Aggramar and Fizzcrank

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19h (A) Looking for a casual/weekend raid guild Hello... I'm a druid on the alliance side looking for a raiding guild. I'm mostly active during the weekends, and not always available every weekend, so I would need a guild that raids on weekends, welcomes me when I can come and is OK with it when I can't. Does such a guild even exist...? I guess I'll find out. I'm a long-time player coming back after a break (again). I have a lot of experience raiding in MoP (ran SoO like, a mi-jillion times) and early WoD... not so much since then (except LFR, witch isn't really raiding IMO). I mostly tanked, but I'm willing to fill any role. I come to raids fully enchanted with food/potions/ect, ready to give it my best effort, but I'm also there for the challenge and company. Having a good time, to me, has nothing to do with getting loot or even beating bosses. It's about facing the challenge, doing my best, and spending time with people I like. If your guild fits the description above, then please look me up!Fynnithian0 19h
1d [H] Middle Aged Group LFM Greetings Aggramar/Frizzcrank Servers, Corpus Zero Gaming (CZG) is a mixed title gaming community founded on one basic idea; to create a stable and consistent environment for friends to meet up after work and enjoy some video games together. The Core of CZG is middle aged working class player that strive to keep a healthy balance between their personal lives and their gaming lives. Even though we've come in/out of the WOW raiding scene through the years we've always stuck together and have used the online gaming scene to foster some truly amazing friendships. The group has evolved into a discord based community that keeps toxicity, negativity, and clique seclusion to a minimum. With solid leadership & a new brand, CZG is looking to expand our player base and create new and lasting friendships with fellow PC gamers. We currently have scheduled events for Warcraft, Starcraft 2 & DOTA 2 & through the help of CZG Curators our community is always looking to expand our gaming horizons to new and exiting PC gaming titles. We do not require a server transfer or have WOW guild membership to raid with us. Events are scheduled on discord in the #czg-events channel. All CZG Events are scheduled on Pacific Standard time -08:00 (Hyjal server time) Current Warcraft Status: The Core players of CZG are seasoned Warcraft players returning from a WoW break. When Legion launched we went hard and burned out fast with the steep grinding requirements to meet our Mythic Progression Goals. Since then we've taken a step backwards and have refocused ourselves on the lighter side of the game setting our sights on Heroic Progression with a less aggressive raid schedule. Currently our sights are set on clearing Heroic Tomb of Sargeras before The Burning Throne launches. We have 2 hours slated for each raid but in some cases are willing to extend 30 minutes to grab a kill if were right on the edge. Current Warcraft Schedule: Tuesday 7PM - 9.(30)PM - Warcraft (normal tier farming right now) Wednesday 7PM - 9.(30)PM - Warcraft (heroic progression) Sunday 7pm - 9.(30)PM - Warcraft (non-current tier content EN, ToV, NH, past exp. achievements...) If you're interested in chatting and getting more information about CZG please hop into our Discord & check out the #czg-welcome and #czg-introductions channels. Contact @Corpus once you've had a chance to look around and well schedule a quick chat to get you into the fold. 1d
1d Looking for achievement-hunting partners I'm looking for players that want to get non-soloable achievements such as "Been Waiting a Long Time for This" (in Icecrown Citadel). Also, if you're in a guild with many achievement hunters, I'd like to join it!Denayethran0 1d
2d <Althalus> (AOTC: EN, ToV, NH, Tomb) Althalus is a casual raiding guild with a core group that has been together since early BC. We're a group of friendly adults that spend plenty of time in VC being inappropriate, all while keeping a friendly/team oriented atmosphere. We are currently recruiting all classes/roles, but have a specific need for DPS and heals to expand our raid team. This expansion, we've cleared EN, ToV, NH and Tomb with the AOTC achievement for all. Progression nights are Tues / Thurs from 6:30-9:30 server time. Normal runs on Sunday to gear alts / new recruits if needed, and many Mythic+ runs throughout the week. Expectations: Know your class, put effort into knowing the fights, show up on time. We are by no means a hardcore raiding team, and do not require maxed out AP, etc. As long as you can pull your weight in raid (including mechanics), you've got a spot with us. RL gets in the way sometimes, and we totally understand that. If you have interest you can message me in game: Tarraa, Tarrahh, or Tara#12684 on bnet.Tarrahh2 2d
4d [A]Incursio Tres 5/9M ToS LF Resto Shaman! Our raid times are 7-10 CST on Wednesday & Sunday. We have a completely optional alt run on Tuesdays from 7-10 CST, and have Mythic + teams that run every night of the week. We are 5/9 Mythic ToS and have been the top Alliance guild on the server since Hellfire Citadel. Incursio Tres of Fizzcrank-US is a guild made up of experienced and successful cutting edge raiders looking for a more casual end content atmosphere. We enjoy tackling mythic content while still maintaining a very relaxed and casual raid schedule. We are a great fit for anyone who enjoys the challenges of mythic content while being in a fun and enjoyable raiding environment. Loot distribution We use RClootcouncil with a very diplomatic and experienced loot council. Our loot philosophy is aimed at getting loot to kill bosses, not killing bosses to get loot. What we are looking for We currently have an immediate spot open for resto shaman! Exceptional DPS and Healers of any class/spec welcome to apply! Due to our emphasis on raid enjoyment, we place a lot of importance on having a good attitude and being positive. What we have to offer Mythic content on a 6 hour/week raid schedule 1000g/day repairs, flasks, food, pots, gems,enchants, boe's, all raiders have everything they need to raid supplied by the guild! Fun and pleasant raid environment A casual gameplay experience, low pressure A guild that values you as a player without the threat of being 'replaced' Consistency, we ALWAYS raid. We have a very strong and committed core group that has raided together for years A social and active guild that enjoys not only raiding together but also playing other games and having IRL meetups Diplomatic leadership and officers, friendly and upbeat raiders Absolutely ZERO tolerance for drama, elitists, and negative people, period If interested please fill out an app @ If you have any questions please contact our GM Dawgmoth, or one of our officers: Jezaebel and Skourge.Fraeya41 4d
Sep 14 <Sereñity> 9/9N 2/9H <Sereñity> is on Aggramar & Fizzcrank! We are a causal guild but are strict about raiding. We are recruiting all players or any level, class & experience. RAIDING: We are 9/9N and 2/9H *Must be patient. *Must be ready to learn. *Be on time. *Determined. *Dedicated & consisted. *+900 ilvl. *+500k min dps. LOOKING FOR: *Mages *Shaman (dps or healer) *Holy Pally *Rogues TIMES: Friday's and Saturday's 8pm-10pm REALM TIME (Raiders must be on 15 before raid. We provide flasks and food for each run. DISCORD IS A MUST!! Every must have discord and be in discord during raids. Raiders must help with materials for flasks and food.) GUILD EVENTS: <Sereñity> does weekly guild runs through NH & EN for achievements plus gearing those who are serious about raiding with us in the future. Events are always posted on the calendar. If you sign up for events please show up or let us know before head. MYTHICS: We are always looking to help people gear. We normally do a few mythics after raids and during the week. Just ask! SOCIAL: We are welcoming and always ready to talk to you! Join us in Discord or our Facebook page. We treat each other with respect and like family! CONTACT: If you have any questions feel free to add me on BNET or find us in Guildfinder. Valboogie#1783Lazbek2 Sep 14
Sep 12 Legendary - Aggramar is recruiting Legendary is recruiting. New to the game, old to the game, seeking a drama free guild, then give us a try. We are working to rebuild our raiding group for Tomb. Whether you are level 10 or 110, you can be a part of our guild. Whisper any member of the guild if you have questions, or for an invite. We are also listed in guild recruitment in the game.Teora4 Sep 12
Sep 11 Real player, play. And not a bot. Hello, I play my character ; human , warrior in Aggramar.Qomsuw2 Sep 11
Sep 7 932 Prot Warrior LF mythic raidning guild 932 prot warrior with AOTC and Mythic progression experience lf a mythic guild to progress to cutting edge contact me if interested in discussing anything of relevance. btag: BigRick#11407Bigsav0 Sep 7
Sep 7 932 Prot Warrior LF mythic raiding guild 932 Prot Warrior with AOTC and Mythic progression experience LF a mythic raiding team to progress to cutting edge.Bigsav0 Sep 7
Sep 4 [A] <Expire> 9/9H LF Heals/DPS for M ToS Prog About <Expire> <Expire> is a fairly new guild on US Aggramar/Fizzcrank. The guild's GM and officers all have previous experience leading and managing a progression raid group, and we're looking to make our mark on Aggramar by not only diving into M ToS, but by diving into Mythic for the coming raid tiers. We like to think of ourselves as a casual-hardcore group. We don't require alt or split runs. Come to raid. Come prepared. Know your class. We know how to have fun, but we also know when to buckle up and kick some !@#. We run some M+ and activities in our spare time as all do as well. ToS Progression We are currently 9/9H. Guild progress: Guild logs: Raid Times Our raid times are from 7:30-10:00PM Server Time, or 8:30-11:00PM EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. What are we looking for? We're not only looking for folks that want to dive into Mythic ToS progression, but also looking to compete at the Mythic level in the next raid tier. The following classes/specs are in HIGH need: Holy Paladin Resto Druid Strong DPS - All classes will be considered Contact information Feel free to add one/both of the following folks on BNet if you are interested or have any questions: Sideswipe#1369 OnlyHalide#1168Mistime7 Sep 4
Aug 29 [H] server move Hi, I'm planning on moving to Fizzcrank and will be looking for a new guild. I mainly raid on my Warlock currently but would like to do some raiding with this guy as well. The best days for me would be Mon-Thurs 7-11. I'm a high level Jewelcrafter as well!Hicksey0 Aug 29
Aug 27 [H]<Rum Runners> 7/9H Recruiting all roles About Us <Rum Runners> is a Horde social semi-casual guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank [PVE] US. Our demographic largely includes college age players and working adults; we are flexible and understanding about real life issues and focus on clearing heroic content each tier at a comfortable, relaxing pace. Our players enjoy spending time together in Discord even when not playing World of Warcraft; our text channels are generally active during the day while players are at work waiting to escape back to the comfort of Azeroth. What We Offer - Active Discord community (including during off-hours) - Guild events with prizes (scavenger hunts, transmog competitions, cooking competitions and more) - Organized support system for improving gameplay - Guild M+, transmog and achievement runs, looking to expand on guild PVP in the very near future - Enchants, gems, flasks and potions for raid mains; feasts and repairs for progression nights - New website! What We Want - Players looking to be part of a growing community, whether to raid, level or dungeon - Players with a positive attitude who are respectful toward others - Players who may not have the time or drive for mythic raiding, but still want to succeed each tier Details Two raid teams - Blackflag – 7/9H – Fri/Sat 7-9:30p Eastern - Dauntless – 4/9 H – Tues/Thurs 9-11:30p Eastern Recruiting Blackflag – Recruiting DPS (prefer ranged and those with solid healing or tank offspecs), considering stellar tank applicants and a resto druid with a viable DPS offspec Dauntless – Recruiting for all DPS specs, would like a ret pally. How to Join To join the guild please read our charter and fill out an application at For more information, contact Stormlight-Fizzcrank in game or at tag Poros#1412, or on Discord, Lisa/Stormlight#0819 for a more immediate response. A two-week trial process is required to verify the new member fits in with our community.Stormlight11 Aug 27
Aug 27 <Well Played>LF Raiders! T-TH 7:30-10pm PST Hello all! <Well Played> Horde guild is looking for more raiders! Our raid times are Tues, Weds and Thurs 7:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST (9:30 - 12:00 Server time). We are looking for consistent players to join our team! We are currently 9/9 N TOS and 8/9 H TOS. Our guild members also do Mythic+ and some PvP. Please seek me out if you're interested in joining! -Shenzzi (Aggrammar) Battletag: Shenzzi#1912Shenzzi6 Aug 27
Aug 24 928 Bear Tank LF AoTC and M Prog. As the title says, 928 equipped Bear Tank. I'm 9/9N and 8/9H with several (close to 50) pulls on H KJ. Seen p3, but haven't been able to get with a group able to down him. 17%ish is the best pull I've had thus far. I've achieved AoTC on each other raid the expansion and don't want to hit a wall on this one. Also looking for a step into Mythic progression. Not gunning for a Cutting Edge, but to at least be able to make some kills and progress there. So, I'm looking for a strong, solid guild of good people. Fun people, who enjoy raiding, and know how to make it fun while progressing consistently. I actually like talking to other people, and doing things with a group large or small, so that sort of element needs to be there. Could be M+, could be old content for mogs or mounts. Could be some random PvP. Whatever really. I'm easily satisfied. To round out the details, I have 59 traits in my artifact. A handful of legendaries, including the 2 assumed BiS for primary spec. I can raid any day of the week really. Would prefer a 6-9 hour schedule. If at night, 9pm is the golden time for me, and I go as long as you can last. I'll also have some availability during the daytime. From about 10am till 2pm ish. And I have access to several voice clients. If you've already got a druid and are looking for something else, I have a monk at 902 who needs a good run though N ToS for some tier and better drops. I have a Prot Pally too (but we won't discuss him atm). Just letting it out there so it's known. So...if you're looking for the present, or ahead to Argus and raiding Antorus, and want to build up or want to continue your current success, hit me up. Let's talk and see where it leads. BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577 Faction doesn't really matter to me, so changing is fine if we like each other well enough.Dahmonsta0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Exalted Order (AotC) LF Heroic/Mythic Raiders Who we are: Exalted Order is an Alliance guild. We are a heroic raiding guild that is looking to fill out our roster as we continue to push Mythic content. --- Emerald Nightmare – 7/7 Heroic (Ahead of the Curve) Trial of Valor – 3/3 Heroic (Ahead of the Curve) Nighthold – 10/10 Heroic (Ahead of the Curve) Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 Heroic (Ahead of the Curve) --- Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 – 11 server. When we raid, our focus is on progression. That means show up on time ready to raid and have everything you need (Smarts/Food/Pots/Flasks/kitchen sink) Occasionally, we add Monday to the schedule if we want to work on (or finish) content we did not get to on our normal raiding schedule. Off raid nights are very relaxed. We do Mythic+ content (have a couple groups that push 15+), we do alt raids, or anything else that happens to tickle our fancy. We tell inappropriate jokes. All the time (although this may mostly be just me). --- What we are looking for: We’re looking for people that like to have fun, can be there for our raids, and are team players. We're looking to fill a few DPS slots, namely a Rogue and a Ranged or two. Message me for more details if you need them. Item Level/Artifact Power: This isn’t a strict requirement, as I care more about knowing mechanics. Item Level can be increased. Fixing stupid is a lot tougher. However, if your ilvl is lower, you'll have to gear up before we bring you into the main progression raiding nights. We do off night Normal ToS clears. *You should always be using gear that complements your spec. Don't throw on a bunch of crap just to boost your ilvl. At this point in the progression, it shouldn't be difficult at all to have your first rank of Concordance in the spec you want to play (or quite well along the path to getting it). We don’t care for DPS/HPS meter-mongers. While there is a level of output you should be able to do, knowing the fights and mechanics are the top priorities. --- If you’re interested, send me a message and we can chat to work out a good tryout time. Fakade#1706 Be good, or be good at it.Kineas15 Aug 24
Aug 23 925 Equipped Havoc DH LFG Hey, I'm a Havoc DH looking for a heroic raiding guild. PlayMeiKer#1658 on Blizz app if you want to message me.Gwynivere1 Aug 23
Aug 21 Looking for Guild I and my friend are looking for a guild. I am a ilvl 908 hunter and he is a lvl 100 rouge and is lvling now. We both played for a while now and know raid fights and mythic fights. We both play from about 10PM to 8AM/11AM EST. So looking for a guild that has people active at night. We are both laid back and like to have fun while playing the game. Friend should be lvl 110 within the next 3 days and gearing him will be easy since we have other toons that we leveled before.Starfôx0 Aug 21
Aug 20 <Expatriate Asylum> LF Tank 9/9 Norm ToS Expatriate Asylum is seeking a 2nd tank for our core raid group. We have been around about 9 years now. We have progressed through every raid throughout the expansions, and are a laid back adult oriented guild with an occasionally dirty sense of humor. We are in need of a 2nd tank whos available 7:00-9:00 server time on Tuesday and Friday evenings. DPS or Heals offspecs are a plus, and we generally have room for a few DPS and occasionally an extra healer. Our core group ranges from 10-20 people at any given time. Any questions, Btag Bluestreakfl#1422 or /who an officer in the guild.Varex0 Aug 20
Aug 18 <Eleventh Plague> 9/9H LF DPS 4 Mythic! <The Eleventh Plague> is a friendly, progression oriented guild. Many members of our guild are long term WoW friends going back as far as ICC or Firelands. We are currently 9/9H ToS. We are recruiting STRONG DPS for Mythic progression. We are open to pretty much any class right now. We raid 2 days a week (Wed/Thu 7:30-10:30 CST), and we aim to progress through Mythic as quickly as possible. We are looking for mature, adult raiders that are willing to put in the work to progress efficiently on our 2 day a week raid schedule. If you think you would be a good fit, please contact one of the following people in-game: Theodinn (Theodin#1869) Whernair (Wherner#1403) Rowinna (Rowina#1906) Getthepbout (Getthepbout#1365)Theodinn1 Aug 18
Aug 14 Carry/Tow me please. Im on aggramar and i am trying to find anyone that would be willing to help me out by using a high level character to tow me through the old classic raids for easy loot and progression.Dokan0 Aug 14
Aug 12 926 Bear Tank LFG Giving this another shot. Here goes... I'm in the market for a new guild. The one I'm currently in isn't bad, just not as active as I would like. I'm looking for a good group of people who are active, social, and engaged. Ones who enjoy community as much as content, with a healthy and active chat, as well as a presence in game. While this is important, so is continued progress through said content. I enjoy doing dungeons, I like questing, I like grinding, and I enjoy raiding. So, I'm hunting for the best of both worlds. A little about me? Well, currently 9/9N and 8/9H ToS, with roughly 40 pulls on H KJ. I've achieved AoTC on every raid tier of the expansion thus far and would like to put that nail in KJ's coffin too. Currently 926 ilvl with several legendaries. 59 traits in the artifact and plugging away at more. If Mythic is something you're aiming for or already working on, then that works for me, and is something I want to step into and start working on as well. Horde, Alliance, doesn't really matter. But if Alliance, the mojo needs to be there if I am to realm and faction change, but it's not out of the question. Ideal times are 9pm-Whenever, EST. Any day generally works, and 6-9 hrs/ wk is preferred though maybe another day is feasible if really needed. So, anyone interested? Hit me up on my BTag, or drop me an invite on Discord. Tags listed below. Thanks! BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577Damonsta0 Aug 12
Aug 11 <Refrigeraiders> 9/9 H ToS, LF RDPS/Healers <Refrigeraiders> is a recently revitalized guild looking to progress through end game content with mythic aspirations. We are a close group of friends who recently decided to enter back into the raiding world, with most of us having multiple server first clearing experiences from Illidan and Kil’jaeden in The Burning Crusade, to more recent expansions such as Cataclysm, MoP and Legion where multiple members continued playing on as the leaders of other server first guilds. Since coming back, some of our raiding accomplishments include the realm first AotC completion in every content tier since our reformation in BRF, as well as Cutting Edge Xavius and Realm First! Xavius in Legion. Currently, we are 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and the only Alliance guild on the realm capable of such a feat. ... Raid Times: Our current raiding schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm EST. We expect that as a raid member: - You should be able to maintain 90% raid availability, we have a tight core that does not have substitutes some nights due to real life restrictions. Advanced warning of any absence at least the morning of a raid night is required, though the night before is preferable. - You should know your class! Being able to switch between specs is crucial as we continue to progress. - You should have prior raiding experience and a competent knowledge base of your class. We may expect you to perform a certain raid function you might not usually do and you will be required to adapt to such situations in raid. - You should have a functioning microphone and be able to use it. - You should be able to take a joke, we are a mature (though often childish) bunch of friends who often shenaniganize one another. - Most importantly, you should be able to have fun and know that at the root of all our madness, we are just a bunch of people trying to have fun in a competitive venue. We have a 0% tolerance policy for any elitism, condescension or malicious behaviour. Any and all suggestions or complaints should be voiced in a constructive and positive manner. For more information or an invite, you can contact the following people in game on Aggramar, Alliance: ... Thank you for taking the time to hear a bit about our guild, we genuinely hope to see you in game!Gfry4 Aug 11
Aug 10 <HotP>(Stormrage) Recruiting For Heroic Hello, My name is Health and I am the raid leader for Hand of the Pantheon an Alliance based guild on Stormrage. The guild was formed in Legion with the aspirations to grow into a tight knit family who enjoys doing content together. At this point in time I can assure you that is exactly what we have achieved. If we aren’t raiding together we are doing mythics or simply just hanging out. We like to take raiding seriously, but have fun while playing and not just smash our heads against walls. Mistakes happen but rather than just blaming and yelling at people, we like to take the time and explain why things happened. If you've got questions about your class, raid or something we can actually help, in whatever way we can. We focus on learning together, growing together as a guild. Here is a little bit of info about our Raid team: Raiding Schedule: - Tuesday and Wednesday 10pm - 1am Est - 10/10 Heroic NH - 9/9 Normal ToS - Loot council Fair for everyone. Based on biggest upgrade. We are about to start working on our heroic progression. We are a heroic guild with a semi-hardcore goal but a focus on having fun while killing bosses. We are looking to build and grow for the upcoming raid "Antorus the Burning Throne" while finishing our heroic progress on the current "Tomb of Sargeras" raid. Currently we are seeking specific roles and classes but everyone that wants to join our community has a place in our guild and raid team should you choose to join us. We want our members to play what they enjoy the most, what they feel most comfortable playing with. It doesn't matter if is the best spec, class or role. Play what you love! Here are some of the classes and roles we seek. - Heals • Restoration Druid • Holy Paladin • Restoration Shaman • Discipline Priest - DPS • Mage • Boomkin • Priest • Demon Hunter • Warrior • Death Knight • Rogue • Elemental/Enhancement Shaman • Monk Also at this moment we have a possible tank spot open. This are the classes we seek for our tank position. • Monk • Death Knight • Druid • Warrior What we have to offer: - A tight knit community that has a family atmosphere. - An opportunity to grow with a group of people and progress through Legion and upcoming expansions together. - A serious but fun raiding environment Once again we are looking for people to join our raid team but everyone that has an interest to join our community is welcome to do so, it doesn't matter if you do PvP, pet battles, World quest, level alts or just hang out on discord. You have a place in our guild! We would love to have you as a part of our team and family. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. My Battle Tag is Deuteros#1314 just send a request and we would love to chat with you. Sincerely, HealthHealth3 Aug 10
Jul 20 How is Seekers of Truth doing? Is the original GM Thelemus still around and kicking/playing? Just wondering how my original ally guild is/was doing.Letamaris1 Jul 20
Jul 13 <Death Note Society> 8/9H <Death Note Society> About us: We are a guild full of social and fun people wanting to progress. We are a mature and friendly group almost always having 5 or more people on voice chat every night. We enjoy pushing content like keystones and raids in a mature atmosphere and push each other to improve. We encourage community and are very welcoming. This community has been holding strong for 6 years and we have added many great new faces along the way. Raiding: We are starting M ToS Shortly and have already cut our team down to 20 with a few back-ups and will cycle people able to do mythic in so you can still get the progression when core raiders are out. :) If someone loses a core spot, back-up raiders are first in line and the best performer gets it. We raid progression Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 server time. Wednesday 8-11 server is N ToS Full clears normally takes less than 2 hours -Currently interested in; - non holy priest -DPS will take and work with all BUT really want: (in order of importance) -Warlock - Ret pally -Spriest -Death Knight -Also in need of a backup Tank raider w/ dps OS that's decent :) -Open to any and all class. (you'll be working with a teady bear) Loot: For Loot for Progression team, we use RC Loot council. Loot for fun runs is personal loot. :) We have N and H NH fun runs will be during the week 8-11 server to help people gear up. The events will be posted a week before the event. For progression and fun runs, we expect people to use and answer the calendar. So we know how many we have showing up. <3 We require discord and everyone to be on it for all raids. We do have social raids during the week and that's a time to really get to know people in the community and have a good laugh. For progression, we ask that people come prepared like every other group with flask and food needed and Vaunts Runes for when we get stuck on bosses. What we have to offer from other guilds: We have a mature environment and treat people fairly. We have a zero drama atmosphere and treat people with respect. We are welcoming and encourage people to be social and come on raids and dungeon runs. We help people gear when needed and push each other to improve. We take people of all skill levels and help them to become progression raiders if that is what they are working towards. We are social and actually social and talk to eachother in voice chat. We have a min of 5+ people in voice chat every night even when not raider just chilling and hanging out. Our community is strong but not clicky. We are open to new people and welcome them and try to integrate you into the community. Although we are mainly recruiting for our main team, all are welcome. We would love more people for our social nights if your looking to improve a little bit before joining a progression group. We welcome people to come try us out before joining to see if you enjoy the community. If you have any question or are considering joining or even just want to check it out, add me on Btag. Your welcome to come chat with us any time! :smiley: Yosh#1661Yumemaria5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Server discord channel If i where to make a realm discord would anyone be interested in joining could use it to post things to sell (gear runs ect) look for people to pug with guild recruitment or just a place to meet people people from our serverMattdèmon1 Jul 13
Jul 10 <Wonderland> 6/9N Tues/Fri 7-9pm <Wonderland> TOS 6/9N is recruiting mature/social players for progressive raiding ilvl900+ Tuesdays and Fridays 7-9 server time (CST). We use Team Speak3 for coms. Talking is not required, but must be able to hear. Guild Repairs for all members. We are friendly down to earth players that enjoy all aspects of the game. If you want to raid, in a casual yet serious environment, we may be the place for you. Currently accepting any applications but primarily looking for a solid healer any class but priest, as well as a few ranged DPS preferred Elemental Shaman or a Balance Druid, also consider mage or lock. We ask all raiders to know their class, and be willing to learn mechanics of all fights prior to entering the raid. Majority of consumables (cauldrons/feasts) are provided but material contributions and potions are expected by each raider. We use Warcraft logs to improve our raid progress. Our two day a week is the expected requirement but we will have an optional third raid night for anyone interested. There are always multiple events going on the calendar weekly in between raid nights, including Mythic + dungeon runs, AP farm runs, and Old content fun runs. Wonderland is full of helpful, respectful players that can make any like-minded person feel at home. When available just about everyone is willing to assist each other in most of the group oriented content that the game has to offer. Please post here or message me with any questions you may have. Or visit our website at to fill out an application.Wiskyknight1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Slash Cry[H] Recruiting Late Night Players Slash Cry Intro: The guild started on Fizzcrank back in wraith which we built a good group of players and progressed and held a spot in the top five of the server. We moved off server to expand the guild with more players and to progress further we moved to Area 52 and in Cata was a top 20 guild on the server. Due to life and tolls the guild disbanded in MOP due to time restraints. I am the original guild leader and me and a officer decided to start it up again on the home server of the guild to have a more relaxed raiding environment. We will be semi-hardcore raiding guild that has a interest of killing bosses while having a fun 6-8 hour a week raid schedule. As of right now we have very little members so we are in need of all spots. We raid late nights and are looking for players that want to progress with a group of chill players that have fun and are ready to push content. I am currently 9/9 N ToS on both of my toons and 4/9 H Tos on both on my toons. I did full clear Nighthold and went 3/10 M before ToS came out. Recruitment: Currently recruiting all positions . I need tanks/heals/and DPS. I am only requiring 890 or higher item level and at least 45 traits but any exceptional players will be considered. Raid Time: Friday: 11:30-2:30 Saturday: 11:30-2:30 These are server time This will be a relaxed guild I am looking for active players that can enjoy the game in all aspects that it has to offer. But mainly I am looking for a drama free environment that enjoys raiding and playing the game outside of raid and offer a run time that is not covered by many guilds. Alts are very much welcome to join to and run too. So if you are interested plz shoot me a message in game. Contact info: Kritikall Primevel Attilà(alt0224)Kritikall3 Jul 10
Jul 8 <Althalus> (AOTC: EN, TOV, NH) 9/9N ToS 3/9H Althalus is a casual raiding guild with a core group that has been together since early BC. We're a group of friendly adults that spend plenty of time in mumble being inappropriate, all while keeping a friendly/team oriented atmosphere. We are currently recruiting all classes/roles, but have a specific need for DPS and heals to expand our raid team. This expansion, we've cleared all Heroic raids with the AOTC achievements for Xavius, Helya, and now Gul'dan. Progression nights are Tues / Thurs from 6:30-9:30 server time. Normal runs on Sunday to gear alts / new recruits if needed, and many Mythic+ runs throughout the week. Expectations: Know your class, put effort into knowing the fights, show up on time. We are by no means a hardcore raiding team, and do not require maxed out AP, etc. As long as you can pull your weight in raid (including mechanics), you've got a spot with us. RL gets in the way sometimes, and we totally understand that. If you have interest you can message me in game: Tarraa, Tarrahh, or Tara#12684 on bnet.Tarrahh0 Jul 8
Jul 8 LF Guild DH 915 LF Guild to raid and do mythics/keys with on reg basis instead of doing 1 or 2 a week and waiting for specific people to log on to do them. will transfer and or faction swap if need beHâte1 Jul 8
Jul 3 <Heroes of Cybertron> [A] LF DPS US - Fizzcrank/Aggramar Hey! Heroes of Cybertron is an Alliance guild on Fizzcrank and we're recruiting raiders! We are looking for people who are already on Fizzcrank/Aggramar, or who are willing to transfer here if we're a good fit for you. About Us Our guild has been around for years, but only seriously started raiding as of a few months ago. We've since added several new dedicated and skilled members, some with prior Mythic raiding experience. In the last few months we've progressed through Nighthold Normal and Heroic, and have started delving into ToS, but our core raid team needs some of the roles built out to really take things to the level we want to be. We are currently 6/9 N in ToS, but are currently 2/4/9, and are working to get everyone over 910 ilvl and to fill a couple more DPS spots before we jump into Heroic. Our atmosphere is extremely laid back and friendly. Most of our members are 25+ years old, mature, and none of us are ragers. We have knowledgable members who act as leads in the areas of DPS, Healing, and Tanking to help members grow in whatever areas they'd like to improve in the game. You will likely find us online throughout the day and late into the early hours of the morning. We also have a smattering of casual members who aren't on the core raid team. Current Core Raid Team + Needs Our current raid team consists of our 2 main tanks (Bear/DK), 4 healers (2 Restro Druids, 1 Holy Priest, and 1 MW Monk), and 9 DPS. We use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution, and we distribute without bias or favoritism. Loot is given with the goal of completing/providing set-bonuses, providing BiS items, and group-wide ilvl balance and increase. We are currently looking for 2-3 DPS. We would like 2 MDPS (pref UH DK, Arms Warrior, or Rogue) and 1 Ranged (Ideally a Mage or Balance Druid) We're realistically looking for recruits to be over 905ilvl, but it's not a hard requirement as gearing up is very easy right now. We can talk and figure out how to get you geared up quickly (and we can help with that). We're looking for level headed and mature members who can handle being around NSFW language, show up for raids prepared and on time, and come with a want-to-learn attitude. We have a zero tolerance attitude towards public raging or starting drama. We do expect people to have a good understanding of their class, spec, talents, and stat priority, and everyone should be open to constructive feedback as well having a desire to always be improving. Schedule (CST) Current Schedule: Main raid nights are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30pm - 10pm. General guild activity day/night is Saturday from "whenever to whenever" where people help each other with dungeon quests, Mythic+ progression, transmog runs, more raiding, etc. We typically have members online doing more "whatever" every day/night of the week. So... If you're interested in joining us or just talking to us and hearing more, please contact me on bnet (Hickeroar#1428) and/or reply to this thread. We'd be glad to invite you to our Discord to have some fun for an evening if you just want to check us out!Refrigerate5 Jul 3
Jul 2 913, 3/9H Guardian Druid As the title says, ilvl 913 with 3/9H Tomb progress (likely to improve come Tuesday). Looking for an active and social guild with awesome and amazing people to make the game and the experience more enjoyable. Preferably somewhere with a solid, strong raid core (though still building is just fine). Have Legendaries (two of which are BiS for spec), and a few ranks of Concordance. Looking for 6-9 hours-ish/wk. Can raid in the mornings or evenings. 9am EST-1pm EST or 9pm EST-whenever. Though I'm in a guild now on another server, it's small, and not a ton of activity outside the raid nights. Faction change is possible if the mojo is there on both sides. Anyways, interested? Hit me up sometime, you never know. Can reach me on BTag or Discord. BTag: BigDaddy#13995 Discord: Monsta!#9577Damonsta0 Jul 2
Jun 28 <Sereñity> 8/9 <Sereñity> is a Horde guild looking for more serious minded, hard working/dedicated members to join our guild. We are 10/10 NH, 8/9ToS We are always open for all kinds of classes/specs. ~RAID~ As of right now we are raiding: Friday's at 8pm realm time Saturday's at 8pm realm time There will be sign ups on the calendar. If you sign up we expect you to show up and 15 minutes prior time and be ready with pots, flasks, and food. We do not accept late people. Requirements: ~Be on time! ~Must be able to play 2 specs ~500k min dps <Sereñity> is a PvE guild. This guild has been around for 3+ years on Aggramar/Fizzcrank. Mature but always time to have a good laugh or so. As a guild we help each other out with gear, dungeons, questing. We don't give hand outs, you must work hard and have a good attitude. <Sereñity> has always been a causal guild but we want to start pushing semi-hardcore. Our goal for Tomb of Sargeras is to get through Normal and through heroic. If you raid with <Sereñity> you must be dedicated and ready to hear feedback or criticism. We want to push through progression and head into farming every week. If you have any questions or need more information feel free to ask. Can message me ingame Lazbek@Aggramar Or add me on @Valboogie#1783Lazbek0 Jun 28
Jun 27 897 Arcane Mage (w/ 871 tank alt) Hey all, I'm currently on Gilneas. I'm looking for a raid group on one of the sister servers here. I'm 897 equipped as Arcane, but can play frost if needed. I also have an alt port warrior with a fury offspec that I'm working on (871 ilvl). The type of guild I'm looking for is "casual raiding". I have a two year old son and coach high school sports, so some scheduling conflicts can occur. I can typically raid late night (10:00 EST and on) during the week, but weekends are a no-go. I'm currently 4/9 N in ToS and was 9/10 H in Nighthold (I missed the Guldan kill because of work). Feel free to respond to this post or add me in bnet - Coach#12180Easton6 Jun 27
Jun 24 <Bone Storm>(A) 7/7M 3/3H 3/10M 9/9N is recruiting motivated players for our team into the ToS. Please whisper an officer or visit the website for more info: bonestorm.enjin.comHerbyj0 Jun 24
Jun 20 Wonderland [A] Is Recruiting Raiders! Hello! Wonderland is an alliance guild on Fizzcrank and we are currently recruiting for our core Raid team. We currently have a SOLID 10 man team but are looking at expanding for future mythic raiding. ABOUT OUR GUILD Wonderland is a guild that was formed from a tight knit group of friends that have been playing together since Wrath. We are an adult oriented guild and understand that life happens and there are other priorities in life outside of the game. We have a very friendly and active atmosphere both in game and in TeamSpeak. Guild Repairs/Flask/Pots/Food are all provided for our members during raiding and Mythic + dungeons. A fully stocked guild bank with all professions covered (For those expensive Enchants and Gems!) WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR Wonderland is currently recruiting the following classes for our Raid team, however all applications will be considered. HEALERS Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk Ranged DPS Warlock Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Melee DPS Frost DK Enh. Shaman If you are interested in taking a trip down the rabbit hole, you can find us in game doing WoW things all the time! For applications: Bnet: Angusberger#1968Gilles0 Jun 20
Jun 20 HPal lf raid to prep for tomb Hola. Holy paladin looking for medium to large US guild with intent on raid content as soon as it drops. Let me know if you have any questions. o7.Yenadin6 Jun 20
Jun 19 <Althalus> (AOTC: EN, TOV, NH) LFM for ToS Althalus is a casual raiding guild with a core group that has been together since early BC. We're a group of friendly adults that spend plenty of time in mumble being inappropriate, all while keeping a friendly/team oriented atmosphere. We are currently recruiting all classes/roles, but have a specific need for DPS to expand our raid team. This expansion, we've cleared all Heroic raids with the AOTC achievements for Xavius, Helya, and now Gul'dan. Progression nights are Tues / Thurs from 6-9 server time. Normal runs on Sunday to gear alts / new recruits if needed, and many Mythic+ runs throughout the week. Expectations: Know your class, put effort into knowing the fights, show up on time. We are by no means a hardcore raiding team, and do not require maxed out AP, etc. As long as you can pull your weight in raid (including mechanics), you've got a spot with us. RL gets in the way sometimes, and we totally understand that. If you have interest you can message me in game: Cayllaana (Cayllaana#1311), or Ullussia.Ullussia0 Jun 19
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 10 New Guild The Guardians Alliance New Guild The Guardians Alliance. We are a new Guild just looking to start a friendly helpful environment. One of our founders has been playing from Vanilla another just started in Legion. All players are welcome as we begin to build up to raids and more end game content. Will gladly help level and build characters to a respective ilvl. We formed because we were tired of rude disrespectful players and are looking to help make WoW an accessible place for everyone. Either contact me on here for an invite or in game on either Darryd or Riskao for more information.Riskao1 Jun 10
Jun 2 [H] <Rum Runners> Social/Raiding [10/10 H NH] Rum Runners on Fizzcrank/Aggramar Horde Side Who are the Rum Runners? We are a Social Semi-Casual Raiding Guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank US that raids on weekend evenings. Our goals for WoW are to progress through Heroic Raiding content, maintain a relaxed environment. Most of our community is made up of Working Adults and College Students, we understand real life and family come first and we have built this to be more than a WoW guild but a community of people who enjoy each other’s company and want to have fun in the gaming space. And our Officer Corp is very dedicated to making the Rum Runners as successful as we possibly can. We hang out in Discord, run a Guild Pet Battle league, run Monthly Guild Events, do weekly raids, occasionally run old content for Achievements and mounts. We also play games outside of WoW together, whether it be other Blizzard games or things such as Ark or Civ. Some of our WoW Guild Events we have held in the past are Transmog Contests, Scavenger Hunters, and a Iron Man Levelling Challenge. We are passionate about Gaming and building friendships. What are we looking for in a recruit? We accept people from all walks of WoW life whether it is the leveler, achievement hunter, dungeon runner, pet battler or raider. We don’t mind helping our members learn and grow. Now we are not looking for the super hardcore raider that can carry raids solely on their backs and be god like and look down upon everyone. That is not who we want to be. We want our members to have a positive attitude, be respectful to others and avoid criticizing others and be willing to help out one another and come prepared to Guild Events. What are we currently recruiting? We always are open to new members that want to join to be a part of the Rum Runners. Now if you are looking to join our raid team we do have limited space and currently that is room for DPS of all types/classes. If you are a tank or healer we do ask that you keep a strong DPS offspec in order to rotate as needed. We fill our raids on a first come first serve basis based on sign up times. We have only had to sit people out once and try very hard to make sure everyone is included. Raiding Our focus in raiding is Normal and Heroic Progression. Each tier we start in Normal and work our way up from there. We do not do Mythic Raiding. For our progression raid nights we do supply Flasks, Feasts and 500g/night for progression raid repairs. Our current Legion progression is as follows: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic 3/3 Trial of Valor Heroic 10/10 Nighthold Heroic Warcraft Logs Link: Raid Schedule We have a farm night that focuses on gearing up characters to move into our progression raid nights. We have two progression raid nights where we focus on continuing to push through harder content. The requirements change as our target on these evenings change. Farm Night - NH Normal Thursday 7PM to 9:30 PM Eastern Minimum requirement is ilvl 870 and 3 gold traits in artifact Progression Nights - NH Heroic Friday & Saturday 7:00PM to 9:30PM Eastern Minimum Requirement is ilvl 880 and rank 35 in artifact Raid Loot Distribution Master Loot - MS>OS Rolls We ask that you only win one Tier Piece (If you have the slot pass on it to someone without, once everyone has that slot then roll for procs), Non Tier Piece and One Relic a night and pass once you win those in order to spread loot throughout the raid team. How to Join To join the guild please fill out an application here: Jun 2
Jun 1 Prophets of Ysera [3/9 Heroic Tomb] Prophets of Ysera is a newer +18 guild, about 6 months old, pushing 10/10N 8/10H Nighthold . Currently considering all classes for raiding and even lower ilvls that are looking for a group to grow with. Most of our core raiders are around 885+ and will look to push into Heroic Nighthold this coming week. We are a close knit causal progression guild. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday starting @ 6 server time to usually around 9~9:30. We also run Normal/Heroic EN for gearing alt runs and lower ilvl guild members. Some weeks we push another raid in on Saturday @ 6 server time as well. Some notes: We use discord. We do all the same + Mythic, Kara, Legacy Achieves, etc. as others. All we ask is on time, prepared, be ready to push each other, and have fun doing it. Contact Info: PixelJunkie#1101 or Xquic in-gameXquic25 Jun 1
May 31 902 AoTC Tank Morning Aggramar/Fizzcrank, Just poking my tusks in to see what's around. I'm currently on another realm, but always interested in finding the place I'd like to call home. The place where I can log in, enjoy WoW, and have a damn good time with the folks I'm guilded with. Seems to be the issue lately. Finding the right feel and the right fit. So, to lay it out... I'm currently 902 Bear Tank, 10/10H Nighthold. I have a full 4- piece tier set, 4 legendaries, and am...3...I think...levels away from capping AK. I've tanked the majority of this xpac and so far have 7/7N&H EN, 3/3N ToV, and 10/10N&H NH. Looking to keep the momentum up for the rest of the current tier and into the next. Mythic progress is in my sights too, at least at a reasonable and respectable pace. For what I'm looking for...a solid guild of amazing people who make the experience enjoyable, memorable...and honestly laughable. If you can't cut up and enjoy the folks you grind with, sort of takes the fire out of it, ya know? Anyway, if you're a guild in need of a tank, hit me up. I won't bite...hard. Well...too hard. At least sit down and have a conversation with me and see if we fit well. I have vent, TS, Discord, Twitch, etc. So getting some voice time shouldn't be difficult. Ideally I'd like to raid 6-9hr/wk, spread over 2-3 nights. Morning raids work amazingly well for me, from about 9am till 1pm-ish. Then in the evening's I'm generally ready to kill bosses and take their fattest loot around 9pm till whenever. I also like doing other things with a guild or mostly guild group too. Having someone to talk to other than the voices in my head is a good start. But mythic/+ is always engaging. Grouping to rip through WQ's...etc. Whatever. I'm a generally easy sort to amuse. TL:DR-- If you're a guild looking for some tankerage for current tier and beyond, hit me up. BTAG is attached below. BigDaddy#13995 OR you can poke me on Discord via Monsta!#9577Damonsta1 May 31
May 28 remove ...Zirleficent54 May 28
May 28 Looking for Mythic Guild 910 (equipped) Ret pally looking to find a guild for mythic raiding. 10/10 H on several characters. I have concordance and 4-set, geared and ready to go. Just looking for a team to learn and grow with through the last couple of weeks of NH and straight into ToS. Quick learner, laid back, and completely inappropriate - looking for the same. Hit me up on if you would like to talk. n1ght#11267Palduin0 May 28
May 25 LF Mythic Raiding Guild Trying to get into mythic raiding guild. Anyone doing mythic progression looking for 903 MM Hunter? I'm currently 10/10 HeroicGrimleey2 May 25
May 25 [A] T/Th Late Night Guild, 4/10 M LF Hpally Guild - Alone [Late Night guild] Realm - Sargeras [Alliance] Raid Time - 10:30-1:30 A.M Pacific (1:30-4:30 A.M. EST) Raid Days - Tuesday and Thursday <Alone> 4/10M Relaxed 2 NIGHT Mythic Focused Guild is looking to recruit a Mythic ready Holy Pally We are pushing M NH with the mindset of solidifying our core roster for M Tomb. We strive to keep raid environment relaxed and focused. If you play in the late night and early morning time slot, we have a home for you. Most of our players log on past 10-11 P.M. Pacific (: Our core is extremely solid, but are in need of specifically a Monk/Druid tank and Hpally/MW to really cap our team in prep for M ToS and continued M NH Progression. Feel free to add: Matty#1515 with questions We do not require applications, but you and I will have a discussion in discord in replacement of the app process.Mattyenh1 May 25
May 25 <Casual Questers> is recruiting! Do you absolutely love archaeology? Do you spend your nights dreaming of finally getting the Swift White Hawkstrider mount from Magisters' Terrace? Do you constantly need more crafting reagents for your professions? If any of this is sounding familiar, then Casual Questers is right for you. Casual Questers is a laid-back, friendly guild looking for active players who just want to enjoy the game. Our members enjoy everything from questing and dungeons to pet battles and fishing. Most of our dungeon running happens during the evenings and weekends, but we have members active at all times of the day. Our guild bank is available to all members, guild repairs are offered after your first few days, and we use Discord for voice chat.Alemnestra2 May 25