Nov 20, 2014 What is the point of 626 warforged gear? The only place it scales higher is in ashran. It doesn't scale higher in arenasHairbearcare1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Ashran reward maxing. So, after spending about 5 hours in here and getting the game down, it's more profitable for both sides to truce and raid farm the crap out of pve content for max honor capping and rep farming, the bosses give insane mounts of artifacts and honor and loot chances - not to mention each elite which is soloable in 2-3 minutes gives 30-60 artifacts, thats 1 honor per artifact, a bg win is 150 a loss is 50, a bg can take 15-40 minutes, i have made average 50 honor here in 3-4 minutes, not to mention pick pocketing people who are clearly almost botting the raid areas with range spells. Idk, these are just my reads on this game mode really, its better to pve than pvp here, besides both sides its bugged for a lot of folks and it doesnt work well at all. edit: edited for the grammerDivali0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 (Alliance) Prot pally LF raiding guild Looking for reasonable guild where I could try out for a core raiding spot. I have previous raiding experience on a prot warrior and resto shaman, picking up prot pally now.Roidfree2 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 HELLO!!! Questions! YYYEAAHHHH 1. Does anyone have an idea of when they will resolve the Que issues? 2. What would be a good guild to join on this server? one that will actually benefit you and actually has a nice ranking system? 3. When your in the server and not in que, how is the connection?Stannarg0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 [H] Enchanter with Bonus Armor weap ench LFW! Will do it for free. Your mats, my magical infusing skills. Whisper Meatgrindr anytime!Meatgrindr0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 Dear Infidels Today you spent over 30 minutes chain ganking me and every other ally in Spires of Arak. You are level 100, it is a level 96-98 leveling zone. I wanted to thank you for adhering to the original core values of Tichondrius. This is how we treated one another back in the good old days of vanilla, and I couldn't appreciate your commitment to your cause more. Many thanks, and I'll see you at 100. Tich is for me.Iscarioto15 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 What song are you playing? The Knife - Live - Heartbeats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrjwqXwyzNU <3 wow 2011 omg.Bigjunk4 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 WTS Kyb's Foolish Perseverance 70k OBO As the title says. Looking to sell this trinket for 70k or best offer. Send me a tell on InfernusxDesperation0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 Hidden in Stormwind-Recruitment Updated Hidden In Stormwind – Tichondrius-Horde About us : We are a small guild that only takes the best of the best in raiding. Myself included we are 3 friends that decided to get back into raiding for Warlords of Draenor. We are all very experienced raid leaders and raiders. join a friendly group of players as we demolish all the heroic bosses in Warlords of Draenor We will be doing mythic raiding in the future once we are geared enough and have at least 20 people to do it with. Our Raid schedule : Friday 9:30-11:30 CST Saturday/Sunday 8:15 CST -11:15 CST (must be able to make 90% of the raids) What we need currently (may subject to change) all can apply if they think they can live up to our stantards. You will be put on trial if you get accepted. Please read the whole app. Any questions whisper or mail Hubcake or bamy in game ! Recruiting : All other class Please apply if this guild seems to be for you Mistweaver or Windwalker Resto Druid Unholy or Frost DK Mage: any spec Shammy : Any Spec Warlock -afflic or destro Tank -dk warrior or druid! All others apply we will look at each app. See You in Draenor!Hubcake6 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 Im just saying If everyone canceled their sub and put this (inability to play) as the reason it would probably help more than QQingFaíled2 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Tich players need transfer Blizzard, queue times are rising to 5k and I can't wait for 3 hour just to get disconnected again. You guys need to do ur job to either stabilize the god dam server or at least let us transfer. I didn't buy this game and pay every month just to sit here and wait for eternity.Maylenton2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 H < Wreak Havoc>LFM for WOD Mythic team Wreak Havoc is a PvP & Raiding Guild based on H Tichondrius. Leaders are 14/14 25m SoO H (pre 6.0) , 9/9 CM gold & 2200 + exp in PvP Raid days are Tue-Thur-Sat 8pm EST till 12 Looking to fill our rank for our WoD Mythic raid team. Looking for competent , skilled players. Current exp is not required but is a bonus. We will be keeping the guild small and productive by capping membership at 100 members. We are currently still running SoO for trials for our WoD mythic raid team. http://wreakhavoc.wowlaunch.com/ If interested please contact one of the following officers in game Hyypeshift Beerwench Caewen JbieberShootdaface6 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Don't have to go to Ashran for PVP honor gear ... This is for the nubs that keep saying "hurr qq i can't get in ashran to get my pvp gear f u blizz hurr" EDIT: Also stay the F out those who just AFK in Ashran and check out honor gear go to the guys specified above PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. PSASurprentis0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 World server World server is feeling kinda down... please try and cheer it up :(.Alascene0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 World server down? Anyone else having issues getting in game saying world server is down? Battle.net shows the server up but I can't log in any toon.Stinch7 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 WTB MAGIC ROOSTER Im looking to buy a magic rooster. No BS, no overpriced debates. Someone recently flooded the market with them at a stupidly high price, so other people jumped on the bandwagon. Well played, respect the game but when I actually need to get rid of 250k+ gold, i want a fair deal. SO: Short version: Buying Magic Rooster Egg TGC card No BS overpriced market offers Offer is at 250k Thank you very much, have a wonderful day! Battletag: award46#1740Disconoise0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 disconnection i can see my character list but when i click enter world i get disconnected on the load screen. anyone else having this problem?Mõmõ9 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Don't be grumpy Watch this instead: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=432833923521836&fref=nfTommato1 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 well !@#$ 3k queue-> lalala ok im on char select pick le warlock. -> could not log in.-> disconnected. -> login and reconnect. x8 disconnected 2k queue my life for the wololololoThaney2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 3 Days free playtime because of login issues I remember back a few years ago when their was extensive server maintenance issues. Blizzard would give one or two day's free played time. These last few day's have been completely unplayable so I find it only fair that we get 3 days of free play time added to our current game-time. If you think this is an solid idea that blizzard should see, please sign below. Much respect ~LazzerLazzerlazzer14 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 can't even do ashran thanks obama :/Thamane3 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 mother !@#$ers plz %^-*ing give transfers hey you stupid !@#$ing %^-*!@#s, there is over an hour to q, $%^-ing let us *!@#ing transfer already you stupid $%^-ing *!@#$%^s. this is -*!@ing retarded. some of us have #$%^ to do and want to play and cant wait 1-2 hours. Some of us can only play 1-2 hours. -*!@ing open up free #$%^ing transfers you stupid -*!@s!Nickmo7 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 2100 queue at 9:30pm? Not bad Blizzard THIS is more of what I expect post-launch of an expansion on Tich. Thank you for finding ways to get that lag down and increase the max activate players. Keep up the good work.Huendin2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Flight path, load screen then teleport Anyone else have this problem? I got teleported flying from my garrison to nagrand and nothing is loading. I keep getting an instance transfer aborted (something along those lines)Calaelén2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Tichondrius-Alliance I've been hearing this is the new PvP Hotspot. True or no? PvP is all I do really and Blackrock Horde is 80/20 Horde/Alliance which isn't much fun really. Just want to get some information before I transfer over here. Transferring a rogue over probably.Cheat33 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Still queues for logging in? Im at work so I want to know what to expect at the evening. Thanks guysTatamono15 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Hello I never post on the forums about anything. I just wanted to say Blizzzzzz you have done amazing work with this expansion so far. Love the idea of arena skrims giving exp LOVE ITNadä0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 ashran so can you ever get in this que orRyusphinx0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Dr. Strangetab or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Queue Now, mind you, it's kind of annoying that I can't play the game exactly when I want to, but that's actually not a bad thing, to be honest. The queue has left me being a lot more thoughtful of when I play and how I'm playing and it forces me to go do productive things with my time waiting instead of time I would mindlessly sink into warcraft. Of course, a little self-discipline would accomplish the same feat, but that's nothing like having it placed upon you beyond your control. Where you are forced to reflect on what you're doing, and why you're doing it. So, I hope it never really goes away and as a result people spend more time with their kids and spouses, more time doing homework and catching up on reading. More time doing things that have been put off for years, because there's never enough time to do them. There is time, you're in the queue. Go do them, right now. Your life will be better for it, and you still get to play Warcraft when you're done.Tab2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Someone catch me up What have I missed on Tich during the last year and a half? Has Steelballa returned? Are people still transferring here way too much not realising that Tich isn't for them? Is Alea here? So many questions, I need answers. Are there even people I know left on these forums?Matt6 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Tich Horde, Tauren... you're next. http://i.imgur.com/sq083rz.pngBoolossus0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Character not Found On any of them. Joining a bg, got the disco and now no characters load. Anyone else or am, I just that lucky?Cloakofskill13 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 @Horde If you frequented Ashran today and got yourself pickpocketed, I want to thank you. It is because of all of you, I was able to get my pvp set. -Your friendly neighborhood thiefLulong1 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Partial Receipts (Inscription) Looking for someone who received True Iron Door Handles or Tailored Underwear as a partial receipt today from their inscription follower. Looking to trade so we can get our Merchant Order. Trade chat is no help.Terdmonk0 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Post here in demand for a free migration! Doesn't make sense to pay to wait 4hrs+ in a queue...I demand for a free migration Blizzard!Panthazar69 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Position in Queue 15 minutes ago, my position in queue was 600. Now, I'm up to 900! Anybody else have this issue?Taeno0 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Timetable for Non-retarded Queue times? Just wondering if there is any time table for a normal everyday playing experience.. I mean we are on day 4 going on day 5 now and the queues are no different than day 1.. Should I give it a few weeks time? Come back in a month or two or what? How long does it usually take to recover from a expansion?.. I just came back from not playing since Wrath, started a new account on TICH not aware that it was going to be this bad of a wait.. If the issue is too many people and not enough room on Tichondrius then provide us with a cheaper rate for a realm transfer if not a free realm transfer.. I know Blues probably wont respond but seriously and sincerely just want some answers.. if I have missed any information on this regard please provide me with a link so I can self-educate :P Thank you and good day.Hemotoxin2 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 WTS 665 BOE Offhand I have 2 http://www.wowhead.com/item=118851#links Not sure why it wont let me link the item. Selling them for way less the AH price "75"k Send me a ingame Tell, Making me a offer.Lilabn0 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Queue Time Length When I play during peak hours, the queue is around 5400 - 5800 and it takes about an hour waiting in the login queue per thousand.Sylvain2 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 LF 3 dps and a tank for Que boss RECRUITING 3 dps 1 tank item level must be decent HIGH DEMAND FOR A RAID LEADER just message me in game looking to down him on heroic tonight for realm first (this is how bored i get in que)Whightpower1 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Alliance & Horde Ratio in Tichondrius So, it was no secret that Tichondrius server was mostly Horde before the expansion. I believe the ratio was around 1:3 to 1:4 for Horde. However, with the new expansion and many of the streamers going to Alliance, it seems that the ratio is shifting. It's hard to tell which side has more players nor do we have accurate data with the recent cluster!@#$. What do you guys think? tl;dr: What is the Alliance:Horde ratio situation in Tichondrius?Kicero5 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 PVP VENDOR TRICK ALLIANCE You can easily buy PVP gear without being in active in Ashran. Assuming you are running from the Alliance town: 1. Run straight but cut the light post corner by hugging the terrain to your right. 2. After the 90 degree turn there is a white tower/hall style building dead ahead. B line it. 3. There are 3 vendors in side. From left to right, you want the far right. (honor vendor) 3. Weapons and armor are same price as usual. If you run you can have about 3-5 seconds to buy your item. Hope this helps!Supermetal4 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 @Brojlnir Horde How about you stop being the biggest !@!**!@!* on the server and 1v1 me without your butt buddy? Goes for all Horde who are afraid of a fair fight.Rexodin3 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Logged on without a Queue omgBigjunk1 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Buying Throne of Thunder -- (heroic) carry Willing to pay 50kg for a group to carry me through Throne of Thunder (h) up through Ji-Kun for the heroic tier token. I need it for part of my transmog but it seems very hard for me to find a group because ToT is old content. Message me in game for more details or add my Btag Matthew#1501.Spinmage2 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 BLUES NEED TO WAKE UP AND SUPPORT THE PLAYERS I'm getting beyond annoyed with this and everyone is. I haven't seen a single blue post on any of these threads created or any sort of reassurance that they're hearing and actively looking for a way to fix our problems. EVEN if blizzard did give us free migration, some of us CANNOT even xfer off of the server. This is a serious issue, blizzard. This is the worst expansion drop I've encountered. I can deal with bugs in the game, but waiting hours upon hours to even get a to a character screen to just get bumped off and back into an even higher que time is ridiculous. Stop blaming the freaking DDOS attacks for the lack of customer service. Yea, sure its happening, but you have moderators that can support the players concerns to reassure something is being done. That is a WHOLE LOT BETTER than staying quiet and starting unscheduled maintenance randomly that hasn't been doing ANYTHING!Sedyne25 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 just another day on tich got in queue at about 3:30..... its now almost 8:00 and im # 336 in line. Where u at?Vampajamas2 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 Tichondrius queue times.... are ridiculous. I'm currently the 945th person in queue with 35 minutes of estimated wait time ahead of me. FIX IT.Mytotems53 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 really shutdown soon?? really after waiting 7hours shutdown now? ...... niceGladiator3 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 What time is best to log on? Anyone know what time seems to be best to play? I've been in queue for 4 hours and with it being Saturday night I have to now go out and drink. What have the queue times been in the early am? Like after midnight?Lemøndrop7 Nov 17, 2014