Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

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Nov 12, 2018 [H] <Sirius> 5/8M Th/Sun 8-11PM Central <Sirius> is looking for a mythic ready RDPS that can make our raid times!! We're mostly comprised of core raiders from Sirius during Tier19, ending the tier with 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV 8/10M NH. Reformed on Bonechewer at the end of September 2018, we had our first mythic raid night on October 15th, giving other guilds a much needed head start. Don't get stuck with your current guild that's still struggling to down heroic G'huun or M Mother and come try out today! You can find us pushing M+ keys and doing RBGs/Arena throughout the week. Mythic Progress: Thursday / Sunday @ 6:00PM-9:00PM PST (8-11PM server) Optional Heroic: Wednesdays @ 6:00PM-7:30PM PST (8-9:30PM server) Current Progression: 8/8H 5/8M In search of a RDPS that is mythic ready: Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Boom, Spriest (All applications and classes will be considered and replied to) /w Higher-Daggerspine #wrath12650 /w Smile-Aegwynn #ego1996Sylvir9 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 [H] <UCK> LFM Raiders, M+, and Casual <Undercity Crypt Keepers> is a casual raiding and keystone guild looking for more members. What Are We Looking For: Casual Members - if you just want a place to hang out, do casual pve content, etc - that's perfectly fine. We have a lot of members that enjoy having numerous alts. More people that enjoy running M+ keys. Whether you just like doing smaller keys to get something done, mid-range difficulty, or pushing higher keys. Doing them as a guild group is more fun and you don't have the chance of someone leaving and wrecking your key. Raiders. We are currently need of more dps (melee and ranged) and one or two healers (preferred monk or disc priest, but open to anything). We would like you to be heroic-raid ready or at least willing to grind out the gear with us to get there. Not enjoying BFA and just want to log on during raid nights? Totally fine. Raid Nights: We currently raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. CST and typically end at or before 10 p.m. CST. We will usually form 15 minute beforehand and give everyone time to stock up on food/supplies from the guild bank before we start. We also sometimes for a normal raid group on Saturday nights for alts, gear, or achievements - so if you don't feel comfortable in heroics, feel free to ask to join in then. Mythic +: We typically run Mythic + throughout the week in the evenings, excluding raid nights. Our dedicated Mythic + night is Monday, though, so people that haven't been able to do one can get their last chance runs in, as can people get their alts in some keys. Interested? Please reach out to me here, or through: Discord at LiLiLisaB#0218 BNet at LiLiLisaB#1310Ulana3 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 8, 2018 [H]2/8M Late night Semi-Hardcore guild LF dps [H]<Atrophy> Server: Bonechewer/Daggerspine/Aegwynn/Gurubashi/Hakkar Wednesdays and Thursdays Tuesday for Heroics(optional) Occasionally weekend alt raids 7 PM to 10PM PST Currently recruiting Core Raiders: Ranged DPS Melee DPS We are a 2 night progression raiding guild. Many of us have lives outside of WoW and would like to enjoy a somewhat hardcore raiding experience while still maintaining those lives. We provide flasks and food through cauldrons and feasts. We don't expect raiders to look up fights beforehand, as we like to come up with our own strategies. We accept ideas and input from ALL of our core raiders if we believe it will help us down a boss. We also expect our Core Raider's ilvl to be on par with the current content. We are a pretty easy going group who are looking for dedicated players to do well at their classes and are looking for a stable raiding environment. We have good players willing and able to help you with your dps and teach you if you do not perform optimally. On our off nights we enjoy running Mythic + dungeons, farming materials for the guild bank, leveling alts, recruiting, PvP, exploring other games and hanging out in Discord. Our goal is to clear the most current heroic/mythic raid as quickly as possible under a 2 day per week schedule. We are a competitive bunch looking to always improve and tweak in order to achieve our goal of clearing content while it's current. We want to progress on a limited schedule and have fun while doing it! IF INTERESTED PLEASE ADD ME ON BNET: Androkats#1816 BFA Progression: ULDIR 2/8 M 8/8 H 8/8 N Legion Progression: EMERALD NIGHTMARE 4/7 M 7/7 H 7/7 N TRIAL OF VALOR 3/3 H 3/3 N NIGHTHOLD 6/10 M 10/10 H 10/10 N TOMB OF SARGARAS 3/9 M 9/9 H 9/9 N ANTORUS, THE BURNING THRONE 5/11 M 11/11 H 11/11 NNowi0 Nov 8, 2018
Nov 7, 2018 LF new people to learn with! Hello everyone i am a semi new player. i've only gotten 353 ilvl with only playing in a month in. I decided that i am going to start over onto aegwynn and stay in my learning lane! i'd like some friends and people to start socializing with and leveling up with! add me if you would like to conversate preferably other new people and level together DPSDevin#1877Dpsdevin1 Nov 7, 2018
Nov 6, 2018 <The Badfellas> 8/8H 3/8M Late Night Raiding ... About Us: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on progression through Mythic content. Many of our members have played together for years. We have a large player base that runs daily Mythic + Keys and rated PvP content. Arenas and RBGs happen frequently. Weekly Guild events are setup on non-progression raiding nights. If you don't want to raid seriously but are tired of PUGs and want an active guild, reach out to us. Raid times/days: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday @ 10pm to 1am CST. Invites 15 minutes prior. Current Progression: 8/8 Normal, 8/8 Heroic, 2/8 Mythic Uldir Recruiting: Competitive players who are looking to raid Mythic and Heroic content. All roles / classes will be considered but we currently have slots available for DPS classes. All spots are based on performance, class knowledge, knowledge of raid tactics, etc. Raiders are expected to be prepared before raid starts (personal food, flasks, prepots, gear gemmed and enchanted, etc.) Contact Information: Please contact one of our officers in game for more information or jump on our discord and we can talk there. Thanks! GMs: Dames, Varothen Officers: Gwenstefani, Synergize, Toofliss, Hiphop (WTFspaghetti#1234) Discord: Nov 6, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 (H) "Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife" 8/8 H Horde based guild "Hyjal kids Hyjal Wife" is currently seeking active raiders for mythic progression. In high demand of DPS but also accepting more casual players as well. Also seeking members for mythic+ grind and other activities. With such a small group of servers we are also seeking other active guilds to potentially group with for mythic progress purposes. Mandatory raid times and days are, Tuesday / Wed 8:30 cst - 11:00 cst if interested or any questions message Seilani = Officer, Lead Recruitment Vtv = Raid Lead, Recruitment Rëg = OfficerVtv1 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 5, 2018 Returning MW Monk - Bonechewer I'm returning from about a month or so break. I'm new to this server (Bonechewer) and in search of a M+/Raid Focused guild. I've been playing since near the launch of WoW and am very handy-capable. I've done serious raiding through Cata and a decent bit in Legion, I also have decent PvP experience, aswell as run my own successful RBG/Raid teams in the past. Low gear at the moment but climbing quickly and pulling decent numbers in LFR. (13-16k HPS sustained through LFR, take that as you will). If you'd like to learn a bit about who I am as a person before bringing me on if you're interested, contact me. I generally respond quickly if I'm awake. Bucketofnut - In-Game Name IronBuns#1544 - BTAG Nutbucket#5549 - DiscordBucketofnut0 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 LFG-- Casual Players to Run Old Instances Hey all! I'm 45 years old, just getting back to the game and looking for a small group that would like to run old dungeons for the sake of the lore. I'm talking start at the beginning and run as far as we could... I did this awhile ago and it was a blast. We could meet once or twice a week to run the instances, set level goals for the group, maybe one day start a guild. Let me know if interested!Brugnur0 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 [H] Guildless Returning Player Hi all, I stopped playing late MoP and am just now getting back into WoW. I am a couple months in and currently looking for a new home. Right now I'm slowly progressing with the new expansion, doing mostly world quests to raise my reputations. I would like to find a group of people to do heroic dungeons, island expeditions, and warfronts with as I have not gotten to experience much of those yet. After those, I wouldn't mind trying out normal raids and mythic dungeons. I also love doing legacy content and achievements! I just want to play the game with some cool, friendly people willing to help a returning player out. Please feel free to send me a battletag request. Appstate92#1971Drexxul0 Nov 2, 2018
Nov 1, 2018 [H] <Atrophy> 8/8H 2/8M [H] <Atrophy> Bonechewer 8/8H 2/8M We are looking for more DPS for our mythic progression. Preferred: Mage Warrior Death Knight The above are classes we currently need. All exceptional players will be considered, regardless of class. We do our raid content blind (without the help of online guides or outside strats). The only information we use is that given to us by the Dungeon Journal. We do take our progression seriously. Requirements Class knowledge Show up on time Ability to take criticism Schedule Wednesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm MST (Arizona time) Comms: Discord Feel free to message me on bnet Raptor#1726Akuma0 Nov 1, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 LF Alliance Guild I’m at 350 looking for a casual raiding/M+ guild to play with. I have experience raiding in previous expansions. I play most eveningsAeryn0 Oct 31, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 Unbending potion Would someone please make some Unbending potions and put on auction house. Legion recipe for warlock class mount. Thank youDemogórgon0 Oct 31, 2018
Oct 31, 2018 <Veridis Quo>[H] 2/8M Recruiting for Uldir <Veridis Quo> - Hakkar Realms: Hakkar - Gurubashi - Aegwynn - Daggerspine - Bonechewer ~ About Us ~ We are a Semi-hardcore Horde Guild (Currently 2/8M Uldir) looking for a wide range of players. From the casual, easy going individual to experienced raiders looking to push Mythic End-Game Content. Being almost 2 years old, we are a semi-seasoned guild. During Legion we pushed well into Mythic Antorus. Even though having been our first mythic tier, we concluded our progression at 7/11M. We strive for Cutting Edge as it is our main goal for each tier. Our other top priority is accomplishing our main goal alongside a group of relaxed and friendly players who enjoy the game for what it is, a game. Although, at the same time, we are a group whose goal is to be the best players we can be. Most of us primarily focus on endgame, although there are quite a few with us who prefer to enjoy the simpler aspects of game. With Guild Events such as previous content, transmog/achievement/title runs, RBGs & casual PvP, and just random stuff... at one point or another, everyone gets to enjoy the game together! Mythic Raids - Tues & Thurs 8-11pm EST With all that being said, our requirements and guidelines for all raiders to follow are as listed below: Core Raiders are required to: ... These conditions will allow us to have better raiders and a better raid team. Mythic+ caps are required, and we encourage completing higher level keys to practice on more difficult game mechanics. Never be afraid of a challenge ; ). As long as everyone is pulling their own weight, we will be able to excel into mythic content. We love to have fun and joke around all the time, since that’s what the game is about. All we ask is simply that when it’s time to pull the boss, it’s time to focus. ~ Guild Schedule ~ Progression Raids: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-11pm EST Heroic (Alt) Raids: Sunday 7pm-10pm EST "Fun Nights" (Achievements/Old Mythic Content/T-Mogs/PvP/Etc.): Friday/Saturday Mythic + is a constant on off days. Mythic Core Prog. Applicants please have logs available. Depending on your class and level of experience, we offer the opportunity for you to try us out as a guild by inviting you to come raid with us for a night during a core raid. Otherwise, other trial runs are available for less experienced players to join. There is no obligation to join our guild before attending a trial run. ~Current Priority Classes for Recruitment~ High Warlock Rogue Mage Medium Druid(Balance) DH **Remember we are not only looking for Mythic Raiders, but for any experienced players looking for a new place to call home!** Currently, our interests lie mainly in DPS. Other classes are highly encouraged to still apply. Alongside applicants, we would love to hear from anyone with questions or concerns. Players may send either through the following channels. Contact Information ...Mob0 Oct 31, 2018
Oct 30, 2018 Warrior and Rogue alt LFG Hey all, Just got back to wow since Cata and have a Prot / Arms Warrior @ 347 / 351 ilvl and an alt Rogue just over 320 ilvl. Looking for a good group of people who arena, BG and run mythics. Currently don't have time to raid with everything going irl. Let me know if you have any questions. Appreciate anyone who reaches out!Rigore1 Oct 30, 2018
Oct 30, 2018 4 Raiders LF New Home Hello everyone, I'll keep this brief, we have 4 raiders looking for a new home. We raided all throughout Legion and looking for a new guild that is casual, friendly, but also serious about their raid progression. We also like to run weekly keys! Below is a quick highlight of our info and needs. Hit me up if we sound like a good fit for you! Preferred Schedule Tues/Wed/Thursday (any 2 of these days will work) 7:30ST-10/10:30ST Roster -Pally Tank (can do ret) -Rogue -Priest Healer -WarlockLeonhrt1 Oct 30, 2018
Oct 28, 2018 [H]<Maximum Effort> 7/8H 1/8M Recruiting <Maximum Effort> is seeking raiders to fill our roster. ____________________________________________ Raid Time Wed/Sun 6:00-8:00pm PST (main raid days) Fri 6:00-8:00pm PST (normal optional) Sat 6:00-8:00pm PST (Heroic alt optional) ____________________________________________ Classes we are looking for: -Ranged DPS -Healers ____________________________________________ <Maximum Effort> is composed of leaders and former mythic raiders, who have returned for "Battle for Azeroth" and are looking to for a community. Even if you are just looking for a more casual / social guild, don't be discouraged, we offer an ideal in-game environment that lets everyone be happy. We look at, and hand select anyone that puts in the effort to show us that they deserve to be doing more and want to do more. So whether you be an alt trying to gear, a PvPer testing the waters, a skilled player wanting a guild to give them a chance and help get gear, or just a player trying to experience what a guild-run raid feels like. We welcome you all with open arms. ____________________________________________ For any questions feel free to respond here, whisper me in game, or send me in game mail. Superrad (GM) Tylmonk (Officer) Valthian (Officer) LancelØt (HR management)Tylmonk1 Oct 28, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 Newbro looking for adults guild (Alliance) I’m a 25 y/o male returning to WoW after first quitting shortly after the Burning Crusade release. I purchased Legion yesterday and I am looking for a group of mature adults to hangout with in game. Not expecting regular activities, only hoping for a supporting guild which can sometimes answer questions. Brief mmo history: played WoW as a kid around 2007 until roughly lvl 50 (I mostly just danced on the roof of goldshire making friends lol). Quit, played EVE for the past 10 years, downloaded WoW and played the trial, leveling 4 characters to 20 before purchasing the game again and boosting to 100. Goals: I want to do some casual raiding for gear and build a character which I find fun to play.Perished3 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 [A] 354 Druid LF heroic raiding/mythic+ [A] 354 Druid LF heroic raiding/mythic+ dungeons to push high keys. PST timezone here. Usually on around 4-5 PM. I main resto healer but can also tank. Please leave a message in-game or here. Thanks! bnet: Board#1489Paoweedr1 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 [A] 349 Havoc DH / 346 Lock Alt LFG Looking for guild that does M+ and Uldir.Horribus1 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 357 Prot Pally/Frost Mage LFG I am a 357 Prot Pally/Frost Mage. Currently PUGing Uldir and Mythic+. Would like to find a guild that raids 9pm server time to 1ish in the morning. I have been playing since vanilla with several breaks over the past few years. Hit me up with questions and I'll respond... Discord: Av8oR#3342 Battlenet: MichaelWayne#1801Batmañ1 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 Vanilla Players? Any vanilla kids get nostalgic and pick up this expansion?Ruku44 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 24, 2018 Vanilla Days - Eos BRM Police Hiya! Random post here thinking back to my vanilla days in WoW when PvP was what it should be. Anyone who played on Hakkar in Vanilla still kicking around? I played in Eos and some of the best times were in Warsong squared up against the BRM police. Some names - Destro, Kuuja, Nazzaronni, Phantastik, Phabulous, Phenomenal. If anyone know if these guys still play let me know!Bhodi1 Oct 24, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 4 Hordies looking for a Guild Good Evening! Myself and 3 friends have rerolled to the Horde side (Horde master faction!) and are currently looking for a raiding guild that is progressing through the end of Uldir normal and getting into the beginning of heroic. The 4 of us all have experience in Uldir (8/8N 3-5/8H from alliance side). We are: Guardian Druid (myself) Balance Druid Resto/Ele Shaman Disc/Shadow Priest We are looking for: A guild that is social, on discord, and dabbles in multiple aspects of the game with emphasis on raid progression. We would like a guild that raids Mon/Tues/Thurs from 5pm-8pm PST (7pm-10pm Server). If you have a guild that can accomodate us we would love to hear from you! Please send me or Xtrapickles a message in game or add us to bnet Sym#1416 or DaynjaRoss#1247. Thanks all!Cisternina1 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 20, 2018 Make WoW Unfair Over the past several expansions the game has become "fair". We think that's the problem. <Make WoW Unfair> lf guild sigs. Life isn't fair and WoW shouldn't be either. Oct 20, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 looking to transfer hey! I'm looking to transfer my alliance mage here how is the population?Lolimop2 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 18, 2018 Holy Paladin LF a friendly, casual guild. Holy Paladin (Daggerspine-Horde) LF a friendly, casual guild. I'm an adult player that has been playing this game since vanilla with a few breaks here and there. I'm recently back in it and I'm looking for a team orientated guild that helps guildies gear up but also focuses on progressive content in BFA. No drama.Holymôley0 Oct 18, 2018
Oct 17, 2018 369 AOTC R/B Druid looking for raiding guild Hey There! I was able to obtain my Ahead of the curve: G'Huun achievement solely through PUGs. I am looking to go even further beyond that now and would like to find a raiding guild that is getting into Mythics. I am adept at healing just as much as Balance DPS. If need be, I can get into tanking as well.Shecar3 Oct 17, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 LF Casual/Semi Hardcore Friendly Guild As the title suggests :)Eibbon2 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 <Atrophy> 8/8H 1/8M LFM Hello, We are looking for DPS. Healer/tank offspec would be a plus. [H] <Atrophy> Bonechewer 8/8H 1/8M We do our raid content blind (without the help of online guides or outside strats). The only information we use is that given to us by the Dungeon Journal. We do take our progression seriously. Requirements Class knowledge Show up on time Ability to take criticism Schedule Wednesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm MST (Arizona time) Comms: Discord Feel free to message me on bnet Raptor#1726Akuma0 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 13, 2018 Best pvp guild on server? Best pvp guild on these dead !@# servers? (jk i love you guys and the cheap AH prices we share :))Infuriating0 Oct 13, 2018
Oct 12, 2018 INTERNATIONAL LGBT+ CHAT Welcome all the players that want to be part of this big community with more than 200 people! If you are horde, alliance, man, woman, agender, etc. You are invited! We leave you this link to join us: or write me down to my BattleTag #Bax11224 We have to be clear and say that this is not a community that seeks different privileges or to isolate from the rest of the players. This is like any other community that brings people with the same tastes or like same stuff, we want to chat and hang out to have a better time together, if you feel excluded by our community you are more than welcome to join! Kisses. Miss Vanjie. PS This community is for players that speaks english and spanish!Nacil0 Oct 12, 2018
Oct 11, 2018 All Horde Are Welcome Rest When Dead Is Seeking New Members From Experienced Players To Noobs, We Are A Casual Guild That Takes Part In All Activities PVE and PVP. All LvLs And Class's Welcome Raid Nights Will Be Held On Wed & Fri @ 8pm Server, Rated/Unrated RBG's Will Be Held On Tue & Thurs At 8pm Server, And Sunday Fundays We Will Be Running Old Content For Mounts And Xmog Gear. We Have Discord And Cookies <3 Check Us Out At or on twitter at @RWDofficialpageIcydemon3 Oct 11, 2018
Oct 11, 2018 LF Guild Loom Pants LF Guild with Heirloom pants unlockedGhostwoulf0 Oct 11, 2018
Oct 10, 2018 Looking for guild. Hey everyone, I'm an ilvl 353 hunter. I'd be much higher, but my old guild could never all get on for the raid, and when they did they would wipe twice and get off. I beat the raid on Heroic before Mythic dropped, and have the achievement to prove it. I'm sure I'll have a few people follow me, but I am looking for an active and SKILLED guild.Klaww1 Oct 10, 2018
Oct 8, 2018 [H] casual/semi-hardcore guild LFM Hey there! We are a group of about 7-10 players looking for more to potentially raid and do Mythic+ with this expansion. We live in PST time zone and play generally early afternoon to late night. We are all around 30 years old, have played WOW since vanilla in varying capacities. All of us are experienced with raiding in the most hardcore min/max progression environments, but are not looking to take it that way. Looking for mature, experienced players to do 10+ man Heroic raiding, mythic +, and potentially see if we can get more together for Mythic Raiding if possible. We are open to joining with other groups, adding people to our guild, whatever works really. We all have 2 chars maxed at this point, with iLVL between 330-340. This gives us flexibility to play whatever class roles are needed/not filled. Think you might fit in? It me up on here or in game.Heldane4 Oct 8, 2018
Oct 8, 2018 Potato Community So as a guild we have decided to change the setup of how we run and operate and taking the path of a multi server both faction server community. anyone can join this community low levels high levels people with no idea of the game to people who consider themselves smart or elite. we dont care everyone is welcome. Were planning on doing mythics, raiding, pvp, rated arenas and whatever else in between be it old content or new we will try and cater for everyone. this is our discord everyone is welcome on it as this is the main platform we will be using then ingame community aswell once thats up and running. once you join please go to #roles page and put in the roles and then all channels become unlocked well thank you for reading this and hope to see you all or some somewhere in the game.ßollywood0 Oct 8, 2018
Oct 6, 2018 [H] BM Hunter 347 ilvl LF Mythic guild Looking to join a guild that will be pushing Mythic. Would prefer weekdays and a raid end time of 10pm est or earlier.Swankie2 Oct 6, 2018
Oct 3, 2018 Casual and Social I'm looking for a new home and does it matter what server HAVE TO BE HORDE MythicPlus,Dungeons,Pvp,LFR,not looking into getting into real raiding super crazy fun guy just looking for a guild to call a family Bnet: IcyPhoenix#11882 Discord: ThatphoenixNV#3749Icyphoenix1 Oct 3, 2018
Oct 3, 2018 LF Twink guilds for PVP LF Twink guilds (Alliance) My husband and I play in 39 bracket and are looking for a guild to join with people in the same bracket. I play BM hunter and he plays disc priest. Possibly willing to level other ones to 19 or 29 so let me know of any guilds in those brackets as well :)Ardria0 Oct 3, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Looking for Mythic Uldir pug on Aegwynn!! Need people for a Uldir mythic pug raid on aegwynn. All must be at least 365+ and need one more tank, 4 healers (preferably at least 2 priests), and 14 savage dps. Please come in at least knowing all the fights on heroic. I'm alliance btw.Thebattle0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 28, 2018 [H] <UCK> Keystones, Raiding and more! <Undercity Crypt Keepers> is a Horde guild out of Bonechewer that's always open to recruiting more active members! What We Enjoy Doing: Casual Heroic Raiding Pushing Mythic Keystones or Casually running them as a guild group PVP (battlegrounds, arena - looking to be more serious once we have a pvp officer) Achievement Runs for Mounts, Titles, or Bragging Rights Occasional Guild Fun Nights or Raffles with prizes (mounts, toys, pets, gold, etc) Raiding: Our current raid team raids Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. CST. We are pretty much set - but may be open to accepting a Warrior and someone that can tank as needed as one of our current ones would like to switch to heals. We would definitely be open to more raid teams forming within our guild as a few of our members have different availability. So if you have a group of friends or a small guild that would like to merge/join and form another raid team - that's definitely okay. We will also offer a more casual alt - raid/anyone welcome raid one night a week in the near future when most of our main toons are well into heroic. Keystones: We have quite a few people that enjoy running dungeons for gear/achievements/fun. We like pushing keystones in guild groups so you don't have to worry about people leaving or being toxic. Definitely up for anyone that enjoys dungeons - but we would like a few more people that can fill a tank role. Why Join? We have an active Discord with many useful channels. Guild repairs are provided for all members and gbank items are available depending upon how much you participate with the guild. Many members with a wide range of experience - so if you're new to a class or just need help, we'll have someone that can point you in the right direction. We're all pretty friendly and willing to help out - whether you're struggling making gold, finishing off that elite for a quest, or anything else. Interested in joining or merging with us? Please reach out to me through Discord at LiLiLisaB#0218 or through BNet at LiLiLisaB#1310.Formidae1 Sep 28, 2018
Sep 26, 2018 how do i level to 110? how do I get 110 gear now that bfa is out? I mean legion raids yeah but what about better then average 110 weapons are those just extinct now?Feralsoupcan6 Sep 26, 2018
Sep 23, 2018 [A] 340 BrM Monk and 340 Disc Priest LFGuild My wife and I are both experienced players (me with over 10 years in WoW) and her with over 10 years spread over a few MMOs (Vanguard, Archeage, PWI) with over a year in WoW. We are looking for a competent guild that raids about 1 or 2 days a week for a few hours at a time. Preferring a guild of grown adults A suitable guild would be more or less drama free, fairly organized and social. Raids should be more or less consistently organized. We have zero issues helping progress, or working through content. We are eager to put in the work, we just are frustrated with guilds that refuse to use common sense tactics or replace players that are a negative asset to the party. Contact myself, Jalapando-Bonechewer or Masquerade-Bonechewer either in game mail, or on this thread so we can touch base and talk.Jalapando0 Sep 23, 2018
Sep 23, 2018 Alliance - Recipe: Thistle Tea - Vanilla BoE Wanting to sell the original vanilla BoE - Recipe: Thistle Tea.Lynel0 Sep 23, 2018
Sep 20, 2018 ilvl 361 mage, and 361 MW monk LF guild ilvl 361 mage, and 361 MW monk LF guild. Raid times between 8 and 11 est. Current experience 1/8 mythic, 7/8 heroic and 8/9 n for Uldir. Horde side please.Edlynn1 Sep 20, 2018
Sep 19, 2018 looking for friend and guild hi! im Srbn im looking for friend and guild im not good at English but i wanna have fun with various peopleSrbn1 Sep 19, 2018
Sep 19, 2018 hi, I'm Mara, LF new friends to quest with hello! I just recently started playing wow about 2 weeks ago and I only have 1 person to play with so far.. anyone interested in leveling with me? I'm new so I'm not the most experienced - but I have accounts for both Horde and Alliance and I'm down to make a new account to play on a diff server ^^ I'm on Aegwynn/NA currently and my highest level currently is 38. my battlenet ign is maraboubaby#1864 :) feel free to add me! either that or my snapchat which is maybemara - I also play league so hmu if you play that as well :) my ign for league is Contessa. ^^ hope to meet some friends here! hmu!Marsie1 Sep 19, 2018
Sep 16, 2018 Tired of losing in pvp on alliance? Body Bags Unlimited LF pvp/pvers NA Alliance side server doesn't matter What content is BBU looking to do? rated arenas open world pvp rated battleground heroric/mythic/mythic+ dungeons world bosses and world quests warfronts What are we looking for? Dps/range 120 ilvl 320+ healers 110 + and willing to help gear you through heroric plvls once you hit 120 What time and days we running? 8pm central – whenever M-Thursday/Weekends are up in the air What reqs we looking you to have other than gear? discord+mic active no rage logging able to listen and follow directions we are accepting new players as well How to contact us? discord: shadz#2477 bnet: tekren#1847Tekzz6D9ACD0 Sep 16, 2018
Sep 15, 2018 The Badfellas - PvE/PvP We are a Horde guild on Hakkar, our main raid teams goes from 10-1 server time with some alt/normal clears going at 8-11. I would say while in raid we are a semi hardcore guild, currently we are recruiting RDPS/Healers for our Mythic/Heroic (10-1) team. We are 8/8 Normal and 5/8 Heroic. Contact Dames, Varothen, Gwenstefani, Toofliss, or Synergize for anymore question about raiding. We also have a lot of PVP talent in guild with multiple 2k+ players, arenas and RBGs happen frequently. We have a very strong core group of players but I will say we are vulgar 90% of the time, so please 18+.Varothen0 Sep 15, 2018