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1d Magic Master Post 2: Magic Harder DISCLAIMER: The thread is solely meant to be a collection of current lore relating to the many varieties of magic in the Warcraft universe. It is not a "how-to". Do not use it to police other people's roleplay. Please, y'all. ~ * Kaz's MAGIC MASTER POST * ~ Curious about how magic works in the world of Warcraft? Wonder no more, the Magic Master Post is here to help! In this thread I will be collecting and compiling lore related to the various types of magic in the Warcraft universe, while doing my best to draw only from approved and hopefully non-contradictory lore sources. But remember, the lore is mutable! Nothing is safe from retcons. Nothing. ---- Cosmology: i.imgur.com/QHxdJkS.jpg Magic in the world of Warcraft is the earthly manifestation of powerful fundamental forces that govern the multiverse. Said forces and the magic associated with them are: Order - Arcane Magic Disorder - Fel Magic Light - Holy Magic Void - Shadow Magic Life - Nature Magic (AKA Druidism) Death - Necromancy The Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Spirit, and Decay) - Shamanism ---- Arcane is a kind of energy derived from the "phase transitions" of mana, which is itself a kind of vague, undefined energy! Mana has been likened to water; if mana is water, arcane magic is steam pressure. twitter.com/DaveKosak/status/672523313189548032 twitter.com/DaveKosak/status/460606565767081984 wow.gamepedia.com/Arcane ...World of Warcraft: Chronicle, page 10 ...wow.gamepedia.com/Ask_CDev#Ask_CDev_Answers_-_Round_4 ......Tides of War, Christie Golden, page 80 We can infer from all this that mages are able to exploit the phase transitions of mana using incantations/gestures that are somehow mathematical in nature. Dalaranian magi further divide arcane magic into distinct "schools" of study. wow.gamepedia.com/Arcane#The_Schools_of_Arcane_Magic wow.gamepedia.com/The_Schools_of_Arcane_Magic_-_Introduction Note: some of the information in the links above may now be inaccurate. Necromancy was once believed to be a school of arcane magic, but we now know that it is the manifestation of a different universal force; Death, rather than Order. Ley lines are channels of arcane energy that criss-cross Azeroth, which are likely akin to the veins of Azeroth's Titanic world-soul, as Titans are beings of arcane magic. wow.gamepedia.com/Ley_line wow.gamepedia.com/Titan ---- Fel is a corruptive, chaotic energy that originates as a result of the mutual destruction of Light and Void as they collide in the Twisting Nether. A warlock must sacrifice something living in order to draw upon the fel energies of the Twisting Nether, hence fel magic's alternative name: sacrificial magic. Demons contain fel magic, but they are not its source. wow.gamepedia.com/Fel ...World of Warcraft: Chronicle, page 12 ...wow.gamepedia.com/Archive_lore_tweets_from_loreology - March 9, 2014 ...Kathra'Natir, World of Warcraft: The Comic Volume 4 - Whispers Being in the presence of fel magic or fel energies has the potential to be physically and spiritually (cutting one off from the Light, as with the Broken) mutative. ...wow.gamepedia.com/Ask_CDev#Ask_CDev_Answers_-_Round_2 ...wow.gamepedia.com/Ask_CDev#Ask_CDev_Answers_-_Round_3Kazimir19 1d
1d Expansion Spoiler Theory: BlizzCon Goody Bag So engage your tin foil hats. This is me really just toying with an idea from the Blizzcon 2017 Goody Bag that MMO-Champion revealed. So please don't continue reading if you don't want spoilers. NOTE: Just a fan theory nothing will be confirm until Blizzard decides to reveal to us. .... ...... ........ Ok, still here? The BlizzCon 2017 goody bag has only one real WoW item (other than the emblem patches) and that is: An orc blademaster. Here's the link: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6972-BlizzCon-2017-Goody-Bag And the specific image in question: http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2017/september/bgbg03.jpg So, in looking back at previous Blizzcon's we had the Illidan Murky (Murkadin?) as an item last year to coincide with Illidan being a prominent character in Legion. Previously we had a Deathwing figurine for the year Cata came out. Is it safe to assume then that Blademasters may be involved in the next expansion?? Or is this just a WoW flavor item? Personally I'm hoping for the Kul Tiras / Old Gods stuff to happen. But I wouldn't turn away the chance to roll an Orc (or other race?) Blademaster! Here's some lore on Blademasters: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Blademaster Thoughts on this wild and crazy theory?Quintas31 1d
1d The Wyrmrest Accord Raiders Discord Hey there! I'm posting here on the forums to hopefully spread the word of our few month old Discord, Wyrmrest Accord Raiders. The idea behind the Discord is to have a social hub to communicate and theory-craft with other players and guilds on the server, both for Horde and Alliance. Hopefully slightly restoring that great tight-knit community feeling we have lost for so many expansions. The environment is more laid back with a lot of jokes and general friendliness to and from one another. Class channels exist to communicate and learn from other players of your class, right here on our server. Currently, Zerrahki and I moderate the server. As of this posting, we have had no drama related issues in the Discord, and no one has received a ban for breaking any of the few rules on our server: - No recruiting of any kind, absolutely no exceptions. - No personal attacks, gossip, or any rumors at all. - No racist, sexist, or homophobic comments. - No class dissing. Most importantly. Your Discord name on our server, must match your main characters name. We'll also add your guild name alongside it. Thus, anything you say or do in the Discord represents your guild. Making the rules usually fall short. Currently we have 19 Wyrmrest Accord Raiding guilds on our server. This includes: The Varden, Life, Heralds, AnarChronos, Imperium, Abandoned, Ancestral Ties, Iconoclast, Wolfsong, Dragonfly, Council, Avoidable Damage, Kingsfall, Steamy Romance Novel, Empowered, Emerald Throne, Snuggle Bunnies, and Crypt. If you'd like to join the Discord, either contact myself(Myst#1683) or Zerrahki (Zerrahki#1784), or urge your Guild Master to contact us.Infimyst5 1d
1d Looking to buy Mythic Gul'dan Mount With ToS out and every gearing for Antorus it's difficult to find a Mythic NH group, let alone one that stays together through the end, even on my higher-geared main... Plus with my drop luck I know I'd just be banging my head against a wall trying to get this. If anyone is in a guild (or knows of one that is) offering a run for the mount please get in touch with me with your pricing, but I'm only going to consider paying gold. I'm not interested in any gear that might drop, only the mount.Arinthús0 1d
1d [A] <The Shadow Vault>: Ebon Blade RP (8/9H) The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend and, currently, the Broken Isles. Our goals (IC): ● To execute the orders of the Deathlord and act willingly as the Lich King's agents against the Legion. ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. We are neither good nor evil and recognize the value of our allies. We do what the living cannot, whether they agree with it or not -- but we don't cause trouble unless the threat to our ties is worth it. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete The Nighthold (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. However, the Ebon Blade cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for the cult to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (H raiding & mythic/+ dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us bring previous raid experience, we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. Current progression: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/The+Shadow+Vault What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic and Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding 3 total hours 1 night a week (Saturday 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Optional fun/pug night for easier raid content (e.g. Normal) on Fridays at 6 PM ST. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● We strive to maintain a good reputation and are somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to mostly be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne120 1d
1d [A-RP/PVP] The Legion of the Dawn “Darkness has consumed the land, my brothers. Hope has fallen, and the Light has faded. We are now in the time of Night, my brothers. The time of desperation, and evil at every corner. Now we must enter our most eternal vigil, as the guardians, the keepers of the new day. By the power that has been granted to me as Lord-Commander, do I set down this banner, and declare this Island a fortress of Justice, and Righteousness. I declare it Dawncall, and may it birth Soldiers the like of which this world has never seen. We shall fear no evil, for evil shall come to fear us.” Founder and First Lord of the Original Order of the Dawn, Beren Ansebar IC History The Legion of the Dawn is a holy military, founded during the peak of the Tanaan Jungle excursions in Draenor. Originally dubbed the Order of the Dawn, it was first set into motion after the Fall of Lordearon by a cabal of disenfranchised Nobles and High Ranking members of the Silver Hand. It was conceptualized as the natural evolution of what Paladins were meant to be- safeguards for humanity. Beren Ansebar, Jack Lionheart, and Urdimli Hammerkeg, the leaders of the Order, believed that it was the lack of military prowess that led to the plague overcoming Lordearon- and that they would form an army that would make holy men into avatars of War and Justice. Ansebar would lead the soldiers, Lionheart would teach them of the virtues of the Light, and Hammerkeg would construct the Citadel where they would base, and the machines of war in which they would drive back the darkness. Before long, problems set in. Ansebar fell in combat, and Hammerkeg found his Allegiance swayed to a more powerful order. Lionheart became a recluse, and the Citadel became an independent nation, without guidance or leadership, and the Order of the Dawn fell apart. The Order found new strength, years later, with a new military heart being brought into the order. Lys Raseri, Lord Protector of the fractured Templars of Lothar, and one time Marshal of the Alliance, was told of the existence of the Citadel and it’s treasures- the island fortress was rich in Lightforged Iron, which the Order believed to be a sign of Divine providence. He took his Templars and swore an Oath with Hammerkeg, now brought back into the fold, to the isle, and the two immediately began working to create the army the world needed. After a period spent marshalling forces from the Human Kingdoms, training them with spear, shields, and gunnery, and electing generals to lead them, the Order was rechristened as the Legion of the Dawn, and was sent to Draenor, in Tanaan Jungle, to test it’s mettle. The fighting proved extensive, and disaster struck as Urdimli was slain in battle, yet the Dawn prevailed. Veterans of the war would recall their shining Black Banners, the Golden Wings blazing in the sunlight as these champions of the Light slew all wicked in their paths. The Dawn returned victorious, and after Urdimli was buried, Jack Lionheart was brought out of hiding to lead.Raseri35 1d
1d [H-RPvP] The Vol'kar Legion ... The Vol'kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was created shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor'kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, to discourage the "master-race" ideals within the Horde. More importantly, it allows any race within its ranks -- even ogres! As long as they call themselves a son or daughter of the Horde, they are allowed on the Vol'kar paygrade. The Legion is currently commanded by Warlord Jan-Mak. ... PREMISE/HISTORY The Vol'kar Legion never fully fledged until after the Iron Horde was defeated. While the occupation of Orgrimmar went splendidly and there was little to no bloodshed to be had, there has to be at least one regiment to garrison as home defense. After the great warriors of the Horde returned home, the Legion went on a complete recruiting overhaul, swelling in size and numbers. Using a strict code of honor and hierarchy, The Legion transformed into a powerful, versatile fighting force that accepts all races of the Horde. While it is nearly two years old, the activity of the Legion remained dormant until December of last year. The soldiers eagerly await the chance to prove themselves underneath the scrutinizing gaze of the Horde. HOW TO JOIN: Simply send in-game mail or a whisper and we shall set up a recruitment interview! All races and classes are accepted, and storyline proposals are mostly accepted as well! Did your toon fight in the Siege of Orgrimmar? Is your toon a military veteran that ran into Jan-Mak on several occasions in the past? The ideas are endless!Buliss310 1d
1d [H/A]900 iLvL Paladin LF Casual(Raid) Guild Just looking around at different servers for a casual raiding guild. I'm in MST so anything from 7 - 11 my time is good for raiding. I do not raid on Fridays/Saturdays. I am capable of playing all 3 specs though prefer Ret>Prot>Holy Coming back off of Hiatus from WoW and just looking to get into something non-demanding and casual, but still looking for a group that is efficient with their time. I still have a lot of optimization to go, but WoW is easy enough to get optimal in, in terms of gearing and min/maxing.Rholoson2 1d
1d Krokul Headcanon Might I interest the Draenei rpers of WrA into a thread about the Krokul? If so! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759326054Kysderal2 1d
1d [H] Need help finding an active RP guild. Hello everyone. I've been trying to find a home for Genedara here since my last guild went into permanent hiatus for a few weeks now with little to no luck. I'm mostly online during the day when people are at work/school/whatever, which makes finding a guild a little difficult. It'd be cool if I could find a guild with others on during my most active hours, but I know the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Genedara is your pretty average Illidari in terms of personality. She's been described as salty, loyal and protective of her friends/allies. As of right now, she doesn't have an on going character arc or story, so I've just been RPing her as if she were waiting for orders on how to proceed with Argus. She's got a bit of a drinking problem, which often makes her grumpy and on edge more than usual. I try to RP her as someone with severe PTSD due to the effects of the Illidari ritual and her rough past. I'm open to most forms of RP, but prefer darker themes and try to avoid guilds that are too slice of life/daily life focuses. Due to her personality, Gene really isn't the best fit for house/clan guilds and would be better suited working with an organization that sees combat on a regular basis. I don't know if this matters, but I'm open to rolling and freeform based events. I have no preference, but often have difficulties learning new rolling systems, given my lack of experience using them. And I've run out of things to ramble about, so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance. :DGenedara5 1d
1d [H-RP] <The Hallowed Hunt> - Recruiting! ... About The Hallowed Hunt There are many dark and terrible creatures within the world of Azeroth. Strange, dangerous, and horrifying. From the twisted specters of the angry dead to the unnatural monsters hiding in the shadows, the lands are plagued by what lurks just out of sight. These threats are what come naturally to The Hallowed Hunt. Composed of a group of experienced warriors, spell-slingers, and brave adventurers, the group proves tenacious in areas others may crumble. Lifting curses, slaying beasts and defeating unruly spirits; their work has become renowned among civilians and highly sought after. Acknowledged as a valued service by the Horde, The Hallowed Hunt is tasked with investigating the far more unnatural plights of their people; hunting, capturing, or neutralizing what goes bump in the night. ... Join the Hunt The Hallowed Hunt is often seeking new members as the work is as perilous as it is thrilling. The process of joining up with the hunt is a simple out-of-character and in-character interview. Below is our application and what you can expect from the process! [You do not need an account to apply. Email can be used.] ... OOC: Covered by our application, the out-of-character interview is just a short series of questions about yourself and your character. We use it to determine if you and your character are fitting for the guild theme and the people within it. Replies to applications can be expected within a day or so if accepted. IC: A roleplay meeting with Nafani, a process in which the leader of The Hallowed Hunt will speak with your character and determine what it is they’re useful for. This will be when your rp style, profile, and lore will be looked at. Have no fear though, as the guild is very friendly to a new and learning roleplayer! Note: If we are unable to make contact with you in-game after a week of your application, your name will be marked off of our contact list and you will need to apply again or reach out to the GM.Nafani15 1d
1d [H-RP] The Sundered Heart: Golden Lotus RP A once-golden land that served as a symbol of peace for millennia has been tarnished by hatred and hubris. Its once-noble defenders have fallen, leaving their order scattered and broken. Scars of grey now color the earth, leaving it as nothing more than a painful memory. But those scars have begun to heal. So too has the order's. I'm happy to introduce the Sundered Heart, a Golden Lotus-themed RP guild that's going to be open for all races! While we aren't seeking to grow into a very big guild, we are looking for new and active people to come and join us! We are a faction-neutral military guild that focuses on RP with long stories, a tight-knit community, and character development. ... The Golden Lotus were, in some regards, similar to a more human and ethical Shado-Pan. Other races, including a baby Tauren and just about all of the non-Pandaren races of the mainland, were allowed into the order if they were chosen by the Celestials. They were also much more friendly with the outsiders than the Shado-Pan. ... Unfortunately, no. We do not roleplay as the Celestials, for obvious reasons, so the Sundered Heart is more or less a Celestial-sanctioned militia that lets less "elite" warriors join, along with former Golden Lotus. ... Those who seek inner peace, no matter their race or skillset, are allowed into our ranks. Orcs who wish to tame their inner guilt over their actions under demonic influence, Elves who wish to quell their addictions, Forsaken who wish to find positive meaning in their unlife, anything like that would be a great reason to join! ... Probably not. But hey! If they aren't so bad a person, and have a good reason, then anything is possible! ... Soon enough, we will have a website where anyone interested can apply. Until then, or if you just wish to do it some other way, you can whisper either me, Winterbloom, our GM Exoneration, Balthori, or Yigtal (also me). Whether you apply or simply ask in-game, we would like an RP or two with you before we let you in, just to see if you'd fit. Thank you for reading if you got this far! We hope to see you soon!Astu3 1d
1d [H-RP] Warlocks of the Horde, to Argus! A letter falls into your mailbox, or at your feet out of nowhere as you make the long trek between the bank and the inn at the Valley of Honor. Or on your face as you sleep. Or maybe, it's just there in your bags. Who knows? Not me. Because that isn't the important part. The important part is the contents. The letter is clearly mass-produced, with lines that are intentionally left blank either out of neglect, lack of care, rudeness, or maybe just all of them together. That isn't important either. What's important is the stuff that was worth being written down, as such: ... OOC PORTION: Hey everyone, welcome to this thing again! This is a continuation of my last Warlock-themed event, that happened when the Broken Shore came out in 7.2! I had meant to host more of these, but life got in the way. But anyways, it's back for Argus! Anyone and everyone can attend, I guess, but this is mainly themed for Warlocks to discuss our dark and dastardly stuff with each other. The stage will be taken by the most fashionable class in WoW, but you all can sit in the stands and listen if you want! I'm thinking of having it around 7pm server time, next Saturday. Hurricane Irma may make me change those plans, depending how hard it hits metro-Atlanta, but this is the projected time. The event itself will take place in the Throne Room of the Ruins of Lordaeron, which thankfully is not in Irma's projected path at this time! You can either ask for an invite here or whisper me in-game for one, I'll be happy to oblige!Cailias26 1d
1d [A-RP] Bouldershoulder Brigade "A brigade? They're not a brigade! They're a force of nature, a storm of beards, booze, and incoherent yelling!" -Private Winslow, 19th Westfall Division "They're wild, uncontrollable, and spit in the eye of both regulation and common decency. But let no one say they aren't at least marginally effective." -Lieutenant Broadfist, Stormpike Guard "The Bouldershoulder Brigade is founded on bad ideas." -An Actual Quote The Bouldershoulder Brigade is back at it folks! Everyone's favorite collective of dorfs is back and better than ever. For any unfortunate soul not yet familiar with the name "Bouldershoulder", here's a short intro to who we are. The Bouldershoulder Brigade is a Dwarf-only roleplaying guild and a major contributor to The Mead Hall Dwarven Community. The general conceit of the guild is loose, but ultimately, the Bouldershoulders are a group of Alliance-aligned dwarves who go out into the world and serve their people wherever they may be needed. As the definitely-not-made-up quotes above explain, the Bouldershoulders are wild and unruly, but can be counted on to do the right thing. We currently do not have plans to run guild-specific RP events, but have and will always be a present force in the Dwarf RP scene, and attending events found therein, with the ambition of running our own stories in time here. Out of character, we're a small, but tight-knit and friendly group of friends who enjoy doing all forms of content with each other. Alongside RP within the guild, and RP with the community at large, the Bouldershoulder Brigade also boasts a Mythic+ team that runs on a regularly irregular schedule, where progress is counted in how drunk we can get the tanks, and how many grey hairs we give our healers. We also have a home in our ranks for those of you who enjoy PVP, running Battlegrounds/Arenas and participating in open world PVP when it can be found. But above all, we have fun, in whatever form that takes in game and out. Talk to any of Balrik, Davonna, Tairneach, Rufaic, or Halflan to see about recruitment!Halflan134 1d
2d Looking for dark theme guild to guild rp. Hi there. Im rakk, a co gm for nefarious prophecy on horde. Our guild is looking to mingle with some other guilds and build some awesome rp stories. We are building world rp events and would like you to join in on the fun! Anyone interested in this?Rakkdos37 2d
2d <Shadowtusk Clan> [H-RP] The damp, humid air of Stranglethorn Vale seems to suffocate you as you enter it’s jungle. Roaming beasts hungrily stalk your every move. Little do you know those beasts share a home with troll primals and you’ve accidentally wandered into one of their dens. As you hear the heavy breathing, a massive troll eyes you like prey for the taking. The rest is a blur as you run for your life, the primal anxiously following every step. You come across old troll ruins and find yourself within the golden city of Zul’Gurub. Hundreds of trolls calling these “abandoned” ruins their home. Once inside, you notice the primal backing off as the trolls within begin to eye you wearily. Luckily for you...you’re a troll. They escort you out of the city and to the gates. Your interest is piqued and now you wish to learn more and perhaps join them. Are you sure you’re prepared for the trial that awaits you? Prove your worth! HOOWAH! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Wyrmrest Accord! The Shadowtusk Clan is an all-troll RP guild that has been around quite a long time. We call the old troll ruins of Zul’Gurub home, however we have plenty of events elsewhere throughout Azeroth. What kind of events? Well I’m glad you asked! The types of events we have include but are not limited to: sacrifices to loa, sparring, hunting sports, olympic-style competition, multi-week storylines, travel events, and many more! We host plenty of events every week to make sure the guild has lots of clan-wide roleplay when they’re not playing other types of content. We do allow OOC PVE and PVP events to be created but those are not our main focus. Our guild offers in-clan training for special ‘subclasses’ that have been created over the several years that Shadowtusk Clan has been around. Most take around six months or more to train properly to roleplay. This creates ample opportunity for personalized roleplay as well! The ‘subclasses’ we currently have available and offer training for are shadow hunters, witch doctors, hexxers, primals, dinomancers, and blood drinkers. We also offer training for ‘specializations’ which tend to be easier to obtain such as prelates/freethinkers, venomancers, plagueshifters and shadow walkers! Curious about the guild but not sure if you want to join? Feel free to stop by our guild site: -- shadowtuskclan.guildlaunch.com -- We have amassed a multitude of resources on troll lore and do our best to create the best troll RP while also maintaining an atmosphere that everyone in the guild feels comfortable in. Have any questions? FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/stcfaq Feel free to ask here in the thread OR you can speak with an officer! GM: Tåzjiin Officers: Sejjunta, Doombloom, Garz (OOC)Tåzjiin20 2d
2d [H] Snuggle Bunnies (Late Night Raiding) <Snuggle Bunnies> of Wyrmrest Accord is a late night semi-hardcore raid guild working on progression and in need of more solid raiders to fluff up our core team. We are currently 9/9 N ToS and 8/9 H ToS. We are looking for dedicated TANKS/DPS/ & HEALS 900+ ilevel that can raid Fri/Sun nights at 9:30pm-11:30pm Server Time. We are very active outside of raiding doing M+, occasional battlegrounds, and casual raid nights Sat at 9:30pm server is the set time but we do random ones during the week !For any other inquiries, you can contact one of us in-game (/who snugglebunnies) or add the following on Bnet: GM- RixieBhelle#1426 Website : http://www.snugglebunnies.net WHAT WE ARE: Group of friends and late night raiders trying to progress through content while also having fun. GOALS: To build a solid raid team, establish teamwork, while making new friends, no strings attached. RECRUITING: Need : Tanks/DPS WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Progressive-minded players who ALSO want to see end content while continuing to improve on their class and available for LATE NIGHT RAIDS. Need more team players. While we currently have goals of eventually smashing through content, we are still accepting social members and those wanting to get into raiding, so don't be shy! We still do Mythic Keystones, old raids, BGs, etc.Rixende40 2d
2d [H-Event] Kagh'hsk Challenges The Kagh'hsk Challenge The Kagh'hsk [KAH-GUH-HES-KUH] is a term derived of two orcish words; 'Kagh' meaning 'Run' and 'Hsk' meaning 'battle. A run battle meant a foot race between two or more clans, often completed during a Kosh'harg Festival. The tradition of the clans coming together has long since faded though the spirit of Kosh'harg still lingers on in the Horde today. The Stormhowl Clan has been working to bring such events back to the modern Horde. Though still reserving the possibility for biannual festivals, such as the Kosh'harg itself, the Kagh'hsk Challenge will exist as a once a month, two day event, in which members of the Horde, be it groups or individuals, come together to compete in a variety of activities. The first day will host the minor games while the second day has the main Kagh'hsk obstacle course and feast before announcing the winners. The Challenges The Kagh'hsk will be hosted in a new location every month and its challenges will be based on the region it's in. It will feature activities primarily based on real life strongman, lumberjack and other similar competitions. The main event will be a course that will be broken down into several sections, each one having its own obstacles to overcome. As it stands, it'll use a very simple D2 system. Basically, in the competition 1 is a fail, 2 is a pass. In one on one competitions the higher number wins, equal numbers results in a draw. Awards The challenges will have the traditional first, second and third place winners and then an overall Kagh'hsk champion. It will also have a variety of bonus awards. The Rearguard - The competitor who comes last in the obstacle course. Storm the Gates - The competitor with the biggest recovery. The Bloodied - The competitor who took the most damage. Others to come! Where it stands the Stormhowl Clan will be providing the gold for the awards. They won't be too substantial but the overall champion and first place winner will at least receive enough gold to buy master flying. The rest scale down from there. How Do I Get Involved? We welcome competitors and observers alike to come and enjoy the events. If you want to participate or observe, then send an in-game mail to Brokthar, currently the only contact for the Kagh'hsk, stating your intention so that I can invite you to the event itself. If you'd like to help plan the events then please do the same as above. I'd prefer guild leaders over individuals to help in the development process. Also, I'll use this section to shout out to the Wolfmane Tribe and the many groups and individuals who have hosted all sorts of festivals, challenges and competitions over the last month and a half or so. You all helped inspire the initial Kagh'hsk which was a surprising success. Also thanks to the Wyvernsting Warband for participating in the first run. Kagh'hsk Challenges Takes place the third weekend each month. 10/20-10/21 1830 server time. To be determined! Former Challenges 9/15-9/16 - CANCELED 1830 server time. Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria. Veiled Stairs, Pandaria. First day has three events: Test of Might, Tug 'o War (teams of 2+), Free For All Brawl. Second day is an obstacle course through the Veiled Stairs, starting at the Glassy Cline and ends in Binan Village. 8/18-8/191830 server time. Blue Sky Logging Grounds, Grizzly Hills. Frostblade Peak, Howling Fjord. First day had four events: Log Chop, Log Roll, Crosscut (duo), Waterfall Climb. Second day was the obstacle course. 7 sections: Sprint, Snow Boulders, Ice Pillars, Ice Climb, Pitfalls and Ice Slicks, Snowball Wall and High Winds Push. Zenyabi was crowned Champion of the Kagh'hsk. 7/10/17 Bladewind Canyon, Durotar. Single event, obstacle course. 7 sections: Sprint, Blunted Training Dummies, Rolling Rocks, Hidden Pitfalls, Blunted Arrow Wall, Mud Pit/Rope Swing/Wall climb, Rock Fist. Winners: Sigwynn, Rekktax, Grimda. No champion.Brokthar26 2d
2d [H] Spriest LF Late Night Guild; Raids/RPs? Hello! First and foremost, I'm looking for a guild that's rather active after 11pm PST. I've traveled from server to server with a group of folks over the years that's slowly been diminishing. Now, the last 8 of them all bounced to play Alliance side with a more hardcore guild. So, I think I'd like to return to my roots. I started on a RP server and was drafted into raiding because I'm a decent enough player, and I had enjoyed it. Ultimately, I'm looking for a new raiding guild, however RP is certainly a welcomed option. I could always pug a group, that's not big deal, but I would like to find a new home of people that aren't jackasses. If we Raid or do Mythic+ awesome, if you're all just a bunch of RPers, that's awesome too. I'm looking for the right people to make my right home with. Are you those people? Tell me! Joshernaut#2436Rezö8 2d
2d Interest Check: Oceanic/late night guild? TLDR: I would like to assess the interest in forming an RP guild specifically designed for those who would be playing during Oceanic evening times (00:00 – 09:00 am server time). The detailed version I’d like to preface this by stating that this proposal somewhat contradicts my ethos on what generally makes a new guild work; strong theme, unique selling point and quality of members over quantity. But, in this instance, I feel it will cater to a significant group of players: forming a community and evolving the theme, USP from there. The lack of a dedicated Oceanic RP server is something that has disappointed Oceanic Rpers for a long time. Every few months a new thread is created pleading Blizzard to provide this service, to no avail. This often leads us to create toons on well-regarded, high pop US RP servers, which brings its own frustrations; low populations at unsociable times, reduced chances for impromptu RP, always catching the tail end of open RP events, walking mindlessly through (insert major city here) and a general feeling of having ‘missed the bus’ for the day’s RP. I would like to use this thread to discuss the potential for such a guild and hopefully evaluate and work together to form the concept, themes and motivation for said guild. All feedback is welcome. FizzangFizzang4 2d
2d ⸰☽ Silver Circle ☾⸰ ‎ ‏‎ ‏‎           ‏‎This is a guild listing for the <Silver Circle> ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ CONTENTS Out-of-Character Information 1. About the Silver Circle 2. Guild Mandate 3. Heavy Role-play & Activity 4. Guild Registration & More Information In-Character Knowledge 1. Declaration of a New Order 2. Rumors and Hooks ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ ...For this thread, the term Kaldorei refers to three of the oldest elven races in World of Warcraft; the Night Elves, Highborne, and Shal’dorei. About the Silver Circle The Silver Circle is a guild of keen-eyed kaldorei who stand vigil over their people, ever alert for the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Alliance or those who despoil nature or corrupt Kalimdor. We offer a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where guild members and allies are engaged and work together to help add to the guild story and the overall feeling of immersion in the role-play community. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun environment, and welcome members who will add to this, and embrace the tone we already have. What makes the Silver Circle unique is our achievement-based role-playing opportunities. We offer a personalized system for members to fulfill character development needs, called Paths, in which members can earn seals, a title, and be part of a personalized ceremony. There are four distinctive Paths, which enables members to progress their characters in a unique and authentic way. In addition to immersive character progression, the Silver Circle offers various Quests for members to undertake at any time. Members instigate what occurs, and help add to developing the guild story by completing them. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Mandate In-character, members of the Silver Circle strive to fulfill Elune’s will for the world by following a code and set of core values. Their objectives are as follows: defend the Kaldorei nation, oppose those who are an affront to the Goddess, and honor the Alliance. Out-of-Character, members also follow a code and set of core values. Specifically, members are expected to set an example of good role-playing socially and on the battlefield. They seek to engage as many other players as possible in a way that creates an enjoyable experience for all. They play the game in such a way as to add to the general atmosphere and immersion of every player. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Heavy Roleplay & Activity As a Kaldorei themed heavy role-play guild, we cater to a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles that fit in the World of Warcraft universe. We like new applicants to show enthusiasm and willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme and Warcraft setting in general. A good grasp of lore is preferred. But don’t worry if you’re still learning; we welcome both experienced and new Kaldorei role-players to interact with us. It is most important to us that new members show good attitude and respect for others. For the purposes of role-playing, the Silver Circle is considered a heavy role-playing guild. We role-play actively although not fanatically, and we prefer to surround ourselves with others who share our enthusiasm for role-play. People who are inactive in role-play (either because they are never around, or because they PvE/PvP to the exclusion of all else) are still welcome to try joining us, but if they continue to remain inactive they will be gently persuaded to seek other challenges. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Registration ✔️ Complete Site Rules Agreement          ❌ Long Application Process ✔️ Have an IC reason to join                ❌ Lack an IC reason to join ✔️ Join for a 30-day trial period             ❌ Fail to give us a try ✔️ Plan to play actively                     ❌ Have no plan to play actively ✔️ Have Fun                               ❌ Stress More Information For those who wish to learn more about the Silver Circle, or who have questions, we invite you to visit our guild website at: silvercircle.shivtr.com Use our Guestbook forum to ask questions and visit our information tab for more details about the guild.Feyawen65 2d
2d Blizzcon Virtual Ticket http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6986-BlizzCon-Virtual-Ticket-Stormwind-Skychaser-and-Orgrimmar-Interceptor-Mounts I wasn't going to buy this year, but I'm sold on the mount alone.Dangerpriest36 2d
2d [A-RP] The Sha'tor ✪ Draenei Exclusive Guild ...Leader: Varistus Officers: Vivaaldi, Kasmia Founded: September 26, 2014 Location: The Exodar Faction: Alliance; draenei exclusive Status: Recruiting, all classes Website: http://shatorwra.com & http://shatorwra.tumblr.com The Sha'tor is an order of draenei dedicated to the preservation of their people and culture, as well as honoring their place within the Alliance. With equal parts tenacity and hope, the Sha'tor aids in defending against the myriad threats that bombard Azeroth, while simultaneously supporting the draenei people as a whole in the quest to rebuild and thrive in the world they now call home. ...As a lore-abiding guild, we want members who are knowledgeable about Warcraft lore, especially regarding the draenei. But beyond that, a guild's heart lies in its members and their ability to be helpful, friendly, and good-natured. A willingness to engage in roleplay and other activities with fellow members is also a great thing to have; it is the driving force behind a successful, active guild, and promotes a welcoming environment. The Sha'tor offers an array of avenues for roleplay, chief among them an ongoing guild storyline that members can participate in by attending plot events. Members are also encouraged to develop their characters through guild plot progression, as well as personal storylines. Additionally, cultural and public events are held to promote inclusion of our allies. Our guild events typically start at 5pm server time. There are at least three IC events a week: a Plot event (Monday) that continues the overall storyline. A Path event (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on scheduling) that involves individual Path members only. Finally, an Induction Ceremony (Wednesday) which acts as an IC guild meeting. Sometimes, a second Path event is used in the same week, or we collaborate with ally guilds for other events. There is always something to look forward to! ...The Sha'tor is headed by the Exarch and his Triumvirate—individuals who have proven their loyalty and are diverse in both skill and demeanor. The Triumvirate act as advisors to the Exarch, and are tasked with specialized leadership, most notably the three paths of the order. Path of the Naaru — Led by Kasmia; serve as the Sha'tor's military. Path of the Prophet — Led by Varistus; healers and medics. Path of Argus — Led by Vivaaldi; scholars, scientists, artificers, and other keepers of draenei history and culture.Members will be asked to join one of these paths according to their primary interest. ...In order to join, aspiring members must fill out a simple application on our website. If accepted, applicants will be asked to undergo an in-character interview so that the Triumvirate may gauge whether they will be a good fit for the Sha'tor. Do not let inexperience—whether with draenei lore, or roleplay as a whole—deter you from applying! We are glad to help, so long as the interest and willingness to learn is there.Varistus180 2d
2d RP as a Goblin Shaman? Recently, I race changed my Shaman into a Goblin. I had never played a Goblin before and was not sure I would ever really enjoy it... But the more I played her, the more I fell in love with the Goblins! I love the model, I enjoy the accent, I love the animations... I just have so much fun now that I have gone green! I'm having so much fun I think I might give RP a try, if I can find a way to develop an interesting character. However, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the validity of a Goblin Shaman. It's great from a game play perspective, but the Goblins as a race don't seem to fit the traditional theme of Shamanism. I've heard people refer to them as "Elemental Engineers", but what does that really mean? If you RP a Goblin Shaman, how do you do it? What is your character like in terms of personality, how do they feel about the materialism and reliance on environment-damaging technology? Cheers!Riot28 2d
2d GM tips Hey guys, my computer is still being repaired so I have this extremely frustrating downtime before I can really get back in game while I wait so I thought I would talk to you guys here on the forums and talk about what's on my mind, tell y'all a little about me and just ask some question cause y'all are generally helpful. So I joined the horde for the first time on wow after a 3 year break and I have to admit I like it way better than the alliance. People are alot nicer over here and have helped more more than the alliance ever did; but that's besides the point. I came to the horde with 2 goals in mind: Get my Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker And Bring the Blackmarket Cartel back Now I have managed to complete both of these goals and as some of you that read the BMC recruitment thread I made know I left BMC, now while the reason why I left isn't really important what is is that I have a new goal in mind. I have decided to become a GM, as you can see I have joined House Blackmask and my friend Alerillia has been gracious enough to share GM ship with me so we could both lead this guild, now I was hoping you guys could offer me some tips for being a good GM and if ya'll could tell me the best way to run a crime guild, like what kind of events/plot lines should we host? What have you seen other crime guilds in the past do and what were their best achievements and worst mistakes? Thanks for taking the time to read this and please pray for me as I take on this task to transform nothing into something epicTessamotors7 2d
2d [H] You’ve reached the... <Bottom of the Barrel> is a casual group seeking members to fill its ranks as well as its core raid group. We are currently 9/9 N ToS and 7/9 H ToS and we have gotten ahead of the curve on Emerald Nightmare, Trail of Valor and Nighthold. We raid on Tues/Thurs 8-10:30pm CST. Must put in an application in order to raid in the main raid and complete a trial. On Sundays we are starting to run normal for alts and legendary farm, all ilvls/classes are welcome to join for these runs. We also accept any RPers, PVPers and any other casual/new players who are seeking a community with which to socialize and have fun. We enjoy playing other games (Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Ark, etc.) together as well! VOICE: Discord Currently Recruiting for Raiding Team: * -Tanks- * - Druid - Monk - Pally - Warrior * -DPS- * - Demon Hunter - Hunter + - Mage - Monk - Shaman * -Healers- * - Druid - Paladin - Monk If you are interested in raiding, you can fill out an [application](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVi6OzkY4MV1oNYOxB6D59Cx6tNNK4UwV_CVSVaxWqqKHRGw/viewform) Join and become a member of our already strong roster. If you want to join the guild to hang out you can contact one of the officers. Guild leader; Zuljanti (Ingame) Fushanpow#1736 (B-Tog) Recruitment officer; Venrí (Ingame) Venri#11223 (B-Tag)Venrí10 2d
2d [H-RP] <Ashguard Company> LFM Casual RPers [You stop to read over the contents of some fancy flyer in a major city] Greetings, Champions of the Horde, Demons and traitors besiege our world, the most recent in a long series of threats to our peoples. The front lines are filled with would-be heroes, bringing naught but warm bodies to throw against the fel threat. You could be among them, fighting the good fight, wasting your skill and talent as one among hundreds. We seek champions. The tide of war is changed by precision strikes, and we are among those who undertake dangerous missions, who target our enemy’s weaknesses, who venture behind enemy lines and invade their sanctuaries. If you want to make a difference, if you are a person of skill in combat, magic, healing, anything, then reach out to us. Ashguard Company will make the difference. Awaiting your response, Lilk Vincentio Dawnstrider [Information about getting into contact with Ashguard Company is written on the bottom of the flyer] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! Ashguard Company seeks casual RPers looking for regular events and a friendly atmosphere. We do a lot of combat-based guild events, and have a regular storyline going on. If interested, please check out our event days, RP requirements, and contact information, listed below: Storyline RP Event Days & Start Times [events can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours]: Wednesdays: 5pm PST/WrA server time. Saturdays: 5pm PST/WrA server time. RP Requirements: OOC Interview! We want to see if the guild will be a good fit for you! Lore-abiding! We’re ok with a little bending, but if you aren’t sure on something, check out Wowpedia and/or ask an officer or event leader! Roll system! We have a simple system for conducting events, and we gladly teach it to new recruits! RP add-ons! It helps to have XRP or Total RP3! Discord! We share reminders of RP event times, and it helps to have voice chat during events! 18+ years old! While our events aren’t too bad, we are a mature group that talks of mature things. IC Hooks [how your character could know about us]: The flyer shown above, posted around major cities! Hearing of us, for example: as former members of the Sable Vanguard, or from our battlefield exploits in risky missions! Alternatively, we’re willing to work with new recruits if they have any ideas! OOC Contact Info [please get in touch with us OOCly!]: RP Officer/Event Leaders: Squishle; Mardrift; Nocturne. Guild Site w/ Application: http://tsv.shivtr.com/ [we also casually raid, but one is not required to do both in our guild; if interested in the PvE aspect, see this post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758777915#1].Squishle3 2d
2d [A-RP]Ironring Battalion, The Ironforge Elite Who we are: The Ironring Battalion is an elite branch of the Ironforge military that operates under direct order of the Council of Three Hammers. While we are military, we do not insist for our members to RP run-of-the-mill soldier types, instead we encourage individuality and freedom in characters. Members do not need to be soldiers only, as there is much use for any who possess specific skill sets, trades, or specialties. As Ironforge military, we focus most of our efforts in aiding the lands of Khaz Modan as well as the rest of the regions in the Eastern Kingdoms and the Broken Isles, through use of both sabotage and brute force. The Ironring is often called to deal swift, and concise strikes against any threat that would endanger the land or its people. Meaning of the name: All who enlist in the Ironring are given a literal iron ring to wear after their induction. The runed ring acts as a badge of authority, a communications device, and as a symbol of one's service to Ironforge. While not required to be worn off-duty, the ring distinguishes its wearer and is slowly becoming well recognized and respected by the the populous of Khaz Modan. OOC Information: While event driven RP is our main focus, we also encourage member participation in social RP, RpPVP, and raiding. We are regular attendees and hosts of TheMeadHall events, of which there is little shortage of, and we host our own guild-only events that utilize a unique combat system appropriate for our role as elite forces. At this time, we only accept dwarves, gnomes, humans, and worgen into our ranks in order to stay true to the guild's theme, however we will gladly ally ourselves with members of other Alliance races. We strive to provide a lore-friendly environment that allows for character freedom while still providing that militaristic theme that some of us crave. Ranks: (May change in the future, ranks do NOT strictly determine IC chain of command.) High General General Captain Sergeant Titanstriker Ironguard Ring-Bearer Mercenary Initiate Getting in contact: If you wish to join or form guild relations with us, you can contact us at our website at http://ironringbattalion.shivtr.com/ or contact either Thelgref Stouthammer or Kalorr Rockwill in-game. We are always happy to help develop the indivdual, group, or guild storylines of others.Thelgref32 2d
2d [A] <The Emerald Throne> 2/9M LFM The Emerald Throne is a Mythic Raiding guild relatively new to the Mythic scene. Being as old as the Legion expansion, we are proud of how far we've come and the community we've built in such a short amount of time. Raid Schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-8:30pm Pacific. Recruitment In need of a talented healer and a few talented DPS for Mythic progression. Don't fit that criteria? We still encourage all classes and specs to apply with us. Expectations Communication: Discord is required. We expect our raiders to have a working mic and be able to communicate to the raid when needed. Attendance: This is a major factor. Your schedule must work with ours. If you can't consistently make raid then we aren't for you. Knowledge: Know your class and know the fights. We expect our raiders to stay up to date on their class changes and have preexisting knowledge of raid fights. Criticism: We expect our raiders to be able to take constructive criticism. Attitude: Stay positive. Some nights may feel longer than others and the last thing we need is a negative attitude dragging everyone down. Contribution: Be there for the guild. Run M+, contribute to raid consumables, and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.Contact Us Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask. Bethbuggy [Guild Master] - Bethbuggy#1720 Melhinda [Officer] - Kevashida#1529 Hunson [Officer] - Madeupfriend#1455 Email - theemeraldthronewra@gmail.com WoWProgress https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/The+Emerald+ThroneHunson12 2d
2d A Theory (SPOILERS) So, as the title states, there are Antorus spoilers involved in this theory, so do not read on if you do not want to be spoiled! -=-=-=-=- Alright, with that out of the way... In the Antorus raid, we run into the The Coven of Shivarra, who are torturing/attempting to corrupt Titan souls. The souls of Titans long dead. We even end up talking to titans that have long died at the hands of Sargeras. But how? How does Sargeras have access to these souls when, according to Chronicles pt. 1, the titans "shipped" their souls to the Titan Keepers before dying? As far as we know, this hasn't been explained (yet!). Odyn = Aman'thul Ra = Aman'thul Freya = Eonar Loken = Norgannon Mimiron = Norgannon Hodir = Golganeth Thorim = Golganeth Archaedas = Khaz'goroth Tyr = Aggramar Now, one of my theories is that the Legion managed to "steal" the souls while attacking the Keepers. At some point, each one (excluding Loken, Archaedas and Tyr) was attacked by the Legion. Odyn was attacked (in a sense) on the Broken Isles. Ra was (potentially) attacked on Pandaria (perhaps twice!). Thorim, Freya, Mimiron and Hodir were assaulted in Ulduar. Thus, is it possible that the latent Titan souls were taken from them during these attacks, and brought to Argus? A second theory revolves around the Dragon Aspects. Chronicles states: ... One could think that maybe a part of the Titan Souls latched onto the Aspects. This gave them immortality... until they empowered the Dragon Soul with this same power and lost it. The Dragon Soul was apparently returned to its proper place IN time. One could assume that it still holds the power of the Pantheon. The Demon Soul/Dragon Soul can also be linked to the Legion through the events of the War of the Ancients. We steal it from above the Well of Eternity (that was being used to summon demons). Now, don't forget that Chromie, who has the power to travel the timeways, is attacked (and killed, unless you save her) throughout history... and we never find out who is doing it (though, there's a clue that points to it being someone we know). What if the Legion went back in time and grabbed the empowered Dragon Soul? As a last note (that may or may not be relevant just yet), the Well of Eternity is essentially a font of Azeroth's blood, and she tells us to go to Argus to stop the Legion. She knows something is going on and lest we forget that the Demon Soul/Dragon Soul floated above her in the War of the Ancients as her blood was being used to summon demons...Barviston1 2d
2d [Horde] Talisman is recruiting! [Talisman] is a small guild made up of friends who are looking for a more casual experience in WoW. We are comprised of retired hard-core players, but are now looking to kick back and enjoy the game at a slower pace. We understand that life and it’s responsibilities comes first and not everyone can (or wants) to devote the time to accommodate a more hard-core style of play. We do NOT require people to raid and have quite a few members who do not raid. We want people to enjoy their time in game doing whatever they have the most fun doing. We want to progress and see content on an organized and competent, but casual level. Our raid times: Friday night is progression night. Saturday night is sometimes progression, sometimes old content, sometimes an off night! Whatever we feel like! Time: 5pm server (8pm EST) both nights We recruit everyone, but we specifically need ranged dps! If you would like more information, please contact me (Valendra) in game or any other officer online. We do ask that you fill out a short application on our website http://talisman.shivtr.com/ so we can get to know you better. After the application is submitted, I will contact you in-game. Lok'tar Ogar!Valendra24 2d
2d [A] <Steelgrasp Brigade> Dwarven RP Guild ... The Steelgrasp Brigade is looking to fill our ranks with quality players to broaden our ability to cover more content! We aspire to grow and make some new friends along the way! Who we are: We are a primarily Dwarven military RP guild with a heavy focus on crafting. We have players interested in all facets of the game including rp, pvp, pve, and combinations of these. Though our roster is mostly filled with Dwarves, all Titan-born races (Dwarves, Gnomes, and Humans) are welcome! What we do: The Steelgrasp Brigade are one of several major contributors to the Dwarven Community (A.K.A. The Mead Hall). We currently run all sorts of content with this fantastic group of players, as well as contribute to the collective pool. As a part of "The Mead Hall", we host occasional RP-PVP events, participate in the on-going raids, and continue to host fine events such as the occasional Dwarven Moot and the Ironforge Craft Fest. We run weekly RP events, including but not limited to, a couple of different /roll event campaign storylines, one-off rp missions, weekly in-character training drills, and a pub that is open to anyone (A.K.A. The Steel Pub in Anvilmar, Sundays at 6PM). If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application on our website at: http://clan.steelgrasp.shivtr.blue If you are from a Horde guild and would like to contact us about setting up some world rp-pvp, please message Steelgrasp, Crura, Grimgnir, Villmarr, Velkard, or Bathildis in game. Thanks!Bathildis136 2d
2d Returning Player Seeks Place To Belong Evening. I say Evening as I'm sort of based in the UK, yet play on US servers for the sake of friends. As such I tend to be about odd hours, but I digress - let's get on with the actual ad. I'm looking for a Guild to join - one that isn't too overly hardcore into Raiding but does still do so, ideally on weekends but one that also perhaps has some RP, dungeons, old raid transmog runs or similar as well. But I'll be open about myself first - I've been absent a number of months while life took its toll. I suffer ongoing depression and as such my moods have highs and lows. And having been away so long I'm aware my numbers aren't that great - it's something I'm working on and trying to rectify. Even if all it is is just normal Raids. I've been a RPer for years and for MoP and WoD was a raider - complete with AotC: Archimonde. But I'm not looking to go that far deep into raiding again. My timezone makes things awkward, coupled with a full time job where unless the raid is earlyish server time (like, 2-3 pm) I can't stick around due to the hours my job keeps. Ultimately I just want a place to belong. Where I can contribute and bring things along. Currently I have 2 characters in need of a home. Myliani - 914 MM Sin'dorei Hunter Rubira - 903 Arcane Pandaren Mage I have others to level - but dislike being solo, not having a guild to talk to, do dungeons with or generally banter with. Feel free to message, here or in game. I'm not really comfortable with new people so this is kind of a huge step for me...Myliani4 2d
3d Cancelled Sunset Market has been cancelled.Tygraesa19 3d
3d [A] Acceptable Losses LF DPS M ToS Acceptable losses is a guild that was founded in Legion under the principle of fun first, and we've had a lot of success pushing mythic content in legion on a casual schedule and in a casual environment. Most of us are adults with busy lives during the work week, and when the weekend rolls around we like to relax by crushing internet dragons. We don't tell you what, how, or how often to play, we just expect that you play well, have a decent attitude, and do your best to respect the time of the other people in the raid with you. Current and past progression: -4/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras -7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare -2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor -8/10 Mythic Nighthold Raid times are from 7:30 to 10:30 PST on the following schedule: -Wednesday: optional farm night. This is currently used for normal ToS but will be used for heroic ToS once we break into mythic. We also use this night to trial new recruits. -Friday/Saturday: progression nights. We often provide feasts and cauldrons for progression, but expect people to have their own stuff in case we can't provide. Loot is done by loot council using the addon RCLootCouncil; if you want to trial/raid with us, you must install this addon. The top consideration for getting loot is performance, but attendance is important and we do our best to distribute loot evenly. We are open to all roles currently and especially interested in raiders capable of pristine attendance with a desire to perform well. If you're interested, please contact any member of the guild in game and they can direct you to an officer. You can also contact via btag: Ned#1467 or Twick#1178.Manged34 3d
3d [A] Couple of shamans looking for a new home Hey guys. My husband and I took the plunge and transferred our mains to WrA after years of trying to save our own dying guild on nearly-as-dead server. We have been enjoying attending the occasional events and such on some alts on Wyrmrest and so now here we are! We're hoping to find a guild that is willing to take us in! We are looking for a casual group that is pretty active. RP is fine and we like to sit in and watch events from time to time, but we're really hoping for a guild that does have some focus on PvE and raids at least somewhat consistently... Even if it's only at Normal/Heroic levels! (Though, we wouldn't mind working our way up to mythics, either!) We just want a chance to play the content while it's still relevant, without having to live that pug life. Husband plays elemental shaman (a stout lil dwarf P:), and is at 925ilvl at the moment. I play restoration shaman, a little further behind at 915. We don't have much going on so our schedules are pretty consistent - I am online after 5 server on most days, and he's online pretty much always! We're still getting a feel for things, but are hoping we can find some good friends and start enjoying the game again. :)Ailurae4 3d
3d [A] 928 Resto Druid LF Heroic Raiding Guild TL;dr: LF Heroic raiding guild, if group finder hasn't killed the last one yet. I wrote a big long thing that didn't end up posting, and I'm sure not rewriting it again tonight so here it is in point form: - 928 Resto Druid LF Heroic Raiding Guild of sexy badasses who're serious about progression but still have fun between pulls - could also raid as: 924 Guardian Druid (BIS leggos & decent gear, just a bit rusty), 905 Shadow Priest (my old main from T19 and many past xpacs) - I'm in a great Mythic raiding guild but I'm done with Mythic raiding, I let someone talk me into trying it this xpac and it was fun, but I'd rather be a solid Heroic raider than a mediocre Mythic raider - I don't want to raid Mythic, but I'm serious about raiding, and loyal - I'm not going to bail to trial with Mythic guilds, I'm not going to take all your gear and run away, I'm here to show up every night and do my job - I bring own flasks/food/pots/runes and Codexes for prog fights - I'm reliable and if I can't make a raid I give lots of notice - btw I'm a really funny guy but it's hard to joke in point form and ymmv but just take my word for it ok? If you're sort of into me, DM me on Discord (Eph#4251) or psst me in WoW (Eph#1815)Ephemerus7 3d
3d [H-Event] Gund’Harg After a short break from Warcraft, the Gund’harg had returned for the New Year. The feast and games each month, welcoming everyone and all. May all corners of the Horde and those who hold themselves under our banner join. We host the Gund’harg, translated to the common Tongue as Stone Festival, in the spirit of the old orcish Kosh’Harg, but changed and adapted to the New Horde. We hold to another tradition, while you can bring arms and armour to the lands, we would not use them against one another unless the game of the month calls for it. This means no fighting among our own people. We don’t host it under the mountain due to the massive number of hostile mobs that surround it, so instead we host it in a valley in Northwestern Stonetalon Mountain, a mob free area so players of any level may join with us. Time/Date: This event happens each month on the last Friday unless a holiday would get in the way. Which means that in September, it will take place on the 29th at 7:30 pm Realm time. Location: The valley in which the event is hosted can be found at 24:12 with the Coordinates addon, otherwise it is the most Northwestern Corner of Stonetalon, an unmarked location on the map that is easily marked by the small hut in the middle. Who to look for: You can whisper me at any time I am online for an invitation to the event itself, otherwise, please send me a letter, or whisper anyone within the Stonehammer Clan. (Please note that the valley is difficult if not impossible to reach on foot, if you are below level 60, or are unable to obtain a flying mount, those within the clan will be more than happy to give you a lift into the Valley.)Crogart96 3d
3d WRA Lore Fight Club The rules are simple. Answer who you predict would win a fight between the two lore characters above your post, cite examples from lore to back your claim, then state a balanced match of your own for the person below. Please don't make silly (albeit amusing) matchups like Holinka vs good pvp design. I'll start us off. Mal'ganis vs VarithamasReaganluthen106 3d
3d [A] <Wolfsong> Legion Raiding <Wolfsong> is looking to bolster its raid team to experience content throughout Legion and beyond. If you're looking for a home, please reach out to us to see if we're a good fit for you. Website: http://www.wolfsong-guild.com Brief History <Wolfsong> was created back in January 2011 with the idea of building a committed raiding group among friends. Since then, the guild has grown to house multiple types of players from casual to ex-hardcore raiders looking for a more relaxed play style. The core members have been together for years, with their history stemming from several top-tier raiding guilds on Thorium Brotherhood and Wyrmrest Accord (Bloodrite and Instinct, respectively). We have coalesced from Horde and Alliance (though I maintain horde is the superior faction, of course). We’re a friendly community that enjoys multiple aspects of World of Warcraft, as well as other Blizzard titles (Overwatch & Diablo). Raiding in Legion We're looking players to round out our flex group. We focus primarily on Heroic, but if the interest, talent, and player base is there for Mythic difficulty - we'll certainly try it. We consider ourselves semi-casual. We raid a comfortable 6 hours a week with a 15 minute break, which helps us avoid burn-out and gives us plenty of time to do other in-game activities. Because of our schedule, if a player is looking for more 'serious' progression - this will not be the right set up. Most of us have done the 'hardcore' scene and have been a part of server first guilds. It's not really something we're interested in anymore, but still enjoy the game for what it is. Current Progress Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Heroic Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic, 10/10 Heroic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Emerald Nightmare: 3/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic Schedule Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST (Server Time). High attendance is preferred. :) Class Needs Warlock (Extremely High) (Any Spec) Mage (Extremely High) (Any Spec) Hunter (Marksman & Bestmastery) (High) Monk (Medium) (Mistweaver & Windwalker) Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement) (Medium) Notice: Even if we're full, or low on a specific class, please apply. Things constantly change and a spot may open, or about to be open. Officers If you have questions, please contact an officer below, in-game. Keti Syladinne Orenna Cistin Rennoc Ready to Join? Fill out our online form using our website below, or contact an officer in-game. We're happy to chat with you! http://www.wolfsong-guild.com/join See you on the Broken Isles!Keti171 3d
3d [H-RP]<House Songheart> The bloodbath that came with the scourge affected Sophaen, as heavily as it did much of the rest of the world- with tragedy. Having lost her family, her home, and her job, she turned to a friend to forget. Nataliah Silversun, a master of runic magics. Nataliah founded Silversun Industry after her own name as a way to turn money legal with Kirin'thas Bloodvalor, brother to Sophaen's husband, and found there were quite a few more opportunities in treasure hunting than normal thievery. However, even Nataliah could not predict how hard running a business might be, and to lead people who had very little use for her cold, and mechanical personality. She called an old friend- her only other friend. She knew Sophaen’s personality was much more attuned to people liking her. After a surprise visit to the company by her mother, Nataliah decided to hand the entire company over to Sophia and her husband to keep her mother’s hands out of her work. This left her to focus much more heavily on what mattered to her the most: Money. Sophaen took the Industry and merged it with the Songheart house's own company, continuing a legacy founded by Songheart at the founding of Quel'Thalas. House Songheart had always found affinity with mercantile business and trade. With that in mind, the Songheart named flourished as elven lands grew and the establishment of Silvermoon City. Though its roots are in trade, Songheart has also become a home to many mages and rangers in bloodline and rank. A rather welcoming house, the Songheart line is more than happy to accept friends of any background or delineation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ House Songheart is a heavy roleplaying guild located on Wyrmrest Accord. While we do focus on roleplay, we dabble in all forms of gameplay. Mythics, PvP, and casual mount runs and PvE are also done quite often! We are seeking players of all skill-levels of roleplay and people who know that IC =/= OOC! Our community is friendly, fun, and inviting. We have an extremely active Discord and are in constant communication with each other. We accept all races and classes, regardless of being a Sin'dorei-based House. Above all else, we value- character progression, relaxation, and all-around having fun. At the end of the day, you pay to play- so why not play with people who enjoy doing the same things as you? Interested? Please contact our officers at any time! An officer not on? Whisper a member and they will direct you to one! GMs: Ordinance (Camsaen) - PoppaBear#11293 Sophaen - LadySilvers#1789 Officers: Vàncè Aikmi Ahàne Xalandir Syrelyi/Apparitions Tumblr: house-songheart.tumblr.comSyrelyi7 3d
3d Club BOOM! 7pm PT 9/1/17 From the DJs of the Club Trix afterparty comes.... Club BOOM! Club BOOM! is a monthly event in the Purple Parlor in ((old)) Dalaran, held on either the first or second Friday of each month (some months the first, some months the second) at 7pm server time. Your hosts for the event will be DJs Pixy & Amy Stormpike (trading off months), the DJs you loved from the Club Trix afterparty! The event's music will air on Fire Mage Radio...so even after the party, the music doesn't stop as you can rock out to some great WoW music! https://www.facebook.com/FireMageRadio/ Club BOOM! #12: Friday July 14Amylin59 3d
3d Legacy Raiding (LK) <You think you do> [A]WRA <You think you do> is a guild of players who are progressing through legacy content at level, and in appropriate item level gear. We are a subset of the twinking community, but we do not overgear content as we progress through it. We think we want legacy servers, but we totally don't. Wyrmrest Accord - Alliance Raid schedule: Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 6pm server time (PST) Want to see us in action? Check out some of these videos from our much loved Sam (Old videos, old guild, old server, same people): Blackwing Lair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0bsfyAAN-s Sunwell Plateau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7UJf1imTNc Herald of the Titans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBJsdv1kD0M Icecrown Citadel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR7lMTTtZrw Heroic Deathwing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzb0C7MeC2w What we expect of you: 1. Do not overlevel content, you need to stop your experience gains at the appropriate level (60 for vanilla, 70 for BC, etc). 2. Do not twink your character, you wear what you're able to get naturally. No heirlooms allowed at level cap, no exceptions. 3. Crafted and BoE gear should not be purchased from the AH. Gear/enchants from later expansions, and PvP gear are restricted as well. 4. Be active on Discord so you know when we're doing stuff; we want you to join a social group, not just a raid team. 5. Unless an emergency arises, we do not want to bring cross-server characters to raids. Be part of the guild! Want to know more? Contact us! Officers: Talch (Bevok#1395), Appa (Jimmyjames@1507), Jij (Jij#1775), Syncos (Syncos#1918), Hobson (Hobson#1416) Anyone online ingame can invite you, so if you have questions, feel free to hop in and ask around in guild chat, or on Discord: https://discord.gg/8BKzJv3Appalytheism74 3d
3d 917/919 Bear Cat looking for a raiding guild I am looking for a guild to continue progression into Heroic ToS. I have been a druid since bears became a thing back in BC, and played the game since Dire Maul was released. I am very skilled at Guardian, having completed Mage Tower and acquiring my Banjo/Kazooie artifact skin and while I have been guardian primarily in my current guild, I can also be an effective cat as well. Ideally I am looking for a west coast time zone guild (start time ~7:00PM) and preferably would like to tank or dps, but I can heal if need be (not very good at that yet) pS - I also have a couple of friends in tow: a 920 enh shaman and a 921/918 ret/holy paladin. Ideally we'd all like to join together if possibleZeddikiah3 3d
3d [A] You uh... wanna raid? Hey folks, Im a pretty busy dude like many of the fine folks here on WrA however I enjoy challenging content. I know there are a good bunch of people with similar motives and goals who don't have the appropriate facet to shine through. What am I getting at? I'm looking to form a small 10-12 flex group for Heroic Tomb to farm on a weekly basis based on the avalaibility of its members, most likely the hours will be night (8PM Pacific). I'd like to at least raid one to two nights for 2 1/2 hours or so. after the content is put on farm we should be able to clear it in one night under 1 1/2 hours giving us time to enjoy other things. If this is something that interests you, please let me know, in all fairness and respect to the server I call home, please send your requests via in game mail and I will reach out to you in game through RP If you choose so or I can just message you in game.Kained15 3d
3d [RP Story] Return to Civilization (( I had been away from the game for several years. So I thought I would write up a quick story to explain Worren's in game absence. )) Empty glass bottles clattered about the small room as Worren sat up in his small cot. He held a hand to his head as the little raw wooden room swam in his vision. He coughed and wiped a hand down his face as he let out a gruff groan of discomfort. He tried to stand but his legs gave way and he fell to the wooden plank floor. He caught a splinter on his left hand and let out a curse. “Son of a ….,” he spoke roughly from a dry throat obtained from over sleeping. He stood again and shuffled over to the wash bin he had erected. It wasn’t much, a natural colored clay bowl over a log. He lifted the pitcher to pour fresh water into it to find the pitcher was empty. He grumbled and set the thing down. He would have to go to the river is he wanted to clean up. He didn’t like the idea, he was in the Howling Fjord. The river would be covered in ice or so cold, it might as well be ice. He looked up to his visage in the small mirror that hung over the bowl. He found an old, worn, and weathered Sin’dorei face looking back at him. Long silver and grey hair was matted from sleep and simple neglect for a long time stood in all directions and somehow, managed to fall over his bare, pale shoulders. Dull, lifeless, green eyes stared back at him. He grunted at them. He was almost as shocked to see a full beard over his cheeks and chin. He hadn’t shaved in… well, he couldn’t remember the last time he shaved. He nearly gave a cynical laugh, the mighty Quel’dorei turned Sin’dorei. Look how far you’ve come. He looked over the pale flesh of his torso. Taunt and sinewy, he hadn’t eaten a truly proper meal in a long time. The supplies he had brought up with him from Down South had long been eaten away and now he survive on the local foliage and fauna. This being Northrend, there wasn’t much. He didn’t really care if he starved to death. It would be a fitting end. He looked across the floor for his pants. He may not care if he starved to death, the one thing he did keep in supply was plenty of alcohol. Bottles littered the wooden floor. He finally found his pants and went to put them on. He held them up with a semi surprised grimace on his face. One leg was completed ripped off. The waist had lost it’s hemming a while ago. He tried as hard as he could to remember what had happened the night before but it was blank. He had been blacked out drunk. He had the skills to repair them. He had been, once, a fine fur and leather merchant. He made some of the finest leather garments in Azeroth and beyond. At least, fragments of memories floated that he had been. Or no? He couldn’t remember very well. He made gear for the most hardcore and warrior driven guilds of the Horde. He had had praises from war chiefs to farmers for the durability of his goods. Again, he thought he remembered doing that. This much time alone in the cold forest plays with one’s mind. He threw the pants into the corner and bent to rummage through a traveler’s trunk he kept by the bed for another pair. That was also a long time ago. He hadn’t made a single item in what seemed a lifetime. He found another pair and lifted them up. As they unfolded before him, a bundle of dried herbs fell out. The scent of it sent him back to days of traveling once of his circuits. Orgrimmar, to Sen’jin, to Thunderbluff, he stopped at them all to sell his wares. Again, that seemed like a lifetime ago.Worren8 3d
3d Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP] <<Lordaeron Temple Knights>> (Full guild name (IC): The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron) The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron is a military and holy order, whose foremost goal is the restoration of the once great human kingdom of Lordaeron. The order itself was founded in Year 25 by Lord Bishop Daern Truefaith. As time progressed the mantle of military leadership was passed down through various skilled commanders. At present, the Lord Marshal is Allister Vendras and the Lady Marshal is Audrea Holt. Since its founding, the order has orchestrated and taken part in numerous military campaigns, missions, battles, and wars. To serve with us means you will be devoting yourself to our cause. And the road to restoration is not an easy one to walk. You will be tested in every way. You will march through the mires, the hills, the fields, and forests. The elements will not always be kind for we will make our camps in rain and snow. In battle, you will be exhausted and yet must press on. But through your trials and tests will you became something far greater than you ever were before. You will be become a true Temple Knight of Lordaeron. At present, the Temple Knights’ primary focus is on defending the few land holdings inhabited by refugees from the Forsaken’s imperialistic expansions in the north or those dispossessed by economic conditions in the south. <About Us> Website: ltk.shivtr.com RP Type: Heavy RP Themes: Military, Religious, Political RP Alignment: Lawful-Good Faith Alignment: The Holy Light Stormwind City Headquarters: Argent Dawn Office (We use this for interviews before you're shipped up North to Tyr's Hand). Base of Operations: Tyr's Hand, Eastern Lordaeron *Of August 2017, LTK will be 7 years old* <In Summary, the Long term aims Lordaeron Temple Knights (IC)> The Temple Knights are a military order focused on retaking the kingdom of Lordaeron and any lands currently occupied by the Forsaken or the Horde. This includes Lordaeron itself, the Highlands of Arathi, Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac, and supporting the Alliance forces that now fight against the Forsaken in Gilneas. In the end our goal is to see the lands in the North back in the hands of the people it was taken from. <Recruitment> *Unaccepted Classes: Demon Hunters; Death Knights; Warlocks; Shadow Priests (with some exception, if you ever see a Warlock or a Death Knight in our ranks it is almost 100% of the time an alt of one of our other members. We are very strict when it comes to this policy.) *An application MUST be submitted, this means you will need to make an account with ltk.shivtr.com. * While the Temple Knights will be a predominantly Human guild (due to our IC objectives and aims), we accept all races into our ranks, so long as they have a desire to see Lordaeron restored and the Forsaken destroyed. * Sense of humor and mildly thick skin * Members should be at least level 39 in order to "phase" into Tyr's Hand via the small quest chain offered by the Forsaken inside Lights Hope Chapel. *We, as a guild, go on adventures, take on old world content, have several small and large scale story archs most of the time, and have a solid base of active members. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please drop by our website to submit an application and one of our officers will contact you in-game to coordinate a meeting. *Members of LTK are also expected to wear a uniform that is assigned to you depending on what part you play in the guild. (Mages, Priests, Druids, Plated Fighters, Scouts and Rangers all have their own). This uniform will be required to be worn at any military based event. <What you'll find in LTK (ooc guild wise)> * Active in the role play community * Friendly and knowledgeable leadership * Mature (18+) and fun social atmosphere * Help with quests, crafting and role play * Very active player base, both during the day, late afternoon and evenings * Weekly events for the guild story line * Full functional website, complete with active forums (for those of us bored at work) * Guild Facebook (also for those who are bored at work) * Use of multiple media forms to enhance your imaginative experience with us.Taraimira26 3d
4d [A-RP PvE/P] <Kalimdor Collective> Recruiting 7/31/17 Edit - Recruitment is open again! Kalimdor. There is a weight in it's name, a history felt more than known. To many, it is a land of legend and strife, of beauty and mystery, of conflict and blood. There rests ancient forests so thick one can barely ken day from night, where the winds bring soft whispers of song and speaking leaves. Grassy plains that reach beyond the scope of the keenest eye; Thunderous beasts, fierce hidden predators, and agile gazelles striving in it's expanse. Deserts that freeze one's teeth in the nights and burns their skin during the blistering day. Humid swamps full of the mists of dark arts and traitorous defectors. Snow veiled slopes that rest underneath a tree upon a mount which bears the very soul of the world. Ancient ruins of peoples past and present, so old they have become part of the land itself. Of mysticism, of brute and savage might. Of subtle touches, kisses from a Goddess, the roar of revered Aspects. Here lay secrets buried in the sands of time. Wisdom seeps from the very elements, calling those who wish to hear it. Here new things spring forth from Dream into reality. To some, though, it is something else. It is home. An archaic kaldorei, tending to the life that radiates ever outward. The noble Tauren, living in harmony with all things. Visitors from beyond the stars, seeking refuge from a conflict as old as time itself. Of mighty orcs, themselves seeking a a new home from the shambles of their broken world. Trolls hunt it's game and practice their shrouded rites, a people as antiquated as the world itself. A wide berth of those from across oceans plant their roots within it, seeking renewal and purpose. The cursed people of an insular nation, the curious dwarven and gnomish people who wish to uncover it's secrets. Ursine beings looking to strengthen bonds weakened and timeworn. And they will do anything they can to protect it. They will give themselves whole to safe-keep this venerable terrain that allowed cultures to thrive, children to grow, spirits to revitalize themselves time and again. They would look to any threat and become it's very weapon, shield, or spellcraft. They watch over it, they ensure the wildlife and saplings will flourish. This is the land of life, the land of origins, of hidden people and proud nations. It is the remnant of the Sundering that remembers it's name, recalls it's traditions, and welcomes all with the need to thrive. It is Kalimdor. In-Character Information Who We Are The Kalimdor Collective is a group of able and willing people who hold one truth in common – the safety of Kailmdor is paramount to all things. Whether born there, or migrated, all are welcome. Our ranks include all races and creeds. We have scholars and thinkers, as well as soldiers and silent agents. Citizens, merchants, mystics, warriors. There is no task to small or too large for us. At times we escort sundry goods along the roads. We give to those in need, we protect the weak. We fight on the open field, we speak at diplomatic functions. More than anything else, we are a selected family. We know each other, support each other, we are bonded. We either thrive or fall as one. Our lives are lived together. Who We Recruit All races of any alignment are accepted into our ranks, with the only two conditions. The first is that they work, for better or worse, for the good of Kaimdor. The second is that they show respect and tolerance to their fellow members.Telrien61 4d
4d Nevermind, delete. Nevermind.Gelaga33 4d
4d Why are people so invested in certain races? Past the point of favoritism. It goes beyond a simple 'Oh I really like the look and feel of this race, it really jives with me' and it spirals instead into more of a worship for that race to the point where people think; 'I legitimately think there are no faults with X race, X race is superior and will conquer everything, they are in the right 100% of the time'. It is almost as if people are unable to recognize that these races really aren't in control of their own actions, but rather the company that writes them. An example here being if I argued that a Race was absolutely superior and justified in what it did (to the detriment of others) because of the way it did things in-game, but then in an expansion or two, that same Race had a complete attitude change, almost as if their motives had done a 180. (Those can go for characters to.) EDIT: Frankly, arguing about a race's actions in the current state of World of Warcraft is just a frank waste of time. After all the retcons that have warped the roleplaying landscape of Warcraft, it is amazing anybody even still cares about the lore aside from a fleeting interest. Maybe people just like to argue for the sake of it. It must satisfy some primal urge that we here in the West have suppressed due to living in a postmodern era. Instead of raising families or fighting eachother physically (as other parts of the world are doing currently), we instead seek out champions in virtual universes not in control of their own actions, and then spend hours defending and justifying actions that change not according to logic but to the author's own whims. (And ultimately, the market's.) Well, what do you think, WRA?Jawrip62 4d