Aug 7, 2014 581 Ret Paladin LF CM / Heroic SoO Looking to do Challenge Modes. I'm also open to joining a guild run of Heroic Thok - Garrosh. Contact me in game if interested. Matillis#1685Lainey0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 WTB Reins Of the Spectral Tiger Im looking to buy the mount reins of the spectral tiger. Send me mail or pst me in game on PRICEWEAVER!Pricekizzle0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 WTT up to 140k gold from DarkspearA to TichH WTT up to 140k gold from Alliance US Darkspear to Horde US Tichondrius. This means that you have to have gold on tichondrius horde to give me and i have gold on darkspear alliance to give to you. Why am i doing this? I hate alliance. Let me know if you are interested and we will do trades in a lot of split payments so that no one loses any gold. Pst if interested.Backpedalqq0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Crit on My Chest! Joins us Today! Crit on my Chest is a newishly formed guild on Tich Looking for members to start filling our 10 man raid group, started by a core group of friends, we have a active TS always people in there talking !@#$ and looking for things to do... we are not a welfare guild so don't come here looking for hand outs Bank and free repairs are there for those who play and work with the guild!! Pst Poundtowñ, Hellmokitten, or overusedname for invite or add my btag Poundtown#1692Poundtowñ1 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 WTB Spectral Tiger looking to buy a spectral tiger, add me in game or post on here. thx, throatpunch#1137Xtë0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 [WTS] Alani Mount - 25k ono Selling Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent - It drops from Alani. The price is 25k or nearest reasonable offer. 1. I give you master looter 2. You pay me 3. I use my Sky Crystal on Alani 4. We kill it 5. You loot the mount for yourself If you are interested reply with your battle tag or mail/message me in-game.Skazahz3 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Looking for an active Viet guild on Tichondri Are there any active viet guilds on this server?Anhdor2 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 WTB Mistshroud Tunic Greetings Tich, I'm looking for the BC BoE Mistshroud Tunic Will pay you 5k for it. It drops from Yor in heroic Mana-Tombs, but you see, I am too lazy to quest up the the point where I can summon him. So, if you happen to have this piece lying around, please do sell it to me. Add me at Cerylidae#1552 if you have it.Tarrasque0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 Spriest LF Pvp guild Shadow priest, 1950 exp as hunter, moving to tich needing a guild. Wanting a guild to focus on RBGs, but also needing a few people to do 3s with (pref god comp) RBG CR is currently 0, 3s is 1700 wanting to push both. Whisper me ingame (Name will be changed to Mindtricks) or add Idiom#1375Sawwbones0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 Prot warrior and Frost dk looking for raiding My and my buddy are now looking towards joining a raiding guild. We are geared and prepped to go into normal tier raids. We are from Mountain time which is an hour ahead of server time. We are up late most nights and have weekends off. We have been playing wow for most of the expansions and gear and knowledge is not a problem. I am currently 539ilvl prot warrior and he is 542 frost dk, We are on our way to our legendary cloaks. Any raiding nights would be possible late nights would be preferable. And yes we are a package deal.Cthulmoo2 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 6, 2014 WTB Ghost Iron ore Bulk As the title send me your Ghost iron ore. I am paying 30G a stack C.O.D Daristira or add me and we can talk money @ Rubicon#1954Daristira0 Aug 6, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 H WTB Ethereum Nexus Reaver Looking to buy this axe msg me in game or on here with price please!Néwportz0 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 -H- WTB ALL Ghost Iron Ore! Need supplier Hello! I am in need of ghost iron ore. I am looking for a supplier. I will buy all ghost iron you can throw at me. Literally all. Current prices: 30G/Stack Either C.O.D to Captinimpro or add me JamesB#1906 if you wish you speak! Thanks!Captinimpro0 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 Buying 'The Sunwell' carry 1,500g Forgot to mention you need a 2 seater mount to fly me to the portal in shat (im lvl14)Reinstall2 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 This Realm Needs To Be Fixed. I got a Human Pally 90 and went over to farm timeless and I literally can't even play. I am getting spawn killed. We need to do some sort of free faction change to Alliance from horde.Myspeldsucks13 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 Buying Regular Spectral Tiger !!! Looking to buy spectral tiger, (not a swift spectral tiger) normal. You can add me ingame throatpunch#1137 or COD it to me. not paying AH price 250k+. but if you want to sell it ill buy it.Purplehåzê0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 @Käïïjü probably the best feral ive seen, in like ever!Beastmodër0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 Any primarily Bay Area based guilds? I'm looking for a guild where most members are from the Bay Area. I myself am from Oakland, California. Anyone know of any?Sidhlairièl1 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 N/A Got it, thanks!Numbfrost2 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 @ganepa Just wanted to say GG. Played against your beast cleave 2s vs me and my Rdruid. Ended with us both at like 2k HP, i noticed we both had 2 KBs, did you get win as well? Anyway, sick finish :)Sturmengrif0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 Might move to Tichondrius? Hi, I just came back to wow and found that my server is practically dead...no one talks in trade chat the guilds are meh. I'm wanting to find a server that has some type of community. Or find a social guild. So please help me out! Is this a good decision? I might even role a horde, to spice things up.Sapandra5 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 Should We Switch? Me and my lads are switching to a server to finally try the alliance content. We have been playing Horde exclusively for about 2 1/2 years now. We really value the PvP so would it be at least an okay idea to try it on this server? Any feedback is accepted. Thanks :D:D:DSoully2 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 LF late night raid guild(have multiple toons) I am looking for a starting late night raiding guild. I have no experience other than LFR SoO. I can bring to the table multiple toons to fit roles that are needed. All my toons are in the range of 509-520ish. Tank (Pally), healer (Priest), DK(dps) and hunter dps. I'd like to raid at most 3 nights per week preferably around the server time 9p-12a(ish).Shãd1 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 can u not stop with the dcsVerns1 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 Looking for CM 9/9 Gold group! 9/9 Gold Exp on main. Looking for 9/9 on my alt warlock! I'm ready to knock them out when ever. Hit me up Seanxedge#1192Upôn0 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 H <Venomous> 2.0 recruiting/reorganizing Venomous is reforming and redesigning to prepare for the upcoming expansion. We are solving all of the ailments that plagued us during the mid-to-end of MoP. Changes we're making: - Shifting from Casual Raiding to Progression Oriented Raiding. >> A casual atmosphere was a blast, but we noticed alot of players flake off as soon as normal content was completed. We're planning to push for Mythic at the expansion. We will be running a core 20 man team all the way through the expansion, with strict attendance expectations. - Tanks are going to be core leadership members of the guild. >> We had a huge problem keeping tanks that could make attendance, and/or refused to be team-minded players. We understand that the expansion is a pretty big distance away, and that the real recruitment won't be effective until the later portions of leveling. We are planning to solidify our raid dates and times at that time, as well as the final specifics of our new setup. We were successful at getting two seperate teams of 10 man raiders through SoO, so Mythic is a goal we're ready to set our sights on. We are currently looking for players to run SoO one to two nights per week with us in order to farm at least the Normal Mode BoAs in preparation for Prepatch in which they will become a guaranteed drop for anyone that does not have one. We're looking for Range DPS currently. Nights we decide to clear Siege will be determined once we have the raid setup and tanks geared sufficiently. Prefer Mages/Warlocks/Spriests/Hunter. If you're interested, contact me via btag Reznor#1842.Wormwøød3 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 WTT Guild For CQ CAP Hello, I'm wanting to trade my level 11 guild with 4 tabs for a 22k CQ Cap. I will be doing the cap on a resto druid. We can do the cap all at once or parts at a time. Please contact me at my battle tag at snootzyz#1316 Thank you.Doobydruid0 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2014 WTB two 9/9 CM gold runs. 70-80k each run. Add SumoChimp#1973Tiduzz0 Aug 3, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 Selling More Ghost Iron Bar - BS kits Sold out of kits again, just finished farming another kit, if you want it let me know. Its a 1-600 ghost iron bar kit, can all be done in Two Moons - Since you got the bank right above; were u train BS at. How it works? 1.) We invite you to our guild with 3 tabs full of Ghost Iron Bars. 2.) We Promote you to "BS Kit" Rank - (pretty smart right :P ) - Cause we sell alot of kits, so easy this way. 3.) then you use the BS guy in two moons to train the recipes and level from there. Takes about an 30 mins to an hour to get 1-600 BS. Message me if your interested - ThroatPunch#1137 - please leave a note saying why u added me Or Leave a comment on here with your battle tag, and i will get ahold of you. THANKS !!!!!Purplehåzê0 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 WTB regular Spectral Tiger !!!!! Add me - ThroatPunch#1137 or post on here, and i will get back to you. Not paying more than AH price for it, so don't bother; if ur going to charge AH price.Purplehåzê0 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 (H) Selling 9/9 Gold Challenge Modes Blizzard recently announced that when patch 6.0 hits, Challenge modes will no longer be available. The clock is running out on your chance to get a mount, a full set of unique transmog-able gear, and all the achievements that come with gold challenge mode clears! Our service includes: - Completion of all gold challenge modes in ~2 hrs - Portal to all Mists of Pandaria heroic dungeon entrances - 430 achievement points - Title Reward: The Undaunted - One of four unique pandaren phoenix mounts - Unique transmog gear set for your class! When patch 6.0 drops, for having 9/9 completed you also get: - All four pandaren phoenix mounts for all characters! - Many exclusive Feats of Strength Why choose us? Our team is comprised of players from some of the top US raiding guilds who are among the best players in the world. Our collective knowledge and experience guarantee a smooth and painless experience. We're very good at what we do and our carries reflect this. Complete runs typically take ~2hrs. Please make sure you have completed the following dungeons on heroic difficulty prior to your carry: Mogu'shan Palace Scholomance Scarlet Monastery Scarlet Halls Temple of the Jade Serpent Stormstout Brewery Gate of the Setting Sun Siege of Niuzao Temple Shado-Pan Monastery You can contact me at Holycm#1887 if you are interested.Grarrqt2 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 Conneted... Does Blizz have any plans to make this a connected realm to balance the pop a lil more for alliance side? I've done a search or two but couldn't find any info.Kobruh1 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 We got more BS kits (x2) - Ghost Iron Bar kit Its a 1-600 ghost iron bar kit, can all be done in Two Moons - Since you got the bank right above; were u train BS at. How it works? 1.) We invite you to our guild with 3 tabs full of Ghost Iron Bars. 2.) We Promote you to "BS Kit" Rank - (pretty smart right :P ) - Cause we sell alot of kits, so easy this way. 3.) then you use the guy in two moons to train the recipes and level from there. Takes about an hour or so, to get 1-600 BS. Message me if your interested - ThroatPunch#1137 - please leave a note saying why u added me Or Leave a comment on here with your battle tag, and i will get ahold of you. THANKS !!!!!Purplehåzê2 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 [H] 572 Shaman / 560 Monk LF Heroic PvE Guild Hi, i am a i572 Resto / 564 Ele Shaman LF an active Heroic SoO guild currently i am 8/14 exp and i know 11/14 bosses on Heroic http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Watsatotem/simple, i also have a 560 Brew monk / 553 MW i would be willing to raid on (no pvp gear) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Pwndaexprêss/simple please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me in game at Celsus#1644, thanks for your timeWatsatotem0 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 WTB regular Spec. Tiger - not paying AH price I'm looking at buying a - [Reins of the Spectral Tiger] not paying 285k AH price for it. if you want it sold whisper me. throatpunch#1137Purplehåzê0 Aug 1, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 [H]<The Monkey Cult> PvE for SoO and WoD <The Monkey Cult> is a relatively new, friendly guild recruiting all those interested in SoO progression! Our core 10 man group currently need 1 Warlock, Rogue, and healer with DPS offspec ilvl 540+. However, all classes are open for recruitment as we look to expand to 25 mode, as well as WoD eventually. If you're not looking to do serious normal/heroic progression, we also run weekly flex raids and challenge mode runs. Trying to get a Wotlk or Cata achievement? We have many guild members running old content daily! Guild perks include free bananas. If you're tired of the constant PvP grind on this server and want something different, send me a message in game (Battletag: Sophocles#1860). Raid times are 8:30 server Tuesday/Thursday (and Sunday if necessary). Flex usually on Saturday at 8:30.Faxmonkey5 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 LF Late night or Morning raiding guild Hey everyone, I'm planning on transferring here with a few friends and going horde. I recently came back from a long break but I used to be a very heavy raider as a Balance druid and was in a Top guild at the time fighting for server first Heroic 10m LK. Just wondering if there is any guilds out there LF DPS.Modnarr7 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Demo lock LF friendly PvP guild Been through way too many !@#$ guilds where no one remembers anyone and is basically a second trade chat. I'm looking for some bros to PvP with a demo to push ratingXyzoth3 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 twinking guilds? Is there any twinking guilds on tich? Would love to run some old dungeons and raids with a bunch of level appropriate people. Would like to do vanilla or tbc maybe even wrath. What you got tich? Pvp too of courseGratscot0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Tichondrius Alliance - What happened? I remember in Vanilla times there were plenty, if not more Alliance, but now you barely stumble upon any. Mal'Ganis was always heavily Horde favored, but if I remember right Alliance was going strong on Tichondrius. Anyone here that can refresh my mind? It would be nice if there somehow came over more Alliance here..Nazani15 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 WTS Glacial Gloves Pattern no longer available in game since 2008 Selling gloves between 75k-100k (negotiate) link to prove pattern not available anymore: http://www.wowhead.com/item=22684/pattern-glacial-gloves#comments link to gloves I'm selling: http://www.wowhead.com/item=22654/glacial-gloves PST in game or reply here Swolefie#1669Xzk1 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 LF Heroic Raiding guild to chill in, 13/14Hc I have an alt on tich, just looking for a guild to join so that I can talk with like minded people when I'm on. I have a 578 Disc priest that I'm not raiding with at the moment, and while I'm not looking for another raid team for it I wouldn't be opposed to bringing her in occasionally if you need a healer, and she doesn't have a lockout. If you would like to have me, add Skellyton5#1322 or leave your btag and guild clear. Ideally looking for a guild 11/14H+ however If that doesnt happen less if fine. I'm tired of being in dead leveling guilds and I don't Like the TC on Tich so idk how to find a guild other than posting here =sThefirebrand0 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Thinking about starting over for WoD on Tich. Me and a group of friends are going to be coming back for the free90boost and WoD, would it be smart to go Alliance on Tich? My thinking is that Tich is very populated, famous for the top% of PvP players and fanboys, and that Alliance would have short BG queues vs a largely horde server. Am I off base here?Louder7 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 Titans of Anarchy - Tich - RBG Recruitment Titans of Anarchy (ToA) <25> on Tichondrius is recruiting for our CORE RBG GROUP! 1900+ MMR.. We are currently looking to fill FC Guardian with off-spec of Boomy, SPreist/DLock, HPally and RDruid.. Please be minimum 540+ ilvl and be on Tichondrius or be will to realm change.Shamox0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 LF BS CRAFTING!! Looking for someone to craft Lionheart Champion, Reborn. Mats i already HAVE are: Living steel 6/6 Lionheart Blade Reborn 1/1 Mats needed Are BS Only BOP Spirit Of Harmony 6~ Lightning steel ingot 10~ Spirit of H I'm willing to pay 250g each = Total of 1500g Price can be discussed also Lightning Steel Ingots we can discuss the pricing. My Btag is Koma#1902Buruzuai0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 Newly Xferred Spriest and Frost Mage LF RGB's Hi there! Me and my brother just transferred here from The Underbog because it was completely dead. We just started playing again in MOP after stopping after WotLK. We are looking to get into a serious RBG guild to push rating. We both played our respective classes back in WotLK but had to make new accounts this expansion. We know what we are doing and play our classes perfectly. We are looking for a serious RBG guild with hopefully a few teams running. Also looking for a solid Resto Druid for God Comp 3's. Let me know.Yolodoloqt0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 Lf 1800 rbg carry I am looking for 1800 rbg carry, please offer in gold only.Daniebnr0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 [H] Looking for late night raiding guild. Just starting playing again. Looking to get into some raiding again on monday or tuesday night around 9pm PST. Hit me up Relentless#1750Sincityryder0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 549 HPally looking for guild. 549 Holy Pally, recent server/faction change looking for raiding guild, I would prefer a guild that is a little more serious in progression but I'm down with casual, especially until next Xpac. I'm also open to pvp, although I have no pvp gear on my pally, on my main I was 1800 exp in 3s, 2s and rbgs.Tibbitz1 Jul 29, 2014