Sep 9 [H] <The Hordetoon Network> LFM What is <The Hordetoon Network>? First and Foremost, we are for all of the adults who want to enjoy playing World of Warcraft with other adults. We also discuss anything from South Park, to tea flavors, to every aspect of being a master WoW player. Our members generally pride themselves in their fashion, and you will very rarely see a poorly-dressed member. Our members used to raid during the WotLK days before leaving the game to explore other options. We have only recently returned to WoW just prior to the legion expansion launching. What are <The Hordetoon Network>’s Rules? LGBT Friendly – We are 100% LGBT friendly. We excel in creating a welcoming environment for all players, no matter their real life background. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for any discrimination against the LGBT community. Anti-discrimination - Similar to the rule about the LGBT community, discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Discrimination includes but is not limited to: sexism, racism, and elitism No spoilers - We all know how frustrating spoilers can be. Not everyone clears content at the same speed but I do know for a fact that people are not clearing just so that you can tell them how it ends right before they find out on their own. Don't be that guy. Keep spoilers away from guild chat! Have fun with it - Our priority is to have fun. We goof around and chat with each other while still getting things done. Wan to run some dungeons but tired of the entire group yelling at you for making a mistake? Yeah, no one around here will be yelling at you. If we wipe, we pick ourselves up and go again. Our group enjoys analyzing our mistakes and solving problems, so we tend to win fights fairly quickly and generally make efficient use of time. Contrary to popular belief, it is indeed possible to enjoy yourself while raiding. On the other side of this, keep in mind that people do tend to get annoyed when faced with a party member who makes the same mistakes 17 times in a row. What Kinds of Players Would be Happy in <The Hordetoon Network>? We aim to attract players who are interested in clearing raid level content without the stress and hassle of the typical raiding atmosphere. We play together to have fun, but everyone is expected to pull their own weight. All members of the guild do their best to help everyone out, but please understand that sometimes other people are following their own agenda and are unavailable to help you. <The Hordetoon Network> also happily accepts members who are not ready to clear higher end content whether they are new, freshly returning, or are not interested in raiding. If you'd rather craft, gather, or just hang out, you are welcome all the same! We are, first and foremost, a social guild. We are also an excellent place to learn about mastering your class! How Active is <The Hordetoon Network>? We are active at most hours, but primarily from around 4pm PST to 11pm PST. There are a few of us who run on late night schedules so even if you're a night owl, there's a good chance there are people on to play with! We also have members from many different time zones, but the majority of us are west coast US. We don't boast the member roster that some of the big guilds have, but members are recruited individually and personally. We value each member and are not interested in inflating our numbers in order to look more populated. Chat won't be constantly filled up, like a TV you left on for background noise, but if no one's talking, it's pretty easy to get a conversation going. Most of the guild interactions happen over Discord however you are never required to join in on the conversation. Current guild needs: We need basically everything. We desperately need a few active healers and tanks for dungeon runs and eventual raiding. Contact Aveta#1217 (Amathrine) Talisman#11531 (Faithsage) Or any online member Feel free to submit an application via the ingame system too. Give us a try. You'll be glad you did!Amathrine0 Sep 9
Sep 9 <Stoneblood> Zul'jin Welcome to <Stoneblood> on US-Zul'Jin - A Guild dedicated to WoW Culture with Friends, Family, and Guildmates from around the world. <Stoneblood> was established in November of 2010, as a group of Raiders with the common goal of having a consistent Raiding team with the intent of clearing current content and have fun doing it. Since that time we have been true to this branding, and maintained a loyal player base within a fun with an easy going atmosphere. A statement that is typical to many Guilds in-game, and we stand by it. Having personally been a part of this guild from its inception, I can speak first hand for what it means to be part of such a great Guild. I truly look forward to joining up with new people to raid with and having people to pass the time with on the weekends. In preparation for the first raid of this expansion, The Trial of Valor, we are having open recruitment to join our Raiding core. All we ask is that you are consistent in showing up weekly and you are prepared to push through content without interruption. <Stoneblood> Raid Times: Tues & Thurs: 7 - 10 PM MST <Stoneblood> Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Prot Warrior - Open Guardian Druid - Filled Heals: Resto Shaman - Open Resto Druid - Open Holy Priest - Filled Holy Paladin - Filled Melee DPS: Windwalker Monk - Open Enhancement Shaman - Open Fury Warrior - Open Frost/Unholy DK - Open Outlaw Rogue - Filled Havok Demon Hunter - Filled Ranged DPS: Warlock - Open Mage - Open Hunter - Open Elemental Shaman - Open Shadow Priest - Filled *Note: A filled spot does necessarily exclude its availability to any new recruit With that out of the way, I hope we meet what you are looking for with a Guild and have further questions. Please reach out to me, or any available officer, as soon as possible as I expect to have our group laid out for Patch 7.1 a begin this journey into Legion. Guildmaster: Ááron, but call me Zuggy Battletag: EricN#1736 email: enevarez3@gmail.com Officers: Vidals Ràndomz Battletag: Tattooclown#1633Ðeathstrike1 Sep 9
Sep 9 843 Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild Hello all, i am currently in the process of looking for a guild that raids around 11pm realm time, as any earlier than that would interfere with my work schedule. I am very active in terms of playing, if i'm online, there's a 90% chance i'm either grinding artifact power, suramar rep, mythic dungeons, pvp, or just helping people gear! Considering the new raid is dropping very soon and me and some friends are getting ready for some mythic + grinding, i'd love to do The Emerald Nightmare raid with a guild and hopefully meet alot of awesome people who love taking down bosses, or even just wiping, re-strategizing and repeating until we finally get the boss down. If you wanna talk my battletag is TOSketchy#1639 or your can add me ingame on Spookedaf!Spookedaf1 Sep 9
Sep 9 LFG Protection Paladin I have raided in every expansion other that WoD (work did not allow for a steady schedule) and I am ready to raid again! I am currently 834 and going up every day. The current raid time that work best for me are late nights.... 12 EST or later and or early morning raiding. The only day that does not work for me is Tuesday If you would like to ask more about my previous raid exp send me a message in game @ Earthbourne#1809 Thanks all!!Reinfire0 Sep 9
Sep 9 Havoc dps lf weeking raiding guild Experienced havoc dps looking for a weekend raiding guild hoping to get through at least heroic. Currently gearing through mythics. Message me with any questions you might have. Have voice come and addons installed.Illidizzle0 Sep 9
Sep 8 Pho - Recruiting for Mythic Raiding Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST Loot System: Loot Council Voice Chat: Discord We consist of close friends with former hardcore raiding backgrounds aiming to push progression in a slightly less demanding environment and on a reasonable schedule. Although we have an overall relaxing atmosphere, we take our raids seriously. We seek dedicated, punctual raiders who will put in the effort to fully study and understand encounters, enjoy theory crafting, push for the highest parses possible, and in general have the determination to play their class to its fullest potential. However, we will not put up with elitists, loot !@#$%s, or people who consistently create drama or a hostile playing environment. We offer a friendly community with encouraged communication. We provide full repairs, as well as all the basic consumables necessary to maximize raiding potential. We have a multitude of members who love to analyze logs and prepare encounter strategies well in advanced, always attempting to help struggling members with their mechanics, rotations, and comprehension. Priorities Medium: Balance Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest, & Elemental Shaman Low: Holy Paladin, Retribution Paladin, Warlock, & DPS Warrior --- Even if you don't see your class listed feel free to apply. If interested, please visit our website (http://phoguild.enjin.com/) to apply, or contact one or both of our officers: Raichu (In Game) / Hellslayer#1410 (Battle.net) Tyrone (In Game) / Chu#12836 (Battle.net)Tyrone1 Sep 8
Sep 8 LF late night group I am leveling and gearing up my healer mw monk. I work 3rd shift 4 nights a week so I am looking for a late night guild who plans to raid Saturday, Sunday, Mondays or any combo of those days. I am a laidback chill person who likes socializing and meeting new people. Progression would be awesome but I am also looking to have fun with people. If there are any social late night guilds who need a healer, you can find me twinkletoes#1398Nephthysis1 Sep 8
Sep 8 SinQuest recruiting for Legion SinQuest, (13/13 H 4/13 M) A Zul'jin guild since 2006 is looking for a few new or experience players to complete our Core Groups as we prepare for Legion. We are looking for mature and patient players to progress with. Casuals are always welcomed too. If you have any questions contact me, Madruk#1844. Thank you and have a good one.Madruk14 Sep 8
Sep 8 Alliance Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild Looking for a raiding guild for my ret pally add me Sulnishka#1741Whatsthatfel0 Sep 8
Sep 8 RDruid mythic exp LF horde guild I'm a resto Druid that plays horde with mythic experience. I'm looking for a guild that raids no later than 10:30pm eastern during the week and anytime on the weekend. I'm looking to complete all heroics and challenge modes. Mythic is not necessary but I'd like to try it at least.Freakinmeowt0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Prot pally LF late night progression guild I am about to start playing WoW again. WoD was so bad, it left a bad taste in my mouth but I'm willing to give Legion a chance. I'm a Prot or Holy pally looking to possibly start raiding again casually after 12PM server time on weekdays. I am a family man looking to do some causal raiding after my son goes to sleep at night... ThanksArkadioss0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding Guild Hello, all. My name is Raymond, or just Ray for short. I'm looking for a semi-hardcore PvE Guild for my girlfriend and myself. Full clear Heroic's, while progressing Mythic's is ideal. Mythic dungeons is something we're interested in progressing as well. Looking for more towards Friday evening through the weekend for raiding, while Mythic Dungeons are open all week. PM, reply, or add my Battle Tag if you're interested. Saigh#1556 A sociable guild with a Discord server would be great. She's 21, and I'm 24. We're both silly people and aren't easily offended. We like to joke around and just generally have fun. I have every class on Horde at least 100 but, some of my characters are on Bleeding Hollow and I don't have the money to transfer them currently. I'd like to main Warrior/Shaman DPS as Fury/Enhance but I can play the other spec's as well. Below is a list of my characters with their current spec, level, and what server they are on. Zul-Jin - Shaman 100 [Enhance] - Mage 100 [Fire] - Demon 100 [Havoc] - Warrior 110 [Fury] - Warlock 100 [?] - Priest 100 [Shadow] - Hunter 100 [Beast Mastery] - Paladin 100 [Retribution] Bleeding Hollow - Monk 100 [Windwalker] - Death Knight 100 [Frost] - Druid 100 [Feral] - Rogue 100 [Outlaw] My girlfriend has three classes 100 on Zul'Jin, and as far as I know she wants to tank. Zul'Jin - Demon Hunter 110 [Vengeance] - Shaman 100 [?] - Rogue 100 [?]Malianah0 Sep 8
Sep 8 838 Prot Pally LF progression guild Like the title says, im looking to do progression in The Emerald Nightmare and later The Nighthold. any nights other than tuesday nights or friday or saturday night. Add me on btag Varithios#1885Varithios0 Sep 8
Sep 8 H <SectionEight> SAT/SUN 5-9 LFM <SectionEight> is a mature, adult oriented, Semi Casual guild built specifically for the weekend raider. Our raid times will be from 5-9 server on SAT and Sunday. All classes and spec's are welcome. 18+ only Guild contacts: GM Vilseck#1746 CO-GM Rashaab#1582Rockjaws2 Sep 8
Sep 8 721 SPriest lf raid guild I'm looking for a mature 21+ semi-competitive raid guild on horde for legion 2 nights a week with maybe an optional third starting at 8pm est or later. I would like to push heroic and slowly/casually progress through mythic. I started playing WoW in WoD, so I'm somewhat new to the game, however I think i caught on kind of quickly. I got 13/13 heroic (as a frost mage) in November (pre nerf) and 3/13 mythic (unholy dk) in July (post nerf). I havent pushed mythic before and i wouldnt be opposed to a guild that is mythic minded so long as they are patient. I have logs on mr robot : http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/player/us/zul'jin/yodakinYodakin7 Sep 8
Sep 7 [H] DK Tank/MM Hunter LF Weekend guild Found one, thanks =]Gisilfrid0 Sep 7
Sep 7 < S a d b o y s > LF HEALS for H/M raiding! < S a d b o y s > Is a new guild filled with old players as we look towards Legion raiding. While we may be new, the core of our guild has very high end mythic level experience and we hope to maintain that same level of play as we move forward. As of now we're recruiting a Monk/Priest/Pally healer for our heroic/mythic squad! Our raid times are Tue/Thu/Sun from 8pm-11pm central. While we're very serious about progressing through content as quickly as possible, this doesn't detract from our laid back, joke-filled atmosphere. I would love to have a chat with anyone interested in joining, or if I'm not on you can whisper one of my officers. If you would like to join as a group with other people not healing we can discuss that as well. Lean - #Bennett11273 Style - #Style11762 Chris - #Leesin1548Lèan6 Sep 7
Sep 7 [Casual Fridays][Horde]Recruiting for Raiding Casual Fridays: We are a brand new guild looking to recruit a small dedicated core of players to enjoy Legion in a casual environment. We understand that work, family and wife aggro are real things and that some days you just don't have the energy to play after a long day. Our goal is to be a family of players and enjoy Legion together. Interested? Are you looking to be part of a dedicated group of players interested in taking down raid boss after raid boss? Do you want to be in an adult environment without the drama of younger players? Can't play WOW as much as you used to but still want to be part of a family of players who want to experience Legion together? If this is what you are looking for, come join us in Casual Friday! Message tryfor#1705 or post here if interested. Hope to see you soon!!Demonexia2 Sep 7
Sep 7 &lt;Inept&gt; 13/13M LF Legion Dps With Legion rolling in soon we are looking to recruit strong RDPS players of all kinds! We are hoping to find players who want to push the Realm and US ranking of <Inept> to the highest point possible while sticking inside our reasonable 9 hour raid week (12Hrs first 2 weeks of Legion raiding). Website: http://ineptzuljin.enjin.com/ Recruitment Needs: STRONG Rdps Requirements: - Strong Mythic Exp - Relevant Logs - Capability of playing 2 classes at a Mythic level - Thick Skin - A Sense of Humor Raid Hours: - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (9:30 Est - 12:30 Est) Contacts: - Rumo (GM) Mitch#1115 (Rumochan, Rumodots, Rumo) Guild Info: -What we Offer- -Strong Leadership The old leadership of <Going Ham> (US Zul'jin) and <Realm Last> (US Sargeras) is returning for a second swing at it. We are experienced, progression focused raid leaders with a common goal of pushing <Inept> to the limits of high end raiding within reasonable times. -A Closely Knit Community We are a guild originally made up of 3 guilds. Over the tier of HFC we have been fused together to make a great team of close friends. Regardless of any progression or WoW related activities keeping our community flourishing is of utmost importance. We are not only looking for more raiders, but more friends to join us. -Reasonable Raiding Schedule We have and always will be a 3-4 day raiding guild with the 4th day a rarity for progression. We keep the hours to a maximum of 4. -Results Over the small period that <Inept> has been raiding we have come from being raiders who just hit 100, to 13/13M raiders in a period of 4 months. 3ish months late into the tier we managed to pass and compete within the top 10 of the server. In coming tiers we aim to compete with the best of the best on Zul'jin. -What We Expect- -Class/Game Knowledge We are looking for players who not only know their own specific class but players who can help each other excel in a raid atmosphere. With limited time inside the raid we expect people to know how each boss fight works and how they can maximize their characters role. -Ability to Adapt and Learn Quickly These traits are what make good players, great players. We cant play your character for you, we need you to pick up mechanics and understand each fight quickly and effectively. -A Heart for the Game World of Warcraft isn't just a game for a lot of us. This game has made us life time friends and memories we all cherish greatly. We have a lot of passion for this game and we are looking for people who feel the same way. [/b] [b]Rumo29 Sep 7
Sep 7 [H] <EMBER> Cutting Edge Guild Recruiting! (UPDATED FOR LEGION! - Specific class needs are not known at the moment, we are trialing any and all!) Hi folks! We're <Ember> (US Zul'jin, Horde). Our aim is to bring twentyish people together to slaughter bosses, and have fun doing it. Outside of progression, we favor a fair amount of social activities, in and out of game. We've watched over 20 terribly awful movies and played more than 30 games of online pictionary. Oh, and our guild achieved Cutting Edge in Hellfire Citadel with enough time to farm nearly every raider the mount. What are we offering? A great raid environment. Discord is full of jokes, not shouting. Wisecracks, not grumbling. Support and help, not blame. Progression. We may not be a top 100 guild, but you'll do plenty of Mythic raiding with us. We have 3 teams each with their own pace and goals. Ashes is looking for full clear in Mythics. Pheonix is aiming at about 60% completion and more if possible. Finally, Forge aims to complete Heroics and help raiders to ready themselves for Mythic content. Stability. We're comprised of a core group of players who have played together for over two years. We will fill a raid team roster with at least 25 people, which means you won't sit out often, but raids aren't cancelled when 1 person can't make it. Buddies. We like to sit in voice comms outside of raids too and chat with each other. We have guild movie nights where we all watch (mostly bad) movies. Jump in an Overwatch game with us, or enjoy some alcohol-empowered Cards Against Humanity. What are we looking for? Fantastic raiders. Chat with us on Discord, tell awful jokes, be patient on wipes - generally be a solid part of our positive, progressive raid environment. Skill. Hardcore "server first" level skill not required, but we can only progress because everyone on the team is an experienced raider. We have one team that is dedicated to helping raiders learn how to better raid. But if you are applying for one of our Mythic teams, they will not be there to teach you how to do so. Sorry. Commitment. You should attend over 90% of team raids. To keep things moving along, you need to be spending reasonable time outside raids optimizing your character, improving your play, etc. Maturity. You need to be 18+, and act it. This isn't "maturity" in the sense of "strictly no childish behavior" - that'd be boring - but there needs to be respect underneath the playful trash talking. You need to know where the line is, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________ If you have a decent personality and just want to join a compellingly fun and interesting group, we are always accepting social players. For more information on our teams, you can visit the following pages: http://ember.enjin.com/ashes http://ember.enjin.com/forge http://ember.enjin.com/phoenix Contact Info: Apply at ember.enjin.com/apply, or contact us via BNET (listed per team on our website or the GM directly below) or in game GM: Aleahnah#1239 Recruitment Officer: Cerrivain#1780 Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon. http://ember.enjin.com/aboutSaidana1 Sep 7
Sep 6 LF Ranged & Healer for Mythic Progression "Only the strong will survive." With the Legion expansion drawing near, we're actively recruiting for our competitive raiding roster! If you think you have what it takes to be the best at your class in a team centered environment then we are looking for you! Who We Are: Refusal was born on the foundation of dedication; the majority of our core having both server and faction changed at the opportunity to rebuild on a high populated server. Why? Because we are committed to pushing Mythic Raiding in Legion and we know that there are other like-minded people out there who haven't been given the chance to prove they have what it takes. That being said, we keep our raiding roster competitive. Each and every member of the team is expected to earn their place. 90% attendance or better is required to maintain your raid spot. We strongly encourage our members to get involved whether that be on the forums or guild events. There's always something going on whether it's a raid or an achievement run or PVP. Recruitment Needs: Ranged DPS: Boomkin Our Raid Times: 8:00 to 12:00 EST Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Our Loot System: Loot Council with Officers and rotating monthly Core Raiders. Loot distribution will be done based on what is best for the raid. We're a team. If interested please apply at: http://refusalzj.enjin.com/homeZirilicious17 Sep 6
Sep 6 [H] <Teufel Hunden> 9/13[M] LF DPS MYTHIC <Teufel Hunden> of Zul’jin are looking for dedicated players to progress through Warlords of Draenor, and upcoming Legion Expansion. We are a Semi-Hardcore Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. Current Progression 9/13M Hellfire Citadel Raid days: Mon, Wed, Thrus (8:15pm-11:30pm EST). Currently Recruiting: Mages Warlocks Balance Druids Death Knights Resto Shaman Elemental Shaman Holy Paladin We will always be looking at exceptional applicants in any class! About us: Founded in December 29, 2005 on Mannoroth-US until a recent transfer to Zul’jin-US. We were a guild for US Marines in Okinawa who were wanting a connection back home. Marines would come and go and we remained a very tiny guild. Then Cataclysm introduced guild leveling and we realized that we'd have to open up our membership to non-USMC players if we wanted any of the new guild perks. We continued growing and then we started raiding. We offered players a place to raid where they had a fair chance at loot and they wouldn't be yelled at for their mistakes. Our method was to instead provide constructive criticism and try our best to help the raider improve.Today, going forward into Legion our goals are aimed at progressing through mythic. What we offer you: - A very stable semi-hardcore relaxed raiding environment with guild repairs, potions/flasks, and runes. - A guild where you will be respected and heard. we welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A loot council system not based on corruption or favouritism we decide on what will enable us to progress further. What we expect: - Players that have a raiding background, and a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. - Able to play all their class, and specializations at an appropriate level. -People looking to be part of a team for the long term. - Able to show up to ALL raids (High Attendance). You can apply here: http://www.teufel-hunden.enjin.com/ If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any recruitment officers: Btags: Mokamook#1388 Thank you for considering our guild!Kungpaochik70 Sep 6
Sep 6 [A] Tank/DPS DH looking for progression guild I have tons of previous raiding experience. I completed all of BC pre nerfs, all of wrath pre nerfs, and most of pandaria before I took a hiatus that lasted till now. Have experience with every single role raiding, looking for a possible raiding home but also a fun guild that does mythic dungeons etc. Contact me at Dishearten#1934 if you would like to enlist me in your ranks.Dishearten0 Sep 6
Sep 6 LFGuild - Long term. :) WRLC/SPRST Hello, I'm a long time MMO player coming back to WoW. I left back in the Cata day's and looking to start-a-new on Zul'jin. Primarily I used to play a Shadow Priest and secondary a Warlock, but looking to play my Warlock as my primary character this time around. I have raided with both classes, but not since the class revamps... so there will be some minor learning curves. I'm quite self sufficient, but i'm also a team player. I am looking to raid, but casually, not on a set schedule... just yet... might be an option later. Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers! ~LethoricLorthae3 Sep 6
Sep 6 DH and SPriest LF Semi Hardcore guild Hello as the topic states we are looking for a new raiding guild after pretty much taking a break in WoD. I am planning on maining my DH in Legion but I also play Hunter and Rogue. The SPriest is content with any ranged dps class. We are able to raid tuesday - thursday from 8-12. Please feel free to respond with any questions on this thread or contact me on battle.net Merkendo 1473Merkendo3 Sep 6
Sep 6 [H] Holy Priest LF Mythic guild Hello everyone, I'm currently searching for a guild looking to push Mythic content 3 nights a week. I have a pretty heavy background with raiding dating back to Vanilla with some in between points of playing intermittently. Most recently I was raiding with Bladesong in Mythic BRF until I had to quit due to being promoted at work and my schedule forcing me to quit. A year later with my schedule very easy to work around I'm looking to stay in Legion for the long hall and push content until the next expansion. Availability would be anytime during the week or weekend after 7PM until 1AM. I'm extremely competitive, and I'd have no issues working towards a raid spot for mythics while progressing through Normal/Heroic. If a guild is interested to chat definitely reach out to Battle tag: Irishmango#1601Irishmango2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Priest and Warlock (Former Mythic) Raiders Hello ZJ. Here's the quick and dirty. My pal and I are in search of a guild to raid with. I am a priest, former holy pally, looking to raid preferably as disc but am content with holy. My pal is a lock at heart and always will be, although he has expressed and interest in the DH as well. We are hoping to find something two days a week. Starting later than 8p and ending before 1130 est. We are open to three days a week and potentially weekends as well. While clearing content is an overall goal, we are in our early 30s with life obligations that make us more concerned with who we are spending our time with. So if you are a fun group, obviously adults, and easy going - we would like to talk! Peekabewb#1845Peekabewb3 Sep 6
Sep 6 LFG UH DK Returning Raider Transferring back to Zuljin soon, but need a new guild to raid with. Did mythic progression for Foundry and guild kinda broke up right when HFC came out. Looking for an eastern time zone guild starting raids 8pm or later for 3-4hours 3-4x a week. Would like a guild that is casual but holds people accountable for mistakes/being late/missing etc.Rueban0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Hunter/Rogue LFG ~ DELETED ~Shiallia7 Sep 6
Sep 5 [H]New Guild Recruiting for Legion Content Greetings fellow WoW enthusiast :) Our new guild, "A Game Changer", Is looking to recruit players to begin preparations for Legion raids. We are a new guild, but guild leaders have been leading raids since BC. The guild environment is relaxed and helpful. We are a Christian guild and will be doing devotions and prayer request for members, but please understand by no means do you yourself have to be Christian to join and play with us. All players will be respectful of other members beliefs and if you do not wish to partake in the devotionals that is perfectly ok and you will still receive all the benefits of being a member. We will be progressing towards Heroic and Mythic raids, as well as Mythic dungeons and various group achievements for mounts/titles/Weapon skins. We are also open to doing older content achievements as well for those mounts and titles. Since we are new on the scene, we will do everything we can to help you get geared up and ready to go. We stay true to the idea of no one gets left behind; we will not be cut throat and snarky and if there are areas of raiding you need improvement in we will help you with it. We hope for Friday and Saturday night raid times. Maybe some extra days here and there if work schedules allow (Monsters gotta' get bought some how, ya know?) This guild is about giving and helping your fellow members to succeed and have a good time in all of our endeavors while getting loots and downing bosses :) All specs and classes welcomed! If you are interested in joining please send an in game message to Keinrah or Rhoryn for more information on guild and benefits we hope to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read and game on!Keinrah0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Adding New Meaning To Casual <Up To No Good> Up To No Good We are looking for levelers, casual players, altoholics, and pvpers. To put it simply we just want to hang out and have some fun with friends. No pressure environment. We offer awesome people to hang out with, teamspeak 3 server, 7 bank tabs, and guild repairs(to a reasonable point) To put things simply here I am the money I am looking for the muscle. I would like to grow the guild and add guild events like level capped pvp tournaments, races, treasure hunts, and anything else that sounds fun along the way. Because of my work schedule I can no longer raid like I used to but I still enjoying playing the game and I want more like minded people to help me. Here are some positions I am looking to fill. Community Managers - These members will be responsible for helping to organize the guilds events as well as relations with other guilds that we invite to some of our events. PvE Team Lead - Just because I can't raid doesn't mean others can't. If you have a good work ethic and feel you would like to be a little more hardcore. I will support your efforts. The PvE team have their own guild bank tab as well. PvP Team Lead - Like to hack and slash it come do it under our banner! I will try my best to make sure the teams have the things they need to succeed. Like the PvE side the PvP team has it's own bank tab as well. Recruiter - Being limited on my play time I don't want recruitment to suffer, So I am looking for 1-2 self motivated people to help me bring fresh faces into the fold. This is a brand new guild so if you want to get in on the ground floor or you think you have what it takes to help build a successful guild give me an in game mail! I will be waiting to hear from you. -JudylynnJudylynn4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Normal to wait over an hour in LFG que? Hey guys, I recently switched from healing on horde to dps on alliance. I'm accustomed to 30 second dungeon queues, but now I can't get in a single dungeon, even after waiting for more than an hour. Is it not possible to queue for dungeons on alliance side? I can't bring myself to believe it's just because I switched to dps. Thank you.Dartheron2 Sep 5
Sep 4 [H] Lock looking for LATE night guild Looking to get into a guild that is late late night but looking to actually progress. 1am-2am start time would be earliest I could do. Any later is fine with me I can work with that as well. Catch me in game or yell here, lets find this lock a warm place.Asmodäy0 Sep 4
Sep 4 [H] WTS Darkmoon Deck: Promises I'm selling the upgradeable with Obliterum (to 850) "healing" trinket for around 125k http://www.wowhead.com/item=128710/darkmoon-deck-promises&bonus=596 Message me in-game if interested. ThanksLinkeree0 Sep 4
Sep 4 &lt;Severance&gt; recruiting for now and Legion! Hello! We are a relatively new guild filled with raiders who have many years of experience, and several of us have been raiding together for more than a few years. We aim to enjoy our time raiding and keep a somewhat laid back environment, if ya screw up you will be called out, but we aren't going to remove you over something small. Our goal is to see the boss fall so we can move on to the next one while still having plenty of fun doing it. At this time we are looking for more to strengthen our roster for legion. Looking for any and all classes as we make our way through Normals and Heroics in Legion, and eventually into Mythics. Feel free to fill out an app if interested, or contact one of our officers for more information. Raid Times: Tuesday 9:30 - 12:30 EST Thursday 9:30 - 12:30 EST Friday 9:30 - 12:30 EST http://severance-zj.enjin.com/recruitment Enjas - Vath#1815 Crimsonstach - Leetcheese#1270 Enkai - Danr#1805 Theophilus - StoovTV#1862 Sniperhawk - Sniperhawk#1513Othercyde17 Sep 4
Sep 4 Prot War/ Resto Shaman LF Guild 2 Veteran players are looking for a mature 18+ guild that is mainly focused on Mythic+ Dungeons and maybe some light raiding. We are both experienced players who have been on the forefront of progression raiding for years and are now looking for something a little smaller and casual but serious none the less. I'm currently ilvl 830/ Resto Shaman is currently ilvl 822. Hit me up in game btag Judd#1298/Polaris#1907Juddernaut0 Sep 4
Sep 4 LF Guild 835 Havoc Demon Hunter Looking for a guild to raid mythics with. Raid times starting anytime in the afternoon, but have to end by 10:30pm est and be during the weekdays mon-thur. Plenty of mythic experience in the past, just looking to see if there are any guilds to fit this criteria. I was browsing forums and websites and everyone seems to end at 11, so figured I would see if anyone can find me first.Thesleeper0 Sep 4
Sep 3 Paladin LFG Fri/Sat evening Eastern Hi Zul'jin! I'm a former player returned to have some fun in Legion, same old story, most of my former guild mates and friends are gone and I'm looking for a group to play with. I've got a day job so for me Friday evening and any time Saturday are the best. From time to time I may be available on weekdays but only as my schedule allows so I wouldn't want to make any commitments. I've some former progression raiding experience: nothing hardcore, but top 5 guild on a small server during BC and WotLK and some heroic and achievement raiding. I've mostly healed and tanked in the past (as a druid) and my main Horde character is a paladin, but I've also got a mage and priest that I will probably play a bit as well so those are options if it's better for the guild. I don't have any special expectations other than a fairly mature group of players (I've got nearly 40 years of !@#$% jokes under my belt already, I don't need more practice in raid chat...) I'd like to put some serious effort into tackling challenging content but I'm not looking for a group that is aiming to be top ranked or for server firsts. Best of luck to them, but I don't have the time to invest in that kind of play! Feel free to message me in-game and I'll keep an eye on this thread. Even if your guild isn't actively looking for new players feel free to look me up as a backup or for dungeons and other fun stuff!Alima0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Enhancement Shaman LF Raiding Guild I'm thinking of transferring to Zul'jin and am looking for a good raiding guild. I'd like to start with normal raids to get geared up as quickly as possible, with my end goal being heroic raid progression. I'm also interested in doing Mythic+ dungeons. I'm looking for a group that's consistent and raids 2 - 3 nights a week and takes raid attendance seriously. I'm on the west coast if that helps. Are there any guilds out there that have what I'm looking for?Maelner0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Prot palli/ Resto Shammy LF guild As the title says Prot Palli and Resto shammy combo LF weekend raiding guild. We are two friends that have been raiding together since vanilla. we would like to raid anytime SAT/SUN between noon and midnight. we can raid off spec(resto palli/ele shammy) if need be as long as we are raiding.Rockjaws2 Sep 3
Sep 2 Raid Guild, Sat/Sun. Hi, Ive been looking for a few days now and cant seem to find a guild that raids Sat/Sun. Ive seen plenty, and had offers, from some that do Fri/Sat. Due to my unusual schedule, Sat/Sun is all I can afford. I was wondering if one was out there, ive had no luck asking in trade. If none exists, and others are interested in this schedule, id be more than happy to create a guild for us. I'm open to almost any time Sat/Sun, but 10p server is my cut off. This means, I am open to mornings as well. Please contact me if you have a guild that raids on this timeline, or if youd be interested in helping create one. Thank you for reading.Dareneld1 Sep 2
Sep 2 [H] Unholy DPS DK LF Raiding Guild 1. Times available & time zone: After 10:30pm EST-> 2 or 3pm EST any day of the week usually 2. Server preference: Zul'jin 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual / Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: I haven't raided or played WoW really hard since WoTLK but back in the day I was raiding to Heroic Lich King before most other guilds on the server which meant a lot. I have a lot of passion for doing my utmost to learn my class, the fights, and the preparation needed to come prepared. 6. Recent logs (if available): None this expansion. 7. Contact info: Duocek#1891 is my battletag. 8. Anything else: Willing to switch my specialization based on efficacy of the specialization to do damage.Onlyface0 Sep 2
Sep 2 DK Unholy LF Weekend Mythic Guild Hi I am Buffos, I am progressing gear to mythic dungeons. I Am available to raid on the weekends ( friday, sat, and sunday ). I am a hardcore raider, i focus on my job and rules the raid needs to offer. I am always prepare for raids on potions and flask and food. I am serious when i focus on progression and if I make a mistake i will speak up. I will volunteer for any mechanics that I need to do. Get in touch with me, anytime ThatBoiBuff#1773Buffos0 Sep 2
Sep 2 [H]Anyone left from any of these guilds? Hey all, Returning player here just curious if any of my old pals still play. Looking for anyone who used to be in any of the following guilds: <Shadow Dragonz>, <Blood>, <Udder Perfection>.Miikex0 Sep 2
Sep 2 Locked Population! Well boys and girls, the server's in Locked population mode. And there's a queue. First time in my WoW existance that this has happened. Not sure if I should feel proud and should fiip a table right now. I thought Zul'jin was dead, but apparently everyone was sleeping and the Legion woke them up.Thaumasurge0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Looking to assist a Raiding Guild I am an Ex Heroic and Mythic raider that has taken part in Heroic and Mythic raiding content every expansion since Wrath. I am not looking to raid on a weekly schedule anymore since I have different priorities currently. I am looking to help with the gear up process via dungeons early on, participate in Mythic+ dungeons passing gear to Raiders, and hopefully participating in Guild alt runs from time to time as a social. If you have room for me and have a cool team that I can spend my time in game with I would love to join and help you! Please post in this thread or message me in game. Hope to hear from you!Alandore4 Sep 1
Sep 1 <The Immortal> Casual/Raid Guild < The Immortal> We are a small group of friends raiding since the beginning coming back after years away looking to recruit fun players to rebuild our family. We want to grow with everyone in the new content. Looking for all levels and people just to have fun with, but also to get serious with, once we get to raids etc..Come join us and have fun! We have had quite a few members return and stick around. If your looking to casually level and do dungeons raid and mythic + this is a home you will love. We have curse voice guild integration and are looking for friendly members looking to enjoy wow being wow again. Message anyone in guild and come hang out in voice to get a feel. Hope to see it grow. Again most of us have been together pre-BC and would love a core group again.Volonimus0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Hpally and Spriest LF Guild My friend and I are looking for a guild to raid with. We're looking to get into a guild doing Heroic and eventually move into Mythic. We went 6/7H HM 9/10H BRF 12/13H HFC in WoD with our previous guild. Message either of us at Krysis#1182 or Soupah#1604Zânix0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Guardian Druid Looking for Late Night Raid Very experienced tank looking to raid around midnight server (EST) anyday. I've tanked "hardcore" since Cata, always doing the hardest content. I've had multiple top 100 world of logs ranking when I was raiding current content. I'm looking for a fun group that wants to progress. Contact me at Maurked#1968 if you have any questionsBúr0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Experienced raider LF raiding guild Hello, I am a former heroic raider looking for a new guild to raid with and get into mythics once Legion hits. I main a resto druid, but would consider switching classes/role for the right team. I can only raid between the hours of 10 and 1 server time due to my job and college classes so that makes my options a bit tight. My current guild had a meltdown and I'm looking for a new place to raid and make friends.Thebankome3 Sep 1