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Jan 24, 2015 Epic Profession Recipes Crafters List Here is a thread I will update regularly as posts come in with who can make what on either faction side. Just post your profession and what epic recipes you can make. Not rares. Epics. Making this thread since not everyone is going to have all the patterns right away, since some of them, like with tailoring, require BoP 6 day CD cloth to buy. This will be an easy way for people to find potential crafters to make their items. Also, please post if you have any Chaos Orbs available for certain recipes. Thanks. All recipes and their current crafters: BLACKSMITHING - Elementium Earthguard Elementium Earthguard A - Barbazian, Haines, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield A- Haines, Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Deathplate Elementium Deathplate A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Hauberk Hardened Elementium Hauberk A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Chestguard Light Elementium Chestguard A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Girdle of Pain Elementium Girdle of Pain A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Girdle Hardened Elementium Girdle A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Belt Light Elementium Belt A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Gutslicer Elementium Gutslicer A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz Forged Elementium Mindcrusher Forged Elementium Mindcrusher A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz ENCHANTING - Enchant Weapon - Landslide Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide A- Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent A- Balthiar, Voska, Impromir, Aeriscats, Deltrus, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Doxic, Blankaman, Warkitten, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Windwalk Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk A- Voska, Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Agility Formula: Enchant Bracer - Agility A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Major Strength Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect A- H- Daemoos, Selanius LEATHERWORKING - Assassin's Chestplate Assassin's Chestplate A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Chestguard of Nature's Fury Chestguard of Nature's Fury A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Caddarik, Deeyar H- Fattoney Dragonkiller Tunic Dragonkiller Tunic A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Lightning Lash Lightning Lash A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Belt of Nefarius Whispers Belt of Nefarious Whispers A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Twilight Scale Chestguard Twilight Scale Chestguard A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Corded Viper Belt Corded Viper Belt A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Stormleather Sash Stormleather Sash A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Charscale Leg Armor Charscale Leg Armor A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Dragonscale Leg Armor Dragonscale Leg Armor A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Drakehide Leg Armor Drakehide Leg Armor A- Tyrrik H- TAILORING - Belt of the Depths Belt of the Depths A- Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Holymium, Selanius Breeches of Mended Nightmares Breeches of Mended Nightmares A- Pfrog, Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Dreamless Belt Dreamless Belt A- Deltrus, Pfrog, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Flame-Ascended Pantaloons A- Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Powerful Enchanted Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Powerful Ghostly Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Illusionary Bag Illusionary Bag A- Aeriscats, Deltrus H- Siccmixx, SelaniusDeltrus112 Jan 24, 2015
35m (H) Unify - guilde QC La guilde Unify du serveur zul'jin horde, recrute présentement des raideurs pour solidifié nos cores , toutes applications seront considérées. Nous recherchons des joueurs sérieux et motivés pour progresser dans une ambiance mature. -Nous avons 3 groupes de raid réguliers. -Une soirée raid ouvert à tous. -Loterie de guilde chaque Mercredi. -Des membres actifs (environs 200 accounts) qui run ensembles des dungeons, mythic +, ect... Groupe Enrage : 1/9 mythic TOS Mardi et Jeudi 19h30 à 22h30 (Dimanche soir optionnel) (leaders: Umbré et Dävey) Groupe Resurrection : (casual) mardi et Jeudi 20h à 23h mardi (Leaders: Gregwar et Bublemaster) Groupe Trinity : (casual)Vendredi et Dimanche 20h15 à 23h00 (leader: Silvess et Salastraz) Bienvenue aussi aux joueurs casuals et aux groupes qui voudraient se joindre à nous! N'hésitez pas à venir nous jaser en ligne pour plus d'info ! http://unifyguilde.com/Dävey1 35m
3h [H] <Tactics> 2/9 M ToS LF RDPS 3 Night [H] <Tactics> of Zul'jin is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras progression. We are looking for reliable, long term individuals to complete our roster for current and future Mythic content. Our goal is to Cutting Edge content clear while maintaining a semi-hardcore, laid back raid environment within a three day raid schedule. We are currently 2/9M ToS. Our raid times and days are 9:30 pm to 12:30 am Est; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Required to maintain a 90% attendance rate. Must be open to rotate for Mythic progression. We are looking for: Warlock Hunter(MM/BM) Mage If interested apply at http://tactics-wow.enjin.com/recruitment or add Kressure#1307Keakamai56 3h
7h [H]<Refusal>2/9M 9/9H 6/10M LF DPS <Refusal> 2/9M 9/9H 6/10M is recruiting! We need 1 strong DPS (esp mage) for a core spot on our mythic team. Our wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Refusal Our raider.io page: https://raider.io/guilds/us/zuljin/Refusal RECRUITING: - MAGE: high need - Melee DPS: moderate need (believe it or not) - all strong DPS considered. SCHEDULE - We have just recently transitioned to 3 nights/week - Tues/Thurs/Monday: 7:30-10:30 server time; we don't go longer than raid time. - Alt night (Optional): Wed 7:30-10:30 server time PROGRESSION: - (M) Nighthold: 6/10M NH despite late start in mythic - (H) Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9H, realm 45 to kill heroic Kiljaeden - (M) Tomb of Sargeras: 1/9M During our raids we provide cauldrons for flasks as well as feasts for food! We are a fun group of people who get along quite well, but know to get back to business! We would love to make new friends and raid with someone new who is dedicated to mythic progression. If you think this guild sounds like a good fit for you please message or any of these people at their BNET address: 1) Gumahler: Ctrl#11247 2) "Epi": epi7ome#1646 3) Emarline: Emarline#1401 4) Teljin: Morghro#1369 5) Corny: Cornfusich#1427Gumahler35 7h
7h 922 bear/resto LF M Raid Guild currently 8/9 Heroic. long time mythic raider. looking for mon-weds 7pm until 12am est. can also go restoBabydaddy0 7h
9h 9/10M 9/9H 4/9M ToS Recruiting - Current Tier Progression: 9/10M NH 9/9H 4/9M ToS Hello, this is Krèeg from <Just Outgear it>, a Horde guild on Zul'Jin. Currently, we are in need of strong DPS who can compete with our current roster and understand the meaning of raiding. Down below is what we are in need of at the moment Recruitment Needs (not necessarily in order of need): High Needs: WW Monk Ret Arms/Fury Resto Sham Resto Druid MW Monk Note: Players of a high caliber should consider applying, regardless of spec/class. Our raid schedule is as follows(players are expected to be on time): Tuesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Wednesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Thursday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. If you feel like we may be a fit for you, please submit an application at http://justoutgearit.enjin.com and feel free to add any of the below BattleTags to get in contact with a recruiter, officer or GM. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you! Kraig#1462 (Guild Master) Mastashake#1160 (Officer) Aileana#1278 (Officer)Krèeg82 9h
9h Crave 9/9H 4/9M LFM! Crave is newly formed with a handful of members from different guilds, with many having top 100 - 200 U.S exp. We all left because of different reasons like leadership and lack of effort. We're all here to have fun but to also down content at a good pace while it's still relevant and not nerfed. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm - 11:30pm EST. Goal in tomb and for the future is top 100 - 200 U.S! Keep in mind when applying we require mature. Over 18. Our guild chat is largely uncensored so please be comfortable with swearing, crude jokes, and differing opinions. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Mage: Medium Shadow priest: Medium Ret pally: High Warrior: High Boomkin: Medium Resto druid: High Also, just because your class isn't listed doesn't mean we wouldn't consider your class! Any exceptional dps is welcomed to still apply. Feel free to add Tyler#1707 to b-tag or apply @ crave.enjin.comHexiled203 9h
10h <Ignorance> 5/9M Late Night LFM M ToS <Ignorance> (5/9 M ToS) is recruiting DPS for Mythic Tomb. Exceptional players of other roles are always encouraged to apply. We do require potential raiders to be at least 915+ ilvl with concordance so keep that in mind! If your class is not on this list that does not mean we won't consider you. All spots are competitive. ----High demand for the following classes: *MM Hunter *Arms Warrior *Rogue *Warlock *Shadow priest *Enh. Shaman -Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Fri 12:15am-3:15 am EST. -For more information contact me at Krodha#1362 - I prefer to give most of what our guild is about 1 on 1 so hit me up.Notfall131 10h
10h Rogue and Shaman LF Guild Rogue 913 and Resto Shaman 923 LF Weekend Raiding Heroic Guild.Fifalegend0 10h
10h 925 BrM Tank LF raid team 925 BrM Tank LF raid team. I've tanked all expac on druid and just looking for a change. My teams have achieved 7/7m 2/3m 7/10m and 1/9m. i took a small break and am ready to resume raiding. Looking for weeknight. Mac#1753. hit me up in game to discuss further.Mackiechan0 10h
11h Windrunner's Esteem - Th/F - Heroic Team Windrunner's Esteem is recently formed guild on Zul’jin currently seeking a few more players to build out our team for Raiding and other shenanigans. Our raid times are as follows: • Thursday – 8-11ST • Friday – 8-11ST • Wednesday (optional alt/legendary) – 8-11ST Our leadership team has deep raiding experience dating as far back as Molten Core. In the current expansion, we have AotC Xavius, Helya, and Gul’dan under our belts. The team is focused on building out our core and working toward AotC Kil'jaeden (currently 3/9H). Our current recruitment priorities are as follows; however, we encourage all interested parties to apply: DPS (Heal OS) - Very High DPS (Tank OS) - Very High DPS - High Healers - Low Tanks - Low While raiding is the core of Windrunner’s Esteem, it’s not all we do. Many of our guild members are friends outside of WoW and we play various other games together throughout the week when we're not raiding or M+ing. We encourage new members to get to know us and look forward to getting to know you. If you’re looking for an 8-night Mythic progression guild, this isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking for a massive guild with scores of players on at all hours of the day and night, this isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking to raid-log, collect loot, and never socialize, this isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking for a small, progression-focused raid team that has fun with all WoW has to offer, please contact our GM Nepita (PrncessAlora#1454) or Raid Leader Klonopin (Danimals#1434).Ayios5 11h
12h [H] T/Th 8-11pm EST Heroic Raiding Are you looking to experience content with a solid group, but you don't have the time or desire for Mythic raiding? We might be a great fit! <Condescending> on Zul'Jin is recruiting for Normal and Heroic mode raiding. Current progression is: 8/9H ToS. (All other tiers finished AotC). Flex raids mean you always have a raid slot. The guild provides all raid consumables. Raid times: Tuesday and Thursdays, 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST. Only six hours a week (often less once fights are on farm). Sunday evenings we often hold optional Alt raids. Recruitment needs: Tank: Druid, Monk, DK ranged: Boomkin, Mage, Warlock. Melee: Rogue.The above are preferences, but everyone should feel free to reach out. We are always happy to have more casual players of any spec around to do mythic+ runs and hang out. Requirements: We ask that you join us in Discord during raids, at least to listen. Perform reasonably for your gear level in Normal and Heroic raid content. Looking for 910-915 ilvl ideally. Our raid schedule is light, so we ask that you try to make raids whenever possible. We of course realize things come up sometimes. Contact: My main is Westdoteren-Zul'jin (battle tag: Westvleteren#1524). Yasz-Zul'Jin (battle tag: Yass#11724) Cthyla-Zul'Jin (battle tag: Dzzl#1423) Eilir-Zul'Jin (battle tag: Carnival#1520)Westdoteren3 12h
12h [H] <TBD> 1/9M + 9/9H (2 Day) LFM Mythic <TBD> <TBD> on US-Zul'jin [H] is currently 1/9M + 9/9H ToS (Previous tier: 8/10M NH). We are looking to fill a few core raid spots for mythic progression. We have experienced leadership, a fun and laid-back atmosphere, and a kick-*** guild name. Schedule Mandatory raid times are: Sundays from 6-10 PM ET Mondays from 7-10 PM ET We also have a casual/alt run on Tuesdays from 7-10 PM EST. Recruitment Tank - Closed DPS - Medium Priority Mage | Rogue | Death Knight | Balance Druid Healer - High Priority Paladin | Druid However, even if your class isn't listed, feel free to reach out to us anyway. We are always looking for competent players, regardless of role/spec! Talk to us If you'd like to talk about the guild, reach out to Lumi- Lumi#11935 or Abnercadaver Neolinkus#1483 . If you're interested in applying to our mythic roster, feel free to talk to Lumi or Abner first or fill out an application at http://tbd-zj.enjin.com/recruitment. We look forward to hearing from you!Shiroee58 12h
13h H <Volition> 7/7M 3/3M 9/10M 3/9M 2 Nights! This guild is rated Mature! Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. Recruiting: 1 Warlock 1 Rogue Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST Realm Zul'jin Progress: 6/13 Mythic HFC 7/7 Heroic EN 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 3/3 Mythic ToV 10/10 Heroic NH 9/10 Mythic NH 9/9 Heroic ToS Loot System Loot Council Who Are We And What Do We Offer? We are a group of friends that have played together off and on for years in different guilds we were all never really happy in, so we've decided to come together to create our own guild and environment that we can all enjoy! We're led by multiple players that have been clearing mythic content before it was called mythic. We can offer you a relaxed raid environment with people that can do their job and have some fun while doing it. We're willing to help people that are willing to learn, but YOU need to be willing to learn. We also do pvp as well as raid. We have 2200+ arena players that are always looking to play, practice, learn and climb. What Do We Expect Of You? We're looking for like minded folk that can learn from mistakes, take criticism, perform on their class and have fun while they're at it. Our group likes to have fun, joke around and get the job done, but we need to get the job done and sometimes you need to focus. You need to be able to figure out when it's time to focus a little extra. Experience is NOT required but it definitely helps, but people can learn the fights and we can teach you, if you're willing to learn. How To Contact Us If you're interested in chatting or joining you can contact one of our officers on battlenet; Carlynn#1201, Ryles#1518. You can also apply at http://www.volitionzj.com Hope to hear from you soon!Carlqt141 13h
13h <Shattered Oath> Looking for Weekend Raiders <Shattered Oath> We are a newly formed raiding guild on Zul'jin. Our current goal is to progress through H ToS. We're currently in need of main-spec dps with a healing off-spec, mainly balance or feral druids with a resto off-spec, shadow priests with a holy off-spec or enhance/elemental shaman with a resto off-spec. We are also in need of some ranged and melee dps. Recruitment: Balance/Feral Druid w Resto spec Shadow Priest w Holy spec Enhance/Elemental w Resto spec BM/MM Hunter Mage (Off-spec recruits are expected to have at the very least concordance in their off-spec weapon and be almost as geared as their main-spec in terms of ilvl not including trinkets and to some degree, relics.) We're still open to considering exceptional players of any class or spec and new opportunities may open up in the future. If you're interested in raiding, keystones, Sunday alt raid, questing, PvP then we'd be happy to take you. We like to run almost any keystone we can for chances at legendaries, titanforged gear and to push a key for a 15 weekly chest. We raid Friday - Saturday 9:00 PM - 11:59 PM server time. Our more laid back alt-friendly raid is Sunday 9:00 PM - 11:59 PM server time. (We'd ask that you be at least 900+ for this run to avoid taking too many under-geared toons) If you're interested in joining, please send either Nax#12238 or Daveygiant#1185 a request on Bnet or an in-game mail to Naxseria-Zul'jin or Sivâd-Zul'jin and we'll get back to you ASAP.Naxseria4 13h
14h 925 Monk Tank LF Late night guild Hey There, I am returning from somewhat of a break. I have been tanking on my monk since MOP. I currently work Grave shift so i can run Mon/tues/Wed starting at 9PM PST . Or Early morning around 6AM PST. After a guild merger i have been stuck DPSing as a reserve so i really dont have much logs, Nor do i care for DPS. As I recently came back so i do not have Mythic TOS experience, im only 8/9 Heroic, but i have Mythic experience in all other raids, and i am a fast learner i just need to get a shot, and a team that is willing to work with me. my Bnet is Koridoom#1361 QUOTENoriceforyou2 14h
14h [H] Divide 7/9H Tue/Wed 9PM-12AM EST Divide is recruiting again! We're an old guild that's been around since Burning Crusade. We've consistently been a competitive raiding guild on Zul'Jin through all raids up til WoD. At the end of WoD, we lost a lot of our leadership and core so we went back to a more casual status. We've slowly rebuilt, and now have a solid roster for ToS progression. We aim to perfect our roster with further recruiting and adjusting the raid composition. Our current leadership and many raiders have played together for years, and have extensive raiding experience throughout all expansions. We're a guild primarily made up of older folks, with ages ranging from 20 to 45. Our current focus is to become a moderately competitive 2 day raid guild in the Zul'Jin raiding scene, but not to the hardcore levels of some mythic guilds. We want raiders that will show up to all raid nights prepared to pull on time and be as efficient as possible. We do have fun during raid, but when the boss fight is under way we expect everyone to be focused and attentive, while keeping voice comms clear for callouts. We're looking for exceptional DPS/Heals 910+ equipped ilvl and 52+ traits with past raiding experience. If you have logs, we would love to look over them before making any final decisions. Without logs, you would be recruited as a trial and given a 2 week trial period in which to prove yourself on farm content. DPS Needs: Rogue, Boomkin, Elemental Shaman, Warrior, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Monk. To inquire about an invite or to ask any questions, add me (Weow#1506), or whisper our officers DoomStorm#1360, Enfirok#1505, Rethre#1467, Surj#11789Weow31 14h
15h Rogue LF a RAID GUILD(H) Hello ALL :) I am wanting to switch mains, my current main is a hunter on hyjal server ....my raid experience on that toon, is 9/9heroic 4/9 Mythic TOS. I used to raid on my rogue back in cata, but main changed after cata when the guild i was in wanted range, so volunteered. But i feel its time for a change and to start raiding on my rogue ....my rogue isnt geared for raiding minus a couple decent items, and i do have BIS lego's for assassination.....so thats a start. LOOKING for a N/Heroic+ guild, or somewere that is looking for melee dps and have a spot and want to progress. I am easy going, and handle stress well, and dont stand in fire thinking its a buff :p , i do have to work on things being a rogue, since i haven't raided on it since cata days lol, but in time will be fine..... But the mainthing is i am experienced raider , just missing the gear, which will come ..so not to worried. if interested or wanna talk more about joining your guild, than please leave a message and ill get back to you :) ThanksAkeginu7 15h
15h <Hellfire Knights 9/9N 8/9H Day Raid LFM [H][Zul'jin]<Hellfire Knights> 9/9N 8/9H is looking to recruit players for our weekday raid team. We raid 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday. We view ourselves as "semi-casual raiders" where our goal is to have fun and kill bosses. What is Required? We use discord for our voice comm and require RCLootcouncil to be installed before your first trial raid. What Makes Us Special We are made up of players from all over the world, so no matter what time you're online you will never be alone. Work nights? When you get home at 5am there will be players online ready to help with world quests, run random heroics, or complete that mythic+ key you've been putting off all week! Raid Information Raid Times 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday Current Needs Demon hunter DPS Shadow Priest Mage Warlock warrior dps Ele or Enh Shaman Balance Druid with a resto offspec DPS monk Ret pally Rogue If this sounds like you'd be a good fit, or you'd like to know more about the guild please feel free to respond here or contact me in game under the Battletag persephonæ#1905 also check out our website at http://hfk.guildlaunch.com/Persephonæ5 15h
17h [H] <Concido> 8/9 H Wed/Thur/Mon Recruiting Server Zul'jin Guild <Concido> Horde Time 8:00 - 10:30 PM EST Wednesday / Thursday / Monday Progression 9/9 N 8/9 H <Concido> We are looking to expand our core roster. We are a Semi-Hardcore Guild with a goal to push into Mythic level content. We are looking for players that share that goal with us. We raid three times a week, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday for Heroic Progression and Saturday as an optional Normal clear. We do expect a good attendance record, as to keep the group strong. We need notice in advance when possible so progression does not stop. We supply all raiders with Flasks and Feasts but ask you bring your own Augment runes and potions. Class needs Tanks - Any class Healers - Any class DPS - Arms Warrior / Rogues / Frost Mage / Ranged Hunter / balance druid / Demon Hunter / Shadow Priest / Warlocks Even if we are not Looking for your spec, We are always looking for skilled players. We are looking to fill up to a 20/25 man team for Mythic Progression. Requirements Friendly Mature Patience as this is progression Good attendance Discord required Mic is optional If you have any questions or would like to apply please contact these Bnets below Boot#1529 Dex686#1668 - Hooff Can also find us on Wowprogress. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/ConcidoHooff4 17h
17h Equivalent Exchange Recruiting! <Equivalent Xchange> 2/9m,9/9H, 9/10M, 2/3M, 7/7M (Cutting Edge) is in need of raiders that know their class and want to progress in raids! About Us: We are a group of friends that have played together for a while. We reformed at the start of NH, our previous guild was known as <Discedant>. We have many, many years of raiding experience and looking into building a solid core to continue our Mythic raid progression. We offer: -Team based atmosphere, fun, mature, group of people, dedication to progression and awesome guild support. What we expect: -Be prepared, able to take criticism and not be toxic, have a team focus attitude and know when you need to focus to get the job done and be able to take a joke, we all like to have fun. Our Raid Times: We are currently raiding: Tues/Thurs 11:30pm-2:30am Server (EST). Be at least 920+ ilvl. Recruitment Needs: DPS [SPriest, Mage, Rogue, Hunter, and DH.] -If you feel you are an exceptional player in a role not listed above, we would still love you speak with you! All roles are competitive. Our Loot System: Loot Council of Officers with EPGP for tracking purposes. All loot will be distributed for the betterment of the raid group and progression. How to contact us: If you have any questions feel free to contact Beefblessing (Khaos#1121) GM, Iròh (Forestwalker#2890), Darkensoul (Repulse#1198). You can also apply at http://equivalent-xchange.enjin.com/ Thanks and hope to hear from you soonIròh7 17h
18h 920 Warrior LF 2 Night Mythic Guild Currently looking for a new progression focused guild to raid with into the future with. Current guild disbanded due to low recruitment and poor performance in the current tier. I have lots of mythic experience in the past. Starting in Siege and going forward. I am competant in both Protection and Arms. Prefer to play Protection. Battle Tag: Larry#1138 Availability: Monday - Wednesday: 6:00 PM - 11:30 PM EST Would like to end before midnight due to working the mornings after. Past Progression: Mists of Pandaria Siege of Orgrimmar - 14/14 Heroic (Mythic) US top 25 manWarlords of Draenor Highmaul - 6/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry - 8/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 Mythic -- Post Nerf, I had taken a break at the end of Blackrock Foundry due to disbanding issue.Legion Emerald Nightmare - 5/7 Mythic Trial of Valor - 2/3H Heroic The Nighthold - 9/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 HeroicWarcarft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/thrall/arminius https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Hh2ztJCZ1xQDR9YBArminius27 18h
18h <Ember> Recruiting for Late Night Raid <Ember> <Ember> on Us-Zul'jin is currently recruiting for our late night raid team Phoenix. We are 8/9H ToS and looking to fill some core raid spots as we finish out heroic and start working on mythic. We have an experienced leadership in the guild and in our raid team. Come enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere while still making some progression. Schedule Mandatory raid times are as follows; Tuesday 11:55 PM - 3:15 AM EST Wednesday 11:55 PM - 3:15 AM EST We also do a "Phun" run on Saturdays from 11:55 - 3:15 AM EST which normally consists of normal ToS and various other "Phun" activities. Recruitment DPS Shadow Priest, Assassination Rogue, Subtlety Rogue, Affliction Warlock Healers Mistweaver Monk Even if your class isn't listed, please feel free to contact us anyway as we are always looking for great players regardless of class and/or spec. Item Level Requirement for Trial 900 Contact Us If you would like to talk about joining the guild or joining the Phoenix raid team you can reach out to Rawrshots - Eldritch#1514. You can also check out our team page at http://embergaming.gg/teams/phoenix/ We look forward to hearing from you soon™!Rawrshots6 18h
20h [H] <Disappointed> Legion PvE Sales Runs Hello! Former individuals from the highly successful MoP Challenge Mode Sales, Nighthold and Karazhan Sales are at it again, this time aiming towards additional Legion PvE content. We offer very competitive pricing and guaranteed satisfaction from our runs. All services can be scheduled using the Google Forms link below: Services Scheduling Form https://goo.gl/L9tJP5 Once you've scheduled a run expect a Btag request. Either myself or someone else from our guild will be contacting you to discuss a schedule that works. Guild Website http://disappointed.life Raid Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic, Cutting Edge Nighthold: 8/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Heroic, 4/9 Mythic All services provided are full carries. Contact Smaktat#1130 for individual boss requests. Raid Services and Pricing Raid services include full clears and carries of the entire raid scheduled. Disclaimer: Any loot not needed by members in the raid can and will be traded. It is unlikely our 930+ raiding team will need much. The loot trading normally makes these runs very worthwhile. Obviously this is less the case for Heroic over Normal. If you find our prices to be cheaper than others selling ToS, this is why. We ask for half of the gold up front and the other half at Avatar. Normal ToS Personal Loot: 200k Raid Dates Normal ToS: Friday, ~12am EST/server 5 Man Services and Pricing Mythic plus dungeons award a piece of gear with a base item level, Artifact Power and a new keystone in your class hall chest on Tuesday, dependent upon the level of the key that was completed and your current Artifact Knowledge Level. We ask for all of the gold for the run at the keystone inside of the dungeon. We will start the dungeon after the trade is complete. Main Participant Profiles Those performing the carry runs are 930+ item level and 2k+ WoW Prog / Raider.io score. Main profiles are below, but may change depending on requested dates, times and availability between runs. https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Smaktat https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Axon https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Theamishone https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Gosaint Mythic Plus We guarantee at least 1 chest from all runs. We will do our best to upgrade the Keystone as much as possible for more loot from the end of the dungeon. Disclaimer: We reserve the ability to keep loot we need from the chests at the end of the dungeon. It is unlikely we will need anything at all, as our members participating in the runs are at least item level 930 already, meaning most (if not all) items will be traded. Our carry services allow you to AFK until the run is completed if you desire. You may participate and participation can help complete the dungeon, however we may also ask you to stay at the beginning as deaths do hurt the timer. Please do not take this personally as we are trying our best to get you the most for your gold. We take pride in providing you with the best experience we can offer. You may request specific dungeons, although we cannot guarantee their availability. We can and will use your key if you have a 15 or higher (to downgrade) in the dungeon if it is a dungeon you would like to run. You do not need to provide a key, nor should you expect to. Providing a key is 100% voluntary. <= +10: 100k - 905 item level piece, +9 keystone in your class hall chest +11: 120k - 910 iL piece, +10 keystone +12: 150k - 915 iL piece, +11 keystone +13: 180k - 920 iL piece, +12 keystone +14: 210k - 925 iL piece, +13 keystone +15: 240k - 930 iL piece, +14 keystone and 250M AP from AK lvl 40 - 910 base items from the end of dungeon chest Karazhan Nightbane Mount Run: 80k, you are guaranteed to get the mount. 5 Man Dates Monday: 6pm - 9pm EST/server Tuesday: 6pm - 12am EST/server Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 9pm EST/server Saturday - Sunday: Available upon request Contact For any other information, questions or immediate scheduling, add Smaktat#1130 on Btag or send a tell to Smaktat, Axon or Theamishone in game. Services Scheduling Form https://goo.gl/L9tJP5 Thank you for your time!Smaktat2 20h
20h [H]Poutine - 9/9H 1/9M ToS Poutine of Zul’jin is recruiting for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression. About Us: We're a group of tight knit friends who've been playing video games together for 8+ years. We come from various raiding backgrounds ranging from hardcore to brand new, aiming to push progression within a competitive 2-day schedule while still maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. We are looking players who are dedicated to improving their skill and growing as both a player and person, punctual and put in the effort to study and understand encounters, aren't afraid to theorycraft and experiment to ultimately push for the highest parses possible. We are not interested in elitists, loot drama-queens, hostile/dramatic players, and non-team players. A guild is, at it's core, a team and it requires everyone to play their part fully. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Priorities -Warrior, Death Knight, Shadow Priest, Mage Regarding DPS, we have a few positions available and are seeking high parsing, mechanically sound players who have the motivation to push their character to the max and play a bit more than just raid logging. Applicant Requirements: -Dress to impress. Demonstrate basic knowledge, understanding, and seriousness about your progression through correct enchants, gemming, and gearing to the best possible optimization you can achieve. -Punctuality and reliability; show up on time, prepared, and consistently. -Ability to accept constructive criticism, and demonstrate dedication to self-improvement through theorycraft and research. -Situational awareness. Don’t stand in fire -Able to communicate through Discord -Recent/Relevant logs to showcase performance What We Offer: -A guild with the competitive drive and skill to progress -Players with a history of high level raid experience dating back to BC -A positive raid environment that’s laid back and casual while still maintaining a progressive mindset on a tight schedule -We are drama free and personable - our members range from university students to young working professionals -A fair loot council that awards gear based progress and dedication. We do not play favorites, period. -An active group of players who have interact with each other and have hobbies outside of WoW Apply at: http://poutine.enjin.com/ Contact Us: Sacrilege (in-game) / Shadowbites#1291 (Battle.net) - Main Recruiter Boomfield (in-game) / Boomfield#1237 (Battle.net) Kalerya (in-game) / Kaleido#1394 (Battle.net) Fuljim (in-game) / Fulgymbo79#1433 (Battle.net)Sacrilege7 20h
21h <ICBS> 4/9M@2nights per wk LFM <Inner City Boy Scouts> is a 2 night a week 4/9M guild looking for additional members to continue mythic progression. Classes/roles we're looking for include: Unholy DK with Blood OS - High Arms Warrior - Medium Holy Priest - Low BM/MM Hunter - Low DPS with Tank off-spec - High Even if not listed above we are open to any exceptional DPS or healers interested in applying. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Est. Message Sean#1681 or Geo#11752 if interested or email icbsguild@gmail.com.Geonomí7 21h
22h <Agony> 1/9M LFM For All Teams! Hi Friends! <Agony> Zul'jin US Horde 1/9M is recruiting all roles for our multiple raid teams. Large helpful family guild ready to assist you in every form and fashion! Team 1: 915+ 1/9M exp, Warcraft Logs and 55+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Accepting any skilled player of any role. All Core positions available! Team 2: 915+ 9/9H exp, Warcraft Logs and 55+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Looking for Boomkins and A Warrior/BM Tank/Guardian Druid ( Sub position for tank slot available! ) All others are welcomed to apply! Team 3: 910+ 8/9H exp, Warcraft Logs and 55+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Looking for Boomkins, Mages, Warlocks, Feral druid and a tank for Core positions! Team 4: 900+ 52 Artifact Traits are required to apply to this team. Core positions for 1 Tank, Shaman/Monk healer(s) and any assortment of DPS perf BM hunter and any DPS shaman spec! ( This Team is more focused towards Normal and Heroic Progression ) Team 1 days are currently Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9pm-12am EST. Team 2 days are currently Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am EST. Team 3 days are currently Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm EST. Team4 days are currently Thursday/Friday 8pm-11pm EST. Mythic/+ Dungeons ran every single day both in the afternoon and evening times, constant 15+ keys made! Join the fun if you aren't the raiding sort. Established back in TBC, Agony has made a name for itself managing 2-4 raid teams each pushing high end game content. Progression and Fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. All would be raiders are placed under a 30day trial period ( yes you do still get gear) Asked to sign up on our website and gain an invitation to our slackchat channels ( agonygaming.com ) VOIP: Teamspeak3 Message me if you're interested, drop a comment or add me on Bnet @ Killerpox#1990.Theageofwar150 22h
22h Agony Gaming Wants You! Hi Friends! This post is directed towards large groups of players, small guilds and raid teams that are in need of a change of pace and proper guild structure. If you're a group of friends, part of a raid team that feels like your guild isn't doing what's best for you or simply your guild disbanded. This is the post for you. The Agony Gaming Clan opens the door to a community like no other. We are currently 1/9M with FOUR raid teams each doing high level content. Who Are We? Agony is a large, helpful, multi-cultural and multi-national family style collective with a rich tradition of building community. Established back in BC, Agony is known for being a No Drama guild, consistently running all content and most notably, managing 2-4 raid teams each pushing high end game content. Progression and fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. Part of our main philosophy is ensuring all members are taken care of and provided assistance in every facet of game play regardless of play style, be it PvP, social, casual play or raiding! If you’re a raider looking for a new home, or you are from a raiding guild that is disbanding, defunct or just not raiding end game or any content anymore, check us out. We currently run three raid teams (building a fourth) weekly, two mythic progression and one prepping for mythic progression. We historically and routinely welcome groups of friends, raid teams and smaller guilds into the fold. We only ask that you follow our few simple rules and be positive members in the community. The Non-Raider While our recruitment efforts are focused on raiders, if you’re just looking for a home with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, not necessarily interested in raiding, check us out. Mythic plus dungeons are run daily in both afternoon and evening; constant 10+ keys are made regularly! We also run fast normal raid content to farm Legendaries every week. Multiple weekly achievement runs, mount farming, pet and toy collecting and so much more await you in Agony. So join the fun, even if you aren't the raiding sort. Contact us for more information at: Killerpox#1990 Thanks for reading!Theageofwar78 22h
1d 926 WW Monk LF Mythic Progression Guild 2/9M ToS experience flexible on raid days and times after 7 pm CST hit me up with any questions zaid#1705Berwynzaid0 1d
1d 925 3/9M Bear Tank LF 3day Guild just called it quits due to roster/burnout issues, looking for a new home. -Horde -3 day (9-12 hours) -Only looking for 3/9M+, not wanting to go backwards. Really active out of raid, always up for some high M+. Ohhbaby#11897 Thanks!Ohhbaby0 1d
1d [H] <Part Time Pro> 4/9M 9/9H ToS 10/10M NH Part Time Pro is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, sponsored by Smokey the Bear and ACME Matchstick Co., looking for reliable raiders to join our team of arsonists. We have a laid-back guild environment, yet we are focused when it comes to raiding current progression content. We are currently progressing through Mythic Tomb. With 7.2 especially, we have lots of people constantly running M+ and farming AP. Raid Times: Tues/Thurs - 9:00-12:00 EST Mon - 9:00-12:00 EST (optional/alt night) Needs: N/A Our roster is currently very full, but feel free to talk to us about possible bench and filler spots. We suggest that even if your class, spec, or role isn't one we list, that you add our battle tags and talk to us in game. Applications to the International Brotherhood of Warlocks of Zul'jin Chapter 2031 will be handled separately. Must be able to show evidence of effectively standing in fire while also ignoring other mechanics simultaneously for consideration. Special allowances will be made if you are a destruction baby, which we are looking to adopt. Add us on Battle tag Jaeda#1394 (Jaada in game) Zeo#1468 (Magaz in game)Jaada24 1d
1d Lock LF Guild Hi! I am a 908 ilvl affliction lock looking for not just a good team to raid with but a good guild to call home for expansions to come. I have a lot of raid experience, however it has all been as a healer and now I am looking to try my hand at dps. In years past I have done the "hardcore" raiding guilds but now am really looking for a casual to semi-casual guild to call home. What I am looking for: *Casual to semi-casual raiding - One to two nights a week sound good to me! I am on the east coast so I looking for east coast time zones. I can make most nights but I will say due to work sometimes may miss 1-2 nights a month depending on my schedule. *Raid times from around 7pm-11pm realm time preferred. *Close-knit - yep, I don't want to just transfer only to raid. I want to play the game with fun people whom I enjoy the company of. *Active guild - I like to pop on for a little bit each day if able, so it would be nice to actually see others on to chit chat with or play the game with. So yea, that's a few things I am looking for and hope to hear back from some folks that are looking for a dry sense of humor warlock. Please feel free to add to the thread if you are looking OR add my battle id (volsball33#1490). I look forward to hearing from some folks!Samhanë2 1d
1d Lf Guild for raiding and mythic Recently moved to a new city and need a new way to enjoy my time. Into heroic raiding and mythic runs. Also play Overwatch, Harthstone and lol. Could use some people to hang out on VOIP and chill with after long days at the office. Semi serious, or very serious depending the group I don't want to be picky, just want cool people to hang with and !@#$ postDarkzzii3 1d
1d 924/931 sub rogue possible transfer Possible transfer looking for 2 night a week raiding guild. Preferably around 8pm-11 est server.Risurne12 1d
1d 919 Enh Shaman LF N/HC Guild Hey there, As title says, 919 Enh Shaman looking for a 1 to 2 night per week N/HC raiding guild on any nights Sunday through Thursday. I bring my own food and snacks. :) Thanks! MeEmurakh1 1d
1d <Raven Guard> LFM Tues/Weds 8-11 PM EST A new guild, we will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 8-11 PM EST (server time), with Thursday evenings as a farm/optional night. Our GM and AGM started this guild with the mindset that, all players can become good raiders with the proper help and guidance. We both have previous raid tier experience thru all of WoW. Our GM has been raiding since Molten Core, has experience with all raid tiers, and has been apart of just about all beta, and alpha stages of this game. Our AGM has been raiding since Wrath, with a small break thru Cata, coming back to raiding in Pandaria. Both GM and AGM have raided together since BRF, and have experience with Mythic progression, both as a team and together in previous guilds. We are looking to build a team around the mind set that all players can be raiders. We believe that anyone can raid, despite their numbers on the charts. We do not feel a low dps should be penalized, if they know the mechanics or the fights, don't stand in "buff fire", or anything else can be a detriment to a good dps. We want to build our team around players that enjoy the game, want to raid, and have fun doing so. As such, we will be willing to help in anyway possible to get our raiders to achieve what they are after (better DPS, better healing thru-put, better survivalbilty as a tank), by any means we can. Run dungeons, lfrs, mythic+ to help our team be better players/raiders. Our focus in looking at potential raiders will be to look for people that can do mechanics, above all other aspects. Our current core raiders are all will and able to help work on rotations, stats, etc to help bump dps for potential recruits. Raid Team Goals Our main focus and goal thru this expansion, is to have fun raiding, and to encourage our raiders to enjoy themselves as well. We want to eventually have a full Mythic progression team, and be able to clear full Mythic. However we are realistic in thought that it will take awhile to build that Mythic clear team. So for now, we are looking to start with a small 10 man team, to pursue normal clears, and Heroic progression. As the guild grows, we are hoping to achieve that Mythic Progression/ Clear team. Addons, Consumables, Chat Our raid team will be asked to get, or have already installed, the following add-ons: DBM or BigWigs Discord As a guild, we have the capability to provide the following: Food Flasks Potions Vantous Runes These will be provided with the understanding that as a raider, you are willing to help support the guild crafters with materials needed to make the above items. As long as these materials are available, the guild will provide for our raid team. We believe that all raiders should have the ability to have what is needed to be the best possible raider they can be, but we also know that endless hours farming can be tedious, so all raiders are asked to help restock the guild as needed. Chat will be done thru Discord, so please have the ability to use this chat system. A working headset and mic will be needed for each raid. In short, we want to build a guild to have fun, eventually progress, and enjoy this game we all play! If you have any questions, want to join, or chat about anything else to do with the guild, feel free to reply here or message us in game :) GM- Zeerek#1116 AGM- Deliahshadow#1586Leiriya10 1d
1d [H] <Equivalence> 8/10M, 9/9H LFM RDPS/DPS <Equivalence> Recruiting: RDPS: All Melee: All Heal: None Tank: None **All exceptional players are welcome to apply.** Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9H Hours / Times Progression Raid Schedule: Tuesday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Thursday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Community Raid Schedule: Currently: 9/10 H Friday - 8:00pm EST - 11:30 pm EST; Raid with our enclave of members. What You can Expect from Us Equivalence is unique in the landscape of semi-hardcore guilds. We target almost exclusively mature players on the top of their game. We combine maturity, skill, and preparation to deliver an experience that is very rare amongst progression teams. Our leaders are mostly veterans with years of guild leadership under their belts, many of whom have been officers since Classic and The Burning Crusade. Our raid environment is focused and drama free. Our officers put in a lot of work behind the scenes during raid to deliver the best possible experience and develop the best possible strategies and solutions. We have a very team-focused environment and we don’t tolerate any drama or selfishness. Flexibility is another defining trait of Equivalence and in many ways. We recognize that a group full of occupational and family-focused adults requires a greater level of understanding in regards to accommodating real life so we work with our players to be as flexible as we can (within reason). We also encourage and develop options for players who are flexible in performing well in multiple roles and classes. We recruit the player over the class. If you have multiple skill sets; we’ll try to capitalize on that. While the Equivalence banner is only as old as the start of Hellfire Citadel, many of our officers and core players came from the same prior guild and with some great new blood we have been improving at breakneck pace. Our Accomplishments so far: Mythic Archimonde: Aug 25th US 785 Heroic Xavius (AOTC): 13 days after launch Mythic Xavius (CE): Dec 22nd US 942 Heroic Guldan (AOTC): 16 days after launch What We Expect from You Equivalence is interested in the person behind the keyboard first and foremost. You aren't just a name on a list to us; you are a person and you will treated as such. We do have very high standards in what we are looking for; we expect our players from the GM to you the recruit to maintain a positive attitude and to act with maturity and respect. We don't operate on the lowest common denominator of the internet where being strangers entitles you to be a total ***. You have a name and a reputation which transcend this thing called the internet, we expect you to act like such. We also expect you to perform on your class to the best of your ability, and when that doesn't meet the level of your peers, to go out of your way to research and explore how to get there. Our players pride themselves on knowing and playing their classes to the highest levels. We evaluate and invest in our player’s improvement often; be teachable and be able to take constructive criticism. How to Get Hold of Us Feel free to poke us in game. You can reach our officers directly; or though our website https://equivalencezuljin.wordpress.com/ Character / Battletag Yepah / Yepah#1230 Hargalaten / ASTJ#1154Sidhel76 1d
1d Holy/Ret Pally Daytime/Late Night 903 holy/ret pally looking for either a late night or daytime raiding guild. Late Night start time 12 PM cst Sunday through Thursday Daytime start time: 9 AM cst to 12 PM cst Monday through Friday. Semiho#1462 9/9 Normal 3/9 HeroicEmunah3 1d
1d 927 Unholy DK looking for Mythic guild Like the title says, I'm an unholy dk looking for a guild that does mythic progression. I'm currently 3/9 mythic and looking for a guild with similar experience and raid times that start no earlier than 7:00 pm and last no later than 11:00 pm. I recently transferred back to Zul'jin from Sargeras and want to find a new, hopefully long lasting, home after the last two guilds I was in stopped raiding. Post info here or add me on Bnet (COSHUR#1394) for any interested.Lichmemes1 1d
1d <Conflux> is Recruiting Tank & DPS 3/9M TOS! <Conflux> is recruiting to fill mythic progression positions. We are looking for a few exceptional skilled Ranged DPS. We are a guild with a long raiding history dating back to MoP. With Legion in full stride we are looking to solidify our raiding team. Raid Times Tuesday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Wednesday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Thursday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Guild Progression Emerald Nightmare Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 7/7 Trail of Valor Heroic: 3/3 Mythic: 3/3 Nighthold Heroic: 10/10 Mythic: 9/10 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic: 3/9 Normal: 9/9 Heroic: 9/9 Guilds Atmosphere We strive to have a Hardcore attitude towards progression, while having a fun and relaxed atmosphere during raids and off nights. Everyone in Conflux enjoys high end raiding, but we do not feel that we need to yell and get angry at each other to accomplish our goals. We all laugh and joke around while killing trash or on farm, however we also know when to put the jokes aside and focus up on the current boss at hand. Raiders Expectations We expect all raiders to provide a 90% attendance and to be punctual on all raid days. We also expect core raiders to be personally responsible for their own flasks, potions, enchants and food. We will not tolerate negative attitudes during progression raids.Lastly all raiders are expected to maintain exceptional performances each night as core raid positions are very competitive. High Priority classes/ Specs: Tank: Blood DK ( High) Monk (High) Druid (High) Warrior (Medium) DPS: Warlock (High) Rogue (High) Shadow Priest (High) Boomkin (High) Although all exceptional applicants who meet the requirements will be considered!! APPLICANTS WHO CAN PROVIDE RECENT LOGS WILL BE HIGHLY CONSIDERED! Battle Tags Guild Master: Dorini#1815 Raid Leader: Chickenfing#1322 Officer: Ohhbaby#11897Dorynie39 1d
1d (H) 911 Warlock I am new to the server and looking for a home to raid with. I am looking for N and H TOS progression guild. I am able to raid 2-3 x a week as well as being active non raid nights and days as well. I am also looking for a guild that is active non-raids nights as well. I am willing to help out, donate for GB for supplies for raiding, as well as anything else needed. Looking for a social bunch of people who also kill digital demons too. I am leaving my battletag, please add me if you are interested. DeathLord#21776Aypoc2 1d
1d (H) 911 Shaman Hello everybody, I'm looking for a guild to enjoy the game with. I'm pretty open when it comes to what days but would prefer a timeline around 7PM to midnight, EST. I like to run mythic dungeons and raids frequently, so a guild where that happens often would be great. I like to think I'm easy to get along with and I know there is always something to learn and work on. - PvE wise, my main spec is Elemental but I also enjoy Restoration. I play Enhancement occasionally but not as much as the other two. - Discord only, please. Big thanks, hit me up if you think I'd be a good fit.Aku7 1d
1d 8/9H, 3/10M Sunday ONLY LFM! <Goonies Never Say Wipe> of Zul'Jin Horde is now recruiting! We are a close-knit group of friends that raid only from 6 to 10 (Server/EST) on Sunday nights. About us: Several years ago on another server, we were a fairly successful semi-hardcore progression guild. The guild broke up toward the end of Siege of Orgrimmar but each of us kept in touch. After realizing "Hey, I miss raiding with my friends!" We then decided to come back together to raid just one day a week in Legion. Most of the current team are former semi-hardcore/hardcore raiders who used to raid 3+ nights a week. As we've gotten older, we're less willing to treat WoW like a full time job but we still want to see the content. Our current one night a week raid schedule is perfect for that. This is a great group for "retired" raiders, college students, or others who want to experience the content with good players but without the heavy time commitment. We only have one required raid night but we also run an optional raid at 7:30 on Thursday nights. Our guild also plays other games together like Diablo. So even though we only have one required raid night per week, there are plenty of other things to keep us all occupied! We are currently 8/9H, 3/10M with a ~20 person roster. Though we are primarily heroic focused and we are not a hardcore guild, we do want to continue to casually raid Mythics and maintain a Mythic-ready roster. We are currently recruiting the following: Warlock Shadow Priest Ele Shaman with raid ready/usable Resto OS Boomkin Mage I should stress that personality fit is as important to us as your ability to play your class. We have some kooky personalities in our guild and we are looking for people we will get along with. A great sense of sick & depraved humor, thick skin, and willingness to put the group first are all required. Also, many of the players in our guild come from former semi-hardcore/hardcore backgrounds and we are looking for people with high output and good raid awareness. Please note: alts are welcome! If you are a serious raider that raids during the week on your main and you have an alt you'd like to get a fun once a week group for, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you are interested please contact me. My b-tag is: Cassandrae#1741.Zivalaa0 1d
1d <Ascension> Looking for DPS/Heals 9/9N 8/9H newly formed guild recruiting for ToS progression raiding. Goal is mythic progression. Looking for the following: -Resto Shaman -Rogue -Warlock -Balance Druid -DK Beyond the above all core spots are performance based and all exceptional players are encouraged to give us a shout regardless of class. Raids are Tues/Weds 9p-12 server time (EST). PST Quazi#1125 or Padinn#1305 for more details.Quazi17 1d
1d <Reforgèd> 3/9 M 9/9H Tues/Thurs 9-12 EST LFM Hey Guys! <Reforgèd> is a Mythic raiding guild that likes to progress while having a fun time doing it. A lot of our members have been playing together for years. We run a Loot Council system comprised of both Officers and Raiders to ensure equality for the entire raid team. Raid Times Tuesday & Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00 am EST (server time). Invites go out 15 minutes early. We have an optional alt/heroic/normal run on Saturday nights from 9:00pm - 12:00 am EST as well. Recruitment Needs We have a smaller raid roster. We do not recruit bench players. If you join, expect to be raiding and be able to step in and contribute immediately. We are currently looking for 1 strong DPS and 1 healer for core raid spots. Any exceptional players will always be considered. If you are interested in joining or have any questions please add our GM Peryite (ZachMan77#1311) or our Community Leader Volkaara (salvmon#1252) on Btag or fill out our application below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19strySgo76Gx9KS25Szxn36dvEYHxGb7O2v_RX41U8QIlutoo17 1d
1d DPS / Healer Needed. ToS 3/9 Mythic <Untamed> Untamed is looking for a skilled DPS and Healer. Raid Times = 8:00-10:30pm EST. Tues/Wed/Thurs. If interested, message me at jimfro#1833.Jimfro4 1d
1d MW or HPally LF Raid Group LF guild that doesn't raid too late. Raid days are pretty much open but no more than 3. I'm 8/9H xp (as dps) and previous tier went 7/10M 3/3M (partially as a healer and dps). I wanted to take a break from the semi-hardcore progression raiding that just felt like my soul was being sucked out of me each time I logged into raid. Mostly looking for a more casual guild that's doing or going to do heroic and possibly transition to mythic if the roster is fitting for that type of stuff. Mistweaver: 52 Traits 4pc T20 (lfr) decent trinkets 1 BiS Legendary and 1 meh 900 ilvl Holy Paladin: 55 traits 2pc T20 decent trinkets not too great legendaries 917ilvl If you have any questions, add me on bnet: Giggles#1351. Thanks for looking!Mischièvous3 1d
1d (Deprave) 3/9M Recruiting (Deprave) recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders, who are competent in raid, and focus on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid. Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Nighthold - 8/10M Tomb of Sargares - 3/9M Server: Horde Zul'jin(US) Raid Times: (invites start at 8:45pm EST) Times are in EST Wednesday: 9:00pm- 12:00am Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am Tuesday : 9:00pm (Heroic Farm Run) (We will not raid later than 12:00am) Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Deprave Guild Goals: Our main goal is to be Top 200 US. But also have fun and help each other out. We do a lot of M+ Keys 15 and higher. Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Closed Healer: Holy/Disc Priest with DPS Offspec Melee: Rogue, Warrior, Demon Hunter Ranged: Hunter, Balance Druid, Warlock, Mage If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20. Required Addons: RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Bigwigs or DBM WeakAuras2 What we're looking for in Recruits: A strong desire to always improve and learn from mistakes. People who are social, can take jokes; we are very un-PC. People who can understand raid mechanics and execute them. Dedication, competence & a competitive spirit. Apply @ https://deprave.enjin.com Contact: If you're interested, you can contact me (Chipsandcoke#1804) or in Game.Gotmìlk7 1d
1d {H}<Mimic> Adult Heroic 2day/wk recruiting <MIMIC> is an adult progressive horde raiding guild looking for older/experienced players & couples. A lot of us are 30+ with families so our raiding schedule reflects that and that's the kind of people we want. Our core group is very strong and consistent but we need couple of more people for ToS. Because we're an older bunch with jobs and family responsibilities, our main focus will not be Mythic raiding as we are primarily a HEROIC raiding guild. However, we are very serious about our play time and achieve quite a bit. We of course have cleared Heroic NH and we're always doing Mythic +'s on off nights usually. We raid Thursday 8-10pm est and Sunday 8:30-10:30pm est. Unofficial Alt/Casual member night is Tuesday at 9 est/server Once Heroic ToS is on farm we might consider dabbing into mythic raid for ToS but as mentioned before it isn't our focus. We also have a requirement for the known raiding mods and as well we require Discord (mic preferred please). We also recommend you use the discord mobile app so you can keep up with guildies, stuff that's going on, and so you can let us know if you will be late or absent from raid. 10/10 ToS-N now 5/9 ToS-H as of 8/15 If you have any questions you can add me to battle.net at Khyber#1183 or our GM illarya#1940.Dezerok32 1d