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Jan 10 L'Oreal Doesn't Matter Zenrao15 Jan 10
Jan 10 <Raven Company> is recruiting! www.ravencompany.shivtr.com WHO'S A WHAT NOW? We are a Medium-Heavy RP and PvE mercenary company. We hire out on contract, lawfully emphasizing in bounty-hunting, criminal detainment, detective work, slaying the supernatural, killing Horde--you name it. What stories do you want to tell with your character? Come explore with us! We host events on Tuesday and Thurs/Fri/Sat. Additionally, we look to hosting open-server events to build community outside the guild. QUOTH THE RAVEN, ENLIST Feel free to message Raethclast or Daniira in-game with any questions, but an application is required @ www.ravencompany.shivtr.com As of right now, we are not accepting Death Knights, Demon Hunters, dragons, hybrid races, or any major deviance from Warcraft lore. This is to keep a steady container on the quality of events we produce. OUR GOAL To create a rich character-based story atmosphere that resembles a TV show "team" or cast around specific objectives. Story content will not simply be combat or bounty-hunting related; events and situations to develop the personal arcs of player characters is not only essential, but actively pursued and developed by guild leadership. EVENTS We host events during the evening on Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. There will always be one major event every week. We also promote mythic+ progression and a routine (yet casual) raid team. In addition, we frequently host open-server workshops to develop and discuss RP. Example topics include "Developing Compelling Character Motives" and "How To Roleplay (Insert Race Here)?". These happen bi-weekly, sometimes weekly. The guild is run by a 10+ year RPG-roleplay veteran who also has been writing movies/fantasy scripts for nearly 15 years. Let's build something fun and meaningful together.Raethclast0 Jan 10
Jan 10 [H-RP] The Whitehorn Tribe Wambleesha looked over the small encampment situated at Ghostwalker Post, in Desolace. He counted the number of Whitehorn several times, and after each count he would frown. His people had dwindled, their numbers slowly disappearing. He sighed softly, looking towards the mountains that sectioned off Desolace from the Golden Plains of Mulgore. For too long had the Whitehorn camped outside the Crossroads, serving Soup to those in need. While they had looked to others, they had become blind to their own needs. The Legion’s return was a painful lesson, one that was still engraved in many of the minds camped here now. But even though dire times had begun for the Whitehorn, a glimmer of hope was revealed. The Totem Spirits had spoken to Elder Wambleesha, the new Chieftain of the Whitehorn, to come to Desolace. There, they would find the strength, and the answers, to begin pushing back against their dreaded foe, the Sleeper. Wambleesha looked back to his people once more before whispering to the Spirits. It was time the Whitehorn took to the Paths of Old, to find the Shrines long left in disrepair. The Totem Spirits would be honored, and revered in the proper way, and the Whitehorn would begin to push back from the disarray that had befallen their once great people. The Elder stands tall, looking towards the encampment of his people. “Theia-shoush ahmen.” ______________ The Whitehorn Tribe is a mostly Tauren, tribal RP guild with a heavy focus on service to the Skyfather, the teachings of the Earthmother, and honoring the ancestors. If your character believes the Shu’halo are losing touch with their traditions, or that the Shu’halo should be honoring the Totem Spirits more than they should - then we might be the guild for you! If your character hears the call of the Spirits, and you want to stand ready to protect the Earthmother and her children – then yes, we do have a place for you. FAQs : Wait, wasn’t Kinarra the GM of Whitehorn? Aye, she was. However due to being unable to be present enough for interactions of the Tribe, she decided it would be best to hand it over to myself. However, she hasn’t left us, just taken a more laidback approach until she can return to usurp the mantle from my hands. Love you Kina… What do you mean by “mostly Tauren”? That we do accept non-Tauren members! As long as the character’s beliefs are in line with the Earthmother’s teachings, then yes, we accept them. Once they were considered provisional members, but the dire times ahead for the Whitehorn have called for them to reconsider this stance. As such, other races will be treated as tribesmen, once they have completed the necessary rites. Who the heck is the “Skyfather”? (As originally written by Kinarra.) The Skyfather, to my knowledge, is not mentioned in Tauren Lore. The concepts Earthmother and Skyfather occur together frequently in tribal cultures around the world however. To my point of view though, since the “Earthmother” is mentioned, it seems to imply the Skyfather. It’s not hard to believe that the different Tauren tribes would have different variations in some of their beliefs and customs. So, The Whitehorns are a bit on the fringe of the Tauren mainstream. I noticed many references to “journey”, “trail” and “path” – is there a theme here? Yes, there is! The main focus of the guild are the “Spirit Paths”. This is the method by which you honor the Skyfather and Earthmother. There are four paths that represent different focus areas your character can choose from. They are: Brave, Healer, Teacher/Lore master, and Mystic. For RP purposes, these replace your in-game class. How you choose to RP your character determines which path you choose. Basic Information: Horde Friendly* Guild: <Whitehorn Tribe> (*Because “Neutral” isn’t an option.) Guild Site: http://thewhitehorntribe.shivtr.com Contacts: Wambleesha (Guild Leader), Kinarra (Co-GM), Ossyka, Springmoon, Eishala or Menem.Wambleesha78 Jan 10
Jan 10 PvP guilds? Hi all. As the title says, I'm looking for a guild that does some kind of PvP, whether it be BGs or skirms or whatever else. I'm fine with RP, but my primary love is PvP, and I miss being able to do it with a group of people I love. I don't mind if the guild is primarily PvE, but I have little to no interest in raiding (I enjoy M+ though). Thanks in advance :)Selanan8 Jan 10
Jan 10 (A)<Sector XVII>PvP Guild-LFM & Rival Guilds! We're a laid back, casual-semi serious PvP guild. We do multiple events a week. Current Schedule: Mondays: Dueling Tournaments - With gold for top 3 winners - 5 PM Server Tuesday: RBGS - 4PM Server Wednesday: RBGS - 4PM Server Thursday: RBGS - 4PM Server Friday: WPvP - 5PM Server Saturday: Guild VS Guild - 5PM Server Sunday: Day of rest. We're actively recruiting, as we don't have requirements on PvP XP to join. We range from casual PvPers to more serious PvPers interested in pushing ratings. We just like to be social, have fun, and do PvP related guild activities. We aren't elitists and aren't looking to scold you even if you're lacking skill level. As for our RBGs we have group 1 going for wins now, as our PvP lead sets up the group to actually be more competitive and push ratings, then we will start a group 2 for wins/fun/leisure RBGs. We're also looking for rival guilds for Guild VS Guild fun on Saturdays, for match ups in pre-made WSG and Twin Peaks. (5v5 and up)! Message me in game if interested in either the guild, or the Guild VS Guild!Ledromire3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Thank you, Horde PVP So, I have a worgen hunter (101) who was trying to establish an RP relationship with a holy priestess at the Blue Recluse last night. He was floundering until the Horde chose that moment to attack the Blue Recluse. He flagged to defend her, and was promptly killed (duh). She rezzed and healed him, berating him for defending her (level 30). Instant bonding. Thanks guys - couldn't have timed it better if you had planned it for me!Jonchess38 Jan 10
Jan 10 What are you excited about in BfA? I think I've probably made it clear too many times that I really can't wait for BfA to drop!!! We tend to discuss the flaws and concerns we have-- which makes sense! I know a lot of people are unhappy about a lot of things, & their reasons are often really valid. BUT this is the post in which to spread joy!! So, WRA, what are you happy about in the upcoming expansion? What are you scouring the datamines for, or what at least made you smile when you saw it in the announcement? I'd really super appreciate it if we can keep this a happy thread-- this is the space to overflow with enthusiasm & relish in everyone else's enthusiasm too, even if you don't share it (or even dislike their favorite thing!) Me, well, everyone knows I can't wait for void elves-- but the better-kept secret is that I just finally read Chronicle 1, & that got me super excited for dark irons too!! I'm so happy with the guilds and events that have started showing up, especially the neutral guilds (s/o to Cannibal for getting Grey Haven going!) I am absolutely overjoyed with the budding void elf community, & the incredible creativity and support I've seen growing in the discord and the forums. Finally (although I could squee about so much more), I actually think the faction conflict could be really cool! I've never gotten to play Rouille in PvP/super Horde RP, and I'm really excited to get her going in that.Rouille72 Jan 10
Jan 9 Canon Cast of Adventurers This is the cutscene for retiring our artifacts, and we're in it!... kind of. If nothing else, it's interesting to me. For some people, this may be a spoiler, so click with caution. http://www.wowhead.com/news=280065/retiring-artifact-weapons-cutscene-spoilers This is both an odd choice to me, and also awesome. I like the idea of us having these sort of canonical counterparts, but it's weird to see it and go "Oh look it's me, but also not."Zenrao40 Jan 9
Jan 9 An IC/OOC toggle So I'm sure most people who read the forums are aware that in BfA there will be a new PvP system which allows players to toggle on/off their PvP status in a rested area, and upon doing so enter a version of their realm where they will only see others with the same setting turned on. In a discussion about the toggle I came up with an analogous system for RP realms and how that would benefit them the same way this change will benefit PvPers, and I actually thought the idea might be a good one. I figured I'd find no better place to see if people agree than among other RPers. So the idea is to have a toggle, just like the PvP one, that you can set to In or Out of Character. While in one of those settings the only other players you will encounter are those who are IC or OOC as well. The technology is clearly there since it can happen for PvP. It seems to me that it would generally benefit random, walk up RP because you could make sure your entire setting was one where everyone else was approachable. Cities would be opened up entirely, allowing for more variety of locations for RP, and at the same time there would be no disruption at all to the day to day function of WrA as a normal realm for players who use it as such. Even more, I imagine benefits to Open World RP. I've had someone save me on Argus several times, only to find myself unsure whether to thank them IC or OOC. I usually go with a /thank, but it means that potential moments for RP often go wasted because no one was sure whether the other person was interested and just went about their business instead. If someone was in the IC shard, you'd know their "saving" your character was IC, and could lead to working together to kill more Demons, or retiring to the Vindicaar for a drink, or anything else. An organic way for characters to meet and develop shared stories. I could easily be missing something that makes it a terrible idea, but I kind of like it and if we all did we could certainly start asking for something like it, so how does it sound?Gurxos10 Jan 9
Jan 9 Revenant Cosmos: A Void Elf RP Community 55 posts 1 min ago A few weeks back, I saw someone posting on the forums in search of a "Void Elf RP Community". Since then, a Void Elf discord server has materialized, but no dedicated forums. As such, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have created one! Revenant Cosmos is open to any and all who plan to RP Ren'dorei with the coming expansion and is inspired by the successful, player provided roleplaying forums for other games, such as http://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com and http://www.swtor-rp.com/. We use the website enjin.com to host our forums. For those unfamiliar with enjin, it is basically a facebook for gamers, and an account will be required in order to participate on the site. So, if this is something that interests you, please tell all your friends! The best way for this project to become a successful roleplaying resource is if word gets out and people get posting! Let's start making connections and telling great stories! :) https://revenantcosmos.enjin.com/ (Please note: This will always be a work in progress. Any suggestions or critiques will always be welcome if offered respectfully!)Voìdcaller12 Jan 9
Jan 9 Future Lightforged There are two WQs up in Antorus for Army of the Light rep tokens. That's 1000 rep right there. If you've already progressed through Argus on a main, you can take all of your level 110 alts, do the quests to get to Argus, and then do those WQs basically instantly since they're in Antorus (Antorus WQs don't need to be unlocked, you just need to get to Argus). Enjoy.Kasskeelhaul7 Jan 9
Jan 9 GDD: #8 - I have a SERIOUS problem with GMs. I put in a ticket. Ticket gets solved to my satisfaction. Gm proceeds to tell a joke. "Why can't gnomes be paladins? Because they can't reach the light!' THEN WHY CAN THEY BE PRIESTS?!?! *flips, sets fire to, and then blows up table*Stonehouse11 Jan 9
Jan 9 Could Elune cure undeath? We've seen her cleanse fel corruption and turn a damn dragon into stars, I really don't see why she couldn't cleanse a night elf DK of their afflictionMarik28 Jan 9
Jan 9 Seeking a low-ilevel crafted legendary! [H] Must NOT be 1000, just for funsies. I only want to hold it for about 2 minutes to trigger a certain quest everyone wants, then I will hand it back. Hordeside please. It's a long shot every one I've seen has been at max level. Type doesn't matter, cloth, leather and plate work as well.Ghostpetal18 Jan 9
Jan 8 What keeps you from other factions or races? Me, I love some of the Horde storylines, but I just hate Orgrimmar. It's that gaudy orange everywhere. I don't want to hang out in it. I like Draenei and Tauren from a distance, but I have a hard time getting into the head space of an anthropomorphic character. Maybe it's just limited imagination or maybe I stress too much about what my Tauren's diet should be and how they feel about others eating steak. Conversely, I really dig the undead's shady moral dilemmas and the radical effects of magic on elves. Makes me want to sink my teeth into lore (or steak, without regrets). How about you Wyrmrest? What're your personal obstacles to playing the "other side?"Minerva169 Jan 8
Jan 8 [H-RP] <Heart of the Raven> Open Tavern EVENT Hello all! <Heart of the Raven> will be moving our weekly open server tavern event to MONDAY nights at 6:30 pm server. Apparently....people like to do these things called "raids" on Thursdays, so we've moved in hopes of accommodating more schedules. The event location will be at our IC location in Rustberg Village, Tol Barad. For those unfamiliar with this spot, you can reach Tol Barad via the portal in Orgrimmar (It's located up with all of the other Cata portals). Rustberg Village is on the first island to the North East and will show on your map once you enter the portal. We have a nice little tavern spot to the back of that village. If you are below 85 and would like an escort/summons, please send a tell to one of us and we'll get you out there. We also welcome everyone to join our discord: https://discord.gg/wfzqYrY and our 2 in-game chat channels: /join heartoftheraven for IC chat and roleplay, and /join HotROOC for OOC communication (this is also a good way to shout at us if you need help finding us, or would like a summons). If you are interested in the guild itself, you can also visit our website at www.heartoftheraven.enjin.com (Yes, we are recruiting!) Come on out for some good old fashioned casual RP! We hope to see you there...Laralyne3 Jan 8
Jan 8 What Your 1st Allied Character Says About You Lightforged Draenei: "Finally, a character as good as I am. I think I'll donate half of next week's pay to meals on wheels for the feels." Highmountain Tauren: More like BOREN, rite? "I like antlers," you say to yourself while sipping on tepid water in a cream colored room. Nightborne: You're ready to test your skills in Ashenvale. You like magic and wine and due to underemployment or underachievement, this is your only way to get both of those things. Void Elf: Nothing is ever good enough for you, but this will do. Zandalari Troll: You are patient and waited until you hit 120 to make a new character. You've played since Vanilla or maybe wish you had. Dark Iron Dwarf: You are patient and waited for the best. Your beard is now on fire. *** On a serious note, what will YOUR first Allied Race character be? We've talked a lot about different elves - anyone waiting for Dwarves or Trolls? Anyone most hyped for Highmountain or Lightforged? For me, it's going to be a Void Elf and Nightborne rogue at first just because my rogue collection demands it. I MIGHT be most excited about Dark Iron though.Sef38 Jan 8
Jan 8 Everyone look at my void elf https://i.imgur.com/80N4fE7.png my beautiful blue boy (show me your allied race characters, WrA)Kazimir31 Jan 8
Jan 8 Void Elf Timeline (Speculation) So over in the General Discussion we've been talking about Void Elves, and this is the best timeline of events we've been able to put together given the information out there (credit goes to Alamara): ... I thought it'd be useful to share as some of us formulate backstories and speculate about the Void Elves' place in the existing lore. If this timeline is correct, the Void Elves are not truly corrupted Blood Elves or High Elves but rather something else entirely, like the Nightborne. What are your thoughts? Does this seem accurate?Minerva4 Jan 8
Jan 8 <Life> Guild, Missed Connections You took Stormwind like you took my heart, rapidly and with little resistance. I will treasure the time we spend together running through cobblestone streets and bounding through the canals. I appreciate your firey spark and send the best of my love to each and every one of you. -Yours, WulfhramWulfhram4 Jan 8
Jan 8 [H] <Literal Trash> Our current roster is made up of experienced matured and friendly people. We're looking for other skilled players who would be a good fit to add to our core raid team. About the Guild: <Literal Trash> is a guild on Wyrmrest Accord (US) Horde. We were founded by both real life and in game friends and many of us have been playing together for years. We foster a positive environment where members help each other and are open to learning and criticism. Everyone is close to one another and have known each other for many years. We're a very mature and family oriented type of guild. We joke a lot and expect if a person joins our guild to be able to have a good laugh and attitude and to be able to handle sarcasm and deal with jokes. Our philosophy on raiding is to progress in a fun environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company. The goal will always be to clear all raid bosses in a tier while it is current content. We never want to make you feel as if you're in a environment where you're not comfortable enough to put your best effort in. Everyone here is willing to help and work together. Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, 8:00pm-10pm (EST) Friday 8:00pm - 12:00am (EST) ( Invites start going out at 7:30 pm (EST) if everyone is ready before 8:00 pm we start the raid early ) ( Our Friday raids are usually just to end when we want. It's our long night raid and usually the 3rd day we use during new content. When we have certain raids on farm we eliminate Fridays and use only two days to raid. ) ( You're not required to join for all 3 days of raiding to be invited into the guild. Our Friday raids is really just to finish what we haven't done and it's also the day most people can raid till late due to no work on the weekend. We understand it's also Friday and most people like going out Fridays. If you can make it to Tuesday and Wednesday that's fine with us. ) Progression 11/11 N AtBT 5/11 H AtBT 0/11 M AtBT Currently Recruiting: High Priority: Healers , Ranged DPS , Tanks(Who are willing to dps as well if need be ) Low Priority: Melee DPS **We're currently in really high need of 2 skilled and active healers to join our main raiding roster. If you're skilled in your class and are interested please contact me immediately** -We are always looking for great players! Please message us even if your class isn't high on the priority list, and you think you would be a good fit. Contact: Guild Website: https://literaltrashguild.enjin.com/ You can contact us via bnet for more information: - Ckye (GM): Ckye#1329 - SenpaiYamYam ( Raid Leader / Officer ): YamYamSenpai#1716 - Khanatre ( Officer ): Jhucks2235#1631 - Sumok (Officer): Evil#1770 - Emberfoxx (Raid Leader): Foxx#1238Senpaiyamyam3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Definition of Frustrating I created an amazing settlement at Sanctuary,made a 3 floor apartment building with amenities and everything. One floor even has a pool table! I created a 2 floor bachelor pad for myself, took out stairs so people wouldn't wander in. I put roofs on 3 of the houses and beds inside. The idea was to create a Nathan(I call him Darius,https://imgur.com/tpf2uqn ) that would have to come back home daily, eat drink, sleep. Still looking for Shaun but still being human and needing a safe place, still needing to eat. So I'm having dinner, Ribeye Steak with rads laced Nuka-Cola(Don't judge),lifted some weights, decided I got a couple of hours before bed, maybe I should sit on the couch and listen to some diamond city radio. Wait two hours. Time for bed! The Longs and Mama Murphy are in my bed room. May Long decides we're not friends, while sitting at my desk. THEN GET OUT OF MY ROOM. Oh and Jun using my weights, doubt he even wipes it down. And Mama Murphy just cooking talking about my energy being tied to this place. I'm going to murder these people, I don't know when, I don't know why I'm just going to slaughter them. These "settlers" come into my neighborhood, eat food I've planted, meat I've hunted for and still won't give my privacy or appreciation. Thank you for listening to my fallout 4 rant.Dayren39 Jan 8
Jan 8 [A-RP Group] Wolf Cult: the Awakening ... There exists, in the shadows, a secret society of lupine wildlings and their loyalists. Calling themselves “The Wolf Cult”, these Worgen packs make up the legacy of Alpha Prime, the first worgen. Some stalk the forests of shadow, while others walk among you as wolves in sheep's clothing. Proud of the bestial blood in their veins, and unwilling to return to the pollution of civility, they of the Wolf Cult fight to defend their territory, to protect their own, and to ensure the survival - and continuance - of their race. Now, some among them emerge from the shadows, in search of kindred spirits. Winter is here. The wolves howl. And soon... soon comes the spring of our new awakening. ... The Lore “The Wolf Cult” is a secret society buried deep within the darkest corners of Worgen lore. A chaotic-neutral faction with their own agenda, the various branches are known for their positive stance towards the curse they call a blessing. While the Wolf Cult is mentioned in-game in places like Duskwood and the Grizzly hills, the most notable of sources come from the Blizzard World of Warcraft comics "Curse of the Worgen" and its prequel, "Dark Riders". In "Curse of the Worgen", we are shown how the Wolf Cult operates in Human affairs, gaining allies and aspirants alike. In Dark Riders, we are introduced to the Wolf Cult as a tribal culture, as Worgen living within Duskwood's shadowy embrace. The RP Group My friends and I in <The Wolfheart Coven> have, over the course of a year, fully explored this topic and have worked to make it into a Worgen-focused roleplay group to bring this secret wild society to life like never before. The community features frequent events, such as a weekly optional campaign night, lore night, class RP events, and casual meets both in the city and in the wild. We communicate heavily through our Discord server, which has a variety of roleplay, fun, and discussion channels, as well as through our in-game chat channel "/join Wolfcult" and on our website the thewolfheartcoven.guildlaunch.com. Looking for other wild Worgen to run with, but wish to stay in another guild or stay guidless for one reason or another? Want to run and hunt on all fours like Genn Greymane or Ivar Bloodfang, but don’t want to hassle with finding a guild that fits your character? Interested in having your character in a pack from lore like Nightbane, Bloodfang, Terrowulf, or Bloodmoon, but having trouble finding and connecting with other roleplayers from those packs? Then the Wolf Cult RP community is for you! Contained within these pages is all you need to know about the canon (and fanon) the group uses, how the group operates, and how you can get involved. Links Art and Logos: www.imgur.com/sdlkfjsdf Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/6pH8eKX Website: http://thewolfheartcoven.guildlaunch.com/sections/wolfcult (Still posting info below. Please do not comment quite yet)Raedolf9 Jan 8
Jan 8 Alliance Reroll Forming - Join us! Hello Wyrmrest Accord players! Wanted to share that I have a new alliance reroll guild forming. I know that this is not for every one but wanted to spread the word. You can learn more from our official post here. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760758202 You can join our discussions in our Discord - https://discord.gg/fGk8cSN Good luck in your Azeroth adventures! Lilasea DuskwalkerLilasea0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Current Wallpaper I love these threads and have gained quite a few wallpapers from them in the past. So WRA, what's your current Wallpaper? If you can, please reference the artist/photographer. https://imgur.com/WZQF8Fw Got it from this Reddit post, https://www.reddit.com/r/EarthPorn/comments/58o7x0/surreal_blast_zone_of_mt_st_helens_washington_oc/Razkal20 Jan 8
Jan 8 WTB H Antorus Run For Spellwing As of right now, I only have about 100k gold in my guild bank, but I can get more once I buy game tokens and sell them. I would like to pay no more than 500k if possible for a run. Faction doesn't matter, as I can easily faction change my elf here. I just really REALLY REALLY want the spellwing mount.Anyssina2 Jan 8
Jan 8 GDD: #8 - Favorite game trope? Yes, before you ask, my name has changed. Yay trolls! Anyway. What's your favorite video game trope? It doesn't have to be a good one or whatever, just your most liked. Mine? *opens ancient tomb, sealed for thousands of years* "Oh hey, lit torches, automatic weapon ammunition, AND edible food!"Stonehouse7 Jan 8
Jan 8 GDD: #7 What is your gamer fuel? I myself loooove me some original, green Monster energy drink. That, or Cherry Coke. MMmmm. I've been drinking a LOT less unhealthy stuff though. Mostly water now. You?Guttergrime40 Jan 8
Jan 8 Steel Cage Clan is Recruiting [Steel Cage Clan] is recruiting positions for Officers and Members! With a Year under our Belt and a new Year of Content and progression to pursue we are looking to expand our ranks! Mondays - Scotch and Cigars @ 7pm Server An OOC Guild Discussion Night where we meet and chat about a predetermined topic. These Topics can range from Anything relating to World of Warcraft, Writing, and Role Play too our real world and issues we think are important to be explored as a group. Tuesday/Wednesday - Seeking Healer for Mythic + Content Tuesdays and Wednesdays are dedicated to pushing Mythic Content. We are currently seeking more Healers so that we can expand our current roster to allow for a few extra teams. We are also looking to get a regular RBG Team up and running. Inquire Within! Thursday/Fridays - Guild Role Playing Events @ 7 pm server We like to Kickoff the Weekend with scheduled RP Events. With a Rotating Roster of 4 Dungeon Masters that swap out on a Month to Month basis, a well balanced RP System that can be tweaked too perfectly emulate the design of your character, and a Year Long Story Arch that will lead into our Tournament Season there is a ton or RP content for anyone too sink their teeth into! Leave us a message here or contact Orcmagedon or any other guildie online too set up an interview today. Feel free to ask us plenty of questions and we look forward to hearing from you soon!Nakkashi2 Jan 8
Jan 8 A Lot of Clarification SUPER HEAVY SPOILERS These are cutscenes regarding the allied races, and they clear up some things. Particularly Thalryssra's decision to join the Horde, which many have been confused and angry about. Her explanation makes sense, in my opinion, and her decision is not made as hastily as the original beta notes made it seem. http://www.wowhead.com/news=279846/allied-race-intro-and-unlock-scenario-cutscenes-spoilersZenrao422 Jan 8
Jan 7 It's My Birthday Soon And so I ended up splurging a little by buying some awesome art for my Worgen here, which I am looking super forward to next week! What do you guys do for your own birthdays? Do you get yourself something nice, or stay at home and relax? Do you celebrate it at all, or do you simply continue to go about your day as any other day? My birthday is this Saturday coming up, and I'm working 10 hours that day basically all day, so I won't actually be celebrating my birthday. But I figured I'd do something nice for myself this year since usually I end up doing nothing and I get... unreasonably unlucky around this time of year. So, do tell: what do you do to celebrate your glorious arrival day?Wolf30 Jan 7
Jan 7 Free rogue training for aspiring PvE'ers! What's up Wyrmrest, it's ya boy Delo here to hit you all up with an offer for you aspiring raiders that happen to play rogues! I'm offering up my time as a way to keep myself interested in the game and help others as much as possible. I currently play subtlety rogue and have played the other two specs at heroic levels and pug old mythic raids with them. I may not be your #1 rogue on the server, far from it definitely, but I feel confident in my skills enough to offer my advice to others for free and prepare you for whatever end game content that's got your eye! I can offer advice in mythic +/heroic and some mythic raiding/mage tower channels and I'm doing it for free! The reason I'm doing this is because I'm looking to help people in a fun and interactive way, as well as reignite my love for the game. By no means am I the end all be all, and there are plenty of guides out there that you can read. I'm just offering a neat alternative! So, you fellow rogues and future raiders, hit me up! Message me in game, or toss me a bnet friend request: Delovath#1592. I hope to see some messages! Catch y'all later. Delo out!Delovath4 Jan 7
Jan 7 Looking for Raiding Guild (H) I'm considering transferring all my toons to WrA, but I'd like to have a raiding guild lined up before I make a final decision on moving my main toon. Here is my Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/21213527 I am available any time from 6-7 PM server time onwards except for Wednesdays. If you have a spot please contact me here, I'll gladly trial or give you any other info you might need.Balhareth0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Oceanic/Wee Hours RP Club Hey friends, I started a discord for people playing during Oceanic hours. https://discord.gg/3fXBg7K You might be in Australia, New Zealand or another Oceanic location. You might be a late shift worker from the USA. You might be a vampire. Whatever reason you have for eating dinner at 3am server is fine — this discord is for RPers that share your schedule. Horde & Alliance Welcome!! I made this discord to prepare for an amazing feature coming in B4A: WoW Communities. This feature will allow us to join multiple guild-like groups (with chat and calendar marking!) on a character basis & across servers. For example: <Azerite and Arcwine> <Gnome Girl Power> <Void Elf & Worgen ERP Manor> <Oceanic RPer Chill Mythic Runs> <Tusks of Mannoroth Support Group> <Dwarf Only Raiding> I think this feature is going to be fantastic for RPers and will definitely be a boon for those of us playing on American RP servers from odd timezones.Sef7 Jan 7
Jan 7 GDD: #5 - If you could eat.. If you could eat ANY in game food, or drink any in game drink, what would you choose? Me? Simple. Thick Slab of Bacon.Guttergrime20 Jan 7
Jan 7 GDD: #6 - If you could COMPLETELY remove... If you could completely remove one of each of the following from the game, what would they be? Note: This would mean that the removed item would NEVER have been in game. 1) Race 2) Class 3) Expansion pack. 4) Currency ________________ My choices. 1) Gnomes. What do they do? Take up room in Ironforge. *shrugs* Pretty much it. 2) Death Knight. The only thing Death Knights brought to the game was snowflake emo rpers. 3) I want to say Cataclysm but I do love me some Goblins, so I'd have to pick WoD. It was just bad. It added nothing to the story except for a two year tangent into a universe that doesn't....matter. Like at all. Going to pre-!@#$ed up Draenor was pretty cool, but that was it. 4) Gold. Yup. I said it. I'd have every faction have their own currency. Horde and Alliance would have their own overral currencies, but then you'd have to go to a specific vendor for say, the Kirin Tor, and sell them items to get THEIR specific currency to buy THEIR items. There would be a currency exchange system of course. For the AH, you could charge for currency vouchers, which you'd then trade to counting houses across Azeroth for different currencies, and vice versa. Just how I look at the inflation problem. Thoughts?Guttergrime35 Jan 7
Jan 7 {A-RP} <The Draenei Fellowship> ... Welcome! INFORMATION Founded in May of 2016, The Draenei Fellowship is about nurturing strong bonds with likeminded Draenei and helping others in need. Draenei are encouraged to continue to shape their culture, preserve customs, and create new ones as well as new memories and new friends. Here, you can be imaginative. Character development and progression is important to us and there is plenty of room for you to try out new things. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a roleplay where your character gets an issue resolved, opens up, matures, or even learns a lesson or something new. If you get stuck, no worries! Just ask and we are happy to help you. Ranks Our guild is designed in the likeness of normal Draenei society so each members' rank is equal despite being numbered in-game as 2-10. The ranks are name variations of each class and a Draenei may wish to join their coinciding class rank. Events One or two events per week are regularly scheduled. We have a weekly meeting Wednesdays at 5pm covering casual roleplay as well as important topics, an ongoing storyline, annual events, and general gatherings. Events vary on the time of year and include educational talks and classes, fundraisers, tours, trips, and anything in between. Activities The Draenei Fellowship's focus is on heavy roleplay. We understand that our members may not always feel like roleplaying or instead want to level, raid, or P.v.P. That is fine with us! We do it as well, especially in light of new expansions and content. In the future, we may do occasional raids or P.v.P. but that will never be our top priority so please keep this in mind. As well, we do not use a voice server. Loyalty Per the lore, the Draenei have aligned themselves with the Grand Alliance since coming to Azeroth, pledging their allegiance early on. Many of the Draenei have felt the call to arms and actively participate in war against the Horde as well as any threat to the Alliance. Though not every character in our guild is a fighter, we would like to see patriotism under the banner of blue. Thus, The Draenei Fellowship proudly represents the Alliance. What Makes Us Different There is no hierarchy, no full application, and no interview. We wish to focus on what truly matters; bringing players together without the pressure and stress of ranks, dictatorships, and competition. We take pride in our uncommon approaches. This is what makes us different from most other guilds and we hope to be recognized for our fairness, honesty, and uniqueness for years to come. JOIN US! We look for... • Basic knowledge of roleplay and Blizzard's official roleplaying guidelines. • An understanding of general Draenei history and culture endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. • Draenei characters that are memorable, still being in accordance with Draenei lore. • Thoughtful, serious, and friendly players who are active and willing to participate in roleplay! IMPORTANT FACTS • We allow Draenei (Main Universe and Alternate Universe), Broken (Krokul), and Lost Ones. • All levels and classes are accepted. • New and returning players and roleplayers are absolutely welcome! We will provide instruction if you are willing to learn. For full information or to fill out our form, visit TheDraeneiFellowship.shivtr.com. Whisper or send a letter to Electrika for further questions. You are invited to be a part of The Draenei Fellowship! Thank you!Electrika38 Jan 7
Jan 7 [A] Hammer of Dawn - 10/11H, Recruiting <Hammer of Dawn> is an 'adults with jobs' styled raiding guild founded for the launch of the Legion expansion. While maintaining a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on downing content while remaining casual. Our schedule is 9 hours a week (Tues/Fri/Sat), enabling us to have lives away from World of Warcraft (and work jobs, and spend time with family), and still allowing us to see what the endgame of World of Warcraft has to offer. Do not let our reduced raid schedule fool you - we take our raid time seriously (even if we joke around a lot), and expect everyone on the team to do the same. If you're a skilled player, and share our goals, we may be what you're looking for. Progression! We've cleared Normal/Heroic in all previous tiers in Legion. 11/11 N & 8/11H Antorus Raid Times Tuesday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Tuesdays is Normal Antorus. While this run is not mandatory, it's always fun to help gear people and fish for legendaries. And AP. Friday & Saturday 6:30 ST - 9:30 ST Our weekends are for harder content, and we can be very selective about who comes, when things are not on farm. Recruitment Needs The list below is a general list of what we need played at Heroic levels. If you do not see your class listed here, apply anyway, as we recruit the player over the class, and will work with you to fit you in. We do not require previous raiding experience for Normal, but we do require some previous experience for Heroic! While logs aren't NECESSARY, if you have some we'd love to see them, too. Please do not be a fresh 110, we expect some sort of gearing effort on your end. Ret Paladin w/ Prot Offspec Holy Priest or Holy Paladin Ranged Hunter All exceptional non leather rDPS are more than welcome to apply. Expectations of Raiders The ability to play multiple specs for your class effectively, if the raid requires. Understanding constructive criticism, and learning and improving. Ability to come to raid prepared, and on time. This means consumables, and knowledge of the fights we're working on. Having the desire to grow, and continuously improve as your class of choice. Other Information Loot is handled on a basic need/greed system. If you need it, roll. We defer to people's best judgements as to what is a better boost for the raid team. If you are greedy with your loot, you may not find this place friendly. We are adults, and would prefer people looking at joining us be 21+. As always, exceptions can and have been made. We are an LGBTQIA safe space guild - most of this guild is made of marginalized people, and this guild is a home for them above all else. If your idea of fun jokes are 'triggered' memes, or something you would read in trade chat, you will not have fun here. Please feel free to post here, or message me on btag - phae#1446Impersonal266 Jan 7
Jan 7 Things to do as a New Void Elf After every battle be sure to offer a fist bump to your Lightforged battle buddies whenever you win an encounter. It'll show how you really feel, and that they're welcome. It especially works if you go around high fiving your group and then offering the fist bump to the Lightforged so that they get a feeling of being special too. Be sure to apologize for crashing the Exodar every chance you get. It wasn't you personally but it was probably one of your cousins. Whenever the topic of Gilneas or Theramore comes up be adamant about how against their destruction you were. Even going so far as to write a paper against the use of the plague and arcane for weapons of mass destruction when the Void is so much more pliable to those situations. Be sure to list out the details of how the Void specifically would've destroyed Gilneas or Theramore. The Pandaren recently lost an important valley, probably for farming or something, due to the introduction of an Old God's heart. Attempt to share notes with them whenever you can talk about theoretical ways to expand the corruption but be sure to relate that back to the Void and how the Void maybe able to consume it all. Whenever walking past a Night Elf, mumble "Could've been Nightborne," and then quickly turn a corner, they're insanely good snipers. Go drinking with the Dwarves. Early and often. Or don't do any of these, I just woke up from a dream where I was a Void Elf and these ideas fell in. One thing from the dream that we're not going to get is the ability to float...makes me sad.Dayren51 Jan 7
Jan 7 Exiled - Void Elf Pre-Event (official) “Silvermoon has lived a long and bloodied history. When the undead massed at our doorstep; they slaughtered us all. We fought tooth and nail against the undead armies, only to lose our treasured Sunwell. We would be attacked by our own prince to claim the darkened N’aaru. There were many troubles brought upon us. Even when we dived into alternatives to sate our hunger. We’d keep such powers to our advantage. The void has been there around us. Seeking to beckon research” “Now the Sin’dorei faces another threat to its people. The dangers of the void encroach on Silvermoon with the antics of the void preformed under our very noses. The Sunwell cannot be lost again to the darkness. Neither shadow nor death will claim the well once more. We cannot allow these people to continue their actions. They may be friends, family, or accomplices. But they chose to forsake their people by dabbling with dark powers as such. They hold no place in Silvermoon by the nature of their actions!” “Together, we will show Silvermoon the power in the very emptiness to protect our kingdom.” “Together, we will protect Silvermoon from the ones who seek to hurt it at its core!” --------------------------- Eager to generate interest. I want to know the servers’ opinion on the Void Elf / Blood Elf conflict that is to come with Battle for Azeroth. As we know, the Void Elves are an exiled group of people dabbling with the void. Their actions put the Sunwell at risk and thusly removed from the city. And this is to be explored come the next patch / Expansion pre-event. As we come closer to that moment. I was wondering who’d be interested in organizing a group of “Void elves” or rather prior to exile. This would be an event that would congregate elves of the Horde together to exile the group of said elves. As an organized event, or series of events. It could lead to a server-led to inspire more folk to play along with the new lore for Void Elves and establish a character or more. This event is looking for a small group. Preferably between 5-15 "void" elves. and whomever desires to be involved and make some enemies. lv. 20+ Blood elves can participate on the void elf side, and anyone with Silvermoon, or the Horde in general can support. We will also accept any Silvermoon Loyals of any race to help out! The more the merrier I say! Please join the discord linked below to join! There are several tabs to read through, and helps get an official time set for everyone! https://discord.gg/GjQgcwGXaolio13 Jan 7
Jan 6 Wayward Kul Tirans! I haven't made a post for this in a while, and despite being a DK I didn't feel too keen on necroing my old post. SO. This guild is small at the moment, but I would very much like to change that! And seeing as Kul Tiras is f i n a l l y going to be in game, I figured now is a good time to post a new recruitment post! If your Kul Tiran is a: Merchant, Monster Hunter, Sea Priest, Negotiator, Captain, Sailor, Craftsman or just looking for work, there's a place for you here in the guild! You can service the legal market, or the black market, or both! I like to leave things open for people's stories and interests. Non-Kul Tirans can also apply: Currently as I've had it (and it looks as though Blizz went the same route), is that Gilzo wouldn't allow for non Kul Tiran employees to go to Kul Tiras; they'd be doing work on the continents and non Kul Tiras bound ships. (This will of course, change once the KT patch hits.) This is, currently and primarily an rp guild. And there will be planned RP events either created by me or other guild members. Both server events and character story progression (When appropriate to make an event for. Like say, someone gets their but lost in Molten Core and we need to go find them.) THAT SAID. Having enough people to dungeon/raid/quest/pvp together is something I would love to see happen. I have made a discord server for the guild and people who've rped with the guild multiple times! Once you join the guild icly and oocly or rp with us enough, you'll get an invite. <3 Feel free to ask any questions here, or hunt me down in game! You can find me alliance side as either Gilzo, Britena (Brie), or Vaillin. If I'm not on, feel free to poke anybody that is and they can poke me to get on or get ahold of you later. Or! If you ever want to use someone in the guild for an event, want to ICly get supplies, or do some sort of guild event together, I'm down for that as well! Silly, Lighthearted, and Dark characters are all allowed in the guild. Your character can be a goofball, or an edgelord or a goofy edgelord and it's a-ok. Main rule is, of course, don't be an ooc jerk to others. Note: As I belong to the community, the guild is a safe place for LGBTQIA. Meaning that if you roll into the guild being oocly phobic and throwing slurs around intentionally to upset guildmates or guild allies, yer gonna get kicked. Cause ain't no body got time for that. If your CHARACTER is phobic, I won't say no, but keep in mind that Gilzo, ICly, is hella gay and chances are he or one of his employees will icly react apropriately and will most like try to. Y'know. Sway your toon to not hate the gay. I'm not sure what else to put here, but yeah! Feel free to ask questions! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! \o/Gilzo11 Jan 6
Jan 6 [H-RPvX] Ragefire Battalion Ragefire Battalion.com Our site: http://www.ragefirebattalion.com/ "As this war with the Legion begins to draw to a close, the fight is not yet over. For too long has the blood of our allies, our people, been spilled by the banner of blue. They are a wicked people- and Genn Greymane has not once failed to prove this through the course of our world's struggle with the Legion. His hostile acts only serve as evidence that we must bolster the Horde. We must work united under our banner and defend our free peoples of the Horde. I hereby establish the Ragefire Battalion. We will act where the Horde forces cannot: In the shadow, for from the shadows the Light is born. Stand with us! Take up your hammer, lift up your bow, strike true at the hearts of our enemies for they shall hold no quarter and display no mercy against us! For the Horde! For the Ragefire Battalion!" //OOC// We are a new RPvX guild that is interested in heavy storytelling as well as enjoying the content that the World of Warcraft has to offer. All races within the Horde are welcome as well as all classes! We are located on Wyrmrest Accord - North America. We do have an age restriction of 18 or older, as most of us are in our mid twenties or older. Now is the perfect time to join our ranks as we make our mark on Azeroth. Our Officer Core: Orìa -GM Tennin -PvP Orstus - Relations Argànis -PvE/RP Foxsworn PvE/RP You can also get in touch with Seragahska for recruitment. Requirements: Must have a love for memes, have thick skin, and enjoy the company of a friendly bunch that spans the globe. We look forward to seeing you in game!Orìa1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Off-Peak RP? I've recently resubbed to WoW after a long absence and was wondering what the Alliance-side RP looked like in off-peak hours. I'm working off of GMT now and making it to an event that starts at 6-8PM PST is just not happening. I'd still like to catch some RP every now and then, but I'm not sure where to start.Dacorin2 Jan 6
Jan 6 Every Once In A While... Someone comes to, or returns to, these forums, and they try to be a forum personality. I am a grumpy person. I usually just tolerate these things in order to not bring everyone else down. Karmas is one of these people. Except Karmas actually makes me laugh, not scowl. Thank you, Karmas.Kasskeelhaul116 Jan 6
Jan 6 Lore, Achievements, Lockouts! Look here. Greetings Wyrmrest Accord, I have an an idea for my character I'd like to share. I will be a returning player and plan to quest grind, explore hop, and achievement seek, 'all' the content. I figure I would start by leveling to Lv.20 and then proceed to Stormwind and 'Lockout' the Experience Gaining. Rules and Guidelines are put in place to keep the adventure challenging and rewarding. If you feel you could get onboard with this unforgettable journey let me know. Im considering creating a Guild with players performing such a role in mind. Although all players must be RP players as well, for when we are off the grinding road we can turn to one another for roleplaying entertainment. Even if its just the two of us to start! Questing through each zone. Hit me up with a response here if interested. Or you can reach me at Discord: Joel Klasen#3810 Message Hartwon in Emerald Dream or drop an in-game Mail to reach me. You can also add: Snyder#11102 if you wish to reach me - though if I am online its always with Hartwon.Hartwon3 Jan 6
Jan 6 can my elf vape the void? will this be a thing? is my elf allowed to vape the void?Sariel4071C622 Jan 6
Jan 6 Naaru Conspiracy theories You know what trips me out? The naaru oppose the largest force of beings with the power to eradicate the void. They were totally absent during our actual conflict vs Deathwing and the Old Gods. Maybe they quite enjoy their life cycle of transitioning between Light and Dark. Maybe they seek not to destroy the void, but to preserve the cosmological status quo. Maybe they oppose Sargeras because he WANTS to destroy the void. *puts on tin foil hat. Vigorously peruses doomsayer pamphlets*Verlinnea31 Jan 6
Jan 6 Anyone else winding down from WoW lately? I went ham with this entire expansion, stayed away from mythic raiding for my own sanity, but I got everything else from arena rating, mage tower skins, and every AoTC so far apart from Argus. (I'm not sure I'll even get it at this point, I don't feel the urgency any longer.) I've got a lot of regrets about every other expansion, whether I missed out on the raids due to social anxiety, or being too nervous to try out the WoD/MoP challenge modes, but I've practically done all I've ever wanted to do in WoW. Haven't found the drive to RP either, anyone else feeling similarly? I got a Switch for Christmas, spent over 100 hours on Zelda so far, with Mario to come afterwards. I'd probably unsub for a little bit, but I went nuts with gold farming a few months ago and I still have 4 months of gametime from WoW tokens.Praesíus26 Jan 6
Jan 6 (A-RP) <Light From Darkness> <On the wall of the local tavern/inn, you see a board where other adventurers place their requests for help and their attempts to look for groups. A small piece that seems new catches your eye, written in elegant script> To our fellow adventurers, we are in need of your aid. We are seeking those of hardy nature and fine of skill to join our task force in the defense of Azeroth and her people. You need only to bring your will to endure and a true sense of purpose; we ask only that you give what you can to bring Light from Darkness. Should you find yourself with even a spark of interest, please contact us at once; we will be happy to meet you. <At the bottom of the page are the names of several people, presumably those who are available to contact. Beside them is the design of a flickering candle glowing brightly.> Greetings! We are <Light from Darkness> a new, full immersion RP guild seeking more people who want to enjoy the game and be a part of an active and well oiled community. Our focus is on RP with a side of Mythic +. We are not a military guild, a mercenary force, and are not looking to involve ourselves in factions conflict. We are a group of individuals each with our own goals, we join together to create something greater than ourselves to accomplish task which one can not handle alone. We are not driven by a single story but the struggles and triumphs that we share and those we brave alone and boast about. We are adventures, scholars, assassins, trackers, and hunters; we are brothers and sister, mothers and fathers, from those that seek something greater than themselves to those that seek only the coin for the next mead, nothing more, and if you have a story to tell then we may be right for you. We are willing to aid those that are in need of training, so that you can be the best you can in all forms, and ready for the adventures ahead. Membership will be limited to a handful of people so that we can create a active community of close knit people that understand and are willing to help each other. We are currently looking to boost the ranks of our group and are accepting all for applications, once a application is submitted an in game interview will be required. Applications will be accepted here: http://lfd.gamerlaunch.com/recruiting/create_apply.php?gid=560701 If your understanding of the lore of the game is limited we are willing to help you build your characters story and we openly accept those new to role-playing.Areaï4 Jan 6
Jan 6 Roleplay? How is the roleplay on this server? I made a character but I don't see a lot of walk-up roleplay that I do on Alliance Moonguard. Is there a specific spot or do Horde generally don't do casual roleplay. Is there another realm better suited for Horde roleplay?Ziiyol11 Jan 6