Sep 22 [H] 4 Experienced Raiders looking for guild. Myself (Resto Shaman) and three other friends (Fury/Prot Warrior, Holy/Prot Pally, and WW/BM/MW Monk) are looking for a semi-serious raiding guild. We have all been playing the game for several years and have experience raiding and raid leading. We're a looking for a serious raiding guild that isn't ultra hardcore and will be progressing into Heroic Raiding. A guild that is serious about understanding how to play one's class, executing raid mechanics, and is committed to progression would be perfect for us. We can no longer commit as much time to the game as we used to because of jobs, school, and families, but we still want a guild full of skilled players who are interested in progression without the time investment required for Mythic raiding. We're a laid back bunch who still want to kill some bosses. Please let me know if your guild needs to fill a few raid spots. Thanks =)Gadgetpants5 Sep 22
Sep 22 [H] Lethal Artists of War now recruiting Rebuilding after burnout from a year of HFC, we are now looking to rebuild our raid. We are a casual guild with a hardcore approach. Raid times are going to be Tuesday and Thursday, from 9PM to Midnight server time. We are always looking for all classes and types, but top priority goes to: Paladins - Tank, Heals, or DPS Elemental Shamans Mages Protection Warriors Everyone else, we still would like to hear from you. We will start raiding in just a few weeks time once we finalize the roster. Contact me in game and we can chat about what you're looking for and we can provide.Negaduck1 Sep 22
Sep 21 [H] LF Guild Prot Paladin & Resto Druid We are currently looking for a guild to raid with, we have 8pm-12pm availability most nights. We have raiding experience as far back as burning crusade. Send me a whisper, or reply here.Móogle0 Sep 21
Sep 21 847 Blood DK LFG I have a ton of experience as a raider. Was full time back in the day before Cata, and want to get back at it. Just contact me!Chowduh0 Sep 21
Sep 21 LF Weds/Thurs late guild. Currently Holy/Ret but I can also Tank if needed. Ive done so in previous expansions. I'm looking for a Weds/Thurs guild that starts around 10pm server time or later. Thank you.Dareneld0 Sep 21
Sep 21 2 Tanks & 3 Healers looking for a Guild Two Tanks (Blood DK and Prot Pally) and Three Healers (Mistwalker/Resto Shaman/Resto Druid) are in search of a committed group of DPS to join us or let us join in with Heroic/Myhic progression. It's a tall order but we're all IRL friends who've played forever and want to take raiding a bit more seriously. All members are 847-852 ilvl currently and have common sense when it comes to mechanics and the understanding of our classes. Our current raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9pm to 12 EST Finding a group with a similar schedule would be ideal. Message me in game or add me Celly#1261Lokiichan0 Sep 21
Sep 21 <Salt> [H] Zul'jin recruiting. Salt Horde | US-Zul'jin Raid Times [Tuesday | Thursdays] EST - 7PM - 10AM These times are subject to change in accordance with a majority vote from the guild Why Salt? Salt is a progression focused casual guild with 3/7 N Emerald Nightmare. With a combination of "old school" "hardcore" raiders, there family and friends, we've successfully cleared large swaths of content, from bosses in Vanilla Naxx to current Mythic content available. Our core is comprised of players who have been playing WoW since 2005. We are looking to fill our roster for Raids. Our mission is to see the content and have fun doing it. So, whether your a new player or old, never raided before, but would like to give it a try. Stop by http://guildsalt.info/, read our Policies page, and if those sounds good to you, put in an application, or contact me (Psa#1456) today for more info. Currently Recruiting In need of healers, but all classes / specs are welcome to apply: http://guildsalt.info/Psì0 Sep 21
Sep 21 ilvl 844 Mistweaver LF Raid Guild I need a guild that will be raiding 2-3 nights a week. Want to really dedicate myself to the guild. The guild also has to be raiding from times no later than 21:30 EDT. Thank you!Wuxi2 Sep 21
Sep 21 [H] 838+ Warlock LF Sun & Mon Mythic raid Times available & time zone My time zone: Pacific / US West Sun: Any time Mon: Any time Other: 11:00 PM PDT - 3:00 PM PDT (Not a typo. I can raid super late night or early morning/afternoon if not Sun & Mon) Server preference None, willing to transfer any where Faction preference Horde only please Days per week willing to raid I prefer Sun+Mon only, but I'm totally okay with 3+ days on super late nights or early morning/afternoon Logs & Stuff Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/userreportslist/251436/ (The newest ones are my Warlock, the older ones are my DH) UI Screenshot: http://imgur.com/4xIxVMU About me I'm a 30-something IT professional and old school nerd. My default "new people" behavior is to be polite, respectful and tolerant. I've never been a troll or someone who derives pleasure from the suffering of others. If I'm around people I know or am comfortable with, I do have a bit of a sarcastic, smart !@# streak. Even then there's a time and a place for such humor and I try to maintain social awareness. I've played MMOs for a long time (EverQuest 1998), and have played WoW on and off since Vanilla. Despite my long history with WoW, due to various life forces (work, school, relationships) I've only been an active raider in WotLK and Cataclysm. However, when I raided I was very active and served in a Raid Leader capacity for most of that time. When I raid I take it seriously. I am definitely a "try hard." Like anyone I play to have fun, it's just that my definition of fun is playing with people around the same skill level as me and downing bosses at a reasonable rate of progress. To me, that "reasonable rate" means the group is good at evaluating what kind of mistakes they are making (strategy or execution), and then correcting them and not repeating them. New mistakes are okay and part of the fun. Repeated mistakes are where problems can occur depending on the group's dynamics and resiliency in the face of repeated failure. As a result, I prefer to be in a group that holds its raiders to a standard and enforces it when it's not being met. Thank you for your time and for considering me as an applicant. Contact info B.net tag: Rokdog#1964 Main toon: Kaelgar (Destruction main, Demonology off) Realm: Zul'jin-US-Horde Voice comms?: Yep, any platform is fine Anything else I have an 842 DH Vengeance tank (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/arthas/Kaelgorin/advanced) Rank 17+ / i862 weapons and ready for Mythics+ or raiding. I love tanking with him and it would be my main if I could. However, ranged DPS are in higher demand and I just want to raid with a skilled group. As of this post, my Warlock is 838 iLvl with a Rank 16+ / i862 main weapon, and the off-specs are at 13 each. I would be further with my Dest & Demo weapons but this character hit 110 a week after my DH when I decided to change focus.Kaelgar0 Sep 21
Sep 21 <Arrogant> [H] is recruiting all ___________________Arrogant____________________ Horde | US-Zul'jin Raid Times ... Who is <Arrogant>? ... What we are looking for ... What we expect from you ... What we don't need ... Currently Recruiting ... For more questions you can contact me directly. Contact Info ...Drmnofscrmn0 Sep 21
Sep 21 <Et Honorem> (H) Late Night Guild Recruiting <Et Honorem> is a newly formed guild led by experienced raiders that have been playing since vanilla. All of us have mythic experience over several expansions and are looking to start of a new late night raiding guild. About Us: We are a group of friends that have played together for a while and we’re ready to get into some Legion progression. We have many, many years of raiding experience and looking into building a solid core for Heroic then Mythic raid progression. We offer: -Team based, fun, and no bull!@#$ atmosphere. What we expect: -Be prepared, able to take criticism and not be toxic, have a team focus attitude and know when you need to focus to get the job done and be able to take a joke, we all like to have fun. We expect everyone to be knowledgeable about your class and do the research. We aren't here to hold your hand, knowledge of fights are your responsibility and should be researched ahead of time. Our Raid Times: We are currently raiding: Fri/Sat 11:30pm-2:30am ST. Recruitment Needs: DPS - Ranged: Hunter / Fire Mage / Warlock Melee DPS: Arms Warrior / Unholy Death Knight Healers: Holy Priest / Resto Shaman Tanks: Closed Be at least 835 ilvl but 840+ is preferred. Our Loot System: Loot Council of Officers with EPGP for tracking purposes. All loot will be distributed for the betterment of the raid group and progression. How to contact us: If you have any questions feel free to contact me Snowbawler (Whitetip8#1180) - GM, Johnorreah(Loizzi92#1262) - Officer/Recruiter Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!Snowbawler9 Sep 21
Sep 20 [H]New Guild Looking for Raiding Members! Greetings fellow WoW enthusiast :) Our new guild, "A Game Changer", Is looking to recruit players to fill our ranks. Currently searching for Range DPS, Healers, and Non-DH/Pally Melees. We are a new guild, but guild leaders have been leading raids since BC. The guild environment is relaxed and helpful. We are a Christian guild and will be doing devotions and prayer request for members, but please understand by no means do you yourself have to be Christian to join and play with us. All players will be respectful of other members beliefs and if you do not wish to partake in the devotionals that is perfectly ok and you will still receive all the benefits of being a member. Message Keinrah/Jrakuba for information on benefits. We will be progressing towards Heroic and Mythic raids, as well as Mythic dungeons and various group achievements for mounts/titles/Weapon skins. We are also open to doing older content achievements as well for those mounts and titles. Since we are new on the scene, we will do everything we can to help you get geared up and ready to go. We stay true to the idea of no one gets left behind; we will not be cut throat and snarky and if there are areas of raiding you need improvement in we will help you with it. We hope for Friday and Saturday night raid times. Maybe some extra days here and there if work schedules allow (Monsters gotta' get bought some how, ya know?) This guild is about giving and helping your fellow members to succeed and have a good time in all of our endeavors while getting loots and downing bosses :) If you are interested in joining please send an in game message to Keinrah/Rhoryn/Jrakuba for more information on guild and benefits we hope to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read and game on!Keinrah0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] Enhance Shaman LF Casual Guild Hello, I'm looking for a casual guild, somewhere that has an active and social player base (not a guild where out of 700 members I'm the only one ever online). I'm interested in doing mythic+, world quests, ect, not really anything hardcore. I do enjoy raiding, but i don't want to have to commit to a regular schedule so something along the lines of occasional alt runs or open raids would be nice (not really necessary though). In general i just want a place where i can play the game and have other players there as well, as it is an MMO. You should be able to message me through my Battle Tag, gngy #1344, you can also whisper me if i happen to be online.Durarg0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [A] Demon Hunter Tank LF Guild Hello everyone, I'm new to this faction of the server. I'm enjoying the expansion so far but there is only so much I can get out of LFG. I'm looking for an english speaking guild that is running Mythic+ and casual raiding. Please message me in game. Owlchemist#1267 if you're looking for another member. I'm open to DPS or Tanking. I have experience with both in fairly high end raiding.Apsalaar0 Sep 20
Sep 20 {H} Duo looking for late night raiding 830 Warrior (Also looking to make priest main but willing to play either one) along with an 845 DH Havoc looking for a guild that is running raids at 1:30am server time until 1PM server time. Anywhere in that time zone will work for us. Mythic progression of stones is also a big plus.Tanksalittle0 Sep 20
Sep 20 LF 3 RDPS for Heroic EN @9:30 EST Guild run looking for 3 Ranged DPS to fill out team for tonight. Have everything else covered plan is to attempt 2-3 bosses tonight depending on how the 2nd boss goes. We are a solid team who has been together for a while just needing range to finish out the team (Range seems to be at a premium right now) Add my Battletag Is Dhooper02#1575 I'll be on from the time of this post leading up to Raid timeDecantuar0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [A] DH Looking for Competitive Evening Guild Hello all, I am a long time player looking to get back in to raiding after a break through MoP and WoD. I have been playing and raid leading since Vanilla, having more recent experience in H HM and H BRF, and am looking to start delving in to Heroic and Mythic raids and Mythic+ dungeons. I am looking for a mature, casual guild of like-minded individuals that have a high level of knowledge regarding their class and spec and are looking to advance and expand. I have preformed all roles during my raid history, but have decided to stick with a DH tank for this expansion and it has been great fun. I look forward to finding a good group of solid raiders. I am currently 848 with 10/10 mythics done each week. You can expect me to know the encounters on all difficulties, show up on time and prepared with pots, flasks, and food, be able to provide and take constructive criticism, and be dedicated to the progression. I am looking for a guild that raids after 7:00 p.m. PST, any day of the week. In addition, I have great flexibility during the weekends for raiding. I am currently located on Zul’Jin but will consider moving servers. Thank you for your consideration, you can reach me at Kensouki#1319.Dolfinz0 Sep 20
Sep 20 844 DH Tank LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild I'm 844 ilvl Demon Hunter Tank What I'm looking for: An organized mythic guild that offers progression at a reasonable pace while keeping the aspect of fun there. I am not looking for a guild to just farm Heroic content. I am currently looking for a guild that raids after 9:00 pm EST on WeekdaysNinjakon0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Zul'Jin - 838 Fire/Frost Mage LF Raid Guild Hi I'm in the process now of transferring realms and am looking for a new guild. I'm maining this xpac on my Fire/Frost Mage (I'm not familiar with Arcane but can learn it). I have some raid experience, and have Alch/Herb/Cooking profs almost leveled (I've reached the raid quests on both main profs, and have all recipes except the Salad from Nomi). I'm looking for World/Realm first as priority, just reasonable progression. Pls respond here or to RedQueen#1855 I also have GM/RL experience and am considering starting a guild to raid, if interested pls PM to bnet tagAeleanda4 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] &lt;Harbingers of Fate&gt; Recruiting Now Harbingers of Fate - A guild of new and experienced players that achieve success while still having fun! – In HoF we are dedicated to building an environment where people respect each other, and work hard together for in game achievements. We don’t use racial, sexist or homophobic slurs in our Discord or guild chat. Raid Times are: Dark Lady *Progression team* Friday and Saturday 12 pm - 3 am. Sunday 12 pm - 2 am Sunstrider *Casual team* Tues/Wed 11 am - 2 pm All raid times are server time based. HoF is always looking for players with a good attitude that are dedicated to becoming reaching the upper rungs of game play while maintaining a positive, helpful attitude. We are currently recruiting for the following positions. Raid Leader: Looking for another raid leader to handle a few raid times separate from the main raid lead. What classes we are looking for: Melee (with off spec tank)- Warrior, Death Knights, and Paladin Range- Warlock, Balance druid( With offspec healer), Spriest (off spec disc) Healer- Wistweaver PvP Leader: Looking for a humble pvp leader to put together some pvp events and handle the “pvp wing” of HoF Anyone with a good attitude and willingness to improve is welcome to apply!! http://harbingersoffate.enjin.com/ For more info add. lex#1689 Vegus#1567Lexheals21 Sep 20
Sep 20 Confluence Recruiting Healer with DPS OS Confluence-Zul'jin is recruiting a Healer with an OS DPS for Legion raiding. Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30 EST. Feel free to add Valdris#1169 or Xanion#1453 for more information.Negaru0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Lite Brite - Limited Positions Lite Brite has two goals: To build our family & clear Mythic content (but casually). The guild was created by veteran players dating back as far as EQ and since the creation of WoW. We transferred to Zul’Jin mid-year and began assembling our crew & family of like-minded raiders (the majority of us being quirky, eccentric, & lovable). We’ve established a strong core team of players who quickly pushed through HFC to Mythics right before Legion launch. We are comprised of older players, many ex-elitist types gone casual, with newer players who have excellent raid awareness, attitude, and player abilities. We are in the market for a few more eccentrics / pound-town raiders in an attempt to fill up spots to quickly jump into 20 man Mythic content when needed. Currently Soliciting Core Positions: 1 Healer - (Druid or Monk preferred but will consider any class under the right circumstances) 1 Mage - (Fire strongly preferred but will consider other specs based on damage output) 1 Shadow Priest - (Pretty much faceroll, just need someone who smashes buttons well & fast) Please be minimum 840ilvl (prefer 845+) and contact Pouty#1295 or Cakenstein#11133 for more information.Póuty1 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] 851 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Guild Hello, I am looking for a Mythic raid focused guild to join. About Me: I have previously played a priest (Drowsy), Monk (DrowsyPill), Warrior (Chocolatey), and now my Shaman. Raiding experience includes: BC: SWP Clear in <Rebirth> LK: Naxx in pugs, Ulduar and ToTC in small guilds including Mad Skill <Blueprint> Cata: <Honorbound> to <Relentless Onslaught> to <Duality> MoP: None WoD: <Halcyon> to <Eternal Silence> to <Deadbeat Dads> In many of the guilds I have been GM, RL, or officer. Current status: I am looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days, no more than 15 hours a week. I am available to raid pretty much at all times except Sunday night. (Reason for leaving current guild) I would prefer not to raid past 1:00AM EST. What I'm looking for: A Guild that will be focused on raiding Mythic content at a pace that allows us to finish the raid before the release of new content. I am not looking to clear all of mythic raiding in a month and farm it for 4 months. I am looking to clear the content at some point before the tier ends and we move onto the next tier. The guild should be able to clear all heroic content within a month of release and be somewhat into mythic raiding. The guild should be providing enough preparation prior to raid progression to give the raiders an idea of the strategy to be used, things to be expected. What I'm not looking for: A disorganized guild, a guild with no history, a new guild. Contact: Drowsy#1438 Quilzy-Zul'jin You can leave a post here as well, but best chance is to whisper me in-game or add me through battle tag.Quilzy0 Sep 20
Sep 19 [H] demonic hierarchy wants you currently looking to rebuild our raid roster currently recruiting all classes. raid days are fri-sun 8-11 looking for mature experienced player. drama queens need not apply. must be min 830 i lvl to be considered for a raiding position for any other info feel free to contact us in game officers/gms gorhax pineapple eyre shadyshotsShadyshots1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Looking for Balance Druid and Rogue If you are 840+ and want to start Heroic on Tues and can raid Tues/Thurs/Mon 9-1130pm server time/Eastern. We ask to know fights and be raid ready. Please Add @ Chipsandcoke#1804 ---- Thank YouDidipull0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Come join a PUG guild! Raiders for Hire - Est. 2008 on Emerald Dream and re-Est 2016 on ZJ Mercenary guild seeking any and all specs looking to raid. Leave your guild and pug with us! - No iLvl requirements - No mandatory raid times - Stay as long or as short as you want too - New players, old players and everyone in between BattleTag Exhumed#1948 for more info or message in-gameVikingfjord0 Sep 19
Sep 19 ilvl 841 windwalker looking for raiding guild ilvl 841 windwalker looking for mythic dungeon /raiding guildFistzerker0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Zul'Jin Mage looking for guild. Hey Zul'Jin! I joined the server with a friend and was looking around for a guild to join. Not really one to cling to another person so I decided to stake out on my own to mixed results. I'm meeting really sketchy guilds or "Guys club" guilds with no real sense of organization. So here I am on the forums and other outlets to find a guild that has that progressive/progression mindset. A bit about myself: I am twenty four years old man tired of the tween/college discussions. I'm just not having it. I wake up early and my free time starts at around 1500 or 3pm. I played during WotLK and the only other MOBA I really got into was GW2 (THe community and systems in place were phenomenal) but I really did miss raiding so I joined Legion after reviewing a few videos. I'm pretty vocal and a leader when presented the opportunity. The Overview: My main is a mage ilvl 840+ Arcane spec. My main alt is going to either be a DK or Priest (Specs still pending) I'm completely free on Fridays/Saturdays minus days where I have extra duties. Contact me: Just send me an invite ingame or on battle.net To make the I in my name use alt + 141 to make the special character. Otherwise add/msg me on battle.net - Username Shapertv#1744Hìldegard3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Looking to Raid Tuesday? Looking for More for Emerald Dream - Normal - On Tuesday 9 PM Server time. We have a min item level of 835 - the higher the better. If you're interested in raiding with us drop me a mail ingame! I am going to be using Icy Vein's guide for strats. http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/the-emerald-nightmare-raid Looking for the following DPS- Shadow Priest Warlock Shaman (Elemental Prefered) Paladin Monk Looking for the Following Heals- Disc Priest* Holy Priest Monk *Really hopeing for a Disc for the added ranged DPS and the ability to keep Melee Alive pretty well.Polarknight0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Group of 5 845+ ilvl LF Raids Hey all, a group of friends and I want in on the mythic action this expansion. Our classes are Enhance(OS Resto) Shaman 851 ilvl Warlock 847 ilvl Protection Paladin 849 ilvl Hunter 848 ilvl Mage 848 ilvl For all of you that want to fill in your roster for the first week of raids, we are here to accomplish that. We are all friendly and comedic but when raids come, our attitudes change to !@#$ing %^-* up. All of us perform at the highest standards and have the skill to volunteer for mechanics and explain to others how to play their class. We would all GLADLY go through a trial run to show you that we perfom at the highest skill cap. Now for a list of some things you get. -5 dedicated players hungry to clear content -players that research and can explain fights -players that parse in the top 90% of fights -100 % punctual -self buffed with flasks, food, pots -players who accept criticism -players who will help with the community within a guild This is kind of last second so I definitely missed some information about us so contact me, RobZ#1181, for any information needed. One last thing, we are only interested in a guild that will run heroic on raid release. Thank you for your time for reading this!Swaggaboom0 Sep 19
Sep 19 <H> 845 Arms Warrior LF Guild Hey Guys, Got back into WoW with the release of Legion. I am free weekdays past 8pm, and weekends whenever. I am looking to dedicate to a consistent group that plans to delve into more challenging content. Thanks for your consideration!Pwnor1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Arrogant [H] is recruiting all. ___________________Arrogant____________________ Horde | US-Zul'jin Raid Times ... Who is <Arrogant>? ... What we are looking for ... What we expect from you ... What we don't need ... Currently Recruiting ... For more questions you can contact me directly. Contact Info ...Drmnofscrmn0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Mistweaver Monk LF Mythics / Raiding Guild I am a bit late in starting this expansion I took some time away but I would like to find a Raiding / Mythics guild for This xpac. My Pros are healing of course, I have always loved healing and support. Add me Sulnishka#1741. I will need to get caught up of course but I believe id be a worthy healer for any group or raid.Mistclick0 Sep 19
Sep 19 <Under the Influence> Under the Influence is a new guild to Zul'Jin comprised of like-minded players looking to tackle Mythic content. -<Raid Times>- Tuesday and Thursday 10pm-2am Server Time (EST) -<Current Role Needs>- Tank: Druid Healer(s): Druid Monk Paladin Shaman DPS: Boomkin (Resto off-spec preferred) Ele shaman (Resto off-spec preferred) Hnter Mage Shadow Priest Warlock -<Contact Under the Influence>- GM: Healbulance#1175Memebulance0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Fire Mage Looking for guild on horde. Looking for raiding guild on horde. I am a fire mage currently ilvl 725 starting mythics. I raided in cata and mop and pvp'd in wod. I would prefer atleast one of the raid days to be on sat or friday. Whisper me in game or here. My name is Phoov and my btag is Phoov#1271.Phoov5 Sep 19
Sep 19 Rogue <H> LF raiding and Mythic+ guild Hello allAfter a poor experience with WoD, i dropped wow. I picked it up again early July and have not been able to put it down with Legion! I'm a busy person so competitive raiding is no longer an option. I'm on about 12-15 hours a week. Mostly week nights after 8est and weekends. I am looking for a guild that is active, enjoys raids, dungeons. I would probably not be able to commit to a consistent raid schedule but I am very interested in being available as a sub as well as doing mythic+ dungeons!! Any way reach out if you have something similar to that! Thanks!Westaflex0 Sep 19
Sep 18 <H> 845 Prot Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild Experience raiding in Vanilla, BC, and Wotlk. I decided to come back to Legion and join a progression/mythic raiding guild to have some fun with before the content is released. I'm available from 7pm to 12am EST weekdays and weekends, cleared all mythic legion dungeons, with 19 (almost 20) ap points in artifact wep. I do not mind filling out applications or answering questions. Thank you!Nojohui0 Sep 18
Sep 18 (H)845 Resto Druid LF Night Raid Group Hey I'm a Resto Druid sitting at 845 looking for a possible raid spot. Late'ish What I am looking for is a Guild who is calm, cool,and collected. It's a game not looking for a stressful environment caused by other raid members/leaders. I have raid experience since Vanilla, BC and WoTLK was in one of Gnomeragan's top guilds for progression, came into MoP late but still hit the raids and stopped in WoD right before BF just due to it not being fun. I'm a healer always have been always will be, I know my role and how to handle my responsibility. Looking for anything starting at 9pm server or later. I want to progress but don't want the game to turn into a job. If you have a spot open I'd love to chat about it Leave a message here or Hit me up on my Battle tag @ Dhooper02 #1575Decantuar1 Sep 18
Sep 18 848 WW + 845 RDruid LF Late'ish Raiding Guild My buddy and me are current seeking a raiding guild to begin progression with this coming week. We both have raid experience and would prefer a guild that has mythic ambitions. The druid would prefer if raid times started no earlier than 9:30pm server time most days but can raid mon wed thurs sun at any time. Add manth#1383 if you'd like to talk!Zenth0 Sep 18
Sep 18 <Soul of Cinder> LF RDPS Hello everyone, we are currently a small guild consisting of experienced raiders looking to do some serious (but not hardcore) progression. We are looking for just a few more ranged dps to fill out our raid team, preferably a hunter. However, any non-cloth ranged DPS will be considered. Our raid times are 9pm-12am server time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are currently running plenty of mythic dungeons so if youre a bit behind on item level, we can help you out with that! Our goal is to clear Normal and Heroic content, and we are looking to start on the 27th. Please post here or add my battletag myriagon#1533 and whisper for details. Thanks.Mafic0 Sep 18
Sep 18 No mercy (groupe mythic) recrute Nous recrutons actuellement un holy paladin pour notre groupe mythic! Nous raidons les mercredis et les lundis de 19Hr45 a 22hr15. Nous recherchons des joueurs sérieux qui ont envie de s'investir a fond! Les joueurs Crossrealm sont également la bienvenue, si l'envie d'xfer est une option, vous pourrez parler avec crazykätlady (leader)ou flashtie( officier) ou moi-même pour des questions concernant le groupe. Vous pouvez nous contacter ici sur le forum ou in game sous les même noms :)Tallülah0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H] ilvl 840 Blood (tank) DK LF guild I am looking for a casual/semi-hardcore guild. I've been playing wow on and off since it first came out, and I am looking for a mature crowd who have lives and families outside of wow. I can raid too no later then 10pm est time Sunday - ThursdaysXioura0 Sep 18
Sep 18 <Triggered> Later evening raid team <Triggered> Is a newly formed guild for Legion on Zul'Jin. Its core group is filled with friends who have been gaming together for a long time, and raiding experience dating back to The Burning Crusade. Were going to be a semi-casual raid team going 2-3 nights a week, dates to be determined starting at 10:30 PM server time. We need mainly Ranged DPS and 1 Melee. Would love an Enh Shaman. We are also accepting casual players who just want to relax and enjoy the game. We love to help out our own and get everyone in a place where they are ready to experience end game content. Get ahold of me in game by PST or Mail. Or reply on this post. Thanks all!Tharidon0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H]Resto Druid 4 late night raid group (PT) ilvl 800 resto druid, currently on Area 52 but having no luck finding a raiding group that fits my hours i work nights. i live in california so i am Pacific time, 3 hours before server time Looking for a group for: 1030 pm - whenever or Mornings - 7 am - 2 pm Willing to transfer.Ëpione1 Sep 18
Sep 17 [H] Feral Druid Mythic Raider Looking for a guild that raids between the hours of 9pm-12pm EST. Looking to raid 2 nights a week, I might be able to swing the occasional 3rd night depending on the night and might be able to start as early as 8pm, depending on the night. Currently on Zul'jin(US) but will consider server/faction transfer. I have been raiding Heroic/Mythic level content since Wrath. Spent last expansion playing my hunter alt (Jacemoryl) to 11/13 Mythic in HFC, Feral was my main BC/Wrath/Cata/1/2MoP I am currently running Mythic 5 mans (DPS/Heals). Currently 842 ilvl (No legendaries yet T.T) with soon to be 20 points in Artifact (Will put 13 in Resto artifact next), All gear will be gemmed and enchanted before raiding. I would really like to find a permanent home. I have already put out a few applications with a few guilds but wanted to put this out there as well. :D Jacemora#1342Jacemora5 Sep 17
Sep 17 DeadBeat Dads <H> "Fri/Sat" Recruiting Hello, Do the cries for adventure stifle the cries of your screaming child? Do you seek the favor of the War-Chief over the respect of your spouse? Is there a combination of empty cans, wrappers and dirty plates covering your desk? If you answered yes to any of these questions then <Deadbeat Dads> is the guild for you. Welcome home. This is where you will play in Legion. Guild: Deadbeat Dads Server: Zul'Jin (High pop, No queue's, Good Economy, EST, lots to do) Progression: 5/13M Raid days: Fri/Sat 9pm-12 est Web: www.dbdguild.com Environment: Fun Currently Seeking: 100 active raiders and wow enthusiasts including officers, raid leaders, recruiters, and any and all who want to build a big fun community. HOLD THE DOOR! HODOR! If you are interested please contact me in game @ Grinder#1649 Cheers, Grinder Class I'm looking for Tanks 1x any but pally Range DPS Hunter warlock Melee Warrior DPS feral druid Monk Healers Resto Druid Resto Shaman Monk I'm always looking for good players even if your class isn't on the list.Rapidgrinder4 Sep 17
Sep 17 Fire Mage & MW Monk LF Weekend Prog Guild Experienced raiders newly transferred to Zul'Jin looking for a weekend progression guild. We started raiding during MoP as a Lock & DK, continued to raid through SoO as a Resto Shammy & MW Monk up to mythic level. We took a bit of a break after that but are back and itching to raid again, this time as a Fire Mage & MW Monk. I would consider transferring over my Resto Shammy if I need to, but I am having a lot of fun with the fire Mage so that would be my preference. We do still need to do a bit of gearing up, but our item lvls are advancing quickly. We are looking for an active guild of mature, friendly, drama free adults and a fairly laid back but competent raiding team. Availability: Friday - After 5:00pm server Saturday & Sunday anytimeËmbër2 Sep 17
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Sep 17 Mage and Hunter looking for weekend guild 841 mage and 846 hunter looking for a late night raiding weekend guild. Fri,sat,sun anywhere from 9pm-1am. ThanksFahjineugh4 Sep 17