Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

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3h LF Dungeon and Raid Guild Aegwynn Hey, I am looking to join a guild that has a lot of people who like doing dungeons and eventually raids. Planning to ding 120 either today or tomorrow and want to start doing more instances and such. ThanksMikeysoul2 3h
1d [A] LFG - Family Friendly Hello, I'm looking for a family friendly guilld to make a home. Looking for good and friendly people who like to socialize and have an active Discord (chat and voice). Preferably, I'd prefer somewhere that people avoid "adult" language and vulgarity. Somewhere people try to keep it PG-13. :-) I am looking for myself, my brother, and my nephew. Need a welcoming home! Thanks!Ghuldur0 1d
1d Anyone want to quest/Dungeons? Looking for someone to run quest or dungeons in BFAMarkerz0 1d
1d (H) Looking for late night guild. Hello, I'm looking for a guild that does most of their things at and around 11pm Server Time. I'm looking for a raiding guild with a more casual atmosphere in a guild. Shoot me a message at Appledingle#1120Veil1 1d
1d [H]<WMK>RECRUITING[Warmode-PvP][Raiding-PvE] <Wicked Minded Killers> is a PvP/PvE based guild who's recruiting more blood for BFA! We're looking for YOU to join our brotherhood for the BFA bloodshed! Join now and become part of something much larger than yourself! Currently we've had over 90 active members online during high times! Average members online is ≥60 daily! Want to merge your guild with ours? We've recently merged with other guilds and are currently growing at a rapid pace! If you're interested, please see Strength In Numbers below for details. What are we looking for? Players who; - want to win Rated BG's, Arenas, and Random BG's - are into Bounty Hunting, WPvP, Dueling, Ganking, etc etc - like to raid (preferably with raiding experience, but currently accepting all applications) - enjoy doing keystones - are looking for friends to quest with - are new/returning and/or leveling - enjoy hunting guild achievements and/or doing old content - are looking to join a community of not just guild mates, but a fellowship of friends to enjoy the game with Why join <Wicked Minded Killers>? (besides for the brutal name of course!) We have; - a dedicated RBG team (currently building the second team) - many players to arena with (some who are gladiators) - an active discord community (if you're into deviant text/voice chat) - heroic raiding experience - host regular guild events (Raids, PVP, Mythics, etc etc) - some of us are alt-alholics and just enjoy leveling - guild bank access as well as repairs - no elitist jerks! - most of us have been playing since Vanilla/BC. Raiding Schedule (subject to change) We are in the process of developing two(2) raid teams for BFA. Currently raid times are as fallows; Tuesday's/Friday's and/or Saturday's @1930 server (1730 PST) Raid times may (and probably will) vary depending on group/participant schedules. Strength In Numbers Guild Merge Information Leaving your guild to merge with another is a big deal. We want to make sure you and your members are comfortable after the merge. We've set aside a special rank for the guild leader(s) who've merged with us. We call this rank Ambassador. This rank gives you and your members some comfort in seeing their leader(s) in a position with some authority. Ambassador is not an officer, but it will allow you some guild control, access to guild leadership meetings, a chance to vote during guild decisions, and more access to things like the bank, repairs, discord, etc etc. Interested in an officer position? Inquire with us before the merge for details and requirements. If I have peeked your interest; You may battletag myself @bloodbathed#1274 OR You may add and /w in game any of the fallowing Council Members; Bloodbathed-Daggerspine Droggu-Daggerspine Emalene-Daggerspine Wídowmaker-Daggerspine (alt+0237 for the í) Crossmyheart-Daggerspine Kreiestus-Daggerspine Welcome to the brotherhood!Bloodbathed30 1d
2d [A] LFG PvE/PvP West Coast (PST) Times Hey, title says it all. I'm playing on maining this priest for BFA, and looking for a guild that fits my schedule... which is basically 7/8p to 12p PST. I'm happy to work with smaller groups doing M+ or bigger groups on raid content. Or even WPvP for the lolz (although, maybe I should keep to my 115 lock for that....). Basically my only constraints are: have bodies that need healing, and be west coast friendly.Pills0 2d
3d Blood Dk LFG 18 Year old New player just started a few weeks ago. looking for a friendly guild to help me learn and improve. Not really interested in pvp. Willing to put the time and effort into learning how to raid. :) Server- GurubashiWolnir0 3d
3d (A) Looking for serious raiding guild. Warlock / Disc Priest Looking for a serious raiding guild for Heroic and Mythic progression in Alliance.Dote0 3d
3d Gurubashi Goblin LF Port out of Starter Any friendly warlocks out there willing to port my gob out of the starting area? I love the thing, but I've done it about five times now with gobs on other servers and I just can't make myself do it again.Cherrybang0 3d
5d World pvp set up dates/times If anyone on the ally side is interested, Blood was able to gather a ton of horde players to do some pvp, but I was unable to gather alliance. Looking for a gm or two that would be interested in a 25-30 person raid on raid. respond or message in game and we can set up times to try and get some stuff going!Fedras1 5d
Aug 13 (H) Straight Outta Orgrimmar Is Recruiting Is recruiting for BFA, we are seeking all classes and specs, but are in need of RDPS and Healers with dps off specs. As well as a back up off tank if needed. We are looking to clear normal and heroic within first month and then push into mythic progression currently have 17 raiders in our core team. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday at 830 Server ( going 2 hours to 2.5 hours ) as well as high end M+ daily ( most raiders were 2500-3100 raiderio during legion ) and Mog runs on Sunday Speak to Shoulderfist , Ravagunn or Rooskey for more infoShoulderfist2 Aug 13
Aug 13 [H] <Maximum Effort> Raid Recruitment <Maximum Effort> is seeking raiders to fill our roster. ____________________________________________ Raid Time TBD (currently thinking the times are as follows but are subject to change) Wednesday's & Sunday's 8PM - 10 PM Server time ____________________________________________ Classes we are looking for: TBD At the moment we are just trying to fill our ranks at the moment ____________________________________________ <Maximum Effort> is composed of leaders and former mythic raiders from [A] <West Coast Finest>/<Coast to Coast> on Emerald Dream (name changed within its life span), who have returned for "Battle for Azeroth" and are looking to for a community. If you are wondering of the potential of our Guild leader, he successfully led the former guild to "Realm First! Xavius". Even if you are just looking for a more casual / social guild, don't be discouraged, we offer an ideal in-game environment that lets everyone be happy. We look at, and hand select anyone that puts in the effort to show us that they deserve to be doing more and want to do more. So whether you be an alt trying to gear, a PvPer testing the waters, a skilled player wanting a guild to give them a chance and help get gear, or just a player trying to experience what a guild-run raid feels like. We welcome you all with open arms. Note We are a tightly knit group of friends that met through World of Warcraft & like to consider ourselves as family here at <Maximum Effort>. We simply ask everyone to be respectful & kind. We do have a Teamspeak3 and welcome any member to come hang out with us at any time. ____________________________________________ If you have any questions regarding our guild you can reply to this post, message me in-game via mail at 'Drumlock-Bonechewer" , add my Battle Tag Drumsticks#1204, or whisper/send mail to any one of our officers listed below. Thundaru Vinthian TylminkOr our Fearless Guild Leader SuperradDrumlock0 Aug 13
Aug 13 [H] <UCK> Raiding, M+, pvp and more! <Undercity Crypt Keepers> is a Horde guild out of Bonechewer looking for more active members for BFA! Realms That Can Join: Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Hakkar, and Gurubashi What We Enjoy Doing: Casual Heroic Raiding Pushing Mythic Keystones or Casually running them as a guild group PVP (battlegrounds, arena - looking to be more serious once we have a pvp officer) Achievement Runs for Mounts, Titles, or Bragging Rights Occasional Guild Fun Nights or Raffles with prizes (mounts, toys, pets, gold, etc) Raiding: Currently we look to raid on Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 7:30 p.m. CST. This could change if a different day works better for more members - but the time will likely remain the same. We will add in a third day dedicated to Normal for alts, new members, non-heroic raiders etc once we move on to heroic progression. Our raid team is pretty much good at the moment- although we would be open to a Mage, Ele Shaman, or Warrior - or anyone that can offspec to tank or heals as needed. If more members join that are interested in raiding, we will discuss setting up a second raid team to meet those needs. Keystones: When it comes to keystones and pushing them - we would like a few more tanks and healers so we can have more guild groups going at once. Why Join? We have an active Discord with many useful channels. Guild repairs are provided for all members and gbank items are available depending upon how much you participate with the guild. Many members with a wide range of experience - so if you're new to a class or just need help, we'll have someone that can point you in the right direction. We're all pretty friendly and willing to help out - whether you're struggling making gold, finishing off that elite for a quest, or anything else. Interested in joining? Please reach out to me through Discord at LiLiLisaB#0218 or through BNet at LiLiLisaB#1310.Formidae5 Aug 13
Aug 12 Sunday Warmode World PVP? Looking to see if we can get some horde and alliance for some warmode world pvp raid on raid. Currently, warmode is still pretty fun, but usually one side is camping the other with 15+ people. Looking to see if people, on both sides, would be interested in meeting at Darkshore or Argus, get at least semi-even numbers, and have some epic battles.Fedras3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Looking for Casual Guild on Daggerspine! Hi All, I recently came back to WoW in July for the BFA expansion. I'm almost done doing Legion content and have been working on raids and dungeons. Last time I played was in WLK. I didn't play Cat, Pand or WoD. I'm find myself really enjoying WoW again and was looking for a casual guild to join. Nothing hardcore. I am East Coast USA and play generally between 7pm -10pm weekdays and longer on weekends. Character: 110 Blood Elf Frost DK Daggerspine ServerValquinn1 Aug 12
Aug 12 Alliance balance druid LFG Hi, looking for a guild for BFA expansion. Looking primarily for a casual experience. I have never raided, however would like to learn, also interested in pvp of all varieties. Just would like to find a group of tight knit folks to play with.Owlbearcat1 Aug 12
Aug 9 LF late night raid guild 11pm east. start time. horde or alliance, can switch if needs be. Server looks decent for both sides factions. 2-3 of us kinda players that will be tops heals/deeps and never need help but very willing to help. hit me up Aziah#1904Aziah2 Aug 9
Aug 9 [A] Looking for guild Looking for a solid guild who has active players, Im into both pvp, and pve.Spiggot2 Aug 9
Aug 9 (A) looking for pvp guild Wanting to get back into WoW PvP with BFA, need a guild asap :)Brittletotem1 Aug 9
Aug 8 Graveyard Shift [A] The Late Night Community Are you someone that frequently, or exclusively, plays WoW during the latest of hours at night and into the morning light? If so, then you are well aware of the lack of community and activity at that time. Pugs can easily be the worst of the daily batch, the number of active guilds is extremely slim, and you often get the leftovers for Mythic+ and PvP groups. What's worse, is when a formerly reliable late night guild's activity starts to decline, your selection of new guilds is often coupled with a hefty server change cost (and sometimes faction change too). This is where Graveyard Shift comes in to play! Graveyard Shift is a new Discord community that strives to cater towards players that claim the world of Azeroth between 9:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern time. The idea behind Graveyard Shift is for you to no longer need to switch servers, or guilds, unless you desire to. This is the not-guild guild, where it doesn't matter what server you are on or what guilds you are in. We have tools to help you get the right info out to other community members so you don't have to bog your friends list down. Currently we are only supporting the Alliance faction, but if the demand grows we will venture into the Horde. To get started, be sure to join our Community: Some, but not all, of the activities and interests you can find here include: • Legacy raiding and achievements • Rare mount/toy/pet farming • Casual and progressive raiding • PvP (Arena teams and Rated Battle Grounds) • Community events: Transmog parties, group leveling events, and more Graveyard Shift is completely open for anyone to join at any time. Anyone can create an event at any time, but those that continuously and reliably create and lead events can become Event Hosts. Everything in WoW is open to cross realm activity now, with the exception of current tier Mythic raiding. Join Graveyard Shift today! Aug 8
Aug 6 [H] <Raid Team Two> is Recruiting Raid Team Two is looking for more active members interested in heroic and beyond raiding in BfA. New or returning player looking for a guild to go into BfA with? Look no further, Raid Team Two is the perfect place to get your feet wet by trying out challenging and rewarding PvE content. Raiding Our current raid days are Tuesday and Thursday. Exact time is TBD however we plan on starting in the evening (around 8 EST) and raiding for roughly 2 1/2 hours. Currently we need healers and DPS to round out our roster for BfA. Tank spots are filled. Outside of raiding, we like pushing keystones and casual PvP. Contact Davisal#1839 lego11233#1268Davisal0 Aug 6
Aug 5 <Krew> Now Recruiting <Krew>, Is a freshly made guild and now recruiting to bolster our numbers! We are formed by returning players from Vanilla/TBC. PVP is our passion and where we enjoy ourselves. We are a Mature environment, but also very laid back. Feel Free to contact in game or any current member! If you fall into any of these categories then this is the guild for you: - are into Bounty Hunting, WPvP, Dueling, and assisting our allies in need - are new/returning and/or leveling - are looking to join a community - Want to win Rated BG's, Arenas, and Random BG's -Run Raids for Gear (Need Gear For PVP :D) If you choose to become apart of our tight knitted family we will welcome you with open arms, for our blood runs thick and all our brothers and sisters are protected. Very Respectfully, Shadoirst, BattleNet ID: Shadoirst#1191 Discord: ShadoirstShadoirst0 Aug 5
Aug 4 11/11M abt lf fri/sat raiding guild for bfa 7/7M en 3/3M tov 10/10M nighthold 9/9M tos 11/11M ABT . Looking for well populated active guild that is going to raid heroic/mythic in bfa. Bnet is Ojay#1349. Tank/RestoOjaý0 Aug 4
Aug 3 RECRUITING for Raiding & Shenanigans! <The Dark Empire> (US-Horde) is a newly formed, friendly guild with both new and returning players.  Come join us as the new expansion drops.  Raiding will be a focused on new content.  PM Tasmina or Clarios for more details!Clarios0 Aug 3
Aug 3 [H] Priest Name is Gregory. Looking for a shaman and another priest as a core team going into and during the new expansion, (explicitly a ele shaman and a disc priest) battle for azeroth. You must be explicitly advanced and a master at every aspect of your class. We will subsist as a core team for the 3-man content and a pug group for the new ten man content. In my personal experience I've never partaken in end game content since vanilla when I started so not only is this a big deal for me it is very important as well. When I say you must be a master at your class I actually mean you need an iq upwards of up to 200 to remain competitive with me. I will not baby you but I will point out your faults and push you along with me to the limits of modern blizzard game code. You must be at peace with not actually playing all hours of the day but being able to play all hours of the day. If you play Diablo ii that is probably the only other game I would put time into with another person now a days. Please be advised I am not resistant against saying good bye to someone. You either are on top of things, we win and master the game, or I make you laugh and you never hear from me again. If you do not agree with the things I've said please waste your time here so I know. Like I said I've never had real online friends. I am willing to try anyone. There is a time and place for everything, make this possible. . Keith#12387Keith0 Aug 3
Aug 3 [H]Korben Dallas Multipass-Mythic BFA Location: Horde, US Connected Realms: Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggersprine, Gurubashi, Hakkar. Raiding Times: Mon/Tue 7:30 PM EST – 11:30 PM EST About us: We are former nolife raiders who now enjoy spending time outside our basements in the real world. Our total play time has decreased slightly but we still strive to meaningfully progress our characters through end game raiding. Currently we are recruiting new members to help us progress in the upcoming expansion. Join us and lets slay Dragons together! Apply if you are: - interested in Mythic Raiding, end game content and M+ Dungeons - capable of critical thought and willing to contribute when discussing strategy - a self-starter who plays to improve and keeps up to date with latest theorycraft - always on time and reliable Recruitment Status: currently recruiting all ranged DPS, Healing classes, melee dps if you are exceptional. Contacts: Shig#1825 (Guild Master) Silvadine#1273 (Officer)Elderado14 Aug 3
Aug 1 Blood DK Looking for a Raid Guild Looking To Join a Guild To Clear Raids in BFA im a consistent player and always show up in raid times i usually play Blood DK But i can play frost if there is already a tank set up if you have a guild open that likes to Raid Day 1 Please Private Message Me Over Blizzard or leave a comment Here My Blizzard Name is HueHueHueHue#11939 made the blizzard account when i was younger Thanks for Taking a look at this Have a nice dayAxê1 Aug 1
Aug 1 [H] Ret/Prot LF Dungeon/Raid Guild Returning for BfA, looking to guild up beforehand and be ready to dungeon crawl in a few weeks. Played many years ago through the last year or so of vanilla all the way through cataclym. Contact me at : FastChad#1998Piracee1 Aug 1
Aug 1 LFG for Argus Campaign LFG for Argus Campaign - I’m currently on the quest Threat Reduction Obviously, Alliance only My group’s name is Argus Campaign I’M DESPERATE FOR HELP, I DON’T WANNA HEAR THE NAARU SONG AGAINPalnei0 Aug 1
Jul 31 Guilds Curious about the guilds on this server? How the progression looking with most of them? horde/alliance population. I been in guilds all of my wow life, looking to possibly start one for bfa and been looking at lower pop servers for a fresh start.Slappypappy2 Jul 31
Jul 29 Alliance Priests Social Community With the addition of communities under the social tab of and World of Warcraft I would like to invite everyone to join the social community Alliance Priests! Help us build the largest class community in the World of Warcraft. We are growing fast and looking for talented individuals to fill moderator position. Join and help make this the best community in the game. - No limit on communities you can join - Cross server chat for priest discussion - Everyone welcome, main or alt - Positive attitudes please - Recruitment allowed click the link to join Jul 29
Jul 27 Vanilla Players? Any vanilla kids get nostalgic and pick up this expansion?Ruku41 Jul 27
Jul 27 The Deathsworn -- Horde BNet community Greetings everyone. I made this community as a place for those who don't have a ton of friends in WoW to have a place where they can socialize, find groups, and hang out with those who mostly play horde (such as myself). Most of my friends quit back in Mists, so it's just me. I know a ton of other people out there must feel the same pain, which is why I wanted to start this community. It is mainly geared towards Horde members who are looking for a casual place to hang out and find others to group up with. Want a huge world PVP mash together? Let's do it. Looking for more for your mythics? No problem. Raids? Sure. Legacy raids or TMog? Why not? All are welcome here. Note: This is a BNet community. I made it such so that we don't have 200 people each with their 5 alts in the community taking up all the space. This way, you can have your one account, and play on whatever character you want. With that being said, we have a strong preference for Horde players, but obviously if you play both Alliance and Horde, we have no problem with that. We will not give you any trouble for logging onto your alliance characters to play for a couple of weeks. But the reality is that it'll be a lot harder for you to find a group or someone else within the Deathsworn that plays alliance. Here's the invite link: (it's a BNet community so you can log in on any character) Jul 27
Jul 26 Looking to join chill/friendly/active guild I'm a new player, and I'm already part of a guild, but it's not really active. I like questing and lore the most, but will enjoy being a DPS if it is needed. And my battlenet is veeveevonvonMyoreh3 Jul 26
Jul 26 alliance how is the alliance side on this group of servers?Inore0 Jul 26
Jul 25 Alliance Republic is recruiting! If you are an Alliance player in the Aegwynn Cluster looking for a place to progress and chill during BFA, ALLIANCE REPUBLIC is now recruiting for Progression Raiding, Dungeons, Weekly Event runs, and more! Our schedule going into BFA currently looks like: Friday and Saturday, 7pm server: Progression raiding. DBM and Discord are mandatory. Wednesday, 7pm server: Set aside for upcoming "Icebreaker" and/or alt raiding. If you are new to raiding or a new player, we'll help you get the hang of raiding on Wednesday nights! DBM and Discord are mandatory. It is also our intent to participate actively in Weekly events such as Timewalking and Mythic week. If you're reading this before 8.0, shoot a member a tell and ask about joining! Many of us will probably be doing the scenarios and quests starting July 24, so it'll be a great time to join up and see what we're about. Eligible realms: Aegwynn Bonechewer Daggerspine Gurubashi Hakkar ~Sairadoka Officer of <Alliance Republic>Sairadoka6 Jul 25
Jul 25 WTS Heavy Junk boxes I'm farming up heavy junk boxes for the insane title, only way to get from revered to exalted with ravenholdt send me in game mail if your interested, 125g per box please allow a couple days for me to farm themAcoolorc0 Jul 25
Jul 24 Returning player Looking for H Guild I lost my old account a few years ago due to hacking and when I decided to return to the game had to make a new account. I joined Gurubashi and I’m looking for a friendly active guild to join and become part of!Alorath1 Jul 24
Jul 24 WTS Spineclaw Crab [H] 900k oboDrecker0 Jul 24
Jul 24 (H) <Heat> Friends looking for more Hi, We're <Heat> and we're mostly a medium-sized group of IRL friends that have been together for the past couple months preparing for BFA. What we have: Bags for new toons, possibly gold to help transferring characters and new toons, a fun atmosphere, established veteran players (including a raid leader!), discord that's pretty cool What we need: YOU! We are not picky on class or spec. What we do ask is that you play something you enjoy and that you bring a willingness to be part of the team. We'll be your home for BFA. If interested, add Scrappy #1809 on bnet or respond here and we'll figure out how to get you in.Antisaint2 Jul 24
Jul 23 [A] Looking For casual raiding in BfA Like the title says, I am looking for a smaller, casual raiding guild for BfA. I am currently leveling a warlock, but I can play any class / role that is needed. So - if you are interested in adding an extra person, let me know what class / role you need to help fill out your raid team. Would prefer 2 nights a week raiding, but I can probably do 3 as well.Spookywizard0 Jul 23
Jul 23 <Dry Rub> [H] Needs a healer! <Dry Rub> is looking for a healer (Priest or Shammy) to help round out our roster for BfA! We want to jump straight into raid when it is released and plan on jumping into heroic asap. Holy Paladin and Resto Druid confirmed spots, need 1 more healer. <3 Discord is available to shoot the sh!t in and gather people for dungeon runs. We're a relaxed, adult, sh!t talking group of people that enjoy getting together to get loot and kill. We want to be prepared and ready as soon as the ball gets rolling. Raid times are Friday and Saturday 10pm-1am. We are a guild of working adults and some stay at home parents so daytime play is sporadic at best, but people are usually around at any given part of the day. :) Discord is where the magic happens. If you want to know more and see if we might be a good fit for you add: Moon#1672 (me! Hpally!) PrimeTyme83#1704 (Gleader and Paladin Tank) or Thorfinn#11563(Idk, warrior dps or something ;D) Thaaaank you!, Moon!Cobolmoon0 Jul 23
Jul 22 HEY YINZ Hey guys. Hope everyone is ready for BfA. And to get F*#@ED.Walkre1 Jul 22
Jul 22 Trans community I made a Transgender community if anyone would want to join. for any trans looking for friends Jul 22
Jul 22 Trans community I made a Transgender community if anyone would want to join. for any trans looking for friends Jul 22
Jul 21 How is this server cluster? Thinking about moving to a low pop server(bronzebeard) to this one, says new player but does that mean that its low pop and lots of bad players? Trying to find a middle ground server that still has names left but isnt so high pop that prices are so low on ah. Also does it matter which of these 5 servers i create on for mythic raids? and which is best? Have a few friends that are great players that would come with me and looking for a guild. Thanks in advanceAziah1 Jul 21
Jul 21 No more CE Mythic guilds on this server lol Realm First is up for grabs with CryHavoc and Stoic gone! Good luck!Vivec0 Jul 21
Jul 21 ABDG&H OFFICIAL Horde PVP Community Group Community Forum (MAIN): PVP Forum (Arena): PVP Forum (BG): Official Horde PvP Community - Invite Links: Horde PvP 1 (Full) Horde PvP 2 (Join) ...NOTE*: Please help the us grow by sharing the main posts with your Realm, Guild, and Friends. Be sure to [Reply] and hit the [Like] button too.Vvarleader0 Jul 21
Jul 19 Feeling lonely? Need friends? Join <IKWYH>! <I Know Where You Hearth> is a new alliance guild (2 weeks old) on Aegwynn and connected servers. We are recruiting for both PVP and PVE. We already have nearly 200 members and are looking to keep growing. We are a fun, tight-knit guild with a discord server and very active guild chat. We have guild events most nights of the week and are currently looking to push raids and RBGs. We did 4/11 Antorus last week and looking to hit 6/11 this week. We have a solid RBG group and looking to get a second one up and running as well. We run full guild Mythics all the time. Guildies are always friendly and willing to help out especially if you are new or returning or just new to Legion/End game content. Feel free to message me or anyone else online with any questions or concerns and welcome aboard!Chelsae2 Jul 19