Wyrmrest Accord

Nov 28 [A] Need Hunter, Rogue, Druid for Antorus [A](WrA) <House Brighthammer> is looking to round out its raid team for Antorus. We are looking for a marksman hunter, a boomy/resto druid, and a boomy/guardian druid. We are 9/9H and raid Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST. Would like to start pushing Mythic during Antorus. We are semi-casual and prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together. We require Discord, DBM Timer, and 915N/930H ilvl for Antorus progression. Will help gear if needed. We do Mythic Dungeons, world content, achievements, mount hunting, and sometimes pvp together whenever possible in our non-raid times. I would love to have a chat with you and set up a trial if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online in game between 10 AM and 10 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425 (Akaitaka) or you may reply here.Akaitaka0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Lucid Nightmare Day 1. The day started out like any other, took me three hours to wake up even though Dalaran was loud and bustling when my mind decided to write out some odd language in my mind. Providing me with a correct deduction as to track my progress. Made my way to Curiosities & Moore where, while avoiding the gaze of those dead-eyed, soulless shopkeepers, discovered a map with an odd pattern which etched coordinates into Ulduar. Day 4 I had nothing better to do so I set out with a well supplied sack of food and then flew past Stormwind to throw it at that "blind" Alliance beggar who keeps asking for coin when I remembered I could just conjure my own food. Before hijacking a boat to take me to Northrend. Then I remembered I was a mage and just teleported myself to another version of Dalaran that is still floating there...I only hope with Rhonin being dead, he still isn't screaming at the sky there. Day 5 HE STILL IS! Day 7 Made my way into Ulduar where I told Brann to lower the shield, where by I single-handedly piloted a Demolisher through a horde of Titan Construct. Who appearantly now don't punch you but rather just lazily swat at you. I blew them up and did the same to that flame throwing vehicle that politely opened the door. Then I made way down the hall and blew up the machine there before it could ask about new toys for the seventeenth time...could of sworn these things were harder to kill. Day 8 After making the Titan Constructs wrestle and fight to the death for their new Mage Queen. I found a random lever in a pile of scrap. Must of been what I was looking for. Pulling it, a bunch of egg shaped search lights appeared in a 20x20 pattern. With no self control I turned all of them on. Day 9 Trash #34569 is now my Warlord. Killing his brothers in fierce combat. He will make a good General in the coming war to kill Mimiron for taking so long in his fight. Also I still have no self control, so I turned all the lights off. Day 10 I kept making random shapes in the lights. Until my brain directed me to create a vaguely gear like shape. Where by a scroll appeared and the lights vanished. As to be expected the Scroll was a passive-aggressive note from an Old God...or maybe Illidan about being imprisoned for over 1000 years. Immediately, the coordinates etched into my mind to go to Ahn'Qiraj. So with a brief ceremony, I left Warlord Trash #34569 to watch over the remaining Constructs...until every pocket universe inside a dungeon or large battle area reverses all damage done on Tuesday. If not, it's going to have to explain to its newly resurrected brothers why it betrayed them all for the whims of a mortal mage. Day 20 Flew to Sithilus...or was it Silithus? Whatever. Seems the Alliance and Horde are still fighting over this pocket of sand. But, I made my way to the Temple Entrance. Whereby I started massacring the creatures with in. I didn't feel like doing any work so I just kept letting off Arcane Explosions. Day 21 The universe plotted against me and when I tried to dodge past Fankriss the Unyielding. I was pulled through space and time back into his sector. To be wrapped in a cocoon for all of...10 seconds. Whereby I blew up him and the 92 bugs following me. I could of sworn these things were harder to fight. Day 22. Killed the "Emperors" and ran past C'thun and the dead-eyed, trapped prisoners that are near his sector. Where I found that the altar now played host to what I will now call Sir Reginald the XXII. I know it probably has different name but Sir Reginald was having none of it and promptly caused me to hallucinate a game where I connected three to five various, mini-Old God related creatures for hours. Day 30 Sir Reginald is pleased at my tenacity and rewarded me, a scroll of recommendation. He is a fine young grub poet writing about things being Deeper than Deep and a seat that awaited me. I bid him a godday and went off to Deepholm where the Scroll had etched coordinates. I teleported my way back to Orgrimmar.Marïdia11 Nov 28
Nov 28 An Important PSA Compliment my new transmog or I'm putting you on the blacklist.Kazimir48 Nov 28
Nov 28 Deleted. Deleted.Hotanu1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Anyone else tired of turkey? I've had turkey for the last four days now, guys. Turkey and stuffing. I am getting tired of it. Anyone else in the same situation? Make too much for Thanksgiving? Anyone else have to work in retail? Oh and Vanilla WoW RP is going to be pretty dope. Fairly excited for that.Ripchaw57 Nov 28
Nov 28 [H] Built Horde Tough - Looking for more! If you're looking for a cool guild to hang out in, then look no further! We're your Guild! We are a PvE based build, looking for members of any skill level. Any class, any race. Anything! We want to give players, new and old, a place to be. A place to make new friends. We want to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. One goal we have is to start a raid team as well. If we get enough people interested in that, It's definitely a possibility. Also, we'd like to make groups for Mythic+ dungeons as well. In the end, we just want a friendly environment that players can call "Home". If you're interested, feel free to message me in game, or add my B.net. Hope you hear from you soon! Character: Branuur B.net: Sogreth#1251Branuur4 Nov 28
Nov 27 [H-RP] Ravenbough Marauders **RECRUITING** Officers: Maskurade (Commander) Angrin, Saelanor, Ialys, Haru, and Meyanna (Council) Base of Operations: Dragonmaw Port (since September 2016) Established: June 1st, 2015 Website: http://ravenbough.shivtr.com Are you a mercenary in need of work? Then look no further! The Ravenbough Marauders is looking for some fresh blood to fill in our ranks as we take on jobs of all kinds. From simple assassinations to more complex jobs, we're sure to have something for everyone! The Ravenbough Marauders welcome all walks of life into our ranks, from the humble mage to the brute warrior, all have a role to provide and a spot to fill. OOC Need to Know: Ravenbough Marauders was formed after years of RPing across various servers as well as active D&D RP. We strive to bring some of the feeling you’d get from a D&D session into a WoW setting, as well as bring good story along with it. We as the Marauders are a established organization of mercenaries that seek to find work. From humble guard services to the dirtier assassination jobs, we’ll take them so long as they don’t co against our code of ethics. Anyone who wishes to join the Ravenbough Marauders must fill out the guild membership application, which can be found at the top of the guild website. In addition, the applicant must read the following rules and standards and indicate that they have done and agree to follow each rule before their application will be considered. Please note that anyone looking to join the guild must be 18 years of age or older. Once you have filled out your application and it has been reviewed, you will be contacted in game for an in character interview. Please also keep in mind, that applicants are accepted or denied for a variety of reasons, none of them personal. So don’t take it personally! As a guild, we try to run about 2-4 RP events a week, though understand that life does happen and will always come first. Major events take place on Fridays and Saturdays with the occasional Sunday as a back up. The Ravenbough Marauders have our own in-house combat system, loosely based off of D&D and LARP style rules, developed by our own DMs that have 25+ years of D&D and RP experience. In addition to all this and more, we do also provide an active Discord server as well as run weekly guild dungeon, mythic, and mythic+ runs. If you are interested in hearing more, please message an officer (listed above) for more information OR drop us an application to our website.Maskurade10 Nov 27
Nov 27 Happy Thread ( Groove Thread! ) As of recent events, ( Not saying what or why ) seems that there was a uproar due to a few things, why not just live a little and start grooving, things are done and said. Let's start with a good system! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xGXZRijl1ISinadrus62 Nov 27
Nov 27 <Barbarians> - Horde Guild! Does the thought of battle make you salivate uncontrollably? Do you find furred underwear and spikes the highest form of fashion? Is fully concealing armor for weaklings and prudes? The Barbarians share your mindset! If you're looking to join a team, where your comrades in arms want to know you. Where when you log on you'll never surrounded by strangers who have no interest in talking to you, then you will find a place among the Barbarians! Prioritizing camaraderie and brotherhood above all. The ultimate goal is to become a true community of friends who aren't worried about walking on egg shells around people. Where no matter your interest in content, Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Role Play, you should always be able to find like minded people to progress in those fields with. Currently looking for players who have an interest in all fields of content, as well as those who only enjoy one of the three main branches of content! All will find a home with us, no matter if you're the 2k PvPer, the Heroic Raider, or the Role Play Dungeon-master. Also seeking... Those who have the interest and will to become event leaders, my right-hand men and women to take charge of the Warband and Bloodsworn and guide them through multiple calendar-based events! Are you my next Herald of War?Krokilla15 Nov 27
Nov 27 Join the Endless Hunt (WRA-A Warden RP Guild) The Goddess has called you to a greater purpose. To a purpose beyond the slaying of demons or gaining of Gold. It is to experience the Hunt, to capture the impossible, to eliminate the undying. We are the elite; the veteran; the ones you call upon in the darkest nights. We are the Blades of the Goddess. Will you join us? (OOC: <Azsuna Wardens> is an Warden RP guild designed to encourage Warden RP. Wardens are one of the unsung heroes of LEGION, touched on in passing, and a source for a rep grind. But who are they really? We wish to offer an opportunity to explore that in this post-Broken Shore world, and in coming months. All members will start as trainees or Watchers unless they’ve ICly served in the past as a Warden. Members must be Kaldorei. All classes are accepted other than Demon Hunters. We will accept other races in the guild as allies, but we are primarily an Elf-only guild. Death Knights will be accepted on special occasion. We are Lore-friendly and flexible. Our events are d20-specific. If you have any questions, please contact me here, request my Discord information, PM me here or whisper Shalaandria or Morrowbranch with any questions or inquiries. We are also looking for alliances and partnerships with any groups interested in access to an elite elvish military unit.Morrowbranch11 Nov 27
Nov 27 Gobble Gobble :Turkey:Ankei8 Nov 27
Nov 27 Anything to know before I join this server? So, I want to see what Rping is like. It seems cool, and a nice alternative to the quite boring leveling I am doing to be able to Raid and do M+ on Stormrage. However, as I have never been on an RP server before, I don't exactly know what the acceptable etiquette is. I don't want to ruin other peoples fun, so I'd thought I'd play it safe and ask here before making a character. Also, as a side note, would it be better to make a horde or an alliance character?Cythil42 Nov 27
Nov 27 Looking for a strictly pvp guild? <Underwind> We are a social/friendly guild. We are LF dedicated players willing to learn for our progression RBGs/arenas we are 1800xp+. All classes are welcome. We will do rbgs weds-fri 8:30pm server time. We use discord and have all other info in there! Hit up the following people: Jazzhandsx, Dartisor, Lill, Excudent, Sâlvatore, Lexiya, or Stubborn in-game for more info! Don't leave when times get rough in the guild we are all in this together and I want to make this guild the best it could be. I want to 1on1 everybody that I can and help them get their experience needed. It's hard to put together a team especially on a role play server! Please bare with us while we form!Dartisor16 Nov 27
Nov 27 Baine "The Merciful" Bloodhoof So I am stealing this Post from the story boards because it brings a valid question and what he could become in BfA if the novel was not just bad writing ... Basically I want to know your feelings on it, me IC and OOC feels that it is a massacre and you can go on to say it was a valid target but the fact was that it was a camp of mainly hunters concerned with protecting Mulgore from the Quilboar and most of the inhabitants were people who lived off the land, sure there were warriors who came and went but this was the stop you went to before reaching the crossroads now before i get too dragged off on this topic I just would like to see you discuss this allAnharken16 Nov 27
Nov 27 Looking for the owner of the name Maldoror Hello forums! I don't expect to be able to find what I'm seeking but I have become one of those people who is seeking a name! I am currently looking for the name Maldoror and am willing to negotiate buying it. I've checked and nothing shows up on the armory search but the game repeatedly tells me that the name is unavailable. Guessing that means a level 1 unused has it?Zheco4 Nov 27
Nov 27 [A-RP Event] Grace of Elune (11-26-17) A note is tacked onto Alliance message boards, along with a feather an a simple crescent moon pendant: ... OOC: Back at it again! This will be our last sermon before we take a break for holidays in december :3 When: November 26th, 6pm server time Where: Temple of the Moon, Darnassus What: A brief one-hour sermon on the wonders and mysteries of Elune, with blessings offered afterward. Why: To spread the word of Elune, of course! Who: Led by Roraelis, everyone is allowed to attend, no invite needed! DKs, DHs, and warlocks allowed! I’m just a teensy bit running out of things to cover, so if you have any requests now is the time to throw them at me! Please note though- this is a sermon event with the focus on one speaker. During the sermon try to keep emotes and /say to a minimum so that the event text does not get lost in chat spam, and everyone can read what is being said. :) If you have any questions, suggestions, or even requests on what topic I should cover, feel free to hit me up-game on Roraelis or on tumblr at autumnal-eclipse.tumblr.com! I also have a calendar event for it in-game so if youd like to be added get in touch with me!Roraelis14 Nov 27
Nov 27 Alliance raiders? I am a shadow priest who took a long break from WoW. I've been playing casually the last few weeks, but am considering to come back to raiding. I also like the community of rp servers, but Moonguard' isn't for me. So what's going on Wyrmrest? It this a good server? Tell me why you're the best!Archbíshop8 Nov 27
Nov 27 LFRP podcast Whatever happened to the LFRP podcast On their website they stated that due to real life they were taking a short break and would be back around April and then never came back. Maybe I missed one of their twitter posts but I can't really find it anywhere confirming if it's been cancelled or if they plan to make a come back one of these days. I really enjoyed their podcast. Does anyone know of similar podcasts?Aylaria2 Nov 27
Nov 27 RP Project Announcement on Dec 2! It’s time to unveil our latest RP project, and we want you to have a front row seat. Join us in Discord on Saturday, December 2nd at 6:00 PM CST (server time) for the announcement of a new and unprecedented campaign to rejuvenate the Horde RP community. Set in Quel’Thalas, this campaign will serve as a launching point for future crossfaction storytelling into the next expansion. Following the announcement, a presentation will explain the details of the project and what it will mean for the Alliance and Horde as we approach the Battle for Azeroth. Regardless of what faction you belong to, there’s going to be something for everyone, so don’t miss it! Once you join the Discord server, please change your nickname to reflect who you are in the game so we may grant you permission to chat. https://discord.gg/KKnGaPy We are excited to share this with you and look forward to seeing you there! P.S. - Although this will be hosted on Moon Guard, we are extending this invitation to our friends on Wrymrest Accord as well! Any questions you have about crossrealm accommodations can be answered in Discord.Tendael6 Nov 27
Nov 27 Server Canon I understand how the WrA community reacts to such things, but I'm wondering how you personally react to things like Blood of Lordaeron on MG. In my personal opinion, if it can be explained, and it's minor and won't affect the game's overall story (to an acceptable) degree, then it's okay-ish.Shadesinger500 Nov 27
Nov 27 For the Alliance! For far too long Alliance pride has paled in comparison to Horde pride. The cry of "for the alliance" simply doesn't stir passion the same way "for the horde" does. That must end! In battle for Azeroth our faction will become more important than ever, and I refuse to let my faction play second fiddle in patriotism to some dumb zombie and her chowderheaded green servants! Let's address some common criticisms of the alliance so we can put them to rest and take pride in our faction: Criticism one: We only play the alliance because we "want to be pretty". Anyone who looks at my character can see that I am very pretty. I won't deny that looks motivated me on the character creation screen, as I carefully selected a handsome face, well-groomed beard, and a stylish coif. And there's nothing wrong with that! News flash horde, having bad posture and no elbows doesn't make you cool! I take pride in my admittedly above-average good looks, because that is part of what makes the alliance great! Criticism two: we're the "generic good guys". I'll have you know that my friends the Night Elves destroyed the world once. Checkmate, horde losers! We're even better villains when we're in the mood! Criticism three: our logo isn't as cool as the Horde's. Hello, its a freakin lion! What is so great about an upside down horseshoe with spikes on it? That would hurt the horses foot. Our logo could eat your logo for breakfast if he felt like it Anyway, there's your definitive proof that we're great and everyone else is jealous. Please join me in a rousing cry of "FOR THE ALLIACE!"Humphrey50 Nov 27
Nov 26 [H-RP] <The Hallowed Hunt> - Recruiting! ... About The Hallowed Hunt There are many dark and terrible creatures within the world of Azeroth. Strange, dangerous, and horrifying. From the twisted specters of the angry dead to the unnatural monsters hiding in the shadows, the lands are plagued by what lurks just out of sight. These threats are what come naturally to The Hallowed Hunt. Composed of a group of experienced warriors, spell-slingers, and brave adventurers, the group proves tenacious in areas others may crumble. Lifting curses, slaying beasts and defeating unruly spirits; their work has become renowned among civilians and highly sought after. Acknowledged as a valued service by the Horde, The Hallowed Hunt is tasked with investigating the far more unnatural plights of their people; hunting, capturing, or neutralizing what goes bump in the night. ... Join the Hunt The Hallowed Hunt is often seeking new members as the work is as perilous as it is thrilling. The process of joining up with the hunt is a simple out-of-character and in-character interview. Below is our application and what you can expect from the process! [You do not need an account to apply. Email can be used.] ... OOC: Covered by our application, the out-of-character interview is just a short series of questions about yourself and your character. We use it to determine if you and your character are fitting for the guild theme and the people within it. Replies to applications can be expected within a day or so if accepted. IC: A roleplay meeting with Nafani, a process in which the leader of The Hallowed Hunt will speak with your character and determine what it is they’re useful for. This will be when your rp style, profile, and lore will be looked at. Have no fear though, as the guild is very friendly to a new and learning roleplayer! Note: If we are unable to make contact with you in-game after a week of your application, your name will be marked off of our contact list and you will need to apply again or reach out to the GM.Nafani29 Nov 26
Nov 26 Fake Drama Thread Because real drama makes threads vanish into the ether, and I want something juicy to read that won't disappear when I'm only 10 pages in. So, make up some petty conflicts like in the Classic Drama Threads of Yore, and play them out here. These forums have been more boring than the post-Sunwell belves for months now, we need some excitement. Don't disappoint your Overlord.Gazruk478 Nov 26
Nov 26 Lightning Lancers Announcement Hello fellow role-players of Wyrmest Accord! As some of you may know. A situation arose today within the Lightning Lancer community. Two higher-ranked members, known as <removed>, were ousted for highly inappropriate, erotic role-play that they did awhile back on Emerald Dream. Though I do not wish to go into details. this specific role-play contained someone who was a minor. It was brought to our attention that this happened, so after doing our own research, we decided to remove this individual and his partner. The Lightning Lancers do not condone this type of behavior, in-character or out-of-character whatsoever. Some may say.. "Well it was in-character so it doesn't reflect on his actual character." We highly disagree. In this age of online relationships and communication, you never know who is sitting behind the other screen. In turn, that makes people's actions even more important when judging their personal character. We will be updating this post as more information comes our way. I would just like to thank you all for taking the time to read this message and I urge you to continue ousting this type of behavior so we can keep people safe and preserve what role-play really means. Make no mistake, we are not crucifying people who engage in erotic role-play. That is a personal decision. Although, just as romantic or sexual behavior requires some common decency and maturity, so does erotic role-play. We stand by our message and decision. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact me in-game. Try and keep the forum posting at a minimum. We do not wish to facilitate anymore drama that has already occurred. ===================================== Moderator Note: Edited. Please do not post an individual's name on the forums as this can lead to harassment and is also against the Forums Code of Conduct. If you have not already, please use the in-game report feature so our Game Masters can review any highly inappropriate chat these players have made.Walterak156 Nov 26
Nov 26 [H-RP]World Wide Witch World Wide Witch is recruiting A Horde RP based guild focusing on the more spiritual and ritualistic side of magic. Are you a sensitive soul who communes with the dead? Perhaps a shaman who spends their time giving advice and helping those in need of guidance. Or you could be an alchemist looking to explore all the little secrets this world has to offer, and master them as your own. World Wide Witch is focused on practical magic. Sure, shooting fancy balls of arcane and hailing blizzards on your opponents with a snap of your fingers is pretty wonderful, but there are other magical forces at work in this world. Those who work with Nature, the Shadows, and the Elements is what World Wide Witch is looking for. Those who perform rituals, have respect for the many forces at work, and are looking for others with the same mindset would be welcomed with open arms. We are still happy to accept those fancy mages and wizards who want to learn more of the other sides of the magical world. OOC this is primarily an RP guild. Participation is welcome from every member, we want to help with your personal storylines and work on collaborative stories as well. Our number one focus is making the guild an ooc safe space, RP has enough drama in it as it is, we don't need it ooc as well. LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming, as GM I want my guildies to feel safe and be happy. Serious and silly are both welcome, I want to foster a laidback atmosphere, and you never know what sort of stories different characters can bring. The aim is for a medium-RP baseline, though this can fluctuate. There are no rp requirements. There are also no race restrictions, but level may be taken into consideration. IC class matters more than OOC class, Edit: At this time World Wide Witch is not an IC organization of any kind, it is a way for like-minded characters to plan, network, and we offer events based off our premise. IC interviews are not required, but an application is. I am also looking for people interested in becoming an officer, if you'd be interested in such please pm me ingame and we can discuss the possibility. If World Wide Witch entices you, you can go to worldwidewitch.shivtr.com to submit an application.Falaxi9 Nov 26
Nov 26 [H] The Steelpaw Shaodin: The Emperor's Fist We are the Might of the Emperor! “When faced with opposition, be like the sea, which washes over all without doubt or hesitation. It will topple the unsecured immediately or shape the land into its own image with persistence and patience.” The Steelpaw Shaodin is a Heavy Pandaren RP guild. Made up of a union of Huojin aligned and Mainland Pandaren, united under the creed “Perfection through Victory”. Staunch adherents to the ideology that bettering oneself is wrought through pursuing challenges and overcoming opposition, the Steelpaw band together under the values of honor, strength, and their vigilant desire to see the Pandaren people reach new heights of power. Martial, determined, and eager to find wisdom through success, the Steelpaw operate within the Horde as a predominately militant order. Through the sword or quill, the clan's mission aggressively revolves around advocating Pandaren interests, along with their own. Recognizing that the current state of Azeroth is in proverbial disarray, the clan strives to train warriors, gather artifacts, empower their allies and be at the forefront of a cohesive union of the Pandaren people. Pandaren that are enthusiastic to master martial disciplines, eager to enjoy the thrill of victory, and wish to capitalize on the shift of powers on Azeroth- returning their people to a height of power, then the Steelpaw clan wants you! ________________________________________ The Steelpaw as a concept started with just a few friends from Moonguard and Wyrmrest that enjoyed playing as part of a rough housing family together. After gathering enough popularity from roleplay and guilds that helped evolve what started as a loose/improvised concept, eventually there was enough interest to form a guild centered around Pandaren Heavy RP. That, and we wanted an excuse to dress our Pandaren in the most fearsome mog combinations and not feel bad about it. We roleplay all throughout Azeroth. From Orgrimmar to the Jade Forest, members of Steelpaw and their allies can be found adventuring just about anywhere. The diverse lot of characters that make up the guild ensures that their pressence is felt everywhere, pursuing the troubles of the world or pushing the agenda of the Pandaren people. From hardened warriors to shrewd diplomats, you'll find that the clan brings in all types, each with a role and purpose, all working in an effective tandem to flesh out the end-game of the guild. Pandaren of all walks of life and disciplines are welcome, but not all may have what it takes to carry the burdens that the Shaodin faces. The Steelpaw's vision is a unified Pandaria, restored to an era of witnessed only during the legacies of their late emperors. It is a goal far too precious and meaningful to shirk responsibilities or for the faint of heart. Those in the Steelpaw are expected to be disciplined, committed, and willingness to act whenever necessary to oppose those who act against them or their allies. To reach us, whether to join, coordinate RP, or anything else feel free to contact the following officers or any of our members. By in-game mail is or signing to our site prefered, as whispers are often lost in the chat spam our officers and the GM tackle on a routine basis. Emeraldstorm - Clan Leader Chenju, Saiachi, Yauhhei - Tiger Generals(Officers) Website: http://thesteelpawclan.shivtr.com/ Tumblr: http://steelpawshaodin.tumblr.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/we-only-know-victory-the-steelpaw-shaodin https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/charge-of-conquerors-wipEmeraldstorm376 Nov 26
Nov 26 Old TRP Info Hey all, Back from a rather long hiatus with a new computer. Obviously I've lost all my TRP info and was wondering if anyone would be willing to check their directory to see if they can find my info for me. I'll definitely tip ya for the trouble. Thanks!Kuranes2 Nov 26
Nov 25 LF RP Alliance Guild Hello! I'm an old vet at WOW, but I've been gone for a few years now (left just before MoP). Rather than going through the countless threads looking for the right topic I figured I'd create my own. The title pretty much sums up the subject matter. My main is a Worgen who ICly is currently residing int he Tirisfal Wilds hunting the Forsaken. Are there any medium-heavy RP guilds out there that are actively recruiting, and have an active player base? My IC story is pliable, I'm honestly just look for good folks to play WoW with. Thanks in advance!Eicran0 Nov 25
Nov 25 @Layam Why are you a human?Geranguas20 Nov 25
Nov 25 November2017 MOOT! Warchiefs, kings, an' expansions all come an' go. T'e tide o' war shifts daily on Azeroth, but one thing will remain constant.... always. That, lads and lasses, is the ability o' t'e people o' Khaz tae..... MOOOOOOOOOOT! (Yes, it is also a verb). At the end of every month, TheMeadHall holds a MOOOOOOOT to mark the end of another successful 4-5 weeks of RP, PvE, and PvP It is once again the Ironing's turn and proud responsibility to host the festivities. This November on the 25th, Saturday; hold onto your hammers, your pointy ears, your wrenches, your paws or face-tentacles. Because the Legion itself wishes they could drink ale this good! Everyone is invited, however for your safety you should refrain from being green in the face or eyes unless it's after getting plastered. Location: Vermilion Redoubt Time: 5:30 PM (Server Time) Schedule: PVP Game --> Speeches --> Event Game --> Drinking ContestThelgref7 Nov 25
Nov 25 [TONIGHT][H] The Great Debate! ... Is it safe? To ensure the safety of our visitors, the collegiate mages have lent their skills towards making an anti-magic sound barrier that will prevent outside listeners from using what your characters have to say against them in any capacity. All opinions are welcome here, no matter how dangerous (or traitorous). We ask that characters who would come to this event to use it as an excuse to stalk and/or force characters into unwanted conflict refrain from attending. No character is allowed to metagame any information heard at this event without the attendee’s permission and will not be entertained if they try. How do we debate? There are some ground rules for the debate that all characters should be aware of before they enter our event. Failure to read and understand the rules does not exempt you from them. No weapons (or magic) allowed. The debate is to be kept as civil as possible. We are here to argue our point, not to insult one another. If a character cannot get their point across without insulting the other debaters by way of slurs or name-calling, they will be asked to stand down and/or leave the premises. No violence allowed. We are here to use our words, not our fists. Characters trying to start fights will be disincluded from the event. Since we cannot formally remove you, you will be asked to leave and put on /ignore if you do not comply. He who asserts must prove. All statements must have real facts to back them up. All questions asked of the debaters must be fair and clear. No statements, comments, or rhetorical questions. Trolling is 100% unacceptable. This is an in-character event! If OOC must be used, keep it brief (and kind). Unlike a real debate team, there is no winner or loser here- only the conversation and various sides of the discussion. Come to brush up on your lore regarding the topic, or to argue your side of the question- lurkers and devil’s advocates are welcome! This month’s debate topic: “Should Azeroth turn its eyes back to the North, destroy the Helm of Domination, and end the reign of The Lich King once and for all?" Date and Location: November 24th, 6pm PST Location: Crossroads, Northern Barrens Contacts: Lanthelon Annathemas Have some ideas for next month’s topic? Send a message! Thanks for reading, hope to see folks come out for some good ol’ fun and debate!Lanthelon14 Nov 25
Nov 25 Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else play with the character specific macros and create emote attacks for all of your characters particular skills? It helps me live out the class fantasy I wish I had.Quincinatus38 Nov 25
Nov 25 [A] The Scarlet Empire ¥±¥====================¥±¥ Brief Back Story ¥±¥=======================¥±¥ The Scarlet Empire is the surviving remnants of the old Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught. Though the vile corruption that took hold of the upper echelon of the old Crusade is painfully aware to the new Empire we still hold true to the faith that the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdom should be purified of the taint that has embedded it for far too long. After the events of the Scarlet Halls when High Inquisitor Whitemane was murdered by the notorious Lilian Voss, the remaining Crusaders fled the monastery and went into hiding. In order to survive the man hunt from Lilian now in possession of the Codex the Crusaders fled to a place where they thought she would never look, Northrend The old capital of the Scarlet Onslaught; New Hearthglen became the Empires base of operations. From here the Scarlet Empire slowly started to rebuild their Order until the time was right to reveal themselves to the world. With the return of the Burning Legion threatening the very existence of Azeroth, it has forced the Empire to emerge sooner than expected to combat the threat. Though the Empires goal is still the utter elimination of the Undead and her allies, The Legion threatens the plan of a liberated Lordaeron and thus must be delivered their Swift and Final Judgement. ¥±¥==============================¥±¥================================¥±¥ (( Debating transferring the guild to WRA. I wanted to find out if such a demand existed for a "Scarlet" themed guild or just in general a Lawful Evil guild in the Alliance RP community. ))Delmarick29 Nov 25
Nov 25 TRP help? Im new to the alliance... and Draenei and dont know much on their lore.. Is there anyone whom may be able to help me work up a Total Roleplay story? And yes this is being posted showing as my Hordie.. For some reason would not post with my DraeneiShelithice16 Nov 25
Nov 25 [H] looking for RP guild Hey folks, I’m just looking for an active RP guild — I’ve been pretty inactive lately and I’m just looking somewhere to belong. These past 8-9 months I’ve been floating about trying to find something that will click but I haven’t had much success in terms of finding a new family ( doesn’t help I’ve tried out maybe two guilds ). I’ve been for the most part running without a guild and the lack of “ family “ is starting to dull down my craving for RP ( that’s a real problem because I love my RP ). I’m lore friendly and enjoy roll D&D style events as well as leading small ones time to time. I’ve been a part of this server for over 5 years now and it’s changed significantly — somewhere down the line I just disappeared and never stayed in touch with any of the communities and now it’s left me in kind of a hermit like place where I’ve simply become an observer on the outside, I’d like to become invested again and hopefully re-kindle my joy for the game and the RP it produces. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to do anything. Aztec#1290Kained5 Nov 25
Nov 25 (H) ISO Guild/RP Opportunities My main RP character currently is Shaje. He's a super do-gooder Elder Druid (Actually an Elder, as in Age, too) guy who's friendly to everyone, even those who hate him, etc, so on and so forth. I'm pretty new to the server, been here about two weeks now, and thus far I haven't made much progress on making friends IC or otherwise. A lot of it is because my character may be somewhat boring to a lot of players to roleplay with, and I'm a bit shy otherwise. OOC wise, I pretty much only RP and PVP. Those alone are my callings. I'm looking for either A) A guild of which my character could fit in RP wise, And/Or B) Folks who may want to set up some RP that's not typical tavern RP, or maybe looking for long-term RP partners. I know the community here on WrA is super friendly, from my experience, so any assistance anyone could provide would be very much welcomed. Thanks.Shaje7 Nov 25
Nov 24 WTB Potentate's Letter Opener Hi All! I'm looking to buy [item="66880"/] Looking to spend 12,000g. Message or leave a comment below. Thank you!Tsencha0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Has the narrative suffered for gameplay? TLDR - I'm curious as to your thoughts on WoW's story and how its gelled with in-game mechanics. Do you think that Blizzard forced something that wouldn't otherwise make sense for gameplay's sake? Further, if you had creative control, what would you have done different? Discuss.Reaganluthen91 Nov 24
Nov 24 How my father avenged the Dallas Cowboys. Hello WRA, today I'd like to share with you a story that is in no way associated with World of Warcraft, Wyrmest Accord, Roleplaying or even !@#$posting, I want to share a story with you. Today the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Chargers by four points, and my dad, one of the largest fans of Dallas that I know, was not at all pleased with this result. With his Thanksgiving soured by an "undeserving" victory, he quickly came to his own conclusion on how to right this random chance that Dallas could fall before a lesser team. He asked me to find his old copy of Madden 2015. In the rematch that took place two years ago, the Dallas Cowboys beat the chargers 6 to 56, and are still going strong. It warms my heart to see my dad making his own fun, he seldom plays video games save for every madden game that comes out and Skyrim. Anyway, I thought that this story would be entertaining to read and found it worth sharing.Banrok13 Nov 24
Nov 24 [H] In search of guild New to the RP scene with my boyfriend and looking for an active guild preferably with a theme to join. We are not heavy roleplayers but are wanting to experience the roleplay aspects of the game and would like to become a part of something bigger than the ordinary casual guilds we have been in on PVE and PVP servers. Military guilds have specifically piqued my interest, but I am open to all. My in-game name is Elossenne, so if you would like to reply there instead of here, feel free to send me in-game mail or whisper me. We may also meet in one of the capitals. For the sake of relevancy, we are both blood elves. I am a paladin and he is a warrior. Thank you.Jansither0 Nov 24
Nov 24 [H] Best Horde Casual Guild? What's the best casual guild on the server? I don't have time to raid, no steady schedule, but I like Mythics and just groups of people chatting and doing things together. Little to no RP preferred!Metropolis0 Nov 24
Nov 24 Quel'Thalas- An Elven Roleplayer's Discord! Though this server has been around for some time, we want to reach out and suggest a fantastic place to meet with other Blood/High/(and soon to be Void) elf roleplayers! Quel'Thalas, is a role playing discord designed for characters who are descended from the High Home! Here you can connect with, engage with, and play with other elven roleplayers! Ultimately the goal of the server is to build upon existing communities to expand RP opportunities on WoW. Quel'Thalas is not server centric and is open to all of those from every server interested in this RP type. Please go to this link!: https://discord.gg/eSpUK5Y One you join you will be able to assign guild roles onto yourself in our bot channel. Here are a few rules: ...Telchis4 Nov 24
Nov 24 Nightborne RP guild? Anyone have any plans in the works for making a Nightborne House RP guild? I wouldn't mind getting in on the ground level.Artreider13 Nov 24
Nov 24 [H-RP] Midnight Sun Sodality Midnight Sun Sodality Magic has been a long standing trait of the Elves, it’s woven into to the very core of our culture. We Sin’dorei have long harnessed magic that others consider abhorrent. Yet, it did not stop us when we were on the brink of total annihilation. It didn’t stop the Regent Lord from taking the Anima, a unknown dark magic, for the use of the Sin’dorei. And yet, there are still many mysterious to be unlocked. We will explore all what Azeroth has to offer us! We seek unknown powerful relics to provide more power for the Sin’dorei. This will enable us to further stand on our own and be stronger for our allies! This is a call to help your people as well as a call for our allies to help our cause! Out of Character Welcome to Midnight Sun Sodality, we plan to be a light to medium roleplay guild. We want to create a chill enough place where no one has to feel pressured to have to be on for every single event, but active enough where if you want roleplay that it will be provided. We also want to be able to provide personal character development, as guild storylines are all fine and dandy but pursuing personal development is also fun and interesting to do! It’s this reason, at the moment we’re seeking on recruiting a small amount of people. While this guild is made to be something of more interest to the blood elves, and even the Forsaken considering how close they are allied to each other other races are welcome if they see they can fit amongst the premise of the storyline. This guild has a set Alliance guild to be rivals along with the guild, but this is no means meant to be a RP-PvP guild, and a dicemaster system is currently being built for these events. For more info please contact me in game via whisper or in came mail if you have questions concerns, or wish to join! Thank you~Tharjaa16 Nov 24
Nov 24 Wymrest Accord PSA ur all bad lolTiiranes84 Nov 24
Nov 24 [H-RP] <Thalas'Din Belore> Bal'a dash, malanore! Thalas’din Belore--"Kingdom of the Sun" in the common tongue--is a humanitarian agency mandated through government order to assist in the restoration and betterment of Sin’dorei society. This citizen-run initiative is comprised of four distinct committees, each led by an experienced councilor: Diplomacy, intelligence, Security, and Research. As a whole, the organization emphasizes the importance of serving Quel'Thalas by addressing more day-to-day, societal issues that are currently overlooked in favour of threats deemed more grave. Whether by quill and spoken word or the blade’s edge, the members of Thalas'din Belore look to aid the local populace in the absence of the Convocation of Silvermoon, to tend to matters more domestic while the militaristic arms of the government see to the Legion and impending incursion of the Alliance. The autonomy, legitimacy, and authority to enact these ends is provided through the official sponsorship of House Highcrest, who sought (and received) grant of approval from Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron, given the severity of need for such internal assistance. TL;DR we're a new, Sin'dorei, heavy RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord focused on tending to day-to-day, societal issues plaguing the Sin'dorei: political entanglements, assimilation of Demon Hunters, upkeep of magical resources, tending to poor/Wretched, etc. In addition, we're presented with the unique and, perhaps, unsettling revelation that Quel'thalas as we know it may irrevocably change with the coming expansion. It's an exciting time to join and help us write stories for the future! Below are brief descriptions of the committees and their focus: Diplomacy Led by Emalynde Lor'Thanil The Diplomacy Committee serves as the official liaison between Thalas'din Belore and exterior organizations, beseeching and coordinating aid to benefit organized efforts such as: ameliorating the burden of the war-stricken, securing funding to repair the Runestones, or campaigning for the tolerance of fringe magics. In addition, it can assume the role of adjudicator in order to mediate minor legal disagreements within Quel'thalas. By and large, this committee seeks to positively enact change via influence. Intelligence Led by Thalandril Van'Drys The Intelligence Committee collects, analyzes, evaluates, and disseminates information. Tasks include defending against domestic intelligence threats, as well as supporting Thalas'din Belore with analysis and crucial counsel. We will work to preempt threats and further restorative ideals by weilding intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source data, conducting effective covert action as directed by the committee leadership, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep Quel'thalas safe--when need be. Security Led by Altelion Steelwind The Security Committee provides integral, armed support to all other wings of Thalas’din Belore through the use of elite assets recruited from the ranks of Quel’thalas’ military or those beyond its borders. Whether acting as bodyguards for diplomats during tense negotiations, aiding intelligence agents in covert operations, or defending research teams in the teeming wilds of Azeroth, this committee ensures the safety of the populace. Emergency assistance to militant arms of other organizations is also occasionally rendered. Research Led by Adrynar Highcrest The Research Committee seeks out powerful artifacts from distant lands to help secure a future for the Sin'dorei. This can involve acquiring them through trade or through exploratory missions into forgotten tombs. Artifacts are researched by magisters and cataloged appropriately for storage and future use. The committee has made a commitment to doing no harm to the resident peoples who may live around these artifacts, and will refrain from acquiring such items should their absence damage the indigenous population.Altelion2 Nov 24
Nov 24 [A] Group of Vets Looking for a Home Good evening denizens of Wyrmrest Accord... Myself and two friends have recently returned to WoW after a break of a few months shortly after starting Heroic progression into ToS (we got burnt out). Upon our return we decided to server xfer and faction swap over to Alliance. We're mature players with many years of raiding experience. Our preferred Guild would likely have a few different options for raiding - we are really looking for a spot where we could act as fill-ins to raid with the option of earning permanent spots as time goes on. We each have several different characters, but our current higher-ilvl characters who could be ready to roll very soon would be: Tank/rDPS/rDPS -- DK/Mage/Shaman Tank/mDPS/rDPS -- DK/Warrior/Mage If we could provide some flexibility to your guild's raid groups, please message Goar or Rognar in game. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you!Goar3 Nov 24
Nov 23 [H RP/PVE/PVP] The Grim A Grim Purpose The complete destruction of the Alliance is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods. But talk and half-measures are for the weak. It is through our hands that the Horde will become the dominant force on Azeroth and the world beyond. The Alliance is not the only danger in this world. From the ancient sands of Silithus and the gates of the Black Temple, to the citadel of the Lich King and the siege of Orgrimmar, from the Hellfire Citadel to the Tomb of Sargeras – beings of ancient power and growing strength plot our downfall. By killing and plundering and turning their own weapons against them, we will save the Horde from these threats. This is our purpose. These are our obstacles that we must overcome. Everything we do we do for this one single goal. Peace through annihilation. ((OOC The Grim is a heavy roleplay guild that also raids and PVP’s. We have IC guild meetings once a month and two RP events of various types. The Grim has been on Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt for twelve years, and has recently opened a branch on Wyrmrest Accord to increase the opportunity to meet new roleplayers. Grim Players: Grim players are expected to follow all of Blizzard’s rules and RP server guidelines. Additionally, Grim are expected to be ready to be in character at all times, and to avoid using OOC chat in guild chat, say, yell, emotes, and Grim raid and party chat. Grim Characters: Recruitment is always open for the playable races of the Horde (Orc, Troll, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood Elf, Goblin, Pandaren who chose Horde). While we will accept variations in these races, such as an orc from a clan other than Frostwolf, or trolls from various tribes, we do not accept non-playable races, such as dragons, humans in elf costumes, arakkoa, etc. Any character who wants to work things out with the Alliance, or be friends with them, is not suitable for The Grim. Joining The Grim: Our application process consists of forum registration, an OOC application post and IC letter, and then a mostly IC interview in game. (We want to make sure of a good fit both for the applicant and the guild.) Once accepted, new members work with the Inquisitors of the guild and must complete a couple IC Trials to be promoted. Grim PVE: The Grim is raiding Tomb of Sargeras. We have cleared it on both Normal and Heroic. All Grims are welcome to attend, as long as they make an effort to get their gear up to an appropriate iLvl beforehand. There is no mandatory attendance for raiding; some members come every night and some who come only as their schedules allow. Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-8:30pm WrA time. We also run Mythic+ dungeons on Wednesday at 5:00pm and Friday at 6:00pm. Grim PVP: The Grim has battleground nights every Wednesday at 6:00pm WrA time. The team participates in a variety of instanced PVP environments, such as Battlegrounds, Battleground Brawls, Rated Battlegrounds, and Arenas. Occasional World PVP events are also planned. Grim Events: At least twice monthly, there will be various events scheduled. Some examples are group fishing on Margoss Island, grouping up for Underbelly fighting, running old raids for achievements/mounts/pets/mogs, PVP zone patrols, tournaments for dueling/pet battles/jousting/remote control toys, Brawlgar Arena nights, etc. These are usually scheduled on Sunday or Monday evenings. Grim Misc: The Grim uses Mumble for organized guild events. There is also an optional Discord server that is very active for Grim members to chat and RP in. Most of the players in the guild are adults with jobs and families. Drama is very rare. Real life always comes first, and attendance at events is never mandatory. The only "mandatory" attendance is that Grims are expected to be present at monthly guild meetings but only if they are online at the time of the meeting. For more information, please visit http://www.thegrim.org. (In particular, check out the "Joining Us" and "The Mandate" tabs.) You can also contact myself or Qabian in game or the WrA Discord. We're happy to answer any questions you have, or just chat about the guild with you! ))Syreenaa4 Nov 23
Nov 23 Void Elves are an opportunity. Hello. Void Elves were introduced recently, VERY recently. Some would say they were made purely so Alliance could get more unique High Elves. Others say Alleria Windrunner, still loyal to the Alliance after a few millenias of fighting demons, decided to form them with her knowledge of Void magic that he got because the Legion are meanies and Light wasn't enough. If i had to put my opinion on the Void Elves themselves, i'd say that i like purple, they like purple, and hopefully their racials are fun. I'll try one out, probably a rogue, because stab. However, there's a bigger picture some of you maybe have not considered(or maybe all of you know what im about to say and i didn't read any posts that were posted about it because i don't go on forums often): the Void Elves are the first playable race that has(or will have, because they don't exist yet) a history of Void corruption. We had Orcs and Blood Elves that are Fel corrupted, Draenei are Light "corrupted", but we never had a playable race with a history of Void corruption. You could argue Shadow Priests are Void corrupted, but that's a class, not a race. So...now, we have chances for MORE void entities/corrupted races to consider and maybe...dare i dream...an Old Gods corrupted race? One that managed to broke free of their nasty, tentacular master and seek a fate of their own? A good fit for the Horde. More power to me-i mean Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen of the Forsaken and Warchief of the Horde. Go team. Hoowah. What i see with the Void Elves is Blizzard being able to give us more...evil looking creatures. Now, Void Elves don't really look "evil", but the Void is still a weird, not really known thing. Old Gods are still, despite the attempts to make Light and Void more grayish areas, nasty buggers for Azeroth. Having a race that has a link to those is now true. Maybe we'll get nastier looking bastards for Horde? In fact, i know one of your arguments: "The Old Gods are evil! An old Gods Race would never join the Horde or the Alliance!" to which i first reply, "Watch your step, you're getting straw all over the place!" and then say, "So was the Lich King! Evil overlords with great powers can still have a small portion of their minions rebel!" What do you guys think? Is the arrival of the Void Elves a chance to potentially get an Old Gods race? Would a playable Old God race interest you? Do you think it would work Lore-wise? Is Rule of Cool more powerful than any Lore ever? #bringbacktheSha #iknowitsdeadbutRuleofCoolcanreviveanythingEerk68 Nov 23
Nov 23 Happy holidays Wyrmrest Have a great and safe holiday and kick !@# in Antorus next week!Bombero12 Nov 23