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Oct 25, 2018 Guilds of Tichondrius (BFA New) Welcome to the official forum for the guild listings of Tichondrius. Please follow the format listed below if you wish to add your guild to the list. I will update this thread frequently for new guilds or for any updates about the guild. Please stay tuned for any further updates under the "General Announcements" post which can be found below the Alliance (1) and Horde (1) post. Format: Guild Name: Guild Information: Guild Type: Recruitment Thread: Guild Website: Contact(s): Note: Guilds will be arranged alphabetically and will be updated frequently. ---------------Guidelines--------------- ATTENTION (Please Read): I will not be adding guild applications that are just to troll or not even serious in general. Please be serious and take your time when applying your guild here on the forums. Trolling in general WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You have been warned. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please refrain from creating any form of drama or any sense of negative influence on this forum. Please uphold the serenity of this neutral sanctuary. If you have problems with someone else, please take it elsewhere. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please observe the following while on this forum. Show Respect. This goes for everyone, even myself. This is already self explanatory and does not need further explanation. Be Mature. Do not act rude, childish or behave in an absurd manner. Please do not down vote for no valid/ethical reason. Do not defile the sanctuary of this forum and please show maturity. If you have a problem, take it elsewhere whereas this forum does not need any negativity. Uphold Serenity. This is a Sanctuary, there is space for both factions to post their guilds. Not a forum that promotes hostility against another community. ---------------Guild News--------------- "Guild Message of the Day: The Burning Legion has returned! A Call to Arms is ongoing to all sons and daughters of both factions, the noble Alliance and the savage Horde to reinforce Azeroth with their guilds to form a resistance in hopes to combat the return of the Burning Legion!" "Bonus Event: Show your support for your favorite faction by up voting either the Alliance or Horde thread! Time to see which faction the Champions of Tichondrius choose to side with!" Alliance up-vote counter: 14 Horde up-vote counter: 18 -----PLEASE REQUEST AS STICKY-----Saladaerus272 Oct 25, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] Interdimensional Cable Recruiting!!! Guild: <Interdimensional Cable> Raid Times/Days: Tue/Thurs. 8:30pm-11:30pm EST (5:30pm-8:30pm PST) Current Progression: 8/8H, 2/8M Recruitment Contacts: Fuzzybiscuits#1273 or Titanborn#11851 Requirements: Positivity and Respect for others is a must. Willingness to help and be active/on outside of raid days. Needs: Tank - Low (1), RDPS - High, MDPS - Low (Rogue pref but not required), Heals - Med (non priest) Note: if smaller guilds looking to merge with us then we are looking into doing that also!! Please contact if interested in either a merger and or just joining up with us!!Illeniel0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Myrmidons> Recruiting 6/8M Core & Mythic+ Currently recruiting exceptional Tank / DPS / Healers for Core with exceptional Logs and Current Uldir Progress. Also recruiting Mythic+ oriented players!! <Myrmidons> has been a tight-knit community for a little over 7 years now. An experienced group of raiders initally formed the World of Warcraft guild back in Mists of Pandaria, late into patch 5.4. They proceeded to work their way through Siege of Orgrimmar on Heroic 25 (now Mythic) and established themselves as actual competition on Arthas, even with having started late. The guild continued raiding till early Warlords where it eventually broke up due to real life commitment issues with it's core roster. However, 4 years later, here we are again. The hunger for actual hardcore raiding has brought back many of the core roster and many new faces. To make sure we are competitive, we will always be keeping everyone on their toes with healthy competition within the guild and competent/active players. Raid Times: We're on a guaranteed three day progression. Core 5/8 M Tuesday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST Throughout the weekend we will also have other activities such a Heroic / Normal alt-runs on our off-days during regular raid hours (6:30 PM - 9:30 PM PST) with potential trials, friends of the guild. Be assured that none of these are required to be attended to be a part of the core roster and are completely optional events you can partake in. Expectations: All members of the guild (applicants & core raiders) are expected to maintain close to 95% attendance during all progression related content. Everyone is expected to have a strong understanding of their class and it's various roles alongside keeping up to date with information pertaining to them and the raid. It should be evident that you are putting forth maximum effort in both improving your character's effectiveness and your own performance as a raider both in and out of raid. Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Myrmidons Contact: If you think <Myrmidons> is right for you, apply at http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdWl6W9BLE You may also contact these BattleNet users for additional questions or information: December#1231 | Relish (Relish#1275) | M1NO (M1NO#1731) | Totemology (Totemology#11972)Alexyss178 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 375 mistweaver Hello! I am currently looking for a mythic raid team. My current progress is 2/8 mythic with experience on zek. I have been raiding since firelandsnin some capacity. Throughout legion I was able able to get mythic kills in the tier. I am looking for a team with a steady roster and progression oriented mindset. I don’t mind switching to horde either. I would like to keep a 2 night raid schedule. I would also like to be no later than 12 eastern. I love to play the game and go through progression. My attendance will be near perfect. I also can link logs as well. I started on my disc priest this tier and have switched to my monk as that is my strongest skill set. Please contact me on discord jymbo#3780. That would be quickest responses. Thank you!Jymbo1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Ruthless> 3/8M Late Night Guild LF RDPS <Ruthless> Raid Times: Tues/Wed 9:30PM-12:30AM PST. Our goal is to build a community that allows our members to excel through capacity with a desire to push the boundaries of their classes. If you are passionate about reaching high levels of content in a timely manner and a desire to work together with other like minded individuals, feel free to contact us for more info. Uldir: 3/8M 8/8 H 8/8 N ABT: 11/11 H 11/11 N ToS: 3/9 M 9/9 H 9/9 N Days: Tues: 9:30PM-12:30AM PST Wed: 9:30PM-12:30AM PST (11:30PM-2:30AM CST) (12:30AM-3:30AM EST) Recruitment: If you wish to apply for a raid spot, it is essential that you have the following: Considerable progression experience in the current tier, preferably within 3-5 bosses of our guild. Competitive gear capable of handling the bosses on which our guild is currently progressing. Positive mindset. Be able to acknowledge mistakes and learning from them. Absorb constructive criticism. Make 90% of raid nights. Apply at: https://ruthlesswow.enjin.com/recruitment WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Ruthless Guild Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/reports-list/341603/ Battletag: Feel free to contact us in game or via Battletag: Dayzd#11739 / Lakevas#1120 Discord: Brochill#5593Brochill59 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Iniquity> 2/8M LF Ranged and Healer Iniquity is semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are recruiting raiders to progress through Uldir and get ready for 8.1. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm-9pm Pacific. Currently recruiting: DPS: Warrior, Lock Healers: Holy Priest or Mistweaver Monk Applicants must have a great raiding attitude and be open to feedback constantly looking for ways to improve. Our goal is to be a competitive guild with a casual schedule and build a strong team in BFA. If interested please contact: Jick#1768, Scubasteve#1913, or Ichi#1533Jíck1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <H><BibleBlack> 4/8M <BibleBlack> is recruiting for BFA Uldir Mythic 8/8H, 4/8 M Our guild is trying to get cutting edge and build two core raid to progress in future BFA raids. Currently need more players to fill up our second raid group! Come tryout before spots are all filled up! Need: Afflic lock, rogues, mistweaver Schedule: Group 1 Tues,Thurs 6-9 pst. Group 2 Weds,Mon 7-10 pst. Casual raiders also welcome for our Fri Heroic farms! Trying to build a fun community outside of raiding for RBGs,M+, Arenas! Leave a message or add wewehead#1412 if you're interested.Oharroo23 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 374 Unholy DK LF Guild So I followed my friends to alliance on Sargeras recently but they've pretty much died. I want to go back horde and was thinking of going back to Tich or trying out A52 depending where I find a guild. About me I'm a pretty chill player in my early 20's. WoW is how I unwind so I'm on almost every day. I'm shy at first but I'm down to earth and an extremely loyal friend. I'm not an elitist douche nor an easily offended/over sensitive crybaby. I believe in everyone pulling their own weight. I don't play flavor of the month which is why I'm not frost but I do my homework and make sure I'm a team player. I hate M+ but I'm always out to help a guildie if I have time and slowly get to know everyone. What I'm looking for I'm looking for a casual raiding guild that does AOTC each tier and MAYBE some mythic bosses. I don't really care about hardcore mythic progression. I just want to have fun with my friends and down some content. I'm not looking for another puppymill guild but a community of friends and "family". Raid availability I work retail so weekends are not really an option to me. Currently I have it to set to where I don't close Tuesdays and Thursdays from my previous guild since that's when we raided in the evening but I could probably get that switched to different days if necessary. My experience I started back in BC but I was pretty much a solo player that pugged normal all legion until I found my last guild so I'm still relatively new to raiding. We regularly farmed heroic antorus each week and it was a lot of fun. I cleared 5/8 normal with them at the start of expac before it disbanded. So I'm only 8/8N 5/8H 1/8M because I pugged some heroic like once or twice and just kind of stopped cause I hate pugs. Thanks for taking the time to read this. You can drop a comment or add my btag and I'll get back to you soon as I can. Blightmoore#1513Blightmoore5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H-Tichondrius] <We Happy Few> 2/8M Hello, everyone! <We Happy Few> is looking for a few exceptional players to fill our roster. Currently, having just formed this expansion, we are 2/8M and looking for dedicated raiders to fill our ranks. Our raid times are Mythic on Tuesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm server time, and Wednesday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm server time. Saturday we have optional raid 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm server time for heroic run, for our alts and heroic raiders. We are a semi-hardcore guild, and are completely understanding that IRL comes first. Many of us have families and full-time jobs - we know life happens. We're mature players who look to progress, but also know this game is for fun and no one wants to work all day only to come home to play a game and be yelled at for three hours. If you're looking to form bonds, have fun, down bosses, and have a World of Warcraft home for a long time, <We Happy Few> is for you. Our priority right now is: Frost DK Mistweaver Monk Balance Druid Arms Warrior Fire Mage Affliction Warlock But we will look at any and all applicants! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us: Drakedekay#1724, MajinBloo#1662, Bajiggles#1390 We look forward to hearing from you!Çensored0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Server Transfer> 4/8M LF DPS Who we are We are a tight knit group of friends that have done plenty of mythic in the past but are looking to stick together for BFA. We are all competitive and progress focused but also love !@#$ing around. We all have vulgar senses of humor and love roasting each-other so it would be beneficial if you were similar. What we are looking for We are looking for like minded people who wanna have a good time and joke around in discord but still progress while doing so. Class Priority List Resto Druid Very High Warlock Very High Other RDPS High Melee Dps Medium Raid Times We raid from 6:00-9:00 PM PST on Wednesday and Friday's as our mythic progression raids. On Sundays at the same time we do an optional heroic clear for anyone who still needs gear for heroic or wants to gear an alt up. What we expect When we raid we expect everyone to bring food and flasks. We will try to provide as many as possible but it will be up to the player to ensure they are fully buffed. Everyone must have some knowledge of the fights before we go in to make progression easier, this can be either watching videos or reading guides that will be posted in our discord. Everyone should also have a pretty good understanding of their class, we don't expect amazing parses on progression but we will be looking through the logs to make sure no one is slacking. More Info We also frequently run mythic+'s with each-other, some of our members are interested in pushing high keys in BFA with the right group. Additionally many of us are interested in BFA PvP, so there will be plenty of variety during non raid nights. How to Apply If you are interested in joining or just seeing how you'd fit in message me on discord (Dirty#9802) or add me on bnet (Jari#11343)Dirtybastàrd28 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<Adventure> 3/8M @Illidan LF RDPS/HEALER <Adventure> is a group of friends and long-term high caliber players who are rebranding as a mythic progression guild, looking to add to our roster of core raiders. We are aiming to obtain Cutting Edge with a personal life in tact. Raid Schedule Tuesday & Wednesday 7pm - 10pm (CT) Values Good Attitude - We don’t recruit for skills, we recruit for attitude. We can always teach skills. Be able to go through the highs and lows of the guild with respect of one another. Constant Growth - We believe it is more important to show up to improve than it is show up to prove. Trust - A guild is not a group of people that raid together, a guild is a group of people that trust each other and enjoy the challenge. Expectations Raiders must show up to raid on time and prepared with flask/food/pots/vantus runes/gems and enchants. Raiders must know their class/spec entirely, be able and willing to swap talents or specs (dps) if needed. Raiders must know mechanics and research fights prior to progression. Raiders must actively self improve each week outside of raid. IE; Completing a weekly M+10/island expeditions. Desired Classes DPS - HIGH Any Ranged DPS - HIGH Healers - HIGH Tanks - Low We welcome all exceptional players to apply. Application Apply on our website: https://www.adventure-guild.gg/recruitment Direct contact Mikethebike - Raid Lead/GM - Discord: mike#0017 Rothalexkon - Officer - Discord: gamerAlex36#7412 Skellar - Officer - Discord: wicked#7176Skellar0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 380 UH DK LF Hardcore/Semi Raiding Group Looking for a hardcore or semi hardcore raiding guild, preferably with a mature environment, similar progression and with at least 3 days of raiding. 2/8M, 8/8H, 380ilvl, 1.3k io, blood offspec, can afford my own flasks and pots, been around since TBC and will probably have 100% attendance. Bnet Gurthang#1290Gurthäng0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] High Life 8/8H Looking for a few more DPS Who are we: The guild name says it all. We're just a bunch of laid back adults that enjoy playing a video game. Most of us are old school raiders that have done the hard core raid scene and no longer have the time or desire to push end-game mythic content. If you're looking for hardcore mythic progression, stop reading now. If you're looking for a social environment and a guild that will always complete heroic content and enjoys pushing keys, we may be the place for you. Our logs are public, feel free to check us out. Raids: We try to provide flasks, food, pots whenever possible during progression raids. In return, we ask our members to know how to play their chosen class competently, and to come prepared mentally for raids. That means knowing the encounters and not standing in fire. Our raid schedule: Tues: 7:30 pm PST - 9:30 pm PST Weds: 7:30 pm PST - 9:30 pm PST Positions of Need: We have a solid roster of 17+ people, but most of us are professionals with families and careers. Things come up and sometimes people need to take a break from the game. We're looking for a few more RDPS to top us off. Expectations: To be respectful of other guild members. You can expect some R rated content to be said/written. Contact: If you're interested in joining, feel free to contact any of the people below. Silkybrown#1475 – Nërvö / Animë Haanjobe#1697 – Daldalee / Grimsbo Nuintaurion#1967 - Diliverance / LanrèDaldalee21 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Archaic Gaming> 8/8H, 3/8M - Recruiting! <Archaic Gaming> is a Horde Guild located on the Illidan server that is part of a long-standing community that has roots from all the way back in Vanilla. We firmly believe in a “Quality > Quantity” environment when it comes to raiding, some people just don’t have the 20+ hours a week to dedicate. Having a strong veteran core that comes from hardcore guilds in the past allows us to condense our raid days/times to 6-8hrs a week while still pushing progression. We aren’t a “Strive for Realm First” guild, but we are a guild that wants to push the content. Every patch we aim to get Mythic “Ahead of the Curve” (AotC) so that we can say that we have completed all available current content just like those “Realm First” and “Hardcore” guilds. Raid Schedule: Wednesdays: 9pm – 12pm (CST) Thursdays: 9pm – 12pm (CST) Optional: “Alt” runs on Saturdays and lower difficulty re-clears on Tuesdays. (pending participation) Current Needs: Melee DPS – Low (exceptional/quality players still welcomed) Ranged DPS – High Heals – Medium (seeking a main-role healer) Tanks – None (looking to DPS? Still inquire!) * Candid Disclaimer: No raid spot is 100% secure, even for our most veteran players. We are always seeking exceptional players that can “trial” for raid spots, every spot is open to growth. If you’re Interested in this “Quality>Quantity” environment: 1. Please have: Heroic “Ahead of the Curve”, 2/8 Mythic Experience, 370+ i-Level, & level 22 Neck. 2. Acquire performance logs (Warcraftlogs.com) 3. Most Importantly: Be Coachable (nobody likes a defensive fool that can’t take criticism) Contact Info (B-tag): Brochillin#1384 – “Bro-fficer” HotCurry#1857 - Officer Ribet#1310 – Main Tank/Officer Demigamer#1676 – General ManagerBrocleavin1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Aeons> Wed/Mon 8pm - 10pm PST <Aeons> of Tichondrius are a casual Horde guild. Our raid days and times are Wednesday & Monday at 8pm - 10pm PST. On the off nights most members run Mythic Plus dungeons or Battlegrounds. The current goal is to clear Heroic Uldir. Our current progress is7/8 Heroic trying to obtain AOTC. We do ask that you are able to make both nights of raid, as two days out of the week for 4-5 hours isn't very much to ask. Please be at raid ready to go before start time. You will be required to have your own Potions, Flasks and food (Or help contribute towards guild feasts). Use of discord will be required for all raids and guild groups. We are looking for decent players and great personalities to add to our community that has been present in many mmo's for the past 14 years. Currently Recruiting orb runners and healers who can also DPS. Please contact Kelethar#1372 or Grakulen#1704 if you have any questions.Echidhna10 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Stoic Inadequacy> Currently comprised of me and a few friends, were just looking for casualish people to chill out with and raid/gear/pvp together whenever the time comes or we have enough people. If you're playing for fun and just want to enjoy the game instead of going balls to the wall leave me a comment on here with your character name, or whisper Krytan in game and I'll get you in the guild :)Krytan1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Morning Guild LFM 9am-Noon PST 3/8M [H]Morning/Daytime guild LFM for BFA <No Nubbness>- Tichondrious – Horde Wednesday and Thursday 9am-Noon PST (noon-3pmEST) optional Monday heroic raid/cleanup on progression at the same times[/b 8/8N 8/8H 3/8M TOP NEEDS 370+ Only. Currently only looking for Pro parsing DPS 1 PRO MAGE DPS- DPS is fairly set at this point. All dps must be 370+ and be high parsing to be considered. All dps interested in bench and backup spots are welcome at 360+ GUILD INFO: We expect anyone interested in Mythic raiding to be able to transfer over and become an active member of the guild. This Guild was established in 2008. I have been GM since beginning except for Pandaria where I took a break. Leadership has lots of end game experience. Any alts and friends are welcome in the guild even if they cannot raid with us. We have very few casuals in the guild but are very welcoming for people on the server who play our times. We understand that we are the only daytime guild. We use adult language, we make fun of each other on a daily basis, and we bust each other’s balls as much as possible. This makes for an Adult only environment and not for the faint of heart. If you enjoy our raid times then feel free to whisper me and chat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]Addons to have for guild: ANGRY ASSIGNMENTS ASTRAL KEYS (if interested in M+ runs) Please contact me or anyone below, at any time if you have any questions. GM: Consecrater#1492 Officers: Scarletraven#1550Consecrater41 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Accelerate> [3/8M] [8/8H] LF ADULT RAIDERS <Accelerate> is a family. <Accelerate> is a guild with history. My goal for my beloved guild is to be cutting edge AGAIN. However, the goal this time is to do so on a reasonable raiding schedule. Therefore, I am no longer calling us "hardcore", but "semi-hardcore." In order to reach our goal, we must run our raids professionally and efficiently. I plan for us to run with 25 core members. This means that some players will have to be a team player and be willing to sit on progression bosses. This also means that I expect players to know what bosses they need gear off, so that other players can get a chance to get in. All core raiders earn their core raiding spot by good performance in our raids, good attendance, and good attitude. Core raid nights are Tues/Thurs from 7:30 - 10:30 pm pacific (server). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for players to join our core roster who are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team players willing to sit for other team members Understand that mythic boss kills take wipes Researches their class and plays to the best of their abilities Researches boss fights before coming to raids Comes to raids prepared with flasks, pots, and food------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently looking for the following classes/roles to join our core roster: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranged DPS of any class is always welcome Melee DPS with preference to Frost DK , Windwalker, or Ret Pally Healer, prefer resto shaman or mw monk--------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am also recruiting all roles for our one-day-a-week heroic run going every Sunday from 7:30 - 10:30 pm server. This group is currently 8/8H. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a mature, friendly, professional raiding guild. The age range of our players is mid-20's to early 30's. We prefer to interview all applicants via Discord. Please add my btag at Mariame#1624 to set up time for your Discord interview.Mariame15 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Blunt Force Trauma> 2/8M Recruiting BFT is an Eastern raiding guild looking to add to our core group to continue pushing Mythic Uldir and extend into all upcoming content. Our progression raid times are 730-1030pm EST Mondays and Wednesdays. We are still running optional heroic Uldir on varying days. Our current needs are resto shaman, resto druid, boomkin, hunter and warlock. Any class is encouraged to join. Applicants should be 365+ and revered with Champions of Azeroth On non raid days we run Mythic+ and high RBGs/Arena Feel free to message myself on discord (Wank#8721) or ingame (Perilneum) as well as (lerp#5195) for any questions/interest in joining us!Perilneum6 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Looking for M+ team Hello. I'm looking for some cool people to do some m+ a few nights a week. I havnt done a whole lot of M+, mainly raids. I'm 378 ilvl enhance shaman. As it is it's tough for me to join pugs, as enh is not too sought after and my raider io isnt very good. I've cleared +10+ quite a few times with my guild. I'm not an idiot, once I learn the mechanics you dont have to worry about me. (Only a few fights I havnt had much experience with) My biggest downside right now is i leveled as alliance, and transferred servers and went back to horde. So right now i cant do kings rest untill i have time to grind out the questlines again. Currently 3/8 mythic uldir. Hope to find some friends to play with! Need to get my raiderio up! Please be good, occasional mistakes are OK! I'll be polite if you are!Peaesseye1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H]<Warsong Vanguard>WPvP/RPvP/PvE 3/8M RDPS Hello everyone, Our previous recruitment thread has capped for the second time so here's a new one. So, let me tell you about our community as we are currently in open recruitment for our 2 guilds on Tichondrius US Horde. Who are we? We are The Warsong Family. We're an established power house World PvP/Rated PvP/Progression PvE guild led by a multi-class 2k+ exp leader. and 2k Co-GM's. Antorus 11/11M Cutting Edge. We've ran over 500+ For The Horde runs; medium, large, and small scale World PvP and much more. We're currently opening our doors to our 2 guilds Warsong Vanguard and Warsong Cartel. We're a great gaming community with a lot of absolute amazing people who go above and beyond to help people in need. We've been around for over three and half years! What do we do? We do a little bit of everything! But here is a list of the majority of the activities we do and offer: World PvP. Rated Battlegrounds. Rated Arenas. Guild War-games for gold and prizes. Normal, Heroic and Mythic dungeon runs. Constant normal BG farming for new and returning players. PvP training for new and returning players. Guild PvP Tournaments for gold, prizes, pets, etc. Uldir 8/8N, 8/8H, 2/8M ( 3 raid teams) Gank protection. (We form groups to help lowbies being camped by 110s, and etc.) Old school raid farming for transmogrification gear. WoW Token giveaways. (When available.) Leveling help, bags,100+ gold repairs, etc for new players. Weekly raffles with 20k+ in gold and pet giveaways. What is required in terms of Voice Com and Add-ons? We require you use the basic and simple PvP addons when grouping with our core groups. (This also applies for our PvE progression raids.) Addons: Battleground Targets Gladius Greenwall (This is NOT a PvP addon, however it merges all of our 3 guild chats and is useful.) Healers have to die Nameplate Cooldowns (Just to name a few) Voice Comms: Discord Do we HAVE to attend certain events? No, but we do ask you to help and or join in when you can. There are many guilds who will kick you out of the guild for not attending events such as World PvP and etc. We do not condone this, as everyone pays to have fun and play their game. If you're able to attend great, if not then no hard feelings, maybe next time. But when we do host World PvP events, we do require you to get on Discord to follow directions and listen to targets being called out. Do we have any rules? Yes, we have a listing of rules on our website. However we keep it pretty simple, and most are as follows and keep in mind we do NOT tolerate the following: Trolling in general, in guild chat or trade chat, and etc. Racism, or racist jokes in and out of guild chat which also includes Teamspeak3, Curse and etc. Spamming, no creating/starting drama, and we do not tolerate childish attacks of peoples Real Life. We have a 0 tolerance rule system and we only give warnings once. How can we join the guild? You can whisper anyone and ask for an officer. Only officers, and Warlords can invite to either one of our guilds. Please keep in mind, each guild does a bit everything, however this is a quick list of what they do: Warsong Vanguard - Core WPvP/Rated PvP/PvE Progression (Level 120 only accepted.) Warsong Cartel - Currently Leveling guild for level 1-119. Bonus: We have an all stealth gank group within the guild. We send these people out to do impossible city kills on high ranking alliance players. This group is called The Wolf Pack. Here is a video of The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies, and more videos will be upload of them as 110s and so forth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diySVJZ-M40 - The Wolf Pack video intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyHItgjeGKw - The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies and etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEz75iSVemE - One of us as level 110 Some Mythic Kill Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rl0UDeQN5w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuG4oBspooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= Mythic Argus, Cutting Edge video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYlM3xB2zOU&feature=youtu.be Visit us at www.WarsongVanguard.com or you can also visit our YouTube @ www.youtube.com/WarsongVanguardofTichondriusInenta243 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] Tempest Crusade - Rated PvP|World PvP|PvE Tempest Crusade (Formerly known as Crucesignatis de Tempest) is an established and organized PvP & PvE community located on Tichondrius - Horde, US. We were founded on the principles of Synergy, Dedication, Perseverance & Conviviality. Contents: • I. What our community offers & What our community seeks in a player. • II. Guilds. • III. Requirements. • IV. Social Media. • V. Contact List. I. What our community offers & What our community seeks in a player: What our community offers: • Rated PvP. • World PvP. • PvP & PvE Training. • PvE Progression. • Active Calendar with Events. • Weekly Gearing for under geared guild members. • Guild War Games. • Guild Tournaments. • Repairs for the rank of "Apprentice" and above. • Assistance with leveling, bags, gold, etc. • Organized Discord Server. What our community seeks in a player: • Mature 18+ years old. • Common Decency, Values & Respect. • Humor & Thick Skin. • Active & Dedicated. • Patience & Willpower. II. Guilds: We have always remained "Neutral", having little to no ties when it comes to other communities and rely solely on our own resources. Our Guild(s): • Tempest Crusade - Tichondrius Affiliated Guild(s): • N/A - Tichondrius III. Requirements: The official requirements for Tempest Crusade. A. Voice Communications: We require you to have a working microphone and sound system. Do not "Hot Mic". It is recommended to keep your microphone set to "Push to Talk". Please listen to orders when given and have respect while within the vicinity of our voice servers. If you are online, you are on Discord. Voice Server(s): • Discord B. Addons: We require you to have the addons our community uses so you can keep up with the rest of the guild while optimizing your game experience. You may download these light weight addons from Twitch (Formerly known as Curse). Required Addons: • Battleground Targets • BigDebuffs • Can't Heal You • Deadly Boss Mods • Doom_CooldownPulse • GladiatorlosSA2 • Gladius • Greenwall • Healers Have To Die • LegionInvasionTimer • Nameplate Cooldowns • OmniBar • OmniCC • Recount • SavedInstances • Spy • World Quest Tracker C. Guild Necessities: We require you to have the following items such as the guild banner and the official guild mounts that are used to represent our community. Guild Banner: • Battle Standard of Coordination Guild Mounts: • Vicious Saddle Mount (Any) • Cloud Serpent (Any) IV. Social Media: Stay up to date with our activities by following us on social media. Twitter: • https://twitter.com/TempestCrusade Youtube: • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpqjsIJ7Qih_OqDn6e13ckw Twitch: • https://go.twitch.tv/tempestcrusade V. Contact List: Feel free to add the following on Battle.net if you have inquiries or reply below for an invite to our community! Tempest Crusade: • Aerrithil#1269 - Leader (Guild Master) • Bloodedfaith#1691 - Leader (Human Resource Department) • Acefiction#1764 - Leader (PvP Department) • Velysria#1431 - Leader (PvE Department)Aerrithil15 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 4/8M AOTC - Vrekt - 3 Nights 7-10pm <Vrekt> of Illidan Vrekt is a newly formed guild that started at the launch of Uldir. We're looking for a few more raiders as well as social MEMEbers, pvpers and derelicts alike. Raid Info: Goal: Mythic Progression / CE Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights. Vrekt is a team founded by veteran raiders looking build a progression-oriented core roster of players with the common goal of clearing mythic content while it’s still relevant. If you’re a player with current mythic experience, a player that feels they’ve outgrown Heroic content, or a former hardcore raider looking to get back in to progression without the 5 day a week commitment, then Vrekt may be the right home for you. What we require: Knowledge of your Class/ Role Don't be Toxic Be prepared every raid Participation in strategy discussion and encounter research Positive attitude and presence (we want to keep it fun) Patience as we build our roster If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered. __ Current Needs: Healers: MW, HPriest rDPS: Lock, Mage, Hunter mDPS: Ret __ How to Apply: Go to our discord and fill out an app using the template in the application channel. https://discord.gg/99fChqU_ For more info, please contact us below. Discord: Destructive#1640 Bnet: MasterSK#1789Sämäel2 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 4/8M 2/NIGHT LFM Who we are [H]The Reckless of Tichondrius 8/8H 4/8M We raid Monday & Wednesday 8p-11p EST We're a reformed guild from top 50 and many players with over 10+ years of experience playing together within a gaming community. We pride ourselves on a fun but focused atmosphere. We Are Looking For • Goal Orientated Individuals with mythic progression being the goal. • Thick Skin with the ability to take constructive criticism and give it. • Fun and Mature Players that in the end just want to have fun and get content cleared with a light schedule. Current Needs: Holy Pally/Resto Shaman/Resto Druid-Moonkin All Exceptional DPS Contacts Vik#1619, Cluraz#1378Cluraz72 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] <Hold My Flask> | 5/8M | LF Range DPS! <Hold My Flask> provides a great raid environment that values performance and teamwork from our players. Our goal is to have fun while having steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We're always looking to improve our progress from tier to tier and look to find players willing to put in the effort. What we're looking for: - Ability to perform well with your chosen spec. This will be shown in logs provided. - Reliability & attendance. We expect you to show up on time and prepared for raid. - Commitment towards the guild & progression. Raid spots will be immediately available for players who can perform and mesh well with our group. We generally run a 25-man roster to keep a stable core. You're expected to be OK with being benched for an encounter if a certain class/spec is better or if you're underperforming. We do our best to try and be as efficient as possible for progression. We consider all exceptional players that apply even if your class/spec is not listed. ... Faction, Server & Region: - Horde faction on US-Tichondrius Raid Times: - Progression Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 9:00PM - 12:00AM PDT - Heroic Farm Clear: Monday @ 9:00PM - 12:00AM Contact Info: - Feel free to contact me about any questions regarding the guild. Discord: Jintae#5804 Battlenet: Jintae#1648 How to Apply: Go to the guild application link below to apply: - https://goo.gl/forms/B6HU5aM8ghu2tqP43 (Google Form)Jintaexdd144 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 3/8 M 375 Spriest LF Guild Title says most of it. I am looking for a guild, I know spriests aren't amazing right now, but I bring a lot of Mythic Experience. Looking for a guild that raids 7 PST or later with stable, experienced leadership.Dotem3 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H]Illidan | 2/8m | w/th 730-1030cst LF RDPS clockwerk on Illidan clockwerk is a guild comprised of individuals whose goal is to clear Mythic each tier. We only raid 6 hours a week, so we expect everyone to come prepared with knowledge of the fights and contribute to strategy outside of raid hours. We are looking to build a core roster of ~23 players so we can optimize raid composition when necessary. If you’re looking for a fun environment where you don’t get burned out raiding several hours a week, come apply! ** We are also recruiting any players who are looking to just chill and push Mythic+ keys within the guild, so you don’t have to waste your time pugging! Schedule Wednesday: 7:30 - 10:30pm CST Thursday: 7:30 - 10:30pm CST Our Raids Flasks and food provided! Current Progress: 2/8M & 8/8H (Zek'voz to 38%) Required AddOns: DBM or BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools & Weakauras w/ Uldir pack Recruitment Needs All RDPS (with an emphasis on Mage/Lock/Boomkin) M+ Players ** Feel free to apply even if your role isn't listed here! How to Apply ​If interested, either add Omnipotynt#1211 and Liveless#1612 to bnet, send an email to omnipotynt@gmail.com and liveless95@gmail.com, or apply on our website at https://sites.google.com/view/clockwerk-illidan/application Website https://sites.google.com/view/clockwerk-illidan/homeIntrospekt6 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 H [No Thx] 2/8M | Recruiting DPS Who We Are: <No Thx> Currently 8/8H , 2/8M We are Good players that don't get sweaty. Aiming for Cutting Edge each tier is the goal and pushing Mythic Raids is our End game. Our raiding atmosphere is very chill but serious and involves all of us working together to kill bosses at a good pace. We will accept anyone that shows signs of wanting to improve. What To Know: - Raid times are 6:45 to 10(PST) - Raid days are Tuesday, Thursday, and (Saturday Optional). - We do Achievement runs and alt runs on off raid days. - Once on farm we encourage players to level and gear other toons :) - We do high level keys daily 10+ - Most of us are Mid 20s to Late 30s What we are looking for : - Reliability (On time and ready to go) - Willing to learn and progress. - Must be able to take constructive criticism without getting mad. - Attendance is a must unless talked to an officer a few days before hand. We also understand emergency's happen and things come up. We do not hold that against you. Raid Needs: Tank - Druid or Monk DPS - Mage - Lock - Boomkins - Hunters - All players are still accepted and encouraged to apply Contact Info: If you want to get on board, please contact: One of our Recruitment officers iClutch, Hedylogos, Nóx, Saltfarm Or Apply on Discord : https://discord.gg/SMtRhs3Iclutch23 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Raids and Stuff is Recruiting Are you looking to push those M+ keys and stuff? Maybe even get some epic loot and stuff? What about raids and stuff? Raids and Stuff is a newly transferred guild looking to get our footing here on Tichondrius and push some Mythic raids. We are a like minded group of people who have come together and formed a pretty solid raid team. We transferred to Tichondrius because our old server was low population and dying. Ultimately we all just look to have fun, but push content and get those epic loot drops. We are currently looking for all roles in our raid team. We are currently 7/8 H and we raid Fri/Sat 7-10pm Pacific time. Please contact Nakk62#1932 for questions or if you want to join up. Thank you.Nakkota1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] <GoA> LFM Quality Players <GoA> Your home for all things PvP. We are a pure pvp guild that will mostly RBG, Arena, and most of all World PvP. We are looking to find those dedicated players for our new community. So if PvP is your thing come and join the family. We would like for you to have at least 1700+ xp for RBG's We want to excel our players in a friendly atmosphere a home with a zero tolerance for drama and with structured leadership with the GM having over 8 yrs xp as a lead. We also really like to focus on Wpvp if one of our members is getting camped you can expect a group to show up to help our member. We don't let our guildies get camped. :) All in fun my friends. One last thing you should know is we really like to get involved with guild events. Some of these events include the Gurubashi Bash, Escape from Nagrand, 5v5 1v1s, and of course Wargames. So if any of this interest you feel free to contact a member in the guild. If for some reason you still can not get an invite feel free to add my btag Dreadious#1236 and I will invite you and answer any questions you may have. Happy Hunting!!!Darkleonious1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] <Nerve Gaming> 2/8M LFM Raiders <Nerve> 2/8M 4:30-7:30pm Server Tues/Thurs, Looking for a Skilled Shadow Priest and Boomkin specifically but we are open to other options as well for Our Mythic Roster! We also have a 2nd raid team for casual raiders! We also do keys! We are a fun loving group who also plays multiple other games than just WoW. Add me Yondy#1789 or reply here if interested!Hiraishin2 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] <Team Tiki Lounge> 7/8H Wed/Thurs 5-8 PST Hello! We are a semi-casual guild of long time friends looking to expand our roster and work our way into mythic raiding. Raid Times As we are an eastern time guild, our raid times are 5-8 PST on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, there are always members online and in discord ready to do things such as M+ and PvP. Who we are The three main goals of our guild are: - Consistent progression - Having fun with friends - Keeping the memes alive We are currently accepting all applications with a priority on 1 healer spot (if you can dual spec, that would be great!). How to Apply If you would like to apply please shoot myself, or one of our officers a message in battlenet. Shrammer#1415 Prometheus#1344 CapnRaalla#1182 Decysive#11165Forag9 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H] <Frisky Business> 2/8M Needs DPS <Frisky Business> is a 2/8M 8/8H progression guild looking for exceptional DPS to join our Heroic & Mythic raid progression. Our raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs 7:45 PM -10:45 PM PST (10:45 PM -1:45 PM EST). We want to clear content, but still have a relaxed raiding atmosphere. All members are expected to show respect to each other and other players. We provide all consumables, gems and enchants during our core raids, but you are expected to be prepared for raid with extra food, potions, flasks, gems, and enchants. You must have a working knowledge of all fights. Our guild also runs Mythic+ keys, achievements, dungeons, and alt runs. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Bnet: Sara#1321 or Contact & Apply on Discord: https://discord.gg/TUHtM9QKaderina6 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 380 DPS & 378 Healer LF Mythic Guild 380 Ranged DPS & 378 Healer with 4/8 M Uldir experience looking for a new home. Our available days are Tues/Wed/Thurs, but prefer a 2 day a week guild. Available times are 7:00pm-11:00pm EST. Please post your responses below so I can add you on bnet and chat from there.Agaê9 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 [H]375 RSham seeking M Prog 3/8 Hey all, My last guild died and Im looking to push mythic raiding. Im currently 375 ilvl and 8/8 H 3/8 M. I can raid M-TH 8 PM - 12 PM, Fri 8PM - No limit, Sat and Sun no limit. OS is enh, I can do ele but I have to learn it and dont have the stat prio ready.Thunduhstruk4 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 [Assault Team][H]4/8M Weekend Guild Aloha. Assault Team is a guild of friends that is looking for more players for our mythic roster as we push for mythic raiding. We are a casual group majority of our players from or on Hawaii. We are open to cross realm players. Raid Days: Saturday & Sunday 3:30pst-6:30pst 365+ item level prefered with 8/8H exp If you're a heroic raider that wants to get into mythic hit me up on bnet Riazen#1339 or discord Brewken#0722 as I don't check these forums often.Brewken1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 380+ Monk and Priest Lf M Raiding guild Who are we? We are a Monk/Priest duo (yes we are a package deal.) We are very competitive with each other and push the other to get better. Although our raid experience with limited due to our guild falling apart and dieing a few weeks ago we have been in stasis for a little bit we are respectively 4/8m and 3/8M.We are both 380+ with level 30 necks at the time of writing this. Raid availability? We are open to almost any raid time or day besides saturday and sunday during the day.The more days the better. Please do not message if you are a 2/8 guild. We will cross realm trial and if we mesh well with your guild we wills transfer. (HORDE ONLY) Raid commitment? We won't miss raid for any reason that isn't drastic. Fully intend to have a 95% or higher raid showing. Raid experience? Monk: I have little mythic raid experience in the last xpac only emerald nightmare and a little night hold had to quit the game for irl reasons that have since been sorted out. Bfa Experience: 8/8H 4/8M Priest: Played casual last expansion with friends but is now looking to raid hardcore. Bfa Experience: 8/8H 3/8M What we are looking for? We are looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild looking to progress and clear content, with that being said we aren't really into drama so we are looking for like minded individuals to raid with and grow with as healers, we are very dedicated to being the best we can be at our classes and play constantly to progress ourselves and our knowledge about our classes. Links: Monk:380, Level 30 neck, 375 in dps( i can dps, however i prefer not to.) Will learn tanking if needed Logs:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/35849533#difficulty=4 Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/tichondrius/Moritaka Raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/us/tichondrius/Moritaka Priest: 381(Holy MS) 383(Disc Learning currently) level 30 neck Logs:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/cyren%C3%A3#difficulty=4 Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/tichondrius/Cyren%C3%A3 Raider.io:https://raider.io/characters/us/tichondrius/Cyren%C3%A3 We have alt heals we are in the process of gearing but without a stable raiding environment it’s taken the back burner for now. Monk is gearing a druid and Priest is gearing a Mw as alts but we will gear whatever is needed for progressions given notice in advance. If you would like to talk Please feel free to contact me at my bnet or discord. Discord: PeopleSkills#0997 Bnet: Middleonly#1390Moritaka10 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Monk looking for a home Hi guys, i'm looking for a populated casual guild that primarily runs m+ with perhaps some pvp focus.Shaith1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Prot Paladin and BM hunter LF Mythic 3-day My friend and I are looking for a 3 day mythic raiding guild. Currently any days of the week work. We'd prefer a guild that raids at 6 pm PST but we are open to times around 6 pm PST. I am also open to doing ret dps if needed. BM hunter ilvl: 371 Prot Paladin ilvl: 373 Our current progression is 8/8 N 8/8 H 2/8 M. You can reach me on btag or discord. Thank you and Looking forward to meeting you! Btag: Brightleaves#1948 Discord: Corroborate#7316Corropaladin1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 [H]373Havoc DH/377 AS Rogue/370 BM Hunter We are looking for raiding guild, we are all available 5-10 PM Sunday-Thursday. Our rogue is 8/8 Heroic 2/8 Mythic while the others are 7/8 Heroic but we are all very experienced with G'huun and I can solo run orbs.Ditto4 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 3/8M Warrior LF Mythic Guild Hello, I am 8/8 AOTC, 3/8 M. Wiped on Vektics at 20% ilvl379 Warrior have logs and everything as well. 1800+ CR Rival Arms PVP at 3s Arena and RBG I am interested in guild that raid very early morning around (8 AM PST to 12PM PST) or late night (9:30 PM PST to 2 AM PST) or weekends Add me Ace#16339Reaperofsoul4 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 [H] < The Defilers > RPvP/WPvP Recruiting Hello all, The Defilers is an up and coming Horde PvP guild on Tichondrius looking for dedicated players to bolster our ranks in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. Our main focus is on WPvP and rated PvP. We are currently building RBG and Arena teams to compete in the next PvP season. The Defilers are also seeking to build a strong community of Horde players who take pride in their faction and will not hesitate to bring the fight to Stormwind. This guild began as a small group of friends who pushed rating through an RBG group called “Zance's RBGs.” Zance’s RBGs included a variety of players from different realms, brought together by a common goal- to slay the Alliance. The Defilers was created to continue the spirit of Horde pride and bring together talented, like-minded players on Tichondrius. The Defilers strive to hold their banners high and become the next formidable force on Azeroth. For more information on joining the guild you may contact Zance or Gothess at Zance#11170 or Gothess#11756Zance129 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Guilds that raid 1 night a week? Any guilds raiding 1 night a week? I mostly do m+ and feel I'm pretty solid. Have aotc on 3 raids last xpac and a bunch of experience in MoP and BC. Only really have time to actually commit once per week but I can push content hard with a non bull!@#$ group. Pipe dream? I could still potentially be around for alt runs and not strictly progression nights but only really looking to do 1 hard night of prog.Ayreonn2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 <Red Light District> Tu/Thu 2/8M RDPS/Heals Currently open to discussion about guilds merging into us. <Red Light District> is a semi-casual 2 day raiding guild looking to fill our roster for our Mythic runs. We're aiming to be an efficient 2 day raiding guild with limited hours (6-8 hours per week). We currently raid Tues/Thurs 7:00-10:30pm PST/Tich server time. We recently transferred from US-Korgath and are looking to bolster our ranks. Currently in search of all RDPS and Healers. If you're on a busy schedule, but want to progress quickly and efficiently as we do, this is the perfect guild for you. Looking to fill for our Mythic core at the moment. Need range dps and maybe 1 healer to round out our current roster. We are currently 16% best attempt on M Zek on our 1st week. Let's get him down next reset! Current Needs: Tanks - Low Healers - Medium RDPS - High MDPS - Low Current Raid Schedule: Tuesdays - Mythic Attempts ~3.5 hours. Thursdays - Mythic Attempts ~3.5 hours. Weekends - Sunday: Heroic/Normal Uldir Runs for alts. Feel free to reach the GM or me for me details. Tuhroy#1125 Hijacks#1262Onetwoheal4 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 355 Mage looking For Casual Raiding Guild I Am a 355 Mage who is looking for a casual raiding guild and environment i do not have much experience in BFA Raiding but i have raided avidly through out legion if you are interested you can contacted me at the names below or just leave a reply to this post Battle Net: Quinnamore#1248 Discord: Canadian seto#1975Dazanor2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Warrior looking for Stictly PVP guild Looking to swap to Tich for a pvp strict guild. Already hit 2k this season in rbgs just looking for a serious team/guild to swap over realms for.Arivok0 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 <CULT>, May take ya. Mission Statement: CULT, (Formerly, Cult of Shadows). Is a Multi Game PvP based gaming clan. We have been a Clan since 2010, and spanned many games. In the pursuit of PvP content, from Greifing, GPvP, WPvP, Arena, and just any form of PvP we can find. We also do PvE, when we can be bothered :P. We also fill our rosters with trolling individuals. We fill a niche that few really do in the gaming community. To be Amazing, PvPers (and PvErs :)) that are the most toxic guild/clan/group in any game we play. We thrive on Toxicity, and the tears of those we play against. We have been referred to as "Closet Psychopaths", however this is false. We are not in the closest! CULT, pretty much never forms alliances, This clan is PvX in the truest sense of the word. If you are a member of CULT, it is us against everyone, Always! That said we do make "Friends" and "Deals". That may include working with the enemy faction to better ourselves! We hold no Allegiance to Faction, its Guilds, or its Members, we just like this ones style better. WARNING: Being a member of this guild can be difficult for some. We are always a target of Hate, Harassment, Insults, Excluded from server wide events, Trade restrictions, KOS to all, ECT. This play style fits us and we like it, we can help you to deal with the repercussions of our behavior. However if you are a sensitive person, look elsewhere. By wearing our tag you make yourself a target of deserved hatred. A lot of players in the MMO community are toxic, and will get some hate, however we dont hide it. We embrace it. (Our mission statement, is for every game we play, and a lot of it has no bearing on WoW, however we felt it best to put it here anyway, as it tells you who we are.) . What we Expect: We expect people to have thick skin, and be able to prosper in our toxic environment. We do not like guild drama, there is no need for it, there is plenty of people outside of CULT, to start drama with (and when you do we want screens and recaps!). We accept all skill levels, all gear levels, Hardcore and Causal players. However teams and group activity may be limited, by these factors. We expect, that you play the best you can, and always try to be learning and growing, as a person and with us. We do not mind mistakes, or people learning, as long as they are giving it 100%, that is all we can or do ask. We are extremely social, and have a strange dark humor and nature. Our Discord is completely NSFW, the entire server, so please be advised. We like you to have Discord presence whenever you can, we are very close knit and social people, and love to talk in discord while playing. We only accept members that are 18 years or older, due to the mature nature of our discord server. Will Finish later. I'm being lazzy. Oh and PST me, or just ask for an invite in /4, surely someone will scoop ya :). Or holla on disc, https://discord.gg/PAMJM3aDæmônic1 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 <H>L E G E N D A R Y 3/8M Late Night Guild <H>L E G E N D A R Y 3/8M Late Night Raiding Guild LF 1 Healer, 1 DPS, and 1 Melee We are a bunch of working folk and with kids, we mostly play after 9pm PST (server) We raid 10-1am Tues/Thursday with M+ every night. Hacke#1809 is my Battle.net, hit me up with any questions.Hacke2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 <fight me irl> recruiting for progression <fight me irl> is looking for dedicated members to show up ready to go on raid nights. We supply food/flasks/gems/enchants. I DON'T REQUIRE YOU TO JOIN THE GUILD, JUST BE ON TIME. Progression: 8/8H 2/8M We raid: Fri/Sat 7:30-10:30pm PST Server: Tichondrius-HORDE BTAG: ionsydia#1531 Discord: ionsydia#2793 Recruiting: Warlock/Mage/Rshaman/DPriest Also looking for: RDPS in general. We are a large guild from early MOP. We have just shy of every guild achievement. We're looking to make some progression! Please hit me with any questions you may have.Ionsydia4 Nov 12, 2018