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12h Helpful Addons for Transmog I see a few threads with people asking about addons to improve their Transmog collecting, so I thought I'd list the ones I use with a little bit about why I find them helpful. :) This little beauty puts a tooltip on Tier tokens or other items used to buy gear you may pick up while farming all the things. It says where to turn them in, and if there is an appearance from it you've yet to learn, as some older tokens have two sets that may be learned off them. This gem adds a tooltip to all pieces of gear, letting you know at a glance if you can learn it on that toon, if you can learn it on some alt, if you already know that look or if you cannot learn it at all. This one keeps track of what you are missing from each instance and gives an overall completion % for each expansion. Perfect for those who want to get all the looks! This is a different UI for the Wardrobe. It has a little more functionality, IMO, and it works in conjunction with the next two addons. This is one of my must-haves. It works off your MogIt wishlist, the saved sets that you made on there. (requires MogIt to work) The Wardrobe only lets you save 20 outfits total. This one lets you transmog into all of the sets you have saved with MogIt. Which is 100 right now, in my case. Yes, infinite saved set list! This adds a slew of sets to the MogIt UI, showing a full set of dungeon pieces, BoE sets, questing sets, basically like the built-in set UI for the Wardrobe, but for all the things. A trifle outdated, but looks to be complete up to the first part of Legion. Useful still for the older set looks. (requires MogIt to work) Happy transmog hunting! ^_^Lull4 12h
1d Transmog Concerns with Pre-Patch Since the Pre-Patch went live yesterday, we’ve seen some questions and concerns from players on several transmogrification issues. We’d like to elaborate on some details about how the system works: Transmogging an Artifact to look like a non-Artifact from your weapon appearances collection should work as it did before. You can now have a transmogrify vendor put an earned Artifact appearance on appropriate non-Artifact weapons belonging to characters who are of the same class and specialization as the character who earned the appearance. However, if you wish to apply an Artifact appearance to an Artifact, you must visit the Artifact Forge in your Class Hall, and your character is restricted to appearances that were earned on that character. Artifact appearances that come in pairs (main-hand + off-hand) cannot be separated when you’re using two items. If you apply the appearance of one of these to your main-hand item, your off-hand item will use the appearance of the other, and vice versa. Artifact appearances that come in pairs *can* be applied to two-hand weapons. A Shadow Priest can now make a staff look like Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire. Some Artifact appearances are so awesome that they can bypass restrictions on some weapon types. However, even though some restrictions have been lifted, other weapon restrictions remain. It is not intended that a melee weapon can be made to look like an Artifact bow or gun. Likewise, you can't make a bow/gun/wand look like an Artifact melee weapon. When doing transmogrification, you can select a slot to alter in the character pane on the left of the window, and then *right-click* on an appearance in the right pane of the window and use “transmogrify as”. This is especially useful when you visit the transmogrifier as a Feral or Guardian Druid. Thank you very much. We’ll continue to keep an eye on all of your questions and feedback!Ornyx162 1d
Aug 2 Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered! This guide, in it's entirety, is now in add-on form! All the lovely sets listed here can be viewed on your character in-game with the brand new MogIt_Armorkinis! You can download it right here: It requires the MogIt version 2.0 which is found here: Enjoy the armorkinis! :D Special /hugs and much love to Aelobin! <3 And now a guide just for the Gents as well! A lot of you have known of my absolute passion for platekinis and my large collection of skimpy armor. You hinted at and then outright asked me to list them all. Well, challenge accepted! This took a lot more time and work than I had realized it would, for I wanted to make sure I had all skins and colors included, not just the ones that I wear. In my research, I found some new ones I hadn't seen before. So I do admit, I may have some missing still. If you know of a skimpy armor design or color I do not have listed, please let me know and I will happily add it! ^_^ Sidenote: I started this list weeks ago, before Transmogrifying was announced. I will now try to find other options for the white and grey items I have listed, so they can be transmo'd. All mentioned are available in full sets unless noted otherwise, but I am only linking the chest and legs in most cases. PLATE I will start off this list with the fabulous Bloodscale Breastplate and Bloodscale Legguards. Such a lovely set, and the skin is repeated with a tad more coverage in the golden Conqueror's Breastplate and a blue (chest only) Hydralick Armor. There is also a full set in blue but it may be hard to find, being from an Armorsmith quest that is no longer in game, Ornate Mithril Pants. The set is also available in a brown mail set Brigade Breastplate and boss drop chest Ironspine's Ribcage. Then a mail leg only in red, Firemane Leggings. Now for the skimpiest of them all, Glorious Breastplate and Glorious Legplates! Besides the golden set, it comes in a green/grey Lofty Breastplate and a blue/gold Vanguard Breastplate. Also available as chest pieces only, in black Warrior's Embrace, in a Horde-only blue/gold Nether Protector's Chest and a pink/yellow mail Energized Chestplate. One of my personal favorites here: Saltstone SurcoatSaltstone Legplates, the chest is also available as a boss drop Carapace of Anub'shiah, and the legs as a quest reward Cenarion Thicket Legplates. Besides the gorgeous silver/purple version, it comes in green/gold Jade Breastplate and a sort of tan/red Tyrant's Chestpiece with a boss drop alternative Carapace of Tuten'kash. We also have a few mail options available. A Jade look-alike Sandstalker Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). And a Tyrant's look-alike Spitfire Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). We move on to the beautiful red sheen of Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warlord's Iron-Legplates. It is exactly the same as the Warmaul Legplates set. We have a few mail options here, in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate, in a brown set Radiant Breastplate and quest chest Bonechewer Berserker's Vest, another red set Hero's Breastplate, and a red boss drop chest Royal Decorated Armor. Another personal favorite of mine is the Revenant Chestplate and Revenant Leggings. Obtainable as quest rewards as well, for Horde and Alliance both Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate Murkblood Avenger's Legplates and the chest only again, Chestplate of A'dal then again as a crafted partial set, Shadesteel Greaves. Just as revealing in a blue/gold set Templar Chestplate. Less skimpy options in green Emerald Breastplate, red Thorium Armor and blue/red Runic Breastplate. Also in blue/red chest as a quest reward Lost Chestplate of the Reverent. This skin has three, yes, I said three, identical sets. Darkcrest Breastplate Boulderfist Armor and the mail Chief Brigadier Leggings. Bloodfist Breastplate is a gold/red version of the set. And there is a white/gold option, in chest and gloves only Truesilver Breastplate Truesilver Gauntlets. These sets do not have a true bikini-style leg, but the tops are very interestingly cut and revealing. Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Enchanted Thorium Leggings are elegant and beautiful in gold/black. Imbued Plate Armor is a white/purple/red version of the set. Commander's Armor for a rosy brown/orange and Hyperion Armor is a fiery red/orange. Here we have a sort of no-nonsense, unormanted bikini look. I include these because they retain a bare midriff on males, so they can show off those rock-hard abs. ;) Full sets available in black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, silver Grimscale Armor, another silver in mail Knight's Breastplate and gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Slight variation of this skin brings us Khan'aish Breastplate in gold. Another interesting piece of an un-skimpy bikini style has a nice 'Y' back and much less coverage on males, in silver/blue Talonguard Armor and a pewter/brown mail Marauder's Tunic. While these legs are not in a bikini style, they remain very low cut on both males and females. Skyfire Greaves Then we have two lovely tops from ICC: Ghoul Commander's Cuirass in a green hue and Gendarme's Cuirass in a warm brown. These sets do not have a bikini leg, nor is the top all that skimpy, being a 'tank top' model. I include them because of their interesting texture and colors, the various set pieces make fantastic accents to complete other bikini looks. In green Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece, white Alabaster Breastplate, orange Gothic Plate Armor and yellow Valorous Chestguard. Another set with a full leg, the tops are low cut, midriff baring and quite cute: In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. While not quite a bikini model, these tops have wonderful exposure on the sides and back. Legs, if there is a set to go with, are all full. In a brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in gold Flamebane Breastplate and in grey (Item not found). Nearing the end of the plate section, we have a lovely, jagged style chest. Pants are available for some of the colors, but are not bikini-style. Chest is in black Drakescale Breastplate and again in mail Black Dragonscale Breastplate , blue Adamantite Breastplate and Warleader's Breastplate, black/gold Exalted Harness, green mail Fel Iron Chain Tunic and brown Brutish Breastplate. Also in a brown mail partial set, Bloodsoul Breastplate. A very skimpy plate harness, Durotan's Battle Harness. A lovely Wrath chest, Breastplate of the Afterlife. A few very slim belts, to accentuate and not hide the waistline with bulk. This style is in red Belt of the Fallen Emperor and in blue Royal Qiraji Belt. Another look in a purple/white Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. To finish off this section, we have a fantastic plate hotpant. Absolutely beautiful, and I am very sad it is not in my personal collection as yet. Cloudkeeper Legplates in white/gold and the lovely Legplates of Blazing Light in red/gold. (WooHoo! Cloudkeeper is now mine, thanks to an awesome guildie! <3)Lull1765 Aug 2
2h NH lfr I am trying to get a transmog set from NH LFR and I need to know how to go back and do the LFR at 120?Rexigoa2 2h
6h Rate that mog! Again, and again, and... again! I capped the last thread: You know what to do and please don't skip people.Annalina174 6h
8h Bloody Dancing Steel Illusion So what I want to ask and hear from the game dev's is why Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest isn't available for use as an account wide illusion. So pretty every elite item from pvp got put into the wardrobe whether that be a weapon, gear or WoD enchant. So the question is why wasn't the MoP enchant for Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest added. It was a elite pvp enchant just as is any other pvp elite item thats already in the wardrobe and illusion list. Not everyone maybe played WoD and was able to get the Glorious tyranny but people still did earn the elite enchant back in MoP and should get just as much love for it as WoD enchants did after all there both elite pvp earned items. So i want to hear the dev's answer to this and if there is any future plans for this to be added. There is quite a handful of us who would love to see this hit the illusion board that have extras laying in the bags going to waste that want to relive that period of pvp time when we earned them.Senpaî98 8h
8h Legacy Loot Etiquette So the other day I saw someone who didn't want to trade an item he got because somebody else might get an item later that he could trade it for. They called him selfish and kicked him. While it might be a little selfish, I think kicking him for not immediately sharing his personal loot is selfish too. When you get a piece of loot, your chance to get loot resets making it less likely for future kills. So by giving that item away, that person might get screwed out of loot entirely. To me, what makes the most sense is to distribute the loot at the end of the raid if multiple people want it. This way it discourages the people who jump in and leave as soon as their boss doesn't drop their loot. If no one has an item to trade you, then have people roll for it and give it away for free. Of course, it's your loot, so I think it's your decision. What are your thoughts regarding legacy loot etiquette?Ravene1 8h
10h Bring back 1H Fury I miss the good ole days with 1H Fury warriors. Fury warriors should be able to mog their 2H weapons in to 1Hs for old time sake!Kevyboi5 10h
12h Artifact quests past 110 Can I still do artifact questlines past lvl 110 or do I need to level up another toon through legion to get other artifact weapons?Bigbird1 12h
15h Please Lower Cost for T-Mog! Legion is over, and with it the ridiculous costs of mogging over the artifact weapon. But, BfA is here, and 400-500 gold each time I want to change clothes is pretty high! Please Blizz, lower mog costs! Or, allow us to set a mog for the slot, so that any piece I equip inherits the mog for that slot. Something, please...The cost is pretty crazy just to change my outfit. Thank you.Shadethistle6 15h
21h Items appearance affected by pre-patch Hey guys. I've seen many posts about some items having their look changed after the BfA pre-patch. So, I decided to start a list of items that were modified by the patch. - [Leggings of the Lower Planes] The tusks used to be visible over robes. Now robes hide them. - [Grond-Father Girdle] It's side leg plates, the thigh armor was completely removed, leaving only the frontal plate and ornament. (Blaktoof) - [World-Defiler's Sabatons] Missing knee pads. (Blaktoof) - [Soul-Render's Greatbelt] Missing glowing effects. (Blaktoof) - [Circlet of Faith] {Tier 3, 7 & 7.5} Look changed and is now similar to [Crown of the Fire Festival] (Floormat & Crysanna) - [Si'vashi Guard's Breastplate] {DK Tier 20 chestpiece yet to be confirmed} No longer showing through tabards or glowing like it used to. (Showmeurtoes) - [Faded Spirit-Wrencher Shoulders] Completly different model. (Tokran) - [Pauldrons of Sacrifice] Color changed to gold from dark-brown. (Nahualli) - [Chestplate of the Chosen Dead] 3D elements gone when transmogged with a tabard. (Garho) *Fixed* - [The Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan] Used to be green and brown. After pre-patch it's now red and silver. (Afkautoatack) - Shoulders on male Night Elf shrank after pre-patch. (Sammonoske) - Mage tier 21 chest sleeves do not appear on human males. (Enost) - Monk tier 20 helm neckpiece doesn't show with tabard. Elbow pads do not show unless gloves are removed.(Brofist) *Fixed neckpiece only* - Leg plates for the shaman tier 20 set along with legion season 3/4 set are no longer showing over robes. (Arashii) - DK season 5/6/7 elite legs and boots red crystals were removed. (Lichkong) - The shaman's Tier 21 Regalia of the Skybreaker has been stripped of it's leg side plates. (Blaktoof) - Many polearms had their display orientation switched, used to stay with the blade up, and now it is displaying with the blade inverted. (Blaktoof) - Many fist weapons are being displayed very clunky on the characters back when sheathed. (Blakthoof)Novis80 21h
23h Tricorne Hats Look l admit it probably has been spoken about many times before as it should but, as an outlaw rogue I just am teased by all these npcs and their tricorne hats! Not only that but, the different variations and also bandanas. When I run freehold I just feel slapped in the face! I want to take that hat out into the world with me, drink a heap of brew of the month, smash a few bottles and yell 'AAAAAR!'. There is a quest in tirisgarde that 'gives' you the hat until u complete the quest. Sadly with pathfinder I had to eventually hand it in. Please blizzard tell us pirates at heart that these xmogs will become available! My inner pirate dies a little each day. Pirate for lifeAsmodean0 23h
1d What xmog piece wont drop for you? For me it has been: Felpruner's Shroud from Agronox in Cathedral of Eternal Night. I've killed him every day on both my 120s for last three weeks, even doing mythic once a week on both. giving me about 23 kills on him and still no shroud. Dispair from Karazan. I've lost track of how many times I have tried getting this sword, I kill him on every character I have above level 70 that can equip a 2h sword for months, which is 7 characters. This weapon really is living up to it's name, I have to deal with the 1/3 chance of getting Romulo and Juilianne, then the ridiculously low drop rate! I swear every time I get that them in Opera Hall, the cloth legs, and mail shoulders drop!Thunnanssan29 1d
1d I Hate Druid Armor Sets There. I've said it. My dirty shame. This druid is my main, and I've spent many years on him, and many, many hours collecting gear for transmog for him... And the sad truth is that I can't stand most of the sets available for druids. They're garish, unwieldy, ugly, awful, or otherwise just unappealing. I not-so-secretly envy other classes for just how -cool- some of them look, like Rogues and various plate wearers. Honestly, the only druid sets I truly -like- are the Dreamgrove Raiment from Legion's class hall, Stormrage Raiment from Blackwing Lair era (moose antlers!) and the Legion Season 1/2 Dragonhide Armor (and most of the Felshroud set from Legion Invasions pre-expansion). Is it any wonder that when I'm feral, I spend as much time as possible in cat form? I've been trying to find a look for the BfA era, but I keep going right back to the current look, which I perfected in Legion. So, fellow transmoggers, what's a druid to do when he loves his character but hates so many of his options? And why -do- so many of our outfits seem awful? (For those with helpful suggestions, in kitty spec I like sleek, elegant, dangerous/spiky looks. In resto spec, I like more dramatic yet not over-complicated healer looks with some mystery to them, as befits a druid.) Maybe I just need a support group.Taleranor2 1d
1d Can't transmog 7th legion gear? I recently got the lion head shoulders from warfront, and since I have the entire set in one form or another now I figured I'd make a transmog set out of them. But none of the 7th legion gear shows up in my transmog options at all. What's up? :( EDIT: the blue stuff shows up, just not any of the epic pieces.Kiryoku0 1d
1d Ensemble: Tidesages question If I unlock it on one character, does it unlock on all cloth characters or just that one? I don't think we've had dungeon ensembles before so I ask.Baalsamael3 1d
1d Question about transmog in 8.1 PREMISE: If I have the lightforged paladin alliance draenei heritage armor in BFA 8.1 QUESTION: Can I use that same transmog in a tauren paladin in the horde?Azunah1 1d
1d Dread Gladiator's Plate Girdle Please fix.Nukehazard0 1d
1d S:Woodworking Gloves n Rugged Trapper's Shirt Both items are discontinued unique transmogs. Both are on the Firetree server, transfer costs will be considered in pricing.Exudus0 1d
1d Trial Characters Does anyone know if a trial character can unlock a mog? There’s a transmog item I really, really want but it sells for 170k on my server and way less than half that on other servers.Tovi2 1d
2d Xuen's Battlegear Elbowpads Not sure where else to post, been reporting this since June in the BFA beta in the forums and the in-game reporters and it's still broken in the 8.1 PTR. Maybe a dev can glance here. The Tomb of Sargeras Monk Tier set Xuen's Battlegear's chest piece [Xuen's Tunic] or any variants such as the [Cruel Gladiator's Ironskin Tunic] are currently bugged and any equipped gloves cause the elbow guards at the back to become hidden. You can see the elbow guards return if you fully unequip anything on the glove slot. Here is a list some else composed of just about most of the armors that have been bugged since pre-patch. 2d
2d Why can't wands Transmog into Artifacts The title asks the question. Can we please have this fixed?Baâl9 2d
2d Xuen's Battlegear (Monk T20) Still Broken Xuen's Battlegear (Monk T20) has been broken since the BFA Prepatch. The set always had elbowpads as part of the chest armor. After the prepatch, the elbow pads no longer show up unless you are wearing model-less gloves. So even if you are wearing the set gloves, the elbowpads are gone. You can see my profile to see what it looks like now. Here is an image of what it is supposed to look like, and how it looked through Legion. This is the best looking Monk set in my opinion, and I would really like to have it working again. Please look into this Blizzard. Thanks.Ryú6 2d
2d WTS - Stonesplitter Dagger Looking to sell the Stonesplitter Dagger 2d
3d Missing helm colour So I'm trying to transmog my monk into the Tier 9 off-set, but it seems the helm is missing. Sure enough in my appearance screen, only the purple "caster" helm is there. No sign of the blue "agility" helm. It's not even in the loot list for Trial of the Crusader anymore. A quick Google search told me this has been an issue for awhile.... Is there a fix by now? Do I beg Blizzard GMs to let me transmog the blue helm? It's frustrating cause the set looks weird without the helm to me (not a fan of the collar) and it's literally the only piece of the set that's missing.Yzara1 3d
3d Thori’dal Transmog So after a little over a month trying to get this Legendary now to drop I finally got it just to find out I can’t transmog my current weapon to look like it. Does anyone know if this applies to all Legendary items?Goochor12 3d
3d Having trouble selling a really rare Tmog Anyone got any suggestions. I got and its really rare. Anyone got an suggestions on where to sell? Any Tmog site forums where ppl sell gear to each other or something?Reágan3 3d
3d Artifact Transmogs from Legion Is it possible to get these and ? I can't seem to figure out where to start. I only came back after bFA released.Millions1 3d
3d Dark Transmog Hello. I had a Transmog idea and I was looking for further suggestions. Currently, I am working on a "Dark Set" and I would like some advice. By "Dark", I simply mean Leather that is visually dark, or black, with little other color or flair. (Not weapons - weapons aside - that's a whole 'nother topic) For this set, I don't care about matching or style points too much. Just what ever is darkest. If you look at my current mog, this is my best attempt with everything I currently have in my "Appearances" tab. I would like some tips to broaden my options. My idea: as a Rogue who casually plays, and enjoys casual PvP, I will be around other casual types often. If my Mog literally blends in the shadows, a less trained eye might miss me - in more ways than one. I am doing alot of BGs. More than I do on my Horde 120s. The Alliance queue times are near instant. I haven't done a quest since 111, and I might get to 120 without leaving my garrison. Cappin' nodes in front of peoples faces works- I assume they are not paying attention too much. Wearing all black might help me catch less attention to the untrained/inattentive eye. (This Rogue Alt is in my own personal Alt guild, so I just made my own tabard dark)Ziggyvoidust2 3d
3d Is there a way to do ToS raid finder in BFA? I need that helm xmog! helpLatrinepit2 3d
3d Hide chest, please? I just unlocked Mag'har Orcs, and I really like the tattoos/markings, but I can't hardly ever see them. This post has probably been made multiple times already, but I feel like it's something we should have. I get that some people don't agree with "revealing" or "sexy" armor choices, but is it really that bad for me to be shirtless? I wear clothe armor. That's not helping me much in battle. I'm sure with or without a shirt on the enemy's spear is gonna hurt either way. While I'm on the topic, can we get more non-robe options? LolTyrzumak2 3d
3d Mail pants that look like Dandred Britches I'm looking for mail pants that look like Dandred Britches. I found some armor pieces that have the look of the other items like Gleaming Link Hauberk, shoulderguard of timeless restraint, slither-dog helm, and succinct sash. The dandred britches look goes well with this set and I have it on my demon hunter, rogue and druid. I would like to have my hunter have the same look. I know some will think, why would you make them all look the same, but I just like that look. If anyone can help with where I can find these mail pants I would really appreciate the info. Thanks in advance. I've went to the places that have the quests for the leather pieces and got a few of the other mail pieces as stated above.Kyrae0 3d
4d Can't transmog just main hand artifact? I used to be able to rock the morning star artifact appearance for Prot in my main hand and also have a different option for my shield. Why was this changed? I don't use it anymore because the giant shield doesn't go with my desired look anymore.Rauler3 4d
4d Retro hidden artifact bfa help I have both books required for Rets hidden artifact! But I used a boost on this my pally so there is no legions class hall portal at Dalaran to start the questline. Is there another way?Wiinky1 4d
4d WTS PAPAL FEZ On Tich- 1m flat hmu btag nickthetrain#1429Tauntblood1 4d
4d Mail boots fel green theme Any suggestions on mail boots that might work with a fel green type theme ? I have boots in lots of different shades of green, but nothing pairs well with the rest of my mog.Greenmonstr1 4d
4d One handers on the back. Come on Blizz, time to give us the option in the transmog book. A simple button that changes the look of one handed weapons to appear either on the character's back, or on the hip. Been asking for this for a long time now and since Frost DK looks to be staying a DW spec, I need to get those darn swords off my hips. Also, if you could remove the restrictions on tabards for alts, that would be great.Vitálus3 4d
4d 80's Action Movie Transmog Need help making one. Think Rambo or Lone Wolf McQuaide. Only thing I have so far is a bandana lol. Need help with chest boots and legs.Mccade1 4d
4d Transmog? - The Sleeper and The Dreamer Transmog? - The Sleeper and The Dreamer Rogue- Dragon Soul Quest line Daggers not the Legendary but the Epic ones. I have recently finished up the Grind for the Fangs of the Father (Legendary Daggers of out Dragon Soul) I know the Legendary Daggers can't be transmoged but The Sleeper, The Dreamer, Fear and Vengeance appearance are shown in the appearance tab as they are Epic. The issue I am having is The Dreamer and Vengeance are the only ones listed available for Transmog and they are the Off-Hand. So The appearance is there but when I try to Transmog my main hand with the The Dreamer it wont appear ( it needs to be The Sleeper) which is not offered in the Appearance Tab. I really like the look and have a very good Transmog set that works really good with The Sleeper and The Dreamer but I am unable to do so because the daggers are Main-Hand and Off-Hand but only give you the Off-Hand option for Transmog. Hopefully this gets noticed because I would love to be able to at least use The Sleeper and The Dreamer. So please add The Sleeper and Fear into the Appearance Tab for daggers :DVoodoki0 4d
4d Need help with rope belt. I've been trying to find a rope belt for my transmog outfit, but every single one that i find on wowhead is no longer available, i also can't seem to find any on the AH. Does anybody know where i can find one?Xuniao2 4d
5d Should level locking be abolished? Hello everyone :) I know this is normally Lull's domain, so don't tell her I am invading her territory :P Anyway I have been thinking a lot about Transmog and Lower Levels as of late, especially with all the Allied Races we are getting, and thinking about the level restrictions that exist for transmog. I know that when 7.3.5 introduced scaling to the world that a lot of gear had more flexible scaling and unlocked in ranges instead of exact levels. This was fantastic since I am the kind of guy who loves to transmog my characters no matter what level they are. However, even with this change it really limits the wardrobe access and I really can't understand why. What is the purpose of level locking transmog at this point? If its transmog you have access too then why not let us use it at any level, its not like we are going to fool anyone into thinking we are higher level than what we are. I think it would be kinda nice to have access to any transmog we have unlocked from the start personally. What are your thoughts? I am curious what the argument would be for wanting to keep equipment level locked if any of yall have one. Anyway, just a thought that I had.Byucknah4 5d
5d Transmog request please! I want to transmog grey items ASAP!!!! I want my ilvl300 gear to look like lvl 2 gear.Dexterdead2 5d
5d Runic Darkblade Hey Blizzard, just wondering if you could put the Runic Darkblade back in the game as a drop in Hillsbrad Foothills or Duskwood. Or even reintroduce the quest chain. Whatever's easier. It was the best 2h sword model in the game hands down, most of the other models are way too big to be called swords. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, they each look more like a heap of raw iron. Been playing since Vanilla, and I'm not the type to ask for much, but I simply must in this case for a sword like that. Look it up if anyone's interested, it's effin dope.Zoxos1 5d
6d Heritage armor SUGGESTION Please for the love of god make heritage armor have variations. im sorry but as a dark iron dwarf mage, i cant see my self wearing that plate looking armor. not to take anything away from it... it does look rather amazing.... just not on a mage, i think many people share my opinion with this and other heritage armor sets!!! a suggestion could be is to make different varients of the armor style, for example a cloth type, mail type, leather type, plate type. for example make the dark iron dwarf cloth look very similar with same colors and anvil accents/symbols, just some texture changes, maybe a robe, and more cloth looking shoulders. another example would be void elves, im sure they could make a "void looking" plate version, etc....Dungslinger2 6d
6d Looking for a good transmog to go with... The Corrupted Ashbringer appearance. I like it, but it's so hard to find anything that goes with it's green tint. I mean, if I was a Heroic raider during Legion, I'd probably have the Heroic versions of the Tomb of Sargeras tier or the Antorus tier. Those also have a green tint. But it's probably gonna be a while til I feel comfortable enough to solo those raids. Any help would be much appreciated.Unicronn0 6d
6d Fist weapon tmog PLEASE BLIZZ Can we please tmog our fist weapons into swords and daggers and vice versa! This is so annyong when you get stuck with a fist weapon and a dagger or sword off hand. Your guy looks like total !@#$ you got a sword only on one side of your body and there is no symetrical looking fist / sword combos. Its unbelievable we cant TMOG fist weapons into other weapon types yet.Nards0 6d
6d broke my transmog so i have been using the same transmog on my pally for ever. the red and black dark iron set with the blood night defender as my shield and the blood night ta bard i have receiver lots of comment on how good it looks and in legion when i saw the Flail. i was like omg i want to use that with my mog. so i completed the mage tower with my pally. and thing where good i next planed to get the red coloring from rigs. as my pally is not my main i wasted tell i finished path finding to lv him up this exp and i get to max lv and go to fix my mog only to find out i can use the Flail unless i use the shield winch is a good shield but ever the red verdant doesn't go with the mog i have in legion i could mog over the shield but in bfa i can so i feel like i wasted a lot of resources and time last expansion reacquiring an appearance that i cant ever use as i could when i get it so instead of showing off my hard earned flail i am using a dinky sword wich feel soooo goodDerick0 6d
6d targetting drops. how do i target drops in a dungeon that originally dropped something at around level ~20 if im past level 60? does it still exist on the drop table or do i have to run on a lower level toon?Chulk2 6d