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2d [A-RP] The Steel Pub 1 Year Anniversary Hey all! The Steel Pub turns one this Sunday! It's been a tremendous pleasure to provide you all with some lighthearted tavern-rp this past year! Cheers to another! Join us in Anvilmar from 6-9pm (server), January 15th for some of the finest Dwarven brews in Khaz Modan! Come help us celebrate, and give the weekend a fun ending with free booze and RP! We'll be unveiling a special Aniversary Ale ( for GHI users!), and will host one or more drinking contests! Hope to see you there!Bathildis10 2d
2d [Introduction] Rakypto the Envoy Greetings, savages of the Horde, I be Rakypto, Diplomatic Envoy from the Zandalari Empire. I grew up on Zandalar but I have recently been assigned, due to my high intellect and 'rich backround', to document the varying savages within the Horde and all around Azeroth, even some of the more beautiful ones like those Blood Elves. By some great blessing from one of the many Loa, I have been granted access to your cities and villages as means to carry out my research. If you would allow me to peacefully document everything you do and allow me discourse for my political opinions about the varying races and Troll tribes of Azeroth I would greatly appreciate the opportunity.Rakypto7 2d
2d (H-RP) The Coalition Seeks New Personnel! ( For optional ambience of this encounter, please take a listen to this link: https://youtu.be/gfLo-1Sjkr8 I hope you will enjoy it, and this post! :] Note: Jonas Lefvert has no affiliation with Northeastern Coalition.) On a misty evening, which was quite oft the usual in Tirisfal, a knock rings loudly upon the solid oaken door of Vreth's office. Faint music can be heard just beyond the wooden portal, soon a muffled voice answers just loud enough to be heard, "Please, come in!" The voice seems to echo slightly with each word. "Hail to you, so very pleased you could make it. I know that at times it can be difficult to work such things into one's schedule and thank you for what sparse few moments you can give me. I am called 'Vreth', you may know me by this name, or maybe by another... it's not important really. Though what matters is that I have returned and with me, the Coalition!" Vreth motions to the comfortable yet worn looking chair before his desk. "Have a seat, friend. Rest your weary bones, hum... now where was I?" Raising a claw to the plate of faintly glowing metal that masked his face, Vreth pondered for but a moment before continuing. Off to his side, another Forsaken sat strumming guitar. The melodies he strummed were mournful, yet oddly soothing, but what wasn't comforting was the intense gaze the rogue seemed to be giving you. Glowing green eyes shifted their attention from you then the door; it was clear this leather cloaked man was a bodyguard. "Ah yes, I imagine that is why you are here isn't it? I'm certain you've heard a number of things about us, and likely as many about me. Allow me to enlighten you as to who we are and what we do." Vreth clatters his spindly fingers excitedly against the desk with this shift in conversation, his bodyguard uttering a bemused grunt at his employer's palatable enthusiasm. "The Northeastern Coalition is an organization that operates in the movement of resources, manpower, information, and other assorted things with the intention to give purpose to those who may lack it." The spellcaster leans back in his chair, steepling his claws. "Yes, giving purpose is a rather wide, far-reaching goal isn't it? You see, an epidemic of listlessness and loss of direction has fallen upon our peoples as conflict throughout this world and many others becomes resolved." A wistful sigh from the bodyguard. "What do you do when you find yourself newly risen as a Forsaken? When your business dismisses you or after you take an injury that sees your past profession absolutely impossible?" The burly Rogue feigns a mournful gasp at these misfortunate scenarios, a hollow chuckle escaping his blood-red mask soon after. Perhaps you ponder these scenarios yourself now, they are all equally lamentable as well as difficult to recover from all on one's own! Perhaps your musings show on your features, for Vreth's eagle eyes soon pick up on this. "Oh, lovely, these words hit home; I see you understand what I am talking about hm? Yes, yes, yes it is a dreadful thing, being cast aside... abandoned. It is foolish though, for all can come to a purpose of their own!" Once again, Vreth seems to almost read your mind, a smile audible in his tone. "Ah! Now you start to follow me, yes? This is where the Coalition steps in, for we take those who are lost in a world that is ever in strife and give them the means to pursue their own goals, to find their aspirations! All we ask in return is that you offer similar in exchange. The stipulation is this: You are provided with means, comrades, and organization to achieve your desires, and in turn you offer yourself as a resource for others to obtain their own goals..." As the Necromancer trails off, his bodyguard finishes playing his melody and sets the instrument aside, a lone hand nursing the pommel of one of his blades... now flitting his vigilant gaze upon you and your reply. Vreth purrs with rare amusement, clicking his claw against his mask. "So tell me, friend... are you ready to make a deal?" The Rogue rises to his feet, unfurling a roll of parchment atop the desk, along with an enchanted quill. The document before you seems to be a contract, written in a foul glowing ink the likes you've never seen before. Dare you sign? ------ Greetings, friends! Northeastern Coalition is a Forsaken centered guild recruiting role players of all classes for its ranks! We are a friendly, active guild with frequent RP events or in game social gatherings in order to promote a healthy and fun environment for our members and friends in other guilds who wish to join us. We are a Forsaken aligned organization, but operate independently of the Forsaken military hierarchy.Vreth23 2d
2d [H-RP] <Shadows of Lordaeron> Holy 500 posts Batman! We maxed out our forum thread! Here is a link to our previous thread if you wish to follow our journey as a guild thus far: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16543845164 The Shadows of Lordaeron are elite, hand picked agents of the Forsaken from all walks of society who seek other seasoned veterans to join the fury of our Vanguard, the stealth and cunning of our Intelligence Network and the devious minds of our Research and Development Team. Forsaken High Command has seen fit to assemble a versatile unit composed of battle-hardened Deathguards, merciless Deathstalkers, devout Cultists and brilliant Apothecaries capable of handling various sorts of operations, usually the assignments most others are reluctant to undertake. Various rumors swirl around Undercity whispering of secret experiments, artifact recovery and enemies of Forsaken disappearing with our involvement; however what we do is not for fame or prestige. Our actions are motivated only by our loyalty to the Dark Lady and dedication to the Forsaken Cause. I ask you now comrade, where does your allegiance reside? OOC: The Shadows of Lordaeron are seeking role players who favor Forsaken/Undead RP. Our guild is composed entirely of Forsaken or Death Knights of any race, provided they bend the knee to the Banshee Queen. We are a ruthless band of deaders who always served the Dark Lady first and the War Chief second. However now, that is obviously no longer an issue. Our intention is to offer all aspects of Forsaken RP: be it military, adventure, apothecary, Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, political, etc. We are quite active and hold RP events at least once a week that usually involve /roll RP and of course engage in walk up RP as well. Aside from undead RP, we also have been known to dabble in some PVP and PVE from time to time. Additional info on The Shadows of Lordaeron can be found at: solwra.enjin.com or by reaching out to Killingfield, Jaedera, Zheco or Sehoro in game.Killingfield216 2d
2d [ A-RP ] <Maw of Flame> is now recruiting! <Maw of Flame> --Heavy RP Guild Guild Master: Zaderick Main Locations: Booty Bay, Dalaran (old for ease), Stormwind Faction: OOC- Alliance. IC- Cross-Faction - All Races and Classes Accepted Guild Status: Recruiting Officer(s): Zaderick and Valurii Website: http://www.theblackmaw.tumblr.com/ About the Maw of Flame: We're brand new! The Maw of Flame is a story-driven heavy roleplaying guild on Alliance side. We focus on individual storylines that tie back to a larger story in hopes of keeping everyone engaged and interested in ongoing roleplay throughout the world. Much of our roleplay takes us outside of main cities, although there is always opportunity to do occasional city roleplay. The main idea is that we are a group of outlaw pirates, bandits, and morally gray, questionable characters. Not everyone is necessarily a pirate, but there is a big focus on the crew of the fearsome ship, the Black Maw. Led by Captain Killian Essex (Zaderick's alias), those who rally under his banner plunder, loot, and pillage their way to ill-gotten prosperity. Again, this is more than just boat roleplay. Who Are We Recruiting?: OOCly- Individuals interested in story-driven roleplay! Looking for players who are vocal about what they want and what they don't want, and who are respectful of their fellow guild mates. Please be advised, this is an adult oriented guild, so if you are sensitive to strong language, violence, alcohol consumption/gambling/addictive behaviors, sexual themes, and other similar topics, this might not be the guild for you. ICly- Discreet individuals with skills that appeal to the Captain. Are you a spy, cook, kobold specialist, repairman, songwriter, engineer, lore master, archaeologist, medic, mage, assassin, sharpshooter, etc? Sailors come a dime a dozen. Captain Essex seeks open-minded, talented individuals with a passion for exploration and ambition for treasure. Ranks: Dread Captain (GM) Corsair (Officer) Black Maw Crew (Member) Associate (Member) Deck Swabber (Beginner, Trial) Suckbot OOC (Self Eplanatory) How To Join: *Leave a comment here, and I will reach out to you in-game. *Reach out to Zaderick or Valurii via in-game mail or whisper. *Send a message to Zaderick on Tumblr: http://zaderick.tumblr.com An IC meeting will take place between the Captain and your character, whether in-game, through Discord, or Tumblr. You can get a feel for what our roleplay is like, and if it seems like a good fit, we will get you situated. (Note: Alts are welcome within reason. We are not a rarely-used alt depot.) Guild Storyline: Zaderick McGowan is an ex-Kirin Tor pyromancer who turned to a life of piracy after gaining a ship with a legacy to uphold. Though he is no longer Kirin Tor, he possesses a great wealth of information on several types of magic, including Chronomancy. Known to everyone as Killian Essex, he was pulled into the world of piracy and now aspires to take over the territories that belong to the Blacksail Pirates of Aszuna to create a pirate haven in the rumored Blacksail Cove. (Note: we're not looking to take over the entirety of the Blacksail Crew or Aszuna, just an imaginary portion of it to avoid breaking lore regarding Mr. Shackle, his crew, and involvement with the Uncrowned. This story is also open to people outside of the guild!) With help of his talented crew and clandestine cross-faction alliances, he hopes to gather alliances, funds, and additional resources to make this conquest possible. Along the way, they'll encounter resistance from other pirates, law enforcement, and all manner of monsters and demons that they must overcome! Do you have what it takes to rally under Captain Essex's banner? Additional Information: You can find more information such as stories, information about the ship, etc at http://theblackmaw.tumblr.comZaderick11 2d
2d Black & Boozed Brawl Nights (Brawl'gar RP) Mr. Matchfix here, WrA! You might know me from random walk-ups on the "valley streets" or have seen myself and the Arena Battle Co. at our weekly Bloodthirsty Thursday's events. If you don't know me, well, you're doin' somethin' wrong! -Or right? -Or something! I'd like to introduce a new monthly event we will be running called "Black & Boozed Brawl Nights" -- which will take place on the last Saturday of every month at 6:00 PM Server Time. It will be replacing our "Monthly Mop-Up's" that'd we run, but now that the Brawlers Guild is back and better than ever -- it should have some RP to go along with it! The event(s) won't have any kind of linear structure as it will be casual and free form roleplay as you wait in queue to impress the crowd. Using the betting feature is highly recommended and entering the arena drunk is highly, well, not recommended, but brawlsy! You have the chance at winning big at ICly betting on or against drunken combatants. Don't even try and cheese your way to happy endings, Brewmasters. The Arena Battle Co. will be there all night and even trying to rally the streets of Orgrimmar on-in; we, as silent partners, want the Brawlers Guild to do somethin' good for themselves and of course we want to see you fai--succeed in the arena. Tell your clan, friends and even your imaginary ones that all the gold awaits, even if you're black and boozed.Matchfix1 2d
2d Server Project: Blingtron 5000 Is Evil Greetings fellow accordion players. Today I would like to invite you to boycott the dastardly Blingtron 5000. With enough support, I believe we can rid the world (of Warcraft) of this evil. But I know what you're thinking, "how is Blingtron 5000 evil? All he does he gives presents!" Wrooooong! He gives you poop -- poop in a box -- poop with sequins on it. Blingtron 4000, a friendly little bot, will give you vendor trash which generates more gold! He'll also try his best to stuff a full-sized rocket mount into that little box for you. But what happens to him? Mean ol' Blingtron 5000 comes along and punches him in the face, forcing you to take his box of poop instead. Blingtron 6000 is very similar to 5000. His box will usually contain stanky feces, but SOMETIMES he'll include a Legendary item in his box. Just hose it down, and you've got yourself a nice piece of gear! So with all this in mind, I strongly urge you to no longer invite Blingtron 5000 to any sort of social gatherings. Don't take his surprise box of poop. Don't let him pick on Blingtron 4000. Just don't indulge him at all, he's evil. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you using a superior Blingtron model in the near future!Renascia3 2d
2d [A-RP] Ghosts of the Modan Whether you've been approached from afar, or you've followed the clues so deftly laid out before you, you finally delve your way into the depths of Ironforge. At an hour in which the daily bustle of the streets has died down to just a few guards, or drunks returning home from the taverns, you dodge your way into a dark descending corridor. Black as pitch, save for a single flickering glow at the end of the narrow passage, you make the determined decision to traverse your way into this uncertain abyss. After a while, it becomes apparent that the glow comes from low torch-light, illuminating your way further through the maze. At the bottom, shards of crystal refract and reflect the glow, revealing the forever-deep chasm below - a pillar of stone with a spiral stair leading down to several narrow platforms is patrolled by guards. As you pass them they seem to turn their noses up at you, or make an effort to avoid your gaze. A large iron door awaits you at the end of the maze. As you reach out to rasp upon the metal plating, a small window opens. You are met by a pair of glowing orange eyes and a gruff sounding grunt. "Password?" (OOC Info): Ghosts of the Modan, a.k.a Ghosts of the Mountain is a new Khaz Modan centric thieves' guild and shadow network based out of Ironforge! The entire guild consists of alts right now, but it is totally fine to bring in your main if you wish. Just understand that our time commitments may be limited. That said, we plan on having fairly frequent RP roll events! Though we are based out of Ironforge, there is no class or race requirement! As long as your character has questionable morals, and isn't afraid to dirty their hands for wealth, protection, survival, or information, you are more than welcome! If interested, please reach out to Audhildr, Vogrini, or Teresha in game!Audhildr8 2d
2d Progression guild recruitment, horde Left over MnMs is currently looking for a druid or shaman to fill the healer slot for our progression guild in heroic EN. We prefer 830+ but if not it is alright as we will help get you geared to 850 so you can join us. We are 7/7 Normal, 4/7 Heroic and 1/3 ToV. Discord is the voice client we use. Times are Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm server time.Ainìon0 2d
2d Interest check for a campaign RP Greetings people from WA, I just joined this realm and I'm finding it very fun. I've already planned to join some guilds that I've seen around with some of my characters, but I was also playing with an idea here and wanted to see if I could get enough people to make it happen. I'm looking forward to create sort of a campaign, in which a group of 5 will be progressing through dungeons, starting with low level ones. We wouldn't (necessarily) quest/level together, but we would have RP events to create a linear storyline that would make us progress from a dungeon to another. Maybe we would do a quest or two together, and some other events like tavern talks, fishing, etc. I was also thinking about some sort of restriction to items to make the dungeons more exciting and harder (like the old days). This is just a scratch, you guys have any suggestions? Would anyone be interested?Tarderick0 2d
2d [A] Suplex City: 7/7H - LF Socials About The Guild: <SUPLEX CITY> is a group of 'Adults with Jobs' aiming to provide a fun raiding experience with minimal time commitments. We started off as a Discord community, and we've branched out into a rather well-rounded group here on Wyrmrest Accord. We're always recruiting fresh faces for raiding, mythics, and socializing. If real life responsibilities make raiding and seeing the content Warcraft has a little difficult, we might be what you're looking for. We raid Friday and Saturday night, 6:30 - 9:30 ST (That's 9:30 - 12:30 Eastern), and we currently use a system that's very similar to EPGP. We reward attendance in raid (progression kills, farm kills, showing up), as well as rewarding doing things as a guild group (keystones, regular mythics), and helping us keep the gbank stocked (stacks of mats, food, flasks, etc) - and these points are traded in to buy loot when it drops. It's easy, it's efficient, and it means everyone gets a shot. Despite being casual, we do use our time efficiently - this means we plan to finish normal, and start pushing through Heroic as we get ourselves together as a team. This means show up on time, if not a bit early to get yourself some flasks and food from the gbank. If you're running late or can't make it one week - a little advance notice helps, even though we're fully aware that life gets you sometimes! We raid using Discord Voice, and socialize in general using Discord as a chat interface. While you don't need to talk, being able to listen is important to raiding with us, and being a part of our community is nice as well (although we won't force it on you). The Meat & Potatoes: Recruitment is currently closed for guaranteed raid spots. But if you're looking to possibly transition into raiding with us in Nighthold, please look us up. - We are currently: 7/7N, 7/7H Emerald Nightmare, 3/3N ToV Our schedule for raiding has us clearing H EN and ToV in a single night. -- If you're not interested in raiding, we welcome anybody just looking for a place to hang out with minimal stress. We're not an RP guild necessarily, but we do have RPers amongst our ranks - we just don't have it in us to run events! During the week we often tackle LFR, Mythic, and Mythic+s in guild - so if you're interested in joining us for those we'd love to have you as well. <SUPLEX CITY> is dedicated to being an LGBTQIA safe space both in-game and in our Discord server. This means we have a very low tolerance for the stereotypical 'edgy memes'. If you think the word 'triggered' is a thing to joke about, or you can't respect people's pronouns - this raid team and guild will not be a good fit for you. We'll go over rules more in-depth upon contact, but the general idea is 'Don't be rude'. - Still Interested? You can reach somebody over btag, or whisper someone in the guild and just ask if Phae or an officer is around for an interview. Phae#1446 - Me!Impersonal135 2d
2d <The Scarlet Templars> Better Red than Undead "The Blood of Martyrs is the very foundation of the Crusade." When Darkness came to Azeroth, it was Humanity who paid the highest cost. Heroes forged in the blood of martyrs fell so generations of young men and women could succeed them. Old divisions between our peoples fell to nothingness in the face of overwhelming darkness. Alone we remained separate, and without hope, yet in the darkness, enkindled a flame. A Flame of passion and defiance. a flame to be carried into the darkness. An eternal flame of Humanity, never to die out. It was that same flame that brought light to the Darkness. It was that same flame that brought hope to the hopeless. It was that same flame that burns at the heart of mankind. And it was that flame that we drove into the heart of the Scourge. The last army of Lordaeron, ever fighting, never faltering. ___________________________________________________________________ The Scarlet Templars is Wyrmrest Accord's premier Scarlet Crusade role-play guild specializing in all role-play centered around the holy crusade to retake Lordaeron from all undead that walk! We take pride in Roleplaying The Scarlet Crusade in its true purpose, as instructed by Highlord Alexandros Mograine, the Ashbringer, the man, the myth, the Legend, and role-play appropriately. We accept Humans, Dwarves and High Elves into our ranks. We of course, are the Scarlet Crusade, so shades of grey (And Scarlet) are everywhere, so we of course also have room for all the beloved Inquisitorial activities we all know and love. Our Guild's mission statement is to create an active and helpful roleplaying community for the Scarlet Crusade role-player, and the server at large. To rise to the expectations of our members and Roleplaying community. We strive to uphold a welcoming, healthy and lore-abiding RolePlaying environment in which members may gather to play and RP for enjoyment. Be it alone, or with their fellow guildmates. Now, What do we expect from our new members? -Basic Grammar. At least to the point of having a good grasp on spelling and punctuation. Nobody's perfect. -An open mind when it comes to Guild Events. Some small or neglected loose ends in lore may be expanded upon. -Maturity. Please. -Adherence to the Dress Code up to the Crusader Rank. At which rank you may create your own unique Crusader set. -No griefing. That is to include no harassment. No cussing. No Drama. No Counter-griefing. No fighting. No loitering. No spitting and no trolling. -The best of you, IC and OOC. How to go about joining: Please feel free to inquire to any guild member online for information.Ladekahn32 2d
2d *Cozmics Playground* !! Hey there! For those who are looking for a family oriented guild, we are open again with recruiting. We have a no trolling and no drama environment. We have over 200 members so we are always active. We have late nighters as well. We like to keep a clean, family, PG atmosphere. We are level 25, have high repairs, guild bank access. We use mumble, not vent. We heavily encourage guild members to use it, we find its a great tool to get to know people and faster to make friends. We do new raids, old raids. We are a PVE/Social guild. So, if your in a dead/dying guild, or a guild that ignores you, try us out! We are not a perfect guild by any means but we try to make everyone feel at home. If you have any questions, please message me, or any of my officers. Thanks!Cozmicmyst1 2d
3d [A] <The Shadow Vault>: DK RP & Nighthold The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve, or once served at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend. Our goals (IC): ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To provide support for Death Knights with the difficult process of reassimilation into civilized society, and to monitor and deal with unstable death knights residing in areas populated by the living. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete The Nighthold (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. The Ebon Blade is in a unique position where they cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for them to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (N raiding & mythic/+ dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us bring previous raid experience, we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. This worked well during Warlords of Draenor and we will be continuing in Legion. What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic and Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding one night a week (Saturdays 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● Given that we're trying to maintain a positive reputation with our guild name, we're somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to all be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne58 3d
3d [H-RP] Undercity Conference The <Royal Apothecary Society> is pleased to present the first Undercity Conference on January 14th! The Conference will be held in front of the Magic Quarter in Undercity. Five researchers from across the Horde will be presenting on their personal studies, including a chance for Q&A, scheduled as follows (times are all PST): ... We understand this is a very long event, so feel free to just pop in for presentations that interest you! Presentations will run through background lore as well as their current research, so previous knowledge is neither required nor expected to attend. Feel free to contact myself, Eralos, or Wiltered for additional information or a calendar invite!Rouille15 3d
3d [H] <Perdition> Recruiting for Nighthold <Perdition> is a raiding guild currently looking for a few more raiders for nighthold, or just people looking for a home. We are currently 7/7, 2/3 Heroic. Raid Times: Fri/Sat 5-8 Server Time About Us: We are a tight-knit community of friends that like to raid, but understand that real life comes first. The average age of our community is probably 27 or 28. Most of us have full-time jobs, some of us have kids, a few of us are finishing up college. With that in mind, we are by no means attempting to achieve server firsts or push for competitive progression. We do want to progress as far as we can, but we want people to have fun while playing the game. Who We Are Looking For: It is more important to us that you are a good fit and get along with us than your raiding experience or DPS numbers. Both of those things are great, but we've created a solid community here at Perdition and that's what is always going to be the most important to us. While we don't have an age requirement, if you're under 18 or the "1337 Ph4t L00t" types, you probably aren't going to be the best fit for us. As far as our raid team goes, we currently need the following: - Healing Paladin - Rogues - Monks - Mages - Warriors However, if you aren't one of those classes, if we sound like a good fit for you otherwise we would be happy to bring you in. Not interested in raiding? That's OK too, but that is primarily what we will be doing as a guild other than Mythic+. We communicate via Teamspeak. This will be required if you desire to raid with us. That's usually where we hangout during downtime too. Sometimes a group of us will play other games like Overwatch, Diablo III, and a few other games. If you are looking to raid in Nighthold and are interested in joining our team or have some follow-up questions, send an in-game mail or whisper to one of the following officers and we will be happy to speak with you: GM: Irskara Raid Leader: Bitzer Officers: Onejin, FatGuyLaughn, SlobersomeOnejin0 3d
3d [H-RP] Command Council: Ebon Blade Talàn Runebreaker Dreadwalker Brigade, 2nd Battalion 29 January 36 Ebon Blade Affiliates Attention Knights of the Ebon Blade, The time has come, in recent events, to discuss the progress Azeroth’s defense and counter offensive operations. Commencing at 1800, I extend this invitation to all Death Knights who abide by the Ebon Blade’s regulations and rules of conduct to the Horde and Horde alone. Command meeting curriculum will consist of the following; 1)Introductions 2)Updates of organization 3)Aid/additional comments 4)Freelance Death Knight introductions. At the conclusion of the above, the Command Council Meeting will be ended and all participants will be dismissed. Commanders that wish to speak with Freelance Death Knights may stay behind and speak with those that are interested in finding a reason to deploy to the Burning Legion fronts in a coordinated manner with the commanders of any organization present. The location of this meeting will be on the top of Acherus: The Ebon Hold Talàn Runebreaker, Dreadwalker Brigade, 2nd Battalion Commanding OOC: This is intended to bring the DK community together more as a whole. I know there are some guildless and alt DKs out there that people are wanting to advance stories with but don't know how. This is a solid start to meet and greet other DKs from other guilds. You don't have to be top-dog of your guild, but if you come wearing a guild tag, it's expected that your character (Or at least one representative from a specific guild if more than one of you are there) has something to contribute to the meeting unless it is an alt/OOC character that is simply there as a freelance DK. I'm not expecting this event specifically to be fun, or exciting, but together with a stronger community we'll be able to pull together some really cool events. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, add me on Btag or In game (Squad#1470 / Talàn). Event time is 6PM Server time. Live updates on Discord Join: https://discord.gg/Vtqarpg /Join DeathKnightsTalàn0 3d
3d [Calendar] Bloodthirsty Thursday's - 1/19! ... ... Howdy-ho, WrA! I thought it important and yet handy to make a thread detailing our open community RP events given their nature of diversity. This thread will serve as our community calendar so you all can see and be prepared for the upcoming awesomeness that is to, well, come. Bloodthirsty Thursday's is a weekly gig that has a rotating theme; whether it be arena, Hearthstone, pet battles, duels or even D20 arena encounters -- you'll find it every Thursday! I'd like to introduce a new monthly event we will be running called "Black & Boozed Brawl Nights" -- which will take place on the last Saturday of every month at 6:00 PM Server Time. It will be replacing our "Monthly Mop-Up's" that'd we run, but now that the Brawlers Guild is back and better than ever -- it should have some RP to go along with it! Feel free to use this thread to openly discuss, rate, or what-have-you here. I know I'll be using it to post call-outs to those that perform well and dedicate their time ensuring this endeavor becomes a possibility. ... *January -January 5th, 2017 --> RPvP // FFA Arena @ Darkmoon Faire Arena (King of the Hill) -January 12th, 2017 --> D20 (/roll) Encounter @ Amphitheater of Anguish, Zul'Drak (Enter: Gurgthock and Wodin) -January 19th, 2017 --> IC Hearthstone @ Ratchet (Tavern), Northern Barrens (Cross-Faction) -January 26th, 2017 --> Organized 3v3 Arena (Wargames) @ Battle Town (Fuselight, Badlands in-game) -January 28th, 2017 --> Black & Boozed Brawl Night @ Brawl'gar Arena, Orgrimmar *February -February 2nd, 2017 --> IC Dueling @ Highmaul Coliseum Outskirts, Nagrand AU (34, 40) -February 9th, 2017 --> RPvP // FFA Arena @ Darkmoon Faire Arena (King of the Hill) -February 16th, 2017 --> Couples 2v2 Arena (Love is in the Air/Wargames) @ Battle Town (Fuselight, Badlands in-game) -February 23rd, 2017 --> IC Tonk Wars @ The Sludge Fen, Northern Barrens (54, 18) -February 25th, 2017 --> Black & Boozed Brawl Night @ Brawl'gar Arena, OrgrimmarMatchfix18 3d
3d [A] <Ravenfall Company> Recruitment! The Ravenfall Company has deep set roots within the Gilnean community. Originally named the Ravenbrook Company and run by Gabriel Ravenbrook, a prominent figure of the Gilnean nobles- though a notoriously known man of crime and cover-ups. With his position within the community there were never any criminal charges brought against him no one could ever- or would never try- to link him to crimes he was thought to be associated with. He cared more about his money and estate than he ever did his family and he was rumored to be abusive toward his wife and family though she always denied any claims and their only daughter was taught at a young age to be quiet. Back in those days they focused on black market items, things that because of the wall Gilneans could no longer access. When the city fell under siege from the Forsaken and feral worgen he and his wife were killed in their attempt to escape. Their daughter, Mavis Ravenbrook, was the sole survivor and living heir to the family name and estate. She joined a ship crew, a man her father had known and worked with and someone she thought she could seek shelter after the horrific events in Gilneas. Mavis soon began practicing medical skills to aide the crew of the ship, eventually finding the Light and devoting her life to something she deemed better. Years past, battles were won and battles were lost. A long lost sister turned up, Ashtynia Crestfallen, and while the sisters did not share a very good mutual feeling toward each other they eventually decided it mutually beneficial to revive their families old company. Renaming it Ravenfall, Mavis headed the recruitment and management of the Company- Ash assist where and when she can with recruiting and various jobs. Now a company of better morals than what their father had run it as, though that isn't to say Mavis and Ash run things completely clean. Operating with the thought that the end will always justify the means. - - - - - - - - - - - - Ravenfall Company is in search of anyone looking for a home! We have a ship in need of a crew and positions within the company for anyone of any walk of life. We do keep to more lawful jobs, but things under the table are not completely ruled out. We do focus on being very lore-friendly and require members to keep that in mind when role-playing or creating characters. The Company does their own jobs to gather things for their own and to sell, though we also work alongside any and all forces for good. People such as Cenarion Circle, Sisterhood of Elune, Kirin Tor, Alliance military, and anyone else who fits in along with these groups. We are seeking people who want to help the guild grow, all members are encouraged to create their own storylines and events and invite the guild to these events to further everyone's characters and to allow growth of the guild and personal growth. All members also have the power to recruit and running a guild alone is hard! If anyone is interested in a position of leadership as an officer feel free to talk to me one on one about it. It will not be something just given out willy nilly, but we'll talk more about that privately.Mávìs5 3d
3d <Abandoned>4/7M 3/3H [H] Seeking Socials <Abandoned> - Wyrmrest Accord, Horde Raid Times: Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN, 7/7 Heroic EN. 2/3 Heroic ToV http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/Abandoned Our Goals: -To progress through mythic content -To create a family like atmosphere -To be a top raiding guild on server Current Needs: Feral Druid Arms Warrior Recruitment: Abandoned is always recruiting for talented players on an ongoing basis, and even if you don’t see your class above you’re welcome to apply. Loot: Loot distribution is primarily done by using the RClootcouncil addon, by having our guildies post their BIS it makes it easy for us to give loot to those who need it most. Who We Are: Here at <Abandoned>, we strive to achieve a sense of community and camaraderie. During our trash and farm we are often chatting casually and joking. However, once we begin progression we know it’s time to focus on the task at hand. We bring experience and readiness to the table, with leaders who have experience in Mythic and top end raids from previous expansions. We especially value preparedness, timeliness, consistency, and a willingness to help. We are an LGBTQ+ and female friendly guild. As a raid team, we understand that real life does happen, and are more than willing to accommodate the needs of our raiders as they arise. Expectations: -Be mature and respectful to others -Be a team player -To be on time (or early) for raid times -To be prepared with consumables for raid -To notify an officer when you can’t make a raid Contacts: Vedorin#1222 Xeraxus#1744 If interested in joining go ahead and fill out our app found here. http://tinyurl.com/AbandonedWRADramass46 3d
3d [A] Gnomeregan Forever - All Gnome Guild! -=[ GNOMEREGAN FOREVER ]=- "The guild thats just your size!" Visit Us! http://www.gnome4ever.shivtr.com/ Are you a Gnome and PROUD of it?? Then we want YOU in G4! Gnomeregan Forever is a Gnome racial guild. We accept all Gnomes regardless of class, profession, level or character alignment. We are currently Casual RP/Socially oriented, but we are excited about eventually expanding into all facets of the game that our members enjoy including RP, PvE, and PvP! We have everything those Tall Guilds have without all the /Punt. We go out of our way to help our members any way we can, whether it be bags, gear runs, profession mats, group quests, achievements etc. We are actively seeking Gnomes from all walks of life. We are particularly in need of Healers, Tanks, and Creative, Industrious, and Patriotic Gnomes to help fill key positions in our Officer Corps! Whether you like to Roleplay, PvP, run Dungeons, or simply chat with a nifty bunch of Gnomes while you explore the wondrous World of Warcraft, we have a place for YOU in G4! Come be part of the biggest little guild around! Please contact us in-game, we would love to talk to you! - Forbs "For Gnomeregan!" OMG! Gnome News!! Guild Raid Achievement: Serpentshrine Cavern Guild Run - That Lady Vashj was quite a crab. Boy was she was steamed. We could see the anchor in her eyes. Guild Achievement: Guild Level 15 - DING!! Woot!! 100% faster speed when we're dead! *Ahem* Not that we ever die...much. Guild Raid Achievement: Magtheridon's Lair Guild Run - Mags is the pits! Guild Raid Achievement: Gruul's Lair Guild Run - Brute force vs Gnomes? Gnomes FTW! Guild Achievement: Dungeon Challenges - Gnomes love a challenge! Guild Achievement: Challenging - Aww that wasnt so tough! Guild Achievement: Guild Level 14 - DING!! 10% more Skillups for us! Whoo! Guild Achievement: Guild Classic Raider - The bigger they are...the louder the 'Thud!' Guild Raid Achievement: Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - We said "Yes!" Guild Achievement: Guild Level 13 - DING!! Yay! 5% more Honor for us Gnomes! Guild Raid Achievement: Blackwing Lair Guild Run - Nefarian lost his head, so we turned it in...in Stormwind. Guild Profession Achievement: Mighty Miners - Dwarves got nuthin on us Little Folk! Guild Reputation Achievement: Ambassadors - Almost everyone loves Gnomes!! Guild Achievement: Guild Level 12 - DING!! Hooray 10% More Rep for Gnomes!! Guild Dungeon Achievement: Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle Guild Run - Dont look down! Guild Profession Achievement: Working as a Team - Our skilled Craftsgnomes make...everything! Guild Reputation Achievement: Dungeon Diplomat - Seriously now, who doesnt love Gnomes? Screenies!! Teamwork http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb478/GnomereganForever/G4-Group2.jpg Tiny Raiders http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb478/GnomereganForever/G4-ClassicRaider.jpg Little Legions http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb478/GnomereganForever/G4-BWL.jpg Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle Guild Run http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb478/GnomereganForever/G4-HVP.jpgForbidra302 3d
3d Timeskips! The future of expansions? We RP in a world of constant warcraft. There's never a moments peace, especially with the fact in lore that each expansion (except cata) takes place over a single year. I've thought about this from an RP standpoint, and I'm beginning to think we need a timeskip between Legion and the next expansion. Anything between 5-20 years where there's peace before the next threat, like the gap between warcraft 2 and 3. A time for new heroes to arise, and old ones to develop further. A time where the war stops, even for a little while, and our victory means something globally. However, this does cause major RP issues for many people. Some older characters may even die! Not to mention we'd miss immediate RP for a few years lorewise, and would have to work out what has happened with all our characters. How have they aged and developed? That budding romance... Are those two married now? It'd leave a number of questions from that perspective. Nevertheless, such a change would also bring with it some amazing opportunities. We would see how the world has changed. We can decide what has become of our characters after a time skip. Those who've had RP children can watch them grow and maybe be landed with RP teenagers! Our older characters might become wise veterans for a new generation. Our younger characters could take all manner of paths in adulthood! And what's more, I think our characters could be developed by peace as well. A short few years of peace and prosperity. Would it make our characters complacent? Or would they be ready for the next fight? I personally see more opportunities than problems in this concept, but I'd like to know what other people think. Is this a viable idea for an RPG, and particularly the Roleplayers in the game? Do you think we should take a lorewar break, or should we continue to have a new war each year? What's the verdict, Wyrmrest?Saelron11 3d
3d [A] <The Emerald Throne> 7/7H 2/3H LFM! The Emerald Throne is a Heroic raiding guild that is seeking more dedicated members for progression. We consider ourselves to be somewhere between casual and semi-hardcore when it comes to raiding. We plan on going into Mythic raiding once we have a core team. Check us out on WoWProgress! Raid Schedule We raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-8:30 pm server time. Attendance is a must but we understand that life can get in the way. All we ask is that you give us a 24 hour notice of absence and that it doesn't become a habit. Recruitment Information We are mainly seeking Ranged DPS and Healers to fill our raid team. However, all classes and specs are welcome. If you know how to play your role then there is a place for you here. If you are new to raiding or don't have much experience, we are willing to teach as long as you are dedicated and willing to learn. Contact Us Have any questions or concerns? Don't be afraid to ask! Hunson [Officer] - Madeupfriend#1455 Bethbuggy [Guild Master] - Bethbuggy#1720 Hakooh [Raid Leader] - Hakooh#1895 Rendbeard [Raid Leader] - Faulty#1273Hunson0 3d
4d [A] Resplendent: Late Night Raiding 4/7 H About: Resplendent is a group of late night players aiming to provide a fun, positive raiding experience for night owls, Oceanic players, west coasters, late workers and anyone else who just can't make late afternoon/early evening raiding schedules. If your real life responsibilities have been making it difficult experience all the content WoW has to offer, we may be the place for you! Our raid nights are Friday/Saturday @ 10:30pm to 12:30am server time(PST), and our looting method is personal loot. Though we are "casual" we do expect you to be able to commit to these two days on a regular basis. Progress: EN: 7/7 N & H ToV: 3/3 N Currently, we are looking for 5DPS and 1 Healer to fill out our raid group as we progress further into Heroic EN. We are especially interested in 3 of the following: Holy Paladin DPS Shaman Shadow Priest Rogue WW Monk Warlock **If your class is a hybrid you will be expected to heal/tank once in a while** If you are not interested in raiding, we also welcome anybody just looking for a place to hang their hats, because we know finding a guild that meets the needs of late evening players can be rough! We are a raiding guild first and social second, but we consider ourselves RP friendly, and welcome RPers who are looking for people with similar schedules to chill and hang out with! Contacts: Natherielle - GM Alts: Lorien, Shardelise, Abbatoir, Ravendark Felfrank - Officer Alts: Sayune, Lucetta Deplume - Officer Alts: Bigsmasha, Hazrek, Kvek Vedun - Officer *There are no age restrictions but we are adults so guild chat can get a little rough. http://i.imgur.com/aPs0gli.jpgNatherielle73 4d
4d [H-RP] <Lost Horizon> - Of Fortune and Peril ... LOST HORIZON - Larceny, Levity & Lovecraftian Horror! Add two tablespoons Pirates of the Caribbean, one tablespoon Indiana Jones, sprinkle in a pinch of Black Sails, lightly season with Lovecraft; mix and stir. That's the general eclectic ambience Lost Horizon is striving for. We're a brand-new guild just now embarking on our maiden voyage, looking for enthusiastic new members to join us. Our focal point is currently the cursed ship Meridian and her intrepid crew of privateers, but we're looking beyond that. Treasure hunters, mercenaries, scholars, occultists, a menagerie of mystical misfits and (allegedly) reformed cultists ... anyone who might enjoy the notion of opportunistic adventure and ill-advisedly unravelling secrets mortals were never meant to know could easily find a place here. What do we offer? Sweeping storylines balancing swashbuckling heroics, gritty intrigue and visceral horror -- from the treacherous shores of the Broken Isles to the depths of Vash'jir, with many a misadventure, merry and macabre, along the way. One week might find the crew exploring a sunken temple, another on the run from the Alliance navy, another still staging a heist into a Kirin Tor sanctum. And in the space between there's research to conduct, forbidden texts to consult, wayward ships to plunder and copious amounts of rum to drink. Treasure hunts offering small-scale RP events and character development for parties of 2+. Pick an artifact lead on the procurement board and a GM will arrange a bite-size RP adventure. A simple & flexible D6 system that allows characters to portray their myriad talents and flaws mechanically with minimal mess and fuss. Casual PvX Nights Mythics, raids and maybe PvP if you ask really, really nicely. And last but certainly not least... Camaraderie! A creative, tight-knit community committed to a laid-back, welcoming environment and collaborative storytelling that acknowledges every character as a protagonist and the lore as a framework – not a prison. What don't we offer? Dental. Sorry, but in the endless war against scurvy, there's bound to be a few sacrifices. Contact us! If your curiosity is sufficiently piqued (or you just have questions), feel free to talk to one of our officers or even get right down to slinging an application our way via our forum. ...Falfarrin8 4d
4d [A-RP] <Lucid Remnant> is Now Recruiting! Lucid Remnant | Roleplay Guild on Wyrmrest Accord, Alliance Contacts: Minnyuet, Anether, Silversson, Iobar, and Amaì Website: lucidremnant.shivtr.com What is the Lucid Remnant? Lucid Remnant is a heavy RP guild based on the theme of exploration and research. Although our adventures are mainly comprised of pursuing knowledge, we also answer calls from those who need aid; this can include tasks like delivering supplies or simply just defending an encampment from an invasion. Our guild base is located in Kirthaven in Twilight Highlands for the architecture, but IC wise, it's in Hillsbrad Foothills! What does the guild have to offer? Our events are primarily story driven, but we are also able to conduct smaller gatherings and server wide occasions. Our main guild events make use of a d20 rolling system and are not just revolved around combat. Due to the guild's focus of gaining understanding of Azeroth, we also have our members solve mysteries and start up experiments on what we might find while we're out on the job! OOC wise, we are a strict drama free zone and we wish to provide a friendly and open environment to all members. We greatly encourage taking part in other aspects of the game with other members. We will also try to include events for PvE and PvP if there are those who are interested. What is the recruitment process and are there any requirements to join? Recruitment is very simple-- Contact an officer either by a whisper or mail regarding your interest. You will then be asked to do an IC interview and upon completing that, you're in. Requirements: We are open to all classes and races, just make sure your character is a good fit for the guild! If your character is not max level, we ask that you have the intent to continue leveling. Reason being is because some of the events we'll have might be in a higher level range zone, so we don't want any of our members to miss out because they're too far down. Know your Warcraft lore, spelling, and grammar (typos here and there are understandable and we make exceptions for those whose first language isn't English) and just be an overall well rounded roleplayer. However, if you are new to roleplaying, we are willing to bring you in if you do have the urge to learn. How do ranks work? When you first join, you'll start out as Neophyte and when you prove yourself to be an active member, you're promoted as an Aspirant. From there, the guild is divided into three different branches: Bulwarks, Inquirers, and Caretakers. Bulwarks: The members who are expected to protect everyone less combat minded when a threat is distinguished. Inquirers: The brains of the Remnant and those dedicated to researching anything we may find that needs closer inspection. They could also be in charge of creating new technology for the guild to make our jobs easier. Caretakers: The medics and anyone who has vast knowledge of healing; whether it be by magic or first aid. A lot of our tasks are dangerous, so whenever things take an unfortunate turn, they're the people to tend to injuries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Our doors are usually always open, so feel free to let any of us know if you wanna be a part of the Remnant. Happy roleplaying!Minnyuet24 4d
4d New Year New You? (Resolutions) How many people are using 2017 as an excuse to start their yearly resolutions? How do you plan on sticking to them this year compared to any year you've attempted (if at all) ? Lets get this rolling. Resolution of mine is to gain some weight, maybe around 23lbs by the end of 2017, Currently weighing in at about 207 give or take one or two lbs of water weight. The gym is my passion and its pretty easy to stick to my resolution, but the troubling part for me is the amount of food I have to eat to gain that weight. Who else has a resolution they're trying to stick to this year?Khatzbalgur16 4d
4d Building a mythic(+) team. I'm looking for a healer and three dps to run mythics. Primarily Monday nights, with some scattered throughout the week as well. Our guild decided they were done with WoW, and left my fiance and I as leaders and quit the game. My goal is to get a solid group to push mythics, and if all involved are agreeable, use that group to form the officer core to start building the guild into something great. As I will be building all of this from the ground up, I'm not limiting anyone by mandatory iLvl, legendary, or artifact traits. That will come as we do the runs. What I DO require is that you be willing to learn your class/spec more in depth if you don't already. That you be willing to put in the time and effort to be the best at what you do. And to help build this small group into a raid force we can be proud of. It won't be easy. It probably won't be quick. But I want to build a guild with the values and social environment of that group of best friends, always hanging out, but the skills to progress. If you are willing, and want to help me build a guild to be proud to be in, please contact me. Wyrmrest Accord Horde -Buttersnaps-Buttersnaps0 4d
4d [A] Deep Forest Recruiting The man looked worn. Andrew Matthews, Master of the Guild Hall in Dalaran, had disliked him upon first meeting him. He’d been working here so long that he’d seen all sorts, and had no patience left for the brash and arrogant, and that was how this “Sir Charles Buckingston the third, emeritus” had first appeared. Andrew still had to stifle a snort when he recalled it. But now… the beginnings of a smile waned from Andrew’s features as he observed the man tacking up a post on the recruitment board. Took much to drive a Chosen to look as if he’d forgotten to lay down after he died. He watched the man turn away and move to the doorway. It was there that Andrew saw him stop, framed in the light from outside, pulling his shoulders back, head up, and resettling the heavy shield before striding purposefully out. Andrew looked down at the gilt that ran around the borders of each page in his lists. He sighed pensively, then closed the book before traveling around his station to stand in front of the recruitment board. He studied that post, then, in a rush of industry, settled the older posts aside and centered this one prominently. It was not much, but he felt it was the least he could do for this one. Time was running out, and Andrew did not want to see the mien of this man when he came to be promoted from acting Caravan Master, to Master. OOC: The storyline has reached some stability, so we can open recruitment once more. We have room for 1 tank/dps off, 1 dps/healer off, and three dps. We are a Norm/Heroic RP raiding guild. All our RPer’s raid, and all our Raiders RP. So, if you’ve ever wished to have your cake and keep it too, head on over to: dfc.guildlaunch.com The guild arc synopsis is on the front page. Then drop into our visitor’s forum for more info and app link. Don’t be shy if you are just dipping your toes into raiding; DFC is a training guild. For those wanting to keep their hand in at a more relaxed pace, come raid, relax, and share your knowledge in a welcoming environment. Hours are M-F 7pm – 12pm, server. Raids run 7pm-10pm, server, Tues/Thurs.Mossclaw14 4d
4d Server Ventrilo Hello all! Is there a Wyrmrest Ventrilo? Or any guilds that host an open Ventrilo/Discord/Whatever?Erutaronn4 4d
4d Love for Lore & Content, please read! <United Confederacy> pushes their members to the brink! "Lockout Phases", "Rank Objectives", "Character Sheets, for Combat" we are a Lore-Driven Guild that only 'recruit' Lv.1's. Don't trek alone! (Heavy-RP |18Yrs and Up) We are folks that are loyal and devoted to learning the content while adding in our additional bits of entertainment. Whisper Greyclaw to learn more about the Confederacy.Greyclaw0 4d
4d BloodandIron, an RP channel for Orcs! Because TheMeadHall works so well for Dwarves, I figured us Orcs could use a bit of cooperation and communication to help spread the word about events and whatnot. /join BloodandIron if interested! Also, I tried to make another post, but it didn't show up, so if this is a double post, I'll just make it about something else. Hopefully, this helps out all of the new Orc clans and Orcish gatherings I'm hearing about, it seems like all the fatigue for WoD and SoO is starting to wear off... 1/6/17 EDIT: So, a potential point of interest for those who want more Orcish RP: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752489247Banrok36 4d
4d [A-RP] The Traveling Lantern Guild Contacts Miroshi (GM) Shaesu Jeramis What is the Traveling Lantern? What is it about? Originally, the Traveling Lantern was going to be the shoppe that Miroshi opened once he retired from traveling, adventuring and hunting ingredients for his brews and food. It was meant to replace Steelpaw's Pub & Grub, which is the name he advertises in Stormwind. However, he decided the Lantern had a higher calling. If asked to describe it, the Lantern would not be unlike any other group of adventurers. However, if you ask Miroshi it is something far more than that. The Lantern is meant to be a sanctuary to those looking for a home, a family, who find themselves lost, misplaced or generally uncomfortable in their current surroundings. Where it is true that Miroshi plans to lead them across Azeroth and beyond, that is not his ultimate goal. His goal is to provide the one thing he's always wanted himself: family. Guild Features -Visit a new region each week! Each week we'll have a new location to go to, new events that will be catered to the region we're visiting. Such as dungeon spelunking in Blackroock Mountains or a beach party in Tanaris or a tour of old Karabor, just to name a few things. -Encouraging racial RP groups! We don't plan on having a huge guild but we do want to celebrate diversity and will be promoting guild events in which the server can participate in. These include Night Elf hunts in Ashenvale, Dwarven beer festivals and so on. -Confirmed Lore/Storytelling nights and end of week tavern nights, hosted in either Stormwind or Ironforge. -Basic dice system that could mean the difference between the success and failure! Yes, our adventures have the possibility of failure! -Basic rank system! Once you're in, you can find your own role as we're not rank heavy. We have Patrons (ooc characters), Members, Veterans (sub-officers with specific functions), Officers and the GM. -And, of course, Discord! A Message From the GM After a couple of weeks of searching around, RPing here and there on multiple characters, I've noticed a trend that really saddened me. I noticed there are mainly four kinds of guilds right now: military (putting merc/adventuring guilds here too), order related, cult related or generally shady guilds. I've also noticed that a lot of roleplayers are pulled into one of the aforementioned guild archetypes because are not many other options for them and not because they actually want their character in that guild. I was among those players. Across five characters I could not find a suitable home for any of them without sacrificing some piece of their character and putting them in a place I felt they didn't truly belong. I created <The Traveling Lantern> to remedy that for myself and many others who would join the cause. At the moment the current idea is that of a touring group made up of business-minded folks, adventurers, historians and those who just simply want a place to belong. The Lantern is meant to be a place where people don't have to sacrifice an aspect of their character to fit in and so I have arranged it to where both the traveler and the homebody can find a place here. I'm looking for those interested in helping me further hone the concept and make this place a true sanctuary for all types of characters or those who simply want to join up and be part of the community. Anyone interested can whisper myself, Shaesu or Jeramis. *This thread, like the guild, is still a work in progress.Miroshi6 4d
4d Forsaken RP How is it here?Gulmorgrax13 4d
4d [H-RP] <Delvers Society> - Recruiting! *DELVERS SOCIETY- HIRING NOW* For those with brave hearts and adventurous spirits, join the search for the mysterious and strange. Explore what lies hidden, aid Azeroth against the dangers of the unknown, become a part of a skilled expedition team and learn what lurks in the dark. If you wish to discover and understand the oddities of this world, feel the thrill of peril, then you could have what it takes to be a Delver! Introduction From the amazing and strange to the twisted and odd, the Delvers Society have seen it all on their adventures across the lands of Azeroth. Made up of a team of talented individuals ranging from the intellectually gifted to the combat inclined, this particular band of adventurers specializes in the more curious aspects of the world around them; seeking out the secrets of the lands for the thrill, the discovery, or the gold. Sometimes, on rare occasion, working for the greater good. Adventurers. Archaeologists. Treasure Hunters. It's easier to call them the Delvers Society! ... ... What We Do The work of the society includes making expeditions around the world, traveling far from the safety of their home base often on nothing more than whispered rumors and tips to investigate the truth. Days, weeks, or even months might be spent searching or exploring with the goal of uncovering the truth. Isolating volatile relics, battling incredible creatures, wrangling nasty spirits, or simply seeking out hidden treasures. They make a living from the rare finds they can sell, and even more so off the notes about the oddities they capture. While hired work is not relied on, the Delvers Society may take payment for specific tasks relating to their interests--meaning the Delvers can be hired for work! The Out-of-Character Aspect As a guild, the Delvers Society prefers to be smaller, more organized, while offering an interesting theme to roleplay within. With a DnD-like system of specialized character skills, random rolls, and encounters in each gathering, we hope to offer others a chance at a fun way to explore the world of Azeroth in-character. We host two events per week at 6:40 pm server which can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. The days we have our events are normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays, though extra events or out-of-character meetings may be placed on Fridays. We do long storylines, single events, and even social meet ups! How to Apply While actively recruiting in-character letters will be sent out to random, guildless individuals. If you have not received one of these and wish to join the guild there are a few ways to do so. ... Please note that if you send a letter, you must make yourself available to be contacted. If we cannot find you online within a week of responding to you, your name will be taken off the contact list. ...Nafani65 4d
4d Seeking a [H]friend for the end of the world. Hello! Before you read any further, this is not a recruitment ad or event notice! This is however an ad to introduce myself to the community and hope there are like-minded individuals that wouldn't mind showing up, waving, or messaging me in game. I've recently returned to WoW for Legion and none of my friends still play the game. As I have a general interest in the game, a HUGE interest in the RP / lore, and a desire to keep both interests alive and well - I am seeking a friend of what seems (with this expansion) as the end of the world (of warcraft!) So! If you're a loner like me, or maybe you're one of those extrovert types that doesn't mind picking reaching out, please kindly consider sending me a whisper in game (as Ellaledrea or Amorielle). Both are Horde side, I'm afraid, sorry to the Alliance folks! Things to expect from me: - An older, mature, experienced (15+ years) RPer who comes with the added benefits of knowing how to keep IC & OOC disconnected, enjoys conflict in an IC setting, and extensively communicating OOCly as (hopefully) friendships grows between new friends. - Typically, I'm a paragraph writer, but I can adapt to the situation/scene/person(s). - A buddy for Heavy-RP. (I like to stay primarily IC when not out doing the leveling stuff! Immersion and all of that.) - Realistic [Fantasy] RP. (I don't like to *sprinkle magic* and have IC conflicts suddenly fixed. I like to RP very realistically, as far as characters, histories, emotions, and the natural course of characters falling in and out of sorts with each other.) - A buddy for PvE (Questing, Dungeons, I've never raided but am down to try!) - A buddy for PvP (It's been a while, though! I am not the type of person to ever do this 'seriously', and thus, if this is a big deal for you, don't invite me to join because I will be super casual about it!) Any general questions, or perhaps something that was unclear in this ad, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.Ellaledrea3 4d
4d [Guidance Request] LFG: Blood Elf Greetings, role-players of Wyrmrest. Over the past few days or so, I've been closely observing the Blood Elf community through the eyes of an alt, seeking to gather for myself a good view on just how active said community is here, on this realm. Simply put, I'm quite impressed with all that I've witnessed. The Blood Elf community here is ultra active, particularly when in contrast to where I'm from (Moon Guard), and the majority of the guilds and people I've seen have display a great dedication to, and love for, the stories and characters that they're continually crafting. All in all, I'm sold, and I want to make Wyrmrest my second role-play home; I've just a query or two first before establishment. Firstly, I've a question on your server wiki: is it active and widely used? Lastly, I'm after a Blood Elf role-play guild that focuses heavily on political and military style role-play. What are some good suggestions? I've had my eye on < The Sunreaver > guild, and they seem fantastic, but I want to also know what else is out there, too; just so I can make the most informed decision possible. Here are some of the things I've done on Moon Guard with my main character there, Arrodis: - moon-guard.wikia.com/wiki/The_Chronicles_of_The_Dark_Hand - moon-guard.wikia.com/wiki/Arrodis_Lightfury - moon-guard.wikia.com/wiki/The_Crimson_Gauntlet - moon-guard.wikia.com/wiki/The_Medivh Hopefully the above illustrates the sort of things that I'm hunting for in a guild, and thus help with finding me a good fit. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to reading and replying to your comments.Rantherion28 4d
5d [H RP-PvP] The Blackblooded "Kalimdor belongs to the Horde! Kalimdor belongs to the Blackblooded!"- Ganarok, Warbringer of the Blackblooded. Though Warchief Garrosh Hellscream will go down in history as the leader that divided the Horde and took on the world, he brought great conquest to the lands of Kalimdor. To the North he waged a brutal campaign, slaughtering Kaldorei leadership and citizenry alike. The conquest of Ashenvale was glorious and though the Alliance can claim holdouts in Astranaar the majority of the region has come under the control of the Horde. Its lumber and its food coming to Orgrimmar, and for the first time since its establishment the city now wants for little. Stonetalon Mountains fell under the red banner of the Horde with little resistance, and though the actions of Kromgar will never be forgiven at least the Horde can benefit from his legion's work. To the south Hellscream's legions avenged the slaughter at Camp Taurajo by executing general Hawthorne, hanging his body from the trees so the Alliance could see the consequences of attacking the Horde. The Barrens once again wore the banner of the Horde. Dustwallow Marsh soon followed. This conquest, however, was ended when Hellscream was deposed and since then the Alliance has been given the chance to recoil from the savage and efficient strikes into the lands that rightfully belong to the Horde. They threaten the Horde with war, and the Horde does not wish to feel the full "might" of the Alliance. The Blackblooded, however, does not fear the "lion" or its friends. The Blackblooded, a warband formed by legionnaire Ganarok of the Horde, seeks to pick up where Hellscream's invasions left off. A group of like-minded individuals under a single banner seeking to expel the Alliance from Kalimdor so that the Horde may swoop in and take these lands for itself. The Blackblooded functions outside of the Horde as a separate political entity formed due to Ganarok's disagreement with the current status of Horde leadership, and therefore may wage war with the Alliance just as any other organization could. Orcs, goblins, and pandaren may find themselves members of The Blackblooded if they so wish, all one must do is seek out Ganarok and express interest. They will have to prove themselves worthy of membership, though once they do they can begin to aid the warband in painting Kalimdor red. ** OOC PORTION ** Hello hello! Thanks for reading this far! This portion of the post is dedicated to OOC information that the above portion either didn't say or wasn't clear about. First and foremost <The Blackblooded> is a heavy RP-PvP guild focused on stimulating WPvP and quality Orc-centered RP. It should be stated that The Blackblooded is not an Orc-only guild, though it functions on orcish principles and codes as well as its own set of laws written ICly by an Orc. With all this said, lets get into some more info! The Blackblooded functions as an organization outside of the Horde, though fights alongside it. Think of it similar to the Hozen in Pandaria, though obviously much more organized. The Blacblooded only accepts goblins, orcs, and pandaren. Initially the warband was meant to be only Orc, however in order to compete with the technological level of the Alliance Ganarok decided to allow goblins into the warband. After meeting a Pandaren monk weeks later, Ganarok felt it was necessary to bring the Pandaren into the warbands ranks in order to show that not all orcs bent on conquest are genocidal tyrants. In its current state The Blackblooded is not a "True Horde" or "Iron Horde" guild. Ganarok takes inspiration from both factions, however, and attempts to emulate the military successes of both. The Blackblooded is not a "clan" guild though it can function similar to one. Members of the warband are not expected to swear fealty and can leave at any point. Those that aren't interested in PvP shouldn't worry! The Blackblooded offers multiple types of RP within the guild, though PvP oriented RP tends to be the most common. Story circles, "IC" raids, and other interesting events are all expected to occur! A robust rank progression system and social discord are all offered as well!The Blackblooded is currently a small, forming, guild but the interest we've received has been wonderful! If any, or all, of this interests you and your character please send in-game mail to Ganarok or add my character and converse with me whenever I log on! Let's set up an IC interaction and get this ball rolling, and remember... Kalimdor belongs to the Horde! Kalimdor belongs to the Blackblooded!Ganarok4 5d
5d (A) <Blind Fury> Med RP & Weekly Events ~~~ Who we are (IC) Blind Fury is the name of a mercenary group that takes in those people that other mercenary groups and formal militaries refuse to take. Physically disabled, mentally deficient, aged, injured, loners, and so on in that vein. The theory goes thusly: even the pitiable, downtrodden and wretched can still contribute to Azeroth's safety if they have the desire to. We were founded by one such dwarf, too disabled to join his own military but still burning with the passion any red-blooded dwarf possessed. Turned away at every turn, he decided to found our band to show his people, and Azeroth at large, that the desire to good, the drive to make a difference can allow even people such as him to do so. ~~~ Who we are (OOC) Blind Fury is the name of a guild that I founded back in December when I decided to resurrect the idea of a disabled-friendly guild. My theory was that, while we disabled folk like integrating into society at large (for the most part,) there are often times in-game where our disabilities prevent us from playing at a "top-tier" level. As we're people beyond our defective bodies, we also would like to experince all the game has to offer and, at times, we have been prevented from doing so by... some less than understanding guilds. Over time, I expanded the overall idea (with help from the WRA forum,) to include able-bodies who didn't mind the ocassional need to adapt and, finally, to make a proper medium RP guild that happens to be sympathetic to whatever real-world BS that happens to temporarily slow us down. My desire, as GM, has always been to lead a guild more like a family. Every face and name is a person with a reason for being here and goals of their own that we can help accomplish. As such, and combined with my understanding of how to adapt to problems, I feel that we can be a beacon of helpfulness not only to each other but to the server at large. TL;DR, we're a medium RP guild who want our guildies to feel like a valued part of a family instead of just another name on a roster and we help disabled people play WoW with people who won't kick them for "not keeping up." ~~~ What we do As we're a medium RP guild, we share tales and get drunk every Wednesday. Starting in February, we're also going to have a PVE night every Tuesday for dungeons or raids, a PVP night every Thursday for battlegrounds and arenas and a Blizzard Game Night every Saturday to play Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone together. If any of the activities in these events becomes popular, I can split them (raid night and dungeon night on different days for example) and, overall, the schedule is very malleable based on the wishes of our guildmates. Once a month, we also plan to have a carnival day wherein we go to the Darkmoon Faire and roleplay a fun day out and other roleplay events that bring attention to the guild. ~~~Our rules Rule #1 Don't be a ****! Rule #2 OOC drama is not tolerated. Rule #3 Don't be afraid to ask for help. Rule #4 Never give anything less than your best effort to anything you do. Rule #5 Public ERPing is not allowed on guilded characters. Do it privately. Very privately. Rule #6 All guild RP should only be as risque as a PG-13 movie. Allusions work better than smut, in our opinions. ~~~How to join us Fill out an application on http://blind-fury.shivtr.com and pass an in-character interview. For people already in guilds, /join Kenaz and shoot the **** with us that way.Blindcináed4 5d
5d [A-RP]Gnomes! Currently I am looking for a Gnome guild for Finriz here, out side of the awesome G4. If none are currently around, I would be looking for other Gnomes wanting to create our very own Gnome guild. To be built around RP (Though PvP/PvE are also to be brought in.) So if you are interested leave a message below or shoot me a message in game!Finriz7 5d
5d [H]Recruitment : TB'S Underbelly 1/12/17 Tattered Banners Recruitment Spotlight: The Underbelly [Thursday, January 12th at 6:00 PM Server] Okay, you lost me. "Recruitment Spotlight." What the fel is that supposed to mean? The out-of-character leadership of Tattered Banners is making changes to how we recruit new guild members. We are opting to move from our former process (an in-character interview following a short out-of-character question and answer session) to one that we hope will be more organic. Every month, one of the sects of our guild will host a public event with a focus on that particular sect's dealings, starting with the Underbelly. In February, the Nearly Departed will host theirs, followed by the Enforcers in March and finishing with the Cultists in April. If you have an unguilded character with the right focus, feel free to drop by and see if we are a good fit for you! What if I have a character with the right focus, but they aren't unguilded? Feel free to drop by anyways! We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with both individual players and other guilds. If your whole guild shares this particular focus, we might make the best of friends! Or the worst of enemies... Either way, our standard is in-character actions with in-character consequences, and always accompanied by out-of-character cooperative storytelling. So, what is the Underbelly doing? Having lost one of our caravans (and right before one of our bigger celebrations, too!), the Banners are looking to stock up, and not everything on our list is strictly legal. Individual characters looking to join up will have an opportunity to flaunt their skills and make a quick buck. Having the goods definitely isn't the only way! Keen-eyed informants, runners who can think on their feet and silver-tongued charlatans are equally applicable. Other guilds who dabble are more than welcome to have their members out in force to try to draw our attention. What do I have to lose? Strictly speaking, not much. We have no intention of putting anybody in Forever Jail. That said, we will have law-abiding characters on the scene to complicate things. The Underbelly holds subtlety as one of its chief virtues, so they will not be keen on recruiting people whose manner of selling illicit goods is best represented by the Sketchy Owl from Vine (Drrrugs?). Other guilds with a focus on law-abiding roleplay are welcome to have their members out in force to augment our everchanging mine field for buyers and sellers. What do you hope to achieve with this? Other than the obvious answer, which is new members? A recruitment method that makes a bit more sense than the following exchange: Interviewer: So, Random Joe or Jane, do you swear to utilize your incredible skills that we have never seen in our name only? Interviewee: Of course, Councillor I Don't Know from Shadowy Organization I Probably Have Never Heard Of. Sounds legit! Interviewer: Great. Here is the secret handshake. TL;DR: WHO?: Tattered Banners, The Implicit Collective and You! (Maybe) WHAT?: The Underbelly's First Recruitment Spotlight WHERE?: The Bazaar, Silvermoon City WHEN?: Thursday, January 12th at 6:00 PM Server WHY?: More Blood! Please contact Auororà, Kaitheros, Melyssine or Nimhiuil in-game if you want a calendar invite. Thank you!Auororà1 5d
5d [H-RP] Attention to Orders: Acherus Talàn Runebreaker Dreadwalker Brigade, 2nd Battalion 14 January 36 Ebon Blade Affiliates Attention Knights of the Ebon Blade, The time has come, in recent events, to discuss the progress Azeroth’s defense and counter offensive operations. This meeting is being called by myself as the Acting Commanding Officer of the Dreadwalker Brigade while Warlord Ni Crimsonsong attends the Warchief’s Command Board. Commencing at 2000, I extend this invitation to all Death Knights who abide by the Ebon Blade’s regulations and rules of conduct to the Horde and Horde alone. Command meeting curriculum will consist of the following; 1)Introductions 2)Updates of organization 3) Aid/additional comments 4)Freelance Death Knight introductions. At the conclusion of the above, the Command Council Meeting will be ended and all participants will be dismissed. Commanders that wish to speak with Freelance Death Knights may stay behind and speak with those that are interested in finding a reason to deploy to the Burning Legion fronts in a coordinated manner with the commanders of any organization present. The location of this meeting will be on the top of Acherus: The Ebon Hold Talàn Runebreaker, Dreadwalker Brigade, 2nd Battalion Commanding OOC: This is intended to bring the DK community together more as a whole. I know there are some guildless and alt DKs out there that people are wanting to advance stories with but don't know how. This is a solid start to meet and greet other DKs from other guilds. You don't have to be top-dog of your guild, but if you come wearing a guild tag, it's expected that your character has something to contribute to the meeting unless it is an alt/OOC character that is simply there as a freelance DK. I'm not expecting this event specifically to be fun, or exciting, but together with a stronger community we'll be able to pull together some really cool events. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, add me on Btag or In game (Squad#1470 / Talàn). Event time is 8PM Server time. Live updates on Discord Join: https://discord.gg/VtqarpgTalàn4 5d
5d [A] The Struggle is recruiting! We're looking for active players interested in experiencing endgame content in a drama-free environment. The leadership is supportive and willing to help you get to where you need to be in order to participate. Raid times will be determined once we've established a player base so that we can adjust to suit the needs of our members. If you'd like to run Mythic+ dungeons, break into heroic raiding, or rated battlegrounds. Please dont hesitate to reach out. We have a discord server and a website currently under construction.Arathåel0 5d
5d Looking for an Alliance guild Hello all, I recently remade my DH and I am looking for a guild on the Alliance side that fits the following. (My previous guild was great but sadly didn't check all the boxes) -Active from 8PM PST to whenever -Uses voice comms for the bantz! I am not a huge fan of typing and trying to follow a text-conversation while I am gaming Other than that I am open to whatever! PvE, Raid, PVP, it is all good. In character, I swear allegiance to only my Lord, Illidan Stormrage. As one of the Illidari, I am all about ending Sargeras. Unlike most Demon Hunters, I don't really consider the demons to be the problem. They are just minions to be destroyed in order to get to the real problem, Sargeras. I am not broody or angsty. In fact, I am apathetic and I want to form as many alliances and mutual beneficial relationships as possible. All are needed to cut the head from the Burning Legion. I am factionless (besides being Illidari). I will work will all races, creeds, religions, whatever. Any guild suggestions from you wonderful people of Wyrmrest?Erutaronn1 5d
5d Race/Faction Changing Hello all! I'm a relatively new (comparatively speaking) and quiet member of this lovely community. I began the process of changing servers a few months ago and in the process of learning as much as I can about WoW RP I also learned some things I like and some things I...well, don't like! I currently have 3 level 100s sitting around here that I have discovered I have zero interest in RPing. I'm also an altoholic and am nearing my character limit for the server and want to conserve space while still being able to fully embrace my 4 favorite races. This brings me to a couple of questions I hope someone can help me out with! First, I've read that a race change can come with a class change. Does this option only come up if the current class isn't available for the race? What about names? I have a human warlock I'd like to change into a gnome warlock, but I'd really like to change her name too. (Without also paying for a name change.) Second, what about faction changes? (Aside from the obvious race change.) Do those always include class changes? Name changes? I have a human paladin I'd like to change into a Tauren, but I don't want to keep her a paladin. She'd also obviously need a name change as well. I'm just trying to figure out whether or not race/faction changes are worthwhile investments or if they will end up costing so much (including name changes) that I'd be better off putting in the time to level up something new. I'm already leveling up 3 babies (yay for finally finding some characters that click with me) and would love to just be able to swap a couple of my 100s over to something I can also enjoy playing. Thanks for reading and any wisdom you can impart upon a poor newb. :)Phianna3 5d
5d [H] <Bilgewater Corps> Goblins!!! <Bilgewater Corps> is looking for motivated goblins to fill high end executive positions in our exciting multi-level marketing sca.... er enterprise, inquire for details, act now and we will waive the application fee! What a savings! -Brand new guild trying to make a home for goblin's that don't want to hang out with emo elves all day, looking to have rp goblin themed guild events, pvp and raid group's discord: https://discord.gg/qAA7MJNAlkamax1 5d
5d Cenarion Lunar Celebration (7M FREE RAFFLE!) Once every year, the Druids of Nighthaven host a grand festival to commemorate the triumph of the mortal races over the Burning Legion during ancient times. Crowds of heroes, adventurers, and persons from different walks of life gather in celebration to eat, drink, shoot fireworks, and receive the blessings of Elune. This year, The Cenarion Council is sponsoring a one-day server-wide event to coincide with the Lunar Festival that will feature a slew of unique activities. Featuring: -A raffle with over 6 MILLION GOLD in prizes!! (Alliance - Moon Guard only) -Cross-faction RP by Stonewind Tribe!! -Catering by Om Nom Noodles!! -Firework Show by Dwarven Vanguard!! Event Info: WHEN: January 28th (Saturday), starting at 6:00PM WHERE: Nighthaven, Moonglade Who to contact for more info: Arrowshifter (Alliance), Taeana (Horde) Schedule of Events 6:00 PM - Opening Ceremony 7:00 PM - Prayer 8:00 PM - Historical Session 9:00 PM - Declare Winners of Raffle 10:00 PM – Fireworks Show Raffle Info (ALLIANCE ONLY) Raffle prizes are generously provided by Arrowshifter, Eclo, Clena, Enalis, Arcanol, Amyren, Elenya, Varania, Gyah, and Zalgrand. 111 Opportunities to Win! Tickets will be given one per-person free of charge. Raffle Requirements: In order to be eligible for your FREE raffle ticket, you must: -Register for a raffle ticket in-character during pre-registraction week in the Stormwind Park, January 22-27 from 6pm-8pm server (one per-person). -Be an Alliance character. -Be at least level 30. -Your character must be armory-able. -Have some form of MRP/XRP/TRP filled out and visible. Dislciamer: We reserve the right to remove disruptive and/or disrespectful parties from the raffle at the event. PVP IS NOT ACCEPTABLE DURING THE EVENT IN NIGHTHAVEN. To Receive Your Prize: -You must claim your item(s) before midnight server the night of the drawing. --Finished Prize Pool-- Mounts - 1 per winner 10 Jeweled Onyx Panther 10 Sunstone Panther 10 Jade Panther 10 Ruby Panther 10 Sapphire Panther 5 Depleted-Kyparium Rocket 5 Geosynchronous World Spinner 11 Sky Golem 10 Vial of the Sands 5 Minion of Grumpus 10 Mekgineer's Chopper Bundle/Misc Prizes 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 10 Elixir of the Rapid Mind 5 Pocket Fel Spreader (given individually) 1 8/8 Crafted of Winner's Choice 1 8/8 Crafted of Winner's Choice 1 8/8 Crafted of Winner's Choice 2 sets of 21 Medallions of the Legion (Neutral to Revered) Prize List AH average - 7,111,200g For more about the Cenarion Council, please refer to our site: cenarioncouncil.shivtr.com Raffle Ticket List and further raffle info can be found at tinyurl.com/CLraffleArrowshifter17 5d
5d [H-RP] <Royal Apothecary Society> For the first time since its creation, the Blightguards of the <Royal Apothecary Society> are recruiting from all races of the Horde! With the ascent of Sylvanas to Warchief, the leadership of the Royal Apothecary Society recognizes the need for more open relationships with the living. In addition, we expect that the living recognize the awesome power of Forsaken scientific advancement. Therefore, we are offering all members of the Horde the opportunity to dedicate their life (or, naturally, unlife) to protecting the most brilliant scientific minds in history. In addition, with the Alliance and the Burning Legion closing in on all sides, it is critical that we build our scientific basis as well as our military might. All plague-minded Forsaken are invited to apply to join our famous society as apothecaries. We wish to note that non-Forsaken are still not allowed to work as apothecaries; our work remains classified to the Banshee Queen, and we wouldn’t want accidents occurring due to untrained hands. OOC Information The <Royal Apothecary Society> is one of the oldest Forsaken-themed RP guilds on Wyrmrest Accord. We have recently decided that it is no longer reasonable to remain racially restricted, so we are excited to welcome all races into our guild as Blightguards, or soldiers of the Society, provided they are willing to swear allegiance to the Warchief and share our interest in plague-based RP. Mercenaries will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, so if you want to kill stuff for Lordaeron gold, come see us. We are committed now more than ever to supplying new as well as recurring events on a weekly basis for both our members and our allies. We have plans to run various game content of all calibers in the near future, including world quests, battlegrounds, dungeons, and more. While we are happy to bring in a diverse range of characters, we consider it critical that we remain a Forsaken-themed guild. Therefore, Apothecaries remain closed to undead characters. In addition, non-Forsaken characters will not be able to advance to IC officer ranks and should not be surprised if they meet IC resistance within the guild—everyone will be treated equally OOCly, but it is especially critical that our non-Forsaken players are ready and willing to separate IC from OOC. Finally, to all interested members, our first priority in building this guild is to create a friendly, familial space for players to decompress and have fun. Bullying, harassment, and excessive drama will not be tolerated. Now that we’ve sounded properly scary, we would genuinely love to speak with any players interested in pursuing research-based RP. Interested players should feel free to reach out to our GMs, Eralos and Rouille, or the officer team of Wiltered, Felswift, Brodzsky, and Destructo, for more information or an interview. You can also find us online at royalapothecarysociety.net (our website has a tendency to tell people that the security certificate’s broken & we haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it yet—if you get a warning, we promise it’s okay!) For the Warchief!Eralos25 5d
6d [Alliance] Looking for More! <Brotherhood> Hello Wyrmies! Are you looking to raid, but dont have a team? Are you part of an RP guild and don't want to leave, yet find yourself itching to take on harder content? LOOK NO FURTHER! <Brotherhood> (WrA Alliance US) is looking to bolster our ranks for the coming Nighthold raid. We are a fun, laid back group of people looking for like minded folks to join us on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6 PM Server (thats 6 pm PST). Joining our guild is optional, though we wont say no to new friends. If this interests you, please add IvoYarido#1716 or Jaegermoon#1618 to talk to us. Look forward to hearing from you! or look for me in game, either on Chingshi or Virdandy!Chingshi1 6d
6d [H] <Wartotem Tribe>, Tauren-Exclusive "We are the readers of the sky, speakers to the wind, walkers of the earth when the sun is high. At night, we name every star and they guide us. We are the explorers that read every sign and we tell the stories of our conquests in an endless chain. But we were not always these things. Journeys can leave scars, but scars heal to reveal many things to us years later. For us--those that remain from the days of blood--the only truth is that the only vengeance worth having is justice." -- Wartotem Tribe is a Tauren-only tribe welcoming Shu'halo and all Horde-loyal subtribes of Tauren from all walks of life. We have a strong emphasis on warrior culture, but warriors are not all that we are. It is our intention to offer a place for individual character development and story growth as a group. We have established cultural rituals and ceremonies that offer us up as a creative alternative to other tribes. What, exactly, is our definition of a warrior culture? A tight-knight society which specializes in combat or warfare. While traditional warrior culture leans morally neutral, our characters will be asked to uphold a strong sense of honor and strict moral codes as we are not a sanctuary for needlessly hostile characters. Something else to keep in mind also is that while our guild houses many warrior-like characters, you do not need to be one in class or subclass to be part of our tribe. Spirituality and druidism will hold a significant place within our story. At the moment, we are small and intimate group with end-game focuses on both PvP and PvE content. We have an active discord that we use frequently for lore discussion, team organization when teaming in-game and in-general shinanigans! If large guilds aren't your style, perhaps we're the answer for you! If you would like to learn more, please contact Blòódmane (alt codes 0242 and 0243), Indani, Housch, Khornhe or Bluechild in-game. Otherwise, you may put in an application at wartotem.enjin.com, where we will review your submission within a day or two and set up an IC-interview!Blòódmane17 6d