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Jan 24, 2015 Epic Profession Recipes Crafters List Here is a thread I will update regularly as posts come in with who can make what on either faction side. Just post your profession and what epic recipes you can make. Not rares. Epics. Making this thread since not everyone is going to have all the patterns right away, since some of them, like with tailoring, require BoP 6 day CD cloth to buy. This will be an easy way for people to find potential crafters to make their items. Also, please post if you have any Chaos Orbs available for certain recipes. Thanks. All recipes and their current crafters: BLACKSMITHING - Elementium Earthguard Elementium Earthguard A - Barbazian, Haines, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield A- Haines, Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Deathplate Elementium Deathplate A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Hauberk Hardened Elementium Hauberk A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Chestguard Light Elementium Chestguard A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Girdle of Pain Elementium Girdle of Pain A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Girdle Hardened Elementium Girdle A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Belt Light Elementium Belt A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Gutslicer Elementium Gutslicer A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz Forged Elementium Mindcrusher Forged Elementium Mindcrusher A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz ENCHANTING - Enchant Weapon - Landslide Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide A- Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent A- Balthiar, Voska, Impromir, Aeriscats, Deltrus, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Doxic, Blankaman, Warkitten, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Windwalk Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk A- Voska, Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Agility Formula: Enchant Bracer - Agility A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Major Strength Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect A- H- Daemoos, Selanius LEATHERWORKING - Assassin's Chestplate Assassin's Chestplate A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Chestguard of Nature's Fury Chestguard of Nature's Fury A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Caddarik, Deeyar H- Fattoney Dragonkiller Tunic Dragonkiller Tunic A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Lightning Lash Lightning Lash A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Belt of Nefarius Whispers Belt of Nefarious Whispers A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Twilight Scale Chestguard Twilight Scale Chestguard A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Corded Viper Belt Corded Viper Belt A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Stormleather Sash Stormleather Sash A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Charscale Leg Armor Charscale Leg Armor A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Dragonscale Leg Armor Dragonscale Leg Armor A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Drakehide Leg Armor Drakehide Leg Armor A- Tyrrik H- TAILORING - Belt of the Depths Belt of the Depths A- Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Holymium, Selanius Breeches of Mended Nightmares Breeches of Mended Nightmares A- Pfrog, Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Dreamless Belt Dreamless Belt A- Deltrus, Pfrog, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Flame-Ascended Pantaloons A- Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Powerful Enchanted Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Powerful Ghostly Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Illusionary Bag Illusionary Bag A- Aeriscats, Deltrus H- Siccmixx, SelaniusDeltrus112 Jan 24, 2015
48m <Teufel Hunden> <Teufel Hunden> About us: Founded in December 29, 2005 on Mannoroth-US until a transfer to Zul’jin-US in 2015. We offer players a place to raid where they have a fair chance at loot and they won't be yelled at for their mistakes. Our method is to instead provide constructive criticism and try our best to help the raider improve.Our goals are aimed at progressing through mythic. What we offer you: - A very stable semi-hardcore relaxed raiding environment with potions/flasks provided. - A guild where you will be respected and heard. we welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. What we expect: - Players that have a raiding background, and a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. - Able to play all of their class and specializations at an appropriate level. -People looking to be part of a team for the long term. - Able to show up to ALL raids (High Attendance). Raid Times: Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm Server Thursday 8:30-11:30pm Server Monday (clean up) 8:30-11:30pm Server www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Teufel+Hunden ARMORY TANKS http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Montju/advanced http://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/zuljin/epistales Healers http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Shelixir/advanced http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Kungpaochik/advanced http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Failfeng/advanced http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Keejin/advanced DPS http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Teufel+Hunden BTAGS GM/RL Yot#1193 Officer DirtyMedic#1388Wutañg32 48m
1h ⚡[H] <Vantage> 6/9H & 9/9N Late Night LFM ⚡ About Vantage We are a late night Mythic progression raiding guild and have had a solid core of high performing players who started raiding together at the start of Legion. We recently made the move to Zul’jin to play with and recruit similarly skilled and motivated players. Our goal is to clear all current content on a relaxed schedule by making the most of our time. We are looking for people with previous Heroic and Mythic raiding experience. This means that we expect you to be punctual and prepared, research fights ahead of time, that you can maintain your focus and positive attitude while wiping, that you can play your class well while adapting to new situations, and that you learn quickly while making few mistakes. We play to have fun and we have fun when we kill new bosses. Current Progression We are currently 6/9H & 9/9N. We are still in the process of ironing out our roster for current and future progression. We have a lot of very strong players, and we are searching for players at a similar level. Raid Times Tuesday 12am-3am EST (9pm - 12am PST) Wednesday 12am-3am EST (9pm - 12am PST) Thursday 12am-3am EST (9pm - 12am PST) Before and after these times, a lot of us run a TON of Mythic+ if that interests you. Recruitment We are currently looking for any competitive DPS that want to fight for a spot on our roster. However, we will consider any exceptional player. Being able to spec into your off spec and heal/tank for Mythic+ or even a raid environment is preferred. Below will be an ideal list of classes we would like to see. DPS Shadow Priest Mage (Anyspec) Warlock (Anyspec) Balance Druid Windwalker Monk Healer Disc Priest Mistweaver Monk Additional Notes We expect 100% attendance from new recruits. We provide all consumables and repairs for raiders. We also actively run high keystones and run alt raids throughout the week. More Information Get in touch with one of our officers who will arrange an interview with you. You will be expected to provide a link to recent logs of your raiding performance in relevant content. Contact sonic#1373 Austin0nfire#1376 Flex#11310 DeluxeJohn#1477 Nomnomzz#1648 Thank you for taking Vantage into consideration!Sócks60 1h
1h Crave 8/9H LFM! Crave is newly formed with a handful of members from different guilds, with many having top 100 - 200 U.S exp. We all left because of different reasons like leadership and lack of effort. We're all here to have fun but to also down content at a good pace while it's still relevant and not nerfed. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm - 11:30pm EST. Goal in tomb and for the future is top 100 - 200 U.S! Keep in mind when applying we require mature. Over 18. Our guild chat is largely uncensored so please be comfortable with swearing, crude jokes, and differing opinions. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Mage: High Shadow priest: Medium Warlock: High (Immediate Raid Spot) Ret pally: High Warrior: High R druid: High Rogue: High (Immediate Raid Spot) Also, just because your class isn't listed doesn't mean we wouldn't consider your class! Any exceptional dps is welcomed to still apply. Feel free to add Tyler#1707 to b-tag or apply @ crave.enjin.comHexiled177 1h
3h <Ignorance> 8/10M Late Night LFM ToS <Ignorance> (8/10M NH and 8/9 H ToS) Is recruiting a Holy Paladin, an Enhancement Shaman, and ranged DPS for Mythic Tomb. Exceptional players are encouraged to apply. -Raid times are Tues/Thurs 12:15am-2:15 am EST and Fri 12-4 am EST. - We're a fairly new guild yet proving to be successful. We have a serious yet playful attitude towards mythic progression, and we're looking for people who can pull the numbers and also do mechanics. If you're interested in having fun while being part of a team pushing mythic content hit me up. -We've had really good momentum since deciding to start our guild, and we are looking for players who mesh well with us. We have a lot of fun and laughs, but we are serious and do get stuff done. People are active beyond the raid nights doing multitudes of activities. We have many optional raid days for old content (normals/heroics/mythics/m+). Thanks for reading. -For more information contact me at Conscientia#1308Notfall5 3h
4h [H] <Treachery> : Recruiting, Evening, 2 Day <Treachery> is an established guild that is currently recruiting new members to fill out our roster. We are currently 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras and we ended Nighthold as 10/10 Heroic months ago. We are a group of raiders that have been playing together for a very long time, almost a decade at this point! Our group met during The Burning Crusade and we’ve been a tight knit group ever since. We remained semi-hardcore raiders until the end of WotLK, clearing every tier of content while relevant and many in maximum difficulty (heroic at this time). With the introduction of Cataclysm, we became much more casual but still played together, as well as played other games together. Like mentioned previously, our bond is and has been unshakeable. With the introduction of Legion, we are now looking for others to share this awesome expansion with us! Most of us are quite a bit busier now than we were in BC/WotLK, growing up together we’ve also established families, gotten married, gotten jobs, currently enrolled in higher education, etc. We are looking for likeminded individuals that want to enjoy the content that Legion has to offer in a relaxed environment, with an awesome group of people, and still be able to live life, maintain a job, go to school, and spend time with your family. As much as we enjoy this game, we’re firm believers in Blizzard’s loading screen tip: Remember to take all things in moderation (even World of Warcraft!) WHO is Treachery recruiting? Damage dealers of all types that pull their own weight WHAT is Treachery recruiting for? We’re recruiting for upcoming and current raid content. We are currently progressing through Tomb of Sargeras Heroic and farming Normal and we are having a ball doing it. We're working toward getting our raid group In addition to raiding, we run several high level Mythic+ weekly. WHEN does Treachery raid? Wednesday-Thursday : 10 PM - 1 AM Server Time (Eastern) Yes, we’re a late evening guild. These times work well with our current schedules and I am sure they will align with quite a few other’s lives as well. HOW can I apply? Please apply at http://www.treacheryguild.com There is a very short application process to help us get to know you and to make sure we're compatible. No registration is required to apply. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have have for us.Nikol25 4h
4h [H] <Equivalence> 8/10M, 3/9H LFM Healer <Equivalence> Recruiting: RDPS: None Melee: None Heals: Monk, Shaman, Priest **All exceptional players are welcome to apply. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 3/9H Hours / Times Progression Raid Schedule: Tuesday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Thursday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Sunday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Community Raid Schedule: Currently: 9/10 H Friday - 8:00pm EST - 11:30 pm EST; Raid with our enclave of members. What You can Expect from Us Equivalence is unique in the landscape of semi-hardcore guilds. We target almost exclusively mature players on the top of their game. We combine maturity, skill, and preparation to deliver an experience that is very rare amongst progression teams. Our leaders are mostly veterans with years of guild leadership under their belts, many of whom have been officers since Classic and The Burning Crusade. Our raid environment is focused and drama free. Our officers put in a lot of work behind the scenes during raid to deliver the best possible experience and develop the best possible strategies and solutions. We have a very team-focused environment and we don’t tolerate any drama or selfishness. Flexibility is another defining trait of Equivalence and in many ways. We recognize that a group full of occupational and family-focused adults requires a greater level of understanding in regards to accommodating real life so we work with our players to be as flexible as we can (within reason). We also encourage and develop options for players who are flexible in performing well in multiple roles and classes. We recruit the player over the class. If you have multiple skill sets; we’ll try to capitalize on that. While the Equivalence banner is only as old as the start of Hellfire Citadel, many of our officers and core players came from the same prior guild and with some great new blood we have been improving at breakneck pace. Our Accomplishments so far: Mythic Archimonde: Aug 25th US 785 Heroic Xavius (AOTC): 13 days after launch Mythic Xavius (CE): Dec 22nd US 942 Heroic Guldan (AOTC): 16 days after launch What We Expect from You Equivalence is interested in the person behind the keyboard first and foremost. You aren't just a name on a list to us; you are a person and you will treated as such. We do have very high standards in what we are looking for; we expect our players from the GM to you the recruit to maintain a positive attitude and to act with maturity and respect. We don't operate on the lowest common denominator of the internet where being strangers entitles you to be a total ***. You have a name and a reputation which transcend this thing called the internet, we expect you to act like such. We also expect you to perform on your class to the best of your ability, and when that doesn't meet the level of your peers, to go out of your way to research and explore how to get there. Our players pride themselves on knowing and playing their classes to the highest levels. We evaluate and invest in our player’s improvement often; be teachable and be able to take constructive criticism. How to Get Hold of Us Feel free to poke us in game. You can reach our officers directly; or though our website https://equivalencezuljin.wordpress.com/ Character / Battletag Yepah / Yepah#1230 Hargalaten / ASTJ#1154Sidhel49 4h
5h DPS LF Guild Alcon, DPS here looking for a Horde raiding guild (Mythic/Heroic). Not to much experience with WoW, but was a Nightmare Raider in TOR (GM/Raid leader that competed regularly for server firsts and world top 5s etc.). My current available toons are; BM/MM Hunter-905ish Gear. Has Tier 19 Heroic 4 Piece, can play SV if needed. Frost/UH DK-902ish Gear. Has Tier 19 Heroic 4 Piece (better with Frost). Fury/Arms Warrior-900ish Gear. Has Tier 19 Heroic 4 Piece. WW Monk. 897ish Gear. Has majority of (Heroic) Tier 19 4 Piece. Ret Pally. 897ish. Has 4 piece, but sacrifices one currently for Lego (Cloak). Outlaw Rougue. Currently Gearing, can learn other specs easily. Havoc DH. Currently Gearing. All the content I have done has been very easy (having DBM's makes things a joke). I don't care much for DKP and loot systems as that, nor for massively huge groups (to much stupid). I prefer voice comms, with mature peeps (no kids..). I'm retired military and a Golf Pro so very mature and disciplined.Strattdaddy2 5h
9h <Conflux> is Recruiting! 8/9H TOS <Conflux> is recruiting to fill mythic progression positions. We are looking for a few exceptional skilled Ranged DPS. We are a guild with a long raiding history dating back to MoP. With Legion in full stride we are looking to solidify our raiding team. Raid Times Tuesday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Wednesday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Thursday: 10:00-1:00 EST. (7pm - 10pm PST.) Guild Progression Emerald Nightmare Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 7/7 Trail of Valor Heroic: 3/3 Mythic: 3/3 Nighthold Heroic: 10/10 Mythic: 9/10 Trial of Sargeras Heroic 8/9 Guilds Atmosphere We strive to have a Hardcore attitude towards progression, while having a fun and relaxed atmosphere during raids and off nights. Everyone in Conflux enjoys high end raiding, but we do not feel that we need to yell and get angry at each other to accomplish our goals. We all laugh and joke around while killing trash or on farm, however we also know when to put the jokes aside and focus up on the current boss at hand. Raiders Expectations We expect all raiders to provide a 90% attendance and to be punctual on all raid days. We also expect core raiders to be personally responsible for their own flasks, potions, enchants and food. We will not tolerate negative attitudes during progression raids.Lastly all raiders are expected to maintain exceptional performances each night as core raid positions are very competitive. High Priority classes/ Specs: Heals: Holy Pally (High) Restoration druid (Medium) DPS: Hunter (High) Boomkin ( High) Mage (High) Warlock (High) Rogue (Medium) Elemental Shaman ( Medium) Although all exceptional applicants who meet the requirements will be considered!! APPLICANTS WHO CAN PROVIDE RECENT LOGS WILL BE HIGHLY CONSIDERED! Battle Tags Raider: Dorini#1815 Raid Leader: Chickenfing#1322 Guild Master: Slyck#1201 (Slyck)Dorynie0 9h
9h To Mage/Lock in Stormheim inv. To the mage and warlock of the horde that I was in the Stormheim invasion scenario with just a few moments ago. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you felt the need to boot me from the group, after carrying you two through most of the scenario. I'm sorry I went ahead of you and freed all three dragons without any of your help. I'm sorry that you felt the need to wait until the drakes were freed before you mounted them for the next stage. I'm sorry that we arrived inside the legion's ship together, but I killed the first demon nearby the doorway. I'm sorry I went downstairs, and cleared the portal room of it's three summoners without you. I'm sorry I had went across to the vat room, cleared the four demons there and destroyed the vats of fel-goo alone. I'm sorry that alone, I went and cleared 55% of the demons within the ship without your help. I'm sorry that you felt the need to sit and have tea and crumpets, while I did most of the work. I'm sorry that even after doing all that, you still had the nerve to cowardly remove me from the group. I'm sorry I did 80% of the work thus far I'm sorry my back hurt from carrying the both of you but most of all I'm sorry I never learned your names, so that I may properly address you, so that others may know how little you did and how utterly pathetic you both are. I thank you for this experience, and next time, i will make better note of your names in the future, so I may actually know who I am looking for, and may call you out properly.Ashenis0 9h
10h 9/10M 7/9H ToS Just Outgear It Recruiting! Current Tier Progression: 9/10M 9/9N 7/9H Hello, this is Krèeg from <Just Outgear it>, a Horde guild on Zul'Jin. Currently, we are in need of strong DPS who can compete with our current roster and understand the meaning of raiding. Down below is what we are in need of at the moment Recruitment Needs (not necessarily in order of need): High Needs: Warlock Ele Sham Hunter Mage Boomkin WW Monk Note: Players of a high caliber should consider applying, regardless of spec/class. Our raid schedule is as follows(players are expected to be on time): Tuesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Wednesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Thursday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. If you feel like we may be a fit for you, please submit an application at http://justoutgearit.enjin.com and feel free to add any of the below BattleTags to get in contact with a recruiter, officer or GM. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you! Flaps#1403 (officer) Kraig#1462 (Guild Master) Mastashake#1160 (Officer) Aileana#1278 (Officer)Krèeg27 10h
12h [LNPT] 7/7M 2/3M 8/10M 6-hr/week Recruiting Late Night Pain Train (LNPT) is a 6 hr/week mythic raiding guild, and we are looking to keep a healthy roster to continue pushing mythic raiding during legion. We are a serious group of raiders, but like to have fun. Our raid team has cleared 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3M ToV and 8/10M Nighthold currently, and we are looking for some new blood to keep the train rolling for Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Wed: 10:00 - 12:00PM EST Classes we're looking for: DPS - any class but will especially consider Mage, Hunter, Elemental Shaman, Boomkin 1 Healer - prefer Priest or Shaman (dps offspec a plus!) We highly encourage all raiders to feel comfortable playing their offspec if needed. We welcome anything not listed above to app as well - we are always looking for exceptional like-minded players. If you are interested please submit and application on our website at http://lnpt.enjin.com/. If have questions please contact Locanth#1758, Jabini#1699, Gorgrath#1989, or Gortao#1301. We are located on the Zul'jin server and would be pleased to talk with you. If none of us are on then talk to anyone in the guild, let them know that you were looking for us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.Gorgrath25 12h
13h <Attunement> Horde is Recruiting! Horde Side 8 / 9 Normal Tomb of Sargeras We are a guild that focuses on clearing relevant Heroic difficulty raid content in an overall casual and relaxed environment. Currently we are looking for Item Level 885+ players to round out our roster as we prepare for Tomb of Sargeras. We are open to any exceptional DPS that is not under the Protector Token. Raiding Schedule : Tuesday / Thursday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Server (EST) Time Voice Chat : Discord Loot Distribution : RC Loot Council That being said, if you are not a raider, we are also open to more casual players. If you are a more casual player, we welcome you to join us regardless of class, item level, or role. There are always guild groups forming for Random Heroics, Mythic and Mythic+ Dungeons, PvP and Achievement Hunting! Groups of friends are also welcome to apply together! If you think you would enjoy joining, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here, via in-game mail, or on b.net! Seppy#1485 - In Game : Seppy Teekee#11716 - In Game : Indicaz Adorict#1509 - In Game : Adorict Drock#1581 - In Game : Maoraclewhip We’re looking forward to hearing from you!Seppy0 13h
14h [H]Poutine 3/9 Heroic Tues/Thurs 8-11pmEST Poutine of Zul’jin is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. About Us: We’re a newly formed guild with a core consisting of experienced raiders who subscribe to the idea that less time playing doesn’t mean less effort or less success. We’re looking for quality players that enjoy the game, want to play with a group of like-minded people, and have fun while smoothly clearing out content. We can’t sustain these goals with poor players or bad attitudes, so come show us your ‘A’ game and that you’re a good fit for our raid team. We’re progression orientated, relaxed, and determined to take down content in a competitive manner. We raid on a limited 2 day schedule, therefore we expect our players to be on top of their game and prepared for the content they will be hitting. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Looking For: -Both Melee and Ranged DPS -Exceptional Healers and Tanks are also up for consideration Even if your class is not listed, we encourage you to apply regardless. Exceptional players will always be considered. Applicant Requirements: -Dress to impress. Demonstrate basic knowledge, understanding, and seriousness about your progression through correct enchants, gemming, and gearing to the best possible optimization you can achieve. -Punctuality and reliability; show up on time, prepared, and consistently. -Ability to accept constructive criticism, and demonstrate dedication to self-improvement through theorycraft and research. -Situational awareness. Don’t stand in fire -Able to communicate through Discord -Recent/Relevant logs to showcase performance What We Offer: -A guild with the competitive drive and skill to progress -Players with a history of high level raid experience dating back to BC -A positive raid environment that’s laid back and casual while still maintaining a progressive mindset on a tight schedule -We are drama free and personable - our members range from university students to young working professionals -A fair loot council that awards gear based progress and dedication. We do not play favorites, period. -An active group of players who have interact with each other and have hobbies outside of WoW Apply at: http://poutine.enjin.com/ Contact Us: Shadowbites#1291 Boomfield#1237 Kaleido#1394 Fulgymbo79#1433Azula41 14h
16h H-<Mythic Plus> Recruiting <Mythic Plus> 2 Night Raiding! 10/10H We are a weekend guild, for those who have lame mon-fri jobs. Our raid times are as follow: Sat and Sun 7PM-11PM. Presently growing familiar with ToS. The current raid size is 15 Players, but with summer, and vacations coming into the mix. We would like to up the raid size to a larger scale. 20+, this will cover absent/leave nights and weeks for everyone, and keep the good push going. About our set-up: Website: http://mythic-plus.enjin.com/ VoIP: Discord Raids: sat/sun 7PM-11PM Gear/Artifact Requirements: 890+ Ilvl 40+ Traits We have a high Demand on healing classes, and Moderate to high on ranged DPS. Currently no Tanking roles are open. Death Knight(DPS)- Low Demon Hunter(DPS) - High Hunter - Low Mage - High Monk(DPS) - Moderate Monk(healing) - Very High Paladin(healing) - Very High Paladin(DPS) - High Priest(healing)- Very High Priest(DPS) - Low Shaman(DPS) - Low Shaman(healing) - High Warlock - Low Warrior(DPS) - High We cover repairs, and feasts on Heroic nights, and have a list of Rank 3 crafters to make any flasks/potions you require! If you would like more information, forward any inquiry to meät#1866 or Drop a application on our website http://mythic-plus.enjin.com/recruitmentPandemìc1 16h
16h <Comfortably Rum> recruiting Heals <Comfortably Rum> recruiting a few more dedicated skilled players for TOS. Most of us have been hard core raiders and just want a more laid back style of raiding . We want a chill raid environment that still looks to progress. We have successfully been achieving that goal for last few expansions now while having a good time. We will clear normal/heroic/meta achievs with a goal of a few mythics while raiding and lots of mythic+ dungeons. We have an active guild with great people. What we want: - Players with a willingness to improve, research, and invest into their class and team. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. - People with good sense of humor and attitude. Progress: 7/9N TOS Raid Times: Wen and Thurs Mon 8-10:00pm - Personal Loot Sat Alt Fun Run 9pm Needs: H Pally & Priest Healer - will consider all vet players Casuals and alts of all levels welcomed! If interested contact Mayching. Maybellaa BT = Maybella#1211Mayching3 16h
1d <Wander> Recruiting for tomb! (Late Night) New to Zul'jin, looking to fill our roster for Mythic Nighthold and beyond. We are group of mostly working professionals who appreciate tough content and laughs, we're comprised of both new and longtime raiders. We accept anyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, political outlook etc. We will be respectful of other guild members views no matter how asinine and will refrain from trolling them. Teasing, banter is fine but know when you’re crossing a line. Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 11:00pm – 2:00am EST (server) 8:00pm – 11:00pm PST 9:00pm – 12:00pm MT 10:00pm – 1:00am CT Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H, 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 3/3 H & 3/3 M Nighthold: 10/10 H & 7/10 M Recruitment Needs: High: Opening all DPS Medium: Holy Paladin We are also willing to consider any classes/specs that are not listed above. Contact Info: Impending#11500 Nutterbutter#1814 (Me) Jhayn#1922Donaldjstump6 1d
1d <vodka> Selling all Legion PvE content As the title states <vodka> will be selling all Legion PvE content. We are currently ranked 1st on the server and 11th in the US. We will be doing all raid sales on Sunday and Monday Nights at 5:30 PST. Any dungeon service can be completed any day per your convenience. Prices are as follows. Raid Mythic NH 10/10M: 5M M Guldan w/ mount: 3M Mythic NH 10/10M w/ mount: 8M Normal Tomb of Sargeras Personal Loot: 750k Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Personal Loot: 1.5M 5 Mans M+ dungeon prices are on a per dungeon basis, if you would like to buy a bundle we are more than happy to accommodate and will give a discounted rate. With the release of Patch 7.2.5, and the importance of concordance/new leggos we are going to be selling M+ farming. This entails myself, and 2 other individuals that will farm M+ with you until your heart's content. If interested in this, please message Dreams to set this up. On average we get 120M/hour, which can sometimes be as high as 150M depending on the affixes of the current week (bolstering). M+ 10 250k - awards a 905 piece in your class hall on tuesday M+11 300k - Awards 910 piece of gear M+12 350k - Awards 915 piece of gear M+13 - 400k - Awards 920 Piece of gear M+14 - 500k - Awards 925 Piece of gear M+15 750k - awards 930 gear, special transmog, and 250M in your weekly chest with max AK. These are prices with OUR keystone, if you bring your own keystone you will get a discount. Karazhan - 150k Nightbane WITH mount - 150k Karazhan w/ Nightbane - 250k A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to the first boss being pulled, or starting the instance. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your spot and deposit. If you would like to purchase single bosses, only tier bosses, or have any questions feel free to Contact myself, Dreams(Dreams#1467). Form: https://goo.gl/forms/7coNyBn8dduF3OsT2 Please fill this form out while you wait for us to get back to you, it gives us an idea of what you want in advance and allows us to set up runs ASAP for your convenience.Dreamsx73 1d
1d <Outcasts> LFM H ToS! <Outcasts> is recruiting to move into Mythics and ToS. We currently have about 16 on our raid team and are seeking to add a few dps (one with healing or tank OS). Most of our team has raided together for years and have strong relationships. Raid Days & Times: Wed 8pm to 11pm EST/ST Thurs 8pm to 11pm EST/ST Sun 7pm to 10pm EST/ST (alt night, fun run, not required) We have discord and use loot council. We do expect high attendance but we know life does happen. We are willing to help the right candidate gear as long as they are able to perform to the requirements of each encounter. If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact us! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Hogan#1960 Jornn#1490 Suliet#1851Suliet17 1d
1d <Outcasts> 3/9H ToS Recruiting More Raiders <Outcasts> is currently just starting our run into mythic Nighthold. Better late than never. We are looking for strong DPS, and possibly a great healer, to join us. We are looking for people who are 10/10 H (around 900 ilvl) and are looking to find a guild to progress into mythic with. We have a friendly atmosphere and our members run content together outside of raid nights as well. Our goal is to progress as far into mythic as we can on a light schedule. If you feel like you should be raiding at a mythic level but have not been able to find a guild to do it with, we want to speak with you. We are currently having some attendance issues so a core spot is more than likely. Our raid times are as follows: Wednesday- 8-11pm Thursday- 8-11pm Sunday- 8-11pm (Heroic clear) Contacts: Hogan#1960 Jornn#1490Hoganshot15 1d
1d <Class Fantasy>7/10M Fri/Sat! :) <Class Fantasy> is recruiting to bolster our roster to build a strong raiding community for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are a progression oriented raiding guild who want to push current content in a timely manner on our short 2 day a week schedule. Raid Times Friday/Saturday 10:00pm to 2:00am EST. Progression NH 7/10M Recruiting Monk (MW) - High Priest (Shadow) - Medium Mage - Medium Hunter (MM) - Medium *All qualified applicants will be considered!* *Any Class/Spec* Guild Information Our guild was created on the Horde side of Zul'jin-US in WoD. We were known as Mists of Avalon for awhile but ended up getting a name change to Class Fantasy due to a popular vote for a better guild name. Most of our group has been together since Emerald Nightmare and have had a great time raiding ever since. Raid Information Our goal is to clear as much current content as we can before preparing for new content. Our 20+ roster is still a work in progress, with this in mind some people may be asked to sit and swap roles depending what we currently need at the time. We do our best to build a stable/strong/and supportive team, we offer all new recruits a opportunity to earn a core raid spot. We start everyone off with a 2 week trial period to evaluate your performance and see how well you fit in with the guild. What We Offer - A relaxed atmosphere - Constructive raid environment - Mythic+ groups - Guild repairs - Raid supplies, flasks/pots/food/etc What We Expect - High attendance (minimum 80%) - Excellent knowledge of your class/spec/role - Research new bosses before raid - Mature attitude - Dedication, competence, and a competitive spirit Loot System We use a EP/GP Loot System, we have been using it since the start of Nighthold and this has worked very well for us. :) Apply at http://classfantasyzuljin.enjin.com Contact Information Grace#1550Serenïty48 1d
1d Selling Mythic+ and Karazhan Carries $$$$$ WE $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ BACK $$$$$$$ $$$$$$ BABBBBYY $$$$$ Over 50 carries completed 100% customer satisfaction Hello we are a group of raiders from several different guilds offering easy carries. We are made up of 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M and 8/9H raiders with ilevels of 915+ We currently sell: Mythic+ 10 - 15 Dungeons Karazhan Nightbane Your keystone or ours! Using your own keystone provides a 20% discount from price! Completion of a 15 grants ilevel 930 gear in your weekly cache on tuesday. We have a proven track record of success and have many repeat buyers! M+10 key: 250K M+12 Key: 350K M+15 Key: 450K M+10-15 Key Boost: 800k Nightbane Run: 150k Karazhan Full clear w/ Nightbane 200k Wowprogress Info: http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Hippyrip http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Dizx http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Leftclick http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Mateng http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Warbane https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Whamares Please fill out this form if I am not online. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1smefNKb2lijAyWlx-IwQJR0VEiGaVZrBIOirdILo8nY/ Please contact me at Hippy#1836 with any questions.Hippyrip84 1d
1d H <Impulse> Tues-Thurs 7:30-10:30 LFM <Impulse> is an adult-oriented progression raiding guild that aims to tackle current content while maintaining a friendly and fun atmosphere. The large majority of our raid team has been with us for a long time and we are looking for individuals who are able to fit into our guild's culture. Our usual raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 10:30 EST (server time). 75%+ attendance is expected of all of our raiders, although we do understand that RL takes precedence over WoW. We are looking for people who are ready to stand up to the challenge of heroics. These are people who are dedicated enough to do a bit of class/ fight research on their own time, and are likely to switch talents based on what is needed in the fight. These are also people who look to improve their performance every raid night. We will also accept casual players into our ranks. If you're looking for a fun, friendly community who stays in touch throughout the day even outside of the game and plays other games together, we're the guild for you! Get in touch with us :) Currently, we are actively recruiting DPS players. Some classes we could use are: High Demand - Warlock - Frost/ UH DK Medium Demand - Enh Shaman - Shadow Priest - Mage - Balance Druid Low Demand - Hunter However, we will accept applications from all classes. If you are interested, please check out our website and submit an application. We will get back to you promptly. Website: http://www.impulse-zj.com Prior Progression: FL: 1/7 Old Heroic DS: 4/8 Old Heroic MSV: 6/6 Old Normal HoF: 6/6 Old Normal ToES: 4/4 Old Normal ToT: 12/12 Old Normal SoO: 10/14 Old Heroic HM: 7/7 H BRF: 10/10 H HFC: 13/13 H EN: 7/7 H ToV: 3/3 H NH: 10/10 HVirond233 1d
1d 912 resto shaman lf M+ team Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for a M+ team who needs a healer or a melee dps. I'm 912 equipped as resto with 57 traits and 909 equipped with 54 traits as an ehnance shammy. I'd like to push keys. Hit me up Krazea#1762Krazzea1 1d
1d [H] <EMERGENCE> U.S. Zul'Jin 4/9H LFM ToS <Emergence>4/9 H ToS LFM to bolster cutting edge Roster Raid Times:: 8-11 Server/Est Tuesdays and Thursdays (Optional run on Saturdays, Normal mode while progressing H, and H when progressing Mythic.) Needs: :Holy Paladin :MW Monk :Boomkin :Shadow Priest :Elemental Shaman :Windwalker Monk :Retribution Paladin {ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS CONSIDERED NO MATTER SPEC OR ROLE} UPDATE:: ALL ROLES OPEN EXCEPT TANK What we expect: 90% or better raid attendance No Loot drama Ability to learn the fights quickly Get along with other (great sense of humor as in voice we cut up a lot) Not against roster competition (very rare but we are performance based) Concordance in main spec weapon (we will help you farm AP to get this for Main spec and OS weapons) And most important, people who are about the 20 over the 1 in a group setting. What we offer: Very stable roster that would like to add a few exceptional players to its roster for M ToS. Team based atmosphere Solid STABLE environment with little turnover since NH started. Started NH with 14 on main roster and have grown with good players this entire time. Mythic Content as early as possible in ToS Mythic + keys been running 15 plus since January 2017 so AP farming and gearing will be no issue once the cap is changed to 15 Fun Loyalty and reliability Dedication to progression no matter how many pulls it takes to get a boss down Total Guild support Loot: Normal and Heroic runs are always Personal Loot Mythic is Master Loot with fair roll on gear. (our team sees needs and will pass up gear to others who may need more) We loot share without problem Additional Info: Guild formed June 11th 2016 Recruiting for Raiding started Late August 2016 Ranking better with each raid that comes out Some really good Mythic +/Raiders Optional Saturday Runs for normal and heroics once those difficulties are on farm (Mainly to gear up alts or grab that elusive piece of gear for mains) Goals: One team One goal, Cutting Edge as a 6 hr a week raid guild How To Contact: GM Cyrnak <Xurudra#1514> Look forward to hearing from exceptional players with similar goals. Contact with any questions you may have or general info about yourself and how you will strengthen team.Cyrnak0 1d
1d 912 Holy Priest LFG Hello there! I'm looking for a guild that wants to clear mythic content for TOS. My current guild is awesome, but they're quite laid back this tier. For my details/logs/and other important stuff all in one place please check out https://www.warcraftlfg.com/character/us/Zul'jin/Stephling/ Have a super awesome day!Stephling1 1d
1d [H]The Thundering Legion 6/9 ToS Recruiting Currently 6/9 ToS. 10/10H NH Raiding Tuesdays at 7PM PST/10PM EST, we are looking to strengthen our roster we dive into the Tomb of Sargeras. We offer a relaxed adult raiding environment. We ask that you raid with us for a week before you transfer or join the guild just to see if you fit. Not upfront commitment to join. Preferred DPS(Others may still apply): Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Druid(Boom) Preferred Healer: Druid, Monk, Shaman 890+ilvl preferred. ----------------------------------------------- For more information reply here. Message Vishran, Taitinn, or Kelseir in-game. Or add me on Battle.net Sterkzal#1561.Vishran5 1d
1d [H]<Out of our Element> casual/social LFM <Out of our Element> is a small casual/social guild looking for mature active players that want to have fun progressing through normal content on a flexible, low stress schedule. New and returning players welcome! When we have enough to form a raid, our aim is 1-2 raid nights per week, 2 hours per raid, somewhere between 7-10p EST. Our most active times during the week are between 5-10PM EST. Leveling, questing, holiday groups, achievement and transmog runs are all routine! Discord is our voice comm of choice. To help maintain a friendly safe environment we ask interested individuals to apply at www.oooe-guild.com.Unaka1 1d
1d 3/10M Sunday ONLY LF DPS! <Goonies Never Say Wipe> of Zul'Jin Horde is now recruiting! We are a close-knit group of friends that raid only from 6 to 10:30 (Server/EST) on Sunday nights. About us: Several years ago on another server, we were a fairly successful semi-hardcore progression guild. The guild broke up toward the end of Siege of Orgrimmar but each of us kept in touch. After realizing "Hey, I miss raiding with my friends!" We then decided to come back together to raid just one day a week in Legion. Most of the current team are former semi-hardcore/hardcore raiders who used to raid 3+ nights a week. As we've gotten older, we're less willing to treat WoW like a full time job but we still want to see the content. Our current one night a week raid schedule is perfect for that. This is a great group for "retired" raiders, college students, or others who want to experience the content with good players but without the heavy time commitment. We only have one required raid night but we also run an optional NH raid on Thursday nights. In addition, most of our members are regularly running Mythic Pluses. So even though we only have one required raid night per week, there are plenty of other things to do in-guild. We are currently 3/10M with a ~22 person roster. Though we are primarily heroic focused and we are not a hardcore guild, we do want to continue to casually raid Mythics and maintain a strong roster for the next raid tier. We are currently recruiting the following: WW Monk w/raid usable MW os Demon Hunter Warlock I should stress that personality fit is as important to us as your ability to play your class. We have some kooky personalities in our guild and we are looking for people we will get along with. A great sense of sick & depraved humor, thick skin, and willingness to put the group first are all required. Also, many of the players in our guild come from former semi-hardcore/hardcore backgrounds and we are looking for people with high output and good raid awareness. Please note: alts are welcome! If you are a serious raider that raids during the week on your main and you have an alt you'd like to get a fun once a week group for, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you are interested please contact me. My b-tag is: Cassandrae#1741. Or feel free to contact our recruiting assistant Timagine at timagine#1176.Zivalaa18 1d
1d Agony Gaming Wants You! Hi Friends! This post is directed towards large groups of players, small guilds and raid teams that are in need of a change of pace and proper guild structure. If you're a group of friends, part of a raid team that feels like your guild isn't doing what's best for you or simply your guild disbanded. This is the post for you. The Agony Gaming Clan opens the door to a community like no other. We are currently 7/7M 2/3M and 7/10M with THREE raid teams each doing high level content. Who Are We? Agony is a large, helpful, multi-cultural and multi-national family style collective with a rich tradition of building community. Established back in BC, Agony is known for being a No Drama guild, consistently running all content and most notably, managing 2-4 raid teams each pushing high end game content. Progression and fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. Part of our main philosophy is ensuring all members are taken care of and provided assistance in every facet of game play regardless of play style, be it PvP, social, casual play or raiding! If you’re a raider looking for a new home, or you are from a raiding guild that is disbanding, defunct or just not raiding end game or any content anymore, check us out. We currently run three raid teams (building a fourth) weekly, two mythic progression and one prepping for mythic progression. We historically and routinely welcome groups of friends, raid teams and smaller guilds into the fold. We only ask that you follow our few simple rules and be positive members in the community. The Non-Raider While our recruitment efforts are focused on raiders, if you’re just looking for a home with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, not necessarily interested in raiding, check us out. Mythic plus dungeons are run daily in both afternoon and evening; constant 10+ keys are made regularly! We also run fast normal raid content to farm Legendaries every week. Multiple weekly achievement runs, mount farming, pet and toy collecting and so much more await you in Agony. So join the fun, even if you aren't the raiding sort. Contact us for more information at: Killerpox#1990 Thanks for reading!Theageofwar33 1d
1d <Agony> 6/9H LFM For All Teams! Hi Friends! <Agony> Zul'jin US Horde 6/9H is recruiting all roles for our multiple raid teams. Large helpful family guild ready to assist you in every form and fashion! Team 1: 910+ 5/10M NH exp, Warcraft Logs and 52+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Accepting any skilled player of any role. All Core positions available! Team 2: 905+ 5/10M NH exp, Warcraft Logs and 52+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Accepting any skilled player of any role. All Core positions available! Team 3: 900+ 3/10M NH exp, Warcraft Logs and 52+ Artifact Traits are required in order to trial. Accepting any skilled player of any role. All Core positions available! Team 1 days are currently Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9pm-12am EST. Team 2 days are currently Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am EST. Team 3 days are currently Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm EST. Mythic/+ Dungeons ran every single day both in the afternoon and evening times, constant 15+ keys made! Join the fun if you aren't the raiding sort. Established back in TBC, Agony has made a name for itself managing 2-4 raid teams each pushing high end game content. Progression and Fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. All would be raiders are placed under a 30day trial period ( yes you do still get gear) Asked to sign up on our website and gain an invitation to our slackchat channels ( agonygaming.com ) VOIP: Teamspeak3 Message me if you're interested, drop a comment or add me on Bnet @ Killerpox#1990.Theageofwar102 1d
2d [H] Inept - 7/7 3/3 10/10 Mythic Hello! We are a semi-hardcore guild recruiting a healer and mage for Nighthold and Tomb. Always recruiting exceptional players of any class! Raid Times: Tuesday: 9:30pm - 12:30pm EST Wednesday: 9:30pm - 12:30pm EST Thursday: 9:30pm - 12:30pm EST Loot System: Council What We Are Looking For: - Healer - Mage - Boomkin Exceptional DPS - Do great damage while also doing mechanics, staying alive, and maximizing the abilities of your class Exceptional Healer - You have to know what it means to be an exceptional healer, and describe what it means to you in your application What We Expect - Damage logs from Nighthold - Mythic Experience either in current or previous tiers - Relevant Gear - Thick skin and a sense of humor - Check our WoWProgress page for more: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Inept Where To Apply http://www.ineptzuljin.enjin.com/ - Make an account and press the Apply Now button - Any Further Questions? Contact our GM through Battle Tag: Adare#1920 OR Message in game! Dradare - US Zul'jin Feel free to contact me as well and I will lead you to the right person: Lemanakmelo#1725Lemkurano49 2d
2d [H] <Stacks in Fire> 8/9H ToS 10/10M LF DPS [H] <Stacks in Fire> US-Zul'jin 8/9 H Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 M Nighthold 3/3M Trial of Valor 7/7M Emerald Nightmare We have recruitment open for the following classes including one healer slot for core positions. DPS Mage-High About Us: Stacks in Fire of Zul'jin, formerly Blackrock was formed halfway through Throne of Thunder and has maintained regular raiding since inception. Our guild was able to kill Heroic Garrosh 10 Man (pre 6.0) on a limited weekend schedule raiding approximately seven hours each week. After obtaining Kor'kron Juggernaut mounts for all ten players, Stacks in Fire transitioned from 10 Man to 25 Man and from weekend to weekday raiding. Within two weeks after forming our 25 Man, we were able to obtain 13/14 Heroic. Warlords of Draenor pre patch launched and we continued to raid Siege of Orgrimmar operating with three groups. Attendance is one of the major characteristics of our Guild as we do not take "breaks" and it's reflected in the consistency of our core group. Our Guild has a strong leadership with a focus on efficiency while the Guild as a whole is committed to maintaining its presence, raiding week in and week out. Our guild has cultivated a positive progression attitude with many guild members playing together outside of raiding. We prefer new recruits to reach out to us so we can be on a more formal level. One of the officer's are usually available everyday so do not hesitate to contact us. XD Progression: 10/10M Nighthold 3/3M Trial of Valor 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 8/10M Blackrock Foundry 7/7M Highmaul 14/14 H (10 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar 13/14 H (25 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar 10/13 H (10 Man) Throne of Thunder Raid Time: Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Time: 6-9pm PST, 9-12midnight EST Loot is distributed by Council. Contact Information Cevren - Cevren#1498 Constiince-Constiince#1960 Someyoungguy - Someyoungguy#1110 Muzura - Muzura#1899 Applications can be filled at: http://stacksinfire.enjin.com/ What you should have: -Time to properly fill out an application and comment -Logs -Discord -Artifact Level 45 minimumConstiince105 2d
2d H <Defer Death> LFM <Defer Death> 4/10M is looking for more to jump right into ToS. Our times are Wednesday 9pm-11pm est and Sunday 8pm-11pm est. With Heroic farm Saturday morning 10am-1pm Est. We do Mythic+ throughout the week to at least +10 for the chest at the end of the week. We are currently in major need of: Rogue Warrior Boomkin Mage Any DPS with heals off spec Any strong DPS that can do 650k+ will be considered. Please fill out an app on our site: http://www.deferdeath.com/application Or speak with one of us in game! Contact Info: Guild leader: Vlora#1899 Officer: Trident80#1171 Me: Becca#1367Spoonzy5 2d
2d 6/9H 9/9N < Deprave > Recruiting Melee Only Guild Name: Deprave Realm: US-Zul'jin (PvE) Faction: Horde Current Progression | 7/7M | 3/3H | 10/10H | 8/10M / 9/9N / 6/9h Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00pm - 11:30pm EST Loot: Loot is distributed via RC Loot Council. Based on a variety of factors including attendance, necessity, performance and size of upgrade to the raid as a whole. What we're looking for: As a 3 day/ 7 1/2HR per week guild, we need to make every hour we play count. As such we're looking for players who's attitudes and personality fit in with our current group of players. We're looking for people who value approaching a new challenge by preparing and utilizing all resources they have at their disposal... not wasting their own time or their teammates' by coming into a new challenge unprepared or unresearched. Ability to make 90% of our raids. Dedicated raiding mindset. This includes using consumables on every fight, researching your classes' theorycrafting to min-max to the fullest, looking at your classes' tips/tricks before each new raid encounter, being on time and ready for every night, etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY: We're looking for intelligent human beings, and you should be able to convey your intelligence in how you present yourself. This includes knowing game mechanics, having quick reaction time, and being able to learn from your mistakes. You should be able to explain your classes' weakness and strengths, know the theorycraft to min/max your class, and what abilities to use when. You must be able to learn quickly from your mistakes and adapt to new situations, as well as have a strong sense of situational awareness and the ability to multi-task effectively. Our class needs are as follows: Tank - N/A Healer - N/A Range Dps - N/A Melee DPS - Assasination Rogue / Havoc Demon / Ret Paladin / Enchancement Shaman / Feral Druid NOTE: We are not recruiting this many players. We have a lot of options to which classes we can take, and have a general need for good players of specific roles defined above. At minimum we are current looking for Raiders with: -910 equip ilvl or higher Equip -Artifact Weapon level of 55 or higher You can also add any of our officers' BattleTag(s) if you have any questions. Chipsandcoke#1804Totempriest2 2d
2d <Ember> PHOENIX raid team is recruiting! Raid times are 11:55-3:15am EST Tues/Wed. 10/10H. Looking to fill for mythic raiding. LF any exceptional raiders!. 18+ only, fun environment. Ember.Enjin.com to apply or contact us here on the forums :)Machomanran16 2d
2d [H] Divide 9/9N 4/10M Tue/Wed 9P-12A EST Divide is recruiting again! We're an old guild that's been around since Burning Crusade. We've consistently been a competitive raiding guild on Zul'Jin through all raids up til WoD. At the end of WoD, we lost a lot of our leadership and core so we went back to a more casual status. We've slowly rebuilt, and now have a solid roster for ToS progression. We aim to perfect our roster with further recruiting and adjusting the raid composition. Our current leadership and many raiders have played together for years, and have extensive raiding experience throughout all expansions. We're a guild primarily made up of older folks, with ages ranging from 20 to 45. Our current focus is to become a moderately competitive 2 day raid guild in the Zul'Jin raiding scene, but not to the hardcore levels of some mythic guilds. We want raiders that will show up to all raid nights prepared to pull on time and be as efficient as possible. We do have fun during raid, but when the boss fight is under way we expect everyone to be focused and attentive, while keeping voice comms clear for callouts. We're looking for exceptional DPS/Heals 905+ equipped ilvl and 52+ traits with past raiding experience. If you have logs, we would love to look over them before making any final decisions. Without logs, you would be recruited as a trial and given a 2 week trial period in which to prove yourself on farm content. DPS Needs: Rogue, Boomkin, Elemental Shaman, Warrior, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Monk. Healing Needs: Resto Shammy, MW Monk To inquire about an invite or to ask any questions, add me (Weow#1506), or whisper our officers DoomStorm#1360, Enfirok#1505, Rethre#1467, Surj#11789Weow26 2d
2d <Hellfire Knights 8/9N 2/9H Day Raid LFM [H][Zul'jin]<Hellfire Knights> 8/9N 2/9H is looking to recruit players for our weekday raid team. We raid 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday. We view ourselves as "semi-casual raiders" where our goal is to have fun and kill bosses. What is Required? We use discord for our voice comm and require RCLootcouncil to be installed before your first trial raid. What Makes Us Special We are made up of players from all over the world, so no matter what time you're online you will never be alone. Work nights? When you get home at 5am there will be players online ready to help with world quests, run random heroics, or complete that mythic+ key you've been putting off all week! Raid Information Raid Times 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday Current Needs Disc/Shadow Priest Ele or Enh Shaman Rogue If this sounds like you'd be a good fit, or you'd like to know more about the guild please feel free to respond here or contact me in game under the Battletag persephonæ#1905 also check out our website at http://hfk.guildlaunch.com/Persephonæ1 2d
2d [H] <Part Time Pro> 10/10M NH - 2 days a week Part Time Pro is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, sponsored by Smokey the Bear and ACME Matchstick Co., looking for reliable raiders to join our team of arsonists. We have a laid-back guild environment, yet we are focused when it comes to raiding current progression content. We are currently progressing through Mythic Nighthold. With 7.2 especially, we have lots of people constantly running M+ and farming AP. Raid Times: Tues/Thurs - 9:00-12:00 EST Mon - 9:00-12:00 EST (optional/alt night) Needs: Holy Paladin - HIGH Our roster is currently very full, but feel free to talk to us about possible bench and filler spots. We suggest that even if your class, spec, or role isn't one we list, that you add our battle tags and talk to us in game. Applications to the International Brotherhood of Warlocks of Zul'jin Chapter 2031 will be handled separately. Must be able to show evidence of effectively standing in fire while also ignoring other mechanics simultaneously for consideration. Special allowances will be made if you are a destruction baby, which we are looking to adopt. Add us on Battle tag Jaeda#1394 (Jaada in game) Zeo#1468 (Magaz in game)Jaada21 2d
2d <Gypsies and Bonobos> DayTime Guild <Gypsies and Bonobos> Daytime PvE guild with mythic experienced leaders is recruiting. We are looking for people that are willing to progress into ToS. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sunday 3pm-6pm EST. we will be having TOS hc on farm soon and pushing through mythic asap ( as soon as we got the pps) We recently moved from Eu servers to US, will be picking up the pace asapJaritrus0 2d
2d <EMERGENCE> 3/9 H ToS Recruiting <Emergence>3/9 H ToS LFM to bolster cutting edge Roster Raid Times:: 8-11 Server/Est Tuesdays and Thursdays (Optional run on Saturdays, Normal mode while progressing H, and H when progressing Mythic.) Needs: :Holy Paladin :MW Monk :Boomkin :Shadow Priest :Elemental Shaman :Windwalker Monk :Retribution Paladin {ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS CONSIDERED NO MATTER SPEC OR ROLE} What we expect: 90% or better raid attendance No Loot drama Ability to learn the fights quickly Get along with other (great sense of humor as in voice we cut up a lot) Not against roster competition (very rare but we are performance based) Concordance in main spec weapon (we will help you farm AP to get this for Main spec and OS weapons) And most important, people who are about the 20 over the 1 in a group setting. What we offer: Very stable roster that would like to add a few exceptional players to its roster for M ToS. Team based atmosphere Solid STABLE environment with little turnover since NH started. Started NH with 14 on main roster and have grown with good players this entire time. Mythic Content as early as possible in ToS Mythic + keys been running 15 plus since January 2017 so AP farming and gearing will be no issue once the cap is changed to 15 Fun Loyalty and reliability Dedication to progression no matter how many pulls it takes to get a boss down Total Guild support Loot: Normal and Heroic runs are always Personal Loot Mythic is Master Loot with fair roll on gear. (our team sees needs and will pass up gear to others who may need more) We loot share without problem Additional Info: Guild formed June 11th 2016 Recruiting for Raiding started Late August 2016 Ranking better with each raid that comes out Some really good Mythic +/Raiders Optional Saturday Runs for normal and heroics once those difficulties are on farm (Mainly to gear up alts or grab that elusive piece of gear for mains) Goals: One team One goal, Cutting Edge as a 6 hr a week raid guild How To Contact: GM Cyrnak <Xurudra#1514> Look forward to hearing from exceptional players with similar goals. Contact with any questions you may have or general info about yourself and how you will strengthen team.Cyrnak1 2d
2d [H] 2 Day 6/10M 9/9N Guild - Zul'jin Confluence is a guild looking to push farther into Mythic Nighthold and ToS when it comes out. We are currently 9/9N and were 6/10M in Nighthold and looking to fill out our raid team with a few more members. We are a laid back group of great players who enjoy playing with one another, be it tearing through pve content or BS'ing during transmog runs. During Raids, we're always looking to push ourselves to be better, and we expect the same of our guild members. We do mythic +'s regularly on off nights to help get guild members their +15's. Needs: Mage / Hunter / Boomkin / Ele Shaman / Ret Pally / Holy Priest We are not set in stone on these classes. If you feel you are a strong player feel free to reach out. Our raid times: Tuesday 8-11pm EST Wednesday 8-11pm EST We are on Zul'jin - Horde More Information: We have been together as a guild since the start of WoD, but the core have been raiding since Vanilla. We have a nice age range in our raid team. Most are in their late 20's and early 30's. We are looking for raiders that are progression focused but still want to have fun while killing internet dragons. We want people who are always seeking to not only improve themselves but the team as well. If you are interested please add me on BNet: Sylo#1577Syloz0 2d
3d [H] 2/9H + 7/9N Abusement Park - LF DPS! Greetings reader! The ragtag bunch known as Abusement Park is back and aiming to go hard into Tomb of Sargeras, looking to be one of the more competitive two raid night guilds on the realm. We're currently on the hunt for any 890+ DPS to join our roster, as we are aiming to bolster ourselves to a 30 man heroic squad. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30PM to 11:30PM Servertime, and we're aiming to have everyone on the same page to get as much work done as we can in our allocated 6 hours a week. Our criteria besides being a competent DPS is that the personalities mesh with that of the bulk of the members of the Abusement Park. We find success with personalities that get along. We're not looking to have raiders miserable for the sake of kills. We're a casually hardcore guild. Feel free to message me in-game or through battle.net at Haowiitzer#1405.Mistkeg7 3d
3d <Les cuisiniers du Nord>, guilde Québécoise Les cuisiniers du Nord est une nouvelle guilde casual québécoise à la recherche de joueurs avec un minimum d'expérience en raid pour Tomb of Sargeras. Nous somme une guilde amical et nous recrutons toutes les classes. Nos horaires de raid reste à déterminer avec vos disponibilités. Contacter moi pour plus d'info et au plaisir de jouer avec vous.Bloodarie0 3d
3d (A) Legacy of Fire actively recruiting Legacy of Fire - Alliance guild We are a small, casual guild that is looking to grow. We are accepting all classes and levels to bolster it's ranks. We enjoy all aspects of the game. We offer a family style environment that is suitable for all ages. We are also seeking individuals for our raid team. We are in need of strong melee DPS and one healer. (890+) Raid times are 8pm EST. Must use Mumble.Xoa0 3d
3d <Keyboard Heroes> <Keyboard Heroes> is a casual raiding guild that plans to raid and not stress about not killing bosses, that said when we are raiding we do focus on bosses (trash is all fun though :P). Outside of raid we do mythic+ sometimes and are very social and friendly with one another and try to just have fun and play this game. In nighthold we cleared heroic and got to the point where we could clear it all in one night while having fun. We are hoping to find fun people who also don't want to stress much about raiding and to just come and join our family and have fun. Please feel free to contact an officer to chat and get more info about anything that you want to talk about Raid times: Tuesday 8:30-11:30 server (EST) Wednesday 8:30-11:30 server (EST) We do use a loot council system with 3 people constantly in with 2 rotating people in the council each week (the first 3 weeks of a new raid we do just use personal) Officer info: Bazhunter#1268 Orsonoff#1355 Scarlackan#1179 Jerbaz#1219Bazhunter1 3d
3d 909 Resto Shammy LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hello, Experienced mythic raider with NH progression. Stopped raiding in March 2017 at 4/10 mythic as a result of life circumstances. That aside open recruitment for mythic guilds going into ToS is what I am applying for in this post. Thank you MagicPants#118534Lakotatb3 3d
3d 901 holy pal looking for any of the days of thurs , fri , sat night . will have good attendance due to wife working these nights. previous 1/10m with only two nights of attempts due to guild breakup cuz of attendance. have had top 5 server parses in heroic nighthold in 7.1.5. i switched toons midway threw 7.1.5 and concentrated on them more recently. i have toons in a rl friends guild that is more casual and raid friendly, but i need be able to push myself so im looking for another raid team to heal.Lolurfeelins4 3d
3d 914 frost dk lf mythic progression guild I just xferred to Zul'jin and I am looking for a mythic progression guild.I was 6/10 mythic before I stopped raiding over a month a go.I can pretty much make anytime and day.Thermallzz4 3d