1d [H] 885 equipped BM hunter 4/7 M 3/3 H nmVertexx0 1d
1d 4 player group LF new raid team/guild No longer looking thanks for all.Xenopaladin7 1d
1d LF Guild/Raid Hey, i´m looking for a Raidguild (Mythic): - Raids per week: 3-7 - Raidtimes: 2pm-1:30am | i have to work at 2am. EST - Only Horde i dont care about farming every day/week ap if i have to reroll. I could play: Meeles: DK, Ret, Monk, Rogue, DH, Enhancer Ranges: Mage, Lock, Ele, Hunter Tank: Druid, Paladin, Warry i dont care what character i have to play if u want a big nolifer in ur Guild... i´m ur man. Btw my Main Characters are on EU Realms. Rick#13561Bangerdk5 1d
1d 875 4/7M Exp Enhanc Sham LF guild I am a enhanc sham thats been raiding for along time LF a new guild to push into Nighthold with. I can raid anyday after 7pm EST I have logs and such to go with my toon. Post up.Dylan7 1d
1d Havoc,Arms,Rdruid lf guild We are loooking for a Mythic 7/7 guild that is willing to take all 3 of us Havoc 887 Arms 884 Rdruid 887 We are pretty decent player that are looking to give a guild some tools to push better in nighthold Raid must be between 8 and 11:30pm EST and max 3 days a week Faction change can be considered We do speak french if neededJbarr1 1d
1d [H] Group of 6 LF Raid Team So, we're a small group of friends who were in a large guild that saw some serious attrition and now need to relocate. Days Available: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thu 1900 EST - 0100 EST We have as follows, that have 1/7M|7/7H EN and 2/3H ToV: (Self) Blood DK Frost Mage* Havoc DH BM Hunter Sub Rogue Mistweaver Monk * *Rerolled and is 860 ilvl, but working on it. We've raided together, most of us, since 2008 and work really well. We mesh well with most groups, cohesion should not be an issue. We do a lot of Mythic+ as well. If interested, message me here or: Terran #11949Terrân8 1d
1d 4 LF Raiding Guild Nighthold Hello, My friends and I are looking for a raiding guild for Night Hold. Theres 4, maybe 5 of us that would like to continue to play together and join another good group of players in the upcoming content. What we're looking for: 2 day a week raiding guild on either Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs, we're open to Friday and optional 3rd day too (like optional to come on whenever we're free). Times must be between 8pm-12 server time. (Maybe open to later on fri/sat) Looking for a stable guild that needs more people that wants to raid seriously without going overboard. What we are: 2 Paladins, 1 warrior, 1 (anything u want). Also, maybe a DH. :D First Paladin is retribution or holy. Pref retribution but will play holy. Hes 874. Not single, sorry ladies. 7/7H Second Paladin is also retribution, only retribution though hes 873. He is single though. Ladies. 4/7M 3/3H The Warrior. He is a dps (fury). Only a dps, Ive heard tales of his tanking. You dont want that. No one wants that. Oh by the way, hes Ilvl 877. 4/7M 3/3H The Demon Hunter first off his name has nothing to do with Illidan, so thats important and honestly I feel like the best part about him. Hes a dps or a tank, but preferable a dps. Ilvl 877. :D 2/7M 2/3H Lastly, me and my plethora of characters. I essentially have no life. at all. Not even a little bit. But on the plus side I've got to much time to play WoW, so thats... Not sure if its good for me but its good for you. I have 4 semi geared characters, hunter(865), priest(870), rogue(861), druid(863). Also have a monk(850) and a paladin(811) but they're short on Artifact knowledge and it depresses me so I've not played them a lot yet. I'm open to play whatever you want. If you want a tank, ill tank, if you want a healer, ill let you die slowly when you stand in stuff while healing the other good players. If you want a dps that will blow your mind, I will constantly make my warrior friend feel like hes lacking... you know, down there. I'm 5/7M 3/3H btw. Enough about me, about our group. We're friendly, fun, active (Not outside but in wow). We're all mature people around mid twenties. Most of us are single. Ladies. Guild leaders /wink. Basically, we want to stay together, push content together, and make new friends :D. We're all pretty experienced players so don't be shy :D. If you have any questions, you're interested, or you want to be my friend because im funny. My information is below. Btw, if you're interested but only want three people, ill grudgingly kill one of my friends off. For a price. Remith#1917Sikra11 1d
1d 874 DK lf guild 874 DK tank/dps LF guild for NH and mythic+ I work a lot of wonky hours but i'm usually available most nights at ~8 pm EST and onward. Mostly just looking for a casual guild but do want to try and get some nighthold progression in. My btag is MisterBungle#1520Mudveyn5 1d
1d 879 Resto Shaman LF H/M 2 nights a week Hey everyone! I find myself unfortunately looking for a new raiding guild for Nighthold. 2 nights a week, Monday to Friday, after 7-ish server time. Can provide logs! Ideally would prefer an adult guild (read 25+) because I often make inappropriate comments. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ PM me in game or here! Hope to see you soon!Kazhual8 1d
1d H <Scarab> Tues/Thus Resto Sham 4/7M 3/3H Raid Times Tuesday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST Thursday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST Progression 4/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trial of Valor Cleared: N & H EM and N ToV Buy us something from our Amazon Wish-list: A resto shammy and two Ranged DPS would prefer Lock, Hunter, Shammy. If you can bring the big numbers, we wanna bring you! Our current setup has a lot of leather wearers so if you're in a guild plagued by mail or cloth wearers come to greener pastures! Contact Antrus#1119 or Aetherflux#11746 for more details or an invite. What To Expect From Us A casual-progression approach to raiding throughout Legion. We've returned with less time than our younger selves and will only raid 6 hours a week. There's no, "Okay let's extend the raid by another hour because we're so close to this boss". It's okay, we'll get it next week - we're not in a rush to consume content and are just looking to enjoy ourselves without getting burned out (as many people can relate to that). Our goal is to clear a majority, if not all, mythic-level raid content prior to the release of the next tier. In addition, we regularly group for Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons, Arena, and other games outside of World of Warcraft. What We Expect From You Know the fights ahead of time. We have minimal time throughout the week and if we're going to kill Mythic bosses, we need to maximize and make the best use of it. Come prepared. This includes flask, +375 food, and potions for progression content/mythic raid content (and Vantus/Augment Rune where necessary). While we'll do our best to help supply the raid with materials, we all have real life jobs and responsibilities and are not always able to farm enough mats for everyone. Make friends. What sets us apart is our community of players. We're a tight-nit group of friends who like to have a fun time playing games. Ridiculous, offensive, personable, and friendly is a short summary of our atmosphere. About Us (Don't feel required to read we just felt self-conscious that everyone else had a Wikipedia style post so we wrote this up) <Scarab> - Zul'jin, formerly known as <Surprise Mutiny> - Cho'gall, is a guild comprised of many former top US raiders who have returned to Legion for a more casual approach to raiding. The collective raiding experience of our core ranges from Naxx 40 Kel'thuzad through Mythic Archimonde, having cleared many tiers at the highest difficulty while still relevant (albeit while we were in different guilds at the time). Our core group goes back to Wrath of the Lich King, where we quickly formed and became one of the premier 3 day/week raiding guilds at the time. Since that time, many of us have became friends and stayed in touch over the years - having attended Blizzcons together and playing other games like Diablo and Heroes of the Storm. Our notable former achievements include: Algalon the Observer (25) US 72 A Tribute to Insanity (25) US 48 Heroic Lich King (25) US 33 A Tribute to Immortality (25)Antrus18 1d
1d 3/7M 2/3H Tov Resto Sham LF new home. 3/7M EN, 2/3H TOV Resto shaman. Sitting at 38 Points in my weapon almost 39, looking for a new home. Guild had a fallen out. What i am seeking is a raid healing position in a progression Mythic guild and to have fun again. Hopefully i can enjoy the game once again in nighthold and meet some new people in the process. Thanks. Im posting several of my logs or you can look it up on warcraft log...I perform decent. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/20442299/10/#metric=hps My battle id is deaths#11849 Just hit me up or post on here. Thanks.Supersoakerz4 1d
1d [H] LFM rDPS for H NH (Tues/Wed 8-11pm) <Relentless Aggression> is a veteran raiding guild who has open recruitment for raiders and non-raiders alike. If you are looking for a new home, please take the time to read the information below, and contact me directly (either in-game, or here, or Twitter: @RA_Zuljin) __________________________________________________________________________ Current Progression: -- Nighthold: 0/10N, 0/10H -- Trial of Valor: 3/3N, 3/3H -- Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N, 7/7H Current Recruitment: Raid Times: Every Tuesday / Wednesday 8-11pm (Eastern/Server) Raid Difficulty: Heroic / Mythic Full Time Raiders* (iLevel: 870+:) -- Tanks: Alternates Only. -- Melée DPS: Full on Melee. -- Ranged DPS: Mage, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Warlock. -- Healers: Druid, Monk. * will consider any exceptional player, and/or class if not listed above We will always consider any exceptional player and/or class with the desire for progression raiding. We ask our raiders to be able to make every Tues/Wed raid night with the understanding that Real Life always comes before Warcraft. Interested? Hit me up on Twitter @Epic_Insanity or in-game! Outside of Raiding: Open Recruitment for Social Members, Mythic+ challengers and PVPers (Arenas/Battlegrounds/Scrims) Relentless Aggression is recruiting casual players looking for a relaxed mature gaming atmosphere. New the server? Come check us out! If Relentless Aggression looks like a place you'd like to call home, check out RA-Zuljin.com, or talk to Epicinsanity directly in-game. BattleTag: Epicinsanity#1952 (Tell me who you are) or hit me up on Twitter: @Epic_InsanityEpicinsanity41 1d
2d 9/10M 2 Night LF Ret or Warlock/SP About Gag Reflex Gag Reflex has the goal of becoming one of the top 2 night/week guilds in the U.S. Our core members have been together for 4+ years and over that time have enjoyed success at many levels. We are looking for likeminded individuals with a hunger for top tier progression, but can’t or don’t want to put in 20+ hours while racing to kill content. We raid a total of 8 hours per week, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. If serious progression on a limited schedule is what you seek, this is the place for you. Recruitment Looking for a Ret Paladin, Warlock, or Shadow Priest We are also seeking casual players looking to do Mythic+ and other in game activities. Requirements: We raid Wednesday and Thursday 7-11 EST Invites start at 6:45, Attendance is taken at 6:55 and the first pull starts at 7:00. We have 1 scheduled break at 9:00pm for 10 minutes. Environment: We like to keep a more relaxed atmosphere in the guild. During raid, there is a focus towards content, but we are still laid back and joking most of the time. In general, we expect people to be prepared, and failing to be prepared typically won’t make you friends. We expect everyone to put forth the effort to make sure the raid can be successful. Progression Historical Progression (10 Man Raiding) T12 – US 15th T13 – US 10th T14 – US 1st -Drop to 2 nights T15 – US 533 T16 – US 101 -Mythic Transition T17 – US Top 200 (Disbanded at Blackhand) T18 - MIA T19 - 8/10M Currently To apply: https://goo.gl/forms/HXEPwxUILtMFCbsC3 or Contact me via battle tag and we can chat directly. You can contact Wickedstylis#1940 through Battle.net if you are interested in raiding with us.Lebrongar21 2d
2d 880 Disc LF Mythic+ Focused Guild I play mostly late nights (midnight and later) server time and am looking for a guild or group that focuses on 5man content. I also very much enjoy some casual pvp and the occasional raid when I'm available. I think any guild that has raiders that like to do Myth+ after raids would be a good fit also. Hit me up in game preferably (Sidewaze), but I'll try to remember to check back here too.Sidewaze3 2d
2d --- EDIT: I realized that since I have a Tuesday night class, AKA a class during prime raiding time for the vast majority of guilds, I should just wait until this semester is over before I raid seriously again. Hiya, I'm going to be transferring to this realm very soon, and I'm looking for a weekday guild. My progression is currently Heroic 7/7 3/3, and I would like to get into Mythic. I'm knowledgeable and passionate about healing and I have experience as a healing leader. I consistently parse very well for my spec and ilvl in hps. I would prefer to play my Resto Shaman, but if it is required of me to be able to play all specs of my class I would play my Monk instead. I can provide logs of my performance and screenshots of my raiding UI. Thanks!Miulen6 2d
2d [H]-Old Timers LF Crotchety Old Folks Old Timers is seeking fellow cranky old folks for our virtual retirement community. Too old to keep up with the reflexes of those damned kids in FPSs? Don't get the entirety of your news from social media? We're for you! Potential applicants should have a warped sense of humor, know what Crystal Clear Pepsi is, and be okay with sponge-bathing our illustrious guild-leader and officers*. *Officers are optional! As for in-game activities; we have members interested in a variety of activities but no one is going to hold your hand. If you want to bash achievements in dungeons or PVP; ask around in guild and get it rolling or throw a run up on the guild calendar. Want to do some pet battling for achievements, we got folks that do that, too. Altoholic? Yeah, we have lots of those. Old Timers will be fielding a raid team as a guild activity. Potential raiders need to be willing to follow directions and meet the requirements of our raid. (*NOTE WELL* Old Timers is a casual guild and, as such, raiding is not done in a hardcore fashion, we aim to have fun.) We are always open for recruitment of social members. For more information and to apply (25+); please visit our website at oldtimerszj.wowlaunch.comHeyokaa10 2d
2d <The Dorkish Horde> 4/7M 3/3H LF DPS •Guild Name: The Dorkish Horde •Server: Zul'jin-Horde US •Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11pm EST/Server •Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic TOV •About Us: <The Dorkish Horde> is a group of members who have been raiding together on all levels of content since vanilla. We believe in pushing content at a steady pace that is comfortable yet still progressive. We are currently recruiting experienced and perspective raiders in need of an active and progression oriented Mythic guild. •Voice: Discord •Loot: Loot Council based on performance, attendance and spec. •Expectations: You must strive to push yourself to improve without being constantly told. We aren’t looking for egomaniacs, but people who care about their performance and are always trying to optimize what they can.You must also be active. While we only raid a certain amount of hours, obviously you need to keep up with dungeon gearing, artifact questing/power, and consumables. We don’t expect you to be fully best in slot and playing 24/7, but you shouldn’t be 30 item levels behind us either. Recruitment Needs DPS •All Classes We are currently looking to recruit all DPS classes and specs going into Night Hold. We want our mythic roster to be competitive and punctual. PST in game with any questions - Dirtydan#12493Funkyfelon5 2d
2d H weekend 3/3H 5/7M lfm for Nighthold Hello all! Fluffy Kittens is a Zul'jin weekend guild who is looking for new raiders to complete our raid team for heroic and mythic. The guild formed with veteran friends returning to the game and looking to form their own raid team to tackle progression. Our leadership (myself included) has top US 50 raid experience in past raiding tiers. We do not view ourselves as a self defined hardcore or semi hardcore raiding guild, but rather a group of friends looking to have a good time while killing bosses in a quick organized manner. We are structuring our raid group in a way, that allows us to raid on a relaxed 2 day schedule while still progressing. In order to achieve this we are seeking highly skilled players, who have good attendance. We won't waste your time, so dont waste ours by not showing up. Progression: 3/3 H 5/7M Expectations: We expect raiders to show up to most raids, and if they know they are going to be unavailable for a raid night that they let us know ahead of time. Healers and DPS are expected to know their stat weights, rotations, and pull according numbers appropriate for their item level (we will work with you, but you have to put in majority of the effort). Flasks and food will be given by the guild IF said raider donates materials to the bank. Raid Times: 8-11 EST Sat & Sun with optional loot run on Friday *Note potential trials are often required to go to the Friday run* This is in order for us to better analyze logs from you, and see how you perform mechanics wise before being brought into progression. Loot: Going into Night Hold we are using a loot council style system. Raiders will be rotated in every week to participate. More information can be discussed about this upon meeting each other. We are actively seeking these classes and roles. Tanks: dps w/ tank OS Healers: Monk Discipline Priest Shaman DPS: Melee: Deathknight Paladin Warrior Shaman or Survival Hunter Rogue Range: Open If your class or role isn't listed contact us anyway, our core is very flexible and we will be able to use you in a core spot regardless. Contact info: Reply on our recruitment thread or add the following btags to get in contact with an officer. Recruitment Officer: Thanatos#12871 Guild Master: Phobia#1707Douchebruh15 2d
2d [H][Zul'jin] <Resürgence> (7/7M) 2day/wk Resurgence Gaming is an accomplished gaming community with strong roots in Progression PvE across multiple MMOs, as well as other PC game genres. We are 7/7 Emerald Nightmare, downing Xavius for Cutting Edge on 1/3/17. Our active community is full of experienced and friendly players, but we take raiding seriously. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. We also run a non-mandatory Monday & Saturday night run, which generally is for alt/gear runs, but in the early push in Nighthold will be extra Heroic Progression. Resurgence is one of the top 6-hour raid teams on Zul'jin. We are recruiting 1 ranged DPS, and 1 Arms Warrior or Demon Hunter for main roster positions who have put in the work to gear for Mythic Nighthold. Keep in mind, all spots are competitive and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out a quick application on our website (link below) and an officer or myself will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here, or in your application. http://resurgencegaming.enjin.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Res%C3%BCrgence Thanks for considering our community, we hope to see you in game! Dìaku - GM of <Resürgence>Dìaku0 2d
2d Iron Vanguard for Heroic NH IronVanguard Type: Semi-hardcore progression Progression: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Faction: Horde Server: <IronVanguard> - <Zul’jin> Raid Times:Tues,Wed & Thurs at 9:30p-12:30am EST <IronVanguard> is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders to help fill out our roster. We are currently looking for Healer:Monk Range Damage: Lock,mage,shaodow priest Melee damage: Warrior DeathKnight Expectations: Be on time Have Discord for voice communication Have installed the required add-ons Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.) Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times Loot Rules: Personal Add-on List: Deadly Boss Mods Exorsus Raid Tools feel free to contact me in game Vulkari - zul'jin---Btag GregoryMcGee#1181Vulkari0 2d
2d Northern Winds - Horde recrute Northern Winds - Horde Nouvelle guild récemment formée est toujours à la recherche de nouveaux talents pour son core mythic. Raid lead avec expérience mythic. Raid days: Mar-merc 19h30-22h30. Tout type de joueur également la bienvenue. Vous avez un core ou voulez en créer un et chercher un endroit paisible pour l'installer, venez nous rejoindres pour évoluer dans un endroit paisible et encadrer. Deux façons de joindre In game Smio#1202 ou site web : http://northernwinders.enjin.com/ Au plaisir de vous voir sous peu!Predatôr0 2d
2d [H] <Dawn of the Dead> 7/7M is recruiting! Guild: Dawn of the Dead | http://www.dotd.org Faction: Horde | Server: Zul'jin (PvE) | Timezone: EST Current Progression: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 3/3H Trial of Valor We've been raiding max size raids continuously since WoW has been released and are the only guild to have done so here on Zul'jin. We have strong leadership, no drama, and plans to keep raiding for years to come. Unlike many guilds, we're not recruiting for the short term, and we don't over-recruit. Website: www.dotd.org Raid Times: Our schedule is 8-11 EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Needs: We are a small guild, and we expect high attendance. As such, we recruit people to raid, and desire people who can step in and contribute immediately. We don’t recruit people to sit around, so all spots are for raiders who can expect to be in most every raid. We are currently looking to add skilled and reliable: 2-3 Melee DPS High: Enhancement Shaman Low: WW Monk, DH 3-4 Ranged DPS High: Hunter, Shadow Priest Low: Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid 1 Healer High: Disc Priest, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin ALL exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of the class. What we ask of you: Effort: Not all applicants come from highly progressed guilds, and that’s okay, but it does mean that you need to be prepared. We recruit the player, not the gear, but we do ask that you have some current experience and be a minimum iLvl of 725. You need to have the best gear available to you, (BoE, Crafted) with gems and top end enchants. You also need to be able to display an understanding of your class mechanics, role in a raid, and ability to learn new fights. Attitude: It’s a game. We play for fun. How you fit in with the guild is taken very seriously. We’re a bunch of mostly 18-30 guys and girls who have fun playing together. While we have a good time, we also know when it’s time to buckle down and work hard. Skill: The best way to determine skill is to see you in a raid. Because we don’t wish to have anyone transfer that we’re not serious about, be able to express your knowledge of your class and why you’re an exceptional player who would be an asset and is worth a shot. Gear will come with time. Skill will not. Impress us with your knowledge of your class and gameplay mechanics. Feel free to share any logs, theorycrafting, or other work you've done. Commitment: We make a commitment to you, and ask you to do the same to us. A raid takes a team of more than 20 individuals working together. We rely on you to show up to raids, research your class and new fights, respect your fellow players, and notify us when you are unavailable. You rely on us for gear, experience, and coordination. It's a large investment of our time to train and gear new players, and we ask the same investment on your part so that we can each benefit. We have a variety of informational resources available to prospective applicants on our web site: http://www.dotd.org -- please refer to our "Applications" forum for detailed information. Also feel free to visit us on WoWProgresss for more information and kill videos! http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/...wn+of+the+Dead Should you wish to speak to someone in-game, please don't hesitate to reach out to an officer directly, whisper Xanah (Xana#1662), Taladros (Rallion#11635) or Jeare (Jeare#1759).Xanah15 2d
2d <MoTU> Recruiting for Nighthold <Masters of The Universe> is looking to build up its numbers for core raiders as Nighthold comes out next month. We are looking to recruit active players for Normal-Heroic & Mythic Progression. We are a semi-hardcore group 2x per week raid schedule, raiding on Wed & Thurs Evenings at 9:30pm EST til roughly midnight (give or take 15 mins). We use DiscordApp for comms, and require all raiders use it as well as DMB. We do run logs just to help provide one another a bit of insight in terms of where we each can improve individually. Our current needs are mostly just DPS, but to be a bit more specific: Item Level 860+, Ahead of The Curve is a plus, but not required DPS that can consistently do 220k+. Able to attend most raids. Update on Recruitment Needs: Monk Heals Disc Priest Heals Shadow Priest Demon Hunter DPS Druid Tank/DPS Paladin Tank/DPS Hunters Warlocks Contact Wolfrick#1541Tedruxpin1 2d
2d [H]<Nocturnal>(4/7M 2/3h)LF Dps Nocturnal Type: Semi-hardcore progression Progression: 4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, 2/3 Trial of valor Faction: Horde Server: <Nocturnal> - <Zul’jin> Raid Times:Tues,Wed & Thurs at 10:30p-1:30a pst(1:30A-4:30a est) <Nocturnal> is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders in need of an active and progression oriented mythic guild! We are currently looking for Healer: Druid,Pally Range Damage: Lock,mage,shadow Priest,hunter, ELe shaman Melee damage: Expectations: Be on time Have Mumble for voice communication Have installed the required add-ons Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.) Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times Loot Rules: Loot Council Add-on List: Deadly Boss Mods RCLootCouncil Angry Assignments Bestinslot replay here or contact me in game Cöltongrundy(alt+0246 for ö)- zul'jin---Btag Coltongrundy#1258Cöltongrundy12 2d
2d [H] <Stoneblood> 7/7 H 2/3H LF ALL CORE SPOTS Stoneblood is a guild first formed in 2010 and has consistently raided each expansion since... we are a guild that is very friendly and social. We have people that hang out in discord all day and play the game and constantly try to group to accomplish both current content and previous content for achievements/transmog. We raid two/three days a week with a mindset of playing seriously while not letting the seriousness effect our social interactions with each other more casual. A positive atmosphere is desirable and drama free players are preferred. We log all raids and require discord as well as the EPGP addon for loot in raids. Current progression: 7/7 Heroic in Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic in Trial of Valor Raiding needs: All spots are open and considered Tank Ranged DPS High-end DPS in general is desired melee or ranged but more towards Ranged Building up for NightHold Progression Raid Schedule: Tuesdays 9pm to 12AM EST (6pm to 9pm PST) Thursdays 9pm to 12AM EST (6pm to 9pm PST) Saturdays 8pm to 11pm EST (5pm to 8pm PST) [Not currently required, we use this as a more casual alt/social raid day] Everyone is welcome we are a very social guild, We have open invites to anyone interested in social status/rank, and raiding status/invites will be based on our need as well as approval of our raid leader. If interested please feel free to add me on bnet or any of the officers Eric#1736 (GM) Dat1G#11616 Dizease#1325 Tattooclown#1633 (raid leader) Nobalk323#1674 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/t6k2vv4 Special roles are all officersOokdooker4 2d
2d <Might> Selling Legion! Might is once again offering sales runs, this time for your Legion content of choice! Raid Prices: Heroic Emerald Nightmare Personal Loot - 200k Mythic Emerald Nightmare Master Loot - 1M Heroic Trial of Valor Personal Loot - 250k Mythic Trial of Valor Master Loot - TBD Heroic Nighthold Personal Loot - TBD Mythic Nighthold Master Loot - TBD With progression underway, we're not currently offering any raid sales at this time, check back once the tier is complete! M+ dungeon prices are listed dungeon by dungeon. If you purchase more than one at a time, discounts will be given. M+ Prices: M+ 7-9 - 50k M+ 10 - 150k M+ 12 - 200k M+ 15 - 1.5M These prices assume our keystone is being used, if you bring a keystone a 25% discount will be given. (15+ keystones that you bring MIGHT not be completed in time depending on the instance) Karazhan Prices: Karazhan - 100k Nightbane - 200k Karazhan w/ Nightbane - 300k When you schedule your run, a 25% deposit is required to lock your spot in, the rest of the balance is due at the start of your run. This deposit becomes non-refundable 1 week before your run is scheduled, if you need to cancel before that you may do so with a full refund, but we need to have some protection against last-minute cancels where we're not given enough time to find a new buyer. As a final disclaimer WE DO NOT SELL FOR REAL MONEY, we will NEVER ask you to "get on skype to talk about it" or pressure you into pursuing "alternative payment methods". We do these sales to fuel our progression, so every run you book with us goes towards killing new bosses. Thanks for that! If you'd like to book a run, or have any questions, feel free to add me: Cold#1818 and we can set it up! If I'm not available to immediately get in contact, fill out the form at https://www.mightguild.com/sales/ and someone from the guild will contact you in game.Cold6 2d
2d LF Healer/Range DPS For Nighthold Progression <WGAT> is currently recruiting late night raiders for Nighthold Progression (which is 1 week away!). We raid on Thursdays from 10pm - 1am (ET/server time) and Fridays from 11pm - 2am (ET/server time). We are currently looking for healer & Range DPS with an ilevel of 860+. EN H 7/7 H TOV 2/3 M EN 1/7 Our view on raiders: -Gear is something that be attained by anyone (good or bad), but focus and dedication to constant improvement is something that only the best raiders exhibit. We look for players that are willing to research their class rotations, gearing, etc. If you are interested in joining/trialing, you can reach one of us game: Alauran You can add us: Alauran#11481Alauran0 2d
2d [H] Celestial Being 4/7 M 3/3 H LFM Celestial Being is currently seeking a few more members to round out our core for Night Hold. Prior mythic experience is preferred for recruits, along with current logs. We raid on a brief schedule with the full intention of still progressing at a high level. We expect raiders to be prepared and knowledgeable in order to make the most of our few hours of raiding per week. What we expect of you : - Come to fights prepared, this means flasks/pots/runes/repairs, and having watched videos and read strategies for the fights ahead. - During your trial we expect 100% attendance, we understand that real life happens and for these circumstances expect you to give as much notice as possible either on our forums, or in game communications. Raid Times : Tuesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Wednesday 7:00 - 10:00pm Sunday 7:00 - 10:00pm (Optional night, heroics, clean up, achievements, etc) We are currently recruiting the following classes. If you do not see your role listed, but feel that you would be a good addition, please feel free to submit an application or contact any of our officers to discuss further. - Holy Paladin - Disc Priest - Shadow Priest - Feral Druid - Warlock Apply at: celestialbeingzuljin.enjin.com Contact: TheChin#1332 Contact: Skinnr#1125Thrillhunter5 2d
2d 4/7M LF 2 DPS CORE SPOTS <Teufel Hunden> currently 7/7H 4/7M 3/3H Looking for 2xDPS to finish out our roster! all roles and classes considered! Weds/Thurs/Mon 830-1130pm Server! Off days are Mythic Keystones and Kara runs, and some people break off into arenas! Pretty much a home for everyone here! VOIP : Discord Still need some gear before Mythic? Well, we got you covered, we full clear heroic in one night and most of the gear gets disenchanted, might as well take advantage of this, eh? Battle-tag Info : F a w k e s#12921 ^ Without the spaces, apparently my namesake is a bad word.Fàwkèsie23 2d
2d One day a week 7/7H, 2/3H lfm! <Goonies Never Say Wipe> of ZJ Horde is now recruiting! We are a close-knit group of friends that raid only from 6 to 10:30 (Server/EST) on Sunday nights. About us: Several years ago on another server, we were a fairly successful semi-hardcore progression guild. The guild broke up toward the end of Siege of Orgrimmar but each of us kept in touch. After realizing "Hey, i miss raiding with my friends!" We then decided to come back together to raid just one day a week in Legion. In order to fill out the roster we have brought in friends from other guilds and games- every person in the group is either a former core team raider from our old group or friends with someone who was. So... this is TRULY a "friends" guild. Our group is now full of players who all know each other and want to hang out and raid just one night a week without the pressure of doing heavy progression. We are currently 7/7H, 2/3H and are looking for 2 ranged dps for Nighthold. We are looking to make new friends in order to round out our roster (we currently have a 23 person roster). We need the following: high need: -mage -holy pally medium need: - other ranged dps -swing healer/dps -ww monk I should stress that personality fit is as important to us as your ability to play your class. We have some kooky personalities in our guild and we are looking for people we will get along with. A great sense of (rated X) humor, thick skin, and willingness to put the group first are all required. Please note: alts are welcome! If you are a serious raider that raids during the week on your main and you have an alt you'd like to get a fun once a week group for, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you are interested please contact me. My b-tag is: Cassandrae#1741Zivalaa17 2d
3d Qc 10 man H 1 soir semaine On est un grp de 5 amis qui se connaissent depuis longtemps, Nous focussons prioritairement sur le M+ mais la sortie de NH nous donne le gout de retourner raider, nous avons tous de l'exp en Mytic moi même je suis 2/7 M mais n'avons aucunement le gout de se casser la gueule en mytich rading, ni que le rading devienne une priorité dans nos vie. Ce qui veut pas dire que nous n'allons pas raider de façons effective tout en ayant du plaisir Nous cherchons 5-7 personnes qui pourrai se joindre a nous ou un grp deja en place a joindre pour raider 1 soir semaine seulement sois le dimanche ( heure peut être malléable). Si vous partagez notre philosophie venez me jaser. Nous avons plusieurs combinaison de classe et de rôle tank healer dps alors sommes ouvert à discussion et sommes tous 875 + Add Nicker#1327Nikkerr1 3d
3d <Diligence> 4/7M Recruiting Hello everyone! <Diligence> is currently looking to recruit a couple raiders to fill up our roster as well as few backups to allow for flexibility in composition and filling in for absent main raiders. More than anything, we value consistency in attendance. Gear can be looted, mechanics can be learned; but if you're never there to do either then it's pointless. To that effect, we expect near perfect attendance when it comes to raid times for those who wish to become main raiders. Our raid times are: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm server (EST) Our current recruitment needs are: Main Group Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Hunter (ranged) Mage Backups MW Monk For those applying as backup, know that ALL spots are competitive! This means that even if you don't see your class or spec listed here, you can still apply. If you're interested, contact Rizzloe on Zul'jin. Thanks for your interest in joining Diligence, and I hope to see you in raid soon!Elysada14 3d
3d [H]Noxium LF Dps/Healer for Nighthold Noxium is an active raiding guild looking for strong, driven, progression-minded raiders to push progression hard in Nighthold! Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 8:30-11:30pm EST Wednesday: 8:30-11:30pm EST Thursday: 8:30-11:30PM est 1/7M 7/7H 2/3H Helya @ 40% What we need: All apps/recruits no matter the class/spec will be considered - Shaman: Enhancement/Restoration Priest - Dps Mage Warlock Hunter Warrior - DPS Paladin - Ret Death Knight - DPS Requirements: - Discord & Mic - Thorough knowledge and experience with your class, proper gems and enchants, etc. - Good situational awareness. This is a must for any potential raider! - Good attendance. - DBM/Skada & Other raid addons - A sense of humor - Positive attitude - Ilvl 865+/AP35+ Contacts In-game: Shocklynn#1905 - Shocklynn (Guild Master) kerwyn#1766 - Ayen (Officer) Gralex#1916 - Athelion (Officer) Website: http://noxium.enjin.com Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Thank you. :)Shocklynn15 3d
3d <Full Tilt> 7/7M 6h/week New to ZJ! ...Fred0 3d
3d [H][Zul'jin] <Resürgence> (7/7M) 2day/wk Resurgence Gaming is an accomplished gaming community with strong roots in Progression PvE across multiple MMOs, as well as other PC game genres. We are 7/7 Emerald Nightmare, downing Xavius for Cutting Edge on 1/3/17. Our active community is full of experienced and friendly players, but we take raiding seriously. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. We also run a non-mandatory Monday & Saturday night run, which generally is for alt/gear runs, but in the early push in Nighthold will be extra Heroic Progression. Resurgence is one of the top 6-hour raid teams on Zul'jin. We are recruiting 1 ranged DPS, and 1 Arms Warrior or Demon Hunter for main roster positions who have put in the work to gear for Mythic Nighthold. Keep in mind, all spots are competitive and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out a quick application on our website (link below) and an officer or myself will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here, or in your application. http://resurgencegaming.enjin.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Res%C3%BCrgence Thanks for considering our community, we hope to see you in game! Dìaku - GM of <Resürgence>Dìaku0 3d
3d 5/7M 3/3H Mass Casualty is Recruiting 5/7M 3/3H Mass Casualty is recruiting for Nighthold Progression! We are Recruiting the following: Damage WW Monk Rogue Mage Boomkin/Feral Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Ret Pally DPS Death Knight DPS ShamansHealers Resto Shaman MW Monk Main Raid: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM EST ALT RAID: 8-11PM Fridays http://masscasualty.enjin.com/recruitment Apply today! In game contacts: Amabarix - GM - Amabarix#1396 Truevirtue - Co-Raid Leader - litechampion#1318 Larry - Co-Raid Leader - Larry#1138 Sakurazaki - DPS Officer - Sakurazaki#1142Larry26 3d
3d <Surrender to Badness> Weekend Raiding LFM Surrender to Badness 7/7H 3/3H Looking for more to finish off heroic and move in to mythic content. We are a pretty laid back group of people looking to add more to the raid roster. The core of the group has been gaming together for over 5 years. We like to kill dragons and have a good time while not taking ourselves too seriously. Most of us play games other than wow throughout the week, mainly LoL. You We are looking for players that want to push through the content while it is current. To achieve this goal we ask that our raiders keep their characters up to raiding standards (gems/enchants/consumables). We are willing to work with any ilvl/raid experience so long as you have the drive to improve not only yourself but the raid as a whole. Times Sat and Sun 5-9pm PST (8pm-12am EST) Needs If your class/spec is not listed, please feel free to contact us anyways. Tanks: Currently full, will consider a DPS with a tank offspec. Heals: Holy Paly. DPS: Hunters/Warlocks in high demand. Ret with Holy OS. Any other DPS will be considered as well. Contact You can reach me in game by whispering Klowded or add me on bnet (Klowded#1177)Klowded8 3d
3d 4/7 878 WW Monk LF progression raiding guild Hey guys. I'm looking for a semi established guild that raids three times a week. I currently have 36 Artifacts traits, open availability past 8 PM EST til 1 AM EST. Feel free to msg or mail me in game and see if we can work something out!Imitosis1 3d
3d [A] 7/7M | 2/3M Now Recruiting! ♥ Current Progression: Emeral Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M - working on Mythic Helya Nighthold: 0/10H Raid Schedule: T | W | Th: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PST Sat | Sun: 6:30 PM * - 10:00 PM PST * Sat & Sun are for casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. Recruitment Needs: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Medium Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Range DPS: High PriorityIf your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. About Us!: <Highly Successful> is a three day progression guild on Kel'Thuzad - a competitive, high population Alliance server located at the Chicago data center. We strive to push progression on a light schedule (10.5 hours per week, 3.5 hours per night), and our goal is to succeed at raiding, thus becoming to a leading guild on KT. To this end, we're in search of like-minded players. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game. Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders' time. Fun times and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 10.5 hours of raiding per week, it's paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild's play. We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are free to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers. Expectations: Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and potions. If information is available, study current and future progression fights. Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. Respect the time people dedicate to raids. Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes. Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement. Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kel-thuzad/Highly+Successful How to Apply!: Website: http://www.hs-guild.com Contacts: GM: Kylore (GoblinSmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Lisabel (Nasonia#1313)Kylore8 3d
3d Veteran Player LF Progression Guild 9pm CST Greeting folks! I am a long time WoW player who is looking for a semi-hardcore 2/3 day raiding guild. I've been raiding since early BC but due to having been on a low pop server there wasn't much interesting for guilds to push Mythic content. So switched to Tichondrius shortly after Legion. I am willing to switch servers / factions I have great raid awareness, understand mechanics are more important than DPS during certain fights. and I research and study raids like crazy when I should actually be paying attention to my wife. I'm willing to play any class! I currently have an 880 Frost DK , 110 Bear (Starting to gear Boom), 110 Hunter and ready to bring up an Ele Shaman as the need for ranged far outweigh the need for melee it seems. I'm not opposed to going Resto on Druid/Sham - Just would take some getting used to again. The DK is geared and ready to go for NH - (Bear/Boom Druid and Hunter still lower Ilvls)(863 Druid)(855 Hunter) I am 7/7H, 2/3H, 2/7M. Just haven't had an opportunity to get into Mythic due to low guild numbers. Most of my raiding experience has been as Tank / Melee DPS - But i'm looking to delve into other classes as I've seen there is a great need for ranged / heals. In other words - I would like play an Ele Shammy - Boomkin Druid (or any other pure dps ranged class). I have no issues with gearing myself up - nor any issues with respeccing and learning new a spec/class. With 12 yrs of WoW behind your belt it's somewhat easy to move to an alt. I'm very happy with my current guild, but due to late night raid times - I am forced to search for a guild with an earlier raid time. My ideal raid times: 9pm-12am CST 10-1am EST / 7-10pm PST Ideal Raid Nights : (3day)Tuesday - Thursday or (2day)Tuesday / Thursday However I am open to raiding other days of the week as long as the raid times fall between 9pm-12am CST. My ideal guild: NO DRAMA / NO Childishness! - A Mature, Respectful, Relaxed, Chat Appropriate pg-13, Family Friendly Guild. Built around the mindset of progressing and push into Mythic content. pushing yourself to do your best / become better / and offers constructive criticism and feedback. I would really like to become a long-term commitment with a well established guild that has been around for a long time and is not in jeopardy of disbanding or merging. :) Thank you for time and consideration! Thank you! Please respond: via reply or Battlenet - Anon#11115Bonesnap1 3d
4d 889 Guardian Druid LF Mythic/NH prog Guild Experienced tank from RIFT/LotRO lf a guild to kill me some mythic EN e prog on NH! Let's have a chat, shall we? :DUrsov0 4d
4d H - <Deceived> LFM casual raiders (weekends) Deceived is looking for more players to join us in raiding Nighthold. Raid time are 8pm - 11pm Eastern time on Saturday and Sunday We are a group of laid back players looking to clear normal NH and move into heroic raiding. Weekdays we run M+ and run other activities to help everyone get as geared as possible. Non-raiders are welcome too, join us for 5 man and PvP content.Raskafall0 4d
4d <Cake Is a Lie>7/7H 3/3N Friendly guild LFM Hello friends! We have a fantastic team and tons of experience. Most of us have been raiding since vanilla or vanilla beta, and all of us have been raiding since WotLK at least. Our story is similar to many of you in that we were once hyper competitive, top 5 ranking guild/raid leaders, and now we're all grown up with full time jobs and other life responsibilities that keep us from raiding 5-6 days a week. That being said, we are experienced, skilled and have a desire to be competitive and with those three attributes, we believe (and have proven we can) be competitive on a 2 day schedule. We raid Tue/Wed 9p-1a, with a Monday night 9p-11p optional Mythic+ day, A Tue 11a-2p optional Mythic+ day, and a Thur night 9p-11p optional guild PvP day. As a guild, we are close and friendly. Not close like you join and feel like an outsider forever, cuz we've played years together and you haven't, but close like we know each other well and also love to know and befriend everyone that has a good attitude. We don't yell, although if things go south in a raid and it's something we can prevent, we are not afraid to address that head on. If it's your fault directly, and something that is fixable, we will typically pull you aside and give you pointers/suggestions. We don't belittle or insult. We want everyone that plays with us to feel as though they are family as well, and that is I think what we excel at. Legion is different from the recent xpacs and we attempt to get involved more and set up non-requisite days to get people together more as there is so much more to enjoy. What we're looking for: A Warlock A Spriest An Ele Shammy 2 Mages A Boomkin A Rogue A Warrior We welcome everyone, new players, vets, everything in between. We are good at leading and good at teaching, so none of that should be an issue. We have Ventrilo, full bank, guild repairs, website, etc. We are battling the Legion with a solid group, and would love a few more to round it out and bring in more friends to hang out with! Let's do it!!! Quick Summary: RAID DAYS- Tue/Wed 9p-1a EST (possibly will go Tue/Wed/Mon 9p-12a once we start Legion endgame) OPTIONAL DAYS- Mon 9p-11p Mythic+, Tue 11a-2p Mythic+, Thur 9p-11p guild PvP LOOKING FOR- Specific classes(listed above) ATMOSPHERE- Friendly, welcoming, competitive but not brutal If this interests you or you have questions, please drop a reply here with a way to contact you or contact myself or one of our officers at: Cake- cake#1441 Gizzimo - Morsis#1334 Metalgreymon - Metalgreymon#1418 Thank you for reading and taking the time to check us out. We look forward to having an amazing time beating back the Burning Legion with you!!Cáké37 4d
4d Heroic Night Hold Progression Tues/Wed/Thurs Iron Vanguard is looking for more members for it's Flagship team, we are pushing Heroic Night Hold first week when it is out, we have most of our team for our Heroic team, but would love to build it larger and have more for Mythic content when available. Type: Semi-hardcore progression Progression: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Faction: Horde Server: <IronVanguard> - <Zul’jin> Raid Times:Tues,Wed & Thurs at 9:30p-12:30am EST <IronVanguard> is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders to help fill out our roster. We are currently looking for Healer:Monk Range Damage: Lock,mage,shaodow priest Melee damage: Warrior DeathKnight Expectations: Be on time Have Discord for voice communication Have installed the required add-ons Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.) Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times Loot Rules: Personal Add-on List: Deadly Boss Mods Exorsus Raid Tools feel free to contact me in game Vulkari - zul'jin---Btag GregoryMcGee#1181Vulkari0 4d
4d Druid, Mage, & Pally 4/7M 3/3H Current XP LFG We are looking for a semi-hardcore raid group around similar progression that raids in the evenings. We previously raided 7:30 - 10:30pm CST, times similar to that are preferred. One of us also has to schedule college classes that means if we can make Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays but not a combination of both. Fridays through Sundays are also open though. I am capable of playing all three specializations on the pally, and the druid is primarily a tank but has experience playing feral in the past as well. The three of us also have raiding experience dating back to BC in Kara through KJ, Naxx through heroic LK during WotLK, BoT through heroic Madness during Cata, most of the first tier in MoP on heroic, as well as mythic experience in HM through HfC during Warlords. Please tell us a bit about your guild (Group dynamic, raid days and times, what you're looking for, etc.) and leave a bnet tag that we can use to contact you.Kuulinn4 4d
4d [H] LF Afternoon Progression Raiders. Good Afternoon / Evening All, After multiple weeks of searching, and coming into contact with 20+ people who are in a similar situation to myself, ive decided something needs to be done with the poor europeans stuck on US servers, or US players that can only raid in the day. Posts like this crop up every now an again according to speculation, so I wanted to try something different with this team im attempting to promote. Most importantly (As you will see below) is the timing. Gear & current experience isnt something im looking at, as its relatively easy to bring someone up to a 7/7H 3/3H standard. We are simply looking at your ability to turn up to a progression raid at the times listed below & your ability to adapt to new content in a decent enough time to be competitive on a medium/high pop server. Please find below a copy of the post ive been putting out, this should provide you with enough detail, but in the case it doesnt - drop a comment below, or PM me and ill do my best to get you helped out. Perfect Raiding Time For You? Currently we have a team looking for solid DPS and a healer ready to move into NH Heroic on Tuesday when it releases. With the majority of our current raiders being either European (Brits), or from the US with the ability to raid in the afternoon, the pull time we will be running, week in week out will be 7.30pm GMT. This equates to the following in US time zones: 1430 EST 1330 CST 1130 PST. This team will be semi-hardcore and running, with the following ethics: * It’s a game. Life comes before it, always. * If you cant have fun, and progress through content with a consistent group maybe this isn’t for you. * If you cant be punctual and mature (When necessary!), you don’t belong here. We are a pseudo family of players from a plethora of different backgrounds, we need raiders that are sick of pugging during the afternoon because of the timezone difference and we need raiders that are looking to join a network of players that will continue to succeed going forward. If you like the sound of what you hear, please do get in touch. You can add my battle tag (See Below), contact me throughout a reply here, or send me a direct message and ill get back to you as soon as possible. This team is looking to be off the floor by Tuesday as such, H/EN & TOV will be ran this week to trial out the remaining spots. Current Spots Avail: * 1 Healer * 3 Melee DPS * 3 Ranged DPS Although all exceptional classes, specs & roles will be considered as we have multiple members that can switch around. If you are confident you play your class to a decent ability, and you are looking to progress in current content with an afternoon team, my BNet is: Restless#21182 Kind Regards, Insømnia.Mult0 4d
4d Pho (7/7M 2/3M) - LF Strong/Friendly Players Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST Loot System: Loot Council Voice Chat: Discord We consist of close friends with various raiding backgrounds, ranging from hardcore to brand new, aiming to push progression in a slightly less demanding environment and on a reasonable schedule. We have a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, but take progression very seriously. We seek dedicated, punctual raiders who will put in the effort to fully study and understand encounters, enjoy theory crafting, push for the highest parses possible, and in general have the determination to play their class to its fullest potential. However, we will not put up with elitists, loot !@#$%s, or people who consistently create drama or a hostile playing environment. We offer a friendly community with encouraged communication. We provide full repairs, as well as all the basic consumables necessary to maximize raiding potential. We have a multitude of members who love to analyze logs and prepare encounter strategies well in advanced, always attempting to help struggling members with their mechanics, rotations, and comprehension. Priorities We only have a couple potential spots available and seek any high parsing and mechanically sound DPS and healers, especially those that can play multiple specilizations well. For more specific needs, please refer to: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Pho --- Even if you don't see your class listed feel free to apply. If interested, please visit our website (http://phoguild.enjin.com/) to apply, or contact one or both of our officers: Raichu (In Game) / Hellslayer#1410 (Battle.net) - Main Recruiter Anhquan (In Game) / Chu#12195 (Battle.net)Anhquan5 4d
4d [H] 7/7M 3/3H 884 Prot War LF Mythic Guild 884 Protection Warrior with 42 Points in my artifact weapon looking for a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild. I've raiding experience in previous expansions and decided to dedicate more time into Legion. I'm currently 7/7 M and 3/3 H in this current tier, and eager to jump right into Nighthold next week when it's released. My availability to raid throughout the week is from 8:00 PM til 12:00 PM Server time. Ideally, I'd prefer to raid 3 nights a week. Hit me up on here or add my BTAG to discuss further. Thanks, BTAG = Kain#11200Nojjo12 4d
4d [Qc] Horde 7/7 M guild recruite rDPS & Heal Bonjour, <Naga belong to slave pen> est à la recherche de rDPS et d'un healer (flex) faible et compétents! Idéalement vous devez être ~ 875+ et nous fournir des logs si possible. On raid le mercredi et le jeudi de 19h30 @ 23h30. Pour plus d'info ajoutez Rsix#1751ßøwjob36 4d
4d [H] Reason 7/7Mythic LF Core DPS/OffHeals Greetings! We are looking to add skilled Damage Dealers to our core raiding roster for Mythic progression! We welcome any pure DPS class (Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, etc) who finds min/maxing, theorycrafting, etc. enjoyable to tryout for a spot on our team. Or any kind of spec, really. We just want people who like to blow dragons up :) Current Progression: 7/7M, 3/3H Raid Schedule: Tuesday / Thursday 8-11PM Server (Eastern). Fun / friends of guild / alt optional raid on Wednesdays 8-11PM Server (Eastern). Expectations: We don't require extensive Mythic experience, but we will be Mythic raiding. Therefore we will be moving fast and want people who dedicate themselves to maximizing efficiency on his/her own specs. We have people in the guild who love to theorycraft/crunch through logs, so we're looking for fellow raiders who are good communicators and open to constructive criticism. Our raiding environment is friendly, yet focused. No drama here. We have a fair amount of banter between certain members of our guild, so if that's your thing all the better. We're all about community; we have a Groupme chat that we use outside of game and always encourage people to ask for help when needed. We expect core raiders to have schedules without any recurring conflicts so that we can have a consistent team and build synergy. For communication, we use Teamspeak 3 and require you to have a functioning headset. Contact Information: If you're interested in joining the family or have any questions, contact one of us (Viprä(btag: Pop#1670) or Tazyn) in game!Tazzybear68 4d