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Feb 13 Abandoning the fel I am currently working on a backstory for my character. Is it possible to give up being a warlock? To purge yourself of the corruption of the fel?Erutaronn6 Feb 13
Feb 13 Killing Gul'Dan listening to Disney Songs https://youtu.be/x6tOtC2GsVA I don't regret it one bit.Rhillia7 Feb 13
Feb 13 <Waylight Refuge>'s Love is in the Air Gala! Another handsome envelope arrives in your post-box. The envelope is crisp and a romantic, pale pink color, and the wax seal bears the tell-tale Waylight Refuge lantern symbol. Opening the envelope reveals an equally-lovely invitation: You’re Invited! Waylight Refuge will be hosting a Love is in the Air Gala, and we would love for you to attend. Food and drink will be provided, along with music, dancing, a Date Auction, Raffle, photobooth, and a special performance from the Succulent Tarts! Attire is black-tie only, no outside food, drink, or alcohol permitted. Weapons must be checked at the door for admittance (no exceptions). When: Sunday, February 12th, at 5:30 in the evening. (Server time) Where: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Jade Forest, Pandaria We hope to see you there! -Waylight Refuge OOC INFORMATION You guys asked for it at the Yule Ball, so here it is! Our big Valentine’s/Love is in the Air Gala. Lots to do, lots to see, and hopefully lots of fun to be had. But first things first, let’s break down the general rules for this event: Black-tie attire only. This is a formal event, so please dress accordingly. Ceremonial armor is permitted, provided it is clean and free of rips, tears, dents, or stains. No weapons, period. Full-stop. Only our Guardians are permitted to have weapons in the event, as they will be providing security for the evening. You will be asked to check yours at the door, and if you refuse, you will be turned away. Weapons are meant for war, not for dancing, and disturb the atmosphere we are trying to create. No outside food, drink, or alcohol. We will have food and drink (alcoholic and non) being served for those who wish, so please leave your own snacks and drinks at home! Those found trying to sneak in substances of any kind will be asked to turn them over or leave. Please keep smoking to the entry alcove. While this is an outdoor event, let’s keep our ballroom area free of smoke. Smoking will be permitted in the entryway only. Respect must be given at all times. Whether to your fellow attendees, or to the Refuge workers, keep it classy. Don’t be rude to others, ICly or OOCly. Behaviors that won’t be tolerated include, but are not limited to: griefing others, trolling, harassment, fights, spamming toys/spells/macros, etc. Know your limits. Just because we’ll have alcohol available doesn’t mean drunkenness will be tolerated. It won’t be. If you’re too inebriated, expect to be cut off. If you get out of control, expect to be escorted out. Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal from the event and blacklisting from further Refuge events if necessary. Rules for the Date Auction, Raffle, and info about the Tarts show to follow!Altherei25 Feb 13
Feb 13 [A]- Acies is recruiting! Hey Wyrmrest! Acies is looking for some cool people to come raid with us. A little about us: Acies has been around since vanilla, on one server or another. We started on Sentinels and if sarcastically bantering your way through raids sounds like fun, this might be the guild for you. We recently moved to Wyrmrest Accord this past summer and jumped right into Highmaul when it was released. We've had a bit of a attendance drop recently, and are looking for new people to fill some old roles. What we’re looking for: -Tanks (medium) -Healers (medium) -DPS (medium) Right now we’re looking for any role of any class/spec, with an emphasis on tanks. We need 1 more tank, 1-2 more healers, and 4-5 more dps. We’re looking for people that are serious about playing their class, are able to keep steady times and good attendance, and most importantly are fun to hang out with. We’re super laid back about most things; we joke around a lot and making fun of each other is pretty normal. We’re currently 3/10H and 8/10N in Blackrock, and looking to get more done every week. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs from 6-9 PM server time. We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, feel free to add myself or Avenda at Ventho#1103 and Avenda#1743.Venthu31 Feb 13
Feb 13 I make character art :D And I'm doing bust/neckup sketches and drawings! I can't take many because of school stuff, but I needed to open them... so like five or so? Here's an example album of some RP character commissions I've done in the past! I've also done tauren/deathknights/undead but can't find them.. but I promise I can draw more than cute things, lol.. so if you need some art for your RP profile, I'd like to help. :D http://imgur.com/a/aSTiF If you're interested, please contact me at miraholder@gmail.. thank you! <3 and thank you for looking! <333Delance53 Feb 13
Feb 13 @Dwarfs Just ordered a mic and want to start doing rbgs again. Don't really care about pushing for rating anymore, just like playing bgs. I know I did a couple with you guys last season so if anyone is interested in playing just post here so we can get a head count and figure out a time that works.Jbeverest5 Feb 13
Feb 13 [A] Resplendent THANK YOU!!! I had just finished up unlocking the Kosumoth quest and headed to where he was. I was pleased to see a few Alliance players from the guild 'Resplendent' there, waiting. One of the players used the 'wait' emote, so I figured they had more people showing up. As I was the only Horde player there, I was glad it was not on a PvP realm. We waited, killed critters and some crabs. One of them even decided to pull so I jumped on it and popped Bloodlust and me fire elemnetal...but I died. I got a few 'Sorry' emotes but it was a great time. We were using a lot of the more fun toys to pass the time. After a while, they had a Warlock show up and instanly began to summon reinforcements. They decided to pull for real this time and it went without a hitch. We then all ran to the closest body of water and mounted up. I captured a few screens and will post the links for all to see. It was a fun experience from first talking to Drak'thul to obtaining the mount. Thank you again members of Resplendent for making it enjoytable and helping the lone Horde player there! http://imgur.com/qjNpedi http://imgur.com/UvYdHo6 http://imgur.com/MWMVKGs http://imgur.com/HA4zwwzHeilwasser3 Feb 13
Feb 13 [H-RP]WRA Conclave Interguild RP In preparation for the upcoming Legion invasion, guilds from around Azeroth are coming together to determine who among them is the most powerful. We have chosen to engage in a war game to claim territory in the Broken Isles. However, we are interested in inviting additional guilds to join our fight, if they consider themselves strong enough to join the challenge. OOC: The Wyrmrest Accord Conclave is a coalition of guilds from across the server focused on building relationships between our members and guilds while engaging in RP and true PvP. We are looking for between two and four additional guilds to join our fights. We have structured battles to claim territory, and consistent social and PvP events. Message Sswatchout, Celethor, or myself for additional information!Rouille7 Feb 13
Feb 13 [H] <Plays with Fire> 3/7M Team LF raiders We currently raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 pacific. We are looking for 1 tank, 1 healer and dps We would be happy to take anyone else who is looking to join us for farm content. We would just expect you to login on the progression nights to make sure the team is full. If you have additional questions please add me to battle.net Eminence#1788. Or you can apply at http://playswithfire.guildlaunch.com/Eminence18 Feb 13
Feb 12 [A-RP Event] Grace of Elune (2-11-17) It was time she returned. Wordlessly, she lifted the piece of purified mooncloth before her, examining the way it shimmered and moved like starlight in the night air. She had spent far too much time in Stormwind, she felt as if her soul, like the mooncloth in her hands, had diminished in it’s sparkle, it’s vibrant faith of the Mother Moon. Human politics wore on you, and while….some of them meant well, the vast majority of humans were utterly ignorant of the Kaldorei faith, basing their own practices and policies off of their own, small, insignificant human world. The recent debacle at the Noble debate had proved that much to her. They meant well, but they were ignorant, and drew the ire of the Kaldorei in the crowd, even the ones who didn’t have a place to speak on the Goddess’ will. Her eyes sharpened as she thought of the Demon Hunter, and felt the surge of rage well in her chest. That miserable, cowardly piece of shi- Immediately she closed her eyes and exhaled sharply- patience, she reminded herself in Rook’s own voice. Control over your own anger. It all started somewhere. She opened her eyes a moment later, and looked back to the Mooncloth in her hands. It was time for Eclipse to take a break. There was more than one way to spread the will of the Goddess. Placing the piece of holy cloth down, she pursed her lips and pulled out her piece of parchment, beginning to write that familiar notice… ... OOC: It’s HAPPENING AGAIN!! Grace of Elune is back on Schedule, join us this February 11th at 6pm server time in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus for a small, hour-long sermon on the mysteries and wonders of Elune! It will be led by myself, on the character Roraelis, so if you have any questions, or would like to lend your assistance, please whisper me on that toon! I am always accepting fellow priestesses to help lead the sermons! I'm also available to be contacted on tumblr at autumnal-eclipse.tumblr.com All characters are welcome regardless of race, class, or creed, so please feel free to stop by!Roraelis15 Feb 12
Feb 12 Wyrmrest Accord Events Calendar Hello my favorite people! You may have noticed that I stopped updating the event post that I had going here in the forums. It was really hard to keep up with the forum post and finding a good way to make it readable and reliable all by my onesie. However, I still update the calendar and I will continue to do so (it has been going strong for almost a year now). You can help out by submitting events to the calendar as well! Anyone can submit. The link for the calendar is here: http://eventsaroundazeroth.shivtr.com/ If your guild has a Shivtr site you can become a part of our alliance, and the events will show up automatically on your calendar. You can also submit events to me via in-game mail or PST (or however you can get a hold of me) and I can throw them up there for you. Thanks to all who have been supporting community events and our calendar over the past year! Much love and moos, LindiweLindiwe18 Feb 12
Feb 12 Buy one Warlock, get one FREE! (LF A-RP) A friend and I are both looking for an RP guild for our Warlocks. Both characters have an established relationship with one another, to the point where if one character joins one guild, the other will follow. Both characters are of Neutral alignment. Neither of us are particularly picky when it comes to guilds, we're just looking for a friendly, inclusive environment. Events are a plus, but the freedom to join or skip an event is a bonus, considering the both of us don't always have the time to participate in every event. Tell us a little about your guild. What does it do? What are it's goals and aspirations? How big is it? How do we join, etc. Interested? Fantastic! Post your guild information here or whisper me ingame. Thanks!Dahlross2 Feb 12
Feb 12 [A] WTS Non-Depleted M+15 Dungeons Our team is currently selling M+15 dungeons on Alliance only. Pricing may fluctuate depending on server competition, so all pricing will be discussed in game (we only accept gold/in-game compensation). Our group is composed of experienced mythic raiders and I have quite a bit of experience selling hundreds of dungeon carries on this server - I sold many MoP CMs with a different group. Most of the carry group have been members of the Wyrmrest Accord community for some time. Our team may have varying levels of carry experience, but we guarantee a complete run in a timely manner. Rewards include: - Guranteed 900 iLevel Chest & Level 12 M+ Keystone on Tuesday reset - Chest with 885 gear at the end of the dungeon (for 15s only) - Keystone Master is available for an additional fee Requirements to purchase: - Level 110 Alliance Character on any server (payment will be on WrA) We have a very flexible schedule. We block off an hour window for the run. If you have not ran with us before, we may ask for a non-refundable 5% down payment. We only accept in-game gold. If you’re interested in booking, please post on this thread or contact us in game – Tyler#1181. Please note: We are NOT selling depleted keys! All pricing is for an active 15+ keystone unless otherwise stated. If we opt to sell a depleted keystone, there will be a significant price reduction and you will be notified prior to the run.Kulu0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Pick a New Player Race to... Remove? This question bubbled up out of my mind earlier today, so I decided to share it with the forums and see what you all think. We've all seen threads before that have discussed the numerous potential options for new player races in the future, as well as possible sub-races and variations to the current ones that could be made accessible to players. However, I wanted to ask a different sort of question today: ... For example, I myself would probably have to go with... the Draenei. Now don't get me wrong, I love our blue friends from outer space, even though I've never really gotten around to roleplaying one myself. However, I've got a lot of little issues regarding their lore and backstory, enough so that I would probably enjoy them more if they were played off as a mysterious, timeless race from the stars that acted utterly inhuman compared to the rest of us.Taldin87 Feb 12
Feb 12 Angry Dwarf LF Friends So after my last guild kinda blew up, I'm kinda looking to get my lil' dwarf pally here into a good RP guild. She's a paladin, so she considers herself a crusader of truth and justice, but the thing is that her idea of dispensing justice typically involves breaking bad guys' legs and then setting them on fire. She's young, almost a child by dwarf standards, but she's ill-tempered and has an agenda of her own... Oh, and she's a dwarf, so she drinks. Like, a lot. And gets into fights, cuz she's a mean drunk. Think Ben Affleck's Batman with fire powers and an alcohol addiction, and that's pretty much Marb in a nutshell. I think an adventuring guild of some kind would suit her best, as those provide plenty of opportunities to kick !@#$ as well as some other stuff that might help with her character development. Racial diversity is preferred - no offense to all the dwarf guilds out there, but I wanna see Marb butt heads with elves and pandas once in a while. So, do I have any takers?Marbelma4 Feb 12
Feb 12 [A-RP] A Tipsy Auction! Feb 11th The Tipsy Date Auction Come one, come all! Single and ready to mingle? Looking to donate gold to a charity and get a date out of it? Or perhaps you are just looking for a fun time with some friendly faces? Well look no further. The Tipsy Hourglass is hosting a Date Auction! That’s correct – a date auction during the month of love! Come and celebrate the season of love with us; enjoy a drink amongst friends and hot food and sweets provided by our lovely tavern. But most of all, come for a chance to win a date with some of the most beautiful and weirdly wonderful men/women/and all those in between on Azeroth and beyond! All coin spent on bids toward our lovely singles will be donated to funding supplies for the war as well as back home for those who have left behind families in need of a little help this season. Let us spread the love to all corners of the world! (A small portion will also be given to the lovely couple to treat themselves to a nice dinner on us.) Where: The Tipsy Hourglass ((A Hero’s Welcome in OLD Dalaran. Portals/summons available for lower levelled players.)) When: February the 11th at 5 bells! [[Notes:]] Looking to put yourself in the line of fire and test your nerves to the hungry crowd? Get into contact with Zae in-game either via mail (preferred) or whisper to be added onto the ‘auction’ list! Alternatively you can also contact Graece or Ollivier, my beautiful officers if I am unavailable. All bids would be at IC money value that we prefer to use within our events: 1 copper = 1 cent 1 Silver = 1 dollar 1 Gold = 100 dollars We hope this is okay. Just one rule: While this is an auction event, people sold are not in any way obligated to do as the buyer wishes against their toons will! You all know what I mean. This is not that kind of event! We’re here for a bit of fun and a way to spread some good vibes, as is Tipsy Tradition! We look forward to spending some fun with everyone and enjoying a good night for a good cause. -Matron AmeliaZae21 Feb 12
Feb 12 Heroes & Horrors: A Party RP Challenge (WIP) Greetings, folks! After some amount of success seen on the World's End Tavern forum, I (Redchevalier) decided to introduce this thread onto the Wyrmrest Accord forum, to draw more attention to what I and several others think might be an interesting way to pass the time with friends. A challenge I made a little while ago, it is meant to focus on a group-leveling and RP experience. We call it... Heroes & Horrors; a 3-to-5 person party challenge with a few specific quirks. The goal of this challenge is for yourself and a group of companions to level up from 1 to max level. Pretty simple, right? Well, there's going to be rules that may complicate things. Heroes & Horrors Guide (Google Doc): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lmDYYzRIs2U0V_FZdifTRLYJtQ8qC86QLJNljj2bsVc/edit?usp=sharing *Editor's Note: The Heroes & Horrors Guide is a WIP. New Game+ details and Advanced Rule Sets will be added in due time. Please check in regularly for updates! So far we currently have two Heroes & Horrors groups operating; Heroes & Horrors: GnomeTECH R&D, and Heroes & Horrors: Taverns & Caverns Company! If you're interested in following these parties' adventures, the following links are provided: GnomeTECH OOC: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752612481 GnomeTECH Story Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752470361#1 Taverns & Caverns Tracking Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752945155 Any questions are welcome, and if you need help in establishing a H&H group yourself, that can also be arranged. Looking forward to what Wyrmrest Accord can bring. Best of luck, Heroes!Gracilyn7 Feb 12
Feb 12 [H-RP] Second Blightguard Tournament The <Royal Apothecary Society> is hosting its second-ever Blightguard Tournament! The Warchief's army is always in need of new soldiers, living and undead, to fight back against the Legion and the Alliance. Therefore, the Blightguard hope to find the true champions in among the weaklings. Soldiers of the Horde who wish to claim the title of Champion of the Warchief from our previous victor, Olog Wargoth-- and perhaps hope to find a spot in the Banshee Queen's great army-- are invited to prove themselves before the Society, and in the name of our great Warchief. OOC Information The tournament will take place at 5pm server time on February 11th in the Brill Graveyard. Rounds will be decided through a standard roll system, so all levels and classes should feel free to come compete! We do not require any sort of RSVP, but players who come after rounds have been set up might not be able to compete, so do try to show up on time so we can get everyone in. Anyone interested in a calendar invite or with additional questions is welcome to whisper myself or Eralos! In addition, our goal is to make this a monthly event, so if you are unable to compete this time but would like to take part in the future, please feel free to reach out to us so we can keep you in the loop. We had a lot of fun last time, and we can't wait to see you all on the 11th.Rouille6 Feb 12
Feb 12 <Literally> a Weekend Heroic Guild LFM! 6 hours ago (Edited) <Literally> is located on the Wrymrest Accord server, and we are recruiting for heals and DPS. We're looking to bolster our ranks with like-minded individuals with a goal in clearing Heroic Raid progression and Keystone Dungeon runs, and are in need of people who are wanting a relaxed schedule of two nights a week raiding. We know its hard to balance life, work, and play. We strive to give our members the ability to raid in current content in a laid back environment, without the stress that can usually come in such a setting. We're a solid core group of people that have a blast raiding together so if you're looking to have a good time with us, check us out. Our raid times our Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 9:00 pm EST through 11:00 pm. We are looking for laid back individuals with good personalities who can show up and have blast with us, killing things in the process. If your gear is a bit lacking, progression a bit behind ours, but have the skill set and knowledge to perform your class, please contact us. Our core team has downed 10/10 N NH 3/10 H NH and 7/7 H EN and 3/3 N TOV. Feel free to post here or message (kaidenbo#1780) or (ildawgbaginz#1198) if you have any questions or are interested in joining. You can also check us out at literally.shivtr.com -Classes Needed Damage Needed: Ranged (Open) Melee (Open) Healers: All Classes Open What we want from you: Activity and Raid attendance is a high priority. Raiding is a group activity and one person can bring down a group. We try to provide food/flask/pots where we can but we encourage people to make/bring their own. Have Discord and a mic because communication is important during boss fights. We are an adult guild with an adult sense of humor, with no tolerance for drama.Vyriun0 Feb 12
Feb 11 Dedicated ALLIANCE chat? Is there any Alliance chat channels for IC chat and OOC chat. Mainly looking for channels that maybe used to organize RP with others, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.Apristhelia3 Feb 11
Feb 11 [H]<Denial> 7/7H 3/3H 2/10H <Denial> is not just a river in Egypt or the first stage of grief; we're a progression-based PVE/Social guild looking to recruit for our core raid team and anyone else who wants to join! Each of our officers has 7/7H, 3/3N experience and we're looking to expand as we reestablish our team on this server. Current Conent: Mythic+ Content! PVP Fun! Weekly raids against Alliance cities! Guild content! Anything our members want to host! Progress: 7/7H 3/3H 2/10H We have a place on Wowprogress now, check us out! http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/Denial Jump to update: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752485635?page=2#post-36 Denial: Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Check out our website: http://denial.shivtr.com/Staverlyn41 Feb 11
Feb 11 WRA General Discord Channel? Greetings, WRA. About three weeks ago or so, I joined this server looking to make it a second home for myself. I've learnt much about the server in these last few weeks, but I am yet to find any reference to a general WRA Discord channel. Does one exist? Thanks in advance.Rantherion6 Feb 11
Feb 11 {A RP} New Guild {A RP} Hello Adventurers, My name is Kernidian and I want to invite you to join Twisted Pairs. We are a newly formed Guild that would like to focus on Role play. Not saying that you Battle hardened type can not enter Battle Ground as a matter of fact we would love a few of you to take on the position of Master at Arms and Combat Specialist to train the Members on the art of War in One on One and Group combat. I am sure our adventures together will one day cause us to come across a guild mission on ten that would require direct contact with Horde, especially the forsake... er.. undead. Focus Kernidian! Back to this post. The Guild Back-Story is WIP, However it appears that the elusive Scythe of Elune is our Mission, To discover its History, to follow the clues that we hope will one day place it in our hands in hopes of reversing the curse of the Worgen or...mmmm maybe discovering its full potential. Obviously this can take a very long time and during that time I am sure there will be many side adventures and not to mention Guild parties... Bourbon, Mmm Yes.. Lot's of Bourbon, eh where is that damn jug... Focus Kernidian! Like I was saying, Twisted Pairs is a WIP and we would love to have you if... You are 21 years of age or older. Play well with others. Can keep personal Drama out of Guild chat and guild all together. Bonus if you are a couple, we encourage all couples or married people to join, Hell, you can even just be an in game couple for all we care. :-) We would like you to be able to ...(But not mandatory) Use Discord for any voice chat and guild meetings or story times :-) Download all of TRP3 from Curse or wherever you get your add-ons A Major Bonus if you... Write (Our web-page will have a forum for writers to share their fan-fiction with us, even poetry, short story etc. etc. Have a volunteer or mentoring heart and want to help others learn to RP Look up Kernidian or do a /who Twisted Pairs and ask for an invite into the guild. Guild web-page is also a WIP, I told you we are brand new... tpwra.guildlaunch.com All in All we just want to make the game more exciting for everyone and in so doing we hope to make you smile every time you log in. We are not the best, but one day just maybe if you are a part of us. Alt's are welcome just as long as you join us once a week. Future... well actually we can do it via cross-realm with our 110's... Transmog, Mount and Achievement runs are on the agenda. If we were real old school we would say we have a tabard and guild bank... LoL We won't do any name dropping here, mainly because we don't know anyone... so moving right along... (Space reserved for Your Names) NOTE: Till we grow there are very few of us online and as of right now 99% of us are EST. Thank you for taking your time to read our post.Kernidian1 Feb 11
Feb 11 Alliance, Take Your Cancer Back http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/b8bd/qmqx2h73qu04ubbzg.jpg Please.Geranguas83 Feb 11
Feb 11 [H] <N E P H I L I M> Recruiting! <N E P H I L I M> 7/7H 7/10N is currently in search of all classes roles and specs to bolster up our ranks. We are willing to help people gear up, but we do ask that you have a minimum of 865 and a basic understanding of how your class works. If you are interested in joining please contact Sonaraa, Arrisong or Jaethiir in-game via mail or whisper or your can just simply visit our discord at https://discord.gg/Tar6g9x We raid from 7pm Server (Western) Time until 10pm ST Friday through Sunday Our biggest need right now is a skilled and geared tank to fill a recent opening as well as some good healers and strong ranged DPSSonaraa11 Feb 11
Feb 10 If your Character were a Raid Boss What if your character was a raid boss? Or would you rather you be a mini-boss? What would your enrage timer be? What type of dialogue would they spew during and before the fight? What would they say upon death? What sorts of loot would they drop? Weapons, armor, trinkets, pets, trash loot? What would their combat mechanics be, and how could they be countered? What song would play while you fight them?Marysuè14 Feb 10
Feb 10 [H-PvE] LF Casual Leveling Guild Yes, I'm aware Wyrmrest Accord is an RP server, but I joined with the hopes of meeting friendly people and just hanging out in the game and it seems to be heavily populated here with alot of people in different areas .. I'm looking for a casual leveling guild who doesn't mind me just doing quests, achievements (such as Seeker and Loremaster) and leveling up slowly. I don't raid, and I don't RP, but do like to meet up in the game to compare mounts, do duels, run around aimlessly while drinking in Org, etc. Please tell me there is something like that on this server. So far, no luck looking in trade. :(Mysërie0 Feb 10
Feb 10 LFG to help reaccustom me to dungeons (Horde) Hello everyone. I just recently started playing again after about a two year absence, before which I had been playing since about two weeks before BC came out. I'm currently playing a Vengeance(tank) Demon Hunter. I've always played tanks before, but obviously this is the first time I've played DH. I feel like I still understand the basic mechanics of tanking just fine, and V-DH doesn't seem very complicated to me. I've read a good bit about them and playing them feels just fine. What I don't feel comfortable with yet is running dungeons or heroics, because I don't know the mechanics and pulls and such. I've read the quick summaries on the in-game map, but since I've never actually done or seen the dungeons I still get very stressed out trying to do them for the first time ever in a PUG, as people get really annoyed when the tank doesn't know what pulls to skip and things like that. I'm hoping there are some people out there willing to run some dungeons with me, and possibly some heroics afterwards. Right now I only know one person who still plays, so making some new friends would be very nice. Obviously, once I've learned what I'm doing this expansion (and get a bit geared,) you'll have a pocket tank to take wherever you want. Sorry this post is a bit long winded. I do that sometimes. I promise I'm not that annoying in-game.Peskers2 Feb 10
Feb 10 Dwarven RP Good afternoon! Having been unable to find any RP on my main, I decided to try something different and landed on a Dark Iron Rogue (Plunderer). I'm having an absolute blast, so I've decided to try my hand at Dwarf RP, but have no idea where to start. I've heard of The Mead Hall, but I'm not sure how that works (is it a chat channel?), and I'm unaware of what Dwarf roleplaying guilds exist. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!Bradim13 Feb 10
Feb 10 Looking for an RP buddy So I've been on this character on WrA for nearly four years now (wow, I can't believe it's been that long already). I've been RPing on and off for that time frame, either because I wasn't in an RP guild or because I have a hard time finding RP (mostly the latter). I really enjoy RP, so I turn here to try to find an RP buddy, or buddies. I'm not really looking for anything specific, though I do want anybody I RP with to mostly abide by the lore and to not make me want to dig my eyes out with a rusty spork because their grammar and spelling are atrocious. I'm open to long-term two-person storylines, long-term group storylines (though preferably not more than four or five people), military contracts, being forced to work with a mercenary, and so on. I am NOT looking for an RP relationship. If it happens, it happens, but it should happen organically, through the RP. Note: I'm only willing to RP a relationship with female characters (you would find out why through the RP), and if another player wants to RP a relationship, I request that they be female IRL, as I don't really click with men despite being one IRL. I primarily play this character, but I also have a blood elf I'm willing to do Horde RP with, as long as you can work with my very limited knowledge of blood elf and Horde lore. I don't expect to get many bites, but I'm hoping the WrA community will surprise me and make me want to continue to play on this server. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you.Rethelle17 Feb 10
Feb 10 Frustrations. Is anyone else just generally frustrated? I can't play WoW at the moment, without a serious FPS Drop. And it's just ruined whatever enjoyment I'd had. I've wanted to raid this expansion, but that's quickly becoming impossible, because I'll have to deal with my framerate dropping from 100(!) all the way down to 4 or 5 Frames a second. I upgraded my GPU, but now my Processor seems to need bad upgrade. And on top of that, one of my case fans is starting to die. I'm just...I'm at the end of my rope here. Really considering taking a break. At least Overwatch(usually) gives me a consistent framerate.Sylfdra5 Feb 10
Feb 10 new to horde RP looking for guild I started a horde undead for the purpose of developing my story. I want to learn all about them and I am looking for a guild that will accept a noob horde toon and a somewhat noob RP. So, Seeking a Horde Guild with Heavy RP in game Hemaximon Alliance side KernidianKernidian2 Feb 10
Feb 10 Sword and Quill Story Circle We're hosting a second Story Circle event Friday evening (Feb. 10) in Stormwind Park, near the Memorial Wall at 6 bells in the evening (6 PM server time/Pacific Time, 9 Eastern Time). Contact Sangnoir for more information. You are welcome to bring a short story (10 min. or less), a song, poem, or just come and listen.Sangnoir0 Feb 10
Feb 10 [H-RP] Warlocks of Wyrmrest, here's an idea. Greetings, my fellow masters of the dark and spooky ways, I'm doing a bit of an interest check on something. Now as we all know, The Council of the Black Harvest represents a majority of Warlocks on both sides of the fence that have united against the Legion, but there's never really all that much in the way of actual council-ish things going on in Dreadscar Rift. So I propose we Warlocks come together as a good old fashioned coven/council/breakfast club and discuss the most relevant problems of the times, their solutions, and anything else Warlock-y enough to make it into a meeting of darkly robed people. This is just a sort of fledgling idea I've been tossing around in my head for the past couple of days, and I just want to see if anyone would be interested. I have a couple of possible locations in mind, but I'd love to work with some of you wonderful people out there on making this event happen at least once, and maybe even more in the future if there's enough interest. It would be open to pretty much any and all Warlocks (Horde-side of course); from the highest master of the Nether, to the lazy Mage who just wanted a few shortcuts. I'd like to have a focus on the battle against the Legion, but also have an open forum for anything related to the dark arts for anyone to speak at. I'd love to see who's interested and if anyone would like to help make this happen. Thanks!Cailias29 Feb 10
Feb 10 DK (H) RP 2/9 @ Acherus DEATH KNIGHTS OF ACHERUS We'll be putting together an open RP event on February 9th (Thursday) at 7pm server time. This will be an in-character roleplay session at the Ebon Hold (Broken Isles) upstairs on the landing commonly used by the Horsemen. Those of you checking out this thread and that aren't in the guild, you're welcome to join us! Alliance friends, this is unlikely to be a cross-faction RP, but I'm working on something to include you, as well! Details soon(tm)! Acherus site url (further details on event in post): http://acheruswra.blogspot.com/Sodarien3 Feb 10
Feb 9 H <Dawnbreaker Accord> is now recruiting! Hello there! We are a small family based guild that has recently decided to expand our ranks. In doing so, we would like to organize PvE and PvP groups. Those teams would range from raiding & mythics to RBGs. We are very laid back group of people that understand this is ultimately a game, and we treat it as such. Although I am relatively new to the RP scene and lightly participate in it, we have other members that RP quite often. They are always looking for new story lines and RP partners. We provide guild repairs for all new members. We also have a guild bank, and a guild website/forums if you would like to post stories, photos or artwork. If you have any questions, or would like to join our guild, please feel free to reach out to me or my wife Rheiyn. Thank you! -TyTydriell0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Music you listen to while you play! I figured I'd start one of these up in search of more music to listen to. I feel the songs I'm playing to these days are getting a bit old. I've been hooked on Machinae Supremacy's new album on their site: www.riseofadigitalnation.com, though I'm seeking even more awesome music to listen to. Let's hear what you've got! If possible leave the band / group name with the link so I can find it easier. I'm also interested in hearing what you all play this game to.Ashforde18 Feb 9
Feb 9 Who remembers Illegal Danish? Anyone remember how awesome this video was? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUsF8weJJWsCoglo41 Feb 9
Feb 9 BloodandIron, an RP channel for Orcs! Because TheMeadHall works so well for Dwarves, I figured us Orcs could use a bit of cooperation and communication to help spread the word about events and whatnot. /join BloodandIron if interested! Also, I tried to make another post, but it didn't show up, so if this is a double post, I'll just make it about something else. Hopefully, this helps out all of the new Orc clans and Orcish gatherings I'm hearing about, it seems like all the fatigue for WoD and SoO is starting to wear off... 1/6/17 EDIT: So, a potential point of interest for those who want more Orcish RP: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752489247Banrok39 Feb 9
Feb 9 The values of the different Clans. So in a recently made thread asking about Orcish Honor, it turned into quite a bit of a discussion on how hazy and vague it is, often times where it makes little sense. One conclusion we came to was how some clans may find honor in different things, so to try and help set a clearer view for any more potential Orc RPers, I'll post what the different clans seem to value in their societies and why they might think that, obvious or not. DISCLAIMER: most of this will be dwelling into fan fiction, do not take anything I say here as canon! With that said, lets get started.Banrok36 Feb 9
Feb 9 Whisper me if you play a Frostwolf Or don't. I can't force you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Neruk22 Feb 9
Feb 9 Seeking out other Active RPers/Guilds Hello all, First time posting to forums in a long time. I'm trying to get back into World Of Warcraft, and into RP once again. I fell out around Cataclysm and played off and on but now Legion has me hooked. Unfortunately, -all- of my friends, Wether they were in game or not, have abandoned WoW all together, making this much more single player-y then i like! I'm hoping to find other fun players to talk to and hang out with that are active. When i try to RP on my nights off i usually meet fantastic people that never log in again it seems... Which is understandable, schedules and such, i'm actually three hours ahead of server so i'm always on earlier in the day. But to stay on subject, i'm seeking others who are in desperate need of more active friends in WoW, OOC and ICly~!Onatolis9 Feb 9
Feb 9 Late night casual raiding We're a casual Alliance raiding guild residing on Wyrmrest Accord. Currently 10/10 Normal NH and always with the mission to progress at the levels that brings us fun as a team! Our raid times are 11PM - 2AM PST Friday/Saturday. (Server time) Anyone that fits these times is most likely a perfect fit for our guild. Raiders, social guild mates, that one person that just likes to listen to the craziness we get into day to day, as long as a PST time zone late night activity works for you, we're probably a good match. Raid - We're mainly looking for ranged DPS. (Warlocks, warlocks, and warlocks.) Though we're accepting of all exceptional melee DPS that make raid times and do well. Back up healers with a DPS offspec is also a great thing to have. Raid times are Fri/Sat 11PM - 2AM PST. Social - If you are active in playing WoW and like being with others that are also active. We have people active at all times of the day. If it's random guild chat, mythic plus, just listening, or to getting random events together, we're here. Roleplay - We are starting up with our guild RP plot line and running weekly RP events for anyone interested in joining in RP. Our RP focus is a bit random and can go off the walls. (Though we stick with lore. Think Monty Python if it were a WoW guild.) To sum it all up, we're just a group of friends that enjoy playing the game together, and would love to have you enjoy the game with us as well! Mainly, if the times match up for you give me a holler and we'll see what we can come up with. We're pretty good at getting things to work no matter what we face. Raid times - Fri/Sat 11PM - 2AM PST. Weekly RP events. (100% optional.) If interested or have any questions please refer to the forums or shoot me a Bnet request. Purpl3Haz3#1589 is my Bnet. Happy hunting everyone!Mathiuss4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Confederacy beckons you! United Confederacy - A heavy roleplaying adventure! We are very demanding in our structure and extremely friendly in our social environment. We hold tasks such as "Set of Phases", "Rank Objectives", and "Character Sheets" to increase the bond between your character and you. We hold separate districts within our Confederacy but we all strive toward the same aspirations: To study the world, cleanse it's corruption, and defend its inhabitants. Our Districts are: Vanguard, Agency, and Expedition. Each having their own unique set of sub-ranks as you journey your way through. We recruit only those under Lv.20 into the Guild, starting a new character is preferred because the adventure begins right from the starting region with Rank Objectives. You can visit our Site: (No designer, but its Forums are fundamental!) http://unitedconfederacy.shivtr.com/ - These tasks are designed to achieve Loremaster Achievement and more! Hope to hear from you. If you have questions you want quickly answered you can add my Battletag: Snyder#11102.Greyclaw24 Feb 9
Feb 9 April 20th @ 6pm - Bunny Bash! A bit early to announce this, but the earlier the better~ What: Bunny Bash When: Thursday, April 20 6pm server time. Where: Hall of Respite, Silvermoon Attire: Formal Spring has finally sprung and Noblegarden is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party? Join The Eversong Ensemble for their first major event - Bunny Bash! There will be dancing, drinking and plenty of entertainment! Our main event will be the crowning ceremony of our Miss Bunny and Mr. Jack Rabbit! We’re looking for helping hands to help put this together. What does that include? DJ (Someone who can put together a banging playlist to play during the event). Bartenders (Including runners for our VIP Section) Guard (Making sure people are behaving, staying out of the VIP Section if they don’t belong there, etc.) Those interested in helping out can contact Rhillia or our officers via in-game mail or whisper. Guild membership is optional but highly encouraged. :) Oh yeah, did I mention a VIP Section?! Throughout the whole event those who RSVP with a donation (of 300g or more) will have an exclusive section of the party for themselves and their entourage. There’s only a limited amount of space so act now! Those who wish to contribute a small donation which would help offset the cost of food, drinks and prizes would be much appreciated! xoxo~Rhillia1 Feb 9
Feb 9 Kayn or Altruis (Legion spoilers) I'm curious what other RPers think. Kayn Sunfury and Altruis the Sufferer are the two options for 2IC of the demon Hunter order. The former is HEAVILY loyal to Illidan, and trusts his direction above all else. The latter betrayed Illidan in BC, feeling he'd become the very thing they were supposed to fight. Personally, after reading the Illidan novel I'm Kayn all the way. While some of Illidan's decisions were a tad morally dubious, they were well thought out, and for a greater good. So what about you guys? Who's the right man to lead the Illidari forward?Crazyprophet279 Feb 9
Feb 9 Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish clearly came true https://gyazo.com/beacef24db26bd5919aa45631890facc.png LULFreyja29 Feb 9
Feb 9 Looking for horde raiding guild So my daughter plays on this server and has been trying to convince me to transfer for a while. With my current guild having some internal issues this seems like a good time. I'm a casual raider 3/7m 3/3h and 9/10h experience this tier. I am a noob at roleplaying but willing to learn and hopefully you can be a little patient with me while I do. My main is a MW/BM monk, 885 iLvL. Also have a 870 Prot warrior. I'm on a decent amount during the day. However with 3 teenagers who think I should be involved in there lives and take them to all there activities I can't commit to a raid start time before 8 PST. Sorry for the long rant. If you think I might be a good fit or willing to give me a try please leave info below or contact me at damtek#1532 Thank youDamtek5 Feb 9
Feb 9 Orcish Honor I'm having a hard time puzzling this out and so am asking you all to opine. What defines Orcish honor? How is it different from that of other warrior cultures? Which lore figure(s) do you think embody the ideal best?Vargu144 Feb 9
Feb 8 [Spoilers] Elune in Legion So while questing in Legion we see a few things which tell us a bit about the mysterious night elf goddess: One of the Pillars of Creation is the Tears of Elune, the only pillar not named after a Titan On a possibly related note, Azeroth is apparently a female titan. Some have speculated that Elune == Azeroth... which would be pretty funny, since that would mean Elune chose Magni Bronzebeard as her spokesperson over a Night Elf. There is some sort of act of divine intervention with Ysera, the most direct act from Elune we've seen in-game The Naaru Prime was created by Elune(!). That last point is the most interesting one to me--it has been speculated for a while that Elune was a Naaru, and although it seems she isn't a Naaru exactly she apparently has some connection to them. And she also has some connection to the Titans as well, though it is sort of vague. So what are your thoughts? Is Elune a proto-Naaru? Is Elune Azeroth's world-spirit--a nascent Titan? Is she secretly a dreadlord? Something totally different? What are the odds that Legion will end without answering any of these questions? I'm curious!Ozdron8 Feb 8