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3h Transmog Concerns with Pre-Patch Since the Pre-Patch went live yesterday, we’ve seen some questions and concerns from players on several transmogrification issues. We’d like to elaborate on some details about how the system works: Transmogging an Artifact to look like a non-Artifact from your weapon appearances collection should work as it did before. You can now have a transmogrify vendor put an earned Artifact appearance on appropriate non-Artifact weapons belonging to characters who are of the same class and specialization as the character who earned the appearance. However, if you wish to apply an Artifact appearance to an Artifact, you must visit the Artifact Forge in your Class Hall, and your character is restricted to appearances that were earned on that character. Artifact appearances that come in pairs (main-hand + off-hand) cannot be separated when you’re using two items. If you apply the appearance of one of these to your main-hand item, your off-hand item will use the appearance of the other, and vice versa. Artifact appearances that come in pairs *can* be applied to two-hand weapons. A Shadow Priest can now make a staff look like Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire. Some Artifact appearances are so awesome that they can bypass restrictions on some weapon types. However, even though some restrictions have been lifted, other weapon restrictions remain. It is not intended that a melee weapon can be made to look like an Artifact bow or gun. Likewise, you can't make a bow/gun/wand look like an Artifact melee weapon. When doing transmogrification, you can select a slot to alter in the character pane on the left of the window, and then *right-click* on an appearance in the right pane of the window and use “transmogrify as”. This is especially useful when you visit the transmogrifier as a Feral or Guardian Druid. Thank you very much. We’ll continue to keep an eye on all of your questions and feedback!Ornyx152 3h
Aug 2 Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered! This guide, in it's entirety, is now in add-on form! All the lovely sets listed here can be viewed on your character in-game with the brand new MogIt_Armorkinis! You can download it right here: It requires the MogIt version 2.0 which is found here: Enjoy the armorkinis! :D Special /hugs and much love to Aelobin! <3 And now a guide just for the Gents as well! A lot of you have known of my absolute passion for platekinis and my large collection of skimpy armor. You hinted at and then outright asked me to list them all. Well, challenge accepted! This took a lot more time and work than I had realized it would, for I wanted to make sure I had all skins and colors included, not just the ones that I wear. In my research, I found some new ones I hadn't seen before. So I do admit, I may have some missing still. If you know of a skimpy armor design or color I do not have listed, please let me know and I will happily add it! ^_^ Sidenote: I started this list weeks ago, before Transmogrifying was announced. I will now try to find other options for the white and grey items I have listed, so they can be transmo'd. All mentioned are available in full sets unless noted otherwise, but I am only linking the chest and legs in most cases. PLATE I will start off this list with the fabulous Bloodscale Breastplate and Bloodscale Legguards. Such a lovely set, and the skin is repeated with a tad more coverage in the golden Conqueror's Breastplate and a blue (chest only) Hydralick Armor. There is also a full set in blue but it may be hard to find, being from an Armorsmith quest that is no longer in game, Ornate Mithril Pants. The set is also available in a brown mail set Brigade Breastplate and boss drop chest Ironspine's Ribcage. Then a mail leg only in red, Firemane Leggings. Now for the skimpiest of them all, Glorious Breastplate and Glorious Legplates! Besides the golden set, it comes in a green/grey Lofty Breastplate and a blue/gold Vanguard Breastplate. Also available as chest pieces only, in black Warrior's Embrace, in a Horde-only blue/gold Nether Protector's Chest and a pink/yellow mail Energized Chestplate. One of my personal favorites here: Saltstone SurcoatSaltstone Legplates, the chest is also available as a boss drop Carapace of Anub'shiah, and the legs as a quest reward Cenarion Thicket Legplates. Besides the gorgeous silver/purple version, it comes in green/gold Jade Breastplate and a sort of tan/red Tyrant's Chestpiece with a boss drop alternative Carapace of Tuten'kash. We also have a few mail options available. A Jade look-alike Sandstalker Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). And a Tyrant's look-alike Spitfire Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). We move on to the beautiful red sheen of Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warlord's Iron-Legplates. It is exactly the same as the Warmaul Legplates set. We have a few mail options here, in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate, in a brown set Radiant Breastplate and quest chest Bonechewer Berserker's Vest, another red set Hero's Breastplate, and a red boss drop chest Royal Decorated Armor. Another personal favorite of mine is the Revenant Chestplate and Revenant Leggings. Obtainable as quest rewards as well, for Horde and Alliance both Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate Murkblood Avenger's Legplates and the chest only again, Chestplate of A'dal then again as a crafted partial set, Shadesteel Greaves. Just as revealing in a blue/gold set Templar Chestplate. Less skimpy options in green Emerald Breastplate, red Thorium Armor and blue/red Runic Breastplate. Also in blue/red chest as a quest reward Lost Chestplate of the Reverent. This skin has three, yes, I said three, identical sets. Darkcrest Breastplate Boulderfist Armor and the mail Chief Brigadier Leggings. Bloodfist Breastplate is a gold/red version of the set. And there is a white/gold option, in chest and gloves only Truesilver Breastplate Truesilver Gauntlets. These sets do not have a true bikini-style leg, but the tops are very interestingly cut and revealing. Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Enchanted Thorium Leggings are elegant and beautiful in gold/black. Imbued Plate Armor is a white/purple/red version of the set. Commander's Armor for a rosy brown/orange and Hyperion Armor is a fiery red/orange. Here we have a sort of no-nonsense, unormanted bikini look. I include these because they retain a bare midriff on males, so they can show off those rock-hard abs. ;) Full sets available in black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, silver Grimscale Armor, another silver in mail Knight's Breastplate and gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Slight variation of this skin brings us Khan'aish Breastplate in gold. Another interesting piece of an un-skimpy bikini style has a nice 'Y' back and much less coverage on males, in silver/blue Talonguard Armor and a pewter/brown mail Marauder's Tunic. While these legs are not in a bikini style, they remain very low cut on both males and females. Skyfire Greaves Then we have two lovely tops from ICC: Ghoul Commander's Cuirass in a green hue and Gendarme's Cuirass in a warm brown. These sets do not have a bikini leg, nor is the top all that skimpy, being a 'tank top' model. I include them because of their interesting texture and colors, the various set pieces make fantastic accents to complete other bikini looks. In green Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece, white Alabaster Breastplate, orange Gothic Plate Armor and yellow Valorous Chestguard. Another set with a full leg, the tops are low cut, midriff baring and quite cute: In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. While not quite a bikini model, these tops have wonderful exposure on the sides and back. Legs, if there is a set to go with, are all full. In a brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in gold Flamebane Breastplate and in grey (Item not found). Nearing the end of the plate section, we have a lovely, jagged style chest. Pants are available for some of the colors, but are not bikini-style. Chest is in black Drakescale Breastplate and again in mail Black Dragonscale Breastplate , blue Adamantite Breastplate and Warleader's Breastplate, black/gold Exalted Harness, green mail Fel Iron Chain Tunic and brown Brutish Breastplate. Also in a brown mail partial set, Bloodsoul Breastplate. A very skimpy plate harness, Durotan's Battle Harness. A lovely Wrath chest, Breastplate of the Afterlife. A few very slim belts, to accentuate and not hide the waistline with bulk. This style is in red Belt of the Fallen Emperor and in blue Royal Qiraji Belt. Another look in a purple/white Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. To finish off this section, we have a fantastic plate hotpant. Absolutely beautiful, and I am very sad it is not in my personal collection as yet. Cloudkeeper Legplates in white/gold and the lovely Legplates of Blazing Light in red/gold. (WooHoo! Cloudkeeper is now mine, thanks to an awesome guildie! <3)Lull1765 Aug 2
Jun 24 Helpful Addons for Transmog I see a few threads with people asking about addons to improve their Transmog collecting, so I thought I'd list the ones I use with a little bit about why I find them helpful. :) This little beauty puts a tooltip on Tier tokens or other items used to buy gear you may pick up while farming all the things. It says where to turn them in, and if there is an appearance from it you've yet to learn, as some older tokens have two sets that may be learned off them. This gem adds a tooltip to all pieces of gear, letting you know at a glance if you can learn it on that toon, if you can learn it on some alt, if you already know that look or if you cannot learn it at all. This one keeps track of what you are missing from each instance and gives an overall completion % for each expansion. Perfect for those who want to get all the looks! This is a different UI for the Wardrobe. It has a little more functionality, IMO, and it works in conjunction with the next two addons. This is one of my must-haves. It works off your MogIt wishlist, the saved sets that you made on there. (requires MogIt to work) The Wardrobe only lets you save 20 outfits total. This one lets you transmog into all of the sets you have saved with MogIt. Which is 100 right now, in my case. Yes, infinite saved set list! This adds a slew of sets to the MogIt UI, showing a full set of dungeon pieces, BoE sets, questing sets, basically like the built-in set UI for the Wardrobe, but for all the things. A trifle outdated, but looks to be complete up to the first part of Legion. Useful still for the older set looks. (requires MogIt to work) Happy transmog hunting! ^_^Lull3 Jun 24
1h Skeletal Longsword Hello Everyone, I'm in possession of the Skeletal Longsword, This item is no long available in game it has been deleted. I am in possession of one out of the last 2 right now. I am looking to sell it to anyone who is looking for a amazing one handed sword to transmogrify to.Seabreed2 1h
2h Sword transmog not appearing on Alt This question may have been answered already and I've done my research on WoWhead as to the transmogrification rules. But here's my problem. I did Hellfire Citadel on mythic and got this wicked item on my death knight. It is a one-hand sword which Demon Hunters can use but the appearance won't appear on my Demon Hunter. I understand that only the warrior, pally, and DK can loot the item, but wouldn't any toon receive it in a large loot anyways? If Demon Hunters can use swords why won't the appearance show up ? Any help or reasoning behind this not working would be really appreciated, thank you!Buxxbutt0 2h
3h Quest Reward Choices for Transmog I'm levelling through quests for once instead of dungeons dungeons dungeons. I come across quests with two items I don't need for an upgrade but that I like the appearance of. I noticed in Legion quests I can get both appearances no matter what I pick, but I don't notice it happening for lower level quests. Am I just imagining things? Do we still get both items for transmog regardless of what we pick? Or do we lose out?Reverie12 3h
4h deleted deletedBlorgador0 4h
7h Rate that Xmog; Ooking Looking. Previously capped thread. @Praymiscuous Name and mog matches. Gotta love that booty 9/10Shalysra215 7h
7h Artifact Mogs & Enchanting Illusions The restriction that has been placed on artifact mogs: not allowing a player to use an artifact appearance with main-hand, and a different mog for the off-hand, is totally useless. Another useless restriction is not allowing Enchanting Illusions like "Demonic Tyranny" to be used on artifact appearances as well. What's the point of unlocking artifact appearances from pvp prestige, and not being able to put the pvp earned enchant illusion on it? Especially because its purely cosmetic and we have EARNED both appearances. These restrictions carry no purpose, and do nothing but disappoint players that have invested time to earn special appearances that they can no longer use together. Before the Artifact mog restriction, I used my prestige artifact appearance as mainhand, and used Warglaive of Azzinoth appearance as offhand with the Demonic Tyranny Illusion. I would have much rather just put the illusion on my artifact appearance, but I did what I had to do in order to show off my illusion. Now im unable to do this, and im being FORCED to chose between my artifact appearances, or my illusion.Dominatrîx0 7h
8h Selling Stinkrot Smasher Hi all, I happened to receive the Stinkrot Smasher, the Fish mace tmog. Was looking to sell it. I am looking to sell it for about 250k+ current price on my server atm is 600k as there is only one other listed. Feel free to dm me. If you are on my server, Gilneas and on horde side you can find it in the AH. Thank you :D Edit: SoldDeumarcus3 8h
9h LF: Plate Pirate Transmogs Hello, i really like the transmog i have now but now that holy paladins back to sword and board i've been wanting to use either Buckler of the Seas or one of the new Kul'tiras shields, however i've been unable to come up with something that looks piratey enough, plate seems harder to make a pirate transmog with so i'm wondering if anyone has some good ones out there or any recommendations on what i can use.Nerevarinè1 9h
9h Rate My Xmog; Its Glorious! Hey everyone just wanted to see what you all thought of my xmog mixing the glorious set with a couple of items. My Xmog:öluptasVöluptas0 9h
9h Mixed Artifact appearances... Please! I would really love to mix the colors of my Fury Artifact weapons, i think that would look super cool. Please let me choose a color for each weapon I wield! Also, for example. I would like to mix up the pvp gold sword for prot paladin, and the mage tower gold shield, to make an AWESOME mog! Please let us mix-match colors blizzard!Rágéd21 9h
12h Advice I'm pretty casual and just got into transmogging, I just wanted to know if people liked my first transmog or not and if they had any advice on things I could swap out to make it look better. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area or something, anyway thanks.Taulivas1 12h
12h I don't really have it. The new items are not showing up in the description if I have it or not. I'm finding myself equipping things it says I have. But the truth is I don't have them. General warning: Always check your green drops in the wardrobe before selling/scrapping them.Margirita1 12h
16h Si'vash World boss for tmog's Does anyone have any information about the world bosses that spawn on the broken shore with the nether disruptor now that it is old content. Trying to get these shoulders: I know for a warrior it drops from Tomb Raid but I want it for my pally so I need to kill the world boss for it. Do we know how it will spawn now that people won't be contributing to the broken shore buildings? Any info is appreciated and thanks!Alyiel1 16h
17h Versatility for Weapon Options Hello all, After a cursory glance of various forums I haven't seen a blue post on this, so I'm hoping to get a bit of clarity for this inquiry. If there has been a response to this, please forgive the thread. There are many classes with the ability to use various weapon types that they are currently unable to transmog. Thinking of: Frost Death Knight two-handers (or unholy/blood one-handed) Windwalker Monk two-handers Survival Hunter dual-wield Enhancement two-handers Fury one-handers (think single-minded fury) and many others I'm sure. We see constant threads from every community site asking for Frost two-handed options for transmog, (usually with nothing constructive) but I think that the spirit of the request is valid and should have some form of response. Frost Death Knights have been able to use two-handed weapons since Wrath. Windwalker Monks were able to use two-handed weapons since Mists. Hunters have always been able to display either two one-handed weapons, or one two-handed weapon. I'm not sure why these options are no longer available in the transmogrification system, or hell, even glyphs for that matter, as is usually brought up by community members and users. We have always been able to have diverse looking characters even among the same spec and class, and I am looking for a more valid response than "Dual wield Monk makes it easier to tell that it's Windwalker" or just "It's easier to differentiate from a PvP standpoint" Self-expression is very important to the players, and I know that Ion even made a note of that in the history of WoW video on youtube. If we can't have these options, that's all well and good. I am just hoping that we could see some form of response from the folks who might be able to make this a reality. Again, if this has been answered elsewhere, please forgive the extra thread.Sarnga0 17h
18h Windwalker Weapon Transmog Why are windwalkers forced to only use one handed melee weapons? Is it not possible to use polearms or at LEAST transmog into them!! pleaseSeepod0 18h
1d Selling Stinkrot Smasher (New Xmog Weapon) For those of you who haven't seen this item yet, I encourage you to check it out as this weapon's appearance is a giant green fish that abides by the laws of physics (it looks incredibly ridiculous in combat lol). I'm currently looking to sell my newly acquired Stinkrot Smasher on Magtheridon-Alliance for around ~500k, so contact me in-game on this character or add me on discord (Model#9437) if you're interested! The link below shows three merged pictures of the weapon's appearance :) 1d
1d Best wing to farm ToT trash I am trying to get the cloth belt Abandoned Zandalari Firecord for my mage transmog, the last piece I need for the lfr recolor which is one of my favorite looking sets. Seeing as it drops from trash I was wondering which area of lfr would be best to farm. Since you can just re-queue and reset the trash I guess it doesn't matter but for maximum efficiency I was curious. Thank you!Kaeinara2 1d
1d Golden weapons: Titanguard + Zandalari greens All of the brass/golden Zandalari weapons come out looking like they have a golden gun style shader if you apply the Titanguard effect. It is really noticeable when its dark out.Corri0 1d
1d Fix the Druid Transmog Moving from the Legion Artifact appearance system into BFA works fine for most classes. For Druids, Blizzard has effectively broken our Guardian and Feral Transmog. Now Druids have to choose: -Pick the Weapon appearance OR -Pick the Bear / Cat form As a Druid main who spent hours, and hours farming nearly all of the Class's Artifact appearance, this solution is frustrating at best. I'm currently trying to keep the raw rage out of my word choice. The Current BFA implementation is not a solution; the frustration associated will not go away, as I have to continually look at the stupid dagger or fist weapon skins; this is a half-!@# solution. It's broken. Fix it.Duskveil6 1d
1d Cross-Spec Artifact Transmog Please loosen the restriction on spec-based artifact transmog for those that will make sense in BfA. Sub/Assassination daggers. Blood/Unholy 2handers. Holy/Retribution 2handers. Affliction/Destruction staves. Holy/Discipline staves. Havoc/Vengeance glaives. Beast Mastery/Marksmanship gun/bow. Frost/Arcane staves. Brewmaster/Mistweaver staves. Simple request, as there's no good reason to disallow classes from using their other specs' earned appearances. Allowing Arms warriors to equip one of the Fury swords, and Fury to dual-wield Arms weapons would also be A-OK, and Restoration/Elemental shaman being able to use each other's shields would be ideal too.Flavore8 1d
1d Oswain's Impassive Guard Is this supposed to be invisible when sheathed on the back? I sure hope so. An invisible shield like this would be amazing for mogs. Just making sure it isn't a bug. Anyone know? Edit: Heard someone say if you just reload or relog its supposed to make it visible again. But after trying its still invisible to me.Gehlmar0 1d
1d Demonology artifact and transmog I feel this needs to be looked at. Currently you transmogrify your one hand into the artifact weapon and it gives you both the artifact dagger and artifact off hand. Where as in legion you could transmogrify the main hand and keep the off hand. The system going forward should not be more limiting. Not to mention the artifact is technically the off hand. The other issue is the restriction on wands. Anything one handed should be allowed even if it is a "melee weapon" into a "ranged wand". As it stands I can't enjoy any new weapon combinations while keep the awesome floating skull/head (the part of the artifact that matters in transmogrify imo). Though it should technically have the off hand and main hand separate choices. I used to rock avool's incendiary shanker with the orange pvp skull.Rhorle0 1d
1d Wand into artifact not working Unable to have a drop down menu when trying to select artifact weapon to transmog my wand.Alanorah3 1d
1d HOLY CRUD have you seen the Bfa S1 pvp armor! alliance got soooooo much love and the horde got crapped on its not released i think a reskin on all horde stuff is need and im not the onlyone that feels this way the comments are filled with "so sorry for the hordies" comments so i know its not just i please blizz fix this!Cánti2 1d
1d Quest reward appearances Did this change or is it a bug? Please please be a bug! In all previous content, you'd still get the appearance of whatever item you *didn't* choose for your reward. Now you only get the item you chose.Dorji1 1d
1d Artifact unlocks on duplicate classes? Did we ever learn how the artifact unlocks work with duplicate classes? So if I make a new mage after Legion, then level her up through Legion content can she unlock additional appearances on my Tower artifact by, say, killing Heroic KJ? Or does all of that need to be done on the original character?Dinzden1 1d
1d Father chains (lies of locke lamora) Hey guys, having a little trouble with a transmog set (even though it's rather simple). Trying to get a look similar to this picture Found a couple different items, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated!Fatherchains0 1d
1d Opinions on full set "transmogs" How do you feel about telling someone that they have a poor transmog by virtue of it being a set of gear designed to look good together? I recently had this issue in the rating thread. I believe I am justified, but I am open to commentary.Manazzle5 1d
2d Coats When? Coats. When?Murchú4 2d
2d Xmog help BFA Just started, from the transition from frost to Unholy. I really want to make a transmog based off of Black Ice. But its kind of challenging because there isnt much plate that can match something like Black Ice. Any recommendations on what I should use?Snxw1 2d
2d I need help So I am recently returning to WoW and quit before transmogs were really a thing. Now I have a few toons and am enjoying the freedom to look how I want regardless of what items I actually have equipped. So I've run into a problem and I can't quite figure out why or how to solve this. So I have a DH with 1h swords currently. I saw the primal glad mageblade and thought it looked really great in the dressing room on my DH and its in his transmog list (of which I'm assuming those on the list are available for my class). I jumped on my warlock and bought the sword from the vendor and added it to my appearances. When I go back to my DH he still does not have it unlocked, even though it is unlocked and soulbound to my lock and appears in his transmog list as available. What am I missing here?Nephilia2 2d
2d Warrior to DK ? I'd like to get the Heroic collosal deathwing plate xmogs for my Death knight. If I get the raod set on my warrior will it unlocked for my death knight? Since they both where plate armor?Thanatós1 2d
2d Heroic Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead Is it still possible to get this complete set? I know the Mythic was removed but I am wondering about being able to get all of the pieces for the Heroic version? 2d
2d transmog lord waldens top hat I want my Lord Waldens top hat transmografiable please. i can't tell you how many times i have gone into combat with my worgen rogue with the hat on instead of my helm. yes my mistake but i really do like the look of the top hat on my rogue and keep it in my bag and put it on every chance i get just to run around. unfortunately from day to day i occasionally forget to put my helm on if i log out with the top hat. dont really get why anything like that would be in game if you could not trans mog it.Xenahawk1 2d
2d transmog option locks? is xmog now locked to a VERY specific type of weapon, IE, 1 handed daggers can only be xmogged to other 1 handed daggers? i'm fairly certain this wasn't the case previously as i very vividly remember xmogging my Rogue's daggers to other 1 handed weapon types. newish change? bug? i guess i never realized that so i spend a bunch of Marks of Honor on cool PVP skins for other non-dagger 1 handed weapon types and it doesn't appear to even be an option.Kryss2 2d
2d Bloody Dancing Steel Illusion So what I want to ask and hear from the game dev's is why Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest isn't available for use as an account wide illusion. So pretty every elite item from pvp got put into the wardrobe whether that be a weapon, gear or WoD enchant. So the question is why wasn't the MoP enchant for Bloody Dancing Steel & Spirit of Conquest added. It was a elite pvp enchant just as is any other pvp elite item thats already in the wardrobe and illusion list. Not everyone maybe played WoD and was able to get the Glorious tyranny but people still did earn the elite enchant back in MoP and should get just as much love for it as WoD enchants did after all there both elite pvp earned items. So i want to hear the dev's answer to this and if there is any future plans for this to be added. There is quite a handful of us who would love to see this hit the illusion board that have extras laying in the bags going to waste that want to relive that period of pvp time when we earned them.Senpaî72 2d
2d Suggestion, make ARROW EFFECTS. We all love Weapon Illusions for transmog our weps right? But we hunters have nothing, no cool fiery efects, no sparkling lighting..anything at all. So here is my sugestion, make ARROW EFFECTS, yes thats !@#$ing right, who would not like to show fire arrows? or void arrows? We have a bow with arrow efects already...thori'dal the stars' fury i can use as a perfect exemple...why not? What you guys think?Scythian0 2d
3d Mage artifact - wands Why can't I transmog a wand + off hand to Aluneth but I can with a sword + off hand? I just want my sheep staff :(Alunatien2 3d
3d Glyph For Legion Druid CM Skin's? I'm really glad that I can use my Legion Druid CM skins for BFA, but I really don't enjoy the Mog only choice option. I used the Art weps all through Legion and now with the BFA weapons out I'd like to use another weapon mog. Is there anyway we druids could get an account wide Unlimited use Glyph for each of the unlocked CM skins vs this Legion Art Mog only option. Its bugged as well I'm missing skins I have unlocked. Would make things better for druids, unlike other classes their weapon Mog's don't effect forms so its pretty simple. A glyph for druids would work much like the balance Stars glyph allowing us to change our form's appearance without effecting out weapon mog choices. Just a thought I'd like to know what other druids think about this :DRiako1 3d
3d Cropped Tabards I noticed there's a cropped Scarlet Crusade tabard. Would be cool if we could crop guild tabards! I noticed some of the belts crop the front of the tabard, but not the back. I always felt like this looked weird.Aanuvael0 3d
3d Selling Tebu's Scorching Straight Sword! Hey guys I'm trying to sell this bad boy I just got the other day. My Battle tag is Doughbwah#1564 , please contact me if you're interested with a serious offer and would like to negotiate.Dough0 3d
3d Problem xmogging Legion Artifact skins For some reason I have the mage tower cat druid appearance and I can use it on my artifact weapon, but i can't transmog it into any other non Artifact weapon. Has anybody had this issue?Ramimoo3 3d
3d Transmog Goggles Can anyone help me with finding a list of goggles that do not require engineering? Thanks in advance! (Cloth btw)Villetta2 3d
4d Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword for Sale! PM my battlenet NamesMcree#1159 if interested in purchasing this awesome sword!Spicycarlo0 4d
4d Druid Form Transmog in BFA I'm sure somewhere out there has already said it but I want to add my own input to this discussion. Today I logged onto the PTR, and I only had one thing I wanted to check on, I've been worried about this for quite some time, I'll not bore you with too many details and get right to the meat of it. So, as of the current PTR as of writing, you can transmogrify daggers/fist weapons into that of the two druid artifacts in their respective specs. You can pick the color by selecting the artifact with the right name and color from the drop down box. (for example I use "Ghost of the Pridemother (Fuschia)" (which I think is a typo)) Once applied your form is changed when you shift into your cat/bear form BUT this only applies to your spec and it can only be transmoged to daggers, not to mention that your daggers/fist weapons are not forced to look like the artifact, which before you could transmog the artifact itself to look like a weapon of your choice. I would like to take the time to remind everyone that druids can NOT dual wield, and usually used two handed maces/staffs/polearms, so these appearances will be completely unusable for any druids using anything but a single dagger or fist weapon, which needless to say isn't viable. This worries me greatly, I want to be able to use my sparkle kitty and buff bear form all throughout BFA and beyond, and unlike most other specs in the game I feel that druid forms should be for all specs, even if I doubt Blizzard would ever do that. Us healers use those forms too! What I believe Blizzard should do is give druids an extra transmog tab for their forms, giving them the option to pick their forms from a transmogrifier without it being attached to their weapons. That system could even be extended to allow us to use the class mount owl form without talking to an NPC and eventually unlock the forms from the glyphs and maybe even fire kitty from firelands! Whatever you do Blizzard, from one concerned druid main, please change the system you have now in some way or another, this is just my humble advice. UPDATE: So we can now transmogrify any weapon to look like an artifact appearance, including into the artifact that would change their cat/bear forms. This system is MUCH better, however, it means that we still won't be able to transmog over our daggers/fist weapons like we previously could, making druids forced to have a specific dagger or fist weapon appearance in order to use our forms... Personally I'm going to miss my dagger transmog I had previously, now I have to tailor my transmog around what arbitrary dagger transmog we get. It was fine having blizzard be lazy with the daggers/fist weapons back when it was just the four versions of them because their focus was on the forms, but now we're forced to used them, making every druid who wants to have a nice druid form using the same four weapons. It looks miles ahead of what we had, but the future for feral and guardian tansmog looks bleak to me. I still advocate for a forms tab for druids in transmog.Lexina20 4d