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Jan 24, 2015 Epic Profession Recipes Crafters List Here is a thread I will update regularly as posts come in with who can make what on either faction side. Just post your profession and what epic recipes you can make. Not rares. Epics. Making this thread since not everyone is going to have all the patterns right away, since some of them, like with tailoring, require BoP 6 day CD cloth to buy. This will be an easy way for people to find potential crafters to make their items. Also, please post if you have any Chaos Orbs available for certain recipes. Thanks. All recipes and their current crafters: BLACKSMITHING - Elementium Earthguard Elementium Earthguard A - Barbazian, Haines, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Stormshield Elementium Stormshield A- Haines, Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Deathplate Elementium Deathplate A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Hauberk Hardened Elementium Hauberk A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Chestguard Light Elementium Chestguard A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Girdle of Pain Elementium Girdle of Pain A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Hardened Elementium Girdle Hardened Elementium Girdle A- Barbazian, Gregorio, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Light Elementium Belt Light Elementium Belt A- Barbazian, Zorastre H- Jeffrø, Ghulkaz, Berkwaz Elementium Gutslicer Elementium Gutslicer A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz Forged Elementium Mindcrusher Forged Elementium Mindcrusher A- Zorastre H- Berkwaz ENCHANTING - Enchant Weapon - Landslide Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide A- Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent A- Balthiar, Voska, Impromir, Aeriscats, Deltrus, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Doxic, Blankaman, Warkitten, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Weapon - Windwalk Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk A- Voska, Impromir, Gorinho H- Linya, Mooburger, Daemoos, Cöastal, Blankaman, Satita, Caddarik, Azumar, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Agility Formula: Enchant Bracer - Agility A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Major Strength Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength A- H- Daemoos, Selanius Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect A- H- Daemoos, Selanius LEATHERWORKING - Assassin's Chestplate Assassin's Chestplate A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Chestguard of Nature's Fury Chestguard of Nature's Fury A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Caddarik, Deeyar H- Fattoney Dragonkiller Tunic Dragonkiller Tunic A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Lightning Lash Lightning Lash A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Belt of Nefarius Whispers Belt of Nefarious Whispers A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Manífest, Fattoney, Caddarik Twilight Scale Chestguard Twilight Scale Chestguard A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Corded Viper Belt Corded Viper Belt A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Elementwolf, Fattoney, Caddarik Stormleather Sash Stormleather Sash A- Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Charscale Leg Armor Charscale Leg Armor A- Circasurvive, Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Dragonscale Leg Armor Dragonscale Leg Armor A- Flitz, Vöx, Deeyar H- Fattoney, Caddarik Drakehide Leg Armor Drakehide Leg Armor A- Tyrrik H- TAILORING - Belt of the Depths Belt of the Depths A- Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Holymium, Selanius Breeches of Mended Nightmares Breeches of Mended Nightmares A- Pfrog, Deltrus, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Dreamless Belt Dreamless Belt A- Deltrus, Pfrog, Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Flame-Ascended Pantaloons A- Nynaeve, Aeriscats H- Ellyndia, Kravorkian, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Enchanted Spellthread Powerful Enchanted Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Powerful Ghostly Spellthread Powerful Ghostly Spellthread A- Deltrus, Aeriscats H- Doxic, Kravorkian, Ellyndia, Siccmixx, Holymium, Selanius Illusionary Bag Illusionary Bag A- Aeriscats, Deltrus H- Siccmixx, SelaniusDeltrus112 Jan 24, 2015
2h 950-952 BM Hunter LFG Hello ALL :) My Name is Josh, and i live in the westside of canada ( BC area ) so am PST I am LOOKING FOR a HORDE GUILD for ARGUS and Once Expansion Goes live :) , my main spec is BM and OFFSPEC is MM Gruumsh ( Armory Link - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/hyjal/gruumsh ) Previous Progression EXP: 9/9 NORMAL TOS 9/9 HEROIC TOS 8/9 MYTHIC TOS My Current Progression EXP: 11/11 Normal 11/11 Heroic 2/11 Mythic Looking for a LATE NIGHT GUILD ( Thats perferably 12/12 Heroic + and working on Mythic progression ) , but will accept a early timed raid guild ....just depends, but we can chat about it, as i am self employed, so can log in anytime.... My raid attendance was almost perfect ( made all raids, minus oneday i was sick ) , so my attendance was 99% hehe LOOKING for a PERM RAID SPOT on YOUR TEAM ( of coarse if i suck, and or dont log in, i understand ill lose it or get spanked for being bad ) Mainly looking a for horde guild on ANY ACTIVE REALM(Medium/High) ...........( i am currently on hyjal now and in a friends guild to gain some experience and to learn fights when i can, they have a set mythic team already, so can only get in if someone doesnt log in or a fight needs 4-5 hunters :P , but am looking for a permanent raid spot within your mythic team ) , hyjal is a low pop server and not much happening atm :( . and i wanna stay as horde with Gruumsh I do have the funds to transfer anytime Anyway, if you have any more questions, either postem here or leave a message with your BNET # and we can chat there Thanks:)Gruumsh0 2h
3h ~*~Too Old Too Care!~*~ 10/11 Normal Atbt Tired of being the oldest person in your guild? Can't get through a three hour raid without a pee break or child aggro? Come join Too Old To Care (Horde) . Raids Fri/Sat 12am-3am(9-12 pacific time) server. Currently 9/9 heroic ToS and 10/11 normal Atbt. We are a casual raiding guild and each raid tier get normal and heroic down. Looking for dps mainly (Tank and heal offspecs are welcome and encouraged! :) ) DISCLAIMER!: You dont actually HAVE to be old to fit in! xD <3 Add me if you want to talk more about joining! Ashley#1407 (better off adding raid lead tho hes on more!) Raid lead is Quohog#1173 he is online more then me so feel free to get in contact with him by that or messaging him in game at Quohog! :)Moomoocowie4 3h
4h [H]<Reason> 11/11H 1/11M; Recruiting DPS Hey folks! <Reason>-Zul'jin is recruiting! We are a 2-day mythic progression guild. We enjoy pushing Mythic raid content as well as high keystones, but we know folks have jobs, school, lives, and all sorts of stuff outside of WoW. With that said, our roster is strictly performance based: raiding only 2 nights a week means we want our players to be the best they can be. Server: Zul'jin - Horde Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8 PM - 11 PM (optional Wednesday Normal Antorus for mains, friends, and alts) Progression: 11/11 H, 1/11 M; previously 7/9 Mythic ToS Recruiting priorities: Any mythic ready DPS with preference toward Ret or Boomkin To be considered, you must have logs showing you can put out high damage numbers, have strong raid awareness, and can perform boss mechanics well. Our trial period is 2-3 weeks and in that time we consider a lot of factors, including how well you perform in fights (dps, mechanically); how reliable you are (showing up on time every raid day); and general attitude (how you mesh with the guild). What we expect from you: Again, punctual, reliable, competent. We don't have AP/trait or alt gearing requirements, so you can play at your own pace. But keep in mind that if you only log in twice a week for raid you will quickly fall behind and lose your raid spot. We also like to see new folks integrate into the guild socially, because we believe playing WoW is more fun if you're doing it with friends. What you can expect from us: A close, fun group of people to push dungeon keys, raid content, leveling content, or even non-WoW games. During the day most folks are doing their real life thing, but in the evenings it gets really active in-game. Our discord tends to be busy all day with all types of memes and fun as well. If you're interested, please contact Dunter#11887 or Anethia#1405. Thanks and good luck!Dunston1 4h
5h Shroud-Zul'jin (11/11H - 7/9M) is recruiting Hello, Leaprah here! <Shroud> is a mythic raiding guild on the Horde side on Zul’jin. We started off on Doomhammer in 2007 before coming over to Zul’jin in 2010. We’re a laid back group of people from diverse backgrounds with one goal in common: to kill bosses and have fun while doing so. We’re looking for similar minded people to join us! Legion Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 2/3 M The Nighthold: 9/10 M Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9 M Antorus, the burning throne : 11/11h Raid times Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8 - 11 pm EST. Consistent attendance is required. you can also watch our stream to see what it looks like https://www.twitch.tv/leaprah (Mon / lock PoV) https://www.twitch.tv/gtfosam (holy pally) Aside from raid nights, we do an alt raid on Wednesdays, and do mythic+ and pvp throughout the week. Current Needs <Shroud> is currently looking for ranged dps, but all skilled players, regardless of class and spec, are encouraged to apply. A healing off-spec would be an added bonus. We’re looking for players who know their class inside and out, but still search for ways to improve, players who always make sure they’re prepared for raid, and do everything they can during non-raid hours to make sure they’re the best they can be. If you’re interested in joining <Shroud>, please visit our website to apply: http://shroudguild.enjin.com/ Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Akariat or Analeece on Bnet: akariat#1163 cpoland14#1267Akariat47 5h
5h 7/9M ToS 3/11M Antrous Recruiting Current Tier Progression: 9/10M 7/9M ToS 3/11M Antorus Hello, this is Krèeg from <Just Outgear it>, a Horde guild on Zul'Jin. Currently, we are in need of strong DPS who can compete with our current roster and understand the meaning of raiding. Down below is what we are in need of at the moment Recruitment Needs (not necessarily in order of need): High Needs: Hunter Mage Rogue Boomkin Shadow Priest Note: Players of a high caliber should consider applying, regardless of spec/class. Our raid schedule is as follows(players are expected to be on time): Tuesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Wednesday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Thursday 8:15-11:15 PM EST Attendance: In order to minimize bench spots and form a cohesive team that can work together, we expect 100% attendance. At the same time, we understand that real life commitments and emergencies can arise, and should a situation like that occur, we understand and just ask that you keep us in the loop so we can keep the guild progressing as a whole. If you feel like we may be a fit for you, please submit an application at http://justoutgearit.enjin.com and feel free to add any of the below BattleTags to get in contact with a recruiter, officer or GM. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you! Kraig#1462 (Guild Master) Mastashake#1160 (Officer) Aileana#1278 (Officer)Krèeg216 5h
6h H <Volition> 11/11H 2/11M 8/9M LF Healer! This guild is rated Mature! Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. Recruiting: 1 Healer(Rdruid, Monk) Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST Realm Zul'jin Progress: 6/13 Mythic HFC 7/7 Heroic EN 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 3/3 Mythic ToV 10/10 Heroic NH 9/10 Mythic NH 9/9 Heroic ToS Loot System Loot Council Who Are We And What Do We Offer? We are a group of friends that have played together off and on for years in different guilds we were all never really happy in, so we've decided to come together to create our own guild and environment that we can all enjoy! We're led by multiple players that have been clearing mythic content before it was called mythic. We can offer you a relaxed raid environment with people that can do their job and have some fun while doing it. We're willing to help people that are willing to learn, but YOU need to be willing to learn. We also do pvp as well as raid. We have 2200+ arena players that are always looking to play, practice, learn and climb. What Do We Expect Of You? We're looking for like minded folk that can learn from mistakes, take criticism, perform on their class and have fun while they're at it. Our group likes to have fun, joke around and get the job done, but we need to get the job done and sometimes you need to focus. You need to be able to figure out when it's time to focus a little extra. Experience is NOT required but it definitely helps, but people can learn the fights and we can teach you, if you're willing to learn. How To Contact Us If you're interested in chatting or joining you can contact one of our officers on battlenet; Carlynn#1201, Ryles#1518. You can also apply at https://volitionzj.enjin.com/ Hope to hear from you soon!Carlqt225 6h
8h Prot Pal and Resto Druid My buddy and I are looking for a guild for antorus progression. Right now the characters we want to play aren't quite Mythic ready, however we would love to trial for a mythic group once we get our ilvls up and have proper legendaries. I prefer Prot, however I can DPS if needed (also working on holy); and he prefers Resto. We both have experience in mythic content, and heroic content pre MoP. Right now all we are looking for is a guild to run normal and Heroic antorus, and to help farm mythic+ to gear these characters. We are not looking for a Heroic Progression group. We want to gear up in normal and heroic, and jump into a Mythic group. We come prepared with food, flasks and pots; and punctuality is priority. Availability: Every day, Would prefer to end before 3am ESTDargadin3 8h
8h [H] <Konvergence> Casual mature raiding guild <Konvergence> What we are looking for: We need CONSISTENT raiders to fill out our roster, current openings are listed below. Recruiting: RDPS: Open Melee: Open Heal: Open Tank: Main spot filled, one spot left. **All casual/social players are welcome to apply.** Current Progression: Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9H Antorus, the Burning Throne: 4/11N Hours / Times: Progression Raid Schedule: Friday - 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST Saturday - 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST What You can Expect from Us: Because we're an older bunch with jobs and family responsibilities, our main focus is have a good team of people that want to stick together and acheive great things! We strive hard to be drama free and respect the lives and responsibilities of others. We have several spots open as many raiders are willing to swap specs and toons in order to help fill out our core. We do mythic+, raids, and love to have social people just in discord to chat and have a good time. We like to play hard and cut up and have a good time. We are not looking for a certain ilvl, we are looking for the right social fit. We want to experience all the game has to offer (mythic raiding, high mythic+, rated pvp) without the negative atmosphere you get at other places. What We Expect from You: We are mostly wanting you to play what you want to play and we will help teach you how to become better. We are looking for social people over skilled people because we want people that will stay with us as we move through the content as a team and build a raid core. We also expect you maintain a positive attitude when raiding or when in gchat because people learn at different speeds. When raiding we expect for you to be on time and prepared, and have some knowledge of the fights. If you are having a hard time with a spec or class then we will want you to get online during the week or weekend (outside of raid) to work with others in the guild to improve, so you must be willing to take advice and constructive critisism. How to reach us: Please reach out to any one of our officers or GM. Character / Battletag Nathrezím / Grem#1759 - GM Mushaumi / Narthania#1859 - Officer Enimee / Narthania#1859 - Officer Zsari / Escaflownae#1845 - IT GuyZsari17 8h
10h Mythically Challenged 1/11M 1-4am Late Night <Mythically Challenged> (US-Zul'jin) 1/11M 11/11H is recruiting more for Mythic Throne progression. We are a 3 day late night raiding guild that raid Tues/Wed/Sun 1-4am EST. We encourage a competitive environment and will strive to progress in the highest caliber to clear raids on a mythic level. We are currently recruiting the following spots: 1 Heals - Non-Priest DPS - SPriest, Ret, DH, Monk, Warr, Rogue All exceptional raiders are welcome to message me. If you would like more information or to talk to an officer to see if we are right for you, you can contact through battletag: Deins#1165 Lifenite#1502Deinn35 10h
11h [H]Poutine - 11/11H Antorus 5/9M ToS Poutine of Zul’jin is recruiting for it's Mythic Progression raid team. About Us: We're a group of tight knit friends who've been playing video games together for 8+ years. We come from various raiding backgrounds ranging from hardcore to brand new, aiming to push progression within a competitive 2-day schedule while still maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Thursday 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Recruitment Needs: Boomkin: High Rogue: High Enhance/Resto Shaman: High Applicant Requirements: -Punctuality and reliability; show up on time, prepared, and consistently. -Ability to accept constructive criticism -Situational awareness. Don’t stand in fire -Recent/Relevant logs What We Offer: -A positive raid environment that’s laid back and casual while still maintaining a progressive mindset on a tight schedule -We are drama free and personable - our members range from university students to young working professionals -An active group of players who interact with each other and have hobbies outside of WoW You can apply at: http://poutine.enjin.com/ but we would much rather talk to you directly so use our contact info below to reach us. Contact Us: Sacrilege (in-game) / Shadowbites#1291 (Battle.net) / Sacrilege#3703 (Discord) - GM Kalerya (in-game) / Kaleido#1394 (Battle.net) / Kaleido#5920 (Discord) - OfficerSacrilege128 11h
13h Ele Sham and MW Monk LF Raid Guild Hello! We're looking for a good guild that both of us and is capable of progressing without the need for pugs or at least not making up half the raid. We are 8/11H on our mains on our main server, but are tired of looking for pug groups outside of our normal raid times to try and progress. We are both AotC 9/9H, as well as have Mythic experience in Nighthold and EN. We would like a weekend raid group, but are willing to go any other days, but Tuesday and Wednesday are an absolute no. We come in a pair and are a 2-for-1. The monk doesn't tank or DPS, but I am flexible as either healer or DPS. Mythic isn't our main goal, as we do not want to take the chance of being sat, but we are open to the idea. We understand that a lot of people may not want the pairing, which is fine with us and have no hard feelings on the matter!Hyenam1 13h
13h 950 MW and DH LF Heroic Raiding Guild My friend and I are looking for a heroic raiding guild. Preferably Tuesday/Wednesday between 6 and midnight server time. We raid Sat/Sun and have an opt run on Thursdays so those days are out. I wanted to write the story of our wow lives here but instead I'll keep it short. We're experienced raiders in a semi-hardcore guild already. What we're looking for is a heroic guild where progression is steady and people like to have fun(but not the type of fun that holds up groups every other pull for ten minutes). We're looking for a solid group that doesn't rely on pugs to get through raids. We also really enjoy doing mythic plus so if your guild wants more dungeon grinders then that's a plus for us as well. Here is my monk: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Beemonk but I'm also willing to play any other healer that's not shaman and here's the link to them: https://www.wowprogress.com/user/beeguerrero And his dh: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/zul-jin/Demonchief (I tank as well sometimes so occasionally I log out as brm but I'm 75 in MW, I swear!) If you'd like to hear the story of our wow lives or you're just interested in what we can bring to your guild please get in touch with me. My btag is: beegee2015#1836 I'm also frequently in Discord running dungeons or just hanging around so if you'd prefer an interview I can do that as well.Beemonk2 13h
13h <Raven Guard> 9/9 H LFM! T,W,T 8-11 PM EST A new guild, we will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 8-11 PM EST (server time), with Thursday evenings as a farm/optional night. Our GM and AGM started this guild with the mindset that, all players can become good raiders with the proper help and guidance. We both have previous raid tier experience thru all of WoW. Our GM has been raiding since Molten Core, has experience with all raid tiers, and has been apart of just about all beta, and alpha stages of this game. Our AGM has been raiding since Wrath, with a small break thru Cata, coming back to raiding in Pandaria. Both GM and AGM have raided together since BRF, and have experience with Mythic progression, both as a team and together in previous guilds. We are looking to build a team around the mind set that all players can be raiders. We believe that anyone can raid, despite their numbers on the charts. We do not feel a low dps should be penalized, if they know the mechanics or the fights, don't stand in "buff fire", or anything else can be a detriment to a good dps. We want to build our team around players that enjoy the game, want to raid, and have fun doing so. As such, we will be willing to help in anyway possible to get our raiders to achieve what they are after (better DPS, better healing thru-put, better survivalbilty as a tank), by any means we can. Run dungeons, lfrs, mythic+ to help our team be better players/raiders. Our focus in looking at potential raiders will be to look for people that can do mechanics, above all other aspects. Our current core raiders are all will and able to help work on rotations, stats, etc to help bump dps for potential recruits. Raid Team Goals Our main focus and goal thru this expansion, is to have fun raiding, and to encourage our raiders to enjoy themselves as well. We want to eventually have a full Mythic progression team, and be able to clear full Mythic. However we are realistic in thought that it will take awhile to build that Mythic clear team. So for now, we are looking to start with a small 10 man team, to pursue normal clears, and Heroic progression. As the guild grows, we are hoping to achieve that Mythic Progression/ Clear team. Addons, Consumables, Chat Our raid team will be asked to get, or have already installed, the following add-ons: DBM or BigWigs Discord As a guild, we have the capability to provide the following: Food Flasks Potions Vantous Runes These will be provided with the understanding that as a raider, you are willing to help support the guild crafters with materials needed to make the above items. As long as these materials are available, the guild will provide for our raid team. We believe that all raiders should have the ability to have what is needed to be the best possible raider they can be, but we also know that endless hours farming can be tedious, so all raiders are asked to help restock the guild as needed. Chat will be done thru Discord, so please have the ability to use this chat system. A working headset and mic will be needed for each raid. In short, we want to build a guild to have fun, eventually progress, and enjoy this game we all play! If you have any questions, want to join, or chat about anything else to do with the guild, feel free to reply here or message us in game :) GM- Zeerek#1116 AGM- Deliahshadow#1586Leiriya29 13h
13h <Raven Guard> 2/11 H LFM Weekend focused Team <Raven Guard> on Zul'jin, is now looking to expand its ranks into a new team, for weekend heroic focused raiding. Currently our weekday team is 8/9 H, with multiple sub 20% pulls on Kil'jaeden. This new team will be open to any and all that dont have the schedule or time during the week to raid, but still have the drive to raid progressively. Like our weekday team, we will provide flasks and food to our raiders, and we will work with any and all to become better raiders, thru help with class/spec rotations, as well as gearing thru mythic and mythic plus dungeons. We are also looking to expand our mythic plus teams, bring in more people to each group to add to our community of dungeoneers, as well as an eventual group for PvP, be it either arena teams, or battleground groups. Raid Days: Friday and Saturday Evenings Raid Times: 8-11 PM EST Requirements for prospective Raiders: Working headset and mic Discord downloaded RCLoot Council Add-on for loot Contacts: GM-Zeerek#1116, Co-GM- Deliahshadow#1586, Recruitment Officer- Shadyfaux#1652Leiriya2 13h
14h Looking for Guild Hello, My wife and I are looking for a guild to call home. We have been playing this game for over 10 years now, and back in the day it was harder to get into a guild but once you got in that guild was your family. We are looking for that again. The guild you stay in for years. We are looking for something simple, a guild we can be loyal to and raid. We would like a weekday raid, but are open to weekends depending on the time. We are looking for a "forever" home, guild hopping gets tire-sum. I can tank or melee dps, she can heal or play on a mage. If your interested please reply.Dragox4 14h
14h <Outcasts> Wed Thur LFM Antorus Hello! We are currently seeking a few ranged dps and a healer (prefer with dps os) to go into Antorus. We have a solid core of raiders that have raided together for a long time and we are seeking a handful of like minded individuals to complete our team. We also do M+ throughout the week and have an optional fun run on Sun nights. Raid nights Wed Thur 8pm to 11 pm ST. Message one of us with any questions or for an invite! Suliet#1851 Jornn#1490 Hogan#1960Suliet10 14h
16h -Safety Dance- 11/11h LFM -Safety Dance-(Mal'Ganis) is a new Raid Team with 7/9 M TOS, 11/11 Heroic Antorus leads, guild it's self is 10/11 H on Mal'Ganis. We have very strong leadership and theory crafters! Our goal is to aim for cutting edge and push ourselves and the team as fast as we can. When do we raid? -Tue and Wed are mythic progression nights -Thursday is heroic farm Raids are 8:30-11:30pm cst What do we need? -We need Heals ( Holy Pally,Druid) -Any dps specs especially who are up to the challenge of mythic progression! All spots are competitive and there will be no carries on this raid team, 10/11H a must but looking for Mythic minded people!!! You do not need any mythic raiding experience to join us, all though Mythic ready folks will always be our priority! We have people with lots of mythic experience, Pushing high keys in the guild! All apps can be put in at https://discord.gg/ph8ybpa under the #recruitment copy and paste it in applications so an officer can get back to you asap! Atleast folks 939 plus item level and no re rolls! add B tag oicu812#1947 or Discord info smashzero #9346Crìmes0 16h
16h 939 Affliction Lock LF Raid Team Title says it all, looking for a good raid team with friends i can make and a guild to call home. please leave a btag if your interested.Ahlec2 16h
17h [H] <Unbridled> Looking to form a Raid team! <Unbridled> Is looking to form a raid team! -8pm - Midnight server(EST) Sunday/Monday. -Starting in heroic and building towards Mythic. -Semi-hardcore mentality, laid back players who enjoy clearing content and being the best they can be at their class/role. -Guild Discord! -We also love to do Mythic+ during non raid hours. -Most roles available! (1 tank, 2 healers, and all DPS slots open). -Looking to start raiding after the new year. -Minimum Ilvl of ~930ish -Former competitive raiders who just want to relax and enjoy raiding on a more casual schedule and a friendlier atmosphere. **All applicants will be placed in "trial" rank until an officer can run something with you to gauge your personality and skill level. Get in on the ground level of this adventure! Please ask me any questions! Dominence#1287 in game or Dominence#3628 on discord.Dominence0 17h
17h [H-Qc] Unify Recrute (Mercredi-Jeudi) Salut à tous et à toutes ! La Guilde ''Unify'' est à la recherche de joueurs expérimenté(e)s et sérieux pour compléter son core Nos jours de raids sont : Mercredi 19h à 22h Jeudi 19h à 22h Dimanche (Optionnel) : 19h à 22h Pour l'instant notre progression est : 11/11N Et 5/11 Heroic. Présentement nous avons besoins de DPS ! Btag : Lexso#1434 Merci et bonne journée !Lexsa2 17h
18h <vodkaz> Selling all Legion PvE content As the title states <vodkaz> will be selling all Legion PvE content. We are currently ranked 1st on the server and 8th in the US. We will be doing all raid sales primarily on Sunday and Monday Nights at 5:30 PST, but we also offer runs at times to accommodate you. Any dungeon service can be completed any day per your convenience. Prices are as follows. Raid Mythic guldan Mount - 2M Heroic Antorus 11/11 - 1.5M Heroic Argus kill - 500k 5 Mans M+ dungeon prices are on a per dungeon basis, if you would like to buy a bundle we are more than happy to accommodate and will give a discounted rate. M+10 100k Awards 935 gear, and 8B AP in your weekly chest. M+15 250k - awards 935 gear, special transmog, and 10B+ AP in your weekly chest with max AK. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to the first boss being pulled, or starting the instance. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your spot and deposit. If you would like to purchase single bosses, only tier bosses, or have any questions feel free to Contact myself, Dreams(Dreams#1467). Form: https://goo.gl/forms/7coNyBn8dduF3OsT2 Please fill this form out while you wait for us to get back to you, it gives us an idea of what you want in advance and allows us to set up runs ASAP for your convenience.Dreamsx88 18h
19h <Concido> H 8/11 H is recruiting Server Zul'jin Guild <Concido> Horde Time 8:00 - 10:30 PM EST Wednesday / Thursday Progression 8/11H Guild website https://concidozuljin.wordpress.com/ <Concido> We are looking to expand our core roster. We are a Semi-Hardcore Guild with a goal to push into higher level content. We are looking for players that share that goal with us. We raid two times a week, Wednesday for Heroic progression, Thursday for Normal clear/Heroic Progression, and Saturday as an optional Fun run day. We do expect a good attendance record, as to keep the group strong. We need notice in advance when possible so the group does not stop. We supply all raiders with Flasks and Feasts but ask you bring your own Augment runes and potions. We are casual friendly as well if you are not the Raiding type. Class needs DPS - Arms Warrior / Rogues / Mages / Demon Hunter / Warlocks / Shadow Priest Tank/Healer off-specs are a plus Even if we are not Looking for your spec, We are always looking for skilled players. We are looking to fill up to a 20/25 man team for Mythic Progression. Requirements Friendly Mature Patience Good attendance Discord required Mic is optional We ask for you to apply at our Discord. Follow the steps at our website below. https://concidozuljin.wordpress.com/application/ If you have any questions contact these Bnets below. Dex686#1668 - Hooff Boot#1529 - Bootp Can also find us on Wowprogress. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/ConcidoHooff23 19h
19h Returning Prot Pally LF Heroic Raiding Guild Was cruising through Heroic Tomb when it launched but had to put the game down due to a family emergency. I'm back for good now and looking to start fresh somewhere with a group of fun people who want to progress through content and have a good time doing it. Need a new home! BNET: Fathomiir#1100Vally5 19h
20h Agony Gaming Wants You ( For Antorus! ) Hi Friends! If you're a group of friends, part of a raid team that feels like your guild isn't doing what's best for you or simply your guild disbanded. This is the post for you. Groups of any size will have each of their members TRIALED INDIVIDUALLY and your group is not assured to be on the same team together. The Agony Gaming Clan opens the door to a community like no other. We are currently 9/11H with a multiple amount of fun and content to enjoy besides just weekday raiding! Who Are We? Agony is a large, helpful, multi-cultural and multi-national family style collective with a rich tradition of building community. Established back in BC, Agony is known for being a No Drama guild, consistently running all content and most notably, managing 2-4 raid teams each pushing high end game content. Progression and fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. Part of our main philosophy is ensuring all members are taken care of and provided assistance in every facet of game play regardless of play style, be it PvP, social, casual play or raiding! If you’re a raider looking for a new home, or you are from a raiding guild that is disbanding, defunct or just not raiding end game or any content anymore, check us out. We currently run three raid teams (building a fourth) weekly, two mythic progression and one prepping for mythic progression. We historically and routinely welcome groups of friends, raid teams and smaller guilds into the fold. We only ask that you follow our few simple rules and be positive members in the community. The Non-Raider While our recruitment efforts are focused on raiders, if you’re just looking for a home with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, not necessarily interested in raiding, check us out. Mythic plus dungeons are run daily in both afternoon and evening; constant 10+ keys are made regularly! We also run fast normal raid content to farm Legendaries every week. Multiple weekly achievement runs, mount farming, pet and toy collecting and so much more await you in Agony. So join the fun, even if you aren't the raiding sort. Contact us for more information at: Killerpox#1990 Thanks for reading!Theageofwar155 20h
20h <Agony> 9/11H LFM For Antorus! Hi Friends! <Agony> Zul'jin US Horde 9/11H is recruiting all roles for Mythic Antorus Progression! Recruitment is reopened for all HPS and DPS players who wish to focus strongly on T21! Find out more @ http://www.agonygaming.com/ Team Tunnelsnakes are currently looking for: Warlocks, Boomkins and any exceptional DPS and/or HPS! Item levels of 945 and higher, Artifact traits of 72 for Tanks/Healers and 75 for DPS are needed to apply for the raid team. Also a minimum progression of 9/11H is a plus. Team Tunnelsnakes days are currently: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30pm-11:30am EST. Mythic/+ Dungeons ran every single day both in the afternoon and evening times, constant 10+ keys made! Join the fun if you aren't the raiding sort. Established back in TBC, Agony has Been a stable and efficient community that puts the player and raider first. Progression and Fun roll off the tongue once you experience a single boss pull. All would be raiders are placed under a 30day trial period ( yes you do still get gear) Asked to sign up on our website and gain an invitation to our slackchat channels ( agonygaming.com ) VOIP: Teamspeak3 Discord Drop a comment or add me on Bnet @ Killerpox#1990.Füry21 20h
1d AOTC lock LF mythic prog Hi all, Looking to transfer from my dead server to a more active server. I'm AOTC and have raided since TBC, I'm looking for Horde side and raiding during the week between 8pm est to midnight Add me in game @ Wicked#1496 Raider.io = https://raider.io/characters/us/llane/WickedevilWickedevil2 1d
1d [H]<Facepalm> 2/11M Recruiting DPS Greetings! Facepalm is a progression-oriented raiding guild formed in 2012. We are looking for raiders who have the drive and ability to push for mythic progression, but who can also have fun while doing so. We are more active late night server time, with raiders ranging across time zones and countries. Raid Times: Mythic: Tues, Wed, Thurs, 10:00pm-12:30am EST Casual/Alt: Sun, 10:00pm-1:00am EST Legion Progression Antorus: 2/11M Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9M Nighthold: 8/10M Trial of Valor: 3/3M, Cutting Edge: Mythic Helya Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M, Cutting Edge: Mythic Xavius Current Openings: Healer: Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk. Ranged DPS: High need for Hunter, Boomkin (with Resto OS), Shadow Priest, or Warlock. Considering other Ranged classes. Melee DPS: High need for Death Knight (with Blood OS), Warrior, or Demon Hunter. Considering other Melee classes. Requirements: 930+ item level. Also willing to accept applicants who are undergeared but have extensive raiding history and a track record of clearing content while it was current. Applicants under these requirements are welcome to apply for a raiding position as fill in or on rotating bench roster. To apply, please submit an application on our guild site: http://facepalm.enjin.com/ If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our Officers (Rank 3 and above) in game or through our guild site (http://facepalm.enjin.com/contact).Elaraiyne11 1d
1d Reforged - LF RDPS Currently, we are looking to add some competition for rDPS moving into mythic. Could use a solid hunter, mage, or lock. We have active players who enjoy m+ (selling some keys for some $$$) and other games (PUBG, Dest 2, LoL, etc). We typically use discord to send out notices to have ppl play games. Below is more about us. Reforged is a 2 night mythic minded guild. We were 7/10M in NH after starting mid tier and 5/9M in ToS and now 10/11 H in Antorus. We are a Tues/Thurs 9-12 est group. Will add ya on Btag, but shoot me a message Crogarby or add me MykeETykes#1540 Btag or Discord Crogarby#4336. Would love to chat with ya!Crogarby1 1d
1d <CSI: Orgrimmar> Guild Recruitment <CSI Orgrîmmar> Are you looking for a relaxed raiding atmosphere? Then look no farther! CSI Orgrîmmar is a casual raiding guild that raids twice a week, and we have been raiding together since the start of Legion. Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8-11PM Server Time/EST Voice Chat: Discord Other Information We are ideally looking for players that are raid ready, but we are willing to work with people still trying to gear. Currently Recruiting Range DPS: 3 Current Progression: 11/11 Normal - Antorus 3/11 Heroic - Antorus Previous Content 7/7 Heroic - EN 3/3 Heroic - ToV 10/10 Heroic - NH 9/9 Heroic - ToV Message ßullshîft (Harambe#1327) in-game if you are interested in joining our team.ßullshîft43 1d
1d Nocturnal 8/11H Late Night LFM ...... Boomkin - Low Elemental Shaman - HIGH Shadow Priest - HIGH Hunter - HIGH Aff. Lock - HIGH Fire Mage - LOW Any Exceptional DPS ... 1. Good Attitude – Our raids are high-pressure situations a lot of the time. Mistakes can and will be made by anyone in the raid. Your attitude must allow for identifying such mistakes, the willingness to admit failure, and the drive to correct such failure. Criticism can and must be met with a level head and the determination to amend your play accordingly. Nobody is above being called out for a mistake. Getting angry at your fellow raiders for pointing out errors during farm or progression will achieve nothing except the re-opening of recruitment. 2. Awareness – Encounters in this game will consistently find ways to kill you, ranging from simple fire mechanics to meteor strikes to sonic discs. If your awareness is lacking in any department, it will become readily apparent. We do not want people that cannot adapt quickly and efficiently to the challenging Mythic encounters of this tier and beyond. 3. Performance – Every boss fight is different. How quickly you are able to form a solid, consistent DPS (or HPS) strategy around the challenges of the encounter means everything. Maximizing output is a must. People who can adapt to any encounter, old or new, on the turn of a dime, are the people we want. 4. Attendance – The same players consistently showing up is one of the greatest keys to fast progression and reliable farm. Our final roster will be under 30 players, and we only raid 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week, so our schedule should be easy to make with 100% attendance, barring real life circumstances that can and will happen to everyone from time to time. ... Once accepted into the guild, you will be placed into a trial period that lasts 2-4weeks. During this time, you will be evaluated and see how well you perform in our raid environment. Once we see how you play, we will have a brief talk with you and let you know if you passed your trail or not. ... Bubblesmitey - Bubbleskank#1537 Carýn - Caryn#1711 Cöltongrundy - Coltongruny#1258Bubblesmitey16 1d
1d Resto Shaman lf late night guild Restoration Shaman Looking for late night guild. I am 929 ilvl, and have a 71 level artifact. (would be higher on the artifact, but just returned from a 3 month break) I need raid times past 10 pm est on any day but Friday, and Saturday. Prefer heroic-mythic progression.Pockettazer1 1d
1d <Extra> 6/11H LFM for future Mythic Antoras <Extra> H 6/11H is looking for 1 Priest ( Disc or Holy ) and Conq token users( Ret Pally, Arms/Fury Warrior, Havoc DH)for future Mythic raiding in Antoras, We raid a 2 day schedule Tues/Wens 9-12 pm ST (EST), We use Discord for raiding and all of our other activities, all questions can be directed to Healee#1769 or left below, thanks for your timeHeeale13 1d
1d Zul'jin Community Discord! Hello everyone! A few of the recruiters here on Zul'jin got together and decided we missed the community feeling we used to have in WoW, so we decided to make a community Discord for Zul'jin! We encourage everyone on the server, and even those from other servers, to join up and start getting to know other people in the community. This will be a place for people to * Look for a new guild on Zul'jin * Post your guild recruitment for people who are interested in the server * Find that last pug for your heroic/mythic/achievement run * Make groups for mythic+ runs * Just chill and get to know other people on the server! When you join, you will be able to tag yourself as either * Recruiter - If you do most of the recruiting for your guild. * Potential Recruit - If you are looking for a guild on Zul'jin. * Member - Everyone who plays on Zul'jin, or any other server There are also several other roles you can choose from, such as classes, raid roles, etc. If you are a leadership member from your guild, feel free to message an Admin to be promoted to a special Guild Admin role. When you first join the server, make sure you change your nickname to your in-game "main" name. You can also tag yourself as your "main" class. There is a role you can claim afterward if you play all classes. If you are not from Zul'jin, please make sure your name is Name-Server. Come on over and join us! http://discord.gg/fDTNqFzAbisynth7 1d
1d 2/11M 7.5 hrs/3 days LF Heals <Bacon Pancakes> is a new Mythic progression Horde guild on a short raid schedule with a goal of killing every boss before the next raid release in a relaxed environment. We accomplished 7/9M TOS after only 4 weeks of raiding mythic together. The two cores are made up of: 6/9M (US 209 Kill), 20/20M raiding 9 hours - Alternative Strats on Mal'ganis 4/10M ToS, 8/10M NH, 7/7M EN raiding 6 hours - Various guilds Both teams have been playing with their groups for multiple tiers which speaks to our dedication to this game. Some of us even went to Blizzcon together this year. We came together in order to start this guild because we were tired of losing friends to the daily grind of this expansion. This guild values teamwork, commitment and skill over how many alts you can maintain for split runs or how quick you unlock your artifact traits. Our main raid time commitment is 7.5 hours a week (3 nights) with alt raids and Mythic+ also occurring throughout the week as optional. Our optional heroic run has 1-2 carries for gold consistently for some extra fun. We are looking to start M+ carries soon as well! Together we actively get every member a 10+ for the week. We have multiple players in the guild that are more than willing to help out. This group won't just be on in guild chat typing. We are often seen on Discord voice chatting, sometimes even playing other games as well! If you're looking to play with a tight knit group of skilled players without stressing about the huge time commitment of progression guilds, then we are the perfect fit for you! Realm: US-Zul'jin Faction: Horde Raid Times: Wednesday 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Time Thursday 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Time Sunday 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Time Optional Raid Time: Tuesday 9:30 PM-12:00 PM Eastern Time Sometimes Saturday 9:30 PM-12:00 AM Eastern Time Loot Rules: Loot is done through loot council. We prioritize based on performance, attendance, attitude, and benefit to the raid. Trials are not excluded from receiving loot, but will never be considered over a main raider. There is zero favoritism in this raid and every decision is made with the best intentions. We care about killing bosses above everything else and have a loot tracking spreadsheet to help us determine fairness around the raid team. Recruiting: Any healer. Bonus points for being able to DPS at a mythic level Our logs are located here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/308178 Get to know our raid leader a bit more! Here is his awesome Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrwAPFusxw6PRJ06pKyCUhg If what you have read so far interests you please fill out the following application: https://goo.gl/forms/sRlfEITs5RTyGrFs2 If you have any questions about the application process or anything else you'd like to know before applying please don't hesitate to contact me using the information below. We look forward in hearing from you! BNET Honkerrs#1508 or much quicker via Discord at honkerrs#9675Honkerrs2 1d
1d [H] <Equivalence> 11/11H 5/9M T/TH LF HPally <Equivalence> Recruiting: RDPS: None Melee: None Heal: Holy Paladin Tank: None **All exceptional players are welcome to apply.** Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 8/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9M Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11H Hours / Times Progression Raid Schedule: Tuesday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST Thursday - 9:00pm EST - 11:30pm EST What You can Expect from Us Equivalence is unique in the landscape of semi-hardcore guilds. We target almost exclusively mature players on the top of their game. We combine maturity, skill, and preparation to deliver an experience that is very rare amongst progression teams. Our leaders are mostly veterans with years of guild leadership under their belts, many of whom have been officers since Classic and The Burning Crusade. Our raid environment is focused and drama free. Our officers put in a lot of work behind the scenes during raid to deliver the best possible experience and develop the best possible strategies and solutions. We have a very team-focused environment and we don’t tolerate any drama or selfishness. Flexibility is another defining trait of Equivalence and in many ways. We recognize that a group full of occupational and family-focused adults requires a greater level of understanding in regards to accommodating real life so we work with our players to be as flexible as we can (within reason). We also encourage and develop options for players who are flexible in performing well in multiple roles and classes. We recruit the player over the class. If you have multiple skill sets; we’ll try to capitalize on that. While the Equivalence banner is only as old as the start of Hellfire Citadel, many of our officers and core players came from the same prior guild and with some great new blood we have been improving at breakneck pace. Our Accomplishments so far: Mythic Archimonde: Aug 25th US 785 Heroic Xavius (AOTC): 13 days after launch Mythic Xavius (CE): Dec 22nd US 942 Heroic Guldan (AOTC): 16 days after launch What We Expect from You Equivalence is interested in the person behind the keyboard first and foremost. You aren't just a name on a list to us; you are a person and you will treated as such. We do have very high standards in what we are looking for; we expect our players from the GM to you the recruit to maintain a positive attitude and to act with maturity and respect. We don't operate on the lowest common denominator of the internet where being strangers entitles you to be a total ***. You have a name and a reputation which transcend this thing called the internet, we expect you to act like such. We also expect you to perform on your class to the best of your ability, and when that doesn't meet the level of your peers, to go out of your way to research and explore how to get there. Our players pride themselves on knowing and playing their classes to the highest levels. We evaluate and invest in our player’s improvement often; be teachable and be able to take constructive criticism. How to Get Hold of Us Feel free to poke us in game. You can reach our officers directly; or though our website https://equivalencezuljin.wordpress.com/ Character / Battletag Yepah / Yepah#1230 Hargalaten / ASTJ#1154Sidhel108 1d
1d Project 60-80 Horde Hey guys! So if you're like me, you missed the streamer versions of Project 60. They started Project 70 after and then dumped it fast because of the release of 7.3.2 and the new raid. Each project is simple. You level up a character with NO heirlooms, no mounts (until 40 [60% speed] and until 60 [100% speed]), no use of the dungeon que system, no help from the community outside of the guild / other project participants, no summon stones for dungeons (have to walk to dungeon, everyone), no transmog, you know - basically make it as vanilla as possible.. even though the damage is still ridiculous from legion and expansion scaling. It will NEVER be a full vanilla/TBC/WoTLK experience until the classic servers come out. But it gives a little bit of a different vibe, instead of the overly green Legion/WoD vibe. I'm extremely interested because I'm bored of Legion. So... If you're interested in participating in a Project 60, Project 70, and Project 80, then send me a battle.net friend request and I'll get you in my empty guild <Shadow of War> My battle tag is Kojin#11251 I would personally really enjoy spending a month or two in each project. Probably two, because let's be honest. Most of us work, have mains, significant others, family, etc. I think if we spend 2 months in Project 60, 2 months in Project 70, and 2 months in Project 80 - it'll give everyone a chance to feel like they're progressing at their own rate AND with the guild. Plus 7.3.5 might be close to release by the time we finish... or if we're lucky then before we finish. It'll fill the gap between Antorus and the next chunk of WoW story. So there's a ton of rules that the streamers made up that I would like to follow, because they are a pretty solid set of rules. If you're interested in learning about it, check out on YouTube, Bajheera Project 60. Or Bajheera Project 70. In his video he will have a link and he also explains a little bit about it. I'm unsure if we will recreate characters after every project.. it seems kind of silly to do that. But.. regardless, it will be fun with the more people we have.. I would love to get maybe 40+ people participating. The more the merrier. It's happening on Zul'Jin Horde, by the way. Send me a B-Tag! Happy Holidays!Ko0 1d
1d [A/H] LF highly-social guild :] [FR/EN-Qc] (English follows) ... ----------------------------------------------------------------- ...Snãw0 1d
1d ilv 935 Sub Rogue LF Throne raiding guild Hello I'm an ilv 935 Subtlety Rogue. I currently have 78 artifact traits as I'm typing this. I'm looking for a guild that is raiding Antorus, The Burning Throne. I'd prefer a guild that is working on heroic version of Throne. I don't mind being a backup as long as there some sort spot in something like an alt run. I get my raid information from Fatboss guides along with class information from varies websites such as Icy Veins. I also sim my toon. Thanks for checking out my post.Scrambldeggs1 1d
1d [H][Zul'jin]<Adversaries> LFM For Antorus Hello there friends! [H] <Adversaries> on Zul'jin US is looking to boost our ranks for Heroic/Mythic progression in Antorus. We are currently 4/9M and 7/11H and searching for Healers and DPS to join our teams. Adversaries was originally formed during the WOTLK era, housing fun, entertaining and unique players from all walks of life for one purpose: To play WoW together as a family. Recently revived with a ton of new, active, helpful and community focused individuals who all raid, pvp and simply help with/for each other. We're not here to tell you that we're the only choice in terms of not only a raiding guild but also a home, We're here to tell you that you'll enjoy every minute of your time with us, and us with you. MYTHIC RAID TEAM This team raids Friday-Saturday 9pm to 12pm EST. All new recruits will be placed on a 2-4 weeks trial and yes you can still receive loot as a trial! REQUIREMENTS Provide logs pertaining to the character and spec you wish to raid on. Minimum: Please be at least 3/9M with a minimum of 935 ilvl and Tank/Healers 69 traits in your main weapon and for DPS 72 traits. Currently is accepting: HPS Priest, DPS Druids, MM Hunters, Arcane/Fire Mages, Ret Paladins, Assassination/Sub Rogues, DPS Shamans, Arms Warriors and Affliction/Demo Warlocks. HEROIC RAID TEAM This team raids Wednesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST This team does not venture into Mythic progression and is solely a Heroic Team. We are currently accepting:All specs of Death knight, Druid, and Hunters. In higher demands are DPS Warriors, and Warlocks. If you aren't into raiding as much as some others we also do Mythic+ Dungeon runs on the daily with completion of 10+ keys and more! Also in recruitment for our PvP ranks, we wish to do RBGs as a team and we are looking to push rating. We also do BG's together and some are looking into arena teams. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces joining the family in the near future! If you are interested please contact me at Battle tag MamaBear#11714 Velisi/Eirisana Or contact Ashynna in-game or on Battle tag at LaBelleMorte#1606. Eirisana24 1d
1d <TEA> 7/11H LFM for progression! <The Excellent Adventure> is a semi-hardcore guild that is primarily focused on the PvE side of the game. We formed together to create a community of like-minded individuals who are focused on reasonable progression while still keeping things fairly light hearted. While raiding is the main draw of the guild, we also run Mythic+ quite often throughout the week, and dabble with some PvP from time to time. We are looking for committed players that would like a long-term home. We welcome raiders old and new, highly geared or just returning. While our main focus is the main raid during the week, we have a weekend alt/social night of raiding which allows anyone to get their feet wet with raiding. As stated above, we also run keys and pvp as well and would happily welcome anyone looking to pursue those aspects of the game as well as players just looking to be social. We expect our raiders to put the time and effort into learning the fights and their class. We ask that you be punctual to raid, preferably 10-15 mins early so we may form and clear trash. If you cannot make it to raid we have an attendance channel in discord, just give us a shout and we will take care of it. We are understanding of real world obligations. Our progression group runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 830-1130pm EST. We also have an optional social/farm night on Sundays from 830-1130pm EST. Every raid night, the groups form up 15 minutes prior to raid time to clear trash and get summons completed. We are currently recruiting the following classes for Antorus progression raiding: Balance Druid Elemental/Resto Shaman Flex Disc Priest We are also willing to consider any exceptional raiders who apply. Socials and casuals are also more than welcome to join us for our other fun events and off night raiding. We host other optional social and pvp events throughout the week. These events range from RBGs to Transmog Competitions to Guild Lotteries and more. Our raid spots are determined based on reliability, preparedness, performance, and attitude. If you would like to learn more or chat with an officer, our contact info is below. Zornz (Zorn#1806) Cloysterx (Cloyster#1955) Nightswipe (xXSethlorXx#1821) Garzekiel (Garzek#1760) Lunafreÿir (Gabritto#11115)Zornz44 1d
1d <Attrition> 11/11H LF Lock/Hunter [H] <Attrition> US-Zul'jin 11/11H Antorus 10/10M Nighthold 3/3M Trial of Valor 7/7M Emerald Nightmare Recruiting is currently open to the classes specified! DPS Warlock-High Shadow Priest-High Elemental Shaman-High About Us: Attrition is a reformed, tight-knit guild composed of Cutting Edge players who have raided together for several years. We are looking for more like-minded players to join us and push Mythic progression on a less-demanding schedule. We are taking time off for the rest of tier 20 to rebuild our core. While we are not currently raiding, we will be actively recruiting in the following weeks in preparation for the release of Antorus. We are expected to pick up raiding at its release and pursue Mythic content when it becomes available. We are interested in players who have a mature mindset, that are able to demonstrate their skill and capabilities with a history of loyalty. Working on a limited raiding schedule, we must efficiently utilize the time we have, know when to put joking aside and focus on the task at hand. Community is incredibly important to us. If your application is accepted, know that part of your trial will be how well you mesh with the guild. Toxicity or any type of derogatory commentary towards guild mates will not be tolerated; We are all adults and expect everyone to conduct themselves as such. There is no reason to incite high school-level drama, especially in a game where we all aim to have fun. While we are in need of the classes specified above, we are always on the lookout for driven and mechanically sound players. So even if you don't see your class listed but feel we may be a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to reach out or apply! Progression: 11/11H Antorus the Burning Throne 5/9M Tomb of Sargeras 10/10M Nighthold-Cutting Edge 3/3M Trial of Valor-Cutting Edge 7/7M Emerald Nightmare-Cutting Edge 13/13M Hellfire Citadel-Cutting Edge 8/10M Blackrock Foundry 7/7M Highmaul-Cutting Edge 14/14 H (10 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar-Cutting Edge 13/14 H (25 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar 10/13 H (10 Man) Throne of Thunder Raid Time: Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Time: 6-9pm PST, 9-12midnight EST Loot is distributed by Council. Contact Information: Cevren - Cevren#1498 Zaelynn - Villainess#1397 Abom in game or a variation of his name Applications can be filled at: http://Attrition-zj.enjin.com/ What you should have: -Time to properly fill out an application and comment -Logs -Discord -72 Points in your main spec weapon by AntorusCevren50 1d
1d <Zuglife> is recruiting! <Zuglife> [9/9] Tos H AoTC is recruiting for Antorus! Hey future raiders! <Zuglife> on Zul'jin Horde is looking for more people like you to fill out its raid roster as we get ready to take on the new Antorus raid. We are a somewhat new guild about 2 moths old but thanks to a strong team led by ex-mythic level raiders (who even have a few cutting-edges under their belt) we managed to clear ToS heroic and get AoTC. We are a group of people who love pushing the top tier difficulty content but also understand that real life can get pretty busy and so outside of raid nights the guild can sometimes be a bit inactive. Our raid nights are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10pm server time and we also have a mythic+night on Sundays 7-10pm. If it sounds like we could be a good fit for you or a friend please don't hesitate to get in contact with myself or any other officer through bnet or in game! We look forward to hearing from you :) Bnet tags: Exbones - Xbones#1926 Cosmic - Cosmic#12663 Bubbleoseven - Travking#1922 Hellroze - Hellroze#1394ßübbleøsëven3 1d
1d The Thundering Legion - 1 Night A Week Raid The Thundering Legion is a one night a week Normal/Heroic guild looking for more players. We raid Tuesday nights at 7PM PST/10PM EST and raid for ~3 hours. We offer a relaxed adult environment. Currently 11/11 Normal Antorus 7/7(H) 3/3(H) 10/10(H) 9/9(H) No upfront commitment required. Raid with us for a week or two to see if you fit before you join. Preferred DPS: Mage, Warlock, Demon Hunter, Monk, Shadow Priest. -Would prefer you to have a healing offspec(if applicable) Respond here, add me on Battle.net(Sterkzal#1561) or message me in-game.Vishran7 1d
1d [H]<Zandalari Yacht Club>Recruiting DPS/Heal Who are we? Zandalari Yacht Club is a newly formed guild on US-Zul'Jin. We are a collection of adults that love to level, dungeon and raid together and have been doing so across several servers for a couple years now. We are currently a small guild but looking to grow our presence on Zul'Jin with like minded players. We are mostly aged 30+ and like to keep things drama free. What are we looking for? We are looking to fill the role of DPS/Heal. You would primarily be a DPS but in the event we have one of our Healers out sick or on vacation you would fill in as heal. Also, if our group gets bigger one night due to some of our other friends popping in to help we may need to expand to 4 heals in this situation you may be asked to heal as well. Also have room for a couple DPS. What progression do we have? Last tier, we cleared Normal and Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently progressing through Normal Antorus the Burning Throne (10/11N 1/11H as a raid team, but several of us have full cleared... some normal, some heroic, a few in Mythic progression in other raids as well). When do we Raid? We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from Midnight:30 to 3am Server Time (9:30pm - Midnight Pacific Time) Invites go out about 15 minutes prior to start time and we try to be all summoned and ready to start pulling trash by 9:30. Voice Communication? Discord is required for Raid. Attendance? We are pretty easy going about attendance. Most of us have children and know Life Happens. That being said, if you need to miss raid due to Life issues we just ask that you let someone on the raid team know so we aren't left wondering where you are. Missing Raid due to Real Life conflicts will never be held against you as long as you communicate with one of us. How do we handle Conflicts? We are all friends and do not put up with elitist attitudes or bashing someone in our raids. If there is a problem, please speak with the person in a private setting or reach out to an officer if you don't feel comfortable. We like to hardass each other but its all in good fun :) so my motto for our Raids is this "Have a good attitude or GTFO". Who do I reach out to? If you would like to join us or talk to us about anything, shoot me a B-Tag request @ Bonk#1942.Bosshogger3 1d
2d [H] <Disturbed> 2/11 - 3 Day 8-11PM - LF DK (H) <Disturbed> US-Zul’jin - 3 Nights/Week - Semi-Hardcore Raid Times Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11pm server (EST) *Holidays will be rescheduled.* Current Progression: Antorus: 2/11M TOS: 8/9M Nighthold: 9/10M Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Recruitment: MDPS: Death Knight, WW Monk RDPS: Closed Tank: Closed Healer: Closed *All exceptional players, regardless of role/class will be considered.* Recruitment Criteria: - 90% Mandatory attendance and ability to give advance notice of availability - Prepared with consumables, addons, and knowledge of raid bosses - Comfortable with constructive criticism/feedback - Respectful, Friendly, and Mature - Good communication skills - *Looking for long-term placement in guild* How To Apply Please apply on the following website: http://www.disturbedguild.com/apply Contact Information: Madness#12309 - Madness Mojo#12988 – MojosauceMojosauce32 2d
2d [H] Hooligans - In Need of DPS! Hey there! Hooligans-Zul'jin[H] is a 1 day a week Normal and Heroic only guild. We are looking for a couple more dps! Currently 9/11N (after one raid of prog) and 11/11N with our core + a few pugs. Raid day is Saturday 12pm - 3pm EST. If you'd like to chat more, add Kithelle#1430Kythelle1 2d
2d Fri/Sat 7/9M LF heals/dps/tank Antorus Time: Fri/Sat 9:30pm-12:30 am EST (server) Server:Zul’jin (Horde) <Deadbeat Dads> Progress: Mythic 7/9 weekend (9/9M weekday) https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Deadbeat+Dads Needs: Healer w/dps offspec Tank w/dps off spec DPS 2-3 any Do the cries for adventure stifle the cries of your screaming children? Does the idea of getting loot and downing bosses make you happier than seeing your spouse? Do you think about taking a sick day to stay home and play WOW? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then <Deadbeat Dads> is the guild for you. Welcome home. Contact Weekend officers Btag Crossmyheart#11315 Silentsword#127534 Discord -♡-crossmyheart-♡-#9584 or send an application here: http://www.dbdguild.com/apply-fs/ The guild has been together since 2009 and we are looking to bolster our ranks for the weekend team. We focus on raiding and all the PVE world activities required for strong progression, but we don't mind taking time to enjoy ourselves along the way. We also have a Heroic progression team for your friends that might not be up to mythic raiding. We are Deadbeat Dads and we pride ourselves on kicking !@# and taking names. We are currently seeking more members to finish Mythic TOS and start strong in Antorus. Even though we are considered “Casual”, that label more aptly describes our environment than our attitude towards raiding. We pride ourselves in getting the most out of playing with our shortened schedule. Do you want to be in our roster? Even if you aren't married or don’t have children, we can still be a home to you. If you share our passion for raiding, please feel free to apply. Your skills and talents will help balance out our roster and allow us to continue to down Mythic bosses.Playdate22 2d
2d 950 Havoc LF Mythic this Fri/Sat AOTC 2/11M (Garothi/hounds) xp, https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/27995860 Obviously not ask for loot, just want to raid for the next few weeks until my schedule opens up. Willing to do heroic if mythic is planned after. Will most likely be looking for group next week as well. phasedwhite#1377Phasedwhite0 2d