Feb 20 Death knight LF guild .Ihaveworms0 Feb 20
Feb 20 901 Equipped MM Hunter - 4 pc - 9/10H LFG 901 equipped (w/ 4pc) MM hunter looking for 2 night a week guild. Realm/Faction transfer is not a problem, previously was on Zul'jin and looking to go back as it seems there are a larger portion of guilds that raid during EST friendly times. As previously mentioned I am looking for a 2 night (prefer 8 hour) guild, with or without an optional 3rd night for alt clear, fun, cleanup, etc. I would prefer times between 7 PM and 11 PM EST but have 30 minutes of wiggle room on either side. Also looking for Sunday-Thursday (no Friday or Saturday night mandatory raid nights). Current progression obtained is 9/10 heroic. Previous guild was defeated by recruitment boss and has merged with another guild that the times are not functional for me. I am looking for a guild capable and prepared to move into mythic as the goal for me is to maintain farm content with the goal of clearing mythic prior to the release of next tier. So I have a progression mindset, but with the understanding that raiding is about fun and keeping progression expectations in check in the form of it does not have to be instant. As a raider I believe I bring some desirable traits in the form of: Timely: On and ready to pull at raid time, not 15 minutes after. Rarely absent and never without notifying leadership. Prepared: I'll have the needed food, flasks, potions, tomes, etc. for the night. I also take time to prepare for new fights by at minimum reading and usually watching a video guide or two from a mechanic, and sometimes a class perspective. Drama Free: Self explanatory but we play this for fun, it should be stress reduction, not something that generates stress. Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Shaedan/advanced WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/sargeras/Shaedan WarcraftLogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/17977882/latest A litte extra info per my logs, to be straight forward I'm disappointed with my damage output currently in heroic NH. Something I've gradually improved week to week for the most part but looking to do more. I have played a hunter since vanilla but 7.1.5 changes and myself have not fully clicked just yet. It's a work in progress and looking to improve as currently I'm average and hold higher expectations of myself. If you take a further look back into EN there was some significantly better performance based on my spec/class. I would prefer to be contacted via Real ID and actually have conversations with potential guilds rather than blanket guild recruitment posts copy-pasted into the forum. I am available most evenings if you are looking to talk to me this way. Real ID contact: Shaedan#1917 I look forward to speaking to guilds and finding a good fit.Shaedan6 Feb 20
Feb 20 868 Guardian/Balance Druid LF Guild closedStellarfire1 Feb 20
Feb 20 Come give us your good stuff Hey yall <Hallowed Serenity> Zul Jin Horde side is looking for reliable raid members and of course just active fun people in general! We are laid back and chill, we help each other. We raid and we looove progression but we don't go hardcore. Raid should be fun in addition to making progression so we don't yell or make people feel like !@#$. We are currently 8/10 NH Normal , we'd like to see 10/10 but we need people who can show consistently. Everyone is pretty friendly here and we run keys and WQ and mog stuff together - you can pretty much always find someone willing to run with. We are active in gchat and we use curse for voice chat. We raid at 8pm EST time Friday and Saturday. merry3381#1976 or look an officer up in game, we welcome all friendly people and those with good dirty jokes get an auto invite!Tacospls0 Feb 20
Feb 19 Mon+Thu 7-10 [H] <Robber Barons> 4/10H We are recruiting for Heroic Nighthold progression. Currently 4/10. Looking mainly for DPS (ranged or melee is fine). We have room for one healer. Tank offspecs are valued. We are a tight group of friends and family that is opening up to fill a more consistent roster. The core of our group is adults with jobs. The guild has no requirement for you to grind outside of raid. If you're looking for a low key group to earn your Heroic progression with, come see if we're a good fit for each other! Send a battle-buddy invite to Metrion#1614 and I'll get in touch. Feel free to reply here as well with any questions.Eidrien0 Feb 19
Feb 19 <RFB>'s Sat/Sun Team ================================= ABOUT US: This recruitment is for for the guild RFB's weekend team, a large up-and-coming guild of strong players that continue to get mythic progression done with a limited schedule. We will not rage, cuss you out, or give up on you for making a mistake. We expect the same out of our raiders. Our goal is to have Mythic Nighthold by the start of the next content with only 6 hours of prog a week. =================================== RAID TIMES: Saturday and Sunday, 9pm - 12am EST (6Pm - 9PM PST) Wed - Optional Sales Run Fri - Optional Farm Content =================================== PROGRESSION (current & during content) : Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Trail of Valor - 3/3 H Nighthold - 6/10 H =================================== Current recruitment needs: Healers : Druid: **** Priest: ** Sham: ** DPS: We recently had a small group of people take a break from the game leaving easy recruitment for strong DPS and considering ALL experienced raiders! The above listed are high priority for our Mythic roster, but we're accepting players looking to earn a spot on a mythic roster. For more information contact Nox#1294Noxindio0 Feb 19
Feb 19 <RFB> 10/10H 1/10M T/Th Team ================================= ABOUT US: This recruitment is for for the guild RFB, a guild of strong players that continue to get mythic progression done with a limited schedule. We will not rage, cuss you out, or give up on you for making a mistake. We expect the same out of our raiders. Our goal is to have Mythic Nighthold by the start of the next content with only 6 hours of prog a week. =================================== RAID TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday, 10pm - 1am EST (7Pm - 10PM PST) Wed - Optional Farm Content Fri - Optional Alt Run =================================== PROGRESSION (current & during content) : Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Trail of Valor - 3/3 H Nighthold - 10/10H 1/10M =================================== Current recruitment needs: Healers : Paladin: **** Druid: *** Priest: ** Sham: ** Range DPS: MM Hunter: **** Sham: *** Boomkin: *** Melee DPS: Monk **** The above listed are high priority for our Mythic roster, but we're accepting players looking to earn a spot on a mythic roster. For more information contact Trollnado, Nazrek or Vesindio @ Nox#1294Noxindio0 Feb 19
Feb 19 Need more for your raid? Then read this. Valid (4/7M En, 10/10N NH, 4/10H NH) is looking to add more members and raid teams to our guild. Is you guild constantly having to find pugs for raids, mythic plus runs, BGs or rated Bgs? Then you should consider moving your raid or pvp team to Valid. Our goal is to have a guild with a large community of raiders and pvpers that all operate their own independent team under one guild and be able to fill empty spots on each team with members in the guild. I know my raiders all tend to raid outside of our raid team times to help other teams out and I'm sure we're not the only raid team that does that. All raids and teams would be fully independent. GM would handle guild business and raid leaders would each handle their own raid. Every team would each have their own raid channel in Discord. Add my btag if you're interested and want more information. My btag is Heybo#1284.Bodots0 Feb 19
Feb 19 Holy/Shadow Hi! I am currently looking for a guild or group that raids during the following times: Saturday or Tuesday: 2pm-whenever Sunday or Wednesday: 7am-7pm Other days: 2pm-7pm I know these are oddball times, however I am currently restricted due to my work schedule. I also realize my ilvl is low, however i do assure you that I have plenty of raid experience on various toons dating back to BC. Ideally I would love to find a relaxed, fun/friendly raiding guild. My raid times will open up after this March, but for now it is what it is. I am in a great guild, but unfortunately I cannot attend guild functions due to the work schedule mentioned above. If you are interested and looking for some new blood please feel free to add me in game (volsball33#1490) and we can chat about it. Hope to talk soon!Ysendra0 Feb 19
Feb 18 (H)Unify -guilde QC Bonjour à tous! La guilde Unify du serveur zul'jin horde est présentement à la recherche de raideurs sérieux afin de joindre nos rangs.Nous recherchons des DPS et healers motivés à progresser 2 soirs semaines mardi et dimanche de 19h30 à 22h30, pour finir le heroic et commencer le mythic. avec aux alentours de 880 item level. Nous avons un core de joueurs habitué de progresser en mythic dans une ambiance sérieuse et mature, alors si vous êtes tannée des groupes qui s'en vont nulle part et vous penser que vous seriez un bon fit avec nous, n'hésitez pas à venir nous jaser en ligne (Dävey, Shâdes, Deadpüll, Umbré). N.B : Bienvenue aussi aux joueurs casuals!Dävey4 Feb 18
Feb 18 [H]<Profound> 5/10H 4/7M 10/10N Greetings space dwellers! <Profound> is currently recruiting RDPS and a healer, with a minimum item level of 880 for Nighthold progression. About us: We're an endgame guild looking to push current content. Mature players and content. We also welcome achieve-oholics, alt-oholics, casuals, fellow internet dragon slayers, PvPers, and transmoggers (just to name a few). Yes, we're "420" friendly. Classes: For RDPS, we are only looking for a Mage, a Shadow Priest, or a Warlock. For healers, we are only looking for a Holy Paladin. Note: a Mage is in high priority. Also note: All exceptional players, regardless of role/class will be considered. Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12am server (EST). Monday (farm/optional/alts) 9-12am server (EST). What we want from you: The ability to do mechanics... Punctual, Adaptable, Friendly, Min ilvl 880, At least 40 points in your main weapon, Min 450k DPS on single target fights (ie: Krosus), 90% mandatory attendance (with exceptions). Loot: We do use a loot council to distribute loot. The council distributes loot on several factors, including, but not limited to: attendance, performance, how big of an upgrade an item is, and when was the last time a person received loot. How to apply: http://profoundzuljin.enjin.com/recruitment Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please feel free to contact BabyGiraffe#1434 (Yewt) or Welovia#1644 (Lucroswarr).Lucroswarr1 Feb 18
Feb 18 885 Spriest LF 2-day Raiding Guild. I'd love to find a (2 day preferred) raiding guild to have some good lol's with but also push content. I've done Normal NH, 5 bosses of Mythic EN and haven't really touched ToV much. I frequent my classes discord to keep myself up to date and constantly run Mythic+'s for better gear/AP grind. In non raid times I'd love to get a mythic carry group together, do Kara runs or help out in any way I can. If interested, hit me up in here or add my btag FlacidWaffle#11693Flacidwaffle15 Feb 18
Feb 18 Holy Pally LF Raiding Guild Hello, Currently looking for a new raiding team. Would prefer a 2 day team that raids between the hours of 7pm-11pm EST/ST. Looking for a team that is at least working on Heroic NH and looking to do Mythics as well. Wont be able to start until the week of the 21st as I am giving my current raid team some time to find a new healer. Posting logs so you can check performance on my most recent kills: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/jNwngRxKbFLWBAqC#fight=41&type=healing Reach out to me (Marcintosh#1307) in game or leave a message here.Allspark15 Feb 18
Feb 18 H <Celestial Being> 10/10H 1/10M LF Heals/DPS Server: Zul'jin - Horde Raid Times: 7-10pm EST - Tues/Wed Celestial Being (10/10 H NH - 1/10 M NH) - Celestial Being is looking to round out our mythic roster. We prefer our recruits have mythic experience and current logs. We raid on a brief schedule with the full intention of still progressing at a high level. We expect our raiders to be prepared and knowledgeable in order to make the most of our few hours of raiding per week. We are currently recruiting ranged dps and a healer. If your spec is not on this list but believe you'd be a good fit, don't hesitate to message an officer. Preferred Classes: Ranged DPS Resto Druid All exceptional applications will be considered. Apply at: celestialbeingzuljin.enjin.com Contact: Tralus#1182 or GzusKriced#1680Gzus2 Feb 18
Feb 18 (2/10 M) 895 Guardian LF Mythic Raiding Guild closedAristotlé2 Feb 18
Feb 18 890 MM Hunter LFG Mythic +s /content Looking for a consistent group to run mythic +s and/or other content a week. My weapons are 54/50/35, so I normally farm AP on my own. Just would like a consistent group to push keys. I do raids at this guilds level and don't have a group. Please whisper me or post on the topic. Have discord, flexible and reliable times. Hope to hear from somebody....Cömanche5 Feb 18
Feb 18 892 H DH LF Mythic raiding Guild I am ready to transfer any time, Playing on a dead realm no real cutting edge guild on server. I am 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV 10/10 H NH, with 54 traits in Havoc and 34 in Veng. I am looking for a guild with similar progression and raids on any time tues-sat. Please PM in game BTag - Nemesis#11718Noodzornaw2 Feb 18
Feb 18 <The Dorkish Horde> 9/10H NH Recruiting. •Guild Name: The Dorkish Horde •Server: Zul'jin-Horde US •Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11pm EST/Server •Progression: 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic TOV 9/10H NH •About Us: <The Dorkish Horde> We believe in pushing content at a steady pace that is comfortable yet still progressive. We are currently recruiting experienced and perspective raiders in need of an active and progression oriented Mythic guild. •Voice: Discord •Loot: Loot Council based on performance, attendance and spec. •Expectations: You must strive to push yourself to improve without being constantly told. We aren’t looking for egomaniacs, but people who care about their performance and are always trying to optimize what they can.You must also be active. While we only raid a certain amount of hours, obviously you need to keep up with dungeon gearing, artifact questing/power, and consumables. We don’t expect you to be fully best in slot and playing 24/7, but you shouldn’t be 30 item levels behind us either. Recruitment Needs -DPS •Shadow Priest •Mage •Warlock -Healer •Monk •Shaman -Tank •Brewmaster •Guardian We are currently looking to recruit all DPS classes and specs going into Night Hold. We want our mythic roster to be competitive and punctual. PST in game with any questions - Dirtydan#12493Funkyfelon1 Feb 18
Feb 18 H GenÖcide 8/10H - Sun/Mon @9pm server. We are 8/10H soon to be stepping into mythic. We are currently looking for 5 members to join our roster. Must be 880+ progression oriented and dedicated to your class. Everyone in my group performs 450k+ single fights so I expect everyone to be above 400K dps. All spots will be competitive for mythic so everyone needs to be carrying their own weight! Other then that, we're a laid back, gambling guild. Raid times are Sun/Mon @ 9 pm server Please msg Misphit in game or add my btag at Lynsey#1954Misphit0 Feb 18
Feb 18 Horde - Group of Raiding Friends LF Guild We are looking for a guild that, preferably on Tues/Weds/Thur, raids anywhere between 8-12 EST. Some of us would like to raid while a few are more casual. The raiders include: Fire Mage - 883 Havoc Demon Hunter - 883 Fury Warrior - 871 Mistweaver Monk - 876 Death Knight (can play all specs) - 875 We all are 10/10 N NH at the moment, wanting to push into heroic. The casuals we have are: Warlock Rogue - may want to raid in the futureIllixali15 Feb 18
Feb 17 Resto Druid LF Mythic Guild I am an 895 Resto druid 3/10M NH 7/7M EN 3/3H ToV with 46 traits in my artifact weapon. I am currently looking for a new guild because I am not satisfied wit hte guild I am currently in. I am looking to go back to Horde. I am a fairly new raider when it comes to exp. I raided very little in WotLK killing some of naxx and nothing else. I left the game until MoP and came back to clear 10/14N (now Heroic) SoO. Then struggled to find a guild on my old server going 7/7H highmaul and 10/10H BRF then decided to server transfer to Zul'Jin and build the guild I am currently in clearing 12/13M HFC and 7/7M en 3/3H ToV. I have been a raid leader and officer in the past so I know what is needed to be a Mythic Raider. I am a dedicated raider when it comes to coming prepared to raid which means researching fights and getting the necessary flasks/food/ etc to raid. I am very consistent raider only missing a few raids in the past year and Im always on prior to raid time unless something keeps me from being there on time which I always find a way to contact someone to let them know. Having been a raid leader and officer in the past I know what it takes to put a raid team together and what is required/needed of a raider to benefit the raid team and not hold it back. I constantly look at logs to see how I can improve and actively look at logs/ streams of druids that are better than me to help improve myself. Im looking for a guild that wants to push progression but isnt super douchey about it. I raid to have fun but I also am a competitive person always looking to improve. I Am looking to raid T/W/Th 8pm server or later can adjust for Monday also but cannot raid weekends consistently. My Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21833481/latest#metric=hps&bracket=-1 My Btag is Rakitin#1573 if you want to get in contact in game.Rhandon2 Feb 17
Feb 17 Tank Looking for Mythic Progress Guild! TANK Guardian Druid here lookin for Mythic progression guild (keeping alt in friendly guild I'm in). Putting this character in a raiding guild. I'm 901 ilvl (895 equip). I have discord/vent/curse/mumble/TeamSpeak. Experience: 7/7 Heroic EN, 3/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV, 10/10 N NH, 8/10 H NH. (Pugged my way through "Ahead of the Curve" achievement beating Guldan on Heroic) Artifact Traits unlocked - 52 (will have 53rd unlocked in a few days most likely.) The main reason I'm looking for another guild to raid with is because the guild I'm in now (been in it for like 3-4 years on my alt) doesn't really have enough people interested in raiding every week. Usually we end up having to pug people. And I want to be able to go straight into nighthold when the patch hits and finish up with mythic EN. I just don't see it happening with the guild I'm in now. They are a more casual laid back guild without really any strict commitments as far as raiding goes. I'm available anytime Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays. I am also available on Wednesdays if raid ends at 11pm eastern at the latest. (i work the other days 13 hours each day so not available). My battletag is SubzerorE#1297 Addons I use: Weakauras, DBM, Kui_Nameplates. hardware I play on - i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz 16 GB ram 64 bit OS 20% overclocked but 4.00Ghz base. Graphic card Nvidia GTX 1060 on windows 10. I've never lagged yet raiding. Below is a screenshot in a 40 man group killing a world boss FPS dropped to 35 with a lot going on. In 5 mans i've seen it go as high as 186 fps. (40 man world boss 31fps): http://imgur.com/a/jqN2m (Xavius trash 93fps): http://imgur.com/TBdq3cn Please lemme know if you have any questions. My battletag is SubzerorE#1297Kozyx19 Feb 17
Feb 17 883 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild I'm looking for a Guild that raids 2 maybe 3 nights a week. I am looking for the raid times to start at 8/9 EST. and run to 11/12 EST. Although, I am free any time so other raid times would be considered if the fit was right. I am looking for a guild that pushes progression. I am not looking for a Hard Core guild but I want something more than casual. I nice mix of the two would be great. I, however, am not interested in joining a guild to be "on the bench" or part of "team B". I also am not looking for a guild that has 90% of their raiders only log in on raid nights 5 mins before raid, so if that is what you are looking for, I am not your guy. I want the guild to be somewhat active. A little about me, I started playing in vanilla. I took a break during cata and came back at the end of mists. I have been part of an "end game" guild during every expansion except for WoD in which I decided to go more casual. I was tired of being funneled into a tank or healer role. The only time I have ever gotten to actually dps during a current raid tier was SoO and ended up top 5 on the server for my class and have wanted to try it again so here I am trying. I started Legion as a prot pally so my guild could at least raid on a consistent basis and now that we no longer raid I am switching to a dps role. I have no issues tanking Mythic+ or raids temporarily but will only accept a dps spot at this time. The only current logs I have are for my rogue because that is what I actually wanted to play, but because of the late start on him, his ilvl is below the "890+ to run a Mythic+" attitude the game has become and is virtually impossible to get into groups to get gear. He is 871 but his logs show he is top 5 on all the heroic bosses he has killed in NH for his spec/ilvl (tops on 2 of them). I will always be on time, I will always come prepared and will always push myself to be better than the norm. Does it always happen no, but that doesn't stop me from trying harder. My pally is 883 but I will not lie...75% of his gear atm is prot since that is what I used as a main till now. If I sound like someone who would fit your guild please hit me up in game. My Btag is Kelivann2021#1639Kelivann3 Feb 17
Feb 17 886 Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild LF raiding guild that is looking to progress into mythic content or is currently progressing in mythic content. -4/7 Mythic EN(pre 7.1.5) 10/10 N NH and 3/10 H NH -I am open to raid between 7PM-1AM server tue/wed/thur. -Looking for a guild that takes raiding seriously and is serious about progression. Searching for atleast 5/10 H NH. Please feel free to post on this thread or leave your Btag if you are interested and i will add you so we can talk.Laqs7 Feb 17
Feb 17 896 equipped fury warr LF mythic guild READ FIRST Looking for Horde guild Times I can raid: Monday: any time Tuesday: 7 - any P.M. Wednesday: N/A Thursday: 7 - any P.M. Friday: any time I would like to avoid raiding weekends, but I can make exceptions. MY LOGS https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/15035984/latest https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21928342/latest (two logs because of name change.) WHAT IM LOOKING FOR I am searching for a serious and competitive raiding environment that values dedicated and skilled players in their core. I am not a loot !@#$%, and I avoid drama like the plague, I simply wish to RAID. EXTRA I have a highly geared Ret Pally/Brew monk and druid friend that are versatile and good raiders that are willing to come with me. Them being accepted with me is by no means a must, but i would like to bring them with me if I could. I thank you for reading and hope to be raiding with some of you soon :D.Skarnir6 Feb 17
Feb 17 <Ceteri> selling H Gul'dan and M+ <Ceteri> of US-Zul'jin is once again selling carries for Legion PvE content! We only sell for gold, and gold is only accepted on Zul'jin. Heroic Gul'dan is up for sale, both with and without loot. Kills without loot are 125k and kills with loot are 250k. Loot includes big ticket items (Draught/Whispers/Tier) as well as Warforged and Titanforged gear. Gul'dan currently only available Tuesday at 9PM EST. M+ are for sale, anything from a +2 to a +15. We do both casual +15's to finish for weekly chest as well as Keystone Conqueror/Keystone Master achievements. Can't promise any specific instances as it's RNG what we get in a given week, but you pick from your choice of stones that we've got on hand if you want to try for a specific item from a particular dungeon. Discounts available if you bring your own stone. Also willing to take whatever stone you've got all the way up to a 15 if you want, but this is more time consuming and therefore more expensive. Pricing for M+ varies based on affixes/level of instance so inquire with me if you've got something specific in mind. FrostyShot#1667 to contact me, or send me some in-game mail.Yarini3 Feb 17
Feb 17 SinQuest 10/10 N 3/10H - Need a Healer SinQuest <Zul'jin since 2006> is looking for a 865+ilvl Healer (any class, but prefer a Holy Paladin w/ at least 35+ pts on Artifact Weapon) and/or any exceptional and dedicated players (Everything but Warlocks/Hunters) for our Core Raid Group - Mon/Weds 8-11PM (server time). If raiding is not your thing, NP we accept casuals as we do Mythics+, Alt Runs and other guild events. Hit me up at Madruk#1844, Thank you.Cable3 Feb 17
Feb 17 Any guilds start raids between 9:30-10:30? I'm thinking of transferring here, because I haven't been able to find a guild on my current server that raids during times that work for me. I figure that since you're a high pop server, you must have some others like me.... But before I pull the trigger, do you know of any guilds that start raids between 9:30 and 10:30 PM (EST), and wrap up by 1:00 AM (EST)? Any days of the week are fine. If I do transfer, it will be me (Blood DK) and my wife (Holy Priest). We've both played since Vanilla.Flynt1 Feb 17
Feb 16 [H]9/10 H 7/7 M, Tues/Thurs Late Night LFM Hello! <Equivalent Xchange> 9/10H 7/7M is in need of raiders that know their class and want to progress in raids! About Us: We are a group of friends that have played together for a while and we’re ready to take our progression to the next level in Nighthold. We have recently reformed, our previous guild was known as <Discedant>. We have many, many years of raiding experience and looking into building a solid core to continue our Mythic raid progression. We offer: -Team based atmosphere, fun, mature(?) group of people, dedication to progression and awesome guild support. What we expect: -Be prepared, able to take criticism and not be toxic, have a team focus attitude and know when you need to focus to get the job done and be able to take a joke, we all like to have fun. Our Raid Times: We are currently raiding: Tues/Thurs 11:30pm-2:30am Server Time. Be at least 880+ ilvl. Recruitment Needs: Ranged DPS -If you feel you are an exceptional player in a role not listed above, we would still love you speak with you! All roles are competitive. Our Loot System: Loot Council of Officers with EPGP for tracking purposes. All loot will be distributed for the betterment of the raid group and progression. How to contact us: If you have any questions feel free to contact Xplicitxpert (Xplicitxpert#1474) - GM, Dimeshank (Dime#11761), Beefblessing (Khaos#1121). You can also apply at http://equivalent-xchange.enjin.com/ Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!Beefblessing5 Feb 16
Feb 16 [A] 3/10 M Nighthold Now Recruiting! ♥ Current Progression: Emeral Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 2/3M Nighthold: 3/10M Raid Schedule: T | W | Th: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PST Sat | Sun: 6:30 PM * - 10:00 PM PST * Sat & Sun are for casual alt and achievement runs for those who want to participate. Recruitment Needs: Tank: High Priority Healer: Medium Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Range DPS: High PriorityIf your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. About Us!: <Highly Successful> is a three day progression guild on Kel'Thuzad - a competitive, high population Alliance server located at the Chicago data center. We strive to push progression on a light schedule (10.5 hours per week, 3.5 hours per night), and our goal is to succeed at raiding, thus becoming to a leading guild on KT. To this end, we're in search of like-minded players. We don't expect perfection, but we do expect a high level of class mastery, encounter knowledge, and mechanical execution. This requires preparation through proper itemization, talent choice, consumable use, and encounter research. Furthermore, we like versatile players who can competently play multiple classes and multiple roles; this indicates a well-rounded understanding of the game. Moreover, we value players who are respectful of other raiders' time. Fun times and raiding are not mutually exclusive, but progression requires focus and optimal time management. With 10.5 hours of raiding per week, it's paramount that raiders come to raid with knowledge of progression encounters. When you optimize your own play, you optimize the guild's play. We understand that mistakes are part of the learning process; however, we do not tolerate people continually making the same errors. We need raiders to adapt quickly to situations and learn from the mistakes they and others make. We emphasize teamwork and openness to constructive criticism. Raiders are free to bring issues (with strategy or other players) to the attention of officers. Expectations: Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and potions. If information is available, study current and future progression fights. Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. Respect the time people dedicate to raids. Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes. Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. The ability to communicate is a must: having a working microphone is a requirement. Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs to try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kel-thuzad/Highly+Successful How to Apply!: Website: http://www.hs-guild.com/ Contacts: GM: Kylore (GoblinSmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Lisabel (Nasonia#1313)Kylore14 Feb 16
Feb 16 [H] Absolution 4/7M 5/10H Tue/Thur 9-12am Hi, Absolution is a newly formed guild on Zul'jin. Our core raid team is mythic experienced and currently downing 5/10 H in Nighthold. We are looking to bolster our core group in order to finish up Heroic and begin Mythic content as soon as possible. We currently raid 2 nights a week Tues/Thur from 9pm-12am, however we optionally run NH normal on Mondays. Running Normal on Tue/Thur was slowing down our heroic progress leaving little room to attempt new bosses. This should be corrected this week and I expect 2 or 3 more bosses to die tonight. Our immediate need is a strong healer. However we are looking for exceptional players of all classes and specs to bolster our core. Look forward to hearing from you! ~Iron Ironsides#1452Ironsidez0 Feb 16
Feb 16 [H][Zul'jin]<Resürgence>(10/10H 1/10M)2day/wk Resurgence Gaming is an accomplished gaming community with strong roots in Progression PvE across multiple MMOs, as well as other PC game genres. We went 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, downing Xavius for Cutting Edge on 1/3/17. Currently in Nighthold we are 10/10 H & 1/10 M. Our active community is full of experienced and friendly players, but we take raiding seriously. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. We also run a non-mandatory Saturday night run for gearing and alts. Resurgence is one of the top 6-hour raid teams on Zul'jin. We are recruiting 1 ranged DPS for a main roster position who has put in the work gearing for Mythic Nighthold. Keep in mind, all spots are competitive and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out a quick application on our website (link below) and an officer or myself will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here, or in your application. http://resurgencegaming.enjin.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Res%C3%BCrgence Thanks for considering our community, we hope to see you in game! Dìaku - GM of <Resürgence>Dìaku0 Feb 16
Feb 16 Prepot 10/10H Recruiting for Mythic A 52 <Pre-Pot> Is a serious Progression guild based on US Area-52 (PVE High Pop Realm) - We are serious about pushing top rankings and are currently looking to round out our roster. Raidleaders XP 4/10M NH Current Progress 10/10H NH Expectations By the end of the week 10/10H Recruitment Needs Tanks- Non Druid DPS- Mage- Very High Hunter- Very High Lock- High DH- Very High DK- Very High Rogue- High RAID TIMES ARE LISTED (for anyone that gets confused about time zones) PST Tuesday – 9:30PM - 12:30AM Thursday - 9:30PM - 12:30AM Monday - 9:30PM - 12:30AM CST Tuesday – 11:30PM - 2:30AM Thursday - 11:30PM - 2:30AM Monday - 11:30PM - 2:30AM EST Wednesday – 12:30AM - 3:30AM Friday - 12:30AM - 3:30AM Tuesday - 12:30AM - 3:30AM If you are looking at joining us you should desire 3 things above all else. 1) An unbiased, stable, drama-free raiding environment led by experienced top end raiders. 2) Raiders that are held accountable for constantly improving and being the best 3) Efficiency and attitude needed to push top rankings on a 3 day schedule. What we expect from you: -That you show up early, prepared with full consumables, knowledge of fights and strategies ahead of time. -That you are able to think analytically and understand that the mechanics of a fight are the most important thing not your numbers -That you can conduct yourself appropriately in a group of 25+ people -That you are able to review logs and improve yourself on a weekly basis -You are okay with sitting out on fights once in a while What you can expect from us: -Unbiased leadership -Raiders that have raided and led many different top US guilds -A long term home with people who are laid back and wish to progress with other like minded individuals -The best players will be the ones who get the most raid time for progression -Low drama, it goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly. Apply @ http://prepot-a52.enjin.com/ Divinedpala#1802 Recruitment chonged#1958 Guild MasterVindictíve0 Feb 16
Feb 16 [H] - TWSS - 9/10H LF skilled players Hello all. TWSS is looking for more to expand its mythic raid roster with skilled and talented players. We are currently looking for 2 more healer that is flexible. We are also looking for strong dps that would be willing to compete for raid spots amongst the rest of the team. Raid times are Thursday, Sunday and Monday 11PM-1AM EST For Heroic content we opt to bring as many people as possible who have committed to raiding with us. When it comes time for mythics we will bring the best players to make pushing content as smooth as possible. This means that no one is guaranteed a spot to raid every night but if you always perform well you will always be in. those who wish to apply can go to http://www.twsszuljin.com/ and apply via the google doc or add my battletag Poptarts69#1314Pide2 Feb 16
Feb 15 IV 8/10H-NH LFM to Complete Team. IronVanguard Type: Semi-hardcore progression Progression: 8/10 Heroic Night Hold 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Faction: Horde Server: <IronVanguard> - <Zul’jin> Raid Times:Tues,Wed & Thurs at 9:30p-12:30am EST <IronVanguard> is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders to help fill out our roster. We are currently looking for Healer:Monk Range Damage: Elemental shaman,mage,shadow priest Melee damage: Death Knight Expectations: Be on time Have Discord for voice communication Have installed the required add-ons Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.) Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times Loot Rules: Personal / Tier Minded Master Looting System Add-on List: Deadly Boss Mods Exorsus Raid Tools RC Loot Council (Just for loot window, not a Loot Council) feel free to contact me in game Vulkari - zul'jin---Btag GregoryMcGee#1181Vulkari1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Need help gearing Hi I was wondering if anyone help me with gear I am 760ish I suck at dungeons / raidsSphilibert0 Feb 15
Feb 15 [H][Zul'jin]<Resürgence>(10/10H 1/10M)2day/wk Resurgence Gaming is an accomplished gaming community with strong roots in Progression PvE across multiple MMOs, as well as other PC game genres. We went 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, downing Xavius for Cutting Edge on 1/3/17. Currently in Nighthold we are 10/10 H & 1/10 M. Our active community is full of experienced and friendly players, but we take raiding seriously. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. We also run a non-mandatory Saturday night run for gearing and alts. Resurgence is one of the top 6-hour raid teams on Zul'jin. We are recruiting 1 ranged DPS for a main roster position who has put in the work gearing for Mythic Nighthold. Keep in mind, all spots are competitive and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out a quick application on our website (link below) and an officer or myself will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here, or in your application. http://resurgencegaming.enjin.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Res%C3%BCrgence Thanks for considering our community, we hope to see you in game! Dìaku - GM of <Resürgence>Dìaku0 Feb 15
Feb 15 <One Percent> recruiting dps! Hey all! One Percent -Zul'jin, is looking to add more quality dps to our roster. We have great raiders in our group currently but not enough for us to push into higher content (Mythic). 7/7 heroic Nightmare 1/7 Mythic Nightmare 3/3 heroic Trials of Valor 10/10 normal Nighthold 6/10 Heroic Nighthold So as of right now we are recruiting all dps classes. If you are a quality raider who can pump out the numbers, do the mechanics, and are an overall great person to have in raids then we want you! Our loot system is EPGP, this system has been great to us and has geared our guild very well throughout the expansion. Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7:30 - 10:30 est. We also run countless mythic + groups through the week and encourage anyone and everyone to participate in them with us. Our group consists of raiders who have been together for a long time in the game, with a few new people joining for this expansion. We have all meshed very well together and are progressing at a good rate, but with mythics coming up soon for us, we can't do it alone. We would love for you to join our group and progress with us and be a part the family we have created. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or another officer in the guild. We hope you consider us and are looking forward to speaking with you soon. Horek#1680Horek2 Feb 15
Feb 15 LFM for afternoon and late night raid teams [H][Zul'jin]<Hellfire Knights> 7/7H 2/3H 6/10H is looking to recruit players for both raid teams. We have a daytime raid team that raids 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday and a late night weekend team that raids 11:30pm-2:30am Friday and Saturday nights. We view ourselves as "casual raiders" where our goal is to have fun and kill bosses. What is Required? The only things we ask of you is a working mic(we use discord) and a good attitude! What Makes Us Special We are made up of players from all over the world, so no matter what time you're online you will never be alone. Work nights? When you get home at 5am there will be players online ready to help with world quests, run random heroics, or 3 chest that mythic+ key you've been putting off all week! Daytime Raid Information Raid Times 2-5pm EST Wednesday and Thursday Current Needs Tank Ret Pally Boomkin Hunter Late Night Raid Information Raid times are 11:30pm EST to 2:30am EST Friday and Saturday nights. Current Needs Our weekend team is looking to fill all rolls with consistent players to progress through Nighthold with. Any interested classes/roles will be considered. If this sounds like you'd be a good fit, or you'd like to know more about the guild please feel free to respond here or contact me in game under the Btag persephonæ#1905 If you are specifically wondering about our weekend group please contact tayker#1922Persephonæ2 Feb 15
Feb 15 887 Frost DK LF Late Night Guild Hey there! Looking for a progression-minded guild that raids later on in the evening, and also enjoys running stuff on off time. I have good raid experience and the right attitude. Thanks for your time!Viros4 Feb 15
Feb 15 Shadow Priest LF Raiding Guild I prefer a guild that raids 3 days a week and doesn't go past midnight EST. I'm currently 860ilvl with no raiding experience this tier, however I used to raid hardcore in previous expansions. Looking for a guild willing to bring me along so I can learn. I get comfortable with a fight rather quickly. I'm the type of raider fully prepared 30 minutes prior to the time we start and I'm quiet on voice unless calling something out that pertains to me. I prefer a loot council. I'm an adult. The most important thing to me is the guild is serious about progression but raids are lead in a relaxed fashion and people are having fun as I can't stand people being immature or screaming at each other.Injections5 Feb 15
Feb 15 Trio LF Raiding Guild LF raiding guild that can take on 3 players 895 BM Hunter, 891 Fury Warrior, and 880 Frost DK. Our current guild is seemingly on its last legs and I wanted to see what guilds are recruiting. Experience: Hunter- 4/7 Mythic (pre 7.1.5) 10/10 normal and 4/10 Heroic Warrior- 4/7 Mythic (pre 7.1.5) 10/10 normal and 7/10 Heroic DK- 10/10 Normal 3/10 Heroic (Just started playing at the start of Nighthold) Raid Times: We are looking for a guild that raids a 3 hour block between 8pm-1am server time. We would prefer to raid Tue/Wed but would be willing to consider any days besides Thursday, Saturday. We would also consider raiding three days a week if the guild was seriously trying to push content. Expectations: None of us want to be carried but we are looking for a guild that is at least 5 out of 10 Heroic with the expectations of pushing into Mythic and hopefully clearing Mythic 10/10 before 7.2. Final Thoughts: If you read this and are interested please feel free to post the link to your recruiting thread and leave your Btag I will add you and and get in touch ASAP so we can talk in person. *Edit. I Forgot to add what days we can raid.Noxus15 Feb 15
Feb 15 8 Players looking to join mythic guild Our guild is currently looking to merge with another guild in order to more swiftly start progression in Mythic NH. We are currently 9/10H and have about 10 quality players looking to move into mythic. We currently raid Tue/Wed/Thurs 9-11PM EST. We are looking for an equally progressed guild, that has active and capable players who are looking to progress in mythic. We have 8 Players. 1 Tank 2 Healers 5 DPS (2 melee 3 DPS)Asolan8 Feb 15
Feb 14 4 LF Raiding Guild Nighthold Hello, My friends and I are looking for a raiding guild for Night Hold. Theres 4, maybe 5 of us that would like to continue to play together and join another good group of players in the upcoming content. What we're looking for: 2 day a week raiding guild on either Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs, we're open to Friday and optional 3rd day too (like optional to come on whenever we're free). Times must be between 8pm-12 server time. (Maybe open to later on fri/sat) Looking for a stable guild that needs more people that wants to raid seriously without going overboard. What we are: 2 Paladins, 1 warrior, 1 (anything u want). Also, maybe a DH. :D First Paladin is retribution or holy. Pref retribution but will play holy. Hes 874. Not single, sorry ladies. 7/7H Second Paladin is also retribution, only retribution though hes 873. He is single though. Ladies. 4/7M 3/3H The Warrior. He is a dps (fury). Only a dps, Ive heard tales of his tanking. You dont want that. No one wants that. Oh by the way, hes Ilvl 877. 4/7M 3/3H The Demon Hunter first off his name has nothing to do with Illidan, so thats important and honestly I feel like the best part about him. Hes a dps or a tank, but preferable a dps. Ilvl 877. :D 2/7M 2/3H Lastly, me and my plethora of characters. I essentially have no life. at all. Not even a little bit. But on the plus side I've got to much time to play WoW, so thats... Not sure if its good for me but its good for you. I have 4 semi geared characters, hunter(865), priest(870), rogue(861), druid(863). Also have a monk(850) and a paladin(811) but they're short on Artifact knowledge and it depresses me so I've not played them a lot yet. I'm open to play whatever you want. If you want a tank, ill tank, if you want a healer, ill let you die slowly when you stand in stuff while healing the other good players. If you want a dps that will blow your mind, I will constantly make my warrior friend feel like hes lacking... you know, down there. I'm 5/7M 3/3H btw. Enough about me, about our group. We're friendly, fun, active (Not outside but in wow). We're all mature people around mid twenties. Most of us are single. Ladies. Guild leaders /wink. Basically, we want to stay together, push content together, and make new friends :D. We're all pretty experienced players so don't be shy :D. If you have any questions, you're interested, or you want to be my friend because im funny. My information is below. Btw, if you're interested but only want three people, ill grudgingly kill one of my friends off. For a price. Remith#1917Sikra16 Feb 14
Feb 14 Killars Mythic+ & Raid Sales Hi I'm Killars. I've been organizing boost groups with my fellow Mythic Raiders for 5 years! I'm back for Legion and anxious to serve the community! I / we have a long running history of Challenge Mode and raid carries while being in top ranked US/World guild. Now that I'm only raiding 3 days I have more time for this sort of thing and am fully committed to getting any PVE run done for YOU ASAP! We offer competitive pricing for Services such as: Mythic+10: 100k Mythic+12: 200k Mythic+15: 400k *20% off using your own keystone Nightbane Run: 200k Karazhan Full Run w/ Nightbane: 275k (Mount Included with Nightbane runs) ToV Heroic PL: 150k NH Normal PL: 250k NH Heroic PL: 750k All runs will be streamed unless told not to. You may watch other runs to get an idea of how things work and how qualified my group is on twitch.tv/killars. To set up a run or if you have any questions please PM me on Discord Discord Contact: Killars#9812 Please ask me any questions. Even if it's not related to these runs I'm happy to help. You can also fill out this form before contacting me to expedite the process: https://goo.gl/forms/WgcJoP2dB3etN88i2Killars28 Feb 14
Feb 14 [H][Zul'jin]<Resürgence>(10/10H 1/10M)2day/wk Resurgence Gaming is an accomplished gaming community with strong roots in Progression PvE across multiple MMOs, as well as other PC game genres. We went 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, downing Xavius for Cutting Edge on 1/3/17. Currently in Nighthold we are 10/10 H & 1/10 M. Our active community is full of experienced and friendly players, but we take raiding seriously. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. We also run a non-mandatory Saturday night run for gearing and alts. Resurgence is one of the top 6-hour raid teams on Zul'jin. We are recruiting 1 ranged DPS for a main roster position who has put in the work gearing for Mythic Nighthold. Keep in mind, all spots are competitive and all applications are welcome. If you are interested, please fill out a quick application on our website (link below) and an officer or myself will be in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here, or in your application. http://resurgencegaming.enjin.com http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Res%C3%BCrgence Thanks for considering our community, we hope to see you in game! Dìaku - GM of <Resürgence>Dìaku0 Feb 14
Feb 14 [H] <Crew> Recently resurrected guild. 10/10 Normal - 3/10 Heroic DPS Needed! Crew - is a recently resurrected guild of experienced players looking to rebuild. The core group of players have raided and played together consistently for the last 4 years. We are looking to build upon that foundation to create a group of 20 individuals that are team oriented, progression motivated, yet laid back. All players must be 18 or older, as we do not consider younger individuals to possess the maturity necessary to push end game Mythic content or properly receive constructive criticism. People are not expected to carry other people through content. If anyone is unable to pull the appropriate numbers, given the appropriate gear and situation, they will be asked to sit out if it is a progression boss in order to continue with the progression. This is in no way a slight against any one person, this is a team and we will lead it as such. If someone is holding back the entire team, then we are wasting each other's time and we do not wish to do that. Criticism is essential and a must in all roles, even as a Raid Leader, and you must be able to take constructive criticism and talk about issues if they are perceived without taking it personal. As stated previously, this is a team and if someone in the team can help another person, then that is more beneficial than beating your head against your desk for 3 hours a night without any progression at all. This being said, destructive criticism will not be tolerated. We are looking to build an environment that cultivates in game relationships and creates experiences that rival the "back in the day" storytelling, and we will not tolerate a toxic environment. Core tanks and healers are solid needing DPS! Raid Times: Tues & Wed 8:00 - 11:00 Server EST Sun 6:00 - 9:00 Server EST If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact Loknar - Loknar#1416 Thundabud - Alotafagina#1229 Hàx - Hàx#1424 (Alt Code 133)Hàx5 Feb 14
Feb 14 [H] 867 Protection Paladin LFG hello I am currently searching for a Tuesday/Thursday guild to progress with through NH. The times dont matter greatly but the only days I can for sure commit to raiding are Tuesday and Thursday due to my work schedule.Dònttouch0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Kismet is recruiting for new progression <Kismet> [Horde - Zul'jin US est guild] - is recruiting core members in order to rebuild and start progression raiding. All classes and specs are welcome to join. <Kismet> has been around and raiding on Zul'jin since 2010, we are a group of strange, yet entertaining people that want to challenge the game. Currently we are rebuilding and our goal is killing endgame raid bosses and having fun in the process. We currently are running weekly mythic+ and Karazhan while we recruit enough people to raid together. Schedule: The Raid schedule is not decided yet but we run the Mythic+ and Karazan on Friday and Saturday at 8:30PM EST for 2-3 hours. Recruitment: We are currently looking for all roles and specs willing to work and become core members. We are looking for people who want to raid and are willing to learn. We are a friendly, patient bunch who enjoy playing together. People new to the game are encouraged to talk with us, we can help with getting you geared up, improving in your class, and help with raid mechanics. However, we expect you to practice and show up on raid nights. Contact Info: If you have any questions or think to join Kismet contact send one of the following people a message. Stylepoints, Yonisom, Pabs, Studdedbull, Roseputin, Alewyn, Konshuu Rezbox, Derpblobb or Smashingbrew. Or friend Stylepoints#1838 or Dougydoo#1120 on BNET Thank you.Stylepoints0 Feb 14
Feb 13 883 hpriest 883 hpriest lf casual weekday raiding guild from 11pm server onwards raid exp: 9/10H 7/7M 10/13M 3/10M 7/7H add Scoopy#1943Saintthomas0 Feb 13