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Sep 11, 2014 What's your favourite Steamy Romance Novel? My one is the forbidden love one. A paladin human male, with an undead fetish. Now, isn't that funny! Yet, at the same time disturbing. What's yours?Slanezh0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Education Hey all, at work here (obviously not working) and I just wanted to throw up a topic: How far does your education go? High School? College? Professional Degree? MULTIPLE DEGREES!? Education is a valuable thing, of course. Throw out your ideas and opinions about education. How do you feel about how it is necessary for a job? How do you feel about your current educational load? How do you feel about your school overall? For those outside the US , how do you like your schools? What are your opinions on US schools? Is there any difference, so far as you know? As for me, as some of you know, I'm enrolled in Law School, on my second year. Graduated with a BA in Philosophy ( it is a valuable degree dangit!! haha) and graduated Highschool (as opposed to getting my GED) The workload is tough, and completely envelops my life. I have time for only three things during the day: School, Work, and the Gym (and barely any time for my poor girlfriend, minus the weekends) It is almost entirely case-law, with statutes thrown in there for Texas (representing!) law courses I'm taking. It's tough. I'm broke. But God willing it will be worth it! How about you?Sholaad50 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 My horse is dead. Buy it! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13923012486Astrid14 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 RPing Non-playable Races Back in the ye olden' days of Ravenholdt, when it wasn't utterly dead, you couldn't throw a dragon RPer without hitting a dragon RPer. And while there was a fair share of people who frowned upon it, most, from my experience, just accepted it and moved on. Anyway, this isn't Ravenholdt anymore Dorthy, and I was wondering what y'alls opinion is on the matter, though not just on dragon RPers. What of half-elves(or half-humans, half-short hairy humans, the even smaller half-humans, half-trolls, half-orcs, half-dratini, half-that one cow race we may or may not have), warlocks as demons, rogues donning the Shadowblade attire and running around as geists, a night elf that's secretly a bunch of murlocs standing on each other's shoulder- you get the point. Considering you are all well-mannered, respectful adults, or mature children, who would by no means derail this topic, I'd like to hear your say on the topic. Would you eagerly accept and hop on board with their idea? Avoid them? Harp on about how they're the ones responsible for the slow climb of illiteracy in children?Ciach41 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Random Morning Topic: Disturbance in the Game So it's another morning. We've had two 'random morning threads' lately, so I felt I'd keep it going a third day with a little question that should make things interesting. Yesterday, I was grinding on my priest in Duskwood. (It's not a fun place for priests...) I was having to go to a house in the middle of that huge cemetery, I forget the name of it already, but when I got there and started clearing out the Ghouls, I noticed people talking. Well, /emoting. Suggestively. I went upstairs, saw two people in the room that I was supposed to go in... And realized I'd just walked in on cyb0rz. X.X I ran out of the building and went to log out, and then into Tori, for the rest of the day. So this leads to my question - what's the most disturbing thing you've seen in-game? Player actions, MRP descriptions, that sort of thing. Let's hear it, Wyrmrest!Torikushi46 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 I got my cloak! But... http://i.imgur.com/BbHnSGJ.jpg Why am I on fire? Is Wrathion trolling me because I yelled at him? I mean, who wouldn't yell at him, you don't just go around putting Thunder God hearts in your mouth! That's so...unsanitary. http://i.imgur.com/gp7QBPT.jpg That doesn't mean he should make fun of me! Okay, so I stood in the fire and died, now I'm a zombie. Surely I'm not the only one. So rude. :'(Meredith2 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 <Lost Champions> [H] Recruiting. Lost Champions is a raiding guild delves into multiple aspects of WoW. We are looking to expand our raiding roster for WoD, so if raiding is your thing, we've got you covered. Many of our players enjoy PVP, so if you need a few buddies to tag along for BG grinding, we can assist. Most of the guild members are also into RP or at least interested in lore. (we also play quite a few games outside of WoW. Even if you are just looking for place to hang out and be social, we would be more than happy to take you.) Interested? Great! Let's start with the raiders. Raid Information For WoD we are aiming for a 20 man team with aspirations of mythic raiding. However right now our current 10 man team is in need of new blood. With the end of the expansion many of our raiders have decided to take some time off to prepare for the expansion while many of the remaining raiders wish to keep pushing on into SoO. So we currently have three open raid spots we're looking to fill. Our SoO raid team is currently 11/14H We're looking for experienced players to fill the following roles: Tank, pure DPS, and a DPS who is willing to go tank on very specific fights. Ideally out of these three roles we want an attack speed buff and a spell haste buff. Requirements: ability to perform under stress, to be knowledgeable or willing to learn about your class and role to it's fullest ability. A background in progression raiding preferred. The ability to perform to a standard. The team raids from 6 pm server time to 9 pm. There is a scheduled break in there if time allows. Any one who show's interest and makes the cut for the team will be guaranteed a raid spot in WoD when every one comes back from their end of the expansion break. We use a need before greed system for loot and are willing to change it if it doesn't meet player demand. This is effective for all loot except for tier which are distributed evenly. All cases of multiple people on the same precedence will be decided by rolls. Beyond this, we do not have a lot of other rules, but we do ask to be respectful of your fellow raider's needs. Social Information Those who join for social needs will find the player base of Lost Champions to be fairly active, with people on frequently. Social members will have limited access to raiding supplies, but access to other tabs geared for helping out those who need some help with professions or perhaps replacing a crappy weapon or armor while in the leveling process. If you play games outside of WoW, we have a number of members who have steam accounts cooperatively play games. Closing information If you are interested in joining, please send a mail or whisper to Yggdrasill in game. See you in gameYggdrasill0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 What is happening...!? I go play Destiny for the day, and come back to arguing over if RP is dead or not... Or something like that. What's going on here!?Torkus38 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 RP is dead, y'all Yup, the word is in: it's over. The ship has sailed, the fat lady has sung. It's over. And I think we all know who to blame. Dang it, Quintus. In light of these events, (plus reports from a very reliable source that WoW itself is on its last legs, no really I mean it this time) I am pleased to announce the following changes to our beloved server as a pathetic last-ditch effort to save RP in the course of which we shall all overcome stereotypical obstacles and learn a priceless lesson about the value of friendship. All of your characters will be switched to a non-playable but sentient monster race. You may pick one (1). Harpies, murlocs, gnolls, troggs, what-have-you. Choose wisely, for this step cannot be undone, unless you wanna fork over $30 for a character recustomization, in which case Blizzard appreciates your business. Wyrmrest Accord is now a TCG server. That's right, all PvE combat will now be carried out by throwing down cards, as the success of Hearthstone has proved beyond doubt the vast superiority of this system over fighting stuff. PvP has been replaced with /roll duels. Go forth and conquer, Accordians! Except Quintus. Go sit in your corner. Yours truly, ~Cousin Azhaar, Grummle PaladinAzhaar48 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Ongoing Personal Projects, September 2014 Putting something in bold at the top of a page always makes everything that follows seem more intelligent. Unless you put something absolutely stupid, that is. Anyways, given that this is an RP Community, one can infer that there are quite an amount of creative minds on here. Whether you folks be composers, drawers, writers, etc, you probably have some kind of project you're working on/have worked on/would like to work on. So why not talk about them? For me, I have quite a long list of things I'm working with. The main one is this book I'm writing, having just finished the rough draft for it this Saturday. I'm aiming to have it released by Summer 2015, so if/when that happens, you all can bet I'll bet shoving it down your throats on here. Of course, there is "A Childhood Gone," which is an ongoing side-project of mine telling the story of Vesthara during her teenage years amongst the Scarlet Crusade, and how she wound up arriving in the lands of Stormwind all the way from an undead-infested Lordaeron. Have you read it yet? If not, you should really get on that. Finally, my second priority is writing 5-7 Screenplays to be submitted to contest and queried all around the country throughout the Summer of 2015. So far, I have the rough draft for one done (which I am actually about beginning revision on,) and I have more than enough ideas for the other ones. And, of course, the Red Mason storyline. It's a little quiet, due to end of expansion blues and some bad decisions on my part, but there are stilll plenty of loose ends to be tied up, as well as potential for far more storylines. (We're looking to get involved with the community again, so if you'd like to have us around for an event or storyline, send a message.) That's my workload for the 11-12 months. I'm making good progress on it all. How about you folks? Chasing your dreams? Getting !@#$ done? Or just talking about it and wasting time? Progress is progress, no matter what, so what are you doing to make it happen?Vesthara15 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 LF PVE/RAID guild. Hi there, I am new to this server and am looking for an active pve guild. I can raid on this priest and also have a 567 Blood DK that I can use. RP/PVE guilds are fine. Looking forward to raiding with you all!Sålome3 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 [RP] Gone home. Rain pattered down on a lone Woman, falling from dark, crying skies, to drench the Elf. Her boots sank deep into the mud as she walked along, her hands buried deep into the pockets of her crimson robes. Black (with shades of gray) hair spilled from her robe, going as far as her exposed midriff. It was, of course, wet and matted with mud. It hugged her curves softly, concealing a stomach covered in cuts and bruises. The elf had wept as she walked, joining the light symphony of the rain, and the ~Squelch~ of her boots digging into the mud beneath her. As she walked, the green grass she had walked upon turned to dead, dry land. The tree’s around her became withered and old, and the road (if you could go as far to call it that) dissipated into nothingness. Still, she walked, regardless. The minutes she had walked had turned to hours, and then days, until she simply had to sense of time. She ignored the world around her as she trudged, her mind utterly blank, and her legs sore. She had ceased to be hungry long ago. The woman couldn’t tell the difference between hungry or full, tired or awake, or moving or standing still. She had no goal, no purpose, or reason to walk. She merely did so, because she wanted to. It grew darker still, the sun moving at a seemingly more rapid pace. Soon, it was pitch black, with only her shining blue eyes piercing the darkness. Unfazed, she still walked. Her ears had laid dormant; floppy and useless, as she had stopped listening long ago. They still bounced when she took a particularly heavy step, and flapped in the wind on those rather windy days. At this moment, they twitched, becoming stiff as they pointed upwards. The elf merely casted a glance upwards, finally looking up from her feet. Her miserable eyes meekly inspecting what was in front of her; a door. A wooden door, with it’s knob broken off. It was nearly torn, the wood having rotted away long ago. It hung by it’s hinges, and the wind nearly threatened to blow it off. Next to that was a window, it’s glass shattered completely. She took a step forward, flinching with each step, as the sound of her boots on a hard material had become foreign to her. As she got closer, she reached her hand forward to push the door open.Adeles1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Looking for an active RP Guild [H] I'm in the market for a guild. One that does regular RP events weekly, with people always on interested in some RP'in. Every time I join a guild I find myself constantly logging on to 1-2 members tops, sometimes just me, all by myself, sitting alone in a hundred person guild, twiddling my big Tauren thumbs. I love to RP, it's my favorite aspect of the game these days. I'd love a guild that is almost 100% focused on RP. Sure I do all the LFR every new expansion, I love to heal, and I'd love to heal regular raids with my guild too. But RP is the main thing. I've thought about starting my own guild, but I'm not entirely sure I've got what it takes to be a guild leader. So... any really active heavy RP guilds out there?Karihe0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 [A] <Soul Requiem> Recruiting Hey guys, Soul Requiem is currently recruiting for our progression team for Heroics and WoD. We are currently looking for a Priest (healer) or possibly a Resto Shaman as well as a Warlock. Must be 18 years old and love to laugh. If you are interested, please contact a guild officer for information. Thanks!!!!Kennypowerss1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 I did it Wyrmrest Accord ! I have chosen my next Character Title for Kiethoo. Or should I say, Oberbürgermeister Kie'thoo ! NINE DAYS TILL BREWFEST! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1r5BjKTntAKiethoo16 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 The Happy, Non-Offensive, Respectful Thread Hello everyone. How are we? I hope we all have smiles on our faces, and rainbows in the sky today. Has everyone given each other a hug today? Don't forget to hug one another. Hugs are nice, very nice. Our world is so great and without flaws, and we must embrace that fact What shall we talk about? Let's keep it nice and easy, yes? Nothing that might harm emotion bones. We don't want to exercise terrible thoughts! They have no place in our community. Only happiness. Only joy. I saw a squirrel today. It was a very cute squirrel, so fuzzy and sweet. I would have petted it, but it ran up a tree!Vesthara19 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Happy 5.4 Day! imgur.com/4OjfOj4.gifLoreynna14 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 It's September, Wyrmrest! Are you starting to get chilly? I'm still playing through Dragon Age: Origins and I've hit the Deep Roads and I do not care for them at all. The Darkspawn were kind of threatening in a massive, unstoppable horde. In tiny little pockets of resistance, they're just obnoxious. Anyway, as a creative exercise, I've been trying to see if it's possible to smooth out the erratic timeline of the expansions: remove any references to Garrosh as Warchief prior to WoD and so forth. I've identified a few solutions. In Stonetalon Mountains, we could have Saurfang show up instead of Garrosh or we could just have the Alliance nuke Cliffrunner Post in retaliation. In Silverpine, we could have Vol'jin show up and also remove Garrosh's gendered insult. It wouldn't be hard to have flashback quests for his BC content and he doesn't do much in Northrend that couldn't be replaced with another NPC. In Cataclysm, he primarily shows up in the Twilight Highlands. I think the introductory quests to that should just be removed for both Horde and Alliance. You get the quest to go through the portal to Highbank or Dragonmaw and start from there. It would remove confusion as to why you'd kill Warlord Zaela in UBRS at level 55 and then ally with her at level 85. And the removal of the quest would allow Stormwind to be rebuilt. Slap a Feat of Strength on it and call it a day. Where I hit a sticking point is MoP. Garrosh is so integral to the opening quests that it'd be hard to maintain continuity without him being there. Anyway, what are you all reading? I'm dreadfully short of fun books lately. And what would you like to talk about today?Enekie51 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Two Truths, One Lie So! Fun forum game time. Share two truths of your character, and one lie. The person below you guesses which one is the lie, then posts his/her/their own facts and lie, and it repeats from there. Be subtle. Have fun! I'll kick us off with the following: 1. Gydorah enjoys a good drink of alcohol at least twice a week. 2. He is uncomfortable around Forsaken and Goblins. 3. He participated in the battle of Theramore.Gydorah110 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Horde Raiding Guilds Hello, WrA! After many, many hours spent at the name selection screen, I have arrived on this realm. I checked WoWProgress, and, while there were several Horde guilds clearing/progressing through heroic SoO, I've yet to see a recruitment post for any of them. Are there any guilds currently recruiting for WoD? Answers are much appreciated.Kagar2 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Morning Coffee Topic: RP Accents Good Monday morning, Wyrmies! I'm at my desk and it's busy, but I'm not quite up and going yet , so I'm trying to wake myself up with coffee and an RP discussion. :D So I've been doing a bit of RP on my draenei, and though it's been with other draenei it's gotten me to thinking about this particular topic and I wanted to see other RPers' thoughts. TOPIC: ---Do you have a character you RP having an accent? ---If so, what is the character, what is the accent, and why do you use that particular one? ---If not, are you against RP accents? Why/why not? To answer my own questions, I've not decided, as far as my draenei goes; this is why I wanted others' thoughts. :> Quinneth doesn't really have an RP 'accent', per se, but I do use more old-fashioned colloquial "English" phrasing and wording. She's Gilnean. It's probably god-awful, but it works for her. I have a baby dorf that I want to level and RP in the worst way, but I'm scared shyteless of the accent. ._. And that's one I'd feel weird leaving out entirely. So... answers? Thoughts? Moar coffee? <3Quinneth64 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 RP Feels dead, but no one said it actually is And now it doesn't matter. Also, people seem to not understand the difference between 'feels' and a direct declaration of. 'Feels' meaning to ahve to do with more narrow or ich interests, instead of just being all around random RP. RP isn't dead, but it can feel dead if you aren't just looking for flat random RP, or aren't already a part of some group. It feels dead when you can't find what you're looking for. So if you're like me with increasingly narrow interest, out of becoming bored with existing things, you can find yourself having a hard time getting into anything.Elenai47 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Shay's Sims 4 Review ((Go easy on me here, I've never written a review on anything before...but it feels right for this game.)) Alright! I've had a week to play The Sims 4 now, so I feel that I have had enough time to really explore the game. I'm going to try to break this into sections, and hopefully everything makes sense. 1. Missing items, etc. ... Now, when I first started playing, of course I noticed pretty quickly that certain things were missing...and I was angry about it. Some of my biggest concerns were with the "world" sizes. Only a few empty lots to choose from, and maybe 3 or 4 pre-made houses you could move into without kicking out another family. The worlds really are quite tiny. I think there are about 20 lots total in each of the 2 worlds you can choose from. This concerned me the most. The lot sizes themselves are quite small as well. However, once I started playing my character, it wasn't really an issue. It took quite a while before I ran out of room on a lot for my house. Smaller missing things that irked me but I ended up not even noticing they were gone after a while: *Dishwashers *Burglars/Gardeners *Cars *Favorites *Newspapers There are a few missing things that STILL bug the hell out of me, and really kind of make the game more difficult: *Basements-With the house levels being limited to 2 now, basements would really come in handy. I always loved using them when I ran out of space/didn't want to make my house look odd-shaped by adding another room on a main floor. *Repairmen-When you start out, it seems like EVERYTHING breaks ALL THE TIME. This is great if you want to improve your repair skill, but sadly, it makes your only options either 1) taking a bunch of time you need for other things on repairing everything in your house or 2) spending your low amount of starting funds to replace everything. Once you can afford better appliances, they break a lot less often. *Hot Tubs *Spiral Staircases It is kind of a pain in the butt trying to build a second level in any of the small houses you can choose from. You generally have to put the staircase outside, connect it to a deck on the second floor which will then go into the living areas. They really need to get spiral staircases. When I first started playing, I was shocked when I couldn't find a newspaper. I figured I would have to buy a computer somehow to get a job, but actually, you can do that from your phone now. You can do just about anything from your phone, even pay your bills, so that's neat. The Gallery This is probably one of my favorite new changes to the Sims. Before, if you wanted to check out other players' creations, you had to go to the sims website, log in, download them, etc. It was a pain in the %^-* that I rarely bothered with. Now, you can simply go to the gallery while playing the game and either upload your own sims or lots, or you can place copies of sims and houses other players have created directly into your game very quickly. Its also convenient in that it automatically saves your sim families after making them. This was helpful when I would create a family, and the game would crash right when I went to move them into a new house, but didn't get the chance to save yet. (The game had only crashed once, and it was my computer's fault.) Aspirations and Traits This is my very favorite part of the Sims 4. They changed the lifetime aspiration to have milestones. There are 3 or 4 chapters to each aspiration, and in each chapter, you have to complete 2-4 challenges to move on. These challenges are not easy, either. With each chapter, the challenges get harder. It has been SO much fun exploring all the different aspirations and seeing what you'd have to do to complete them...and let me tell you, there are SO MANY different lifetime aspirations to choose from! Not only are there at least 10 different groups of aspirations, but each one has 2 to 3 different varieties you can choose from! For example, if you choose the Food type, you can pick between the Chef subgroup and the Mixologist subgroup. The traits can be fun, but I'm not overly impressed with them so far. When you complete goals and lifetime aspiration milestones, you get points which you can spend on motive potions or traits such as Night Owl, Morning Bird, etc, so its nice that those options haven't changed much. CareersI've only had the chance to play around with the Culinary and Writing careers so far, but each have been pretty fun. As usual, you get chance cards once in a while which can give you a boost or decline in your performance, depending on how you answer them. Each career level also has small goals, much like the milestones in each chapter of your Lifetime Aspiration.Shaysinn15 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Raiding is RP. And they're both dead.Vendorfury2 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Raiding is Dead Because everyone's so busy RPing. You know how hard it is to get into a raiding guild now, man? No, everyone just wants to go RP. Well, maybe I don't want to look for love in the Blue Recluse. Maybe I want to go knock Garrosh's face in. I'd settle for an IC raid at this point. Is it just me or is RP getting to be too big of a deal on this server?Rinjiu8 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 RP is Dead http://youtu.be/GCi_PIz5ekUVarsinax4 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Please Delete .Caeleise16 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Looking for a guild with Pets unlocked. Namely the Thundering serpent hatchling and or Lil Tarecgosa. Anyone willing to help a poor pet collector, please leave a message here or shoot ZarÍana an ingame mail. I'm willing to donate my at least 1k to the guild bank of whomever invites me!Siyyia0 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Racial Group Names I'm bored and feeling silly. What would you call a group of each race? Like, you have a murder of crows, a pack of dogs, a scurry of squirrels, ect. So what do you call a group of orcs? Or goblins? Or Draenei? This random train of thought is brought to you by the "A gathering of Forsaken" thread, cause it got me thinking about what one would call a gathering of Forsaken. So far, my vote is a moldering of Forsaken. I also like a glittering of goblins. Also, here this for fun. http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Pointless/AnimalGroups.htmlTreue10 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 You're Awesome Wyrmrest Accord. You know, It's not easy being a Kor'Kron, even a Oathbreaker Thrall / Vol'jin Loyal one. Just today 2 seperate groups insulted and mocked my character in the middle of Orgrimmar. While I'm sure it was not personal, just IC stuff, what I really enjoyed was that for once I didn't have to defend myself. Both times others came forward and defended not only my character and his actions but even had some knowledge of lore to back up that Garrosh and his Loyalist aren't the first time the Horde has had to deal with a division of loyalties and trying to rebuild a reputation of trust. ~ Varimathras and Forsaken Split during Wrathgate. ~ Magatha Grimtotem and the Grimtotems. ~ Hexmaster Zalazane and his "followers". It was really enjoyable. So thanks Wyrmrest Accord, Stay Awesome. Your Pal Kiethoo.Kiethoo61 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 House Ebonsun ((AntagonistRP;Horde)) RISE UP, WARRIORS OF THE SUN! Parchment signs have begun popping up all over Quel’thalas, from Falconwing Square and Fairbreeze down to Tranquillen, heralding the return of the once great Warrior House: Ebonsun. The fliers call out to those who know the forge, as well as those willing to fight and die for the glory of the Sin’dorei; a special note to inform Death Knights they may find safety among the Ebonsun Hold. A small map leads to the armor shop in the north of the Bazaar, with a final question beneath: "Do you have what it takes to raise the Sin’dorei to their place of glory?" ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ OOC Information: Hey there! Some of you might know me better as Lezek, while a good number of you don’t know me at all- Yet, I mean, cause really I love meeting new role-players. ANYWAYS! House Ebonsun is a new project of mine, with intention of being an extremist gathering of warriors and smiths who see themselves as only having the best in mind or a bit softer put; A guild built to play the role of antagonists. Alverous is from a time in the Sin’dorei history where the military held an iron grip, second only to the magisters, and sees only weakness in what remains of his precious people. The guild literally just started, so I’m looking not only for people to join me in this new adventure but some officers to help guide the journey as well. I know being the ‘bad guy’ is not everyone’s niche, but I do hope a few of you are up for some two faced noble warriors with a cause in mind.Alverous1 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Killer's Heart: Chain of Merinos Here is where I will post the flashbacks that Merinos experiences throughout the Mason StorylineMerinos0 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 I'm Bored And Procrastinating (( Hey there folks, been on the server for a short period of time and gotta' say! I'm loving it! Glad to see such a populated hub for Role Play, having come from a dead and/or dying community on Feathermoon :(. As unfortunate as it is that my home server is departing into obscurity, I am glad to see that WrA has become a refuge for those seeking the rarity that is the RP'z! Walk ups, guilds, server events, you guys have it all! To such a healthy degree of popularity that I even have been quite successful in launching my own Heavy-RP guild! Something I didn't think I could ever imagine being possible six months ago, with a dwindling RP demographic on my home server. So! Here's to all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly! Thank you for being so accomodating to a new comer such as myself, and truly satisfying the hopes I held when I first heard of this community! Right then, time to drag my happy-!@# back to work. @.@ -V ))Vexonia0 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Let's Play a Game Take the person above you, and create a story for them. And here is the best part. It doesn't even have to follow lore. Hell, send a WoW character into the Marvel universe, if you want! Have fun with it. Aaaaand go!Issannora12 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Lords of War: Behold Grommash! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/15663731/lords-of-war-part-two-grommash-9-5-2014 This story was just as intense as the last. Seeing ogre decadence, Warsong might and legend. Like I said in the comments there, I would've loved to actually hear the Hellscream during the scene. And I couldn't help but notice the variances between the Hellscream short story and this video. It really shows how one story is the legend and how one is the truth. Grom was deeply affected by what happened in the video.Grazzug124 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Turwinkle Talks to Chivarlys End! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a brand new Turwinkle Talks episode with the Guild Chivarlys End! A great Heavy RP, Paramilitary guild! Come and learn how they were formed, what their history is, how to join the guild and what to expect when you have made it into their ranks! Turwinkle and I had a lot of fun with this one and I think you will too! So grab a soda, your favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle and Chiveralys End goodness! http://youtu.be/xKZNs4axpeQTurwinkle12 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 9/9 Happy Birthday Prier! Hope you have a great cake day!Vandrysse7 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 <Reciprocity> Guild Missions! Reciprocity is a fairly new RP guild still roughly in our recruitment stage and we're currently just kicking off our efforts to aid the Horde in it's reconstruction phase. To do this we come up with 'Guild Missions' which players can take on themselves with a small RP group for more personal RP that will slowly build us toward Guild events once we've completed all said missions in a zone. Here is an example of a guild mission from our site! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Southern Barrens: Preparations - Mission 1 The Alliance forces have long but given up on assaulting the Great Gate, whether or not it has to do with a certain sleepy Tauren manning it's Ramparts are up to debate in this War Leader's books. But with the War in Orgrimmar and the raging fighting in the Northern Barrens and Durotar. And that's not even mentioning a near two year deployment and occupation in Pandaria, the wall has been left alone. Still cut deep from Alliance axes and siegecraft fire. With all of the wars over now, we must look to the future. With our shores in ruin Thunder Bluff would be the most obvious target for attack by the Alliance to truly finish us off in Kalimdor. To that end, we must either strength our gates... Or make it a deterrence for would be invaders. To the North there is a grove bursting with tree life. Thick and strong wood that will take some time to cut down but the lumber will be excellent to mend our wall's fortifications. You march or ride there on foot though I would recommend bringing a Kodo to haul all the lumber you'd need to really fix what needs fixing on the wall... Or, there are some Alliance Reserve forces in the area who patrol the great scar in the land marked by the Cataclysm. These soldiers are... Lazy. Less then well fed. Out of practice. But, they are still soldiers. You could assault these weakened men. Break their bodies, flay their flesh, and erect wards around the wall to show what awaits those who would dare to attack us. I'll leave this up to the Horde to decide. Players Required: 2-4 Parameters: Either choose to chop lumber and work on the wall or slay local Alliance and flay them in a barbaric manner. Time: Each tree should take roughly 45 minute or 15 if one of your party member's ICly owns a personal Shredder. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is just one of the few Missions that are going on currently for us as each zone generally has 3-5 mission threads to complete before the Zone will be considered strong enough for us to move onward. In every mission players will receive a point and some where down the line we actually plan to reward our players with the most participation points with a prize of some sort and additionally as you can see in the above Mission players will actually play a vital role in deciding what sort of guild this becomes based off of their moral decisions along the way. If y'all are interested in more examples please visit us at Reciprocitywra.enjin.com or meet with either myself or Xeknos in game about more information in joining the guild. Hope to see you all soon ;)Korkan3 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 The Hunt Begins! (IC Plot Posts) OOC- The Hunt main thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13271427839#1 With the forsakens blunder, Tathr Diregaze had been forced to forge forward with out the support base he wished for, and his small band of purists have trekked across the fire strewn plains of Hellfire towards their intended target. The memories well up inside the Blademaster of what once was his ancetsral clan lands, gripping the blade in hand as those ahead carved through remnants of Burning Legion troops. Small pockets of pathetic imps and a few felguard, a practice in extermination to get his hunting band 's blood pumping. Clan sygils and colors surrounded Tathr, from Warsong to Frost Wolf, they answered the call for purity. Such as the one who marched beside him, a quiet orcish male clad in purple leathers. A Shadowmoon. Blademaster...if we encounter Horde or Alliance? The voice was collected, calm. Yet it belied an edge of danger and an anxiousness for blood shed. Tathr looked on to the Gate, seeing once more a pitiful band of demons rushing the gate. The fools are too busy to take note of Orc pilgrims...we will be through before they realize. Tathr raised his naginata, calling forth in his silent manner for the party to close ranks. As they followed suit, he spoke to the shadowmoon in a hurried whisper. There is a watcher on the other side, he knows my face...purify him, Mazok The rogue slapped his gauntlet across his chest, beating the leather chests plate thrice. It will be done, Blademaster Mazok rushed forward, sliding behind rock and ancient orc edifices as he approached the gate. The joint skeleton crew was far too concerned with mopping up a demon strike to even give the orcish band a glance, several Horde warriors even saluting them. The grunts unaware of the danger presented. Mazok's last look behind revealed Tathr and the band were mere minutes from crossing themselves, being herded down a lane of safety from the demons. He snorted, imagining how the Blademaster took being treated like an elderly useless peon. Then the world spun as the rogues form crossed into dark portal. A queasiness overtook his senses for a moment, and he felt the harsh winds of the burned morass on the other side slap his masked visage. Barely any time went by before a hand came upon his shoulder. He looked up to see a Mag'har staring down into his own form, eyes flitting across his own as if searching for something. Another day...another day I do not spill the Blademasters blood. Come, you must be weary Brother. Quick as the winds Mazok grasped his dagger, sliding it deep into the Mag'har's chest as he bent beside him, wheezing. as blood spurted from the watchers mouth. You make his hunt easy, traitor...feel the purity of death, Mag'har Sentries watched on as the band emerged from the Dark Portal, huddled together and looking very much the pilgrims they wished to seem. A skeleton crew, just as the ones on the other side. Tathr's eyes scanned the view, his single green eye falling upon Mazok holding a Mag'har by his waist. The nod came, and Tathr responded in kind. Turning over his shoulder he silently nodded to the rest. The band huddled together as Mazok slipped in among them while they passed, the Mag'har watcher seeping blood onto the scorched land. It would be some time before sentries noted he was dead, and by then...Tathr would already have started his Hunt in earnest. His glare set forward towards the horizon as the band marched for the closest Horde bastion they knew, the fort nearby. The Hunt has begun -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All righty, as Taldin and crew investigate the origins of the poison, Tathr has returned to Azeroth to wreak havoc and misery! His band hunts at this time around the Dreadmaul Hold, and unless the Investigators catch wind in time, a terrible tragedy may befall the Hold. More to come tomorrow, for now, enjoy the event!Tathr49 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 [A] The White Sigil | Four Years of Service Wyrmrest Accord | Alliance | Heavy/Community RP | Level 25 "To hate a man is simple business. To care for him takes strength -- and courage." THE WHITE SIGIL http://www.thewhitesigil.net What We Do: The White Sigil is very much about common citizens working together to achieve larger goals; These are average folk with families and problems and hobbies much like you and me, but they differentiate themselves from the norm by standing up for their fellows and comrades, and volunteering their time and effort to the betterment of the whole. We host clinics, run soup kitchens, and organize community-related activities that maximize player participation-- While immersing ourselves in guild storylines and world rp. Everyone wants to make a difference and 'leave their mark' on the roleplaying world. Why wouldn't we? The members of TWS-- and the characters we play-- are meant to be citizens that people can look up to. We need, as players, to extend our hands and reach out to others: To give them opportunities to get involved, and to strike up random RP wherever we think it can bloom. As of June 2013: Marius Evermend has retired from active battlemending in order to spend more time safely with his family. In his stead, Dr. Agnes Yardley (in-game: Agnes) as Guild Master and Lassair Greycall (in-game: Lassair) as Regent will lead the humanitarian and charity efforts of the White Sigil in Stormwind and across Azeroth. Peak Activity / RP Zone / Guild Size: Evenings / Weekends (Server/EST) Stormwind City Harbor / World RP, including Pandaria! Target guild membership level is between 20-40 players. IC Contact Information: Agnes (GM) | Lassair (Regent) Recruitment Officer: Aurric Officers: Mitta, Balderos Lead Advisor: Marius Recruitment Opportunities: http://thewhitesigil.shivtr.com/pages/applicationAgnes66 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 [H-RP][Faction Server Event]The Hunt Tathr Diregaze returns to Wyrmrest Accord in STYLE! Server Wide Event style that is..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tathr stood before the fires, surrounded by the small numbers of Loyal orcs he had persuaded to his cause. More flocked by the weeks but it would not be enough...not nearly enough for the work ahead of them all. "I tell you this story now Brothers and Sisters so you may understand me better. On the day I tore my own eye from the socket as is custom...I saw my Death. In the strangest of places. I saw my death on the overgrown forest floor of Taanan. The world we once knew before the curse, before the impurities ridden on us from Azeroth." He paused a moment, letting that sink in for those old enough, and giving enough time for the younger ones to be worried what that name implied. "Taanan, which is now Hellfire...forest floors, my honored kin...greenery, the beasts around me, licking the blood off the ferns. When has our Death Visions ever been false?" The news was sinking in fast, eyes widening in realization of what the old Blademaster spoke of. "I know not how....I know not why...but I feel soon...in our life time our world will be reborn! And if that is to be...we can not allow the Horde as it is now to step foot, impure in purpose as they are. This crumbling edifice we stand upon is OUR land. Not Troll, no Shu'halo, not Goblin nor Sin'dorei. It is Orc Land, and it will stay that way. Are you with me!?" The tumultuous roars barreled out of proud chests and wide mouths. "Now...listen to me and gather close...strike the drums. For it is time you hear now of our task." "Our Hunt" [LINK REMOVED TILL A REVISED VIDEO IS RELEASED] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, let's get some things clear so I don't have the same bogged down issues from The Hellscream Trials back in December of last year. One: This is an Opt In Event. No one, I repeat NO ONE is to be forced into this plot. Period. End of Story. Role Play is for Fun, if you're not having fun, don't put yourself through it. Two: This is a Faction wide event again. All this means is that players and guilds who wish to participate in the eventual Attacks to come, can. Those who don't, don't need to. Three: Yes, I know a Terrorist Intrigue Event, However, this Event will not be forcing anyone out of Orgimmar really. Only players such as myself playing the rising "Hunt" will be hostile inside Horde controlled cities. Four: It may be a clandestine series of attacks, but no Character Death will occur unless agreed prior between both parties involved, and no coercion or Martyrdom intended. Expect wounds to happen, but no one will expect you to be killed in this. If you are placed in a situation where the character would likely die, wounded to the limit of incapacitated for any further combat is more then acceptable, it is encouraged so as not to make anyone believe they HAVE to die if they participate. ALL MAJOR CASUALTIES WILL BE NPCS UNLESS THE PLAYER WISHES TO BE A VICTIM Five: This event will NOT be PvP Orientated. There will be roll time situations for luck events, but it will all be up to the players involvement. Six: Please have fun if you participate...this isn't actual war, this is a pretend game in a pretend setting. Enjoy it as pretend and do not mix IC into OOC or vice versa. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With those out of the way, this event is going to be some time in implementation. We are likely talking a month at least to get Guilds settled into a commitment, role play story lines to finish their arcs for those joining, and plenty of time for interested participants to join. If you do plan on participating, I ask you fill out the following template. Horde Loyalist or Orc Purist? : (Choose One) Capable to Lead in some fashion OOCly? : (Y/N) Capable to Lead in some fashion ICly? : (Y/N) Do you represent a guild joining? : (Y/N) Do you mind being placed in groups with others outside your guild during battles? : (Y/N) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Continued Below)Tathr231 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Maintenance Day Random Topic Greetings! So, seeing as it's maintenance day in Azeroth, all the gnomes and goblins are hard at work making sure our world doesn't implode into itself. I figured a random topic was in order, to kill time as many of us either off/sick this day may need some time to kill. So, with that being said; what kind of music would your character listen to? Would they hum or sing quietly to themselves in privacy or would they even bother with music? Perhaps they have an interest in an instrument of some sort? Or maybe they despise music and seek out to annihilate every harmonious sound on Azeroth? Matthew here enjoys music, particularly songs describing a tale or battle sung by bards. Also, the hymns sung at the Church when he's there gives him solace. Post below if your character has a musical preference! Edit: SpellcheckNexik20 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Gaming Snacks I don't know about you guys, but I'm bored as sin right now. So I'm just gonna ask a random question and see where it goes. When you're playing WoW, what kind of thing do you tend to snack on whilst gaming? I personally enjoy some Chex Mix, or a big ol' pizza, or some cheese-filled hot dogs, along with some sort of soda.Torikushi53 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Server's Up Surprising to me that it's up this early, but it is indeed up.Zanza2 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 WTB Gold challenge 9/9 Full runs, already have the gold. Zthulhu#1331 Message me there, I am horrible about checking the forums. Thanks for your time! :3Zinvala2 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 [A] LFG that can tolerate Seth By the Gods my real life human is driving me insane. The denizens of Stormwind my think I want to just sit about being surly and ignoring people all day, well I kinda do, but that’s only cus’ that moron mashing the keyboard has written my MRP to be an unsocial grump just to accommodate his “I’m working from home” excuses that I have to put up with all day. Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered if he’d written my MRP with me pissing sunshine and farting rainbows, I’d still end up as this dour old goat from listening to his whining about “deterring RP because it’s not fair on others that he can’t focus on playing properly without interruptions” or “because he’s in a timezone that is out of kilter with the server and WrA kind of dead by comparison with his night play time” or that “he’s new and learning and awkward with rp”. On that last point I tell him it’s not that he’s “new” it’s just that he’s rubbish and should give it away - it’d put me out of my misery at least! And trust me I know what I’m talking about when I talk about misery; from watching my father drown, to washing up as an outcast on that Gods forsaken Gilneas, mental and physical torments of my so called lover and to be cursed of any happiness in life. Yes, I’m well versed in misery and all that pales compared to suffering I endure daily putting up with that bone head telling me to sit here, walk there, act broody (newsflash meat-head, I’m always broody when you’re around). And getting a well constructed RP sentence out of his head is as slow molasses in Northrend. But despite my wishes he won’t quit me. He says he finds my story / history fascinating and my attitude is kind of fun to play. What a sap! Which leaves me one with option that my moron is too stupid and shy to try - joining a guild. So WrA Alliance, if there is a guild that thinks it can accommodate a quite surly reluctant worgen druid, random afk’s, or on good days actually participate sloooooooowly in rp, that has some activity in the the wee early hours of server time and can get me the hell out of Stormwind on occasion - let me know. I’ll try convince him to give it a go. And to be fair, he’s not a bad bloke. He has a sense of humour (a little strange maybe) and I think he’s got some interesting RP ideas that he could offer up and help contribute with. He’s just an awkward fit for a guild due to timezone, work and rp experience. ((sorry, this is a longer read than I wished; I was having fun writing it up in 4th-wall breaking ic))Sethalos0 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 HNN: Horde News Network. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am taking up the pen and paper again to begin writing once more for the Horde News Network. HNN is a RP News Guild and the only way to keep up to date on your news for the Horde, we let you know what’s going on in your city, and around the world. How to write for HNN: We love if you’d like to write for HNN, being a writer doesn’t mean you need to leave your current guild. We simply ask that you submit one, two or even weekly stories for us to publish in our paper. Stories need to be at least two paragraphs long (one GHI page), and a maximum of six, or three pages at the max in GHI. Please be sure that each story is spell checked before submitted. Stories will still have to be approved before published. Stories can be about anything, you can write for a regular column, such as ‘How to care for *a pet*’ or ‘Heads and Tales.’ You can write about your guild’s event, your character’s life, or current adventure. How to advertise with HNN: Guild Advertisements: This cost 25 gold to have done and are featured in a week worth of papers and broadcasts (if being done at the time) We only run two guild advertisements at a time, and require them to be renewed after your week is up. Personal Advertisements: The cost for these are simply by tip only, cannot be longer then one page in GHI. These are to advertise your talents such as blacksmithing, or maybe skills as a doctor. This can also be for announcements such as births, marriages and deaths. We run 3-4 of these a week. Guild/Server Event advertisements: The cost for these are tips only, let everyone know if your guild is hosting a party, or a regular role-play event. There currently is no limit to this, we simply ask if you’re advertising for a weekly event please let us know if its still running or not. Since being created back in 2011, we have had one helluva ride. Met some FANTASTIC people and distributed over 3,500 Newspapers. But all-in-all, we wouldn't be nothing without YOU, the great people of Wyrmrest Accord. YOU have made this incredible journey possible and it is YOU we have to thank. Sincerely, from my desk to yours, Thank you! ~Syrric Darksun CEO Horde News Network You can find us Ingame channel "/join HNN" email us at HNNWrA@gmail.com Website:http://hnn.shivtr.com Or follow us on Twitter! @HNNWrASyrric31 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 (Updated RP Guide) Blood Knight Compendium The Blood Knight Compendium was wrote by Lorenz from Sentinels, this was written three years ago. Today I will do my best to update this with information that is accepted as RPers on Wyrmrest Accord, and the actual lore that we have collected through quest, novels, dialogue, and so on. Now note that there will be parts of this that is just pure speculation, and I ask that on those parts that we all have an open mind towards it. Now I will be following the same structure that Lorenz used three years ago as I am updating his compendium, which goes in this order. History, Ranks, Code of Conduct, Uniform and Recognition, Prison and Incarceration, Crime and Punishment, The Social Network. If you wish to add anything to this or ask me questions feel free to respond back to me within the game or on this form. Now lastly before we start this I will quote Lorenz, who brilliantly states the obvious to what you are all about to read... I. History The Blood Knights have a rich history that starts five years after the fall of the Sunwell. If you want to educate yourself further in on the lore (which I highly recommend) you should check out these two links. http://wowpedia.org/Lady_Liadrin http://wowpedia.org/Blood_Knight In short summary, the Blood Knights are the Horde equivalent of the Silver Hand most of the first Blood Knights drained their energy directly from M’uru who was stored beneath the Blood Knight Hall. They did this mostly out of spite of the light turning it’s back on them at the end of the third war, and as our beloved Matriarch Liadrin put it “Why be a servant, when one can be a master?”. Now after throwing their forces in with A’dal and the revival of the Sunwell, a new light was dawned on the Blood Knights, the light of redemption.Vythn61 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 9/8 Happy Birthday to Torkus! Hey! Hope you have a terrific day :DVandrysse20 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Illidan + Red Skull = Liam O'brien. Yesterday, I was running the Well of Eternity dungeon, and as I helped Illidan sneak by the countless demon armies, something occurred to me: "He sounds a lot like the Red Skull from that new Avenger's show..." So I looked Illidan up on Wowpedia, found out who voiced him, and looked at the end credit's of the show (Thank you Netflix,) and turns out, my suspicions were correct, both are voiced by a man named Liam O'Brien. Pretty cool, huh?Borgro1 Sep 9, 2014