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Sep 12, 2014 Microsoft Buying Mojang http://kotaku.com/report-microsoft-trying-to-buy-mojang-creators-of-min-1632692098 http://kotaku.com/report-notch-to-leave-mojang-after-microsoft-sale-1632871715 I hope that Mojang doesn't make the mistake of letting this thing go through. There's far too many things that can go wrong if this happens, and it's not something I'm willing to risk with a game that I love and have spent so many hours with. Everyone is tempted by money in some way or another, but this is a bit "too much" for the community of Minecraft to try to just step back and accept. Petition: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-and-mojang-microsoft-should-not-buy-mojang#shareGeranguas25 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 So I searched "Victory for Sylvanas"... Searched Victory for Sylvanas on the WrA forums. WrA. I am disappoint. There are not nearly enough patriotic, rhetoric spouting, blind servants here. We require more.Colepain77 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 6.0 on the PTR! https://twitter.com/Warcraft/status/509490713155739648 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/15682579/602-ptr-patch-notes-9-9-2014 Added patch notes!Dawnsky47 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Online College Tips/Advice? Hello friends. I start college next week, and its all online through Phoenix University. Other than a semester at a community college right after high school, I haven't done any kind of school work since I graduated 4 years ago. I'm also a bit of a lazy, unfocused procrastinator. Obviously, I'm going to do my best and try my hardest, but does anyone have any tips for starting college, online college especially? I'd love to hear them!Shaysinn51 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Belf Names Ello, Wyrmrest, I am here to ask you a question... I am thinking of creating a male, blood elf farstrider (aka hunter). I've already got the basics of his personality down (calm, patient, observant). The only thing that is missing is a name. I am not fond of the gibberish that random name generators spit out and was looking for something relatively npc like. I was thinking of starting with the letters L, T(h), or A. Lorthalin? Something like that, except perhaps not as close to a major lore character. Any ideas?Aenalin10 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [A] Crimson Blade Consortium lvl25 Hello I have recently took over this guild and looking to add members to it's rank. As of right now I am using it as a leveling guild to help those out who wish to have the perks. In time who knows what will happen. There is no pressure to stay if you join and my only goal is to have fun while leveling. I will not tolerate drama. Any other questions feel free to mail me in game or leave a comment here. Have a nice dayGondolar0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Looking for a Garrosh Carry! Basically, wanna get that mount, and possibly an heirloom, before they disappear, as well as the title. Are there any Guilds on our realm, Horde or Alliance, who are still doing the carries? If so, how much are you charging, and what are your requirements? I've got Krenk and Rhentor here on Team red who are over the 540 Ilevel, and Gallaen, my Alliance Palalalaladin, who is also over the 540 Ilevel.Rhentor9 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Redneck Blood Elves Am I the only one running across Blood Elves talking like good ol' boys from the South? "Why should I lit you in ma family?" "Imma fixin' to give you a whoopin'" "Where'd that cousin go? I needa heir"Kothall41 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Forum problem I'm sorry. I see all these Alliance things posting all over the place. I really, really want to read what they say. But apparently they keep posting "Plague me! Plague me! Plague me!" over and over and I am really confused. Is anyone else having this issue?Falsum25 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Spawn of Galakras for sale? Do people here sell the achievement that gives the spawn of Galakras mount?Cowmageddon0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [A-RP] The Festival of the Dead-September "The time of the month is at hand. Like so many other cycles of the moon and sun. The eve of shadows has arisen. The gates of the Shadow Realm are ready to open for the dead to embrace the living. The duty of the Order, never fades and is never forgotten. Even in the face of death, from those who don't understand, and wish destruction upon us. We remain ever vigilant, for the coming day, will be the Festival of the Dead." Like days of past, the bells of the Order rang to count the coming days. The countdown to one of the most sacred moments of the Order, a milestone in the duty of each member. The recently renamed Lord Inquisitor, began preparations for the Festival. "Let a thousand spirits come to the living, let them mend the wounds of the past, and let them embrace the fruits of life. Once every month, our duty remains clear." The event is being hosted by the Order of the Endless ((Guild Name: The Endless Shadows)) It's that time of month again. The Festival of the Dead is held once every month. A day dedicated to the union of both, the realm of the dead and the realm of the living. Once every month, the energies of the both realms would be at its greatest, and converge on another to allow for a sizable and maintainable rift to be opened. These rifts can open during the day, but are best suited for the night, since the spirits would prefer the soothing calm of night. It would require that the person hosting the event be the one to open the rift, and allow the festival to begin. Once the rift is opened, the spirits will come at their own pace, and at their choice, depending on the offering of food or visitors attending the festival. Both the visiting souls and patrons will be greeted with the hospitality of the Order, including communing services. The festival will be held in Raven Hill, Duskwood at the 11th September, starting at 9pm ST - 12am ST. This event will give people the chance, to temporarily bring a killed off character or a dead relative of your character for the night.Slanezh16 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WTS Spectral Tiger(s) I was lucky enough to acquire a spectral tiger loot card. Looking at: Swift spectral tiger: 500k Spectral tiger: SOLD Prices negotiable. Add Karsian#1787 to discuss pricing/arrangements. Happy to sell horde side, but I'll ask for a bit more to cover AH pricesZavrian4 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Orcs and Draenei How many of you guys plan on having your orc/draenei characters meet the alternate version of themselves in WoD? Or maybe family members that once were dead? I haven't quite decided if alternate Hasun will be alive or dead yet. His family, however, will definitely be alive and part of his rp.Hasun41 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WoD Ending Cinematics... ((All the credit to Scott Leyes for putting this together and the poster Atanae in WoW insider for bringing this up)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL6ajtF5Q9MAnandôr13 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 536 Spriest LF RBG experience [A] I'm looking to get rbg experience with a team or two, and have prior rbg experience. I've made 1600 in casual teams, but I am looking for some more competitive teams. Feel free to send me in-game mail. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Guillard/advancedGuillard0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 1-600 Blacksmithing Kit for sale (Alliance)! Hello my fellow WRA-ians! The Northrend Tradning Company is open for business! I have completed my first kit for sale, and it is a Blacksmithing kit. I guarantee that this kit will take your toon from 1 to 600 in Blacksmithing. HOWEVER, buyers should have a Spirit of Harmony in order to purchase a blacksmith plan from a Pandaren vendor in order to make the final push to 600. Just in case, I have included some extra Ghost Iron. Other than that, all other mats are there, plus a little extra of each mat in order to make sure you have all you need. Furthermore, if for some reason you do NOT get to 600 in Blacksmithing or in any future kits I sell, I will purchase whatever missing mats you may need to help make sure you do reach 600. The Blacksmithing Kit is available for 20,000 gold. Please send me an in-game message to Martigun, or to my alt which will be holding the kit, Thimbledor, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I invite you into the Northrend Trading Company guild as a "potential buyer" in order to view the guild bank tabs to ensure all of the mats for the kit are there. Once an agreement is made and gold changes hands, I promote you in the guild to "buyer" which will give you full access to remove the mats in the entire kit from the guild bank. Then, you leave the guild whenever you have all your mats. Or... We do a simple trade transaction. This may take a little more time than the first method due to all the mats, but either way, you need to make sure you have plenty of room to store all of the mats from the kit, as there are a lot. The kit takes up almost 2 full guild bank tabs. For a list of mats, and also the instructions I use to go from 1 to 600 in Blacksmithing, go to the Blacksmithing guide at wow-professions.com. I am not affiliated with them, but I have used their guides in every profession I have ever leveled in with Martigun and my other toons, and their guides work. I will be looking into using some of the user created guides at wowhead.com in the future. A little about me... I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2008 during the Burning Crusade era. Martigun is my main and is the toon I started with. I moved to WRA in October of 2010 to make the move from PvP to RP and I have not looked back. I am a well respected player in the WRA RP community, although the past couple years since MoP was released, I have become a little more casual in playing the game and keep to myself a little more now than I used to. Some of that is because most of my really good friends have left the game, and the guild I was in that I was also the co-GM of, the Order of the Sepulchre, disbanded around the release of MoP. I can assure those of you that do not know me that I am trustworthy and you do not have to fear being scammed in any way, shape, or form if you deal with me. Just ask around. I can point you to the leaders of the Order of the Golden Law for references. I also do not wish to scam anybody because I don't want to be banned from the game which is my favorite past time, and also, it's just not in my character to do so. Finally, I am NOT a gold farmer. I am just a fellow player trying to make my way in the world... of Warcraft. I am also trying to get enough gold saved up to pay for a full Gold Challenge Mode carry so I can get Martigun his armor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) I look forward to doing business with you!Martigun3 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Gurthoon Rotblood- Failures The powerful frame of a blackrock orc stood within the caverns of Blackrock mountain. Clad in heavy and soot-covered armor, the orc had stayed very still for some time. Not needing things such as food or even air to survive, the blackrock orc had been in this position for months now. Followers of Rend Blackhand and the dark horde wandered past the figure. They knew him as Thurg'noo the Thrasher. He bore his fel-tempered blade, Killthrash on his back. Most did not bother him. Although there was rumblings at first what had happened to the orc. Before he had been quite involved in the Dark Horde's workings. He reveled in the power that his natural and unnatural strength gave him. Yet, some time ago, that had changed. Thurg'noo had disappeared and then had returned some months later. His armor had been damaged and blood was upon him. Then, he just took to the corner of the mountain where he now stood. Warriors had tried to get a rise out of him but had failed. They dismissed him as a warrior of the past. Indeed Thurg'noo had seen many wars. First he tasted the blood of orcs in the the skirmishes he would engage in against the other clans. Then he took a fondness for the blood of draenei, sweeter, he felt, than the blackblood of orcs. Humans too had their own distinct feeling. Their warm red lifeblood had covered his weapon many a time. But Thurg'noo did not think about those times now. No , he had only thought of one thing for some time: Escape. He was stuck within his own body; cramped with another. One he had known since he was a babe. If he had known then what fate would befall him at the hands of the other , he would have slaughtered him then. But Gurthoon had no intention of letting go of Thurg'noo's body. No he enjoyed it a great deal. It was stronger and larger than the body gifted to him by his former master. Nerethos, then name of the dreadlord who had bestowed upon Gurthoon his first unlife, only wished to use Gurthoon as a tool. Gurthoon, more than anything, had feared the demon's power of his unlife. But that had changed when he had taken Thurg'noo's, his older brother no less body. But that was another story for another time.. What Gurthoon had been thinking of, and of course was much more important than Thrug'noo's thoughts of freedom, was how fall he had fallen since the failure of the Host. The last and final straw that had driven Gurthoon here was the taking of his sanctum: The Ragefire Chasm. It had been the Dark Shaman at first. Gurthoon believed they had slaughtered his minions and fellow servants of the Legion in the Burning Blade. They drove Gurthoon out. But he returned. And what he found sent a shock throughout his wretched corpse : Hellscream, the Warchief himself had taken from him. The Chasm of was unrecognizable. It had been filled to the brim with grunts and kor'rkon, kind Gurthoon never thought would reach the deepest depths of this chasm. Gurthoon hid in what little shadows he could find, spying on these inner working of the Warchief. Gurthoon saw that the orcs had constructed chasms even deeper than he had thought. His deepest fears realized. They had destroyed his belongings: fowl artifacts he used to communicate and allowed himself to be empowered by the Legion. Hellscream and his secret army was known for their hatred of warlocks and all things fel. Likely Gurthoon's artifacts were lost. He growled at the loss, as he was unable to "properly pack" for his initial leaving of his "home." Gurthoon needed to unleash some of this rage. He could not help himself. He muttered a spell under his breath and aimed his fist at the nearest grunt he could find. The orc's suddenly began to scream in agony. His features were distorted, his face seemingly melting away. The orcs around him jumped and watched as they could do nothing else to held the grunt. The let out a roar, sounding the alarm. The chasm became full of activity as the guards searched for whoever committed the act. Gurthoon smirked and began to cast a spell that would portal him to safety. However as he finished the spell he noticed that his magic did not work. Somehow, his attempts at freedom were blocked. He tried again and again to no avail. Suddenly, Gurthoon felt very foolish for unleashing his rage. He searched for the nearest chasm to escape the area was so changed, Gurthoon could not remember which led to safety and which led to a lava-filled death. "There! A deathknight! Slay him!" An orc had discovered Gurthoon. Gurthoon scowled but accepted that perhaps his hubris had made him reach his final fate...again. He roared and lifted his brother's blade. He , however, froze. His body refused to comply with his demands. Gurthoon's eyes widened in fear, the only sign of control over his form. "Is this....how I end?..."Gurthoon1 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 The Face Changing is real! Don't like your face in WoD? Change it for 32 gold.Lanuus36 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Merchants of the Horde! I'm looking for a few IC merchant contacts, whether it be individuals, or entire guilds (INCLUDING cartels/other unsavory organizations), that the Redspear Militia could utilize. I don't care if it's RP products or actual product, the militia needs supplies and merchants need customers. I'd like to try and get a quality RP going that involves that. If you're interested, please contact me in-game or add my b-tag (CRACKERJACK#1312). We can discuss more details then.Kaido6 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Trapped in a blow off class. I am in my "Communications" class. My work is done and now here I am with my laptop bored out of my mind. It is super stormy outside so I can't go out and smoke. Entertain me or tell me something interesting?Dawnblood25 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Vrykul Culture Head Canon Let's get one thing straight here, this forum post is for FUN, I don't work for blizzard I don't claim this lore to be canon, it is not, it is head canon, theories, really about how the vrykul culture is. I know I post a lot of stuff usually revolving around the same topics, be them demons or giant Northrend Viking people, yea I'm like a broken record, deal with it. But overall, enjoy this unofficial lore I wrote:D Parenting: though only a recent addition to the culture of the people of Northrend, due to their thousands of years of slumber, has been observed to be quite up to par. Though brutal and absolutely without mercy upon the field of battle it has been discovered vrykul are devoted and compassionate, if authoritarian parents, often sharing child rearing responsibilities with other clan, or tribe members. Vrykul infants, if found to be able to stand upon birth, are regarded as pure, and thus kept, the other infants who are born only a third of the size of the healthy infants are killed. This brutal practice first shocked the druid who discovered it, but after further examination was revealed why they did this brutish action. It would appear deformed vrykul children are incapable of surviving in the harsh climate of Northrend, they are prone to sickness, and slow agonizing deaths following their births if the mother or father resists the will of the chieftain or other high ranking individual to have the child put down. It is now somewhat more understood why vrykul usually disdain humans, likely it reminds them of the children they risk losing when another is born. Should a child of the north survive to his or her fifth month, they are assigned a worg, at first this of course worried the druid researcher who was observing the clans in Northrend, and however after careful study it made sense. When a taunka came to Nifflevar intent on killing and pillaging with his band of adventurers when most of the warriors were away, it was revealed throwing a vrykul infant up then down like a ball is an absolutely horrible idea. The child’s panicked shrieking, while making the adventurers smirk, merely enraged the local worgs that vrykul keep. Loud howling and vicious snarling filled the village as worgs swarmed in from seemingly every cranny of the village, quickly ripping apart the overtaken pillagers mercilessly. It was then observed the worgs would gently pick up the baby in their jaws and place it somewhere safe, and lay around it to keep it warm. It would appear centuries of careful breeding and selection have made vrykul worgs form bonds with infants, allowing the parents to worry less about their children. Should a vrykul child survive to the age of five, they are trained in the hunt, learning to use a bow, as well as how to track, fish and survive in the wild with ease. The life of a child of the north is a busy one, each day filled with two things, food and training; the sheer amount of training done by vrykul children is staggering, bordering on exhaustion inducing, however it was revealed recently in ancient texts that vrykul encouraged their children to push themselves, and to become self reliant. The warlike race of northerners apparently don’t sugar coat things to the offspring, explaining point blank their world view, and how they see life, the children unsurprisingly adhere to this view of the world, and quickly become as stubborn as their parents.Lokiira12 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 [A] Tea Shoppe -- Get your random RP on! Sweetling's Teas and Tarts* THURSDAY (9/18) from 7:00ish to 10:00 CST** Come enjoy a cup and conversation! Almost always held in Ironforge***. *********** *No, not that kind of tart. Sorry. **I don't even know what ST is anymore. I'll correct the post if someone corrects me. ***Shoppe will be kept in Ironforge UNLESS I can find a better spot in Stormwind. *********** ((This is almost all random RP, and absolutely everyone Alliance-side is welcome. If you're a new RPer, come hang out. If you're a veteran who'd just love to tell your stories, come hang out. If you're just bored and want to prattle on while a charming Gilnean woman pours you tea, come hang out. No violence, fights, kidnapping, dismembering, or *gasp* coffee allowed. Okay, maybe a little coffee. (But only with Gilnean whiskey cream!) Catch me on Quinneth if you're interested.))Quinneth8 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 When you color your hair to hide the gray... http://i.imgur.com/87rbzhE.jpg At least TRY to make it match your beard, mkay?Thura8 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 @Wyrmrest Folks (Sorry and Thanks) Next month the Golden Law will be going on two years - and it's been full of ups and downs that are trying, exhausting, and seemingly without end. As most guild masters know - there's always something going on. I wanted to, however, get some stuff out and in the open, one of which being my gratitude for -all- of our allies, friends and even some of our rivals who have helped push and encourage us since our founding. There are those of you, however, who we have done wrongs to, over the past two years, and to you, not only do you have my gratitude for not throwing world class tantrums and for being the bigger person and just slapping on an ignore or avoiding us (as you should do when people come at you and refuse to reason), but also my most heartfelt and sincere apology. I spoke with a Guild Master the other night who talked to me about some of the stuff we had done in the past, which sparked this post. I won't talk about the difficulties of deciding which choices are right, and which are wrong, because it doesn't matter, and you already know that every situation is unique, and there are many times when we wrongfully think ourselves right. This guild has seen two Guild Leaders and many officers, and we all have our own ways of handling things. Having been the new GM for going on nearly a year now, it's my turn to step up with this motion; I think we should have done it at the time when we wronged you. To those who have taken issue with us, with me, with Kalery or with any officer of the Golden Law, I want to speak with you one on one, talk about the matter, and resolve what we are all capable of resolving. And if an apology is impossible, I at least want to walk forward beside you. We don't need to be best friends, but I can't imagine staying enemies with -anyone- in a game when we're supposed to be a community. My own vision for the guild is to continue to build on what we started with, and to foster a friendly environment which stands as an example for what we want to see in the community. We spend most of our time RPing out in the world, and I want to continue to invite our allies and -everyone- to join us in our adventures. With an expansion on the horizon and two campaigns still to go before it drops, there is a whole lot of fence mending I want to get done, and bring a whole lot more of us together for what we're all here to do - RP. My door is always open for people who want to talk (and resolve things), as are the doors of two my Co-GMs, Jeca and Ruintar. I cannot speak for the former GM or Officers, nor will I try to, but speaking as the current leader - I will do everything I can to make right what we have done wrong. TL;DR: Sorry for leaving our legos next to your bed on a cold winter morning.Ennalor3 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 9/11 Happy Birthday to Tyler! Best wishes for a great day :)Vandrysse0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Horde Guilds with battle pets achievements? I am really into battle pets and want to get the thundering hatching before it is not longer available so i was wondering if there are any guilds willing to let me in long enough to get the rep to buy him :) Also looking for Lil' Tarecgosa Thanks for the help guysMoojujuju0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Buying Alliance Side Challenge Mode Carries Pretty self explanatory here. I'm looking for a group to help me finish my challenge mode golds. I need 3-4 Golds to complete the achievement, so please let me know who does them and the price. ThanksYleora4 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 WTS Awesome Mounts (Rhino, Deathcharger, etc) Hi guys. I'm selling some mounts on Alliance side. Feel free to send a tell to me in game or add my btag Vaelgard#1965. I have the following for sale: Wooly White Rhino (TCG mount) Crimson Deathcharger (from Shadowmourne box) Jeweled Onyx Panther (crafted from 4 other panthers) Sky Golem (crafted from engineering) Thanks!Vaelgard0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 RP is Ponies. And y'all need Luna in your life. http://tinyurl.com/lowrknnJihorn23 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 What's your favourite Steamy Romance Novel? My one is the forbidden love one. A paladin human male, with an undead fetish. Now, isn't that funny! Yet, at the same time disturbing. What's yours?Slanezh0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Education Hey all, at work here (obviously not working) and I just wanted to throw up a topic: How far does your education go? High School? College? Professional Degree? MULTIPLE DEGREES!? Education is a valuable thing, of course. Throw out your ideas and opinions about education. How do you feel about how it is necessary for a job? How do you feel about your current educational load? How do you feel about your school overall? For those outside the US , how do you like your schools? What are your opinions on US schools? Is there any difference, so far as you know? As for me, as some of you know, I'm enrolled in Law School, on my second year. Graduated with a BA in Philosophy ( it is a valuable degree dangit!! haha) and graduated Highschool (as opposed to getting my GED) The workload is tough, and completely envelops my life. I have time for only three things during the day: School, Work, and the Gym (and barely any time for my poor girlfriend, minus the weekends) It is almost entirely case-law, with statutes thrown in there for Texas (representing!) law courses I'm taking. It's tough. I'm broke. But God willing it will be worth it! How about you?Sholaad50 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 My horse is dead. Buy it! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13923012486Astrid14 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 RPing Non-playable Races Back in the ye olden' days of Ravenholdt, when it wasn't utterly dead, you couldn't throw a dragon RPer without hitting a dragon RPer. And while there was a fair share of people who frowned upon it, most, from my experience, just accepted it and moved on. Anyway, this isn't Ravenholdt anymore Dorthy, and I was wondering what y'alls opinion is on the matter, though not just on dragon RPers. What of half-elves(or half-humans, half-short hairy humans, the even smaller half-humans, half-trolls, half-orcs, half-dratini, half-that one cow race we may or may not have), warlocks as demons, rogues donning the Shadowblade attire and running around as geists, a night elf that's secretly a bunch of murlocs standing on each other's shoulder- you get the point. Considering you are all well-mannered, respectful adults, or mature children, who would by no means derail this topic, I'd like to hear your say on the topic. Would you eagerly accept and hop on board with their idea? Avoid them? Harp on about how they're the ones responsible for the slow climb of illiteracy in children?Ciach41 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Random Morning Topic: Disturbance in the Game So it's another morning. We've had two 'random morning threads' lately, so I felt I'd keep it going a third day with a little question that should make things interesting. Yesterday, I was grinding on my priest in Duskwood. (It's not a fun place for priests...) I was having to go to a house in the middle of that huge cemetery, I forget the name of it already, but when I got there and started clearing out the Ghouls, I noticed people talking. Well, /emoting. Suggestively. I went upstairs, saw two people in the room that I was supposed to go in... And realized I'd just walked in on cyb0rz. X.X I ran out of the building and went to log out, and then into Tori, for the rest of the day. So this leads to my question - what's the most disturbing thing you've seen in-game? Player actions, MRP descriptions, that sort of thing. Let's hear it, Wyrmrest!Torikushi46 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 I got my cloak! But... http://i.imgur.com/BbHnSGJ.jpg Why am I on fire? Is Wrathion trolling me because I yelled at him? I mean, who wouldn't yell at him, you don't just go around putting Thunder God hearts in your mouth! That's so...unsanitary. http://i.imgur.com/gp7QBPT.jpg That doesn't mean he should make fun of me! Okay, so I stood in the fire and died, now I'm a zombie. Surely I'm not the only one. So rude. :'(Meredith2 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 <Lost Champions> [H] Recruiting. Lost Champions is a raiding guild delves into multiple aspects of WoW. We are looking to expand our raiding roster for WoD, so if raiding is your thing, we've got you covered. Many of our players enjoy PVP, so if you need a few buddies to tag along for BG grinding, we can assist. Most of the guild members are also into RP or at least interested in lore. (we also play quite a few games outside of WoW. Even if you are just looking for place to hang out and be social, we would be more than happy to take you.) Interested? Great! Let's start with the raiders. Raid Information For WoD we are aiming for a 20 man team with aspirations of mythic raiding. However right now our current 10 man team is in need of new blood. With the end of the expansion many of our raiders have decided to take some time off to prepare for the expansion while many of the remaining raiders wish to keep pushing on into SoO. So we currently have three open raid spots we're looking to fill. Our SoO raid team is currently 11/14H We're looking for experienced players to fill the following roles: Tank, pure DPS, and a DPS who is willing to go tank on very specific fights. Ideally out of these three roles we want an attack speed buff and a spell haste buff. Requirements: ability to perform under stress, to be knowledgeable or willing to learn about your class and role to it's fullest ability. A background in progression raiding preferred. The ability to perform to a standard. The team raids from 6 pm server time to 9 pm. There is a scheduled break in there if time allows. Any one who show's interest and makes the cut for the team will be guaranteed a raid spot in WoD when every one comes back from their end of the expansion break. We use a need before greed system for loot and are willing to change it if it doesn't meet player demand. This is effective for all loot except for tier which are distributed evenly. All cases of multiple people on the same precedence will be decided by rolls. Beyond this, we do not have a lot of other rules, but we do ask to be respectful of your fellow raider's needs. Social Information Those who join for social needs will find the player base of Lost Champions to be fairly active, with people on frequently. Social members will have limited access to raiding supplies, but access to other tabs geared for helping out those who need some help with professions or perhaps replacing a crappy weapon or armor while in the leveling process. If you play games outside of WoW, we have a number of members who have steam accounts cooperatively play games. Closing information If you are interested in joining, please send a mail or whisper to Yggdrasill in game. See you in gameYggdrasill0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 What is happening...!? I go play Destiny for the day, and come back to arguing over if RP is dead or not... Or something like that. What's going on here!?Torkus38 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 RP is dead, y'all Yup, the word is in: it's over. The ship has sailed, the fat lady has sung. It's over. And I think we all know who to blame. Dang it, Quintus. In light of these events, (plus reports from a very reliable source that WoW itself is on its last legs, no really I mean it this time) I am pleased to announce the following changes to our beloved server as a pathetic last-ditch effort to save RP in the course of which we shall all overcome stereotypical obstacles and learn a priceless lesson about the value of friendship. All of your characters will be switched to a non-playable but sentient monster race. You may pick one (1). Harpies, murlocs, gnolls, troggs, what-have-you. Choose wisely, for this step cannot be undone, unless you wanna fork over $30 for a character recustomization, in which case Blizzard appreciates your business. Wyrmrest Accord is now a TCG server. That's right, all PvE combat will now be carried out by throwing down cards, as the success of Hearthstone has proved beyond doubt the vast superiority of this system over fighting stuff. PvP has been replaced with /roll duels. Go forth and conquer, Accordians! Except Quintus. Go sit in your corner. Yours truly, ~Cousin Azhaar, Grummle PaladinAzhaar48 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Ongoing Personal Projects, September 2014 Putting something in bold at the top of a page always makes everything that follows seem more intelligent. Unless you put something absolutely stupid, that is. Anyways, given that this is an RP Community, one can infer that there are quite an amount of creative minds on here. Whether you folks be composers, drawers, writers, etc, you probably have some kind of project you're working on/have worked on/would like to work on. So why not talk about them? For me, I have quite a long list of things I'm working with. The main one is this book I'm writing, having just finished the rough draft for it this Saturday. I'm aiming to have it released by Summer 2015, so if/when that happens, you all can bet I'll bet shoving it down your throats on here. Of course, there is "A Childhood Gone," which is an ongoing side-project of mine telling the story of Vesthara during her teenage years amongst the Scarlet Crusade, and how she wound up arriving in the lands of Stormwind all the way from an undead-infested Lordaeron. Have you read it yet? If not, you should really get on that. Finally, my second priority is writing 5-7 Screenplays to be submitted to contest and queried all around the country throughout the Summer of 2015. So far, I have the rough draft for one done (which I am actually about beginning revision on,) and I have more than enough ideas for the other ones. And, of course, the Red Mason storyline. It's a little quiet, due to end of expansion blues and some bad decisions on my part, but there are stilll plenty of loose ends to be tied up, as well as potential for far more storylines. (We're looking to get involved with the community again, so if you'd like to have us around for an event or storyline, send a message.) That's my workload for the 11-12 months. I'm making good progress on it all. How about you folks? Chasing your dreams? Getting !@#$ done? Or just talking about it and wasting time? Progress is progress, no matter what, so what are you doing to make it happen?Vesthara15 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 LF PVE/RAID guild. Hi there, I am new to this server and am looking for an active pve guild. I can raid on this priest and also have a 567 Blood DK that I can use. RP/PVE guilds are fine. Looking forward to raiding with you all!Sålome3 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 [RP] Gone home. Rain pattered down on a lone Woman, falling from dark, crying skies, to drench the Elf. Her boots sank deep into the mud as she walked along, her hands buried deep into the pockets of her crimson robes. Black (with shades of gray) hair spilled from her robe, going as far as her exposed midriff. It was, of course, wet and matted with mud. It hugged her curves softly, concealing a stomach covered in cuts and bruises. The elf had wept as she walked, joining the light symphony of the rain, and the ~Squelch~ of her boots digging into the mud beneath her. As she walked, the green grass she had walked upon turned to dead, dry land. The tree’s around her became withered and old, and the road (if you could go as far to call it that) dissipated into nothingness. Still, she walked, regardless. The minutes she had walked had turned to hours, and then days, until she simply had to sense of time. She ignored the world around her as she trudged, her mind utterly blank, and her legs sore. She had ceased to be hungry long ago. The woman couldn’t tell the difference between hungry or full, tired or awake, or moving or standing still. She had no goal, no purpose, or reason to walk. She merely did so, because she wanted to. It grew darker still, the sun moving at a seemingly more rapid pace. Soon, it was pitch black, with only her shining blue eyes piercing the darkness. Unfazed, she still walked. Her ears had laid dormant; floppy and useless, as she had stopped listening long ago. They still bounced when she took a particularly heavy step, and flapped in the wind on those rather windy days. At this moment, they twitched, becoming stiff as they pointed upwards. The elf merely casted a glance upwards, finally looking up from her feet. Her miserable eyes meekly inspecting what was in front of her; a door. A wooden door, with it’s knob broken off. It was nearly torn, the wood having rotted away long ago. It hung by it’s hinges, and the wind nearly threatened to blow it off. Next to that was a window, it’s glass shattered completely. She took a step forward, flinching with each step, as the sound of her boots on a hard material had become foreign to her. As she got closer, she reached her hand forward to push the door open.Adeles1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Looking for an active RP Guild [H] I'm in the market for a guild. One that does regular RP events weekly, with people always on interested in some RP'in. Every time I join a guild I find myself constantly logging on to 1-2 members tops, sometimes just me, all by myself, sitting alone in a hundred person guild, twiddling my big Tauren thumbs. I love to RP, it's my favorite aspect of the game these days. I'd love a guild that is almost 100% focused on RP. Sure I do all the LFR every new expansion, I love to heal, and I'd love to heal regular raids with my guild too. But RP is the main thing. I've thought about starting my own guild, but I'm not entirely sure I've got what it takes to be a guild leader. So... any really active heavy RP guilds out there?Karihe0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 [A] <Soul Requiem> Recruiting Hey guys, Soul Requiem is currently recruiting for our progression team for Heroics and WoD. We are currently looking for a Priest (healer) or possibly a Resto Shaman as well as a Warlock. Must be 18 years old and love to laugh. If you are interested, please contact a guild officer for information. Thanks!!!!Kennypowerss1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 I did it Wyrmrest Accord ! I have chosen my next Character Title for Kiethoo. Or should I say, Oberbürgermeister Kie'thoo ! NINE DAYS TILL BREWFEST! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1r5BjKTntAKiethoo16 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 The Happy, Non-Offensive, Respectful Thread Hello everyone. How are we? I hope we all have smiles on our faces, and rainbows in the sky today. Has everyone given each other a hug today? Don't forget to hug one another. Hugs are nice, very nice. Our world is so great and without flaws, and we must embrace that fact What shall we talk about? Let's keep it nice and easy, yes? Nothing that might harm emotion bones. We don't want to exercise terrible thoughts! They have no place in our community. Only happiness. Only joy. I saw a squirrel today. It was a very cute squirrel, so fuzzy and sweet. I would have petted it, but it ran up a tree!Vesthara19 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Happy 5.4 Day! imgur.com/4OjfOj4.gifLoreynna14 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 It's September, Wyrmrest! Are you starting to get chilly? I'm still playing through Dragon Age: Origins and I've hit the Deep Roads and I do not care for them at all. The Darkspawn were kind of threatening in a massive, unstoppable horde. In tiny little pockets of resistance, they're just obnoxious. Anyway, as a creative exercise, I've been trying to see if it's possible to smooth out the erratic timeline of the expansions: remove any references to Garrosh as Warchief prior to WoD and so forth. I've identified a few solutions. In Stonetalon Mountains, we could have Saurfang show up instead of Garrosh or we could just have the Alliance nuke Cliffrunner Post in retaliation. In Silverpine, we could have Vol'jin show up and also remove Garrosh's gendered insult. It wouldn't be hard to have flashback quests for his BC content and he doesn't do much in Northrend that couldn't be replaced with another NPC. In Cataclysm, he primarily shows up in the Twilight Highlands. I think the introductory quests to that should just be removed for both Horde and Alliance. You get the quest to go through the portal to Highbank or Dragonmaw and start from there. It would remove confusion as to why you'd kill Warlord Zaela in UBRS at level 55 and then ally with her at level 85. And the removal of the quest would allow Stormwind to be rebuilt. Slap a Feat of Strength on it and call it a day. Where I hit a sticking point is MoP. Garrosh is so integral to the opening quests that it'd be hard to maintain continuity without him being there. Anyway, what are you all reading? I'm dreadfully short of fun books lately. And what would you like to talk about today?Enekie51 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Two Truths, One Lie So! Fun forum game time. Share two truths of your character, and one lie. The person below you guesses which one is the lie, then posts his/her/their own facts and lie, and it repeats from there. Be subtle. Have fun! I'll kick us off with the following: 1. Gydorah enjoys a good drink of alcohol at least twice a week. 2. He is uncomfortable around Forsaken and Goblins. 3. He participated in the battle of Theramore.Gydorah110 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Horde Raiding Guilds Hello, WrA! After many, many hours spent at the name selection screen, I have arrived on this realm. I checked WoWProgress, and, while there were several Horde guilds clearing/progressing through heroic SoO, I've yet to see a recruitment post for any of them. Are there any guilds currently recruiting for WoD? Answers are much appreciated.Kagar2 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Morning Coffee Topic: RP Accents Good Monday morning, Wyrmies! I'm at my desk and it's busy, but I'm not quite up and going yet , so I'm trying to wake myself up with coffee and an RP discussion. :D So I've been doing a bit of RP on my draenei, and though it's been with other draenei it's gotten me to thinking about this particular topic and I wanted to see other RPers' thoughts. TOPIC: ---Do you have a character you RP having an accent? ---If so, what is the character, what is the accent, and why do you use that particular one? ---If not, are you against RP accents? Why/why not? To answer my own questions, I've not decided, as far as my draenei goes; this is why I wanted others' thoughts. :> Quinneth doesn't really have an RP 'accent', per se, but I do use more old-fashioned colloquial "English" phrasing and wording. She's Gilnean. It's probably god-awful, but it works for her. I have a baby dorf that I want to level and RP in the worst way, but I'm scared shyteless of the accent. ._. And that's one I'd feel weird leaving out entirely. So... answers? Thoughts? Moar coffee? <3Quinneth64 Sep 10, 2014