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Jul 1 Any tips or guides for RPing a Tauren? There's probably a few already here, but most of 'em might be outdated at this point. I'd love to hear any tips you guys might have for playing a cow 8). Also, i'd like someone to shed some light on Sunwalkers for me. Like, would they act differently compared to normal Tauren, like how say a human paladin would be pretty chaotic good and have a strong sense of justice? (I don't even know if that's right- It's been ages since I looked into WoW lore like that.)Nagrash9 Jul 1
Jul 1 Thoughts on an all monk RP guild? Hey peeps. I'm just barely getting back into RP after a long hiatus, but I've been wanting something a little more light-hearted and social than my previous themes. I suppose I can first start by saying that RP is a form of cathartic release for me, and it's something that I also enjoy engaging in occasionally for self-discovery. I know to some folks this might perhaps sound kind of bizarre to bring to an RP setting, but I was wondering what you all think about a community which focuses on deep conversations about various topics like compassion, suffering, growth and things of that nature? I've been looking around on WrA for an all monk, or monk-themed RP guild, but I haven't quite been able to find anything yet. I just thought it would be cool to incorporate some of the above ideas into this type of RP. I'd love to hear some of your opinions or interest. Please feel free to message me ingame!Haelod20 Jul 1
Jul 1 [RP] Fishing Tournaments Return So many of us miss the Stranglethorn and Northrend fishing tournaments, and soon the Anglers of Wryrmest Accord and beyond will be able to test their meddle in a series of high stakes fishing tournaments. With exotic prizes as a Reins of Poseidus Mount, Rare Pandaren Carp, Exotic Squid and more to be announced, the tournaments are sure to draw the top anglers from the Horde an Alliance. Details as possible locations will be kept to Discord for now; this is very much in the planning stages and can use some committed anglers to get it going. Discord: https://discord.gg/nKsKdsjEntilzhà6 Jul 1
Jul 1 [H] Snuggle Bunnies 5-8N ToS Recruiting Howdy Guys! Snuggle Bunnies is currently recruiting for our core raiding group! We are currently 6/10N and looking to advance. All are free to join. This guild comes with a encouraged discord. Feel free to reach out to our officers and members in game. Our core group requires an ilevel of at minimum 895-900 for progression. If your ilevel is slightly behind we also do keystones daily in order to gear up those who are a little bit below the ilevel requirement to get them set for progression. If you think this is a position you may be interested in please add my battlenet to discuss further information. #Rheezy11242Rheezy7 Jul 1
Jul 1 Slooty Leather Why aren't there more slooty leather leggings? It sucks. We have absolutely no variety in sloot leggings as leather wearers. Clothies, Mail wearers, Plate wearers, they have all sorts of colorful assortments to choose from to make slooty mogs. Leather wearers? Our only option is furry blue underwear. Throw us a bone here. I know I'm not the only person that cares about this. And I know it's a silly issue to complain about. But, it's still an issue imo.Jeff93 Jul 1
Jul 1 What have they done to priests? I'm trying to level mine finally, and the first thing I discovered is that discipline, formerly the most awesome spec, is useless for everything. Dismal DPS, overcomplicated and still dismal group heals, although to be fair solo survivability is very high. After struggling with this slow-mo questing experience for a couple levels, I finally got to where I can get the other two artifacts and have been experimenting. Shadow, so far...is unnecessarily complicated and difficult to get the best out of it, but I find that if you're willing to settle for mediocre damage it's a pretty solid solo questing spec, and that's probably what I'll end up doing, because I finally went holy and queued up for a dungeon only to discover that holy healing now is approximately as much fun as an effervescent jalapeno enema administered by a haphazardly trained orangutan. Priests of Wyrmrest, tell me your secrets. What made you not give up and roll something else this expansion? How are you doing it?Azhaar17 Jul 1
Jul 1 [H-RP] <Snakeroot Caravan> is closed There was a soft hum of the wheels turning against the grass with small bumps and creaks as the caravan pulled through the stony river. At the head of the small group was a Troll woman and her mate, smoking a pipe while the other hummed a song from distant lands, behind them the procession continued their talk of grand adventures, treasure to be found and sold, and the next place to make camp… Greetings and welcome to the Snakeroot Caravan, where adventure and travelling go hand-in-hand! Have you ever felt as if you did not have a place among the crowd? Perhaps the call to the wilds was stronger than the safety offered within the walls of a city? The itch of wanderlust in the back of your mind could no longer be ignored and the need to stretch your legs in the great wide somewhere was front and center? Then there is a place for you among the nomadic travellers of the Snakeroot Caravan. ... We’re seeking like-minded individuals to join us on a new guild venture that will have you travelling the world and experiencing all different places you might not normally stumble upon! Our goal is to create a warm and inviting environment that will foster creativity and comradeship, and bring back a good ol’ adventure feel to the community. That being said, we are a medium-heavy RP focus with a relaxed atmosphere. Lead by a pair of trolls that have spent much of their time travelling and selling their wares, the Caravan is open to people from all walks of life at every stage of their life to join them as they peddler their goods and seek glory in the world! ... ... We hope we have piqued your interest enough and if you feel as if this is the home for you, please feel free to contact the following people in-game via mail or whispers if you have any more questions, or send in an application to our website if you're ready to join up: GM’s Onlua/Lyss Kazimato/Lanarus Website http://snakerootcaravan.shivtr.com/ We also have a guild discord for out of game chat that is exclusive to members  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you around! <3Onula30 Jul 1
Jul 1 Summer Ball Screenshot! http://imgur.com/a/54IgE For those who didn't get a picture. :>Ellwynbrooke1 Jul 1
Jul 1 [H-RP] The Wolfmane Tribe In the midst of your travels throughout Kalimdor, you stumble upon an encampment riddled with Tauren tents. Accompanying the tents is a large group of Tauren, gathered in a circle, with their latest hunt roasting over a warm fire. Hunters, gatherers, braves, healers, all are gathered in front of you, in a little camp in the middle of the wilderness. One of these Tauren spots you and approaches. His fur and mane are rugged, yet there is a kind smile on his face, and his posture is welcoming. When he spoke, his voice was deep and friendly. “Welcome, friend. You have found the Wolfmane camp.” --- Basic Info: Horde Guild; Heavy Role-play Chieftain: Raton Wolfmane Council: Firereader, Karanga, Kiranika, Mahepaola Advisors: Callinanu Website: wolfmane.com The Wolfmane Tribe is a well-established heavy Tauren-centric role-playing guild. We are over a year old now, and going stronger than ever! We host events every single week, from sparring events to ceremonies to drumming lessons to our weekly event, Story Circle! We aim to help build not only a strong, tight-knit community among ourselves, but also throughout the Tauren community. What to expect ICly The Wolfmane Tribe is a nomadic tribe, moving with the seasons. We are a more traditional tribe, following the Old Ways and putting an emphasis on family, as well as respecting the Earthmother, though we are not without a few twists (we are open to all races!). All members are expected to be respectful to one another, and help one another. What to expect OOCly We are a heavy role-playing guild, and as such, while none of our events are mandatory to attend, we strongly encourage people to partake in them in order to have the best possible experience with us! Aside from our events, we also have frequent random role-play in whatever place we happen to have set camp. You can also expect to meet many friendly and helpful members, as we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for people of all experience levels! Whether you are an experienced role-player or have never role-played a day in your life, you will be welcome among us, so long as you are willing to learn and grow with us! Recruitment If you are interested in joining us, the first step would be to check our website and read about the guild, its rules, its structure and its culture, then join the website and submit an application! Joining the website is required, in order to gain full access to the forums and several member-only pages. An IC interview will also be needed to actually get your character invited to the tribe! Simply whisper any of the officers listed above, or if you do not see any of them online, whisper another member of the tribe, as there might be an officer available on an alt. Alternatively, just send one of them an in-game mail! --- We are the Wolfmane. We stand together at the call of the Earthmother, and carry out our journey forward. We forge a new path laid out by those that walk with us. Remembering those lost, we strive to build a home for those that seek it. We reach out to our Shu'halo brethren, giving a future to those who are lost. United we stand, our strength able to overcome any challenge. We are the Wolfmane. a family whose future shines brightly. Our bond is stronger than the finest metal, giving hope to those who have none. We are the Wolfmane. We stand strong together. A beacon for the future of our people.Karanga52 Jul 1
Jul 1 [A-RP] Make Darnassus RP Great Again! Hello everyone. So, I've come across quite a bit of 'I roleplay in Stormwind because nobody roleplays in Darnassus', and that is a real shame. With the interest and great fun that Night Elf RP is in general, and especially around Darnassus and Teldrassil, it's high time that those interested start gathering for some (participation not limited to night elves but heavily encouraged)! Although it's short notice (or not), there will be a handful of roleplayers gathering in Darnassus on Thursday the 28th, 5pm, hosted by the Keepers of the Moon! Show up for planned random RP! (No it's not a contradiction) The Silver Circle has taken over the Midsummer Market in Darnassus! Come set up shop to sell your wares, or your guild, or entertain others for tips even! Read on how to notify us for a spot, or just read on how to come and enjoy! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757225999 And though this is not a Darnassus event, it's still being run by a night elf, so let's make a Kaldorei presence at this Summer Ball: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755676873 And also, there is a Darnassus RP chat channel in game: DarnassusRP. Hop in and make some use of it, don't be shy. If you have a Darnassus or a Night Elf related RP coming up, please stick it here in the thread! ((All times should be WRA server time, so please note if it's not!))Elliistra16 Jul 1
Jul 1 [A-Event] Elune's Blessing About: The full moon is a time to gather and praise the Moon Goddess, Elune. Come join the Silver Circle at the Moonwell of Cleaning in Ashenvale as they do so! When: July 8th. Time: 6:00 Realm Time. Where: Moonwell of Cleansing, Ashenvale. Who to Contact: Contact Ellwynbrooke or Feyawen for a calendar invite or more details about the event.Ellwynbrooke5 Jul 1
Jul 1 LF Guild: [A] Septet of Characters Hi! So I have decided I need a new guild for... seven characters Allyside. I could list them all here, but it'd get long, so I will give you the basic ten words on each. Dr. Rintzina Lightwrench (gnome priest): A gnome doctor with a sad backstory and optimistic attitude. Aelysiya Thundermace (dwarf shaman): A shaman getting back into the swing of elemental power. Zunadir Frozenaxe (dwarf paladin): A paladin who draws Light from appreciation of simple things. Theophilias Stonefeld (Gilnean druid): A farmer whose magically enhanced intellect is not entirely welcome. Punwick Leylattice (gnome warlock): An artificer who powers her inventions with demons and souls. Fennu Ge Dusksinger (pandaren warrior): A warrior from Zouchin with a polearm full of anger. Simmie Penspring (gnome priest): A reporter for a gnomish newspaper. Always chasing a story. If you guys have any openings for a relatively small Ally side RP guild for one of these characters, I would appreciate it immensely. And if you have any questions, ask! Yes, multiples may end up in the same guild, so if you're interested in more than one, let me know!Rintzina0 Jul 1
Jun 30 A New Path for the Scarlet Crusade? This is just a random topic that bubbled up in my mind, but I wanted to discuss the Scarlet Crusade, a faction that is near and dear to our Roleplayer hearts. We've seen a few new examples of them popping up in legion, such as: ... Clearly the Scarlet Crusade is not only still alive and kicking, but it also continues to be active to some shape or form in both the game and lore alike. Now, we all know that Scarlet Crusade RP has held a long-lasting appeal for many people on this server and others, just as infamous as it is famous. However, this raises a question in my mind: What role would you like to see the Scarlet Crusade play in the future of the story, if any at all? While personally I'm of the opinion that they should simply be put to rest, I've heard a few interesting suggestions already, ranging from 'Same as Before, but with Demons' to 'Human Demon Hunters'. I have to admit, the thought of Demon Hunters being a playable class for Humans, but only as former SC members, is hilarious to me.Taldin22 Jun 30
Jun 30 WTB Name: Sun Hi, Like the title says, I would like to have the name Sun on Wyrmrest Accord. I will be transferring here soon and want my in-game name to reflect my character's IC name for a change. I could not find any results for the name on the armory, nor could I find the individual with the name online, so I assume it belongs to a placeholder alt. I will pay a substantial amount of gold to have the name un-reserved. Thank you. Please contact me at mom#11142Pride0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Draenei Moustache Am I the only one who wishes we had the goatee option without the moustache like it exists in the BC cinematic and in-game up until around Wrath? I was looking at some model changes of the draenei and I really noticed that. Such a shame. Also the main male draenei crown seems to be stubbier than the original model change preview back in Warlords. I think it still exists for eredar NPCs but not us ol' regular draenei. If only if onlySholaad5 Jun 30
Jun 30 [A-Event] Summer Ball About: This is an event for people to come dressed in their best attire for a chance to mingle with peers. There will be events included within this event (one with prizes) to keep it lively, so keep on reading to find out more! When: June 30th. Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM Server Time. (Time will be extended if needed.) Where: The Coliseum of Light, Draenor. (Fly to the Tranquil Court in Shadowmoon Valley.) Who To Contact: Contact Ellwynbrooke for details. Events: Dueling: There will be a chance for those aching for a good fight to test their strength during this. There will be no prizes for this due to it being for sheer fun. Transmog Contest: Yes, transmog contest! For those who want to show off their amazing armor, this is your chance. There will in fact be a prize for this. What are the prizes? First Place: A choice of a mount from the Blizzard store AND either game time or a pet from the Blizzard store. Second Place: A choice of game time or a pet from the Blizzard store. Third Place: 100k gold. Is susceptible to change if enough people are going to come. Edit: Now introducing... the Date Auction! During this event, there will be a time to gather and bid for a date with the finest people in Azeroth.Ellwynbrooke22 Jun 30
Jun 30 [H]<Waylight Refuge> Farewell/Midsummer Gala A handsome invitation arrives in your postbox. It bears the familiar symbol of the Waylight Refuge lantern. Inside is a crisp invitation, with smooth script flowing across the parchment that reads: You’re cordially invited to attend Waylight Refuge’s Midsummer Farewell Gala. While summer is in full swing, many in the Refuge, including our Keeper most recently, have been called to serve on the Broken Shore in a greater capacity. While this means the Refuge must close doors, we will not be doing so without a grand finale! To that end, we would be honored to have your presence at our last Gala. Please see below for the details: When: Thursday, June 29th, at 5 o’clock in the evening. Where: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Pandaria. The etiquette of the event is the same as all Galas prior: no weapons, no fighting, be respectful to the workers and your fellow guests, and know your limits. Those who do not follow the evening’s etiquette will be asked to leave. Come dressed in your best- our theme for the evening is Summer! Reds and golds are ideal, but whatever makes you feel warm and bright is welcome. We will be hosting a best-dressed contest with gold prizes for our winners! We look forward to seeing you there! -Waylight Refuge ******* Unfortunately, yes, <Waylight Refuge> will be disbanding. Before I get into the event details, I would just like to briefly touch on the whys. The guild has been on hiatus for about a month while I brainstormed with my officers different ways to breathe some life back into this guild. Even with the ideas we came up with, I was still personally facing the issues of not having enough energy to devote to this guild the way it needed. Between raiding and RL obligations, continuing to run events three nights a week left me feeling rather drained, and the guild began to feel like an obligation- something I promised myself I would not allow to occur again. After much discussion with the officers, I made the decision to disband. Both of my officers, Juliesu and Dusksnow, have been an amazing help, but they also have a number of IRL obligations- it wouldn’t be fair to them to add to their burdens, which is why I have not decided to turn the guild leadership over to either of them. I will say, that this doesn’t mean big server-wide events will stop happening. I still love throwing Galas and parties, and likely will continue to do so with the aid of any who would like to help- I just need to give myself breathing space. To do that, I need to step out of a leadership role, and allow those in the Refuge the chance to find an active guild that suits their needs.Altherei21 Jun 30
Jun 30 <One Percent> Goblin ONLY guild & raid team! * Guild Name: One Percent * Raiding Schedule: Friday: 6-10pm Saturday: 5:00 – 9:00 pm(server/PST) * Progress: 10/10 N 3/10 H Nighthold Looking For DPS - Rogue, Disc Priest DPS w/off-tank DPS w/off heals. All roles considered. <One Percent> is a casual guild and raid team for people who main Goblin characters! We raid Heroic progression just one day a week on Saturdays for about 4 hours. We also are farming N Nighthold on Friday nights for alts and those who want/need gear still from there. Mythics/Mythic+ weekly runs and various content together when the mood strikes. As a casual guild we have no Login or Attendance requirements so you wont have to worry about being kicked for missing raids. Experienced players are always welcome but what we find most important are members with positive attitudes. If you have little to no experience in raiding that is OK! We have a helpful and knowledgeable group and have zero issues gearing under geared members and/or teaching mechanics for raids/mythics. Our guild uses Discord for voice and out of game communication. You don’t need a mic but we will require you to at least listen in during raids/mythic+ and you will also need the Deadly Boss Mods addon as well. We have a few UI/Addon suggestions also below but only a couple are required. Dont always play on your Goblin? No problem! We have a second guild called <The Help> we place our alts in and with the use of a simple addon we bridge the guild chats into one without any additional input in-game or setup from you. Just type in guild chat like normal! All 1% members are welcome to put non-Goblins in that guild and can play them as much or as little as they prefer but raid spots goto Goblins first, always. If you would like to apply please either post a message below, Contact me on bnet SerGooch#1481 or visit our website. Feel free to inquire in this thread with any questions, comments or concerns as well as I’ll be keeping my eye on it. Thanks for your time, Goochwix - GM & RL of 1% What our Guild can offer: A relaxed and fun raiding environment A understanding that real life comes first. No activity or attendance requirements. A diverse group of players to engage in various activities with Completely free buff food/flasks at raid Generous guild funded repairs Guild contests & events rewarding Gold/Mounts Ideal Candidates: Excellent Attitude: No negativity! A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset Are mature, over 18 years preferred. Are able to make Raid Night on a weekly basis(saturday). Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it. Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer. Able to learn and adapt with your class over time. UI Requirements/Suggestions: Deadly Boss Mods(Req.) Greenwall(Req.) Identity-2 Skada Pawn TLDR We main Goblins and raid once a week on saturday for 4 hours. We need healers and DPS. No, you dont always have to play a goblinGoochwix7 Jun 30
Jun 30 <A>Terror Squad Inc PvP community guild Link to Guild Recruitment forums thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755775948#post-1 Terror Squad Incorporated (Terror Squad Inc) Server: Emerald Dream Type: PvP Hello friends! My name is Alatril and I am here to make a small announcement. I have had a vision of a guild format I wish to share and hope people will join in to help build. For too long now I have watched the PvP community dwindle down especially on the North American side of the spectrum. Below will be an outline of what I hope to accomplish (with help) with this community guild. Table of Contents 1) Our (my) goal 2) About Myself 3) Community 4) Development 5) Competitive PvP 6) PvE? 7) My server 8) Closing Our (My) Goal So simply my goal here is to create a community of players who love to pvp, want to improve and contribute to the PvP community in general no matter how big or small the contribution is. I hope to build a guild community that not only wants success when it comes to higher ratings and PvP achievements but success on improving other players in the process and helping them reach goals they want to set for themselves. To often I see disdain for players that want to PvP but don't have the experience in high pressure situations to actually improve and contribute in those situations. I want to build a guild community where players not only have access to other players of the same skill level but players who are also willing to help other players improve by sharing their experience. About Myself This won't be long because this isn't about me. However I feel like a little background is needed. I have been playing WoW since its exception. I have dedicated countless hours to the game and characters. My love for PvP started late Vanilla when a friend of mine dragged me into an AV for quest. I have never been a player that has achieved high ratings nor sought to. However recently I have watched top players on Twitch and love watching WoW esports in general and not only wish to improve myself to learn the game and its mechanics better but also contribute to WoW esports either by playing or otherwise. I just want to be involved. Also this summer I hope to launched a Twitch talked show called NerfCraft as well (follow on Twitter @NerdCraftWoW) Community Community has always been big to me. Community is what made this game a passion and it is what continues me playing. However, as the game has its ups and down I have also seen a decline in community. This has a lot to due with declining player base and server deaths but also some other things. The one I wish to focus on is the PvP community. I see a lot of divide and disdain within the community. What I hope to accomplish is to build a guild community where mutual respect no matter what a person's skill level is. Everyone can learn from everyone in my eyes. Everyone can contribute. Developement Players in general are far more skilled than ever because of how long the game has been around. However I still feel like a lot of players want and have room to improve but don't know where to turn to do so. Also it seems harder and harder to find players to connect with to play with as well. I hope to build a guild community that gives players access to such things.Aliatril6 Jun 30
Jun 29 <Shadowtusk Clan> [H-RP] The damp, humid air of Stranglethorn Vale seems to suffocate you as you enter it’s jungle. Roaming beasts hungrily stalk your every move. Little do you know those beasts share a home with troll primals and you’ve accidentally wandered into one of their dens. As you hear the heavy breathing, a massive troll eyes you like prey for the taking. The rest is a blur as you run for your life, the primal anxiously following every step. You come across old troll ruins and find yourself within the golden city of Zul’Gurub. Hundreds of trolls calling these “abandoned” ruins their home. Once inside, you notice the primal backing off as the trolls within begin to eye you wearily. Luckily for you...you’re a troll. They escort you out of the city and to the gates. Your interest is piqued and now you wish to learn more and perhaps join them. Are you sure you’re prepared for the trial that awaits you? Prove your worth! HOOWAH! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Wyrmrest Accord! The Shadowtusk Clan is an all-troll, lore-abiding RP guild that has been around quite a long time. We call the old troll ruins of Zul’Gurub home, however we have plenty of events elsewhere throughout Azeroth. What kind of events? Well I’m glad you asked! The types of events we have include (but are not limited to): sacrifices to loa, sparring, hunting sports, olympic-style competition, multi-week storylines, travel events, and many more! We host plenty of events every week to make sure the guild has lots of clan-wide roleplay when they’re not playing other types of content. We do allow OOC PVE and PVP events to be created but those are not our main focus. Our guild offers in-clan training for special ‘subclasses’ that have been created over the several years that Shadowtusk Clan has been around. Most take around six months or more to train properly to roleplay. This creates ample opportunity for personalized roleplay as well! The ‘subclasses’ we currently have available and offer training for are shadow hunters, witch doctors, hexxers, primals, dinomancers, and blood drinkers. We also offer training for ‘specializations’ which tend to be easier to obtain such as prelates/freethinkers, venomancers, plagueshifters and shadow walkers! Curious about the guild but not sure if you want to join? Feel free to stop by our guild site: -- shadowtuskclan.guildlaunch.com -- We have amassed a multitude of resources on troll lore and do our best to create the best troll RP while also maintaining an atmosphere that everyone in the guild feels comfortable in. Have any questions? Feel free to ask here in this thread OR you can speak with an officer! GM: Garz Officers: Sejjunta, Doombloom, TåzjiinTåzjiin10 Jun 29
Jun 29 [RP] Druid of the Vine ... Druids that take on aspects of a tree, using vines and roots as their offensive abilities and bark as their defense. Many use the cruder types of trees, while others can be seen taking on flowery appearances in their work. Some uphold themes such as a specific flower or tree, and will either specialize in offense, defense, healing, and sometimes all three. Druid of the Vine is something I created a long, long time ago but never gave it a title. Taking inspiration from fictional characters such as Poison Ivy from DCU, and Zyra from League of Legends, as well as the series of royalty plant Yu Gi Oh cards (Princess of Camellias, for example) sort of inspired me to go more in-depth with this. I know there are similar, if not the same concepts but I never saw them with a name or any in-depth explanation other than "it plant." I was notified of one a while ago, but I could get no information on it so I just let it go. Some abilities I have for myself: http://i.imgur.com/u8C7XQP.png ... In the palpable words of Palpatine: do it. Create flowery and lively concepts, be a druid whose entire them is a rose. Be a druid whose entire theme is roots. Maybe have a combination of bouquet of flowers and roots. Be a tanky one where you're all about being a strong tree with tons of barkskin and other spells.Willowy17 Jun 29
Jun 29 Vanitas (Alliance Evil RP) Who. <Vanitas>, a guild led by a co-GM force consisting of Malus and Malina/Atris is now recruiting as we progress into the Legion expansion. We are a med RP guild - as we look into other aspects such as small-time PvE and have members knowledgeable in PvP - devoted to having realistic evil RP. We're based around a storyline and weekly RP events, as well as thriving around personal character strife and development. We believe that most stories need conflict and we wish to be the force behind that conflict. Not only to drive the stories of Protagonist guilds, but to bolster our own storyline, characters, and experiences. What. What you can expect from <Vanitas>: -Weekly RP events -Friendly management -Members who believe in fairness in RP -Balanced conflict RP: Meaning we not only explore and delve into standard /emote RP, but we also cater to those who are more favorable to /rolling for their battles! -Friendly members who respect Warcraft's lore. We do -not- run around Stormwind proclaiming our diabolical intentions, but rather converse OOCly with protagonist guilds to drive IC storylines for *everyone*; guild, personal character, and realm. We also enforce a "no discrimination" policy. What we look for in members: Good attitude -Friendliness -Fairness (No God-Modding) -Roleplay Side note: If you RP something out of the ordinary; such as a furbolg, dragon, grummle, mecha-gnome, etc.; we would love to get a feel for your character and storyline to see if it's compatible with the forces of evil! Side-side note: Due to the purpose of roleplay and this guild, paladins are accepted on rare case-by-case deals, just to ensure things go smoothly, of course. Officers: Current officers to talk to about joining: Guildmaster: Malus Guildmaster: Malina/Atris Officers: Authiren Go to our website http://vanitas.shivtr.com/ for more information about the guild as well as application services. The guild leaders had to take a break due to personal reasons but have returned to bring back evil roleplay. Also if any guilds are interested in starting a story we are more than willing to work with you. We love interactions with other guilds and are planning some server events. Atris38 Jun 29
Jun 29 Ginn-Su Sword for Sale. WTS Ginn-SU Sword. Looking to sell a Ginn-Su Sword. This is a very rare, hard to find 1h Katana that sheaths on the characters back. the sword is currently on one of my alts on a dif server but I would be willing to bring it over here to Wyrmrest Accord if the price is right. Please let me know if anyone is interested in this extremely rare sword.Brownhorn0 Jun 29
Jun 29 (A) Fortune's Folly (RP-PvE) We're a newly created adventure based medium RP guild, with mercenary style event board along with bar/casual RP. Our guild is mainly lawful neutral, and though we'll accept characters with a shady past, we will not be condoning criminal acts while under our name. The majority of our people are mercenaries and tradesmen. For the first we have a guild combat system in place that helps us get through events with ease and style. For the latter, we plan to have accommodating events to show off skills and products. Casual progression raiding in need ranged DPS and a healer with a DPS off-spec. We're currently progressing through Tomb, though we won't shy away from helping gear lower ilvl people through past raids. Though we're not too picky, we would appreciate: Disc/Shadow Priest, (any spec) Shaman, (any spec) Warlock, (any spec) Mage, and/or a Balance Druid. Aside from RP and PvE, we are a group of people who enjoy creating a community that can speak freely and safely without judgment. We do what we can for our fellow guild mates that include, but are not limited to: arenas/skirms, random BGs, current/old raids, RP advice/lore, etc. To ask questions or express interest contact any of the following ingame. Malazen (GM) Reidar (Officer) Meradel (Officer) Bearperson (Officer) Nimeriah (Officer)Malazen2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Player: Boomboom AKA Snek This guy is amazing. Can we vote him as the realm's mascot? He makes my day every time he comes around. LolKredoriell1 Jun 29
Jun 28 Looking for name: Arazi I'm looking for the player who has the name "Arazi" reserved. I've searched the directories and no name comes up for a character on WRA above level 10. If you have this alt sitting around, I would very much like to use the name for my main who I was wishing to transfer over. Please send me a in-game mail so we can discuss this more. It would be greatly appreciated. :)Nicolena2 Jun 28
Jun 28 [A-RP] Warband of the Forlorn "A militia?! Oh, they are no militia, my friend... They're a legion of vigilantes and mercenaries, who would give up their lives if it means protecting the innocent civilians of the Alliance. Step out of their way, and they'll leave you alone, but become a threat to commoners, or even ally yourself with a threat, and they will strike at you with furious anger, and leave you and your allies in ruin... Please, do not make the same mistakes I did. For the love of all that is holy, stay out of their way, and do not harm those they protect." - Medelynn Ravensteel, former Lady of House Ravensteel. IC Information: The Warband of the Forlorn is a group of vigilantes and mercenaries, with the purpose to protect the civilians of the Alliance. Protection is achieved by taking down whatever threat may loom over the people, whether it be the Legion, a criminal, or even something as simple as a corrupt noble. The Warband is renowned for achieving their goals through means that aren't exactly legal, but effective. The Warband also actively looks for artifacts that they find too dangerous for others to get their hands on, seizes them, and locks them up in a safe place, so that they may never be used against those who they protect. The Warband is made up of pretty much anyone who would be willing to join and aid the cause. However, its main target for recruitment is those who are Dwarven. Even those who are not good fighters are allowed into the Warband, and receive ruthless training in order for them to reach their peak physical abilities. The Warband also recruits those who are poor and have no other chance at life, and turns them into great warriors through intense training, making them follow an honor code, and giving them a monthly salary for their service. OOC Information: The Warband of the Forlorn is a Heavy Roleplaying guild which focuses on immersive story lines, and character progression. We want to give all roleplayers, new and experienced alike a fun, friendly, and engaging atmosphere where they feel free to explore each and every aspect of roleplay, from kickin' butt and taking names, to questioning how correct is it for them to be taking threats down through illegal means in order to help those in need. We hold regular events and storylines in order to expand the Warband's ever-growing lore. Events are usually held on weekends and use a unique d20 system which is explained in detail on our website. The Warband of the Forlorn takes in only those who are Titanborn, meaning Dwarves, Gnomes, and Humans. We are heavily Dwarven themed, so we aim for mostly beards an' braids when recruiting. When it comes to recruitment, we'll take anyone as long as it makes sense for their character to join the guild, and their character fits in with the guild's theme. Once again, visit our website if you would like to know more about us. Guild Rules: With a theme as specific as ours, there are a few rules we would like our members to follow if they are to join the guild. - Always consent to Guard Interference when inside cities. What’s the point of joining a Vigilante/Mercenary guild, if there are no consequences? That’s half of the fun, after all. - Always be respectful to Guild Members and others alike. Remember, if the name of the guild is below your character’s, your actions represent the entire guild. Always, no matter what, respect everyone. This includes no Trolling, no paying attention to Trolls, no matter how annoying they can get, and giving constructive criticism to other people on their roleplay skills and such, instead of just being rude about it. Keep in mind, this is OOC. I am not forbidding you from RPing rude or mean characters, as long as you keep it IC. - Be committed to the guild. We are not a parking lot for alts. We expect you to show at least some commitment by attending events, and logging in. Unless you give the Commander or War Council of the guild word of your hiatus, you will be kicked from the guild if you do not log on for more than two months. - Never mix IC with OOC. This is one of the most fundamental and important rules to keep in mind while roleplaying. Never, ever mix IC interaction with OOC interaction, especially when someone is RPing their character as not exactly friendly with yours. Guild Contacts: Finally, we encourage any and all who are interested in the guild to seek us out in game, or through our website. ... ...Thorlond54 Jun 28
Jun 28 Progression Raid Recruitment Greetings Wyrmrest! I am the raid leader for the raid team for Cozmic's Playground (alliance). We are looking for some fresh blood to try out for our more selective Progression Team. We are primarily looking for DPS but also looking for some healers to continue our work in Tomb of Sargeras. We require: 400k minimum or higher single target DPS 300k HPS or higher DBM or Big Wigs Mumble (May move to discord, you are not required to speak only listen) Researching fights on your own time. Must demonstrate a desire to improve their character's performance. Top 3 DPS will be selected Heals will be selected based on numbers relative to our current healers. We do not have a strict gear level requirement because ilvl is a poor measure of competency and performance. Tryouts are Sunday Evening at 5 PM Server. We will be doing a nice and easy Nighthold Normal run. Its important to note that the Sunday runs have two purposes. They are try outs for new people as well as runs for the guild as a whole. The members who show up Sunday are not representative of our Tuesday & Thursday group. If you are interested you can comment here or send in game mail or a whisper to Telrenaur. Alternatively you can also just whisper me on Sunday evening before 5 PM server. All combat logs will be posted and reviewed before final invites go out.Telrenaur0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Speaking of Necromancy... I recently saved up my gold on HotS and purchased Xul. He's a lot of fun. ... Azmodunk is still my current favorite, however. Building a massive demonic NBA team and throwing basketballs at your enemies is too much fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihRYeNMOkzE Anyway. In the words of Lorewalker Cho: ...Kasskeelhaul54 Jun 28
Jun 28 Warning! Personal Opinion Ahead! I think WrA has far more good people than toxic people, and am glad that I chose it when I came back to the game. I hope you all have a wonderful day.Xaesha68 Jun 28
Jun 28 New Creative Writing/Art Sharing Page! Hello, Wyrmrest Accord! We wanted to give everyone an invitation to The Archivum, a new Facebook group for lore discussion, art sharing, creative writing brainstorming, and more. We're focused on supporting fellow creatively-minded people, in a positive environment where you can make friends, and see the ideas and creations of others, while getting your own creations seen as well! If you're interested, check us out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1887666048140020/ All are welcome, and we hope to see you there! EDIT: To clarify, my guild and this page are not associated outside of sharing some members. Membership in The Archivum Collective is by no means required to join the group!Keldaxus0 Jun 28
Jun 28 [H-RP]<Kestrel Company> Detective Drama! ... “Most have been forgotten. Most deserve to be forgotten. But the great heroes and villains will always be remembered. The best and the worst... And a few who were a bit of both. ... With enemies like the Burning Legion and the Scourge, it’s easy to forget that evil doesn’t always wear a skull for a face or a devil’s horns. It’s so simple to take up arms against demons and undead abominations. But our lot is to hunt the villains that hide among us. Because we’ve never needed the fel to commit atrocities; mortal greed and hate and prejudice did that long before we ever went to war against the Scourge or the Legion. We’ll kick down doors and interrogate suspects. We’ll investigate crime scenes in Murder Row and travel to the darkest corners of Azeroth. Wherever our enemies go, we’ll be right on their heels. We’ve rooted out serial killers, rogue demonologists, mad cultists and foreign spies, and in the days to come, we’ll face much more. Will you answer the call? ... Hello and welcome! We’re now recruiting more roleplayers for Kestrel Company, a slightly different kind of Blood Knight guild. We’re not a military guild with a strict chain of command, riding into battle against the armies of the Burning Legion; instead, our stories more closely resemble police procedurals or a detective dramas. Our storylines are divided into cases, such as the murder of an important official or the theft of important documents. RPers will investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses and confer with one another to solve mysteries and capture dangerous criminals. To do so, you may well travel to exotic locales far beyond the walls of Silvermoon City. In addition to knights and initiates, Kestrel Company employs a number of affiliates - Dalaran mages, Farstrider scouts and even warlocks and outlaws - to ensure that we have the expertise needed to solve any case. Who better to consult on a dark ritual than a master of fel magic? Who knows the criminal underworld better than a thief? In terms of atmosphere, you shouldn’t expect grimdark. On our brightest days, we can feel like Brooklyn 99, with many humorous notes and cheerful moments of camaraderie. On our darkest days, we’re pressed to find our perpetrators with all the urgency of The Wire or Criminal Minds. ... WITCH HUNT Two grisly murders in one night, the victims found bloodied and mutilated in the safety of their own homes. The victims seem to have nothing in common except for the killer’s MO; does a mad serial killer stalk the streets of Silvermoon City? And can Kestrel Company catch them before they kill again? ... New initiates to Kestrel Company Knight-Initiates are the foundation of Kestrel Company and the future of the Blood Knight order. Though still in-training, youth should not be mistaken for incompetence; a Knight-Initiate is more than capable of contributing to investigations and holding their own in any combat scenario. Established Sin’dorei Blood Knights Whether a longstanding member of Kestrel Company, recently transferred from another Company or promoted from the rank of Knight-Initiate, Blood Knights make up the majority of the organization. Contacts in the field, of any race and class Blood Knights may be holy warriors, but righteous fury isn’t enough for the kind of threats Kestrel Company must face. To bring in the worst of the criminal element, the company requires the aid of experts in arcane magic, fel rituals, the criminal hierarchy and more. Contacts are well compensated and granted certain privileges, up to and including a formal ‘rank’ in the company, even without technically being a Blood Knight.Amren4 Jun 28
Jun 28 LF input on fanon RP campaign TL;DR: I am making an RP campaign set in vanilla Stormwind and I am looking for input. Varian is dead at the hands of the naga and the world doesn't just hang in limbo waiting for players to do quests. Alright, I will try to make a long rambling incoherent story. Wait, what? I mean, I will try to make a long story short. I have a fanon story (as I am sure many of us do) which is more or less complete. The bones of it have been there for years and I've been fiddling with the Frankensteinian flesh of it for ages. Because of the nature of the beast I've toyed with multiple mediums. Mainly cartoons, comics, fanfiction writing, or a video game (both RTS and RPG). It basically breaks down to that that is a lot of hard work and I'm not a particularly skilled artist in any of these typical forms. It takes over a thousand frames to make a minute of a cartoon. I hate my comics. And the thing I am best at is making video games but my standards are far above my skills and it takes hundreds of hours to make only hours of gameplay when you are working alone. So none of that really worked out. My still incomplete wiki is about the best thing I have to show. However, I had a good chat with some guildies (call out to my homies Alexander & Jean) not long ago that reawaken a good idea that I had had some time ago. That idea being: to make a D&D style campaign that one can play basically like the RPG I wanted to make but without the mechanical restraints of an actual video game. Yes, I would love to get what is in my imagination down into the mechanics and visuals of a game that can actually be played and enjoyed, but using one's imagination is the next best thing and certainly not alien to roleplayers. Now, without any further preamble we reach the point of this thread. I am looking for some input that may assist me in crafting this fanon world for this RP campaign. Awhile ago I made a thread looking for input on Moon Guard and I got some good stuff. I thought maybe I would try here too and see what different ideas I get. There are a number of ways in which my fanon diverges from canon, but the basic premise is as follows. Firstly, I will say that the story is based in Stormwind at first then later transverses much of the Eastern Kingdoms and will largely ignore things that are unrelated or far removed from the Eastern Kingdoms. I begin my story and deviate from canon lore at the vanilla point of Azeroth's history. In the "Ultimate Visual Guide" vanilla wow is set at 25 years after the opening of the Dark Portal and referred to as "The Gathering Storm." King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind is kidnapped by the naga working for black dragons and/or old gods, split into one half orc slave gladiator and one half whipped house king. This is the first major split from canon lore. In my story, none of that convoluted ridiculous nonsense happens. Varian just dies. He falls into the water during a naga attack and sinks to a horrible drowning death like the idiot who wore plate into the middle of the ocean that he is.Gärithos16 Jun 28
Jun 27 Tavern Tuesdays We're back! Tuesday June 27th, Tavern Tuesday returns with open world RP happening in the Ledgerdemain Lounge in Old Dalaran (but IC in Broken Isles Dal). Come one, come all, 5pm server time! The coffee shop turns back into a lounge after 5...Axiann5 Jun 27
Jun 27 [H]<Crimson Raiders> Recruiting for H ToS. <Crimson Raiders> is a tight-knit, relaxed Horde guild on Wyrmrest Accord currently looking for players for our core Heroic group and our Normal group runs. Experience not required as long as you have the dedication and patience for progression. We currently raid Tues/Wed 6:30pm - 9:30pm PST. We use Discord as a voice chat program and require a mic for raiding. Currently Need: -Any DPS specs with viable tank/heal backup offspecs -Warrior DPS -Rogue -Mage -We are also open to any solid dps that can make it to raids consistently- Mostly though, above all, we want players who are playing to have fun, know their role, and who we can rely on to show up and put in the effort to improve as a player and as a group. If interested or have any questions contact me on any of my characters on Battle.net SeethingRage#11212, or in game officers: Jaska, Tahzeel.Jaska0 Jun 27
Jun 27 [A] Deep Forest Caravan seeking The Legion has decimated The Caravan’s forces once more! Lives have been lost, others scattered. Only the most hardy remain. As they continue to re-enforce the echoes of time in Nighthold, their eye is upon what will come next. Word is placed in the less frequented inns and taverns. Silver ensures that eyes will be on the lookout for those seeking a home in the battles to come. Eyes seeking hardy individuals with a shield on their back, casters, healers, or those that look to carry themselves well in a fight. Yet instructions are clear, those that show spirit, guts for learning, a burning in them to test themselves – those too, should have The Caravan mentioned to them, certain names dropped into open ears. Will you be one drawn close over the bar or asked to allow the Innkeep to sit at your side for a time? OOC: ToS is approaching! If you are wanting to main a tank, DFC has a spot! We also have openings for casters. One healer would be welcome, but needs a solid dps off-spec for nights that we do not field the entire group. We are continuing to run NH for gear, so if your spec needs gear, now is the time. If you are a seasoned veteran, DFC does emphasize execution. If you are a novice, or returning after a long absence, you will find a welcome reception. We enjoy training, so if you gave it a shot once and were frustrated with a lack of help, or felt you just hit a wall, we encourage you to give it another go. We have veteran raiders that went from zero experience in any games to competency that understand the challenges a lack of background brings to the table. If you are a veteran that enjoys sharing your passion for raiding, and are looking for a more relaxed pace, we have a place for you. We are a full-immersion RP guild with a running guild arc. DFC provides a blend between the two pillars of gaming and storytelling. So, if you’ve always had an interest in RP, but couldn’t invest the time because of the pace the game requires, DFC is the perfect opportunity to explore RP without having to miss things because of your raiding schedule. Every member is on the same schedule, and events are scheduled around our forays into the pockets. If you are an RP’er with an interest in raiding, well, that is DFC’s roots. You may contact any member of DFC mentioning that you were told by the Innkeep of your choice that we were looking. Those well versed in recruitment are: Betilla, Ursuola, and Mossclaw. We welcome questions. Hours of Raiding are: Monday/Wednesday 7-10pm, Server Mythic + runs: Saturday 8:30pm, Server Normal run: currently Tuesday, 7-10pm, Server Website is: dfc.guildlaunch.com Drop into the visitor’s forum for more info regarding the guild. Legion story arc can be found here (wip): http://dfc.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11217793&start=0&gid=287297Mossclaw20 Jun 27
Jun 27 Guild Adds/Guild Types that I don't Mind. So, There are a lot of ways guilds advertise for their guild. I dislike someways and I really like others. But I want to know what other people would like to see for Guild Adds. My favorite types of Guilds that advertise are of course. Rp Guilds. All my Opinions The Ones I like: Banner Recruitment: Stands in front of their orders banner and openly Recruits. This to me makes it seem the guild wants to be apart of the community and is putting forth effort for the guild they like. (Can be associated to all Rp guilds. If the Guild is a open face to the public.) Forum Posting: Since it is one of the better ways to do it. But I don't really feel the Rp aspect of it. Chat Adds: The basic Macro Add for the chats. The OG way. The Whisper: Now this may not be liked by all but I feel as if the random whisper is better then the whisper and Guild Invite. With the whisper it is just if,"Hey, you don't need to join but just think it over and know that we are an option. Dislikes for Guilds: Constant Invite Spams with No Whisper: Like are you even trying or just want Numbers? The Non-Rp guild on a Rp Realm adds: Like, I get it but I don't; They have realms that are highly populated for the type of guild you are trying to run. But again people are free to do as they please. The ERp Guilds: Listen, I get it you pay for your game and you're gonna play it how you want. I just don't get it. I don't get wanting to just be associated with ERP. I of course as have done it I am no saint but if I do Rp I at least want to see a story take place not,"Nice pants whats the drop rate?" "100% bby" But these as I said above are just my opinion. What do you all like to see in a guild add or in a guild themselves.Doomhammer49 Jun 27
Jun 27 Resto Shaman looking for Guild Hey guys, I'm an 880+ resto shaman looking for a guild for raiding and mythic + on Mondays and Wednesday nights. If you're in need of a healer hit me up in game. Looking forward to it!Thundermouth1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Story Time So last night I decided I had a hankering for some chicken nuggets so I went to the closest place that has them, which would be my local McDonalds. I'm sitting in there in the drive thru and it's going slow so I'm talking on the Wyrmrest Discord when I heard a bang, like an explosion, come from the parking lot/building. I'm sitting there thinking, "Is that a gun?" I hold very still and a few seconds later I hear another bang and I see a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. I think, "It's an active shooter. Am I going to die here waiting in the drive thru to McDonalds?" I can't say I was scared so much as thinking that it's a heck of a place to die. I turn my head to look and see what the heck is going on and what I saw will shock you. ... Above the McDonalds building was fireworks, about a dozen white starbursts in full bloom. It's 10:23pm on a sunday night on a day that, to my knowledge, isn't a holiday. I WTFed then when I got to the window to get my food I asked the lady if she knew what they were about. She had no idea. All I can figure is it was some sort of nth customer automated sort of thing and the lady just wasn't aware of it. She too thought it was a gun shot. Anyone else had any sort of bizarre experiences like this? Share them.Zandrae11 Jun 27
Jun 27 PvP Brawl Howdy WrA. I'm looking for some Hordies (preferably Goblins) to do a PvP brawl with my guild. As you may or may not know Gnomeregan Forever is the premier Gnomish guild on WrA. We're looking to break into the PvP scene. We're having fun doing randoms together, but are looking for more options. Also, if there is anyone out there good at PvP, we're looking to "hire" someone to do an RP/PvP workshop. Hit me up in game if interested in either proposal. Thanks GeeGee Boltz Locked and loadedGeegeeboltz4 Jun 27
Jun 26 Looking for a Guild Hey everyone. My name is Blaze. I have finally decided to put myself out there and look for a guild who has like minded interests. I am a pretty friendly character and I am always up for a bit of fun. Below I am gunna highlight what I am looking for and provide a little structured info then wrap it all up with a brief summary. Hang on, here we go; Availability and Time Zone: Sundays and Tuesdays are my days off. I work 2:30pm-11pm EST. Yes I live east coast on US. I am on every night or every other night for a solid 4 hours or so, sometimes taking breaks to play other games. Server Preference: Wyrmrest Accord was the first server I had ever joined and has been the place I call home. Though my interests has shifted from it’s realm role(RP), I would prefer to keep any character on in there. That being said I am not against joining other realms for their roles(PvP,PvE, and mixes between all). Faction Preference: I refuse to harbor hate towards either faction. That being said, I do main mostly alliance with a few horde characters mainly for lore and the stories. I am pretty flexible but my favorite races is Worgen, Night Elf, Troll, and the Tauren(Yes, I am partial to druids.) 111122222246 Level of play: I am a heavy casual to semi-hardcore player. As I mentioned before, I get out wicked late and come home in true gamer fashion to play until I get dizzy. One my days off I game for a while at a time, breaking when I need to answer a needs or just a breather. Current Progress/Activities: I have Legion and quest often. Lately I've been pretty lost with little direction so I've either been gaining rep with the new faction(Legions of Army Fall?) Or running RBGs. Or working on professions. Contact Info: Discord: Blaze#3134 ; or you can reply here as I'll be monitoring this thread. To sum it up… I am looking for a friendly and active guild who does RP(I will occasionally join), runs dungeons, does BG(I want to try and become rated), Arenas(I'm interested in bettering myself), questing, and hanging out. I'm able to use a headset and am always up for keeping others company. Let me know if you think I'd be a good fit.Yandereblaze1 Jun 26
Jun 26 [H-RP/PvX] Tusk & Bone Relics & Oddities Heavy, woody incense wafts from the bead-curtained door of the shop, and the clink-pop of the beads herald your entrance as you step inside, the shop sun-lit yellow and gold through skylights in the roof. The troll woman, her hands working in small tribal pots of vines, looks peaceful and focused, draped like a druid in feathers and leaves; she gives you a thoughtful once-over as she notices your presence, dusting the soil off of her hands on her vined robes. “Ya be lookin’ fa somethin’ specific, fren’?” she asks, then her head tilts. “Ah. No, ya be searchin’ fa somethin’ more. We be hirin’, aye. You got what it take?” She reaches over the shop counter, cluttered and lined with bones, skulls, crystals, and feathers, and produces a neatly-written flyer on beautifully aged paper: ... ------------------------ AND SO IT BEGINS, WrA! Shanta’li and Akin’do are hard at work getting the shop ready for new hires and will be looking to begin the hiring process on JULY 1, 2017. We are currently taking early applicants! We will only take 10 people during this first round of recruitment, so apply early to reserve a spot! |*| TO APPLY VISIT TUSKANDBONE.SHIVTR.COM |*| | WHO WE ARE | The Tusk and Bone is a voodoo, relics, and oddities shop that operates as a merchant, independent reliquary, and relic hunting team. Their purpose is to find, collect, catalog, and either sell or archive meaningful, magical, and/or powerful relics and artifacts, for the purpose of making a profit, researching and documenting, or simply keeping them out of the wrong hands. The Tusk and Bone is a perfect home for relic hunters, documentarians, profiteers, mystics, researchers, mercenaries, and anyone else with a vested interest in the guild’s purpose. Tusk and Bone was imagined and created by the original brains behind WrA Alliance’s <Kalimdor Collective>. Leadership experience between Shanta’li and Akin’do is lengthy and vast. Our biggest goal is to bring something fresh and unique to WrA Horde RP, and start a redside family! OOC Structure Tidbits: We are a quality-of-life guild looking to create a family, not just be a ‘big’ guild! Recruitment will be capped at 20 for awhile Tusk and Bone is catered toward working adult players, mostly age 22+, but exceptions can be made for the right people We will be most active in the early evenings ST / late evenings CST/EST (not late night) Events will start no earlier than 5PM ST and no later than 6PM ST Story arch events will last no longer than 2.5 hours at a timeShantali11 Jun 26
Jun 26 This question haunts me ... So, I went to sleep last night with this thing percolating in my head, I woke up and it is still rattling around inside my skull. Legion has exposed multiple new types of Demons to our eyes, while simultaneously we've had several older breeds mysteriously absent, such as the technology-focused Moaarg Demons, and it just makes me wonder about the ecology of the Legion, and the Twisting Nether itself. But the question that haunts me is that if there's an Imp Mother ... Who is the father? ... And where has Torkus been this whole time?Gentarn37 Jun 26
Jun 26 Has any guild finished the Tomb? I have seen no changes in the stars yet - has any guild on WRA killed Kil'jaden?Hazelthorne11 Jun 26
Jun 26 Callout Post What's everyone's plans this Sunday? It's housecleaning (cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming mostly), a walk, and then probably restarting Wolfenstein: The New Order for me. Got like 80% of the way through it and then just stopped playing for whatever reason. Maybe picking up my suit for a friend's wedding down the road since the adjustments were done earlier this week.Liotuse13 Jun 26
Jun 26 What do you do? Or what do you want to be? What are you working to be? Career goals go!Sholaad58 Jun 26
Jun 26 LF Heals/DPS Wyrmrest We're currently looking for healers and a few more solid dps to round out our raiding team on Wyrmrest Accord. We have a chill group of solid players who play their specs well and just need to fill out the ranks to avoid pugging. We have a lot of fun and laughs but run organized raids and everyone is on discord. If you're 110 but not fully geared, we can help—mythic + runs, nighthold runs for tier, etc. If you'd like to join us, reply here and/or message or mail in-game Xerodymus, Volg, Phillies, or Moonruin.Xerodymus0 Jun 26
Jun 26 [A-PvX] <Symphony of Blades> 10/10 H NH Do you find it hard to get up for LFG every morning? Has kidney stabbing lost its luster? Does it just feel like you're memeing through the motions in raids? If so, you may be suffering from Comedic Deficiency Disorder. Millions of beings in Azeroth suffer from C.D.D., but now there's <Symphony of Blades>! <Symphony of Blades>'s patented active ingredient, Buddyfriendspropalamine™ stimulates the growth of new interpersonal connections to revitalize the jokery centers of the brain and renew the sense of pleasure that only bashing orc and goblin skulls can bring. Ask your healer, today, if <Symphony of Blades> is right for you. Side effects may include: fever, runny nose, giddiness, nausea, uncontrollable laughter and phat lewtz. Almost 12 years ago, <Symphony of Blades> was born on the Lightninghoof server, and shortly thereafter, established itself as one of the top raiding guilds. Now we're planting a seed on Wyrmrest Accord and looking to harvest a new crop of <SoB>s to have fun smashing all the content Legion has to offer together. If you like a low-stress, low-drama, high-competency sort of experience, you need to become an <SoB>. Check out our site for more info: https://sob-wow.enjin.com/ or message Nyxaer in-game.Nyxaer23 Jun 26
Jun 26 (A/H: RP) The War of the Burning Sands From the creators of the Nature Expedition, comes another event open to the entire Wyrmrest Accord community. The War of the Burning Sands is a five part RP event every Sunday starting on May 28th, taking place in the southern lands of Kalimdor. I've always wanted to get into Illidari RP and at last I have brainstormed something that has gotten me quite excited to start and share with this wonderful community. So without further due, let's talk a bit more about what this is about; After it's defeat at the hands of the combined forces of Azeroth, the Burning Legion retreated it's forces from the region of Tanaris. Victory was claimed by the heroes of Azeroth and the Illidari forces. In the aftermath, Commander Xanlamir Duskshield was left behind to monitor any resurgent demonic activity in the region with a small regiment of Illidari as the rest of the Demon Hunters and the armies of Azeroth took the fight to the broken isles. The sands of Tanaris however would prove to be an invaluable strategic position for the Legion to assault the entire Kalimdor continent and after the defeat of the Legion's efforts in the Nighthold, a small fleet of Legion Ships have arrived at Tanaris and started erecting structures once again. Xanlamir's small unit was quickly overwhelmed and the night elf was forced to retreat leaving everything behind to report the invasion to the main Illidari forces as soon as possible. His call hasn't gone unanswered, and the Illidari has been given reinforcements to go back into the deserts and fight off the legion forces at all costs. However, Illidari aren't the only ones that have heard the call or the news. Residents of Gadgeztan quite threatened with the re surging demonic presence have spread the word of the Legion's appearance and heroes from all across Azeroth have been starting to hear rumors of the situation on the southern lands of Kalimdor. The heroes of Azeroth have answered the call, the Burning Legion in turn has begun its efforts of mobilizing throughout the deserts of Tanaris, Uldum and even Silithus in efforts to extract titan artifacts that could be used against the peoples of Azeroth. The legion's forces have come back, and they have arrived with a hatred and eagerness to burn the lands like nothing else seen before. But perhaps the most nefarious detail of this entire invasion is the demon leading it, a demon too familiar to the heroes of Azeroth, one that was defeated before but has returned with a thirst for vengeance that doesn't seem to have any chance of being Quenched until every living being in Azeroth burns under the fires of his... INFERNO! Event Q&A When is this event happening? The War of the Burning Sands starts Sunday May 28th and will continue every following sunday after that until we reach the five parts of the event. Each Sunday will be a chapter into the event's story leading up to the final confrontation with the Demon General in charge of the invasion force. What do I need to do to join? Anyone in the Wyrmrest Accord community is welcome to take part of this. And you don't have to do anything specific to be able to participate. Simply make your cause against the demonic onslaught be heard and you will fight alongside us against the Burning Legion! How long does the event last? I am planning for the event to be between two and four hours of RP, reason I chose sunday as the day for the event since it's a day where most people have free. The starting times would probably also be early to ensure we don't go late into a sunday night and people can go to sleep for work the next day. What system are we gonna use for battle? We will be using /roll 20 to determine successes. That being said, a stats system is being taken into consideration to add an extra level of customization and experience for the event and make it feel more game like. Do I need to sign up? Not exactly but posting in the thread to voice your participation is greatly encouraged to know with how many people I will be working with. At the moment I have no plans to put a limit on the people able to be part of the event.Xanlamir60 Jun 26
Jun 26 [Alliance Event] Date Auction! <House Reinhardt> is hosting a server wide event tonight at 7:30 PM Server Time. It's an event for many to get auctioned off for a date at the Burning Hearts Ball! For more information, I'm including two links to our Guild Masters Tumblr and her posts for the Auction! http://madame-miersae.tumblr.com/post/162138775460/quellys-madame-miersae-madame-miersae ----- http://madame-miersae.tumblr.com/post/162256957510/burning-hearts-date-auction If you're interested please come on down! When bidding you'll be paying with actual gold. Not IC Money. This will help us with more events in the future!Touchmyblock0 Jun 26