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Oct 29, 2014 [A] Hello RPer's Hey Everyone. Just curious if there are any RP guilds out there who have a casual or part time rank, as much as I would like to be a full time role-player, I am a new dad and any of you with kids know what that's like. That being said I still intend to be active and am excited for warlords. I guess I am looking for a home that will still allow me to be immersed in storyline and do some RPing when I can, but without being a detriment to my fellow members. Anyone with suggestions or if this could be your guild please let me know and we can chat. ThanksDirgo2 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 10/29 Happy Birthday to Vynianyx! Best wishes for a great day :DVandrysse2 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Selling [Defias Rapier] I happen to have a Defias Rapier for sale here on WrA! It's no longer obtainable ingame since the mob that dropped it was removed in the Deadmines revamp. As such it's a pretty valuable collector's weapon now, worth about 35k according to the AH history. I'm looking to sell it for about 10k less than that because I lack the patience for the long AH game and want to focus more on leveling come WoD. Feel free to mail me ingame or get in touch with me here on the forums if you're interested! Right now it's on the Auctionhouse for 25k, so either faction can access it.Ansemn7 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Should I transfer? Hello all, I'm a fairly new player with two level cap toons. When I decided to play WoW, I wanted to experience the world and dabble in RP, but several of my friends who introduced me were very negative about it. To them, the game is get gear, progress through raid, get more gear, grind pvp while waiting. When I mentioned this server, they just scoffed, saying that RP servers are noncompetitive in the gearing game. I'm more interested in fleshing out a character, finding cool transmogs and living the world; I'm not way too concerned with ludicrous speed progression; for example, most of my group aims to hit level cap by end of the week of WoD release, and begin progression raids before Raid locks reset. That said, I'm interested in transferring one of my two toons here to slow the pace down. That said, I was wondering a few things: 1. Should I transfer at all? Should I just start from scratch? I'd rather move over a character than re-level one from scratch, especially with this week's 25% off realm transfer. 2. There is a stereotype that most RP servers don't actually get anything done; players sit around in an inn and tell each other stories for hours. While RP'ing within an inn may be fun, please tell me that isn't all there is to an RP server. 3. How does progression raiding go in this server? While I'd like to get geared, that isn't the only thing I want done. I also enjoy soloing old, easier content for transmogs. Is that a problem with some guilds? Also, how will RP work in WoD? 4. If I do transfer here, I'd like someone a bit more versed in lore to help me flesh out a character before I proceed, just to make sure I have the basic idea of what I'm doing. I've always liked making characters as a hobby, but is anyone willing to listen and provide feedback? WoW is my third MMO and is by far the most immersive. I'd like to experience a game that isn't all about numbers, grinding and gear collecting. Any thoughts?Varytas12 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 RP group. I had this idea earlier and was wondering if it was a good one. Just thought of getting a group of a handful of people together to go out and RP and explore. Go to a new place every week and get into some crazy situations, get ship wrecked and have to play surivorman, or just spend the night at a inn in Northrend. Seem like an idea?Fusewizzle16 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 <Brickwall Comdedy Club> The <Brickwall Comedy Club> is holding in character auditions for our grand opening on November 7th! We're looking for talented comedians to join us and perform anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. **Note that the audition is not necessarily for joining the guild. If you do not want to join, you do not have to** Unfortunately, we're only looking for Horde members (As we are Horde side to start with) at this time. Don't let that discourage you, though! There are plans to open this up to Alliance side as well. If you're not prepared, fear not! Auditions will be October 29th at 8:00 pm in the Wyvern's tail, Orgrimmar. Get those sets prepared and show up wearing your best! Hope to see you there! Audition requirements: -5 minute set of material of any sort. -Come at least 10 minutes early to sign up Edit: If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule a time, contact me via in-game mail. I'm willing to work around special requests that aren't too out there.Alexelkin4 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 [Horde Roleplay] The Bloodsteel Warband Brothers and Sisters of the Horde, listen well to my words. We have endured much through our relentlessness trials of the world and we have only become stronger from it. We have faced down armies of demons and undead alike, leaving our mark on Azeroth under the banner of Red and Black! But there will be no such thing as a peaceful world, not as long as two races exist that must battle for supremacy. Perhaps you are looking for a place where you can prove that you can make a difference in this world, or perhaps it is glory you seek? The thrill of battle that only you know how to find. This new "Iron Horde" now threatens our homeworld and threatens to destroy what we have fought so hard to protect. We will show them what it means to be a True Horde Clan as we strike with hammers forged from our very souls! Now is your chance. The Bloodsteel Warband is looking for all able bodied members of the join to come together and strengthen our bonds, to show that we will uproot threats to the Horde and our world alike! Lok'tar Ogar members of the Horde! Let now be your time to rise and become a being of legend! -- Warband Leader Rhogam Stormcaller ---- General Info ---- The Bloodsteel Warband is a new guild currently that is looking for members of all race and class options to join! We are a -very- social guild that will be doing many RP-events as well as Raiding for the next expansion. Send me a mail in game if you are interested, or post here! 1) All members will be LGBT friendly and tolerant. We're here to have fun and be social. That means to respect everyone's individual beliefs and preferences, even if you're not fond of it. I've seen too many guilds fall to bad behaviour regarding this. This goes for things like Religion as well. 2) This is a Pro-Vol'jin/Thrall Guild. We could always accept members that wish to be a villain however because those make for excellent events! 3) Please respect and be kind to all members, both new and old. 4) If an Officer asks you to do something or behave OOCly, listen to them. 5) IC =/= OOC. Don't mix the two. Keep the conflict out of the guild.Rhogam5 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 8th Annual Halloween Costume Contest 10-29 Greetings and Salutations Members of the Horde On October 29th, 2014, I will be hosting The Children of Chaos's 8th Annual Hallow's End Costume Contest. The event will run from 3pm to 7pm Wyrmrest Accord Server Time, or 6pm-10pm EST. There are no fees for participation and no rules as to what you may or may not include in your costume. Embody the spirit of Hallow's End best for a chance at a Crimson Deathcharger or if that isn't your style.... you may opt for any Blizzard Store Pet/Mount/Helm/Service that is gift-able and valued at $30 or less. *edited* You may also choose to elect a battle.net $20 gift balance should you simply with to have that instead. Location: Ruins of Lorderon Stipulations: Be there dressed in your most Festive Outfit, get noticed by myself or a judge whom will remain nameless. Myself and my 2 Judges will not be participating as contestants. Judges will be judged by myself for whichever prize the contest winner chooses not to receive. Prize: Crimson Deathcharger will be on hand and available as soon as the event ends. If the winner is not present, they will be announced and the winner will receive an in game message from myself. You must be a player on Wyrmrest Accord to receive this prize. Blizzard Store Acquisition: If you elect a prize from the Blizzard Store, you will be required to work out a method that is acceptable to you to receive said item as a gift code. This Prize is available to any participant on any server who is in attendance. Again... the prize must be gift-able. So come one come all to the 8th Annual Hallow's End Costume Contest. You have nothing to lose and only another memory to gain.Yamikage4 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Ashran Live Stream today @ 11a server http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/16520320/play-with-the-blues-ashran-live-stream-10-28-2014 I'm too chicken to login to beta and play with them, but I'll definitely tune in.Dangerjosh1 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 LF Matured player guild Hi there, I am a long time player looking to dabble in some rp. I have rolled a Orc hunter here but am looking for a mature players guild (seeing as I am an older wow player) that is kind of laid back but most importantly has to be social. Now I play on a different time Zone to the US so I would be more of a casual role in a guild. I love the feel Wyrmrest Accord and would love to make some in game friends. Any feed back would be appreciated.Mezmr6 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 [H-RP event] Trick or Treat / candy and blood Fellow Horde brethren, hollowed celebrators of the Forsaken holiday! The observed celebration of the taking of freedom from the Lichking is soon upon us! Along with the Horde contribution in honor of the just action by those of great will to rise from slavery, the true soul Shaysinn aids in hosting additional events for this righteous holiday. The 13 night of Hollows end will be as great a tribute to such ends to the death of tyranny as the season of festivities it's self! Among the many happenings, events, and gatherings of the 13 days...one such celebration is on the night of the 30th, the 12th night of this annual world Horde recognition. The caravan Zephyr has put forth to the enjoyment and satisfaction of the Horde a night of trick and treat! We shall gather in the Forsaken town Brill of Tirisfal glades and set upon path to sweets, both treats of glory and tricks of battle! If you find yourself at the stables of Brill at 1900 (Server), you will find welcomed company in this traveling event to Forsaken towns and Haunts. Any Horde soul may join us along the way at any time along our path. We would leave Brill and head to the Sepulcher in Silverpine before heading east through Hillsbrad and up Arathi to the Hinterlands. The path will continue all the way back to were we start , yet we do not mention the rest incase Alliance eyes should fall notice of this advertisement! OOC info ((Meet in Brill at 1855 server to leave with us at 5 after. If you are late to arrive then no worries, just whisper myself or a player you know already in group for invite at any time during event. We will run by land mount from town to town at every candy cash in a circuit counterclockwise from Brill. We will also raid through, if enough 90s gather, through the 3 Alliance camps in our path. There may be a specific Alliance battle in somewhere if enough show to their GM's call. We will spend time RPing in the 3 major Forsaken towns on route for a time of 15-20 min before moving on, 5-10 min in the Forsaken outposts and haunts with candy. Mail myself for calendar invite or Capteya for any further detail.))Morteloff19 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 [H] 13 Days of Hallow's End-New Info **PLEASE CHECK MY LAST POST** Alliance version thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13569847023 I'll be hosting the horde-side 13 days of Hallows End events again this year along with other players/guilds. If you're interested in having certain events, please let me know so I can either schedule what I have going around it or just highlight your event as that day's event. Thank you! This post will be updated regularly as plans come together. If you have any ideas for events or prizes, or wish to host an event, please let me know in-game or in this post. Thanks! Dates: October 18-October 31st Calendar of events can be found on post 2. I'm also hosting a Hallow's End Writing Contest that you can take part in before the Hallow's End holiday begins. Check that out here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14277197818 CURRENTLY IN NEED OF: *Fortune tellers for the "Freaky Fortunes" events. *Date Auction participants. (To take part, please prepare a costume for your toon and send me a message, NOT a whisper, in-game with the entry fee of 5 gold.) *Carnies for KarnEvil! *Caterers. *Possibly a DJ for the Masquerade Ball. (If anyone is interested. If not, I can do it.) *Story Tellers for the Spooky Story Circle. (No need to sign up for this, but please have your stories prepared in macros before the event, and arrive as early as you can to ensure you get the chance to share.) *Tons of forsaken characters for the Zombie Invasion PVP event! *Any ideas on good events, or spots to host the Rave to the Grave/Second Fortune Telling Event!Shaysinn112 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Another GWAR thread. So I heard the new GWAR lineup today. They did a pretty great job. Toward the end they did a great cover of Jim Carroll's people who died. A lot of my emotional conflict of a GWAR is gone. It won't be the same for sure without Dave but at least I know GWAR and the Slave Pit will be okay. http://www.avclub.com/video/gwar-covers-pet-shop-boys-211000 I won't lie I got the feels pretty bad when they sang about Dave in the People Who Died cover.Dawnblood9 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 In Response to the 50 Charges Arthas Costume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqWJNu-IllUGeranguas12 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Nightowl seeking guild No, I'm not LITERALLY an owl, but bear with me all the same... I work second shift, and I'd like to find a guild for some of my Horde and Alliance characters. I'm wanting to get back into RP, so I moved some characters over, and would like to find a home for them. If you know any good guilds with active people at 2 in the morning, let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated! Looking for both Horde AND Alliance guilds.Malkirzhi2 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Sigh...4pm now... -1 Day Offs worth of enjoying my World of Warcraft time.... I hope this "Patch" is worth it.Kiethoo37 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 [A-RP] Story Spooktacular In celebration of Hallow's End, <Servitors of Lothar> invite you to a Story Spooktacular on Thursday, October 30 in Stormwind Cemetery, 7 to 9 PM server! Come get your RP on, make new friends, and share your tales of suspense, horror, or ghostly humor; we will have prizes for first, second, and third place stories. (Stories should be no longer than five minutes emoted, and macro'd or ready for copy/paste.) Refreshments will be provided, and costumes are encouraged. We hope to see you there!Etharion6 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 IAMA Golavar. Ask me all the things. I'm bored on a Saturnday night. Ask away.Golavar30 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 New Player New player here but a vet of many mmos around. Long time raider in EQ2 but just getting started up with my first "chars". My question is are there any guilds that do progression type of play? As in going back to do the content in the order it was released? Or any guilds willing to be patient with players who are learning the game doing instances or raids that are not top tier? Anyways I like the game so far and it seems to be my long term investment now. Would love to get into a good guild with like minded players.Thalnur5 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 What color do night elves turn when they tan? Random stupid question I had while I was writing. Night elves historically are nocturnal, so they stayed out of the sun more often than not. Now that some have converted to a diurnal existence to facilitate communications with their morning bird allies, they'd probably have to experience more sunburns than they're used to. Any thoughts?Synabe13 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Marvel phase 3 has begun! http://imgur.com/a/158vR We get our timeline of Marvel movies, from 2016, onwards with a ...CAPTAIN MARVEL MOVIE! OH GODS YES I AM EXCITED!(I'm a Danvers fan-girl sorry), a 2 parter Avengers flick, with the Infinity Gauntlet will be fun. Anything you're looking forward to WRA? Edit: Turns out the Cap title was a joke, it's really Civil War.Kuany24 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Missing Guild Tag If found, please return to elf nerd. In the meantime, I propose a 'Missing Guild Tag Support Group"Leileran5 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 So, this has been bugging me for a bit. Couldn't think of a catchy, attention grabbing title. This might get misconstrued in some way, but I think it's an interesting topic to talk about so I'll bite. Sorry if I end up rambling on. After role playing for a solid three years, you see a lot of unorthodox ideas in people's characters. Half-breeds (cross-breeds, mixed races, whatever you want to call them) is one that stands out to me and gets me thinking, though. Nothing wrong with wanting to play that style of character, but it's off the wall simply based off of model limitations alone, no doubt. Sort of what I'm getting at is how people react to "off the wall" character archetypes. I'll give a bit of a scenario just to illustrate what I mean. Guy 1 is a half human - half orc warlock with a felhunter parading around with him. Guy 2 doesn't like the half human - half orc warlock with a felhunter parading around with him, so he says something hostile. Guys 3 and 4 defend Guy 1, calling Guy 2 out on his bigotry. Guys 3, 4, and 2 go back and forth with each other to try and illustrate their points of view as fact. Bit of an extreme case with Guy 1, but it's just an example. Is there anything wrong with anybody playing that kind of character? I don't know. Is there anything wrong with how Guy 2 and Guys 3 and 4 reacted? I don't know. But one thing I think is lost in the midst of Happy RP Fun Land is historical context. One thing that I think a lot of people forget is that equality and acceptance are really modern concepts. Way back when, social castes, racial discrimination, and whatever else comes along with them were pretty common, if not across-the-board ideas. Hell, there are people alive today who lived through !@#$ Germany, the Civil Rights movement, etc.. And these issues still affect the world today (some places less than others, but still). Considering all of that, I question the idea of modern social norms being injected into a sort of medieval setting. I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume that the vast majority of Azerothians would see things like racism as just normal. Especially considering all of the events that have occurred in the Land of Warcraft (First and Second War, Theramore, stuff in Pandaria, and now the Iron Horde invasion, just for some examples). In short, I think what I'm trying to get at is that people sacrifice realism for what we're all comfortable with in our day-to-day lives. We might be totally fine with seeing a "half human - half orc warlock with a felhunter parading around with him", and we might try to have a good conversation with them. But I don't know if it's reasonable to say the same for characters in Azeroth. Probably just willingly walked into a mine field, but eh. Just my two cents.Lorithas47 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 <H> 2 Shamans LF Raiding Guild My partner and I are both avid WoW players and have been for some time now (4 and 6 years respectively). With a strong raiding experience and a year long casual streak, we have both decided to dig into the raiding scene of WoW once more for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. We are hoping to find a semi- hardcore Raiding Guild to occupy our evenings with progression Raiding up to Heroic and Mythic. Below I will list our qualifications as Raiders and I am more than able to cite sources if needed, including references from Guilds since passed. Arodoul(Me): Originally from Scotland, I began playing WoW a patch into WotLK on the EU servers. the only raid I managed to clear successfully in Wrath was ICC post-nerf (i.e when everyone and their dog had done it. ) when I arrived in Cataclysm my first real raiding experience was in Normal Mode T11 raids, Raiding with an EU-RP Guild I cleared BWD, BOT & ToT4W on normal mode and started Heroic, managing 4/6 BWD and 4/5 BoT . I did not clear Firelands as I didn't raid at that time, and when patch 4.3 arrived I helped Raidlead my Guild as an officer through Normal and 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (pre-nerf) 8/8 (post-nerf). Arriving into MoP, I raid and guildled a group on EU-Draenor named <Access Denied> Fully clearing T14 Normal and all but Empress on Heroic. After this I worked with a friend of mine, using raiders from AD and his Guild to create <Damage Plan>. We then cleared Throne of Thunder in Normal and Heroic 8/13. In 5.4 I stayed casual, mostly due to moving to Canada and as such being required to move to NA servers, along with my partner. I currently play an Elemental Shaman with a Restoration offspec. My offspec is flexible but not my mainspec. I also have alts that I am able to play effectively although they are not geared and thus I won't mention unless asked. TL;DR: Nationality: Scottish Raiding Experience: ICC10/25 12/12, BoT [N]4/4 [H]4/5, Tot4W[N]2/2, Dragon Soul[N] 8/8 [H] pre-nerf 6/8 [H] post-nerf 8/8, MSV [N]6/6 [H] 6/6 , HoF[N]6/6 [H]5/6, TotES[N]4/4 [H]4/4, ToT [N]12/12 [H]8/13. Guildled and/or Raidled DS through ToT. Class/spec: Ele/Resto Shaman, although I have alts which I am raiding capable. They are undergeared at the moment.. Nalaxa(My Partner): She began playing WoW at the beginning of Cataclysm, living in Scotland with me since then, although Canadian by birth. Although not completing any raids during T11, she did complete 5/7 Normal on Firelands while I was on a break. During Dragon Soul she completed both normal and Heroic difficulty 8/8, although heroic was post nerf. When moving into ists of Pandaria she raided a fair bit with an Alliance guild and cleared all of T14 in Normal, along with MSV 4/6 in Heroic. Along with clearing normal on an alt in my guild. During ToT she raided with me and cleared 12/12 Normal and 4/13 Heroic. Currently playing a resto/enh shaman, although has some alts that are raiding capable, still need gear, however. TL;DR: Nationality: Canadian Raiding Experience: FL[N] 5/7, DS[N]8/8 [H]8/8, MSV[N]6/6 [H]4/6, HoF[N] 6/6, TotES[N] 4/4, ToT[N]12/12 [H]4/13 Class/spec: Resto/Enh Shaman, although some alts are raiding capable, would need gear to be raid worthy, however. Conclusion: As you can see ,we are both capable raiders, and we are both enthusiastic and experienced in the Raiding Scene. If you decide we're right for your guild I trust you would not be disappointed, rather pleasantly surprised by our performance, enthusiasm and knowledge of the ins and outs of encounters both new and old. If you'd like to contact us with guild inquiries or questions, please add me on battle.net or comment here. I would suggest both Battle.net and Comment as I may take up to 2 days to reply on the forums here. Battletag: Arodoul#2140Kaseey0 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 For The Gnomes! Gnomeregan Forever the guild thats Just Your Size™ has been busy having fun as always! Sunday night we were back in Orgrimmar again laying siege to Garrosh's goons. We cut both the Kor'Kron Dark Shaman, and General Nazgrim down to size in 16-Gnome Normal. Both First Kills for us! SCREENIES!! Dark Shaman http://www.pictureshack.us/images/81619_G4-SoO102614a.jpg General Nazgrim http://www.pictureshack.us/images/29762_G4-SoO102614.jpg So if you have a Gnome that needs a home, come check us out (interview req'd). We have a thriving community, a friendly helpful environment, and plenty to do including weekly Retro Raid Nights, Guild Meetings, RP Workshops, Casual Progression Raiding and more! Have an Optimal Day! - Forbs "For Gnomeregan!"Forbidra15 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Our languages So stupid question...when we see a toon speaking whatever their native language is, and we see it as gibberish, are they the same bunch of nonsense words picked randomly out of the database for ALL and ANY race or do ya think they're a race specific bunch of words picked from a database pointing to those races? I'd think troll words would be sounding and looking different from elfies or humans or whatever.... that omnomnom is lazy...come on blizz guys, really? its cute for a moment but ...come onZënjin11 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Comic Costume Contest I am a huge comic book nerd. I have a transmog on Borgg that looks a lot like Magneto. Just for fun. So, just for fun: 1. Make a costume of any comic book hero/villain. Marvel, DC, etc. Any costume from any medium is open. However you do it is up to you. 2. Post here and indicate entry. Try to leave your armory with your costume on if possible. This is where people will be viewing you mainly. 3. On Friday the 26th, at 8pm server, entries will be closed. 4. Winners will be determined by realm vote, with details on how to be revealed on the 26th. 5. 1st place is 1000g. 2nd is 500g. 3rd is pride; I am not made out of gold, goofball. Let's see what you guys come up with.Borgg28 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 Durgrims Helldiver training session The Helldivers, while unrivaled badasses and the like, still need to practice and train. But, we don't want to keep all the kickassery to ourselves. We're invited anyone and everyone to join our IC training even in Kharanos at 5;30 realm. It's short notice, but come along!Durgy0 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Extensions happen. With all the negativity, I think it is time to start a positive post about your favorite part about something. Can be about the game or anything you can think of. I'll get us started! Light bulb, what is my favorite part about a light bulb? It could be that it brings light to what often is a dark situation. Or even that they seem to be getting smarter and smarter with each year. But alas, my favorite part about a light bulb, is its dependent nature to do what I tell it to. With the flip of a switch, it turns on. Turn that switch again, and its off. Always love a good listener. Until... the room is dark, I flip the switch .... and nothing. The light won't turn on! No worries, I'll put in a new bulb. Often though, I find myself in these situations where a bulb burns out and I go to the closet to grab a new one, what do I find? Only that I in fact, have no light bulbs in the closet in question. Oh no! I just have to extend the wait for my room to have light even further. Now instead of the unboxing of a light bulb and a few simple turns, I must venture out to the store. I get dressed, find the car keys, make sure I have the cash for this light bulb. Out the door headed to the store. Only close to an hour now, have I waited for a lit room. In the car and on the road, I should be cruising, if it were not for these darn red lights! Every few blocks I am forced to stop and wait for other cars.... my goodness. I'm starting to get fed up. Keeping my cool, I arrive to the store and walk in. Not knowing which aisle the light bulbs are on, I spot an employee. Upon asking him, he simply tells me. "Oh they're on aisle 12." Not thinking much of it, I head to aisle 12. You won't believe what I found there. I now find myself staring down many displays of white tubs. Turns out he sent me to the plumbing section. Right on. Fast forward another 10-20 minutes, as the Light bulbs were well hidden in the store and few "employees" knew of such a device. I now find myself back in the car heading home. All is good, knowing that soon my dark room shall be filled with light, and the world shall once again, be spinning. ..... Red lights... again!?!? Keep my cool, keep my cool. Finally get home and in anticipation for the defeat of this light bulb, I hurriedly got it out of the box. Unscrewing the dead bulb, getting ready for that moment. All this time waiting for light at the end of this tunnel! It will all be worth it, I cannot wait! Until... seconds before I had the threads of this new bulb caught into the light. .... the unthinkable happened. It slipped out of my hand! I screamed I cried I seen time slow down. It shattered on the floor, followed by the splash of my tears.... for all I could think... was the darkness just got extended.Mytiska11 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Timelines are Hard SO after a discussion over vent and trying to research it, I wanted to bring up a few things I'm curious about. One: The End Time. What killed Deathwing? Was it suicide, the Old Gods, or was it possibly Nozdormu in our timeline killing Deathwing in every alternate universe during Dragon Soul (Which, according to another forum, is what happened) Two: In the End Time, if Deathwing is dead and therefore technically all the aspects should be dead, why are the Old Gods not crawling all over the place? Is it because Murozond is still alive? How did he survive the Cataclysm? Did he jump timelines temporarily to save himself thus causing the timeline to go nuts making him transform from Nozdormu to Murozond and go crazy trying to alter the past to save himself from dying in the End Time by screwing up the timeline as much as he can (Killing Arthas, Thrall, stopping the Dark Portal etc)? Also if Murozond was the last aspect in the timeline for End Time and we killed him, wouldn't that mean we just set the Old Gods free within the End Time? Or does it not matter because the End Time was erased? Three: What happens if an alternate Timeline fails to defend against the wrath of the Old Gods? Do they regain control only in that Timeline? Would that effect our timeline? Maybe give them more of a hold over our timeline? Or do they need to actually gain control in every timeline to actually regain control of Azeroth and the Titans used the alternate timelines as a failsafe? Am I missing critical lore points here or am I overthinking it? TL;DR: TIMELINES ARE HARDGarack3 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 So, who's going to RP in Draenor? Pretty much what the title says, I intend to RP in Draenor, and outside of Orgrimmar for awhile once WoD goes live, now I definitely don't want to do it alone, so I'd love to see some other people who are willing to leave the cities and go RP in the world of warring plants and stones? Post in this thread if I'll find you scouting around Frostfire ridge.Banrok76 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 [A] Selling H Siege We are now offering both full heroic clears and select bosses (including Garrosh only) for sale. Garrosh currently has a guaranteed chance to drop heirlooms and all instance drops are yours. Clears will be completed in two hours or less. Our asking prices are: 10k for Garrosh, 20k for a full clear. Mail me in-game or contact Sorfin#1545 or Azurepaint#1602 for scheduling information. We look forward to your patronage.Kaehlen9 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 [H] Looking for Daytime Guild Hello! Most of my hours available are during the day, through out the week. Are there any guilds that are particularly active during this time? Not so much looking for RP anymore. Just people to talk with, maybe raid with, run content with during new xpac, etc. I'm in central time, so my daytime hours are like early dayime server time :)Ephit0 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Durgrims Dangerous Diving Debacle I thought I might write up and post Durgy's military origin, as the patch is still being a panty wearin' Elf... Anyway, this is how Durgy became the handsome, manly, strong, beardly, funny, and ever so skilled magician of the dive that you all (should) have come to know and love. __________________________________________________________________ Loud and concussive thuds slam against him incessantly, the rotors above his head a menacing reminder that the only way out was down. He and his comrades, one pilot and three other divers, were poised and ready to launch themselves at the enemy below. The sea of orcs advancing on Stormwind. The First War had begun. Men fought and died thousands of feet below them as they waited..They waited for the signal so they knew where to land and die if need be. Durgy looked around him, the sky near him full of other flying machines hovering, ready to drop their payloads of desperate and fearful fighters. The green tint of his goggles made the humans look somewhat like orcs, and he smirked. "I wonder when we get tae dive!" he yelled out to the diver next to him, a human of too few years. "Been lookin' forward tae this!" he cackled and clapped the boy on the shoulder. The human looked rightly terrified of the whole situation. All of them had received mere hours of training. Few of them have flown this high before. None had fought orcs before. "We'll be fine, lads! Ye go' Durgy with ye!" he said before feeling a slap on the shoulder. The pilot gets his attention and points down. An orange cloud of smoke had started billowing out of a roiling mass of orcs. The signal had been sent. "TIME TAE DIE!" he yelled, and with a great leap, flung himself off of the flying machine. The sounds of the machines above quickly gave way to the rushing wind assualting his ear. Mustache and beard flapped on the sides of his face as he pointed himself towards the origin of the orange smoke. He looks to his left and right and sees most of the other jumpers following suit. Black and brown daggers of Alliance might cutting their way down to the earth, bringing messages of pain and revenge. As if on que, all of the divers open their parachutes and slowly float toward their target. By now they see who it is, a massive orc with one eye that was bellowing and shoving the other orcs into motion. An officer. None of the orcs thought to look up. None of the orcs noticed them. Until they unhooked their 'chutes and fell the remaining ten feet to land among them. Blades clashed, teeth bit, feet kicked and fists punched. No man was not fighting for his life. Durgy himself had landed right behind the officer, who stood towering above the dwarf. "Tiny dwarf thinks he can kill me?!" the orc bellows before swinging a massive mace. Durgy, being the bat !@#$ crazy lad that he was, laughed and ran AT him. His hand went from being emtpy and open, to being closed around a dagger that stuck from the officers neck. The mission complete, now all they had to do was survive. Heh. A purple smoke grenade was thrown, and the bodies of their fallen stacked in the middle of their ever tigtening circle of defense. The flying machine came, but not nearly soon enough. Half of their number died on that mission alone. Half of his brothers and sisters. He refused to let them take off without every last body, and they listened. Solemn was that flight back home. Victory sure didn't feel like it...Durgy0 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Ask a Shaman Ask your questions and I shall impart upon you the wisdom of the spirits.Hasun14 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 (Short) Inspiring Loyalty Though she would have preferred to not be sporting chains around her wrists and ankles, Vesthara Nectarlos was grateful to be taking her first step out of Stormwind Keep in weeks. As the sun shined brightly in the cloudless blue skies, she found herself wishing she had kept her eye patch. While the priestess, Aria Smyth, had done a wonderful job of restoring her right eye, there was still much recovery ahead for it, as made evident by the unwarranted tears trickling down her cheek. No matter where Vesthara found herself, the eye stung constantly throughout the day. She found herself constantly wondering if these pains had something to do with its color: A pure blue, contrasting immensely against her left's pitch black. But vision was something that could be worried about later. Vesthara's current concern was directed toward the carriage the two guardsmen were dragging her down the white steps of the keep toward. The horses tied to the coach were heavily armored, as was the driver at the reins. Tipping a blue hat toward Vesthara -- or was it her escort? -- he offered a toothless smile. "This her?" "Aye, in all the harlot's glory." One of the guards shoved Vesthara forward, sending her bumping against the foot of the wagon with a grunt. "Can you believe they're letting her off to the front lines? That's where heroes go to die, not traitorous !@#$%s." Holding her words behind grit teeth, Vesthara reached toward an iron handle built into the wagon, pulling herself inside. "A death is a death, no matter what." The driver passed a glance over his shoulder through the carriage's front window, letting out a sigh. "And I hear that everyone is dropping dead to this Iron Horde... if they're lucky. I do not pity her, not at all." "You know where you're taking her, correct?" "Mr.Farlan's Shop." The wagon lurched forward, Vesthara watching as her escort began to grow distant. "One of my least favorite place in this city." Despite what books Vesthara had read as a young girl in the Scarlet Monastery had suggested, travel by carriage was far from romantic. The coach bumped and shook with each turn of the wheel, and its walls did little to keep out the stench of the city. The driver constantly brought it to a stop as they passed through bustling crowds along the streets. Looking out the window, Vesthara found herself surprised to see just how many of the commoners were covered in suits of armor, some of them sporting several revolvers strapped to their belts and legs. I thought the point of a city was to escape a battlefield? "Vesthara Nectarlos is your name right?" The driver called as they waited for a line of soldiers to march by. "You are related to that man that died recently?" She looked his way, lips tugging into a frown as she found herself imaging the pale, bald man that had given her so much hell. Even in death, you torment me. "Listen, girl. I don't know how you've been treated by other folks in blue, and I don't know whether or not everything they say about you is true. If you ask me, it seems a little ridiculous that someone in conditions as poor as you seemed to have been, according to all the rumours, was capable of killing around thirty soldiers after poisoning her father." "I didn't kill any soldiers," she spat back, turning her focus to the floor. "I don't know who did. I was to busy... doing other things." The face of Viktor Nectarlos was replaced with that of a brown-skinned woman, black hair curling around her ears. As a shiver ran down Vesthara's back, a gunshot blasted throughout her mind, shattering the face of Judith. "That why they're letting you do this?" The driver continued, the wagon lurching forward once more. "It's not unheard of for criminals to serve The Alliance as repentance. Hell, look at that Genn Greymane. Abandons us for so many wars, but they let him and his beast folk back into the fold anyways. Then again, he has some rich blood flowing through his veins. Don't think I've ever heard of a Queen Nectarlos." "You know this has nothing to do with repentance." She stared straight ahead, letting in a deep breathe that gave her a good taste of the smoke in the air. "Like you said: A death is a death, no matter what." Moments later, the wagon came to a stop. The driver pulled the door open, Vesthara emerging from the carriage to find herself in the middle of an alley, standing before the back door of a small, two-floored building. "Here you go girl." The driver climbed back onto the front of the coach, grasping the reigns. "Get on in there, so I can get out of here." She looked his way, eyebrows scrunching together. "Don't you need to wait for me?"Vesthara2 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Patch 6.0.3 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/16549669/ ... kek I just wish they'd fixed the night elf dudes' hair/beard mismatches. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. :(Parker11 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 A note posted in every Horde throne room We are the Ghosts of Angrathar. There is no place we cannot reach, and no place that anyone can hide.Nilenai26 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 [A] The Trial of Vesthara Nectarlos, Oct 25th Charged for the following: Treason, Illegal Seizure of Alliance Lands, Declaring War Against Alliance Forces, Murder of Several Dozen Soldiers, Vandalism of Government Property, Endangerment of Alliance Lives, and so much more. Vesthara Nectarlos is to be tried on the Saturday of October 25th. Anyone who has information regarding the case is asked to come to Stormwind Keep and present it to the authorities. The trial will be public, as a show of justice for all those who were inflicted by Vesthara Nectarlos and her rebellion. Those involved are to be there no later than 7:00 PM. Anyone who disrupts the court will be punished with the fullest extent of the law. After so many months, it's finally come down to this for Vesthara Nectarlos: Judgement. Next weekend, on October 25th, Vesthara will be put on trial for her many crimes against The Alliance, and made to present her case. Though a judge has already been selected, The Court still seeks witnesses to speak out against The Poor Huntress and her people for what she has done. Anyone who was involved in the situation at Westfall several months ago is asked to step forward and do their duty, as a citizen of The Alliance. For those seeking to get in contact with Vesthara before the trial, they are allowed to present themselves to Alliance authorities in Stormwind Keep, where they will be evaluated before being brought to her holding chambers. Spectators are welcome to attend, but there will be a raid party to keep things under control, and if you disrupt my event, I will publicly ask you to remove yourself. The trial is going to be held inside Stormwind Keep, so forget about trying to assassinate anyone, or break anyone out, or "Lead the way!" in a manner that throws everything off. If you wish to be apart of this, post on this thread or contact me in-game, and I will add you to the Calendar event. Check out the Pre-Story to this event: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14882118361Vesthara154 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Faction Interests Just yesterday night I was working on my toybox progress when I noticed I didn't have a Frenzyheart Brew. Since it's for a reputation, I might as well start grinding it immediately. I... became entangled in the Frenzyheart/Oracle conflict questline, as yesterday was the first time I'd ever done it. I love that the Oracles - former very dumb and aggressive gorlocs - have turned into such curious, tribal creatures when exposed to the raw intellect that the Titan technology in the Basin gave them. Seriously, it makes me want to create a little series that chronicles the viewpoints from certain Frenzyheart and Oracle tribe members, and perhaps even the status of the two factions a good number of years later. It's really compelling. I absolutely love it, and I absolutely feel bad about choosing the wolvar simply because of a friggin' toy, but I suppose that's what I get for being a collector. Any factions that really made you love them?Neikah7 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Did we get CRZ'ed with Thorium Brotherhood? Been noticing more, and more Thorium, folk lately in game. Did they get added to our Cross Realm stuff? Or is it just them being linked in, due to playing with friends?Kuany1 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 [A] Moving Forward (Vesthara Trial Aftermath) The following is a transcript of a recorded conversation between Marcus .R Denul, an agent of Stormwind that provided his services in the interrogation of Vesthara Nectarlos, and an anonymous respondent, via radio communication. SI:7 Agents were only able to obtain Marcus's end of the conversation, but it is still enough information to prove noteworthy in our investigation on the man. *Static rings out, accompanied by a high pitched whine. The static quiets down, the whine tuning to a constant tone* Marcus: Am I patched through? *silence* Good. *A brief silence* Marcus: I am using the same device that Viktor Nectarlos used to contact his associates. Turns out the man had a secret room in his office, full of... *a clinking of glass* ...alchemy equipment it seems? As well as this radio. I recognize some of my formulas in here, actually. *Silence* Marcus: Yes, the trial is over. It ended rather... dramatically. It seems that Vesthara has received a death sentence of an unpractical kind. After quite the tantrum, she has volunteered her services against The Iron Horde. *Silence* Marcus: Indeed, I wasn't expecting it either. Truly, the evidence was well in her favor it seemed. The stupid girl may have been able to walk out of court a free woman, though our assassins would have dealt with that quickly. Speaking of which, shall I send them after her? The Alliance Authority seems to intend to take her up on her offer. *Silence* Marcus: Oh...? This is a sudden change. May I ask what it is that has brought it about? *Silence* Marcus: I see. That does shift the playing field dramatically. I assume you will need me to put on my face once more? I grow weary of this damned disguise. *Silence* Marcus: Gladly. The sooner I can shed this skin and get back to doing what I do best, the better I'll feel. I will be working with The Sin Eaters, then? *Silence* Marcus: I'm sure they've missed me. And no, Viktor did not seem aware of just how close he came to uncovering our existence. The Order remains a secret, one that I believe The Black Prince is not even aware of. *Silence* Marcus: The Blasted Lands? You mean to tell me we will be going through? Do we even know what's on the other side. *Silence* Marcus: I see. Then it shall be as you command... *A long pause, Marcus letting out a amused, raspy cackle.* Marcus: ...Queen Nectarlos.Vesthara13 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Lets write a story Wyrmrest Every post, quote the person above you and write one sentence continuing the theme of what the last person posted. Let me start. There was once a goblin named Rizzle Gearjam. . .Neoxbow5 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Worgens and death knights. A guildie asked me if worgen hate death knights. I am unsure how to anwer this, help would be appreciated.Chäse6 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Interesting one line Stories! This is just a little creative writing sort of game I thought of while taking a jog. I'm curious, Wyrmrest, What story could you get me the most interested in, only giving me one sentence?Torkus40 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 RIP Human druids So I just logged into my 'Human' druid for the first time since the patch and Blizzard has fixed it. Now if you leave the starting phase without finishing the transform quests you're granted all the racials, including the shape shifting in combat. A moment of silence please. Hopefully this means Human druids are on the horizon though...Caeleise6 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 6 threads... 7 now Did the servers go down, guys!?Golavar3 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Accordian of the day Fairly often, in the aftermath of one of Wyrmrest Accord's forum drama episodes, someone will post a thread of positivity for people to highlight the good in our community and those who contribute to it. We've had shout out threads, white list threads, general threads of happiness. I think it's about time for one of those. So, neighbors, to whom do you give credit? Nominate an Accordian of the day! I would like to start by saluting Silveko and Nethal, two individuals with whom I disagree in the firmest possible way on virtually every topic which we've ever discussed, but who always argue in a civil and respectful manner, conceding points when disproven, offering a "good game" to finish off rigorous debates and withdrawing when things become uncomfortably tense. I can't emphasize enough how much I respect this; if all my opponents had such a sense of honor the Internet would be a truly lovely place.Azhaar99 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 The Masquerade Achievement Anybody else need help with this? The Masquerade is the last achievement I need for the holiday and I'm willing to help others who need this as well because I've pretty much collected all the wands already, I just can't use them on myself.Kalmer3 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 I pulled the plug. The server's hamster owed me money.Liànshi8 Oct 28, 2014