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Jul 7, 2014 [H] Looking for Guild. Hello, I'd like to start off by saying that I am a returning player that is usually online during the early morning (5-9am) and in the evening (7:30-11pm) (Central). I started a fresh account with a boosted char on Moon Guard, but will be transferring to Wyrmrest Accord this week. My main instrests in WoW are Battlegrounds, Professions, Dungeons, Helping others with tasks. I enjoy those things the most, but I am very open minded about everything else (raid, arena, RP, etc). I'm not just looking for a "guild", I'm looking for a group of active members who are team oriented and respectful. I'm not the type of person to join for perks, or guild hop, or #yoloswagtrollmodeinslash2. I'm looking for a group of aldults who have real lives outside of WoW and play this game as a hobby. Things I expect a guild to have: Structure. Active Leadership. Some type of dedicated VoIP server. I don't have much to offer in the way of gold, items, or experience, but I most certianly think I make up for all of that with my willingness to be a part of a team. Let me know if your interested at all and we can go from there :DManaflux3 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Clan Dragonhammer PvP Channel Hello fellow soldiers of the Alliance! Many of you may be familiar with the PvP efforts of Clan Dragonhammer, heard of us in passing, or maybe don't even know who we are (that's OK too!), but we now have a way for all who are wanting to take up arms with us Alliance side to do so and find out what we are all about. /join CDHpvp What is the purpose of this channel you may ask and how is it different from all the others around? Mainly, we want you to know who we are...what we do day to day and how we run our PvP environment. We run rated battlegrounds on a regular basis three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00pm server and would love to have more of the community join us. I have been approached by SEVERAL people wanting to join us for our RBGs, but are unable to leave their guilds, so this is a great way to get in touch with us without needing to make any sort of guild commitment, just come for the fun! For those that may be interested in running with the guild before joining, this is also a great way to get in touch and run with us before coming aboard. Other than RBGs, we also run arenas, do frequent world PvP, and enjoy having discussions about battleground strategy, class specs, and overall PvP gameplay. There truly is something for everyone who PvP's here at Clan Dragonhammer, and we are excited to share our community with the rest of our Alliance allies! We hope to talk to you all soon!Bittzie16 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Seeking a Astral Light Bow! Astral Light Bow If anyone has one, or finds one, please contact me. Willing to pay a reasonable about, ie under 30k, which is what a couple of folks have offered, for the bow for Transmog purposes. If gold doesn't tickle your fancy, I'm willing to provide other items in exchange, be they Pandaria crafting supplies in bulk or rare blue and purple name items. For those of you without the Cogshanks addon, my characters on this realm are Krenk, Henga, Jhenga, Ghentarn, Rhentor, Gallaen, Jihorn, Felluck, Gassum and Pellius.Rhentor6 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 DWARF GUILD~ CLAN IRONHAMMER! Clan Ironhammer a Dwarf based clan is looking for any and all able bodied Dwarves of any make or profession. We are a Med-Hvy RP based guild, also looking to do Dungeons, and Raids. Come and rebuild the great Dwarven people!Hrothganron0 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Just started a human death knight. Got to the quest where you have to execute your former companion. http://imgur.com/IB7MnUo What a terrible argument. Does she even know what server this is?Kelsey5 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 New Arrival! Heya there! I'm from Moon Guard, I recently came from there due to most of the RP there being completely dead on Horde and I wanted some advice. I'm really into PVP and RP, are there any guilds out there that can provide such things? Thanks for your feedback. :)Lilikia10 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Happy Birthday to Ekotar, Kaylvena and Marlo! 7/7 - talk about a lucky day! Hope you all have a great birthday :D /cake /ice creamVandrysse2 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Your Character With a Spongebob Quote It’s become increasingly obvious! I CAN IGNORE IT NO LONGER! I am small.Lytum55 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Sals???? Did I miss something or is Sals/Salsbury no longer around??Kayd3 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 [RP] Patriotism ((This was well received with other RPers, so I decided to share it here too. This idea came to me on the 4th of July. The events that happen here take place on that date. Let me know what you think of the story!)) The Judge knelt in silent contemplation in the Cathedral of Light by the altar, as he was frequently found. Bishop Farthing observed him, vexed by the oddity. After all, there weren’t many paladins like him. In fact, there were none. Massive, seven foot tall men who served as both an officer of the Law, catching criminals wherever they may lurk, and personally trying those criminals for those crimes after, in the light of day for all Stormwind to see? Indeed, the Arm of Justice was a rare but welcome sight to behold. If only Benedictius were here to admire his handiwork… He shook his head. It was said that the poor Archbishop perished at sea in an attempt to assist the Aspects in their fight against Deathwing. The exemplary priest would forever be remembered for his heroism. Spontaneously, a guard burst through ornate chapel doors, wheezing for breath. Telltale lines of stress wrinkled across his face as he collected himself. ‘’Your honor, we request you immediately!’’ At a pace neither deliberately slow nor urgently fast, the Judge lifted himself off one knee. Nodding his respects toward the bishop, he hastened off with the soldier. ‘’What’s the situation?’’ he inquired, his voice stern. ‘’There’s a bomb threat in the Deeprun Tram!’’ the guard exclaimed, horrified. ‘’A man is demanding 100,000 gold to ensure the run’s safety!’’ The soldier presented the picture of the suspect to the Judge as he stood silently in the breeze for a moment, his expression undetectable. ‘’Do you have any men at the tram?’’ he finally inquired, taking the picture from the guard and storing it in his bag. ‘’We have Officer Jaxon’s squadron investigating, sir.’’ answered the soldier. ‘’Pull them out. Now.’’ The Judge demanded, calmly, yet authoritatively. ‘’The perpetrator isn’t insane, because he’s willing to defuse the bombs for money. If he doesn’t get what he wants, however, he’ll likely collapse the station on itself. When that happens, you can count on it that he won’t want to be there.’’ ‘’What about the citizens?’’ asked the guard, humanity twinkling in his eyes. ‘’What the terrorist planned was that there would be trains running from Ironforge and Stormwind at this hour.’’ informed the Judge. ‘’What he didn’t count on was that today we celebrate the freedom and prosperity of Stormwind. No trains are coming from Stormwind to Ironforge, hence no citizens of the City will be harmed.’’ ‘’But the dwarves?’’ insisted the man. ‘’The dwarves are outside of my jurisdiction, and quite frankly a small price to pay to bring this wily snake to justice.’’ rumbled the purple robed Crusader. ‘’Now, pull your men out of the tram before you have blood on your hands.’’ Obediently, the blue-and-white uniformed troop saluted, then dashed off. Mounting his horse, Vergil, the Judge raced in the same direction, toward the Dwarven District. ‘’You guards!’’ he barked, pointing at two off-duty officers. ‘’Follow me immediately!’’ Marching after him, the pick-up guards eventually came to a halt at the square of the Dwarven district. Presenting his signet of authority to the locals, the Judge announced, ‘’An infamous ruffian has threatened the great nation of Stormwind with collapsing one of her most prominent trade routes, possibly slaying citizensJudge4 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 LFR is horrid I leveled my first 90 ret pali on another server, and transferred him. He sits at i535 hordeside. I just auto leveled Osweald after I hit 60, for the professions and armor mostly. He has been rolling LFR for a week or so and just hit i509, dropping his last 483 piece. The LFR I am experiencing here seems worse. Maybe it's not, I remember some horrid numbers of stacks my first time. I know the last 4 raid fights well, having run them endlessly for a few weeks. (I just ground those 4 for points) Today's experience was actually painful. I ran the last two back to back. I was stunned by the mix of inexperience, poor judgement, bickering and out and out hate speech twice. No lie. I let people say whatever when I run in dungeons, guilds chat, or raids, but people think nothing of dropping the R word on each other and someone dropped the N word after a particular fast and nasty Garrosh wipe. Maybe it's because the 4th, beer, I don't know, but I was emotionally drained by the crews I had to work with. I am not going to stop raiding, cause Osweald is stubborn, but want to know if things get way better at a higher I level, or pretty much just expect to get thrown into the meat grinder and that is what everyone deals with on WRA?Osweald35 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Pandaren RP hordeside? The one thing I've never seen Hordeside is any sort of concerted Pandaren RP. It really saddens me, and I myself am unfit to handle a guild for reasons of I'm not exactly consistent in what or where I play. Does anyone know about one, and if not, is anyone willing to start one?Tsunala5 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 What would your character look like in RL? Mainly for the more humanoid races, (Sorry orcs, trolls, draenei, goblins, pandaren, tauren and worgen) but if they existed what would they generally look like? If possible, try to link a picture if the person is unknown to the majority. I would like to think Styvan looks like the male model named Tyler Wood: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/a7/84/50/a784502eeec172f508d9d25fda51513b.jpgStyvan14 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 A word on health conditions Important note that I need to edit in: First, my battletag is Valeatrah#1725. If you ever need something, be it a dungeon run or some real life related help, I would be elated to do so. Second - If you're reading this and you suffer from any kind of physical or mental condition, your pain is real. No one else is suffering worse than you, no one is suffering more than anyone else. You are still an important human being and deserve to be treated as such. You deserve help. Your pain is valid, real. YOU are valid and real. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If they try to, shove a banana in their eyesocket. Me again. Not like any of you would remember since I never post in these forums, right? On a more serious note, I feel the need to make this thread because this issue is something that happens IRL (in game for some conditions, too) and it has got to stop. How often have you heard "You're just faking" or "You'll feel better if you do X", either to yourself or someone else? It's usually in reference to a legitimate condition that someone has but the not-victim has no sympathy and just think it's a phase or whatever. This kind of behavior leads to mental and sometimes physical damage. For one physical health example, I'm reactive hypoglycemic. If you don't know what that means, I'll summarize it for you: I can't eat refined sugar or carbs or else I get super sick. I also have to eat every two hours or the same thing happens. It's a lot like diabetes except most people aren't aware it exists, including doctors apparently. Yet whenever my mother wants to bake some sweet treat, she wants me to taste it and gets offended when I decline, even when earlier she said I need to manage my blood sugar better. At times this has made me feel like I'm just being too sensitive, so I eat a cookie or slice of cake or whatever and go figure, I get sick. For one mental health example, and I think we all know this one well: Telling someone with social anxiety to just get over it. People aren't that scary. But social anxiety is a legitimate phobia, and people don't seem to understand the definition of a phobia (which is an irrational fear). The person knows their anxiety is unfounded but can't help but feel scared anyway. This goes for really any anxiety disorder. Telling a person to just get over their fear that they already know is irrational only makes them feel worse for not getting over it, as has been suggested to them many times. So next time a person has a medical condition, mental or physical, don't say anything like that. Support them, help them, ask them what you can do in an episode to help them. Don't make them feel bad or invalidate them by telling them their condition isn't real or anything that's total BS.Alledria152 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Episode 2 is up! This episode we talk to House Eventide, I say WE because Zyn actually makes an appearance! So come on down and check out the good folks of House Eventide! https://soundcloud.com/wyrmcast/episode-2-house-eventide-and-a And if you'd like to get involved with the Wyrmcast check out our Tumblr or hit us up with an email http://wyrmcast.tumblr.com/ wyrmcast@gmail.comXortz3 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 [A] <Spear Of The Titans> is now recruiting! Hello there, fellow WoW players! Are you a night owl? Do you only start to wake up when the sun goes down, regardless of current sleep patterns? Do you have a job that requires you to be at work from sundown to sunup, and thus spend your days off lonely when everyone else has gone to bed? If so, look no farther! Spear of the Titans is a guild that was made by and for those of a nocturnal disposition. We want to create a place where any night owl can log in and be sure that other people will be on and doing things, and that any events we might schedule will be scheduled in the hours that the nocturnal person is normally awake. As far as what sort of events we'll do. . . well, everything! We're just getting started right now, but we have big plans. We're a medium-RP guild, with a storyline just beginning, and a dedicated channel for in-character chat (Guild chat is OOC). We also hope to organize raids, do transmog runs together, and PVP. Basically, we want to do any and everything that WoW has to offer, and do it with friends who like to be awake at the same time we are. If that sounds like a good deal to you, then come on in and check us out! Jedregorn is the mastermind behind this project, with me as his right hand man. Feel free to message us anytime we're online with questions. There's a reasonable chance of seeing us online any time after 10PM EST, so don't hesitate. --- RP STORYLINE: Our RP storyline is built around fighting the cults of the Old Gods. The guild has two distinct groups in it. The first, led by Jedregorn, recognize the threat the Old Gods represent to Azeroth, and seek to destroy their cults and lessen their influence anywhere they can, to bring safety and prosperity to the land. Anyone who wants to fight evil and protect the innocent will surely find much in common with these fine, upstanding folks. The second, led by Balest, is just in it for the money. This group of thugs and mercenaries have heard about all the gems, precious metals, and other assorted shiny things the Twilight cults make their ritual items out of, and they've been promised an even share of any loot that comes along. They're also on the lookout for good fences, since alot of these cutthroats and sellswords would find a noose around their neck if they ever set foot in an Alliance capital. RAIDS: What sort of raids we do depends largely on what our members want. I'm mostly a casual myself, but if I found a good group of friends who could make raiding a fun experience, I'd be happy to do everything all the way up to Heroics. At the very least, we can schedule guild LFRs, and we're always happy to put together runs of old content for transmog purposes. PVP: Again, whatever people want to do. We're both open to Randoms, Arenas, Rated, whatever floats your boat. If enough people want to do something in the game, we're absolutely willing to put together events that will let them do it. ---- CODE OF CONDUCT: We want Spear of the Titans to be a fun place for people to hang out, where they feel safe and accepted. For that reason, slurs of all sort are banned from guild chat, and controversial subjects such as religion and politics are strongly discouraged. We want to have fun playing a game together, and arguments on highly polarizing topics rarely, if ever, make that happen. We ask that in general, guild chat and the IC channel be kept drama free. If you've got a problem with someone, or they with you, bring it to an officer or GM, and we'll get it sorted out with as few hurt feelings as possible on both sides. --- In conclusion, we have big plans and high hopes for the Spear, and we hope that you can join us in making them a reality. Thank you all, and have an excellent day!Balest1 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Turwinkle and Chromie! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a episode 107 of the Adventures of Turwinkle, the Gnome mage! In this new and exciting episode, we find our heroes back in the Eastern Plaguelands at the Crown Point Tower. Turwinkle finds the next quests with Chromie, the bronze dragon disguised as a wonderful little Gnome! Chromie is helping Turwinkle to put Joesph Redpath's spirit to rest by somehow changing the past! So off Turwinkle, George and Glenn go to collect all the things required to achieve this goal for Chromie! So grab a soda, your favorite snack and snuggle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! http://youtu.be/TYawxb0RGmgTurwinkle4 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 WTB Sorcerer Drape/Slippers Hey everyone! I've been trying to piece together a mog for my mage, and I've got everything for the Conjurer's Regalia recolor set except the chest and feet! Which I've been trying to hunt for, but they drop from rares so it's been a lot of trying to get lucky... If anyone has them somewhere and would let me buy them off you, I'll gladly play 200G a pop!Svytlana0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 -New Guild Idea- Order of Dunholde This will be a heavy RP Guild. I am thinking of a storyline for it. But the basic idea is that a group of heroes stumbled upon the ruins of Dunholde while traveling in Hillsbrad Foothills. They decided they should rebuild the Keep and create an Order to retake Hillsbrad for the Alliance. Led by the paladin Randy Venn they begin to amass an Army and take control of the Keep.Randove0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Back burner Idea Many years ago on Wyrmrest, I was part of a guild (now defunct) who loved to brainstorm RP ideas. We created a council of alliance guilds and role played many dungeons. We came up with an idea that was so immense that we couldn't figure out how to organize it. Although I have been on WRA since its early beginnings, im pretty shy and stay to myself so I haven't made the friend base that others have so attempting to organize such a rp event is well beyond me. Our idea was a cross faction march based upon the timeline around the orc invasion of Azeroth. We planned to have players dressed in as various heroes on old, story telling along points in the march and even mock battles. We planned the march along a route between the dark portal and Quel'thalas and back to Burnings steepes. Lore and history, food and entertainment, battles and more. I don't know, probably not feasible, but I thought that I would float the idea out there to see if there was interest as well as get some feed back from more experienced RPers and guilds as to how to go about organizing and if anyone was interested in taking up the idea.Kylan4 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 -delete- found who I was looking forPai0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 [A][RP-PvP]<Clan Dragonhammer> Recruiting Hi all! Welcome to Clan Dragonhammer! We are, as always, looking for more members to join our ranks. We consider ourselves primarily an RP-PvP guild, who also dabbles here and there in PvE. We do plan to expand that side of the guild more in the future and in WoD, so stay tuned! Now, about our PvP. This isn't your ordinary "sit around on your lonesome and queue for BGs" guild. Oh no! Our goal is to involve ALL of our interested PvP members daily. At any given time there are members online who are willing to help you gear through dungeons, BGs, and arenas. If you don't currently PvP, or are not up to this season's gear requirements, NO WORRIES! We will help you learn and gear! Don't let that stop you from joining in on the fun. For those interested in RBGs, we have those too. Every member, yes, you heard that right, EVERY member who is fully Grievous geared and is interested in learning or playing RBGs is welcome to join us in our runs throughout the week. We run games with those that have never run them to get you experience, we have games for those who are casual and enjoy a coordinated team effort in battlegrounds, and we also run teams for more advanced players who like to push for rating. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless! And lastly, world PvP. Ah yes, we like to kill some Horde indeed. Be that downing leaders for achievements, fighting in smaller towns, or having skirmishes with random groups of Horde around the world, we've got it all! Our world PvP is often unplanned and spontaneous and always proves to be a good time for all, even our Horde-side contacts who are always good sports. For those of you who enjoy the RP side of PvP, or even just RP in general, we have that as well. Our RP-GM Grendric and RP-Officer Chunlan have done a great job developing our RP story and weaving in all of our battles. More info and our full write up can be found on our guild website under our general discussion forum, written by the ever so eloquent Chunlan. Link can be found below. Thank you all for taking the time to learn a little more about Clan Dragonhammer. We enjoy being a part of Wymrest Accord and hope to see many of you in town and on the battlefield. Please feel free to contact me here for more information or send me an in-game message any time and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Other contacts are mentioned below. Guild Website: www.clandragonhammer.enjin.com PvP Guild Master - Bittzie RP/PvE Guild Master - Grendric RP Officer - Chunlan PvP Officer - Burningeye PvP Officer - Mordred RP-PvP Officer - Anbo Officer - QuiverbeardBittzie56 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Hello Accordians (Attn: Undead RP Guilds) Or is it Wyrmrestians? Wyrms? What ever the title may be, I'm looking to transfer this character over to WrA. I've played and RPed him for a few years. Anyway, before I make the jump and throw in the twenty-five dollars. I do have a character that I play Horde side on WrA already, but I wanted to make sure this character would have a home once I bring him over. One can't entirely guarantee a place for a character if they do not know the character, however, so here goes. Eldantios is a villain character character, loyal to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. The part that gets this tricky is this: Eldantios is a male Dark Ranger. I've read into the lore, and I've gotten both approving nods and annoyed glances. I have experience in villain/dark RP, and have been told that I play the concept well. So, if you'd all be so kind, could any of you help find this lost, weary ranger a home?Eldantios7 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Your character's name. Morning, WrA forums. I can't sleep, so I thought I'd ask you guys a question. What's the story behind your character's name? Are there IC or OOC reasons they have the name they do? What about nicknames? I just had the... interesting... experience of naming a new toon, only to discover that there's an NPC with almost exactly the same name that I must have subconsciously been remembering. So now I need to decide what to do about that. More generally, I have a fascination with names, so a lot of my characters use assumed names or nicknames. My favorite so far is Ears Ironskull, my erstwhile nelf druid who for various reasons doesn't feel like going by her birth name. She's kind of a dope and I think it suits her. This character's full name is Alath Stillmoon, and I also have Doc Juniper Bonesplint, a gnome who invented a safer traction device. So, what's the story? I'd love to hear you guys explain your characters' names.Alath88 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Alliance Gold for Horde Gold! Needing to pull 28k off the Gallant Gallaen here and push it to Rhentor, my Orc Hunter, for his Challenge-Mode Dungeon Run. Looking for, hopefully, somebody who can do it in one fell swoop, but I am willing to do it in portions if nobody can do/offer/handle a 20k swap on Horde-side. I'm also looking for somebody, preferably Horde-Side, whom I could speak to about a loan, and what my repayment options would be. Many thanks, in advance. edit: Updated the amount.Gallaen10 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 [A] Guild For Sale <---This one Level 25 7 purchased tabs with the 8th available. All heirlooms unlocked. Li'l Tarecgosa Phoenix mount 1890 Achievement points Low miles Clean title Seeking super serious offers! Add my battletag to discuss prices. Indi#1478Boogers10 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 The Ariiasaur has returned! Just returned recently from a little vacation I had to take to visit friends and family in another town. Feels good to be back home finally! So whats been going on in my short absence? Anything interesting lately?Ariiah2 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 'Sup, Wyrmrest. I got bored, so I thought it would be fun to write a scene from the perspective of a nameless NPC. This one is about one of the Kor'kron Grunts who gets killed by the night elf Sentinels after the Iron Juggernaut falls. It's hot. I guess that's not saying much. It's always been hot in Durotar. It's a cruddy little desert flanked by a cruddy big desert to the west. And it's always been hot in Orgrimmar, fires burning and forges churning all the time. And it's definitely going to be hot here, cramped in my armor, cramped by two dozen other grunts cramped in armor, cramped in the gullet of Orgrimmar's front gate. But it's still hot. And there's not enough room for me even to take off my helmet and wipe my brow. Try to take your mind off it, I tell myself. I turn to the grunt at my right, crack a joke. He sort of chuckles, but he doesn't really know me, so he doesn't do much more. I'm just a guard from the Drag. He's from the Ashenvale front. It's weird to think we've only been a few miles apart from each other and I've never seen him. I don't even know his name. The gates shudder suddenly. The ground rattles under my feet. The Iron Juggernaut has activated. Have the Rebels gotten that far already? Did they get past Zaela? What if it's not even the Rebels? What if it's the Alliance? I was just a kid when we got out of the camps. I've never seen a human before. I hear they're taller than we are, all of them decked out in armor so thick you can't even see their faces. What if they've got magic? What if they've got guns? All I've got is this axe. I don't think it can-- Easy, I tell myself. Don't panic. The Iron Juggernaut is invincible. Nazgrim said so. Nazgrim wouldn't lie to us. Easy. The Juggernaut will take care of it. We're just here as a precaution. Pick off whatever stragglers come through. Easy. Just don't think about it. Easy. I wonder what mother's making for dinner tonight. Haven't been able to get too much since the Warchief called everyone back into the city. Farmers can't get through with pork, so we've got to make do with what we can get in. Rice from what we took from the Darkspear and so forth. But I know mother always keeps some pork squirreled away. She always made me go outside so I wouldn't be trying to find it in the house. But she always had enough to give me some on my birthday. I want to go home. She wouldn't think less of me, would she? Hellscream brought us good times for awhile. We had all the food and supplies we needed and things were okay and she believed in him. But it's not worth this, is it? I shouldn't be here. I want to go home. She'd tell me it's okay, tell me that this war will be over and it won't matter if just one orc didn't do his job. She always said things like that. I wonder what father would say if he were still around. The gates rattle. I can see dust and flakes of rust falling off the iron bars that hold the doors shut. Someone's screaming something. Could the Juggernaut have fallen? Did something go wrong? Was Nazgrim wrong? No. He couldn't be. Nazgrim takes care of us. Everyone says so. Easy. Just be easy. You're here as a precaution. ...what if I just ran? What if I just put down my axe and ran back home? I'd probably get as far as the gates before they shot me for cowardice. Or an Overseer executed me. But what if I got past them all and made it back home? What would I tell mother? "Sorry, war's over, we lost, oh well?" Or don't even tell her, just sit down and ask what's for dinner. I hope it's pork. I like pork. I want to go home. A rumble passes through the crowd. The gates are buckling now. Is something happening? What's going on? Why won't anyone tell me? Someone, tell me what's going on, someone-- "...TO THE GATES! NOW!" General Nazgrim's yelling something. The gates are open. The gates shouldn't be open. The Juggernaut, what happened? I want to run. I want to go home. I want to see mother again. I'm pushed along by the grunts, they're all roaring and screaming and I'm doing the same because I don't know what else to do. I take my axe in my hand and I run outside and I see them. Are those night elves? The things that stopped us at our border? They look so tall. Hellscream always said they were weak. But they look so...what's that in their hand? What's that weapon? One of them sees me. She turns on me. She's a woman. Their warriors are women. She raises the weapon. I hold my axe up. I see the blades split the haft into splinters. I see the blade coming for my face. I feel something warm come out of my throat. Mother. Sorry. Write your own! Haha. This got dark.Enekie16 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 New human male animations Human males rejoice! No more running like you have hemorrhoids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRIyhH2Is4E#t=10 Pretty friggin awesome. Also young Khadgar reminds me of Cable.Chonga53 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 WTS trading card mount Savage Raptor http://www.wowhead.com/item=69228 PST in gameAswini0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 WTB Bloodtusk Shoulderpads (Closed!) See http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/94213 I've been looking for these for a few days - both auction houses and a bit of farming for myself. Paying a pretty penny for a pair if you happen to find any. I can pay and pick up as either faction, though alliance would save me the trouble of transferring it! Feel free to ping me in game or reply here if you have/happen upon a pair you'd like to sell! And obtained! Thanks random AH person!Rynie0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 (A/H) Guilds for Gamers with Social Anxiety Social anxiety is the fear of interaction with other people for a variety of reasons. It can occur as a standalone issue or can manifest co-morbidly with, or as the result of, other mental health disorders. <Swords for Everyone> (H) and <Swords for Everyone Else> (A) on Wyrmrest Accord are safe havens for gamers dealing with social anxiety and similar mental health disorders. We want to create an encouraging, supportive environment for our members to allow them to experience all aspects of World of Warcraft. If you’re tired of playing solo or just looking for like-minded people, please visit our website at www.sfeguild.com and apply there (app link on side menu). Make sure to read our guild charter to ensure that we're the fit right for you. We offer a wide variety of activities for our members: -Raiding -Transmog runs and old world raids -Battlegrounds and Arenas -Roleplaying -Biweekly guild meetings -Weekly support meetings -Guild movie night -Diabolo 3 clan -Hearthstone, Minecraft and other games -More! If you have any further questions or issues feel free to contact: (Horde) Dangerjosh, Henryc, Tazi, Einheilar, Mid, Cautauf, Jawni, or Muiyara (Alliance) Joshee, Henrydc, Faerae, Yuyang, Kautoff, Semmira or SaredelsiaDangerjosh33 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 I'm home! First and foremost; I hate flying. I'm not frightful of being in the air, nor does the motion bother me too much. Being in the military has numbed me to the trivialities of waiting for hours and hours, and having flown so much I know how to avoid being milked for money by vendors. But one thing that I cannot, will not, and shall not abide is sitting. There's so much of it, and my joints aren't appreciative. I'm already somewhat hyperactive, needing to move around a good bit an hour lest my body switch to sleep mode, but the act of sitting for a long time makes my legs stiff and my knees rusty. (Of course, when you turn the bend into the ripe old age of 22, you'd definitely have the same issues, aye?) When the last landing of the last plane in the last terminal finally happens, I disembark with fitful knees and a grouchy spine. I'm not meant for nine-to-twelve of stillness. Sleeping closes in fast for second worst part of flying. Falling asleep is easy enough, since I tend to pass out if I'm still and unemployed for more than 45 minutes. Staying asleep, however, is difficult for light sleepers, and impossible when you interject such an individual into a flying sardine can. A fly landed on your arm? Better wake the hell up and assess that it wasn't the herald of Galactis. (I mean, you never know, right?) Trips are usually concluded with nothing more than a few cat-naps and coffee. I'm home now, though, and once again able to sate my Blizzard-supported addictions. /endrant How're y'all doin'?Rhynnie3 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Found. Found.Kormoth1 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 (Poll) Laws of Stormwind - Community Movement The Stormwind Community Force Project Hello everyone! I’ve recently moved to the Alliance, and well… I see a lot of potential that is just sitting there, doing nothing. So my order and a few friends have taken the liberty to poke the bear and begin a Community Movement that remains solid and doesn’t lose steam by lack of construction, lack of leadership, and lack of activity. The first action we’re looking to do is establish a collection of acceptable, and reasonable laws that roleplayers would really believe to exist in the land of Stormwind. We’re going to be considering this an IC and OOC poll in some regards, acting as if ICly, that a massive poll was released by the establishing Judicial roleplayers, asking for the opinions of laws within the region – Giving a “Power to the people” feel, hopefully and promoting a spark of unity. Once we get a reasonable number of people responding, either via PM, Whisper, In-Game Mail, Email, or leaving a post here; we will move to phase two of our movement. All that being said, all I need is this question answered: What laws would you realistically expect within Stormwind? Thank you all for your support please spread the word and let your guilds and friends know! Let’s improve the community of the Alliance together! Thanks again!Lathious65 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 [A/H] Selling Expensive Things I've got stuff for sale, can do on either faction. I am open to negotiate with you, prices listed are my asking prices. Amani Dragonhawk 200k - I have this Hordeside but can take currency on either side for it. This is a loot card from the tcg. It is legit, here's a photo of it from my cellphone next to my dude in game ( http://imgur.com/QulDEtc ), if that image isn't enough I will happily show it to y'all on skype. Shadowmourne things, prices courtesy of undermine journal: As a bundle: 165k (20k off) Alone: Muradin's Favor - 20k Tabard of the Lightbringer - 80k Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger - 85k Ally toons for contact: Cayliel, Creary, Lyneira Horde toons: Zandrae, Tyan, Daníl, Olivèr My battletag is 100% full. I can give skype on request.Zandrae6 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Emberblade Guardians <RP guild - Horde> The Emberblade Guardians is now recruiting. We are a RP guild with an interactive story. All races welcome and all levels welcome. We currently are not working of any raiding. If you have any questions, please post them below to whisper Kazzurak or Zalayn. Beginner RPer's welcome as well.Kazzurak0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 We're getting a Corgi pet. It's pretty hot. https://twitter.com/TheCrafticus/status/484837013770629120Aelakor56 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 WTB Haunting Spirit Looking to buy a few of these on blue side to create a piece of BiS CM gear. If you have any laying around I'll gladly pay you out for them.Caelixx4 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 How's this server? I am looking for a server with a good amount of RP focus on it that raids as well (pvp a plus) What is the A:H pop on this server and how's the economy? Is it easy to start up groups for all kinds of stuff? Thanks!Orrau10 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 (H)Raiding and Roleplaying - LFGuild Hello, I'm currently looking for a new home for this guy to finish leveling in, and possibly my 566 ele shaman. I prefer non hardcore raiding, and would like to earn a spot on a team for the upcoming expansion. I'm also interested in participating in the roleplaying community, even though it's a little intimidating to me as a new rper. I have my 3 orcs, and a couple of trolls I plan on leveling. Are there any orc, troll, tauren, goblin themed roleplaying guilds out there, that also enjoy raiding? Feel free to mail me in game, and thank you.Morzog0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 The Battle for Brill Hill! (World PvP!) The Battle of Brill Hill began when Foranth took five Iron Hands Dwarves, Seothra, Gamyr, Galhof, and Aryanne, and the night elf Wisdom of Clan Dragonhammer into a little venture into the Undercity just to cause a little mayhem, we killed vendors, auctioneers, fought our way to the ziggiraut in the war quarter without encountering real resistance until we got it in our heads to try and attack Sylvanas with six people. Naturally we failed when the Horde began to fight back there with all their guards. Regrouping in the tunnel, we fought our way out with Horde PvPers hot on our tail, wiping them a few times before we escaped to the surface via the sewer entrance, then we brought in another healer, the Draenei Chepi of Against All Odds to help us sack the town of Brill. We held it for a time, with lots of back and fourth before the Horde wiped us just outside their gates when we tried to hijack a zeppelin to Orgrimmar. While we tried to regroup we were picked off one by one for a time by the numerically superior opponent, so we brought in reinforcements of our own, wiping the horde's defense force at Coldhearth Manor. We then took a Hill just outside of Brill and used it to attack the town many times, where we fought back and fourth with the Horde's defenders until we charged into the town itself and wiped most of their PvPers. After this victory we fell back to the Hill for a final time, fighting off a few stragglers here and there. We remained defending until the Horde had gathered their major PvPers and once again charged the hill! The battle was fierce but in the end our forces were broken and forced to retreat. Thanks to the Horde for putting up a good fight against Iron Hands and our allies all across Tirisfal and even through the Undercity itself! It was an enjoyable experience, always fun to duke it out in large scale engagements across Azeroth to see how long we can hold out. Even us Dwarves have limits though as proven by the final engagement! Looking forward to more conflicts and maybe we'll organize them better in the future, given that this one was rather spontaneous.Foranth18 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Selling Ethereal Soul-Trader! Selling my Ethereal Soul-Trader as he has fulfilled his service to me. Looking for 30k. Thank you!Coglo1 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Greedy Goblin Shyster seeking Brainless Brute Orgrimmar is a rough place to do business.. Especially now. In this tough time, A goblin like me, Slixx Swindlenozzle, Attorney at Law, needs a protector (or two.) I'm not looking for just any protector. I'm looking for the meanest and the largest. I want someone who makes up for their lack of brains with their overbearing and spikey plate! I'm willing to shell out quite the pretty copper for your services. For those brutes you are reading impaired:' SLIXX WANT PROTECTION. IF U STRONG, YOU TALK TO SLIXX. PROTECT SLIXX AND GET SHINIES. ((OOC information: This character needs a bodyguard to protect him. If you play one of those brutish types, I'd love to get a little RP arrangement with you going on. For more information, feel free to whisper and/or mail me. You could even just give me a shout-out here on the forums.))Slixx1 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 [H-PvP] Happy Birthday <Spetsnaz>! On July 2, 2014, Spetsnaz celebrated it's first birthday. An anniversary celebrating a full year of slaying Alliance with backflipping hatchet attacks. Over the past 12 months, people have come and gone. Other PvP guilds have come and some have gone. I want to say the lifespan of PvP guilds on this realm is quite short, but Spetsnaz seems to be an exception. Why have we been the exception? Well, I would like to say it's because of the exceptional members. The great amount of help and advice our members and officers have provided over the past year have proven worthwhile. To my guild members: Thank you for coming along and making the guild everything it currently is. To my officers: Thank you for being there to bounce ideas off of and to help keep things running smoothly. To the rest of Wyrmrest Accord: Thank you for having us around for so long and thank you for being such an awesome home. When we started the guild one year ago, I did not think we would make it past a few months. That's pretty significant coming from the GM. But our guildies stuck with it, the rest of leadership stuck with it, so I did my part and put my best effort into the guild's success. So long as we keep our vision true and our efforts strong, I will continue to put my best good-faith effort into the guild and we will have many more birthdays after this one. I have had quite the opportunity to meet plenty of interesting people, play with some of the best people and the experience of running a large, successful guild has definitely been rewarding. Thank you. About Spetsnaz: A casual PvP guild with about 280 members. Founded on July 2, 2013 on the grounds of promoting a positive PvP environment for all of Wyrmrest Accord. Spetsnaz runs one main RBG team currently at 1900 rating three nights a week and has opportunities for development groups to cultivate PvP talent on Wyrmrest Accord. Spetsnaz has the largest concentration of players with established RBG rating on the realm, currently 48 characters over 1500 rating. The Spetsnaz vision is to promote a healthy, positive PvP environment for the whole realm. Anyone on the Horde is welcome to join our global LFM/LFG channel: /join SpetsnazPvP For more information, check out our website: wowspetsnaz.comGwendel8 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Bottoms Up! (Short Cinematic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jon4GV1u3uM So this was uploaded today, and I found it to be quite entertaining. Particularly because I seemed to have not expected it on my timeline!Gydorah26 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Misty Mountains Cold - World of Warcraft http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CGbXNqSDIk You dwarves will appreciate this the most. Make sure to tell me what you think.Delurk13 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Giant Growth What is with the elixir of giant growth use on this server? It's worse than drugs in Detroit!Drafen71 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 LF a social/tightknit active H guild/tribe Hey there, Returning to the game after a long break. I was wondering if there were any active tribes still around? If not, I'd settle for a good group of people to play with. I noticed that there is a sticky with information on RP guilds, but I've also noticed that there is a lot of false advertising ;P. Thanks in advance!Rinpoche2 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Respect in Trade/General 'Yell' Wyrmrest Accord attracted me because of the RP base. Usually that denotes geeks with extremely long geek fangs, longer even than mine! In many ways I know I have made the correct choice. All the signs are there, and most of the time I feel like I am gaming with the community from a Comicon all hooked up on-line. I really appreciate that, since it is one of the only places I ever feel truly comfortable. With all MMORPGs there is a constant battle with spam and nastiness in broadcast communications. I was banned for 24 hours once in City of Heroes. I was broadcasting that I was paying (a serious lot) of in game wealth for powerleveling. I made it to 38th level (of 50) in 8 hours, but got shut down. (I was offering lots of money and screening for monster builds run by pros) Never ran the character again after that. That story was just to let everyone know I am no innocent of the world more or less. I also learned that spam is any repetition, even once. I did constantly, but it was an interesting day, what can I say. I will not be posting again in this thread, so I wanted everyone to have a bit of background. There are a 'crew' of 'Blessed bladeof the Thunderseeker or some such" that immediately start filling Trade/General with endless variations of a similar post. None are reportable, since the mature language filter would block them all. Still, I wonder why the community allows it. In the City of Heroes it would have been stopped, and stopped fast. In City of Villains, my preferred home anyone who irritated the community like that would have been shut down so very very fast in a very very unelegant fashion. You did not want to mess with the villains, seriously. I have reported one suspected pedo during childrens week hordeside. I cannot even explain my confusion at the post I saw. This community allows comments like that at such a flow that Pedos think they can post that crap without any response? Last night I was Alliance side in SW and someone posted that they like to fap to kids on skype. Not a word was said about it. I am not intolerant. I go to the Portland Erotic Ball. I have many LGBTQ friends. I sincerely try not to hate anyone. I was in the Navy at 17 and living in a ship with many different races stacked three high in bunks around me. I was in a high school in El Paso that was 97% Hispanic. I do not 'love' everyone. But I sure as heck do not judge anyone by race/religion/color/sexual preferences. What is being allowed to happen in public communications in WRA is unacceptable. I ask everyone to take back the public channels from pedophiles, hate speech, and general stupidity. Thank You. Sir Osweald, Knight Marshall of the Order of Knights Temporis. (pat. pend) May the Light give you strength to be respectful at all times.Osweald49 Jul 5, 2014