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Sep 4 Epic Profession Recipes Crafters List Here is a thread I will update regularly as posts come in with who can make what on either faction side. Just post your profession and what epic recipes you can make. Not rares. Epics. Making this thread since not everyone is going to have all the patterns right away, since some of them, like with tailoring, require BoP 6 day CD cloth to buy. This will be an easy way for people to find potential crafters to make their items. Also, please post if you have any Chaos Orbs available for certain recipes. Thanks. All recipes and their current crafters: BLACKSMITHING - Elementium Earthguard Elementium Earthguard A - Barbazian, Haines, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield A- Haines, Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Deathplate Elementium Deathplate A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Hauberk Hardened Elementium Hauberk A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Chestguard Light Elementium Chestguard A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Girdle of Pain Elementium Girdle of Pain A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Girdle Hardened Elementium Girdle A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Belt Light Elementium Belt A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Gutslicer Elementium Gutslicer A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz Forged Elementium Mindcrusher Forged Elementium Mindcrusher A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz ENCHANTING - Enchant Weapon - Landslide Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide A- Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent A- Balthiar, Voska, Impromir, Aeriscats, Deltrus, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Doxic, Blankaman, Warkitten, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Windwalk Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk A- Voska, Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Agility Formula: Enchant Bracer - Agility A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Major Strength Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect A- H- Daemoos, Selanius LEATHERWORKING - Assassin's Chestplate Assassin's Chestplate A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Chestguard of Nature's Fury Chestguard of Nature's Fury A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Caddarik, Deeyar H- Fattoney Dragonkiller Tunic Dragonkiller Tunic A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Lightning Lash Lightning Lash A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Belt of Nefarius Whispers Belt of Nefarious Whispers A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Twilight Scale Chestguard Twilight Scale Chestguard A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Corded Viper Belt Corded Viper Belt A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Stormleather Sash Stormleather Sash A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Charscale Leg Armor Charscale Leg Armor A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Dragonscale Leg Armor Dragonscale Leg Armor A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Drakehide Leg Armor Drakehide Leg Armor A- Tyrrik H- TAILORING - Belt of the Depths Belt of the Depths A- Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Holymium, Selanius Breeches of Mended Nightmares Breeches of Mended Nightmares A- Pfrog, Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Dreamless Belt Dreamless Belt A- Deltrus, Pfrog, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Flame-Ascended Pantaloons A- Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Powerful Enchanted Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Powerful Ghostly Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Illusionary Bag Illusionary Bag A- Aeriscats, Deltrus H- Siccmixx, SelaniusDeltrus113 Sep 4
1h 4/8M <Bacon Pancakes> LF RDPS and a Healer <Bacon Pancakes> is a Mythic progression-focused guild on a short schedule with a goal of killing every boss before the next raid release. We achieved 11/11M CE in Antorus before empowered artifacts and we're currently 4/8M in Uldir. When do we raid? We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9:30pm to 12am EST. There's also an optional heroic alt run on Saturday evenings as well as keys and pvp throughout the week. What's the raid environment like? We're pretty tight-knit and love to bust each others' balls and have fun, but we also know when to get serious and focus up on progression. So plenty of memes when appropriate (on trash, farm, etc), but still trying to get !@#$ done. Do note that harassment or legit toxicity will probably land you a swift gkick no matter how good you are. We're lovingly toxic to each other though. How do we handle loot? With forced personal loot, trying to finagle a workaround is just too much of a headache to deal with and, in our opinion, just makes everyone feel bad. If you get it and it's an upgrade for you, it's yours to keep. If you want to trade it, go for it fam. What are we looking for? At the moment we're looking for ranged DPS (especially warlocks and boomkins, maybe a shadow priest - full on mages) to go pew pew as well as one healer (non-priest, also probably not a shaman as ours is a beast and we're keeping him thanks). Where can you apply? Kindly fill out the very brief google form found here and one of us will be in touch! https://goo.gl/forms/2beAA6p01BIX1fDG2 You can also add me at Emarline#1401 on either Discord or battle.net or Shiffer (the GM) at justin0209#1989 on bnet, but tbh it's just easier if you fill out the app so we can all look at your info easier. Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Bacon+Pancakes Raider.io: https://raider.io/guilds/us/zuljin/Bacon%20PancakesEmarline4 1h
1h [H] <UYI> 3/8M 8/8H 2 Day LF Ranged DPS <Use Your Imagination> is recruiting on Zul'jin Horde! We are a group of veteran players and experienced raiders (11/11M Antorus CE) doing progression raiding in Uldir and beyond. We are currently in need of: RANGED Elemental Shaman (w/ Resto offspec) Warlock Mage We will still consider any applicants, especially those with outstanding logs, references, etc. Our raid days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST (Server Time). Please make sure that you can fully attend all of our raids barring emergencies. Excess loot is handled via loot council amongst the officers, with aspects such as attendance and performance being considered when determining who receives what. Raiders are expected to research boss fights and their class and should know their proper stat weights and skill priority/rotation. Raiders are also expected to be able to handle criticism and understand that there is a possibility of being sat for optimal group comp on certain fights. You should have a stable internet connection and computer, as well as a working microphone and Discord installed. If you are interested in joining, please whisper myself, Krushkor (Krysoken#5420 on BattleTag), Arthasian (Absynnian#1531 on BattleTag) or Ærtai (AliasNode#1351 on BattleTag). Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!Klypsafya13 1h
1h [H] <Ape Escape> T/W/T 4/8 M LFM If you prefer an interview/chat, you can contact me directly via BattleTag for recruitment. If you prefer to apply, you can apply directly here: https://goo.gl/forms/vxY8Yw1lyYOVMZE03 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! Ape Escape is a new arrival to Zul'jin (swapped servers post legion). We are currently searching for active players for mythic raid progression and Mythic+ content in Battle For Azeroth. Some of our members have known eachother for 10+ years, but this will be our third expansion raiding together as a guild (est. WOD). Our guild focuses on one simple goal: No rage, many memes, and a fun, low stress raiding environment with high skilled players. We pride ourselves on having both an above average raider core that is actually enjoyable to play with. We obtain Cutting Edge each tier at our own pace while enjoying ourselves immensely in each raid. Even if you can't commit to Mythic raiding full-time or just aren't interested: We are also searching for players who are interested in clearing high M+ dungeons and normal/heroic raiding whenever they are available. Add me for an invite! We always appreciate to have extra teammates available for PvE content. We consider all exceptional players for Mythic raid team slots, but we currently have a higher demand for: HEALER: (High Prio) Holy Paladin RANGED DPS (High Prio, in order of most desired to least): Warlock Mage A really dope SPriest who can off-spec Disc or holy Balance Druid Hunter Melee DPS (Low prio): Warrior WW Monk Our (Mythic) raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00PM EST to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST). We run alt raids and normal/heroic on other nights and times, sometimes weekends (depends on what content is available at the time). These times vary from week to week, but we keep our MOTD/Calendar and Discord up to date with all upcoming raids. If you have any questions about the guild, are searching for a home but can't Mythic raid, or you are looking for a Mythic raid slot, feel free to contact me on battle.net @ hero#1272. You can find our guild discord here: https://discord.gg/y83epps If you prefer to apply, you can apply directly here: https://goo.gl/forms/vxY8Yw1lyYOVMZE03Scrapper42 1h
1h (H) <Council of Solace> Hello all, Council of Solace is recruiting. We are a family friendly guild and offer Semi-casual raiding. We welcome people from all walks of life. We moved from Shadow Council due to lack of people. Please contact any member of the guild if you have interest in joining. You can also PM Ionys or Stankcheese and i will get back to you. Thank youIonys4 1h
2h [H][FR]<Likes Handcuffs>7/8H W/Th 8-11pm <Likes Handcuffs> Nouvelle guild québécoise qui vient d'être formé, recherche des joueurs compétents pour éventuellement progresser en mythic. Nous sommes une petite gang d'amis qui ont décidé de recommencer à jouer pour éventuellement faire de la progression mythic en raid. Notre core actuel a tous de l'expérience de mythic progressions et jouent on/off depuis BC. On recherche des gens willing qui veulent aider à faire grandir la guild, capable de performer et capable d'accepter la critique. Raid Times: Mercredi / jeudi 8 pm-11 pm EST Requirements: 18+ Discord/Headset Un ordinateur/internet pas fait en bois Plan de match pour BFA: faire 8/8H tout en recrutant des joueurs Avoir un core de 20 joueurs compétents d'ici 8.1 Faire des M+ Recruiting: vu que la guild est toute nouvelle, on a besoin de tout pour l'instant, peu importe l'ilvl (le gear va venir avec le temps, les m+ etc.) Dans l'immédiat, il nous faut 1 tank, 1-2 healers et des Dps. Pour nous rejoindre: Vachadavid#1467 escanavi#11169Vachadavid27 2h
3h [Gelato Gladiators] T/Thr 9:30-12pm EST [Gelato Gladiators] is a 8/8H 1/8M guild that is looking to add some dps and a healer to finish that G'huun kill and head further into Mythic raiding. We have a solid core group with people who have raided together since Wrath, but need to fill our roster after some losses recently. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30pm - 12:00pm EST with drunk raids sometimes on weekends and we do PvP and M+ with guildees. We are all around our 30s and like to have a good time raiding, but also buckle down and get kills during our raid times. We use Discord for our communication and are looking for progression minded raiders! What's with the name? We like silly names! Feel free to contact us here or in-game by Ata (Atamic#1469) or Luke (Credere#11120). We hope that we can be a good home for you!Bigberdie8 3h
4h (H) P3Free 2/8M 8/8H Recruting! <Phase Three is Free> is a new guild on Zul'jin Horde, looking to recruit players to progress through mythic. Currently Recruiting [!!!]Experienced & Vocal Tank/Flex Tank (No Prot Pal) Healers. Ranged DPS Any exceptional applicants are welcome to apply/reach us with the information below. About Our Guild Phase Three is Free, at its core, is a group of friends who have been raiding and playing other games together for almost 10 years now. The entire group, as it is now, came together under the name Rest in Pieces during WotLK, and maintained nearly every realm first kill on the Quel'dorei server throughout the Cataclysm expansion. We took a break during MoP, leading into Warlords of Draenor, however in this time most of us racked up top US kills on Heroic MoP and Mythic WoD content. Including, but not limited to: US51 H Sha of Fear US41 H Raden US37 H Garrosh US28 M Mar'gok US97 M Blackhand AOTC Mythic Xavius AOTC Mythic Gul'dan We are a very tight-knit guild, full of extremely competent players. We are often times extremely laid back. However, we know when to put on our game faces and kill sh!t. Schedule. Our raid schedule will be Tues-Thurs, 8-11EST (7-10CST) Requirements Applicants must... -Be in control of their own schedule. -Willing to take criticism or advice, and admit it when you are wrong/mess up. -Have 90%+ Raid Attendance -Be prepared to compete for their spot. A spot in raid is dependent on performance. You need to act like you want to raid. -Have a very in-depth knowledge of your class. If someone else in the raid can tell you something about your class you didn't already know, there is a serious problem. -Theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. -Have great situational awareness and be able to adapt to random situations. -Perform near 90th percentile on World of Logs. Everyone in this guild has ranked at one time or another, and asking for 90th percentile really isn't much. Obviously, we don't ask this every boss you ever do ever, but in general, it is where you should be. -not suck. Also... -I do not care if this is not your main guild. We're currently more concerned with bolstering to roster to start mythic. HOWEVER This means that you don't suck at your alt, and that you can play it at the same level we play our mains. Feel free to apply @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScr99ffUpovMV8oQj6-BtbHtdpa70UvzaxrUTMiIQBnkb6f2w/viewform?c=0&w=1 You can also reach us @ Gunslingr#1991, Andremeda#1938, Worldsaway#1236Subtletyxd67 4h
4h [H]<Zandalari Yacht Club>8/8N,1/8H LATE NITE Hello there! [H]<Zandalari Yacht Club> [8/8N, 1/8H] is a raiding guild that consists of veteran players who are looking to push content with a laid back atmosphere. We are a bunch of mostly adults (some more than others hahaha) with lives, a job, and families, but still want to kick back, relax, and Progress through content at a reasonable pace. We are currently looking for more to fill our roster to continue drama-free(lol), relaxed raiding and game-play in BfA. We run Mythic+, islands, pvp stuff, have cleared Normal Uldir a couple times and are starting to progress through Heroic content. We're currently looking for ranged DPS that can consistently make raid times. (Classes with Brez or a Lust most needed, but all good DPS are encouraged to apply!) We strive to be a drama-free environment, and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are welcoming of all players, whether they're learning, or have progressed through Mythic content before. Quality over quantity. We have a raid group that will clear AOTC on a 2-night per week (5 hours total) basis. (we have many cross server team mates so at the moment Mythic content is not possible... that may change in the future but probably not soon) Even if you aren't a raider, and are just looking for a comfortable place to call home, we're more than accommodating. We run random things throughout the week, and enjoy hanging and running things with guild-mates outside of raiding. Raid Times: ⬛️ Wednesdays : 9:30 PM EST – 12:00 PM PST (Progression.) ⬛️ Fridays: 9:30 PM EST – 12:00 PM PST (Progression.) *When/If we hit progression walls, we like to drop back to normal and kill some bosses as well. Sometimes we bring some other friends along to give them a carry or we play alts too. Just to ease the tension of a rough progression night. Available Raid Positions: ⬛️ MDPS: Closed at the moment. ⬛️ RDPS: High - Need a few. [Classes with Brez and Lust in most Demand] ⬛️ Healers: Medium - 1 maybe 2 more for core [Druid > Shammy > Others considered] DPS with Heal OS are always considered as well. ⬛️ Tanks: Closed at the moment. Expectations: ⬛️ Use DBM ⬛️ Be Gemmed / Enchanted (As available. We know things are pricey... i.e. 370+ loot gets the good stuff ) ⬛️ Bring Flasks and Pots for progression. (we sometimes have Cauldrons but don't count on it) ⬛️ Bring Food for Progression. (we usually have feasts but be prepared with your own food as we don't normally drop them unless several people need the buff… i.e wipes or many people died on last boss) ⬛️ VoIP is required for raiding (Discord). No exceptions. ⬛️ Willing to take constructive criticism. (we are generally helpful to each other regarding the class or raid mechanics, no drama here) ⬛️ Have a thorough understanding of your class builds, talents ,and rotations. Please feel free to add me, Bonk#1942 and/or any of our Officers Sinawali#1326, BayouBird#1104 for more information if interested! We look forward to raiding with you!Bosshogger1 4h
4h <Cant Make Raid Times> LFM 7/8H 1/8M <Cant Make Raid Times> is a group of raiders that have been playing/raiding since vanilla. We are looking to work on Mythic Progression. We are recruiting skilled DPS for our Core Team Group 1. We are recruiting all for our Group 2. Guild Schedule & Raid times. Tuesday Optional Normal or Heroic raid or Mythic Pluses Group 1 Wednesday & Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am East Coast Group 2 Sunday & Monday 9:00pm-12:00am East Coast Current Progression for group 1 8/8 Normal 7/8 Heroic 1/8 Mythic Rules: To keep a Core Raid spot, you need to have 90% Attendance All raiders must have Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs, Exorsus raid tools Have respect for each other Always accept constructive criticism Keep it Drama Free If you want an invite or have questions, please message any of us in game or on real ID Group 1 contacts Hakosen Bnet Sayosen#11204 Happyendings Bnet Phinnias#1774 Felcora Bnet Valcora#197 Group 2 Contact Mjøllni Bnet Nightknight#140942Hakoonn37 4h
6h [H] 1-day <Ruined Immersion> 8/8 N 7/8 H <Ruined Immersion> is a relaxed 1-day a week guild with a make up of former Mythic raiders who wanted a less time-intensive schedule. We raid on Saturdays, 11:30am-3:30pm Server time (8:30am-12:30pm PST), sometimes pushing a little past for a full clear. We were 11/11 Heroic in Antorus and looking to possibly push a little into Mythic in BFA. We're recruiting strong players of any class but our highest need is just solid dps. But if you got the goods, you won't be turned away! We run dungeons, Mythic+, LFR, PVP, etc. during the week. We are currently 8/8 N 7/8 H in Uldir. If this sounds fun and good to you, feel free to message Tyledrahn on Zul'jin, or add me on battle.net as Tyledrahn#1703 Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting some great new recruits!Tyledrahn70 6h
8h Not Progressing? Too good for your guild? Did you think building a guild was easy and then find out you can't do it because "everyones bad"? Did you join a guild with promises of "We will be world first!" and turns out you can't get past normal Uldir? Do you want to join a guild that has a good management, and knows that building a successful guild isn't going to happen over night? Can you raid on Thurs / Fri from 10pm to 2am EST? (Horde) Can you avoid mechanics, produce good dps - hps - tps? About: We're building a guild, we've already started to establish our core raiders for mythic. We went into this tier knowing that we wouldn't dominate the rankings this tier, because it isn't something that usually happens. With the current tier, progression is a bit of a joke, we have top US 300 at 4/8M this late in the tier. We're not playing for "this tier" though if we can get the group of raiders we want together, we will push for the rankings. This isn't an empty promise like most guilds offer, we're not going to "rush the content" until next tier, that doesn't mean we're not interested in mythic this tier we just want to do it right. We are taking this time to go through heroics and early mythics to ensure we have the composition we want to move forward with. Future plan? We're building the guild this tier in hopes that next tier we can accomplish a respectable US 100-300 ranking. This can still be done this tier if you read the portion above about how guilds are not cutting through content, but we're not in a rush to do it this tier. If this sounds like something that's for you, and you'd like to be in on the building of something special, please use the contact information to get in touch with us. Contact: Goziy#1877Goziy20 8h
9h [H] <FEELSGOODMANCLAP> Casual 2-Day <FEELSGOODMANCLAP> is a casual Horde guild on Zul'jin (US). We’re a guild of players that is comprised close friends that having been playing off and on since WotLK. We all joined back up and reformed in Legion. Since Cataclysm, we’ve been focused on Flex Raiding, 10-15, and are currently seeking players to boost our roster up to 20-25. We’re mainly looking for DPS but would welcome anyone that is interested in joining our outspoken family of degenerates. Raiding: 6/8 Uldir(N). 2/8(H) 8:00-10:00pm (CST) Tuesday/Wednesday. Contact: GM: Dmansteal (Dmansteal#1950) Officer: Yam (Noodlecup#11443) If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the guild, feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.Yam13 9h
9h (A) Unexpected - raiding QC UNEXPECTED - Zul'jin alliance 8/8 heroic et 2/8 mythic Uldir recrute présentement range DPS 360 item level et+ (full en mage) avec expérience de raiding (toutes classes seront considérées). horaires du groupe sont : Mardi progression 20h30 à 23h Dimanche progression 20h00 à 23h Jeudi soirée optionnelle 20h30 à 23h NB: Le recrutement dans la guilde est ouvert à tous. ​Pour plus d'infos contacter Dävey, Mågicmike ou Kerrosane en ligne.Dävey0 9h
9h [H]Poutine - 3/8M Recruiting Heals and DPS! Poutine of Zul’jin is recruiting to push Mythic content in BFA. Our goal as a guild is to achieve CE each tier. About Us: We're a growing group of friends who've been playing video games together for 8+ years. We come from various raiding backgrounds ranging from hardcore to brand new, aiming to push progression within a competitive 2-day schedule while still maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. We're looking for quality players that bring a positive attitude, take their game play seriously, but more importantly bring consistency. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Optional: Wednesday Heroic/Normal clear 8pm-11pm EST Recruitment Needs: RDPS: Shadow Priest: High Hunter: Medium Boomkin: High Healers: Holy/Disc Priest: High Resto Shaman: High Note We're looking for players who want to push content, aspire for CE each and every tier, and more importantly, are as passionate about the game as we are. Even if you are a returning player with limited high end-game experience, attitude and drive are huge incentives for us to potentially recruit you. Applicant Requirements: -Punctuality and reliability; show up on time, prepared, and consistently. -Ability to accept constructive criticism -Situational awareness. Don’t stand in fire. -Recent/Relevant logs What We Offer: -A positive raid environment that’s laid back and casual while still maintaining a progressive mindset on a tight schedule -We are drama free and personable - our members range from university students to young working professionals -An active group of players who interact with each other and have hobbies outside of WoW -A group of people who all aspire to push their play, achieve CE, and join a group of friends who are passionate about the game Contact Us: Sacrilege (in-game) / Shadowbites#1291 (Battle.net) - Main Recruiter You can also fill out our application, which will ping us directly in our Discord channel. (if it's easier for you): https://goo.gl/forms/Xe2CA4ezZFIZJ3mz2Sacrilege19 9h
10h [H][Zul'jin] 2/8M 8/8H LXG recruiting! We're looking for: 2 Warlocks and 1 DK (dps) Our raid times are typically 8pm-11:30pm EST Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as Weekend spot raiding (depending on availability). We've killed 2/8M 8/8H and we want to start killing Mythic raid bosses. We also run a great deal of M+ content and would like to be able to form more groups. We were in US top 10 guilds for previous expansions (Drow, Might, Limit, and others). Now we have jobs, some have kids, and we enjoy quality professional style raiding. Our expectations are: 1. Always be Guild oriented, we are brothers and sisters. 2. Never be gear oriented. 3. Know your class incredibly well 4. Show up to raids on time 5. Show up raid ready (appropriate ilvl, gemmed, enchanted, with flasks, and with pots) 6. Know the encounters (No excuse with Fatboss and other guides around) 7. Show appropriate and mature behavior 8. Maintain a positive attitude during raids/wipes (the old Drow motto was wipe fast and attempt often) 9. Follow good raid etiquette Contact Xaleph (Xaleph#1597) Vank (Confuzion#1938)Xalephion7 10h
10h [H][2 Day] Top 100 US Exp Players This raid group is designed for hardcore raiders on a non-hardcore schedule. We get in, get it done, and go about our week. PTR (Part Time Raiders) Established HORDE guild on Zul'Jin made up of professional in esports and previous high tier mythic raiders, established on the week of release for Uldir. We expect you to be on 15 minutes prior to the raid to begin clearing trash and ensure you have your consumables and know the strategies for the night. We will not hesitate to replace someone that is bringing the group down by not being on time or prepared. Though we only raid 8 hours a week it is important that we keep it professional and move with a sense of urgency through the content. Our goal is to build a core group of high end raiders, for the sole purpose of pushing to top 100-200 us within the next raid tier *or this tier, given our current success*. We supply Flask / Food, potions are on you. Currently: 8/8N 8/8H 2/8M Current top US is a bit of a joke, so we're focusing on finding the right players for now. In case you're unaware of what the race looks like 4/8M is top 300, let that sink in... So as we progress with our current roster, things will get more competitive and we will be replacing people that we do not see us moving forward with. Late Night Raid: Thursday 10PM EST - 2AM EST Friday 10PM EST - 2AM EST Recruitment: Exceptional Players Off-Nights: During off-nights we can enjoy playing wow / other games together, or you can take off and enjoy your friends and family. As long as you're prepared for the next raids we don't control your life. This raid is going to be built and designed for working adults or parents who just can't fill the normal schedule of a hardcore guild. Alt / Friend / Fun Raid: We do have a Tuesday "fun day" raid (11:30PM EST) that you / friends / alts are welcome to join where we do normal or heroic runs to help gear people, this is not mandatory and will not have any impact on our Thur / Fri raid. If you want to hang out and do stuff, join in... if not, no big deal. Esports: The GM does work in esports and has a respectable name in the industry. As the guild grows and becomes more relevant we will start to reach out to the sponsors that would want to be a part of the growth. This is not a promise of sponsorship, it is a possibility dependent on the growth and content production of the guild, this won't happen anytime soon either. Contact: Goziy#1877 Bnet Calvin#0332 on Discord You can also reply to this post with your bnet or a way to contact you and we will reach out to you.Goziy14 10h
11h [H] <Incarnum>3/8M Core Raiders Needed We raid on Tues/Wed/Thurs 9PM to 12:30AM (EST or Zul'jin Server TIme) What is Needed: - We need a Rogue, DK, DH, and ranged DPS specifically. We are open to other classes as well. What we expect: - Be on time for raid. Raid invites go out 15 minutes before raids start. We like to be pulling AT 9 sharp. - BE PREPARED. Bring pots and consumables. Research fights. Be ready to push. - Each Tuesday and Weekend, we run Mythic+10s for all of our raiders. We expect to see you in our mythic dungeon grinds early in the week. About Us: Our core team has been together since MoP/WoD. We have been competitively been pushing Heroic and Mythic ever since it came out. We have gone through server transfers and numerous expansions together and still have held a core raid group that can down mythic content, keeping pace of top tier raid guilds. We have a really good sense of humor here. A lot of joking around goes on. If you don't have thick skin, we might not be the place for you. Please comment here or add either Zalzy#1333 or Jabyew#1231 if you are interested in the guild or have more questions.Zalzyy28 11h
11h ~H~ Sanity Misplaced 8/8N 5/8H LF RDPS/Heals Sanity Misplaced is a Horde side guild, looking for Ranged dps, preferably non-hunter but exceptional player are always welcome. May also be looking to pick up 1 healer, possibly 2. Currently Full Normal, and 5/8 Heroic with best attempt on Zul being @ 30k hp... so like .03% Laid back group, we raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm server to 11pm server, and are active throughout the rest of the week for Mythic+ runs as well. If interested anyone in guild can invite. For questions feel free to whisper: Deathstitch Wendles Aestos or just ask to be pointed to an officer. StitchDeathstitch0 11h
11h (H) <TDE> Raiders Wanted, Four Teams Greetings! Kiv here from <The Drunken Elk>! About Us We are a large, adult, social raiding guild. Not entirely casual, but definitely not hardcore either. We are people with school, work, and families that are passionate about gaming. We understand that life has to come first. We love to come together and have a great time no matter what we are doing. Our people are made up of veteran gamers and new players alike. Most of us here have been doing this a long time however. We Raid, PvP, Mythic 15+, do weekly events, you name it! Current Raiding The Drunken Elk is now 8/8 Normal - 8/8 Heroic - 2/8 Mythic We currently have four raid teams . Each raid team is made up of 24 members max. We hope multiple teams will allow people flexibility if they cannot make their usual team. All of our teams will be progressing at their own pace. Currently our Tues/Wed & Wed/Thurs team are the only ones that plan to progress into Mythic. The other two will be at a more casual pace with content and camaraderie coming first. Those new to raiding welcome! Recruitment Needs: Tues/Wed Team: 8pm-Midnight EST/Server Seeking a Mage and dps Demon Hunter, and three other dps of any type! Message @nozzlegear#1234 for more info! Fri/Sat Midnight Team: 12:30-2:30am EST/Server Looking for an Off-tank, Disc Priest, Mage, Death Knight and Warrior. Message @ThePunisher#12609 for more info! Wed/Thurs Team: 9pm-Midnight EST/Server Is in search of a Wind Walker Monk. Message @Kiv#11323 for more info! Fri/Sat Evening Team: 9pm-Midnight EST/Server Is recruiting two healers. Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, or Holy Paladin. Message @Zehd#11814 for more info! The above is just what we are specifically missing. If you do not see your class listed, please get in touch with us anyways! Outside of raiding, we will never turn someone away. While we are an adult guild, those under 18 are more than welcome. We do ask that you be mature at least most of the time. Our conversations can get a bit raunchy, safe words are always a great idea, but hate is never tolerated. If you have issues with Race, Religion, Sexuality, Politics, etc. Keep it respectful. This is a home for everyone regardless of lifestyle or beliefs. To the small groups and guilds: We would like to add that small groups and guilds are also welcome here at the Elk. It isn't easy starting up your own home. We boast many active members, a non stop discord, events, and prizes. We are currently planning our first IRL guild meet as well. We are extremely community first and care about our members. If any of this sounds like the home you were hoping for, please reach out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Kiv#11323 / Zehd#11814 / nozzlegear#1234 For info only about the midnight team, you can also find ThePunisher#12609 If you would like an invite, feel free to whisper any member of TDE. Just /who The Drunken Elk!Kiv108 11h
11h Fri/Sat LateNight - 2/8M & 8/8H - LFM Who: <Cloudy Day> a semi-casual guild. 2/8M & 8/8H & 8/8N late night & weekend guild LFM What: What does it mean to be semi casual? We expect our raiders to come prepared, know their classes, and not consistently wipe the raid with easy boss mechanics. When: Friday & Saturday @ 10pm EST to 1:30am Where: Horde and high pop Zul'Jin server Why: We are a mostly 30+ year old crowd with the core leadership having served in the military together. In our first guild run ( 17 Feb) we managed to clear 7/11H ABT. Since we started as a guild late we didnt get too far into Mythics. We are excited to see how far we can go in BfA pushing mythics casually. Any potential trials must have logs from Uldir AND BE 355+. Though we have specific needs any exceptional player(with proof from logs) will be considered. High Needs: Any caster DPS Boomkin Spriest Mage Warlock Havoc DH Contact: Akishmi#1849 (Bnet) or AaronKish#6048 (Discord - preferred) https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Cloudy+DayAarroonn10 11h
11h [H] Fri/Sat 11:30pm-2am [8/8H][1/8M] <Irrational Decision> - We are currently 8/8H 1/8M pushing further into mythic. Who are we? - We are a mature friendly laid back group of guys & gals that like to raid. Formed January 2018, we have numerous types of raiders; from vanilla to more recent expansions. Some used to raid hardcore mythic and now want to slow down. We do all sorts of other things then raiding; Mythic+, and achievement runs. Some others do PVP, but we do not schedule these events. When are your raid times? - Fri/Sat @ 11:30PM - 2:00AM EST, 5 hours a week. Thursdays, same raid time, we are full clearing normal plus some heroic bosses to give our progression schedule a head start; we consider this 'casual Thursday' to test Trials out but to also help some who may need the gear. Thursdays are considered not a scheduled raid night. What are we looking for? - Dedication, commitment, and maturity. We are looking to expand our rosters to push into Mythic Uldir. Specifically? 1. DPS with Tank OS - Monk, Druid, DK (medium) 2. Melee – DK, WW (low) 3. Heals - FULL 4. Range – FULL Other high parsing exceptional players are encouraged to apply! Exceptional? At this point we will consider other ilvl 355+ players with above average logs, 365 preferred Bottomline - Lot of us are married, or have kids, or both. We are family orientated and looking for more players similar to us with similar skill. Interested? - Add Lefonque#11240 or Burnurd#1941 and let us knowLafunk3 11h
14h 7/8hm 1/8mm QC guilde recherche healer La guilde Doonglades recrute pour complter son core de raid mythic!! Nous recherchons actuellement: Rshaman: High Rdruid: High Warlock:HIGH Toutes candidatures seront étudié!! Wisp me ici ou ingame Narkischeech#1456Hoptesmort1 14h
14h [H] My Key Your Carry- 2/8M - T/Th 8:30-11:30 WoWProg - https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/My+Key+Your+Carry garbage logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/260549/ No wall of text I hope. Ill keep it short and sweet. Looking for people that want to raid and be apart of our mythic team. Raid Times (server time): Tuesday 8:30pm-11:30pm Wednesday 8:30* -off day, usually run heroic / m+keys Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm Contacts: Chisusbeamz-Zul'jin Kachop-Zul'jin Saltybot-Zul'jin Ziethian-Zul'jin - Rexit-Zul'jin - Discord Ziethian#6090 ► Don't be shy to inquire, we are a laid back competent group (well most of us ;) ) ► We are set for tanks and heals. Need that warm body DPS ► Most of us are out of college, real life happens. we know we can't have 100% attendance from everyone. ► We use Discord for nearly everything (even games not related to WoW). PTT / Mic required. -ZiethianZiethian2 14h
15h super casual Horde guild coming back to the server to start playing Horde the rest of the expansion. basically looking for a guild to call home. I like doing all kinds of content. but not big on raiding just a heads up I'm not very good so do not expect a pro game play for me lol. i do know how to follow Mechanics for the most part and I do watch the videos.also do a lot of wow research on things mainly I'm just looking for a social Guild to do whatever and I'm a big-time Discord user I do know this is sloppy and stuff but you get my drift discord: Vegaswolf88#0718Ironphoenix1 15h
15h 365 Destro Lock Hello Everyone I am new to the server and the horde. I was looking for a change of scenery lol. I am looking for a fun, social, active guild that raids Heroic and possibly into Mythic raiding. I have been busy with work the last month, but my playing time will increase much more now. I am looking for a guild that is active non-raid nights as well, (m+, mog runs, WQ, and other fun stuff). I am looking to raid 2-3 times a week between 7pm EST and 1 am EST. Thank you for your time. Repulsor GhostPants#297378Repulsor4 15h
15h One time the guy who played Mr Belvedere ... ... sat on his own balls and they had to stop filming for a couple of days. Looking for mythic progression, 2 nights a week somewhere between 8-12 PM. heynong#11341Youngstunnah1 15h
15h [H] <The Night Show> Late Night - 1/8M HEALS <The Night Show> is a Horde guild on Zul'Jin full of close knit friends with a lot of raiding exp since vanilla to include CE achievements. We are recruiting for both our Heroic/Mythic raid team and mythic+ personnel. If you run just mythic + and are looking for a active late night guild we are always recruiting any classes! Currently 8/8 Heroic, 1/8 Mythic Uldir We raid Sun,Mon 10PM-1AM PST. We are laid back when it comes to progression but also make sure that we get stuff done. We want people who know how to communicate as well as have a good understanding of their roles. Please contact me with any further info you may want. The goal for BFA is to obtain CE on each tier of raiding. Recruiting: Tank, RDruid/RShaman, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, RDPS HUGE Priority: Tank, RDruid/RShaman MAGE, WARLOCK, SOCIAL members are more than welcome to join us. We are late nighters so if your looking for mythic+, PVP and or alt runs raider, please contact one of us. requirements: Discord, eagerness to raid mythic content, likability, not soft hearted, 18+ years old. Recruitment Officer: Eladarmri#1632, batman#12270 https://discord.gg/pXd7dDs Please apply at: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdWloQaKQjEladarmri55 15h
16h <Untold Prophecy> 5/8M Uldir Recruiting [Untold Prophecy] was formed on November 23, 2004, better known as the release day of World of Warcraft. While the rest of Zul'jin's landscape has shifted time and time again, guilds crumbling around us, Untold Prophecy has stood its ground, and while we have always been a competitive force, we are now pushing ourselves to new heights. [Schedule] 20M Mythic Progression 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday [Progression] Uldir - 20 Player: 5/8 Uldir Mythic | Ahead of the Curve: G'huun Tier 20 - 20 Player: (Hiatus until BFA) 5/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic | Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden Tier 19 - 20 Player: 10/10 Nighthold Mythic | Cutting Edge: Gul'dan 3/3 Trial of Valor Mythic | Cutting Edge: Helya 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Mythic | Cutting Edge: Xavius Tier 18 - 20 Player: 13/13 Hellfire Citadel Mythic | Cutting Edge: The Black Gate Tier 17 - 20 Player: 10/10 Blackrock Foundry Mythic | Cutting Edge: Blackhand's Crucible 7/7 Highmaul Mythic | Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall [Wowprogress] http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Untold+Prophecy [Currently Interested In] Druid - Balance, Restoration Hunter Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Holy Priest - Discipline, Holy Priest - Shadow [Highlights] 1. Efficient and Light Raid Schedule - 3 days, 3 hours per night. 2. After over 10 years of progression. Untold Prophecy is still here and going strong. We provide a permanent home for our raiders and will not be just another step on your journey, but rather the destination you've been waiting for. 3. A diverse and hard working leadership core. We have a strong infrastructure and make decisions for the years ahead, not just whatever will be the best for the next two weeks. We have a great stable roster, but are always interested in checking out committed and skilled players. If you have both of those qualities, please fill out an application for membership on our website. Thank you! [Contact Information] www.untoldprophecy.com Xunsai#1500 (Jay) Clay#1875 (Cletius) Swangled#1362 (Swangnaros)Xunsae317 16h
18h [H] <Disband> Mythic Guild LFM BFA! Hello! We are <Disband>, a Horde guild on the US server Zul'jin that main raids 2 nights a week. Raid Times: We main raid on Sundays and Mondays at 8-11pm PST (11pm - 2am EST) Every Wednesday is an off night and optional at 8-10pm PST (11pm - 1am EST). We are looking for dedicated, mature, responsible, and flexible raiders that can make our times consistently and push for Mythic progression in Battle for Azeroth. The Wednesday raids are totally optional, but we encourage people to show as for Heroic farm content is moved to that day once we begin Mythic progression. Current BFA Progression: 7/8 Heroic Uldir 2/8 Mythic Uldir Legion Raid Progression: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: Mythic Cutting Edge 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor: Mythic Cutting Edge 7/10 Mythic Nighthold 6/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 10/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne Past Progression: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: Mythic Cutting Edge If interested please fill out an application via link below (Google Application) and contact one of the following officers: https://tinyurl.com/ycbtkh8z Decapitated (MetalBill#11496) Sprucewayne (Sprucewayne#11591)Sprucewayne31 18h
18h [H]<Last Pull> 4/8M - M/T/TH- 9:00-12:00 <Last Pull> 4/8 Mythic is currently looking for a couple more exceptional DPS with a high priority on Range. We are a 3 night progression guild who have been playing together since the start of Legion. Our goal is to push Mythic content while maintaining a semi-hardcore environment with our eyes set on Cutting Edge. Raid Times are 9:00 - 12:00 EST Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. Please feel free to contact any of the officers for more information. Ostraga#11467 Pygrus#1565 Kevetic#1619Ripwarlock17 18h
18h LF Guild 360 SV/BM Hunter and 358 Arcane/Frost Mage looking for a guild to push progression with. Veteran mythic raiders coming back to the raiding scene after an expansion break of raiding. Both past GM's that pushed mythic and got 6/10M NH before stepping back. Available raid times are Tuesday-Thursday 9-12 EST Contact: Sylasymmas#1641Sylveera5 18h
19h [H] <Sons of Durotan> (7/8H) LFM TL:DR Faction – Horde Raid Times – Tu/We/Th 10:30pm – 12:30am EST Raid Content – Heroic Progression - 8/8N and 7/8H Guild Type – Casual Recruiting - Healers and Ranged DPS Contact Info – Tryco (worldbreaker#1532), Vexcon (Gamer#1341) Do you have a job or family that doesn’t give you a lot of time to dedicate to WoW, but still want to raid without dealing with pugging your way through raid? Sick of the hardcore raid environment and want a place to chill? Then Sons of Durotan might be the guild you’re looking for! <Sons of Durotan> is a group of casual, experienced players that like to have fun while progressing through the latest content. We are looking for players who want a laid-back guild that raids in normal and heroic content without the hardcore stipulations that come with some guilds. We believe in "recruit the person, not the class". As for Mythic: we will take a stab at it once we clear Heroic on a consistent basis and get more raiders, but we are by no means a CE guild. Progression Uldir – 8/8N and 7/8H Antorus – 11/11N and 11/11H Raid Times Tue/Wed/Thu 10:30pm – 12:30am EST *We occasionally run M+ and other things when people are online What Do We Need? Tanks – None Healers – Medium – Monk or Shaman mDPS – Low - All Classes rDPS – High - All Classes *If your class is not listed, please don't let that deter you from shooting us a message!* What You Can Expect From Us - A casual, low-stress raid environment - People willing to help you out Expectations - Raid Awareness. Don’t be dumb - Communication. Life happens, and we understand if you can’t make it to raid every now and again, but please make sure to try and tell someone if you will be absent so we don’t think you spontaneously combusted. - Know Your Class and keep up with changes from patch to patch. - Acceptance to occasional trolling and other shenanigans. Don’t worry, we will not do this during progression nights! Raid Requirements - Discord (Mic Optional) - DBM or Big Wigs If you’re interested in our guild, or have any questions, please reply below or contact the following people in-game: Tryco – Worldbreaker#1532 - GM Vexcon – Gamer#1341 – OfficerRinne27 19h
20h 3/8M Fury warrior and holy priest LFG 373 hpriest and 374 fury warrior LFG. Both of us have a history of mythic raiding. Currently we are 3/8 mythic and our guild has fallen apart. Looking to keep pushing progression through this raid and for all new content throughout the xpac. Please contact Ironsides#1452 or RedPhoenix#1695 (preferable Ironsides). We are looking to trial ASAP. We are looking for a guild that raids no more than 9 hours a week and preferably no later than midnight EST.Redphoenix4 20h
20h <Emergence> 2/8M 8/8H LFM, 2 nights/week Emergence Our core is a group of friends with previous hardcore raiding experience looking to push progression in a more casual environment. We do like to have fun and joke around, but we do take bosses and progression seriously. We're looking for serious, dedicated raiders that are looking to push progression on a limited schedule, know how to prepare for new content, theory craft, take and give constructive criticism all while playing their class to the fullest. Raid Times Tuesday 8:00-11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00-11:00pm EST Current needs: Any exceptional player is encouraged to apply even if your class isn't listed 1 Non-Priest Healer (High Priority) Hunter (High Priority) DPS w/ Healer Offspec(High Priority) Applying If you're interested in joining Emergence, you can apply at https://discord.gg/5epKywZ. Head to the applications section and copy/paste the pin and fill out the questions! Contact For more information add any of the following players Jasterbater#1519Ereva15 20h
21h <Attack The Darkness> 8/8N 6/8H - Tank/RDPS <Attack The Darkness> [US][H][Zul’Jin] About Us: ATD is a 9 year old guild with both Heroic and Mythic experience players. We have players that range from questing casuals to cutting edge mythic raiders. Our goal is to pursue competitive content and we are looking for potential raiders to join us. Current Progress: 8/8N and 6/8H. Goals: We get Heroic content on farm and begin progressing Mythic. Ideally to get at least half of a raid tiers Mythic bosses down prior to the next raid opening, we’ll make efforts to go further but we aren’t going to spend more than 6 hours a week worth of raiding. Schedule: T/TH/SUN 9-11 est/server. Needs: Players that have a positive, team-oriented mindset that want to pursue Heroic and/or Mythic content. PVPers interested in doing Arenas and RBGs (Weekly RBGS!). Social/casual players looking to do fun non-progression guild events. Raid Needs: - Tanks: 1 Looking for a main tank for our roster - Healers: 1 Holy Priest/Resto Druid - MDPS: 0 - RDPS: 1-2 Preference to Mage/Spriest/Boomkin Non-Mythic content will allow for more Roster flexibility so don’t let the lack of open spots discourage you. If you’re interested in joining us feel free to add me: Bnet: Kasharan#1912 Discord: Kasharan#5849Kasharan5 21h
22h Hav DH/Frost DK 8/8H LF a weekday M Guild I am looking for a weekday mythic raiding guild because I am unable to do weekends anymore. I have 2 characters I can play a 364 UH DK and a 367 Havoc DH. My current progress is 8/8N and 8/8H was close to a fetid kill. I am not looking to be hardcore like going for server 1st or anything like that, but something laid back to have fun raiding with a at least semi serious and focused mindset at obtaining Cutting Edge. Lastly time wise looking for something that starts at least from the early evening to late night(ends around midnight central time). If you wish to reach me add me on Battle Tag or Discord! Btag: Invictus#12113 Discord: Invictus#1245 Thank you!Invíctús14 22h
22h [H]Fusion, 3/8M 2 Late-nights, LFM HC Mythic Fusion has recently formed on Zul'Jin with the sole purpose of pushing mythic content with a hardcore mindset on a two-day, late night schedule, and finding/playing with like minded players to make the most of your game time. Formed by former top 100 US raiders and MDI quality players, we're looking to fill our last remainings slots for mythic progression, firstly, and key pushing being a primary focus as well. F.A.Q What is your progression? Our guild group has accomplished 8/8H and 3/8M in only three weeks, and will be reaching 4/8M relatively quick according to our predicitions. We are building our team rapidly to push mythic, and finish with CE on time comfortably. When do you raid? Our raid team runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11:30pm-3:30am EST (8:30pm-12:30am PST). What are you recruiting? We need the following: -Ranged DPS -Rogue(s) -1 Demon Hunter That being said, we're looking at all players who can prove their former experience and willing to take any class into serious consideration with a competent player behind them. What are your guild's goals? Our goals are to clear Mythic Uldir rapidly to get competitive within the server firstly, and then pushing the 2-Night and US rankings both. Who do I contact for more information, or to inquire? Speak with one of the recruitment officers, Stormtrix#11257 (Mervix), Cryptic#1819 (Cripzy), or Fendrith#11244 (Fendrith). Or apply at https://goo.gl/forms/MYDzdhYpJQuFp9T63Mervix56 22h
1d <Fork>Zul'jin - Horde 8/8H 2/8M LF DPS! <Fork> Zul'jin - Horde 8/8H 2/8M looking for ranged dps! Server Zul'jin Guild <Fork> Horde Time 8:00 - 11:30 PM EST Wednesday/Thursday, 8:30 PM Saturday is optional (but highly recommended) for completing weekly content (H/N clear and additional M prog if numbers allow) <Fork> We are looking to expand our core roster going into BFA. We are a friendly Guild with a goal to push Cutting Edge on all current content. We are looking for players that share that goal with us. We raid two times a week, Wednesday/Thursday for Mythic Progression, and Saturday as an optional day where we do heroic/normal. We do expect a good attendance record, as to keep the group strong. We need notice in advance when a player will be absent, so the group does not stop. Even if we are not Looking for your spec, We are always looking for skilled players. All spots are competitive. Class needs: -Mage -Ele Shaman -BM/MM Hunter -DPS DK -Ret Paladin Requirements: Friendly Mature Patience Good attendance Discord required - Mic is optional if you'd like, you can apply at our Discord. https://discord.gg/vZthY6C If you have any questions or trouble with the Discord link, feel free to add my battletag: csanadi#1592Prayzik0 1d
1d Need 1 RDPS tonight for mythic progression Hi All, I’ll make this brief as we have raid starting soon. We are looking for one qualified ranged dps to raid with our zuljin group tonight. We raid at 8:15EST We will be killing Mythic Taloc and Mythic Mother and working towards getting Mythic Zek Voz down. Suggested ilevel = 365 Please whisper me, or Zorn if you are able and interested.Bigdiggles0 1d
1d 8/8H 1/8M 375 Paladin LF mythic guild. Hey guys. As the title reads, I'm a 374 paladin looking to progress in mythic Uldir. I've been playing since BC. Guild fell apart so I'm looking to keep raiding. I play all paladin specs at a high level and could fit in any role. I'm looking to find a group that is at least my progression or more. My preferred days are tue/wed/sun or anything after 9:30est. Add my btag if interested and please don't come at me wanting me to raid fri/sat at noon or something. Not looking to raid weekends. Audie#1810Selastus2 1d
1d 370 Hpriest or 363 Boomkin LF Tue/Thur guild! Guild decided to call it quits due to lack of attendance and burnout. I am 2/8m with plenty of progression on Vek. I'm looking for a well established guild that raids 2 nights 8pm to 12pm roughly, and is 2/8m or higher. I can either play healer or range dps. Bnet: Paradime#1194 Discord: Utter#4936Purpleutters4 1d
1d 3/8M Uldir Need Heals Current Tier Progression: 8/8H 3/8M Uldir Hello, this is Krèeg from <Just Outgear it>, a CE Horde guild on Zul'Jin. Currently, we are in need of strong DPS/Healers who can compete with our current roster and understand the meaning of raiding. Down below is what we are in need of at the moment Recruitment Needs (not necessarily in order of need): High Needs: Rogue Windwalker Mistweaver Holy Paladin Note: Players of a high caliber should consider applying, regardless of spec/class. Our raid schedule is as follows(players are expected to be on time): Tuesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Wednesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Thursday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. If you feel like we may be a fit for you, please submit an application at http://justoutgearit.enjin.com and feel free to add any of the below BattleTags to get in contact with a recruiter, officer or GM. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you! Kraig#1462 (Guild Master) Aileana#1278 (Officer)Krèeg411 1d
1d Shroud-Zul'jin 2/8M 8/8H LF heal/dps Hello, Leaprah here! <Shroud> is a mythic raiding guild on the Horde side on Zul’jin. We’re a laid back group of people from diverse backgrounds with one goal in common: to kill bosses and have fun while doing so. We’re looking for similar minded people to join us! Battle for Azeroth Progression: Uldir: 8/8H - 2/8M Legion Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 2/3 M The Nighthold: 9/10 M Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9 M Antorus, the burning throne : 10/11M Raid times Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8 - 11 pm EST. Consistent attendance is required. you can also watch our stream to see what it looks like https://www.twitch.tv/leaprah (Monk / lock PoV) https://www.twitch.tv/gtfosam (holy pally) Current Needs <Shroud> is currently looking for a Resto druid or shaman and ranged dps, especially a warlock and a shadow priest. All skilled players are encouraged to apply. A healing off-spec would be an added bonus. We’re looking for players who know their class inside and out, but still search for ways to improve, players who always make sure they’re prepared for raid, and do everything they can during non-raid hours to make sure they’re the best they can be. If you’re interested in joining <Shroud>, please visit our website to apply: http://shroudguild.enjin.com/ Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Akariat or Analeece on Bnet: akariat#1163Akariat103 1d
1d [H]<dudechat> 8/8H moving on to Mythic! What up, we're just some cool guys looking for other cool guys who wanna hang out and do some gaming. Easy clear heroic raids, push mythic raids, push mythic+, and even some hot pvp action. No complete baddies please. Small guild, but growing quickly. Roster size 15-20. Only 6 hours per week raiding. Looking to post some high percentile logs on warcraftlogs.com. We'll give anyone a chance to prove their worth but you gotta keep up. We are currently blasting through HEROIC Uldir on Wednesdays in only 2 hours and use the last hour to clear M Taloc and get attempts in on M Mother. Thursday will ideally be MYTHIC attempts only. We just need YOU to join and help grow our roster! Check out our wowprogress and warcraftlogs if you wish: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/dudechat https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/zuljin/dudechat WHEN WE RAID > WED and THUR 9PM EST to 12AM EST (3 hours each night) WHO WE WANT > literally ANYONE, because we bring the player and not the class, however, DPS offspec is a priority with our current raid composition! Join us: uFish#11152 (me) OR rusty#1825 (guild leader) OR waffel#1149 (officer)Fishu13 1d
1d Mythic Zek'vos tonight 10/18 9:30 LF dps/heal Mythic Zek'vos progression tonight! We raid from 9:30-12:30 est. Pref ranged dps and any healer. If interested contact us at Kellasaurus#11988 or Locke#1808.Kelloggs0 1d
1d [H]<Scions of Chaos> 3pm Sat LFM We are looking to put our progression team into higher gear and are looking for members to run m+ and raid with. We are also accepting of casuals and have a very active and friendly community. We are a low/no drama group and only have high expectations of our progression team. We raid on Saturday at 3pm and are currently 6/8N Uldir (first time in there). We are looking to push into Heroic asap. Currently we are seeking skilled DPS, both ranged and melee - and possibly back up tanks/healers. Really, what we have to offer you is a friendly group that loves to have fun as well as progress. We're not here to make WoW into a job, but we really would like to see Heroic Ghuun go down and progress as far as we can into mythic even. We just need motivated, skilled players to help us fill out our roster :) Please fill out the Google Form below to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/U99wUuFpvYx82VQB2Xorìna1 1d
1d 2/8M LF Havoc Demon Hunter <Krisp> - 2 Day Raiding Guild. 2/8M Currently Recruiting - 1 exceptional Havoc demon hunter Raid times are Wed/Thurs 9PM-12:00AM Server. Tuesday Optional Raid Night. bigdaddywuwu#1311Wuwû0 1d
1d Divine Carnage is Recruiting for Heroic Divine Carnage is a raiding guild on Zul'jin. We are currently looking for new members to fill out our core heroic raid team. Our current Raid progression is 8/8N & 6/8H in Uldir. We are in search of players who are ready to progress and have fun doing it! We are a socially active guild that has discord and very active guild chat. We also try to run Mythic Plus keystones and PvP and World PvP. Expectations of All Members: Must be a team player. Fun with a sense of humor Respectful of others. Helpful. Raid Schedule: Raids Tues/Wed 9pm-12:00pm EST Alt Run on the Weekends Raiding Recruiting Needs: Currently in need of all raiders for upcoming Uldir progression! We consider any class/spec for our raid team. Tanks: closed Heals: Shaman, Druid Melee Dps: Paladin, Death Knight, Monk Ranged Dps: Hunter, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage Even if your class or spec is not listed, we encourage you to contact us anyway. Food / Flasks are provided by the guild. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concernsShadowdante10 1d