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Apr 6 Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered! This guide, in it's entirety, is now in add-on form! All the lovely sets listed here can be viewed on your character in-game with the brand new MogIt_Armorkinis! You can download it right here: It requires the MogIt version 2.0 which is found here: Enjoy the armorkinis! :D Special /hugs and much love to Aelobin! <3 And now a guide just for the Gents as well! A lot of you have known of my absolute passion for platekinis and my large collection of skimpy armor. You hinted at and then outright asked me to list them all. Well, challenge accepted! This took a lot more time and work than I had realized it would, for I wanted to make sure I had all skins and colors included, not just the ones that I wear. In my research, I found some new ones I hadn't seen before. So I do admit, I may have some missing still. If you know of a skimpy armor design or color I do not have listed, please let me know and I will happily add it! ^_^ Sidenote: I started this list weeks ago, before Transmogrifying was announced. I will now try to find other options for the white and grey items I have listed, so they can be transmo'd. All mentioned are available in full sets unless noted otherwise, but I am only linking the chest and legs in most cases. PLATE I will start off this list with the fabulous Bloodscale Breastplate and Bloodscale Legguards. Such a lovely set, and the skin is repeated with a tad more coverage in the golden Conqueror's Breastplate and a blue (chest only) Hydralick Armor. There is also a full set in blue but it may be hard to find, being from an Armorsmith quest that is no longer in game, Ornate Mithril Pants. The set is also available in a brown mail set Brigade Breastplate and boss drop chest Ironspine's Ribcage. Then a mail leg only in red, Firemane Leggings. Now for the skimpiest of them all, Glorious Breastplate and Glorious Legplates! Besides the golden set, it comes in a green/grey Lofty Breastplate and a blue/gold Vanguard Breastplate. Also available as chest pieces only, in black Warrior's Embrace, in a Horde-only blue/gold Nether Protector's Chest and a pink/yellow mail Energized Chestplate. One of my personal favorites here: Saltstone SurcoatSaltstone Legplates, the chest is also available as a boss drop Carapace of Anub'shiah, and the legs as a quest reward Cenarion Thicket Legplates. Besides the gorgeous silver/purple version, it comes in green/gold Jade Breastplate and a sort of tan/red Tyrant's Chestpiece with a boss drop alternative Carapace of Tuten'kash. We also have a few mail options available. A Jade look-alike Sandstalker Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). And a Tyrant's look-alike Spitfire Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). We move on to the beautiful red sheen of Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warlord's Iron-Legplates. It is exactly the same as the Warmaul Legplates set. We have a few mail options here, in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate, in a brown set Radiant Breastplate and quest chest Bonechewer Berserker's Vest, another red set Hero's Breastplate, and a red boss drop chest Royal Decorated Armor. Another personal favorite of mine is the Revenant Chestplate and Revenant Leggings. Obtainable as quest rewards as well, for Horde and Alliance both Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate Murkblood Avenger's Legplates and the chest only again, Chestplate of A'dal then again as a crafted partial set, Shadesteel Greaves. Just as revealing in a blue/gold set Templar Chestplate. Less skimpy options in green Emerald Breastplate, red Thorium Armor and blue/red Runic Breastplate. Also in blue/red chest as a quest reward Lost Chestplate of the Reverent. This skin has three, yes, I said three, identical sets. Darkcrest Breastplate Boulderfist Armor and the mail Chief Brigadier Leggings. Bloodfist Breastplate is a gold/red version of the set. And there is a white/gold option, in chest and gloves only Truesilver Breastplate Truesilver Gauntlets. These sets do not have a true bikini-style leg, but the tops are very interestingly cut and revealing. Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Enchanted Thorium Leggings are elegant and beautiful in gold/black. Imbued Plate Armor is a white/purple/red version of the set. Commander's Armor for a rosy brown/orange and Hyperion Armor is a fiery red/orange. Here we have a sort of no-nonsense, unormanted bikini look. I include these because they retain a bare midriff on males, so they can show off those rock-hard abs. ;) Full sets available in black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, silver Grimscale Armor, another silver in mail Knight's Breastplate and gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Slight variation of this skin brings us Khan'aish Breastplate in gold. Another interesting piece of an un-skimpy bikini style has a nice 'Y' back and much less coverage on males, in silver/blue Talonguard Armor and a pewter/brown mail Marauder's Tunic. While these legs are not in a bikini style, they remain very low cut on both males and females. Skyfire Greaves Then we have two lovely tops from ICC: Ghoul Commander's Cuirass in a green hue and Gendarme's Cuirass in a warm brown. These sets do not have a bikini leg, nor is the top all that skimpy, being a 'tank top' model. I include them because of their interesting texture and colors, the various set pieces make fantastic accents to complete other bikini looks. In green Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece, white Alabaster Breastplate, orange Gothic Plate Armor and yellow Valorous Chestguard. Another set with a full leg, the tops are low cut, midriff baring and quite cute: In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. While not quite a bikini model, these tops have wonderful exposure on the sides and back. Legs, if there is a set to go with, are all full. In a brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in gold Flamebane Breastplate and in grey (Item not found). Nearing the end of the plate section, we have a lovely, jagged style chest. Pants are available for some of the colors, but are not bikini-style. Chest is in black Drakescale Breastplate and again in mail Black Dragonscale Breastplate , blue Adamantite Breastplate and Warleader's Breastplate, black/gold Exalted Harness, green mail Fel Iron Chain Tunic and brown Brutish Breastplate. Also in a brown mail partial set, Bloodsoul Breastplate. A very skimpy plate harness, Durotan's Battle Harness. A lovely Wrath chest, Breastplate of the Afterlife. A few very slim belts, to accentuate and not hide the waistline with bulk. This style is in red Belt of the Fallen Emperor and in blue Royal Qiraji Belt. Another look in a purple/white Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. To finish off this section, we have a fantastic plate hotpant. Absolutely beautiful, and I am very sad it is not in my personal collection as yet. Cloudkeeper Legplates in white/gold and the lovely Legplates of Blazing Light in red/gold. (WooHoo! Cloudkeeper is now mine, thanks to an awesome guildie! <3)Lull1759 Apr 6
16m Tmog set issue When going through sets on my undead warlock, his head is blocked off by the gear icons and I cannot see the full set. I know this is a small issue, but how do I fix it?Raelar0 16m
1h Rate that Transmog! The Ever-Living Doctôr capped the last thread. 7/10 @ Doctôr - needs a weapon that coordinates with the outfit. Otherwise not a bad look.Limbek73 1h
3h Brewfest items not account wide So I noticed after I purchased the hats on my dk and swapped over to my hunter that the hats where not available for tmog. Are the chest and boots the same way? I haven't got farmed enough tickets for them yet. This seems like a bug or something that got overlooked.Gnobafett5 3h
4h Reputation tabards/cosmetics Currently re-farming Laughing Skull rep on this character and was just wandering what's the reasoning behind cosmetic items that are bought on characters with high enough rep unavailable to use for other characters? Its a bit strange that I could use a pet or mount on a character from a rep faction that it has never even seen the zone for, yet can't use their tabard design or funny looking hat for Transmogrification unless it possesses the same reputation level.Murmur0 4h
9h 7.2.5 New Holiday: Trial of Style ... While the specifics aren't there yet, we can earn 'Mog week Coins' from this scenario. Perhaps this'll be an opportunity to earn/buy transmog appearances that have since been removed?Katerlia22 9h
9h Weapon Appearances they need to add. So I've been thinking...after being able to get the Warglaive's of Azzinoth appearances from TW Black Temple. Why not take it a bit further and add appearance drops to old raid bosses? For example, Sunwell Plateau Kil'jaeden could drop an item that grants the appearance of Thor'idal, the Stars Fury. Maybe they could introduce a vendor or quest that grants you the appearance of Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, or Shadowmourne and even the legendary cloaks from Pandaria.Snookì5 9h
9h Barber shop stuff in the appearances tab I was just playing wow and made a pretty interesting outfit with with my appearances tab (which is amazing) but my hair style and hair color didn't really match and I wasn't totally satisfied with my appearance. I was wondering if maybe there could be a spot in the appearances tab where you could see different hair styles and all that barber shop stuff with your transmog appearance.Coolzoo1 9h
9h Feedback: Fishing Poles Just a quick thought occurred to me, and that was the fact that we don't have a fishing pole transmogrification window (say that three times fast)! Does anyone else dress up for your fishing extravaganzas? Or am I a strange-fishing-death-knight? Well, we all know that poles add skill bonuses of different degrees; and with that said, we might not want that particular pole design with said "best" fishing bonus, so I ask: Blizzard, when possible, please add a window to allow us to transmogrify our fishing poles? (I also noticed that someone else posted a few days ago asking about this very question, in much simpler terms, via the search tool, and thought it worth to resurrect properly with Feedback in the subject.) Thank you, Strange-fishing-death-knight Grízzle.Grízzle1 9h
9h Shadowcraft + Darkmantle in sppearance tab With 7.3 it appears that shadowcraft and darkmantle now appear in your tab, but i've noticed that Darkmantle only appears in my rogues, but shadowcraft shows up in DH / Monks tabs, anyone know if this is a bug or intended?Gekyo3 9h
9h Brewfest cosmetic items Are they unlocked account wide?Ebonymoon3 9h
10h Goblin & Gnome Transmogs One thing I haven't seen much of is good Goblin and Gnome transmogs. I'm really interested if people have been able to put together a nice Gnome or Goblin themed Hunter set especially!Pocketwrench1 10h
12h Weapons of lightforge enchantable? Hi everyone, those of you who have this transmog set, can you apply enchant illusions to the 2H swords and such? Thanks!Cbegs1 12h
12h Tremendous Tankaed O'Terror Ok, what the hell? I got one from Corey Direbrew, I equipped it so I can use it for transmogrification but I can't use it on other toon on different server? Is that broken or what?Joñ1 12h
1d Blade of Hanna for Sale - Stormrage US Blade of Hanna for Sale on Stormrage-US. Current AH listings are for 147k, Willing to Sell for 125k. Great for Collectors and Weebs.Lockoclock0 1d
1d Dragon Soul LFR low drop rates... So i have been farming the LFR set for mages from dragon soul for a few weeks now and by far it is the lowest of all the drop rates in any of the farming I have done. is there any chance we could get a buff to this? i dont know if this corner of he forums is visited by devs but i thought i would reach out.Eyzo1 1d
1d Glorious Tyranny Illusion So, I have a problem, I've been posting on forums to no avail and I've been asking GMs in live chats to no avail. Heres the issue, to get the Enchanter's Illusion - Glorious Tyranny From the vendor in Serpent's spine, you need a duelist achievement from season 14 or 15, (both of those seasons bloody dancing steel was the strenghth/agility option and it's functionally equivalent to Dancing Steel, shares the same visual effect as Glorious Tyranny, costs a scroll of the base enchant, and requires a 2200 rating) I still have the bloody dancing steel enchants on my prideful gladiators weapons (season 15) on my monk, aptly named "Mudmug-Feathermoon". Duelists in s14 and 15 required roughly 2070 rating in 3s to attain the achievement and I got to 2200 rating in rated battlegrounds, not arenas; so that means I don't have the title but I got well above the rating equivalent of duelist. Please award me the illusion, I have tangible proof that I was above 2200 in that season in the form of a weapon still in my monk's hands as well as my "General" achievement recieved on 7/7/14 during the prideful season. I've read through first hand accounts from people on the forums where you awesome GMs have done this for people who could prove they had it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT GUYS!Vdo0 1d
1d World-Defiler's set from ARGUS Can you guys make every single Rare in argus have a chance to drop these? According to people and WowHead only 6 rares drop them and 5 in korkuun 1 in antorus.. been farming these since for ever.. didn't get only helm.Saeahiga3 1d
1d Warlord's Aegis too cool To be behind such restrictions! BLIZZ!! Warlord's Aegis available with less restrictions please. C'mon guys......c'mon you know you want to, Also Ogres as new race please lolBenefactis1 1d
1d Looking for Purple Plate Mogs Hello, I am wondering if there are any nice purple Plate mogs out there to go with my Lustrous Eventide Greatsword appearance? suggestions for pieces would be nice, going for a slutmog-style appearance if possible Also what would be a better chest to match my current armor set?Cheedory2 1d
2d Hide gloves Let us hide gloves and stuff...Blace4 2d
2d Fel-Stippled Legguards Supposedly this isn't in the game anymore in any difficulty? I can't find it in collections or in any loot tables in adventurers guide. Any explanation as to why this would have been in the game and then removed? Really wanna finish my faux-rogue set :(Atroxin1 2d
2d Tremendous Tankard O' Terror Today when I was doing the beer boss I got the Tremendous Tankard O' Terror and also the Terrific Tankard O' Terror. Should I sell those items now? Or should I wait until the holiday is over? What would you suggest? Also, what are the prices for those items in your realms?Yokoloca1 2d
2d Alt transmog farming Say, If I play with my warrior and run old dungeons and raids. The drops I get (gear) will they be available for my alts to transmogify?Findeonor1 2d
2d Bloody Dancing Steel Illusion So what I want to ask and hear from the game dev's is why Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest isn't available for use as an account wide illusion. So pretty every elite item from pvp got put into the wardrobe whether that be a weapon, gear or WoD enchant. So the question is why wasn't the MoP enchant for Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest added. It was a elite pvp enchant just as is any other pvp elite item thats already in the wardrobe and illusion list. Not everyone maybe played WoD and was able to get the Glorious tyranny but people still did earn the elite enchant back in MoP and should get just as much love for it as WoD enchants did after all there both elite pvp earned items. So i want to hear the dev's answer to this and if there is any future plans for this to be added. There is quite a handful of us who would love to see this hit the illusion board that have extras laying in the bags going to waste that want to relive that period of pvp time when we earned them.Senpaî27 2d
3d A cloak for my mog. I cant find a cloak that fits in with my mog. somebody help! I need something green and fel looking but all the cloaks I know of don't match. diabolic shroud and batwing cloak come close but their not quite right.Sanders0 3d
3d Mankinis! A guy's guide to skimpy. This one is for the Gents! You guys kept asking me for one, so here it is! ^_^ I researched everything that showed a bit of skin on the males and put it all together in one spot for easy reference for you. While most of these do have full sets, I am only listing those items that have a skimpy appearance on the males and discussing a little of what got them on the list. Legs will be found separately at the bottom of each armor type post. May you ever be fashionable, and as covered (or un-covered) as you desire. ;) As always, if I am missing a design, color or alternate way of acquiring something, please let me know and I will happily add it! <3 The guide for the Ladies can be found here: Plate Chest Options Starting off with the one design in plate that is skimpier on males than females, a bit of a harness-y look with chain accents; In grey Stormforged Breastplate, Gateshattering Hauberk, Rough Stone Carapace, and Troggzor's Crystalline Plate. In dark grey Druidic Guardian Plate, Chestplate of Exceptional Expectations and Oddly Revealing Chestguard. In green Jasperlode Breastplate, Direforge Breastplate, Fargodeep Breastplate, Stonewrought Breastplate, Crystalvein Breastplate, Dreadmaul Breastplate, and Rethban Breastplate. And in blue Damplight Chestplate, Chestplate of Fragrant Desire, Chestguard of Cognitive Dissonance, and Chestguard of Alarming Dreams. Then we have some nice side and back exposure with this skin; In grey Slatesteel Breastplate or Heroic Armor, in gold Flamebane Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplateand in brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer. These sets allow you to display those rock-hard abs perfectly. In black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, in silver Grimscale Armor and in gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Over here we have a bit of belly-button showing, and a generous amount of lower back exposure. In gold Conqueror's Breastplate, in blue Hydralick Armor and Ornate Mithril Breastplate, and in red Bloodscale Breastplate and Gilded Crimson Chestplate. These jagged tops leave the midriff mostly bare, save for a spike in the front and back. In black Drakescale Breastplate, in blue Warleader's Breastplate and Adamantite Breastplate, in brown Brutish Breastplate and in black/gold Exalted Harness. Some bareness at the waist and sides here, save for a few straps. In gold Bloodfist Breastplate, in red Demon Forged Breastplate, Boulderfist Armor and Darkcrest Breastplate and in silver/gold Truesilver Breastplate. A bit more coverage than the previous tops, these still offer a bit of belly and side exposure. In blue/red Lost Chestplate of the Reverent, Soul Saver's Chest Plate and Runic Breastplate, in blue/gold Chestguard of Illumination and Templar Chestplate, in purple Revenant Chestplate, Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate and Chestplate of A'dal, in green Ironvine Breastplate and Emerald Breastplate and in red Thorium Armor. These tops leave a generous amount of back and sides bare, dipping in the front to frame the belly button perfectly. In red/gold Hyperion Armor, in a rosy brown/orange Commander's Armor, in white/purple/red Scavenged Breastplate and Imbued Plate Armor and in a silver/gold/black Enchanted Thorium Breastplate. These styles are fairly borderline skimpy, but the expanse of lower back showing has me include them. In black/red The Exarch's Protector, in green/gold Silithid Carapace Chestguard, in black/grey Spiderfang Carapace and in brown/blue Breastplate of Retribution. This skin leaves most of the upper back bare, with some wonderful strap accents. In red Warmaul Breastplate and Warlord's Iron-Breastplate. A nice midriff-baring style here; In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. Ending off the tops with a few single options; A plate harness Durotan's Battle Harness. A belly button-baring gold top Khan'aish Breastplate. And a wonderfully skimpy option that leaves those pecs and upper back exposed Talonguard Armor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plate Leg Options There Really, just one. =/ WTB a few more options please, Blizz! Skyfire Greaves is the only leg that varies from the standard waist-high and ankle or knee lengths. It is very, very low cut and a nice, slim belt such as Belt of the Fallen Emperor or Royal Qiraji Belt will not cover that up.Lull287 3d
3d Rogue Tier 21 By now everyone has seen the new tier armor sets coming out with the new raid and they look great. The general feeling is that the rogue set is one of the coolest looking armor sets that have been added to the game thus far, while I agree with this statement I am very concerned for one small reason. When opening the armor sets tab the first thing I noticed was that the Heroic and Mythic versions of this set do not have matching boots! The normal set has a complete set of 9 matching pieces including the boots but not the most desirable heroic and mythic ones. I am not sure if this was a choice made by the artists or an oversight but I think it must be fixed. I am unsure if this is the case with the other classes armor sets but if it is I can imagine you feel the same way I do. I dont think it would be too difficult to take the boots that already exist in the normal version and recolor then to fit the heroic/mythic colors. Please fellow players help us get this fix before the next raid drops!Bertyr4 3d
3d Colourblind help with my druid mog Hi, I know there are lots of posts from people asking for mog feedback, and that no one really responds to them, but for this I am asking for help with colour since I am colourblind, and I hope I can get some help with my main's druid mog. This is a screenshot of it from front and behind so you can see the weapon enchant which makes a huge diff. I am going for a druid look that channels the power of the stars & moon, as well as tapping into the primal power of nature. As such, I have chosen simple looking stuff with moon symbols on them and a bit of bare skin. My colour scheme (I think) is green, purple and blue. In my eyes, this all matches and works, however I have received lots of comments from people saying my colours are off, and since I am CB, I can't be confident in my own choices in this area. I would love some feedback and hints since this is my main, I love druids, and I want mine to look the best I can! Cheers guys!Greenmagexx11 3d
3d Gladiator style gear Any gear that would fit a Gladiator of roman times? Mail preferably as I plan on using a Trident. Would love any assistance. I am looking at the Black Dragonscale T-mog but it's only a last resort if I can't find a good Gladiator kind of style.Sauronbaine2 3d
3d Hi, my name is Jalapi Jenkins. Thank you and have a good day :)Jalapi0 3d
3d Fierce Combatant's Dragonhide Armor Fierce Combatant's Dragonhide Armor is found here on wowhead: And there are no comments there on how to get it. Can anyone help point out where I can get it? My friend told me it is the elite set for this current season in pvp but the elite set looks totally different than the fierce combatant's set. The elite set is obviously the purple set that has a bear hood, so how do I get the black and yellow mog. Thanks!Critsqt2 3d
4d First Mate Hat Can you please make this hat a cosmetic item rather than just cloth? Thank you!!!Tsumatra2 4d
4d Tabard of the scarlet crusades Is this thing still obtainable ingame? From googling, it appearently drops from armsmaster Harlan in scarlet halls, but Iv been farming him for 4 hours, switching between several mail wearing characters as I get max instance, yet no drop. Does it only drop from heroic? The tabard is not on his loot tables, which sort of cast doubt as to whether he actually drops the tabard, and whether or not I'm wasting my time.Zelgardis2 4d
5d Old Warglaive Models? Now that warglaives are a thing, I think the appearance tab for them looks a little thin. I know Blizzard probably isn't very proud of them, but we see quite a few NPCs that use old warglaive models that aren't available to players. The Illidari Provisioners in the Illidari class hall use them. Older DH NPCs (Old Altruis, old Varedis, Feronas Sindweller, Loramus Thalipedes) use them. We can see some on the drake vanguards in Blackwing Lair. They're not attached to a specific model, in other words. They must be sitting around somewhere, and they could be green BoEs in the next expansion, or slapped onto a vendor. Some of us really like them and really attracted us to demon hunters. I would love to see them.Quincinatus0 5d
5d More nipple armor? Theres a select few armor chest pieces that allow full exposure of my pride and joy (My nipples), and those being armor released in this expac, are there any more mail armor for males that show the true glory of your chest?Dreadmaw4 5d
5d Robeless Cloth transmog suggestions? Hiya! Do you guys see where I'm going with my transmog? Every person who sees me in-game has really negative opinion about it.. I don't think it's the best matching pieces, but I quite like it, and I think it will look even better with Army of the Light Tabard in 7.3. After playing the whole expansion as shadow priest/warlock I'm really tired of all these huge dresses and robes. Anyone has any suggestions how to make it look better? I'm taking any ideas!Envis8 5d
5d So I spent some time to unlock the class hall set, then for all my hunters I have to do all that work all over again. They really want us to do the Suramar questline. All my other hunters aren't going to do the Nightfallen rep grind just to gain access to the set for Transmog. I mean, I don't really understand why a transmog set for the class hall is gated by a questchain that is totally unrelated to the class hall itself. It's like they knew that they forgot to make an actual incentive to grind nightfallen rep all the way to Exalted so they slapped a silly requirement on the class hall transmog set. So come on Blizzard, remove the silly restriction on the class hall set, at least for using it for transmog on other characters of the same class. (Who am I kidding, they're aren't going to remove it. Because there's nothing else worth farming the rep for. Well, aside from a random chance to obtain a mount from a grab bag you get every 10K @ Exalted rep grind.) Sorry, just venting as I finally got exalted with Nightfallen on this character tonight and I am still miffed that alts under the same class can't access the set for transmog unless they too grind the rep. Granted it's easier now that there's no rep gates for the nightfallen quest chain, still sucks though. And it's not the only time this happened. I got disappointed that my Human Warlock couldn't use the Class Hall set that I unlocked on my Orc Warlock.Maxs0 5d
5d why are fist weapons so terrible... why are we stuck with the bad skins for fist weapons.. there are not many xmogs for fist and we cant do anything else with it, and the ones that are available are not that good(with a few exceptions). i feel like ele and ww got screwed on the artifact weapons.. stuck with a ton of garbage. PLEASE MAKE IT SO WE CAN XMOG TO DIF WEAPONS, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIX IT AND I DONT WANT TO HEAR SOME BS ABOUT THE ANIMATION... ITS BEEN SO LONG NOW FIGURE IT OUTDiputslol4 5d
5d LF LW to make belt of the black eagle Hey guys, was seeing if there was anyone on tich (H) that can make me the belt of the black eagle. Need the belt to finish my transmog. I have the mats, will also tip 5k. I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!Mexcellence0 5d
Sep 16 Garothi Plate set The Argus Army of Light set with the Gold Trim as opposed to the Unsullied's sort of silver Trim. Where do these pieces come from can anyone tell me?Zunde2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Haliscan items cosmetic Hi, Kinda an odd, personal request, but is there any chance the Haliscan-themed items could be made into COSMETIC items rather than common-quality Cloth items? I RP that my toon is Don Jose, a Haliscan, Don Alejandro et. al. Would be really nice to wear the correct outfit appearance and not have to unequip my armor. FTR: ... Thank you. Would also be great for Day of the Dead celebration.Jose2 Sep 16
Sep 15 Primal Gladiator's Scaled Helm PLEASE!! blizzard make this helm not only for paladins but for all the other plate wearers too, this helm is part of my favorite armor set but I cant xmog it since its only for paladins.Lukitoto1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Jagged Hornet Bracers Why do Jagged Hornet Bracers (Raid Finder version) not work for the Yaungol Slayer Battlegear set?Taaz0 Sep 15
Sep 15 Army of the Light Bow Tmog Why isn't the white army of the light bow part of the armaments of the light reward? At first I thought there were no new skins or models but this is clearly one. Why are hunters the only class left out of the new transmog options?Raadun4 Sep 15
Sep 15 OG warlord gear xmog issue (leather) So i'm an old school warlord from vanilla, worked my !@# off for it to say the least. My issue is, back then the warlord helm/shoulder model colors were red-ish and was not blue what-so-ever. But the replica gear is blue. Is there some way to get the original non blue colored ones for xmog? I remember when the BC patch came out they changed the color automatically, from what I assume they wanted druid/rogue gear to not be the same look maybe? I miss the COOL version, blue does not fit that set at. ALL.Haxir0 Sep 15
Sep 15 MoP 2200 enchant is now illusions Blizzard should have not brought back the 2200 enchant from mop to make it an illusion in 7.3 if they couldn't give it to everyone who earned it during those two seasons 14 and 15. I earned 2200 in 3's during season 15 bought the enchant and all was good. Wod came out and made the red enchant require 2400 rating and the enchant became an illusion but not the mop one, I was fine with that and moved on. But now in 7.3 for some reason they decided to bring the mop enchant back the 2200 requirement one from season 14 and 15 as an illusion and made the requirement duelist. The problem i have and i'm sure others too is that i did not sit duelist during season 15 so now i'm to watch others mog the exact enchant i earned. Also people who earned the enchant through rbgs during season 14 or 15 can not get as well unless they got duelist. Now i understand that people will tell me to stop crying or that Blizzard made it duelist because they couldn't track the season 14 or 15 achieves properly but i'm simply posting this because this is unfair to a lot of people and something needs to be done about the gray areas... please do not talk about the wod enchants, the blue one that was given out this is not about that its only about the mop 2200 ones from season 14 and 15. tyKicksdemon20 Sep 15
Sep 15 Need some verification If i use these I unlock the appearance of glorious tyranny right? They're the only ones I have and I don't want them to go to waste.Kyoski1 Sep 15