the guild's theme. Once again, visit our website if you would like to know more about us. Guild Rules: With a theme as specific as ours, there are a few rules we would like our members to follow if they are to join the guild. - Always consent to Guard Interference when inside cities. What’s the point of joining a Vigilante/Mercenary guild, if there are no consequences? That’s half of the fun, after all. The main guild I suggest listening to is, “The Stormwind City Guard.” - Always be respectful to Guild Members and others alike. Remember, if the name of the guild is below your character’s, your actions represent the entire guild. Always, no matter what, respect everyone. This includes no Trolling, no paying attention to Trolls, no matter how annoying they can get, and giving constructive criticism to other people on their roleplay skills and such, instead of just being rude about it. Keep in mind, this is OOC. I am not forbidding you from RPing rude or mean characters, as long as you keep it IC. - Be committed to the guild. We are not a parking lot for alts. We expect you to show at least some commitment by attending events, and logging in. Unless you give the Commander or War Council of the guild word of your hiatus, you will be kicked from the guild if you do not log on for more than two months. - Never mix IC with OOC. This is one of the most fundamental and important rules to keep in mind while roleplaying. Never, ever mix IC interaction with OOC interaction, especially when someone is RPing their character as not exactly friendly with yours. Guild Contacts: Finally, we encourage any and all who are interested in the guild to seek us out in game, or through our website. ... ...Thorlond45 1h
1h [A-RP] Bouldershoulder Brigade "A brigade? They're not a brigade! They're a force of nature, a storm of beards, booze, and incoherent yelling!" -Private Winslow, 19th Westfall Division "They're wild, uncontrollable, and spit in the eye of both regulation and common decency. But let no one say they aren't at least marginally effective." -Lieutenant Broadfist, Stormpike Guard The Bouldershoulder Brigade is back at it folks! Everyone's favorite collective of dorfs is back and better than ever. For any unfortunate soul not yet familiar with the name "Bouldershoulder", here's a short intro to who we are. The Bouldershoulder Brigade is a Dwarf-only roleplaying guild and a major contributor to The Mead Hall Dwarven Community. The general conceit of the guild is loose, but ultimately, the Bouldershoulders are a group of Alliance-aligned dwarves who go out into the world and serve their people wherever they may be needed. As the definitely-not-made-up quotes above explain, the Bouldershoulders are wild and unruly, but can be counted on to do the right thing. We currently do not have plans to run guild-specific RP events, but have and will always be a present force in the Dwarf RP scene, and attending events found therein, with the ambition of running our own stories in time here. Out of character, we're a small, but tight-knit and friendly group of friends who enjoy doing all forms of content with each other. Alongside RP within the guild, and RP with the community at large, the Bouldershoulder Brigade also boasts a Mythic+ team that runs on a regularly irregular schedule, where progress is counted in how drunk we can get the tanks, and how many grey hairs we give our healers. We also have a home in our ranks for those of you who enjoy PVP, running Battlegrounds/Arenas and participating in open world PVP when it can be found. But above all, we have fun, in whatever form that takes in game and out. Talk to any of Balrik, Davonna, Tairneach, Rufaic, or Halflan to see about recruitment!Halflan84 1h
2h Tauren RP channel? Just wondering if there is a public channel for finding Tauren rp?Vail9 2h
2h Thinking of re-rolling I'm considering re-rolling here, and would be interested in joining a guild. I haven't been in a guild in a few expansions (Treachery is my personal guild so I tend not to count that as being in a guild). I bounced through a few guilds and just did not find what I was looking for. What i am looking for is a casual guild that will have people to do quests, and dungeons(and help others in the same way), i'm not sure that I'm raiding material any more at this point. I'm not looking for a guild to carry me through anything, nor am I really interested in a guild that will invite anyone. If this sounds like this may be a match, send me a message Githh #1949Elessadar0 2h
2h [A]<Battle Hardened> 7/7M 2/3M 4/10M LFM! Due to the demand by our raiders for more mythic raiding opportunities, our 2nd raid team is going to be delving into some mythic content Fri/Sat in addition to our other Tues/Wed team. To fill some of the holes we have as we transition from a flexible heroic team to a 20man mythic team, we're opening up recruitment specifically for Team 2. ... If you have any questions about either of our teams, or the guild in general, add my btag (valannia#1629) and I'd be happy to chat!Shalathe253 2h
2h LF guild resto druid 900 resto druid lf a raiding guild. pst with info.Liltrukdrivr0 2h
3h Inspiration I have been having a rough year. It doesn't matter why. But I have been thinking a lot about things I thought I believed in, and am almost surprised that even after everything, I still do. I thought maybe I would share a few of the quotes that helped me get through some things, and possibly they might help anyone else who is also having a bad go. I hope they do. More than one came from a book called, "Man's Search For Meaning," by Viktor Frankl. I cannot recommend it enough; I read it again every so often, and it very likely saved my life once. "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." - Frankl "In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice." - Frankl "Dostoevski said once, "There is only one thing that I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings." These words frequently came to my mind after I became acquainted with those marytrs whose behavior in the camp, whose suffering and death, bore witness to the fact that the last inner freedom cannot be lost. It can be said that they were worthy of their sufferings; the way they bore their suffering was a geniune inner achievement. It is this spiritual freedom -- which cannot be taken away -- that makes life meaningful and purposeful." - Frankl "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. - Nietzsche "The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company ... a church ... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes." - Swindoll I hope this didn't come across as preachy. There was a time when I would hear this and write it off as optimistic bull!@#$. But as you grow older you realize that isn't the point. Life can be cruel, and wickedly unfair. Nothing you can do will change that; bad things happen to people who don't deserve it. But at this point in my life, I realize that while all of that is true, the only person who can control how to respond is you. You can either lie down like a beaten dog, defeated, or you can carry yourself with as much dignity and grace as you can muster and persevere regardless. No one will do it for you. All of us, to some extent, are in control of forging our own destinies; and if it is our fate to hurt, then the very least we can do is endure it with jaws set and heads held high. I choose my own path, and I define myself. Thank you for humoring me. I think sometimes I just need to remind myself. I hope some of you get something from these things that have helped shaped me, and please feel free to reply with any of your own inspirations so that others might find something as well.Gavel2 3h
3h [H-RP] <Shadows of Lordaeron> Holy 500 posts Batman! We maxed out our forum thread! Here is a link to our previous thread if you wish to follow our journey as a guild thus far: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/18194619285#post-1 The Shadows of Lordaeron are elite, hand picked agents of the Forsaken from all walks of our society and are seeking other seasoned veterans to join the fury of our Vanguard, the stealth and cunning of our Intelligence Network and the devious minds of our Research and Development Team. Forsaken High Command has seen fit to assemble a versatile unit composed of battle-hardened Deathguards, merciless Deathstalkers, devout Cultists and brilliant Apothecaries capable of handling various sorts of operations, usually the assignments most others are reluctant to undertake. The Shadows were created to do what conventional forces cannot...or simply will not. Various rumors swirl around Undercity whispering of secret experiments, artifact recovery and enemies of Forsaken disappearing with our involvement; however what we do is not for fame or prestige. Our actions are motivated only by our loyalty to the Dark Lady and dedication to the Forsaken Cause. I ask you now comrade, where does your allegiance reside? OOC: The Shadows of Lordaeron are seeking role players who favor Forsaken/Undead RP. Our guild is composed entirely of Forsaken or Death Knights of any race, provided they bend the knee to the Banshee Queen. We are a ruthless band of deaders who always served the Dark Lady first and the War Chief second, but now that is obviously no longer an issue. Our intention is to offer all aspects of Forsaken RP: be it military, adventure, apothecary, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, political, etc. We are quite active and hold RP events at least once a week out and about in the vast world of Azeroth. Walk ups are always welcome as well, of course. Aside from our undead RP focus, we also have been known to dabble in some PVP and PVE from time to time. Additional info on The Shadows of Lordaeron can be found at: solwra.enjin.com or by reaching out to Killingfield, Jaedera, Zheco or Sehoro in game.Killingfield273 3h
3h [H-RP] <Furysong> ... “Brothers and sisters of the Horde, your aid is necessary now more than ever. The Legion still threatens our existence every day, and whether you are displeased with the status of your current enlistment or simply nomadic, consider a new path. Fight alongside us for glory on the battlefield and to destroy the Legion’s forces. Within our ranks you will be molded into elite soldiers, guided by an endless reach and full coffers. Everything you desire is obtainable, should you put yourself to the test and enlist. We are Furysong.” ... A paramilitary organization sanctioned by the Horde, though truthfully funded and created by the Uncrowned (rogue Order Hall) to do their bidding. The Furysong seems to have an unlimited source of strings to exhaust (favors/political advantages) due to the integrated network and complicated reach that the Shadowblades (leaders of the Uncrowned/rogue Order Hall) provide. No one aside from Halari Ravenscar and those of her choosing are aware of the true origins of Furysong, not even her second in command. The members are under the impression that the Ravenscar family’s abundance in coin and political sway are what affords Furysong to operate so efficiently. While designed and organized by Sin’dorei, all members of the Horde are welcome to join. We encourage diversity and assure that everyone is treated with an equal level of respect. Soon we will be setting up an application system and the website (the website is made, but mostly barren) very soon. But for now, no application needed. And with a combat and military oriented guild, we will have or own system of battle super soon and events coming with it. Want to be a DM? You can definitely be one! Think you can be an officer and you want to help? Well we can definitely talk about it. 18+ (but if you are 17 soon to be 18 in a month or two, exceptions can be made so long as you appeal to a few strict rules until you reach the age we require) Rules/guidelines to come (obvious ones of be respectful, don't be rude, no offensive language, apologize and move on if you do happen to offend someone etc. common human decency) Contact: Pendant or Dretharius in-game for more info/invite!Pendant27 3h
3h Feathel Hello Folks. I normally don't post here, but I do like my server and wanted to drop a quick "heads up" for the GMs and Recruiting Officers out there. There's a character named Feathel who will take everything that isn't nailed down from your guild bank if given the opportunity, which is unfortunate because he comes off as a relatively nice guy. Invite at your own risk. Have a good one.Ryshen5 3h
4h Tips on how to be a good guild member. Also, how to be in the guild you want to be in :D I see threads on the forums from time to time from players looking for a great guild, and just not having luck finding what they are looking for... but I may be able to offer some advice for you guys that will help you in your hunt for an awesome guild or even to help your guild be that awesome guild you want it to be! :D 1) Forget how terrible your previous guilds were. By this, I don't mean to say your previous guild was terrible at all... I mean don't be jaded by previous experiences. Not all personalities co-exist well together, and bashing a previous guild is a huge red flag for me. People have left CoS, and its cool... a guild isn't always right for everyone, and not all of the time. I can still be friends with someone, or at bare minimum not hold a grudge because our guild is not the right fit for someone. I certainly would hope that anyone who has, or will leave Crusaders never has that nasty attitude about how aweful we were... but I expect several probably have because that's a classic sign of a bad guild member and we have had to remove a few bad guild members before. 2) Your guild should support the same goals that you have, but you should never expect a guild to achieve your goals for you. If your guild is not terribly social, and you want a more social environment, then work to develop that. Be frank about it even. If you send 5 messages in guild chat and don't get a response at all, try sending whispers to everyone online and see if you get a response. Just don't give up until you truly have exhausted the resources you have. Also, realize that you have to build rapport with guildies just like you do in real life... find common things that others enjoy discussing. Don't expect to be begged to be part of the discussion either... make yourself part of the discussion. If your goal is to raid or be part of the guild raid team, make yourself indispensable. Be there every time a raid is happening prepared and set to jump in at a moments notice when someones internet dies, or when a dog catches on fire. Have the best gear that you can have, totally set up and ready to go. Be the player that the raid leader knows is going to be online and ready to jump in when someone else can't. Know what? You are a lot more likely to be the next person in line for a spot if there is any issue with another players availability. And if you come in and do a great job, its always possible that you may earn that spot permanently. I can't say what the protocol is for helping with RP as I'm just such a dummy in that area... but I can say, be involved. If its not your favorite story or event or whatever, you should still show your support if you want to receive support back from your fellow guildies. 3) Be part of the solution, not part of the problem We have obviously had concerns that needed to be addressed in CoS before, as I'm sure every guild has. When players see an issue, we see two types of comments typically. In my experience, a good guild member will point out a potential solution, and a bad guild member just points out a problem. "Here is a problem, fix it for us" or "here is a solution that we can use to address this problem." More often than not, its already obvious when there is an issue that needs to be addressed... so pointing it out again with no thought of what would be better, or how to improve the situation only contributes to negativity and typically just compounds the problem. Presenting a solution not only shows that you do want the problem resolved, it also reinforces your commitment to the guild and your fellow guild members. 4) You get out what you put in You can ONLY expect players to group up with you to do what you want to do if it is clear that you will be there to help with what they want to do (even if its not something you care about). Participate in everything you can. So you don't care about transmog, but your the best DPS in your guild? Your participation in an event could make your guildies lives MUCH easier, make a run much faster, and may even allow enough time for everyone to go do that thing YOU wanted to do after. Who knows, but if your not contributing to everything you can, remember that what goes around comes around. 5) If you aren't happy with your guild, and have put some time and effort into it... then leave! But, leave on good terms. Talk to your GM or guild officers and let them know what you were looking for when you joined, what you have tried to do to improve the situation and wish them well. Well, there we have it. I'm obviously incapable of making a short post! :D and I'd also love to hear follow up comments and other tips for being a good guild member!Whatchajuant39 4h
4h [A-RP Event] Legion Assault on the Homefront. This is a little story-line that I had came up with several weeks ago, and after several long shower think tank sessions. I've finally got it in a straight enough line to get it rolling into a tangible direction. Though, unlike most stories, this story only has a definite beginning, and ending - since it's an RP story. I felt, in the end, it was best to let each and every character involved contribute and shape the story (ICly, of course) as they all interacted with character influenced events throughout the city (and ultimately, Azeroth) as a whole. Furthering it to it's climax, where the city of Stormwind will be invaded by a frontal Legion assault in order to cut off The Broken Isles from one of their biggest sources of war supplies, The Stormwind Harbor. This participation in this story is open to any, and all role-players given the scale of this ordeal. Any, and all RPrs who have any expressed interest in having any affiliation within this ordeal are encouraged to participate in ways that best suit their character. However, as of now, in the early stages of this story the severity of the current situation is unknown the the Public. Only just recently being declassified to the Captain of the Guard, the Marshal's stationed within Stormwind so that their forces could be adequately prepared. The general outline of the events thus far, leading up this are as follows: (Note: This is told from the Alliance perspective given it is my faction, and the faction that this story-line will be mostly based in.)Zonthya2 4h
6h H <Legionaries> 7/7M 3/3M 4/10M <Legionaries> is a Horde guild with a focus on raiding progression but also a strong community. We currently have (4) active raid groups. Past raiding and dreading farming AP, we have a great time running Mythic+, hosting movie nights on stream, bringing out the very worst in all of us with Cards Against Humanity, Sketchleague, and hanging out in Discord. This guild is full of a wide variety of players, from your vanilla/BC crowd that you could probably get rambling about 'Well back in BC we had to do THIS', to people who liked WoD, to new players starting at Legion. Even though we should be farming AP, in the recent past we have grouped together and: - Mercilessly killed Jessie McCree to become hostile to all the Dalaran Kirin Tor guards and slaughter them all. - Bad transmog parades around Silvermoon City, doing our very best to be the ugliest person within 100 miles. - A field trip to the Valley of Four Winds in pandaland to get foxicopters and stackable stags, where we stacked those stags. - Synchronized Tauren electric slide dancing. - Actual for real roleplaying - Cross-faction cahoots - And much, much more.. This week (5/11), WE ESCAPED AN ETERNITY OF TORMENT! HELYA HAS FALLEN! SERVER SECOND! Alright, enough excitement. Mythic Nighthold, you're next. Please stay tuned for our kill video of a beach day gone wrong. Thank you all for your continued support. :) Raid Teams & Recruitment Needs Raid Team 1 "Inner Peace" (Heroic Progression) Tue: 6PM-9PM PST (10/10 H NH) Recruiting (05/02/17) DPS Requirements 300K+ ST DPS (with 35+ traits) (Can pull 15% of simC DPS on a target dummy) Contact Information - Pthumeru (B.net: Pthumeru#1529) Raid Team 2 "Dakera's Firebenders" (Mythic Progression) Wed/Thurs: 6PM-9PM PST (3/10 M NH) Recruiting Full at this time, but we may have spots open for Tomb. Requirements 500k dps, active microphone with communication skills Shares similar raid experience / skills Highest levels of reliability Outside of WoW communication skills Contact Information - Dakera (B.net: Dakera#1844) Raid Team 3 "Ead's Excellent Executors" (Heroic Progression) Fri/Sat: 6PM-9PM PST (10/10 H NH) Recruiting (05/22/17) Core spots available Ranged DPS (All) Healers (Priest, Druid) Requirements -High raid attendance and good attitude 400K+ ST DPS (with 42+ traits) Contact Information - Eadchoppa (Discord: the l3g3nd#9642) - Dethsyn (Discord: Dread K#8912) Raid Team 4 "Midnight Mythic" (Heroic/Mythic Progression) Tue/Wed: 11PM-2AM PST(8/10 H NH) Recruiting (05/02/17) Melee DPS Ranged DPS Healers Tanks Requirements 400K+ ST DPS (with 42+ traits) Contact Information - Elelan (B.net: Dakera#1844) Mythic + Looking to form new teams, so comply within if you're interested for any spot! The groups tend to run 1 - 2 nights a week and push to at least a 10 for the weekly cache. We currently have preassigned mythic+ teams named by the members like - Winky Face (you have to say it as D.va), - The Edgelords (shout out to our resident demon humper edgelord, Pthumeru) - and Bear Necessities (if you ever see Bearforcetwo, please make bear puns at him. He doesn't totally hate those with a burning passion or anything.) Other Recruitment Needs A role play officer to set up a few RP campaigns. A few campaigns have been done in the past, but having more roleplay and someone to bounce ideas off of would be wonderful. Both DnD style and traditional roleplays have occurred, always paired with some sort of music (like LotR) that gets that immersion going. Collectively we welcome RPers, PVPers, and casual players! We can be those guildies you call on when you're being 1v5'd in the Darkbrul Arena! We have a couple avid PvPers in the guild, like our weird hunter who is like... in melee range of mobs for some reason. We have been PvPing more often due to the challenge appearance tint through RBGs, but also have been doing rated 2s and 3s more regularly. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Recruitment Officer Caleas (tinder warlock) (B.net: Beelthulhu#1379) - Motauman (spin to win wonderboy) (B.net: Motauman#1321) - Nertea (resident corpse re-animator)(B.net: Flash#1415) - Zinrala (boomkin poster girl) (B.net: DaddyKink#1954) Links Check out our YT channel that highlights our best (and worst) moments: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTibPyiBY1D-O3Dyaktxbkw Some of the pictures from our photo album!: http://imgur.com/a/VBBAI (Post edited & updated by Caleas)Dakera53 6h
6h Looking for Heavy RP Guilds Hello All, I am a returning player and long time rper looking for some information about WA. Are there any guilds focused on throwing parties and arts? I have been purveying through the forums a bit and haven’t seen much around that concept. A great deal of military based guilds which is not my characters purpose by any means. If there isn’t any guild of that sort then are there like-minded individuals who wish to work together make some pretty awesome parities a thing? Also a side note, if there are any guilds focused on uncovering the secrets of the Naga that would be great. Even if it is not that particular a guild that enjoys heavy rp and discovering new things about the world. My character is in search of something and would enjoy the company of others with the same adventurous spirit and by chance knowledge. Thanks.Xepher5 6h
6h [A-RP]<Dragons & Flagons, Inc> is Recruiting! Attention all members of the Alliance (and to some neutral parties as well) Dragons & Flagons, Inc NOW RECRUITING! Drink! Gold! Excitement! Seeking employment? Look no further! Do you have the skills to fight, a lust for adventure and want to live a life of excitement? Well now's your chance to do so! Join up today! We are currently looking for: Menders and Doctors Warriors and Fighters Stealthy and Quick-witted Spellcasters of all sorts And the list goes on! If interested, contact Aisleen Silverspring or Jago Rosner in the Green Flagon at the Three Corners. ~~~stamped with the official seal of D&F inc~~~ About Dragons & Flagons, Inc: Dragons & Flagons, Inc is a medium-to-heavy roleplaying guild dedicated to bringing original, fun, yet realistic and lore-friendly roleplay experience to its members. It's in character goals are to help the people of Azeroth by accepting contracts and going on noble quests! BELIEFS: Adventure is worthwhile in itself. Fun is to be had with comrades. No one should be powerless. GOALS: To promote fairness and equality. To aid the weak, the poor, and the oppressed. To find fun adventure that will benefit the good people of Azeroth. Our roleplay has elements of adventuring and heroism. Basically, we are a D&D adventuring guild. Our HQ is in The Green Flagon, a tavern and diplomatic sanctuary located at the crossroads between Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood. It's easily spotted by it's overly verdant decor on the outside! ***OOC Located in Aerie Peak*** What we are not: -A Militaristic Guild. No military experience required. We don’t do things like a military, we’re adventurers! Think of it like a D&D group. -A Religious/Cult Guild. We don’t collectively believe in a particular religious sect. -A House Guild. We can have nobles in our numbers, but we don’t engage in politics. -A Criminal/Assassin Guild. Our guild is good-to-neutral. We don’t accept evil characters. -A Mercenary Guild. Mercenaries top priority is gold, and that’s not ours. This guild has about 9 ranks(four of which are just job/class involved), including 'initiate' and 'ooc' ranks. Upon joining a guild in-game, you become the 'OOC' rank and in order to become a full member you need to pass a certain IC test. Dragons & Flagons, Inc was founded almost overnight, and without any official paperwork or recognition by two friends with a common goal, to do goodly deeds in Azeroth as well as adventure(and making coin along the way!). The guild looks after it’s own, providing training opportunities and healing, as well as room and board to all their members. Not to mention a healthy salary and opportunities for advancement! The Dragons & Flagons ideology is noble, and its members pride themselves on their honesty and integrity. The guild does not seek control or fame, only fair and equal treatment for all. If you think this is perfect for your character, or are interested in joining, please contact Aislinera or Dahlross in game!! ~~~~ THE GREEN FLAGON TAVERN "Greetings, one and all! A new Inn for road weary travelers' has recently opened at the crossroads of Elwynn, Duskwood and Redridge! The Green Flagon; Protected and safe from any bandits or other ne’er-do-wells! Fully stocked, with beds ready for you, the Inn welcomes both long term and short term lodgers; As well as those just looking for a quick ale and meal in at our bar. Amenities include; Meeting space, library, lounge, a plethora of comfortable beds available, and a space in our stable for your loyal steed! Rates start from five gold a night, seven with one meal included."Aislinera17 6h
7h Hey. How's it going?Enekie106 7h
7h (H-Event) The Solstice Celebration Up above the sun burns bright. It burns hot in the sky, and in all our hearts. With the days growing longer, it is time to honor the sun and celebrate summer. Tauren, blood elves, orcs, trolls, goblins, pandaren, forsaken -- all are invited to join us for the first ever Solstice Celebration! For who?: The Horde! Where?: Crossroads, Northern Barrens What days?: June 23 and June 24 What times?: Begins at 5 PM ST Who's hosting?: Anyone and everyone! The Solstice Celebration is the start of an open community event. Two per year -- one for summer to honor the sun, and another for winter to honor the moon. Though with a tribal theme, all are welcome to come and take part in this grand celebration! There will be an opening ritual in which each race that is willing will be given a chance to perform their own ritual and perhaps give an offering to the sun. Afterwards, on each day, will be several events and competitions that people can take part in, and any guild is permitted to come and host their own booth! If you are interested in taking part in the planning of the event, either this summer's or future ones, or you wish to host a booth, please contact the following people: Azriell Callinanu Firereader Karanga Raton Wambleesha The schedule is just down below!Karanga5 7h
8h /join shuhaloRP, a tauren role play channel (For those who do not know, shuhalo is tauren. ... I was trying to make it look fancy, gimme a break!) Created this channel a short while ago after seeing some people here on the forums ask about a tauren role play channel! Figured now would be a good time to start really advertising it. Use it to find out where all the moos are role playing, maybe advertise tauren-themed events, or let people know where your character is, ect! My hope is that it will bring together as many tauren role players as possible. So that we may, at long last, create a massive herd and stampede into Orgrimmar and take over everything. ... I mean what? So uh, yeah /join shuhaloRP!Karanga40 8h
8h [A] <Wolfsong> Legion Raiding <Wolfsong> is looking to bolster its raid team to experience content throughout Legion and beyond. If you're looking for a home, please reach out to us to see if we're a good fit for you. Website: https://www.wolfsong-guild.com Brief History <Wolfsong> was created back in January 2011 with the idea of building a committed raiding group among friends. Since then, the guild has grown to house multiple types of players from casual to ex-hardcore raiders looking for a more relaxed play style. The core members have been together for years, with their history stemming from several top-tier raiding guilds on Thorium Brotherhood and Wyrmrest Accord (Bloodrite and Instinct, respectively). We have coalesced from Horde and Alliance (though I maintain horde is the superior faction, of course). We’re a friendly community that enjoys multiple aspects of World of Warcraft, as well as other Blizzard titles (Overwatch & Diablo). Raiding in Legion We're looking players to round out our flex group. We focus primarily on Heroic, but if the interest, talent, and player base is there for Mythic difficulty - we'll certainly try it. We consider ourselves semi-casual. We raid a comfortable 6 hours a week with a 15 minute break, which helps us avoid burn-out and gives us plenty of time to do other in-game activities. Because of our schedule, if a player is looking for more 'serious' progression - this will not be the right set up. Most of us have done the 'hardcore' scene and have been a part of server first guilds. It's not really something we're interested in anymore, but still enjoy the game for what it is. Current Progress Nighthold: 1/10 Mythic, 10/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic, 3/3 Normal Emerald Nightmare: 3/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic Schedule Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST (Server Time). High attendance is preferred. We have off-night raids every Friday at 6:00pm ST. Friends and alternate characters are welcome to join these nights. Class Needs Warlock (Extremely High) (Any Spec) Paladin (High) (Holy) Priest (High) (Holy, Discipline, & Shadow) Mage (Moderate) (Any Spec) Druid (High) (Feral) Monk (High) (Windwalker) Rogue (Low) Ranged Damage roles are highly desired. ~450,000 median DPS for Raid Encounters. Healing roles are desired w/proper DPS off-spec. Melee Damage are not very desired right now. Notice: Even if we're full, or low on a specific class, please apply. Things constantly change and a spot may open, or about to be open. When raiding, we are looking for performance and the ability to play well with others. We have a low tolerance for a salty raid environment. Officers If you have questions, please contact an officer below, in-game. Keti Syladinne Orenna Cistin Rennoc Anthraax Ready to Join? Fill out our online form using our website below, or contact an officer in-game. We're happy to chat with you! https://www.wolfsong-guild.com/join See you on the Broken Isles!Keti151 8h
10h (H-RP/PvE) Selama Ashal'anore! Selama Ashal’anore is open and recruiting! We are a RP focused guild that has been around since 2012. Important Things to Know: As an RP guild we follow the canon lore very closely. We are not trying to invalidate other people’s RP or squash anyone’s creativity. It is simply our chosen style. If you prefer to stretch and bend the rules of lore, we may not be a good fit for you. And that is okay. We do not allow ERP. No exceptions. If you would like more information about this, you are welcome to contact us and we will explain our reasoning. We used to be an exclusively Blood Elf guild. We have since opened the doors to all races, however our RP focus remains on the Eastern Kingdoms. If you are planning to apply, think about why your character might take an interest in the Eastern Kingdoms. We are not just about roleplaying. Not only do we have guild members who participate in all aspects of the game, many of our members play together and spend time together outside of WoW. We have recently gone through a change in leadership. It has been a very smooth transition and the former leader (Ickthid/Tholmai) is still with us and serves as an officer and advisor. This guild is like a family. The community we have created is really special and it is something we want to protect. We recruit through our site: http://selamaashalanore.shivtr.com/pages/join We do ask that you read through the different pages on the website before submitting your application. Thank you!Rainnea112 10h
10h Introducing rpfind.me! A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's www.rpfind.me. We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_me Official Tumblr: rpfind.tumblr.com FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands. (This is a repost from the story forum, but it was recommended to me that this would be a more appropriate place.)Xaelar73 10h
11h [H] <Life> 7/10M LFM <Life> is a tight-knit mythic raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Our three mandatory raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6pm to 10pm Pacific. If you cannot make these times with an attendance rate of at least 90%, we will not accept you into our core team. However, if you can somewhat make these hours, consider contacting us about joining as backup and we can try to work something out. Looking to get started with raiding? You’re in the right place, if you have time to make our optional nights, usually Fridays at 6pm, we’ll start teaching and gearing you up for raiding as long as you show dedication and fully commit to our guild. (Logging into Discord, making friends, etc.) If you’re only interested in being a social member in our guild, all we require is a friendly attitude and Discord! Our main focus on recruiting for our core team currently: -Ranged/Melee- Hunter Mage Windwalker Monk Shadow Priest Warlock Warrior <Life> was built with an emphasis on family focus more than progression. Our main goals are having a small tight-knit community to socialize and have fun with, while achieving Cutting Edge at a medium pace. That being said, if you’re looking strictly for boss kills and progression, our guild is not for you. <Life>’s environment is extremely laid back, we’re often loud and usually act fairly immature. However, we are never racist, sexist, and we’re LGBT friendly. With that being said, we expect everyone to know when to be serious to reach our goals as a guild. If you’re looking for a very professional, mature, and serious raid team, we are not it. We will joke around and laugh every chance we get while killing bosses. We expect all of our raiders to attempt to progress their character every week to the best of their ability. This currently includes: World Bosses (if applicable), Keystone Dungeons, Artifact Power gain, and most importantly, research on your specialization. If we sound like the right guild for you, head over to our website and toss in an application, if you’re able, we’ll get your trial started on the next raid night. If you have any further questions that are not answered in this post, feel free to contact one of our officers or myself. Guild Master: Infimyst (Myst#1683) Officers: Maelica (Naya#1629) || Zerìck (CuartaEspada#1265) Site: life-wra.shivtr.comSaibri391 11h
13h [A] Semi-Casual Heroic Guild LFM <House Brighthammer> [A] is filling its last core raid spots before ToS. We are seeking one each: Mistweaver Monk Holy Paladin Ret Paladin with tank offspec and capability Another dps with tank offspec and capability Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Others will be considered We are 7/7 ENH, 3/3 ToVN, 10/10 NHN, 3/10 NHH. Our raid times are Friday and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST. We prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together. We require 875+, Discord, and DBM Timer. Willing to help back gear. We do Mythic Dungeons, world content, and achievement/mount hunting together whenever possible in our non-raid times. I would love to have a chat with you to see if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online between 9 AM and 9 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425, or you may respond to this post.Akaitaka0 13h
13h The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe is Recruiting! Have you dreamed of a life of stardom and fame? Do you want to be part of something greater than yourself, that makes use of your creative side? Do you just want to see your name in headlines of the Dragonlore News? Consider joining the <Tirisfal Theatre Troupe>! This coming weekend, on January 27th and 28th (as well as 2 weeks later, on February 10th and 11th), the TTT is pushing its biggest recruitment drive yet! We are looking to fill multiple acting positions, and we want to talk to YOU! All interviews consist of three parts; an in-character inquiry (to allow us to get to know your character), an out of character portion (lets us get to know you, the player), and an audition (where we teach you how we do things on stage and see how well you can follow through). We allow all tryouts to provide their own scripts, should they desire. Otherwise, we will provide one of ours. To schedule an interview, please mail Atos (Horde, Wyrmrest Accord) in-game, or message me here on the forums or over on our tumblr page, listed at the bottom. I will be checking twice a day, daily, so that I do not miss a thing. So you can rest assured I will get to you. Please give us a time from after 7 PM (server time) on Friday to midnight on Saturday in which we can arrange an interview. Yes, even during the day on Saturday, I would be more than happy to accommodate! Interviews will be roughly between 30-40 minutes each. Additionally, please note that there is no obligation to join the guild! If you are happy with your current guild, but still want to act with us, you are not required to leave just to have the tag above your head! This is a recent change, and while we have always had honorary troupie ranks, we see no reason to make people choose between a guild they already like and ours. We will ask that you commit to our schedule for any project you declare interest in, and give us a means of contacting you, but the tag is entirely optional now. So again, if any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, please message me here with your character’s name and a time between 7 PM server on Friday and before midnight server on Saturday, and we will set things up for you! If you cannot make the interviews this weekend, you may also arrange to have your interview in early February on the 10th or 11th! The current positions we are looking to fill include; Actors/Actresses (5) : The backbone of the troupe! Those in acting positions are expected to show up, perform our plays for our audience, and take part in rehearsals. We look for people with good timing, some improvisational talent, and good cooperation. Stage Hand (2) : Stage hands assist in everything behind the scenes, from helping with backstage special effects during our shows, ushering audience members to their seats, and even putting on fireworks displays. Additionally, some stage hands are allowed to be understudies, should you not want to seek an acting role as a primary thing. We look for dedicated people with a good sense of timing, good comprehension, and an eye for detail. Media Content Creator (1) : A new position we’ve felt the need to seek out actively, content creators will be responsible for making posting content and helping manage our social media platforms (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter) as well as helping to organize our forum posts on the main Blizzard side. We’re looking for an organized, creative, and enthusiastic individual to help provide us with a steady flow of fun and engaging content for our various platforms we connect with the community through. Our primary days of event operation are Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and some Mondays, and mostly after 7 PM WrA server time! Events are scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, and not all events are mandatory. We at the <Tirisfal Theatre Troupe> hope to hear from you, and hope you have a fantastic day! WHO ARE WE? The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe is a roleplaying guild centered around the unique idea of performing scripted plays based on in-world events and content, as well as other forms of entertainment such as fireworks displays, improv shows, and street performance. We began on this server back in October of 2013, and have been performing for more than three years now. We're seeking to start 2017 off strong, and hope you can join us! Contact Links: Tumblr: http://thetirisfaltheatretroupe.tumblr.com/ Email: thetirisfaltheatretroupe@yahoo.com EDIT: Changed title. Though we do pay our actors, hiring sounds more mundane and less theatrical, doesn't it?Atos12 13h
15h [H-Event] Gund’Harg After a short break from Warcraft, the Gund’harg had returned for the New Year. The feast and games each month, welcoming everyone and all. May all corners of the Horde and those who hold themselves under our banner join. We host the Gund’harg, translated to the common Tongue as Stone Festival, in the spirit of the old orcish Kosh’Harg, but changed and adapted to the New Horde. We hold to another tradition, while you can bring arms and armour to the lands, we would not use them against one another unless the game of the month calls for it. This means no fighting among our own people. We don’t host it under the mountain due to the massive number of hostile mobs that surround it, so instead we host it in a valley in Northwestern Stonetalon Mountain, a mob free area so players of any level may join with us. Time/Date: This event happens each month on the last Friday unless a holiday would get in the way. Which means that in May, it will take place on the 26th at 7:30 pm Realm time. Location: The valley in which the event is hosted can be found at 24:12 with the Coordinates addon, otherwise it is the most Northwestern Corner of Stonetalon, an unmarked location on the map that is easily marked by the small hut in the middle. Who to look for: You can whisper me at any time I am online for an invitation to the event itself, otherwise, please send me a letter, or whisper anyone within the Stonehammer Clan. (Please note that the valley is difficult if not impossible to reach on foot, if you are below level 60, or are unable to obtain a flying mount, those within the clan will be more than happy to give you a lift into the Valley.)Crogart65 15h
15h <Galactic Guard> (H) Recruiting for Mythic Progression raiding ((10/10 Heroic NH)). Mythic + competitions. RP. The Few. The Proud. The Guard. Join today! ((Fri/Sat 6-9pm server time. Need RANGED dps)) We've finished H NH and need to finish out a 20-man roster to begin raiding Mythic. We are looking for people who will attend reliably and work to better themselves. We will help you gear up, but you won't be able to trial until you are at least ilvl 870. If you are interested please fill out our application: https://goo.gl/forms/KXFV4dUrOeN837gF2 Officers can be contacted at Gwen#1807 and Vunce#1880Sharpfire4 15h
15h [A-PvX] <Symphony of Blades> 8/10 H NH Do you find it hard to get up for LFG every morning? Has kidney stabbing lost its luster? Does it just feel like you're memeing through the motions in raids? If so, you may be suffering from Comedic Deficiency Disorder. Millions of beings in Azeroth suffer from C.D.D., but now there's <Symphony of Blades>! <Symphony of Blades>'s patented active ingredient, Buddyfriendspropalamine™ stimulates the growth of new interpersonal connections to revitalize the jokery centers of the brain and renew the sense of pleasure that only bashing orc and goblin skulls can bring. Ask your healer, today, if <Symphony of Blades> is right for you. Side effects may include: fever, runny nose, giddiness, nausea, uncontrollable laughter and phat lewtz. Almost 12 years ago, <Symphony of Blades> was born on the Lightninghoof server, and shortly thereafter, established itself as one of the top raiding guilds. Now we're planting a seed on Wyrmrest Accord and looking to harvest a new crop of <SoB>s to have fun smashing all the content Legion has to offer together. If you like a low-stress, low-drama, high-competency sort of experience, you need to become an <SoB>. Check out our site for more info: https://sob-wow.enjin.com/ or message Nyxaer in-game.Nyxaer18 15h
19h [A] <The Shadow Vault>: DK RP & Casual PvE The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend. Our goals (IC): ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To provide support for Death Knights with the difficult process of re-assimilation into civilized society, and to monitor and deal with unstable death knights who may pose a threat to the living. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete The Nighthold (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. However, the Ebon Blade cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for the cult to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (N raiding & mythic/+ dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us bring previous raid experience, we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. Current progression: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/The+Shadow+Vault What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic and Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding 5 total hours over 2 nights a week (Saturday 5-8 PM ST & Monday 5:30-7:30 ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● Given that we're trying to maintain a positive reputation with our guild name, we're somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to all be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne89 19h
21h Returning Player Looking For Anything. Hey all, long time Wrymie finally coming back to WoW after a long hiatus. Making this post because I've come to discover all of my old friends and guildmates have either unsubbed or swapped to Horde-side. I'm a rather experienced RPer with close to 10~ years or so under my belt, both in WoW and DnD. I'd love to find a solid guild ally side, or friends to begin actually RPing again. I'm also quite a fan of the PvE/PvP side of things, so if anyone wishes to help me run early mythics or BGs, that'd also be welcome! Sorry if a post like this isn't allowed, the guideline post kept 404ing me, so i figured it'd be worth a shot!Fallenscar4 21h
22h [H-RP] <Snakeroot Caravan> is recruiting! There was a soft hum of the wheels turning against the grass with small bumps and creaks as the caravan pulled through the stony river. At the head of the small group was a Troll woman and her mate, smoking a pipe while the other hummed a song from distant lands, behind them the procession continued their talk of grand adventures, treasure to be found and sold, and the next place to make camp… Greetings and welcome to the Snakeroot Caravan, where adventure and travelling go hand-in-hand! Have you ever felt as if you did not have a place among the crowd? Perhaps the call to the wilds was stronger than the safety offered within the walls of a city? The itch of wanderlust in the back of your mind could no longer be ignored and the need to stretch your legs in the great wide somewhere was front and center? Then there is a place for you among the nomadic travellers of the Snakeroot Caravan. ... We’re seeking like-minded individuals to join us on a new guild venture that will have you travelling the world and experiencing all different places you might not normally stumble upon! Our goal is to create a warm and inviting environment that will foster creativity and comradeship, and bring back a good ol’ adventure feel to the community. That being said, we are a medium-heavy RP focus with a relaxed atmosphere. Lead by a pair of trolls that have spent much of their time travelling and selling their wares, the Caravan is open to people from all walks of life at every stage of their life to join them as they peddler their goods and seek glory in the world! ... ... We hope we have piqued your interest enough and if you feel as if this is the home for you, please feel free to contact the following people in-game via mail or whispers if you have any more questions, or send in an application to our website if you're ready to join up: GM’s Onlua Kazimato Website http://snakerootcaravan.shivtr.com/ We also have a guild discord for out of game chat that is exclusive to members  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you around! <3Onula9 22h
23h [H-PvE] ⚔️Heralds of Strife⚔️ 6/10M LFM! Hello, everybody! <Heralds of Strife>, a Horde raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord, are back and are looking for like-minded raiders to push forward into Legion! What We're About: <Heralds of Strife> is a warm, welcoming community. Our current members range from previous top US 34th raiders to promising newcomers that are hungry to learn and improve. When we are not raiding, we are actively playing many games, from Hearthstone to Overwatch and many others that our guild members have suggested. <Heralds of Strife> is more than just a raiding guild on World of Warcraft, we are friends who are looking to have fun and get to know each other in our free time. That said, our primary focus will always be to complete the most challenging content that World of Warcraft has to offer during its relevance. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: - 7/7 Mythic Trials of Valor: - 2/3 Mythic Nighthold: - 6/10 Mythic Raid Schdedule: - Monday - 6:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. - Tuesday - 6:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. - Saturday - 6:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. All of the above times are PST (Pacific Standard Time). Loot System: We use a Loot Council (via RCLootCouncil) with defined parameters. This is broken down into several categories: - Attendance - Preparedness - Performance - Attitude - Upgrade Quality - Recent Upgrades We publicly record attendance and items received. Our devoted, down-to-earth leadership has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure upgrades are given to the proper players for progression while maintaining a fair, friendly, and entertaining guild atmosphere. Trial Period: <Heralds of Strife> is a raiding guild primarily. As such, we do have a trial period for new recruits. Trial periods will last four raid lockouts. The three core principles expected of trials: - Reliability - Positivity - Adaptability Reliability: We expect our trial raiders to show up for raids, on time, and prepared with the basic necessities to do the raid efficiently. We also expect our trials to have some knowledge on encounters, but we are more than willing to help teach and nurture our raiders. Make a commitment with us and we will do our very best to make sure that you're taken care of. We want to get to know you, as you're not just numbers on our spreadsheet. Here in <Heralds of Strife>, YOU matter. Positivity: We encourage our trial raiders, and our members, in general, to have a positive attitude, ranging from casual conversation to raid progression. There will be nights where progression may seem rough, but, pushing forward with a positive mindset is a key factor to success. Adaptability: Our leadership takes the opportunity to analyze our performance logs after each raid night, offering those who are lagging behind some constructive assistance in the long-term goal of improving the player. Our team is only as strong as the player next to us, so we want to work together and challenge one another to overcome any adversities that may be hindering our performance. Recruiting: Tank: - Paladin - Monk Healer: - Shaman - Paladin MDPS: - Paladin - Rogue - Demon Hunter - Death Knight RDPS: - Warlock - Mage - Hunter - Priest Other: - Friendly Socials **We are always looking to trial exceptional players of any class for our raid team, so please do not let our current recruitment needs discourage you from your potential interest in us.** How To Join: If you're looking to trial for our raid team, please fill out an application @ heraldsofstrife.com. If we're interested in your application, we will reach out to you ASAP for a follow-up interview in Discord. If you're looking to join our community as a social member, no application is required. References: Lorvid - Lorvid#1749 (GM) Rebkah - Rebkah#1839 (Officer) Notzak - Zak#11995 (Officer)Lorvid435 23h
1d [A] Deep Forest Caravan seeking The Legion has decimated The Caravan’s forces once more! Lives have been lost, others scattered. Only the most hardy remain. As they continue to re-enforce the echoes of time in Nighthold, their eye is upon what will come next. Word is placed in the less frequented inns and taverns. Silver ensures that eyes will be on the lookout for those seeking a home in the battles to come. Eyes seeking hardy individuals with a shield on their back, casters, healers, or those that look to carry themselves well in a fight. Yet instructions are clear, those that show spirit, guts for learning, a burning in them to test themselves – those too, should have The Caravan mentioned to them, certain names dropped into open ears. Will you be one drawn close over the bar or asked to allow the Innkeep to sit at your side for a time? OOC: ToS is approaching! If you are wanting to main a tank, DFC has a spot! We also have openings for casters. One healer would be welcome, but needs a solid dps off-spec for nights that we do not field the entire group. We are continuing to run NH for gear, so if your spec needs gear, now is the time. If you are a seasoned veteran, DFC does emphasize execution. If you are a novice, or returning after a long absence, you will find a welcome reception. We enjoy training, so if you gave it a shot once and were frustrated with a lack of help, or felt you just hit a wall, we encourage you to give it another go. We have veteran raiders that went from zero experience in any games to competency that understand the challenges a lack of background brings to the table. If you are a veteran that enjoys sharing your passion for raiding, and are looking for a more relaxed pace, we have a place for you. We are a full-immersion RP guild with a running guild arc. DFC provides a blend between the two pillars of gaming and storytelling. So, if you’ve always had an interest in RP, but couldn’t invest the time because of the pace the game requires, DFC is the perfect opportunity to explore RP without having to miss things because of your raiding schedule. Every member is on the same schedule, and events are scheduled around our forays into the pockets. If you are an RP’er with an interest in raiding, well, that is DFC’s roots. You may contact any member of DFC mentioning that you were told by the Innkeep of your choice that we were looking. Those well versed in recruitment are: Betilla, Ursuola, and Mossclaw. We welcome questions. Hours of Raiding are: Monday/Wednesday 7-10pm, Server Mythic + runs: Saturday 8:30pm, Server Normal run: currently Tuesday, 7-10pm, Server Website is: dfc.guildlaunch.com Drop into the visitor’s forum for more info regarding the guild. Legion story arc can be found here (wip): http://dfc.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11217793&start=0&gid=287297Mossclaw7 1d
1d Horde Roleplay. Hello WrA! I was looking for places to RP as an Horde since ED is not active in the RP scene, from what I've experienced. I wanted to get some more insight about Horde RP, how is it and what to expect. Thanks!.Borká5 1d
1d @Lovanna [H] Illidari guild I'm searching for Lovanna, GM of Illidari on the horde side. During Prelaunch and the month or so following Illidari was a hub for DH RP, unfortunately the GM left a member note on his DH saying he was sorry and never logged back in. I can see he's active on other characters and I'd like to get in contact with him if possible. My goal is to take control of Illidari and turn it back into a home for DH roleplayers. Any help towards this goal is appreciated.Dx2 1d
1d 3rd Running of the Trolls-June 10th! The Third Annual Running of the Trolls will be held on Feathermoon-US Horde Side June 10 th starting in the Troll Starting Zone. The run will start at 6pm PST or 9pm EST. To Donate Visit our Trevor Project Page: bit.ly/TrollRun2k17 Running of the Trolls 2017 will benefit The Trevor Project, a nonprofit group that is focused on suicide prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other youth. Running of the Trolls will help us celebrate Pride Month, and encourage our younger members of our community both in and out of World of Wacraft and the gaming community who may most need support and help through their teenage years to reach out for it, and to encourage the rest of the community to reach out. What is this, why Trolls this time?? What will this do? We have had a BLAST over the last 7 years going on our yearly run with the Gnomes and we’ve always been asked if we were bringing the event or an event like it Horde Side rather than just invading your capital city as part of the after party. With all of the silly, funny, hilarious, and Trollish questions we’ve gotten over the years, Trolls and their bright colorful hair seem like the perfect choices to take on an adventure across Azeroth! Just like we’ve done all these years with our Gnome friends, the entire event will also be to raise awareness for a charity we truly love, The Trevor Project, and to help raise funds for it. We’ve raised $2,1000+ to to help LGBT youth so far collectively over the last year. Okay, this sounds fun, but how do I sign up? Easy! Simply log into Feathermoon-US or it’s connected Realm Scarlet Crusade US and create a level 1 Troll and log in during the hours before the race. Our race crews will be there with official racing guilds. You can also /join TrollRun to chat with fellow Trolls. The guilds will have awesome tabards and everything, you just have to bring one since they’re Bind on Pickup now. A note about Racing Guilds: We ask that even while it’s hectic, or there’s multiple guilds, that you join only the guilds we’ve confirmed so we are able to count how many of you all there are. We promise that we’ll have enough tabards for everyone, we just have to do it all one at a time. A note about Trial Accounts: While you can run along with us on a Trial Account or similar such account, you will be unable to /join TrollRun and join a Troll guild, however, you’ll be able to come on the adventure with us, and be counted! Your gnome runs have a specific hair color, what hair color should I pick? Unlike our gnome runs, we feel that you should have a say in what hair color you decide to give to your Troll. There’s a lot of different pride flags that are very important during Pride Month, so, we feel like you should pick whatever color makes you most happy so we get a rainbow. Pick something from the pride flag that means something to you, pick a color you love. Pick a color that makes your Troll look great. I’m full on character slots on Feathermoon and I’m Alliance only/I have a Troll already on Feathermoon or Scarlet Crusade...Do I have to roll a new level 1? You don’t have to! You could put on a fun outfit, maybe change your hair color, bring a mammoth or a drake and rescue lost trolls! And run along with us. High level “Honor Guard” escorts are always really appreciated. We’re heading through the Plaguelands, so help is always welcome. Do keep in mind that the organizers cannot, and will not, offer cross realm invites to anyone during the event. Where are you guys Running? We’ll have a full map soon, but we’re heading to Silvermoon from the Troll starting zone, Orgrimmar, Zeppelin, Tirisfal, and then through Ghostlands! I have media questions about your event! Please get in contact with Dravinna in game on Scarlet Crusade-US or Moon Guard-US or via Twitter @Dravvie! If you want to find out more about charity events and World of Warcraft, get in touch with Warcraft Cares via their Twitter @WarcraftCares. *For streamers wishing to stream the run, please be advised that we welcome anyone who wishes to stream the event we are more than happy to have you at the event, but we ask that you remove any self paypal links and overlays from your channel that may cause viewers of your stream to think that they are donating to The Trevor Project when they are in fact simply filling your wallet. *For Youtubers we simply ask that they include a direct link our Trevor Project charity page, so people looking to donate because of the event know where and how to!Dravvie2 1d
1d [H-RPvP] The Vol'kar Legion ... The Vol'kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was created shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor'kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, to discourage the "master-race" ideals within the Horde. More importantly, it allows any race within its ranks -- even ogres! As long as they call themselves a son or daughter of the Horde, they are allowed on the Vol'kar paygrade. The Legion is currently commanded by Warlord Jan-Mak. ... PREMISE/HISTORY The Vol'kar Legion never fully fledged until after the Iron Horde was defeated. While the occupation of Orgrimmar went splendidly and there was little to no bloodshed to be had, there has to be at least one regiment to garrison as home defense. After the great warriors of the Horde returned home, the Legion went on a complete recruiting overhaul, swelling in size and numbers. Using a strict code of honor and hierarchy, The Legion transformed into a powerful, versatile fighting force that accepts all races of the Horde. While it is nearly two years old, the activity of the Legion remained dormant until December of last year. The soldiers eagerly await the chance to prove themselves underneath the scrutinizing gaze of the Horde. HOW TO JOIN: Simply send in-game mail or a whisper and we shall set up a recruitment interview! All races and classes are accepted, and storyline proposals are mostly accepted as well! Did your toon fight in the Siege of Orgrimmar? Is your toon a military veteran that ran into Jan-Mak on several occasions in the past? The ideas are endless!Buliss257 1d
1d [H-RP/PvE] Spinebreaker Warband Note: We recently underwent a name change due to IC things! We were previously the Stormhowl Warband. No matter what major Horde or Neutral city you walk through, the Command Boards were always covered in flyers and posters. The guards did well to clean them off each day, making sure the Warchief's words were always in plain sight, but one flyer always seemed to make its place on the board bright and early. Pinned to the top-left corner of the wooden board, a crisp parchment was held in place by a ceremonial dagger, the start of the hilt shaped like the head of a wolf. Whoever wrote on the parchment had impeccable penmanship, to the benefit of the readers: ----------------------------------------------------------- Brothers and Sisters of the Horde, Spinebreaker Warband is seeking loyal, able-bodied individuals willing to serve and protect the denizens of the Horde. We seek to neutralize any and all threats that show themselves, starting with the Legion in the Broken Shore and working our way to direct Alliance threats. Campaigns against our enemies begin shortly. Battle and Wolf Riding training availability are open to those with no or little experience. Those with sufficient experience will be tested and skills brushed up to meet with the Warband's standards. If you have no wishes to fight or are not able-bodied, there may yet be a place for you amongst our ranks. Seek out Gela'ga Spinebreaker by courier for more information. -The Spinebreaker Warband The end of the flyer was stamped with the Spinebreaker insignia. ----------------------------------------------------------- Greetings! Spinebreaker Warband is a RP-PvE guild (with minor PvP) looking for more members to join us in events. The PvE portion of our guild is entirely optional, but we are hoping to find some RPers who are interested in heroic raiding as well. We allow all races and classes in the Warband but have a higher IC vetting process for Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Shadow/Void Priests due to IC conflicts. Maurthri, our Warlock Advisor, handles all of our Warlocks and Irelyth, our Illidari Blood Guard, handles all of our Demon Hunters. Because I exceeded the maximum character limit, please see the next post for a detailed list of our events and activities! ----------------------------------------------------------- For a list of officers and their responsibilities, see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-officers With that said, there are definitely ways for you to increase in rank within the guild, both IC and OOC. If being an OOC officer isn't your thing, we have some positions that are solely IC leadership. If you're new to RP or are a bit rusty, we'd be happy to welcome you! I used to run RP workshops in the past, so feel free to write me with any RP-related questions such as lore, style, etc. For a list of OOC rules, please see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-rules For our FAQ, see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-faq If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me or ask here! If you don't have any questions and are just looking to apply, you can do so here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-apply [Edited 2017-04-02 to update with slight wording and PvE changes]Gelaga86 1d
1d [A-RP] <Troublemakers> looking for new blood! Hello Wyrmest! After settling for a few months here our small guild is opening recruitment. Our goal is not to be enormous, but to expand from our 6 person community to 12-15. One of those new people could be YOU. How exciting! Okay so... Who the hell are the 'Troublemakers'? We are a loosely collected group of characters who have found a social group (or dare I say family) through combat and crisis. We are not an in character organisation, there are no company or military colours to fly. We are already under the banner of the Alliance, and the combined forces of Legionfall. We're off colour, a little strange, maybe off-putting to some. We aren't shimmering paladins, or disciplined Ebon Blade. We're effective if not a little sloppy. We're in short, a band of troublemakers doing what we do best: giving local military leaders heart attacks and somehow surviving from one war to the next. What sort of Players are we looking for? Like minded roleplayers: We are serious roleplayers who don't take ourselves too seriously. We favour well crafted, intimate stories rather than large, server wide plots. We generally stick to WoW lore, but are willing to take a bit of headcanon to keep things smooth provided you aren't playing Illidan's Princess Bride who is also a Half Dragon Half Satyr. In the same vein as above, we aren't going to go through your roleplay with a fine tooth comb to find inconsistencies. We're more interested in if you are enjoyable to roleplay with. We enjoy playing the game, and roleplaying while we do it- mythics, world quests, exploring, transmog runs, whatever. We sometimes have silly alts with silly names, we sometimes do dumb things for our own amusement. We primarily play in PST evening, which is important to consider. What sort of Characters are we looking for? What's the flavour of the guild? Overall the characters in Troublemakers fit more the 'anti hero' than the typical hero. Many of our characters have been around for several years, several expansions, and have seen some !@#$. The primary driving force that keeps them going is a desire to secure a future for their families, allies, and loved ones. Bitter edgelords and mary sues who are more interested in brooding than action need not apply. We are a Get %^-* Done guild. We take a strong stance of 'don't make your problems everyone's problems.' An Illidari struggling to contain their demon would be welcome so long as they keep that demon under their heel. A corrupted warlock who is a liability to others would be put down. Here is a short list of some of the characters we already have, to give you an idea of who we are; A feral druid who has more social skills as a bear than an elf. A death knight who died shortly before the culling of Stratholme who isn't quite sure how to fake emotions yet. A widower Hand of Argus who has a big hammer and a lot of problems that look like nails. A warrior who would replace his arm with a metal engineered one, at the very first real opportunity.Our general rules; Don't be a jerk. Your behaviour reflects on the guild you're in. The enjoyment of others in your roleplay should be your concern, if you are there to fulfil a ego-fantasy or grab the spotlight and cling to it for dear life, we are not the guild for you. 18+, this is for maturity of the players, not content within the guild. (Though we do swear plenty in guild chat.)Joining this pack of losers; Generally we will want to talk to you OOC and get a feel for your character and you as a roleplayer. This serves two purposes; for us to tell you if we think you'll fit in, and gives us the info needed to introduce your character organically to ours. We aren't interested in giving a /ginvite and then letting you fend for yourself among a slew of new players who don't know what's going on. We would much rather find a way to tie your character into ongoing stories to give you a springboard into the action.If you are interested, shoot an in game mail or tell to Sagetta or Vahlona.Sagetta1 1d