Jun 29 [H]<Partial Credit> 5/9M Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 Partial Credit, 3/9m, is currently recruiting for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras RAID TIMES are currently Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 8pm - 11pm server time (PST). Invites begin at 7:45. We are currently in high need of the following: Resto Druid MW Monk Any Mage Outlaw/Subtlety Rogues Arms Warrior Any good Ranged DPS A tank (Guardian/BM) We're also considering exceptional players of any spec. We offer spirit flasks, guild repair, as well as tomes For all raiders. If interested, please respond here or contact Penor#11829 or myself, Dongerino#11634Stellabanda36 Jun 29
Jun 28 Looking for a raiding guild =) Hello everyone ! Here we go, I want to start PvE with the tomb of sargeras and I am also about to use a 100 boost, so I am ready to boost any class, I am very dedicated, passionated by the world of warcraft universe ! =) Also, I am available monday and wednesday night =)Phobulous0 Jun 28
Jun 28 899 Resto Sham 4/9 N LF Late Night Used to raid heavy back in the day - got Undying title, Tribute to Mad Skill, Hand of A'dal, up to M'uru pre-nerf, Onyxia in Vanilla, yada yada yada - took a break and came back and looking to get back into raiding again. Pretty much just LFR-ing it up at the moment due to my schedule but hoping to find a guild that raids late nights wanting to get into heroic raiding. I can currently raid Sunday/Monday all day/night then after midnight until 4am the rest of the week all Eastern times. If interested, reply here or message me at Aut0mat1c1387. I also have an 895 marksman hunter named Grimmgorr.Grillbuster1 Jun 28
Jun 28 LOWERCASE-Feathermoon [A] 9/9n 4/9H Looking for a new home? Want a change of scenery? Look no further! LOWERCASE -Feathermoon/scarlet crusade is recruiting for it's main raid. The guild is back up and running after taking some time away from the server but the core is back. The core team has been raiding Mythic progression this expansion and has decided to return home. raid times are 5:30pm PST- 8:00pm PST Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are currently looking for 1 tank a couple healers and some dps. The Core team is 9/9n and 4/9H and looking to push mythic ASAP. We are a social guild that does lots of mythic+ and PVP. For more information please contact me here or at Ally#1321.Faillin0 Jun 28
Jun 28 917 Sub rogue 9/10M 5/9 H ToS lf guild 917IL 9/10M NH 5/9 H ToS Sub rogue LF mythic raiding guild, looking to trial and looking for a good fit for a hardcore raiding guild, able to put in the time and can provide logs please message me on b net Jestra#11392 Also will consider server transferring.Scotsterling3 Jun 28
Jun 27 So uh Someone in Ruin told me Penichillen is ...Prepared?Masokitty12 Jun 27
Jun 27 Looking For Weekend Raiding guild Looking for a guild that raids Thursday-Saturday nights. I'm very flexible on the class I can play and the role. My mains are enhance/resto shaman as well as ret/holy paladin that are the most geared. I've been actively raiding since the start of BC. My schedule has changed now so I can no longer raid normal times.Jxfred1 Jun 27
Jun 27 (A) 2k xp MW LF PvP Guild Hey, I'm looking for a guild running regular RBG's for a core spot on my MW. I've reached 2k purely from running with pug groups but I want to get at least 2.2k with a solid guild team. Cheers.Teahupoo3 Jun 27
Jun 27 [H] <Sunflower Brigade> Recruiting! Hey Guys, <Sunflower Brigade> We're a new guild looking for active members. If you're looking for PvP and PvE without going insane, Then We have a damn fun atmosphere for you to enjoy, so come join us! All are welcome and current members are experienced in both aspects of the game! If you are interested please contact Grromgar, Ironblack, or Everstone in game.Grromgar0 Jun 27
Jun 27 PSA If I kill you from one of my tree top perches, and you do not have flying unlocked and cannot reach me, that is not my fault. Please stop spamming me with btag requests just so you can cry at me. I'm running out of space. Kitties like trees. Unlock flying if you don't like it. Thank you!Masokitty42 Jun 27
Jun 26 Want to raid Mythic? Inquire here. Is your guild falling apart after rigorous months of farming (or failing) Nighthold? Are you a raider who just knows that you can perform above your current station? Worried about drama if you guild hop on your current server? Want to clear mythic content at a reasonable pace without the headache? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then <Trauma> [Horde, 9/10M NH] of Mal’Ganis may be the home you are looking for. Raid Schedule: Tues/Weds/Thurs 7:30-10:30 Server Time (CST) Loot is decided by a loot council, with priority pieces being handed out to classes that gain the most from them. We generally gear our DPS > Tanks > Healers in that order unless specific healing / dmg mitigation checks are required for certain bosses. We are currently seeking applicants to our evening raid team to finish fleshing out our main mythic team. ALL applications WILL be reviewed so apply NOW before someone else takes your spot on this kick a$$ team! Critical needs: Ret Paladin Warlock Death Knight (DPS) Guild Website: http://trauma-malganis.shivtr.com/ Please apply in the forums section, and not the pop up application. If you would like to speak one on one, please contact one of the following: slick#1801 - Slick (in game) blightz#1482 - Rng (in game)Rng6 Jun 26
Jun 25 [H] Eyes of The Betrayer <Eyes of the Betrayer> 10/10 H 6/9N 7:30-10:30pm EST Tuesday and Saturday. Looking for skilled DPS and a Healer. Go to https://eotb-us.enjin.com/ to apply!! We are casual players with a serious mind set when it comes to raiding, we also quite frequently do off nights and Keystones! Feel free to either reply to this post or add me Yondy#1789 Look forward to speaking with you!Hiraishin3 Jun 25
Jun 25 <No Bads Allowed> Open M ToS trials, 9/9H Holding open trials in Mythic ToS next week. I am an officer in Parse Culture (US 36th NH) who started a weekend guild to raid more. Since I just started it with ToS, I need bodies for mythic. Aiming to be US 150+ (already 94th in H xD). Our raid consists of alts from PC and other 10/10M players of similar caliber. We are not a team B. Strongly prefer people with 10/10M. Definitely don't bother contacting me with mostly gray/green/blue parses. DPS/Heals only. In dire need for conq/cloth users. Raid Times: Tues (optional) 7-9:30pm pst, Fri/Sat 7-10:30/11pm pst. Btag: Capitally#1670Seepytwo0 Jun 25
Jun 24 Fri/Sat 10pm Pst Or Later Raiding Guild? Does a Fri/Sat 10pm Pacific Or Later Raiding Guild Exist On This Server?Charlíe0 Jun 24
Jun 24 [H] <Vitriol> 8/9H is recruiting! <Vitriol> Tichondrius Horde PVP Raid times: Tues, Weds - 8PM to 12AM EST Sunday - 8PM - 12AM EST Currently recruiting healers and ranged DPS. -We are a progression based raiding guild with the goal of maintaining a high level of performance and skill. We are looking for exceptional applicants who want to be apart of a hardcore raiding guild and push progression content as it is released with the goal of being a top world guild. Our History: Our raid core has a diverse amount of raid experience stretching across several different MMO's. Many of our players began raiding back when Everquest launched and have been raiding for almost fifteen years. Vitriol itself formed in Rift (as No Quarter) where we were on of the top end raiding guilds in the game. We had an infamous reputation in that game as being over the top and having as much fun as we can while maintaining a high level of play. We have raided in WoW during various points in time, maintaining a high progression rate Heroic/Mythic content. Our Expectations of our raiders: We expect all of our raiders to be on time and 100% ready for progression. This means having an appropriate number of flasks and potions, 100% durability, and most distractions taken care of. Our players come to raid with a fully focused mind for the sole purpose progressing the guild. This means we expect our raiders to study and discuss fights BEFORE we progress them. We expect dedication to your fellow raiders, your leaders, officers, and to yourself. Be dedicated enough to yourself that only the best performance is good enough. If you make a mistake it hurts you and you seek out how to fix it. You should accept responsibility and constructive criticism because you care about your performance and your contribute to your guild. You should be proud of your guild and have its best interest at heart. Being well-prepared, on time, and focused are just the very first steps you will take to helping the guild succeed. Our raider's expectations of Vitriol: Vitriol provides a home to those with similar mindsets. Adults that enjoy the game and want to relax after a long day of work by killing some bosses or extremely competitive individuals who look to prove themselves wherever they go. As long as you have the ambition and the drive for raiding you are welcome here. Our raiders expect good leadership that knows when to cut someone who isn't good enough or is holding our raid back. We have this. Our raiders also expect the guild to provide most consumables at reduced prices from the Auction House. We do this. However, if you contribute to the guild bank the guild will take care of you and offer consumables free of charge. You pitch in and we return the favor. If this all sounds good, plus an environment where you can be one of the first to beat content others won't see for months, then come join apply. Please look above for classes and spec's we are currently recruiting. If your class or spec is not listed, and you consider yourself an exceptional player, please apply anyway! If you have any questions contact: Shearkhan (Khan#1521) Gìle (Gile#1558) Drungle (dudeguyman#1899)Drungle2 Jun 24
Jun 23 906 rogue LF mythic raid team Hey, I'm LF a raiding team. I have top 40 US raiding exp in previous tiers. Been playing catch up for the past month or so. Prefer raid times that start AFTER 10pm EST, so after 7 server. riplmg#1882Energy1 Jun 23
Jun 23 RSham LF Raiding Guild Looking to get into raiding for ToS. I can raid any night really from 3-7 pm server time as I am EST and work early mornings. I have mainly pvped over the past expansions and am looking to experience the other half of the game. Any guilds out there looking for a rsham? I look forward to your responses.Squidzy1 Jun 23
Jun 23 [H] Oops All Baddies. 10/10 Mythic NH --ABOUT US-- <Oops All Baddies> is a newly formed guild on the Horde side of Tichondrius-US. We are a group of veteran players with extensive years of top US raiding experience. Our core raiders were all in top 50 guilds during previous expansions, and have been playing together for many years. Our goal for Legion is to clear each raid tier in a competitive time and to keep improving with each raid. We will push progression hard on a light schedule (3 days, 9 hours) so we ask that our members put in the necessary time outside of raid to keep their character competitive. What you can expect from <Oops All Baddies> : > Guild leadership focused on progression > Reliable and skilled players > A friendly, social atmosphere > An active community of players outside of raid What we expect from you : > Raid awareness > Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class > Consistency [showing up every night, prepared, and on time is a MUST]. > Desire to progress and push yourself every night =================================== --RAID TIMES-- Monday/Wedneday/Thursday, 8PM - 11PM Server Time | (11PM - 2AM EST) =================================== --PROGRESSION-- Nighthold - 10/10H, 10/10M Trial of Valor - 3/3H, 3/3M Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H, 7/7M =================================== --RECRUITMENT-- The below list is of high priority targets, but we're ALWAYS accepting high quality & skilled players regardless of class/spec! Melee DPS: Monk ** Deathknight (Frost) ** Hunter ** Paladin ** Demon Hunter ** Ranged DPS: Warlock ** Mage ** --APPLY-- How to apply: > go to http://oopsallbaddies.com/phpBB/index.php and create an account on our forums > Login, then go to http://oopsallbaddies.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=9 > Look at the top two post. One is an application template and the other is an explanation of the application process > Create a New Topic under "Open Applications" using the temple. > ? ? ? ? > Profit For more information contact Fuhst, Nartardna, Lemonzinger, or any of the officers in-game or at our website: http://oopsallbaddies.com/ Nartardna, Nartana#1454 Fuhst, Fust#1446 Remonman, Verdeloth#1428Remonman6 Jun 23
Jun 22 [H] < Accelerate > 3/9H and 9/9N tos One of tich's oldest raiding guilds i am rebuilding the guild have some core members returning to glory lol currently recruiting all specs and roles of solid reliable raiders\ sunday and monday 11 server till 1server laid will be lead by my self straitbeast armory me for experience if need be took a few tiers off but we are back boys and gals add me straitbeast#1563 to speak more about this or if you have any questionsStraitdookie0 Jun 22
Jun 22 R/E Sham + BM Hunter LF raiding guild Two RL friends known each other for 7+ years are looking for a raiding guild horde side on Tichondrius. We recently returned from a break since pandaria and are looking to return to the raiding scene. Our Ilvls are 897 and 894 respectively and do have some heroic NH experience. Our availability are 5-9 PM weekdays and most times on weekends. Please message me on my btag Kiger#1359. Thanks for your time.Pokeandcloak3 Jun 22
Jun 22 891 destro lock lf guild Hello, I recently came back to the game (about a week ago) and geared up to 891ilvl. Would like to join a raiding guild, not too hardcore though, mature people and drama free with chill enviroment. I'm very active and can do raids and mythics almost any time.Ganrul4 Jun 22
Jun 22 915 Monk Lf Raiding guild going into Tomb I will be server/faction changing Yes my achieves aren't the earliest out there - I have been apart of various high end guilds that sold carries in game for gold enabling us to buy the coolest mounts, power-level professions, and just have fun with close to gold cap. As such I am extremely itemized. I have kills on the first 8 bosses in Mythic NH with extensive knowledge of the fights and mechanics. In addatino I have progression on Grand Mag into p3 and p3 of M Guldan. Some of the old heroic logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/22994801/11#metric=hps Mythic logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/23839141/11#metric=hps As a mw I am extremely adaptable and can easily heal at 850+hps (if that amount is needed) or go upwards of 1.2 Mil- that being said I am not nor have I ever been concerned about logs or a log !@#$% - I am more focused on getting the job done and progressing with no bs. If your concerned about any of my logs put me in a raid and test me out PS I have done extensive research for the fights in tomb and have even had my hand in writing a guides for various guilds. I will be server/faction changing Agedsilver#1113Monkcritzt10 Jun 22
Jun 22 <Occult> Recruiting For PVE/PVP Teams About We are Occult Gaming, a closely bonded small guild (50 different players) LF more to join our ranks. We love to pvp, but for the first time in guild history, we are going to attempt Mythic raiding in the ToS. However we need help! So far our core team only has 12 active members. Join us! For Conquest and Glory! PVP We are recruiting all classes and roles for our RBG team. Lead by various glad players that are willing to help you become better! Our requirements for joining is the will to do your best against the Alliance. (Recommended to have some sort of xp in pvp before jumping into our RBG's) We also run arenas, brawls, and the occasional world skirmishes! PvE We are going to be entering the ToS with the intent on making it to 9/9M, We are all geared, and mechanically inclined raiders that will laugh, but not make judge your raid wiping mistakes. We are learning just as much as you, and we are NOT your hardcore raiding guild that benches people for messing up. We are a TEAM that will work together to down bosses, and will not allow any negativity. We constantly run mythic duns to allow alts, and soon to be raiders gear up. RAID TIME Around 4:30-7:30 PST Tuesday/Thursday With mixed events on other days. Recruitment High Priority -DPS with offspec tank -SPRIST -Strong Ranged DPS -DPS with offspec Heal Med Priority -Melee Dps -Tanks Rules 1. Just be a good person, and have fun! 2. Don't be salty 3. Give me all your gold :P Please add one or both of the following btags for more info! #Gank1116 #MooTheCow1940Shankyshånk3 Jun 22
Jun 22 <Sacred Samophlange> Late Night guild LFM Sacred Samophlange is a late night guild on Tichondrius and we are looking for more players to bolster our roster for heroic and Mythic progression. Current Progression: 10/10N Nighthold 10/10H Nighthold We are currently looking for: All Classes All other good players who like to raid and play late night. If your class/spec is not listed above and you feel you are an exceptional player, please get in touch with us in game. These are not bench spots. If you apply, expect to receive a full-time raiding position. Who Are We? Sacred Samophlange is a new late-night community/raiding guild on Tichondrius (Horde) – US. We are a group of people who prioritize having fun first. We want to clear content, mainly Normal and Heroic, and if things go well, Mythic. Our Raid Times: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 9:30pm - 12:00am PST Loot: Loot distribution is pretty straightforward in Sacred Samophlange. We will be using Personal Loot until the time requires that we use another system. If you are interested in joining, contact one of these players in game or by in-game mail: Tankböt (Glorion#1299) You can also contact us on Discord,(Tankbot#3221). Feel free to respond to this post and let us know you are interested as well. You could also just whisper any member of Sacred Samophlange and they will direct you to an officer.Tankböt11 Jun 22
Jun 22 LF Healer to join our guild Hi, I am the raid leader and main tank from Extreme on Tichondrius. We meet tuesdays and thursdays from 6pm to 9pm realm time. Our current raid group is 14 people strong with 2 healers (holy pally and holy priest). In general we are pretty relaxed but we get things done, we got 7/9 normal and plan to finish normal and start heroic on thursday. We also provide all consumables and repairs for our members. We would ideally like to get a disc priest, MW monk or resto druid. If you are interested feel free to hit me up! Btag: Baro#1453Amári0 Jun 22
Jun 20 Is anyone else having connection issues? Today I have been unable to play the game at all due to having a connection of 4k+MS on both home and world. It is not my internet as my download/upload speed is decent, I am using a wired connection, and I am also able to play other titles with servers further away than the range between me and tich with better ping. My average before today was 25-40ms which is why I believe it is a blizz problem. Any help would be appreciated.Huachuca1 Jun 20
Jun 20 . .Shøckandpaw1 Jun 20
Jun 20 900 Boomkin LF Guild 10/10H Hello! My name is Jesse and I'm looking for a new home.. I've been playing WoW for several years across multiple characters and have some mythic raiding experience. However, I am not looking for a hardcore raiding guild, but more so of a heroic raiding guild looking to progress through mythics at our own pace and have fun doing so. Some of my favorite activities to do on WoW include pvping, mythic+ dungeons, leveling other characters, raiding - pretty much everything! I like to think I'm super friendly and down to earth, and am ultimately looking for a community of friends to join and share some laughs with. Thanks!Sweepykin8 Jun 20
Jun 20 In search of a H guild I am searching for a horde guild that raids around 6 server and a guild that does stuff together throughout the week I really enjoy mythic+ but I hate having to pug +10s every time or beg every day just to get a group together. I love to raid but I also don't want raid 2 days with the guild and sit around doing nothing the other 5 days. I do have a life outside of the game and have a family that will come first even if its a raid night so if that is a problem I'm sorry. I play this game for fun and not a second job, but with that said I also bring my A game when its time to do stuff. My boomy is 904 and I also have a 896 BM hunter. If you would like to speak further you can contact me in game or on here I am generally on atraiu or atraiiu. Thank youAtraiu0 Jun 20
Jun 20 [H] Prot Pally & Holy Pally LFG ToS My friend and I are looking for a guild to start raiding ToS this week. We are both 900+ ilvl and have raiding experience in current Legion content. We are wanting to transfer from our current server, Bleeding Hollow, to Tichondrius because the server time best fits our current availability. We are looking for a guild that begins raiding at 7:00-7:30 ST on any days of the week other than Sunday. We are semi-casual raiders that love to progress but not at the expense of raging or taking things too seriously. Our B-Tags are : Ocelot#1421 Dreager#1663 Thanks!Ocelòt0 Jun 20
Jun 19 <Shelter> Raiding Guild Recruitment Newly formed guild on the server Tichondrius. This guild was formed with players that have had experience in the raids of legion as well as a few players that have been playing for a few years. This is not a hardcore raiding guild by any means but we will push progression and create a mythic team as the guild builds. Days will be Tuesday, Thursday, and an optional Sunday. Raiding times are 6-8:30 Server Time. We are looking for at least some experience when it comes to raiding. Guild will look to run Mythic +s as well. This will be a friendly environment and will look to build a great guild. If you would like to be a part of this journey please whisper Erilliea on server Tichondrius.Erilliea1 Jun 19
Jun 19 [H] High Life - Heroic ToS Recruitment This is a recruitment post, nothing more, nothing less. This game is full of nerdy players. Let’s face it; you are on a video game forum reading this post so you fall into that category a little bit. This guild separates itself from the rest by having less of a toolbag feel to it. We are opening our doors to the public and are looking to add some more players. You may think you are not good enough to play with us, you are. You may think you are too good to play with us, you are not. Tomb of Sargeras is coming up in the next month and we are getting prepared. This creates a great opportunity to join a casual, heroic raid group at the beginning of the raid tier. We are very good players who do not want to raid every night of the week or on weekends. We blew through heroic Nighthold a few months ago and did not pursue mythic raiding. Look through our parses if you want to see what we are about. Show up to raid, be chill, and know how to play your character. We are very active in doing mythic + as well and there is an opportunity to join a group almost every night of the week. Here is our raid schedule: TUESDAY 7:30pm PST WEDNESDAY 7:30pm PST Raids end sometime between 9:30pm – 10:00pm PST **the only loot distribution method we run is personal loot. no master loot, no loot council, no bs If you like what you see do not hesitate to send one of us a shout. Tags are listed below or respond to this post and we will hit you up. Silkybrown#1475 – Nërvö / Animë jumbulaya#1171 – Jumbulaya / Nucklehead Haanjobe#1697 – Haanjobe / DaldaleeJumbulaya17 Jun 19
Jun 19 <Deserter> [H] (7/7H 3/3N 3/10H)H Raids+RBG Everyone else has a paragraph to lure you in so here's ours: Deserter-Tichondrius is a social and tight group that consists of players that have come together from several servers. The guild prides itself in taking part in both aspects of PVE and PVP. We are a drama-free guild and have zero tolerance for disruptive behavior which directly impacts the guild or player performance. Deserter holds its members accountable to bring their best game, and encourage people to explore new options; yet, understand the fundamentals to their class. We do not feel there is a perfect raider, nor a perfect pvper as there is always room to improve. Schedule (PST)PVE (Normal Nighthold) Tues / Thu / Monday- 6:30 ~ 8:30pm PVP (RBG) 1800-2100 MMR Fri 9:30pm ~ / Sun 6:30pm ~ RecruitmentEXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS OF ALL CLASSES ARE ALWAYS CONSIDERED Current openings: Tank - Paladin, Druid, Death Knight, Monk Healer - Shaman, Druid, Monk, Paladin Ranged DPS - Druid, Priest, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock Melee DPS - Demon Hunter, Monk, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Warrior Contacting UsIn-game or any of these battletags if you have any questions GM: Mòrmegil - Deaken#1840 PvP: Qtling - Hanzo#1544 Recruitment: Ióveme - Zookey#1953 Surferdunks - Icesurfer7#1948Surferdunks3 Jun 19
Jun 19 Hpally LF New Home Greetings All - About Me: I recently came back to the game after takng a short break from raiding. Clearing N NH (10/10), I have been a AoTC raider since SoO and all WoD i would to find and grow with mythic raiding guild so I've decided it's time to move on from the guild and server where I am. I rarely miss a raid and i do the research on my class as well as fights. I also have a working headset w/mic and can use whatever voice chat system is needed. What I have: (main)873 Holy Pally(OS Prot): https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/stormrage/prmetheus (alt)883 Resto Shammy: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/stormrage/squirtguns What I'm looking for: I'm looking for a stable guild that has a core spot for me(after trial periods of course). I would prefer to switch to horde but will stay Ally for the right guild.I'm mainly interested in doing heroic then mythic ToS progression . i do a fair amount of BGS and would like to get in to PVP Raid Times I'm looking for: I preferably would like to raid 2-3 times a week with an optional alt run. I can raid Saturday thru Tuesday pretty much any time. i work Wednesday thru Friday and will not be on those days If your interested, my Bnet is Argonics#11757Prmetheus1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Healer and rDPS Looking for a New Guild Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking to make the switch to a west coast server and are in need of a new raiding guild. We are casual players looking for a heroic focused raiding guild that may dabble in mythic later on. I play a MW monk and he plays a warlock. Days available: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Time available: After 7 pm PST is ideal, 6:30 pm could possibly work (We get home some days around 6:30 is the only concern) We have done all the current content on heroic and would really like to find a new guild before ToS opens.Tukulu2 Jun 19
Jun 19 Happy Father's Day Shout-out to the forum crew, hope everyone had a good weekend. Extra shout-out to the father's out there. I ended up going to the gun range with my pops and had a steak dinner after. Merica.Flashòck4 Jun 19
Jun 18 [H]LFG A group of friends and I are looking for a progression guild. We come from a guild called The Blooded who was 6/10 M NH. The group consists of two awesome DPS guys. One of the best healers I have ever run with and a main tank who is very good. We were officers and GM from The Blooded and we have all run raids. Looking for raids Tuesday through Thursday 8PST 912 Blood DK 909 Rogue 908 Holy Priest 903 Hunter Dane#1105Ifaponu0 Jun 18
Jun 18 Depraved Gods Looking for Raiders <Depraved Gods> Tichondruis is recruiting for our core raid team for Tomb. We are 10/10H, 3/3H, 7/7H. Raid times; Wed 10pm server, Sunday 9pm. Guild repair for raiders, discord and a sense of humor required. Currently Looking for: Holy pally or Resto druid Resto Shammy Frost or Unholy DK Ret pally Shadow Priest You can contact us in game at cole236#1603Kohmall0 Jun 18
Jun 17 904 MM Hunter LF Raiding Guild 904 MM Hunter. 10/10 (H) NH. Looking for a 2 day Adult raiding guild. MON-THURS. 5-9PM SERVER TIME. Thank you.Syleilda4 Jun 17
Jun 17 holy priest LF 10/10 M guild Holy priest looking for 10/10 mythic raiding guild for 7.2.5 Experienced in raiding since vanilla WoW send ingame mail or add Sandman#1329Yunaiv0 Jun 17
Jun 17 911 Bear LF home 911 equipped Guardian looking to transfer off of Illidan because of work schedule changes. I also have a 907 prot paladin and 906 Affliction Warlock. Progression doesn't matter to me as long as you guys can kill things. I have a working microphone, any voice works with me. Logs on request. CURRENT XP: 2/10 M (51 traits) SCHEDULE: anything 9:00 pm + and later (PST) PAST XP: Been playing the game since TBC, I have raided hardmodes as a tank in every tier (except all of warlords) since burning crusade. Also as an added bonus to pvp guilds, 2200 xp as well. Additional info can be provided on request, I look forward to hearing from your team! Battle tag: Johnwayne#1593Caprisunny6 Jun 17
Jun 16 Recruit a Friend Looking for someone to do Recruit a Friend with before legion drops, Please pay for your own stuff. Tich Horde is what i will be using these benefits for. Thank you for your time.Chämpägne3 Jun 16
Jun 16 [H] 908 H Priest LF M Guild - Alt Heroic raids - Prog Raids 3 times a week, for 4 hours - M+ Group - Runs a fair and generous RCLootCouncil, as well as use Angry Assignments and Keyed 2.0 - Extremely welcoming and friendly. No drama, i ain't about that life - Curse or Discord. No Skype or TeamSpeak.Nightdwellér12 Jun 16
Jun 16 DPS LF 2 Night Guild Hi all, We have 4 DPS looking for a 2 night guild, which has solid heroic progression and clear speed with the potential for mythic difficulty as well. Anytime during the week is fine for us excluding weekends, with hours preferably being after 6PM PST. Our 3 DPS: Retribution Paladin - 895 ilvl Elemental Shaman - 908 ilvl Balance Druid - 913 ilvl Frost DK - 903 ilvl Our Druid has 10/10M exp, our Shaman has 6/10M exp and the DK and myself have 4/10M exp. Feel free to add my battle tag Lemmings#1615 for any further info.Jeverett3 Jun 16
Jun 16 908 BM Hunter LF M NH 908 BM Hunter LF a solid, friendly, consistent raiding guild. Prefer to be a weekday AND a weekend day raid schedule. Preferably raid times in the 6 server time up to 10 server time. The guild also needs to be into Mythic NH progression as well. Im 54 traits, 4/10 M NH progression. I'll post a link to logs. But honestly im posting here because i just havent found a raiding guild that suits my schedule. Either i show up for mythic content and not enough ppl are on on the listed raiding day to do Mythic content, or the day its run is the day i cant make. when im on, im active, bring flasks and prep to be ready. I dont want a hardcore -50DKP type guild, but i do want ppl to not be stupid over and over again. i understand sometimes ppl make mistakes and im looking for a guild that understands that. Im down to earth and try to improve my character as best i can. And at this point, thats mythic content and prepping for a final home for my character to progress through Tomb. If this sounds like i fit your guild then please add me in game - LastTimeLord#11927 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/tr%C3%ACgg%C3%ABr Thanks for your time and hope to hear from youTrìggër6 Jun 16
Jun 16 <Dismay> 6/10 M LF More [Dismay] (6/10M 7/7M) is a progression raiding guild looking to fill its ranks with players who want to excel and clear trivial content. DPS players who want to compete at a competitive dps level against others; constantly finding new ways to improve. We expect any applicant to have a clear understanding and knowledge of their class and game mechanics, the willingness to spend time out of the game to learn how to better themselves in game, and a good attitude both in and out of game. Schedule: Tuesday 8-1130 PST Thursday 8-1130 PST All raid spots are competitive, so if you don't see your class/role listed here, feel free to add my battletag anyway! That said, our current needs are as follows: DPS: Shadow Priest/Mage/Warrior/Warlock Healer: Hpal What we offer: A stable, drama free raid environment among people who genuinely enjoy playing with one another. We offer M+10s and higher. We offer outside raiding play as well with people on through out the day. What we ask of you: We're looking for like minded players who aren't interested in dramatics, aren't selfish, can take constructive criticism, are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in a raiding environment, and are looking for a long term home. We want you to play your class at a level of mythic standard. If you feel you meet this criteria and are interested in us, please add any of these tags to contact an officer: Forbodenn#1662 Brutelight#1960 CitizenWayne#1708Forbidenn0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: https://discord.gg/gwzb6qS When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 16 [H] It's Just Pixels 10/10M Recruiting Name: It's Just Pixels Faction: Horde Server: Tichondrius Voice: Discord Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7-10pm PST Progression: 10/10 Mythic Nighthold Class Needs: Death Knight: Low Demon Hunter: Low (Havoc) Druid: Low (Guardian) Hunter: Low Mage: Medium Monk: Low Paladin: High (Holy) Priest: Medium (Shadow) Rogue: Low Shaman: Medium (Restoration) Warlock: Low Warrior: Low If your class isn't listed as "High" priority, we still want to hear from you if you think you can be valuable to our raid team. All exceptional applicants will be considered! About Us: IJP is a community based guild that isn't just meant to be a placeholder for your WoW character. Our goals are to clear content as it is current without burning our players out by asking them to maintain absurd levels of AP. (That being said we do ask that you dedicate yourself to your character enough to be raid capable) If you're the type of person who enjoys staying on voice chat after a raid is finished to run a dungeon, play another game, or just sit back and joke with a group of people, we may be what you're looking for and you're certainly what we're looking for. Contact me via Battle.net if you have any questions (vivix#11152) or you can simply reply to this thread. I will continually update the information as required to suit our recruitment needs.Vivíx12 Jun 16
Jun 15 The field life I miss you guys, my unit has me actually in a field with deer and what not. No service to stroll around. Anything new ?Zingfer23 Jun 15
Jun 15 Fallen II? Anyone from Fallen II still around? It's me Tera.Funky0 Jun 15