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Jul 13 Seeking a guild What are some recommendations for RP guilds, with emphasis on Sin'dorei?Leothiel4 Jul 13
Jul 13 (H) <Codex of Power> *Not a guild* (H) <Codex of Power> *Not a guild* The Legion has pulled Alliance and Horde heroes to the Broken Shore. Drained both armies of their resources, exposing capital cities and villages across Azeroth to attack. Join a group of adventurers who are defending those in need. Help track down relics of power, ancient knowledge, and forgotten evils. Everyone is looking for long term story RP. A place to change the world and grow your characters. If you enjoy RP that follows lore and is brave enough to leave the comforts of the City, enjoy RP with a story-line where you change the flow of the over all story. If you don’t want to leave your guild, no problem. I have a discord set up to post events and keep in contact there. Pst me in game, or send a request to Dave#11618. All race/class/levels can be apart of the RP.Taleisiin0 Jul 13
Jul 12 [H-RP Pub] The Drowned Rat - July 10, 2017 The Drowned Rat [Horde RP Pub] Avast there! Ye come seekin’ adventure and salty ol’ pirates, aye? Well ye come to the proper place matey! Pull up a chair and have some grog or rum........for a coin or two, says I. Keep a weather eye out bucko, for ye’ll be sure t’ see the Drowned Rat open when the tide is low and the moon is high! THE FIRST EVENING OF THE DROWNED RAT TAVERN WILL BE: JULY 10TH, 2017 IN THE SALTY SAILOR TAVERN IN BOOTY BAY (PROXY FOR THE DROWNED RAT) FROM 6PM SERVER TIME UNTIL 10PM. For more information and announcements for upcoming evenings, check: http://skelligwra.tumblr.com/drownedrat Who are we? The Drowned Rat is an IC Tavern where players can experience a more nautical-themed RP tavern hosted by WrA’s own resident pirate, Captain Billy Skellig! The proxy location right now is the Salty Sailor Tavern in Booty Bay, but in the future the location may change. Captain Skellig offers a variety of grogs, brews and grub all for RP purposes. The tavern will be typically open from 6pm ST until around 10pm ST for the announced night. On scheduled nights the first 5 patrons get a free souvenir! Our Drinks BOTTLE OF GROG We’re not entirely sure what’s exactly in this brew, so best you not drink it on an empty stomach. Even better yet, use it to clean your ship’s hull! CAPTAIN RUMSEY’S LAGER A light ale with a hoppy taste that’s frothier than a storm-blown ocean. RUMSEY RUM BLACK LABEL Like the Maelstrom, once you taste this dark stout brew, you will likely never go back! SOUTHSHORE STOUT Our dwarven clientele have assured us this is a safe, middle of the road brew for any landlubber. TIDESKORN MEAD ALE Brewed from honey and hops, this smooth amber ale goes down nicely with a slight hint of seaweed. VOLATILE RUM Our standard rum brewed and tested (results are due back some day now) by our Blackwater Goblin traders. Just don’t drink this near any open flames……Skellig10 Jul 12
Jul 12 Warpsprocket Institute Seeking Scholars [A] The Warpsprocket Institute is looking for bright young minds who wish to further the intellectual boundaries of the races of Azeroth in most fields! Born of the Exquisite Rose archaeology company and the subsequent Blazing Heart Pact adventuring group, the Warpsprocket Institute, headed by Rinzi Warpsprocket, is hoping to leverage the current motivation to research... well, anything really? We're not horribly picky. All we ask is that you're passionate about something that can be researched. (OOC: We're a research/scholar's RP guild, more a think tank than a university. We're looking for new members! Students of arms, magic, faith... all are welcome, even the darker arts.) If you'd like to know more, shoot a letter to: Rinzi Warpsprocket (IG name: Warpsprocket) Starfall Village Winterspring, Kalimdor We hope to see you soon!Warpsprocket0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Evening Weekend Raid Guild I was considering moving to this realm as it has the highest population for PCT time zone. I understand that RP server are not as heavy on raiding as other servers, but i was wondering if there is any horde or alliance guild that raid starting at around 9-10pm server time. please drop me a reply here with your recruitment info, so i can contact you and discuss possible openings. Thank youMaîev0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Death Knights in the Dwarven community I have a question. I've been seeing so much lately of different dwarf guilds and The Mead Hall that I really want to try rping as a dwarf. Problem is my only current dwarf chars are this DK and a shaman. Not really into the shaman play style wise and can't really come up with a decent concept for it, but this DK I love both the mechanics and I like the concept I came up with. Looking at the dwarf guilds I don't see many DKs in them. Is this an IC reason, are they ostracized from the community at large? Or is it more people rolling warriors, pallys, shammys, and hunters. etc. Just something I wanted to ask.Uafas11 Jul 12
Jul 12 Name Release: Zophar Hey everyone. Dunno who it might interest, but I figured I'd post it. I'm releasing the name Zophar today from a level 1 alt I've had for a few years so that someone (maybe a RPer) will find a use for it. Hoarding it seems like a waste, so I'm dropping it back into the player-pool. Completely free, no gold asked or wanted. Just remember it's going to be first come first serve. The name might serve someone as a good basis and name for a Forsaken Priest / or a Draenei Priest / Paladin. The name stems from the bible. In the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Book of Job, Zophar the Naamathite is one of the three friends of Job who visits to comfort him during his illness. Anyways, have a great day WRA. Hope whoever gets the name enjoys it!Lacryma2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Is Cozmics Playground still on this server Hi a friend of mine told me to play on this server and join this guild. I have been playing only for a few months but I can't find it. I am a level 110 Tauren druid. I can't post on it I just resubbed. I quit because I had no one to play with and people in dungeons were mean and I got tired of solo play. Thanks for readingPoohpers3 Jul 12
Jul 12 How are we doing, Wyrmrest? I just finished two class mount quests in the span of a week and the difference is...notable. Some minor spoilers follow. The Rogue questline was very satisfying to me. Lillian Voss, a Rogue, shows up and tells you that the Legion has made undead lookalikes that are walking around undetected as spies in capitol cities. Your job is to go to your foes' cities and kill them. It's actually pretty brilliant, as storytelling goes. It hearkens back to the origins of the undead (tools for the Legion) and really cements the concept of the Uncrowned as the people who get things done behind the scenes. I wasn't even that thrilled about the Hatbird mount, but it's growing on me as a result of this quest. Then I did the Hunter class mount and...uh... You receive a summons from Odyn, a guy who, up to this point, has shown absolutely no interest in Hunters whatsoever. He calls you to the Great Hunt, which is...I guess, logical? At which point, you kill some spirits and then are awarded a flying dog to ride. It's a little underwhelming. The Unseen Path is presented as this group of rangers and hunters who protect the world behind the scenes (much like the Uncrowned, except in the wilderness, I guess). But your class quest involves you going and hanging out with another class' patron leader who just showed up. While it kind of makes sense, it's not exactly satisfying. Overall, the Hunter class campaign seems like it's in want of an identity. They're protectors and rangers, but then they're goofy guys who like hunting stuff. Really, if I could redo it, I'd make the Hunter class leader Hemet Nesingwary and turn their role from the vague protective mission to a quest to hunt and kill the biggest, baddest creatures in the Nether. Just as Warriors were bound together by their quest for glory, Hunters would be bound together by their desire to prove their skills and bring down insurmountable foes. Ah, well. How are you doing? Now that we're at the end of it all, do you enjoy your class orders? Or are you a little disgruntled? I'm debating which alt to level next (Warlock, Druid, Paladin) and trying to find out who has the best quests.Enekie57 Jul 12
Jul 12 [H-RP] The Shadowmaw Tribe (Troll-Based RP) "What ya doin' sons of da Empire? Are joo really gonna say ya be satisfied bein some dead Elf's pet? Ya, I thought not. Ya be forgettin what joo are, an joo disrespectin da Gods wit ya efforts ta fit in wit da Orcs. Vol'jin, failed. Zul'jin, Betrayed. We now sittin in dis Horde, but what dat givin any of us? All it give us is da same ting dat Rastakhan give ya. Orphans an women witout dere men. We been watchin for a time. We watch da rise an fall of a Serpent. We watch da rise an fall of da Zandalari. We been waitin for a day when da sons of da Empire would be rememberin what dey are. Spirits didn't give Vol'jin clarity, dey was laughin. Laughin at da fool who possessed by a Banshee an surrendered his people to be nothin more den arrows in her quiver. It da same way dey was laughin when da Naga came to da Echo Isles an took it from da Darkspear. But mebbe you smarter den dat. Mebbe now you ready ta deal. Maybe now ya work wit us, an see da Empire rise again. We gonna avenge Vol'jin. But we gonna do it our way an on our terms. Not on da terms of some rottin' Elf Ranger who just as soon use us as a shield to protect her from humans or wolf-men, while stealin our dead from da Gods."Jaquio17 Jul 12
Jul 12 [A] <Nostalgìa> Legacy Raiding & RP Guild! Deleted.Invicti54 Jul 12
Jul 11 Looking for roleplay? Check us out! Hey Wyrmrest Accord! Looking for a guild? Have lore questions? New to your server and want to make some connections? Just don't have enough discords in your list? The LFRP discord has you covered! From long-time WoW veterans to new players just learning the ropes, we've got a little bit of everything and plenty of conversation in between. We are a server dedicated to finding partners, creating networks, and getting the most out of your RP experience. We span over several servers and factions, and welcome all who have a passion for roleplay! Since we have underage members, adult (erotic) roleplay advertisements, pictures, etc. will be prohibited in LFRP. Our server rules are simple and easy to follow. We are a server that will not tolerate any sort of harassment or personal attacks against our members, guild drama, slandering, trolling, racist comments, etc. If you're a guild recruiter or leader, we have a rank just for you to more easily reach and interview players looking for new homes. :) We are currently looking for moderators! Thanks for reading, and hope to see some of you in the future! LFRP Discord: https://discord.gg/DAXmqdRAran25 Jul 11
Jul 11 [H-RP] <Lost Horizon> - Of Fortune and Peril ... LOST HORIZON - Larceny, Levity & Lovecraftian Horror! Add two tablespoons Pirates of the Caribbean, one tablespoon Indiana Jones, sprinkle in a pinch of Black Sails, lightly season with Lovecraft; mix and stir. That's the general eclectic ambience Lost Horizon is striving for. We're a brand-new guild just now embarking on our maiden voyage, looking for enthusiastic new members to join us. Our focal point is currently the cursed ship Meridian and her intrepid crew of privateers, but we're looking beyond that. Treasure hunters, mercenaries, scholars, occultists, a menagerie of mystical misfits and (allegedly) reformed cultists ... anyone who might enjoy the notion of opportunistic adventure and ill-advisedly unravelling secrets mortals were never meant to know could easily find a place here. What do we offer? Sweeping storylines balancing swashbuckling heroics, gritty intrigue and visceral horror -- from the treacherous shores of the Broken Isles to the depths of Vash'jir, with many a misadventure, merry and macabre, along the way. One week might find the crew exploring a sunken temple, another on the run from the Alliance navy, another still staging a heist into a Kirin Tor sanctum. And in the space between there's research to conduct, forbidden texts to consult, wayward ships to plunder and copious amounts of rum to drink. Treasure hunts offering small-scale RP events and character development for parties of 2+. Pick an artifact lead on the procurement board and a GM will arrange a bite-size RP adventure. A simple & flexible D6 system that allows characters to portray their myriad talents and flaws mechanically with minimal mess and fuss. Casual PvX Nights Mythics, raids and maybe PvP if you ask really, really nicely. And last but certainly not least... Camaraderie! A creative, tight-knit community committed to a laid-back, welcoming environment and collaborative storytelling that acknowledges every character as a protagonist and the lore as a framework – not a prison. What don't we offer? Dental. Sorry, but in the endless war against scurvy, there's bound to be a few sacrifices. Contact us! If your curiosity is sufficiently piqued (or you just have questions), feel free to talk to one of our officers or even get right down to slinging an application our way via our forum. ...Falfarrin15 Jul 11
Jul 11 [H] ilvl 912 Havoc DH LF guild Hello everyone! So most of my guild (there was like 4-5 of us) just quit or won't be able to play for a while. It's kinda sad, but it opens new doors for me to expand my horizons. Which is why I'm making this post. I'm looking for a new guild, I would really like to raid (never been in a guild large enough to formally raid), rp is fine with me (never done it ((I've acted before, I think I can do it)), but I mean I'm open for whatever). I have a decent schedule pretty much home after 4 PM server time. I main a Havoc Demon Hunter - Total ilvl 912 - I however do have a ilvl 894 Holy Priest in the works. I've played this game for about 11 years, and I think it's time to expand my horizons. I've done all I can with a small group, it's time to put myself out there and do more! Thank you for your time!Whisperindre0 Jul 11
Jul 11 Looking for a guild to call home Hello all. Im looming for a guild. Alliance here, still super new to WoW but I am a fast learner. I am located in central time, and usually work from 6am until 5pm. Please if you need any more information let me know.Gladiodor1 Jul 11
Jul 11 <The Varden>[H] 9/10M LFM! Hey there, loves! Varden's silly kitty cat here, looking to see if we can pick up some more raiders to bring with us into Emerald Nightmare, Trials of Valor, and future raid content! Who are we? <The Varden> is a guild that has enjoyed clearing content in a timely and efficient manner, without sacrificing our values in regards to being a family oriented raiding guild. We are a tight knit group of individuals, mostly consistent of long time friends of all different faces and voices. We're always looking to add more to our members, and we want to share our enthusiasm in obtaining a few new fresh faces to join our ranks. What do we do? <The Varden> is primarily a raiding guild. We do not shun Roleplayers, or turn them away, especially with a good chunk of our guildmates being Roleplayers themselves. As stated above, we're very family focused, and very tightly knit, but we don't want people to feel afraid of assimilating to our culture, and fitting in - We're all a friendly bunch! Outside of raid, we actively run Mythic+ content as a guild, and occasionally throw together some PvP oriented fun. Many of our members also play other games together, and our voice chat always tend to have a few people on it during all hours of the day! What are we looking for? We currently have room for the following: DPS 1x Hunter 1x Boomkin 1x Mage We are actively looking for ranged in general, so if your class/spec isn't listed above, please don't be afraid to apply to us if you feel you are an exceptional player. What will be required of you? As a raider joining <The Varden>, you will be expected to have solid knowledge of the workings and intricacies of your class, and a strong understanding of how the current content fights work. We need players that don't stand in the fire, and can push their buttons as hard as they possibly can! We would also prefer that if you join, you are able to find the time to run Mythic plus whenever you possibly can manage it. As stated above, we always have groups of players looking for more to get them going. What are our raid times? Tuesday 7:30-10:00 PST Thursday & Sunday 7:00-10:00 PST Optional nights for lesser content such as Heroic Emerald Nightmare happen on Monday, and we throw together an LFR run for fun on Wednesday! You can apply to us via website: http://thevarden-wra.enjin.com/ Alternatively, you can add one of our officers to battletag to chat with us directly: Zerrahki#1784, Death#12420, Geoffar#1139 Thank you so much for reading, and we look forward to receiving an application from you soon!Zerrahki194 Jul 11
Jul 10 906 Warlock Raiding (A) Greetings fellow Alliance Members I am a 906 Warlock specializing in demonology who is looking for a social guild as well as heroic raiding as well. I want to be progression minded with having a nice community of people to spend time in game doing m+, old raids, world quests, just having fun. I have some raiding experience but certainly not hard core, but willing to work hard, and do all I can to improve and if that leads to mythic raiding, bring it on! Let me know if you have room in your guild. Thanks Deathlord#21176Repulsor0 Jul 10
Jul 10 [H-RP]<The Windsong Herd> ... Who We Are: The Windsong Herd is a semi-casual RP guild, open to any race or class! The Windsong are a nomadic people, focused on the defense of their home, inspiring others, and spreading joy. Most within our ranks classify themselves as warriors or bards, but all walks of life are more than welcome! We offer a home to all characters, and wish to help you as a player develop your story! Our RP is based on semi-long story archs that can lie on a foundation of current events in World of Warcraft, past threats making a return or a new conflict, or even member made story archs to help with character progression! And with the Legion knocking at Azeroth's door once again, you can expect our Windsong Herd to be reacting in song and support to all. Which is not to say we will be simple bards on the sides watching war wage ever on. Some of us put ourselves in the lines to keep our people safe. Characters within the Windsong may choose to follow the Path of the Four Winds, a specilized system that will allow you to develop your character along a path that you so choose! It's 100% customizable and guarentees that you have contact and near constant interaction with our officers! What We Expect: Some of our members hold a long past in roleplay, but by no means do we expect you to be a master of roleplay, or even World of Warcraft. What we expect is a fun, carefree and safe environment and atmosphere. We're a community of friends first and foremost, so the most we expect are smiles and funtimes! We do expect a bit of grammatical knowhow, though no one is perfect. Perfect words are not expected and if one is ever uncomfortable or uncertain with their style of roleplay or gameplay, we are happy to be patient and offer help. Zero drama is something we have stood by for a long time, and we still do to this day. If any problems or drama rise, we try to resolve these little conflicts and help others move on to find better days ahead. And lastly, real life does always come first. We understand some people won't be able to make all of the events on the calendar, and that's fine. Just toss a heads up in advance and we'll make note! That being said, we do ask our members make an effort to join our events at least once every two weeks. What You Should Expect Expect a fun and friendly bunch! We like to have fun, both IC and OOC. We are listed as an 18+ guild, if only for some of the jokes that may arise in OOC chat. You as a player are important to us, and we want to get to know you for more than your character! First and foremost, we are a community, centered around YOU. Expect invites to other games we may be playing as a group and shenanigans all around! We will conduct an IC interview of sorts, if not a small story just to hop you into the guild. Contact myself, Eiahakuija, Wachiwii, or Annasami in game or feel free to post any questions you have here! Don't forget to visit our new website at www.thewindsongherd.enjin.com to apply!Azriell35 Jul 10
Jul 10 [A] <Acceptable Losses> 8/9H LFM <Acceptable Losses> is recruiting. Raid team spots are competitive and based on performance, attitude, and attendance. We are currently 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV, 8/10 M NH, and 8/9 H ToS. We are also recruiting players who are interested in pushing high level M+, pvp, and casual play. We strive to provide parents, students, and career professionals who do not have the time to budget for weeknight raids a place to progress through current content in a mature and fun atmosphere. Raid Times: Fri & Sat at 7:30 pm PST (progression) Wed at 7:30 pm PST (optional farm night where attendance is not tracked) Please contact Subduction in-game or respond in this thread if you are interested or would like more information. Cheers, SubSubduction48 Jul 10
Jul 10 [H-RP] The Whitehorn Tribe Wambleesha looked over the small encampment situated at Ghostwalker Post, in Desolace. He counted the number of Whitehorn several times, and after each count he would frown. His people had dwindled, their numbers slowly disappearing. He sighed softly, looking towards the mountains that sectioned off Desolace from the Golden Plains of Mulgore. For too long had the Whitehorn camped outside the Crossroads, serving Soup to those in need. While they had looked to others, they had become blind to their own needs. The Legion’s return was a painful lesson, one that was still engraved in many of the minds camped here now. But even though dire times had begun for the Whitehorn, a glimmer of hope was revealed. The Totem Spirits had spoken to Elder Wambleesha, the new Chieftain of the Whitehorn, to come to Desolace. There, they would find the strength, and the answers, to begin pushing back against their dreaded foe, the Sleeper. Wambleesha looked back to his people once more before whispering to the Spirits. It was time the Whitehorn took to the Paths of Old, to find the Shrines long left in disrepair. The Totem Spirits would be honored, and revered in the proper way, and the Whitehorn would begin to push back from the disarray that had befallen their once great people. The Elder stands tall, looking towards the encampment of his people. “Theia-shoush ahmen.” ______________ The Whitehorn Tribe is a mostly Tauren, tribal RP guild with a heavy focus on service to the Skyfather, the teachings of the Earthmother, and honoring the ancestors. If your character believes the Shu’halo are losing touch with their traditions, or that the Shu’halo should be honoring the Totem Spirits more than they should - then we might be the guild for you! If your character hears the call of the Spirits, and you want to stand ready to protect the Earthmother and her children – then yes, we do have a place for you. FAQs : Wait, wasn’t Kinarra the GM of Whitehorn? Aye, she was. However due to being unable to be present enough for interactions of the Tribe, she decided it would be best to hand it over to myself. However, she hasn’t left us, just taken a more laidback approach until she can return to usurp the mantle from my hands. Love you Kina… What do you mean by “mostly Tauren”? That we do accept non-Tauren members! As long as the character’s beliefs are in line with the Earthmother’s teachings, then yes, we accept them. Once they were considered provisional members, but the dire times ahead for the Whitehorn have called for them to reconsider this stance. As such, other races will be treated as tribesmen, once they have completed the necessary rites. Who the heck is the “Skyfather”? (As originally written by Kinarra.) The Skyfather, to my knowledge, is not mentioned in Tauren Lore. The concepts Earthmother and Skyfather occur together frequently in tribal cultures around the world however. To my point of view though, since the “Earthmother” is mentioned, it seems to imply the Skyfather. It’s not hard to believe that the different Tauren tribes would have different variations in some of their beliefs and customs. So, The Whitehorns are a bit on the fringe of the Tauren mainstream. I noticed many references to “journey”, “trail” and “path” – is there a theme here? Yes, there is! The main focus of the guild are the “Spirit Paths”. This is the method by which you honor the Skyfather and Earthmother. There are four paths that represent different focus areas your character can choose from. They are: Brave, Healer, Teacher/Lore master, and Mystic. For RP purposes, these replace your in-game class. How you choose to RP your character determines which path you choose. Basic Information: Horde Friendly* Guild: <Whitehorn Tribe> (*Because “Neutral” isn’t an option.) Guild Site: http://thewhitehorntribe.shivtr.com Contacts: Wambleesha (Guild Leader), Kinarra (Co-GM), Ossyka, Springmoon, Eishala or Menem.Wambleesha54 Jul 10
Jul 10 Doomfist For those of you who haven't seen yet, Doomfist is finally on the Overwatch PTR and he's ready to punch his way into our hearts. Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Omo9PydZyA Dev Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uKkAyLPJe0Saint44 Jul 10
Jul 10 Tauren Brewmaster Concept So I keep meaning to make a brewmaster and finally did, but I wanted to ask about this concept I had, because I have concerns about originality. I wanted to make basically a reformed Grimtotem Tauren, who became a monk and is trying to master the teachings of Nuizao. A Grimtotem Tauren following the Black Ox seems like a very obvious correlation, but I haven't seen it before. Have I just missed it? Or do I actually have a fairly original idea? (Stranger things have happened.)Keldaxus1 Jul 10
Jul 10 How do people get away with these names.. Earlier tonight (Not to long ago) I was in Dalaran when I saw someone with very offensive name.. Normally, I don't care for what people name characters, but when it comes down to racist / sexual names, it kind of irks me. I'm wondering how people get away with names like that... I won't say the name, but all I will say is it was a level 100 goblin rogue, and the name was pretty racist..I thought WrA had more class than that =(Deysonia32 Jul 10
Jul 10 The name Nakha If anyone has it, or knows someone that does, I would be interested in obtaining it. Thanks.Nakhu1 Jul 10
Jul 10 [H-RP] Looking for the person known as Aja DeleteShadesinger0 Jul 10
Jul 10 [Revenants] (Horde) WRA The [Revenants] is an inclusive, all-friendly Horde guild that has been on Wyrmrest Accord for since 2015. We consider ourselves a laid-back, casual roleplay guild, but we welcome all styles of gameplay from members across the country. The Revenants has taken a direction in-game that focuses on the participation and relationship between all of its members, and we encourage diversity, creativity, and authenticity in our guild ranks when it comes to events and storylines. You can find us doing a variety of events every month, such as goofing off in major cities, kicking butt in group battlegrounds, War Games, running our friends through dungeons and raids, questing, exploration, and RPing in an assortment of styles. Revenants also consider ourselves a “new roleplayer friendly” guild—we teach many of our members how to roleplay and we don’t enforce a “one right way” of roleplay. Understanding that everyone is different when it comes to their likes and style is the first step towards making amazing events. There are no race / level / class requirements for the Revenants because we encourage diversity and we want everyone to be different so that we can have a multitude of narratives, personalities, and events. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send Tezoth or Feyrre (Co-GMs) in-game mail—and if not, welcome to Revenants. --------------------------------------------------- Who are we IC? Revenants is not a strict roleplay guild where every one of our members has an assigned role, such as militia or a military-based style of roleplay; instead, we are a loosely-bound group of citizens of the Horde of all specialties and noble rank (from high rank to casual citizen) that do our best to protect Azeroth from dangerous incoming forces. When you join Revenants, you can choose to either be an IC Member of the guild or an OOC Member. If you choose to be an IC Member, you’d become part of this loosely-bound group IC-ly and would initiate yourself into the base and lifestyle of the Revenants when they meet. If you choose to be an OOC Member, you are still more than welcome to RP with us at events, though your character would not be considered part of Revenants IC-ly—they may instead be considered a sellsword, or a merchant, or an associate of the group. Our guild does a lot of “bonding” events, such as parties or gatherings over strategic battle events, but you can still find us doing either when need be. Our battle events are a mixture of emote/roll battles. ------------------------------------------------- Who are we OOC? Shenanigans, friends, family, goofballs, explorers, battlemasters, casual players—you name it. Revenants prides ourselves on the amount of friendliness that we try to put out into the game. Our guild cannot emphasize enough that everyone is welcome here, whether you play every day of the week or three days a month. We don’t punish you for being diverse nor do we pressure any guild member to immerse themselves in any style that they are uncomfortable with. We have members who like to progress in PvE, members who Prestige often in PvP, members who only roleplay, and members who do all three. We’re a talkative bunch who are tightly wound together in and out of the game who have formed an incredible bond with one another, and we pride ourselves on being inclusive to newest members. ----------------------------------------------------- Our website: http://revenantswa.shivtr.red/ Our guild does do Discord invites (Very active Discord, 100+ with guests and Guild Alliances) for those who aren't yet a part of the guild but wish to see what we are about. If you'd like such an invite, you may whisper Feyrre in-game or send mail in-game for that invite <3 Thanks for checking us out! <3Feyrre0 Jul 10
Jul 10 Troll Discord Hello. I like talking about Trolls. I've RPed a Troll for many years, and I have led a handful of Troll guilds on Moon Guard. I made a Discord server to talk about Trolls. However, I prefer to talk about Trolls with other people. If you RP a Troll, or just like them in general, feel free to join. https://discord.gg/WtMgY3cYokumba4 Jul 10
Jul 10 [A|H] Sassypants Looking for RP Guild waahooBadonkadini0 Jul 10
Jul 10 A Simple Request [Memorial for Vradic] Hello Wyrmrest Accord Community, Forum Community, Blizzard Team, and others. Silversun Industries is humbly coming to you all to garner support in order to help us memorialize a member of the Wyrmrest Accord Community that recently passed away after a losing a long-standing battle with aggressive cancer. The following is the text from the Tumblr post as well as the text that is currently written on the petition. On the main petition, you can links to David's music which helps power the visual importance of what we're trying to achieve. As we continue going forward and gathering signatures to show just how many people this man's life has touched, we'll be adding various posts from Community members to the petition. We will also be highlighting the comments made by anyone who was close to Vradic. Link: www.ipetitions.com/petition/a-lute-for-a-hero Feel free to send us an ask on Tumblr if you have moments with this amazing man you wish to recall for the petition post. ________________________________ With the loss of a long-standing member of Wyrmrest Accord [NA], Silversun Industries is doing all that it can to ensure that this valued member of the community is not forgotten. David Deering, also known by his in-game alias Vradic (in-character Y'akov Vradic), passed away Wednesday June 28th, 2017 after a long standing battle with cancer. It is our goal that this Champion of the Life both in-game and out of game is remembered. Why Silvermoon City? As many people know while on Horde side, David played as a Sin'dorei (Blood Elf) Protection Paladin. People would always find him wandering about Silvermoon, offering friendly greetings and hellos. Many quote him with his typical greeting: “Hello all you happy people!” Why the benches outside? Why not somewhere else? Aside from spending his time inside the city, David also spent his days in-game outside in the small gardens at the entrance of Silvermoon when he wasn’t helping guildmates and others. Aside from it being -the- location to find the character Vradic, it’s also an area that many people in-game just run by and don’t think much of. We have already placed a character there in memory of him, but if we lose the account, that character is gone as well. Why a lute of all things? David was a musical artist as well as Vradic in-game. There were many times on Discord where David would just randomly sing to us all. He was also the first person to always sing happy birthday on any of our special days. Aside from being a great singer, Vradic’s voice held soul and a beyond comforting tone. The lyrics of his own written songs were thoughtful, warming, and moved a person on their first hearing. Why is this important? It’s important for many reasons, but to us the WrA community, David was a member of the realm since it’s launch. As time comes and goes, many people move realms or even quit the game. He never turned his back on the realm and was always there through all of the good times and the bad times. He went out of his way in order to help those around him. Through roleplay, gearing in dungeons and raids, a shoulder to cry on, or a partner to stay up talking to until four in the morning. David was there for all of us, shining his Holy Light in the darkness of our lives to help us forward.Válorian27 Jul 10
Jul 10 !! Active Legacy Twink guild recruitment !! Hello everyone! I am looking for anyone who would be interested in joining a Twink guild on horde side Wrymrest Accord - US. The name of the guild is called <Twink Rejects>. The Guild just formed last week and we have 17 members already! This guild we be created for different purposes and for players to indulge in a new social and fun environment, including numerous different activities while we wait for legion. The list below explains what my ideas would be for the guild: 1.) PVE: Go back and raid in level 60 - 80 content with experience locked characters (Twinks as many people call them.) , this will consist of you leveling a character to level 60, 70, or 80 and raiding in the content set for that level cap/ expansion. For example if you level cap at 80, you will be doing Wrath of the Lich King raids/dungeons. There will be a decision based on the overall vote and popularity of what expansion/ level cap we all wish to do first. (Once people join of course.) 2.) PVP: level 70, 80, or 85 Twinked PVP Arenas: 2s, 3s and 5a rated Battleground fun (for Vicious mounts) 3.) RP: Part-time RolePlaying(RP) guild, This is for anyone who wishes to give RolePlaying a try and this is not a confirmed thing as of yet, but based on the player feedback of the guild we will always have it as an option. Basics of Roleplay: The guild will have an interesting interactive storyline players can indulge in and create a fun Custom Roleplay storyline when active members are on. IMPORTANT: (Not all members have to RP, you can simply just join for the fun experience of Raiding and social aspect if you please.) WRA is a RP server so I said why not give it a try and open it to anyone who likes to RP. Leveling: I know it can be very hard for some people to grind to level 60, 70, or even 80 and keep motivated on the path to make those levels. It happens, and it's happened to me as well, and it happens for a majority of different reasons. I offer my help in leveling a character with anyone who would like to join the guild, that way it will be more social and interactive to keep you motivated. This is also another way to get you to meet your fellow members and have some fun! Communication: As far as communication goes, we will be using 1 of 5 programs or any others that people can suggest. 1.) Discord 2.) Skype 3.) Raidcall 4.) Mumble 5.) Vent These are the most reliable ways of communication (in my opinion) that will be best suited for our guild. In the mean time while leveling with you or just having a call with the guild we will use Skype until we figure out our primary communication program. Hours: (To Be Determined) When it comes to our 3 categories of activities, hours will be figured out based on what's best for everyone, and what times we can do what, or whenever everyone is online. Enrollment: If you are interested in joining feel free to add me on Battletag/ Real ID: Limestonee#1845 or you have any feedback to give me! Extras: For any future ideas with the guild, such as making it a multiple level Twink guild. ( 60s, 70s, 80s, 85s, and so on.) Will come later on when more people join and the guild gets lifted off its feet. Thank you for your time in reading this ( Even if you just skimmed through most of it. ) and please check for updates, because they will be posted once in a while. For a long time I have wanted to get a Twink guild rolling but never found the drive or other players to do it, so please consider joining <Twink Rejects> for a fun time while we wait for Legion.Sneakybum2 Jul 10
Jul 9 Looking for guild that can help me I joined my son's guild here a while back, but it kinda went belly up. Would really like to get the Deathwatch Hatchling pet but I know it is only available if the guild has unlocked it by doing specific dungeons. Are there any guilds that have this unlocked and would be willing to invite me? I don't want/need GB access and willing to help where I can, but raiding makes me extremely nervous. I would be extremely happy if any guild could see their way to sending me an invite. Thanks bunches!Devoured0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Character Introduction... Refined Hello again everyone. After taking tips from others and actually reading lore, here is my entirely new back story to my character. Once again I look forward to meeting new people. It will be posted below. An additional edit occured to iron out some details, another will be coming once lore is better and proficiently understood better.Gladiodor5 Jul 9
Jul 9 [A/H-RP] Illidari Beach Hangout ... WHAT: A gathering of demon hunters blowing off steam WHERE: The Silithus coast (coordinates 12.8, 52.2) WHEN: July 8th, 6:00 PM server time WHO: All demon hunters, both Alliance and Horde Are you a demon hunter frustrated with a lack of opportunities for casual RP? Join us in setting aside our worries for the night and spend some quality time with your fellow Illidari! Snacks and drinks will be provided. If you'd like to get to know us ahead of time, join us at the Wyrmrest Illidari Discord at https://discord.gg/qSxpNDY! As an aside, please refrain from mentioning certain things Illidan may or may not recently have done in the Tomb of Sargeras at either the event or in this thread. Not everyone knows what happened yet, so please don't spoil the surprise for them!Tancren43 Jul 9
Jul 8 Anyone at RTX? I'm currently waiting for the Funhaus lads and lady to make an appearance at their panel and was wondering if any other Accordians were in Austin for the con weekend?Praahv2 Jul 8
Jul 8 (H-RP Event) Shadowtusk Clan Great Hunt! When: July 9th-16th (Competition Days - 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th) Where: Gorgrond (Broken Horn Village - Competition will be throughout zone) Good evening, Wyrmrest! Before I get into the meat and potatoes of everything, I'd like to first explain how and why we are doing this. As seen a couple of days back, STC is trying to get back out there in the server with both recruitment and events - This being one of the latter! Generous donations from Yaksini, Chief Garz, Antu'zul Tazjiin and Atal'alarion Enya'fon have even made for some more valuable prizes, which will be discussed below. I hope you can come out and have a good time - The two past years I have done this have been some of the most rewarding DMing experiences I've ever had, and I would love to share that challenge and hilarity with the server at large. If you're interested in coming along? Send myself or any of the officers (Doombloom, Sejjunta, Garz and Tåzjiin). We'll invite you to the events! If you have questions, ask them below. If these rules look daunting, take some time to digest them - They're not so bad in practice, and I can state with confidence I and other DMs will help you get used to them throughout the competition to make it smooth. However, without further ado, I present you with the newest Great Hunt: Gorgrond! Summary: The Great Hunt is a challenging, four day duo endeavor in which the Shadowtusk (and now our guests) are challenged with strategic decisions, nasty encounters and an overwhelming feeling of danger. Myself and a good deal of volunteers from STC will be DMing this whole shebang, making use of the natives to provide an engaging experience that will test your limits. Though the Shadowtusk roll system is extremely simplistic once it is learned (don't worry, I'll be hosting a session to teach that before the hunt AND will be posting it here), I would like to think that the multiple mutilations left in wake of my monstrosities can easily explain that this is not a joke of an event. Even the other competitors will be out to get you, as they can win a portion of your points if they knock you out. It's hardcore Darwinism out here - Don't get trampled! Rewards: That's all well and good, right? But hoo boy, that's a whole lot of risk for just some fun roleplays.. Don't worry. As I mentioned earlier, there will be plenty of incentive to win whether or not you're a Shadowtusk. There will be two sets of rewards - One for the winning STC team, one for the guest team. The guest team reward (as that is what is relevant here) will consist of 100k gold to each winner on the team with the greatest points, along with a head-shot from Mischi of both characters! Not to mention bragging rights, the admiration of the trolls and the amusement of the Laughing Skull. Keeping them amused totally isn't a measure for survival. Rules Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dyfJVMEdE-O7FXD-DogTvgPlLwHofKCix6O4wvVqsa4/edit?usp=sharing Sorry for the link ; ; it just would take tonnes of posts to fit all of that.Zudaba11 Jul 8
Jul 8 Undead DK Rp? I'm completely new to roleplay. But I want to learn. I guess how some people are intimidated from PvP or duels - that nervous feeling you get in your gut that you eventually get used to and it becomes second nature - well that's how I feel about attempting roleplay. With that said I love the concept of playing an undead Rogue or Undead Death Knight. I feel like I could grasp an Undead Rogue character. I'm totally lost on the idea of an undead Death Knight. Would anybody be willing to help direct me down the right path? Thank you.Angeloneo13 Jul 8
Jul 8 [A-RP] De Sacris Vovete The guild De Sacris Vovete has changed it's name to House Lightfury. Will be posting a link to the new forum page soon! Any questions or inquiries on membership please contact... GM Jeremiah2911#11188 Officer Sunwolf#1459Christianna28 Jul 8
Jul 8 <The Renegade Collective> [H-RP] Basic Information: ... In-Character Information: ... Out-Of-Character Information: ... Recruitment: If interested, you may submit a application through our tumblr. You can also fill our our app and post it here. ...Xenaji4 Jul 8
Jul 8 I've returned, stronger than before. If any of you who frequent the forums have seen my posts, you may have seen one or two of me reaching out to more tech-headed members of the server about internet and computer issues, mostly because I'm a pretty low tech guy who seemed to be working with terrible equipment. However, my modem completely stopped working for a week and a half, and after a few phone calls to our ISP, we've finally replaced the faulty modem with a newer one... ...And surprisingly, I've yet to randomly DC! I think I might be able to finally get into raids and back into Mythics! So then, WRA... What did I miss? Any tips for someone who's now more than ready to bumrush into Karazahn almost two patches too late?Banrok8 Jul 8
Jul 8 CANCELED Alliance Brewer's Guild Summerfest What: The Alliance Brewer's guild returns for their second Brewfest! Renown brewers from the Alliance will gather for a fest to celebrate the livelihood of summer and a chance to relax! Drinks, games, and good company! While there will be vendors, there will also be spots for entertainers, music, games, and most anything else! All members of the Alliance are welcome to attend! When: The Summerfest will be held on Saturday, July 29th! From 6-9PM (Server). Where: Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains Who: You may contact myself (Darkdraft) in game via any method or post here if you would like to have a booth! Vendors: -Burly Darkdraft will be there featuring his Mineral Brews! -Zu'Shi Jadeheart of the Dancing Crane Brewery. Light brews, tea, and chi-infused elixirs -Bathildis of Clan Ironstout will attend, bringing Traditional Dwarven brews! -James Katan and his Company of Brews will be there! -Seosef Valk of the Stormwind Brewing Co will be boasting the best lagers and ales from Stormwind City! -Modarin Slatefist of the Cask 'n' Anvil will bring food as good as King Magni enjoyed! Entertainment: -Tyrman Bladebreaker will host a fishing tournament! WILL BE EDITED WITH MORE INFO AND VENDORS AS PEOPLE SIGN UP!Darkdraft12 Jul 8
Jul 8 The Keepers of Time Thought: One of the smartest, yet underused thing Blizz has come up with is the Keepers of Time NPCs. Those Dragonkins (Zidormi, for instance) who stand watch at the entrace of certains areas like the Badlands and Theramore... who permit you to see a land as it used to be. We've seen Blizz improve their phasing technology a lot, and from the developpers interviews, we know Garisons are to thank for that, so in that regard, they weren't all bad. Pre-legion invasions (august 2016) had us entering a zone in phase 1 of an invasion, knowing multiple players were there, in various phases, and it all worked beautifuly. Likewise, the Suramar Insurrection storyline had us playing in various incarnations of Suramar City: with Khadgar and the Nightborn, Blood Knights and Sentinels, we slowly advanced in the city, seeing Kirin Tor Guardians guarding more and more of out path as we advanced. So why can't there be Keepers of Time NPCs at the entrance to all zones? Lore-wise, it could make sense that the Bronze dragonflight is concerned and monitoring any site where historic events took place. The presence of the NPC and the ability to phase to a previous or present timeline could be triggered by completing the loremaster acehivement for that zone. Suramar City could be rid of enemy npcs. Silvermoon could be rebuit and the Ghostlands and Eversong woods could be free of wretched. Thoughts/opinions?Axiann0 Jul 8
Jul 8 [H] <Eclipsis> Raiding for Busy Adults LFM! Needs: We have immediate openings for experienced, geared ranged dps. However, we recruit the player and not the class. Progression: 7/9 N Tomb of Sargeras. 10/10 H Nighthold. We would like to grow the size of our team to be able progress through Tomb of Sargeras. Current raid schedule: Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm - 8pm server time; Monday 6pm-8pm server. We occasionally have alt raids on Sunday 9am - 11am. Who We Are: The group of friends playing in <Eclipsis> have been successfully running raids together since 2007. We are an older group and most of our members are busy with careers and / or families in addition to pixel-killing. We raid with a progression team three days per week, and often have retro-raids or other fun events on off-nights. Attendance is optional and you choose the days you are available each week. We run professional, efficient raids that start on time and end on time to help you make the most of your limited hours in-game. We are very picky about only admitting smart, respectful and friendly players who will help us make raiding fun and pleasant instead of a chore. If we sound like a good match for you then we'd love to hear from you. For more information or to fill out an application please visit our website at www.eclipsis.usChouettesage13 Jul 8
Jul 8 Good ebening, Wyrmrest. How are you doing today? I think I'm doing fine, oberall. I'm sort of proceeding at a leisurely pace through the content and so far, that's been bery satisfying. But as I proceed through the class campaigns, I'be felt a certain disconnect between my rogue and my hunter and I think I finally figured out why. The Hall of Shadows feels extremely appropriate for Enekie. She's always had more of a loyalty to fellow rogues than she has to her own race or her own faction. While she might be suspicious of a deal offered by a paladin, she tends to rely on rogues much more easily (if only because she knows a rogue won't keep their word). Meanwhile, for my hunter, it's all felt bery...disconnected. I think it's because my hunter identifies as a die-hard Hordie that balks at working with the Alliance. She'd rather die on her own terms than surbibe by compromising her balues. So, it got me curious. Where do you fall on the loyalty scale, Wyrmrest? Is the class hall a good fit for your characters? Do you take pleasure in the company of others of your class? Or does it feel a touch odd? Do you feel as though your character's loyalties are being somewhat twisted by the class orders? Or do you treat that as IC at all? Let's habe a pleasant chat, you and I.Enekie35 Jul 8
Jul 8 [A-RP] <The Seekers League> Explore Azeroth! A shaft of light pierces the dark as you crack open the ancient tomb. Dust rises in a room that has gone undisturbed for hundreds of years, maybe more. A spark lights your torch and suddenly you can see the treasure trove before you. A motherload of ancient knowledge and riches fills the room, all surrounding a sarcophagus with a sinister face upon its cover. You reach down to grab one of the artifacts and inspect it, but as you lift it a low rumbling fills the tomb. The walls begin to move and suddenly you hear a boulder crash down behind you! You dash for the entrance, weaving through the tunnels of the tomb as this boulder pursues you. You dive for the door and make it out just before the boulder crushes you, kicking up a cloud of dust as it slams to a stop. You look down at the golden idol you managed to escape with, massive rubies glinting in its eye sockets. You're gonna be rich! ... The Seekers League is a group of explorers, archaeologists, thrill seekers, and treasure hunters whose goal is to uncover the untold secrets of Azeroth's history. Led by Professor Derrick Johnson, the League travels to archaeological digs, ancient tombs, and monster infested dungeons to solve the mysteries of ancient Azeroth. The league is currently based out of the Ironforge Historical Museum, but will be traveling to locations of interest all over Azeroth and beyond. While much less exciting than their field work, The Seekers will also be hosting semi-regular classes on history and archaeology. The League accepts anyone with a thirst for knowledge or thrill. All they ask of their members is an open mind and a willingness to learn. ... The Seekers League is a heavy RP guild inspired by the League of Explorers and Indiana Jones. We present a focus on the lore and history of Azeroth and are thus a very lore abiding guild. We accept players of all classes and races, so long as your character fits within the lore of the game (we reserve the right to deny anyone we deem too lore breaking). Once established, we plan to host regular events focused around dungeon crawling, tomb raiding, and puzzle solving. We will use a D20 style system encouraging heavy role play and critical thinking as opposed to combat. (This does not mean that there won't be combat for those who want it). We are most certainly NOT a military guild, and thus do not impose the strict rules on uniform and character behavior that one might expect from those guilds. There is a rank hierarchy within the guild, but it is not a strict chain of command. ... As our theme is not particularly specific, we impose very few IC rules on our members. Anything that comes up will be posted here as the need arises. #1. Be nice to your guild mates: We want to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere with the guild. That said, any sexist, racist, or homophobic behavior will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow guild members and treat them as you would like to be treated. #2. Be committed to the Guild: Our numbers aren't very high right now, but we don't want to become an alt graveyard. We are dedicated to building a good RP experience from this guild and expect you to be as well. #3. Abide by the lore of the game: We are a guild heavily entrenched in the lore and history of Azeroth. We thus expect all of our members to respect and abide by that lore. Game breaking characters will not be accepted. #4. IC =/= OOC: understand that people act differently in and out of character, do not let IC arguments and conflicts carry over into OOC. Keep it civil and see rule #1. ... The Professor: Professor Derrick Johnson, head honcho of the League and veteran explorer. Seekers Council: The Professor's council, officers of the League and governing body of the organization. Expedition Lead: Skilled archaeologists and explorers who lead members of the League on field expeditions. The main body of the League is split into three subsets: Archaeologists: those in it for the pursuit of knowledge. Explorers: those in it for the thrill of plundering tombs. Treasure Hunters: those in it for the money. OOC/Digger: Rank dedicated to OOC and recruit members. ... GM: Dishonest - Renegade#1257 Officers: BhantiDishonest15 Jul 8
Jul 8 New to WoW... new to RP Re-conned character story, there is now a new topic re-introducing character.Gladiodor17 Jul 8
Jul 8 [H-RP/Illidari] <Tempest Company> ... Guild Name: Tempest Company Guild Type: Heavy RP [Casual PvE eventually] Guild Alignment: Neutral Good Guildmaster: Kaeora Website: https://tempestcompany.enjin.com ... Tempest Company has existed since the Sunfury first joined Illidan's forces. Made up of the Illidari's sharpest Sin'dorei blades and most destructive spellcasters, the Company has often acted as a vanguard for Illidari assaults. Despite myriad backgrounds and motivations for joining the demon hunters, they learned to work together through the crucible of their training. Casualties in the Mardum Assault devastated Tempest Company. Between the carnage there and the chaos of the imprisonment and reawakening, the unit was nearly destroyed entirely -- however, a brave few have remained. They have begun to rebuild, absorbing the survivors of other ruined units as well as new blood. Marlana Silverlock serves as their commander, after their original leader fell in Mardum. ... Tempest Company is a brand new Illidari-centric guild. We are focused on RP and cultivating a great story, with campaigns planned once we have enough members. All in all, our goal is to create a friendly, warm atmosphere in which to watch our characters grow and develop alongside their comrades. Despite being primarily Illidari-themed, all classes are welcome to join the guild! Non-Illidari can serve as informants, liaisons, and medics to support the Company's war efforts. We do, however, ask that members be 18 years of age or older. Because we are brand new, we are also looking for OOC officers! ... If you are interested in joining us, awesome! An application can be found at https://tinyurl.com/TempestApp. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our GM, Kaeora, via in-game whisper.Kaeora0 Jul 8
Jul 7 RP quality/quantity Hello, WRA! Many many moons ago (Cata) I RP'd very heavily on this server under a different toon. It was amazing. The SLs were rich and RP was active 24/7. A very tight community that came together for gigantic server RP events. My question is if anyone here RP'd in Cata is the quality and quantity still there? I've been toying with the idea of coming back for some time but don't want to waste my time.Dollymett1 Jul 7
Jul 7 (OOC) New to WRA, loving you all so much. 2-3 days ago some buddies and I transferred here from Emerald Dream (got sick of WPvP, most of our in-game friends left, walk-up RP doesn't exist there, etc). The first night on WRA was both hilarious and awe-inspiring. Everyone in RP gear, with RP addons, openly RPing around the Wyvern's Tail - it was just an amazing sight to see. The last few days I've been obsessed. Meeting people in game and watching RP play out and evolving my character's storyline faster than I was ever able to before and LOVING every interaction. Basically, just wanted to say you all are great, thank you to everyone I've interacted with thus far, and I'm excited to meet and talk with you all in the future!Squatticus17 Jul 7
Jul 7 <Windfall> is looking for -you-! From RP to PvP to PvE, and anything else you can think of, <Windfall> is a fun, new guild looking for members. If you've been trying to find a home for yourself and your characters, but haven't found a guild that quite lights your fire, we'd love to have you join us! We may be Level 1, but we plan to hold events (and members can and are encouraged to make their own events!), and we reward active participants without penalizing inactivity. If this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to visit our website at [http://windfall.shivtr.com], drop us a line here, or if you'd like an invite or talk to someone in-game, feel free to talk to an officer (like Saelathuri!) or the GM (Roxen!), and we'd be happy to help you! Looking forward to having you with us!Saelathuri2 Jul 7
Jul 7 [ A-RP ] <Maw of Flame> is recruiting! <Maw of Flame> --Heavy RP Guild Guild Master: Zaderick Main Locations: Pandaria, Booty Bay, Dalaran, Stormwind Faction: OOC- Alliance. IC- Cross-Faction - All Races and Classes Accepted Guild Status: Recruiting Officer(s): Zaderick and Leshií Website: http://www.theblackmaw.tumblr.com/ About the Maw of Flame: We're Treasure Hunters! The Maw of Flame is a story-driven heavy roleplaying guild on Alliance side. We focus on individual storylines that tie back to a larger story, keeping individual characters engaged and interested in ongoing roleplay throughout the world. Much of our roleplay takes us outside of main cities, although there is always opportunity to do occasional city roleplay. The main idea is that we are a group of outlaw pirates, bandits, and morally gray, questionable characters looking to get rich. Not everyone is necessarily a pirate, but there is a big focus on the crew of the fearsome ship, the Black Maw. Led by Captain Killian Essex (Zaderick’s alias), those who rally under his banner plunder, loot, and pillage their way to ill-gotten prosperity and adventure. Who Are We Recruiting?: OOCly-Looking for self-motivated individuals interested in story-driven roleplay! Looking for players who are vocal about what they want and what they don’t want, who are respectful of their fellow guild mates, and who actively seek to build storylines with us. Please be advised, this is an adult oriented guild, so if you are sensitive to strong language, violence, alcohol consumption/gambling/addictive behaviors, sexual themes, and other similar topics, this might not be the guild for you. ICly- Discreet individuals with skill sets that appeal to the Captain. Are you a spy, cook, kobold specialist, repairman, songwriter, engineer, lore master, archaeologist, medic, mage, assassin, sharpshooter, etc? Sailors come a dime a dozen. Captain Essex seeks open-minded, talented individuals with a passion for exploration and ambition for treasure. Ranks*: Dread Captain (GM) Black Maw Crew (Member) Associate (Member) Deck Swabber (Beginner, Trial) Suckbot OOC (Self Eplanatory) *Special ranks available depending on your IC role. How To Join: *Leave a comment here, and I will reach out to you in-game. *Reach out to Zaderick or Valurii via in-game mail or whisper. *Send a message to Zaderick on Tumblr: http://zaderick.tumblr.com An IC meeting will take place between the Captain and your character, whether in-game, through Discord, or Tumblr. You can get a feel for what our roleplay is like, and if it seems like a good fit, we will get you situated. (Note: Alts are welcome within reason. We are not a rarely-used alt depot.) Guild Storyline: Zaderick McGowan is an ex-Kirin Tor pyromancer who turned to a life of piracy after gaining a ship with a legacy to uphold. Though he is no longer Kirin Tor, he possesses a great wealth of information on several types of magic, including chronomancy. Known to everyone as Killian Essex, he was pulled into the world of piracy and has taken the seas by storm. Forming a council with several crews across the seven seas, they banded together to take over an island known as Blacksail Cove just south of Aszuna and plunder its treasures. Now renamed Kal’Falah Cove, the Black Maw operates from there and is actively building a private port of call on ancient kaldorei ruins. Along the way, they will build alliances with organizations and other crews, and work together to fortify their little haven. They’ll also encounter resistance from other pirates, law enforcement, and all manner of monsters and demons, especially with the Legion so close. (OOC: You are not required to be a part of the ship’s crew if you wish to join. There are other jobs available on Kal’Falah Cove to accommodate a variety of play and RP styles.) Additional Information: You can find more information such as stories, information about the ship, etc at http://theblackmaw.tumblr.comZaderick24 Jul 7