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6d Guilds of Tichondrius [Legion New] Welcome to the official forum for the guild listings of Tichondrius. Please follow the format listed below if you wish to add your guild to the list. I will update this thread frequently for new guilds or for any updates about the guild. Please stay tuned for any further updates under the "General Announcements" post which can be found below the Alliance (1) and Horde (1) post. Format: Guild Name: Guild Information: Guild Type: Recruitment Thread: Guild Website: Contact(s): Note: Guilds will be arranged alphabetically and will be updated frequently. ---------------Guidelines--------------- ATTENTION (Please Read): I will not be adding guild applications that are just to troll or not even serious in general. Please be serious and take your time when applying your guild here on the forums. Trolling in general WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You have been warned. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please refrain from creating any form of drama or any sense of negative influence on this forum. Please uphold the serenity of this neutral sanctuary. If you have problems with someone else, please take it elsewhere. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please observe the following while on this forum. Show Respect. This goes for everyone, even myself. This is already self explanatory and does not need further explanation. Be Mature. Do not act rude, childish or behave in an absurd manner. Please do not down vote for no valid/ethical reason. Do not defile the sanctuary of this forum and please show maturity. If you have a problem, take it elsewhere whereas this forum does not need any negativity. Uphold Serenity. This is a Sanctuary, there is space for both factions to post their guilds. Not a forum that promotes hostility against another community. ---------------Guild News--------------- "Guild Message of the Day: The Burning Legion has returned! A Call to Arms is ongoing to all sons and daughters of both factions, the noble Alliance and the savage Horde to reinforce Azeroth with their guilds to form a resistance in hopes to combat the return of the Burning Legion!" "Bonus Event: Show your support for your favorite faction by up voting either the Alliance or Horde thread! Time to see which faction the Champions of Tichondrius choose to side with!" Alliance up-vote counter: 14 Horde up-vote counter: 18 -----PLEASE REQUEST AS STICKY-----Saladaerus215 6d
21m <L E G E N D A R Y> 1/11M Late Night 2-Day L E G E N D A R Y (1/11 M) is looking for new talent to fill out our Mythic raiding roster to complete Antorius. Our group’s philosophy is to challenge ourselves with the most cutting edge content WoW has to offer, while maintaining a life outside of WoW. Our core raid group consists of veteran WoW players with years of progression raiding experience. We are seeking likeminded applicants looking for a chill play group, which is still able to clear mythic bosses and progress. We raid Tues/Thurs 10:00 – 01:00 PST, with impromptu Legion Raids and M+ key pushing during the off days. An ideal applicant will come on time for raids, with proper knowledge of fights to make as much progress as possible in a raid week. Applicants are also encouraged to be up to date with the latest information regarding their class playstyle/ optimal builds. All applicants with drive, who consistently make times and wish to join a fun, productive playgroup are welcome. We also have social ranks, for applicants looking for a late night play group, but not willing to commit to the time constraints for a Raid spot. Required Addons: RCLootCouncil - Loot is assigned according to raid performance, attendance and item lvl improvement. Voice Client: We utilize Discord for all guild raids. Feel free to join us and figure out for yourself if we are for you. Add Neogyps#1885 for more information or see Cybrew or Neogypz in game.Nekrolock91 21m
24m Morning Guild-LFM for ABT. 2/11M W/T 9am PST No Nubbness- Tichondrious- Wednesday and Thursday 9am-Noon PST, optional Monday Heroic raid at same times Looking for pro DPS. Must be 950+ and 75+ traits. Must be a non elitist jerk as well. DPS with solid Off tank spec would be ideal Any great players will be considered. No elitists. This is a guild full of fun people, not jerks Currently 11/11H 2/11M If you enjoy our raid times then feel free to whisper me and chat. Looking for active dedicated people to push content harder in final raid of Legion LOOT: We do Loot council for all tier and trinkets as well as any super Titan-forged gear All other loot is rolled for GUILD INFO: This Guild was established in 2008. I have been GM since beginning except for Pandaria where I took a break. Leadership has lots of end game experience. Any alts and friends are welcome in the guild even if they cannot raid with us. We have very few casuals in the guild but are very welcoming for people on the server who play our times. We understand that we are the only daytime guild. We use adult language, we make fun of each other on a daily basis, and we bust each other’s balls as much as possible. This makes for an Adult only environment and not for the faint of heart. Please contact me or anyone below, at any time if you have any questions. GM: Consecrater#1492 Officers: Sorensu#1779 Hakkai#1802Consecrater81 24m
49m LF Guild 950 Aff Lock Battletag - TAY#1815 LF Heroic raiding guild. 9/11 H Antorus 950 ilvl Recently came back from a 9 month break or so. Mained DH during Nighthold and went 5/10M before taking a break. Been playing my lock a few weeks or so now and loving it. Looking for a decent guild to finish off Heroic Antorus and maybe push into Mythic.Tscrim3 49m
2h [H] Rogue LF 11/11h+ Guild on EST Hey guys, little background of me. Used to be in a top 150 world raiding guild called Reload on Dalran (On my Warlock), Then I decided to go more casual with a guild called PMA (2 nights a week) and then I eventually quit the game for some time. I am just coming back to the game on a PvE front and am looking for a guild raiding around 7pm EST. Currently am only 931iLvl on my rogue and will be working on getting it higher. I am looking for a guild that is at least 11/11h and will or is pushing into Mythic currently. I am a very good player and understand mechanics and this game on a whole. Hit me up. Rob#1147Dumphy1 2h
3h <Concept> 6/11 M T/W/T/M 6-9 PST About Us <Concept> is a Hardcore raiding guild located on Tichondrius. Raiding 4 days a week we seek like-minded individuals who have the same goals as we do. Formed up at the end of Tomb, we have met our first goal of AOTC week one. Guild Goals Cutting Edge Fun/Friendly/Competitive Atmosphere Mythic+ Teams Expectations for Raiders Attendance: 95% for raiders, 100% for trials (Emergencies Happen) Prepared: Come with your A-game and all consumables required Knowledge: Of your class and the encounters presented to us Team Player: Focus on boss kills not loot, take constructive criticism Expectations from us Fair Loot Distribution: Loot Council based on attendance and needs Roster of mythic-caliber players Activity outside of raid Raid Days/Times Tue/Wed/Thu/Mon 6-9 pm PST (Server) Recruitment Needs Ele Boomie Warrior Rogue Contact Us Herc GM Herc#1566 Falselight Officer Eclipse#1443 Oswin Officer BlankyOswin#1942 Stonx Officer Stonx#11401 Prevent Officer Mwc#11151Hercology1 3h
3h Alrithin ... your character pic seems to have two super-deluxe Rubix Cubes in your hands. I hope one day you are able to solve it.Whiskeydk38 3h
4h 1/11M Guild 8:30-11:30 PST Tues/Thurs <Unappeasable> Faction: Horde Realm: Tichondrius Schedule: Tues/Thurs from 8:30-11:30 PM PST 1/11M Guild LF DPS and Healers. Respond here if interested or add me at Nightmare27g#1257Insursioo1 4h
6h <Friends> (2/11M) Wed/Fri 6:00pm -9:00pm PST [H] [Tichondrius]<Friends> Team Honey Badgers(2/11M) Wednesday/Friday 6:00pm -9:00pm PST Who we are: The name essentially says it all. We have a close knit community of a mix of IRL friends and online ones that come together for this family of a guild. We have 2 raid teams; Raptors T/Th 5-8pm PST that are 11/11H, and Honey Badgers W/F 6-9pm PST that is 2/11M (almost 3/11M). Outside raid time and days the guild is busy and active, with High Keystone Mythic +, casual PVP, old mythic raids for mounts, alt normal and heroic runs. We also play other games, with a good overwatch community. And we are usually in discord all the time, except like work/school hours. While we are on a West Coast server, we have people from around the country, and Canada and a few overseas. So no matter your location, we have someone around your time (basically east coast people will be on early for ya, and west coast will be up later, people are always around). What we need: Raiders with an amazing attitude. We can work around most compositions, so all should feel free to hit me up and apply. Pally Protection- Low Holy- High Retribution- Medium/Low Death Knight Blood- Low Frost- Low Unholy- Low Warrior Protection- Low Fury- Low Arms- Low Shaman Restoration- Low Enhancement- Low Elemental- Low Hunter Marksmanship- High Beast Mastery- Medium Survival- Low Demon Hunter Havoc- High Vengeance- Low Monk Brew Master- Low Windwalker- Medium Mistweaver- Medium Druid Guardian- Low Feral- Medium Boomkin- High Restoration- Low Rogue Subtlety- High Outlaw- High Assassination- High Mage Fire- Med Frost- Med Arcane- Low Warlock Demonology- Medium Affliction- High Destruction- High Priest Discipline- Low Holy- Medium Shadow- High Get in contact with us! <3 Halo/Nate (GM) - Nate#1624 Zephy/Zoey (Honey Badger Raid Leader)- Zoey#1699, or Zoey#8531 on Discord Kyle/Kyzee (Raptor Raid Leader) - Theequaliser#1248 Sandwhale (just extremely helpful) - DirePants#11708Zephÿ8 6h
6h [H] ✨ Warsong Vanguard/Cartel - WPvP/RPvP/PvE Hello everyone, As our original post has finally capped AGAIN and we're reopening a new one. So, let me tell you about our community as we are currently in open recruitment for our 2 guilds on Tichondrius US and additionally on Emerald Dream Horde. Who are we? We are The Warsong Family. We're an established mutli-server power house World PvP/Rated PvP/Progression PvE guild led by a multi-class 2k+ exp leader. and 2k Co-GM's. We've ran over 500+ For The Horde runs, medium large and small scale World PvP and much more. We're currently opening our doors to our 2 guilds Warsong Vanguard and Warsong Cartel . We're a great gaming community with a lot of absolute amazing people who go above and beyond to help people in need. What do we do? We do a little bit of everything! But here is a list of the majority of the activities we do and offer: World PvP. Rated Battlegrounds. Rated Arenas. Guild War-games for gold and prizes. Normal, Heroic and Mythic dungeon runs. (Cross realm as well) Constant normal BG farming for new and returning players. PvP training for new and returning players. Guild PvP Tournaments for gold, prizes, pets, etc. Antorus - 11/11N, 11/11H, 1/11M Gank protection. (We form groups to help lowbies being camped by 110s, and etc.) Old school raid farming for transmogrification gear. WoW Token giveaways. (When available.) Leveling help, bags,100+ gold repairs, etc for new players. Weekly raffles with 20k+ in gold and pet giveaways. What is required in terms of Voice Com and Add-ons? We require you use the basic and simple PvP addons when grouping with our core groups. (This also applies for our PvE progression raids.) Addons: Battleground Targets Gladius Greenwall (This is NOT a PvP addon, however it merges all of our 3 guild chats and is useful.) Healers have to die Nameplate Cooldowns (Just to name a few) Voice Comms: Discord Do we HAVE to attend certain events? No, but we do ask you to help and or join in when you can. There are many guilds who will kick you out of the guild for not attending events such as World PvP and etc. We do not condone this, as everyone pays to have fun and play their game. If you're able to attend great, if not then no hard feelings, maybe next time. But when we do host World PvP events, we do require you to get on Discord to follow directions and listen to targets being called out. Do we have any rules? Yes, we have a listing of rules on our website which is being created currently. However we keep it pretty simple, and most are as follows and keep in mind we do NOT tolerate the following: Trolling in general, in guild chat or trade chat, and etc. Racism, or racist jokes in and out of guild chat which also includes Teamspeak3, Curse and etc.. Spamming, no creating/starting drama, and we do not tolerate childish attacks of peoples Real Life. We have a 0 tolerance rule system and we only give warnings once. How can we join the guild? You can whisper anyone and ask for an officer. Only officers, and warlords can invite to either one of our guilds. Please keep in mind, each guild does a bit everything, however this is a quick list of what they do: Warsong Vanguard - Core WPvP/Rated PvP/PvE Progression (Level 110 only accepted.) Warsong Cartel - Rated PvP and PvE Progression (Level 100+ only accepted.)) Bonus: We have an all stealth gank group within the guild. We send these people out to do impossible city kills on high ranking alliance players. This group is called The Wolf Pack. Here is a video of The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies, and more videos will be upload of them as 110s and so forth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diySVJZ-M40 - The Wolf Pack video intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyHItgjeGKw - The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies and etc. Visit us at www.WarsongVanguard.com or you can also visit our YouTube @ www.youtube.com/WarsongVanguardofTichondriusDecimationx394 6h
7h [H] Eyes of the Betrayer newcomers welcome. <Eyes of the Betrayer> 11/11H 4:30-7:30pm Server Tues/Thurs.... So we pretty much actually have our mythic team but were starting an "alt night" but its mainly just a fun night to welcome new raiders and help them grow accustomed to raiding. Our focus is much larger than just WoW itself eventually we want to become a community and friends while playing a variety of games. For the most part its WoW though! Just a list of other games we play. PUBG League of Legends Dota 2 Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Rocket League Paladins CSGO Either way, if you are looking for serious raiding then Tuesday and Thursday we might be just the home for you... If your looking for a fun time raiding just very casual most likely just Normal and Heroics then that will be most likely taking place on Saturday and Sunday! Please reply here on this post or add me on Btag Yondy#1789 if you have anymore information!Hiraishin1 7h
8h Looking for a friend in "Its Ur Brother"(A) Looking for a player in the guild, i seem to keep missing him. If anyone can get a message to JuiceMiter to please contact me or if they know how I can contact him, I'd appreciate it. thanks!Bazeleel0 8h
9h [H] Ineffable (6/11M) | 3 Day | DPS/HEAL <Ineffable> (6/11M) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7-10 PM PST Current needs: Exceptional DPS | WW Monk | Holy Paladin We have a competitive yet relaxed atmosphere. Any heal/tank/dps spot is open as long as you can perform, both mechanically and parse, better than anyone currently filling your role. Please contact us in game for questions regarding trials. Contacts: In Game Btag Dromaus (GM) - bronxboy10#1700 Discord Dromaus (GM) - Dro#6912Dromaus27 9h
9h balance/bear druid I'm a 962 balance/bear druid LF a raiding guild just coming back from a short raiding break im 2/11 mythic experience prefer raid times to be between 6pm server and 10:30pm server any day of the week contact me by adding Btag cobdevin#1356Dastazz1 9h
9h Looking for raiding guild (evening/weekend) just came back after a break from TOS and have had a few runs with my current guild through Argus, but unfortunately my work hours are changing and I will be getting off at 5pm, exactly when they start raid nights I'm looking to join a new guild with a later start time, days don't matter as long as it is 6pm or later. Like i said i am working on getting my gear level up as I just came back a few weeks ago Looking for a permanent home to progress into mythic and into BFA with. Also looking to push mythic+'s so hopefully the guild does that together as well thanks hit me up on btag - RandyBoBandy#11760Aeioue1 9h
9h [H]<Primeval> 11/11 H 1/11M Recruiting! What we're looking for: We are currently looking to find RDPS for pushing into mythic. We however will also consider any exceptional melee dps. Current Progress: 11/11 H 1/11 M Schedule: Wed/Thurs 6-9PM Server Time (PST) What We Offer: We are a progression raiding guild that wants to push into mythic. We provide cauldrons and feasts for every raid. Additionally we have a ton of people that try to run mythic plus groups as much as possible on non raid nights. Who We Are: Primeval is a recently formed guild, we are a close knit group of friends that have been raiding together on and off since WoD. We now have a 15 man core group that we are looking to bolster our ranks with some reliable dps so we can push further mythic. Expectations: We expect you to have a 85% attendance, when you can't make a raid we expect to be notified so we can figure out if we need a replacement for the night. We also expect that everybody knows their class to a decent level and researches the fight before raid nights. How to Apply: Add me on btag below. Bnet: Jari#11343Dirtybastárd10 9h
10h <Convergence> 6/11M Semi-Hardcore Raiding <Convergence> 6/11M Antorus: is recruiting DEDICATED and ACTIVE players to bolster our mythic raid team for Antorus! We are seeking vocal players who want to make an impact in mythic raiding while remaining competitive in the ranks. Past experience is required along with a try-hard attitude. All exceptional players are encouraged to reach out! Discord is required. No casuals accepted. Please visit our website for more info or reach out to one of our officers listed below. - Currently looking to fill an immediate opening for DPS who can play at a high level. We are also seeking a healer with a strong DPS OS for main team. No Resto Druids. No Dk's. 930+ MYTHIC EXP REQUIRED FROM PAST TIERS. - High Demand DPS Class Openings: BM/MM Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Balance Druid MM/BM Hunter WW Monk Fire Mage - High Demand Healer Class Openings: Disc/Holy Priest Please visit our WoWProgress page for any further updates or our WarcraftLogs data: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Convergence https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/166401 You can apply at: https://convergencewow.enjin.com/ under the Guild Application section. - Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7-10 PM. - Warcraftlogs is required. - Item level requirement: 935+ - Legendary#1428 and Zedorno#1340: Add our tags to discuss further opportunities or if you would like to have any questions answered.Zedorno44 10h
11h < KAT TOLD ME TO > SWBRB It's been so long since I made a thing before, and even back when I didn't have gray hair, I don't think I did it right then either. I'm not really sure what to put here, but I'm posting here, because Kat told me to, and we're supposed to list stuff for people to read? - Tacos - Holly has cooties - Something something - Socks and flip flops - Singing - Swimming goggles - I guess we’re recruiting - Moo - Five Guys Burger & Fries Premades - Blush is good to go - Schwarzenegger quotes - We take in the homeless - Rock knowledge <Schwarzenegger Will BRB> Ever wanted to visit the chocolate factory as a kid? Now is your chance. Join us, and meet Willy Wonka. We also house Hollyforest, who is 4’10” IRL. That’s practically an Oompa Loompa.Keylogthis274 11h
14h [A] <Nights End> WPvP/RPvP/PvP Hello Tichondrius, A little info about our guild. We really love to Wpvp in Small & Med scale Wpvp, in fact its one of our main traits, But, that not all, we are wanting to network this guild that's currently on "Kil'Jaeden" I know, its kinda of a dead realm for Alliance but there was a time.... We wont get into that:P Anyway the name of the guild on Kil'Jaeden is also <Nights End>. When it comes to Rated PvP we enjoy the RBG/Arena Atmosphere as much as possible last season our team was around 2.1k plus we offer glads from time to time this is where its really at. However, being on a realm of low population will not really get you anywhere. What are we looking for? We are looking for (Dedicated & Active) players to BG, Pre Made BG's, Arena, RBG's, and WPvP. We want to grow this community with like minded people as we do offer a laid back atmosphere, "Sometimes" :) At this point your rating does not matter however, in the future this may change as the guild evolves. We are basically looking for some friendly and all out PvP players. What to expect from us. As I said before we are a networked guild and we use Discord for comms. You would join Discord and find what you're looking for rather it be RBG's, Arena, or even just BG's. We want to be able to run this as one community. We continue to grow on Alliance side Kil'jaeden but we are still in need of "You". If you are getting camped or need a helping hand with a quest or rare we can help with that too. Our WPvP is one of our traits as I said earlier in this post. We want the community you deserve and will try to make changes based on the communities suggestions. Ok, I think I said enough and you're most likely ready to punch me in the throat. xD Contact: Anyone in <Nights End> for an inv. to the guild or Add my btag (Dreadious#1236)Leonious112 14h
16h [H] Vector | 2day | 4/11M | LF LOCK/HUNT/MAGE [H] Vector of US-Tichondrius formerly Genesis [A] is currently recruiting to make ready for Mythic ToS. We have finished strong in Mythic TOS (7/9M) and are ready to step into mythic progression once again in Antorus. Our raid schedule is: Tuesday 6:00 - 9:30PST Thursday 6:00 - 9:30PST If you are looking for a progression guild, but don't have the time or desire to commit to 3+ days of raiding, we could be a great fit for you. Many of us have come from hardcore raiding backgrounds but no longer can sustain the lifestyle required due to work, school, family etc. Our hope is that we can continue progressing at a healthy rate while having a fun and enjoyable raiding atmosphere that is so often absent while raiding hardcore. We require at minimum, 935+ ilvl with your main spec artifact weapon lvl 70+ (Concordance). Current logs of your performance in H/M Antorus are required. We are currently recruiting these specific classes and specs for core but will consider any exceptional applicant. In addition we are always open to accepting casual members who want to push M+. Now recruiting for Antorus. Ranged DPS - Lock Hunter Mage ... If you feel like we may be a good fit, please feel free to get in contact with on of our recruitment officers: Knowledge#11706 | Matic#1597 We look forward to hearing from you.Knowledge178 16h
1d <Whiskey Business> LFM casual Hello there. Are the stresses and worries of hardcore raiding getting to be a burden? Do you wish you had a chill, fun, relaxing, family-like community of like minded individuals? Well if you are, then <Whiskey Business> just might be the droid you are looking for! We are located on Tichondrius, Horde side. We are built on the foundation of prioritizing fun in wow, after all this is a game, it shouldn't have to be a full time job. Our founding members have tasted the saltiness of mythic progression, and we're not bout that life, we wanted something more fun, and to build a strong bond between ourselves and to generally have a great time with some friends, and make new memories as time goes on. Mythic+ is a great way to have some fun and can be a very rewarding experience not just in loot, but sheer amounts of fun that cant be measured and bonds that can be made. Some of us also partake in PVP., having quite a bit of RBG and 3v3 arena experience. We have begun raiding! We are currently 4/11 H. Our roster is looking for a few more ranged dps, and dps who can off-heal or off-tank if needed. While these are our hightest needs to perfect our raid roster, we will gladly take on anyone who wants to join in some festivities. All that I ask our raiders is to be ready to switch to a needed role if needed to help the group (going from heals to dps due to too many healers on, etc). To contact us, you can message me, [NMelton88#1191], our illustrious GM, [illustrious#1570], or [Hansi#11180]. We cant promise you world firsts, but we CAN promise you will have the time of your wowlife with a great group of friends that are beyond helpful, and looking to expand our family. We hope to hear from you soon, <3 Ven and HansiVenolthas26 1d
1d H<High Life> 9/9 HToS DPS+Healer for Antorus Who are we: The guild name says it all. We're just a bunch of laid back adults that enjoy playing a video game. Most of us are old school raiders that have done the hard core raid scene and no longer have the time or desire to push end-game content. If you're looking for hardcore mythic progression, stop reading now. If you're looking for a social environment and a guild that will complete heroic content, we may be the place for you. Raids: We provide flasks, food, pots and gold repair during progression raids. In return, we ask our members to know how to play their chosen class competently, and to come prepared mentally for raids. That means knowing the encounters and not standing in fire. Our raid schedule: Tues: 7:30 pm PST - 9:30 pm PST Weds: 7:30 pm PST - 9:30 pm PST Sun: 7:30 pm PST - 9:30 pm PST (Optional Farm/Alt Run)Positions of Need: Due to RL stuff, we lost a couple members and now we need a healer(s) that can fill up the colored squares really fast. A resto druid, resto shammy, or holy pally would be ideal, but any class is welcome. We are also looking for more ranged DPS that isn't afraid of competition. Expectations: To be respectful of other guild members. You can expect some R rated content to be said/written, but it will always be in a respectful manner. Contact: If you're interested in joining, feel free to contact any of the people below. Silkybrown#1475 – Nërvö / Animë Haanjobe#1697 – Daldalee / Grimsbo Daimian#1105 - SominicGrimsbo6 1d
1d Selling names, "Cutey" and "Ms" msg me on discord @ wommy#1093 if youre interestedWom2 1d
1d <PC> Selling H Antorus + Mythic Guldan Mount Hello hello friends on Tichondrius! Parse Culture is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Guldan kills for the guaranteed Hellfire Infernal mount. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=171827/hellfire-infernal We only take gold as payment. Next Available Sale: Contact me for details. General Details for raid runs: - Sales runs can be done cross-realm, but we only accept gold on Tichondrius. - We do discounts for previous buyers when possible. - US runs include all North American Region servers, which are located under the lower tabs named United States, Oceanic, Latin America and Brazil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List Mythic Guldan Kill with Mount - 1.5M or best offer Heroic Antorus 11/11H Full Clear Master Loot with tier tokens- 3M or best offer Heroic Argus Only Personal Loot - 400k or best offer Sale Details: 1. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be paid when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 2. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. 3. Loot Rules (when relevant) You will only receive loot not needed by our raiders. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Ericorn#1969 If I am not available add Guild Leadership for details - NotJason#11993Ericorn16 1d
1d [H] Tempest Crusade - Rated PvP/World PvP/PvE Tempest Crusade (Formerly known as Crucesignatis de Tempest) is an established and organized PvP & PvE community located on Tichondrius & Emerald Dream - Horde, US. We were founded on the principles of Synergy, Dedication, Perseverance & Conviviality. Contents: • I. What our community offers & What our community seeks in a player. • II. Guilds. • III. Requirements. • IV. Social Media. • V. Contact List. I. What our community offers & What our community seeks in a player: What our community offers: • Rated PvP. • World PvP. • PvP & PvE Training. • PvE Progression. • Active Calendar with Events. • Weekly Gearing for under geared guild members. • Guild War Games. • Guild Tournaments. • Repairs for the rank of "Apprentice" and above. • Assistance with leveling, bags, gold, etc. • Organized Discord Server. What our community seeks in a player: • Mature 18+ years old. • Common Decency, Values & Respect. • Humor & Thick Skin. • Active & Dedicated. • Patience & Willpower. II. Guilds: We have always remained "Neutral", having little to no ties when it comes to other communities and rely solely on our own resources. During WoD however, with the exception of <Eminent> as our PvE branch. In Legion, we now are allied with <Gradior Quo>. The guild is led by the former Co-Guild Master, Paragøn. Our Guilds: • Tempest Crusade - Tichondrius • Tempest Crusade - Emerald Dream Affiliated Guilds: • Gradior Quo - Tichondrius III. Requirements: The official requirements for Tempest Crusade. A. Voice Communications: We require you to have a working microphone and sound system. Do not "Hot Mic". It is recommended to keep your microphone set to "Push to Talk". Please listen to orders when given and have respect while within the vicinity of our voice servers. If you are online, you are on Discord. Voice Server(s): • Discord B. Addons: We require you to have the addons our community uses so you can keep up with the rest of the guild while optimizing your game experience. You may download these light weight addons from Twitch (Formerly known as Curse). Required Addons: • Battleground Targets • BigDebuffs • Can't Heal You • Deadly Boss Mods • Doom_CooldownPulse • GladiatorlosSA2 • Gladius • Greenwall • Healers Have To Die • LegionInvasionTimer • Nameplate Cooldowns • OmniBar • OmniCC • Recount • SavedInstances • Spy • World Quest Tracker C. Guild Necessities: We require you to have the following items such as the guild banner and the official guild mounts that are used to represent our community. Guild Banner: • Battle Standard of Coordination Guild Mounts: • Vicious Saddle Mount (Any) • Cloud Serpent (Any) IV. Social Media: Stay up to date with our activities by following us on social media. Twitter: • https://twitter.com/TempestCrusade Youtube: • (Being worked on) Twitch: • https://go.twitch.tv/tempestcrusade V. Contact List: Feel free to add the following on Battle.net if you have inquiries or reply below for an invite to our community! Tempest Crusade: • Xyecetus#1391 - Leader (Guild Master) • Tynnee#1752 - Leader (PvE Division) • Jden#11949 - Leader (PvP Division) • Podack#1866 - Leader (Organization Management Division) Gradior Quo: • Paragøn#1596 - Leader (Guild Master)Paragøn192 1d
1d [H] 4/11M, 2 night team LFM! Who we are [H]The Reckless of Tichondrius 4/11M, 11/11H We raid Monday & Wednesday 8PM-11PM EST With an optional H clear on Thursdays Looking at any and all classes/specs for M ABT progression. We're a reformed guild from top 50 and many players with over 10+ years of experience playing together within a gaming community. We pride ourselves on a fun but focused atmosphere. We Are Looking For • Goal Orientated Individuals with mythic progression being the goal. • Thick Skin with the ability to take constructive criticism and give it. • Fun and Mature Players that in the end just want to have fun and get content cleared with a light schedule. Contacts Vik#1619, Alyx#11701 www.recklessonline.comSalao42 1d
2d [H] <Vicerant> New Progression Raiding Guild Hello Everyone! <Vicerant> is a new Horde progression raiding guild formed from progression raiders looking for a consistent home. Our core is 3/11M and once we add a few more committed raiders we will push that further! We also run a lot of M+ to gear our raiders and most of our core has over a 2500 M+ score. We're willing to help gear loyal members who perform at the proper level. We're a mature group that raids Thursday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm server time for a work week or class friendly schedule. We also run an optional raid on Saturday, which depending on attendance, could be another mythic run. All of our core has the logs to join a more progressed guild, but we've been down that road and instead are choosing to create a better culture together that will last. Please message me or anyone else in the guild while in game! vicerant-guild.squarespace.com Take care, Wicked (btag: wicked#12228)Wickedsmash4 2d
3d <Synergy> 6/11M LF DPS About Us: ... Recruitment: ... Progression: ... Guild Information: ... If you have any question regarding the guild or recruitment please contact: (Fistdlanthus) Fistdlanthus#1237Fistdlanthus70 3d
3d <Outliers> 5/11M T/W/TH 730pm-1030pm PST <Outliers> on Tichondrius is currently recruiting the following classes for M Antorus. We are a laid back group that has the goal of clearing content while it is still current, but on a 9hr a week schedule. If that sounds like something you're looking for, please reach out to an officer listed below! Current Progression: 3/11M Antorus Schedule: 7:30pm-10:30pm PST T/W/TH Tanks: 1 DK, Monk, or Warrior Healers: N/A DPS: Hunter Spriest **All exceptional DPS and healers should feel free to reach out! Officers to contact: Voladis#1809 - GM Bashu#1518 - Officer Caloki#1511 - Officer Thanks for considering <Outliers>!Voladis13 3d
3d <Grim Batol Surfers> LF ALL roles for ALL PvE <Grim Batol Surfers> is a Horde guild that just recently moved over from Emerald Dream, and we’re getting ready to start N Antorus tonight now that we’re all max level and geared on our new home server! We are a very laid back, tight knit group of friends that are looking for more awesome people who are wanting to go hard with us in PvE while having a great time doing it! We consider ourselves to be a progression guild just without the unnecessary drama that can become frustrating in other guilds. Currently we have our 2 main tanks, 2-3 healers, and a handful of DPS, but we are always down to let people play what they want to play so no one is permanently restricted to one role. So, because of this, we’re recruiting for every role, all gear levels, and ALL experience levels (raiding, keystone, or WoW in general)! We love to teach people how to PvE!! --- Raids: Tuesday/Thursday 6-8:30pm server (9-11:30 EST). If we complete a difficulty, continuations are typically Friday or Saturday (depending on availability of people who want to attend). We’re raiding TONIGHT (12/14), so come join us! Keystones: We run +2-15 consistently, and people are always down to form groups outside of raid times World Quests/Argus: There's always people online to farm argunite, AP, or do invasions with Transmog/Mount/Achievement Runs: In some off time, or if we need a break from the grind, we’ll ask around for specific raids or dungeons that everyone would want to run and set up dates for a fun off night to get some achievements or do a few transmog runs Outside of WoW: We also get together in voice to play things outside of WoW, like Cards Against Humanity, Town of Salem, League of Legends, are considering starting up D&D nights, and even hop on some Netflix to watch a movie or show with a group Additional & Alt Help: We help level and gear your alts, catch up in ilvl, our tanks/healers will help your queue times, we seriously want to help get you involved with everyone as soon as possible! We also love to teach people how to raid, mechanics of fights, how to run dungeons, so your general WoW/Raid/Keystone experience is NOT a factor in whether or not you can join!! Some of our best and longest attending members are people that started playing WoW with us. We’re currently most active around 5pm-2am server All decisions are made with the entirety of the guild and everyone has a voice. We really do view this guild as a group of friends that just want to do awesome stuff in game with awesome people. We’ll be raiding TONIGHT (12/14) at 6-8:30pm server (9-11:30 EST) so you can experience who we are and what we’re about! --- Whisper me in game for more information or with any questions! If I'm not online at that exact moment, feel free to add my bnet and I'll get back to you asap: Medusa#1479 Svaela21 3d
3d <Warsong Vanguard> 2nd raid group recruiting <Warsong Vanguard> 2nd raid group is recruiting for core spots. We are currently 4/11 Heroic, and are looking to fill out our group with solid reliable players for weekly progression. We like to keep the group to 2/3/9 or 2/4/12, and will adjust if needed. Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30pm-11:00pm server time What we expect: - We expect you to be on time, and prepared each day for the raid. This means, bringing your own flasks, pots, and food. -We expect you to do your own research of the fights and come prepared. Please ask if you need something explained!!! - We expect you to know how to play your class. What we need: Tanks: Full Melee Dps: 2-3 needed- prefer warrior, dk, rogue Ranged Dps: mage, spriest, hunter, lock, ele sham Healers: Any are welcome, we are currently in need of 4. 940+ ilvl is ideal... Please leave a comment here, or add Carebear#11879 to chat. If you add me on bnet, please leave your class and spec in the info so I know to accept it.Carebear40 3d
4d 2/11M LF Guild 2/11 Mythic / 950(ish) DK/WAR LF Guild. Former hardcore raider with cutting edge Guldan etc. I now work The night audit at a hotel from thurs-saturday, and work mornings the rest of the time so i need to raid either sun-thur evening only. Preferably looking for a TWO-DAY guild as I have kids. Progression doesn't concern me as much, but I prefer you to be at least 2/11 M by now. EDIT: My Btag is vankrin#1851.Vankrina1 4d
4d ATTENTION: Realm Discord and Dream Team I've made a realm Discord where either faction can set up events, talk and even chill. I've organized the discord ranks into Guilds and Factions to keep things organized. If there's a guild that wishes a rank to be added, do not hesitate to let me know. -----PROCEED THE SANCTUARY WITH AN OPEN MIND----- With that being said, before any actual sh*t talk, could we actually try to work this out? Assuming we do get this thing fully functional, this could fix and bring people closer and get activity on this realm booming. Opinions, ideas, suggestions.... anything is welcomed. Try to at least make it contribute to the main idea. Pros: • Real Action - What's that? Guild X called Guild Y a bunch of scrubs? Guy A said Guy B is irrelevant? Instead of forum PvPing, if you want to actually duel/fight a guy and prove them wrong, this would be the place to set it up. • Unity - Whether you're working with your own faction or rival faction, you can set up events against or with each other in an instant. • Help - Someone needs to cap their weekly event? A quest line that you could use help with? Backup for World PvP? Someone to talk to? Here you go. Cons: • Disagreement - Trashtalk will be present, different views and opinions on things (just like on the forums) keep in mind to have thick skin. Let me know what you guys think and if there's any improvements/suggestions that could be made. Let's get this realm active again with world pvp, rated and even pve. Questions that I could use some help with: • Verification - How can we verify if someone is from a certain guild? If so how do we place them in without compromising a certain guild role. • Rules - What rules should we have? Something basic to keep balance and to avoid too much chaos. General guide lines for people to follow and to have fun. • General Ideas - This will be somewhat a challenge to set up by myself. I'm more than happy to take suggestions of what you guys would like to see, types of events we could schedule every Monday, Tuesdays, etc. Ex (These are just examples/general ideas, you guys can work it out): Mythical Mondays: kill dragons/pve content. BBQ Friday: Everyone meets at location X at times Y to Z. Transmog Tuesdays: This is actually self explanatory. World PvP Saturdays: This also is actually self explanatory. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invite Link: https://discord.gg/qJChTdK Important Note: Still working on this Thread and the Discord itself. Will probably take me a couple weeks to a month to perfect it.Aerrithil388 4d
4d class hall champions How do we get their ilvl up to 950? I've had them at 900 for a while, did all class hall missions, but still do not see a way to get them to 950...Soulswapped1 4d
5d LF guild 11 EST (8 PST) raid time AFF LOCK LF Guild. 11pm ish EST (8pm pacific) raid times. AFF LOCK Looking for a mythic raid team that starts around 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Willing to server transfer **1/18/18 ** 947 AFF LOCK with AOTC I took a break shortly after starting mythic TOS and back into the swing of things. Adult gamer who comes to every fight prepared and understands if I'm asked to sit for whatever reason. Bnet Thereisone#1507 Discord Thereis1#3666Thereistwo0 5d
6d Ele and Moonkin LF Guild A friend and I are considering coming to Tich and would like to join a raiding guild. We have full cleared normal antorus and I am 4/11H. Weekend raiding times would be ideal. I am a 945 item level Ele Shaman and my friend is a 944 Moonkin. Brem#1101 is my BtagShockybalboa6 6d
6d [H] LF progression guild Hi all! I just recently came back to the game after being gone for a long time. Been a few weeks got a 110, and my ilvl is up to the 930ish range. I still have plenty of work to do but would love to work with a group that is trying to push content and progress through content. I've played so many MMOs it's crazy (going back to EQ) so the MMO raiding experience is not new to me. I looked at some other posts from individuals and guilds and since I just came back a lot of the questions and "requirements" are lost on me. So, I figured I would post here and give some of my past experience and go from there. So, my "glory days" of WoW were vanilla. I keyed and ran: --MC --Ony --BWL --AQ20/40 --OG Naxx --Reached rank 11 (Lt. General) in old PvP honor system in vanilla Made a small comeback late in Cata: --Firelands --Dragon Soul The guild progressed through DS quickly and that was when SW:KOTOR dropped so we all kinda migrated away from WoW and over to that. In vanilla I played a priest and warrior so I have always done tanking and healing. Coming back I thought I would give DPS a try now. I'm not against meeting up in Disc/Twitch/Vent etc etc to talk about guild goals/expectations to see if it maybe a good fit. Looking for a group who maybe just need a couple more regulars who will put them on the road to pushing through content. Always been a team player and obviously still learning my class and the fights with new content so bear in mind there is a learning curve for me but you won't find anyone more laid back, willing to go with the flow, strong desire to get stuff done and have FUN while doing it. That being said I understand raid mechanics and have been part of several guilds that have raided regularly and pushed content. I know when things are new sometimes you spend a night wiping and learning. Obviously would love to drop bosses the first fight every time but I know what it's like to wipe all night learning fights and not losing my mind and raging on people because of it. Same time, it's called progression for a reason so issues need to be worked out in a timely manner :p hahah Anyhow, thanks for reading. Any interest hit me up, would love to see what options are out there. Hope to talk soon. P.S. I have 2 close friends also playing, more up to speed on raids and such who are also looking. Doesn't HAVE to be a combo deal, but would be great if all of us would be needed pieces to a group. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks and take care.Keldoris8 6d
6d - nmZooeys0 6d
6d Heroic Argus/Antorus GIVEAWAYS! Hello everyone! We're a HORDE carry team dedicated to provide the best runs for you! Apart from selling Heroic Antorus services we also do GIVEAWAYS every week! If you don’t wish to buy a run and simply want to be part of our growing community while participating in our giveaways, I encourage you to join our discord! What giveaways are you guys doing? Our giveaways range from pets, mounts, Heroic Argus, Heroic Antorus Clear, etc. As our community grows so will our desire to give more! Discord link: https://discord.gg/2qy9p4z What if I want to buy? If you're looking for a Heroic Argus or Heroic Antorus Clear (Personal Loot) we are your guys! If you’re tired of pugs and crazy raid leaders we can help you avoid all the unnecessary wipes and countless of hours wasted. Our team is made out of top us raiders dedicated to provide a professional and smooth run. Our prices are always competitive and we accept GOLD in all realms! Discord link: https://discord.gg/2qy9p4z Join our discord to take advantage of our giveaways and be part of our growing discord community! Our goal: We believe in giving back to our community as part of our commitment to sharing our success. To take part of our founded principle we welcome you to join our fast-growing discord community. You will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways that will benefit you and enforce our mission statement: our success starts with your success.Helloimferal1 6d
6d Power Level Offering Power Levels to Characters On Horde Tichondrius From level 101-110 Just Private Message In Game Under TiÑkèr Im usually In Trade Chat As Well :DTiñkèr0 6d
6d 957 Ret Paladin LF Raid and Mystic+ Guild Status Update : Seeking a Guild for Heroic and Mythic Raiding 1. Times available & time zone: Central Standard Time, Available in the Evenings WeekDays after 6PM, No Weekend availablity 2. Server preference: Tichondrius 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 11/11 Normal 7/11 Heroic 7. Contact info: Add me at Mystical#1308 or MSG in game, I will respond pretty quickly 8. Anything else: I can use teamspeak,discord etc. Want to start as soon as possible and join your core group. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/deylectraDeylectra9 6d
6d LF raiding guild 943 Frost Mage and 944 WW monk LF raiding guild Can work with any time. Antorus 11/11H (AOTC) and TOS AOTC we are also looking to push mythic keys battle tag - venom#11176Nîmrôd5 6d
6d [H] High Life recruiting High Life is a laid back guild that enjoys mythic+ and running raids. The guild has a lot of rl friends in it and as such is a strait forward low drama guild. We run personal loot while raiding, always have always will. Raid times are Tue/Wed 730-1030 server time and we usually run optional day of Sun for alts or normal runs. We are wanting to fill out some empty dps spots in guild. We are currently 11/11H. Any questions can be left here or sent to: Silkybrown#1475 – Nërvö / Animë Haanjobe#1697 – Daldalee / Grimsbo Daimian#1105 - SominicSomíníc2 6d
6d Positive Mental Attitude 8/11M ABT 2 day Name: Positive Mental Attitude Faction: Horde Server: Tichondrius Website: http://positivementalattitude.enjin.com/ Progression: 8/11M ABT Core Raid Days: Wednesday/ Sunday Core Raid Times: 6pm - 10pm PST(Server Time) About Us: We are a close guild looking to push through mythic and enjoy our time while we do it. We enjoy joking around and having a good time. And when it comes time to raid, we buckle down and down bosses. What We Are Looking For: We are looking for players who want to help progress through mythic end game content. We ask that people applying know the current content up through heroic, and have gear that is suitable for mythic progression. Current Needs: TANK: Guardian Brewmaster (possibly others) DPS: - HIGH PRIORITY! Hunter (MM) Mage (All Specs) Warlock (All Specs) Monk( windwalker) Warrior(All specs) HEALERS: If I did not list your class, please don't hesitate to contact me. We are always recruiting more people. If you have the skill, and the competency to raid at a high level we will gladly bring you in. Contact: Apply on the Website, then you can contact me in game via BattleTag, or character whispers. I will also be checking this post frequently. BattleTags/Character Names: Ironicks#1316 - Ironikx, Ironickz Stream: Twitch.tv/Ironicks_tv We look forward to hearing from you!Ironikx88 6d
6d [H]<Dimensional>2/11M, 11/11 H Ant LFM Mythic <Dimensional> (2/11 M Antorus, 11/11 H Antorus, 4/9M ToS) is an adult, Horde raiding guild located on (US) TICHONDRIUS. Led by seasoned raiders, <Dimensional> is looking to advance our raid progression team as we set our sights upon Mythic content. We make it one of our guild principles to raid in a relaxed setting that is well-led and well-organized in order to promote an efficient and above all, progression minded environment; something, which we do very well and are proud of. Alongside the right fit and having our raiders be held accountable to their role and actions, progression raiding in <Dimensional> is successful and fun. We are looking for responsible and self-sufficient adults who enjoy progression raiding, in a semi-serious environment. Of course, a strong knowledge of class and raid mechanics are preferred. Below are our raid times and current needs for our core raid team. Please keep in mind we prefer recruits to have raiding experience and current logs available; but are certainly open to newer players who have the right personality and work ethic to become a great raider! ******************************************************************* Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday 6:30p to 9:30p server time (PST) We encourage all raiders to actively maintain a capable DPS off-spec; unless, otherwise noted by leadership to have off-spec as tank/heals. ******************************************************************* If interested in joining us, please have recent logs available and any other information you feel may benefit your chances in joining our ranks. Anything that you can provide to cut out the small talk and help us make an easier and quicker decision on your recruitment process is greatly appreciated. Contact BruceBanner#1166, Dannie#1999 or DrPlaynWatch#1757 for more information and to begin discussing how you can join <Dimensional> today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!Danniegrrl24 6d
6d Late night Work the night shift really looking for people to run m+ or N/H raids . Have a lot max toons 930~960. So if ur a night owl like me hit me up btag billy#13511Bananasauce0 6d
Jan 16 [H] <TMS> LF Rsham & Tank | 9p-12a PST [H][Tichondrius] <The Murloc Saints> is a competitive minded progression guild formed at the end of Nighthold. After achieving Ahead of the Curve for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras, we have set our sights on Cutting Edge for Antorus. We have continued to grow well together and enjoy gaming with one another across multiple games and platforms. Guild info: -Raid times: Tue and Sun 9p-12a PST w/ an optional Wed farm night -Current progression: 2/11M 11/11H ABT -Recruitment: Rsham/Hpally & any tank | Always looking for strong DPS -Also recruiting for M+ and more casual content in order to help build a larger community Trial Period: Trial periods last at minimum 2 weeks (4 total raid days) after which, a decision will be made to extend the trial period with an established reasoning or offer a promotion to full time raider. Our Expectations: -90% raid attendance will be required to keep a raider position. Showing up 15 min early isn’t mandatory, but you must be 100% ready to go at raid time. -Take criticism well. We have many knowledgeable and experienced players that are always trying to improve the group. Whether the criticism is off-putting or not, it’s always in an effort to improve. We are a team after all. -Always be your best! What we mean by this is to never stop looking for ways to improve yourself. Gameplay or otherwise. Bnet: StudMuffin#1856 Discord: StudMuffin#7193Effervescere3 Jan 16
Jan 16 spriest/holyLF late night mythic guild Looking for something starting around 9pm, doesnt matter how many days per week, would prefer 3-4. Spriest looking to transfer to larger server LF guild. Here's a link to logs, very punctual. Everything keybound. Can heal or dps equally. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/21761121/17#metric=dps hollowtip#1911 add for questionsKeliarix2 Jan 16
Jan 16 (H) <Westfall Baptist Church> Sunday Raids <Westfall Baptist Church> is a Sunday morning - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM server time, raiding guild. Most of us are working full time and/or in grad-school, so we don't have time to commit to a regular raiding schedule of evenings, during the week. We have a couple of solid ilvl 950+, 75 trait players, with previous extensive end game experience in previous expansions. Currently, we are recruiting for all roles, with an ilvl 925 requirement for raiders - though, some of us run Mythic+ dungeons during the week, and are willing to help get you geared. For more information, message Holymarie, Markwallbang, or Valarauca Current Recruiting Needs (Update) Medium Priority: Druid: Balance/Resto Monk: Mistweaver/Windwalker Low Priority Hunter Rogue Will consider other classes, if players are available during raid times.Holymarie4 Jan 16