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Dec 1 Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered! This guide, in it's entirety, is now in add-on form! All the lovely sets listed here can be viewed on your character in-game with the brand new MogIt_Armorkinis! You can download it right here: It requires the MogIt version 2.0 which is found here: Enjoy the armorkinis! :D Special /hugs and much love to Aelobin! <3 And now a guide just for the Gents as well! A lot of you have known of my absolute passion for platekinis and my large collection of skimpy armor. You hinted at and then outright asked me to list them all. Well, challenge accepted! This took a lot more time and work than I had realized it would, for I wanted to make sure I had all skins and colors included, not just the ones that I wear. In my research, I found some new ones I hadn't seen before. So I do admit, I may have some missing still. If you know of a skimpy armor design or color I do not have listed, please let me know and I will happily add it! ^_^ Sidenote: I started this list weeks ago, before Transmogrifying was announced. I will now try to find other options for the white and grey items I have listed, so they can be transmo'd. All mentioned are available in full sets unless noted otherwise, but I am only linking the chest and legs in most cases. PLATE I will start off this list with the fabulous Bloodscale Breastplate and Bloodscale Legguards. Such a lovely set, and the skin is repeated with a tad more coverage in the golden Conqueror's Breastplate and a blue (chest only) Hydralick Armor. There is also a full set in blue but it may be hard to find, being from an Armorsmith quest that is no longer in game, Ornate Mithril Pants. The set is also available in a brown mail set Brigade Breastplate and boss drop chest Ironspine's Ribcage. Then a mail leg only in red, Firemane Leggings. Now for the skimpiest of them all, Glorious Breastplate and Glorious Legplates! Besides the golden set, it comes in a green/grey Lofty Breastplate and a blue/gold Vanguard Breastplate. Also available as chest pieces only, in black Warrior's Embrace, in a Horde-only blue/gold Nether Protector's Chest and a pink/yellow mail Energized Chestplate. One of my personal favorites here: Saltstone SurcoatSaltstone Legplates, the chest is also available as a boss drop Carapace of Anub'shiah, and the legs as a quest reward Cenarion Thicket Legplates. Besides the gorgeous silver/purple version, it comes in green/gold Jade Breastplate and a sort of tan/red Tyrant's Chestpiece with a boss drop alternative Carapace of Tuten'kash. We also have a few mail options available. A Jade look-alike Sandstalker Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). And a Tyrant's look-alike Spitfire Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). We move on to the beautiful red sheen of Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warlord's Iron-Legplates. It is exactly the same as the Warmaul Legplates set. We have a few mail options here, in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate, in a brown set Radiant Breastplate and quest chest Bonechewer Berserker's Vest, another red set Hero's Breastplate, and a red boss drop chest Royal Decorated Armor. Another personal favorite of mine is the Revenant Chestplate and Revenant Leggings. Obtainable as quest rewards as well, for Horde and Alliance both Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate Murkblood Avenger's Legplates and the chest only again, Chestplate of A'dal then again as a crafted partial set, Shadesteel Greaves. Just as revealing in a blue/gold set Templar Chestplate. Less skimpy options in green Emerald Breastplate, red Thorium Armor and blue/red Runic Breastplate. Also in blue/red chest as a quest reward Lost Chestplate of the Reverent. This skin has three, yes, I said three, identical sets. Darkcrest Breastplate Boulderfist Armor and the mail Chief Brigadier Leggings. Bloodfist Breastplate is a gold/red version of the set. And there is a white/gold option, in chest and gloves only Truesilver Breastplate Truesilver Gauntlets. These sets do not have a true bikini-style leg, but the tops are very interestingly cut and revealing. Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Enchanted Thorium Leggings are elegant and beautiful in gold/black. Imbued Plate Armor is a white/purple/red version of the set. Commander's Armor for a rosy brown/orange and Hyperion Armor is a fiery red/orange. Here we have a sort of no-nonsense, unormanted bikini look. I include these because they retain a bare midriff on males, so they can show off those rock-hard abs. ;) Full sets available in black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, silver Grimscale Armor, another silver in mail Knight's Breastplate and gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Slight variation of this skin brings us Khan'aish Breastplate in gold. Another interesting piece of an un-skimpy bikini style has a nice 'Y' back and much less coverage on males, in silver/blue Talonguard Armor and a pewter/brown mail Marauder's Tunic. While these legs are not in a bikini style, they remain very low cut on both males and females. Skyfire Greaves Then we have two lovely tops from ICC: Ghoul Commander's Cuirass in a green hue and Gendarme's Cuirass in a warm brown. These sets do not have a bikini leg, nor is the top all that skimpy, being a 'tank top' model. I include them because of their interesting texture and colors, the various set pieces make fantastic accents to complete other bikini looks. In green Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece, white Alabaster Breastplate, orange Gothic Plate Armor and yellow Valorous Chestguard. Another set with a full leg, the tops are low cut, midriff baring and quite cute: In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. While not quite a bikini model, these tops have wonderful exposure on the sides and back. Legs, if there is a set to go with, are all full. In a brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in gold Flamebane Breastplate and in grey (Item not found). Nearing the end of the plate section, we have a lovely, jagged style chest. Pants are available for some of the colors, but are not bikini-style. Chest is in black Drakescale Breastplate and again in mail Black Dragonscale Breastplate , blue Adamantite Breastplate and Warleader's Breastplate, black/gold Exalted Harness, green mail Fel Iron Chain Tunic and brown Brutish Breastplate. Also in a brown mail partial set, Bloodsoul Breastplate. A very skimpy plate harness, Durotan's Battle Harness. A lovely Wrath chest, Breastplate of the Afterlife. A few very slim belts, to accentuate and not hide the waistline with bulk. This style is in red Belt of the Fallen Emperor and in blue Royal Qiraji Belt. Another look in a purple/white Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. To finish off this section, we have a fantastic plate hotpant. Absolutely beautiful, and I am very sad it is not in my personal collection as yet. Cloudkeeper Legplates in white/gold and the lovely Legplates of Blazing Light in red/gold. (WooHoo! Cloudkeeper is now mine, thanks to an awesome guildie! <3)Lull1757 Dec 1
39m Rate Mog +3 *mercy voice* This thread never dies!!! Go!Evatruelight225 39m
3h Rate my transmogënd5 3h
5h Transmog and Hidden Artifact progress Can anyone confirm whether or not transmogging over your hidden Artifact skin negates any progress towards unlocking the remaining variations? If you go to the Artifact pedestal, your selected skin/color remain the same regardless of mogging over it, so does it still remain the "active" appearance regardless of mog? I love the skins, they just don't match my transmog >.> lolSodalicious3 5h
14h Fist Weapon Transmog in Legion. So, I'm fine with the WW artifact weapon, I don't particularly like it and I wanna transmog it to something else. I've been using one handed swords with this character and it took forever to find the ones I wanted and I worked really hard to put this set together. But my big problem is, Fist Weapons can only be transmogged to fist weapons, meaning, I'm stuck with fist weapons for the entirety of Legion. Yes, I've tried to find good fist weapons but there's always that one detail that throws me off completely. I don't want fist weapons transmogged to me, I want swords. This is like a huge thing for me because I love swords, I love Windwalker. I love my transmog and I don't want to change it just because the artifact weapon is a fist weapon. This is all I really care about with Legion, I love this game, I love the transmog system. But I want to be able to transmog fist weapons to swords atleast. I'm not threatening Blizzard, I'm not saying the game sucks, I'm not saying anything to push Blizzard to do this. I just want to be able to keep my transmog because I love it and I never want to change it. EDIT: Just added some detail.Ghorthas137 14h
15h Gilnean Fascinators The gilnean noble set is not complete... Well, the top hat is avaliable at exorbitant prices in AH, but the fascinator is still missing! Those tiny hats. Can we have them? Please?!Blingmoore1 15h
18h Nobleman's Pantaloons not account wide? So I just bought the Nobleman's Pantaloons on this character from the Darkmoon Faire, and I am able to transmog them on this character. However, the appearance is not unlocked on my other characters. The other items in this set are account-wide, though.Trjegul6 18h
22h x-mog level requiremnt question Hey, just wondering if there is a way to figure out what items you can actually use on a low level toon/ twink before actually buying the piece of gear. It seems very random, i have some level 60 pieces of gear that i can transmog on a level 1 but i can't transmog say a level 21 BoE green on a level 19 twink? Is there any website or anything that will show a scale or something similar to help out?Dedlel2 22h
22h demonslayer vs doombringer the demon slayer used to have a white blade and it looked really cool. now both weapons share the doombringer coloring. why is this?Lorca0 22h
22h Can I acquire Warrior trans with Paladin? So I'm trying to acquire some transmog for my level 60 warrior, but I can't equip the gear on my paladin to acquire it. Is there anyway to do that?Kotomì1 22h
1d Please let DHs xmog Warglaives->Fist Weapons Title says it all. With the very limited pool of Warglaives out there and the nature of how they do damage, Fist Weapons make a very logical choice for transmog options (namely, Fist of the Deity). They make considerably more sense than 1h swords or axes. Please, Blizzard, let Demon Hunters transmog Warglaives into Fist Weapons. It would open up so many options for those of us who love to play WoW Barbie.Vostyr13 1d
1d LF Glacial Gloves Looking for a tailor who might happen to still have the ability to craft Glacial Gloves.Jezhana0 1d
1d First Satyr Shoulders!!! I Finally just got my Sexy First Satyr Shoulders Mog!!!!! Ahhhhhhh so excited to wear them omg been farming Xavius on Norm/Heroic/Mythic every week for a while! Annywaaysss... now that I finally have these amazingly sick shoulders I've wanted, it is also time to change up my Mog to something that matches them! Please, Can any of you Lovely Moggers Help me?! I would like to find, the Absolute Most Sluttiest Sexiest Leather Mog to Match my new Red Shoulders and also The Hottest DH Weapon Mog/Illusion combo in the Game! I've already got some great Illusions like Power Torrent, But I would be open to Weapon Mog suggestions that a DH can use to go along with these Shoulders for sure! Something dark and deadly with a hint of red and maybe spikes would be neat. Anyways I SUCK at this Mog thing so Please Help ME!!! <3Kurva8 1d
1d DYE!!! Blizzard... plz! Step-1: Look this: Step-2: Add this as soon as possible. Blizz, # Sell each color in the store for only $ 5 and earn more than the sales of mounts at all times. # Put a single color as emissary quest reward and you'll see more player logged in than in the first week of the legion's debut. # Put a single color as a PVP box reward and you will never see a PVP player complain about the game again. Players are tired about PVE Players are tired on PVP What everyone wants is to color the sets as they wish !!! Blizz, Being able to paint the sets items is the future and the future now!Fantazma9 1d
1d Dedicated Legacy Transmog and Achievements. Looking to create a pretty simple group that would want to run legacy raids each week for transmog. Will take a group vote for either Group Loot or Personal Loot. I have been running Mythic Highmaul - Blackrock Foundry - Hellfire CItadel each week (usually involving more problems with random joiners going AFK, Screwing up mechanics or sabotaging an achievement. PM me @Aeliar#1904.Ritalïn5 1d
1d Transmogging Tabards Am I the only one here that feels that transmogging tabards is like wearing knockoff jerseysBrakefluids2 1d
1d Hood of Fading opportunity (LFR) I got these off of an LFR run in NH, i love the look of them and as much as i love my current mog if i ever wanna switch it up i wanna use a mog for this helm since i love the dark look to it. I'd try to make a mog out of it but for some reason mogit doesnt really have the legion models in yet and i hate using wardrobe, any help is appreciated ^^. Edit: Here's a link to what the helm looks like.øptart0 1d
1d Help With Challenging Mage Mog Currently leveling a frost mage and I've tried and failed countless times to create a mog based on the Witcher III character Caranthir. If any of you would like to help out and take a crack at it, I'd be very thankful. It's definitely too hard to be perfectly accurate, so some artistic license is definitely warranted. Picture: 1d
2d This channel doesnt get blue responses.... I dont think Ive ever seen a blue post on the transmog forums. In all honesty we would probably get more attention just posting straight into General : /Executioner17 2d
2d Stormwind Armour Set If I were to farm this set out, would I be able to use/tmog the cosmetics on other chars like low lvl twinks? (e.g. lvl 10, 20, 19, 29) Just wanna know before I actually put in the time to get the set, thanks!Hormones2 2d
2d Gas-Powered Stick Will Gas-Powered Stick ever become invisible when placed on your back again?Aatxasxw0 2d
2d Items that dont show in xmog tab Why do some items not show up in xmog tab? For example I didnt know The First Satyr's Spaulders look even existed until today...... What other items have this issue? Is there a place that I can go to see all item appearances properly so I can make my xmog with all possible options?Sinfulßlood2 2d
2d Question about Transmog Hi, so I've come back after a hiatus and I've been told about some new and interesting changes to Transmog, but I haven't been able to find a source that can explain all these changes in details so I thought which better place than here. Anyways. I was told transmog was account-wide and I made a new character on another realm. I noticed when I logged onto my main character the new appearances I had acquired from that character and transfers over to my main character, but none of my old pieces that I have on any of my other characters have been transferred over to my new character. Not sure if this is making any sense. tldr Is there a level requirement for a piece to look like another piece. For example. If I have a piece that is lower level could I make it look like a higher level piece.Kotomì3 2d
2d !@#$%ES, LET ME HAVE FLOWA POWA I want to transmog my flowers. Why can't we transmog things like the Forever-Lovely Rose and Beautiful Wildflowers? @ Blizzard why don't you understand that the people want to look beautiful as hecke? Is it more lore-breaking than literally everything about WoD? Are you too scared that Proudmoore's annual gay pride parade will be TOO amazing and crash the servers? Why? Please fix this horrible design choice, I want to use my flowers.Lovefistme3 2d
2d Feral dagger to polearm transmog Any chance we will see this implemented in legion? Over the years my feral has amassed a healthy collection of polearms and staves yet the artifact daggers have made them inaccessible via transmog, I don't see weapon swing animations being an issue here as feral weapon animations have no affect on actual catform attack animations. Would love to hear some thoughts either for or against this.Alleycatt3 2d
2d Tomb of Sargeras - Glory of Raider Rewards ... It looks like the new "Glory" achievement is rewarding a transmog set rather than a mount.Mesina2 2d
2d Can you stop item appearances from changing Can you lock your appearance so it doesn't change when you upgrade to a higher item levMoarin1 2d
3d Hidden artifact mog Question, I just got my hidden artifact appearance and it's not in my collected appearances. Is this normal or is there a problem? Thanks in advance!Vandarkist4 3d
3d Battleplate of the Highlord - xmog versions Hi, Ive noticed on wowhead that there are several versions of the Battleplate of the Highlord that can drop. I got mine today from LFR Krosos but it was a purple/green color (best way i could describe it). It wasnt the one that pally's usually want which is the golden one. Can someone explain what the different colors represent and if i can get the golden battleplate of the highlord from lfr Krosos? Thank you.Stevas1 3d
3d LF Engineer to make Bloodvine Lens I have been wanting to get one and the only person I have found so far that can make one is a guildy that no longer plays. I am not sure if I can/should also ask on my own realm. 3d
3d Transmog sets that cant be completed I really wish blizzard would take the time to add a few items here or there that would allow certain armor sets that are literally missing one piece to be completed. I'll use an example from my warrior. My warrior is a night elf and I have been having a very hard time finding plate armor that looks natural on him or that matches the style of the night elven culture. One set that I think looKS perfect on a night elf is the off color set of the warrior tier 5 devastator gear. The pieces to this set all drop from the tier 5 raids and instead of fiery red and brown, they have nice mix of emerald green and brown trim. The scaled texture on parts of the armor even looks like leaves. The night elven warrior npcs in the molten front defenders of hyjal even wear this set. The only problem is, boots don't exist in the game to complete the look. You can do your best to find matching boots and there are a few decent options, but nothing looks as good as a real match. I'm sure there are lots of random raid or questing sets that are missing just one piece. I know the furious gladiator warrior gear is also missing boots for some reason. Please blizzard please add these items!Antarris5 3d
3d Unlock color variants for transmog With 4 difficulties for each raid (LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic), it means each item has 4 color variants and that's incredibly time-consuming to collect all 4 variants. If you are going after a particular set without bracers, that's 28 items you have to collect for a single set. To make this easier without easing on the transmog restrictions, Blizzard should allow collecting an item on the harder difficulty to automatically unlock the same item for previous difficulties. For instance, if you collect an item from Mythic difficulty, it should unlock the same item from Heroic, Normal, and LFR for transmog purpose. If you collect an item from Normal difficulty, it should unlock LFR for transmog but not Heroic or Mythic.Deathone4 3d
3d Engineering Goggles Colors At launch there are recipes for engineering goggles at ilvl 715 and 815. They have four colors, distributed as follows: Mail: 715 (Gold, blue lenses), 815 (Dark Red, red lenses) Leather: 715 (Green, yellow lenses), 815 (metal, blue lenses) Cloth: 715 (metal, blue lenses), 815 (green, yellow lenses) Plate: 715 (dark red, red lenses), 815 (gold, blue lenses) All armor types have 2 color variants to choose from. Patch 7.1.5 introduced new 880 engineering Goggles. Unfortunately, the 880 goggles for each armor type are the same color as the 815 goggles. It would be really nice if the 880 lenses were of a different color variant, for each armor type, than the 715 and 815 versions. That way each armor type would have 3 goggle colors available for transmog.Baksheesh1 3d
3d Shaman Fist Weapons Sure do miss them in transmog. Had great sets that used Calamity's Grasp and other great fist weapons that I spent months farming for drops, and I'll have to wait until next xpac to hopefully use them again. Really sad to be locked into only axes and maces.Goåt1 3d
3d A suggestion for transmog system As a player who is constantly swapping out gear for different content and encounters, it is impossible to keep my transmog coherant without spending insane amounts of time and gold to transmog everything in my bags. I suggest allowing the player to purchase one full body transmog, which is not bound to individual items. The current system strikes me as unintuitive and cumbersome in a game where you are often swapping pieces of gear. It makes zero sense to have transmogs item specific.Bustër2 3d
4d Legion PvP Gear Post-Legion Has Blizzard stated that they're planning on implementing a way to get Legion PvP gear appearances after the expansion is over, or do I need to make myself PvP before the end of the xpac and hope to I RNG a full set just so I can mog it? I really hope it's not the latter, because I capped this character about a week after launch and he's still missing a few pieces.Velleron0 4d
4d Looking for a mount Just wondering, what is a good mount that goes well with my current transmog?Durlorn2 4d
4d Resto Shaman Mog Ello, i just got my resto artifact weapon and i plan to make this my main spec, the problem is i can't make a good looking shaman mog. It can be resto specific looking or just shaman looking, i'd just like some help ^^Pøptart8 4d
4d Mog Aid - Seeking suggestions First of all, I know my mog is not for everyone, it suits my character's RP persona to me. But I am at a bit of a loss, I wanted to use the weapon appearance from Unleashed Monstrocities but, as I do not do dungeons that I cannot solo, I cannot use it due to not having the previous appearance unlocked. I am looking for a greenish or goldish fist and shield to use and open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas (i got a ton of mace appearances but I never really used fist weapons till this artifact =/ ) I am open to changing my pants and boots as well maybe to a brown, but keeping the chest and belt since they showcase the zandalari augar regalia from 60 zg. Please fashionistas you are my only hopeValibas0 4d
4d Mythic 15 Artifact skin? Finished my first 15 today trying to go for the blue Titanborn variant of the resto artifact. The keyholder was 861 ilvl and asking for a carry, he did bad dps so naturally we didn't finish in time. I accepted the invite thinking that it would be ok to unlock the skin because the text for unlocking the artifact says "Complete a mythic mode dungeon using a level 15 keystone." It says nothing about completing it in time. Do you have to complete it in time? Does it have to be your own keystone? I was expecting to have the skin, does anyone know?Gadgetpants1 4d
4d Legion Elite PVP gear Will the Legion Elite PVP gear still be obtainable in the future? It's almost impossible to get it seems. Really want the red coloration of T19.Rendér5 4d
5d Item not showing up in appearance tab? So I did Black Temple and got the Warglaives of Azzinoth and it didn't allow me to transmog to my legendary and I thought it was normal since it's a fist weapon. But, I hopped onto my Demon Hunter and it isn't showing up, not even in my appearance tab.Mønkÿ13 5d
5d Holy priest mogs Ello, i have a holy priest and i'm having trouble making a mog for her. I don't care for the colour scheme any help is appreciated c:Itazurana11 5d
6d Keep transmog when deleting a character? My big question is that if you delete a character that got an item via quest/drop/etc... will the item stay in your transmog, or does it also get deleted if no other characters have seen it? One of the reasons I ask this, is I have the full 52 characters on my account, and there are some characters I might need to roll and quest for... for example, I have not quested on goblin/panda/worgen zones in all cloth/leather/mail/plate combinations. So if I rolled a goblin priest, quested out of the goblin zone, and then deleted that char... would I keep the trasnmogs for that cloth gear so I can then create a goblin rogue to quest for the leather gear, and so on.Theddasapa2 6d
6d Naked Chest Hey guys is there any trasmog that will make me look like without any item on my chest? or at least something that looks like.Spinnax3 6d
6d Good mog or no? 6d
6d I don't understand this. Okay...returning player from the Vanilla era but with all the changes I may as well be new... Can someone walk me through what Transmogrification means and what it does? I was given a link about it but the wall of text kind of made my head spin.Nightshar6 6d
6d Looking for a mount Any suggestions for a mount to go with my transmog? Or any advice in general. I'm still working on getting the chest and pants for this set but picked ones that went well enough for now.Onamah3 6d