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Jul 19 (H) The Archivum Collective now recruiting! Hello, all! The Archivum Collective is a new RP/PvE guild on Wyrmrest Accord, Horde-side, looking for RPers, dungeoners, raiders, or all three! ----- Join our RP, where you'll take on one of three general roles to help us in our mission to archive lore on threats to Azeroth, be they from within, or from beyond our skies. Which will you be? Assessors: Stealthy or subtle agents of the Collective used to scout, gather knowledge, or "liberate misappropriated artifacts". Enforcers: The soldiers of the Collective. Should we find a need for open confrontation, protection for our physically weaker members on an expedition, or simply escorts in a fragile negotiation, you're our man/woman! Loreseekers: Our researchers, archivists, alchemists, scribes, or any other intellectual or academically-inclined members! Do you have a mind that seeks knowledge! Do some good while you satiate your need to learn, and become a Loreseeker! Each role is fairly open ended, and personal creativity is not only allowed, but encouraged within each role. Pick one, and make it your own! We operate out of the Sunfury Spire in the priest training hall, but our work will have us traveling the globe. All races are more than welcome, we love diversity! ---- Our PvE will remain fairly casual. We will be doing mythic+ dungeons, and normal raids, although if members wish to push for more, we're always open to suggestions! All this is not to mention transmog and achievement runs of older content! So come join The Archivum Collective, for an energetic, friendly, all-accepting, positive atmosphere!Keldaxus0 Jul 19
Jul 19 [RP] Farstrider Hangout? Hey all, New Farstrider character here, and I'd love a chance to have him meet others. Would there be interest in a Farstrider Hangout event at Farstrider retreat? Just a bunch of us hanging out, casually, sharing stories and experiences? EthanEthantolas26 Jul 19
Jul 19 Character Descriptions It's been a while since I've seen one of these around here. I'm just getting back to the game after a long absence, and I'm going through my characters and realizing their TRP3 profiles are actually pretty bare. Just typed one up for Tafka last night. ... ... Needs some trimming, I know. But what about you, Wyrmrest? What do your descriptions look like?Tafka11 Jul 19
Jul 19 Horde guilds still full clearing mythic EN? Because I'd love to get in on that. I've been trying to get my mythic tier pieces for months now and groups always disband on Eye and it's getting really !@#$ing frustrating. So if any of you guilds out there don't mind bringing me along, I'd really appreciate it. Just wiped on eye yet again and the entire group disbanded with me stuck to the lockout 'cause mythic. Waste of another week.Faeldír0 Jul 19
Jul 19 The end of the Pact - A thread of Thanks Today sees the end of the #SuicidePact marathon that has been running at the Cathedral steps in Stormwind, and I feel that it is only fitting to close it with a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of those who helped to make it possible! I admit, due to time constraints I did not make all the special characters when I wrote this list, and for that I am sorry, but you'll know who you are all the same! While each of you proved an invaluable aid in the success of this truly morbid and slightly obsessive achievement stalking adventure, I have to throw my biggest 'thank yous' out to a couple of people in particular: Lavena - You are a true champion and the best persistent co-pilot I could have asked for. You took over in my stead more than once and really made it possible to balance a resurrection marathon with real life. Also: snack breaks. Resurrection MVP! I am eternally grateful that you came back day after day to help out. Aevarrah - Just when I was starting to feel a little burned out, you came along as a fresh breeze of fanatical doom. You really brought the fun back into it and I can't possibly thank you enough for renewing my morbid spirit and hanging it these last few days (and also, the rez support.) You are a Doomlord among men! Lidiya - Even though warlocks can't heal you too stuck around and dove headfirst into the crazy silly rp. Your particularly eeeeevil and legiony warlockyness and fluency with toys and illusions also pushed the doom to a whole new level! Ayvelea - You not only helped out while the marathon was running, but I also saw you there at least twice more helping folks while running daily stuffs on alts. And now, for those healers and heros who helped bring you all back to life again, and again, and again.... Arlinowere Tikva Guildedlotus Shorash Tyrantara Realmen Phrixa Estercry Zalonai Ellow Angelari Clarida Sandralyn Persaelle Glordra Jenias Marlunden Saevi Wrendalyn Camaeris Brightwell Rebelknight Zofien Revelasha Sephanie Solfelor Bho Kushiu Ellindea Halcalya Breathles Aerie Ranahd Lishi A big round of applause for all of these folks who came and volunteered to help people earn their achieves! I couldn't be more happy or proud to be a part of a server with such kind and caring people. You are all my Healer Heroes. Really, and wholly, I thank you from the bottom of my tiny wuggin heart.Chíengora6 Jul 19
Jul 19 Midsummer Market Screenshots! [REPOST] Due to the link not working, this is a repost. http://imgur.com/a/mCrGJ Feel free to use these screenshots!Ellwynbrooke3 Jul 19
Jul 19 [H-RP Shop] The Tusk and Bone - July 29 Welcome, beautiful and strong citizens of the Horde, to the Tusk and Bone, your headquarters for all things mystical and voodoo! Do you need help? We have services and goods for every aspect of your life! We offer: Leaf, vine, and root readings Star charting and reading Elemental and druidic healing Potions and tinctures for every ailment* Charms for every desired outcome* Important magical and historical artifacts and relics* Various teas and Zandali foods* Seance and other medium-based rituals Do you have a relic we might want? We also offer mercenary-type muscle work in exchange for lucrative items. Get in touch to make arrangements! *Disclaimer: the Tusk & Bone cannot and will not be held accountable for adverse effects related to the consumption or use of products sold or given at any time, for any reason. || OUR NEXT OPEN HOURS: SATURDAY, JULY 29 from FIRST STAR (5PM ST) to FULL DARK (8PM ST, or whenever things slow enough to stop!) || WE ALSO TAKE APPOINTMENTS! Menu of services offered: -- Protective Wards Few know the dangers of the 'other side' as well as a witch doctor. A vengeful spirit can cause a lot of trouble for an individual. Akin'do possesses the means to keep such evil spirits at a safe distance for the right price. -- Exorcising Vengeful Spirits Keeping them away from your family not enough? With the right materials, as well as right compensation, a spirit can be removed from the physical world for good. This is a lengthy process that can pose a danger to both Akin'do as well as the person or family being haunted. Therefore payment is expected upfront for this service. A small price to pay for a day without tripping on your own feet. -- A Lover's Predicament Unable to get that special person to notice you? There is a potion for that, one which Akin'do doesn't sell because the potion alone isn't enough. A special attraction hex must also be performed to complete this service. Customer satisfaction varies, no refunds. -- Voodoo Doll These are custom made to fit the customer's requirements. A voodoo doll is powerful, albeit dark, magic which acts as a conduit for all an individual's negative thoughts toward an enemy. The price varies as reagents can sometimes be difficult to obtain and vary from person to person. -- Hexes/Curses Blood curses, false luck curses, nightmare curses, memory curses, the list goes on. Each is different, each has different requirements, and therefore the price varies. -- Good Luck Charms Like the voodoo doll, these need to be custom made according to the specific needs of a customer. The price for these vary from cheap to expensive. -- Future Readings Our in-house naturalist mystic has a plethora of ways to understand and chart your future, from reading tea leaves to star charts to vines and roots. -- Druidic and Elemental Healing Relax as gentle life energy is used to coax your injuries back into health. Pricing depends on severity of wound and how much of the body will be covered. Higher prices for larger creatures. Cannot breathe new life into undead people. ...and more! --Teas and Foods --Important historical artifacts and relics --”Ethnic” jewelryShantali26 Jul 19
Jul 19 [H]Pandaren Rp Guild Roll Call I am new to the server but used to play fairly regularly over on MG on my main Smaragd. I was feeling slightly homesick for Pandaria and decided to put some time on my account and scratch that itch by rolling a new toon and now I realize that what I was really missing was being in an RP guild and being a part of a community. And so I am hoping to find a Pandaren RP guild that is willing to take me in and help me ease back into role playing and grow my character. I would make a fresh Panda with an RP appropriate name. A little more information on who I am as a person and RP-er: IRL I am a female in my 20's , I main rogues exclusively. I have been toying with making a character that is something of a bounty hunter/wandering loner who tends to be closed off and takes on any jobs possible in order to just scrape by. **Edit: I have made the character but have yet to go Hordeside; during some rather unintentional role play instigated by a very persitant male Monk, I realized that she was a mute. PiãolÍng was telling me her story. I am still fleshing out the details of her background story but for the first time I am connecting with a character. If you happen to be that Panda that was following me around, thank you for the company and helping me discover who PiãolÍng is** I feel that this would be a good way to be introduced into a guild, take on a few odd jobs and maybe get closer IC to a few people and eventually be asked to join up. Anywho, if there are any Pandaren RP guilds Hordeside that feel I would be a fit for your community then please, tell me a little about yourselves and feel free to ask me any questions here that you need to. ***Edit 2: here is my profile on rpfind.me so far https://rpfind.me/user/Piaoling ***Grabbypaw3 Jul 19
Jul 18 [H-RP/PvE] Spinebreaker Warband Note: We underwent a name change due to IC things a while back—we were previously the Stormhowl Warband. No matter what major Horde or Neutral city you walk through, the Command Boards were always covered in flyers and posters. The guards did well to clean them off each day, making sure the Warchief's words were always in plain sight, but one flyer always seemed to make its place on the board bright and early. Pinned to the top-left corner of the wooden board, a crisp parchment was held in place by a ceremonial dagger, the start of the hilt shaped like the head of a wolf. Whoever wrote on the parchment had impeccable penmanship, to the benefit of the readers: ----------------------------------------------------------- Brothers and Sisters of the Horde, Spinebreaker Warband is seeking loyal, able-bodied individuals willing to serve and protect the denizens of the Horde. We seek to neutralize any and all threats that show themselves, starting with the Legion in the Broken Shore and working our way to direct Alliance threats. Campaigns against our enemies begin shortly. Battle and Wolf Riding training availability are open to those with no or little experience. Those with sufficient experience will be tested and skills brushed up to meet with the Warband's standards. If you have no wishes to fight or are not able-bodied, there may yet be a place for you amongst our ranks. Seek out Gela'ga Spinebreaker by courier for more information. -The Spinebreaker Warband The end of the flyer was stamped with the Spinebreaker insignia. ----------------------------------------------------------- Greetings! Spinebreaker Warband is a RP-PvE guild (with minor PvP) looking for more members to join us in events. The PvE portion of our guild is entirely optional, but we are hoping to find some RPers who are interested in heroic raiding as well. We allow all races and classes in the Warband but have a higher IC vetting process for Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Shadow/Void Priests due to IC conflicts. Maurthri, our Warlock Advisor, handles all of our Warlocks and Irelyth, our Illidari Blood Guard, handles all of our Demon Hunters. Because I exceeded the maximum character limit, please see the next post for a detailed list of our events and activities! ----------------------------------------------------------- For a list of officers and their responsibilities, see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-officers With that said, there are definitely ways for you to increase in rank within the guild, both IC and OOC. If being an OOC officer isn't your thing, we have some positions that are solely IC leadership. If you're new to RP or are a bit rusty, we'd be happy to welcome you! I used to run RP workshops in the past, so feel free to write me with any RP-related questions such as lore, style, etc. For a list of OOC rules, please see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-rules For our FAQ, see here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-faq If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me or ask here! If you don't have any questions and are just looking to apply, you can do so here: http://tinyurl.com/spinebreaker-apply [Edited 2017-04-02 to update with slight wording and PvE changes]Gelaga91 Jul 18
Jul 18 The Official Nature Expedition Thread ... SOUTHERN STRANGLETHORN NATURE EXPEDITION AUGUST 4th 5PM SERVER TIME! Founded by a Fur Trader of Lakeshire, the Nature Expedition was created to foster the exploration of Azeroth even as the world went through some of its darkest times. To Nathan Hugues, it's founder, Azeroth is filled with beauties around every corner of its hills, valleys, ridges, mountains and plains. He intends to explore them all, but perhaps more importantly, is his mission to take those people that would have never thought of such a journey, with him. After his fourth successful expedition into the lands of Hillsbrad Foothills, Nathan Hugues finally got the funding to officially register the organization as part of the Explorer's Guild. Dedicated to teaching the wonders of nature and wildlife across Azeroth, the Explorer's Guild has given Nathan Hugues the permission to undertake expeditions across all charted lands under the name of the organization the Fur Trader registered. With official backing of the guild, Nathan looks towards a bright future for his dream now more than ever and his eagerness to share it with others has only increased. Nathan hopes that with the activities he would foster with the Nature Expedition organization, he would be able to not only teach others about the beauties of Azeroth. But to foster a community that dedicates itself to the preservation of such beauty and the never ending thirst to learn more about the world we live in and beyond. The doors are now open for those like minded individuals that are willing to share the vision of this Fur Trader from Lakeshire and make the wonders of Azeroth be spoken once again throughout the lands. What is The Nature Expedition? The Nature Expedition is an RP themed Guild that focuses on creating events that are open to the entire Wyrmrest Accord Roleplaying community. Events that concentrate on the appreciation of Nature and the wonders of exploration. Lorewise, the Nature expedition is a registered Sub Group of the Explorer's Guild. Our focus is primarily education, to teach others about the wonders of Azeroth in the world. And although our expeditions mostly take us to "Charted" lands, they are meant to be a learning experience to those that have yet to "Chart" these lands themselves in their own lives. Our initial plans as a guild would be the creation of the Nature Expedition events that would take us through all of Azeroth and beyond, including Outland and Draenor. More events are to come after the expeditions are concluded but members are welcomed to host their own events for members of the guild and outside. What do I have to do to join? Joining the expedition is as easy as attending one of the open events and asking for membership should the expedition be a great experience for you. All races are welcomed, we intend for this guild to be a haven for enthusiasts of adventure much like Nathan Hugues, it's founder. What is expected from me as a member? Help our cause to make the experience of RP be enjoyable for everyone in the WrA community. This is more than just a guild, this is an experience to be shared with everyone that is part of our great server! Remember that when you are part of us! How frequent are the expedition events? Expedition Events are done in a bi-weekly basis. Next expedition dates will always be posted ahead of time in the Guild Message of the Day. Anything other than RP? We are open to any other activities of the game like PvP, Questing, Raids and Dungeons. Our focus is primarily RP and event hosting but that doesn't mean we can't do anything else, especially when our events are on a bi-weekly schedule.Firebát118 Jul 18
Jul 18 Composing Character Themes -----------------ATTENTION--------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENTLY ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS: NO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want your very own, unique character theme for your RP character? Well, I think this is your only option. Whoops. Total Role play 3 allows you to choose an in-game music file to be your character's theme song. That's cool and all, but it doesn't give that many options. That's where I come in. I'm offering to write unique themes for RP characters. I can do orchestral arrangements or anything using those instruments. These will be in the form of Finale midi tracks. They don't sound amazing, given that they are midi tracks and not real players, but sometimes they sound pretty good. I also write with this in mind, so they should be fine. I can try to do some rock type songs. Or other stuff. I play guitar, bass, and trombone. I also have a keyboard, which I can't say I can play well, but I can play it well enough to fit this format. The problem here is that I don't have recording equipment, so I might use a phone or something. In short, it would be hard, but I could try recording some actual music. Of course this would take exponentially longer. I'm talking upwards of a week from when I start. Midi tracks take me from 2 to 6 hours from when I start. If you want some cool original music, just reply or pm me. I need some detail though. Tell me what kind of instrumentation you want, what you think the theme should sound like, and give me a character bio or something. The more you give me, the more befitting of your character the theme will be. I do not charge money. That would be ridiculous. However, to keep myself from getting too many requests, I will request 5k in-game gold. For live recordings, I will be charging 10k, due to the extensive amount of work they create. Again, this is mostly to slim out the number of requests. If 5k is too much, I'll lower it, but I'm dirt broke so I do need the gold XD. Here is a link to my YT Channel. All themes will be uploaded there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqBD1q0wI0ACLF8hRjwjbrg Here are some examples of themes I have written: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTp4qZI7j_w&feature=youtu.be This one is supposed to be an upbeat sea-shanty, but also be dark and metallic. Those are literally opposites, but I tried. I think it worked. It almost reminds me of Halloween. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsYBD3KS9DA&feature=youtu.be Ya' like jazz? This song was requested to have a messy, upbeat, and fiery intro, with a somber and slower middle. The two melodies were then to be united at the end. It worked better than I thought it would while writing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsr21fKsfyc&feature=youtu.be This song experiments with some tri-tone/minor third modulation for an intro, and transitions into a long, driving chorus. Read the description of the video for some insight into its symbolism. I think its cool, but what do I know? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS9WK_FipNA&feature=youtu.be A theme for a character who is a failed villain. Think stereotypical bad guy from a kids cartoon. Robbie Rotten is actually a good comparison. This song is about as quirky as character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kMZMpibOn0 An upbeat song on a mixolydian (Dominant) scale, with lots of syncopation, and very beefy chord structures (Fourths, sixths, seconds, and sevenths all over). In other words, its the most complex song rhythmically and harmonically out of all of these. LIVE RECORDINGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxoONHo5FTs&t=1s Some sort of rock tune. I don't even know what genre this is. I recorded the bass and rhythm both in one take, so they are kinda messy, but you can't hear it too much. As far as the audio quality, syncing, and balancing, this is really what you should expect. I'm not an audio engineer. Now, it will get better the more I do it, but I don't like doing it, and won't be practicing it or anything. So really, you'll get mediocre technical quality but hopefully some good music. I mean, recording equipment is expensive, and I don't have money to sink into that. So my phone will have to do. Current Waiting List: Blastowitz ZachariahNazzgrat141 Jul 18
Jul 18 [H]<Soviet Murloc> 5/9H is recruiting! Guild Info: - We are a tight-knit group who has been playing WoW (and other games) off and on for over 10 years. - We have around 20 active players and are looking to up that number to around 30 to accommodate raiding with our member’s differing and changing schedules. - Outside of a solid raid performance, we expect nothing of you except an adult attitude. You aren’t required to raid every day; you aren’t required to tank, heal or dps mythics upon request; and you aren’t required to listen to us ramble on in Discord outside of raids. If you enjoy playing WoW and help the guild when you are available, you are a perfect fit. - We are currently 5/9H Tomb of Sargeras and would like the added members to allow for more raid time and to fill out Mythic+ groups throughout the week. Schedule: - Our current raid days are Thursdays and Mondays 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST with off time usually devoted to gearing up the guild through 5man content. - Raid attendance is by no means mandatory, but respect is. If you commit to attending, please also commit to letting us know when you can’t, no explanation or excuse necessary. Loot Sytem: - Personal Loot: The majority of us have dealt with master looting and DKP systems and want nothing to do with them at this point. Expect plenty of hand-me-downs though. Performance: - While we don't treat WoW like a job, we still have to set the bar somewhere. We all try to perform as best we can and are competitive with one another. All we ask is you are able to take criticism and attempt to min/max. Trial Period: - Again, we don't treat WoW like a job, this goes for recruitment as well. If you want to immediately join our guild and see if we're a good match, great. If you want to join us for a raid or mythic+ and hang out with us on Discord first, that works too. Current Class Needs: - DPS! Will consider all applicants. Applying to Soviet Murloc: - Respond to this thread or PM Schala#1903 & Mrbateman#1544Negreanu6 Jul 18
Jul 18 Gauging interest: a Sunreaver Summit Good morning, everyone! I begin by explaining that our guild RP as one of many units of Sunreavers. We acknowledge many Sunreavers around Azeroth, either former, current ot affiliated to varying degrees. Do not let our guild tag convince you that we seek to control or manipulate the proposed event. :) I was wondering if there would be any interest in co-hosting and planning a larger Sunreaver Summit sort of event! An occasion for Sunreavers from all over (i.e. anyone who has being a Sunreaver as part of their character's bio or past) to come together as a large group, for a 3-5 hour event. I'm thinking of events I go to in real life, and could easily see the following as a starting point for planning the event: Hour 1: Welcome, and Keynote speeches... Hour 2: Break out into groups for discussions, debate, etc... Hour 3: Large feast? Hour 4... ?? I'd love start by seeing if anyone wants to help me/us plan this, or if you think there would be any value to this event. Again, I do not seek to control, command or run this event, but co-host and co-plan what we all think could be useful and, more importantly, fun, for everyone who would come. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? AxAxiann1 Jul 18
Jul 18 If the forums were IC Hey WrA! I thought about this earlier and wondered how the forums were to look if they were within the in-game universe and in-character. I should clarify that I don't mean these forums specifically (unless you do want to approach the subject of the 4th wall), but some sort of place to (semi-)anonymously write and respond to things as we do here. For example, Aelyi here is somewhat blunt, and takes most things at face value. If on this forum she saw someone post a "bait" thread, she would think it to be legitimate. I.e. XxAllianceRAGExX: anduin is controlled by the old gods I know it Aelyi: You are a nincompoop. Granted it would be much wordier than that, but it's merely a small example. What would your toon(s) post about?Aelyi34 Jul 18
Jul 18 House Rothsford Game-master Recruitment The Noble House Guild <House Rothsford> is looking to recruit three game masters to help host roleplay events weekly. If you are someone who enjoyed leading roleplay events, and is interested in helping our guild community out please let us know! Some Useful information: Guild Style: RP & PVE Population: 127~132 Faction: Alliance Types of Roleplay: Noble, Para-military & business If interested please apply at our google form page here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jKPB_jjygSlkwCItlBIDsNjDA-N05QMYTyxUMh4MG-U/editNalic0 Jul 18
Jul 17 RP resource: open world location archive! ay what up wyrmrest i've got this little project started here and figured you boogers might be interested: http://open-world-azeroth.tumblr.com/ i'm on a mission to archive all the empty (or mostly-empty) unique places out in the open world for rpers to use as a reference for event (or just private time wink-wink) locations. several posts are queued up and even more in progress and i'll be opening to suggestions for locations once i've dumped everything i have saved (because i have, like, a lot). please enjoy this little labor of love as it gets started <3Oliver13 Jul 17
Jul 17 [H] Daydreamers 9/9N LF HEALER! SEEKING A HEALER! Resto Shaman or Druid would be awesome! Other healers are great, too. We are no longer recruiting DPS to raid with us, but if you're a DPS and want to join for other things like mythic+, we'll gladly take you. About Us Daydreamers are a casual progression guild. We keep a casual mindset while having a larger goal in mind (Example; AOTC). We do Mythic+, dabble in roleplay, and just have fun. We're all learning together, so there is no pressure to be perfect. We will not pressure you to switch roles because we need a specific role/your class got nerfed/etc. We want you to have fun and play what you want. Contact Us Guild Leader: Mourai - GilneanRose#1104 Recruitment Officer: - Khronok - Lowdar#1862 Raid Times We raid Sun/Wed 4PM-7PM Server Time. Raiding Expectations A positive attitude when it comes to raiding. We would like an item level of 885 or above, and a DPS check of 400k. Progression ToS - 9/9 Normal ToS 1/9 Heroic All raids previous to ToS are completely cleared in heroic and normal. Trial Raiding and Loot To become a full-fledged raider and Council member, you must attend two raid nights. Trial raiders are considered after core raiders for loot. WE WILL NOT DISENCHANT LOOT ON YOU. If our core raiders do not need the item, you will get the item. Or if one of our raiders wants you to have it. This is to prevent loot thieves and serial guild leavers from taking a lot of loot from a run. See our full loot rules outlined in the Info tab of our website. (These will be edited to be up to date soon). Desired Roles Healers Required Add-Ons for Raiding DBM or similar add-on RC Loot Council Guild Resources and Communications Website: http://daydreamerswra.weebly.com/ Discord Roleplay Friendly We have a small RP community in our guild seeking to RP more often! We need more people to help this along.Mourai27 Jul 17
Jul 17 H RP Military Buisness guild Malrixx.Co Greetings! We are now hiring at Malrixx Munitions and Military Services.Co We are an RP buisness guild that is just starting out, all races and classes welcome. Arms and munitions trade is our center but also military services such as bounty hunters, bodyguards, mercenaries are also our trade. Events will be focused on special jobs as well as expansion of the company. Currenty hiring for many positions, apply now for an interview either whispser Malrixx in game or send him a letter in the mail and we will schedule an interview for you or just answer any questions you have. We at Malrixx.Co look forward to doing buisness with you, and look forward to having you as part of the team as a valued employee.Malrixx0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Diplomacy Disclaimer: The following is a half-baked idea I've often thought it would be fun if there was a map of Azeroth that the rp community could use to mark territory for all of our rp factions. On this map we might implement a rudimentary turn based game to be played between various GMs, say one turn a day, I'm thinking of Diplomacy here (the predecessor to Risk): http://grantland.com/features/diplomacy-the-board-game-of-the-alpha-nerds/ Diplomacy is a bit complicated, but the main idea is: - can be played for weeks or months at a time - the game itself is simple, the hard part is just trying to convince your fellow players to make certain moves - the point would not be to win the game, but to ground rp in something tangible I can't imagine I'm the first to have this idea.... has anyone tried it before? Lastly, there's a million reasons why this might NOT work, but please only positive brainstorming here.. just interested to hear if other people think along these lines. EDIT: very, very rough mockup just for fun. Don't read too much into it: http://scryer.shop/game-of-houses/Multy37 Jul 17
Jul 17 Legacy raiding guild horde Hey guys Looking to tank for a legacy raiding guild on the horde side. Tauren warrior. Looking to twink at 60 for vanilla, 70 for BC and so on. Message me in game firehockey91#1481Thundermouth2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Quel'Zaram Offensive [H-RP/PvE] The apocalypse is among us. Named heroes of Azeroth - Horde, Alliance, or otherwise - have been ripped from our planet, their souls torn from our plane of reality, never to walk among us again. Truly, we will be blessed to stand before them when our souls are judged by the grace of the Holy Light. But that time, soldiers of the Horde, has yet to come. Today, we stand before the ever-looming threat: the monstrosities and atrocities that lie just beyond the doors of that Tomb. Join me as we fight for our survival -- for the survival of our people. Of our land. Of our world! About Us As the dawn of the siege of the Tomb of Sargeras approaches, now more than ever does the Horde require able-bodied soldiers to front the assault against the Burning Legion. The Quel'Zaram Offensive is a military-based guild consisting of a reporting and ranking system, D20 events always brewing, and a weekly casual raid night. Along with our sister-guild, we're at 4/10H. Not bad for having a scatterbrain like me barking orders! Currently, four officers lead the Offensive: General Leya'doris Rosefall Commander Jiasi Rainwalker Commander Sa'narth, Son of Silvermoon Who We Want We are an all-Horde-race inclusive guild. Despite the Thalassian name of the army and Sin’dorei GM, so long as you bleed for the Horde and have the heart to fight for Azeroth's safety, the Quel’Zaram Offensive will welcome you into its ranks. In fact, we encourage diversity, and would very much prefer not to lean too hard toward any one race! We are a lore-abiding guild. This does mean that half-demon half-catgirls who are actually secretly Nozdormu’s long lost sister from another universe will not be accepted. We absolutely encourage creativity, and will not bar you from saying that your character chucked a spear at Deathwing, so long as you’re smart about it. We are not an alt graveyard. We know how fun alts can be -- but we also know how rarely they actually get use. For this reason, we do have a requirement for levels: 40+ for most classes 70+ for Death Knights 105+ for Demon Hunters We also request that, if already accepted in the guild, you don’t bring all 23 of your alts into the guild unless you intend on frequently playing all of them. We are an RP guild. While we definitely intend on casually raiding and participating in PvP, we are a roleplaying guild first and foremost. If you wish to be in the Quel’Zaram Offensive, you must have at least 1 toon ICly in the guild. It is preferred that the main toon in the guild is the one that is IC, but we won’t be too picky on that unless it becomes a problem. We are all friendly people. Friendly people want to talk to friendly people. You absolutely don’t have to speak often in /gchat, but if you do say something, please don’t be rude! We are very lax on our chat policies, but we are all friends, and we want it to remain like that. What To Expect Bearing in mind that we are a very new guild, there will be a bit of trial and error before anything resembles anything close to complete. However, as it stands right now, our intentions for the guild are as follows: RPPvP: Oh yes, that dreaded word, “PvP”! We will be scouting out potential A-side counterparts to act as an “in the way” type of party. ICly, the guild’s main goal is to crush the Legion (not the dirty ‘umies), unless Blue stands in the way of our goals. (On that note, if you are an A-side leader that wants to put 'em up, come talk to me!) D20: Currently in the works is our D20 system. Since most battles will involve fighting the Burning Legion, and not other players, we will be hosting D&D style events to flex those RNGesus praying skillz. Casual RP: Since we are an RP guild, why shouldn’t we? Whether or not we are currently deployed, if there are people online, surely some sort of RP can be set up. Don’t be afraid to ask! Communication: We have a Discord Channel so you’ll never miss out on event recaps, guild updates, and the like! There are both IC and OOC channels in it, so you can RP even if you're not able to log ingame! Raiding: Keep in mind that when we say raiding, we are not saying we will be a mythic raid group, the first in the world to beat the final boss of the Tomb of Sargeras. We raid Thursday and Sunday nights at 7:15 ST with our sister guild: Mok Lak'tuk, and have currently hit 5/9N. Contact Interested? Feel free to contact any of our officers in-game: Dory Sanarth Jiasi Or you can feel free to add me to btag: joolah#1135.Leyadoris69 Jul 17
Jul 16 The Hyperbolic Function f(x)=tanh(x) f'(x)=sech^2(x) Errrr. In roleplay discussions I often see people who will take something they don't like and they come up with a hyperbolic synonym for the thing they don't like for the expressed purpose of denigrating that thing they don't like and those that enjoy it. A hyperbole is in fact a logical fallacy and doing so in a way to denigrate the other side is also a logical fallacy called the straw man, where you misrepresent someone's stance to make it easier to attack. An example of these strawman hyperboles would be things like a demon hunter socializing with other demon hunters becoming barhopping, or hanging out in a coffee shop and doing slam poetry. Another example would be how death knight not being a murder machine somehow correlates to a death knight engaging in sexual activities (this may also be a slippery slope). The idea of not playing a character with supreme godly power becomes a statement that everyone should be a 'dirt farmer'. All of these are loaded phrases and they are designed and intended specifically to try and make the individuals that have a certain stance look less intelligent, less reasonable, and less credible to onlookers and further sway them to the side of the attacker. The people running these hyperbolic functions may be unaware that they're even doing it, or they're just being malicious. These hyperboles put the person being attacked in a position where they feel forced to either decry the hyperbole as the ridiculousness that it is (which can then be twisted into stating that the attacked is attacking their own stance), to defend that hyperbolic idea, to give clarifying response that the attacker doesn't want, or to point out the fallacies. With certain responses, we'll see the fallacious attacker further attack their target by stating that they're offended or angered by the hyperbole, basically calling them butthurt. I've seen this referred to as the informal argumentum ad iram, it's a personal attack and a straw man as well. They'll say "Why are you taking offense to this? It wasn't intended as offensive." In some cases they just may not be self-aware enough to realize what they're doing, but in other cases it is malicious. There's a term for this when it's malicious, it's called gaslighting. It's a form of manipulation that is intended to make others question themselves. People gaslight by "using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief." In some cases, gaslighting can be used to sow fear, paranoia, and make people question their sanity. In the case of forum discussions, it's usually used to further destabilize the target and delegitimize. We've also seen this type of gaslighting behavior in game when players have their characters do nasty things to another player they dislike and when that player complains they face attacks on their ability to tell IC from OOC, which denigrate them, silence them, and make them question themselves. When people are the target of these types of behavior they don't always realize what's going on and it can take its toll. What can we do about it? Well we used to be able to give them a big fat thumbs down, we can't do that anymore. I'd say report them for trolling and point out the fallacies so that the target of them and other onlookers are aware of the manipulation, fallacious logic being utilized and capsize the attacker's douchecanoe.Zandrae46 Jul 16
Jul 16 (H) Looking for guild Hey all! I'm in the market to find a guild on this server. I'm a former Alliance main, was officer of a rather popular guild on MG Ally for a while. Currently looking for a roleplaying guild as I make my transition from MG-A to WrA-H. Any help would be appreciated~Zihna2 Jul 16
Jul 16 [H-RP] Ravenbough Marauders **RECRUITING** Officers: Maskurade (Commander), Tralhar (Captain of the Guard), Erodrada (Captain of the Talons), Angrin (Captain of the Omen) Base of Operations: Conquest Hold, Grizzly Hills (since September 2015) Established: June 1st, 2015 Website: http://ravenbough.shivtr.com Are you a mercenary in need of work? Then look no further! The Ravenbough Marauders is looking for some fresh blood to fill in our ranks as we take on jobs of all kinds. From simple assassinations to more complex jobs, we're sure to have something for everyone! The Ravenbough Marauders welcome all walks of life into our ranks, from the humble mage to the brute warrior, all have a role to provide and a spot to fill. OOC Need to Know: Ravenbough Marauders was formed after years of RPing across various servers as well as active D&D RP. We strive to bring some of the feeling you’d get from a D&D session into a WoW setting, as well as bring good story along with it. We as the Marauders are a established organization of mercenaries that seek to find work. From humble guard services to the dirtier assassination jobs, we’ll take them so long as they don’t co against our code of ethics. Anyone who wishes to join the Ravenbough Marauders must fill out the guild membership application, which can be found at the top of the guild website. In addition, the applicant must read the following rules and standards and indicate that they have done and agree to follow each rule before their application will be considered. Please note that anyone looking to join the guild must be 21 years of age or older. Once you have filled out your application and it has been reviewed, you will be contacted in game for an in character interview. Please also keep in mind, that applicants are accepted or denied for a variety of reasons, none of them personal. So don’t take it personally! As a guild, we try to run about 2-4 RP events a week, though understand that life does happen and will always come first. Major events take place on Fridays and Saturdays with the occasional Sunday as a back up. The Ravenbough Marauders have our own in-house combat system, loosely based off of D&D and LARP style rules, developed by our own DMs that have 25+ years of D&D and RP experience. In addition to all this and more, we do also provide an active Discord server as well as run weekly guild dungeon, mythic, and mythic+ runs. If you are interested in hearing more, please message an officer (listed above) for more information OR drop us an application to our website.Maskurade1 Jul 16
Jul 16 [A] <The Emerald Throne> 8/9H LFM The Emerald Throne is a semi-hardcore raiding guild seeking dedicated members with a good sense of humor. Raid Schedule Raid times are on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-8:30 pm Server/Pacific time. Recruitment Information We are mainly seeking Ranged DPS and Healers to round out our roster. However, all classes and specs are wanted. If you know how to play your role then there is a place for you here. We are also seeking more casual members for Mythic+ groups and social events. Contact Us Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Bethbuggy [Guild Master] - Bethbuggy#1720 Hunson [Officer] - Madeupfriend#1455 Melhinda [Officer] - Kevashida#1529Hunson0 Jul 16
Jul 16 The Westhorne Festivities! Evening, ladies and gents! Westhorne Enterprises is proud to present its first monthly party here on Wyrmrest Accord! It's a fully in-character party open to all members of the Alliance, from paupers to princes, hosted in Zul'gurub! There are several games included for the evening, all with their own lucrative cash prizes (although donations to the party are welcome :P). RACE - 3k The first game is an anything goes foot race. Nitro boosts? Sure. Sephuz's secret on a pinata? Knock yourself out. The only rule - no mounts! TRIVIA - 1k Test your knowledge of Azeroth's rich and diverse lore with a rousing game of trivia, accompanied with hearth and plentiful feasts! DRINKING CONTEST - 2K Put your liver to the test against fellow partygoers and pray to whatever gods you worship that Lady Luck is on your side in this alcoholic adventure! The instructions are simple - everyone rolls, and the lowest roller has to drink a triple-distilled brew! However, if you don't drink immediately after a poor roll or are found using Blackrock Coffee, you're disqualified from the match. DUELING TOURNAMENT - 4K A venerated Westhorne tradition and a challenge that requires a different kind of guts, up next is the dueling tournament! Rules are as follows: - DPS specs only. - No toys/external buffs. - Best 2 out of 3. You'll be paired based on the composition of the party. I.E, the rogues fight the rogues, the death knights fight the death knights, etc. Once the pairs have been thinned, your opponent will be selected via RNG. Additionally, the arena will vary with each match, so versatile, creative thinking is encouraged! If you have any questions, either post in the thread or add me in game at Hedonist#1451. It will be held on the 15th at 8! Hope to see you there!Reaganluthen9 Jul 16
Jul 16 We're returning to WA, and LFG! Hello Wyrmrestians! My wife and I have just returned to wow about 2 weeks ago after almost a year break, and we are planning to return as well to WA. What we are looking for mostly is a friendly, perhaps older, guild… and by older, I don’t mean that that guild has necessarily been around a long time, just *some* of the people in it might be a tad older than your average run of the mill millennial (no offense to awesome millennials out there, but ya, an ALL millennial guild would be... kinda young…). Who we are: A couple that have been together for awhile, and have played wow off and on since 2005. We like long walks on the beach and mythic dungeons. We both have raiding experience in wow and other games (especially her, I tend to be inept at it), but at the moment we are not looking to regularly raid. We are mostly looking for a community to hang out, have fun with, maybe rp, maybe just shoot the !@#$, do pick up mythics, and some pvp (I tend to be pvp focused, although, again… inept, etc). Raiding is a strong possibility, just with out of game commitments that will be a month or two in the future. She mains like every healer in the game, I main gnome and dwarf (mostly clothy) dps’ers. Figure that out you psych-majors out there! Thank you for reading, and please respond here or mail this character in game (which is NOT my main, just happens to be a toon I have on WA). I will also be keeping an eye out on /2 when I am on WA and these forums for places to call virtual home as well. Hope to hear from you!Vonstabbard0 Jul 16
Jul 16 [A] 918 rdruid/916 hpriest LF pve guild Hello WRA, I know that there aren't many of progression guilds on our server (compared to other non-rp realms ex: Illidan), however, I'm looking for a guild to progress through this tier and upcoming tiers with. I have an open schedule with any day available. I am east coast but do not mind playing based on west coast times. I'm a healer main, with preference for ranged dps over melee. My tomb XP is 9/9n 8/9h, and would be interested in progressing through mythic. My resto druid is 918 and my hpriest is 916. I have an hpal at 900 but am not very interested in playing hpal this tier. I also have a 908 rogue and a 900 mage, if you're looking for dps. I have an open mind for faction changing. Please post your battletag, or add my own at Clyph#11151 if you're interested.Azraia5 Jul 16
Jul 16 So, Argus is here... And I mean like... HERE, here in the sky, floating high above Azeroth because SOMEONE wanted to look edgy in front of people he felt were threatening his spotlight! ...Okay, that's not true, but how does you character feel about Argus being brought to Azeroth? Frankly, Banrok will be incredibly PISSED at Illidan for making such a move, now Azeroth is in even MORE peril than it was originally. Now Banrok usually wouldn't pass up the chance to hit the enemy where they live and terrorize them, he wouldn't do it at the risk of everyone he loves and everything he cherishes... this will not help his disposition with Demon Hunters and Illidan being brought back into Azeroth's fold, and he's already pretty hostile to begin with... Granted, he'll be quick to join the Draenei and ride to Argus when he can... and he'll spill as much demon blood as he can in order to take out his frustration. The same can be said for many of my characters, (Which I'll get to.) ((Also, Blizzard, if you're reading this, IC =/= OOC, My characters may be terrified but I think it's great that you did this.))Banrok47 Jul 16
Jul 15 Destiny Rising recruiting Destiny Rising is a newly formed guild that is looking for active roleplayer! the guild is Rp focused although there will be PvP and PvE groups when there's more people The guild welcomes all races and classes to join the Order I look forward to seeing you there just whisper me in game I will reply right awayAkairi0 Jul 15
Jul 15 I need to address something... So...something creepy happened to me tonight. I was hosting my improv show on Twitch and someone came in and attempted to ruin it in game. Normally, this is something I would have ignored. Whether it was this guy or someone else, someone with the name of "***********" came and began disrupting the event, followed by two other characters. This...really threw me off my game. This person then proceeded to come into my Twitch stream and post an old physcial address of mine. As soon as I noticed this, I promptly muted and banned him. He then would whisper my address to me which I muted a second time. This person has trolled my show a few times, and I have normally just ignored him. Below are two very zoomed in images, for intentional purposes. The first is obvious and the second is the same person on a different toon aided by a 2nd character. https://ibb.co/ntNcja https://ibb.co/cUK1AF This is the first time that something like this has happened to me so I am needing to take as many precautions as I can. Please report this indivdual if you see him. I am still going to improvise as much as I can, therefore all future episodes of Mr Smites Improv are going to move to the SI:7 building, so that mounts cannot interrupt our show any more. Due to the sensitiveness of this topic, I am going to be deleting this posting for my personal privacy soon. I dont like my name being out there any more than I have to. Thank you for your time. Dreyfus XanoDreyfusxano11 Jul 15
Jul 15 [H] <Avoidable Damage> 9/9N 7/9H LFM <Avoidable Damage> is a Horde Raiding guild on Wyrmrest Accord looking to add talented and experienced players to our roster for Legion raiding and beyond. Website: www.avoidabledamage.com Who We are: We’re a casual-ish 9/9N 7/9H horde side raiding guild that raids on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-9PM PST. We also organize optional fun alt and off-spec raids on Mondays at the same time for our players and the WrA community. Most of our core group of raiders are WoW veterans who have been playing on and off together for several years and we have been fortunate to add many excellent new raiders to our team since the beginning of Legion. While we focus on raiding, we also enjoy spending time together doing mythic+ runs, achievement hunting, pvp, playing other blizzard games like Overwatch and Diablo III, and hanging out in discord. We use a rotating loot council during progression to optimize loot distribution while also being transparent and use personal loot during farm to distribute loot in an efficient and timely manner. We also try to provide repairs, gems, enchants, and consumables to the best of our ability during progression. Our goal is to transition from farming heroic in one night to becoming a mythic raiding guild when we have the numbers and ideal composition. What We Expect: Since we only raid 2 nights a week for a total of 4 hours per week we stress efficiency and coming to raid prepared and ready to focus on mastering encounters from the time raid starts until the end. Groups form 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so we can discuss any new strategy and start pulling right at the start of raid. There will always be an announced break in the middle but if you require multiple unscheduled breaks this is probably not the group for you. We also expect our raiders to have consistent attendance and a desire to always improve performance and in return we offer a friendly, relaxed, and drama free environment. We use discord for communication and require all raiders to have it installed and access to a working microphone. Social members are encouraged to use discord as well. We require a minimum 90% attendance from our core raid team. Of course emergencies happen and we understand that but if you know you won’t be available be a responsible adult and let us know in advance. We also require all raiders to use Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs to receive vital information during the fight. This is subject to change as Blizzard evolves their stance on add-ons and we identify new add-ons that assist our fight strategies. Respect and tolerance towards all team players. Also, tolerance of some adult language and jokes during a normal raid night. While we respect each other we also expect that everyone can handle some crude language and banter from time to time. Who We are Looking For: If you've made it this far, our high priority needs are below but we are always looking for exceptional players of any class, spec or role. Healers with a preference for: Holy Priest with a viable Shadow off-spec Holy Paladin with a viable DPS or tank off-spec If interested in joining or finding out more information, please contact Austinboston#1122 or look for our members in-game.Zepearl30 Jul 15
Jul 15 [H-RP] LF PI character (Cross-posted at https://rpfind.me/classifieds/view/89) IC: A tall, thin Sin'dorei steps into the cool blue light of Murder Row. Her armor looks a bit too clean for this side of town, but her gait is easy and just falsely-casual enough to indicate familiarity. In her arms, she carries several rolls of old parchment. They crinkle with each step she takes. From the shadows, a small figure dogs her steps. She pauses, and catches the quick fingers about to grab for her purse strings. "Yo kid," she smiles at the urchin in her grasp, parchments all shoved to fit beneath one arm. "Wanna make some money the honest way?" "What do you want for it," a high voice sulks, kid tearing his or her hand out of the woman's grip. "I'll scream if you say anything funny-like." "Nah, just an errand or two. Need somebody what knows how to find people. You know the like, right?" "I might," the child pouts, one hand held out. The woman laughs, cuts her own purse from her waist, and ties it to a parchment roll. She hands the jingling, crinkling bundle to a wide-eyed urchin. "Find 'em fast enough, and there'll be more where that came from." Her voice is excited, conspiratorial. The kid starts to nod, thinks an extra moment, and bows instead. Parcel clutched in hand, they dart into the alley. OOC: Looking for someone who might be interested in a bit of short notice Hordeside-PI work. Our RP group is interested in finding the missing owner of a senate seat and noble title in Silvermoon City. We have a list of previous owners and can spot where the trail goes cold. OOC, the target we need to find has been informed, and is ready to play along. We have some basic plot ideas, but thought an independent PI might have some fun ideas to add. Warning: although we generally run by lore, we probably take more than a few liberties with the political system of Silvermoon. Our group plans to play tomorrow Afternoon, sometime after 2:00 PM EST (11:00 AM Server). Schedule flexible as per PI availability. Most of our group prefers Discord-based RP. If interested, leave a reply and/or contact me by ask or by message at https://reqiem-wra.tumblr.com/Medarandia1 Jul 15
Jul 15 <Silvermoon Reliquary> Wisdom & Strength The Silvermoon Reliquary is an OOC tight knit guild, focused on the mysterious lore of the Reliquary faction. Acting as one Reliquary sect among others, the formally known, "Reliquary Southern Chapter", a name derived from their clandestine bases or bases in the south of Quel'Thalas. Tasked specifically with locating items that bolster the long and short term security of Quel'Thalas, the Southern Chapter Bolster's elite Blood Knight Special forces, Illidari, Magisterial and Clerical compliment, seeking the greatest magical minds on Quel'Thalas to stabilize the mysterious Man'ari Netherstones, the Silvermoon Reliquary calls to the best and brightest of the Magisters, those returning from deployment, and simply elves loyal to Quel'Thalas willing to work and fight hard for better than average call. Our call however very much goes to those whom glimpse but a portion of the infinite nature of the arcane, calling especially to the Magisters and Magistrix of the Kingdom to support their goal of a proud and healed postwar Quel'Thalas, and a true recovery from the horrors of the invasion. We need your hundreds, thousands of years of experience beside our own, and in our work your skills witll both be tested and grow in ways you'd perhaps never dreamt. To read more: tinyurl.com/SMCReliquary To apply: http://reliquary.enjin.com/recruitment We at times have need of druids and shaman, and welcome Shu'halo individuals and tribes to our cause, as your unique skills can restore the Ghostlands in ways we cannot. Recruitment of DHs is limited at this time due to an influx, though if you have sound reasoning why your DH would support Reliquary interests (say, the lacking defenses that allowed your family to die and ultimately set you on your way to Illidan), you are more than welcome to apply. Message or mail (Entalah-WyrmrestAccord) with any questions, and we hope you're a part of our next discovery, strengthening our eternal home one mystery at a time, in the most dangerous, ancient places, at rimes not even on Azeroth.Entalah4 Jul 15
Jul 15 Nezzy's Guide to Shaman Roleplay This was a little guide I posted from request on my tumblr. I thought it might be nice to show it here as well! Starters and Lore: For starters, the shaman is a warrior that has fine tuned himself to the elements. The elements consist of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. However they are not peaceful, they wage war against each other in constant battle. The shaman acts as the mediator, keeping the balance between them. You are basically the bff to every element next to you, which leads into my next point. A shaman -asks- for assistance, they commune with the elements for help, in which they can comply or refuse. This leads to very.. interesting role play, and is one of the reasons some of the orc shamans turned towards warlock magics, a more reliable and responsible magic, however dangerous as well. An effective shaman is both one that can communicate with the elements and understand them. “ “If your power is so great, then why do you continue to live in such a harsh place?” Thrall asked. “If what you are saying is true, you could turn this barren mountain-top into a lush garden. Food would never be difficult to come by, your enemies would never find you–” “And I would violate the primary agreement with the elements, and nothing of nature would ever respond to me again!” bellowed Drek'Thar. “Do you understand nothing? I am granted these things because I ask, with respect in my heart, and I am willing to offer something in return. I request only the barest needs for myself and my people. At times, I ask great things, but only when the cause is good and just and wholesome. In return, I thank these powers, knowing that they are borrowed only, never bought. They come to me because they choose to, not because I demand it! These are not slaves, Thrall. They are powerful entities who come of their own free will, who are companions in my magic, not my servants. Pagh!” He snarled and turned away from Thrall.” – Lord of the Clans Now an important thing to remember, you can never force the elements to their bidding. This is what the dark shaman have done to the elements, using void magic to torture and bend the elements to their bidding, and is frowned upon for the most part. THE SPECS!: You all know the specs of shaman, the Enhancement, the Elemental, and the Restoration shaman. Elemental: A spellcaster who harnesses the destructive forces of nature and the elements. Enhancement: A totemic warrior who strikes foes with weapons imbued with elemental power. Restoration: A healer who calls upon ancestral spirits and the cleansing power of water to mend allies’ wounds. However most shamans do not follow the same rules of the specs. Most shamans will follow either one of the elemental paths (Water, fire, earth, or wind) Or they will specialize in all of them. This can also change based on the race you play, but a rule of thumb I use in my rp is this: If it is an ability in the game, it can be used in rp. The difference is its effectiveness and potency, both on the effort to cast and the “mana drain” What I mean by mana drain is how much the ability you are using will affect you. A paladin cannot cast a divine shield by the flick of his wrist. It also applies with similar shaman spells. Ascendance and Bloodlust/Heroism (You know which one to choose) are still the case. Continued -->Nezzynaz15 Jul 15
Jul 15 Character surnames What's everyone's opinion on last names for characters? I usually see them on more fleshed out TRP profiles but I also have problems thinking them up for myself. Every time they just sound tacky or repetitive or too close to a lore character/organization. Is it weird to just go with a title + first name like a lot of NPC's?Larenis45 Jul 15
Jul 15 [RP Guide] Death Knight “When the Lich King’s control of his death knights was broken, his former champions sought revenge for the horrors committed under his command. After their vengeance was won, the death knights found themselves without a cause and without a home. One by one they trickled into the land of the living in search of a new purpose. Frost sharpens their strikes; blood fortifies their bodies; and undeath allows them to erupt in unholy rage in the heat of battle. A thousand atrocities are etched in the eyes of every death knight, and foes who gaze into them too long will feel the warmth pulled from their bodies, replaced with cold steel.” Author’s Note: The details within this guide are - unless expressly stated otherwise - directly taken from lore and restated in a comprehensive format that allows for the digestion of all the information in one place rather than scouring for it all. The intent of this guide is to better guide the hand of present/future Death Knights in wrapping their minds around writing their chosen class. This is done in a similar vein as my previous guide for Demon Hunters: tinyurl.com/DHRPguide Table of Contents: Overview: General summary of the Death Knight and her abilities. Creation: The different means and situations surrounding the birth of a Death Knight. Timeline: Information following the different types of Death Knights until the present. In depth. Spoilers. Power/Abilities: Descriptions meant to shed light on the abilities of the Death Knight. Runeblades: A look into the primary weaponry for all Death Knights and the implications therein, including the unveiling of the Soul Forge. Acherus: Home sweet home is more than just a floating temple. Important Notes: Things that need to be considered when making your Death Knight. Sources: Those things you use so you're doing more than just spouting nonsense. Overview: The quintessential black knights of Azeroth, the Death Knight exists as a fearsome perversion of the individual she once was. Oftentimes the Death Knight will have been a hero of some regard from the several factions of the world, twisted and tortured into the forsaken anti-mage of brutality and death. Feeding off of the suffering and pain wrought upon the living, Death Knights are continually wracked with an innate need to bring a hateful torment unto their enemies (and at their worst, the innocent) to ensure that her macabre powers continue at peak potential. Wielding profaned magical weapons inscribed with runes denoting their power, the Death Knight is capable of unleashing powerful magics by extinguishing the power of these runes with the reward of a bountiful energy swelling her person. This runic power earned in response of extinguishing the runes of her weapon can be used in uncountable ways meant to further her dark purpose. In the event a Death Knight’s powerful weapon is shattered, broken, or left irreparable, she may reforge and repower the weapon with the right magical reagents. In the event that a Death Knight is without her runeweapon, modern Death Knights are capable of utilizing their frightening magics and imbuing any weapon they find with runes while leaving those created prior to the third wave of Death Knights at a slight disadvantage in terms of versatility. The Black Blood of Yogg-Saron remains a prevalent tool in the hands of the cognizant undead. This is perhaps exemplified in the Knights of the Ebon Blade, utilizing entire suits of armor created from the worked blood: saronite. Utilized for its impossible durability and the keen defense against the inherent weaknesses of the undead, the Death Knight quickly finds her already outrageous abilities fundamentally strengthened by the lack of fear in her enemies’ assaults.Aeraval16 Jul 15
Jul 15 Club BOOM! 7pm PT 7/14/17 From the DJs of the Club Trix afterparty comes.... Club BOOM! Club BOOM! is a monthly event in the Purple Parlor in ((old)) Dalaran, held on either the first or second Friday of each month (some months the first, some months the second) at 7pm server time. Your hosts for the event will be DJs Pixy & Amy Stormpike (trading off months), the DJs you loved from the Club Trix afterparty! The event's music will air on Fire Mage Radio...so even after the party, the music doesn't stop as you can rock out to some great WoW music! https://www.facebook.com/FireMageRadio/ Club BOOM! #12: Friday July 14Amylin51 Jul 15
Jul 15 Raging Furystone Gorgets I'm looking to buy a raging furystone gorget, specially one with a high mastery stat on it. Ideally I'm looking for a "savant" necklace or "feverflare", but a highly rolled "harmonious" would work as well. Feel free to reply here or contact me in game if you've got one for sale.Clairissa0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Your final form (Transmoganisto) Hey folks, I'm sure everyone has had that one mog they've just put everything in to, you've spent countless resets scraping for specific gear, climbed the arenas cursing enough to make a sailor blush, and even braved the many hidden events here on WoW. Show off you're ultimate mog here, I really want to see what other people have created! I'll start by showing mine off, it's a multi combo featuring Cataclysmic (3), SOO boots, s11 warrior belt, legion craft chest, and a Wrathful tabard to top it off, the WoD challenge mode sword felt like the final addition as my character in character always prefers heavy greatswords.Kained108 Jul 14
Jul 14 [H-RP] <Delver Society>️ - MOVED! ...Nafani97 Jul 14
Jul 14 [H-RP/Military] <Furysong> ✧ IC ✧ “Brothers and sisters of the Horde, your aid is necessary now more than ever. The Legion still threatens our existence every day, and whether you are displeased with the status of your current enlistment or simply nomadic, consider a new path. Fight alongside us for glory on the battlefield and to destroy the Legion’s forces. Within our ranks you will be molded into elite soldiers, guided by an endless reach and full coffers. Everything you desire is obtainable, should you put yourself to the test and enlist. We are Furysong.” ✧ OOC ✧ Furysong is a military outfit sanctioned by the Horde, though is truthfully funded and created by the Uncrowned to do their bidding. Furysong seems to have an unlimited source of strings to exhaust (favors/political advantages) due to the integrated network and complicated reach that the Shadowblades provide. No one aside from Halari Ravenscar and those of her choosing is aware of the true origins of Furysong, not even her second in command. Furysong militants are under the impression that the Ravenscar family’s abundance in coin and political sway are what affords Furysong to operate so efficiently. While designed and organized by Sin’dorei, all members of the Horde are welcome to join. We encourage diversity and assure that everyone is treated with an equal level of respect. We have a short OOC application to understand and appreciate who you are as a roleplayer and your character. If you are interested in joining the guild, please fill out the Google Form. >>> tinyurl.com/FuryApplic <<< ✧ RP & EVENTS ✧ As a heavy RP guild, Furysong will partcipate in campaign-style storylines that span several events and lead to a conclusion which will result in an IC gain for the guild or characters. For events, we utilize an AddOn called DiceMaster. For events, DiceMaster is MANDATORY. If you do not want to download this addon, you can still participate socially in the guild and RP casually, but organized events will be for members who are equipped with our DM system. A new system is complete to continue onward with our stories. Super simple to learn, very fun to use! ✧ IC SECTS ✧ Within the guild, all members are assigned to a specialized sect that fits their needs and meshes with their role in the military world. Characters are free to choose whichever sect fits them best and represents their character. Sects will affect the way a character operates in events. ♦WARBORNE The Warborne are out on the frontlines. Having a myriad of soldiers ready to throw themselves in the frontlines to deal the heaviest of blows and sustain decent chunks of damage, without them, Furysong stands no chance of winning. ♦SPELLSWORN These spellcasters will wipe out entire hordes of enemies without ever lifting a blade. Standing in the back usually, they deal massive amounts of magical damage and can very much mess with the enemy just from a few words and runes. ♦SHADEWALKER The information gathering individuals that use cunning and gile and to get the job done. Whether it be to dispatch an important entity swiftly or to set a distraction, these masters of hidden arts and tracking are irreplaceable. They will usually do the job no one else wants to do. ♦GUARDIAN The people that make sure everyone comes home. Whether it be a massive tank-like individual that can take many blows and render an enemy useless against the rest of the unit, or someone that will mend the wounded and keep morale at a working point. The heart of the group, and true to the name, they will guard the Furysong. ✧ RULES ✧ You must be 18 or older. If you are close to being 18, exceptions can be made so long as you appeal to a few strict rules until you are of age. Be respectful. Don't be rude. Guild chat will naturally be rated R. We ask for common decency when interacting in guild chat, however. Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable and others will respect it. ✧ CLOSING ✧ Interested? Have more questions? Leave a post here or contact Pendant, Dretharius, Vedronalis, or Harethis in-game. We have a fun discord, too.Pendant11 Jul 14
Jul 14 (A) 906 Warlock Hello I am a 906 Warlock looking for a 2-3 x a week raiding guild doing N and H TOS. I would also like to find a guild that is social doing activities non-raid nights as well. I am in EST so I would like to be done raiding by 1am (10 server time). If you have room in your guild, please contact me via my battletag DeathLord#21776 ThanksRepulsor0 Jul 14
Jul 14 [A-Event] Midsummer Market The following notice has been posted in several different settlements across northern Kalimdor and major Alliance cities: ... The Midsummer Market is a collaborative effort by the kaldorei community of Wyrmrest Accord to host a fun, inclusive, and well-rounded social market event with an overarching Night Elf theme. MARKET INFO Date: July 14th 2017 Time: 5PM - 7PM (Realm time) (7PM - 9PM CST/ 8PM - 10PM EST) Place: Eastern Darnassus Contact: Elliistra or Shaureyne ATTRACTIONS •Opening and closing ceremonies •Stalls featuring various in-game items, entertainers, guild recruiters, and more •Complimentary food and drinks If you would like to run your own stall, please fill out the template below and post it as a comment to this thread. The deadline for stall sign-ups is July 10th. An official list of confirmed stalls, as well as a map featuring the locations of those stalls, will be posted here before the event begins. STALL FORM Character (vendor) name: Vendor, Recruitment or Talent Booth: (If talent) Talent Performed: (If recruiting) Guild you’ll be recruiting for: (If vendor) Stall type: GHI required Y/N: Additional Information about your stall/booth: Please contact Elliistra or Shaureyne with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the market.Elliistra24 Jul 14
Jul 14 <Jeff> is now recruiting for raiding! <Jeff> is a new guild led by a core of experienced and some former top 100 US raiders seeking a laid back raid environment to clear content and have a good time while doing so. What we're doing now: Right now we're focused on getting characters full of AP and gear to start progression, our week is filled out with runs of everything: EN, ToV, NH, Transmog/Mount runs, and Mythic+ Short Term: We look to start out clearing N and H-ToS starting in approximately 2 weeks partnered with our sister-guild on the server while continuing to build our roster via recruitment through various forums, applications and PuGs. Mythic is the goal before the launch of Argus. Long Term: We are hoping to have a stable roster before 7.3 where we are able to have heroic content on farm and start progression through mythic ToS. Recruitment Needs Currently we are recruiting anything and everything for our team, we seek introspective players who are looking for a healthy environment to foster a proper raid environment in where we can have fun and progress through the content at a steady pace. We are also looking for people to fill out the guild, being newly formed we don't have many members at the moment aside from the core who built it, we will be doing weekly Transmog/Mount runs and plenty of content aside from raiding, overall we want to build a constructive community for newer and veteran players alike to be a part of. Feel free to play with us in-game before committing to the guild, come join us in the various activities we hold throughout the week and get a feel for who we are as players and people. TL:DR Details: Server: Wyrmrest Accord - US (RP-PST) Faction: Horde Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday 7PM-10PM PST VOIP: Discord Loot Method: Loot council Website: jeffguild.enjin.com - send us an application! TL:DR Overview: We all love a good time We enjoy clearing content We are recruiting all specs/roles to fill out our roster We LOVE !@#$posting. Contact Us: Toasty : toastykeys#1425 - GM Pride : mom#11142 - Recruitment Wumplord/Lad : wumplord#1270 - RecruitmentToastyfu8 Jul 14
Jul 14 (A) Mage and Pally LF Raiding Guild My Husband and I are looking for an Alliance guild to join and Raid with. We also enjoy Mythic Plus runs and PvP. He's a 920 ilvl Ret and I am 915 Fire/Frost . We both have AOTC for NH and 4 Mythic NH. 9/9 N ToS and He is 6/9 H ToS. It has just bee too trying to get into good and STABLE pugs that don't seem to waste the night away. if you have a guild and might be interested in bringing us aboard my BTAG is Rylo#11257Rylò1 Jul 14
Jul 14 [A-RP Event] Grace of Elune (7-13-17) A note is tacked onto Alliance message boards, along with a feather an a simple crescent moon pendant: ... OOC: When: July 13th, 6pm Server time Where: Temple of the Moon, Darnassus What: A brief one-hour sermon on the wonders and mysteries of Elune, with blessings offered afterward. Why: To spread the word of Elune, of course! Who: Led by Roraelis, everyone is allowed to attend, no invite needed! DKs, DHs, and warlocks allowed! Please note though- this is a sermon event with the focus on one speaker. During the sermon try to keep emotes and /say to a minimum so that the event text does not get lost in chat spam, and everyone can read what is being said. :) If you have any questions, suggestions, or even requests on what topic I should cover, feel free to hit me up-game on Roraelis or at autumnal-eclipse.tumblr.com! I also have a calendar event for it in-game so if youd like to be added get in touch with me! This event can also be found on rpfind.me! https://rpfind.me/event/36 Playlist: https://playmoss.com/en/elksy/playlist/grace-of-eluneRoraelis8 Jul 14
Jul 14 Seeking RP Guild (Hordeside) Hello Wyrmrest! A friend and i are seeking a small - medium RP guild. I'll point out some things that are important to us =) Theme - We both enjoy treasure hunting themes. Finding treasure, using it, or possibly selling it. We enjoy adventuring. Size - The size of the guild we wish to find should be small - medium (No more than maybe 115 people) We have had issues with being "phased out" before due to there being to many people. Maturity - I'm not putting age, since age does not equal maturity, but we wish for a mature environment. We are both past the whole dankmeme stage of our lives so to speak =) Jokes are fine, don't get me wrong, but nothing to extreme. Attendance - We both have real lives, he of course works, and I have a lil one. We'd like a guild that isn't to strict on attendance. Hard or Soft? - Well, we prefer it in between really, not to hardcore of an RP guild, but not to soft either. Current story - This character, and his both have an ongoing story, this character has two sisters (She believes they are dead). His character was raised with the sisters. We'd like to keep that story in development on our off time =) (The sisters won't be brought into the guild) I hope it's not asking to much and we can be accommodated.Aerindae3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Any Room for Roleplay Criminal Organizations? I ask because it would be logical among the myriad guilds and groups home to Wyrmrest that some of them possess a more illegal leaning, yet I do not see advertising for such organizations or references from others. This is somewhat understandable since anyone operating within society's unpleasant underbelly would have a preference for discretion when executing their illicit activities. The purpose behind my inquiry is to gauge the presence and reception of a structured, criminal organization. And I don't mean a collection of bandits that harries trade routes or a coven for the dark arts, I am not looking to create a doomsday cult that will twirl its mustache as they work to usher in the end of days (though a hilariously incompetent one would be amusing for a time), or a shady assassin's guild that crouches precariously on city rooftops. I have two concepts in mind. One is a group of cutthroats and thieves that specializes in acquisitions for paying clientele. The organization would take part in various heists, some of them targeting existing guilds who have an interest in such an event, to foster interaction between roleplaying groups. Simultaneously, internal stories are carried out between members. Essentially, the heists are secondary to the narrative, which instead focuses on the consequences of said activities, whether it results in success or failure. On the other hand, heists can be carried out at the request of another group, which would require a meeting to set the terms, and the thieves fulfill their contract. The point of this is to have interaction of the non-violent variety without sacrificing atmosphere. In addition, these exchanges would not be limited by faction, as I am interested in fostering cross-factional roleplay (Demon Hunter/Pandaren liaisons, anyone?). The other idea is a more unpredictable organization that caters to niche clientele while also appealing to mainstream interests, fulfilling particular contracts. Need a new identity? They will set that up. Want to get back at that paladin who stole your hitching post spot? We'll swap a few pages in his libram with documents from a warlock's grimoire. Want an IC excuse to know when a certain group is doing a certain thing? We already have an agent en route, dressed up to fit right in. The purpose behind this organization is to create interesting circumstances on a smaller scale that does not necessitate substantial body counts. It also emphasizes interaction between roleplaying groups that can't boil down to waving armaments at each other. The general idea behind both is to create organizations that are functionally businesses that happen to operate on the wrong side of the law, doing other peoples dirty work so their hands might remain clean and offering plausible deniability should things go wrong. I want to put a greater interest on espionage rather than violence, though the latter can play a small role. So. . . thoughts? A lot of us are looking for roleplay, and a common adage for this community is be the roleplay you want to see, so I intend to do just that.Vyrael19 Jul 14
Jul 13 ⸰☽ Silver Circle ☾⸰ ‎ ‏‎ ‏‎           ‏‎This is a guild listing for the <Silver Circle> ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ CONTENTS Out-of-Character Information 1. About the Silver Circle 2. Guild Mandate 3. Heavy Role-play & Activity 4. Guild Registration & More Information In-Character Knowledge 1. Declaration of a New Order 2. Rumors and Hooks ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ ...For this thread, the term Kaldorei refers to three of the oldest elven races in World of Warcraft; the Night Elves, Highborne, and Shal’dorei. About the Silver Circle The Silver Circle is a guild of keen-eyed kaldorei who stand vigil over their people, ever alert for the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Alliance or those who despoil nature or corrupt Kalimdor. We offer a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where guild members and allies are engaged and work together to help add to the guild story and the overall feeling of immersion in the role-play community. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun environment, and welcome members who will add to this, and embrace the tone we already have. What makes the Silver Circle unique is our achievement-based role-playing opportunities. We offer a personalized system for members to fulfill character development needs, called Paths, in which members can earn seals, a title, and be part of a personalized ceremony. There are four distinctive Paths, which enables members to progress their characters in a unique and authentic way. In addition to immersive character progression, the Silver Circle offers various Quests for members to undertake at any time. Members instigate what occurs, and help add to developing the guild story by completing them. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Mandate In-character, members of the Silver Circle strive to fulfill Elune’s will for the world by following a code and set of core values. Their objectives are as follows: defend the Kaldorei nation, oppose those who are an affront to the Goddess, and honor the Alliance. Out-of-Character, members also follow a code and set of core values. Specifically, members are expected to set an example of good role-playing socially and on the battlefield. They seek to engage as many other players as possible in a way that creates an enjoyable experience for all. They play the game in such a way as to add to the general atmosphere and immersion of every player. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Heavy Roleplay & Activity As a Kaldorei themed heavy role-play guild, we cater to a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles that fit in the World of Warcraft universe. We like new applicants to show enthusiasm and willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme and Warcraft setting in general. A good grasp of lore is preferred. But don’t worry if you’re still learning; we welcome both experienced and new Kaldorei role-players to interact with us. It is most important to us that new members show good attitude and respect for others. For the purposes of role-playing, the Silver Circle is considered a heavy role-playing guild. We role-play actively although not fanatically, and we prefer to surround ourselves with others who share our enthusiasm for role-play. People who are inactive in role-play (either because they are never around, or because they PvE/PvP to the exclusion of all else) are still welcome to try joining us, but if they continue to remain inactive they will be gently persuaded to seek other challenges. ‎          ⸰☽--------------------------☽◯☾--------------------------☾⸰ Guild Registration ✔️ Complete Site Rules Agreement          ❌ Long Application Process ✔️ Have an IC reason to join                ❌ Lack an IC reason to join ✔️ Join for a 30-day trial period             ❌ Fail to give us a try ✔️ Plan to play actively                     ❌ Have no plan to play actively ✔️ Have Fun                               ❌ Stress More Information For those who wish to learn more about the Silver Circle, or who have questions, we invite you to visit our guild website at: silvercircle.shivtr.com Use our Guestbook forum to ask questions and visit our information tab for more details about the guild.Feyawen38 Jul 13