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Apr 16 Need a bikini? I've got you un-covered! This guide, in it's entirety, is now in add-on form! All the lovely sets listed here can be viewed on your character in-game with the brand new MogIt_Armorkinis! You can download it right here: It requires the MogIt version 2.0 which is found here: Enjoy the armorkinis! :D Special /hugs and much love to Aelobin! <3 And now a guide just for the Gents as well! A lot of you have known of my absolute passion for platekinis and my large collection of skimpy armor. You hinted at and then outright asked me to list them all. Well, challenge accepted! This took a lot more time and work than I had realized it would, for I wanted to make sure I had all skins and colors included, not just the ones that I wear. In my research, I found some new ones I hadn't seen before. So I do admit, I may have some missing still. If you know of a skimpy armor design or color I do not have listed, please let me know and I will happily add it! ^_^ Sidenote: I started this list weeks ago, before Transmogrifying was announced. I will now try to find other options for the white and grey items I have listed, so they can be transmo'd. All mentioned are available in full sets unless noted otherwise, but I am only linking the chest and legs in most cases. PLATE I will start off this list with the fabulous Bloodscale Breastplate and Bloodscale Legguards. Such a lovely set, and the skin is repeated with a tad more coverage in the golden Conqueror's Breastplate and a blue (chest only) Hydralick Armor. There is also a full set in blue but it may be hard to find, being from an Armorsmith quest that is no longer in game, Ornate Mithril Pants. The set is also available in a brown mail set Brigade Breastplate and boss drop chest Ironspine's Ribcage. Then a mail leg only in red, Firemane Leggings. Now for the skimpiest of them all, Glorious Breastplate and Glorious Legplates! Besides the golden set, it comes in a green/grey Lofty Breastplate and a blue/gold Vanguard Breastplate. Also available as chest pieces only, in black Warrior's Embrace, in a Horde-only blue/gold Nether Protector's Chest and a pink/yellow mail Energized Chestplate. One of my personal favorites here: Saltstone SurcoatSaltstone Legplates, the chest is also available as a boss drop Carapace of Anub'shiah, and the legs as a quest reward Cenarion Thicket Legplates. Besides the gorgeous silver/purple version, it comes in green/gold Jade Breastplate and a sort of tan/red Tyrant's Chestpiece with a boss drop alternative Carapace of Tuten'kash. We also have a few mail options available. A Jade look-alike Sandstalker Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). And a Tyrant's look-alike Spitfire Breastplate (chest, wrist and hands only). We move on to the beautiful red sheen of Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warlord's Iron-Legplates. It is exactly the same as the Warmaul Legplates set. We have a few mail options here, in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate, in a brown set Radiant Breastplate and quest chest Bonechewer Berserker's Vest, another red set Hero's Breastplate, and a red boss drop chest Royal Decorated Armor. Another personal favorite of mine is the Revenant Chestplate and Revenant Leggings. Obtainable as quest rewards as well, for Horde and Alliance both Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate Murkblood Avenger's Legplates and the chest only again, Chestplate of A'dal then again as a crafted partial set, Shadesteel Greaves. Just as revealing in a blue/gold set Templar Chestplate. Less skimpy options in green Emerald Breastplate, red Thorium Armor and blue/red Runic Breastplate. Also in blue/red chest as a quest reward Lost Chestplate of the Reverent. This skin has three, yes, I said three, identical sets. Darkcrest Breastplate Boulderfist Armor and the mail Chief Brigadier Leggings. Bloodfist Breastplate is a gold/red version of the set. And there is a white/gold option, in chest and gloves only Truesilver Breastplate Truesilver Gauntlets. These sets do not have a true bikini-style leg, but the tops are very interestingly cut and revealing. Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Enchanted Thorium Leggings are elegant and beautiful in gold/black. Imbued Plate Armor is a white/purple/red version of the set. Commander's Armor for a rosy brown/orange and Hyperion Armor is a fiery red/orange. Here we have a sort of no-nonsense, unormanted bikini look. I include these because they retain a bare midriff on males, so they can show off those rock-hard abs. ;) Full sets available in black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, silver Grimscale Armor, another silver in mail Knight's Breastplate and gold Shattered Hand Breastplate. Slight variation of this skin brings us Khan'aish Breastplate in gold. Another interesting piece of an un-skimpy bikini style has a nice 'Y' back and much less coverage on males, in silver/blue Talonguard Armor and a pewter/brown mail Marauder's Tunic. While these legs are not in a bikini style, they remain very low cut on both males and females. Skyfire Greaves Then we have two lovely tops from ICC: Ghoul Commander's Cuirass in a green hue and Gendarme's Cuirass in a warm brown. These sets do not have a bikini leg, nor is the top all that skimpy, being a 'tank top' model. I include them because of their interesting texture and colors, the various set pieces make fantastic accents to complete other bikini looks. In green Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece, white Alabaster Breastplate, orange Gothic Plate Armor and yellow Valorous Chestguard. Another set with a full leg, the tops are low cut, midriff baring and quite cute: In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate. While not quite a bikini model, these tops have wonderful exposure on the sides and back. Legs, if there is a set to go with, are all full. In a brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in gold Flamebane Breastplate and in grey (Item not found). Nearing the end of the plate section, we have a lovely, jagged style chest. Pants are available for some of the colors, but are not bikini-style. Chest is in black Drakescale Breastplate and again in mail Black Dragonscale Breastplate , blue Adamantite Breastplate and Warleader's Breastplate, black/gold Exalted Harness, green mail Fel Iron Chain Tunic and brown Brutish Breastplate. Also in a brown mail partial set, Bloodsoul Breastplate. A very skimpy plate harness, Durotan's Battle Harness. A lovely Wrath chest, Breastplate of the Afterlife. A few very slim belts, to accentuate and not hide the waistline with bulk. This style is in red Belt of the Fallen Emperor and in blue Royal Qiraji Belt. Another look in a purple/white Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard. To finish off this section, we have a fantastic plate hotpant. Absolutely beautiful, and I am very sad it is not in my personal collection as yet. Cloudkeeper Legplates in white/gold and the lovely Legplates of Blazing Light in red/gold. (WooHoo! Cloudkeeper is now mine, thanks to an awesome guildie! <3)Lull1764 Apr 16
1h Nightborne Fire Mage - sword mog? Looking for suggestions on a sword mog to match the heritage set! Thank you!Madesyn2 1h
1h Rate That Transmog! Now 50% less vegan! Last one capped, continuing on from the last poster: <> @Tonkatusk 6/10 I like how you have incorporated the tribal feathers on the helm, but the rest of the armour and weapons look a bit mismatched. I can't see a theme or overal design in it. Maybe more feathers needed? The bottom robes match though :)Greenmagexx290 1h
2h Red Sword of Courage It's a famed tanking sword from wotlk partly for its incredibly low drop rate and partly because it was the first tanking sword, of the expansion, that you got before you started progressing into naxx. But I digress. I want to mog one of the rapiers into this beast but I'm wondering if it's too bulky. Thoughts?Swyft2 2h
19h Help my mog Look at my mog, tell me what's good and what's bad thanksGigglezprime1 19h
21h Warglaives I'm sure this is probably a repost. But please allow all classes capable of wielding the Legendary Black Temple warglaives to be able to xmog them. ThanksWrabble6 21h
21h When doing a Tmog run do you ever think.. Where the f were all these loot drops when i was raiding this place. I remember raiding in wrath and constantly losing rolls on gear week after week now that elusive bis trink/weapon drops every week. Taunting me.Aexxis0 21h
22h Opening up Weapon Transmogs for More Options So there are many classes and specs who have been asking for more options that they previously had but have since been removed and locked such as Frost DKs using a 2h Sword, Fury Warriors using 2 1h weapons, SV hunters being able to dual wield and many others like sub rogues being able to use a 1h Sword if they pleased. However in BFA with the transmog system they plan on opening things up to allow classes like pallies and mages to transmog over their weapons to have access to their artifact appearances which is something we have never seen before as pallies for example would be able to wield their 2h Mace over a sword and shield. This is an interesting system and I would like to see them move further with this system and open up the option for the classes Ive stated and many others to allow weapons to be transmoged over what they have regardless of weapon type. They have already made some progress when they allowed hunters to change their ranged weapons (guns, bows and crossbows) to one another and again when they allowed us to transmog polearms and staves over 2h swords, maces, and axes and vice versa. If they opened up these transmog options then not only would it address the problems with frost dks, warriors, and SV hunters but it could also be used to allow many caster classes like mages, priests, and warlocks to use their wands and off hands over what they currently have. I know many of the wands appearances remain unused because we rarely ever encounter them off boss drops but being able to to put their appearances (for casters) over a 1h maces, swords, or daggers would fix that issue. This would (cosmetically) address a lot of these issues and I just hope blizz will open up this system since with their response on artifact transmog they have this option.Stripendella2 22h
1d Farming Glorious Leg Plates? Every guide I see all seem to recommend going to the Ruins of Ankh Qiraj, kill no bosses and farm the little worms leave reset and rinse/repeat. I've done this for a little bit (about 2 days) and was wondering if there is another way that is practical or faster? Out of the 42 worms in the place you MAYBE get 2 greens to drop and given their huge loot table it will obviously take a long time.Oraina5 1d
1d WTS Pendulum of Doom Managed to find a Pendulum of Doom, interested in selling it. Located on Stormrage either contact this character (rubbertin) or reach out to my bnet at Uubucks#1416Rubbertin0 1d
1d Druid Items for my Warrior I need a leather chest piece, typically dropped for druids, from LFR Blackrock Foundry. I ran it the other day and only received plate items, even with Free For All loot activated. My plans for my future transmog (more of a RP set in general since I can't transmog leather items) also include three leather druid items from Normal Antorus. Will I ever be able to loot any of these items? Is there a way I can get those appearances on this character, a warrior, somehow?Cannibal6 1d
1d Helpful Addons for Transmog I see a few threads with people asking about addons to improve their Transmog collecting, so I thought I'd list the ones I use with a little bit about why I find them helpful. :) This little beauty puts a tooltip on Tier tokens or other items used to buy gear you may pick up while farming all the things. It says where to turn them in, and if there is an appearance from it you've yet to learn, as some older tokens have two sets that may be learned off them. This gem adds a tooltip to all pieces of gear, letting you know at a glance if you can learn it on that toon, if you can learn it on some alt, if you already know that look or if you cannot learn it at all. This one keeps track of what you are missing from each instance and gives an overall completion % for each expansion. Perfect for those who want to get all the looks! This is a different UI for the Wardrobe. It has a little more functionality, IMO, and it works in conjunction with the next two addons. This is one of my must-haves. It works off your MogIt wishlist, the saved sets that you made on there. (requires MogIt to work) The Wardrobe only lets you save 20 outfits total. This one lets you transmog into all of the sets you have saved with MogIt. Which is 100 right now, in my case. Yes, infinite saved set list! This adds a slew of sets to the MogIt UI, showing a full set of dungeon pieces, BoE sets, questing sets, basically like the built-in set UI for the Wardrobe, but for all the things. A trifle outdated, but looks to be complete up to the first part of Legion. Useful still for the older set looks. (requires MogIt to work) Happy transmog hunting! ^_^Lull3 1d
1d WTS Scimitar of Atun No longer obtainable from Vanilla. May be willing to transfer server if offer is good enough. Only serious offers please. Btag- xync#1617Theradin0 1d
1d S.A.F.E Transmog Help? I've been wanting to make a gnome with the outfit seen worn by the S.A.F.E. gnomes in the gnome starting area. Does anyone have a list of what the best parts would be or where i can find information that i could use? Thank you in advance.Vuvuu1 1d
3d WoW Token for Tusks! Tomorrow (20/6/2018) and in the coming weeks, I'll be helping a guildie get his Tusks of Mannoroth after over 300 kills and just as many rerolls. I'm looking for plate users to assist in this task. For five minutes of your time, you're getting a 1/20 chance of getting a WoW token. If Tusks drop for you on personal loot, and you trade them to my guidie, I will trade enough gold to a newly-created alt of yours to purchase a WoW token, with which you can do as you will - cash it in, or use it for game time. If interested, add Berkilak#1418 We'll be clearing up to Garrosh. We just need warm bodies. Thanks!Zuluhed1 3d
3d Bracers that don't cover shirt sleeves? Hey, i have trouble finding leather bracers that don't clip off the sleeves from shirt like the white swashbuckler shirt...are there any or am i wasting my time looking for a pair?Sundreamér5 3d
4d Chromatic Sword Found this sword on an old account the other day. No longer obtainable from Vanilla. Serious offers only pls, may be willing to transfer server if offer is good enough. For interest pls reach out my btag is - Eenow#1134Confessín0 4d
4d Druid Form Transmog in BFA I'm sure somewhere out there has already said it but I want to add my own input to this discussion. Today I logged onto the PTR, and I only had one thing I wanted to check on, I've been worried about this for quite some time, I'll not bore you with too many details and get right to the meat of it. So, as of the current PTR as of writing, you can transmogrify daggers/fist weapons into that of the two druid artifacts in their respective specs. You can pick the color by selecting the artifact with the right name and color from the drop down box. (for example I use "Ghost of the Pridemother (Fuschia)" (which I think is a typo)) Once applied your form is changed when you shift into your cat/bear form BUT this only applies to your spec and it can only be transmoged to daggers, not to mention that your daggers/fist weapons are not forced to look like the artifact, which before you could transmog the artifact itself to look like a weapon of your choice. I would like to take the time to remind everyone that druids can NOT dual wield, and usually used two handed maces/staffs/polearms, so these appearances will be completely unusable for any druids using anything but a single dagger or fist weapon, which needless to say isn't viable. This worries me greatly, I want to be able to use my sparkle kitty and buff bear form all throughout BFA and beyond, and unlike most other specs in the game I feel that druid forms should be for all specs, even if I doubt Blizzard would ever do that. Us healers use those forms too! What I believe Blizzard should do is give druids an extra transmog tab for their forms, giving them the option to pick their forms from a transmogrifier without it being attached to their weapons. That system could even be extended to allow us to use the class mount owl form without talking to an NPC and eventually unlock the forms from the glyphs and maybe even fire kitty from firelands! Whatever you do Blizzard, from one concerned druid main, please change the system you have now in some way or another, this is just my humble advice. UPDATE: So we can now transmogrify any weapon to look like an artifact appearance, including into the artifact that would change their cat/bear forms. This system is MUCH better, however, it means that we still won't be able to transmog over our daggers/fist weapons like we previously could, making druids forced to have a specific dagger or fist weapon appearance in order to use our forms... Personally I'm going to miss my dagger transmog I had previously, now I have to tailor my transmog around what arbitrary dagger transmog we get. It was fine having blizzard be lazy with the daggers/fist weapons back when it was just the four versions of them because their focus was on the forms, but now we're forced to used them, making every druid who wants to have a nice druid form using the same four weapons. It looks miles ahead of what we had, but the future for feral and guardian tansmog looks bleak to me. I still advocate for a forms tab for druids in transmog.Lexina5 4d
4d Tabard of stormwind Can you still get this tabard? I cannot seem to get the quest on toons that we’re boosted and got a free garrison or on toons that leveled through it. Also if I get the horde version will it give me the ally version on diff toons?Solaar1 4d
4d Corrupted Hippogryph Selling Corrupted Hippogryph, please send me serious offers to Overshot#11709 or post here. Will Xfer to any server for transaction.Destructable0 4d
4d Funerary plate of the chosen dead Does the funerary plate of the chosen dead LFR version drop on bonus roll? Ive been farming this for a while with no luck. I have no clue whether i shuld continue bonus rolling fot it.Stevas9 4d
4d What appearances unlock when you do a quest? Quests offer different rewards depending on what is equippable, right? So if you complete a quest, does it only unlock the appearance of that type? For example if you complete a quest as a Druid, do you unlock only the leather appearances from that quest? What about if you're feral or balance? Another way of phrasing this is, if you wanted to unlock every quest appearance in the game, would you have to: 1. Complete every quest 2. Complete every quest 4 times (cloth, leather, mail, plate) 3. Complete every quest 4+ times (cloth, agility leather, int leather, etc.) ?Pureironman3 4d
5d Artifact Transmog Just came back from a break and haven't kept up with everything but I'm curious if I will be able to use my artifact appearances for transmogs in the new expansion and if I can will it just be the base weapon or can I specify which appearance I want? Don't know if its worth the time to hunt down the Balance of power appearances and suchSábertusk2 5d
5d We need fish weapons available for XMOG NOW So there are multiple fish weapons in the game a few being the Rockhide Strongfish, Steelscale Crushfish, and the Dark Herring. All these weapons are very rare but really have no use other than just for collection! I contacted a blizzard gm about this and said that they take many ideas from the forums and implement them into the game. I really want my dream of smacking my enemies with my fish weapon (Rockhide Strongfish)to come true. I am trying to get as much attention to this as i can, so if you could just leave your idea on this at the bottom it would be very much appreciated! Thanks!Moongeist30 5d
5d New Druid Form Transmog UI Hopefully this will do for people. The appearances are still tied to their Artifact weapons. But this is still a very good system in place.Dawnsky0 5d
5d Transmog mods Is there a mod out there that lets me see what I have for other characters? For example a green drops that is plate and I'm on a cloth class. Also one that will show me what tier pieces I have collected on say a warrior even though I'm on my warlock.Grigo0 5d
6d Transmogs from different lvl gear So Ive ran into an issue where I cannot transmog a weapon on my warrior because it shares a skin with an item that drops from a lvl 100 dungeon. Im talking specifically about Lantresor's Warblade. It seems once you unlock the higher lvl Blackhand Doomcutter, the weapon model becomes locked to characters above lvl 90, even when I have obtained Lantresor's Warblade.Aibell1 6d
6d Transmog as existing fictional char? Share! Hey, I thought I'd start a thread for people to share their mogs where they try to look like an existing character from comics, cartoons, or other media. I've seen a few running around in the world. (Obviously no one can make a mog look 100% like a modeled character, so please be nice.) I myself have mogged my void elf toon to look like Raven from the 2003-2006 Teen Titans cartoon (I also run around with a green snake pet I named Beast Boy):ën2 6d
6d Ebonsteel Spaulders Hi! I am looking to get these shoulders for this toon to give his Blood Knight look some variation. These shoulders drop from Blackrock Depths. But there is some confusion about which NPC they drop from. Originally they dropped off Princess Moira at the end of the dungeon, and a questline was required to open up her loot table. But in a previous expansion, the quest was removed from the game, and she was renamed to a generic NPC called 'High Priestess of Thaurissan'. There are comments on Wowhead that the shoulders dropped without having done the quest after the rename. Fast forward to recently (7.3.5?). The adventure journal in-game is saying they drop from General Angerforge near the start of the dungeon instead now. About a couple dozen kills later, and he has only dropped gold (I think he dropped a cloak once too). And Wowhead has it dropping from all three mobs. Regardless, I submitted a ticket to a GM only for the nice person to basically say they weren't sure, and keep trying. Anyone have the scoop on this?Drahsis2 6d
6d BFA artifact mog and illusions anyone know if we can use chant illusions on artifact mogs in bfa?Furryfurry0 6d
Jun 18 Looking to sell Pendulum of Doom Hi, as the title says I'm looking to sell the Pendulum of Doom, I'm on the realm of Zul'jin. If anyone is interested please message me!Ferenis0 Jun 18
Jun 17 BFA: Artifacts can be mogged over any weapon ... Jun 17
Jun 17 Need a good rogue transmog I was farming for the Felblade armor but it doesnt look like a rogue, maybe a transmog with a hoodie and dark colors?Wafflefries4 Jun 17
Jun 17 BFA artifact transmogrified important!! So like many I have been collecting many skins and appearances for my mage staff my question is once bfa hits the shelves will I be able to transmogg these appearances to my other mages like I do with any other staff appearance or will they be locked to one character only or even one spec.Microscopium1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Sandrene's Invisible Vest transmog request I would really like to be able to transmog "Sandrene's Invisible Vest." i know that in the past that Blizzard has not wanted players to use armor they viewed as "silly" to be used for transmog, but I have to say that I should have the option of using gear that can be seen as silly for my character. it is my character after all. Blizz, please let us transmog this awesome chest armor.Karfalas26 Jun 17
Jun 17 void elf heritage chest (wings) w/ other sets what are your best combos using the wings from the void elf heritage armor to enhance other sets (preferably leather)?Hazel0 Jun 17
Jun 17 Weapon scaling issues I have noticed on certain races and genders, there is a problem with weapon sheathing, or unsheathing sometimes. Weapons shrink and grow depending on where you have them, and it's very annoying and looks downright awful on some races. I have gone through every race, gender, and weapon type to figure out what model scaling issues are present. All tests were run on the updated character models One Handers Horde Orc Male - No issues Orc Female - No issues Undead Male - Weapons shrink by about 20% when sheathed at the hip Undead Female - No issues Tauren Male - No issues Tauren Female - No issues Troll Male - No issues Troll Female - No issues Blood Elf Male - No issues Blood Elf Female - Weapons appear to shrink ever so slightly but hardly noticeable Goblin Male - Weapons seem to shrink by 5%, hard to tell Goblin Female - Weapons shrink considerably when sheathed, perhaps 30% or more Alliance Human Male - No issues Human Female - Weapons seem to shrink by like 50% when sheathed, ridiculously huge in hands Dwarf Male - No issues Dwarf Female - No issues Night Elf Male - Weapons shrink by almost 50% when sheathed Night Elf Female - No issues Gnome Male - Weapons shrink considerably when sheathed Gnome Female - Weapons shrink considerably when sheathed Draenei Male - No issues Draenei Female - No issues Worgen Male - No issues Worgen Female - No issues Pandaren Pandaren Male - No issues Pandaren Female - No issues Two Handers Horde Orc Male - Weapon seems to shrink by maybe 5% when sheathed on the back Orc Female - No issues Undead Male - Weapon shrinks by about 20% when sheathed on the back Undead Female - No issues Tauren Male - No issues Tauren Female - No issues Troll Male - No issues Troll Female - No issues Blood Elf Male - No issues Blood Elf Female - Weapon sheathed on the back shrinks a little bit Goblin Male - No issues Goblin Female - Weapon may shrink a tiny bit on the back, but hard to tell Alliance Human Male - No issues Human Female - Weapon becomes massive when unsheathed and normal size when sheathed on the back Dwarf Male - No issues Dwarf Female - No issues Night Elf Male - Weapon still shrinks by 40-50% when sheathed Night Elf Female - No issues Gnome Male - Weapon becomes slightly smaller when sheathed on the back Gnome Female - No issues Draenei Male - No issues Draenei Female - No issues Worgen Male - Weapon reduced in size by maybe 20% on the back Worgen Female - Same as male, about 20% reduction in sheathed size Pandaren Pandaren Male - No issues Pandaren Female - No issues Ranged Weapons Horde Orc Male - Crossbow shrinks Orc Female - Crossbow shrinks by maybe 40% Undead Male - Bow and gun shrink when sheathed. Surprisingly the crossbow stays the same size sheathed and unsheathed Undead Female - Crossbow and bow both shrink when sheathed Tauren Male - Bow shrinks a tiny bit, crossbow shrinks significantly when sheathed Tauren Female - Crossbow shrinks by about 60% when sheathed, the most severe one on this list Troll Male - Guns appear to shrink when sheathed Troll Female - Crossbow shrinks by about 10% on the sheath Blood Elf Male - Crossbow again, shrinks considerably Blood Elf Female - All ranged weapon types noticeably shrink when sheathed Goblin Male - Crossbow only appears to shrink about 5% Goblin Female - Bow and crossbow shrink quite a bit Alliance Human Male - No issues Human Female - Bows shrink by about 30% when sheathed, guns shrink about 10% Dwarf Male - Bows and crossbows noticeably shrink Dwarf Female - Crossbows shrink again Night Elf Male - All weapons shrink considerably, crossbows are as severe as female tauren Night Elf Female - Crossbows again Gnome Male - All ranged weapons shrink when sheathed Gnome Female - All ranged weapons shrink when sheathed Draenei Male - Crossbows again Draenei Female - No issues Worgen Male - Guns and crossbows shrink when sheathed Worgen Female - Bows and crossbows shrink Pandaren Pandaren Male - No issues Pandaren Female - No issuesRoflrogue13 Jun 17
Jun 15 Add ons for non-tier/PvP sets? Right now obviously you can see sets easily on the appearance tab for PvE/PvP/Trial of Style sets. Is there an addon that does something similar for non-tier sets? I.e, Northrend questing sets, questing set recolors, pre-BC world drops, etc.Byniri0 Jun 15
Jun 15 RGB's for transmog? Why Blizz WHY! Blizz, Please take away the Rated req for the artifact skins. I didn't unlock a PVP skin so I don't want to play rated BG's for the unlock. I played five games today and my team not only lost but turned on each other every time. Toxic environment to say the least. Can't I just do PVP I enjoy for this? Asking someone who doesn't mainly do rated PVP to win the RBG's is like asking a mail truck driver to win a nas car his mail truck. The skills are different the play is different. Your game is becoming a waste of time.Drelea2 Jun 15
Jun 15 One handers on the back. Come on Blizz, time to give us the option in the transmog book. A simple button that changes the look of one handed weapons to appear either on the character's back, or on the hip. Been asking for this for a long time now and since Frost DK looks to be staying a DW spec, I need to get those darn swords off my hips. Also, if you could remove the restrictions on tabards for alts, that would be great.Vitálus0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Allied Races' Starting Gear Transmog Quick Suggestion. Allied Races' Starting Gear Transmog. I have fallen in love with the Priest Nightborne's starting staff. There is no transmog skin like it yet and the staff currently won't stay relevant for the leveling through older content. Here is hoping that transmogs of gear like this becomes available in the future.Arisla3 Jun 15
Jun 15 Suggestions for the xmog system I have a couple of suggestions for the xmog system that I'm sure some of the player base would be very happy with. -Hiding one of the two armor shoulder pads. Adding an option to be able to hide either the left or right shoulder would be a perfect addition to the system. -Hiding or showing the bottom part of a tabard. This may be a little more personal, recently some of the new belt models hide the lower front part of the tabard while still showing the back part. I personally would not mind showing the front part of my tabard while using a new belt model or keeping the back part hidden so that the look is a little more symmetrical. But perhaps there are players who enjoy showing just the back part or just don't care at all. Maybe for some old belts players would love being able to hide the bottom part of the tabard. -Hiding chest. I noticed that one of the last things we are missing for a rambo mode xmog set is being able to hide the chest armor and that some players seem to really crave it. My next suggestion is a little too radical and I have a feeling it would be nearly impossible to ever see it implemented. -Being able to change the colors of armor sets. Personally, I have seen so many sets that look amazing, stunning, yet the problem with them always comes down to personal preference. For example, with the Lightforged Draenei heritage armor it came to my attention that some players preferred the original colors it had instead of the colors that actually made it into the game. Perhaps adding an option to be able to customize the colors of the sets (without the option of using the colors of an existing recolor) would the perfect addition to the system. These are all just my opinion, but I like to think that maybe I'm not alone here and hope that maybe some of these make it into the game someday.Asteryøn5 Jun 15
Jun 15 Offhand Doomhammer So with all the talk about special Transmog for artifacts, I was super disappointed to find out that we can't transmog Doomhammer main hand appearance to offhand for balance, or off hand appearance for main hand. This is within in the same spec, and it is just a little asthetic that would make a huge difference. If a druid can get daggers to transmog over a polearm, we should at the least get to choose which hand we wield our Doomhammer in.Whiskeybuda0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Help with ironjawz inspired tmog HI all, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for yellow,bulky plate armor? I'm going for an Ironjawz look from warhammer, but having trouble putting together the look I want. Any help would be appreciatedGordrakk1 Jun 15
Jun 13 Issues Scrolling through tabs Hey everyone, This is an issue I seem to have off-and-on fairly frequently for a very long time and I have never been able to figure out why it happens or what stops it. When I try to scroll through my transmogs (it doesn't matter which slot, nor does it matter if I'm looking at the Appearance tab or at an actual transmogrifier) the page is very frequently and rapidly shifted to the latest page. I could be trying to view something or peruse my options when the page rapidly changes. I can't seem to stop it, and it becomes impossible to figure out what will look good as it's nearly impossible to catch a glimpse for more than 4 seconds. Has anyone else had this before? Note: I don't have a single transmog addon, so I doubt an addon is causing it.Àrcana2 Jun 13
Jun 13 why do i have this tiny belt pouch halp. my priest has the exact same tmog as my mage, but my priest has this tiny belt pouch. i've tried everything i could think of to remove it but no luck. i've spent far too much time running around in priest hall looking at people's rears trying to find someone else with this little pouch and no luck there either. it's driving me insane. pls help. Jun 13
Jun 13 Show me your resto druid transmogs! I'm running a Tauren resto druid right now and most of my gear looks cruddy to me. I think half of it has to do with being a tauren and the other half has to do with wearing leather gear. Help me find something better!Hoyles0 Jun 13
Jun 13 Blood Knight Tabard & the Sin'Dorei + More So I was reading the WoW Chronicles Volume Three, and saw the Blood Knights were formed after the aborbing essence of M'uru the stolen Naaru, but it was also blood elf priests that followed in Lady Liadrin's footsteps. I feel the blood knight tabard limited to paladins is quite frustrating when it looks so good on other classes! I wanted to raise the awareness & hopefully have Blizzard unlock the tabard for other blood elf classes (I mean don't even get me started how good it looks on rogues with bloodfang set) which could be unlocked via helping the blood knights on a mission of great prominence / retribution. Now I know there's always those other races & the other faction that always wave their flag of 'Dats not fair, whatabout us.' to ruin ideas ~ So why not Blizzard add quests specific for each race to receive their race tabard of an alternate colour? A few others I had spoken to & myself think this would be an awesome idea & wanted to share it out. But please; as always - share your likes, ideas, improvisations and more below. ^_^ - AussAussielight0 Jun 13