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Aug 29 Argus Raiding Party I planned on roleplaying the approach to Argus, and any of the starting content there, with a couple friends. Is anyone else planning on getting some good roleplay out of this first week heading to Argus? I'd love to see some other faces out there, doing work in the name of... whatever you fight for! EDIT: There's apparently an event tonight at 5 PM Server Time on Azuremyst Isle. Huh...Veyati5 Aug 29
Aug 29 WrA Ruins of Gilneas, what's it for? So i just talked about this in my guilds discord but want to get the populace's opinion on this. What is gilneas used for now? it's such an oopen a perfect city for any event. yes id assume both factions could populate it at once. (since its a factionless city) but is their any nightly, weekly monthly events there? imo, i can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be populated, if there ever was an opportunity to make a bi factional city hub where you could roleplay next to a horde toon as an alliance. or bump into an orc that sparks an all out wpvp brawl over miscommunication that would be it. it'd be a great place to sale your wares as well. the ideas iom having are endless. So in short whats going on with the city? is it possable to make a dead city feel alive again? a place to bring a true to life place where horde and alliance can rp in whatever fashion the wish. tyvm my other posts, MG: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758806587#1 World's end Tavern and RP: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758736559#1 ED: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758726573#1Iraviss47 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A] The Court of Silence is recruiting! Are you a morally flexible person looking to do questionable things for (hopefully) good reasons? We might have a place for you. The Court of Silence is a (very newly formed) RP guild with occult leanings and an emphasis on collective storytelling. We are seeking established characters with stories, goals and history to mesh with our own, thereby improving everyone else’s tales along with yours. ... ... ... But although inclusivity is important, there are some IC and OOC things we are definitely not looking for. ...Willfred7 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A - Social Event] Shadows of Argus Rally Word has spread of the new vessel that has been completed on Azuremyst Isle. From the broken pieces of the Exodar, the Vindicaar has attracted many to the draenic isles in the last few months. Onlookers watched as the artificers worked tirelessly to heed the call of their Prophet, and complete the new ship by the time Azeroth was ready. As more and more travel to the Isles to prepare for the coming battle, the draenic orders prepare to aid in any way they can. The Sha'tor is among these, and Exarch Varistus has put out the call to any and all Azerothians to come, mingle with those that perhaps you haven't before, and join in a bit of revelry before the approaching storm. (( Hello everyone! The Sha'tor invites you all out to the Azuremyst Isles on the eve of 7.3 for a fun, social event. A sparring tournament will be held, but otherwise it is simply to come and enjoy each other's company before we all blast off to Argus. All are welcome, and we encourage you to come with friends and family alike. I hope to see you all there! Monday, August 28th at 5pm!))Varistus20 Aug 29
Aug 29 927 aotc bear LF mythic raid guild 9/9 H tos looking for raid group alliance or horde thats raiding mythic tos and going to push progression in argus. im a very dedicated raider with close to 100% attendance. real life stuff does still happen though. my best available days to raid are monday-tuesday-wednesday. 7pm eastern until 11pm eastern. can also raid sunday-8pm eastern until 11pm. I can raid on weekends and thursdays. just would rather not if possible. battletag- Hallucinate#1547Babydaddy0 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A-RP] The Imperial Trading Company "Under the consistent threats the Alliance faces, many join in arms to help combat the gruesome foes that endanger the sanctity of our civilization. Our company graciously accepts your support in whatever way you may provide it. Whether it be trading skills, scholarly knowledge or prowess in battle, the company requires your aid. Through the toughest of hardships felt by all races, you have persevered. We know that your existence is a testament to your strength. The question here is whether or not you have what it takes to fight alongside your fellow companions as we embrace the coming storm. Will you help us, champions?" <Imperial Trade> is recruiting as of now! The guild is heavy-RP focused with plans to have major events once weekly (hopefully Saturdays, although that is depending on requests) as well as many side events through the week that do not directly contribute to the main story line but help with keeping everyone together. We seek to help restore Alliance fortifications, trade routes and shrines while protecting different areas and invading key points that help in our victories. Our enemies are many, from bandits to cults to the Scourge and Legion. There are many paths for us to venture down, and we're excited to see what diversity your character may bring into the guild. For more information, head down to our website. (Link to Guild Description) http://imperialtrade.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2670511Braxtin0 Aug 29
Aug 28 [A-RP] seeking a Draenei guild. Seeking a Draenei guild for the end of the world. Coming back into the Draenei RP world, and was wondering if we have any active Draenei guilds still about. For warned I will not join a guild with a mandatory website as i honestly just won't use it.Öros7 Aug 28
Aug 28 *Crime guilds* Hey there folks, BMC was looking to get some other crime guilds together and look into making some rp events, are there any crime /dark evil guilds that ya'll know of on the server? Any help is def appreciated as I try to find these folks :DTessamotors4 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H-RP] House Blackmask is recruiting ... ... Guild: House Blackmask Looking for: Assassins, Mercenaries, etc. Sort of RP: Political movement, scheming, criminal, dark Requirements: A quick interview via either Discord or in game IC info: House Blackmask is a mysterious and new noble house in the political world of Silvermoon. The leader, Lady Alerilia has almost no history and appeared almost out of thin air. Almost nothing is known of either House nor leader aside from it's name. Meanwhile in the criminal world, a name is making it's way through the taverns and inns of a mercenary organization known as the Black Mask. They must different organizations right? OOC info: <House Blackmask> is a criminal and dark rp guild that I recently founded. I'm writing this on my phone during one of my few breaks, but the guild will soon have events such as: Wine Tasting, Galas, and more. We are a guild of assassins, smugglers, and mercs so all scoundrels are welcome. We are also looking for informants in order to help protect the guild from IC attacks. FAQ You're criminals, why can't I kill you?: Well, we may be criminals but killing a character is entirely up to the player's discretion. Are there restrictions?: There really aren't as long as you are willing to kill for profit, the Blackmask will welcome you with open arms. Events?: I'm currently in a state of extreme business but we'll have events in the future as in 2-3 weeks from now. They will consist of both social and criminal events that all are welcome to attend. Requirements: There are none, though if you're an IC member attending some events is nice. Joining us?: Just send me a Discord dm at Alerilia#8673 or whisper me in game Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/houseblackmaskAlerilia7 Aug 28
Aug 28 Event Circles? So in a few other MMOs that I've played throughout the years, it's not too uncommon for people to put together groups that aren't exactly guilds, and are instead more informal, making use of external forms of communication and grouping instead of the guild system. Usually, these are done for the sake of putting together plot lines or events outside of guilds for people to enjoy, contribute to, etcetera, without leaving their main hubs. Have people been starting up things like that here? If not, is this something that people might be interested in? I'm not entirely sure how much time I have on my hands at the moment, but if this is something that's reasonably rare yet still has a fair amount of interest towards it, it might be fun to put together a themed version of something like this.Aneliir37 Aug 28
Aug 28 What Defines WrA? With LFRP becoming larger and more players asking "What server should I go to?", a few of the guys (and gals) and I have thought of throwing together a giant compare and contrast sheet in order to better serve those looking for a new home for their roleplaying characters. I'll be posting the exact same thread on the MG forums, and then we'll put it all together in a pretty google doc! So, WrA. What defines you? What makes you unique? How does roleplay happen here, and where? What do you accept? What don't you accept? What sorts of guilds tend to thrive here? What themes do well? Which ones don't? Is there more city RP? More guild RP? Where's the best place to find people? How does networking work? Which faction is dominant? Etc. Add anything I've missed! Both Horde and Alliance will be represented separately, since they are ultimately two very different communities, so tell me about both! Negative comments about either server will not be published or entertained. This is a thread to help people, not to trash each other. Thanks for all of your help. <3Arandacey22 Aug 28
Aug 28 WTS *Chromatic Sword* looking for 8milBlackmajic13 Aug 28
Aug 28 Flower Crowns & RP transmog So as an addict of RP transmogs, it would be honest to say I am looking forward to the flower crowns more than any other new appearance in the game. Thus far, however, all I can find when googling any information about these elusive new delights, I only get pictures. No information on how to get them. That said, does anyone have any idea? A while back they were tied to alchemy, but now I see they are a white BoP. Any information would be welcome. Oh yeah, another thing. I genuinely wish Blizz would work on making cosmetic pieces moggable (rhinestone glasses, forever lovely rose, high society top hat). These pieces are undoubtedly staples in the RP element of the game and it seems counterintuitive to me that the effort that many of us put into obtaining them seems to lack consideration in the dev process (gold, relentless farming, AH watching, MOB timing). Would be curious to see how others feel.Demytrya9 Aug 28
Aug 28 [A] Council 9/9H LFM Who is Council? Council is laid back social/raiding guild where we are looking to have fun while progressing through content. We are a mostly "adults with jobs" and try to have fun. We do some light roleplaying and pvp but we focus on socializing and raiding. We are a friendly and fun loving group looking for more to join our guild. We have cleared H NH 10/10 and are currently H ToS 9/9. Raiding Schedule H ToS Friday + Saturday: 11pm-2am ST N ToS Wednesday: 11pm-2am ST Who are we looking for? If you are looking for a home to have fun and hang out or want to take your first steps into the world of raiding, you are welcome to join. We are currently looking to recruit all positions to ready ourselves for the next raid tier. Previous raiding experience is not required but the more you know, the better. All we ask is you try and push yourself to the best you can do. That seems like too great of a deal. What's the catch? You must be willing to hear terrible jokes, the worst puns and the lamest sense of humor ever. Any specific classes or roles you are looking for? We are currently looking for Ranged DPS, specifically Fire Mages and Elemental Shamans. Where do I sign up? If you are still interested in joining, you can add an officer on battle.net, leave a message here, or whisper me in game. Kega#1461 Purpl3Haz3#1589 Aisha#1384Arisle16 Aug 28
Aug 28 [H] <The Misfits of Death> are Recruiting Leader: Lamorstus Theme: Redemption/Adventure Type: Heavy RP & Lore Abiding Faction Alignment: Neutral Archetype: Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil Who we are. The Misfits of Death are a group of individuals who strive to amend for their pasts through hard work and dedication in their present. They look for regions within Azeroth that are in need of assistance and lend their aid if desired. Their endeavors are diverse and range from helping a village fight off invaders to researching and assisting locations plagued by disease. Much of their work is done for charitable reasons, though they do welcome donations so to speak. The organization appears to be quite reputable around the major cities as of late and many of the members can be recognized by their black and white tabard and overly charismatic attitudes. There is a wide variety of individuals within the organization. Their reasons for joining all different. Some wanting to make up for the sins of their past, others wanting to better the world, while many more seem to be utilizing the organization as an alibi for their darker intentions. What better way to mask your sinister deeds than hiding behind a charity. Who are we looking for. Simply put...YOU We are looking for people who are able to contribute unique stories and ideas to our cause. All the members of the MoD are very much into character development. We want to help you out, no matter if your character is a blood thirsty warrior, or a simple priest wanting to assist the less fortunate. How to reach us? You can look us up with "/who Misfits of Death" and contact a member. Myself, or Aurora will induct you into the guild properly when we get online but we welcome place-holding positions until those arrangements can be met. OOC Notes The guild is small. We just started up a couple nights ago. We have 15 members, but all of them are willing to invest themselves into this guild. I have never ran a guild with this type of theme before so I welcome all individuals willing to dedicate their time and exhibit patience in the process. I have a dream that we will be the next big thing of WRA and I have a lot of faith that the WRA community will be welcoming and encouraging of this dream! Furthermore the guild is a welcoming environment. We do not care who you are OOC or how you wish to portray that IC. We just appreciate you for you, no matter who that may be!:) If you want to join, let us know! If you'd like to bump this thread, feel free to do so! If you just want to say hi to make a new friend, well do it! If you want a cookie...well...too bad.Lamorstus2 Aug 28
Aug 27 [RP Story] Honeyed Words ((A few things: It's been about a year and a half since I've written a story and this is a brand new character with a personality I'm still fleshing out, so criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.)) “I’m not giving you anything until you pay up, sir!” Mel Lynchen, the Legerdemain Lounge’s barista shouted at the brash Blood Elf standing before her. Tathelis’ eyebrows rose into the air, in utter shock of the girl’s boldness in the face of an armed Illidari. Briefly, he turned his head to survey the rest of the lounge. A few armored Draenei threw him an angry look as their eyes met before the elf looked back at the flustered human. 'This one’s been through her fair share of extortion hasn’t she?' He thought. Peering at Mel, he noticed the human’s hands were balled into fists and her nostrils flared with every heavy breath she took. Perhaps she was afraid after all. Subtly, Tathelis licked his lips. “I offer my apologies. I never meant to start any trouble, Miss…?” The Illidari spoke with considerable charm. “Lynchen.” The girl’s shoulders dropped and her fists unraveled. “I didn’t mean to get so flustered either… I just- There have been so many people coming in here lately trying to threaten me for free food or for-” Mel shook her head. “I just can’t give it to you unless you’re willing to pay what it’s worth. You may not care, but I have a business to run.” She said. Tathelis leaned over the bar, his forearms resting comfortably on the counter and their faces now eye level. A smile formed across his lips. “I don’t have any gold on me at the moment, but hear me out.” He offered. Mel crossed her arms, waiting for his proposal. “What if I were to take the croissant now and tomorrow-” The barista’s eyebrows quickly arched downward in a scowl. “This is it…” A voice in the darkness whispered. The voice nearly threw Tathelis off balance, but he quickly aimed to regain his composure. “- I can show you just how much I care about you and your business...” Suddenly, the barista’s expression changed from that of skepticism to downright bashfulness. Cheeks turning scarlet, she nodded meekly at the elf and handed him the croissant. Gently, Tathelis moved to grab the food, making sure to graze his skin against the human’s as he did so. Mel’s eyes widened for just a moment before pulling her hand away in utter embarrassment. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, Mel.” With that, the Illidari turned on his heels for the door only to see a blindfolded Kal’dorei leaning against the doorway.Tathelis1 Aug 27
Aug 27 Starting to RP on WrA Hello! I'm new in WrA and I want to RP, how should I start? what should I do? thank you very much for your attention :DJozhua14 Aug 27
Aug 27 <H> The Archives is Recruiting Hello there from The Archives, a semi hardcore progression guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We made good progression in mythic Nighthold last tier and are looking to push further into Tombs. We've downed 6/10 M in Nighthold and are currently 9/9 H Tombs. We are looking to expand our core with skilled players and I believe you could be a great addition. First a little about us. In our team enjoying raid goes hand in hand with progression. Our roster consists of driven players that are looking to improve their own skills in this game as well as help our raid team push forward. We love raiding together and most of our roster spends a large amount of time in game, talking with each other and doing content together. What you can expect After completing a brief trial with our group, you will be expected to come to raids with proper enchants and consumables, we often provide feasts for our members (that primary stat food, so good), but expect personal food to be kept on hand. A general knowledge of the fight is also encouraged. Some people learn faster than others and we will be working with the stragglers to help improve them, whether that means mentoring underperforming players or giving people tasks that better play to their strengths. That being said it is important that our raiders work with us to achieve the best results. Sleeping on mechanics is as bad as not knowing your class. We operate using a modified loot council, it is tailored for providing gear to the players that will benefit the most from it. We know loot can be an issue and we want it going to the right person every time (though that is completely impossible as everyone knows, haha). We want to invest in our players, and that means that our raiders should think more in terms of increasing raid dps, not individual numbers. When do we Raid? Hopefully if you have made it this far you are hoping our schedule fits with yours. Well here it is Tuesday: 7-10 PM PST Wednesday: 7-10 PM PST Thursday: 7-10 PM PST We also have an optional Sunday alt/flex raid that starts at 5 PM PST. A ~90% attendance is mandatory to maintain a raid spot on our team, we understand real life happens and nobody can raid all the time(though sometimes I think we all wish we could). All that is asked for absences is 24 hours’ notice and a good reason for not showing up. Add me on bnet, Scribonias#1274Ashclaw0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Your character and justice. Your character has been made a judicial authority (For better or worse) of Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and is presented with three cases. He/she is given complete power to resolve the conflicts, and must decide how to mete out justice. SCENARIO 1: A man comes forward in chains, and the guard reveals that he had murdered his landlord with a kitchen knife. When interrogated, the man admits his guilt and states that the landlord had intended to remove him from his home due to his failure to adhere to his monthly financial quotas. His wife had died in childhood, leaving their sickly infant daughter in his care, and unwilling to offer him paternity leave, he loses his job. Thus, engrossed in rage, fear, and anguish, he drew a knife from his jerkin and stabbed him in the chest several times. SCENARIO 2: Two men had mutually agreed to a traditional duel to the death, and naturally, such an occassion drew a sizable audience. They took their paces, and as the first man fired, the second man leaped out of the way. When he discharged his weapon, however, he tripped on a root, and the bullet struck a bystander. Although the victim survived, he's in a coma and unable to testify or press charges. SCENARIO 3: A businesswoman is arrested for having poisoned one of her partners in a play for power. Evidence indicates she's guilty of her crime, although coincidentally, she's the most generous philanthropist in (Westfall if you're Alliance, Barrens if you're Horde). Without her contributions, children might go hungry, and crime could steadily rise. Your faction has devoted all of their resources to fighting the Legion and can't offer relief otherwise. What does your character do? Reaganluthen12 Aug 27
Aug 27 Want to start RPing, please help! I have been playing WoW since day one back in 2004. I've loved every second of the game and I have spent an enormous amount of time delving into the lore. Every now and again however, the game gets a little stale. I have tried several times to get into RP. I have extensive background in table top role-playing and I am quite open minded. My biggest speed bump in my last few attempts at WoW RP is that I just had no idea where to start and what the community was like. I am willing to play almost anything on either Horde or Alliance. I guess I am just looking for someone to point me in the right direction or at the very least reach out for a quick Q and A. Either way, any help would be very appreciated. Thanks all.Rancavus5 Aug 27
Aug 27 [Megahes Metals] - Reopened for business! Hello Ladies and Gents! I'm back in business once more now that I'm back in full force! I'm sure you're wonderin, why should I give two kodo droppings? That's easy, cause I'm here ta deliver ya amazin products at a dirt cheap price, with only one catch to it! Ya gotta RP for it! Why the hell would ya wanna do that, right? I mean, we're not a RP realm or no-- Wait, wait, wrong que card! Sorry. We're an RP realm and let's all be honest, those gross, dirty Bilgewater Auctioneers will charge ya ourageous prices for the same stuff I'll sell ya! Now, that bein Ore of Course. that or bars. Either way, you'll always pay 25-50% of what the prices on the AH are. So long as ya willing to pin me down -In character-you're eligible for that discount, but if you're gonna be a lazy schmooze just tryin ta flip my product by buyin it Out of Character, then you'll only see a small fraction off or full price as the next person on the Auction. I'm doin this cause I love my immersion with RP and Megahes himself owns his own Mining business. so I figured, why not combine my ore farming, hate for the AH and Megas IC profession all together? Surely there's others who wanna get into this! So! Here I am! I know this isn't for everyone, but to all of you interested shoot me an in game message or letter and I'll get back to you asap.Megahes0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Belf Hospital Hi! Returning player here. There used to be a group that ran a hospice in Silvermoon City, specifically in the southern hall in the Royal Exchange that connected to the Walk of Elders. I think they even made a guild changed their name to the Thalassian Citizens Hospital or something similar to that. Are they still around? If not, are there any RP alternatives to them?Mirandas2 Aug 27
Aug 27 DK RP I need help Hello glorious Wyrmrest I need help (professional aside); I've been playing for a long time and i want to get into RP. I have an idea of who my DK is but I'm struggling to flesh her out (no pun). I've gone through the lovely guide by Koranith and tried to build from it. My main struggle is i think as it stands Daymourn would follow Sylvanas as she not only leads the forsaken but showcases the strength and will to build success and was able to bring the first freedoms from the scourge.However how would that effect being part of the Ebon Blade since ultimately our DK belong to them? I know koltira didn't follow her orders and it bit him because ultimately he was ebon (i think that's how that worked?). I'm also having an issue with placing her time of death and history pre second life. I've gone so far with the amnesia approach since rotting, being raised, and the scourges torture would have left her pretty damn broken by the time the Litch king fell (which is the point i feel like she was free ). I also badly want to avoid the trops of being either captn. Edgelord or grumpy murder pants. I understand that our gen DK need to inflict pain or they go mad but i don't know how to balance that, it was suggested to base in a guild story, which would be nice since I'm also new to RP in general. Although I'm blood elf i don't necessarily want to be in a belf centric guild either. Now i think that's enough rambling, any help and spackle is appreciated greatly. Aun’dril Daymourn Aun’dril is a patchwork of mottled necrotic flesh held together with necromancy and thread. The litch fire flickering from her eyes cast a harsh light on her angular decayed features stretched tight over bone. Heavy dry hair sapped of its color is bound into a tight braid, blood has dried into its length making it stiff and vile to touch. Heavy saronite armor shows the marks of many battles and several repairs, the metal itself is ice cold to the touch. A stench of chemicals and dry rot hangs around her. “Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”Daymourn11 Aug 27
Aug 27 The Vindicaar: what do we know? So the Vindicaar becomes our, what base of operations on Argus, yes? So do we know: will we be able to see each other on the ship, or will we be isolated like in our garrisons? Trying to come up with a guild plan for our story for the next week at least. My people wanna go... only way to go is to be on this ship. Yes? (I figure we'll find a way to create a stable Sunreaver Portal back to Azeroth once we get there, to facilitate RP.)Axiann1 Aug 27
Aug 26 917/919 Bear cat looking for raiding guild I am looking for a guild to continue progression into Heroic ToS. I have been a druid since bears became a thing back in BC, and played the game since Dire Maul was released. I am very skilled at Guardian, having completed Mage Tower and acquiring my Banjo/Kazooie artifact skin and while I have been guardian primarily in my current guild, I can also be an effective cat as well. Ideally I am looking for a west coast time zone guild (start time ~7:00PM) and preferably would like to tank or dps, but I can heal if need be (not very good at that yet) pS - I also have a couple of friends in tow: a 920 enh shaman and a 921/918 ret/holy paladin. Ideally we'd all like to join together if possibleZeddikiah2 Aug 26
Aug 26 Server Resources / Info? As long as I've been into the WoW RP scene, I've been a lifelong Moon Guard guy. However, after many years, I find myself curious to hop the pond and experience the RP community of WRA. My question is this -- what would be a good place to start to get a general idea of the server's scene, guilds, etc? I'm not sure who / what I'd play at this point, and my goal is to scout around a little and find something that looks appealing and transfer / boost a character to get started. Any suggestions on that information gathering would be great .. looking forward to learning what WRA is all about!Caerdan12 Aug 26
Aug 26 7.3 Drops August 29th https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/20979713/patch-7-3-preview-the-campaign-for-argus New Patch drops soon, anyone excited for anything new in particular?Dawnsky49 Aug 26
Aug 25 Guild hunting. Good Evening too all, This week I've found time too return too the WoW community, was looking to start a new BE toon, probably a hunter/trader/merchant style character, but wanted to touch with what sort of guilds out there might work best for me. I'm always open to playing a family member or some blood relative, but that tends to work better if I locate an interested player and guild before hand, Looking forward to hearing from some of you all, Cheers. Tennessee.Sinijen13 Aug 25
Aug 25 Gnome guilds? Hello, I am in search of a gnome guild. I prefer to dabble in the various elements of the game, RP, PvP and PvE. Though am an RPer by heart. I do not tend to enjoy military theme'd guilds, I am open to non race specific guilds as well. My gnome is still being fleshed out so to speak, but I would love to find some RP and hopefully a "home" for her. That said I don't play every day, but consider myself fairly active, in that I play on average 2 to 3 times a week. I confess I am a bit rusty, I've returned from a semi extended break from WoW, or at least from RP. So any assistance in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. I do hope to come out of my shell a bit more and meet the RP community here.Mîssy5 Aug 25
Aug 25 [H] Alphabet Soup 4/9H LF DPS and Heals Alphabet Soup is a heroic raiding guild offering an active and friendly social environment, and is looking to recruit more members to our raid team! About Us Our members are active in and out of Warcraft. Using our Discord server as a main social hub, our members play other Blizzard games, including Overwatch and Diablo 3. Within Warcraft, we raid twice a week, regularly run M+, and have RPers, PvPers, and many altoholics. We have achieved AOTC in EN, ToV, and NH. Raid Times Alphabet Soup raids every Sunday and Monday from 8:30 - 10:30 Server Time. Recruitment Currently Recruiting: MDPS - Demon Hunter, Warrior, Shaman, Death Knight, Monk RDPS - Warlock, Shaman Heals - Druid, Shaman, Holy Priest Even if your class does not appear here, consideration will still be given to interested, high-performing players. Raiding Requirements We are looking for active and positive raiders with an ilvl of 890+ and Warcraft Logs available for us to check your performance. Contact For more information or to apply, you can contact me at: Battle.net - Caladryn#1819 Discord - Caladryn#5253Caladryn7 Aug 25
Aug 25 [A] Returning to Azeroth Hey all, Returning player here. Haven't played since cata but am looking to get back into the fray. Any new / returning frieldly guilds out there looking for a boom / rez druid?Sinlorean0 Aug 25
Aug 25 [H-RP Event] Jade Ball In a time where heroes are giving their lifes for the greater good, and demons are destroying things and places we hold dear it is important to remember the important things in life. As the Panderan have taught us it is not what we fight that matters but WHO we fight for. In honor of them as a people and in an attempt to boost moral among those of the horde, an expansive funding was made to restore the Jade Temple so that the only things being built would not just be machines of war and towns trying to re-gain their foothold in their own lands. So please join us as we celebrate a symbol of hope and learning being re-finished at the Jade Ball! Grand Lady Alerilia Blackmask, Madame Tessa Motors, and The Kind Lady Faeralynn of the Crimson Infantry cordially invite you to a celebration of friends, family, and the restoration of the Jade Temple. When: August 20th , 8:30 SEVER time Where: Jade Temple Event Outline: Music: -Performed by Rhillia and the proffesonal Bard School <The Eversong Ensemble> Food and Drinks: An open bar will be available to patrons throughout the entirity of the event, and waiters will be walking around with treys of food for your convinece Security: Security provided by sponsored guild <The Crimson Infantry> Fireworks!: At the end of the Event there will be a firework show extravaganza! Contests: -Best dressed: A contest for best dressed Lady, Best dressed Lad, and Best dressed couple will be held in the middle of the event, to be judged by the three event sponsors. Prizes: -Best Dressed Lady: 5,000 gold -Best Dressed Lad: 5,000 gold Best dressed couple: 5,000 gold to be split between the lucky two For more event info or a calendar invite please whisper: Tessamotors, Alerilia, or Faeralynn Thank you for your support and we hope to see you there! :DTessamotors23 Aug 25
Aug 25 [A] Mythic Nighthold 8/31/17 Who: Alliance Raiders What: Mythic Nighthold Where: Nighthold When: 8/31/17 from 6-9pm PST (invites at 5:50) Why: BiS/Titanforge/Transmog <Battle Hardened> is hosting a mythic Nighthold run for those interested. With ToS raiding in full swing, it's hard to justify older-but-still-semi-current raids on a scheduled raid night, but we still have quite a few who would like to go back and get some BiS tier gear, titanforged relics/trinkets, and of course, transmog. Requirements: 900+ iLvl 10/10H Nighthold Knowledge of the fights (at least through videos/guides) Discord (don't need a mic, but you must be able to listen) Why not just use the LFG tool? We've decided to open it up to WRA raiders instead of LFG in case we decide to make this a regular weekly or biweekly thing; it's unlikely that we'll full clear 10/10M in one night even overgearing it, and this way we can work on progressing through the content with like-minded folks instead of pugs that dip after one or two bosses. Besides that, few people look for M NH in LFG when you can get bigger upgrades in N/H ToS, and you can spend all night in queue without actually getting anyone. How are you handling loot? We'll be keeping it on personal loot. If you get something you don't need/want and want to donate it to the /roll pool, awesome! Anything you win is yours to keep. Are you going to do this in the future? Hopefully we can do this more than once for those who are looking for a particular item/appearance. Priority spots will be given to those who have attended before. How do we sign up? Post in this thread or send me in game mail with your class/spec and I'll send you a calendar invite. We need to fill certain roles (tanks/healers) before we just take anyone, so there might not be enough spots for absolutely everyone who is interested. Please note: Due to the fact that you need a 20man roster for mythic (it's not a flex raid), we expect people to show up if they sign up. If you can't make it, please at least attempt to let me know so we can adjust and find someone else to fill the spot. We'll have stand-by spots in case someone doesn't show or has a last minute emergency, but please be courteous and keep in contact!Mythrenathen7 Aug 25
Aug 25 Hearthstone Animated Short Can we, like... get a TV series or a movie in this animated style? https://youtu.be/vPguoeYTvMICannibal10 Aug 25
Aug 24 The worries of a parent. Today, I had decided to spend a day with my mother and my aunt, and after quite an eventful day, (including finding a lost dog and taking him in to keep safe while looking for his owners,) we began the drive home. During our conversation, I did what I rarely do around her, and brought up world of warcraft as a conversation piece, referencing the time Cannibaal made a post about a similar subject involving a beagle. After a moment, she replied with this: "So... How many friends do you have on there?" "I dunno', a few?" "Like... how many?" "...I don't know, I'm not keeping count." "Like, are they the same group of people, or...?" "No, I just see whoever online and think, "Oh, hey, he's there!" "Like, if you had to give an estimate..." This was odd for her, and it went on for a bit shortly afterward, but once it was clear that I didn't know, the root of her concern suddenly showed itself. "But... has anyone ever asked you where you live, or...?" ...Apparently, my own mother thinks I'm not intelligent enough to recognize a internet predator or scam when I see one, I guess I won't bring WoW into any more familial conversations... Anyone else encounter this kind of conversation?Banrok40 Aug 24
Aug 24 [H] <Perditio> is now recruiting! <Perditio> is a newly formed guild comprised of former heroic raiders looking to get back in to raiding. We plan on creating a N raiding team for ToS and future raids. As it stands, we do not have a definitive schedule but we raid Saturdays 3pm realm time. This is subject to change as members join and availabilities are made known. We are recruiting ALL classes, specs, and roles! This guild is new player friendly and not trying to be a cutting edge progression guild. All specs welcome regardless of current ranking. We also do frequent m+ and have an active PvP scene, if you're in to that. If you're not 110 yet or have never raided, don't worry! We're here to build you from the ground up. We can assist you and teach you everything you need to know about the end-game and get you geared for the latest content. You can reach me (GM) at krey#1101 or the co-gm at kotasc3#1461Falodras6 Aug 24
Aug 24 The Archives 9/9 H is recruiting new members! Hello there from The Archives, a semi hardcore progression guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We made good progression in mythic Nighthold last tier and are looking to push further into Tombs. We've downed 6/10 M in Nighthold and are currently 9/9 H Tombs. We are looking to expand our core with skilled players and I believe you could be a great addition. First a little about us. In our team enjoying raid goes hand in hand with progression. Our roster consists of driven players that are looking to improve their own skills in this game as well as help our raid team push forward. We love raiding together and most of our roster spends a large amount of time in game, talking with each other and doing content together. What you can expect After completing a brief trial with our group, you will be expected to come to raids with proper enchants and consumables, we often provide feasts for our members (that primary stat food, so good), but expect personal food to be kept on hand. A general knowledge of the fight is also encouraged. Some people learn faster than others and we will be working with the stragglers to help improve them, whether that means mentoring underperforming players or giving people tasks that better play to their strengths. That being said it is important that our raiders work with us to achieve the best results. Sleeping on mechanics is as bad as not knowing your class. We operate using a modified loot council, it is tailored for providing gear to the players that will benefit the most from it. We know loot can be an issue and we want it going to the right person every time (though that is completely impossible as everyone knows, haha). We want to invest in our players, and that means that our raiders should think more in terms of increasing raid dps, not individual numbers. When do we Raid? Hopefully if you have made it this far you are hoping our schedule fits with yours. Well here it is Tuesday: 7-10 PM PST Wednesday: 7-10 PM PST Thursday: 7-10 PM PST We also have an optional Sunday alt/flex raid that starts at 5 PM PST. A ~90% attendance is mandatory to maintain a raid spot on our team, we understand real life happens and nobody can raid all the time(though sometimes I think we all wish we could). All that is asked for absences is 24 hours’ notice and a good reason for not showing up. Add me on bnet, Scribonias#1274Ashclaw0 Aug 24
Aug 24 [H] 925 9/9H ToS Afflock LF raid team Hey guys, Looking for a new raid team for my affliction warlock, who is currently raid team homeless because I’m an obstinate warlock/ex shadow priest who won’t transfer to a pvp realm to go mythic. I like WrA and want to stay here. Sadly, my old raiding guild didn’t survive WoD, so I’ve been raiding cross-realm, EN-ToS, all solidly heroic, with some mythic after the fact. I have all the H AoTCs, though I got EN & NH on my shadow priest. The warlock is a reroll and now my permanent main. I’m ex semi-hardcore (did a year of progression raiding on my shadow priest in Cata, more in MoP, quit for most of WoD), and I still love to do as much challenging content as possible, have high standards, like to push myself, etc., but am older now and have more constraints, so need to take it a bit easier. Looking for something comparable to the raiding I’ve been doing. For the right team, I could put in the time and energy for casual mythic raiding (btw casual means fewer hours and a more relaxed environment, though still with high standards). I’m a big fan of m+ and have a small crew I regularly run with but would love to expand that network and do more. Raid times: pretty flexible here, though I can’t make either really late times or early ones. Social/team environment is important—no sexism, racism, or bigotry of any kind please. A wide age range with some players on the older side would be super nice, since I’m a mature adult, with real life responsibilities. If you can pull off a fun environment with lots of laughing that’s both semi-hardcore in standards/intent but also relaxed, chill, and forgiving as long as the desire to fix mistakes, improve, and succeed is always there, then you might be a really good fit for me and me for you. Contact me in game or here. Bnet is Blashyrk#1559. I’ve got logs if you want to see them—all the usual stuff.Penthemar1 Aug 24
Aug 24 The Burden of Leveling a Class Are there any classes you guys and gals have a -really- hard time leveling, or enjoying? Personally, I have a few. I don't touch Death Knights or Demon Hunters. I've tried them both, I've finished the starting zone for each and I've promptly deleted them. I simply cannot enjoy either class. Priests. I don't think I've ever been more bored of a class before. There's just really nothing exciting about Holy and Discipline specs. I've attempted Shadow, and I abhor the spec. Shaman. The class isn't boring and has some cool spells and background. I have a very hard time leveling them for whatever reason. Warlock. I think my disinterest in warlocks stems from my inability to come up with an interesting backstory that doesn't involve some elements of "evil". Likewise, a good warlock seems wrong as well... What about you? Any classes you have a hard time with? Why?Bradim37 Aug 24
Aug 24 I live again! Brains... Ale... *Dwarf zombie staggers down the road.*Oswin11 Aug 24
Aug 24 Recruiting for Heroic KJ Sales (GOLD) (HORDE) We are currently recruiting ALL Classes for our somewhat new Heroic KJ Sales group. So far we have had 4 successful nights where everyone of our members made over 1 million+ Gold each night. We sell our carries just like most other people do, we have a group of members scattered around all different realms that will find buyers and bring them in, and we do half the groups buyers.. then the other half, and repeat. We run a ration of 2:1, that means for every 2 people we can have 1 carry. For example: All of our members show up and we have 20 people. Only 10 of our members can bring buyers at a time. Requirements: You need at the least 95+Percentile parses along with decent Mythic progression and multiple kills on Heroic KJ. (We strive to make our buyers experience the best it can be) For any further questions please add my battletag: Aedint#1263 THIS IS FOR IN GAME CURRENCY ONLYEmptymailbox7 Aug 24
Aug 24 [H] <bepis> is recruiting raiders! <bepis> is a newly formed guild of veteran WoW raiders. Our goal as a guild is simple, to raid as high of level content as we can while maintaining a fun environment that emphasizes getting as much enjoyment out of the game as we can. I'll leave some raid information down below for those interested, -Raid Times Tuesday and Thursday. 6:30pm-9:30pm Pacific Time. We are currently recruiting anyone proficient at their class. Our biggest rule as far as raiding goes however is that everyone is constantly looking for ways to improve, whether this be through comparing logs, talking in class discords, or watching videos. I do not want people to stagnate thinking they're big @#*!!#@% when there's room for improvement. As far as loot goes we currently use Personal loot but that is mainly due to the fact that we're still filling out a full roster, once the roster is built a new loot system can be implemented. Thank you for your interest in <bepis> if you have any questions or if you're interested in joining my btag is nix#1863 or my officer faf#11452Tharokos0 Aug 24
Aug 24 <Dark Templar Knights> <Dark Templar Knights> is now recruiting all levels and classes! 9/9 N ToS Starting Herioc Progression! Come join our fun and competitive raid team! If raiding is not for you, we have a PvP team and other fun events! Become a Templar Today! We do many different kind of event's and some RP we are also in need of some RP leads and ppl wanting to lead some of our eventsYipmaan3 Aug 24
Aug 24 [A] Stormwind Brewing Co (RP-PvP) Stormwind Brewing Company RP+++++ PvP+++ PvE+ Website: http://stormwindbrewingco.shivtr.com/ Medium: • The Appearance of the Brewery o Underneath the bottle & grape sign hanging outside of the Gallina Winery is a smaller sign that reads, “Stormwind Brewing Company”. It appears Renato Gallina has allowed a small brewing company to use his winery as a brewery. • Noticing the New Beers o As the bartender serves you your drink, you notice new casks in the standard keg line-up. Branded on the new kegs is, “Stormwind Brewing Company” and some small text stating the beer style. The patron next to you sees you inspecting the newer kegs, and claims the Shady Lady has had this new brewery’s beer for quite some time now. He has seen the kegs transported from the brewery at the Gallina Winery to the Shady Lady. • Help Wanted Signs o Throughout the Trade District, and the Canals are help wanted signs from the Stormwind Brewing Company. The signs inquire for willing and able workers. The contact information lists Brewmaster Seosef Valk, and the brewery’s location at the Gallina Winery. • For Those Involved in a Criminal Network o It is rumored that the contractor Seosef Valk has begun a brewing company in Stormwind City. The rumors don’t go as far as stating whether he left the contracting business or not, and the topic is certainly under speculation. IC: The guild is separated into two sides: the brewery front, and the covert criminal underground. The brewery side is fully functional, and the criminal side is mostly contract-based. Contracts can, and will include anything from intimidation, and extortion, to hired blades, and assassinations. The Brewery Side- After being coerced, Renato Gallina allowed the Stormwind Brewing Company to start brewing operations out of his winery. While the recipes are original, and the product is outstanding, Seosef reached out to the owner of the Shady Lady, Quincy Cutler, to spread his brews into the major taverns in Stormwind quickly. Once the brewing company was entrenched in the taverns, Seosef made contracts with each owner, allowing him to send his staff to the taverns to sell, and serve his brews. A caveat written into the contracts states that he is allowed to provide security for his staff when they work in the taverns. The Criminal Side- Distraught with the death of King Varian Wrynn, Seosef dropped his relations with the Kingdom, and took to contracting to provide gold. Contracting was easy in the Broken Isles with the lawless nature of the islands. However, Seosef wanted to return to Stormwind City, and knew that his contracting wouldn’t be tolerated in the city; he needed a front to hide his operations. Utilizing his past love for brewing, Seosef created the Stormwind Brewing Company to cover his criminal activity. OOC: The main focus for the guild will be RP, but we will be taking part in WPvP, and standard PvP. PvE will be member-driven. We will be networking with other guilds for RP storylines. My vision for the guild is to be tight-knit, and very drama-free. RP Base: Brewery: Gallina’s Winery, Stormwind City Contracting HQ: ? Member Req’s: All members will be subject to both an IC, and OOC interview. 1. TRP 3 2. Super basic understanding of beer 3. Be a fair, and respectful person OOC, and be a fair RPer IC Guild Mount: For everything IC, and guild-related, the mount must be realistic for the character. Please inquire either here, or in game to SeosefSeosef11 Aug 24
Aug 24 7.3 Spoilers - Fear and Loathing in Argus Title. http://i.imgur.com/0uWOKEA.jpg Humans take everything. #NotMyExarch Also, who's ready for an awesome new mount?! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDczBrXXoAEegi2.jpg Edit: Remember, everything datamined thus far has no context. Draw assumptions at your own peril!Vyrael418 Aug 24
Aug 24 Anti-Night Elf Thread THIS THREAD IS NOW ABOUT HOW NIGHT ELVES ARE BAD.Mephest205 Aug 24
Aug 24 LF Orc RP Looking for some good ol' fashioned Orc roleplay. I'l be remaking a character for this as I'd like to find someone who would fit the role of a "teacher" for my toon. I'm thinking of either making a Hunter (Survival, because I just returned to the game and would like to see the changes through leveling) or Warrior (Probably Arms, I've never really leveled a Warrior too high). I'll decide based on who's interested in the roleplay. Also I'd prefer to stay away from those knuckle-headed "VICTORY OR DEATH" tyrant of an Orc stereotype.Orgrak1 Aug 24
Aug 23 Guild Transfer Was thinking of transferring my guild over. We are a Scarlet Crusade themed guild. Is there high demand for such one?Delmorgis14 Aug 23
Aug 23 [H] <The Grove> - Social casual guild! <The Grove> Is a social casual guild recruiting any and all Horde players that are interesting in sporting the name! We are a fairly newer guild that had some trouble getting going, but now with a second wind are full of vitality and determination! There are certainly guilds on the server that have more focused interests, but if you're like me and like to do a little bit of everything, then <The Grove> might be the place for you! I want everyone who joins to feel valued and respected, because everyone has a place, and everyone is important. My dream for this guild is to be a haven that boasts a friendly community where any and all are welcome! The idea is that any member can create events centered around anything you want! Like to RP? Set up some events and invite the guild! Enjoy the glory of battle? Start a PvP team! Want do the weekly events? Start a group! I've been in too many guilds where events are only made by staff, and too many guilds where calendars are bare with no communication of events. For some guilds that makes sense, but in <The Grove>, everyone can make events on the calendar! As an individual, you have your own dreams and aspirations. You have your own unique tastes and interests, and your own play-style. Come be apart of a community that values the individual. Come be apart of the forest! If you're interested in joining, all you need to do is message or whisper me in game!Jarashi0 Aug 23
Aug 23 Orc Commission Specialist Changed my mind; gonna do it myself.Borgg7 Aug 23