Wyrmrest Accord

May 30 Monk Roleplay: Jade Strike I posted this on the Roleplay section, but I figured it would get more attention here, and it is the realm I roleplay on. I have recently started roleplaying as a Pandaren monk on Wyrmrest accord and I have a few questions for the more experienced roleplayers. When you play through the Jade Forest storyline and you come across Widow Greenpaw, a "witch" who turns people into jade statues, which turns out she learned from her late husband. His statue states in a passage "Through skill, determination, and chi, he mastered the form now known as the dreaded Jade Strike, a blow that would transmute foes into statues of jade." Now I wanted to know how viable, or ill-advised, it would be to roleplay my monk as knowing how to use this form as he did. I would not be using this as a means to godemote my character, I was thinking more along the lines of my character using it to fight against Zandalari Trolls back in Pandaria as a means to circumvent their regeneration when it was necessary. Thoughts?Valdoremir10 May 30
May 30 [ A-RP ] <Maw of Flame> is recruiting! <Maw of Flame> --Heavy RP Guild Guild Master: Zaderick Main Locations: Booty Bay, Dalaran (old for ease), Stormwind Faction: OOC- Alliance. IC- Cross-Faction - All Races and Classes Accepted Guild Status: Recruiting Officer(s): Zaderick and Valurii Website: http://www.theblackmaw.tumblr.com/ About the Maw of Flame: We're brand new! The Maw of Flame is a story-driven heavy roleplaying guild on Alliance side. We focus on individual storylines that tie back to a larger story in hopes of keeping everyone engaged and interested in ongoing roleplay throughout the world. Much of our roleplay takes us outside of main cities, although there is always opportunity to do occasional city roleplay. The main idea is that we are a group of outlaw pirates, bandits, and morally gray, questionable characters. Not everyone is necessarily a pirate, but there is a big focus on the crew of the fearsome ship, the Black Maw. Led by Captain Killian Essex (Zaderick's alias), those who rally under his banner plunder, loot, and pillage their way to ill-gotten prosperity. Again, this is more than just boat roleplay. Who Are We Recruiting?: OOCly- Individuals interested in story-driven roleplay! Looking for players who are vocal about what they want and what they don't want, and who are respectful of their fellow guild mates. Please be advised, this is an adult oriented guild, so if you are sensitive to strong language, violence, alcohol consumption/gambling/addictive behaviors, sexual themes, and other similar topics, this might not be the guild for you. ICly- Discreet individuals with skills that appeal to the Captain. Are you a spy, cook, kobold specialist, repairman, songwriter, engineer, lore master, archaeologist, medic, mage, assassin, sharpshooter, etc? Sailors come a dime a dozen. Captain Essex seeks open-minded, talented individuals with a passion for exploration and ambition for treasure. Ranks: Dread Captain (GM) Corsair (Officer) Black Maw Crew (Member) Associate (Member) Deck Swabber (Beginner, Trial) Suckbot OOC (Self Eplanatory) How To Join: *Leave a comment here, and I will reach out to you in-game. *Reach out to Zaderick or Valurii via in-game mail or whisper. *Send a message to Zaderick on Tumblr: http://zaderick.tumblr.com An IC meeting will take place between the Captain and your character, whether in-game, through Discord, or Tumblr. You can get a feel for what our roleplay is like, and if it seems like a good fit, we will get you situated. (Note: Alts are welcome within reason. We are not a rarely-used alt depot.) Guild Storyline: Zaderick McGowan is an ex-Kirin Tor pyromancer who turned to a life of piracy after gaining a ship with a legacy to uphold. Though he is no longer Kirin Tor, he possesses a great wealth of information on several types of magic, including Chronomancy. Known to everyone as Killian Essex, he was pulled into the world of piracy and now aspires to take over the territories that belong to the Blacksail Pirates of Aszuna to create a pirate haven in the rumored Blacksail Cove. (Note: we're not looking to take over the entirety of the Blacksail Crew or Aszuna, just an imaginary portion of it to avoid breaking lore regarding Mr. Shackle, his crew, and involvement with the Uncrowned. This story is also open to people outside of the guild!) With help of his talented crew and clandestine cross-faction alliances, he hopes to gather alliances, funds, and additional resources to make this conquest possible. Along the way, they'll encounter resistance from other pirates, law enforcement, and all manner of monsters and demons that they must overcome! Do you have what it takes to rally under Captain Essex's banner? Additional Information: You can find more information such as stories, information about the ship, etc at http://theblackmaw.tumblr.comZaderick22 May 30
May 30 [H-RP] <Plagueheart Bulwark> Undead RP Guild The Plagueheart Bulwark is a special operations mercenary group that specializes in all forms of Forsaken military, espionage, scientific advancement and magical fields. We are independent from the authority of the Dark Lady and do not answer to Forsaken High Command, though we are still beholden to the laws of the Horde and Forsaken Nation. If you want to make the most of your unlife and serve yourself before Queen and Country and want to RP a Forsaken without having to be part of the personality cult of Sylvanas, this is the guild for you! Undead of all forms are welcome here (Undead Race and Death Knights of all races). Who We Are & What We Do: The Plagueheart Bulwark is, as stated, a special ops Undead only mercenary group that acts independently from Forsaken or Horde authority. We do not exist to serve the Dark Lady but rather to bring gold and glory to ourselves, and if we happen to help the Forsaken while doing so, that's just plague on the cake! Once we have enough members we will begin a guild storyline that will lead onto future ones upon its completion. We will also take RP contracts from any other guilds looking to hire our services. On a Non-RP view, if we get enough people interested enough we might even try our hand at raiding and pvp! If you are interested in joining feel free to message either myself 'Brodzsky' or our chief officer 'Deadace' in game!Brodzsky6 May 30
May 30 Possible Troll-Centric Guild [H-RP] First of all, of you're reading this thread, hello! I hope you've had a good day thus far. I've noticed a lack of stable, active and event-filled Troll guilds as of late, aside from the usuals around Orgrimmar, namely Sultusk and Venom Fang, and Shadowtusk, though I'm inclined to avoid the latter of the three due to history of drama it's acquired. I've been thinking of starting a troll-centric guild, that would eventually play a part in the Horde community at large. I would love to give our often neglected race some much deserved love. I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in such a thing, and if so, if they had any thoughts or ideas they'd wish to suggest.Dakama5 May 30
May 29 Pandaren RP... Horde or Alliance? I was looking to get some thoughts on the RP scenes on either side of the fence on this server, and possibly see if there are particular guilds that might be of note. I'm still formulating the character, but he'd be a rogue, Shado-Pan type. Not a petty thief, but I'm not thinking total goody two shoes either. It also doesn't HAVE to be "which side has a cooler panda guild," since I'm open to joining a non-race-specific guild too, just looking for options and thoughts from those familiar with the server.Huolo13 May 29
May 29 Pirate seeks RP/PVP Ahoy there mates! I've got my eye out for a suitable guild who fancies the same things I do. A little story sharing amongst friends and a little bloodshed (Alliance blood, savvy?). Be there a guild out there that has such a place for a filthy - but rather handsome - pirate?Rackham9 May 29
May 29 LF Tailor with Top Hat Pattern LF a Tailor on WRA with the pattern for the High Society Top Hat and Dreamcloth Recipe. Have Mats. PSTJarclair5 May 29
May 29 looking for social guild Me and a buddy started a couple toons to work on Loremaster, so we are looking for a social guild to hang out with when we quest. All I ask that there are a handful of people on in the evenings and that people actually use guild chat. I am tired of joining a "social" guild that has 10 people on and nothing in chat. We are both long time players that are slowing things down and take in everything that we have missed. I have some max level toons I would possibly have join also. Feel free to add me Radcaat#1971Caatus7 May 29
May 29 The Badaboom Crew Badaboom Crew Guild is now looking for members! Check out our site http://tinyurl.com/BadaboomguildLewix0 May 29
May 29 Horde Roleplay. Hello WrA! I was looking for places to RP as an Horde since ED is not active in the RP scene, from what I've experienced. I wanted to get some more insight about Horde RP, how is it and what to expect. Thanks!.Borká11 May 29
May 29 [A] N/H Guild LFM for ToS <House Brighthammer> [A] (Wyrmrest Accord) is filling its last core raid spots before ToS. We are seeking: Mistweaver Monk Holy Paladin Ret Paladin with tank offspec and capability Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Others will be considered We are 7/7 ENH, 3/3 ToVN, 10/10 NHN, 3/10 NHH. Our raid times are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST. We prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together. We require Discord, and DBM Timer. Willing to help back gear. We do Mythic Dungeons, world content, and achievement/mount hunting together whenever possible in our non-raid times. I would love to have a chat with you if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online between 9 AM and 9 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425, or you may respond to this post.Akaitaka0 May 29
May 28 888 Warlock for Guild Greetings 888ilevel Warlock looking for a raiding guild 2-3x per week that does heroic HN and starting Mythic. I am also looking for doing mythic/+ dungeons and such and be socially active in the guild. I would also like a guild that does activities outside of raiding. I am not much for PVP. I am newer to the game and I am still learning much but willing to work hard. Please let me know if I would be a fit for your guild. I don't RP much, but not against it and would attempt to respond properly if it does occur from time to time. necroman1979#2285Deathjammer2 May 28
May 28 [H-RP] Apothecary Lecture Series The <Royal Apothecary Society> is pleased to announce its new monthly lecture series. The fourth Friday of every month at 6:30pm ST, one of the great minds of the Society will present a speech on a topic relating to their own individual work in an attempt to better educate the population and create closer relationships between the Society and the Horde. These presentations will take place in the Magic Quarter of the Undercity-- all people of the Horde are welcome! Our first talk will be by High Apothecary Anneis on Abominations on March 24th.Rouille25 May 28
May 28 The May2017 Moot It is time again for a MOOOOOOOOT! That's right lads and non-lads, on the 27th this week (That's saturday) the Ironring Battalion will be hosting the festivities. Expect inspiring speeches, gnome catapults, the finest food, friendly contests, not so friendly contests, gnome catapults, and of course: Ale All are invited. So long as your skin color is not orc brown, orc green, or orc grey. So come out to Kharanos starting at 6:00 PM server time and partake in the MOOOOOT!Thelgref23 May 28
May 28 <Abandoned>7/7M 2/3M 6/10M[H] LF Tank <Abandoned> - Wyrmrest Accord, Horde Raid Times: Friday and Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Progression: 7/7 Mythic EN, 7/7 Heroic EN. 2/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10N-NH, 10/10H NH 6/10M-NH http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/wyrmrest-accord/Abandoned Our Goals: -To progress through mythic content -To create a family like atmosphere -To be a top raiding guild on server Current Needs: Any kind of tank EXCEPT Prot Paladin Currently open to all ranged dps specs and classes Recruitment: Abandoned is always recruiting for talented players on an ongoing basis, and even if you don’t see your class above you’re welcome to apply. Loot: Loot distribution is primarily done by using the RClootcouncil addon, by having our guildies post their BIS it makes it easy for us to give loot to those who need it most. Who We Are: Here at <Abandoned>, we strive to achieve a sense of community and camaraderie. During our trash and farm we are often chatting casually and joking. However, once we begin progression we know it’s time to focus on the task at hand. We bring experience and readiness to the table, with leaders who have experience in Mythic and top end raids from previous expansions. We especially value preparedness, timeliness, consistency, and a willingness to help. We are an LGBTQ+ and female friendly guild. As a raid team, we understand that real life does happen, and are more than willing to accommodate the needs of our raiders as they arise. Expectations: -Be mature and respectful to others -Be a team player -To be on time (or early) for raid times -To be prepared with consumables for raid -To notify an officer when you can’t make a raid Contacts: Vedorin#1222 Alphie#11731 If interested in joining go ahead and fill out our app found here. http://tinyurl.com/AbandonedWRADramass102 May 28
May 28 [A] <The Emerald Throne> 7/7M 2/3M 4/10M LFM The Emerald Throne is a semi-hardcore raiding guild seeking dedicated members with a good sense of humor to fill out our Mythic team. Raid Schedule Raid times are on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-8:30 pm Server/Pacific time. Recruitment Information We are mainly seeking Ranged DPS to round out our Mythic raiding roster. However, all classes and specs are welcome. If you know how to play your role then there is a place for you here. Our core group is not set in stone and there is always an opportunity for our members to earn their way on to the team. We are also seeking more casual member for Mythic+ groups and social events. Contact Us Have any questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to ask! Bethbuggy [Guild Master] - Bethbuggy#1720 Hunson [Officer] - Madeupfriend#1455 Melhinda [Officer] - Kevashida#1529Hunson0 May 28
May 28 [H] LF Orc Shaman RP Brok'thar Stormsong is a young orc shaman from Draenor who has recently come to Azeroth. I'm looking for someone to take him under his wing and teach him the ancient ways of orcish shamanism. I'm returning to both WoW and the Horde after a hiatus away, one much longer than the other. I am glad to be back home and would like someone to help reintroduce me orc culture and Horde RP. If interested please send me a message or find Brok'thar in game.Brokthar4 May 28
May 28 The Church of Fshoo: Because this totally needs to be a thing. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.Jaquio13 May 28
May 28 The new char page seems to have some bugs. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/blackrock/sixonine Sulfuras crotch and gun(?) face cannon thing...also whats up with her legs?Chonga7 May 28
May 28 [A-PvE] <Theramore is the Bomb> TOO SOON, EXECUTUS! <Theramore is the Bomb> is recruiting! Who we are: We're a casual raiding guild with a core member base of long-standing friends. This guild tag has been around for about three years, and we've stuck it out. Many members have known eachother long before this guild was created, so our core is pretty well-established. What we do: We raid! We're currently 10/10 for Normal Nighthold, and 10/10 for Heroic. We've not missed a single scheduled raid night, and we don't plan on doing so in the future. We are most active during new patches, but we have plenty of members online throughout the week -- though not everyone will be online every day. Who we're looking for: Fun and friendly PvE players of all classes and specializations. What we expect of you is to try your best, ask questions if you're not sure of something, and be as active as you can realistically be. We're fine with gearing a player's undergeared main, but alts have their own raid night (though it doesn't meet every week.) Guild Type: Casual Progression Raiding. Raid Time: 6:00PM - 9:00 PM Server Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Roles Needed: Any. We already have tanks who we've had since launch. If you want to tank, there may be days for substitution, but we would like your DPS or Healing spec to be your main spec. Guild Leader: Telanthis Officers: Bolthor, Siunas If officers aren't online, feel free to contact any member that's online. If they can't help you, they'll redirect you to a member who can.Onezera24 May 28
May 28 Dwarf RP I'm thinking of rolling a character on Wyrmrest that's a dwarf. How's the dwarven RP community these days? Any good/active guilds out there?Craevn19 May 28
May 27 [A-RP] <The Royal Courier> is Hiring A note is pinned to bulletin boards around all the major capitals and cities: The Royal Courier is hiring! We are looking for intrepid individuals who like to write and capture moments of time. There is a lot happening in the world right now from invasions to daily crime to happier moments. The Royal Courier strives to be everywhere to cover the important events and happenings. If you have an engaging personality, are not afraid to ask the tough questions, and like to network; This might be the job for you! We are also looking for those who would like to write specialized columns. Do you know everything there is to know about cooking and would like to share it with a wide audience? Maybe you have an extraordinary fashion sense and want to help others develop theirs? Or perhaps you really like treasure hunting and want to share your exploits. Whatever the specialty, there is a place for a columnist like yourself! Not a writer? Not a problem! The Royal Courier has positions open within several areas that do not require a need to write. Photographers, Advertising, Office Manager, Printer, Distribution, and even Guard work are some of the positions we are looking to fill. So still here? Does any of the above sound interesting? Contact Risri Elthron at The Royal Courier offices today! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Okay so now the OOC stuff- The Royal Courier is an IC newspaper based on the Alliance side. We use Tumblr to host the paper as well as GHI. Our tumblr site for those who want to know: https://the-royal-courier.tumblr.com. We are looking for both staff writers to help us track and report on interesting stories around the world and others who are looking for a different kind of RP. Be a part of a guild that is growing slowly and steadily. We offer an opportunity to those who want to tell the stories of the server and experience genuine journalism RP, to use your IC/OOC knowledge to write a little column for the paper, or to interact as support for those characters while developing your own story. Our Ranks and Explanation (An IC interview is required before joining.): Reporter - This is the traditional journalist role. You may interview people, guilds, leaders or report on events, chase a story down that is happening in the moment. This group is the core of our writers for the paper. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position. Columnist - Maybe you want to write on a specific topic only? Come share secrets on a topic you adore, hearthstone, pet battles, cooking, crafting, lore related. The sky’s the limit here. Weekly, monthly, quarterly… as often as you have the urge to write with us. A sample article is needed to be considered for this position. Editor - a proofreader, grammar checker, structure organizer. This position can be IC but it would be OOC too. We need someone to help check our writing before publish. Editors can also be our IC and OOC fact checkers of investigative reporting and ensure controversial topics are cleared with those involved before publishing. A sample will be given to you to edit to be considered for this position. Investigator - Just like it sounds, we want some hard hitting investigative journalists to go undercover (with OOC permission) and investigate activities, and then (with OOC permission) write a story on what they find. This is a specialized role. The potential for this is also to be not an actual character in The Royal Courier. It all depends on what you want your character’s story to be. Staff - These are the backbone of our paper. Someone who doesn’t necessarily write for the paper but who does interact with our reporters and those who interact with the paper. An IC position within the paper. Distributor, Printer, Office Staff things like that. Advertising - This IC position would be responsible for selling our advertising space, OOC work with guilds and player run businesses to get advertising going for them. Photographer - Don’t like to write but like to take screenshots? We can always use more pictures! Guard - Not sure any of that fits? But want to get in on the action, maybe you can be one of our reporter’s guards. We sometimes go into dangerous situations and meet with dangerous people. Any of this sound interesting? Great! Poke Risri in game. Let’s talk about how we can fit you into our growing group.Risri13 May 27
May 27 Character concept question. So I just made this character, and I'm writing him as a sort of lorekeeper of different histories, stemming from his fascination with the origins of orcs. ICly, I'd like him to be a hybrid of warrior and shaman, primarily a warrior, with minor shamanic abilities over the element of earth. Would you guys call that viable, especially the second bit? Hybrid class concepts are always tricky I think.Jekthar7 May 27
May 27 Sindrel Trading Company Hello everyone! The Sindrel Trading Company is a guild that owns a store/shop in Stormwind City. (Shop location TBD). On the outside, we are but simple merchants who focus on selling/bringing in shipments of wine, but also sell other trinkets, items and foods on the side. However, we really run a hideout of thieves and assassins. We aim to make this a fun, safe place for people to Rp their shady toons! Who doesn't like to make a little mischief here and there~? (We also hope to join the Stormwind Underground Opt-In to promote the IC/OOC concent between players.) We accept all races and all classes, although, this guild is tailored towards more stealthy classes but once more, all are welcome! As mentioned previously, our IC shop location is TBD. This is due to the fact that I know most shops in Stormwind are occupied by another group. I do not wish to infringe on anyone's place. My current thought of an IC shop location would be the flower shop between Trade District and Old Town. I have really never seen many people go down that way. I am new to using the forums, as such, if you're interested in the guild, please either send me a poke in game (apologies for the numerous fancy characters in the name) or shoot the guild an email at sindreltradingcompany@gmail.com. We do have a discord for our current members! Looking to start being active around early June. I will do my best to check back here as often as possible. Thank you all, Syn'draen BloodmoonSyñdråën0 May 27
May 27 WrA city life IC: Hello everyone, my name is Pingbrewstep but everyone just calls me ping. I tend to get worried when my full name comes out lol (ooc: mostly when the wife is yelling from the other room). OOC: I am falling out of the guild I am in and thinking I need a switch. The server im from sw/if are two big and populated cities and any time of the day mostly sw lol. I am just wondering what city is most popular on here. How does the dwarven community here on wra compare to the others, mg, ed, etc. Thank you and looking forward to seeing the responses. If we haven't guessed LFDG (Looking For Dwarf Guild). I am new to rp and would need one that would help me not only learn the ropes of dwarf rp but also help me on my journey of developing my character.Pingbrewstep2 May 27
May 27 Lore question: Lordaeronian worgen Hey, forum-friends! So my boy Maxwell Purvis here is a worgen, but he isn't Gilnean. Rather, he was born in Wetlands and was ambushed later in his life in Duskwood by the ferals that roam there. My question is, is it feasible to play a lordaeronian human afflicted with the worgen curse? Would he have had to have been taken to Tal'doren in Gilneas, or could the ritual of balance be performed in a town? Or is it all just too convoluted and I should just stick with Gilneas? Thanks!Purvis9 May 27
May 27 [H-Event] - Une Soirée https://youtu.be/O3mP_-GMZjk ^ A visual invitation~ Where: A beautiful ballroom ((Suramar City)) The video shows you exactly where. When: Saturday, July 15 7pm server What: A formal affair that'll features a breathtaking view. Will be providing night time potions so that you can really see it in it's sheer beauty. There will be lock summons to help people who can't reach it or don't have flying yet. Contact me IG or on my tumblr @rhilliainferniel if you'd like to be added to the calendar or you'd wish to help out!Rhillia0 May 27
May 26 (H) Looking for Active RP Guild! Hello, everyone! I'm back on Wyrmrest Accord (Horde) after a long time away and was hoping for input on any active RP guilds, events, locations, or just people to hang out with! As I actually like leveling, I'll be on lower level characters with goals of reaching 110. Although my level is low, I can assure you that I am an experienced roleplayer. My btag is Elavorna#1458 if anybody has any information or just wants to hang out! Thank you for your time!Valanni1 May 26
May 26 Ark survival server? So, I had an idea. Well, someone actually had it before me but details. I was wondering if there would be any interest in an Ark survival server? I just started actually playing and getting into the game, and enjoy it so far, other that some human related things. I was playing on one for WRA, and liked the mods they had, but not the people as much. Or rather, a small group of people that it feels like the admins just let run everything. After the crummy experiences, I really would prefer no PvP and focus more on pve and exploration. Perhaps have planned times for PvP if it is possible. I get the PvP appeal, but it only takes one group of jerks to ruin it for everyone. Like I said, I've got a list of mods and an idea for rates, I just don't know how many would be interested. Servers are usually $15-20+ a month or I would just have one and not care like my little $5/mo Minecraft server. Just checking for interest. At work so unable to really look into the specifics, but it can't be that much crazier than my public mc server I used to run, with the 10y.o.s and their weird drama and 50+ plugins to manage.Vynianyx15 May 26
May 26 Looking for roleplay? Check us out! Hey Wyrmrest Accord! Looking for a guild? Have lore questions? New to your server and want to make some connections? Just don't have enough discords in your list? The LFRP discord has you covered! From long-time WoW veterans to new players just learning the ropes, we've got a little bit of everything and plenty of conversation in between. We are a server dedicated to finding partners, creating networks, and getting the most out of your RP experience. We span over several servers and factions, and welcome all who have a passion for roleplay! Since we have underage members, adult (erotic) roleplay advertisements, pictures, etc. will be prohibited in LFRP. Our server rules are simple and easy to follow. We are a server that will not tolerate any sort of harassment or personal attacks against our members, guild drama, slandering, trolling, racist comments, etc. If you're a guild recruiter or leader, we have a rank just for you to more easily reach and interview players looking for new homes. :) We are currently looking for moderators! Thanks for reading, and hope to see some of you in the future! LFRP Discord: https://discord.gg/DAXmqdRAran23 May 26
May 26 Horde Guild Coalition proposal (PvP) Once upon a time on a server far, far away... there existed a guild alliance (not to be confused with the big butt Alliance faction) known as the Dread Horde. This coalition of guilds engaged in joint events that targeted the Alliance, such as city raids and similar things. Given that the Horde's PvP;ers are spread across numerous guilds and are not centralized in one or even two PvP oriented guilds and given that the aforementioned Horde PvPers are unlikely to leave their RP pr PvE guilds to become centralized in one or two PvP oriented guilds, it is mt opinion that a Dread Horde style guild coalition would be a good way for WrA's PvPers to network for PvP events such as RBGs, city raids, PvP World Quests, Ashrans, etc... If there is enough interest, I think a channel dedicated to the coalition would help and I can try to convince a friend of mine to pit together a webpage through various means (blackmail, begging, and so forth and so one). If your guild would be interested, please post below. Thanks for your time.Nakhu25 May 26
May 26 Nighthold on Wyrmrest Hi guys. We're looking for more players to join our fun, chill group, both in general and for our Nighthold raid group. We currently need DPS and healers but any are welcome to join us. As we don't have the time to raid daily, putting together pugs is eating up most of our raid time, and as many who have pugged know, some players quit after one death which slows things down horribly and is a major setback in lieu of time. We're getting through bosses quickly so all we need are more people to run with us consistently and we can nail the AoTC before tomb—some of us have already gotten the achieve prior and/or have cleared normal. Those who haven't have been studying guides and know the mechanics and are doing well. Even if you already have a guild but just want to join us to raid, that's fine. We aren't locking out loot, all loot is kept personal. Next run at NH is Saturday afternoon EST, we're on Spellblade. If you'd like to join us, feel free to drop a line here or mail/message me in game. thanksXerodymus0 May 26
May 26 [A] 905 Holy Priest Looking for Heroic Guild Hi friends, As the title says, I'm a 905 Holy Priest looking for a guild. I am currently 10/10 Heroic Nighthold, AotC for both previous tiers this expansion, I have mythic raiding experience, Keystone Master, and I am looking for a guild that will be focusing on heroic Tomb of Sargeras, and will have fun doing it. I have been maining Holy Priest since Mists of Pandaria, and healing since vanilla on various classes. I love keeping even the most egregious fire-standers alive. I am proficient in every priest spec, so I can slot in anywhere your raid might need me. I am over 900 ilvl with appropriate trinkets and legendaries in each spec, and I am currently working on getting Concordance in my offspec weapons before Tomb. Due to my work schedule, I am mostly unavailable on Thursdays. I dont have time restrictions, but I would prefer not to raid before 7 PM EST. I have been playing since day one of Vanilla and healing for most of that time. Additionally, I have been an officer in various guilds and have filled every role in raid leadership from healing coordination to administration and full raid leadership for many years. I'm looking to get away from all that and focus on being a productive rank-and-file raider. My philosophy is this: I have a limited amount of time to play, so I want to make the most of it. I'm a dedicated raider. I will always be on time, I will always be prepared with consumables, I will always be read up on strategies. I spend a good amount of free time frequenting various class and healing discords. I really enjoy pushing high-end mythic dungeons, and would like to find a guild that puts high emphasis on mythic+ dungeons. I really don't give a !@#$ about your loot system unless it's something ridiculous. I'm cool with whatever as long as it makes sense. I know how to PUG and target my bonus rolls for pieces I want, so loot is secondary to environment. To sum everything up, I'm experienced, dedicated, and laid back. I want a guild that fits those qualities. Obviously, I would be transferring to Wyrmrest once I found the right fit. I would prefer to stay alliance, but I would go Horde for the perfect fit. Totally down for Roleplaying. You can hit me up in game, or catch me on Battle.net - Luca#1187. Thanks!Hrolnir3 May 26
May 26 [A] Semi-Casual Heroic Guild LFM <House Brighthammer> [A] (Wyrmrest Accord) is filling its last core raid spots before ToS. We are seeking: Mistweaver Monk Holy Paladin Ret Paladin with tank offspec and capability Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Others will be considered We are 7/7 ENH, 3/3 ToVN, 10/10 NHN, 3/10 NHH. Our raid times are Friday and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST. We prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together. We require 875+, Discord, and DBM Timer. Willing to help back gear. We do Mythic Dungeons, world content, and achievement/mount hunting together whenever possible in our non-raid times. I would love to have a chat with you to see if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online between 9 AM and 9 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425, or you may respond to this post.Akaitaka0 May 26
May 26 [A] <Exsanguinate> 7/10 Heroic About Us: Exsanguinate is a casual raiding guild progressing through Heroic Nighthold. We are made up of long time raiders and new players alike, we keep our guild and raids light hearted and fun. Our current raid team is made up of guildies as well as friends from other servers, our goal is to build our guild numbers for achievements and the like. Even if you aren't interested in raiding, but would like a place to play with folks in a stress free environment, we do mythic+/transmog/weekly events/achievement runs, throughout the week. Raiding Expectations: We ask all raiders show up on time and ready to go. Attitude is a huge part of our raid team and guild, wiping is part of raiding, and we don't call folks out or show frustration in voice or chat. With heroic progression we have to mandate a 300k min dps check as most fights require at least that. We use personal loot. Teamspeak and DBM are required to raid. Raid Times: Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm server Sunday 5:30pm - 8:00pm server Needed Roles: We are currently seeking Healer x2 - Extra points for druid! DPS - will consider all Contact Info: Tasteycake (btag Tasteycake#1423) Pmo (btag TheWolvar#1190) Ichigora BorisdeganisTasteycake2 May 26
May 26 Horde 3/10 NH Mythic Guild Recruiting Due to real life responsibilities, <Srs Heepo>’s roster is short for further progression through Mythic Nighthold. We’re a group of chill, friendly, and experienced raiders Horde-side currently searching for a couple of ranged dps, and a frost DK to work with us through Nighthold and into Tomb. Guild is: EN H 7/7, EN M 7/7, NH H 10/10, and NH M 3/10. Raid Times @: Wednesday & Thursday 7:30pm-10pm WrA-US server time. If interested, please contact me in game or right here :D Thank you!Amaranthee0 May 26
May 25 Feathel Hello Folks. I normally don't post here, but I do like my server and wanted to drop a quick "heads up" for the GMs and Recruiting Officers out there. There's a character named Feathel who will take everything that isn't nailed down from your guild bank if given the opportunity, which is unfortunate because he comes off as a relatively nice guy. Invite at your own risk. Have a good one.Ryshen10 May 25
May 25 [A]Husband & Wife team LF late night guild Hello WrA, My husband and I are moving to your lovely server. We are in search of a friendly guild that raids N and H NH later in the evening. We are in Alaska so raids that start before 8pm server are difficult for us to attend. Also, we are unable to raid on Mondays and Wednesdays due to RL commitments. We would like to find a guild that focuses more on creating friendships and having fun rather than progression. A little about us: We have both been playing WoW for several years. My husband began playing at the end of Vanilla and I began during WotLK. We have been clearing current content going all the way back to WotLK. I am currently playing an 882 elemental shaman and he is working on gearing a new balance druid. We both have more geared toons that we might consider moving if we find a good fit for us. (me 899 restro druid and him 882 enhance shaman) We are dependable, punctual, and fun to be around. My battletag is Aestarra#1539 I hope to hear from you!Haelarra2 May 25
May 25 "Creative" ways to pay for your WoW sub. While chatting about either going back to paying for my sub (while not having a summer income) or figuring out how to earn 150k gold per month for the token, me and a friend got into ridiculous territory with "completely reasonable" ways to fund my WoW lifestyle. Who's got some suggestions? note: this is silly thread, getting a job or a link to gold guide probably is missing the pointFalconfury32 May 25
May 25 The Haters I decided to write this to discuss how to deal with haters on a forum. Some people HATE me... and some people LOVE me. A few weeks ago, I spoke to a collective group, and one guy wrote "I want to punch *insert real name* in the face" on one of the anonymous speaker feedback surveys. At that same conference, one person wrote that she'd like to "marry me and thanks me for my lecture." Seriously... I'm bringing this up because one of our Guildies asked me, "How do you guys deal with the haters on the forums," and I thought "GREAT question!" As people, we can receive 1,000 compliments, and they feel great. But sometimes we can't resist focusing on the one hater. What should you do when someone doesn't like you? Or your guild? Some people naturally would get mad and overact but I like to take a different approach. The short answer is: Screw them. There are more than 7 billion people in the world. If 1, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people don't like you. IGNORE THEM. If they come to your post to harass you, down vote, say crazy !@#$. Just remember that every second you waste fretting over just 1 hater is 1 second you could use making an existing or future member happier. Years from now what will benefit you and your guild more? Stressing over one idiot or caring about future and existing members? That said when you get your first hater. CELEBRATE! Because for everyone 1 person that hates you, if you are doing a good job, you'll find that there are 2, 3, 5, 10 people who love you and those people will end up becoming your loyal members and good friends. So to all the haters. Keep on hating. It doesn't affect anybody. -Fantix out.Phantix81 May 25
May 25 @Fatmike Was afk when you /greet ed me today. You weren't around when I got back to emote a response. Didn't want you to think I was being rude, as we orcs are a polite people ;P Nakhu4#1761 if you want to add me to b-tag.Nakhu7 May 25
May 25 [A] Iconoclast: Casual Progression MNH 4/10 EN 7/7 N and H M 7/7 , ToV 3/3 N and H, NH 10/10 N and H, Mythic NH 4/10 Iconoclast is a content focused guild bringing together players of WoW to share in what Legion has to offer and are always looking for well rounded players ranging from the WoW Veterans to the Newcomers. We are currently progressing through 7.1.5 Nighthold and more of what Legion offers in later content updates. Keystone and Kara runs done weekly. I'm contractually obligated to say that we have dank memes, Don't ask why but we do. Recruitment is Open. Currently Looking for: Any Player willing to join. Heroic and Normal Flex is not full with 30 but when we start Mythic raiding only 20 slots will be allowed. Raid Schedule: Tue - 8:00PM to 11:00PM Server Time Wed - 8:00PM to 11:00PM Server Time Other Activities: Thursday 8:00PM to 11:00PM Server Time, Alt Night raid runs. EN and up Friday 8:00pm to 11:00PM Server Time Old Raid runs. Pandaria through WoD on Mythic Difficulties. For more information and to apply for the guild please visit: http://iconoclastwa.enjin.com/homeHyoue42 May 25
May 25 LF RP/PvE Guild! Hi! I'm new to Horde and looking for a guild that does a nice balance of RP and PvE. I mainly tank, if that's super important. I have a lot of experience, both in tanking and RP. As far as my character, surface description: he's a former blood knight with an inclination towards academia and history, seeking to fundamentally understand the Light.Ratharen10 May 25
May 24 Thinking of re-rolling I'm considering re-rolling here, and would be interested in joining a guild. I haven't been in a guild in a few expansions (Treachery is my personal guild so I tend not to count that as being in a guild). I bounced through a few guilds and just did not find what I was looking for. What i am looking for is a casual guild that will have people to do quests, and dungeons(and help others in the same way), i'm not sure that I'm raiding material any more at this point. I'm not looking for a guild to carry me through anything, nor am I really interested in a guild that will invite anyone. If this sounds like this may be a match, send me a message Githh #1949Elessadar4 May 24
May 24 Lf new start Im looking for anew place and people to rp and pve with. I have Rped seriously since mop and im just looking for a new group of people. emerald dream has lost just about all of what it used to be or at least to me it has. Im a heroic level raider (dont really wanna try mythic, dont have the time) I stopped right before ToV all of my friends left. mainly a tank, but can dps and would heal if need i plan on maining my monk though my warrior and druid are the most geared. Im really just looking to see hoe the reception of mwa is for new rpers. especially after this terrible post.Rhavz1 May 24
May 24 [A] WrA Community Nighthold Raids Hi Wyrmrest Accord! This wonderful server has been home to our guild of death knights and their friends and families for nearly 6 years. Our roleplayers took on raiding for Nighthold and we have loved it. We would like to invite some of our friends from the larger WrA community who might not have a group to raid with to experience the content and what social raiding is like. This is also a requirement for the Balance of Power questline, so you can get that done if you're at that stage! Over the next several weeks, we will be inviting players from the community to our Normal and Heroic Nighthold raids. Since we like to run a small group where everybody can get to know everybody, space may be limited. • We use Discord for voice. Speaking is not required but joining and listening is. • Wyrmrest Accord characters only. Sorry! • We will be using Personal Loot. • Space for tanks and healers is limited. Normal: Fridays @ 6 PM ST. ilvl 860 requirement. No previous Nighthold experience required. Heroic: Saturdays @ 5 PM ST. ilvl 880 requirement. Previous normal clear required. Thank you for reading! If you are interested, please message Evelyne#117 or send an in-game mail to Adelyra on the character you'd like to come with and the day you'd like to come on.Adelyra18 May 24
May 24 Trying To Find a Tauren So yesterday I was in Dalaran when I saw a tauren paladin with a great transmog that I really wanted to show a friend, but for some reason his armory page isn't in my browsing history anymore. His transmog had no shoulders, the org guard transmog chest piece, pants that looked like they were from Cata, and a gilded warhammer. I think his name started with a "H" and had a "O" in it, but I can't really remember.Waggner4 May 24
May 24 Looking for a Guild I fit into whatever role you need, but prefer healing. I am looking for a guild that has organized raids, mythics, and enjoys each other's company. I would like to RP, but it's not a deal breaker... but preferred. A god guild is hard to find. I can be found on Lorosa or Ries. Please, seek me out if you're interested. A conversation before just a guild invite would be nice. Only thing, I'm not sure if I need to be on this server. I'm bored... and I don't want to be bored yet, but it's just gotten to place of being dull and boring without a good group.Lorosa1 May 24
May 24 Hey. How's it going?Enekie110 May 24
May 24 LF guild resto druid 900 resto druid lf a raiding guild. pst with info.Liltrukdrivr1 May 24