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Jul 11, 2014 What material(s) are your weapons made from? I'm into metallurgy and material science stuff, so I'm curious.Woadmane39 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 [RP] Delurk Bloodsnarl vs Judge: the Battle ((First, let me say that I LOVE both of my characters, and have no preference one over the other. The results of this batter were solely based on a poll I took, asking people who would win in a fight. This poll was taken both on the forums and in the game.)) DelurK Bloodsnarl had just let out the rallying cry for his soldiers to unleash havoc on the town of Lakeshire. Both warrior and mercenary alike rushed forward, promises of glory and riches still fresh in their minds. Solemnly, Delurk nodded to himself. He’d need fighters like these to bring the Alliance to its knees, and the humans to extinction. Viciously, the nearest orc hacked down the stablekeeper with his toothed axe, while a goblin sniper laid a bullet between the eyes of the blacksmith. Riding into what seemed an obvious victory, Delurk leaped from his wolf and sliced the nearest Lakeshire guard in twain. He yelped as he and his legs fell in different directions. Two gruff orcs dragged the mayor of the town out from the city hall and tossed him at Delurk’s feet. As the titanium orc raised his blade, a blade larger than a Night Elf, over his head, he growled, ‘’I save you from the disgrace of watching the rest of your kingdom fall.’’ ‘’STOP. You have violated the Law.’’ resonated an ominous voice. Leering his head, the Legionnaire noticed a huge, purple-robed figure with a squadron of fresh guards on the bridge approaching the raiding party. ((Play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXYgKhWo3Uk )) ‘’Delurk Bloodsnarl, you are charged with attempted genocide against both the human and dwarven kingdoms, the unlawful pillaging of villages, the slaying of the innocent, and much more.’’ The Judge eyed the decimated bodies in Delurk’s wake. ‘’I don’t answer to you, human.’’ snarled the warrior as he idly brought down his weapon, beheading the mayor. ‘’You will return to Stormwind, and you will bring your head with you if you leave now.’’ ‘’You have chosen to resist arrest.’’ muttered the Judge. He signaled the guard captain, and his men entered the bloodied fray which was the town of Lakeshire. Forcefully, Delurk plunged his hand into the nearest guard’s plated chest and pulled out his heart. As he withdrew his hand, it made a gushing noise. Hesitantly, the men kept their advance. A raider leapt for the Judge, swinging his twin axes wildly. Expertly, the crusader dodged the first two blows, and while the orc was still recovering from the swing, brought his gavel down on the raider’s spine, instantly shattering it. As the grunt toppled over, the Judge lifted his weapon skyward before splattering the contents of the orc’s head all over the bridge. ‘’Letsee how you judge people with a bullet ‘tween those pretty eyes.’’ muttered a goblin, peering through the scope of his gun. He launched it, but the Judge, unaware of the missile, happened to move in the nick of the time. Mumbling under his breath, the goblin began to reload, however a guard wouldn’t let the motion come to pass. Bringing his imperial blade down on a skinny green arm, the goblin jerked it away just in time to keep it. He did, however, receive a nasty scar. Indifferent, the footman kicked him over, held him down with his foot, and ran the weapon through the mercenary’s neck. No sooner had he done so than was his deed rewarded with a blade to the skull. Turning away from the two corpses, Delurk noticed his purple adversary in the distance, who had just finished overcharging one of his men’s bodies with holy shock. Haplessly, the raider twitched right before the Legionnaire’s eyes, as if caught in a brutal seizure, until he at last laid still, his nerves dead. Carcasses on both sides baking in the sun, mixed with the corpses of civilians, the two gore-stained combatants faced each other. The Judge stood approximately 4 inches taller than Delurk, and while the Legionnaire had defeated foes taller than him frequently, it was still an anomaly for a human.Delurk32 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 Arena 2v2 I'm looking for an arena partner for 2v2 or a carry to cap conquest which for my Worgen Warrior is about 18000.. It doesnt have to be in one shot obviously. But if you can help me send me an in game mail to Bluthund. Please and Thank you in advance. ( btw I'm not expecting a free carry. If you are contacting me about a carry please include how much you are wanting to charge)Bluthund0 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 On Being Evil Let me start right off that this is not a “This is the only right way to be evil.” Kind of post. There are many ways to be an evil character, this is just what worked for me. I am sure there are many other ways you can pull off an evil character. That being said, I have seen in a few conversations recently on how the server is lacking a server wide evil player, or group of players. I am not surprised to be honest. It is very hard to play an evil character, and in this post I am going to tell you why. 1.You got the Stones? No seriously, do you?: Being evil is a hard job, you have to get used to the fact that both in character and out of character you will not be liked. You have to have thick skin to accept that; we are always concerned as to what others in the game think of us. You cannot care and be the bad guy. If you seriously want to tackle being evil on a server based level, you have to have the stones to stick with it. This step is where most people fail. 2. Stop being care bear!: You cannot feel bad for making people mad. You are bad, you have to be unrelenting and undaunted by your actions. Never PM someone and say “sorry”. It is in character, your character doesn't feel sorry. You don’t have to like not caring, but it is a very important part to get across in the game so that people take your role serious. 3. Do not break 4th wall… ever: A bad guy is by far one character that in game cannot break the fourth wall. No brackets (unless it is to correct spelling) no OOC speak in any part of IC chat areas that others can see. PM’s are normally fine but in all seriousness the server has to take you seriously. 4. Keep to one plot: Do not jump plots to fit multiple stories. A server based bad guy has his/her own plot. Do not try to fit to another. Let the RP come to you, never force it on someone else. Some people will not want to RP with you, they will outright ignore you. They don’t exist in your story-line, until they choose to. Don’t bend your plot to fit them in. 5. Be Bad, Not a Di#k: This rule is super important. You have to be a BAD guy, not a bad player and never a griefer. This is where most bad guys fail, other than not having thick enough skin. You want to be hated IC on the server you do not want people to hate you IRL because of how you play. Most successful evil/bad characters are loved by the RP community… once established. A good Bad Guy drives plot, livens up the RP, adds flavor and depth to others by interacting with them… they never are considered a burden or hassle. 6. Biggest advice!: Have Fun! Play how you want to play and respect those around you. Taking on the role of server bad guy while challenging, can be a very fulfilling task. It can be tons of fun, and it is important to build your villain to your play style. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing! (One last thing, play with friends. Get your friends behind the idea to help build you up, both good and fellow bad guy RP. You can’t really be a bad guy if no one cares.) Like I said at the beginning, this is just an opinion; an opinion formed from guild leading a very successful criminal guild for three years on Twisting Nether while playing an evil character for the server. I am sure others have had similar and different success. I just hopes this helps someone.Yiroshi119 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 @Brazil fans http://youtu.be/RLZUKqpXYzU :DDawnblood10 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 [H] End of the World Party What: To celebrate the end of the vanilla world! When: 6pm server-3am server Where: We'll meet at crossroads and march down to where the Barrens will be split in two Bring feasts, brewfest kegs, all varieties of booze, and any other fun stuff. We'll duel, dance and take last minute tours to ashenvale, stonetalon, 1k needles and anywhere else people want to go. Fun will be had! Lomurun2 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 MIROCI GROUP LLC: THE STEEL CIRCUIT (Event) Today, Marcus Miroci, head of the Miroci Group of companies, announced an officially sponsored race from Stratholme to the Wild Coast, behind Booty Bay. Such a race seems unimpressive, until the rules and regulations were announced, drastically raising the stakes: There will be no rules or regulations about sabotaging other racers. Full on attacks will be allowed. The race will be completed entirely on ground mounts. Anyone seen by race officials using a flying mount will be disqualified immediately. The race will not protect against attacks from wildlife, brigands, or other environmental hazards. When you leave the starting point, there will be no aid given to you from Miroci Group LLC. You will be on your own, other than your team. You will be given a team. Completing the race with your team is highly recommended, as the prize pool will be higher. The race will take place over Three days. At the end of the first day (2 hours), Race Officials will mark where you are. Attempting to start ahead of your marked point will result in disqualification. Allowed Mounts: Any Alliance-based mount. (Horses, Mountain Horses, Nightsabers, Mechanostriders, Rams, ETC) Ground Mounts with no speed boost. Mounting on a flying mount is grounds for immediate disqualification, or a 4 zone setback. Prize pool: 1st place, no team: 20 gold. 1st place, with a team member: 20 gold (each) 1st place with 2 team members: 40 gold (each) 1st place with 3 team members: 40 gold (each) 1st place with all 4 team members: 1000 GOLD (Split between each member) Thank you, and look forward to beautiful race days. OOC INFORMATION AND SIGN UPS: Information: The Steel Circuit was an idea given form after a large amount of complaining about 'yet another plague event'. Though there is a maximum of 24 individuals (5 teams), the entire server is invited to watch the race take place, hold festivities at certain checkpoints, etc. Though combat between teams and players is allowed, the race will not stop due to OOC drama. Combat between players will be settled between those players, and their teams can either wait for them, or leave them behind. If OOC drama results in a drop out of a team member, the prize will be adjusted accordingly should that team win first place. If you are suspected of causing trouble for the sole purpose of being a donkey's hindquarters, you will be removed, and a spectator will be allowed to take your place on your team. SIGN UPS (An IC Forum sent to Miroci Head offices. AKA, just post it here.): NAME: RACE: AFFILIATION (guild, faction, etc): MOUNT: MOUNTS NAME (IF APPLICABLE): CLASS: ANY OTHER INFO YOU WISH TO INCLUDE: DM SIGN UPS: This event is going to be, large. However, we would like to have 1 DM for every team, so a maximum of 5 teams. 4 DMs will be suitable, but if 5 wish to sign up, I can sit back and do IC commentary on the race. DM SIGN UP CHART: Battletag (For ease of communication, feel free to kick me off after the event <3): Experience as a DM: Reasons you'd like to DM: TIME AND PLACE: (Tenative): Saturday the 12th, 3 PM Server Time. Please start joining the chat channel 'Raceday' (/join Raceday) if you are racing, spectating, or DMing, so I know who to invite. This time is subject to change if not enough people can make it on short notice. If this is the case, a time will be voted on via strawpoll. As stated above, if the race goes longer than one OOC day (People having to go, etc), your location will be marked and a second event will be set up to continue/conclude the race. Place: The gates of Stratholme, EPL. OTHER RULES - A minimum level of 50, due to zones that will be traversed. - Fast Ground Speed is required. And I think that's about it. Good luck, and happy race days!Meroci3 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 So...what's with the profession racials? I mean, what's the point of them? Sure, we start at 15 rather than 1, so that's a thing, but those first fifteen levels are super easy to get. It raises the cap of each tier, but you're going to be buying that tier regardless. (Unless you're a twink, I suppose.) Also, at cap, it just gets annoying. As a pandaren, to cap all the Ways on my cooking, I had to make three of the expensive dishes for each of the six Ways. That's eighteen extra dishes, and each of them required the 100 Year Soy or whatever those rare ingredients are, that require either a trip to the AH, or a Halfhill Token or whatever it's called. What's the point of these racials, exactly?Shumi11 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 [A] Looking for an RP guild! Good evening! I was looking for a guild for this character, but not having a lot of luck with finding one that seemed appropriate. Unfortunately, Ashoka's flavor as a character doesn't mesh with that of my main's guild. He started out as an NPC for a private storyline; I enjoyed playing him, so I made the character (which is why he has the accent in his character name.) On an OOC basis, I'm looking for a small to mid-sized RP-focused guild. I do some PvE on the side, but I'd rather not be bound to show up at 7 PM three nights a week to raid-- if I'm not busy, I'll gladly jump in to run flex, though. I prefer to play a healing spec in PvE, and was looking to swap to a healer as my PvE main for Warlords, pending the chance to try out the 6.0 changes to classes; Ashoka is one of the possibilities. Ashoka is a draenei shadow priest in-character; at this point he has lost IC access to Light spells due to backstory events, although he might regain them in the future. He specializes in emotional detection and manipulation, along the lines of Fear and the retired spell Mind Soothe; this is a little bit of a stretch of the shadow priest's in-game abilities, so a guild that looks for someone to play their character strictly according to game mechanics would be a poor fit. He's less proficient at direct combat techniques than most shadow users-- his use of empathy means that he has to experience any pain he doles out, a highly unpleasant prospect. His in-character goals are much the same as many draenei-- he wants to see the Legion fall and his people (and their allies) prosper. However, his approach is far more pragmatic than most; he sees little problem with using all the tools available to him in order to do this. Unfortunately, his "pragmatic" approach has earned him no small amount of scrutiny, which has lead him to leave for Azeroth for the time being. He's very arrogant and proud, and appears to be quite confident in himself. He is ambitious and seeks power, but not for personal gain. In other words, he's either an antihero or antivillain, depending on how you look at him. If you have any suggestions of a guild he'd fit into well, please let me know-- I'll do some research into them and apply if they seem to be a good fit. Thank you for your time, it's highly appreciated!Ashoká1 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 <Vanitas> is looking for you. Who. <Vanitas>, a guild led by a co-GM force consisting of Malcolm and Malina is now recruiting! We are a med RP guild - as we look into other aspects such as small-time PvE and have members knowledgeable in PvP - devoted to having realistic evil RP. We're based around a storyline and weekly RP events, as well as thriving around personal character strife and development. We believe that most stories need conflict and we wish to be the force behind that conflict. Not only to drive the stories of Protagonist guilds, but to bolster our own storyline, characters, and experiences. Our main location is Surwich and has been for sometime now. What. What you can expect from <Vanitas>: -Weekly RP events -Friendly management -Members who believe in fairness in RP -Balanced conflict RP: Meaning we not only explore and delve into standard /emote RP, but we also cater to those who are more favorable to /rolling for their battles! -Friendly members who respect Warcraft's lore. We do -not- run around Stormwind proclaiming our diabolical intentions, but rather converse OOCly with protagonist guilds to drive IC storylines for *everyone*; guild, personal character, and realm. We also enforce a "no discrimination" policy. What we look for in members: Good attitude -Friendliness -Fairness (No God-Modding) -Roleplay Side note: If you RP something out of the ordinary; such as a furbolg, dragon, grummle, mecha-gnome, etc.; we would love to get a feel for your character and storyline to see if it's compatible with the forces of evil! -Remember we do not take characters that are too powerful. IE characters that are very lore breaking and overpowered. We try to stay realistic being that we are characters that can and have died. A little lore bending is fine but lore breaking could draw the wrong attention to the guild. Side-side note: Due to the purpose of roleplay and this guild, paladins are accepted on rare case-by-case deals, just to ensure things go smoothly, of course. Also: We explore some dark and violent themes in the course of our story telling. The language and imagery are not for the...sensitive. Please apply at http://vanitas.shivtr.com/ Officers: Current officers to talk to about joining: Guildmaster: Malus Guildmaster: Malina Officer: Khaled Officer: Dinath Officer: Baalhalla Officer: Konghuman Officer: Reife Officer: Cyy Officer: Drazhi If you have questions, post them here and I will do my best to get back to you! Good luck, Light-speed, and be seeing you online! Our video by Turwinle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwQq3LT_G7Y&feature=youtu.beBaalhalla38 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Server Wide History- Past Events This post is a History of Past Large-Scale events that have affected the server. If you would like to include a post, please write a short description of the event, along with a date (if possible). And if you feel like making this a sticky for reference, go for it. It would be awesome. 2010- Pirate Attack on Feathermoon Stronghold The enraged night elves of /kalimdor who brought swift justice down on the scurvy mongrels known as Fortress who had attacked them.. The elves grabbed them by the collar and dragged them back to Darnassus for a trial. As some of the pirates were being transported back to Stormwind for a separate trial, the remaining caught the docks of Auberdine on fire, leading to many escapes. 2010- Stormwind Against Deathknights Citizens of Stormwind rose up and protested the presence of Death Knights, after their departure from the Lich King's ranks, in their city. The protest turned violent and both sides suffered injuries and a couple deaths. 06/2011- "Disease" (Taken from the Forum Post) A magical affliction created by the Kaldorei. Unleashed by some Horde adventurers, those who used mana across both the Horde and Alliance fell under it's effects. Eventually a cure was found by Mariius Ahnaran and Lord Salarous De'fairwyrn, along with the help of Archmage Tanirus Dal'ron. 07/2011- WARPATH A series of attacks by the Horde on Alliance settlements across Azeroth, led by the mysterious "General" and his minions. The attacks occurred before the current Horde-Alliance conflict, causing casualties on both sides. 11/2011- 01/2012 The Host A demonic curse that afflicted a portion of the Horde who participated in the WARPATHs. Created by the Cult of Twisted Souls, the curse turned ordinary Horde citizens into monstrous versions of themselves. Eventually the plot of the Twisted Souls was culled by the brave adventurers of the Horde. 02/2012 RETRIBUTION A serious of attacks led by a enraged draenei vindicator, Sholaad with volunteers from the Alliance against Horde settlements. The Alliance were mixed in their reactions, as many did not wish to create war while some craved bloodshed. Eventually the attacked ceased when even the vindicator could not see how the bloodshed could fix what had been done by the Horde's WARPATHs. 06/2012 Behind Fel Eyes A cabal of Magisters and members of the Silvermoon bureaucracy attempted to forcibly reunite the divided elven peoples by kidnapping high elf civilians and pilgrims, tainting them with fel energies, and releasing them into Silvermoon. The presence of possible traitors in their midst created a minor panic in Silvermoon and a moral quandary regarding what to do with the new "citizens" until all identified "high elves" were relocated to Hearthglen for sanctuary. The cabal, however, was never caught, and copies of their fel-tainting method are still widely available to this day. 03/2013 The Black Ooze Plague A three plague caused sickness across Stormwind, that reacted negatively to the Light. The results were chaotic. It was eventually culled and cured. 11/2013 The Hellscream Trials Trials held by the Horde and it's citizens against those who sided with Hellscream as he usurped supreme power in the Horde while displacing the other races. Some were sentenced to imprisonment while others met crueler fates.Sholaad28 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Your Misadventures. (OOC Nostalgia Happens) I was running around today on an alt and happened to be at the bottom of the Hillsbrad cliff near Tarren Mill, the site of glorious and unfettered(not to mention unrewarded) past battle conflict. For me though, it will always be the place where I thought there was a conspiracy to have some fun with me. On my first toon ever, I was running around Tarren Mill, long long ago before Azeroth Flight. There must have been some sort of magnetic field up in the io- Anyway the point, the point! It was my first toon and I was admiring the landscape, because it was all new and I'd never been there when suddenly splat . Dead Undead, pardon. Someone had leapt ignominiously from above and died. Well that's weird, but I understood fall damage at this point. Fifteen feet. splat splat splat splat Like raindrops, like a sick game of gnome darts, people started falling out of the sky and dying all around me. As if they had been herded by some unseen predator above. No communication. No one alive at the top. This wasn't even an RP server. I was on Bronzebeard before the story of a writer on Sentinel's named Gerd stole me away. Weird. The next day the same thing happened to me in One Thousand Needles. Like pennies falling from on high, carried by the wind and then abruptly still. I shared my concern that there was a cult that stood around all day hurling themselves down on adventurer's with my guild, which may have been the first time I ever actually spoke with any of them. I was terribly shy and didn't want help and couldn't stand the thought of people thinking I was terrible: Which I was, because everyone is terrible there first two or three months. They laughed of course, but I was talking with the Guild Leader about it later in Feralas, of all places... and it happened again. Like birds hitting an invisible wall from high above, people rained from the sky and ominously stayed un-released around us. We mounted up and left, and neither one of us ever said a word about it. So I guess this long rambling story was me sharing my Nostalgia for when things were bright and shiny and new, and the long path I've taken to where I am now that I can look back fondly at some... people... who spent all day going from zone to zone Gnome-Darting(coining the phrase, as they were all different races) people. Does anyone else have any incredibly odd stories they fondly remember?Traliste22 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Looking to exchange gold on other servers. I'm looking to acquire gold on some of the low pop RP servers for a few new business ventures of mine and I'm willing to trade Alliance gold in exchange for it. I know a lot of you riff raff came from other servers and perhaps left gold on your old servers for whatever reason you saw fit. This is your chance to get that sweet Alliance Wyrmrest gold in exchange at a 1:1 ratio. I'm unlikely to go first in any exchange unless I've known you for a very long time, but I've done this sort of thing several times in the past with zero drama and would prefer to keep it that way. Thanks in advance.Quintus12 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 L.I.C.H. Treatments and Cure Ingredients(?) To prevent random people from automatically screaming "I HAVE THE CURE," I will be distributing an herb labeled "Cure Ingredient" every few days. There are three ingredients total. Once the ingredients are successfully mixed together after however many days, only then will people be able to legitimately RP a cure being delivered. I do not want to force people to have to deal with this disease - if you do not want to RP the disease, then do not. I do not mind. But for those that do, automatically saying, "I HAVE THE CURE, HAHA" after two days of its outbreak ruins the immersion of the situation and does not make this RP fun. I apologize if my explaination seems harsh, though I have seen past plagues (that were -extremely- well thought out) get cut short because someone wanted to be a hero. Besides all that, please note the lists of treatments here. The first cure ingredient will be posted on the forums in TWO DAYS. :) Enjoy, Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance.) -- H.M. (Paladins, Priests and Death Knights are immune to this plague.) Treatment - (Note: This will, more than likely, spark drama between Light and Shadow users. Do not be afraid to start arguments. It is part of the roleplaying experience. Keep in mind IC = IC, OOC = OOC. Please do not take IC to OOC. It screws up fun roleplay. Cheers!) Light Magics to help symptoms prove less severe. Mind Tampering - Magics that can tap into the mind and help slow down, or repair, possible damage down to the host's mind as the infection worsens in stage. Azshara's Veil (2-10 drops, up to four times daily. Powdered extract, 1/2 to 1 dram. Infusion, 4-6 drams in wineglass doses up to four times daily.), Cinderbloom - Dosages are as follows: Due to the severe heat of the oil Cinderbloom is typically with milk or as a tincture. Milk and alcohol both prevent the oil from sticking to the inside of the mouth and causing irritation. For those who do not mind the heat an infusion prepared with ginger and cinnamon taken in teacup doses is quite popular. Tincture, 2 tablespoonsful, three times per day. Dreamfoil - Fluid extract, 30-60 drops. Pressed oil, 30-60 drops. Fel Lotus - Fel Lotus should be prepared as an infusion and taken in tablespoonful doses. Golden Sansam - Infusion taken in wineglass doses as needed. Decoction of root, 2-4 ounces in one quart water reduced to a pint, taken in 1-2 tablespoonsful as needed. Fluid extract, 1-2 drams as needed. Mageroyal - Tincture, place 1 1/2 lbs of fresh Mageroyal flowers in full bloom into 1 gallon alcohol, allow to stand four days, then distill, apply topically. Infusion of fresh herb in white wine over four days may be taken in wineglass doses. Mageroyal Tea, bruise fresh-cut Mageroyal tips and bruise them, steep in hot water and add sugar to taste. Dried Mageroyal or Common Rosemary may be added to pipeweed to alleviate respiratory conditions. Oil, 3 drops. Tincture, 5-20 drops. This information should be public for all. Keep an eye out for daily updates as, for the next two days, cure ingredients will be released. These herbs shall be ICly known as treatments for symptoms. Cure Ingredient Number 1 - Mountain Silversage - For hysteria, mania, or hyperactivity, soak the following in warm water for 14 days: 2 ounces of dried Silversage leaves and flowers, 1 ounce Chamomile flowers, 1/2 ounce Bruiseweed root, 2 drams of bruised Caraway and Coriander seeds, 3 drams of bruised Peacebloom leaves, and 2 pints of high-proof alcohol, then filter and dilute with double quantity of water - a wineglassful being the dose. (As of 7/8/2014) Black Lotus (Cure Ingredient) Dreaming Glory - (Cure Ingredient) Infusion, tablespoonful, as needed. Distilled, one drop in each eye. Decoction of leaves and stalk, 1-3 fluid ounces. Fluid extract, 1/4 - 1 dram. (The Cure can now be made and distributed.) Find more information about these herbs at http://www.wowwiki.com/Medicinal_guide_to_herbs Hope to see you participating, Wyrmrest Accord!Hivemind6 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 The Emerald Circle Discusses Kaldorei Lore Grab a chair and take a seat at The Round Table as The Emerald Circle (TEC) discusses Kaldorei Lore featuring special guests, Jruas, GM of the Sentinels of the Blade and Tyrnathera Stormcaller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0TqtHnimWM The Emerald Circle is a channel hosted by three friends who all enjoy playing WoW together, this is our first video and we're still new at it, so please have some patience with us as we grow! Some quick info on the channel and The Round Table: Who is TEC? Ellwindris, Ellwynbrooke & Caiyala The Round Table: TEC will discuss various RP lore elements that are open to opinions and interpretation as well as RP in general. Each time, we'll bring in old and new special guest speakers to give their thoughts on the chosen topics. Old topics may be revisited, and new topics can be suggested along with guest speakers. I hope you enjoy the video!Ellwindris1 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 [H] <Padfoot Provisions> is recruiting! [H] <Padfoot Provisions> is seeking new craftsman to join its Artisan Guild. Join an organization looking to expand its brother hood, and sister hood to new heights while working together to help better ourselves. Padfoot Provisions is a roleplaying guild of networked and connected information brokers who use the provision house as a point of interest to meet with new clients and trade gathered information. Using artisan’s and craftsman as a cover to help provide the goods needed to stock a store house. We are currently seeking all Role-players looking for a fun place to call a home. Need everything from spies to tradesmen. <Padfoot Provisions> is a newly formed guild of experienced and veteran players who have had many years of experience together. On an OOC aspect of the game we plan on also doing endgame content with the release of WoD and enjoying all aspects of the game as a group of friends. We plan on being a plot tool for many of the other guilds to be able to expand their RP both in house and on a community level. We would love for any interested parties both for membership and for RP to contact us in game on [H] Misme or Bernadebt. We conduct IC interviews for both membership and contracts, but handle the set up OOC. The Guild also plans on using trade skills to help grow for future content. Allowing for the entire guild to conduct resource gathering for some of the more desirable trade items that sell on the AH also to help craftier acquire said recipes for those items through whatever means is needed. We also have a vent and are very active players.Misme2 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Decurse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8otMWBegJVE&list=FLoGdWWE7K1wBD-jjwYB43HAFelairâ6 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Lovable Tauren Hugs for free! - A massive Tauren with arms stretched out wide stands before you. His face long and serious, Stern. Though his presence is warm. Will you hug him? or is he challenging you? -Portarox26 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Blood Elf/Undead RP? Hello, I am thinking of server/faction changing if I can find Blood Elf/Undead RP. I would like Traditional BElf RP or even Dark Ranger RP. Is it out there? I am having the hardest time finding it.Thoraine4 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Please Delete Posts filled, slides taken, thank you for your time!Tathr1 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 On Keeping it Simple Ok here is another post which will probably generate some flack… I don’t really care. The topic is why simple character construction is better for community RP. You have all seen is, walk through any major RP hub in the game and you will see outlandish titles and over the top descriptions for characters and then you will see “Walk Ups Welcome” in the TRP or MRP. Here is the problem with Characters that are over the top and better than others… You actually are not. Many role-players may and will be turned off to interacting with the Crowned Prince of Silver Moon or “The Leader of the Underground Market” Who awarded these title? Where was the ceremony, what tasks did you complete to be dubbed this? If you want good interaction on a server, do not do these things. I am not saying they are not allowed I am saying if you do not turn off people by being the “This or that” your random RP will increase! The reason simple design is better is because it does not force itself to overlap or conflict with those around you, Good or Bad guy keeping the actual design of yourself simple and the RP rich in interaction and content will lead stronger results on a community level. Keep your description tangible, let it make sense to the lore of the game. Don’t assume your personal RP plot line will be accepted as cannon. Having a simpler design of a character allows for smoother RP and RP with less drama.Yiroshi19 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Just an RP-FYI... Since Walk-Up Roleplayers and so many people on our server keep referring to me with the title anyhow... I am going to go back to being a Overlord. Kor'Kron Overlord, Orgrimmar Guard. I'll officially come up with some kinda short story for it later. But for now if you are one of the people who regularly or walk up RPs with me and you aren't already doing it, you can just go ahead and refer to me as Overlord again if you aren't casual enough to just use my character's name. Don't worry, no god modding, no having to salute me, no seeing me randomly barking orders at random people....but I wouldnt mind it if people would start dressing as Orgrimmar Grunts more....I gave out like 100 Full Sets of Grunt armor for Free....where the hell are all these people? K-ThX-Bai Don't care if you Dislike this 100 times who ever keeps disliking everything I post....Kiethoo64 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Character Birthdays! Time for an interesting peek into something you might not have thought about for your characters: their date of birth! Do you have one picked out already, and if so how did you go about choosing that certain date? For myself, I've been toying with the idea of using zodiac personality traits to match certain signs to my characters, then picking a date based on that. I'll start with Minzel. Her birthday is April 16, which makes her an Aries. Aries are courageous, confident, and energetic, sometimes even reckless and quick-tempered. I think this describes Minzel very well, as I've always thought of her as having a devil-may-care attitude and being free-spirited. As some of her guildmates can tell you, she's also short-fused when she gets irritated with something or someone. On more than one occasion, she's chased a certain joker around guild events and meetings, shooting fireballs at him. Her daredevil approach was evident when she marched right into the thick of the Siege of Orgrimmar after being chased out by the Kor'kron while saving her friend Snuffit, turning many an orc into walking pressure cookers. But enough about Minzel, what about your characters? Go ahead and try looking up zodiac personality traits and seeing if you can get a birthday out of it. Tell how that sign matches with your toon! And if you already have a birthday, talk about the reasoning behind it! This should be a fun little exercise.Minzel0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 <Spetsnaz> RBG Academy <Spetsnaz> is pleased to announce the launch of their RBG Academy! This is a program of four repeating courses or classes designed to teach and reinforce some commonly overlooked fundamentals in Rated Battlegrounds. Whether you are a complete newbie, a returning veteran, or a seasoned current player, the Spetsnaz RBG Academy can probably provide you with some additional insight to improve your RBG skill and make you a valuable contribution to any group you may join. All of the RBG Academy classes have a part of instructional time in planned, scripted wargames to explain specific positions, general strategies, certain mechanics as well offering a chance to test some mechanics firsthand. After the instructional period, the class will then divide into two groups for a skirmish to practice what has been taught. After the skirmish, the group will then recombine to discuss feedback, both individually and for the groups. This program is designed to promote a healthy, growth-oriented PvP environment on Wyrmrest Accord. RBG Academy events will be scheduled for the first four Wednesdays of every month at 7pm server time. People from out of guild are welcome to join in, however in the event of high demand for spots, Spetsnaz members will receive priority. It is also worth mentioning that Spetsnaz members have added incentive to participate. If you are interested in growing your PvP ability or just interested in our vision of promoting a healthy, positive PvP environment on Wyrmrest Accord, you are welcome to the RBG Academy. This is built for total newbies and experienced players alike. Contact me here or in game if you are interested.Gwendel52 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Your Character with an Adventure Time Quote ((In which I shamelessly rip off the Spongebob thread)) "Gorrin, you've crossed the line from weird curiosity into some dark, messed up stuff."Gorrin18 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Garrisons and RP Hello! I'd like to start off by saying I have made this thread to discuss the topic of garrisons and rp in hopes to hear different opinions. I'm aware the general lore would suggest we can't use them for ourselves icly as it places prominent lore figures inside but then again there's also ignoring them. I was shown a thread elsewhere on the idea of a small off coast island that could house settlements, essentially suggesting the garrison exists elsewhere in draenor. So what do you all think? "Insert inspirational quote from a famous yet obscure historic figure here." -Trade Baron SalsburySalsbury25 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 An all goblin guild? Anyone interested in this?? I might just make one if theres enough interest.))Moosey2 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 [A] <Tirasian> Hey guys, just stopping by to let you know that I started up a guild centered around Kul'Tiras RP, <Tirasian>. I'm stopping by to let you unguilded folk, or those who would like to make a Tirasian alt, that we're more than accepting of Tirasians from all walks of life. I really love the lore of Kul'Tiras and I thought I would make a guild for it and see where it leads. I've only ever seen a few other Tirasian RPers in my time on the server, so I don't know how much traction this will get, but hopefully we can build a good, fun Kul'Tiras RP community on the server with the start of this guild. Right now I'm literally the only one in the guild, but I'm gonna attempt to go on a recruiting spree. If your character, or a character you would like to make, is a Tirasian and would like to join whisper me in game. I'm usually on this Priest when I am on. I really hope people join, 'cause I'd rather not be the only one in the guild. Haha. Though I'll most probably keep it even if I am just because I really like it. Currently limited to the following races: Humans, Worgen (if you wanted to RP a Tirasian who somehow got infected after coming to Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms), and Dwarves (there's non-canon lore behind this reason, but I thought why not seeing as how there's so little Kul'Tiras lore out there to begin with.) Hope to see you all in game! :DErebös8 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Attention Collectors/ BoE Thistle Tea Recipe A Guild Member of mine has asked me to post here and announce that they have a very rare NON-BoP Version of the Thistle Tea Recipe that can be used by non-rogues. For those of you who like to collect anything rare or if you simply interested in buying said object, please contact me in game mail with your offer and I will pass on your offer to my guild member. Thank You. ~ KiethooKiethoo15 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Happy Birthday to Jeebs! Best wishes for a great day :DVandrysse2 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Feel with me .... http://imgur.com/gallery/ypMw0 My feels ... http://tinyurl.com/pl2q7hg http://tinyurl.com/kwpnfxtRhentor7 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 New Light-Based RP guild!? Hello everyone! ^.^ I am looking to create a new Light based RP community/guild on the WRA server. I need people who want to create a breathing guild story, a past, and a dedicated RP storyline for members of the community to become involved in.... NOT CATHEDRAL OR STORMWIND RP! I'm so sick of parking my toons near the Cathedral hoping that something worthwhile will happen. I want IN WORLD RP to happen. Aerie peaks, plaguelands, barrens, you name it. The RP community has devolved into tavern RPers... No more!!!! Send me a whisper or an in game mail to 'Blazer'Blazer2 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Share your Draenei characters with me? I'm hinging on rolling an alt, mostly for idle RP. I don't mean to get involved in any big plots or be important in any guilds on this character. I'm thinking I'd really like to try Draenei, but I'm not entirely sure what sort of Draenei yet. I was thinking either male mage, maybe male priest or female warrior. I had been trying to talk myself into Paladin, but I haven't made headway on that. So, inspire me, if you will, with who your Draenei characters are. Where do they come from? What do they do? Why? What sort of people are they and who do they associate with?Saekwari14 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Kul Tiras guilds? Do they exist? I'm thinking about rolling a Human...Pai39 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Taking a stab at challenge modes Hello folks, with the end of expansion boredom comes desperate measures to alleviate said boredom, and in this case it means challenge modes! What I have: My current line up is myself as disc and a warrior tank/dps. What I need: We need a hero class! Mages, ele shaman, and beast mastery hunters are all encouraged to join! What else I need: My warrior is willing to tank or dps, but if a monk tank happens to want in I'd be willing to swap him. Brewmaster dps is droolworthy. *slobbers on self* I'm also in need of 1-2 other dps to fill the slots. Anything but warrior and priest will be fine, favoritism will be shown to classes with useful buffs that we need. What to expect: Wipes! This is not a pro-group, this is not a free carry. You're encouraged to learn the mechanics prior to joining the attempt, but expect a few bronze/silver attempts before we get into the grove of things. One shots would be fabulous, but they're not to be expected. What's expected of you: Bring your A-game! Know your class, have at least heroic 5-man gear in every slot, everything needs to be enchanted and gemmed. Min-maxing your stats with reforge is encouraged but not required (I know how annoying it is to have to redo that every time). What you need to bring: Food! I'll bring feasts but if you want 300stats you'll need to bring your own. Flasks! Bring your own class appropriate stat jar. Invisibility potions! Some guides use them, some don't, bring them just in case we need them. What time will we be attempting: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm realm to possibly 9pm realm time. There may be additional days for other attempts, I'll whisper you if you're on. If you're interested please post here first! If you're serious about the attempt, I'll send you a mail in game with my battle tag info so please post on the toon you'll be answering the mail with. What we will start with: We currently need all the dungeons, and we will likely be starting with the easy ones first, so Jade temple is the very first on the list. Big ol' edit! If your guild happens to have a voice chat service they'd be willing to let us use for these runs that'd be awesome.Reticent11 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 [A] Free Transmog Runs Hi Wyrmrest Accord! So, the expansion's winding down, I have nothing to do with myself, and running old raids alone is getting a little stale. Here's the deal-- Pst me in game, leave a message here, or send me some mail, and I can run you through just about any raid on any difficulty up to Baradin Hold. (Also, I can do any dungeon/heroic dungeon including MoP's.) Naturally, whether you're after mog gear, prof mats, or anything else, you can loot whatever you want. I will get back to you within 24 hours (probably a lot quicker honestly) and, provided you're available, we'll run before the weekly reset. As per the title, anything you run with me will be absolutely free. That's right- no tipping, no favors to ask you later, no nothing. Why the heck am I doing this? People have boosted 90s, people have rp 'toons they don't wanna level past 80 or do current content on. That's awesome, and there's no reason you shouldn't look stylish regardless of your level/ilvl. Even if you don't fit that bill, I'll run anybody through anything. Two caveats: -I can't do ICC for a couple weeks. I know, it makes me sad too, but I'm getting somebody else their legendary. -If you wanna do later cata content, I'll have to pull in a healing buddy (Dragons hit me like trucks). Not a problem at all, just the waiting period might be a teensy bit longer.Rennfri10 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 You know what would be fun? a CoT RP event. You can RP as a Forsaken when they where alive, as a totally different character, or even as your own character during that said point in time. Just a thought :DKimbelean3 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 [H]LF LWer :: Snow Lily Belt This is actually getting incredibly frustrating. There has to be more than a couple people Horde-side that can craft a Snow Lily Belt. I've got all the mats to have one crafted, using the Accelerated Hardened Magnificent Hide, plus 500g to whoever gets this done for me. Contact me on either Geranguas or Wargra. Thanks.Geranguas1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 The Colonization of Draenor Think that we'll see any of this in RP or story when Warlords rolls around? Obviously the Draenei and Orcs of this time already have some established cities and places, but this expansion isn't just opening up a new land or continent to us. It's going to create an entirely new world for our characters. Not how Outland was a new world (it was a bunch of floating chunks in the Nether), but an honest-to-goodness new planet now at our fingertips. I expect, and hope, to see guild and characters take advantage of this opportunity. Almost every race has had a pretty crappy time in the last few years on Azeroth, so it would be cool to see some folks come over to this new planet and try to make something for themselves there.Taldin22 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 @ Enekie I present to you further proof of how awesome the noble Sloth is. http://youtu.be/NOkmIH9Vpb8 They might save us all.Dawnblood17 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Alliance Invades Thunder Bluff's Story Time So earlier tonight the Arrowtusk Tribe guild (name?) hosted a story time event in front of Baine in TB. Suddenly, a full raid of Alliance players show up, fighting Baine, interrupting the event. Having helped repel an unsuccessful Moonguard invasion of TB and the UC last night on my rogue, I wasn't too keen on having to deal with another corpse run and ghost ride on those blasted elevators, especially since these guys seemed more prepared. Anyways, during the fight we mostly just stood around joking OOC while Baine fought the Alliance in our midst. When Baine fell, I expected them to just start bothering us with "/taunt"s and "/chicken"s or just generally standing in the way. Instead, a flurry of "/sorry"s were directed at us and they promptly flew off. It was probably one of the funniest, most epic things I'd ever seen. Edit: Phone kept changing it to "Blaine".Frostmanx15 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 (A) 576 Warrior, looking for active guild! Hello Wyrmrest! It is that time in Mists where I am no longer raiding or have much content left to clear (other than some heroics which I will get to shortly), so I am on Wyrmrest Accord in search of some fun! The guild I joined when I initially came here was a friend's to help him catch some fish for his achievements, but now that I am online all the time, I am looking for a more active guild to call home. Firstly, I would prefer a guild to be 25 for all of the perks I use on a daily basis, but it is not required. I am new to RP, but have another character on the server I have used for that activity. I like doing old content for transmog, gold, meta achievements, etc, so that would be a plus! With my item level being above average, I am still open to helping out in Flex or Normal runs, with my warrior or my 550 Retribution Paladin alt. Or rerolling other classes to level with people! I also am into the lore, and have played since 2006. TL:DR - I like this game a lot, and am interested in everything. I need more friends. Contact me in game on this warrior, or my paladin Turalius (2nd Ret, not 550), or add my battletag: Ragebringer#1784 Look forward to meeting new people!Ragebringer1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 [H][L6] Council of Ebonlocke! This has all been taken from the original Thread. Tupress had to step down from leadership for awhile, so i'll be leading the guild for the next few months. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All across Azeroth, several flyers have been jammed inside the copious amounts of tomes of knowledge, scattered from basements to abandoned homes, to black markets and old libraries. Only those with enough curiosity to read these tomes will pull the flyers from these containers of text. Upon opening the flyer, a simple, purple insignia of an Octopus would shine brightly to any light exposure. "Knowledge, power, and community. These are what keep us close when others bring us down. Knowledge, because without it, we are weak. Power, to use as we see fit, whether against our foes or in defense of our own selves. Community; without this, we cannot gain more knowledge, more power. We mustn't practice in the shadows of the Horde. It is the hour of the warlock. A gathering of Council has been formed, and you are cordially invited. Bring with you your best; persuade all that you know of this Safe Haven, but do not let your tongue tread further than those that practice these arts. Find the Sin'dorei known as Viliwyth Ban'dinorial, who cant be found frequently wandering Silvermoon.t, if you desire more information." As if the flyer had been enchanted to do so, the insignia catches aflame; it crumbles to dust after your eyes pass the final line of text, the idea staining your thoughts, atleast, for the moment. Background Information: The Council of the Black Harvest was a council made up of six of the greatest warlocks that sought the powers of their defeated foes. These powers would then be shared with eachother and their own sects to further aid their kind against any future threats to Azeroth. The Black Harvest was formed by the Human warlock Kanrethad Ebonlocke (whom you encounter during the level 90 Green Fire questline) after the fall of Deathwing. Unfortunately, Kanrethad Ebonlocke was corrupted by absorbing too much fel-energy, and has been banished by one of the Six of the Harvest - Jubeka Shadowbreaker - at the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley. The Council of Ebonlocke follows the footsteps of the late Council of the Black Harvest. IC: The Council of Ebonlocke was formed by Grand Warlock and Fumigation Specialist Caiphus Tupress of the Defilers. Now lead by the Chainmancer Viliwyth Ban'dinorial. The Council seeks to unite all warlocks of the Horde. All are welcome - even if we do not share the same viewpoints or affiliations. The Council accepts individuals regardless of race or skillset in ritualism, demonic empowerment, or conjuring, in tribute to the late Council of the Black Harvest, and in response to the recent events of Garrosh Hellscream's tyranny over the warlocks in the Drag of Orgrimmar, in fear that some day warlocks will not be allowed to practice freely within the Horde. Ebonlocke Council seeks to provide a safe-haven for practices involving demonology, whilst also opening a doorway for the warlocks of the Horde to share their knowledge (and power) of all things demonic. OOC: The Council of Ebonlocke serves as a smaller community of players dedicated to the warlock class. This guild acts as a med-to-heavy RP guild with many potential events as the community begins to grow. I've wanted to try to bring together a class-exclusive guild for the longest time, and while some may frown upon the idea, it's all a new experience and gives people a brand-new reason to dust off that warlock alt character that's been sitting aside for years! While this guild is primarily focused on leveling, we also plan on doing many fun things involving old raiding content (yes, with full groups of warlocks!) and possible arena teams comprised of nothing but warlocks (hey, worth a shot!) While I love the idea of opening the doors to shadow-priests, and dark-hearted roleplaying characters alike, the Council is strictly of NEUTRAL AFFILIATION - JUST because you're evil doesn't mean you're qualified to join! As with sticking to the idea of class-exclusive, I ask that only warlocks join into the Council. It's for the best, believe me!Viliwyth22 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Hiya Fleshies I've recently returned from an extended sabbatical which has seemingly encompassed the majority of this expansion. I'm an old timer, having been on this server since shortly after it's launch, although most of you undoubtedly have never seen my flawlessly-sculpted, handsome face, and/or have not had the unique pleasure of meeting yours truly. Please allow me to introduce myself, if you will. My name is Ivan Vinterson and I am many things, a few of which include: being an upstanding member of the Forsaken community, a true-born Lordaeronian citizen, an unabashedly brilliant surgeon and apothecary, a creator of Forsaken-made abominations, a regular contributor of Dalaran's Journal of Modern Medicine, and a relic collector. Despite what you may or may not have heard about me, I am a fantastically well-rounded, and impeccably groomed, upstanding citizen of the Horde. Please ignore the slanderous whispers which sling about such insults as "mass-murderer" or "mad scientist," as these claims have no merit and are merely grossly exaggerated rumours. I digress, now that you know who I am, I want to know who you are. Please don't be shy to say hello, tell me something about yourself, fill my ears with tales, schedule an appointment for rhinoplasty, whatever you wish. Don't worry I won't bite, it isn't my style. In the coming days, as I reacclimate myself to this community, I will also be looking for a guild to call home, seek out an adventure or two, possibly try to get back into pvp, although I fear it is late in the game at this point. So have I missed much? (besides most of the expansion) When's this WoD supposed to come out? How's the weather?Vinterson19 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 [A] LF N-Garrosh kill Would post this from my healer... but for some reason I can't find it in my character list. Anyway, just to put this out there. I don't have the time to be in a full time raiding guild with my current job schedule. Once they let me start having work from home days, it will be a lot more likely. However, my big goal currently is to get a normal Garrosh kill. I certainly don't mind pulling my own weight. I have a 551 ilevel Shaman that I've been healing Flex on, and attempting to pug normals with little luck. (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Cala%C3%A5/simple) Anyway, I certainly would be willing to pay a negotiable sum of gold to any guild who could bring me along, but I can just as easily pull my own weight and assist. I know with cross realm raiding, this is easier to find a group for, but my old raiding guild from BC/Wrath has fallen apart to the point I only know a handful of people anymore, and most of them are on horde side. So, tl;dr; version: I really want a Normal mode Garrosh kill. I don't want any loot just the kill, and I can either pull my weight or run off into a corner and die, lol. Any guilds on Wyrmrest, I'd love it if you could assist me on this, or if you happen to know any friends on another server that could call in a favor it would be very much appreciated.Saatil8 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Looking for a relaxed guild Hello Wyrmrest, I'm looking for a relaxed social guild to enjoy playing with. I've browsed through the forums a bit and most of the social guilds I found required some level of RP, which I don't really do (I know, RP server). I'm perfectly fine with a guild that does so, as long as a requirement of membership isn't that I also RP. Anyways, I'm happy to tell anyone interested more about what I do/my playstyle, but I'll stick to being brief here. If your guild is social, and doesn't require RP, and is recruiting, please contact me!Kalunaa5 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Horde/Alliance AH Merged in WoD Considering the transmog/rp gear market on this realm is absolutely gigantic: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13271497607 --- Thoughts? I'm personally nervous about it for higher population realms. The market for farmed goods on a couple of my realms is already absolutely terrible due to over-saturation for various reasons; But the fact I might be able to obtain some of the rarer transmog pieces I want is a plus. I can't make up my mind.Aelakor53 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 [H]Twilights Shadow Everyone Welcome! Well after being on this server since launch i have decided it is time to launch my guild back up with the help of some other veteran raiders! Twilights Shadow is a laid-back\friendly welcoming players of all skill levels, We are look forward to making good raid progress in WoD. What we can offer you and would like in return is all listed bellow! I am also happy to let people hangout in are team-speak server since we are in no way using all the spots! Toss me a msg if you are interested in running an event there or just hang out! Anime Fans are VERY WELCOME! What we offer: ============== -Fun place for people with any social issues (Honestly my self and my friends have them so we understand) -All old Content Achievement\Transmogrify runs! -Challenge Modes! (going for CMG armor sets!!) -Scenario's!!! -Raiding Groups -Dungeon Groups -Pvp Days\Partys -Dedicated Teamspeak 3 server -Help Leveling your characters\Grinding Rep! -A fun group of people to talk with! -Guild Give Aways! -Blackjack & Hookers! (wait.....) Requirements: =============== -teamspeak 3 (IF you want to run raids\Challenge modes) -Sense of humor -Ability to listen to instructions in raids\Challenge runs -Laid-back attitude -Like being a helpful part of are community -English Speaking We also have Teamspeak channels for the following games guild friends are welcome to use! -League of Legends -Starcraft 2 -Diablo 3 -Company of Hero's 2 -World of Tanks -Men of war assault squad:2 If you have any questions feel free to contact the following Officers who are all experienced raiders. -Elzanith (Dazex\Tigras as well) - Guild Leader -Rocksnatcher -Officer -Seakentra -OfficerElzanith7 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 WTB: Profession Leveling Kit 1-600 Anyone on here selling those 1-600 profession leveling kits? Im looking for Alch/JC for my druid. Reply to this if you have the kit (ill take just alch if you dont have JC) and how much gold you want for it. Thanks =)Darmad1 Jul 7, 2014