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Mar 26, 2014 @Zieto Would you want to trade 2 pairs of Kor'Kron Chest Harnesses for a Skygolem?Kiethoo4 Mar 26, 2014
Mar 26, 2014 Turwinkle Talks to the Phoenix Guard! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a brand new episode of Turwinkle Talks with the guild, Phoenix Guard! A fantastic Blood elf guild! Come and see what this terrific RP guild is all about! We learn all the ins and outs of this great looking guild! We look at their history, how you get into this guild and what they are doing in the game! So grab a soda, some popcorn and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! :D http://youtu.be/cFH8d3sIR-ITurwinkle14 Mar 26, 2014
Mar 26, 2014 WTT Gold!!! Looking to trade around 40,000 gold from wyrmrest accord into tich gold. If you are interested in trade hit me up.Devildogz0 Mar 26, 2014
Mar 26, 2014 Happy Birthday to Rhynnie! Best wishes for a great day :DVandrysse7 Mar 26, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 [H]Advent Dawn - Heavy RP Who are the Advent Dawn? Advent Dawn aims to be a small, but tight knit guild of roleplayers dedicated towards immersible, in depth storyline and interesting character development. Roleplay is our primary focus and we seek to get the most out of it. . We don't strive to be a big guild. We don't strive to please the masses. But we certainly strive to please anyone who wants a focused adventure! We are an adults only guild, and most of our player base is in their late 20s, early 30s. Our most active times are Sunday - Thursday in the afternoon/evenings. Storyline Roleplay Events are scheduled throughout the week, as well as old-world raiding events, and flex raiding to start in the coming weeks! Advent Dawn is an adult adventurers Roleplay guild, that uses D&D Style mechanics. What do you mean by D&D Style? When you join the guild you start at Rank 1, by coming to events you earn experience that will help you to rank up in the guild. (For more info please read our Ranks section on the website) Based on your rank, you will have a Health Pool, and a Speed that will determine attack order when facing against NPCs or Guild Antagonists. You also gain special guild feats that can use at our events! It is our hope that this system will help events to run smoothly, so please familiarize yourself with the RP rules. What are we looking for? We are looking for Adult Roleplayers who are interested in ... Roleplaying! While we do not expect you to show up to every event, we do ask that you make an effort to participate in the guild. What do we expect? We expect all members to be at least 18 or older, as we are a group of adults. We expect you to act appropriately while interacting with others. No god-modding, no meta-gaming, no trolling, no griefing, no blatant ignorance. We like to have fun and joke around, but we do not want anyone feeling offended by our members, either in or out of the guild. What does Advent Dawn offer you? A heavy roleplay experience, with casual raiding. A stocked guild bank for all members to use. A friendly atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities to socialize both In and Out of Character. Plenty of guild events throughout the week! A little something for everyone :D Our Current Story: The members of Advent Dawn,are being repeatedly attacked by an evil warlock, as well as fearing something lurking in the shadows, have moved away from Dawnhaven and now reside in Binan Village. The Council has come together to decide on its' next course of action ... The warlock must be dealt with, before the Dominion makes its' move. How Do I Join? First, fill out an application on our website at adventdawn.shivtr.com You will then be contacted by an Officer to go over your application, and if that goes well, you will be asked to do an IC Interview, before being invited to the guild. If you have any questions before applying please speak with one of our officers! Leighna, Essery, Pan, Haen, Treyon, or Anies.Leighna2 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 Thalassian Citizen's Forum - RP Coordination Hey! Arth here. Walking around the city, I've noticed more and more that one of the major problems facing our community - in Silvermoon, at least - is a lack of communication in the community. The in-character proclamation below is a possible response to this - OOC information and an FAQ for the Citizen's Forum itself is available below. ------------ A proclamation is posted on announcement boards throughout the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas. Thalassian Citizen’s Forum His Excellency, Regent-Lord Lor’themar Theron of Kingdom Quel’Thalas knows and understands that the Sin’dorei people desire to more fully serve their nation, but that many do not have a vehicle to do so. In answer to this, the Thalassian Magistry’s Committee for the Input of the Citizenry has approved the creation of a Citizen’s Forum, a place where unofficial committees representing the opinions of the nobility, gentry, and commonfolk of our glorious kingdom may engage in civil discourse and deliver their thoughts and words to the Magistry, under the careful eye of State representatives to ensure it is a forum of discussion and suggestion, and not a breeding ground for sedition. While the restrictions ought to be obvious, they will be listed here to avoid any confusion. There shall be no sedition or disagreement with the commands or policy of the State or the Sun Throne, as held in regency by His Excellency, Regent-Lord Lor’themar Theron. There shall be a supervisor commissioned by either the Magistry of Quel’Thalas, the Order of Blood Knights, or a Farstrider officer of at least Captain rank to ensure this, as well as to conduct the meeting and keep order. If none of these are available, a committee head shall be allowed to do so. These meetings shall not be considered or construed to represent the policy of the Thalassian State, and shall be purely suggestion and discussion. Disorderly conduct will resort in removal from the meeting. Disorderly conduct shall be declared at the discretion of the officer conducting the forum. The Forum shall be administrated by the Head Clerk. The position will be rotated between the committee chairs every month. The Head Clerk shall have no authority beyond bookkeeping. Committees will be allowed, in organization both ad-hoc and formal. A formal committee must consist of a minimum of three members, with one of their number serving as the committee chair. Formal committees will be registered with the Head Clerk. The proclamation bears the seal of the Magistry of Quel’Thalas.Arthamir151 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 [H]Red Shiny Button All your Extortion Needs! *Large posters hang all over the taverns of Orgrimmar. They look to be drawn with some type of children's coloring utensil.* Red Shiny Button Fulfilling your Trade, extortion, demolition and explosion needs since the world went to the dogs! Are you tired of straining to gain a paying job under a tyrannical (and ugly) toad? *A depiction of Gallywix with bug eyes and warts is crudely drawn* Tired of never seeing the pay you're promised? *An image of a Goblin with it's pockets drawn out is depicted...are those moths?* Want to turn some sweet profit and work your way up the ladder to a fulfilling, prosperous job? *A crudely drawn goblin swimming in gold and silver* Then it's time you shed the shackles of defeat and mundane life! Join the Red Shiny Button today to extort, demolish and blow up things! For a limited time only, Red Shiny Button Pushers is offering free paper zeppelins when you sign a contract of employment and citizenship! Don't pass up this offer to work with Engineering *experts and *connoisseurs! *Loose Term #Disclaimer: All zeppelins are not guaranteed to fly. If an explosion occurs you forfeit all right to bring suit against Red Shiny Button Pushers and it's affiliates. Humans, peons, Gallywix and ESPECIALLY puntable gnomes need not apply. You could be on the ground floor of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Help form Red Shiny Button! It's not a pyramid scheme, it's a triangular multi-level earning opportunity! *An address is printed along the bottom of the poster* (Contact Pénelope or any member for an invite) OOC I wanted to create a guild where everything could be light hearted. I wanted RP to be funny and innocent. (What better race than Goblins?) I wanted it to range from doing light PvP and PvE to fun role play missions. I want to get this guild involved with the community. And lastly, I wanted a place where we can relax with our alts to get away from our main's drama, and intricate story lines. This is not a goblin only or engineering exclusive guild. I tried to make it as open as possible to all races, classes and profession choices! If you have any suggestions or advice, feel free to comment below! Hope to meet you all again!Pénelope1 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 RP Channels Are there any active Alliance side? I know about wranet and LFRP but lately they have been very quiet. Anyone know of anymore?Kylan9 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 [A/H] Rocket Chicken on BMAH! 3/25/14 The world famous Pollo con Carne-val rockets (HEYO) is now on the Black Market Auction House! Last reported price as of just now: 15.2k Holy jesus that's low. BUT SINCE I AM TOO POOR TO BUY IT, I tell you, WrA, of where you can find the Rocket Rooster so that your bidding war and race to win a Mechanical Moving Mother-Hen can sustain my copper-coated wallet. Let the games begin. bawkThokk0 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 [A-Event] RM:Forming of Moonbrook's Millitary Three days have passed since the frail woman known as The Poor Huntress proclaimed her intention to secede from The Alliance, and claim Moonbrook and the land surrounding as independent of any ruler beyond it's people. The town is in a state of recovery now: Bones have been removed, the Blacksmith is operational once again, and locals are preparing to work the farms. If a friendly civilization was the only thing being formed out here, perhaps The Alliance would see no reason to feel need to take action against The Poor Huntress and her organization known as The Red Masons... ...but reports suggest otherwise. An officer of The Poor Huntress has called for a gathering of those whom fancy themselves soldiers, claiming that he wishes to form a town guard. This meeting is to be held on Tuesday of this week, within the town itself. Reports have already suggested that The Red Masons are well organized. If they were to obtain a military in the region, The Alliance must be ready to accept the fact that The Red Masons will not be easily convinced on handing back Moonbrook. Furthermore, one must believe that the Cults and Bandits running rampant throughout the land will likely not respond well to such organization that has not been seen in the region for so long a time. If there is one message that this tells us, it's this: The Poor Huntress is not a simple madwoman. She has a strong mind, and a following that continues to grow. If there is an ulterior motive to her plans with Moonbrook, The Alliance needs to figure it out, and quickly. ----- Ehem... We're having another event on Tuesday, focused on recruitment! The Red Masons are in need of a military force, lest we found ourselves defenseless against Cultist and other people whom would do us harm. If you're interested in coming along, just tell me and I'll send an invite your way.Vesthara9 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 What does. Wyrmrest Accord smell like today? Yesterday? And often.))Baelavar23 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 Female Dwarf Model Adjustments Have you seen them? Yes <--- No What do you think of the changes?Vyrael36 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 The Peanut Gallery Earlier, I happen to get into a fight near the entrance to the Cathedral Square after a man had insulted my character's wife. A friend of the insult-er also joined. Four minutes later, in spite of the fact that only about 3-4 total blows had been exchanged, there was about 15 other people just standing around and watching. Now, this is something I'm used to but I've noticed with the passing times, the things that come with this audience have just gotten... Childish. It doesn't matter what the argument or fight is about (the people who comment rarely actually know themselves), they are always lowered to the subject of sex in some way or another. Why are two people fighting? It could be because Combatant 1's honor was insulted by Combatant 2 or Fighter A betrayed Fighter B in the most vile of ways- But no. It must be because one of the two involved has an inactive sex life. Or if two people are in a verbal debate, it doesn't matter if they might be old friends or the bitterest of enemies. What must it be according to judges and audience? Who has a bigger (you-know-what). When did it descend to this, Wyrmrest, and why? Why such... Elementary reasoning for justifying conflicts that for all the peanut gallery knows, could be character defining? I am fully aware that fighting in the Cathedral district isn't the most sensible thing but that's simply the direction the RP went and again, I know that the audience of people making side comments is to be expected. But when did it stoop to this? How can we solve it, other than always having to relocate IC fights to some other part of the city?Marogthor34 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 How's the Horde raid scene? See title. My guild is taking some... not at all welcome changes, so I'm wondering how raiding is over here on WWA. I know it's primarily roleplay, but that doesn't mean you guys don't do end game!Meifang7 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 Looking for a later evening Raid group .Hi! I am looking a later evening raid group. Does not have to be a guild but it would be nice. I am planning to take this guy to tank and I have several characters that can be used for a raid. I also have several friends who would be into this as well. We are not looking to just jump right into a guild we want to make sure that we fit with the people we play with. We are looking for around 8pm Server time raid times. Or if we can find a group of people that need spots filled and don't mind pugging us that would be great to. Your neighborhood, PVP while waiting for Huolon and killing censured players while bored, worgen Garrison!Gärrison1 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 For the Night Elf Sentinels and their Owls 2. And Owl-fanatics in general. I don't remember where I pilfered these gifs, but I do know they're hilarious, especially when held up against the image of the wise, serene master of the night that is the fantasy owl. http://tinyurl.com/oldrvua http://tinyurl.com/pv8lszp http://tinyurl.com/oj2ufcm http://tinyurl.com/q5mxwep http://tinyurl.com/o5h6c5n http://tinyurl.com/pbylj69 http://tinyurl.com/op9nsd2 http://tinyurl.com/pzu5ccmRhentor6 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 Sisterly Vengeance [IC] A small, neatly-written flyer is pasted on the wall outside of one of Stormwind's many taverns. ... [OOC: You're totally welcome to send letters to Jessibell. :P It's funnier that way.]Bianka5 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 story: chapter phase 5 table of a content: chapter 1: you are at a here! chapter day 2: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12187308653#14 chapter episodes 3: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12187308653?page=2#22 chapter section 4: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12187308653?page=2#30 chapter phase 5: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12187308653?page=2#35 --------- vroom vroom, said car, unknowing hippo was close behind. to hippo; car was monster as car eat from body. to car this was not. hippo is chase car for to achieve justice for hippo himself. car is strong fast, car went long time before stop. hippo say 'no' and car say '?' before hippo attack car. car say 'no' to hippo, and fight back <this scene is too graphically violent> car leave with fast, unable to save oil life but hippo was attack too and is defeat the end :\Hedo40 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 28, 2014 RIP Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie So the lead singer of one my favorite bands growing up just died. I saw them play with the Misfits (Micheal Graves era) in my sophomore year in high school and fell in love with their gross but silly lyrics and over-the-top gory stage show. The album "We Kill Everything" is still one of my favorite CDs in my collection. This really sucks. I sorta feel like a part of my childhood died. I wish I could express my condolences to his family, friends and band mates. Ugh what crappy news! http://www.metalsucks.net/gwars-manager-releases-statement-regarding-death-dave-brockie.htmlStormbolter19 Mar 28, 2014
Mar 25, 2014 Help me build an Orc aka OrcCrafting So I believe it is time. I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs with naught to do till I get the spare funds to preorder Warlords, which will give me access to a 90 Hunter Alliance side I can then tinker around with. I feel it's time I sat down and made a serious attempt at getting an Orc to 90 - as well as seeing Horde content, post-Cataclysm. I realized that goal Alliance side with Highstorm, even though he's stalled out into inactivity in Hellfire for the time being. Kazumok, Zekag, Gramax...all names I've used in various Orc toons to little avail. Heartstiller, Bonesinger, Deepfury, Darkspinner...all surnames I've used as well. *Tosses them all into the bin* Time to start fresh. First off: The Class. After brooding a bit, I'm going to go with a Monk. But this Orc is not going to be a Monk. Dual Blades, Leather Armor...this Orc is a Warrior, but not the Plate Wearing kind. He's the fighter, the scrapper, the "Look them in the eye before gutting them" sort. What he actually is is still up in the air. Blademaster would be the closest fit, but I don't want to restrict myself to play style. He's a Monk for the fighting mechanics, basically. Next...The Name. Kazumok was born of the Random Name Generator, so I think we'll try that again. First name up: Nakhak. It's available. I like it. We're rolling with it. Now here comes the bit I need help with. I've got his general personality down - basically, Garrosh without the WAHAHAHAHAEBIL that Mists took him. A harsh, blunt fighter who won't give you the time of day until you prove yourself to him...after which point he'll defend you as though you were the closest of blood kin. His view of the Horde is everyone pulls their weight, those that don't are left behind and left to die. You serve a purpose, or you're not worth acknowledging. But his history...his reason for his outlook...heck, even his age and clan...that I need help with from people more knowledgeable about Orcs then myself. Help Me.Starstalker5 Mar 25, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 The Dalaran Fountain Inspired because I spent a few solid hours fishing up coins this week. Also because I remember a thread like this existed a million years ago and it was good. Basically, toss a coin into the fountain and attach a wish to it for somebody to find later on. ...Taly67 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Gold mine for Starcraft Fans I recently found a website with tons of fan made campaigns, including a complete re-make of the original Starcraft campaigns and broodwar, which I am playing through first. Has anyone played any of these? Let me know if you guys find any good ones :) I'm playing Rebel Yell first. So far it has different difficulties for the missions and in some cases you can pick 'Third person shooter' as your difficulty, and it turns the campaign mission into a third person shooter. Admittedly the third person shooter mode is pretty lame but kinda cool that they just threw it in as an option. Enjoy :) http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/custom-campaign-initiative/Skrend1 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Use Icy-Veins! For all of you who recently boosted toons, if you want to get a basic grasp on how to play your toon you should really check out icy-veins! Every single spec has a high end player who worked with the site to make sure it was accurate and good. Most of the top theorycrafter / players wrote these guides, so please if you're struggling with figuring out how to play your class, use this site! Do NOT mistake this site for noxxic, noxxic is truly an awful site and should be avoided. If you have any questions about DKs or moonkins you can also ask here :DBabyjace48 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Help me make a Horde character Seriously, help me. I've played this game on and off since launch and I have yet to get a horde character past 40. But I really want to see the other side. So help me out, what should I roll? I solo mostly but I'd love to involve myself with the Horde RP community. I'm down to four classes I will consider: hunter, shaman, warrior, monk. I'm open to pretty much any race.Kalen11 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Demon Hunter... Is it even worth trying to roleplay a legitimate one? Not this character of course.Damarus30 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 [H-RP]<House Ravenblade> Family and honor. With wayward wings, we rise. Son, our family motto can be dated back many thousand years ago to the days of the old kingdom, to the time of the great migration and exile of the Highborne. Our ancestral champions vowed to cut a new path for their descendants; pledging themselves as defenders of their people. They devoted themselves to the ways of antiquity, swearing their scrupulousness to the sword while forbidding their blood the pure use of arcane. They shed their ties to the old gods and honor the sun with their unyielding unique style of martial arts. Our great ancestor, Mi’theno Ravenblade went against the norm and carved a place in the world for our house. Our sigil, the dark raven, reminds us of what we were and what we strive to never return to. We are defenders of Quel’thalas’ vast borders and loyal to our people. Never forget your family, your duty and your honor. Now my son, do you have any questions? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are we?
 <House Ravenblade> is a med-heavy Sin’dorei roleplaying guild. The guild is centered around House Ravenblade, a noble house vowed to defend Quel’thalas’ borders. Unlike most noble Sin’dorei houses within Silvermoon City, the Ravenblades place an emphasis on family and honor. They are also mostly isolationist and are lightly involved with city affairs. What can you expect from us? Once we get started up and gain some more members, we plan on having weekly roleplaying events that contain mystery, adventure, political intrigue, romance and more! We encourage our members to take initiative within their roleplay and hope for them to intertwine their characters’ story with ours. What kind of people are we looking for? We are looking for experienced and beginner roleplayers alike. We hold the same regard for the most experienced veteran and someone who is new to roleplaying. All we ask for is people who are flexible and are open to new experiences and learning new things. What will my role be? This is to be determined by you! Want to be the lord of your own house loyal to the Ravenblades? Go ahead! Want to be a soldier defending the borders of Quel’thalas? Go ahead! Want to be a lonely vagabond? Go ahead! This is ultimately your roleplaying experience, we are here to help guide you and promote progression within the guild storyline. We are looking for players to fill specific roles within the main Ravenblade family, inquire within for more details. Do you accept characters that are not Blood Elves? What about Death Knights? Is there a level requirement? We are a Sin’dorei guild first and foremost. Although it is not impossible, it is quite unlikely that any non-Blood Elf entity will be allowed in this guild. We do allow non-Blood Elves in under specific circumstances. If you are determined to be in this guild and are unable to roll an alt, inquire within and we can try and accommodate you. Regarding Death Knights, again, special circumstances are required. Although there is no level requirement, it is recommended that your character is at least level 10 as we do roleplay in The Ghostlands. How do I join? A quick application must be filled out online on our website: houseravenblade.shivtr.com. Once you filled out an application contact myself, Ferothen or Bellacena to get your application approved. Once approved, you will required to participate in an IC interview. We can’t wait to begin roleplaying with you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now son, rally the bannermen, sharpen your blade and saddle the striders, the battle quickly approaches. With wayward wings, we rise.Valrain16 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Your first maximum level Who were you? When, where, and how? Let's pop open the Nostalgia Box and think back to the first time we got a character to the highest level possible, whatever that happened to be at the time! Because let's face it, that was a feeling that we'll seldom match in our WoW careers. Mine was my night elf hunter, Narsalyn, on Cairne back during BC. I remember I was sick of the questing in Shadowmoon Valley and when I turned in the quest that brought me almost through level 69, I thought "eh, screw it" and set to gunning down infernals right outside Wildhammer Fortress. This was a poor choice, though I didn't understand it until much later, because a lot of those mobs won't give exp due to the Alliance NPCs fighting them; if you don't do more than half the damage, you don't get the credit. Man, that was a good feeling. I was one of the first people in my guild to hit 70. Actually, Cairne was a new server then; I think I was one of the first couple hundred or so people to hit it. Maybe couple thousand? I'm not good at estimating populations; Cairne was so hugely populated at the time that there was always a queue to log in, but I do recall that for the first little while I was a 70, it was sort of a big deal on that realm. Of course, things evened out very quickly and then I became a loser again because I could never find a heroic group and gear up for raids. You kids who grew up on the auto-LFG system don't know how lucky you are. I really miss some of the folks in that guild...Azhaar48 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Happy Birthday to Alinor and Gelben! Best wishes for a great day :)Vandrysse0 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Looking For A True Role-Playing Guild I'm looking for a guild that is immersed in RP, Where people have stories, backgrounds and lore going on, I will play with you very often and when I do it will be for long amounts of time, I really love this game and would love to be my pandaren monk..... Message me or mail me in game...Pandemick0 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 [H]WTS - Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Hello Wyrmrest! I just recently acquired another set of 10 skyshards, and I am looking to sell the Alani Tag for the mount! :) ( Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent ) I'm not too certain how much Alani is going for these days, but I am not too greedy, I am looking for maybe around 50kish. If even that is too high, just let me know, and I'll drop it down! I would prefer to receive payment first, and then give the mount after. If for whatever reason, you are unable to get the mount, you will be 100% completely refunded! I would also prefer that you have exalted with August Celestials, so you can actually learn the mount! (And I suppose the Cloud Serpents to ride it. :P) You can contact me in game on Zerrahki, through my battletags @ Zerrahki#1784, or answer my post here! Thanks a ton! :3Zerrahki3 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 [A] Deep Forest Caravan – seeking raiders (( IC )) The Caravan’s Quartermaster has signed the appropriate papers and crossed the appropriate hands with gold, and so, when presenting oneself to the Guild Master’s Hall to seek position, Deep Forest Caravan’s offerings will lay on top. Written on fine paper and with a flowing hand, those that come seeking shall read the following: ~ Deep Forest Caravan Offering opportunity to set root and grow. Peoples from all walks of life, looking to expand their gifts and help heal the wounds opened in past, recent, and future events. We seek to push forward into those particular places of risk and high reward, but can use all manner of support towards this endeavor. Veterans who wish to share their knowledge, fighters in their prime, merchants that wish their skills to fuel honorable causes. All manner of skills have their place by our Fire. Interested parties should contact via post or private communications Officer Irianos Drakon. (( OOC )) The Caravan is gathering steam and now needs more to fill out the lists! For those who are unfamiliar with our type of full-immersion RP, the Deep Forest Caravan System (DFCsys) fleshes out the in-game world by use of logical extrapolations of observed behaviors, utilizing the capabilities the Lore informs us that this reality possesses. Members are never visually OOC as we move through the game world, and we incorporate all game-play into our RP. If you’ve ever wanted to do away with the compartmentalization between enjoying the World of Warcraft and RPing your character, Deep Forest Caravan offers that experience. Currently we are focused on forming raid teams in preparation for WoD. There will be RP surrounding our Raids and Raiding surrounding our RP. The Caravan is shooting for creating a full roster of Role-playing Raiders interested in Server first. We will also be forming a more casual raid team for RPers who have not had the opportunity to explore if more formal raiding is for them, and hold space for those who do not have the time to dedicate themselves to a progression unit. To summarize who we are looking for: Raiders who know how to RP Rp’ers who know how to Raid RP'ers wanting to learn to Raid. Raiders who want to learn to RP to enhance their raid and game experience. Travel over to dfc.guildlaunch.com and read the documents in our Visitor’s forum for more information towards the scope of the DFCsys. Be prepared to RP your character into the guild. We do not just throw invites, and this causes some initial confusion. Read up “Joining the Caravan” on our site to prepare. Contact Irianos or Mossclaw in-game.Irianos12 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 I know what we're going to do today! <Red Like My Rage> presents: Late Night Tier 6 Transmog Extravaganza. When: Monday March 24 at 11:00 PM server time. Where: We will be hitting every BC raid that drops Tier 6 tokens and lookalike pieces. Our trip will include: Sunwell Plateau Black Temple Hyjal Summit I will begin sending out invites at 10:00 PM server time and we will begin Sunwell Plateau promptly at 11:00 PM server. The raids will continue until completed. As with all of my transmog / achievement runs, there are absolutely no reserves and everything is open roll. Simple rules: Be at the entrance at the start time. Saddle up that flying mount and make the flight. Do work. On the few fights that have actual mechanics (Kalecgos) please pay attention so it doesn't bug. Have fun! Loot rules: 1. Patterns: Roll if the character you are attending with needs it. 2. Mounts (where applicable): Open roll. If you don't have it, roll on it. 3. Legendaries: Open roll. If you can use it, roll on it. 4. Everything else: Open roll. If you want it and can use it, roll on it. I have set this up as an OpenRaid event, and if you are inclined to do so, please feel free to sign up through the event page located here: http://openraid.org/events/view/178888 If you would like to attend, please use either the OpenRaid event or send me a BattleTag request at Porknog#1183 This event is cross-server enabled so it may or may not fill up. If we do not have a full group by around 10:30, I'll start pugging for the last few. I would very much like to start doing transmog / mount / achievement runs as regularly as possible if the interest is there. Please let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular and I'll work on getting it set up. Thank you for your support. Wyrmrest Accord is best Wyrm!Phineas3 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 [A-RP] Undercross Collective, Back Again~ And... we're back. About the Collective: The <Undercross Collective> is a (Level 25) RP-PvP guild on the Alliance. Often referred to as "The Collective", we're comprised of men and women of the Alliance from all walks of life. Some of us had only known life within the quiet libraries and the streets of Stormwind, while others have fought in the war for countless years as soldiers or medics. However, this is not a rank-and-file military group—the Collective is a fellowship independent from the military. We support one another; we're never alone, and we'll never leave our own behind. With regards to the current in-game storyline involving the Rebellion and the Siege of Orgrimmar, the PvP-side is currently on hold as we work to rebuild the Collective after a series of IC events that ended with the death of the previous commander. --- The Collective was originally formed under Commander Camilla Hellstern, a man of Stromgarde by the name of Conlan, and a rogue woman simply known as "The Lady", as a paramilitary unit with the intention of safeguarding Alliance settlements, townships, and garrisons from Horde attacks. (Several rumors fly around with regards to the how the name came about—chief of them being something to do with the underground Brawlpub in the Deeprun Tram.) However, the group fell onto hard times in the following months with the Commander's sudden disappearance. With no leader and no vision to follow, the Collective was nearly forgotten in the minds of those who were a part of it. The role of Commander was then picked up by an ex-anchorite by the name of Tanria after her travels abroad in Pandaria. Through her, the Collective began to shift towards the need to be proactive on Azeroth's battlefronts—lest they see the mistakes of the past being repeated once more. Much of the Collective's focus was on the Eastern Kingdoms with attention to the northern lands of Lordaeron as they sought to protect Stromgarde from retaliation by the blood elves, as well as to prevent a plot by the Forsaken from pushing into the Arathi Highlands through the use of a new plague strain. Though the Collective was successful in their endeavors, a series of unfortunate events followed that ended with Tanria's sudden death. After much soul searching, Jenessa Lockewood—one of her subordinates—has decided to take up the standard and has begun working towards rebuilding, and reviving the Collective. With this, a new chapter in the Collective's history, has begun. OOC: We're a bunch of goofballs that enjoy both roleplaying, and kicking Horde tail. Most of our members range from being young adults in their 20s, to parents that have kids of their own. Need a hand in BGs? We usually have a group running them to help folks catch up on grabbing their gear. How about arenas? Many of our members take part—either capping on conquest for the week, or to push for rating. World PvP? We're regulars in TB, and we have a habit of stirring trouble out in the world. But we rarely take our PvP seriously—we're an extremely laid back bunch. We're all about having fun and enjoying each other's company. Invitation Policy: As of right now, recruitment is closed due to a huge influx of new members. : ) But, you can still contact us about our RP events~ Just because you aren't in the guild doesn't mean you can't participate or show up. Jenessa(A) / Loreilei(H) Tanria(A) / Taanria(H) Activities and Events (RP and PvP): These can range from getting together out in Bizmo's Brawlpub and cheering on combatants, to impromptu raids on Horde cities for gathering intelligence (and sometimes for fun and slaughter because we're not always IC). RP can honestly be as spontaneous as: "Hey Jen, RP, Nao." PvP-wise, we do a lot of BGs, arena, and world PvP together. Currently, we do not run a rBG team as it isn't considered a high priority. However, if enough interest is generated, then this may change in the future. As far as events goes, the Undercross is still getting back off its feet after a brief hiatus / pause. But we'll strive to see around 1-2 events per week.Jenessa264 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Arcane Magic and YOU! (a guide) Yes, YOU. I've noticed that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there as to what arcane magic is, where it comes from, and what it can and cannot do. So I've set out to write a (very short and sparse) guide covering all things arcane! Just where does arcane magic come from, originally? That’s easy! All arcanistry on Azeroth can be traced back to the Well of Eternity, which was a mystical font at the center of the world that drew its energies from the Great Dark Beyond, the empty void between worlds. Now, some of the lore regarding the Well is a bit spotty, but it’s generally agreed upon that the Well was placed on Azeroth by the Titans. It is from this font that the Highborne discovered “primitive magic” and became the first Azerothian mages, the first race (on Azeroth) to use arcane magic. Where do the Draenei fit into this?, you might wonder. A very good question! Sadly there is no concrete lore as to when and how the Draenei began to practice arcane magic. But seeing as magic is more something you do than something you are, it's easy to imagine them picking it up somewhere along the line. Magic is more something you do than something you are? Indeed! The idea that the use of arcane magic is somehow an "in-born" trait is a common bit of misinformation. The use of magic is not (necessarily) hereditary. Being a mage is a choice of profession, of vocation. There are many races that do have a very, very strong connection to the arcane, and are thus able to master it more easily than others, but they still do not come out of the womb wearing a pointy hat and throwing fireballs around. The power to manipulate arcane energies is something gained through training and study. It is something earned, not given. Here are some interesting lore tidbits on this very topic. ... While the Highborne had an easier time mastering magic due to their "superior" breeding, any Kaldorei could, regardless of birth status, become a mage if they so wished. Assuming they had access to the Well, of course. This can also be seen in the fact that the first human mages were taught how to use magic by the High Elves, in exchange for their help in the Troll Wars. This group of one-hundred men and women went on to share their newfound knowledge with others, eventually leading to the founding of the magocratic state of Dalaran. So the next time your human mage thinks about bad mouthing the Quel'dorei, just remember they probably wouldn't even be a mage if it weren't for the High Elves. Food for thought. Doesn't arcane magic draw the attention of the Legion or something? That it does! In fact, it was the reckless use of arcane magic by the Highborne that led the Legion to Azeroth in the first place. This, along with the fact that the use of arcane magic is a choice, adds an extra layer of complexity to mage RP. Or it should, if people didn't often forget these two little facts! How does your mage feel about the fact that they have made a conscious choice to use something that is not only potentially addictive, but also highly dangerous for the world as a whole? Come on! That just has to lead to some interesting pathos.Florimond3 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Lfr hero looking for a raiding guild :) Hello fellow Warcrafters! I have pretty much only been doing LFR since I got to cap, because I always thought my schedule was too inflexible to dedicate my time to a raiding team. However, I had a few friends tell me that a lot of guilds actually raid late at night, and that it is possible for me to join a raid team. So here I am :) I'm a pretty capable healer, and consistently come in the top three spots on the healing meters, as well as doing my fair share of damage (fistweaving ftw). I'm a pretty relaxed player, and just want to be a part of a raid team to experience this game in the way it was meant to be experienced. My free time is any time after 10 pm EST (I think that's 7 pm realm time), and I would love it if someone would pick this lonely sap off the streets of Stormwind and into your guild :) Oh! And I'm also a pretty good cook and have capped alchemy if that helps :)Laers2 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 I would like to share the following... With those of you with a sense of humor, and a love of dogs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SltIHgS7t-IWhatchajuant1 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 World PvP - Gauging Interest Hey there Wyrmrest! I've been thinking a lot about World PvP and the fact that other realms such as MG have large, ongoing battles but WrA doesn't. I know there are other guilds out there that support World PvP as part of their RP storyline and interests. What I want to do is find out who they are and see if we can't get something started. I wouldn't have any real requirements on this as far as gear, PvP rankings, etc. What I'm most interested in seeing is what guilds (and individuals) would be interested in holding regular battles in different areas, then go from there.Kirsey4 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 What Happened to the Temple of Elune? I remember a time when the Temple of Elune in darnassus was super glowy, and sunshiney, and beautiful! Now it's all dark, and the fountain water doesn't glow! What's the deal night elves? Did Elune get sick of all the Death knights in there and turned off the water? I remember a few patches ago it was glowy, but now...It is not. And I'd like to know why! Sincearly, that random Vrykul.Lokiira26 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Turwinkle Appreciation You're out there doing all these videos for guilds and individuals, destroying anti-rp stigma and giving the community a more friendly feel. For this, I salute you. This has probably already been posted, but in case it hasn't (It's worth posting again), congratulations on your WoW Insider article! http://wow.joystiq.com/2014/01/30/15-minutes-of-fame-turwinkle-the-gnome-charms-with-adventure-vi/ And here's a link to Turwinkle's Youtube channel. Those that have not had the pleasure of viewing/listening should give it a shot. The man has a silver tongue and is a joy to listen to. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-0PX9yqSrWxk0mzLR8x93QMiralath21 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 WTB - Technique: Glyph of Skeleton Just bought the technique, thread closed.Zeniege22 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 The Red Ball – CoZ RP Event Deep in the depths of the Dagger Hills, Geodomin Rilgan – glorious leader of the Kingdom of Earth – sits alone in his cave. He ponders, he thinks, and he wonders how he can possibly spread his influence across Azeroth. His pondering came to one avail! Geodomin Rilgan suddenly came up with a most glorious idea, and that he did! He will hold a royal ball in his cave! All the most renown folk across Azeroth will be invited! And he, Geodomin Rilgan, will be the host! Indeed, the Red Ball will be a magnificent happening. Already do the invitations flood the world for the most famous of people. These invitations request those whom Rilgan had chosen to wear the most lovely apparel they have to wear. It promises dainty food, lovely red flowers, and one heck of a jovial time. This is no joke! Geodomin Rilgan truly does invite all the celebrates of the land to his own ball. Horde and Alliance players are welcome to participate in this glorious event! There will no be no level requirements, and the invitees will surely be scanned for poisons and weapons. Come one and come all of high status! Guild leaders are the first to hold the opportunity to attend – even the deviant ones! Just be warned that bad things will happen if you bring weapons or try anything stupid. Ya'll are welcome to comment below. Just ask for a place in the Red Ball, and I'll prepare an invitation for you. The date of this event is a mystery, and I won't reveal it! Only those with invitations will know. Invitees: Vyrael Mairelle Civardi Marogthor Belistracza Managan Malus Maebd Shaladthrien RhynnieRilgan42 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 One spot open in core raid team. Hero on Trash is looking for one permanent spot filler in our core raid group 13/14. -LF Hpally/Disc -Holy Priest minimum item lvl of 541. Whisper Nikiyla, Neurosis, Lacrimøsa (alt+0248), or send in-game mail, or reply to the thread with your character name (alt codes included).Lacrimøsa0 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Looking for spot fillers in core group. Hero on Trash is looking for permanent spot fillers in our core raid group 13/14. -LF Hpally/Disc -Holy Priest minimum item lvl of 541. Whisper Nikiyla, Neurosis, Lacrimøsa (alt+0248), or send in-game mail, or reply to the thread with your character name (alt codes included).Lacrimøsa1 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 [A] MoonClaw: For the Moon! A piece of parchment in hung delicately by dead leaves. It's caked with dirt. The script is elegant yet hurried. It reads; Duskwood needs your help. We need every able bodied man and woman to take arms and fight against the scourge and the Nightbane that plague the area. Women and children are dying! Please help! -Lainara MoonClaw ================================= Roleplay Concept Overview ((ooc)) ================================= [Moonclaw] is a race/class friendly guild with a very simple concept: Aiding the town of Darkshire. We are a neutral good guild. We long for the days of sunshine and beauty. However, the forest has become a household for death and disease. As for guild RP, the plan is to have many spontaneous events. We realize that by now most players have main characters that are already involved in a large guild. We want a place for casual and part time players to feel welcome as well. It’s no fun to join a guild and feel totally left out of the deep and established RP plots. We want people with limited playtime to be able to jump right into the mix. =========================== IC Structure =========================== There is one rp rank and one rp officer rank. If a member comes up with a quest to do, it's their job to organize it. If you help on a member's quest, you do it their way. RP it however you like. Just remember, a fellowship is built around trust and synergy! You are free to RP as you wish as long as it’s not detrimental to the guild OOCily. But the final say comes down the the Captain. =========================== OOC Leadership Structure =========================== We’re hoping to avoid doing much “leading”. The goal is to keep it democratic, much like a group of friends hanging out deciding what they want to do for the day. The concept is simple enough not to need direction. =========================== Recruiting and Member Count =========================== Our target member count is around 10-15 active members, just enough to have a few people on during most times of the day. That number may increase or decrease depending on activity and play times and how other members feel. The point is never to feel like there are strangers in the guild. If we start to feel there is a disconnect amongst members, we’ll halt recruiting. Alts and part time players are welcome. Chances are you have a level 90 or multiple characters, so we understand you won’t have time to play 5 hours a day with the guild. =========================== How to Join =========================== Easy, contact a member of the guild or post here with the character you wish to join (or with the name of the character you wish to join). If you're ready then start by getting in touch with myself or another member! For the Moon!Lainará2 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Edmure My sweet, my love, thy soft hand is aching for you, Edmure. I will be here tomorrow, waiting here for you. Questionable sexuality aside, hello everyone! Return of the Miruden here. That's all. Yes, I made a forum to say this.Miruden10 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Within the Icy North Within the Howling Fjord High Executor Anselm brooded atop his purple death charger, since the days of him being in the fjord during the scourge war, he'd gotten a new jaw, enabling him to speak properly. Slowly stepping from his undead steed he looked at the lift that lead to upper fjord, he could feel something gnawing at him, his razor sharp instincts remained from his days of being a living commander, every fiber of his being told him something was amiss, communications from New Agamand spoke of subtle vrykul movements. The vrykul... How Anselm hated them, their height, their savagery, they're dark lady forsaken beards...They sickened him, yet he could not deny they were very strong, in truth he'd like nothing more than to kill and scourge them all for his lady's purposes. "High executioner Anselm, I bring news from New Agamand." An undead said, holding out a fine paper report for him, the mage in his robes looked incredibly flamboyant, and it made Anselm cringe, the mage lacked eyes, and was dressed in a bright pink robe, green hood, and black gloves, and a staff he swore was for a druid. "Yea yea..." Slowly opening the report with his long razor sharp claw of a fingernail, he began to read, as he read, his face slowly contorted with anger. "To High Executor Anselm, I regret to inform you that New Agamand has fallen, and as I write you this, my warriors fight off the Vrykul, they descended upon us like a plague, their roars still ring our ears, the sheer speed and ferocity which with they struck was as if time had been rewound, back to the scourge war. Send immediate reinforcements to this position." Anselm's eyes twitched as he read, apparently the vrykul had come on drake back, how did he miss this? How was he only hearing of this now? Slowly folding the report up after reading it, he turned to the mage."Magi get the portals open, I want scorched earth on Utgarde, this affront to the queen from these savages will NOT be tolerated, am I understood?" "Yes sir!" The mage replied, saluting before running off to grab his reagents. Meanwhile, near the ruins of New Agamand, the remaining forsaken were battered and beaten, vrykul corpses littered the ground, they'd held off the viscious assailants as best they could, only a dozen remained now, some beaten and missing limbs, others resolute and waiting, rifles and swords held tightly. The forsaken feared absolutely nothing, as did their enemy, who were disturbingly absent, just minutes earlier the dusk had been filled with cries of rage, bellowing and loud, the ring of steel, the explosion and whooshing of magic attacks...But now, nothing. "Come on, we need to move." A trooper said grimly, half his face and scalp missing, as he heaved a wounded blood elf on to his shoulder and began to quickly retreat, followed by his fellows. From atop a large hill some many many many yards away, Lok'ira stood calmly, her monolithic bow held tightly within her thick hands, calloused and blue as ice, warriors of Dragonflayer and Hyldnir stood behind her, weapons readied. Drawing back her bow, she calmly and methodically calculated the wind direction, as well as speed, and the trajectory of the arrows she'd be firing, it was fortunate the targets weren't that far away, it reminded the Hyldnir of shooting goblins in K3 some years ago. Her blue sheened eyes slowly sized up her targets, and her arm muscles burned with exertion as she held her breath, before firing the projectile-Lokiira1 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Orc and Draenei role play idea for WoD? Hello Wyrmest Accord! I had an I retesting idea pop into my head this morning and was curious about your opinions. With us going back in time to Outland before it got extremely messed up what are the possibilities of our characters running into themselves while living there? For example my Draenei monk worked in the auchindon (on phone sorry) so would she be able to run into her former self and the people she lived with back then who may have died when Outland turned into a war zone. I know it's a bit exclusive but I wanted to include blood elfs however I was not entirely to sure if they were there yet! Hope this is possible!!!Nananea14 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 [A-RP] Stormwind Open Tournament On Saturday March 22, 635 there will be an tournament at Olivia’s Pond in Stormwind City, hosted by the Knights Allegiant and sponsored by the Silver Shield, the Golden Keg and the Gallina Winery. This tournament will be open to all contenders, within reason, provided they are able to bring at least some of their own equipment. There will be contests in archery, jousting and single melee combat. Prizes will be given out to the winners and runners-up of each competition; two thousand five hundred gold for the champions, and five hundred for the runners-up. Each contest will begin at 5:30 PM, so all fighters will be able to participate in only one contest. While there is no entry fee, registration will close at 5:20 PM. You may register in advance by sending a letter to Dame Lumenar Topplelock, or Dame Mitta Shieldheart. Food and drink will be available, with the proceeds raised going towards charity in Westfall. Menders will be on hand in the event of an injury. Jousting Participants are required to bring their own steed, and may bring their own lances provided they are not deemed to render an unfair advantage. Headgear must be worn for safety. Standard jousting rules apply; deliberately striking an opponent’s mount will be grounds for disqualification. No magic will be permitted. Mounts must be controlled, and must not come into contact with the opponent or their mount. Provided no one is unseated, each pair of jousters will participate in three charges. Melee All melee weapons and armour are accepted, provided they are not unnecessarily dangerous in nature (ie. mechanized blades). Explosives, blinding agents, and other gadgetry are not allowed to be used. Magic is permitted so long as it is controlled and safe, with the exception of mentalism, fel, shadow magic. This is a friendly tournament; blows with a malicious intent to permanently injure will not be tolerated. Three solid blows or a yield suffice for a victory. Archery Bows and crossbows are permitted for use in the archery tournament, but not rifles - though it is advised you bring your own equipment, there may be additional bows and arrows on hand for use. The competition will advance in stages, with one shot per stage - eliminating the worst shots until eventually only one shooter remains. Flyer here: http://i483.photobucket.com/albums/rr199/Rakzu/Parchment01_zps7f982cc2.png OOC: You can either send in-game mail, reply to this thread, or send Lumenar or myself a tell before 5:20 on Saturday to be entered into the tournament! In the interests of time, all fights will be conducted with in-game /roll 20. We hope to see you there!Mitta6 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 It's hard to say Goodbye, WRA <3 It has been a long and wonderful experience roleplaying here on Wyrmrest Accord. There were times when we were slow, and times when we were so full of RP it was bursting at the seams! However, now it is time I said farewell forever. This is my last forum post that I will ever place here to you all, so I wanted to make sure this letter to you was full of everything that made this community so special to me. I remember when the realm first opened and refuges flooded in from places like Ravenholt, Moonguard, Cenarion Circle, Thorium Brotherhood, and so many more. We were the RP melting pot, so to speak, and everyone began their guild write-ups and charters to get a niche within the realms population before the good spots were all gone. Horde was busy with many racial guilds that offered a good clan/tribe/family based story. We even got to work on cross-faction RP with the Druid Circle. It was amazing, to say the least. While a lot of the older guilds have slowly faded and other, newer guilds, have risen to take their place we still carry on with our RP stories and plots. Seeing so many new and old faces on a daily basis for RP was something I loved and always made me want to log in nightly. When I first began the recruitment of the Shadowhoof and building on its lore, I had no clue just how big and in-depth it would become over the years. Many, many members have added their mark on the guild's legacy and for that I am eternally grateful. A powerful story that has spanned from the beginning as a small, backwater group of tauren unaffiliated with the Horde or Alliance to a sprawling interconnected guild of 3 (Shadowhoof, Windsong, and Thunderhorn) who now watch over all of Kalimdor. The honor this realm has given my characters and guild's name has been more than anyone could ever ask for within such a large community, and I get emotional knowing that I won't see many of you ever again once I'm gone. I remember cross-faction events with many a Nightelf and I will miss you all as well! The Alliance supporters of the Shadowhoof were pretty large back in the day. I know it has fallen over the years with the development of the WoW canon and storylines, but I wanted to make sure that those who remembered our yearly Ghost Dance and monthly caravans knew how much I appreciated your support. I will never forget my friends here on Wyrmrest Accord! To all my friends, new and old, I would like to redirect you to both Dawnsky of the Shadowhoof and Azriell of the Windsong for RP relations. I've made so many contacts over the years and I would like my trusted Guildmasters to inherit the friendships I have acquired, so please feel free to spark up a conversation. They are very good friends of mine, and will be amazing allies. My very last day of game time is April 22nd. However, with my work schedule being how it is, I won't be able to be on much, if at all really. A little exposition of my real life: I am currently in training to become a full-time dog trainer. I have been in transition from my old retail job to this new job for the past 3 weeks now. Once all is said and done, my final training course will take me to Sana Fe, New Mexico for two weeks! I'm both excited and a little frightened at the prospect of it all. Also, I suppose it is very clear now exactly why I doubt my gaming time will include a lot of WoW. I will miss each and every one of you! I hope Wyrmrest Accord continues to wow and amaze our new players, and I encourage you all to rekindle the old and remain welcoming to our new wyrmies! Reach out and touch another with random roleplay and continue to grow this community. You made it special when I first came here! Don't let that spark die! Farewell, Wyrmrest Accord. Farewell, Shadowhoof!Kurshaw25 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 [H] The Red Gauntlet - TONIGHT QUEL'THALAS: the paragon of civilisation. A jewel of the North; the image of a shining republic. Within its domain, encircled by tall steeples and towers that reach for the mellowed sky, there lay the crowne of the republic: Silvermoon City. Structures of polished marble ascend towards the clouds, reaching for the heavens; archaic gates stand tall and proud, awaiting the entrance of the country’s patriots, its nationalists, its children: the Blood Elves. The statues of the once-Prince, forever immortalised in stone, set their gazes out towards the polished cobblestone streets which their model’s own eyes once knew all too well. Amidst the multi-coloured flora, the tropical canopy, and the deciduous trees sprouted from the everlasting spring, an air of festivity rolls through the cool and crisp breeze. In the coming of First Spring, the remnants of the Fourth still blow out from the heart of the forest. Across the pillars that support the city - in the places where magic does not – there lay tall parchments of honeydew paper, sealed by a strong wax to the columns. Their lettering is scripted across the pages is a dark, emboldened colour and reads clearly: ... ... ... In recent celebration of both The Bloodsworn's reformation and the end of the campaign against Garrosh's Horde, as well as lighten the mood of the general public of Quel'Thalas, The Bloodsworn shall be hosting a high-end tournament on March 22nd at 10:00 P.M CST (or 8:00 P.M server). All of the events listed will be occurring either in Halaa, Nagrand, The Nagrand Arena, or Silvermoon City. To restate that: [When]: March 22nd, 8:00 P.M SERVER [Where]:Nagrand & Quel'Thalas [Contacts for Additional Information]: Macroh, Vythriana, Isam, and Theosarin ... Considering that the event itself is a tournament overall, The Bloodsworn has also taken into account those who may not be able to participate. Therefore, we've tried our hand at making sure that everyone, even the lessers of the trade, get a chance to participate! Preparations & IntroductionsBeginning at 8:00 P.M server, the tournament kicks off at Halaa, Nagrand, with the basic introduction of several core members of The Bloodsworn and any honoured guests. Guests are invited to converse between one another during this time, and get to one know another; maybe even establish some roleplaying contacts in the meanwhile! Competitors are encouraged to begin prepping for their time in the arena, and are given a variety of blacksmiths, armoursmiths, and weaponsdealers to converse amongst. The Red GauntletGlory and Gore go hand-in-hand. Hosted by The Bloodsworn at the Nagrand Arena, any and all Sin'dorei competitors are welcome to come test their strength at the rawest display of the nation's finest. Following the start of the event, at 8:30 P.M, we will begin The Red Gauntlet. With over 2,500 gold worth in prizes, the The Red Gauntlet is a 1v1 dueling tournament with a single-party elimination system. If you wish to participate in this, contact Macroh via mail to have your name placed on the entry list. Entries will be denied after the tournament beginst. The limitations to entering are: You may not enter if you are a healing or tanking specialisation You may not present bad sportsmanship You must attend the remainder of the event You must be Horde Other than that, all engineering toys, any abilities prohibited in the arena and any strategy is permitted. [First Place]: 2,000 gold and the title of "The Conqueror of Dath'Remar" [Second Place]: 500 gold and the title of "The Wrath of the Fallen" [Third Place]: 200 gold Crowning of the VictorsThe nation's finest warriors who have exhibited their prowess, raw strength, and more importantly, raw brutality, are honoured here with the crowning of the tournament's victors. Titles and prizes are given, as well as honourary speeches delivered by the victors. [Continued].Macroh48 Mar 23, 2014