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Jan 24, 2015 Epic Profession Recipes Crafters List Here is a thread I will update regularly as posts come in with who can make what on either faction side. Just post your profession and what epic recipes you can make. Not rares. Epics. Making this thread since not everyone is going to have all the patterns right away, since some of them, like with tailoring, require BoP 6 day CD cloth to buy. This will be an easy way for people to find potential crafters to make their items. Also, please post if you have any Chaos Orbs available for certain recipes. Thanks. All recipes and their current crafters: BLACKSMITHING - Elementium Earthguard Elementium Earthguard A - Barbazian, Haines, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield A- Haines, Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Deathplate Elementium Deathplate A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Hauberk Hardened Elementium Hauberk A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Chestguard Light Elementium Chestguard A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Girdle of Pain Elementium Girdle of Pain A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Girdle Hardened Elementium Girdle A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Belt Light Elementium Belt A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Gutslicer Elementium Gutslicer A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz Forged Elementium Mindcrusher Forged Elementium Mindcrusher A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz ENCHANTING - Enchant Weapon - Landslide Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide A- Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent A- Balthiar, Voska, Impromir, Aeriscats, Deltrus, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Doxic, Blankaman, Warkitten, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Windwalk Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk A- Voska, Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Agility Formula: Enchant Bracer - Agility A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Major Strength Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect A- H- Daemoos, Selanius LEATHERWORKING - Assassin's Chestplate Assassin's Chestplate A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Chestguard of Nature's Fury Chestguard of Nature's Fury A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Caddarik, Deeyar H- Fattoney Dragonkiller Tunic Dragonkiller Tunic A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Lightning Lash Lightning Lash A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Belt of Nefarius Whispers Belt of Nefarious Whispers A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Twilight Scale Chestguard Twilight Scale Chestguard A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Corded Viper Belt Corded Viper Belt A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Stormleather Sash Stormleather Sash A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Charscale Leg Armor Charscale Leg Armor A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Dragonscale Leg Armor Dragonscale Leg Armor A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Drakehide Leg Armor Drakehide Leg Armor A- Tyrrik H- TAILORING - Belt of the Depths Belt of the Depths A- Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Holymium, Selanius Breeches of Mended Nightmares Breeches of Mended Nightmares A- Pfrog, Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Dreamless Belt Dreamless Belt A- Deltrus, Pfrog, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Flame-Ascended Pantaloons A- Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Powerful Enchanted Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Powerful Ghostly Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Illusionary Bag Illusionary Bag A- Aeriscats, Deltrus H- Siccmixx, SelaniusDeltrus112 Jan 24, 2015
16m (H) <TDE> Late Night Team/ Socials Greetings! Kiv here from <The Drunken Elk>! About Us We are a large, adult, social raiding guild. Not entirely casual, but definitely not hardcore either. We are people with school, work, and families that are passionate about gaming. We understand that life has to come first. We love to come together and have a great time no matter what we are doing. Our people are made up of veteran gamers and new players alike. Most of us here have been doing this a long time however. We Raid, PvP, Mythic 15+, do weekly events, you name it! Current Raiding BFA coming soon ~ Goals! We currently have three raid teams ready to go for BFA, and a 4th late night team in the making. All teams are looking to progress into Mythic content, each at their own pace. Each raid team is made up of 24 members. We hope multiple teams will allow people flexibility if they cannot make their usual team. Our times will be as follows: Weekday: Tues & Wed 8pm-11pm EST/Server Weekday: Wed & Thurs 9pm-Midnight EST/Server Weekend: Fri & Sat 9pm-Midnight EST/Server Weekend: Fri & Sat 12:30-2:30am EST/Server All of our teams will be progressing at their own pace. Currently our Tues/Wed & Wed/Thurs team are the only ones that plan to progress into Mythic. The other two will be at a more casual pace with content and camaraderie coming first. Those new to raiding welcome! BFA Recruitment Tues/Wed Team: Tanks: Closed Heals: Closed DPS: Ranged dps (1) Fri/Sat Team: Tanks: Closed Heals: Open (4) Non-Druids. DPS: Open Ranged / 4 Melee Wed/Thurs Team: DPS: (2) Weekend Team: Recruitment is closed. Thanks! The above is just what we are specifically missing. If you do not see your class listed, please get in touch with us anyways! Outside of raiding, we will never turn someone away. While we are an adult guild, those under 18 are more than welcome. We do ask that you be mature at least most of the time. Our conversations can get a bit raunchy, safe words are always a great idea, but hate is never tolerated. If you have issues with Race, Religion, Sexuality, Politics, etc. Keep it respectful. This is a home for everyone regardless of lifestyle or beliefs. To the small groups and guilds: We would like to add that small groups and guilds are also welcome here at the Elk. It isn't easy starting up your own home. We boast many active members, a non stop discord, events, and prizes. We are currently planning our first IRL guild meet as well. While our raid teams are full, we would love for the right people to step up and take on leading a 4th team. We have many members who just cannot make the standard 8-12 time slots. We are extremely community first and care about our members. If any of this sounds like the home you were hoping for, please reach out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: Kiv#11323 / Zehd#11814 / nozzlegear#1234 For info only about the midnight team, you can also find ThePunisher#12609 If you would like an invite, feel free to whisper any member of TDE. Just /who The Drunken Elk!Kiv83 16m
37m Looking for Guild I'm not looking for anything more than a home, raiding if i'm needed, mythics, PvP, I have 3 toons, my guild I was on is now gone so i'm the only one there, so i'm more looking at the text and voice chat to fill the void. I play a Fury warrior as my main, I pvp on a Rog, and I have a Demon Lock I play too. Again, not looking for handouts looking for a guild with a good mix of everything.Oimâk0 37m
56m Blacksand oilfield won't change. I'm having a problem getting the Blacksand Oilfield to switch to the alliance. It goes all the way over but won't change to alliance. And yes I am PVPed. Anybody else havineeds problems?Majôrpain23 56m
1h Lf day time raiding guild 326 ilvl frost mage Looking for day time raiding guild if there are any Zetsubou#11680Pyroclash0 1h
2h MR BUCKET AND FRIENDS. (SELLING BEAR MOUNTS) DISCUSS. Mr Bucket YPTBIHM. Cloudelf and his triumphant return 7 days and counting. BTW i found some of our old hilarious videos, i'll share. BLOODCLEAVER WTH. (Omgiluvthetasteofbabiesomgomg) ZULJIN BEARMOUNTS 4SALE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNvmLzxZ918 Vash Plane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uulTM6gijGA Rick Trolled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-ogH7JT_OA Bucket Video Test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCuyr2NPIh8 Doomwalker VS Zuljin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY8x1tM7YuM KUNG FU HALO ( cause its kung fu ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoerhXKhoMw Yata still does all the deepees everynumber We are starting a fund to bail redbear out of jail.Vashx10 2h
3h [H]LFM N & H Raiders (Tues/Wed 8-11pm) <Relentless Aggression> is a veteran raiding guild who has open recruitment for raiders and non-raiders alike. We have open recruitment for all classes as we prepare for Heroic Uldir and the launch of Battle for Azeroth. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8 - 11pm Eastern (Server). Our first raid night of Normal Uldir is schedule for Tuesday, September 4th starting at 8pm Eastern (Server) until 11pm. The way our progression works is that we start with Normal to learn the dance, and then move into Heroic as quickly as possible. Our goal is to always progress through content before the next patch. So if that is something that interests you, or you are looking for a relaxed mature gaming atmosphere. Or new the server? Keep on reading! __________________________________________________________________________ Current Progression: -- Uldir: 0/8 Normal / 0/8 Heroic Current Recruitment: Raid Times: Every Tuesday / Wednesday 8-11pm (Eastern/Server) Raid Difficulty: Normal / Heroic Full Time Raiders* -- Tanks: Alternates: Pally, Monk, DH/DK. -- Melée DPS: Closed -- Ranged DPS: Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Druid, Priest (No More Hunters) -- Healers: Pally, Priest, Monk, Druid. ** will consider any exceptional player, and/or class if not listed above** We will always consider any exceptional player and/or class with the desire for progression raiding. We ask our raiders to be able to make every Tues/Wed raid night with the understanding that Real Life always comes before Warcraft. Outside of Raiding: Open Recruitment for Social Members, Mythic+ challengers (Don’t have to be a raider to join up for Mythic+ Content). Relentless Aggression is recruiting casual players looking for a relaxed mature gaming atmosphere. __________________________________________________________________________ If Relentless Aggression looks like a place you'd like to call home, come talk to me! Contact any of the following toons in-game: Bearinsanity or Epicinsanity. Or via BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952 or Discord: Epic_Insanity#3551 or Twitter: @Epic_InsanityBearinsanity6 3h
4h <H> STFUnit LF Exceptional RDPS/Heals for M <STF Unit> is a guild led by experienced raiders that have been playing since vanilla. All of us have mythic/hardcore experience over several expansions and are looking to round out our roster. We offer: -Team based, fun, and no bull!@#$ atmosphere. What we expect: -Be prepared/able to take criticism, have a team focus attitude, and just come to have fun while pushing progression. We expect everyone to be knowledgeable about your class and do the research. We aren't here to hold your hand, knowledge of fights are your responsibility and should be researched ahead of time. Our Raid Times: We are currently raiding: Mon/Wed/Thurs 8-10:30pm ST. High Priority Recruitment Needs: DPS - Ranged: Any Exceptional DPS Melee DPS: Full Healers: Any Exceptional Healer Tanks: Full All exceptional dps will be considered after reviewing logs. How to contact us: If you have any questions feel free to contact me us in game: Snóww (Whitetip8#1180); Pawson (Holden#11995)Snóww4 4h
5h [H] Mechanically Challenged is Recruiting! <Mechanically Challenged>is a newly formed guild on Zul'jin! We are a group of veteran players and raiders who have decided to transfer and build on this server. We are looking for dedicated people to join our roster. Our dedicated raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 PM EST. We are currently recruiting a few dps to round out the core. These spots are subject to change. Casuals/Socials are welcome as well. We will be do mythic+ quite regularly. If interested in joining or you want additional information you can add me my btag is Hellswood#1206Hellswood0 5h
9h [H] Finesse is Recruiting for BFA! A newly formed raiding guild for BFA looking to complete cutting edge raid progression with limited raiding hours. Our team is built around former high end progression raiders that want to clear content on a casual friendly schedule. We are searching for progress minded individuals looking for a competitive environment with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our ideal raiders keep up with current theorycrafting, and are proficient at all specs for their class. We're looking for team players that want to excel as a community. If a premiere 2 night cutting edge raid team is what you're looking for, Finesse is for you. What we're looking for: Any Tanking Class Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, HPal, or MW Monk Exceptional DPS Players Raid Schedule: Tuesday – 8pm EST to 12am EST Thursday – 8pm EST to 12am EST A link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/g7Cmpmt You will find additional information about the guild there, along with a link to our Application form. Dengatron#1154(Raid Lead) Problem#11619 (GM) FroyoLoco#1453 (Recruitment)Yozan5 9h
14h [H] <Konvergence> Casual mature raiding guild <Konvergence> What we are looking for: We need CONSISTENT raiders to fill out our roster, current openings are listed below. Recruiting: RDPS: Open Melee: Open Heal: FULL Tank Spots are Full **All casual/social players are welcome to apply.** Current Progression: Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9H Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11N, 11/11H Hours / Times: Progression Raid Schedule: Friday - 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST Saturday - 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST What You can Expect from Us: Because we're an older bunch with jobs and family responsibilities, our main focus is have a good team of people that want to stick together and acheive great things! We strive hard to be drama free and respect the lives and responsibilities of others. We have several spots open as many raiders are willing to swap specs and toons in order to help fill out our core. We do mythic+, raids, and love to have social people just in discord to chat and have a good time. We like to play hard and cut up and have a good time. We are not looking for a certain ilvl, we are looking for the right social fit. We want to experience all the game has to offer (mythic raiding, high mythic+, rated pvp) without the negative atmosphere you get at other places. What We Expect from You: We are mostly wanting you to play what you want to play and we will help teach you how to become better. We are looking for social people over skilled people because we want people that will stay with us as we move through the content as a team and build a raid core. We also expect you maintain a positive attitude when raiding or when in gchat because people learn at different speeds. When raiding we expect for you to be on time and prepared, and have some knowledge of the fights. If you are having a hard time with a spec or class then we will want you to get online during the week or weekend (outside of raid) to work with others in the guild to improve, so you must be willing to take advice and constructive critisism. How to reach us: Please reach out to any one of our officers or GM. Character / Battletag Nathrezím / Grem#1759 - GM Mushaumi / Narthania#1859 - Officer Enimee / Narthania#1859 - Officer Zsari / Escaflownae#1845 - OfficerZsari137 14h
15h [H] <Patchwork> is Recruiting! Guild: <Patchwork> Server: Zul'jin - Horde Raid Progression: Reforming for this expansion. <Patchwork> is a group of friends from diverse WoW backgrounds. Some of us have fond memories of Molten Core, while others are brand new to the game and experiencing raiding for the first time. We raid. We quest. We chill in guild chat and discord. We have fun. We're not elitists. We are currently refilling our ranks in anticipation of the next raid. If you're looking to progress through future raids, come join our group. You don't need to be geared (we can run mythic+ like mad if we need to). Just be friendly and competent. If raiding is not your forte, don't worry. We promote participation in other guild events. Once we resume raiding, our Raid Schedule is as follows: Tuesday & Wednesday are progresion raids @ 10:30PM Fridays are Mythic+ dungeon nights. We're not intense. Been there, done that. This game is about having fun, and having a life is encouraged. RAID RECRUITMENT NEEDS: We're currently recruiting everyone and everything. Except your drunk uncle. He's not allowed... unless you bribe the GM. CONTACT US: If you're interested, please let us know! We'd love to hear from you. You can add our battle tags, or just reply to this thread :). Officer Battle Tags: EricTheLoon#11497 (That's me) Tommiegun#1508 argygle#1721 Trace#1494 Clark#12241Caederic0 15h
15h ⭐ <Astalder> Adult Gamers /Raiders ☆ Tu/Th ⭐ <Astalder> (www.Astalder.net) is a devoted group of friends from all over North America who have played WoW and various video games for over a decade. We are made up of ex-hardcore raiders and adults with families, jobs and other responsibilities, though we are gamers at heart and enjoy challenging content together. ツ ...Our raid team is pretty much put together, but we are always open to welcoming more adults who want to find a long term home with other active and interesting guild mates. ツ... Some of our members are real life friends and family, with others knowing each other online for 5+ years. We are made up of professionals, IT junkies, graduate students, parents, long time and newbie gamers, coders, family types, bachelor types, military vets, Star Wars vs Star Trek nerds and comic book aficionados. The social aspect of our guild is huge for us, so if you don't plan on using Discord chat often or don't want to get to know your guild mates, please look elsewhere! If this seems of interest to you, visit our website at www.Astalder.net, register and fill out an application and we will be in touch! ツ *Does contain adult humor and language *Alisyn6 15h
16h (H) P3Free recruiting tank/ranged/heals <Phase Three is Free> is a new guild starting up on Zul'jin Horde, looking to recruit players to form a mythic roster leading into BFA. Our roster right now is sitting around 12 players. Looking to double that for dank mythics. About Our Guild Phase Three is Free, at its core, is a group of friends who have been raiding and playing other games together for almost 10 years now. The entire group, as it is now, came together under the name Rest in Pieces during WotLK, and maintained nearly every realm first kill on the Quel'dorei server throughout the Cataclysm expansion. We took a break during MoP, leading into Warlords of Draenor, however in this time most of us racked up top US kills on Heroic MoP and Mythic WoD content. Including, but not limited to: US51 H Sha of Fear US41 H Raden US37 H Garrosh US28 M Mar'gok US97 M Blackhand AOTC Mythic Xavius AOTC Mythic Gul'dan We are a very tight-knit guild, full of extremely competent players. We are often times extremely laid back - mumble is usually a lols-fest. However, we know when to put on our game faces and kill sh!t. Currently Recruiting [!!!]Experienced & Vocal Tank Healers. Ranged Dps Schedule & Loot System Our raid schedule will be Tues-Thurs, 8-11EST (7-10CST) Requirements Applicants must... -Be in control of their own schedule. -Willing to take criticism or advice, and admit it when you are wrong/mess up. -Have 90%+ Raid Attendance -Be prepared to compete for their spot. Everyone is replaceable. You need to act like you want to raid. -Have a very in-depth knowledge of your class. If someone else in the raid can tell you something about your class you didn't already know, there is a serious problem. -Theorycraft and research not only your class, but encounters and make sure that you are playing as optimally as possible. -Have great situational awareness and be able to adapt to random situations. -Perform in the 90th percentile on World of Logs. Everyone in this guild has ranked at one time or another, and asking 90th percentile really isn't much. Obviously, we don't ask this every boss you ever do ever, but in general, it is where you should be. -not suck. Also... -I do not care if this is not your main guild. We're currently more concerned with bolstering to roster to start mythic. HOWEVER This means that you don't suck at your alt, and that you can play it at the same level we play our mains. Feel free to reach us @ Gunslingr#1991, Andremeda#1938Subtletyxd1 16h
16h [H] <Ape Escape> LFM DPS T/W/T Mythic Hello! Ape Escape is a new arrival to Zul'jin (swapped servers post legion). We are currently searching for active players for mythic raid progression and Mythic+ content in Battle For Azeroth. Some of our members have known eachother for 10+ years, but this will be our third expansion raiding together as a guild (est. WOD). Our guild focuses on one simple goal: No rage, lots of memes, and a fun, low stress raiding environment with high skilled players. We work to improve our own play as a team strictly for our own benefit while enjoying ourselves immensely in every raid. You won't find any elitists in this guild, we all work to help each other as much as we can, and we always put the benefit of the team over personal gain. Even if you can't commit to Mythic raiding full-time or just aren't interested: We are also searching for players who are interested in clearing high M+ dungeons and normal/heroic raiding on off days. Our (Mythic) raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00PM EST to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST). We run alt raids and normal/heroic on other nights and times, sometimes weekends (depends on what content is available at the time). We consider all exceptional players for Mythic raid team slots, but we currently have a higher demand for: DPS players If you have any questions/interest in joining or just looking to join socially feel free to contact me on battle.net @ hero#1272.Scrapper5 16h
21h [H][Zul’jin] <Dust> T/Th 8pm-12am EST <Dust> is recruiting players who are looking to clear mythic raid content in BFA. We are a new two night progression guild that is led by officers who have been raiding together since vanilla. We are looking to push new content hard on a 2 night schedule until each raid is cleared. Requirements: 18+ Discord and mic 95% Attendance Active research on your class/spec Able to give and take constructive criticism Don’t cause drama Have patience Expectations/Plans for BFA: Level 120 and all Mythic zero’s cleared first week of release Do your daily/weekly requirements so your artifact necklace is relevant Clear mythic +10’s on a weekly basis when released Start in Heroic Uldir when the raid becomes available. Be ready for Mythic Uldir on its release Highest priority is currently healers and we need a few melee. Healers: Monk, Priest, Paladin Melee: Monk, Demon Hunter, Feral Druid Your spot in the guild will be determined by your performance. We are looking for players who try to push their parses. If you do not show improvement or flat out fail at mechanics, you will be sat. That said, we will have fun and we look forward to meeting new players on this journey. Reach out to any of us for any questions. Felzero#1110 HEAVY#11984 Oxymoronical#1824 Ransom#12477 Hive#1773Felthicc12 21h
21h <Adversaries> LFM for Heroic and Mythic Good news, everyone!! [H] <Adversaries> on Zul'jin US is bolstering our ranks for Heroic/Mythic progression in Uldir. We are on the lookout for exceptional raiders to gain a strong foothold in BFA! Originally formed in WotLK, Adversaries has been housing fun, entertaining and unique players from all walks of life for one purpose: To play WoW together as a family. Recently revived with a ton of new, active, helpful and community focused individuals who all raid, pvp and simply help with/for each other. We're not here to tell you that we're the only choice in terms of not only a raiding guild but also a home, We're here to tell you that you'll enjoy every minute of your time with us, and us with you. MYTHIC RAID TEAM "Dirt Nap" This team raids Friday/Saturday 9pm - 12am EST. All new recruits will be placed on a 2-4 weeks trial and yes, you can still receive loot as a trial! REQUIREMENTS Provide logs pertaining to the character and spec you wish to raid on. Minimum: To be determined! Currently looking for: MDPS: Warrior (preferred prot offspec) Heals: Shaman, Druid If you are interested please contact us at: Battle Tag: Keljran#1466 ; Gämbit#1624 ; Swatz#1396 Discord: Keljran#5859 ; Beragal#1035 ; Swatz#2367 HEROIC RAID TEAM "Goat Rodeo" This team raids Wednesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST. This team does not venture into Mythic progression and is solely a Heroic Team. Currently looking for: Heals: Shaman, Druid, Priest If you are interested please contact us at: Battle Tag: Keljran#1466 ; ExE#11727 Discord: Keljran#5859 ; ExE#1172 If you aren't into raiding as much as some others we also do Mythic+ Dungeon runs on the daily with completion of 15+ keys and more! We are also a highly social guild and are looking into continuing to host non-raid events. Also in recruitment for our PvP ranks. We wish to do RBGs as a team and we are looking to push rating. We also do BG's together and some are looking into arena teams. If you are interested in our PvP team, please contact us at: Wulf#1592 Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces joining the family in the near future!Keljran2 21h
21h Balance Dr00id LF H/M guild Yo. So as the title said, I'm looking for a Heroic/Mythic prog guild. I have raided Mythic in WoD as a hunter but skipped Legion altogether. I currently main Boomkin but I'd happily switch to Warrior (any spec). My plan was to play warrior but the guild I was in was full on melee so uh, yeah. I'm available Friday through Tuesday from like 00:30 to 4:00 AM or all day/night Wednesday and Thursday. It might change (for the better) at some point but rn I'm in a bit of a pickle schedule wise (that being said, I'm always 100% attendance unless like I die or something). I'm looking for a guild that is serious about progression.Lolstarfall0 21h
22h Returning 331 Sub Rogue lf M prog For the lazy ones: TL;DR - Looking for a guild who is looking to push BFA PVE content (raids, m+, m/h until raids) with raid times starting after 10EST (Have a little bit of flexibility before raid). Laid back atmosphere but a heavy focus on progression with like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. Ideally we would like a guild that can be relaxed when the situation allows for it but knows how to kick it into all business when that situation arises as well. A focused, organized unit which can plow through content at a decent pace. I'm looking for a home for BFA and beyond. Btag: Devy#1530 Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/bleeding-hollow/Devylicious My History: MoP SoO: 8/14M (Heroic at the time) WoD Highmaul: 7/7H BRF: Hiatus HFC: 13/13m Legion (Mostly Casual) EN: 7/7H 2/7M ToV: 3/3H NH: 10/10H 2/10M ToS: Hiatus, cleared normal and some heroic through pugs AtBT: 11/11H 6/11M About Me: I'm 22, consistently theory crafting as well as simming on the latest content released by Blizzard as well as looking for ways to improve our performances and learning every spec to the maximum for specific fights. I am a player who takes an enthusiastic approach to raiding, and make an effort to improve their performance and contribute to helping the raid in progression to the best of my abilities. I am extremely able to adapt quickly while maintaining high situational awareness with common sense which a lot of raiders seem to lack. Mature, yet easy going and not uptight, able to crack the odd joke yet still maintain a serious attitude towards progression, able to take criticism and learn to tactics to fights and take suggestions on ways to improve myself as a raider. I'm looking to come back to raiding seriously, as the last while I've been extremely casual My Specs: Ultimately I can play every spec required depending on meta What I'm looking for: A guild working towards becoming one of the strongest progression oriented guilds with an excellent server reputation and a laid back atmosphere. People looking to become long term members of a progression oriented union of players who will enjoy their time spent. With focus on destroying the hardest content and working to attract like-minded people who are able to follow directions, work together as a team, and accomplish those goals. I want the entire guild to be the core that keeps us progressing, not a select few players who are exceptional. Creating friendships within the guild and find somewhere to call home to competitively raid. Looking for a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations. Thank you for taking the time to read through this wall of text, I look forward to hearing from you! Btag Devy#1530Devylicious0 22h
23h Looking for a guild Hello I am looking for a friendly guild to join pleaseZakuna0 23h
1d Geared prot pally lf weekend mythic team I am a geared prot pally looking for a weekend mythic prog team!Sarentum1 1d
1d [H] <Meta Slavery> LF Mythic Raiders/Casuals <Meta Slavery> is currently looking for more for our raiding teams as well as social atmosphere. We are a new guild that has started up for BFA and have a focus on M+, PvP, and Mythic Raiding. We are a team of roughly 19 players so far, with about 11 of us who have played since vanilla and are returning to the game for the launch of BFA. We are currently still figuring out what raid times work best for us, but expect ourselves to be raiding 8-10 hours a week. Weekdays: 7 PM-11PM EST (earliest we start - latest we would go) - Likely to do 3 nights out of Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri Weekends: M+ and alt raids We are currently searching for capable and active players, and who are interesting in building up the guild along with us. We are also looking for those just interested in the social aspect of being apart of the guild, and would be interested in joining us for non-mythic raiding content for BFA. If interested please add my btag Revaren#1658 or Lumileopardi#11616. We are also interested in those looking to become officers for the guild. Current Raid Roster Needs: Tanks DH/DK offspec tanks Healers Monk/Druid/Hpaladin rDPS Hunter Mage Spriest mDPS Exceptional Players welcomeRevaren17 1d
1d Cherche guilde Québécoise ! Bonjour à tous ! Je suis présentement à la recherche d'une guilde Québécoise. Je suis sur le serveur stormrage mais je voudrais changer pour zul'jin car j'ai entendu dire qu'il y avait beaucoup de québécois sur ce serveur :p Mon perso principal est un shaman enchancement lvl 110 mais vu que je viens tout juste d'up 110 son stuff est pas encor fameux.. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'information !Kolybrie1 1d
1d Priest and mage looking for guild Hey all me and my brother are currently looking for a raiding guild for BFA, we have all Aotc for legion and are long time raiders would like to get into mythic this xpac, he is a holy/disc priest and i am fire/frost mage. We are looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days a week any days are fine besides Saturday , the best start time would be around 7-8pm EST ending no later then 11pm. We love PVP as well. Also have a few casual friends who would follow us. ThanksThemage9 1d
1d [H] <Glorious> Weekend guild lf heals and DPS We are a group of returning high level raiders, who are taking a more casual approach this time around. We are looking for like minded players who want to down mythic content, but in a fun relaxed environment. Our raid times will be Fri-Sat 9-12 EST. Recruitment Needs: Tank: Closed: Back-Up tanks needed however DPS: Open Healers: Shaman (High) Monk (High) Priest (High) Paladin (High) If your role is not listed above feel free to contact us anyway. Especially it being the beginning of a new expansion spots are always open! What you'll be signing up for: You will be part of a guild who values the fun the game offers over everything else. We value our friendships, and the fun we have while raiding. Do not let our laid back attitude dissuade you, as we still value progressing, and moving forward in raid tiers. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a community that extends outside of raid times, including arena, bgs, other games (such as Overwatch and League of Legends), to just hanging out in discord. If you would like to be a part of our community and blow up pixels for digital clothes/weapons, contact anyone below! Bullstizz: GM Stizz#1886 Drunkndonut: Recruitment Officer Lonewolfmcq#1468 Myostatin: Officer phobia#1707Myostatin59 1d
1d [H]<Legion of Dakka> is Recruiting (LN Guild) [H][US]<Legion of Dakka> is recruiting for BfA! Previously <The Cold Legion> [H] of Lightbringer-US, we are a small group of friends who moved here from an overwhelmingly Alliance server to attempt to find more fertile grounds on the lush Horde minded shores of Zul’jin-US. We are a small group of friendly, mature people looking to make new friends and have a great time going into the new expansion! As there are only a few a of us left in the guild, we’re looking to recruit anyone and everyone to refill our ranks. Currently, our aim is to have enough people interested in raiding by the launch of Uldir on September 4th, so we can get a strong start into the expansion. Those of us in the guild are veterans of raiding, and were 11/11H in Antorus (We have birdies to prove it). Although we will have a focus on raiding, we are welcoming to anyone who wishes to join us and just wants to have a good group of people to chat with while doing all manner of activities in-game. Information: Server: Zul’jin [Server Time: EST/GMT -5] Region: US Faction: Horde Raid Times/Dates: TBD, but likely starting between 10-11pm server time. Voice Program: Discord (speaking is not required, but we would love to hear you chat!) We might give the in-game voice system a try for more relaxed settings, but we will ask people to join the Discord server. A note on Raid Times/Dates: While we have every intention on raiding, currently we do not have enough people to raid, thus our push at recruitment. Due to the various circumstances of our current members (time zone differences, job requirements, etc), we are aiming to be a late night guild as far as the server time (EST) is concerned. Tentatively, we will likely be a 2 Day Raiding Guild, with our raid times/dates being Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10pm-12am EST/ST. Dates and times will be discussed and settled upon as we get closer to the launch of Uldir, but we are unlikely to start before 10pm EST. Expectations: Attitude: We are a fairly mellow and laid back guild. At heart, we’re a bunch of geeky folx, and we can get passionate about the things we enjoy, both in and out of game. In a similar vein, we understand that once raiding starts, especially during progression, tempers can tend to run hot. We get it, but we ask that members be respectful of others. While we throw around a heavy amount of sarcasm, playful ribbing, and occasionally crude humor, if someone asks you to stop, respect that. As an aside, there is heavy use of mature and adult language both in guild chat and on Discord. If that is something that would offend you, or you are not of an age where you should be hearing that, then this guild will probably not be for you. Raiding Basics: We ask that new recruits who have an interest in raiding have a basic understanding of the game and its mechanics. While we don’t require you to be a veteran raider, we ask that you understand simple mechanics (eg. Don’t stand in the fire!) and we ask that you use some form of addon to help with raid mechanics (Most of us use DBM and the functionality it provides). We are open to taking new players, but please be able to handle some constructive criticism. Also to reiterate, we require that raiders be on Discord during raid. You don’t need to speak, but as we use Discord for callouts and coordination, we require that you at least listen in. Raid Attendance: We ask that all raiders be on time and in attendance for raids unless real life prevents this. We’re all adults, and we get that things can come up, and real life is always more important than a game. However, we ask that you inform the raid leader or one of the officers if you are going to be missing or late to a raid. TL;DR: <Legion of Dakka> is a mature, friendly social/raiding guild new to Zul’jin and looking to refill our ranks as we jump headfirst into this new expansion! We are open to new, returning, and veteran players looking for a place to settle down and have fun with other like-minded people. Although we are few now, we are dedicated to getting back off the ground in our new home and heading towards great things going forward into this new expansion experience. If any of this sounds interesting to you, or if you have more questions/concerns/want to debate about why Zekhan (Zappyboi) and Zandalar prove that Trolls are, in fact, the best race, feel free to contact myself in-game or you can contact one of the following fine people in our guild: Katlamos (Acting In-Game Guild Leader) Btag: Katlamos#1692 Mephet (Co-Guild Leader) Btag: supremeslay#1225 Kaaz (General Recruitment Officer) Btag: Tikitakk#1215Katlamos9 1d
1d (H) Disc Priest LF Late Night HM Content Vanilla Priest returning from going on a 2 year "break". I'm ultimately looking for heroic/mythic progression and seeing how this game is easier in comparison nowadays. My muscle memory, awareness, and preparation tactics are at a high and I'm ready to get back into serious endgame progression. My name is Robert, I'm 26, I work as a chef at a high-end restaurant in Huntsville, AL, and all I want for my life to currently consist of is work and raids. I can make any schedule consisting of nights beginning at 12AM ST and can go until whenever. I'm a "night owl" so my performance is at peak during late hours. I have keybinds, comms, addons, etc. Running an Intel i5-8400 with a GTX1060 with all high-end peripherals and monitors. Padre#1698 **I WILL BE GEARED AND RAID READY BY TIME OF THE RELEASE. I'll put money on that.Steezball0 1d
1d [H] <The Night Show> Late Night - BFA <The Night Show> is a newly formed guild on Horde Zul'Jin of close knit friends with a lot of raiding exp since vanilla to include CE achievements. We raid Sun,Mon 10PM-1AM PST. We are laid back when it comes to progression but also make sure that we get stuff done. We want people who know how to communicate as well as have a good understanding of their roles. Please contact me with any further info you may want. The goal for BFA is to obtain CE on each tier of raiding. Recruiting: HEALERS, RDPS HUGE Priority: RESTO SHAMAN, MISTWEAVER MONK, EXCEPTIONAL RDPS requirements: Discord, eagerness to raid mythic content, likability, not soft hearted, 18+ years old. GM: Hex#12929 Recruitment Officer: Zen#1833, Eladarmri#1632 https://discord.gg/pXd7dDsEladarmri11 1d
1d [H] 1-day guild <Hooligans> recruiting <Hooligans> is a relaxed 1-day a week guild with a make up of former Mythic raiders who wanted a less time-intensive schedule. We raid on Saturdays, 11:30am-3:30pm Server time (8:30am-12:30pm PST), sometimes pushing a little past for a full clear. We were 11/11 Heroic in Antorus and looking to possibly push a little into Mythic in BFA. We're recruiting strong players of any class but our highest need is just solid dps. But if you got the goods, you won't be turned away! We run dungeons, Mythic+, LFR, PVP, etc. during the week. If this sounds fun and good to you, feel free to message Tyledrahn on Zul'jin, or add me on battle.net as Tyledrahn#1703 Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting some great new recruits!Tyledrahn15 1d
1d Recherche guilde Québécoise Bonsoir, Je joue à WoW depuis une dizaine d'années et je viens de recommencer il y a environ deux mois. Mon temps est assez limité alors je recherche une guilde qui raid à raison d'un seul soir par semaine (le samedi à partir de 21:30). J'ai frappé 110 il y a quelques semaines mais mon iLvL est déjà rendu à 935. J'ai complété Antorus à normal et j'aime beaucoup faire du PvP. J'ai frappé 2200 sur plusieurs personnages et j'ai l'intention de m'y rendre avec mon warrior avant la fin de la saison. Quelqu'un pourrait m'indiquer s'il y a une guilde sur Zul'jin qui correspond à cet horaire? Merci!Maeva2 1d
1d [H] <TOL> Wed/Thur 9pm-1am EST mythic <Top Of the Line> is a newly transferred, high end raiding guild from the dead realm of Alterac. Most of our core have raided together since Wrath and enjoy pushing mythic raid and m+ content together. We'll be cutting edge throughout the tiers of this expansion. Our goal is to recruit fun and mechnically talented players who like to make fast progression without the need for alts or insane raid schedules. You can expect 2 days of raiding per week with an optional 3rd day on the first 2 weeks of progression. Our current raid times are Wed/Thur 9pm-1am EST with an optional raid day for the first 2 Tuesdays of progression. Needs (in order of priority): Ranged DPS 1 Healer, preferably with a DPS offspec though not required Melee DPS We focus on bringing the best players to raid rather than the best spec/class since we're not aiming for a top 100 world finish. We never recruit for bench. If this sounds like the guild for you message Drcray-Zul'jin or reply here and we can take things from there. Looking forward to being a top guild on this server with you!Drcray0 1d
1d <Sons of Perdition> T/W 9-1am EST MYTHIC https://www.sonsofperdition.org/ <Sons of Perdition> is an ambitious guild excited to start mythic again in BFA. Looking to crack down on our progression in the expansion, we plan on making mythic our !@#$%^. Cutting edge is the goal, and we need you! Guild Philosophy Our philosophy going into BFA is to mass recruit players. We want a 30 player team going into heroic the first week that Uldir opens. This will let us keep mythic raid spots competitive, so we can take the best and most dedicated players. Also, have an open sense of humor or you won't get along with us. What we Offer? Flasks Food Gems Enchants A dedicated team, looking for cutting edge What are we looking for? We're not asking for major experience in Legion. If you have some, that's fantastic but I know for a fact that there are some very quality players out there who just didn't play much of Legion. If you're dedicated, willing to listen, and always looking to improve you're in the right place. Raid Times and recruitment needs Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-1am EST. Currently in need of RDPS but all applicants will be taken seriously. Raid spots will be competitive, so if you can pull the numbers and do the mechanics better then others, you'll make the core team! Apply VIA the link at the top of the post or feel free to add for any information: Myself: Primeevil#1429 Guild Leader: Leon#1138 Co-guildleader: BlackAngel#1757Venator7 1d
1d Triage Gaming LF CE Competitive Raiders! Newly formed on Zuljin with Cutting Edge raiders who are currently recruiting for 20 Man Mythic BfA raiding. We are going to become a strong, consistent, efficient, competitive guild on our limited raid schedule in BfA. Current Progress: We are currently not scheduled raiding right now until BfA, however the officers and such are on most nights doing M+/raids and other completion projects before Legion is over in the meantime. We look to be into Mythic in BfA the first week it is available and competing for the highest rank possible. We are looking at pushing world top 200 when BfA drops. Current Needs: Boomkin (High) Shadow Priest (High) Mage (High) Elemental Shaman (High) Warlock (Low) Marks/BM Hunter (Low) Restoration Shaman (High) Disc Priest (High) We will not be running split runs or requiring alts, however we would like the raiders that are willing to keep a geared/maintained alt raid ready in-case we need to swap up our comp. Schedule: Tuesday 9 EST to 12 PM EST (6-9 PM PST) Wednesday 9 EST to 12 PM EST (6-9 PM PST) Thursday 9 EST to 12 PM EST (6-9 PM PST) We require people to maintain 90% attendance for all scheduled raid nights as our goal is to be a very competitive guild during BfA and we want our roster to be solid. *After progression, Tuesday turns into our sales night* Loot: Loot is distributed via Personal Loot as per the new Masterloot changes going into BfA. Items that are not needed by the receiver will be given in the order of biggest upgrade to the raid. Who we are: Triage was formed by experienced raiding friends/acquaintances that span back to vanilla. We have formed on Zuljin and are looking to build as a group to progress strongly in BfA. Triage founders have all raided hardcore in the past with some raiding in world top 20 guilds over the years. Our Goals: -To raid and clear all current content effective and efficiently in a minimum amount of time, while still holding ourselves accountable to perform at our best, but still having a fun filled, low stress environment. We also have pre-tier meetings with the raiders to determine our goals and make sure all our goals align so we can be as effective a raid team as possible. -Build a strong community around our raid team with our members. What we expect from you: -First off: Patience, nothing that is worth it is ever easy, we are building a core roster for the start of BfA and raiders will be expected to be leveled and ready to go the first week raids are released. -Be at the top of your game, when we start pulling bosses it's go time. We expect your best. We will have limited raid times as we are only raiding 3 days a week for a total of 9 hours. -Have a strong understanding of your class. No one here will babysit you. Spit balling concepts with others of the same class is awesome. We encourage it. However basic/advanced rotations and knowing what you should be doing is expected when you join. We are looking to surround ourselves and find people that are consistently trying to improve and play to their best ability day in and day out. -Be prepared. We will provide flasks, pots and repairs. Know the fights. If you don't know the fights, go learn them via our strat tab in discord. You are expected to have knowledge of our strats for encounters on Heroic and Mythic. -Be social, engage with others in Discord and in the Zuljin community. Communication is key to the success of this guild. Contact Information: Replies can be submitted to this forum post, contacting us ingame, or applying on our website. www.triagegaming.com Limeade#11451 (GM) L1ghtn1ng26#1121 (Melee Officer) Alsex89#1392 (Healing Officer)Limeade6 1d
1d [H] <Attack The Darkness> Recruiting for BfA About Us:ATD is a 9 year old guild with both Heroic and Mythic experience players rebuilding for BfA. We have players that range from questing casuals to cutting edge mythic raiders. Our goal is to pursue competitive content and we are looking for potential raiders to join us. Several of us have server/faction changed from previous guilds to pursue our goals with ATD. We are pretty laid back, anti-drama and just want to have fun while progressing. What's the raid roster made up of?: At the minimum we have AOTC Heroic raiders, our higher end has Cutting Edge Mythic raiders and there are several of us in the middle that have half a raid tiers worth of Mythic kills. If Mythic isn't your goal don't let this discourage you, as both Normal and Heroic are open to all capable players interested in joining in on the content. Goals: We get Heroic content on farm and begin progressing Mythic. Ideally to get at least half of a raid tiers Mythic bosses down prior to the next raid opening, we’ll make efforts to go further but we aren’t going to spend more than 6 hours a week worth of raiding. Schedule: T/Th/Sun 9-11pm Est/server. Once content gets on farm we move that content to our Sunday raids for alts, catchup toons, casuals, etc. Needs: Players that have a positive, team-oriented mindset that want to pursue Heroic and/or Mythic content. PVPers interested in doing Warfronts, Island Expeditions and RBGs. Social/casual players looking to do fun non-progression guild events. Raid Needs: - Tanks: 0 - Healers: 1-2 (Preference to Holy Paladin or Resto Druid, all healer specs may apply) - MDPS: 0 - RDPS: 1-2 Non-Mythic content will allow for more Roster flexibility so don’t let the lack of open spots discourage you. If you’re interested in joining us feel free to add me: Bnet: Kasharan#1912 Discord: Kasharan#5849Kasharan13 1d
1d [H] Zul'Jin <Elevate> LF RDPS & Healers Elevate (H) Zul’jin 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST, Tues and Wed Recruiting: (l) - low, (m) - med, (h) - high (l) - Warlock (m) - Demon Hunter (DPS) (l) - Hunter (m) - Elemental Shaman (h) - Monk (Heals) (h) - Priest (Heals) (h) - Druid (Heals) (h) - Any tank (( CURRENT ROSTER: 14/20* 7/16/18)) ---------------------------------------------- Elevate is a reforming guild made of semi-serious raiders looking to do Mythic BfA all within a two day/week schedule. We are looking for solid healers and ranged dps that want to do mythic content, and are able to adapt to the high demands of change. While we are open to newer players, we are looking for individuals that are willing to put in the same effort as the current raiders in our guild. We expect everyone to be on the same page when it comes to performance. We use Discord for comms, and require that all raiders own a microphone and a raiding-capable PC. Attendance is a must, as we are only a 2 day-a-week guild. For any raiders needing to take a raid day off, contact any of the officers first and foremost and the respect will always be paid back to you. https://discord.gg/xDgn8we Bobi - Kamakozei#1550 (GM) Horcjr - Horcjr#1364Snoozemaster30 1d
1d [H] Returning Warrior LF Heroic Guild Hey, I'm a returning player looking for a guild now that I've hit 120. I'm looking for heroic raids at most, I just don't have the time to commit to mythic raids. Ideal raid times would be later in the evening, but not too late, I'd like to be done for the night around midnight, but I could push 1 AM if that's the only choice. I guess personality wise I'm a bit gruff, I tend to say what I mean and mean what I say, so I may not be ideal if there's a lot of people with thin skin in the guild, as it gets stressful having to have 'the talk' every night (That being said, I don't go out of my way to be mean, I just don't beat around the bush). As far as raid utility, well, I prefer to dps, particularly as arms, but I'll play fury as well if that is doing much better. You can expect me to be prioritizing mechanics above all else, dead dps is no dps at all, and a dead raid is no fun. So yea, if I sound like the kind of person you would want in your guild, give me a holler, if not hey, thanks for reading.Virtuk3 1d
1d 11/11M Recruiting Hello, this is Krèeg from <Just Outgear it>, a Horde guild on Zul'Jin. Currently, we are in need of strong DPS/Healers who can compete with our current roster and understand the meaning of raiding. We aren't putting a restriction on what we need currently because people will be main swapping as usual with new expansions so we plan on having a guild meeting a couple weeks before BFA hits to make sure what classes/specs will be open. At the moment we have a pretty top notch roster just need some fine tuning and we will be pretty set for BFA! Note: Players of a high caliber should consider applying, regardless of spec/class. Havoc DH (High) Disc Priest (High) Resto Sham Mage Our raid schedule is as follows(players are expected to be on time): Tuesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Wednesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Thursday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. If you feel like we may be a fit for you, please submit an application at http://justoutgearit.enjin.com and feel free to add any of the below BattleTags to get in contact with a recruiter, officer or GM. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you! Kraig#1462 (Guild Master) Aileana#1278 (Officer)Krèeg22 1d
1d [H] <dudechat> Looking for other cool guys WHO: What up, we're just some cool guys looking for other cool guys who wanna hang out and do some gaming. WHEN WE RAID > WED and THUR 9PM EST to 12PM EST WHAT WE DO > Heroic raids, tryhard with logs and stuff but still like to screw around. WHERE > [H][US][Zul'jin] <dudechat> WHY > GAMES MEMES FRIENDS EXPERIENCE FUN LOOT ETC Join US: rusty#1825 OR waffel#1149Clockberg10 1d
1d Actually Tilted Zul'jin Recruiting for BFA <Actually Tilted> Formerly known as "Nasty Dab" Server: Zul'jin Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10 PM Server time We are a group of competent raiders who are looking to fill out of progression roster for BFA. We are not a super serious guild, but what we look for are people who will show up knowing how to play their class and have fun while raiding. With that being said we are focused on achieving AOTC in a timely manner and expanding into mythic progression in BFA. Roles in need of: Non priest healer Havoc Demon hunter DPS Druid If you are interested please feel free to add Ketter#11366 or reply to this thread.Ketter3 1d
2d [H] <Once Upon A Raidnight> is recruiting! Hello! <Once Upon A Raidnight> is an adult raiding/social guild. We are going to be raiding Heroic come BFA. We are looking for longterm, dedicated members willing to help us build and grow. We are currently in need of: TANKS - CLOSED HEALS - CLOSED RDPS - CLOSED MDPS - 1 SPOT, MAIL/LEATHER PREFER Our raid times are as follows: Th/Fri 10PM ST - 1AM ST We know real life always comes first. Most of us are married and either have kids or some on the way. So as we do prioritize raid attendance, we know the real life happens. We want to be what I would call semi-hardcore. Mess around and joke during trash, but once boss pull starts we take it seriously. We want to have fun, but we like downing bosses. We also want to create a welcoming environment for all levels of players. We love to screw around and make jokes, we have a darker sence of humor so if you are easily offended we might not be the place for you. We welcome casuals, pvpers, M+'s, and raiders. Please either reply to this post for more info or whisper either myself or one of the officers in game or via bnet @ ToddTheDK#1740 or Fernit ingame JuiceBox#12691 or Phookuo ingame NuttyMeggles#1885 or Pelanistra Todd21 2d
2d [H] Returning player looking for casual guild I just returned to the game earlier this month. I played heavily from Vanilla through MoP. I took a looooong break early on in WoD, returned for a bit in early Legion, then took another long break. I have played Alliance most of my WoW career, but I leveled up a lot of Horde toons on Zul'jin back during MoP. I believe I have every class to at least level 90 on the server, except for Shaman (faction changed my Shaman to Alliance in Legion). I am much more excited about the Horde allied races than the Alliance ones. So I am looking to get reestablished on Zul'jin and find a nice casual guild to chat, hang out, and run low-stress dungeons/raids with. My hard core raiding days are likely over. I need to be either really hard core or really casual. There is no middle ground for me. And my real life just doesn't lend itself to 4-5 hour raids every day anymore. So, if you have a nice, relaxed, friendly, mature guild looking for more casual players, please let me know!Kraylune3 2d
2d [H] late night raider LFG Resto sham main/flex can dps or have a warrior can fury/arms/offtank with also. needs to be like 11est or later as im located in hawaii. can be any number of days, prefer m-f. mythic/CE raider from the past moved over here and kinda quit/guild died after so only half of TOS experience. havnt played much since then so will just need to kick the rust off a little with some dungeons lfr before leveling. discord ect available. Zechs#1971 bnetAnlmated4 2d
2d [H] LF Active Guild, Casual Raiding Just came back after playing a bit on and off in Legion. Used to be a Mythic raider, cleared Throne of Thunder, HFC but don't have the time to commit to that kind of schedule anymore. Looking for a guild that just has people on looking to do stuff most of the time, and would be down for a more relaxed raiding schedule, even if it's just Heroic. Preferably weekends.Zakigga5 2d
2d New player DH lf guild I have no previous experience in raiding or m+. I'm willing to learn all that is required.Vailun2 2d
2d Mythic raider lf Mythic raid guild Hello, I have been playing since vanilla and have been a raider since. Took a break at the end of Legion and want to come back for BFA. My ideal guild would be a guild that can get all mythics down in a reasonable time with practice (does not have to be crazy high end). I'd be available after 9:30 pm any day of the week. I will literally any class you need me to for BFA as long as the guild is decent enough for mythic raiding. Please respond to post if interested.Bigãloe2 2d
2d [H]<Last Pull> Recruiting for Mythic raids <Last Pull> is currently looking to fill the last few spots for our Mythic roster. We are a 3 night progression guild who have been playing together since the start of Legion. Our goal is to push Mythic content while maintaining a semi-hardcore environment with our eyes set on Cutting Edge. We currently have a high priority on Healers but are always interested in any exceptional players. Raid Times are 9:00 - 12:00 EST Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. Raid spots will be determined by your performance. High raid attendance is expected. Please feel free to contact any of the officers for more information. Ostraga#14467 Pygrus#1565 Kevetic#1619 Ninebreakr#1218Ripwarlock2 2d
2d latenight /daytime 1. Times available & time zone: i live on the west coast of the usa so my time zone is PST im available for raids on M/T/W/T/F/S/S the only time im not able to raid is during PRIME time witch is 6PM PST - 12am PST i can start raid meaning logged in ready to go at 12:15AM pst / 3:15am EST and my end time has to be at 6PM PST 2. Server preference: i'm down for any server that is a North american based server i can make a server hop ASAP 3. Faction preference: HORDE ONLY DO NOT APPLY ALLIANCE SCUM!! 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: LF Mythic raiding and Guild RBGS/ARENAS 5. Current progression/experience: will be 320+ilvl by sunday 7. Contact info: eleda Shattered HandEleda1 2d
2d 340 Rogue LF Mythic Raiding Guild Add Mini#1936Minixox2 2d
2d [H]Need Weekend late night raid team I would be happy in a heroic or Mythic team with this scheduled. I despise playing DPS. My first love is tanking, but I played heals in Mythic raiding for legion. Currently working on a druid. Depending on guild raid slots, I will level the next class appropriately.Dominusnecro1 2d