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Jul 16, 2014 How does one go about a troll uh...wedding? Zen has been courting a lovely troll lady and she's agreeable to him as her mate. He doesn't know though if she wants some kind of ritual/marriage ceremony kinds thing .... But either way, all i read was kind of vague about troll marriages, and that both sides clobber each other to learn who the dominant one would be lol so you fellow troll RPers, how do you go about something like this? Ideas? suggestions? or tell me I'm just plain nuts lolZënjin23 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 [A] Crusaders of Dawn recruiting CLOSED ((I am no longer in charge of the guild or handling recruiting)) In the service of peace, The war against Hellscream has left deep wounds on our world. Countless lives have been lost, resources are spent and Pandaria has been scarred at its core. And yet, through the clearing smoke, there is a faint light, an uneasy armistice, a glimmer of hope. We are the Crusaders of Dawn. Formerly a part of the Argent Crusade, we now serve the Alliance and its people as an independent unit within the Alliance Armed Forces. True to our roots, we believe that united, the races of Azeroth can achieve more. The quill is not mightier than the sword. Both are needed, side by side in the defence of our people. If like us, you wish to serve the people of the Alliance, and foster the hope for peace, come, join our ranks. Join our crusade towards a new dawn. Acting Commander Latsari, Crusaders of DawnLatsari3 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Are there any GHI / Addon-Item based guilds? Hello, I'm looking for either a Horde or Alliance guild that uses GHI or other item-creation addons as a guild for their roleplay functions. For example, a merchant guild that uses GHI to create and sell RP items for GHI-Created currency tokens. There used to be a guild that handed out missions to members each day where they had to travel across Azeroth using these GHI items, and when they got to their target, they used the GHI items to do a function, like skin a specific type of raptor, and then the item created a Mysterious Raptor Skin that the player brought back to the GM of the guild for currency tokens, and the guild had it's own economy. Anyone know if any guilds like this still exist, horde or alliance side? Thank you.Slohar3 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Ignore this. Never mind. Nobody really wants to volunteer, so I'll quit trying.Thienza7 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 SPOILER ALERT - WoD Blood Knight Lore Changes There are no lore changes to Blood Knights in WoD.Varsinax70 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 @Dawnblood Thought you'd like this. http://i.imgur.com/dWuCGIE.gifQuintus18 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Turwinkle attends the SotB guild event! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle was invited to attend the Sentinels of the Blade induction and promotion ceremony in Feathermoon. A wonderful guild event these folks do for its members. We take this opportunity to once again talk about the importance of guild events for a guild and its members! Come and enjoy this wonderful guild event and talk about guild events just like this one! So grab a soda, your favorite snack food and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle and Sentinels of the Blade! :D http://youtu.be/LjICooLtWA4Turwinkle7 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Who is your daddy and what does he do? What do you guys do for a living IRL? What's your dream job? What would you do/build if you won one hundred million dollars?Pai83 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 [A] Feral druid LF CM silver group That's right, silver. I'm not too interested in the transmog gear, but I would like a shot at those phoenix mounts before they're gone. I'm pretty sure I can't buy a gold carry with my measly 20k and no one seems interested in selling silver runs (and even then, they'd probably still cost more than 20k), and since basically everyone I personally know has gone into hiatus in the wait for WoD, I gotta reach out to the community to find some folks that are interested. I know that feral druids aren't exactly the most sought-after spec for CM runs, but I hope there's a few people out there that'd be willing to give it a go with a less-than-optimal composition. I've barely touched CMs in the past so it's fairly inevitable that I'll end up making some mistakes, but I try to avoid making the same mistake twice. My availability is flexible, but something between 6PM-12AM server time is probably the most convenient, and the day of the week doesn't matter. I already have silver in Temple of the Jade Serpent and Gate of the Setting Sun, but I still need the rest. My Bnet tag is Sydeon#1551, feel free to contact me if you're interested.Sydeon0 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 16, 2014 Warrior Shout in Anub'arak http://youtu.be/Us79aL6CBGA It's super effective!Pai1 Jul 16, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 [A-RP] In Wake of the Plague Times can be dark; in wake of the recent plague, it is important to remember those who were lost, those who sacrificed themselves to save others. A vigil will be held in memory of those who are no longer with us. Date and time have not been decided, as it would be best to accompany as many as possible. For the moment, the date is tentatively set for Friday, the eighteenth, beginning at four o'clock. The location, for the moment, is just behind the Cathedral. For the moment, please visit Renard, the Worgen in red to register the dead. He will be posted behind the Cathedral for the duration of the week. You will be asked for the following: The name of the deceased Name of the register-er If you would like to speak If you would like to be named A brief speech (optional)If you do not wish to be named, you may still speak. If you do not wish to speak, someone else may read for you. If Renard is unable to be found, please send mail to him [Lunaticus] with the information above included. Additionally, Renard will be open to register for two hours before the event itself, if you are unable to locate him before that time. Any who wish to assist with the event may do so. This event is open to all; please remember that some may mourn in their own way. Additionally, please dress appropriately. While not enforced, it is strongly encouraged to leave heavy armour and weapons behind. If interested, please monitor this message, as it will be edited as details become firmer.Lunaticus2 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Blood elf guilds. I am currently looking for a blood elf rp guild. If anyone knows of one please reply and leave the name and who I can maybe contact.Elencill2 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 [H-PvP] <Spetsnaz> is Recruiting Officers <Spetsnaz>. One of the longest running PvP focused guilds on Wyrmrest Accord is seeking more officers to help lead our effort of building a healthy, positive PvP environment on the realm. We are a casual PvP guild. So PvP is our main focus, we like to do well at it, but sometimes there are other things that must come first. Our members enjoy all kinds of WoW gameplay. So even if you aren't PvP focused, we may be interested in you. If you are interested in leading the ranks of one of Wyrmrest Accord's largest and longest-running PvP focused guilds, please apply. Any questions can be addressed to me in game. All of our current officers will be able to see your application when you submit it. Apply on our guild website: wowspetsnaz.com/officer About Spetsnaz: A casual PvP guild with about 280 members. Founded on July 2, 2013 on the grounds of promoting a positive PvP environment for all of Wyrmrest Accord. Spetsnaz runs one main RBG team currently at 1900 rating three nights a week and has opportunities for development groups to cultivate PvP talent on Wyrmrest Accord. Spetsnaz has the largest concentration of players with established RBG rating on the realm, currently 48 characters over 1500 rating. The Spetsnaz vision is to promote a healthy, positive PvP environment for the whole realm. Anyone on the Horde is welcome to join our global LFM/LFG channel: /join SpetsnazPvPGwendel1 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 ~Emerald Sanctuary~ Emerald Sanctuary~ looking for any and all Druids along with any who wish the protection of Life to come join our ranks! We are an Rp based guild also looking to do rds, and dgns. Pvpers also welcome. Come and write your history!Vyindraa1 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 The Day of Peace Edit: Because people take this thing too seriously around here, this was posted as a funny joke between our two servers. In no way do I promote or endorse 'server rivalry', and I'd actually like to see our servers work together. I figured I'd better make this edit as a lot of people are getting awfully tense about one silly little response to Blizzard's decision to break up our CRZ. And now back to your scheduled programing: --- You wouldn't believe how happy Moon Guard players were when they finally realized Wyrmrest Accord wasn't there! http://i.imgur.com/khoI0M8.jpgAedrenn55 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 [A] Light Bless You... I search for a guild My newly leveled 90 Dranei priest Arkaysion is a new arrival to the shores of WRA. He is in search of those who could perhaps join in his quest to rid the universe of the burning legion blight and all forms of evil which serve it. (Or if your guild is on the darker side, perhaps you can try your hand at convincing/manipulating Arkaysion) Please message if you are interested.Arkaysion0 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 OVERLORD KIETHOO WANTS YOU! *points* To Serve in the Orgrimmar Guard! We need Orgrimmar Grunts! We need Tauren Braves! We need Troll Roof Stawkers! We need you all! And the best part is, you don't even have to sign up. Because as of this moment, you were just DRAFTED! Reveille is at 0430. In Valley of Honor Barracks. Any one who is late gets to spend their first month of duty with Crossroad's Patrol Duty. Oh and this month the average weather in The Barrens is 125 with 55% humidity. See you at sunrise!Kiethoo22 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Alliance RP on this server? Hey, I've researched this topic on google but could only find results for 2011-2013, so sorry if this is asked a lot! I'm trying to decide between this server and moonguard for RP and will be sending this hunter to one of these servers and renaming it more appropriately. Can you guys tell me what Alliance RP is like on this server?Squirrel17 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Well, I used to stand for something... Now I'm on my hands and knees. Trading in my god for this one, And he signs his name with a capital G. http://youtu.be/wHCd09TVQrIPai6 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 DWARVEN RP If you are looking for Dwarven RP Guild, then Join CLAN IRONHAMMER! Guild is VERY QUICKLY Growing in popularity and in notoriety! Our guild is very active and has many events scheduled. Both social RP and Story-based RP are a part. search /who clan ironhammer and any one of us will be happy to talk to you more about it! Dwarven Pride!Thráîn3 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 [H-RP] Looking for Work! The goblin chuckled, watching the two elves take off on the guy’s totally not stolen rocket. At first, Axel thought the elf guy was going to ask him to ride on his rocket but, thankfully, there was some other elf chick loitering around the Tail to get him out of his (almost sticky) pickle. All things considered, the other elves were nice and friendly but totally not the type he’d choose to frolic with around Gallywix, or anywhere for that matter. Finally deciding it was time to be productive, Axel launched himself from the not-so-comfortable barrel he’d been sitting on for the past couple of hours and made his way to Orgrimmar’s Command Board. “Hmmm… lemme see…. ‘Baker Needed in Troll Stew’, “ he read. “What else it say? ‘Must have prior experience with self seasoning and not opposed to being served as main course.’.” He blinked at the notice a few times, scratching the bottom of his chin, “Well, I once roasted a pickled duck and I prob could make a good stew of gobs, but…” he laughed, “Naw! It ain’t right fer me.” After a longer period of time reading over announcements and bulletins, the green short stack lost heart. “I ain’t’ never gonna find a job! Ain’t anyone hiring any bruisers er anythin’ anymore!?” Begrudgingly, he trudged back to the Tail. “I guess I gonna have ta make my own post, then!” After a short while, the goblin tacked his own “looking for” posting on the Command Board: ... ________________________________ (( OOC: Hi! I’m a nearly full time role player who is looking for a full time RP guild of any race makeup. My character does not have a “solid, set in stone” history, other than he came from Kezan and was one of the many goblins to give his entire worth to get off the island. Now? He’s just a young-ish goblin, looking for work. I’m usually online about three to four times a week, with at least one, or two, days of online activity for four to six hours. I do live in EST, so I am usually offline after 7 ST during the week. I have gone through some of the guild posts here on the forums but I am not sure which direction to go and thought that, maybe, someone would see this post and have a bit of interest. ☺ Oh!, The beginning paragraph is based upon an actual in game random, non-arranged, role play that I found myself involved with this morning. Walk up RP is something I love to initiate and, usually, am pleased with the result. It was fun to converse with the two elves today. :D Thanks for reading and I look forward to any responses! ☺ ))Andraxel4 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 (H-RP) The Blackmarket Cartel Returns! A young Pandaren dragged through a dark alley somehow ends up indoors. Blindfolded, he's pulled by unknown persons toward some room. Suddenly, within the black, the only sounds of a metal door slamming shut and locking pierce the scene, as the blindfold is removed. The Pandaren squints in the darkness, when the blaring spotlight hits several feet away. Numerous gangsters and thugs surround him, varied in their armour, weapons and cultures. A troll with razor sharp knives, a Goblin arsonist. One orc carries a large metal club, while a female Tauren brandishes her longsword. Stepping through this crowd of crooks comes the sight of a Goblin, wearing the finest black suit and smoking a thick cigar. The silence lasts for what seems to the Pandaren as an eternity. It was then the music started, and they broke out into a song....... Congratulations Bub, You've join'd da club! An' ev'rybody here agrees, We've got the finest batch o' a nearly honest catch, Welcome to tha' B M C! A ring of thugs tha' youse can trust, There's nothin' up our crook'd sleeves, Got lots a grub ta share, Pull up an easy chair, Welcome ta tha' B M C! Now youse get ta lie an' cheat, Never have ta say yur sleaze, But we's always aim ta please, Care fer one another, never miss yur motha' Schemin' up a scam, out on tha' lam, Takin' whatever we's please, And if you like to lurk, you're gonna love this work Welcome ta tha' B M C! Together we're the perfect team (Aaaawwwwww) Larceny is in the genes (Aaaawwww) Dare to share the golden dream (Aaaawwww) Live a life o' leisure, counting all your treasure As an honorary member of the gang That no one alive ever leaves Ya gotta snatch and sneak or else your future's bleak We got a life time contract that you're bound to keep Ya wanna save your skin, you'd better fit right in Wel, Wel, Welcome to the Wel, Wel, Welcome to the B.....M.....CCCCC! The gang cheers, as the newly inducted member is taken to see his bright, golden future as a crook.Salsbury96 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 LF an RP leveling partner on ED from 1-90 Title says it all. I'm looking for a partner (or partners) to level a character IC with me from 1-90. I intend to be extremely flexible with zone and such, but wish for someone serious about the journey and IC progression throughout. Horde most likely, as the character I have written up is Tauren, but willing to discuss other options! (: Heirlooms are acceptable to me, due to the fact that they would make gear less of the focus, but at the same time I would like to make sure the focus doesn't switch from RP to speed leveling. I play most days, mid day to evening depending on RL commitments, usually at least 2-4 hours minimum, and I would be good about communication on this aspect to be sure the experience goes smoothly. Thanks, and hope to get something good going soon! (:Blizsy3 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Looking For An Active RP Guild! Getting too much crap for writing something and being honest about it? Why not edit it and re-write it!? Anyway just looking for a very active rp guild full of friendly people and people who do not attempt to humiliate others. My character is generally very cocky but has a true neutral alignment. If you want to read my mrp go for it, if not message me in-game if you're interested.Dellandra22 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 CLAN IRONHAMMER! CLAN IRONHAMMER! a Dwarf based clan is looking for any and all able bodied Dwarves of any make or profession. We are a Med-Hvy RP based guild, also looking to do Dungeons, and Raids. Come and rebuild the great Dwarven people! ARE YE DWARF ENOUGH!Hrothganron5 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Geronimo's Warlord Transmog Event! <Geronimo's Warlord Transmog Event> July 14th we will be holding our guild 2nd-realm wide transmog event! This event will be held at the Dark Portal, Hellfire Peninsula. Date: July 14th Time: 9:00pm est, 6:00 pst Where: Dark Portal, Hellfire Peninsula. Wyrmrest Accord Server. Who: Everyone! Its not limited to Geronimo members, everyone Horde side on Wyrmrest Accord is welcome! Prize: 20,000g for first place. 7,500g for second, and 5,000g for third! With the last 5k going to the crowd favorite! Judges: Mendstar of Geronimo. Rakazea of Mok LakTuk. Skrend of Mok LakTuk/Rylaii of Geronimo (Depending on availability) Theme: Warlords of Draenor! Rules: The rules are simple. Your gear set must be inspired from either the Outlands or Draenor. The set does not have to be class/armor type specific so any plate user could use cloth pieces. It also does not have to be a full set. Be prepared to explain your set, your thematic choices, and if you have a character to fully embrace the armor to our judges, and most of all be creative and have fun! Feel free to contact any of the leadership in Geronimo for more info. There is no entry fee and we hope to see as many, if not more people than last time! Ps. Last time we let the community donate gold to increase the prize pool. If you'd like to donate to the contestants mail gold to the character Paragons, along with your name and any special message. We'll have a list set-up on the forums and our guild site to thank anyone who donates. 100% of the donations will go into the prize pool. Donor List: Lollygagger - Geronimo - 10k CO-GMs Ra'kazea and Rankaza and Mok Lak'tuk - 5k Cohen - Geronimo - 6k Gwendel - Spetsnaz - 5k Thanks to all the donors, giving us an incredible prize pool of 33.5k!Durostar22 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Looking for a leather worker Hello i am looking for a leather worker to supply me with some items :3 -Spirit Keeper Footguards, Please whisper me on Starlight, cod, or add my btag Trisitella#1439 ty ty <3 Edit : Found someone to make me the mantle, ty for much to them ^_^ <3 Edit 2: Found the boots, ty to the leatherworkers who responded.Starlight0 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 Cheesetastic! What are some really cheesy movies you've seen lately? Right now I'm watching Dragonfyre and it's pretty up there...Pai10 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 For everyone who hates Garrosh and Warlords I found this at 4am internet trawling. My sides are freakin' destroyed here. DOSE FACES DEY MAKE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61OWGfmWU2k&feature=em-subs_digest Cannot unsee those faces ...Rhentor29 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 [H] <Order of Old Lordaeron> for the Light! ... Lordaeron. The land that once stood as a great beacon of hope against those that sought to ravage it. Guided by the Light, the kingdom was the birthplace of paladins and other holy warriors who sought to spread the Three Virtues: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. People lived and died for this land, ravaged by the scourge and betrayed by their crown prince, Arthas Menethil. Even in death, they fight for this land, former allies turned against them, threatening to steal their home. The Alliance fails to see the undead who walk this land under the banner of the Forsaken as the same allies that they had so many years ago. They claim they are retaking Lordaeron, despite the fact that those who had it had never lost it to begin with. Lordaeron still remains, unwavering in the face of death. And yet, something about these once proud people has changed. With the Light refusing to shine down on them as it once did, the Forsaken have taken up a path of revenge and hatred towards all that had taken away from them what they once had. The Forgotten Shadow now guides their path towards a twisted future. Vengence. The Order of Old Lordaeron remembers the time of when it was still a land of hope and good. It stands not for any government or ruler, but the very idea of Lordaeron. Upholders of the Light. Protectors of the land and the people. People who have not forsaken all that they stand for, despite all of the things that have happened. Lordaeron shall rise to glory once more. ----- <Order of Old Lordaeron> is a level 21 roleplaying guild focused on Light Worship in the Horde. After a long stream of inactivity, I have taken up role as Highlord and seek to try to get this guild moving again. We accept any race, though we're primarily undead, and most classes, though we are weary of Warlock/Death Knight/Shadow Priest RPers due to those classes not really fitting into our theme. Though, if you can think of a reason your character still wishes to serve the Light and see Lordaeron restored to what it once was, we're not turning anyone down. Our guild is currently divided into two sections. The Clerics, who are RPers who are primarily non-combat RP but still have interest in the Order, and the Knights, who are our more militaristic side. Regardless of what you join as, you will not be restricted from any current or future events. If you have any interest in joining our guild please contact one of our leaders (preferably through in-game mail), and we will gladly send an invite and set up a time to RP with you. Our current leaders are: Highlord: Luke (undead warrior) High-Cleric: Bustov (undead priest) Lord-Commander: *vacant* Next event: TBHLuke13 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 [A-RP] PARTY: The Culling of Goldshire Seemingly overnight, Goldshire has been purged. The freaks have all vanished. It is no longer cramped; it bears no more filth. People are culling it a miracle of the Light. Of Elune. Of the Titans. Work of the Bronze Dragonflight! Whatever it is, Goldshire has been freed, and now all are invited to see the clean inn with empty bedrooms. To party and celebrate that the nightmares are gone. 13:02:33 [Keak-WyrmrestAccord]: ... Is Silvermoon an Alliance city again? Because that's just about the only thing that could top this right now. 13:03:34 [Keak-WyrmrestAccord]: I am pretty much certain that with the way today is going, Turalyon is going to show up. 13:03:44 [Keak-WyrmrestAccord]: And then Uther is going to rise from the grave and kick somebody in the face. OOC: MOONGUARD IS -GONE.- IT IS -GONE- FROM GOLDSHIRE. BLIZZARD BE -PRAISED.- COME ENJOY REAL RP AT GOLDSHIRE ONCE AGAIN. ....Blizzard, please do not bring them back.Guthlac49 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Happy Birthday to Colepain! *offers a rotten cake with a burning gnome on top* ((Best wishes for a great day :D ))Vandrysse15 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Looking for RP lvling buddy Looking for a rp lvling buddy, which means I am looking for someone to yes do quests, dungeons, etc but rp through the storylines, which does take time.. if interested contact me at venusadora98#1167 on BT...Venusadora2 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 OOC Harassment Thread It has come to my attention that there is this widespread pandemic of OOC harassment on our server, so I made this thread for us all to discuss harassment and talk about how we can finally end this menace to society. As I would know, there is constantly a bunch of OOC conflict around here -- around every corner. People are running into problems with people holding OOC grudges and trying to flat out ruin their reputation. Sometimes they're bullies; other times it's a more personal issue. Also, I am aware this is a PERSONAL problem, so I advise the lot of ye to not toss around names... I repeat this again: DO NOT THROW AROUND NAMES! I would also like to talk about how we can avoid OOC conflict all together. So be it some problem with a villain, a certain event, or some person in particular, I would like you to discuss it here and bring forward a remedy. I am declaring WAR on OOC harassment! I will also be asking for advice on how to handle this problem. Tips: 1. Ignore. 2. Get help. 3. Try to report the OOC antagonist. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Sourbeard82 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Druids! If a clan were made for Druids who would come? It wouldnt be race bound just class. Please let me know! ^.^Vyindraa4 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Does mage get any better? My very first toon was a gnome mage, and while my warrior ended up being my first 90, I've always wanted to finish leveling a mage. But to be honest, leveling has been a real struggle for me. The highest level I've reached out of my multiple attempts was 50 and I just gave up because if I ran into more than one enemy, I died. And this was with a full set of enchanted heirlooms. Am I just really bad at mage or does it get easier at higher levels? (And yeah, I tried polymorphing mobs, etc., but half the time my polymorph had no effect because of the enemy type. WEHHHH.)Anisaye33 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Troll Lore Question! I've been looking around, and I don't see any real answers for this. What is the average lifespan of a Troll? At what age are they considered adults? ...Actually, that question could be asked for nearly all of the exotic races, since Blizz hasn't been very clear on it.Miistia34 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 [H] lv 25 <Contingency Plan> is recruiting. Are you tired of 500 person guilds where the group is so big the chat feels like you are talking in trade? Are you looking for an active skilled group of players who you can make friends with and pair up or group up when needing to get stuff done? Are you looking for players who are good at their class and roles but are not hardcore raiding every night? These are three major elements I had in mind when I started this guild. There are all flavors and styles of players in this game, and their are just as many guilds to match. But the thing about these guilds is there is something always pressing; be it raiding RP, or PVP. There is by no means anything wrong with that. But not everyone enjoys going all out in any of these matters. That does not make them bad players either. CP is meant to allow quality players of any genre of the game to have a place to call home while they do what they love. While the guild will focus on things such as end game or pve/pvp. It will never be a requirement to play. Yes there are guilds like that as well in the game. they are usually 400-500 people deep. Large guilds are great to for the heavy social gamer who always needs people to talk to. But 400-500 person guilds can also be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. It also makes it hard to really get to know your guild. CP never plans on being that big. Our thought is More focused skilled players will not require a huge pool to pull from. Quantity does not always mean quality and our idea is to have skill over size. While the guild is casual we will be doing content with the guild for those who want to.. We will and are active with our green post, use ventrillo and often come up with fun activities to do to all feel like a team and sometimes a family. We really would love for any interested parties to contact us in game and gt an invite. No interview needed. We are currently looking for all class/ level but are in need of *class /Pve* officers. People who truly know the class they play and also players who really have the raids and dungeons down pack, to help educate other members on who to be the best players they can. If you are interested in anyway Contact Yiroshi in game and he will set something up to invite you!Yiroshi0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 2 heals lf raid guild. My GF and I are looking to raid on these toons again, we're 14/14H experienced and can raid anyday but tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays. Add afflikshin#1806 to chat ingame plz.Impervius0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 <Aegis of Awesome> is now recruiting! <Aegis of Awesome> is a new and still-growing online community for casual raiding and socializing with other friendly gamers! If you're looking for a place to call home, where you can find the help you need to accomplish *all* World of Warcraft has to offer, you've come to the right place! Contact Cazdormu or Ariadine in-game, or send a Real ID friend request to Scribe#1337!Cazdormu0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Looking for something new. I would like to start a guild with some people and be a tight group of people. Id like to be more level and pvp based. hit me up on Cablik in game. I would like anyone. low levels, high level to come and join me. If i get anyone interested I will start one!Pagey0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Shovelry! Which of you decadent dandies have dug into the nostalgia-inked love letter to the NES era, Shovel Knight? Favorite level? Music? Knight? Any particular levels make you crawl up a wall or froth at the mouth in incoherent rage?Raynell7 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Empty/Quiet places? As the title suggests I have been a bit curious on a lot of empty and quiet places around Azeroth. Places without mobs or NPC's/Questgivers places you could sit back, relax, maybe even go to with friends. So post places you know that are empty and quiet! Try to provide a screenshot if you can!Martavel10 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 Mission to Orgrimmar -LF RP- In the aftermath of the siege of Orgrimmar Master Blood Knight Dawnblood has been assigned a new duty. He has been sent across the seas to the desert fortress of Orgrimmar on a diplomatic mission. His goals are to assess the state of the post Garrosh horde and to act as a military adviser in the Horde's recovery after this civil war. The knight is to aid his nation's allies via joining warbands to raid enemy positions, to heal wounded soldiers and if Sin'dorei traitors are found hiding in those walls to assassinate them. If I am in Orgrimmar feel free to walk up for RP. I am looking for more general Horde contacts and allies and I am willing to join in plots with those Rping grunts or other fighters who seek to destroy the enemies of the Horde. I am not interested in general guard RP. I am more seeking military contacts or members of Horde intelligence groups.Dawnblood0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 a little advise please the skinney is my gear is what I consider welfare epics. Be that as it may, I am having a very hard time staying alive.... to the point of canning me oldest toon. I haven't played in almost eight months and upon my return something has happened. The old pally isn't as tough as he used to be or something is very wrong. Could I get folks to take a look at me here, flame me if needed and advise me on how I can change things a little in order to stay alive against quest mobs on timeless island.Khâz15 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 WTS Crimson Deathcharger I'm looking to see a Crimson Deathcharger, to Horde or Alliance, at 175k or best offer.Buss4 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 WRA WoT Community? Just wondering if anyone else plays it here. Not looking to make a WRA Group or anything. I run a StuG III G.Kiethoo18 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 CLAN IRONHAMMER! Clan Ironhammer a Dwarf based clan is looking for any and all able bodied Dwarves of any make or profession. We are a Med-Hvy RP based guild, also looking to do Dungeons, and Raids. Come and rebuild the great Dwarven people!Hrothganron4 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 Druids?!? Im new to druids (first one ive ever played) and im looking for a Druid guild or a group to be around. know of any?Vyindraa8 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 Percy the Pirate - Gnome of the Horde! That's right... he's Mr. McGhosty Pants and he's chosen his faction. DON'T QUESTION HIS MOTIVES! Immune to: Fisticuffs. He's a ghost. Your fist goes through him. Weakness: Magic. Magic and Enchanted Weapons. Magic, Enchanted Weapons, and Name Calling. It hurts. Don't do it. Super Power: Amazing facial hair. In all seriousness, I'm considering making him a thing.Pai9 Jul 13, 2014